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Armed Homeowner Shoots and Kills Armed Rapist

revolver  barrel

This armed rapist and robber got exactly what he deserved, and it’s all thanks to an armed homeowner who was protecting his neighbor. Breitbart recounted the story: According to WBRC 6, the 17-year-old and two other suspects allegedly broke into

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Time for Gun Control? 3-Year-Old Shoots and Kills 1-Year-Old

child gun

No, it is not time for gun control. It is time for parents to take control of their own lives and protect their children. This Cleveland, Ohio tragedy where a three-year-old shot a one-year-old in the face is renewing calls

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Video: Concealed Carrier Shoots Carjacker

concealed carry carjack

A minivan pulled into a carwash in Smyrna, Georgia next to another car that was being vacuumed by the car’s owner. The teen that was in the driver’s seat of the minivan got out and got into the woman’s car

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Kroger Refuses to Succumb to Moms Demand Action

open cary grocery store

Moms Demand Action is that gun control group that got a few restaurants to bar their customer from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. That’s what this group does. They go around from business to business and bully them into discriminating

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Man Tries to Slice Store Owner’s Throat with Box Cutter; Owner Responds With Lead Bullet to the Chest

concealed carry 2

A liquor store owner was taking out the trash one night at his La Vergne, Tennessee establishment when a man armed with a box cutter approached him and asked him if the store was still open. The place was closed,

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Armed Homeowner Protects Wife from 3 Armed Intruders

revolver  barrel

Better to be an armed homeowner than a dead homeowner! An elderly couple in rural Oklahoma are happy they had a gun to protect themselves one night when three intruders broke in their house, some of them armed. When they

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Defenseless Domino’s Delivery Driver Shot to Death


Can you imagine a police department enforcing a policy that prohibited their officers from carrying a firearm? I think most people would find that idea preposterous. A police officer’s job can be very dangerous. They should be able to carry

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Concealed Carrier Prevents Mass Shooting in Barbershop

pointed handgun

We won’t hear much about this, because a mass shooting didn’t happen. One was prevented. We only hear about the tragedies, because unfortunately, that’s what viewers want to know about. People don’t find good news stories all that interesting. One of

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New Jersey Man Convicted of Felony for Having Legal Gun in Glove Compartment

tv head

Twenty-four-year-old Steffon Josey-Davis was a security guard who worked for a company which transported money in armored vehicles. He bought his firearm legally of course, and even though he had purchased his permit that would have allowed him to keep

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Anti-Gun Group Makes Fake Gun Shop to Shame Gun Buyers

gun store

The anti-gun group States United to Prevent Gun Violence set up a fake gun shop in New York City in order to make buyers feel guilty and think twice about buying a gun. Jude Abeler with the Daily Caller wrote:

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"Gun-Free Zone" New York City Experiences 22% Increase in Shootings

gun free zone

New York City invests a lot of money and resources into making sure people don’t have guns on the streets. While they’ve decreased the whole “stop and frisk” thing where police could stop and frisk anyone at random for guns

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Texas Poised to Pass Open Carry Law

open carry

For the past 125 years, Texas has prohibited the open carry of handguns. You can open carry rifles and other long guns, but handguns are right out. I think Texas is a little out of step with the times. Finally,

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