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No Joke: Liberals Blame Republicans for Amtrak Crash

thomas tank engine train crash

Liberal extraordinaire Rahm Emanuel famously said: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.” The left really took those words to heart after the Amtrak derailment on Tuesday. The accident, which killed seven and left hundreds injured, has led to

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Hispanic Restaurant hosts "White Appreciation Day"

white appreciation day

A Hispanic-owned barbecue restaurant in Milliken, Colo., is planning to host a “White Appreciation Day” next month in what it says is an effort to reduce racial divisions. According to 9News, the event at Rubbin’ Buttz BBQ was initially suggested as

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Is "White Appreciation Day" Racist for Hispanic Business Owners?

white appreciation day

According to the restaurant’s Hispanic owners, since we’ve already got a Black History month and Hispanic Heritage month, what would be wrong with just one day to appreciate their white customers with a 10% discount? Why not a white appreciation

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Whoa! Republicans, Unions and Businesses All Agree on Labor Reform in Nevada!


t’s not often that businesses and unions agree on an issue, especially when it’s Republican-led reforms on collective bargaining. But in Nevada Monday, that is exactly what happened. “Obviously we’re looking to invest a lot more money in education this

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Proof that Conservative Policies Work Best – Red States Dominate Best Cities for Business!


It makes sense, right? When you think of cities that are dangerous, lacking jobs and just kind of sad… they are always Democrat dominated, no? Cities like Detroit, Trenton, Camden, Chicago, etc., etc., etc. Well now we have definitive proof

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Big Auto Using Internet Piracy Laws to Outlaw Working on Your Own Car

working on your own car big auto

According to GM, Ford, and a slew of other American car companies which we will collectively refer to as Big Auto, you should not be allowed to tinker with your own car. Why? Because cars have become such advanced pieces

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Pregnant Employee Robbed at Gunpoint; Told by Boss to Pay Money Back or Leave

pregnant mom robbed

Boss fires pregnant employee because she was robbed and wouldn’t pay back the company for the lost money! A Texas woman who was five months pregnant with her fourth child and working as a shift manager at Popeye’s got robbed

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USDA Wants You to Eat Expired Food

expired food USDA

The USDA is urging Americans to eat more expired food, up to 18 months after expiration for some foods: USDA provided a video in which one official explains, “Many products may have a sell-by date of say April 1 but

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Most Welfare Recipients Already Have Jobs?

Mcdonalds strike welfare

In a recent report, it was found that most recipients of welfare have jobs. But those jobs just don’t pay enough for people to survive: The study found that 56% of federal and state dollars spent between 2009 and 2011

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The Kind of Minimum Wage Hike I Can Really Get Behind

Gravity Payments Dan Price Minimum Wage

Conservatives get so tired of the civil government forcibly redistributing our wealth, sometimes we forget that voluntary redistribution of wealth is not just allowable, but commendable. Regardless of his political convictions, I applaud the active generosity of Dan Price, the

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The Flawed and Manipulative Bake for Them Two Argument

bake for them two

I recently read an article called Bake for Them Two which claimed that Jesus’ commands concerning Christians in pagan Rome applies to our current situation concerning homosexual marriage: One of the Roman laws stated that any man could be required to

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Harmless Clorox Tweet Singled Out by Race Baiters

Bleach Bypass Efx

Give me a break. Clorox posted a technology-relevant tweet mourning their lack of inclusion in Apple’s new emoji palette. It had a picture of a bottle of Clorox bleach composed of emojis. The text for the tweet was, “New emojis

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