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Abortion Ban for Gender & Disability. What about the Rest?

baby with placenta model

Celebrating a new abortion ban means forgetting about all the other abortions that are taking place. According to “The Indiana Senate Health Committee today passed a pro-life bill to make it the next state to ban abortions on babies simply

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Utah Woman Pleads Guilty to Murdering Her 6 Newborn Babies

Abortion is a right

In a horrifying and heartbreaking story out of Utah, a woman has pled guilty to having murdered here 6 newborn babies over the last 10 years. While shocking, one wonders why the media would find this story newsworthy at all.

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House GOP Turns Backs on Conservative Base - Drops Abortion and Border Security!

Boehner sees insurance premium

The House GOP started 2015 by strengthening their hold on the House majority and turning their attention to limiting abortion and strengthening border security. Now it seems that they are ready to turn their backs on their conservative base and

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Women Affected by Abortion Speak Out for Life!

Anti-abortion protest in Dublin

The wonderful folks at MRC TV have produced an excellent video from Sanctity of Life Sunday and the March for Life which showcases the voices of real women who have been affected by the scourge of abortion. Mary Rathke, a

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Pelosi Afraid to Say Whether Unborn Child is a Human Being

pelosi back off

An unborn child is above her pay grade. She won’t say what it is. She’s afraid to commit either way. If she says that it is a human being, then she’d be openly admitting to supporting the murdering of human

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The Hypocrisy of the Rape and Incest Exception


We should not let rape and incest leave babies’ lives unprotected. “No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.” – Voltaire It’s extremely disheartening to see Republicans in the House of Representatives drop the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protect Act Resources bill

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CBO: Murdering Unborn Babies is Fiscally Conservative

quarter arms aborted baby

They say that the CBO is nonpartisan. I generally agree. Both parties use CBO reports to their respective advantages. The CBO issues reports and gives testimony upon request by the various Congressional Committees. If they were tasked with finding out

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You Cannot Personally Oppose Abortion but Be Publicly Accepting Of It

abortion blackboard

If you think it should be legal then you don’t personally oppose abortion. “I hate abortions, but just could not make that choice for someone else.” – Barbara Bush What is moral? Moreover, what is morality? Is premeditated murder always

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Planned Parenthood Celebrates: Over 300,000 Abortions Performed in 2014

planned barrenhood

To liberals who believe that we’re overpopulated with Blacks and Hispanics, the boast of Planned Parenthood is great news. I mean, it’s progress, but there’s still work to be done. At the same time, these potential Democrat voters are being killed through

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The Partisan Fallacy and Hobby Lobby

hobby lobby

Rejecting partisan arguments because they are partisan is… partisan. According to, the genetic fallacy “is a line of ‘reasoning’ in which a perceived defect in the origin of a claim or thing is taken to be evidence that discredits the

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In Defense of Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell

obama gosnell

“Abortion is either okay or it’s not.” – Peggy Noonan In May of 2013, after being convicted of committing a series of heinous crimes, a Pennsylvania man was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. This man

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"Personhood" is the Key to Destroying Abortion


The brilliant Molotov Mitchell recently put together an amazingly concise and helpful video for the pro-life movement in the  state of Georgia. Mitchell discusses how the personhood movement is the best chance we have at ending the scourge of abortion

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