The Greed Of An Obama Generation

A leader recently said: “We didn’t become the most prosperous country in the world just by rewarding greed and recklessness. We didn’t come this far by letting the special interests run wild.”

Truer words are rarely spoken. The quote cuts to the heart of what defines our country; or defined. We revolted against a greedy and corrupt government, succeeded, then built the most prosperous and benevolent nation in history. But what goes up must come down; and prosperousness always sours and turns to greed.

By the way, the person that delivered that quote was Barack Obama. Funny, considering he got re-elected by indulging greed, and reckless behavior. Today, we go right off the fiscal cliff. Somewhat of a deal has been agreed upon, though it once again indulges the greed and envy of some at the expense of all.

According to Town Hall:

“Earlier today, Sen. McConnell said that he reached an agreement with Vice President Biden on the tax portion of the deal, which calls for individuals making $400,000 and families making $450,000 to see their rates rise to Clinton-era levels. This will put the estate tax rate at 40 percent for inheritances over $5 million…No change on capital gains and dividend tax rates for individuals making less than $400,000…PEP and Pease rules for individuals making over $250,000.”

So, this is what we get: no deal on spending cuts, a pay raise for Congress, and taxes for “the wealthy.” Are you kidding?!

1. Our tax dollars are paying for Congress to authorize more spending. There are two members of Congress currently seeking to rescind the pay raise, but I can guarantee the raise will stick.

2. No deal on spending cuts. No surprise there. Without giving money to their constituents, Democrats can’t get votes. As my Dad says: “Don’t give your drug-addicted uncle more money.” The more money you give to an addict, the more money they will spend. The government is addicted to spending, and they will not stop.

3. Higher taxes on “the rich.” Taking every penny from the wealthier among us would not make a dent in our debt, especially if we spend more–as Obama plans on doing. So, if it won’t make a dent, why raise taxes? To please the greedy, envious people who voted for him. Many who voted for Obama see him as Robin Hood; stealing from the evil rich, and giving back to the poor. What they don’t realize is that he is stealing from everyone, and giving to himself. This tax hike is a show for his constituents; it accomplishes nothing.

4. In addition to that, taking more money from “the rich” will only hurt us. With less money, the wealthy–otherwise known as job creators–will not invest, they will not hire, and the economy will tank again.

If you’re looking at this and thinking that it’s not much of a deal, you’re correct. The Democrats’ effort to avert the fiscal cliff is an effort to save themselves by placating a greedy generation. We still have politicians willing to push back. We need to support those people; lift them up, and elect those who would do the same. We are still in a place where a turnaround is very possible, if we act. If we keep getting “deals” like the one we got today, greed will destroy us. Jacques Cousteau said it best:  “If we go on the way we have, the fault is our greed and if we are not willing to change, we will disappear from the face of the globe, to be replaced by the insect.”



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223 comments on “The Greed Of An Obama Generation
  1. JohnEmery says:

    Laugh while you can because the last laugh will be on you.

  2. Gregory61 says:

    Shame on the GOP for getting into this deal.

    • Don39 says:

      @Gregory61 The differences between the Obama regime and the GOP?  The Obama regime is  more corrupt and in power!

  3. BarbCO says:

    Obama’s plan to fundamentally change this country is rolling right along. Welcome to the New Divided States of America. We used to call ourselves the Land of the Free. Now, we are a country that just wants Free Stuff, no matter what the consequences.

  4. Brabado says:

    Dear fellow Americans:
    By the time Barack Hussein Obama ends his Reign of distruction in America,  our nation is going to look like “LES MISERABLES”… Count on it!

  5. Capt. Norman says:

    I was taught in school that we were a Republic!!  Democracy leads to mobacracy which leads to anarchy, which leads to Dictatorship!!!  WE ARE FAST HEADING THAT WAY!!!

  6. DrBillLemoine says:

    Taxing more from the wealthy doesn’t inhibit them; they don’t miss it. Ask civic minded super rich men like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates. Europe already shows that austerity–severe spending cuts- brings recession and depression in economies–who in their right mind here wants that? If taxing the rich hurts, why did great Repubilcan President Eisenhower permit 90% taxation? Nonsense doesn’t make good national policy–that’s why the Teapublicans were trounced last November. Now when they get the message, they’ll prove worthy of their supporters and the nation, but not yet if you look at Boehner, Cantor, Rogers, not to mention Romney/Ryan and company. Rove is killing his party while spending them into oblivion to no effect. Time to retire–to Cuba or Iran.

    • RightStuff44 says:

      @DrBillLemoine Hey, Lemoine, are you a doctor that can do any good, or are you one of those PhD’s that likes to put “Dr” in front of your name to impress the ignorant?

      • DrBillLemoine says:

        @RightStuff44  @DrBillLemoine Curious you ignore the argumentation to focus on the messenger–typical right wing error leading them to November’s defeat big time–a Santorum type snob.

        • RightStuff44 says:

          @DrBillLemoine With you leftists, everything that is white is black, up is down, cold is hot. You are a fraud, and wired up just like your hero, Barack Obama. You state your wrongness very well, however.

    • DEANB says:

      @DrBillLemoine Those mentioned are not the ones this is aimed at they do not pay much if any personal tax  and they support obama to keep their perks.

      • DrBillLemoine says:

        @DEANB Right and left both want to rewrite the tax code, if you pay attention. Tax perks are available to you and me and the rich alike. Email me to maximize your income and minimize taxes the accountants won’t tell you–all legal and legit.

  7. RightStuff44 says:

    This country’s biggest problem today is Barack Obama. In addition to being a little light in the loafers, he is hard-wired to take every path that will lead to the destruction of this country. The brain damage he suffered has actually hardened the wiring in the direction of communism. He is incapable of change.

