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Seattle Cop Pepper-Sprayed History Teacher for No Reason


It was at an MLK Day rally in Seattle where the local cops pepper-sprayed attendees, many of them for no apparent reason other than because they could. I know that there’s this “war on police,” but there’s a reciprocal war

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74-Year-Old Shoots and Kills Home Intruder

revolver gunpoint

Early one morning, an intruder tried breaking in to this Detroit couple’s home in a community called Southgate. The wife was awakened by the commotion, and she woke her husband, who instinctively grabbed his gun and got up to investigate.

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Robbers Brought a Pellet Gun to a Real Gunfight

woman handgun

A couple guys forced themselves in to a couple’s off-campus apartment and held the boyfriend at gunpoint on the floor. The girl ran off to their bedroom and locked the door. She grabbed her gun that her dad had gotten

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Gun Range Owner Bans Muslims; Business Skyrockets

gun range

Because she bans Muslims, this Arkansas gun range is an Islam-free zone. If I were in this business owner’s position, I don’t think I’d go this far. But at the same time, it’s her business. If she wants to bar

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Meteorologists Apologize for Northeast Blizzard Predictions


Meteorologists often get it wrong. After all, they’re only human, and they base their predictions mostly on computer models. When it comes down to it, the weather is still unpredictable, even with the best technology. And like other fields involving

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Good Thing This Texan Had More Than Ten Rounds

break in

A firefight with intruders required more than ten rounds. The news reports don’t indicate what kind of gun this Texas resident had when two guys broke into his house around midnight. It was some kind of handgun, and he had

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Californians Consider Mileage Tax Amid Falling Gas Tax Revenues

mileage gas tax

Californians make up one of those blue states in the red. And one of the reasons they’re in the red is that they’re not bringing as much in from gas taxes. Since they’re a blue state, their natural reaction is

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California: Repeal the Bill of Rights... to Keep us Safe


They call California the land of fruits and nuts. Granted, it’s probably not the best place to ask random people political questions, but it sure is entertaining to watch. And a little sad at the same time. Mark Dice is

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White House Courts Disney to Sell Global Warming to Kids Using Cast of Frozen


For now, Disney is politely declining whatever the White House is offering in exchange for doing some kind of Frozen spin-off that aims to teach little kids about how polar bears are dying off because of conservative-induced global warming. Disney

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Obama Slips Up: Calls Homosexuality a Lifestyle Choice

lifestyle choices

If this had been spoken by a conservative guest on MSNBC, social media would have completely collapsed from all the liberal ire. How dare anyone claim that homosexuals posses any kind of control over their actions and behavior. Everything they

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Mayor Defies Threats from Atheist Group over Nativity Scene


Coal Run, Kentucky Mayor Andrew Scott had received a letter from an Atheist group back in December in the days leading up to Christmas, notifying him that no nativity scenes were to be allowed on public property. Mayor Scott chucked

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Pelosi Afraid to Say Whether Unborn Child is a Human Being

pelosi back off

An unborn child is above her pay grade. She won’t say what it is. She’s afraid to commit either way. If she says that it is a human being, then she’d be openly admitting to supporting the murdering of human

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