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Obama: IRS Targeting Scandal Never Existed

obama dry tears

IRS targeting is not the problem, he says. The IRS’ lack of money is the problem. According to the Democrats, the scandal where the IRS targeted non-profit conservative, tea party groups for special scrutiny never existed. In fact, if there

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NYC Actions Against Trump called "UnAmerican"

Donald Trump

Civil liberty advocates are jumping all over New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s order to “review” all of Donald Trumps city contracts because of his recent comments on Mexican immigrants. “This is not the American Way,” observed Alan Dershowitz, Harvard’s most

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TSA Let Explosives Go through Security but Seize Traveler’s $75,000

tsa money cash

It was reported recently that undercover federal agents tested the TSA’s security protocols by trying to get through (inert) explosives, weapons, and other contraband. Apparently, these undercover agents were successful about 95% of the time in getting these items passed

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Principal Wastes $120K in School Money on Getting Drunk and Playing Video Games!


The principal of a charter school in Delaware blew over $120,000 in school funds to improperly purchase alcohol, toy figurines, and video games for himself, according to a newly-released audit. Noel Rodriguez was the head of the Academy of Dover until

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Another Democrat has BIG Email Problems

Martin O'Malley and Hillary Clinton

Democratic presidential hopeful and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley deleted virtually all of the messages from his primary, private email address, leaving constituent complaints and spam in an archive. O’Malley’s official Maryland state government email address was likely linked primarily

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Cops Raid California Pot Shop, Help Themselves to Pot Edibles

mj brownie

Setting up hidden cameras is a great preparation for when cops raid your business. This is why it’s always smart for businesses to not only have surveillance cameras in plain sight, but also to have hidden cameras. After police had

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Red Cross Raised $488 Million for Haiti … to Build Only Six Homes

Red Cross Money

I want to believe that there is some other explanation for this situation, but I can’t figure out what that might be. According to a recent report, the Red Cross raised nearly half a billion dollars to aid the reconstruction

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Don't Be Naive Enough to Believe the Climate Industry Is Incorruptible

church gore evangelist

Follow the money. More importantly, follow the logic. That’s all it takes to see where corruption in the climate industry. “I have never known so much naive conviction allied to greater intellectual poverty.” – Claude Levi-Strauss A while back, I

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Small Texas Towns Rake in Millions from Speeding Tickets

cop ticket

Small towns profit off speeding tickets. That’s how cities and police departments make money. In fact, if it weren’t for the municipal court cases created from speeding citations, there wouldn’t be a police department. Officials always argue that speeding laws

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Obama: Too Many Politicians Will do Anything to “Hang on to Their Power”

obama wink

He’s right, of course, that too many politicians will do anything to hang on to their power, but he’s not including himself in that assessment. Apparently, he doesn’t view himself as that type of politician. He’s one with “principles.” In

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Former TSA Lobbyist Now on TSA Appropriations Committee


Oh, the revolving door. How I hate thee. It’s becoming quite common for corporate lobbyists to get seats in key bureaucratic committees overseeing funding for their former employers (see: Comcast and the FCC or Monsanto and the FDA/EPA). The latest

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Hillary's Plan to Deceive the American People and Achieve Victory


We are following the script that was Hillary’s plan from the beginning. “There isn’t a shred of evidence because she shredded the evidence. This whole release is a farce.” – Charles Krauthammer If nothing else, the Clinton machine knows how

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