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Are You Required to Answer Questions in a DUI Checkpoint?

card for police

According to Florida attorney Warren Redlich, you’re not required to even roll down your window, let alone speak to the police in a DUI checkpoint. (In Florida anyway.) When he rolls through one of those checkpoints, he puts up a

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Wisconsin Police Chief Wants Residents to Voluntarily Have Their Homes Searched for Guns

police search

In an effort to “raise awareness” of “gun violence,” the police chief in Beloit, Wisconsin is asking residents to voluntarily subject their homes to police searches in order to locate guns. How does this exactly “raise awareness?” I have no

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Video: Cop Slaps Man for Refusing to Consent to Car Search

nazi cop

Consent to car search or suffer abuse! They say we have a 4th Amendment right to be safe from unreasonable searches and seizures, unless there’s probable cause and a warrant, or if we consent. Yet, if you don’t consent, that

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FBI Lobbying for a Backdoor into Your Devices


Recently, Apple and Google both made policy and software changes to make it more difficult for spies, government agencies, and identity thieves to get information off of your devices. Well, the FBI director, James Comey, is lobbying Congress to force

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Proposed Town Ordinance: No Warrant for Police to Enter Home to Bust Underage Drinkers

no warrant needed

All they have to do is claim they have probable cause and no warrant is needed. They wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of obtaining a judge’s agreement. I don’t know what the big deal is here with police

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Police Falsely Claim They Got 911 Call to Justify Entering Someone’s Home

police entering

I wonder how often this happens across the country. Police SWAT raids are happening more and more, where police break in people’s houses to serve a search warrant that’s often based on an anonymous tip. Sometimes the police find incriminating

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Supreme Court Rules that Warrantless Police Cellphone Searches are Illegal

smart phone

It seems kind of silly that we need a Supreme Court ruling to tell us that something’s illegal that’s already illegal. Any kind of warrantless search or seizure is illegal. It’s a violation of the 4th Amendment. If police want

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Cop Sues Police Department Over Unlawful Ticket Quotas

writing ticket

Next time a cop pulls you over for no apparent reason and asks you if you know why he pulled you over, maybe you should respond, “Because you’re trying to meet your quota?” Actually, don’t say that. They might get

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How to Meet Quotas: Florida Police Consider All Residents “Suspicious”

frisk hood

Since police can now consider everything we do “suspicious,” they can pull over, detain, or arrest anyone for anything. It used to be that the 4th Amendment protected against all unreasonable searches and seizures, but they’ve been steadily redefining “unreasonable”

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PA Supreme Court: No Search Warrant Needed to Search Cars

search without search warrant

In yet another tyranny-supporting ruling from a supreme judiciary of this land, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that police officers do not need a search warrant to search your car in their state. How they were able to get

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TSA Pats Down 2-Year-Old Potential Terrorist

tsa blue gloves 2

It’s not clear how old this video is. The TSA have allegedly stopped patting down those under 12. So, if this is a recent video, then they’re clearly violating their own rules. If it’s older than it appears, then hopefully

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Justice Scalia: TSA Groping is Intrusive, But it’s Necessary

tsa molestation

Justices Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg were being interviewed by Harvard professor and former CBS and NBC reporter Marvin Kalb. They were talking about NSA wiretapping and whether it was a violation of the 4th Amendment. Scalia argued that

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