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Does Welfare Actually Promote Entrepreneurship?


A recent article in The Atlantic challenges the oft-cited negative correlation between welfare programs and entrepreneurship by saying that welfare reduces the risks of starting a business, which would actually encourage entrepreneurship: This argument is particularly important today for two

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Rethinking Income Inequality … Is it Actually a Good Thing?

income inequality

Is income inequality a bad thing? Most people would say so. It seems obvious that income inequality is based on greed and corporate welfare, right? Some of it certainly is. But some of it is based on the fact that

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Ford Introduces New “Law-Abiding” Car in Europe

Ford S-MAX

Ford just introduced the new S-MAX in Europe. Its newest feature is that it will detect speed limits and automatically follow them, no matter how fast the driver wants to go: Ford’s Intelligent Speed Limiter tech will first appear on

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That Didn’t Take Long: Starbucks #RaceTogether Already Over

Starbucks after riot

The ill-fated #RaceTogether campaign, begun only a few short days ago, is already over. I can’t imagine what good it did. It apparently did some harm, especially to wait times on caffeinated beverages. The people most adamantly against the campaign

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The Death Tax is Literally Killing Small Businesses!


It’s better to die in the dead of Winter if you’re a small business owner in the air conditioning repair industry. An off-season death means you’ll have a smaller inventory, which means the government will have to settle for a

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Has the FCC Reversed its Policy on Internet Regulation?

FCC U-Turn

As recently as last year, the FCC did not have any plans to ensure Net Neutrality through internet regulation. Nope. Not even an inkling. So why is the FCC suddenly desirous to bring the entire internet under rules designed to

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Fannie Mae Is At It Again!

Fannie Mae

Mortgage giant Fannie Mae, the too-big-to-fail bailout beneficiary, is apparently at it again—doing everything in its power to sink the economy into another recession: The Federal Housing Finance Agency inspector general said its latest concerns involve Fannie Mae’s “haphazard” decision to

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A Rock and a Hard Place: Civil Corruption and Crony Capitalism

crony capitalism

Should corporations be allowed to operate freely without government interference? Or do they need to be regulated by government to make sure corporations treat people fairly? Nope. Neither of these options are possible right now. We’re between a rock and

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Walmart Manager Fired for Stopping Shoplifter


The Walmart manager did what he thought was part of his job, and that was to protect the interests of the store at which he worked and managed. A shoplifter carrying over $1,000 worth of merchandise ran out the store,

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Local San Francisco Bookstore Dies of Minimum Wage Hikes

minimum wage hike SF

We’ve said it over and over again. Minimum wage hikes will not do a thing to help anyone. They result in either higher prices or layoffs, but they hurt small, local businesses the most. It seems the first casualty confirming

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Super Bowl Commercial Outrages Millions of Idiots


If your life is ruined by a Super Bowl commercial, you need to get a better life. “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean

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Gun Range Owner Bans Muslims; Business Skyrockets

gun range

Because she bans Muslims, this Arkansas gun range is an Islam-free zone. If I were in this business owner’s position, I don’t think I’d go this far. But at the same time, it’s her business. If she wants to bar

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