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Hillary: "Religious Beliefs…Have to be Changed" to Accommodate Abortion

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What’s most important to politicians like Hillary Clinton is making sure women and girls have access to doctors who will willingly murder an unwanted, unborn or partially born child. At some point, they’ll just erase this arbitrary distinction between partially

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Schaerr Tactics: Could Same-Sex Marriage Increase Abortions?

Schaerr tactics gay marriage

Gene Schaerr is bringing a new argument to the Supreme Court concerning same-sex marriage. He thinks legalizing same-sex marriage could lead to 900,000 new abortions. Does that connection seem random? Here’s how Schaerr came up with it: Legalizing same-sex marriage

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Are New Abortion Restrictions Relying on “Junk” Science?


Abortion activists are causing quite a stir about a recent Montana law that requires unborn babies to be anesthetized before any post-20-week abortion procedure. Activists claim this law is based on junk science: But to state Sen. Fred Thomas, who

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Iowa Public School Discriminates Against Pro-Life Students!

pro life

An Iowa high school is being accused of discriminating against a student who wanted to start a Students for Life group on the grounds that it would be too “controversial.” This comes one week after two North Dakota schools were attacked for not recognizing

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Wasserman Schultz Still Afraid to Answer Rand Paul’s Abortion Question

wasserman schultz kelly

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is still criticizing Rand Paul for not answering the media’s question about his views on abortion exceptions. Maybe that’s because she won’t answer the questions either. After all, he did say that once she answers, then he’ll

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Basing Abortion Rights on the Viability of the Fetus: Dead End

baby in womb 2

The viability of the fetus leads us directly to the question of the viability of infants, the elderly, and so on. “With no fact as a referent, what is normative is purely a matter of preference.” – Ravi Zacharias If

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DNC to Rand Paul: Yes, It’s OK to Kill a 7-Pound Baby in the Uterus


I was listening to Erick Erickson the other day, and he was saying how happy he was with Rand Paul for not falling for the media’s stupid questions. A reporter had asked Rand Paul about his views on abortion and

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SHOCK: University of Hawaii Conducting Gruesome Abortion Experiments

D and E

[Warning: Graphic Images Below!] The light that shines from men extends mere inches compared to the darkness, which extends miles beyond our most extraordinary imagination. We like to believe we are good and decent, and though we as individuals may

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Indiana Woman Convicted of Feticide … Women’s Rights Groups Go Bananas


Purvi Patel was just convicted of feticide and child neglect in Indiana. And women’s rights activists are going bananas, and nuts … and other produce. Perhaps this is just another symptom of Indiana’s recent status as religious right extremist crazy wonderland.

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Michelle Wilkins' Murdered Child Only Had Value Because She Wanted It

late term baby

On March 18th, a pregnant Michelle Wilkins went to the home of Dynel Lane, who had posted an ad on Craigslist for baby clothes. When Wilkins arrived at Lane’s home to purchase the clothes, she was attacked. Lane cut open

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Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi Fighting Over Abortion Language in Bipartisan Bills!

pelosi reid

It’s not often that we see Democrat leaders fighting over abortion. They’re usually trying to prove how much they all love murdering babies but not this time. This time Nancy Pelosi is trying to convince everyone she loves abortion while

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Houston Abortion Clinic Injures Five Women in Just One Month


Abortion is supposed to be “safe, legal and rare.” Except for the unborn child of course. It’s nothing more than an inconvenient mass of tissue, an uninvited parasite that doesn’t have a right to life. But unborn babies aren’t the

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