Strip Clubs And Food Stamps

Food-stamp spending for fiscal-year 2012 reached a new record high: $80.4 billion, beating the previous record, of 2011, by $2.7 billion.

As of January 4, 2013, 47.5 million people are on food stamps. This means that the average monthly paycheck received by those on food stamps is $1,692.

One-thousand six-hundred and ninety-two. Nobody’s monthly grocery expenses need to be that high. Nobody’s monthly grocery expenses should be that high. That’s obscene.

I live in a household of two, and our monthly grocery bill is somewhere between $200 and $300. Together, we don’t make much money. We accept that and therefore do a lot of shopping for generic-brand food and soup-eating (I think I may single-handedly support the Nongshim ramen company).

But let’s go with the liberal estimate and say that the two people in my household need a total of $300’s worth of food per month. That means that the real current average monthly food-stamp allotment is befitting for families of 11 members or more. This is assuming that they spend their food-stamp money prudently. And shouldn’t they? If they are so poor that they need taxpayer assistance, shouldn’t they be frugal?

Another thing: Why are you having nine kids (nine kids plus two parents equals eleven members) when you know you can’t afford it?

I used to be on food stamps, I am not afraid to admit (though it was embarrassing each time I used it at the checkout counter). Some people need food stamps. But it should only be a temporary solution. As Ronald Reagan said, “I think the best possible social program is a job.” So once I got a better-paying job and could afford to go off of food stamps, I did.

This news of record food-stamp spending comes off the back of another story about people using food stamps to buy liquor, sex toys, and lap dances at strip clubs, which is just mind-bogglingly irresponsible.

If these people are going to use the money of others under the pretense that they’ll use it to buy food to help them stay alive, and then they go use that money for anything other than food, that money needs to be taken away from them immediately. It is clear that they either do not really need the extra food money or that they don’t value their own living circumstances. In either case, it is no longer any of my business or concern.



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14 comments on “Strip Clubs And Food Stamps
  1. harryh44 says:

    This has been one of my pet peeves for years.  They don’t get married but have a brood of kids and the man lives with them.1 maybe 2 can be an accident but 7-9 are definitely not oopses..

    • faithandfreedom says:

      @harryh44 Squirt out those babies, baby mama, and collect that monay… Disgusting!!

  2. J Joy says:

    Those strip clubs are probably owned by Obama and Democrats.

    • DWinch says:

      @J Joy Strip mining jobs are out so strip club jobs are in, all the same to demonrats.
      You can’t say they don’t create jobs for somebody!

  3. concerned7 says:

    It is my understanding that they are not receiving $1692. in food stamps, that is the average monthly salary of a family that is received food stamps.  I believe that the average food stamp payment is $180 a month per person.  I believe there is a lot of misuse and abuse of foodstamps, but articles that don’t ensure they have all the facts makes it harder to make the point….

  4. CoachL says:

    I think the benefits should only extend to 2 children. Stop them after that.

  5. guest says:

    It depends upon how far this kind of abuse goes, most people do use the cards as they’re intended. I have a homeless friend who complains he needs vitamins but can’t get them with his food-stamp card. The number of machines or places where a person can use their foodcards is not universal, it sounds like conservatives are again trying to win points (maybe gold stars) as benefit cop/bean-counters. Of course there’s no such thing as corporate welfare / abuse, corporations “create jobs” even when/if they receive direct payments, or taxpayer guaranteed loans, (wash your mouth.)  Sure the best social program is a job, where are they? The Bush tax cuts or TEA party didn’t create any to speak of. Seems investors would rather fund slave labor in other parts of the world

  6. The Texan says:

    I am not defending the outrageous increase in the number of people and the costs of the Food Stamp program under the Comrade, but you would have more credibility, if you did a bit more fact (and math) checking before sounding off.  It is $1692 per year, not per month.  Thus, less than 150 per month.  But, and this is a big but, that is per person, not per household.  Thus, a family of 5 (mother and 4 children, since most children born today are out of wedlock) would approach $750 per month or $9,000 per year.  That, my friend, is a serious problem!

  7. Mgayle says:

    This is not news, it has been ongoing since it’s inception. Working against wellfare fraud 30 yrs ago, it hasn’t changed just gotten bigger.

  8. El_locoJp says:

    Fact – more food stamp money is spent on illicit drugs than on baby food.  I guess booze and gambling are now edging out baby food also?

  9. AdrianVance says:

    You’ve left out what the bureau skims off, which is typically 28%, and the kickbacks to the elected ruling class, anolher 20% so it is probably more like $800 a month, still too much.
    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative, and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  10. popham says:

    The fraud and corruption in our food stamp program simply goes beyond the pale.

  11. Independant Conservative says:

    ANY Program that the Government is in charge of is 100% inefficient.
    There are NO exceptions.
    Government = Waste
    They spend the money like it’s nothing,  because THEY don’t work for it,  they STEAL it….
    They are actually going out and SOLICITING people to Get ON Welfare !!!.
    Put these programs in the hands of private sector  companies and see what Happens !!!
    Big Government is a Liberals Dream  and the People’s Enemy.
    The Constitution clearly outlines the intended role of Government and it does NOT include 99.9% or what our Government is involved in today.
    Our Out of Control Government  IS /  WILL be the Ruin of our country.

  12. harryh44 says:

    I hope all of those illegal votes and the real ones that voted this idiot back into office are happy as they are ruining our great nation.

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