ABC News Experiments On Kids To Push Gun Control

There was something largely missing from Obama’s scripted State of the Union Address:  gun control. He only mentioned wanting to try to reduce gun violence and prevent more Sandy Hooks. Not much more mention beyond that.

But it was OK. The media had his back. They did a segment, which they called “groundbreaking news,” which intended to shock their viewers into wanting some kind of control on guns because of all the children who’ve been hospitalized or killed because of evil guns.

They set up an experiment based on some Yale University study that found that every hour, one American child is hospitalized because of gunshot wounds. I guess they wanted to explore why that is.

Before an elementary school classroom of kids, they showed an animated NRA video that taught children about gun safety, namely this annoying, but educational song:  “Stop, don’t touch, leave the area, tell an adult.”

After the NRA video, a policeman came in to teach them further about gun safety and the importance of alerting an adult if a gun is spotted.

A couple days later, police came in the school classroom and buried two unloaded but real firearms in a toy box and in a bowl of candy. They also placed covert cameras around the classroom.

The teacher then told the kids that there were unloaded guns on the table for a “memory test,” but that there were toys and candy for them to enjoy while the teacher “stepped out of the room for a second.”

Not surprisingly, two of the kids saw the guns and were curious. Just a couple days before, they had been taught to sing that educational NRA song:  “Stop, don’t touch, leave the area, tell an adult.” They kind of forgot about that. They wanted to see the guns and handle it. One of the boys that grabbed a gun even looked down the barrel. Unbeknownst to them, policemen and media crew were in a control room watching them on screen.

After the two boys had seen and handled both guns, then they called for an adult.

They didn’t of course explore why it was that in spite of a quick indoctrination about “gun safety,” the kids were still curious enough about them that they insisted on looking at the guns at all angles and handling them before doing what they were taught to do.

Did these kids’ parents own guns? Perhaps these particular kids had never really been exposed to guns in real life. If they had been and had been shown and taught how important but dangerous guns are, perhaps they wouldn’t have been so reckless as to look down the barrel. The whole “experiment” was stupid on so many levels. It was pure propaganda.

And not to mention that if kids even point their fingers or eat their food in the wrong shape at a school like this, that gets them suspended. But when these adults want to experiment on these kids, they don’t bother with toy guns. They’ll use real guns. What a bunch of hypocrites.