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House Speaker Boehner Dumber Than I Ever Realized

boehner obama

I’ve never been a fan of Speaker of the House John Boehner. In the past five and half years, the only thing he has consistently done is compromised and given in to Barack Obama’s demands. He has repeatedly let down

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Mississippi Lone Abortion Clinic Could Still be Shutdown

jackson abortion clinic

Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic is in the state capital of Jackson. The Mississippi legislature passed a law that required the doctors performing abortions at the clinic to have hospital admitting privileges for the safety of the women murdering their babies.

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Is Boehner Sidestepping the Constitution to Protect It?

US Constitution Boehner

I don’t really understand it. In an unprecedented move, House Republicans (aside from five) carried the vote to sue President Barack Obama. Not impeach him. Sue him. What does that even mean? It’s never been done before, and for good

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Oh, The Irony: Obama Says Nation Without Law Will Fall

law exempt

“Regardless of the resources a country possesses, regardless of how talented the people are, if you do not have a basic system of rule of law, of respect for civil rights and human rights, if you do not give people

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Military Bans Troops from Attending Kids' Church Function to Honor Them


The military continues its recent trend of making bad decisions based on false Constitutional premises. A small country church recently centered their Vacation Bible School around our everyday heroes. They honored the Fire Department, they honored paramedics and the police…

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Hobby Lobby Protesters Don't Know What They're Protesting

hobby lobby2

Watch as Haters of the Hobby Lobby decision try to tell you why you’re wrong. The sad part is they really have no idea why they’re even angry… Outside the Supreme Court yesterday, The Daily Signal asked supporters of the

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Court Strikes Down Utah's Ban on Gay Marriage

gay court

The federal government’s assault on traditional values and morality continued recently as the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver struck down Utah’s ban on gay marriage. The 2-1 ruling struck another blow to the fading hopes of traditional marriage

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NY Dem Wants to Let Illegals Vote

illegals voting

From the time of the Revolutionary War to today, more than 1.3 million men and women have died fighting for and preserved the right to vote for American citizens. Additionally, more than 1.5 million men and women have been wounded

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Ecuador Wants Government Controlled Press; US Not Far Behind

gov owned media

“Good and Evil are opposite points on a circle…Greater good is just halfway back to Bad.” – Sheri Holman How does corruption go unseen until it’s too late to be challenged? It’s a historically verified problem that darkness gets the

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The Media Doesn’t Understand Christianity but they Hate it Anyway


An odd storyline popped up this week as Professor David Brat defeated Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA). The basic idea was this: Brat’s victory is because voters in that district are anti-Semitic. Seriously. Sure, Cantor had represented these people as for

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Federal Judge Rules on Personal Agenda to Strike down Part of Wisconsin Constitution

barbara crabb

A growing sign of the decay of American values and principles can be seen in courtrooms around the nation. Liberal judges appointed by liberal presidents are ruling more on their own personal agenda than on the rule of law. Case

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Koch Brothers Support the United Negro College Fund - Harry Reid Says Nothing


Harry Reid is constantly demonizing the Koch brothers, intimating that they are at the root of all of our nations ills. He’s likely observed Democrats poll numbers and decided that the best way to distract America from the horrendous job

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