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Gun-Free Zone Sign Fails to Stop Shooter at Courthouse

gun free zone 6

Here’s another case where a gun-free zone sign failed to act to prevent a shooting. It was at a county supervisors meeting at the courthouse in Maquoketa, Iowa where a man came to dispute his property taxes. He was actually

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Billionaire Gun Control Nut Sues for Right to Own a Tank

panzer tank

This is rich; a guy is suing for the right to own a tank. He’s a Seattle billionaire who donated a half-million dollars to Washington state’s Initiative-594, a gun control measure that would put more restrictions on gun owners. It

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Vice Principal Arrested for Legally Carrying Concealed Handgun to School

handgun 3

It’s against the law in California to bring a firearm on a school campus. I’m sure it’s against the law in every state. But at least in California, the one exception to that rule is if the person has a

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Chalk up Another Thwarted Armed Robbery to the Second Amendment

NC shooting accomplice

More Americans are buying guns than ever before. There are more guns in private ownership than there are people in the United States. More homeowners are using those guns to protect themselves from intruders. One of those homeowners is a

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Panera Bread Declares Itself Gun-Free Zone

gun sandwich

Here’s yet another business that allowed that gun control mom group to get to them. According to Moms Demand Action, the Bloomberg-funded gun control group formed in the emotional aftermath of the totally-preventable Sandy Hook mass murder, they had been

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Mississippi Has 2nd Amendment Sales Tax Break

gun seller

It is a 2nd Amendment sales tax break! Just about anything firearm-related will not be subject to a sales tax for the weekend of the 5th through the 7th. As of this writing, it’s still going on, but by the

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Bloomberg Gives Up Gun Control Efforts After Constant Campaign Backfires

michael bloomberg

It was one backfire after another. Bloomberg had supported those two Colorado gun-grabbers in the state senate when they faced recall. His big money wasn’t able to save them. They got the boot, and a third one Evie Hudak resignd

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Milwaukee Resident Shoots and Kills Gang Member

concealed carry 5

It was because of this 30-year-old resident in Milwaukee who defended himself from a teen gang member that five other members were arrested. These kids were part of a group who had committed several armed robberies in the past, prior

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Geraldo Rivera: The 2nd Amendment is “Blind and Stupid”

Geraldo Rivera 2

Geraldo Rivera is trying to blame the tragic accident involving a 9-year-old and an Uzi on the 2nd Amendment. I know I’m not supposed to compare guns with cars, because one is a weapon, and the other can never, ever

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Dem Congressman Cracks Down on Civilian Body Armor

body armor

They want to take away our guns and now body armor. For now, this California Congressman wants to focus on Type III body armor, which is at a level higher than your typical bulletproof vest. This is like the liberals

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Armed Woman Fends Off Would-be Abductors

woman handgun

I know it’s cliché, but it’s true. Never bring a bat to a gunfight. This could have ended much worse for these two men who tried to kidnap a lady in Lancaster, Ohio. And some say it should have ended

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Geraldo Rivera Calls 2nd Amendment "Blind & Stupid"

geraldo rivera

According to Wikipedia, throwing out the baby with the bathwater “is an idiomatic expression and a concept used to suggest an avoidable error in which something good is eliminated when trying to get rid of something bad, or in other words,

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