ABC News Pundit Implies Eric Holder Better than Reagan’s Attorney General

Liberal ABC News pundit Matthew Dowd had the temerity to imply that Attorney General Eric Holder was less bad than former Reagan AG Edwin Meese. His proof? Meese was forced to resign due to scandal. The problem with this evidence is that it actually proves something totally different. What it proves is that AG Meese had a sense of shame and propriety – he resigned because of one scandal… AG Holder on the other hand has NO SHAME and has not resigned even though he has been inundated with scandal upon scandal for the last 3 years!

Here’s how conservative Laura Ingraham responded to Dowd’s ridiculous claim.

Matthew Dowd: Well, first I think the Republicans have been way too vociferous in their things about Eric Holder. I mean I think you can criticize him for many things, one of which is I don’t think he’s been a very good advocate of the free press. He’s taken on leakers, he’s taken on that and it’s obviously hurt the First Amendment.

ericholderBut the idea that Eric Holder is the worst attorney general when we’ve had Edwin Meese’s, the John Mitchell’s, even RFK who was a very political attorney general at the time. I think that President Obama would make a huge mistake by trying to do this in an interim appointment and trying to do it at the time of when Republicans are right before they’re about to take the Senate. If he has an argument to make he ought to make it in January when they take the Senate over.

Laura Ingraham: First of all, what you just said about the Holder versus Edwin Meese, I mean that could do an hour on that. But..

Matthew Dowd: Didn’t Edwin Meese resign amidst a scandal?

Laura Ingraham: Yes, of course, he did but the greatest hits of Holder from Fast and Furious where the court just ruled that they have to turn over their document list, why they’re withholding all these documents from the people. IRS, targeting of reporters, lack of transparency. We’re a nation of cowards on race, running into situations and condemning entire states because they’re dealing with the illegal immigration problem that the federal government isn’t involved in and he’s not, you know, he’s not kind of out there? So that’s one point.

But on the issue of who replaces him, does it really matter to quote Hillary Clinton. I mean, it’s going to be someone like Thomas Perez who probably would get confirmed by the Republicans, Labor Secretary, former head of the Civil Rights Division, he’s really simpatico with President Obama, went to Harvard law school, close friends. That’s someone I think they would probably go for. Deval Patrick, his name was mentioned but apparently he doesn’t want any part of it.

But look, does it matter? I mean, he’s going to put in someone. He’s going to try to get someone in who has the same worldview but we don’t need another community organizer as attorney general. We need someone who has an impartial view as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer. You’re not just another advocate. You don’t work for, La Raza, you don’t work for, you know, the NAACP. You work for the people. So I hope that the president learns from a terrible initial appointment of Eric Holder.