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Video: Armed Black Driver Holds White Carjacker at Gunpoint for Police

carjacking 2

This carjacker definitely picked on the wrong guy to rob. Hashim Fannin had just pulled into a Family Dollar parking store parking lot in Atlanta when an older white guy hopped in the passenger seat and said, “You know what

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Homeowner Shoots and Kills Intruder With One Shot

revolver  barrel

A homeowner in Tennessee shot once and killed an intruder who broke in his house through one of the front windows. It’s important to remind ourselves why we bring up these stories. It’s not because we have some “fascination with

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UK Green Party Open to Considering Polygamous Marriages

marriage equality

The leader of the Green Party of England and Wales said she’s open to considering polygamous marriages. Marriage has been redefined to the point that it doesn’t really mean anything anymore. If two guys want to get married, they should

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Black Judge Lets Black Armed Burglar Off With Probation, Condemns White Victims for “Racism”

black judge

A black judge was more offended by a three-year-olds “racism” after being terrorized at gunpoint by a black male, than by the perpetrator. A couple years ago, a couple of armed criminals broke in a family’s home and held the

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John Kerry Prophesies: “Climate Refugees…in the Not-Too-Distant Future”

John Kerry 1 hand

Saying that there are going to be droughts and food shortages at some point in the future, just as there have been countless times in the past, is not in question. We very well may have to deal with food

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Students Find Insect Larvae in Michelle-Approved Lunch


Remember the old days when you could make your own lunch at home and bring it with you to school in a paper brown bag? Nowadays, we know so much better. Students have to eat food out of the cafeteria

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Concealed Carrier Prevents Mass Shooting in Barbershop

pointed handgun

We won’t hear much about this, because a mass shooting didn’t happen. One was prevented. We only hear about the tragedies, because unfortunately, that’s what viewers want to know about. People don’t find good news stories all that interesting. One of

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"Climate Scientist" Pharrell Williams Teaches 1200 Kids about "Climate Change"


He’s of course no climate scientist. He’s that guy who wrote that hit song “Happy” that gets really old after the first listen. But as a global warming believer, he needs no relevant credentials. The fact that he agrees to

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In the 50s, Scientists Warned of Melting Polar Ice Caps

50s science

There’s always something catastrophic that’s about to happen that never actually happens. Right now, the catastrophe that we keep waiting to happen to wipe out the human race is global warming, that’s supposedly caused by the oil and gas industry.

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Ben Carson Added to "Extremist Files" of SPLC

ben carson

The Southern Poverty Law Center is an extremist hate group that attacks any other group or individual that doesn’t identify with radical liberalism and lumps them all in the same group. So, you’ll have the usual KKK members and other

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TSA Boasts: Over 650 Million False Positives in 2014

tsa grope

When the TSA boasts, there is no reason to trust what they say. I know we’re supposed to be impressed with these large numbers. But I have to admit they don’t affect me at all, except to induce a sigh

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Obama Proposes “Free” Community College

obama academic

If Community College is free, the cost will rise, the quality will degrade, and the education will become worthless. It’s easy to be generous with other people’s money. The Obama administration is now proposing a taxpayer-subsidized community college education. Obama said

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