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Video: D.C. Residents Assume Hillary’s Multi-Million-Dollar Mansions Belong to Republicans


Of course, huge multi-million-dollar mansions belong only to members of the GOP. Everyone knows they represent the 1%. Democrats like Hillary Clinton have to work hard for peanuts, and as a result, they can only afford to live in huts.

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Liberals Outraged That Bobby Jindal Isn't Using His Race to Get Votes

bobby jindal

As Bobby Jindal is set to announce his candidacy for the presidency, a Washington Post article has painted him as the worst thing a liberal could possibly imagine: someone who doesn’t use his race to his advantage. I would clutch

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AP on Ted Cruz Gun Photo: We Didn’t Mean to Portray him in a Negative Light

ted cruz hands up

According to the AP, it was a complete coincidence that there was a gun in the background that was pointing right at Ted Cruz’s head. I mean, I’m sure that the AP photographer didn’t put up the gun poster on

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How Climate Change Has Helped the Democrats Get Millions of Votes

church gore evangelist

“Politics have no relation to morals.” – Niccolo Machiavelli Jeb Bush just said he’d embrace efforts to lower our carbon footprint, the Pope is talking about climate change, Obama addressed the issue by calling it a threat to national security.

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Carly Fiorina Disappoints With Rape and Incest Abortion Exception

carly fiorina

“I’m going to stand in the gap for that child that you don’t think deserves a right because his father is a criminal…Baby Doe, that child who we’ll never meet, is going to have a trial today. And we’re going

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Hillary Clinton Suggests Trump “Triggered” Charleston Mass Murder

d trump

Liberals always want to blame someone else for their problems in order to push some agenda. Predictably, the major news outlets and left-leaning politicians have all come out to use the Charleston church mass murder to renew calls for more

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Clinton Campaign Manager Tells What May Be the Dumbest Lie in Recorded Human History


Politics is spin. I know that. I know at this very moment that every single politician running for President is extremely calculating in their strategies. That doesn’t bother me. Calculation isn’t indicative of rot, it’s merely a byproduct of living

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Adam Johnson Tries to Argue GOP 'Chicken Hawks' Are Cowards, Then Forgets How to Argue

John McCain

Adam Johnson wrote a pice for Alternet, which was reprinted on, in which he trashes the top five Republican “Chicken Hawks.” For the uninitiated, a chicken hawk is someone who has himself never served in the military, but is “eager

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Why I Gave Up on Finding a Political Solution to Our Obvious Political Problems

political problem personal solution

In our day, most everyone recognizes our nation has huge problems: inflation, unemployment, poverty, hunger, homelessness, racial tension, fatherlessness, violence, corruption, terrorism, police brutality, government spying, debt, illegal immigration, rising cost of living, and massive loss of rights, just to

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Speeding-Ticketgate: NY Times “Exposes” the Rubios’ Scandalous Traffic Behavior

marco rubio fox

Not that the GOP doesn’t have its share of embarrassing scandals. But this is just the media’s attempt at creating a scandal when nothing’s really there. It kind of reminds me of Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate” scandal. I think they’re still

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Bernie Sanders: Women Fantasize About “Being Raped by 3 Men Simultaneously”

bernie sanders 4

Bernie Sanders wrote once that women fantasize about being gang-raped. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was said, if it had been said by a Republican, that Republican would never even be able to hold office in the first

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Fox News Doing to Rand Paul Exactly What They Did to His Father

Rand Paul3

Back in 2008 and 2012, people talked about how Ron Paul could never win. He wasn’t “electable,” people thought he was extreme, nobody knew who he was, etc. Most people didn’t realize that the only reason they thought any of

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