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How the U.S. Created ISIS

isis truck

Who created ISIS explained on video! It’s no secret that our government funds terrorist organizations to achieve their geopolitical goals. Al Qaeda was a U.S. creation, and as soon as the media/political establishment eliminated bin Laden from their script, they

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Federal Agents Arrest Man for Exercising 2nd Amendment

open carry rifle

Yes, the 2nd Amendment even applies to Federal grounds. Anthony Bosworth was apparently on federal property outside a government building. He had attended a states rights’ rally in Spokane, Washington, and he was carrying his rifle slung around his shoulder.

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In Ohio, You Can Get a Ticket for Warming Up Your Car

car exhaust

It’s been pretty cold here in the South, but obviously it’s way more frigid up in Ohio, where it drops below zero routinely. There’s a law there that says you can’t turn your car on to warm it up and

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School Cop Assaults Grandmother for Bringing Cupcakes to her Granddaughters

wounded woman

You’d think there was a better way for the cop to handle this situation involving a cupcake-wielding grandmother of 78 years. The Fresno, California grandma Mary Poole was at her granddaughter’s school to drop off homemade cupcakes and cookies when

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Detective Chains Man to Wall and Beats Him for not Confessing to a Crime


A detective chains a suspect to the wall even though the suspect never resisted. A man was accused of killing his 7-month old son. As it turned out, he was never convicted. He was declared not guilty. But while he

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Wrong House Raid: Cops Destroy 90-Year-Old’s House, No Drugs Found

swat invades

Who knows what “intelligence” the Riviera Beach Police Department received that led them to believe that this 90-year-old woman was involved in some illegal drug activity. But they promise it wasn’t the wrong address that led them to the wrong

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Dems Silent on “NAACP Bomber” who Didn’t Target the NAACP After All

parade float

A disgruntled Colorado man tried causing some damage with a makeshift pipe bomb using commercially available explosives and a gas canister. Apparently, the canister failed to ignite, and not a whole lot even happened. In fact, the only reason this

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Cop Assaults Air Force Vet for Trying to Break up Fight

police veteran

Orlando Police were called to the scene after Air Force veteran Refus Holloway tried breaking up a fight between two other men at a relative’s house. When police arrived, Holloway attempted to show them his military ID. In response, police

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D.C. Won’t Give Concealed Carry Permit to Man Because he Doesn’t Have a Good Enough Reason

concealed weapons permit

In order to obtain a concealed carry permit in D.C., you have to have a “good enough” reason. Just saying that the crime rate is bad or that you have a 2nd Amendment right to do so isn’t sufficient. Here’s

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Tulsa Residents Have Killed More Criminals Than Police Have

gun down stairs

So far this year, there have been eleven homicides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Six of those were at the hands of armed law-abiding citizens defending themselves. Police haven’t had to kill any thus far. The Daily Caller reported: Tulsa has had

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Feds Give $39 Billion A Year to Solar Industry; Only 0.5% of Power Generated by Solar

flying money

If “green” really was the way to go, we wouldn’t need any government subsidies to produce it. The market would demand it, and innovators would create the supply. The competition would naturally drive prices down, and the quality of the

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Son Buys His Mom a Gun that She Uses for Intruder

staring down barrell

When a son buys his mom a gun, even though he is concerned for her safety, he doesn’t expect her to use it in a week. But this time the son was wrong, because less than a week later, she

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