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Obama: "All of Us are Endowed by Our Creator…with the Right to Life"

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Politicians might hate the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and think they’re both outdated and irrelevant documents, but that doesn’t stop them from using them to polish their own image or get elected. It’s kind of like the Bible. Politicians,

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34-Week Baby Cut Out of Mother's Womb not Ruled a Murder!

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A coroner in Colorado has ruled the death of a 34-week-old fetus cut from its mother’s womb to not be a homicide, but instead a “fetal demise” legally similar to a miscarriage. That means the fetus’s killer won’t face a murder charge.

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Carly Fiorina Disappoints With Rape and Incest Abortion Exception

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“I’m going to stand in the gap for that child that you don’t think deserves a right because his father is a criminal…Baby Doe, that child who we’ll never meet, is going to have a trial today. And we’re going

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Planned Parenthood Laments Republican "War on Women"

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A good friend of mine – whose now passed away – was a Georgia state representative. He was always known for proposing pro-life legislation. He was interviewed on Fox News a number of years ago, and they paired him up

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Nancy Pelosi Calls Marco Rubio A Bad Catholic For Being Part Of The New Minority

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George Orwell wrote in his book 1984 that “in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” We currently live in a time of universal deceit, and those who dare to tell the truth, or voice

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Salon's Jenny Kutner Lies about Scott Walker, Gets 15,000 Shares

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It’s been said that a lie told often enough becomes the truth. The quote itself has murky origins, but regardless of where it came from, it has been proven true time and time again. Repetition removes all doubt by chipping

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Planned Parenthood: Ultrasounds are More Invasive than Abortions

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I can only imagine that that’s what Planned Parenthood would say after how they misquoted Scott Walker. Walker was voicing his support for legislation that requires ultrasounds for mothers requesting abortions. He said that many mothers decide against an abortion

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California Bill Requires Pro-Life Centers to Advertise for Abortions

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According to liberals, the abortion industry is the most regulated industry in the nation. It’s definitely regulated, but that doesn’t stop abortions from being performed. The abortion industry is in no danger of having to shut down, because so much

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Court Rules Pro-Life Views are Offensive!

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A new decision by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals holds that New York’s state government has the right to ban “Choose Life” license plates on the grounds that such a statement is “patently offensive.” The dispute stems from a

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Senator Lee Bright Showed Us What Real Courage Looks Like

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Sometimes, compromise stains the hands with blood. Imagine it’s 1943; Nazi Germany has already terminated several millions Jews, and Hitler has no plans to slow down his genocide. However, the United States somehow convinces Hitler to consider a meeting. After

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Planned Parenthood: 20-Week Abortion Ban Lacks “Compassion” and “Respect”


The president of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards voiced her opinion on Twitter regarding the recent passing of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which if enacted, would ban abortions after 20 weeks. She said that such a law would be

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City Presses Criminal Charges Against Church for Pro-Life Signs

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City officials threatened a Virginia church with misdemeanor charges for having pro-life signs on their own property. Who needs ISIS when you’ve got government bureaucrats? Some people think the 1st Amendment is about protecting popular and politically correct speech. But

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