  8. drfwv says:

    You can stop the flow of money to Washington D.C., go to or and learn how to effectively stop paying the federal income tax if you’re not obligated to pay it (hint: most private sector Americans are NOT obligated to pay it). Learn the truth and the truth shall set you free, and will stop the mad spending by the federal government when we enforce the rule of law.

  9. azbear1 says:

    Well it’s time to organize to get groups of us to get ready to go take washington back from that rag head !! 2-5 thousand from each state and we could take washington back and I’m sure the military would help as he took all the credit for bin laden!!! I’m ready to contact the militia groups and see if we can do something about going taking our home land back there getting to fat with cash and were feeding them more!! well I SAY THE BUCK STOPS HERE!!!!!!!!!! or am I the only one sick of there crap in washingron?? or the only one with balls where is the old KKK they would never had let him in in the first place!!!!!!

    • omnidj says:

       You can dislike Obama, hate his policies and philosophy, without the hatred and racism you show here. You destroy your own position when you resort to that sort of nonsense. I oppose Obama in everything he does, but I certainly don’t advocate against the man on a personal level

      • ScottJohnson1 says:

        @omnidj  @azbear1 Where should the line be drawn between working within the Constitution and doing what our Founding Fathers did, not standing for excessive taxes?

        • azbear1 says:

          @ScottJohnson1  @omnidj
           DC isn’t even a state I’m a son of a mason and am ashamed at what Obummer has done to our country in 3 years and what’s going to happen in another 3!!!!I say take them like we did the British or we are screwed they come for my guns and they will be handed it barrel first!!!! I’ll never surrender in my own country if you want to be a coward fine don’t get in mine and millions of others way!!!you’ll be first to go!!!!!

        • azbear1 says:

          @ScottJohnson1  @omnidj
          New Media Push: “Give Up” on Constitution
          Obama Hates America and Must Destroy the Economy Read more:
          Obama Classmate Reveals Why College Records Sealed
          this dosn’t raise a red flag to you?????????????????

        • Ihatelibs says:

          @azbear1  @ScottJohnson1  @omnidj
           I do

        • azbear1 says:

          @Ihatelibs  @ScottJohnson1  @omnidj
           ok you do what????

        • azbear1 says:

          @Ihatelibs  @ScottJohnson1  @omnidj
           Someone tell me what you all are I do about????????????

      • azbear1 says:

         OH were suppose to set back let him ruen our country and make it worse than it is now Your talking out the wrong end who ever you are I did my time in the Army and thats why we have our 2nd ammendment!!!

  10. Katjan68 says:

    What is it about Liberals that they have become so stupid? Didn’t they go to the same schools as the rest oif us?

    • omnidj says:

       The biggest problem is that many of them aren’t stupid at all. They were smart enough to propel one of the worst presidents in American history into a second term. The problem is ignorance, on which the Liberals depend when they whip their electorate into a mindless frenzy. That and all the promises of an ever-expanding Uncle Sugar to provide cradle to grave benefits at someone else’s expense

    • Seymour Kleerly says:

      @Katjan68 Apparently not!  If your schools are anything like this site you’re in for a long, long period of unpleasantness. You’re radicalization has made you detached, angry, and unhappy.

      • Kissitgoodbye says:

        @Seymour Kleerly/. Seymour, don’t worry. Our schools have prepared the kiddies on just how they should think and feel. Bill Ayers has developed the curriculum to prepare them for a UN takeover. All of their attitudes have been tracked via a very large data base. Parents have been relegated to the position of breeders and feeders. You can sleep tight, Seymour!

    • Plum says:

      @Katjan68 Some of us learned to think for ourselves. They did not. Instead, they became sheeple. They are lemmings; they follow over the cliff

  11. ron8072 says:

    NO matter the utter stupidity of voting for this bill, and it is utter folly to vote for something like increasing the spending some 41 to 1 over cuts, it is not about cutting the deficit and keeping taxes stable on the so-called middle class.  Remember the definitions of both Middle Class and Millionaire/Billionaires keep changing according to what Obama and the Progressive Socialists are pushing at the moment.  This continues to be an all out assault on our Constitution.  See this: and this: .  Don’t be distracted!  Eye on the ball!

  12. RAMJR says:

    The word we should be focused on is COVET…as in, “Thou (You) shall NOT COVET.” This is a coveting generation, and Obama leads the way in that tactic and sin against God.

  13. ScottJohnson1 says:

    Another scam everyone should be aware of is the Amway Tool Scam. Google “Stop The Amway Tool Scam WordPress” for more information, and forward this to every non-Distributor/IBO you know, so they don’t get scammed.

  14. DefendConstitution says:

    I guess I forgot what our Constitution says. I thought all monetary issues had to originate in the House. I guess I missed the article that gives bho the power to issue pay raises. It doesn’t really matter anyway, our overpaid, worthless elected officials will do whatever bho wants, regardless of existing laws or what the Constitution mandates. We need a giant size broom to clean house (and senate) in D.C. I have called every US representative from N.C. to express my displeasure with them and mention I will do EVERYTHING IN MY POWER  to ensure anyone voting to raise the debt ceiling will not be re-elected.

    • Plum says:

      @DefendConstitution Thank you.
      I have called every US representative from N.C. to express my displeasure with them and mention I will do EVERYTHING IN MY POWER  to ensure anyone voting to raise the debt ceiling will not be re-elected.
      That is something we can do. Good idea!

  15. Ihatelibs says:

    Anybody who steals my income will be killed.

  16. Don39 says:

    When the government takes your money to support the national defense it is Constitutional and right. When the government takes your money for redistribution to others for any purpose it is unConstitutional and theft! We have lived outside the Constitution and under tyranny for way to long. The Revolution is past due!

