Strategy: Boycott MSNBC Advertisers

These days no corporation can afford to lose a small fraction of their customers or for that matter a prospective customer. In any economy (not just this economy) every customer dollar counts and conservatives have an opportunity to send a message to the greater American and Global business community by organizing and sustaining a very public boycott of each and every company that advertises on the dishonest and government funded MSNBC.

When a corporation or special interest group chooses to pay to advertise on a television network they are sending a message to our consumer driven economy:

We the advertiser support the opinions expressed and the ideology displayed on this network. It reflects the views and culture of our customers. If it doesn’t, they will get over it, after all they need us more than we need them.

Clearly, MSNBC advertisers support the un-American ideology of a network hell bent on destroying our country and if they are not slowed or stopped it’s only going to get worse for our nation. It’s time to fight back. It’s time to take to Matthews, Maddow, Schultz, O’Donnell , Sharpton, Bashir and the rest of the race bating, Marxist loving, over educated academic ideologue blowhards at MSNBC.

Consumer activism is a profound way to make a statement about MSNBC’s lies, betrayal of the public trust and future health. By boycotting corporations that advertise on MSNBC, conservatives will send a message to the business world: You may have bought our politicians, but you don’t own our country. We won’t do business with un-American interests anymore. Pull you ads or count conservatives out of your bottom line.

We have become a weakened nation. We complain yet we tolerate the exploitation of our society each and every day by radicals pretending to be responsible journalists. Never giving a thought for the damage it does to our culture; a culture that has disintegrated into an immoral and depraved community of Godless drones and government dependents. While we consume the world’s substandard products and shrug our shoulders to industries money influences our media is profiting from our destruction. And they are laughing at conservatives. They are laughing at Democracy.

America has given the financiers of un-American programming (like MSNBC) free reign to come into our living rooms and brainwash the masses, at a profit, for far too long. It’s time conservatives began to persuade publicly traded corporations to invest their advertising budgets in more productive pro-American causes or they will be sacrificing the conservative demographic patronage and investment dollars they need to stay in business.

Boycott is not such a farfetched threat when you consider that most conservatives are keeping the U.S. and world economy alive through our productivity, consumer spending, banking and investment choices. I would argue even a mild change in conservative America’s spending and investment loyalties could scuttle any projected growth, begin to turn some very powerful heads and pressure the capital markets and banks that have aided in running our country into the dirt.

Are you nuts? Are you an idiot! Why would anyone suggest inflicting damage to our economy?

It’s pretty simple. If we continue to support the liberal ideology, by default , our economy is going to go down the tubes anyway. Conservatives need to take a firm stand and remind both the public and private sector that they depend on productive Americans for their livelihood and we are finished with MSNBC’s ideology.

The liberal ideology is a failure and if its growth is not arrested soon Obama, Reid and Pelosi will be running a tyrannical regime not a democracy. Boycotts are about taking a stand and pressuring the forces that bear responsibility for supporting and propagandizing policies that are leading to U.S. economic demise and the destruction of our Constitutional rights. What better way to send a message (even if it’s a suicidal message) to the takers and propagandists then to inform them that we have the power to determine our publicly traded corporation’s successes and yes their failures. Why not let them know just how comfortable conservatives are with “being faulted” for our countries mess and just how far we are willing to go to drag them down with the rest of us.

You can find a partial list of MSNBC advertisers at Please review this list and take the time to email these companies regarding your personal boycott then copy your elected representatives and you favorite news network. I suggest the decent people at C-SPAN or even FOX will do.

If you are tied to some of these firms through investments or banking move your money and let them know why (again copy C-SPAN or FOX). Commit to turning off programming that advertises their products and services. Send the purveyors of liberal ideology a message. Conservatives don’t like your politics and we are cutting you off until you prove to us you are worthy of our patronage.

If conservatives wish to attempt to change the direction we are moving in as a nation we must attack the forces that control the money flow to liberty’s enemies like the folks at MSNBC. If we can mass and sustain a large boycott, eventually they will have to bend to consumer will or they will sacrifice their future prosperity.

I’m holding my breath America.



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  • kanute

    i do not watch msnbc who are the sponsers of msnbc?

  • DonBahn1

    I do not pay for tv, this household watches only over the air TV.

  • DebraNeiman

    MSNBC is the Obama channel – I stopped watching them last year when they started the FORWARD thing.

