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Video: Armed Thugs Learn the Hard Way Not to Rob Auto Parts Store

auto store

Three armed thugs drove up to an Oakland Park, Florida auto parts store in a dark gray BMW. While the getaway driver waited in the vehicle, the two other armed men walked into the store. Initially, the two told employees that

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MSNBC’s Answer to Violent Crime: "Take Away Massive Amounts of Guns"

guns landfill

It was actually a New York Times writer who stated that the only way to reduce violent crime was to “take away massive amounts of guns” from people and drastically reduce the number of gun owners. New York Times, MSNBC,

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Virginia Governor Calls for More Gun Control


Predictably, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is calling for more gun control in the wake of Bryce Williams’, aka Vester Lee Flanagan’s, shooting and killing a news anchor and a cameraman on live TV. He said the problem is that there

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Store Clerk Shoots and Kills Armed Robbe

store clerk

An armed robber came into a Chicago-area convenience store and demanded money from the store clerk at gunpoint. While the clerk pretended to open the safe, he grabbed his gun and shot the armed crook several times. The man was

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Anti-Gun Protestors Flip Out When Chicago Grocery Store Allows Concealed Carry

concealed carry

“Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.” – Robert A. Heinlein Protesters in suburban Chicago rallied against grocery store chain Mariano’s Tuesday because the store allows those with concealed carry permits to carry concealed guns in the store. Lee Goodman, whom I

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Armed Carjacker Shot and Killed by Victim

revolver fired

After a Titans game, a couple of guys were hanging out outside in their Nashville, Tennessee neighborhood when a white SUV pulled up with three armed thugs inside. One of them got out, demanded their wallets and other belongings at

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California Proposes 10-Year Gun Ban on Those Deemed by Family to be a "Threat"

gun ban

If the government isn’t allowed to institute a gun ban then how can the government give my family that authority? Under current California law, if a friend or family member claims that someone is a threat to himself or others,

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D.C. Police Chief Blames Increase in Homicides on States with Lax Gun Laws

DC guns

This is the left’s natural response anytime the data show an increase in crimes, particularly homicides involving guns. Obviously, the increase can’t be because of strict gun laws. It has to be because people buy their guns and high-capacity magazines

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Homeowner Shoots 2 Armed Intruders; Kills 1, Injures 1

handgun double grip

A Florida father of two came home Thursday night to find a couple people who had broken into his house. Neighbors heard a fight ensue and gunshots exchanged. One of the armed intruders ended up dead, and the other escaped.

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Judge Sides With Man Who Open-Carries Gun to Pick up Daughter From School

open carry

This comes as quite a surprise considering the stigma that politicians and media have placed on guns in recent years, especially in the context of guns in “gun-free” schools. A Michigan dad who’s got a concealed carry permit and who

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Seattle Moves Forward with "Gun Violence Tax" on all Guns and Ammo

revolver tied

Seattle city council president Tim Burgess’ proposed ordinance that the city impose a $25 tax on all firearms and a 5-cent tax on every round of ammo will move forward. The revenues from this “gun violence tax,” as they’re calling

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Comedian Penn Jillette Defends the 2nd Amendment from Illogical Liberals

Penn Jillette

The brilliant and funny Penn Jillette happens to not only be a wonderful comedian and magician but he’s also a constitution supporting libertarian. He recently took his talents to the Nightly Show  where he went toe-to-toe with some card carrying (but

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