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Bernie Sanders Campaigns on $15/Hour Minimum Wage; Pays His Interns $12/Hour

minimum wage cartoon

Bernie Sanders wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, but he sees fit to pay his interns only $12 an hour. You might say, “$15, $12, what’s the difference?” Well, $3 to be exact. In a

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Here's a List of Major Companies that Donate to Planned Parenthood!

Planned Parenthood Exposed

The good folks at the Daily Signal have compiled an awesome list of companies that support Planned Parenthood. It’s a list of 38 major businesses that happily hand their dollars over to the baby killers who we recently learned also

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1964 Civil Rights Act Expanded to Include LGBT Applicants

Now Hiring Rainbow Flag LGBT

The LGBT lobby has yet another notch in its belt. The 1964 Civil Rights Act has now been interpreted to protect LGBT workers from discrimination: In the past, courts have ruled that Title VII does not cover discrimination based on

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Social Media Outraged that Bakery Didn’t Turn Down Confederate Flag Cake Order

confederate cake

I’m confused. I thought turning down a customer’s order, regardless of the reason, was discrimination. It turns out, it all depends on the level and direction of political correctness. If a homosexual couple wants a cake for their wedding, any

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Suboxone and the House of Murder Big Pharma Built


It turns out that Dylann Storm Roof, aside from having parents whose naming privileges should have been revoked, was on suboxone or had recently come off it when he killed nine people in Charleston. This isn’t the first time a

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What Will Robots Do to the Minimum Wage?

minimum wage robots

There have been many arguments about raising the minimum wage in the US. While I think fixing our monetary policy would probably do more for low-income workers, it seems there’s one factor in this debate that hasn’t been much discussed:

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You Don’t Really Like What You “Like” … We’re All Just Virtual Serfs on a Click Farm of Dead Souls

click farm

Recently, The Week posted a fascinating article about counterfeit Facebook and Twitter account click farms that generate fake likes for different celebrities, politicians, and brands. These fake likes and followers are used to create fake buzz around personal or commercial

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Restaurant Industry May be Hardest Hit By Increasing the Minimum Wage


Raising the minimum wage will have severe consequences, especially for those working in the restaurant industry, investor rating service Moody’s warned on Thursday. “A higher minimum wage represents a particular challenge for restaurants, which depend heavily on hourly workers,” William Fahy, vice

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In Case You Wondered What Killed the Entrepreneurial Spirit in America

killing the entrepreneurial spirit

Wonder no longer. Bureaucratic red tape is so pervasive, it has now encroached on one of the touchstones of the young entrepreneurial spirit, the lemonade stand: Two young sisters with an entrepreneurial spirit set up a lemonade stand in Overton,

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Disney Celebrates Its Most Profitable Year of All Time … By Replacing Long-Term Employees with Immigrant Workers

Disney Vader

Disney owns Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. So it’s obviously crushing it these days. According to recent reports, its profits last year were $7.5 billion and its CEO Bob Iger was paid about $46 million. All of that is good

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Lesbian Couple Demand Refund from Jeweler for not Having the Correct Opinion About Marriage

Lesbian couple

This may have happened in Canada, but expect to see these types of stories pop up here in the States in the coming months and years. A Christian man named Esau Jardon runs a jewelry business in Toronto. A lesbian

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No Joke: Liberals Blame Republicans for Amtrak Crash

thomas tank engine train crash

Liberal extraordinaire Rahm Emanuel famously said: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.” The left really took those words to heart after the Amtrak derailment on Tuesday. The accident, which killed seven and left hundreds injured, has led to

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