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John Boehner and Mitch McConnell Are Destroying Our Republic

no rinos

We need to be saved from John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. According to, a “false dilemma,” or “bifurcation” is a logical fallacy that occurs “when only two choices are presented yet more exist, or a spectrum of possible choices exists

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Surprise: Rich Donors Leaned Democrat in the Midterms


Well, the data is in, and it is clear yet again: the really rich donors leaned Democrat this midterm election. With all the propaganda pouring out of the mills about Republican Super PACs, and Citizens United, and the Koch brothers,

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Congressional Black Caucus Chairman: We Lost Midterms Because of Southern, White Racism

The Chair(wo)man of the Congressional Black Caucus is playing the race card. Her name is Marcia Fudge. Yes, that is her real name. (Is it racist of me to think that it’s kind of funny that the head of the

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Why Americans Hate Incumbents Yet Still Re-Elect Them


In a recent article, PolitiFact ran the data and apparently the approval rating for Congress is around 14%, yet the incumbent re-election rate is around 95%. Just in case you just suffered blunt force trauma to the head, let me

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Poll Shows Public Doubts if Obama Will Work with GOP


After the Republicans won control of Senate and gained more seats in the House, Barack Obama told the American people that he wants to work with them to get things done. I recall him saying something similar in 2010 when

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Wendy Davis Blames Loss on Ebola

abbot davis

The Wendy Davis campaign is offering up excuses as to why they lost to Greg Abbot, and one is that the Ebola scare drove Republicans to the polls. Writing for Breitbart, Kristin Tate reported: Speaking on behalf of Davis’ campaign,

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Liberals Blame White Women for Wendy Davis’s Loss

wendy davis 2

Wendy Davis’s loss must be blamed on anyone but herself. Wendy Davis, the Abortion Barbie in Texas, rose to prominence using her pink shoes and catheter. She was the latest and greatest thing to grace the feminists’ and pro-abortion activists’

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Why Your Vote Counts … And Doesn’t Matter

Vote or Not

If you tuned in to the election results coverage after the midterm elections, you probably heard this quite often: “See how close these races were? Anyone who says your vote doesn’t count really needs to look at this election. Your

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Liberals Scramble To Praise Obama After Mid-Term Disaster, Part 2

obama saint

Liberals must praise their god; it is a matter of religious conviction. It was Thomas Paine who said that “to argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”

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Oregon’s New State Motto ‘Legal to Get High & Die’?

Get High and Die

In 1994, voters in Oregon passed the Death with Dignity Act, making the Pacific northwestern state the first in the US to allow doctor assisted suicide. An injunction held up the implementation of the act until 1997 when it went

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Man Arrested for Exercising Second Amendment While Voting

no firearms

No Second Amendment for Voters? A man was arrested on Tuesday for carrying a handgun while visiting his polling location to cast his votes. According to The Blaze: After he walked through the doors at an Alabama polling place Tuesday

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Time for GOP to Put Up or Shut Up


Ever since the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006 and then the White House in 2008, Republicans have been complaining. Obamacare has been one of their biggest complaints. Republicans have been against the forced penalties for Americans that don’t

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