  17. Linda27 says:

    Kat..the liberals have Always been stupid.The problem is they’ve stopped trying to hide it. Now days anything goes,so go ahead show ignorance,stupidity,greed,covetousness,laziness,foolishness,etc.,etc. ALL BAD BEHAVIOR ABOUNDS,and it’s sickening.There will be a reckoning someday..God help us

  18. paulendes says:

    Does not the constitution state that if a govt  goes array, does not work for the good of the people, etc, they can be replaced. Unfortunately, this is all leading up to the end times, where, the anti christ will eventually wind up in Jerusalem and proclaim himself to be god. These steps we see are a part of the process leading us there. But they shall be temporarily raised, only to be destroyed ! I only hope that the US is a part of the destruction process, ie: we still have a country.  The book of revelation talks about a great war (armageddon) where there is a total destruction of the enemy, who else could cause such destruction? The US and Israel. Paul Endes

    • boone1 says:

       Well i’m a disabled vietnam vet does that include people like me who was working but can’t work anylonger because of past injures that was caused by the government.Be careful how you word your writing not all people that get money from the gobernment are on welfare.

      • jbradmd says:

        @boone1  @paulendes
         The problem  boone is that there are more freeloaders than people in need such as yourself.  The “people” will continue to vote their pocketbooks.

      • Kissitgoodbye says:

        @boone1 @paulendes / A society can be judged by how we treat the weakest amongst us. Those with disabilities, the elderly, the sick. In my experience, these are the very people who get punished when cuts are made, because they can’t fight back. Those who do not deserve our largesse, have the biggest mouths and get all their needs met, even though they are capable of caring for themselves, and should be. Instead, their dependence is encouraged, in order to control.

      • Plum says:

        @boone1 @paulendes Boone1. When you have earned your own way, being compensated for the work you have done is NOT welfare.

  19. BeverlyBuckman says:

    Estate Tax is immoral and against everything we believe in…..stealing from successful people to pay for those who sit on their asses is not what this country is about.   SHAME THEM WHO VOTE FOR THIS INSANITY…..STOP TAKING TAXES AND STOP SPENDING!…NO STEALING AND GIVING IT TO THE BANKER….obama is killing this country by design…..he is on a mission to destroy us all.

    • Seymour Kleerly says:

      @BeverlyBuckman As a Economic Liberal, I find this Tax hard to comprehend.

    • Chemiker says:

       The estate tax is applied only to the upper middle class.  The truely rich are able to avoid it through the use of highly qualified lawyers and estate planners.  The average person who has worked his rear off to give something to his children is the only one caught by the estate tax.  Of course, a few very rich refuse to get good estate tax advice and allow the family business to be destroyed.  This causes the unemployment of their employees when the government steals half of the business.

    • Plum says:

      @BeverlyBuckman Ideas please. How do we “SHAME THEM WHO VOTE FOR THIS INSANITY?” Billboards?

  20. jb says:

    They have the power they have the bullets they have the people who want what those have worked for to pay their fair share meaning giving them a living on others backs. Obama has promised distribution and what that means to them is “free” stuff. Thats what our country has become a bunch of freeloaders. There are a lot of very brave honest hard working people left in this country but I worry we are no match for this corrupt government. OB is just a puppet working to convert us to a dictatorship. He and his wife sit on the throne but there is a puppet master behind him. None of them want us to look behind the curtain. I dont know if looking for God to save us I think it goes to a higher order than that. It may take god to give us the courage but it will take strength and number to get our country back…. its not to late but its getting there.

    • Plum says:

      @jb How do you get back morality? The Great Society destroyed families and pays women to have children with no men in their lives. They call it Welfare. When men earn more by NOT working, thus, have no accomplishments, they have no self-esteem and earn no respect from women. There is no morality left.

  21. FormerLadyLaw says:

    Attn:  Mr. Camp, author of the above article, and those who have posted responses to this topic. 
    Have any of you perused *word for word* in the Constitution that we all hold dear, exactly where
    it specifically states that the populous of what’s left of this country is obligated, required, by law,
    to actually pay federal / state income taxes?  I have a documentary that addresses this and is
    available at and/or  It’s producer / director Mr. Aaron Russo sadly
    passed away a few years ago.  The title is:  America: Freedom to Fascism.  Hang onto your
    socks! :)

  22. Jaime Perez says:


    • glory says:

      @Jaime Perez
       If you’re going to call someone ignorant, at least spell it correctly.

      • triplestar777 says:

        @Jaime Perez
        Don’t get hung up on the small things. The misspelling of a few words pales in the glare of the truth of Jaime’s statement.

      • MaBelle says:

        @Jaime Perez Jaime’s name indicates he is probably Hispanic, his wording, although very clear and to the point has a bit of a Hispanic inflection. So why worry about the spelling when the content is clear.  Bless you Jaime, for your understanding of this mess in DC.

    • Plum says:

      @Jaime Perez
      Jaime, you are right. Would you please stop referring to Barry as “President” since he is NOT ELIGIBLE to be President?
      Also, I had a hard time reading your post in all capital letters. It would be easier to read and get the feel for it by you emphasizing important words like COMMUNIST,” FOREIGN” and IGNORANT.

    • Plum says:

      @Jaime Perez I hope that we stop ourselves before we dignify this POSER, who does not deserve respect, with the title of President. It’s just that we are all used to thinking of the man in the White House as President. But then, previously, they have been ELIGIBLE to be President, whereas this guy is not.

  23. mixplix says:

    The uninformed vote. Along with the people who want more free bennies.

  24. AwakeningGiant says:

    I don’t mind paying taxes to fund projects for the benefit of everyone such as our military, but how is it legal to allow the government, at the point of a gun, to confiscate my money and give it directly to another person?  Is this not the classic definition of “Armed Robbery?”  How in the world have we evolved, or should we say devolved to this leverl?  Helping another person who is down and out is the purpose of our thousands of charitable organizations, not government.  We need to get rid of all programs that pay money directly to our citizens.

