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Woman Who Filmed Own Abortion Starts Website to “Remove Shame and Stigma” of Abortion

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She thinks that if more women record their abortion procedures and post those videos to her website, it will help to “remove the shame and stigma” of abortion. Maybe that’s what Bryce Williams was thinking when he committed his double

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Planned Parenthood Gets Support from Church of Satan


I guess Planned Parenthood will take it any way they can get it. The Satanic Temple of Detroit showed its support for Planned Parenthood in a counter-protest at a clinic where pro-lifers were demonstrating against the organization’s murderous practices. In

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Planned Parenthood Cries Foul on Latest Undercover Video

stillborn baby

Planned Parenthood thinks they finally have evidence that will bring down the Center for Medical Progress. In its seventh video, CMP used very brief footage of an apparent stillborn baby in the context of an ex-procurement specialist talking about cutting

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Why the Planned Parenthood “Investigations” Are a Smoke Screen

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has recently been defending itself on the basis that five states have concluded investigations of their practices and found no evidence of wrongdoing: Pennsylvania has found no wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood in the state after a review, according

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Should There Be an Abortion Exception in the Case of Rape?


Human Rights organizations were in an uproar when the government of Paraguay refused to allow a then 10-year-old rape victim to get an abortion, despite the international outcry and the fervent requests of her mother. The girl, going under the

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Presidential Candidate John Kasich Says Republicans Focus 'Too Much' on Abortion

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If it seems like I’ve been writing about abortion a lot recently, it’s because I have. With the release of the Planned Parenthood videos, the monstrous and depraved procedure has been on my mind more than usual. Today, protests against

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Following 7th Undercover Planned Parenthood Video, Dems Launch Investigation

stillborn baby

In the latest undercover video released by the Center for Medical Progress, a biotech company official is heard talking about removing a brain from a baby whose heart was still beating: The new video includes [StemExpress “procurement technician” Holly] O’Donnell’s

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Dem Senator Stands Up for Planned Parenthood; Wants to Make it a Federal Crime to Abuse Animals

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Never has the left’s hypocrisy been so obvious than in the context of their undying and unconditional support for Planned Parenthood while being outraged over the “murder” of Cecil the giant cat. They don’t want to talk about Planned Parenthood’s

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Rep. Mia Love Sheds Tears Over Planned Parenthood Scandal


Congresswoman Mia Love (R-UT) was on Fox Business News with Lou Dobbs to discuss both the Planned Parenthood scandal and the Iran Nuclear Deal. While her argument against the Iran deal is certainly wonderful… it’s her heartfelt and stirring defense

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Is Facebook Manipulating its Trending Feature to Protect Planned Parenthood?

planned parenthood facebook

Facebook has a feature called “Trending Topics” which indicates what topics are most popular on Facebook at any given time. This Facebook feature purports to be controlled entirely by user data, but a recent article in Lifesite News indicates that Facebook

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Huckabee on 10-Year-Old Rape Victim's Abortion Denial: "Does it Solve a Problem by Taking the Life of an Innocent Child?"


There’s a case in Paraguay involving a 10-year-old girl who was raped by her stepfather. She conceived, but she was denied an abortion by authorities. CNN’s Dana Bash wanted to know how Mike Huckabee would respond to the situation. Would

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Ben Carson Calls Out the Racist Roots of Abortion in America

ben carson

Dr. Ben Carson has been getting louder and louder in his opposition to Planned Parenthood and in his opposition to abortion. He’s been reminding everyone who’ll listen that Planned Parenthood was founded by the racist eugenist Margaret Sanger. “The number

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