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Moms Demand Action Outraged over Arrest of Assailant

concealed carry 2

White guy arrested for attacking lawfully armed black guy; Moms Demand Action outraged over arrest. A gun control “good Samaritan” saw a fellow Wal-Mart shopper get out of his car with a gun holstered under his shirt. He followed the

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4 Armed Robbers Descend on Liquor Store; 2 Shot Dead by Store Clerk

armed robbery 2

The armed robbers thought they had it all under control. There’s no way this liquor store would be able to withstand a team of four armed robbers. They had already committed a series of armed robberies, and they probably thought

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Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots Armed Robber

look down barrel

A pizza delivery driver is obviously a prime target for criminals because of all the cash he or she carries. And they drive around at nighttime when criminals are most active. That pizza deliverers are disarmed as a condition of

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Obama Turns Banks against Gun Businesses

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Obama Administration Tries To Intimidate Banks Into Breaking Ties With Gun Manufacturers & Distributors “I don’t think ethical people deal with intimidation as a method to achieve success.” – Dominique Moceanu When a child wants a cookie before dinner, but

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Liam Neeson: Guns in America are a “F****** Disgrace”

liam neeson

Liam Neeson is the lead actor in the Taken film series where he plays an ex-CIA agent. I only saw the first one where he tracks down his daughter after she was abducted by foreign traffickers in France. Apparently, Taken

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Video: Armed Robber Shoots Himself in the Leg, Asks Police for Help

armed robbery

When a robber shoots himself he has to turn himself in. A man walked into a hotel lobby in North Augusta, South Carolina and demanded the money from the front desk lady at gunpoint. After she handed around $300 in

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Barber Shop Customer Shoots and Kills Armed Robber

concealed carry 2

An armed robber chose the wrong barber shop! This happened in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where gun rights Sheriff David Clarke encourages citizens there to carry concealed for cases just like this. The Daily Caller reported: A would-be armed robber who stuck

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Wal-Mart Employee: No Engagement Photo With Gun; “Promotes Gang Culture”

couple pose with gun

Couple told they cannot get their engagement photo developed posing with an unloaded shotgun. A Texas couple went to Wal-Mart to have their engagement photos printed for their wedding later that week. They got all their pictures printed except for

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South Carolina Bill Would Mandate Gun Safety Classes in Schools

gun safety class

If one South Carolina legislator gets his way, students would have to take gun safety classes as well as learn about the 2nd Amendment. State Representative Alan Clemmons introduced the bill in the House. He was inspired by an incident

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HuffPo Writer Calls Right To Bear Arms Against Tyranny "Laughable"

Gun and Constitution

The Second Amendment is, without question, our single most criticized, and assailed right. With every shooting, with every abuse of the right to bear arms, we are treated to endless prattle about gun control. Stricter gun control would make us safer!

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HuffPo: “Defense Against Government” Most Laughable Excuse for Gun Rights

2nd amendment

A column ran on the Huffington Post that argued for more “common sense” gun laws, because “there are no drive-by knifings.” The columnist argued that the 2nd Amendment is the weakest defense for gun rights, and that the most laughable

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New York Vet Has Guns Confiscated by Police Because He Had Trouble Sleeping


A man had his guns confiscated on a crazy pretext. This is supposedly New York’s attempt at keeping guns out of the “wrong hands.” Under New York’s SAFE Act, medical professionals have to report to police if they believe one

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