    • gary says:

       Congress has constitutional authority, per the Warren court, to perform the action you describe.  I think it’s a misreading based on Warrens personal prejudice, but it’s within the law.  I can conclude, however, that slavery has been reintroduced into the land, and since it’s not longer racial, it doesn’t bother many people.  “The forcible requirement of one man, against his will, to work for the profit of another” seems to me to be a useful definition, and since slavery can indeed be legal if the framework of law is followed, congress is not an obstacle.  True, a detail is that you can stop working and become a taker, whereas the true “slave” would be driven to toil in any case, but I consider this 90+% match to be sufficient.  So, taxes for roads are the price of citizenship, taxes to pay the indigent are your shackles in the new slavery of America.

    • Plum says:

      @AwakeningGiant How do we do this?

  25. KyBoy says:

    Thanks and very well put…

  26. HowardPettyjohn says:

    This is called Progress.  Used too, they would come steal stuff out of my house, my office, my trucks and my wifes purses.  Now they let IRS do it for them.

  27. J Joy says:

    Special interest have run amuck.  How many special interest attachments were added to the “cliff” bill before the Senate passed it?  And where did it go??  And how did that affect voting???  
    Obama is not concerned about this country.  He is concerned about his own selfish interest.  He is obviously not concerned about our debt; he is not concerned about our unemployment situation; he is not concerned about our credit rating; he is not concerned about the future of our children.  He is raising taxes with no discussion on spending cuts.  He is raising the salaries of government employees when there are still millions of unemployed people in America.  He is despicable and arrogant.
    I am ashamed of our President and his constant campaigning, his badgering and mean-spirited rhetoric, his insults and offensive comments.  He is a President with no class, no dignity!!!

    • Plum says:

      @J Joy He is NOT our President. There has been nothing provided that proves him eligible to serve as President. There has also been no evidence provided that shows who he really is. The name Barry Soetero (sp?) was never legally changed. The name Barack Hussein Obama became an alias for Barry after his trip to Pakistan in the early 1980s. He has fraudulently used a social security card that was issued to a Connecticut resident born in the 1890s. Barry has spent millions to hide his school application and other records
      What we know for sure is that we really don’t know who this guy is, living it up in our White House nor from where he came.

      • J Joy says:

        @J He may not be ‘legally’ be our President but he does occupy the White House and he does interfere with our lives on a daily basis.  He does show his face and campaign for something or other every single day.  He does sign Executive Orders.  He does pass stupid legislation and push his agencies to do the same.  He does take out Air Force One way too many times, many more times than is necessary costing Americans tons of money.  He does use mean-spirited, nasty rhetoric to intimidate Congress and any conservative / Republicans.  He does invite regime heads, stupid celebs, etc. to the White House for expensive dinners.  He does hobnob with the rich and famous and then raises their taxes.  He does pass outrageous legislation like Obamacare and then lies to us about it; he uses bribes on his own party Senators and Congressmen to ensure they will vote for it; he does conduct secret, closed door meetings to do this.  He does spend money he doesn’t have, borrows money in our name and pretends that he is Lord and Master.

  28. The Bob says:

    The power of the vote is great now, give me and I’ll vote for you seems to be our creed. Lets hope there are enough honest left in Congress to stand against this bill, if not we don’t need to worry about 4 more years, we’re done for now.

    • Begneli says:

      @The Bob “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the Republic.” Benjamin Franklin

      • Nik says:

        “make it a fixed point of policy in the national administration to go as far as may be practicable in making the luxury of the rich tributary to the public treasury, in order to diminish the necessity of those impositions which might create dissatisfaction in the poorer and most numerous classes of the society. Happy it is when the interest which the government has in the preservation of its own power, coincides with a proper distribution of the public burdens, and tends to guard the least wealthy part of the community from oppression!”   Alexander Hamilton Federalist Paper 36

        • Begneli says:

          “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. ” Thomas Jefferson from Destutt de Tracy

        • Begneli says:

          Wait a minute, was there an income tax in the 18th century? Did Hamilton even envision that there would even be an income tax?  How did government take from the citizens back then?

  29. triplestar777 says:

    When the “takers” outnumber the “givers” all that’s left is collapse.

    • stormtrooper1991 says:

       Very true. I guess I’ll see you under the rubble. Do you think we can dig our way out if we aren’t crushed ?

  30. RussFowler says:

    I told my politicians weeks ago that as long as Obama is the President, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are soon to fail. Please support Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case posse.  He has done the work of Congress. Obama is a fraud.

  31. Mg says:

    I believe the these new taxes won’t go towards the things they should, they will screw this up like the Government does with everything they touch.

  32. dlee says:

    What a disgrace to have 2 old bozos deciding all kinds of things for We the people….That is not representation….The fiscally irresponsible idiots on both sides need to STOP FLUCKING SPEMDING…. We need to take away their credit card, reduce their salaries down to part time as they are only in session part time., remove pensions and perks, they have to buy same health crap they foisted on us without thought, reading or knowledge, the fraud in the white house must be ousted now into jail awaiting fraud and treason trial along with his cabinet and the crooked czars and minions!

  33. GOD Bless America Now says:

    One day very soon, there will be a change in the way of everything. When that day happens, there will be a separation of those who are chosen by GOD and the rest. LORD JESUS will appear in the clouds and will gather all the chosen by GOD to rapture them from the earth to live with HIM in the New Jerusalem. Those remaining will not have any peace or rest. Read more about shat happens in Revelation the Holy Bible. My hope for everyone reading this message that thye will choose to be servants of the LORD JESUS and have their names written in the Lamb’s Book of LIfe. So when HE appears they will be included in the chosen ones to be raptured. For those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, please meet me at the SouthEastern gate of New Jerusalem. Maranatha!

