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Gmail Filters Warn that Bernie Sanders Campaign Email is a Phishing Scam


If you were waiting for the day when computers finally proved they were more discerning than humans, it’s your lucky day. Gmail has automated filters to mark various spam and scam emails as either suspicious or junk, and it turns

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The Strategy the Left is Using to Try and Take Down Ted Cruz

ted cruz 2

I’ve been wondering for several months how the left would tackle Ted Cruz should he eventually rise in the polls as I expected he would. Looking at his candidacy, he’s been sterling. However, as the left does, they find an

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Hillary Clinton Claims: In Past Month, 3,000 People Killed by Guns, Including 200 Children

hillary lies

Even the Associated Press caught her in these lies. She claimed that over the past month, since the Democratic debate in Las Vegas October 13th, that over 3,000 people had been killed by guns, and that of those 3,000, 200

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Wasserman-Schultz on Hillary Clinton Lying About Trying to Join Marines in 1975: It’s not Fair to Bring that Up!

clinton dems

Just think about this in comparison with how the media went haywire over Ben Carson’s autobiographical West Point “anomalies” that weren’t actually anomalies. Hillary Clinton claimed to have attempted to join the Marines in 1975. She claimed this in 1994,

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Video: Trump Compares Carson to Child Molester

trump finger

There’s a point in a presidential race where a candidate can go too far, and Trump has been way past that line from the beginning. Here he is, comparing his rival Ben Carson to a child molester: I understand why

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Hillary Clinton Laughs About Murdering Carly Fiorina; Media Ignores

psycho hillary

Why should the media care if Hillary Clinton joined everyone else in the room in laughter at what was obviously a joke? The Clinton supporter in the audience in New Hampshire claimed to have been a former Hewlett-Packard employee who

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Establishment Hack John Kasich Attacks Ted Cruz with Straw Man; is Promptly Destroyed


For the first time this cycle, Republicans had a substantive debate. The Fox Business debate was chocked full of hard hitting but fair questions, and the candidates were able to show their policy chops–or lack thereof There were numerous moments

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In the Midst of Media’s Unfair Treatment, Ben Carson Raises $3.5 Million

ben carson 2

While the media are busy trying to track down Ben Carson’s kindergarten teacher to unearth his next scandal, his campaign brought in $3.5 million from some 70,000 donors. He also garnered another 100,000 Facebook fans. This all happened in the

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Next Ben Carson Scandal: "He Peed his Pants in Kindergarten!"

ben carson

First, the media accused presidential candidate Ben Carson of concocting stories of his violent youth. Then, Politico ran a story about how he “lied” about his West Point scholarship offer in his book Gifted Hands. They claimed that the Carson

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How Can Conservatives Possibly Capture the Youth Vote?


If someone’s illiterate, would you throw a book at them and expect them to learn? Absolutely not. That’s not only illogical, but cruel. So, if someone lacks the ability–not the will, but the ability–to see something from an alternate perspective,

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CNN Smears Ben Carson by Saying he Wasn’t Actually Violent When he was Young

carson yearbook

If the media did the same thing to the Clintons and to Barack Obama, there would be no shortage of fodder to cast the Clintons and the President in the most negative light possible. It wouldn’t be difficult. In fact,

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Ted Cruz: "Climate Change is Not Science – It’s Religion"


Liberals hate hearing this, but deep down, they know it’s the truth. The theory of manmade global warming, or climate change, or period of increased climatic unpredictability, is not actually based on science. It’s not unlike a belief in a

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