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Moms Demand Action: Open Carry is About “Intimidation,” not 2nd Amendment

open carry grocery store

Is open carry really about intimidation instead of exercising the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms? In Texas, they’re apparently pretty close to “legalizing” the open carry of handguns. Governor-elect Abbot has vowed to sign a handgun open carry bill

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Squirrels to Blame for Global Warming

squirrel gas

We can add squirrels to the growing list of animals which are to blame for making the globe warm up because of the gases generated by their bodies or their habitats. Just recently, it was reported that methane released as

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Gun Saves Craigslist Seller from Counterfeiting Crook


I’ve bought lots of stuff on Craigslist. But I can’t help but be a little nervous every time I agree to meet a seller, even though we always agree to meet in a public place like a strip mall parking

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2014 the Hottest Year on Record?

hot weather

Global warming alarmists are sounding the trumpets of victory, because 2014 is going to be the hottest year on record. Or so they say. It all depends on which dataset you use. And which dataset you use is determined by

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Beaver Gas to Blame for Global Warming


It’s actually not beaver flatulence per se, although I’m sure they’d say that contributes a little as well. It’s actually the methane that’s apparently generated at the bottom of standing water ponds created by beaver dams that ends up being

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Sign at School Entrance: “Dicember 2014…Progress Reepor”

school sign

Is this a sign of what kind of education the students receive? We all make typos every now and then, but this is pretty bad. And what’s worse than someone making these glaring spelling mistakes on a sign at the

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Michelle Obama: It was Racist for Customer at Target to Ask Me for Help

michelle obama target

During an interview with People magazine, Barack and Michelle Obama related some [alleged] personal experiences that are sure to really tug at our heartstrings. According to the Daily Caller: “There’s no black male my age, who’s a professional, who hasn’t

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Good Guy With a Gun Stops Armed Robbery Spree

concealed carry 2

What’s interesting about this case is that this good guy with a gun would have been the armed robber’s second victim. The first victim wasn’t armed, and the robber stole $900 in cash from him at gunpoint. But not all

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Cop Says They Need MRAP to Deal with “Constitutionalists?”

mrap 2

But why DO the Spokane Sheriffs need an MRAP? A Sheriff’s deputy in Spokane, Washington was being interviewed by someone regarding the department’s possession of an MRAP. The woman interviewing him asked if the MRAP isn’t something that’s more appropriate

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76-Year-Old Tasered Over Expired Tag


Was this a good reason to be tasered? On top of that, the car was exempt from an inspection, meaning he didn’t have to have proper tags, just the dealer tags it already had. The car was owned by a

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Guess What Happens When this Guy Asks 13 Gay Bakers to Bake Him a Cake that Says "Gay Marriage is Wrong"

2 men cake

Gay bakers have the right to refuse service? We all know what happens when a homosexual couple gets turned down after they ask a Christian baker to bake a cake for their “wedding.” There’s a discrimination lawsuit filed by the

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Gun-Free Zone DC Doesn’t Stop Teen from Trying to Rob Resident at Gunpoint

gun laws

This was apparently one of several cases in gun-free zone DC involving shootings that day. In this particular case, a teen armed with a sawed-off shotgun approached another man and told him he was being robbed. But the victim didn’t

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