  34. Marc Jeric says:

    Our politicians in the USA have finally stumbled on the ancient art based on the money printing machine – to the tune of 16+ trillions of dollars not backed by any real thing like the products of industry, agriculture, or intellectual achievements. In my long life, when I was 12 years old, the Yugoslav communists exchanged the 7,000 kunas of the Croatian quisling government into one new dinar in 1945 – with a limit on the total quantity exchanged. When I lived and worked in France as a political refugee given asylum there, Charles de Gaulle exchanged the 100 socialist franks into one new Gaullist frank called NF for new frank in 1961 (or was it 1962?). Again, when I arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1973 on a work assignment there it was the day when 7,000 old cruzeiros were exchanged into one new cruzeiro. I was unaware of that change when I arrived at the Rio airport, and I exchanged a $100 American Express check into 700 new cruzeiros. Imagine my astonishment when the soup I ordered in the restaurant of my hotel listed its price on their menu as 14,000 cruzeiros; a fast calculation performed by my engineering brain translated that price into $200. I called the waiter for an explanation – “Senor, do not worry, we had no time to print new menus the same day they made that change into new cruzeiros; the soup costs only two dollars.”  And now, in expectation of 4 more years of frantic paper dollar printing in Washington, I am getting ready for still another definition of our currency: will it be 10 or 100 old dollars for one new one? Also – will there be a limit as to how many old dollars can be exchanged? Such a limit would solve Obama’s problem with raising tax rates on those nasty millionaires.

  35. Kissitgoodbye says:

    Over-tax, Over-spend, Over-reach,Over-indulge your way into destroying existing government to install a new system. He DID say change! Americans were forewarned but their greed got the better of them. By the time they understand that nothing is free and the cost of this is more than they could imagine, it will be too late.


    This deal is what OBUMMER wanted all along that is why he sent OBIDEN to negociate with Old Man MacConnel who is worthless as the ttits on a bore hog. Effective January 1st 2013 the citizens of this country are SCREWED forever, and OBUMMER & OBIDEN will go gdown it history as the best POTUS & VICE POTUS ever. Good Buy U.S.A. its been nice knowing you for 61 years the remainder of my years will hopefully be short.

    • TimeToAct says:

      @OBAMAHATER4SURE I hope you outlive O.  Don’t program yourself to a short life.
      Your consolation may be that the lemmings who thought they’ll get welfare rewards may discover that the new taxes may apply to many of them.  Many welfare lemmings own homes and do file taxes.  Everybody’s taxes will go up.

    • Plum says:

      @OBAMAHATER4SURE Stick around. The left-wing nuts and media are promulgating same sex “marriage,” a union that is biologically unable to reproduce. Evenually, with no off-spring, they die out naturally like the Shakers

  37. carolrhill814 says:

    You could see who voted for Barry Soetoro the ones that press spoke to said he had better get back in because I don’t want to lose my free phone and food stamps.
    As Romney said very clearly he will lose that 47% that gets things from the government for free and that is exactly what happened.

  38. Docb says:

    Well if they can’t raise the debt limit they will be forced to reduce spending its all BS anyway
    If u can just print it why work for it

  39. Soulivate says:

    As usual, Frank Camp, who seems to like to talk about “addicts”, is himself addicted to lying. He lies in every article he writes, and, unfortunately, has an audience here who salivates for the next lie. This article is replete with lies but I’ll just point to one, since it’s one of the talking point fallacies that Republicans and the entire right-wing bellows about on a daily basis. That’s Lie #4, above. If the wealthiest 2% are truly the “job creators”, then why, after Bush gave them the biggest tax cuts in American history, were virtually no jobs created? Clinton raised taxes on that group and 23 million jobs were created! And the millionaires did fine! The fact, and the truth, is that it’s the middle class who creates the jobs…when they have sufficient disposable income to buy things. The ultra-wealthy hedge fund managers don’t create jobs while they make tens of millions or even billions of dollars. And corporations don’t create jobs unless there’s demand for their products…which demand is created by the middle class. But the facts don’t matter to bitter, hate-driven malcontents like Camp….and his cheerleaders here.

    • Wanting says:

      @Soulivate. I don’t know what’s best. Though I am disappointed no elements to get expenses under control; the trends are overwhelming and will requires fix later on. What I do know, and kinda agree is middle class went no where over the last 20 yrs while millionaires grew 5-7fold (something like that). Some may read into this fact the WRONG way. I see that fact as something is structurally wrong when middle income wages fell behind inflation. They had a chance but that was fools gold (housing bubble). I don’t believe unions are the answer.

      • Soulivate says:

        Wanting….I appreciate a response that is rational, unlike the moronic “azbear1” below. The absolute best way to eliminate the annual deficit (as Clinton did) is to get people back to work, paying taxes. The lower the unemployment rate is, the lower the deficit becomes. Unions are not the only answer to increasing middle class wages, but they’re an important part. If you look at the decline in middle class wages, it mirrors the decline of unions.That’s not just coincidental, and it says a great deal ablout why the right wing Republicans, who work for corporate America and not the people, despise the unions and would love to do away with them. And the national debt can be driven down as a result of the same growth in jobs and the economy. Again, thanks for a thoughtful reply.

        • Wanting says:

          @Soulivate. I believe it has to do with corporate governance. This is probably not the venue to discuss, but when a CEO and cut everyone’s wages, shut down a plant and then reward himself with a $10 Million bonus, GREED is out of touch with REALITY.

        • Soulivate says:

          That’s exactly what happened at Hostess, though the right-wingnuts tried to blame it on the union. It’s the Bain/Romney model in action.

