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Why Conservatives Shouldn't Give Up On Marco Rubio Just Yet


“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin I don’t know exactly when human authenticity was supplanted by slick, shiny roboticism, but politics is not the better for it. Modern

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Liberal Writer: If Iraq War Is Off the Table, So Is Benghazi

jeb bush

According to Logically Fallacious, a “False Dilemma” occurs “when only two choices are presented yet more exist, or a spectrum of possible choices exists between two extremes.” You will never see me defending establishment Republican candidates, however, when an argument

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SPLC to Ben Carson: We’ll Take You Off Our Extremist List…But You’re Still an Extremist

ben carson think big

The SPLC’s quite the class act, aren’t they? They got some bad press when they put Ben Carson of all people on their extremist list. You’ve got to admit, it does look bad when a “civil rights” organization puts a

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Obama Amnesty Loophole Could Allow Illegals to Vote?

illegal voting amnesty

Is this just alarmism, or does it seem like Obama’s Executive Amnesty is designed for nothing more than getting more votes for the Democrat Party? Apparently, a loophole in the amnesty allows illegal aliens to vote, if they care to.

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Jeb Bush a Little Too Transparent: Reveals Floridians’ SSNs

jeb bush

In an attempt to be “transparent,” Jeb Bush released a bunch of emails he has received in the course of his tenure as governor of Florida. The problem is he didn’t redact some SSNs, home addresses, and other personal information.

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2016: Media Desperately Tries to Smear Ted Cruz 21 Months from Election Day

ted cruz speaking floor

“The problem with smear campaigns is that too often they work.” – Mark Shields Remember the media frenzy over the revelation that Obama had done cocaine, and pot when he was in high school, and college? Neither do I. That’s

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Are Millennials Really All That Uninformed About Government?


In a recent poll, 77% of millennials were unable to name one of the elected Senators from their state. At the same time, the vast majority of them, about the same number actually, said they planned to vote for the

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Why Ted Cruz is The Only Option in 2016

ted cruz speaking floor

Ted Cruz is the only possible Republican candidate who understands the problem with amnesty. “It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.” – Voltaire Even though we just came off an election that

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Rick Perry: ‘Running for President is Not an IQ Test’

Rick Perry

For once, I would like to hear an interview with a potential presidential candidate and not cringe. I wish I were talking about leftists alone. I’m not. It seems like the Republican candidates for the last few years have been

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Obama’s Political Individualism Could Hurt Hillary Clinton in 2016

obama and hillary clinton

Following the midterm “repudiation” of Obama’s policies, he largely doubled-down on his unpopular agenda and moved forward with executive actions independent of the “hostile” Congress. But this political individualism may hurt the Democrats in general, and Hillary Clinton in particular,

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Luis Gutierrez May Spoil Hillary Clinton 2016; Act Now!


A Leftist Third-Party Candidate can wreck the Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential run. Third Party candidates: they’re always the spoilers for conservatives. No matter the situation, no matter the affiliation, whenever a third wheel candidate runs in what should be a

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Biden Wants to “Take Back America” … From Himself?

Joe Biden Caricature

Vice President Joe Biden, a likely 2016 Democratic candidate for president, recently said it was time to “take back America.” And one must wonder … take back America from whom? I assume he may have been talking about the filibustering

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