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Lib Professor: Ben Carson Deserves "Coon of the Year Award"


Can you even imagine what kind of response a professor would have gotten for saying something like this about Obama? Republicans don’t even have to say anything offensive like this in order to be mistreated. The media take their quotes

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The Religious Bullying by John Kasich is Getting Tiresome

John Kasich2

Is anyone else as tired of John Kasich as I am? He came into the race with a seemingly positive attitude, only to sour his candidacy with his weird religious bullying. I never wanted him to be a serious contender

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Pro-Abortion Martin O'Malley Opposes Death Penalty Because of the "Dignity in Every Person’s Life"


O’Malley said that the death penalty is too expensive, doesn’t work, and goes against his belief in “the dignity in every person’s life.” Every person? Or just those guilty of capital crimes? He seems to be fine with people who

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It's Been Fun, Donald, But It's Time to Let a Real Conservative Take The Stage

Donald Trump

“Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt Cult of personality gave us Barack Obama. The Senator who would be king came

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Hillary Clinton Says to Vote Pragmatically, Even if You’re Not Excited

not excited about hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton recently sat for an interview with Lena Dunham from the HBO series Girls. During the interview, Clinton had some advice for less-than-enthusiastic voters: Whenever I’m talking to young women about politics, I always say, look, you don’t have

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Hillary Clinton Says Claims That She Started the "Birther" Movement are "Ludicrous"

hillary clinton hands up

Hillary Clinton told CNN’s Don Lemon that people’s claims about her and her campaign starting the “birther” movement are completely “ludicrous.” Clinton said she had never even heard of that claim and lamented that she gets “blamed for nearly everything.”

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Scandal: Ben Carson Makes no Apologies for Saying he Wouldn’t Vote for a Muslim

ben carson this big

The real scandal here is that the media keep saying that Obama is a Christian, and that Islam is a peaceful religion. I wouldn’t vote for a Muslim either. I also wouldn’t vote for an Atheist. Or a Buddhist. And

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Ted Cruz, Is Marriage a State Issue or a Federal One?

Same-sex marriage sign

As I’ve disclosed before, I’m an ardent supporter of Ted Cruz. I’ve donated multiple times to his presidential campaign, and I’ve done a lot of work to promote his candidacy in my writing. That being said, during his recent appearance

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Media Jumps on Inaccurate Fiorina Statement to Further a Much Larger Agenda

stillborn baby

It was inevitable that once Carly Fiorina reached great heights, the attacks against her would become more severe. It’s the nature of the beast. However, the latest attack on Carly isn’t really about her, but rather a means to invalidate a

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Some Necessary Improvements: An Open Letter to Ted Cruz


Here are the suggestions of someone who wants Ted Cruz to succeed. I have to preface this article with two disclosures. First, I endorsed Ted Cruz for the presidency many months ago. Second, I’ve donated three times to his campaign,

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Was that a Republican Debate or a Circus Side Show?

republican debate 2016 clowns

The second Republican debate happened last night for three and a half hours. And I don’t know if I would call it a debate really. Especially in the first thirty minutes or so, it seemed like a circus side show—a

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Hillary Clinton Losing Support Among Democrat Women

Hillary Clinton Democrat women

Hillary Clinton seems like the natural Democrat choice for women in the Democrat party, but a recent poll indicates that her support there is waning sharply: Hillary Rodham Clinton is suffering rapid erosion of support among Democratic women — the

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