        • DT says:

          @Soulivate Let me pose a question to you, based upon a conversation with my CPA who handed me a copy of the Journal of Accountancy article talking about the 2013 tax laws to be put into place absent some compromise on the “fiscal cliff.”
          He stated in no uncertain terms that the middle class, as under the gun they are now, are going to be paying more taxes – he called the President’s promise of “no new taxes for the middle class “malarkey.” 
          1) The elimination of the 10% tax bracket. All other brackets to go up.
          2) Reduction of the child tax credit from $1000 to just $500 per year (tell me if you can even keep one child in diapers and formula with that!?). 
          3) Elimination of school teacher’s deduction of $500 for classroom school supplies that overspending districts no longer provide.
          4) A return to 55% estate taxes (based upon declining real estate values) for people who have over $1M in property (not hard to imagine in CA, NY, IL, WA, MA, CT inter alia), after said individuals or couples paid taxes their whole lives.
          5. Expiration of employee’s 4.2% Social Security payroll tax reverts to 6.2%.
          6. Married couples filing jointly lost their increased standard deduction.
          7. Loss of refunds of prior year minimum tax liability.
          8. Loss of employer provided educational assistance exclusion.
          These are just a few of them. (!)
          I could go on…but anyone can see that this is a bad omen for people earning far less than the supposed $250,000 “rich,” and why actual spending cuts are required to put the country back into solvency. Raising the taxes of the top 10% who pay approximately 73% of all taxes now isn’t going to make even a dent on the interest owed on the deficit, and the top 10% have been paying at that level for about 25 years (source – IRS). The tax code is highly progressive as it sits, so what in the name of “fairness” do you propose to answer all of these points with?

        • Stan says:

          @Soulivate Yeah, and it must be great to be perfect and odor free like the democrats! Keep the factories here and the jobs will be here. Unions are ok to a point, until they start dipping in to the retirement funds for whatever reasons. And telling the membership who and what they should vote for. Then you have on the other hand the greedy CEOs that the companies are failing, but they take a big bonus! We will never have a perfect system, but maybe work with what we have.

        • Wanting says:

          @DT @Soulivate. I think what everyone is asking for is millionaires to pay there fair share. Meaning, to have them pay a minimum effective tax rate. Because the uber rich pay less than 15% while they make a billion ‘shorting’ the stock market. It is UNfair. That is what Buffet Rule tried to do. Oh and stop saying people with hefty “wealth funds” are creating jobs…maybe hiring a few more people on staff at the summer home in France. Give me a break !!!

    • azbear1 says:

       clinton wasn’t a rag head like Obummer!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bob Higginbotham says:

       53 straight months (not weeks) of job creation during the Bush administration must mean nothing you. A 5% unemployment rate until the democrats took congress in 2007 must mean nothing to you. The only time Clinton did anything was never. It was his republican congress that forced him to look good. Your “facts” are contrived  and contention ludicrous. The way middle class create jobs is by starting small businesses.

      • Wanting says:

        @Bob Higginbotham @Soulivate. Small business’s are responsible for creating about 20-30% of jobs. Fortune 500 companies create 50%. Stop spouting the politico…it makes you sound like a puppet. Bottom line is middle income wages went south during Bush. That is the stat/fact that matters here. It ought matter to you. You are a recipient of those bad policies

        • Bob Higginbotham says:

          Wanting –  My IRA peaked just as the democrats took congress and started this downward spiral. You obviously didn’t read not understood my comments to soulivate

        • Wanting says:

          @Bob Higginbotham @Bob. Your IRA lost all its value when Republicans repealed Glass Steagal. Stupid is what stupid does. Financial historians will not be kind to GOP.

      • Soulivate says:

        @Bob Higginbotham
         I don’t know where you get your information from, Bob, but it sounds like WorldNetDaily, The Washington Times, or Fox News. It definitely isn’t accurate. FYI….at the same point in the Bush administration (44 months, as of October), the private sector had lost more than 1% of its jobs. Under Obama, it has gained 0.46%. And were it not for the fact that over 600,000 public sector jobs were lost because of Republican cuts at the state level, the unemployment rate would be much lower. You also imply that when the Democrats too over the congress in 2007, the economic disaster that was already underway, and building steam, was somehow their fault. Let’s be clear here! The Bush tax cuts, which weren’t paid for, happened in 2001 and 2003, long before the Democrats gained control. And the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which also weren’t paid for, all contributed to the worst and deepest debt in American history…BEFORE Obama took office. I would suggest that if you, or “rbf” behind you, want the real facts, you can easily Google the CBO’s reports and the DOL’s reports going back to 2001 and see for yourself. You can also see the CBO chart which shows that the biggest portion of the debt, by far, which continues to grow into the 2020s, is those Bush tax cuts and, second to that, the unpaid for wars. But wait! Those are just the facts….which really don’t matter to the readers here. They never do.

        • DeaconG says:

          @Soulivate  @Bob Higginbotham  How are you Obama clowns going to explain the 1 Trillion Dollar Tax Hike under Obama Care they will be paying Comrad Soulivate?

        • Stan says:

          @Soulivate  @Bob Higginbotham Bush is gone, ball has been in democrats court for near 4 years, why has it not been straightened out? It seems the present administration doesn’t care about working on decreasing the deficit. we see no improvement at all.

    • rbf says:

      @Soulivate Lies????? where did you get your information? Bush tax cuts created no jobs? You certainly are making that one up. We had nearly eight years of some of the lowest unemployment numbers and record  growth in GDP in spite of the 911 attacks and the press trying as hard as they could to convince everyone that the economy was bad. Apparently they convinced you of this as well. If we had a national media that was not in the bag for democrats and could be relied on to report real facts maybe we would not have so many uninformed Americans. What an absolute disgrace they have become.