  • tina_copps


  • s68070292

    THe blogspot link is very old.  Certainly someone has an up to date list of who advertises there.  I don’t watch TV much at all, and certainly not the “major” networks.  Mental and intellectual sewage.

  • gcalhoun2015

    I stopped watching ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN and HLN YEARS ago!!!

  • IamaproudAmerican

    Why not boycott CNN advertisers, they’re not much better.

  • s68070292

    ESPN’S folks aren’t much better either, but they do have sports in between the goofball announcer’s PC commentary

  • O Fudge

    List the advertisers, as I do not watch MSNBC.

  • doc224
  • Seymour Kleerly

    Getting a little facist here are we? Why don’t you just out think them. OK. that’s not an option.

    • Unclejohnson

      @Seymour Kleerly
       They have already been out thought. They just don’t know it yet. Rhodes scholars can be a little thick headed sometimes. They will eventually go the way of Current T.V.. We are just going to push them in that direction.

  • Seymour Kleerly

    The attack on MSNBC is the perfect illustration of the difference between Fox News on the Right and MSNBC on the Left. Unlike Fox, MSNBC does not constantly demonize the word Conservative, nor call them anti-American (unpatriotic).

    • donalde

      @Seymour Kleerly really who are you kidding. obama must have told you this cause you sure have not been watching msnbc. your my-solalist-natoinal- broadcast network  you own it mr solalist

      • Seymour Kleerly

        @donalde Who on MSNBC demonizes the word Conservative and call them Unpatriotic?

    • Don39

      @Seymour Kleerly So says Seymore with his blinders on and never watched fox a day in his libturd life!

      • progressive and proud

        @Don39  @Seymour Kleerly Why don’t you answer his question? Is it because there is no one on  MSNBC who spouts the sort of lies and treason championed by FOX, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc.?

        • Don39

          @progressive and proud  @Seymour Kleerly Why should I waste time on you? Your chosen name already proves you are a died in the wool communist fool!, And I am busy.

        • progressive and proud

          @Don39  @Seymour Kleerly Always entertaining when conservatives can’t make a case on merit or logic so they resort to name calling and insults.

        • Seymour Kleerly

          @Don39  @progressive and proud Sounds like an 7 year old who’s scared of the fight he started and chickens out because he has his good pants on.

      • Seymour Kleerly

        @Don39 I neglected to mention before that I watch Fox News 75% of the time. I’ve got it down to a tee. It will be studied just as much as the more clumsy blatant Nazi, and Communist propaganda, and if left unchecked, would also go to the extreme..

        • Don39

          @Seymour Kleerly I am calling you a bald faced liar or a total idiot!  No one could watch the truth that much of the time and be totally ignorant of it except an idiot or a calculated leftist tool.

        • progressive and proud

          @Don39  @Seymour Kleerly How about just proving me wrong? Oh, that’s right, most conservatives can’t make logical arguments.

        • Seymour Kleerly

          @Don39 The truth!  Just Right Wing Propaganda my friend. I became addicted to Fox during the Iraq War and have never stopped watching. It is 100% biased  and has damaged the GOP.. They actually had me believing that Romney was going to win. I was petrified but when reality hit I was 10 times happier than if I had been watching any other station.

  • RemnantoftheD – This is an updated, partial list that was active as of 9/2012 – just before the election.
    To the Writer of this post – your link no longer works – please do update so those of us that would like to participate will do so. 
    Thank you.

  • donalde

    do the/. same to bankamerica their an obama tool call them put your money else where . un like a dog they can be weened from sucking eggs  let do it

  • Don39

    I do not watch MSNBC, how do their advertisers differ from the rest of the mainstream propaganda machine advertisers? I probably do not support them already. I like the notion as a shortstop to revolution if it could work. But I do not see it working unless in conjunction with revolutionary panic. America is to liberal and to spoiled to mount such an effort effectivly. Patriots do not watch MSNBC!

    • Unclejohnson

       The boat is already sinking. The life boats are filling up and you have a life jacket. Why do Americans wait to be proven wrong before they act? If activism is what you desire there are many fronts. Media controls and manipulates public opinion. What chance do you think we have of overcoming this mess with the likes of tax payer funded MSNBC supporting this administration. It’s just one network. It’s a place to start. It sends a message to the rest as well.

