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Ted Cruz is Eligible for the Presidency, Part 2


In part one, I wrote about the legal case for Ted Cruz’s “natural born” status. I’m not an attorney, but as constitutional scholars are duking it out, the people I trust–as well as some I don’t even know–continue to come

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Cruz: As President, I Won’t End Obamacare

cruz obamacare

This is just one of many differences between Cruz and Obama. What’s Obama’s way of handling things? If Congress won’t do what he wants, he issues executive orders. What’s the point of having a Constitution that delegates powers across three

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Marco Rubio says of Obama - If He Could Take our Guns, He Would

obama guns

  On Sunday Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio (R-FL) sat down with ABC’s George Stephanopolous to talk about the ongoing campaign and one topic was of particular interest – Rubio’s thought on Obama’s gun plans. George Stephanopolous: In one of

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SunTrust Bank Using Your Money to Fight Against Religious Liberty and for the Gay Agenda

Gay Nazi

If I played and won the $700 million Power Ball lottery, I would not put my winnings in SunTrust Bank. In fact, I’m in the process of moving my accounts to another bank. Why? Because SunTrust Bank is pushing the

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Ted Cruz Explains that “The Constitution wasn’t a First Draft”

ted cruz end the iran deal

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been getting hit from all sides in recent days, particularly from other Republicans who seem quite worried about the possibility of a Ted Cruz presidency. With that in mind, Senator Cruz’s campaign has released a

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Obama: Executive Actions on Gun Control are "Entirely Consistent With the 2nd Amendment"

obama signing

The Second Amendment says that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. At the same time, Obama said that his recent promise to take executive action on guns due to Congress’s inaction is

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Conservative Congressman Unmasks Liberal Gun Control Grab

2nd amendment

It doesn’t matter to liberals that most of the nation is against gun control. They smell an opportunity to strip us of our rights and they know that time is running short. President Barack Obama has been successful at issuing

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America’s Best and Brightest Push to Kill Free Speech


    The “precious flowers” at Yale University will one day be leading our nation, which is a sad and terrifying thought indeed, especially in light of a recent video that has surfaced showing many of them pushing to kill

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Hollywood Star Kurt Russell Calls Gun Grabbers “Insane”!

Kurt Russell

I should probably lead with I have always though Kurt Russell was awesome. His character, Snake Plissken, is one of my favorite all-time movie heroes, and his turn as coach Brooks in Miracle always made me emotional. Russell is a

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Rand Paul is Fighting to Defend the 2nd Amendment in Washington, D.C.


Sen. Rand Paul introduced legislation Thursday that would legalize concealed carry in the nation’s capital, and local politicians are furious about the plan. Paul’s “Defend Our Capital” bill, is meant “to restore Second Amendment rights in the District of Columbia,”

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Tennessee School District Bans Bible Distribution After 1 Complaint

holy bible

It wasn’t that long ago when we reported about a Tennessee school having students recite the five pillars of Islam, including “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet.” In the same story, it was reported that

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Marco Rubio goes Toe-to-Toe with Matt Lauer


On Tuesday GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio appeared on NBC’s the Today Show to discuss his campaign run with host Matt Lauer and things quickly took a turn for the confrontational. Host Matt Lauer attempted to catch Rubio off guard by

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