    • Free Stuff is Fantasy says:

      @Soulivate Obviously you are historically challenged.  After the Bush tax cuts in the early 00’s the unemployment rate was below 5% for years and the Tax receipts to the government were higher that they have been ever.  Read a little history, economic that is.  Keynesian policies have never worked, Socialism has always failed and Free Stuff is a fanatasy.

    • JohnHardy says:

       The middle class creates jobs?  How many jobs have you created?  Who did you hire?  Most jobs are not created by hedge fund managers.  They are created by someone with an idea that is often willing to risk his home and assets to start something new and hire a few people to make a new product work.  Ray Kroc was selling MULTIMIXERS from a small company.  His product could make up to six milk shakes at the same time.  Most restaurants bought one, but he got an order for six from one place.  He went to check it out and it was one of the first fast food places in the Country run by the McDonald brothers.
      Ray saw the future before him.  He begged, borrowed and connived every dollar that he could and bought the restaurant and patented formula from the McDonald’s, INCLUDING THEIR NAME.  He hired people to run an office and build up a franchise plan.  He couldn’t pay them well, at first, so he awarded them stock to stay with him.  Those people and so many more, over the years, became millionaires.  That was job creation that started with someone seeing something and making it into a fortune AND a million jobs over the years.

      • Soulivate says:

         The middle class causes job creation when they’ve got money to spend….whether it’s on cars or hamburgers. If you don’t understand that, you understand nothing.

        • mholl1058 says:

          @Soulivate  @JohnHardy
           Soulivate be Bamavoter. Do not argue or try to explain simple economic facts with Bamavoter. It only understands free stuff and Bamaphone.

        • Soulivate says:

          @mholl1058  @JohnHardy
          “mholl1058″….perfect example of idiocy in action.

      • DeaconG says:

        @JohnHardy  @Soulivate  I own and started an Electrical Construction business 27 years ago. No One Helped me do it. The Government sure as hades didn’t! I put my home and family at risk by starting out on my own and I have managed to succeed. When Obama was re-elected I had no choice but to lay-off electricians because the economy tanked over the last 4 years due to his policies, not Bush’s!

        • Soulivate says:

          @DeaconG  @JohnHardy
           Congratulations on building a successful business for youyrself and your family. I did the same. However, I don’t know how you can say that the economy has “tanked” over the last 4 years when, in fact, ever since the stimulus began to take effect, and now for over 3 years, the economy has continued to grow. But Bush’s policies caused the economy to nearly collapse and shed 750,000 a month when Obama took office. To absolve Bush for the unpaid for tax cuts and wars, and ignore the disasterous consequences that we’re only gradually recovering from, is to deny that the earth revolves around the sun.

    • Free Stuff is Fantasy says:

      Obviously you are historically challenged.  After the Bush tax cuts in the early 2000’s unemployment was under near 4.5% of years until the Dems took over the Congress in 2009.  Government revenue from taxes was also at all time highs.  Go back and look at the numbers.  If I could post images here I would show you the HISTORICAL graphs.  Go back and look at the numbers, read em and weep.

  40. donalde says:

    this goverment has never done anything for the people . only just to the right people who will keep them in power so they can contenute to make the u.s. into his idea of utopey

  41. Wanting says:

    “The government has never done anything for the people”. I know you want to believe in the idea of Libertarianism, but please…you sound ridiculous! I want government to regulate business efficiently, protect its citizens and support new/strategic business…like energy, medicine, technology. I want the best NASA…I could go on. You should move to a tent in Montana. Oh and don’t forget to bring your guns

    • DeaconG says:

      So you are one of those with your hand out for Other Peoples Money ? You want government to CONTROL our lives ?  You are a Troll and a pathetic one at that. Keep using those bogus talkingt points Obamas people give you every day.  What it looks like to me after reading your posts; is that you are a communist, so comrad move to the middle east and take your Muslim POTUS and Thief with you.

      • Wanting says:

        @DeaconG. Really???!!! That is what you gleaned from my post. I’d rather not say what I gleaned from your reply. That would be rude

  42. DEANB says:

    this web site sucks the edit keys never work right  Take me off your list.

    • DeaconG says:

      @DEANB Don’t blame the web site, try using Spell Check.

      • DEANB says:

        @DeaconG tried didnot word

        • Steven in CA says:

          @DEANB  @DeaconG
           Easy fix: hit “reply”; then type up your text using your word processor; do a spell check, and THEN cut-&-paste from your word processor to the window where you that you want your reply to appear. Doesn’t take that much work and results in your not looking like a functional illiterate. Also, that way your work doesn’t disappear if you do something stupin like exiting the website before posting your comment!

  43. DeaconG says:

    If the House passes the “fiscal” deal between Reid and Mc Connel they can count on being removed from office.
    The Democrats are notorious for lying on budget deals and spending. They have not once kept an agreement to cut spending while raising taxes. Obama was on TV lying his azz off claiming he cut spending by a Trillion Dollars in 2011 when in fact spending rose another 800+ Billion Dollars during that time.  Now he is saying HE Wants to Have Complete and Unfettered Control of the US Military.  This man has got to be removed from office and tried for Treason and executed as is called for under the Constitution.  Obama is a treasonous fraud who is arming our enemies and he is doing it in plain sight ! The House must immediately refuse to pass any requests for money for Egypt and the other Muslim; American hating Nations.

    • Stan says:

      @DeaconG They tried a bill to not give foreign aid to American hating nations in the Senate. They all but a few voted Nay! You cannot buy true friendship, not people, not countries. The next time I hear Obama say “I feel your pain!” I may throw up. There are very few in congress that are still for “We The People!”. It’s one big mess.

  44. Free Stuff is Fantasy says:

    Obviously you are historically challenged.  After the Bush tax cuts in the early 00s unemployment was under near 4.5% of years until the Dems took over the Congress in 2009.  Government revenue from taxes was also at all time highs.  Go back and look at the numbers.  If I could post images here I would show you the HISTORICAL graphs.  Go back and look at the numbers, read em and weep.