  • Bob in Florida

    I don’t know if I agree that an advertiser is necessarily agreeing with a network’s politics; they are, however, helping to finance that networks operations.  If that network espouses values that you don’t agree with, there is nothing wrong with telling their advertisers that, as far as your business is concerned, they are wasting their advertising budget with that network. 
    Since I never watch MSNBC, I have no idea who advertises on that network.  If you were to provide a list of the companies that advertise on MSNBC, I would have no problem telling those companies that their advertising expenditures are doing them no good as far as getting the business of me, my family, or most of the people I know.  
    I am willing to go one step further; I will also let them know that having definite knowledge they advertise on MSNBC, I will make a conscious effort to avoid patronizing their business.  
    They can then make an informed decision of where they wish to spend their advertising budget.

    • Unclejohnson

      @Bob in Florida
       Respectfully, we are in a time when spliting hairs is a concession. If you will a term of surrender. The list of corporations advertising on MSNBC is a who’s who of various American companies. Do you wish to support your ideological enemy? If so ignore the articles recommendations. Take a gander at MSNBC one night. Schutz, Matthews, Odonnell and Maddow are dangerour liars. It’s not the they espouse a different ideology. It’s the outright lies and propoganda they spread to support the President because he supports them. We have no real news networks anymore other than CSPAN. MSNBC is an enemiy of morality and democracy.

      • IamnotMIA

        @Unclejohnson @Bob in Florida You’re right about propoganda. Remember back in the day, in the old country, let’s just say Nazi Germany, when the gov’t owned the newspapers? (no TV in the 1930’s) They controlled everything that was said wheather right or wrong. Well that’s kinda what it’s like in America today.. All the major networks + MSNBC & CNN are in Obama’s pocket. The only one that isn’t is FOX, & Obama & his minions hate & degrade FOX any chance they can get. CSPAN is good because it’s not full of opinions. Just a camera.

  • Stan Lee

    MSNBC deserves to be boycotted, the advertisers are not culpable for MSNBC’s
     distortions and politicking.
    If people would break their TV tuning habits and completely avoid MSNBC, that organization’s advertising exposure would diminish to the degree that advertisers would not engage MSNBC.

  • El_locoJp

    Since I never watch MSNBC, I have no idea who their sponsors are.  Maybe, if my stomach can take it,  I’ll try and find out.

  • AdrianVance

    Does that mean we have to watch to know who to avoid?  That is asking a lot from us.
    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative, and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • chinook

    I never watch MSMBC,but there is a web site that is supposed to have a partial list of sponsers.I l boycott all that advertise on MSNBC

  • ves

    Boycott pepsi …. let JZ and Beyonce have a taste of what they want done to the rest of us since they openly supported obama and screwed the rest of us!!
    She just got a 50Million payday from pepsi!
    They helped fire Legal US Citizens with their support of Amnesty and Increased Immigration … so We should do Payback and get her FIRED!!

  • ves

    Boycott pepsi …. let JZ and Beyonce have a taste of what they want done to the rest of us since they openly supported obama and screwed the rest of us!!

    She just got a 50Million payday from pepsi!
    They helped FIRE LEGAL US CITIZENS with Their Support of Amnesty and Increased Immigration … so We should do Payback and get her FIRED!!

  • Manorbier

    Boycott Comcast. a part of your fee goes to support MSNBC and the Marxist team.

  • debdrs

    Freedom loving patriots must unite on many fronts to stem the flow of freedoms lost.  Unite in prayer and thanksgiving to a loving merciful GOD – JESUS.  God wants the praisers and singers to go to battle first.  Many times a day the muslim bows to his god.  Our GOD said HE is a jealous GOD.  Acknowledge HIM, HE has given All HE could for our salvation.  This right to bear arms is directed by a God fearing people who saw tyranny as a possibility if not challenged.  Unite against the gun grabbers, not with guns but with the law, common sense, truth, what is right.  People with guns going up against gov while their neighbors pop corn is not going to accomplish anything but death and destruction.  Divide and conquer.  We will have freedom loving police going against freedom loving gun toters both dying for the same cause.  Stop the gun control at the source, gov overbearing law.  Unite to bombard every elected official both for and against the gun control with communication that we do not want it and will not abide by it.  To bear arms is not just a right, it is crucial to the survival of all our freedoms and perhaps our very lives.

  • steveni

    But if you watch MSNBC to find out who their sponsors are, won’t their ratings go up and attract more sponsors?

  • DustyFae

    I got rid of my TV this year, it always about the media telling lies and half truths and bias news.

  • CharlesBerry1

    It starts right here to “let them know that WE ARN’T going to take their &$@$&$ stuff any more”

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