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Pelosi Funneled $1 Billion Taxpayer Money to Radical Billionaire Environmentalist

Tom Steyer, Kat Taylor, Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi

Remember how Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has constantly criticized and attacked the Koch brothers for using their own money to help conservative Republican politics? Ethics charges were filed against Reid for his actions and statements concerning the Koch brothers.

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GOP War on Women: Poll Shows Most Republicans Support Birth Control

pregnant lady

The liberal narrative has always been that Republicans hate women. I don’t think they actually believe it. It just helps them get more voters. Since the Hobby Lobby ruling, liberals have been saying that the GOP hates birth control. Apparently,

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After 2012 Most Americans Believe Elections are Rigged


I followed the 2012 elections pretty close and saw a substantial amount of evidence to indicate that these were perhaps the most corrupt and rigged elections in American history. There were numerous reports of people voting for Mitt Romney but

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Harry Reid’s Failed Leadership Could Lose Senate to GOP in November

File photograph of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Reid in the Capitol in Washington

Poll after poll shows that Americans have lost all faith and respect for Congress by giving them the lowest ratings in history. When asked why, most people say that it has to do with their inability to accomplish anything. They

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New Poll Shows GOP Likely to Win Senate in November


Earlier this year, less than half of the likely voters polled said they believed that Republicans would win control of the Senate in the November election. In January, only 44% had faith of a GOP victory. Those figures go along

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Black Democrat Pastor Says Cochran Campaign Paid Him to Get Blacks to Vote Against McDaniel


Reverend Stevie Fielder of First Union Missionary Baptist Church in Meridian, Mississippi is claiming that the Thad Cochran campaign had him distribute $15 to each black voter to vote for Thad. Fielder himself was promised $16,000, which he hasn’t yet

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NY Dem Wants to Let Illegals Vote

illegals voting

From the time of the Revolutionary War to today, more than 1.3 million men and women have died fighting for and preserved the right to vote for American citizens. Additionally, more than 1.5 million men and women have been wounded

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Mega Liberal Donates To Thad Cochran's Campaign


It was in the movie All The President’s Men that the phrase “follow the money” was coined. It’s not for nothing that the iconic phrase came from a movie about politics, and political intrigue. Politics is a game built upon

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Conservatism Beats the Establishment: David Brat Destroys Eric Cantor


“It should frighten everyone in leadership…They haven’t been conservative enough. We’ve told them that for 3 years. They wouldn’t listen…Maybe they will listen now.” – Conservative House Republican, speaking with National Journal on condition of anonymity Yesterday was a day

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Wrong People Resigning Amid Scandals

Obaam resigns 220x220

When Operation Fast and Furious became national news, several top ranking members of the ATF resigned even though there is a substantial amount of evidence that the orders came from the White House and DOJ. When the disaster of what

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Thad Cochran Refuses To Debate Tea Party Challenger

tea party now

“The best weapon of a dictatorship is secrecy, but the best weapon of a democracy should be the weapon of openness.” – Niels Bohr Hiding and secrecy are sometimes a necessity of the persecuted. Sometimes they are required for the

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Armed Brother Protects Siblings from Home Invaders by Killing 1 & Wounding 1

dead home intruder

Once again I am thrilled to report that having a gun in the house saved four children from armed intruders. Located in California’s Central Valley is the small community of Orosi. Named for the golden poppies that blanketed the area

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