  45. John says:

    There is always this desire by apologists to compare today’s Democratic Party to the glory days of Clinton.  They will do anything to distract from Obama’s lack of leadership and this debt crisis.  However, the Soros-ruled Democratic Party bears no resemblance to the fiscally CONSERVATIVE days of Clinton.  We are not reforming welfare any more. 
    Unions are now the stormtroopers of the Democratic Party, astroturfing on the streets and beating up anyone who disagrees with them.
    Stimulus spending has become a nepotistic nightmare leading to the downgrade of our credit rating and this “fiscal cliff”. 
    Even when Carter was President we didnt have this type of insanity.  Carter became a wacko after his presidency…
    Wake up!

  46. crusty says:

    I hope that the members of Congress enjoy their most recent self–awarded pay raise and they and each member of their families remembers those here in the United States who have done without for the past few years–pathetic.

  47. JoeZimmerman says:

    @ ODUMBA   does  not  car  about  the  children  he  is  putting  these  taxes   on ,,, the  scumbag   negro  from Kenya   only  loves  his  self and  his  stinking  butt   ,,,,,,,,,

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @JoeZimmerman Of course! He is supporting the killing of millions of babies every year, and weeps when somebody else kills some as in the massacre of 20 and 7 I believe adults. I wonder why, tat is!!

  48. Evermyrtle says:

    They also informed us that there would be an increase in tax which means whey the increase in monies we will decrease in monies.  and at their hand.

  49. Dempseycoleman says:

    Our problem is an uneducated population of ediots taught by Union ediots

  50. RussFowler says:

    Check the history..everytime the DEM get a tax increase..they come up with more spending and pay nothing to the debt.  Remember Father Bush, no more taxes.  Then needed funds to fight the war, the DEM said let us raise taxes and we will give you the funds.  Father Bush fought it but time was running out. So he let them raise the taxes. Then for every dollar they collected, they spend $4.35 on the war and other programs.  Then they blame Bush for raising taxes. The DEM are buying votes all the time.  President Johnson, made a program that if the Mother has kids and no father, they can get funds from the Govt. Jimmy Carter giving SS to an alein when they come here at 65, they can collect SS. Don’t even have to pay into it.
    Tax the rich and the poor will pay the tax by the increase price of the item.

    • Wanting says:

      @RussFowler. Hey, baby Bush created the largest entitled in 50 years. And he and his idiot friends never figured out how to pay for it so it was never a line item on the budget. It is called Medicare Part D!!!

      • Don39 says:

        Sorry stupid but Bush was not a legislator and created nothing. it was passed by a Damnocrat congress with a veto proof majority!

        • Gregory61 says:

           Bush did help create the unfunded drug program and the TEA Party began. We have a bi-partisan spending machine in Washington. Rinos are just as bsd as Dems.

  51. Billou says:

    he problem started with “Equal Rights”.

  52. Marc Jeric says:

    President Obama is a Marxist Muslim born in Mombasa, Kenya. It is now confirmed 100%.1) Both birth certificates were forged by clever computer imaging – the short form one and the long form one. The long form one was issued after the short-form one was shown to be a forgery and shows the hospital’s new name from 1971 – ten years after his birth.2) His Selective Service card is a forgery with a forged date; all SS cards show US Postal Service date with 4 numbers for the year; his card shows only two numbers – 80 – obtained by cutting out the date 2008 and reversing 08 into 80.3) Immigration records for the week of his birth are missing – destroyed; all such records are complete for at least 70 years – except for the first 10 days from August 1 to 10, 1961, when he was born, and when his grandmother and mother returned to Honolulu from Kenya with the baby.4) His Social Security card belongs to a long-dead Connecticut man by the name of Jean Paul Ludwig who died in Hawaii; Obama never lived in Connecticut. His grandmother worked for the Honolulu Social Services where she stole Mr. Ludwig’s Social Security card.5) His grandmother had said to the newsmen that she had accompanied her daughter, Obama’s mother, on a trip to Mombasa, Kenya, to give birth there. Within a week after that the grandmother suddenly died; the official explanation was that the grandmother was losing her mind due to old age.6) His records from the Occidental College in Los Angeles show that he had received scholarship as a foreign student from Indonesia. The same “Foreign Student” is read on his student card from the Columbia University.7) He was sent to Pakistan in 1981 by his Muslim stepfather to study 3 months in a Muslim madrassa there, traveling with his Indonesian passport.
    8)      All his schooling records are sealed: Occidental College records, Columbia College records, Columbia thesis paper, Harvard College records; also his Selective Service registration (now shown to be a fake); medical records; Illinois State Senate schedule and records; his law practice client list; baptism record; his passports. ALL SEALED.
    9)      Another nail in the “Hawaii-born” Obama, was found in the first edition of his autobiographical book “Dreams from my father”, where he proudly stated that he was born in Kenya. That sentence was purged from the following editions of the book. His father was a tribal communist, ending his life as an alcoholic in abject poverty after he had failed in his political aspirations. There is no doubt any longer. Except that we all wonder – a President of the United States should have been able to secure services of more professional forgers.
    10)   And I would appreciate if our commies, sozis, eco-nazis, and other Democrats would not answer the above 9 points by their invective and nasty name-calling – but by point-by-point documented answers.

  53. David says:

    I flew out to visit my Father on the west coast and I live on the east coast. It was a 4 hr plus flight and paid extra to be in business class. Some tool came past and said it must be nice to be in first class. When I was a kid 40 years ago if my family could afford a vacation We would of had to walk. I work my tail off and can take a once a year trip to see my Father in the front cabin. I’ve earned that right, the entitlement group dosen’t like to see that someone has it better  than they do.  Guess which airport was my connecting flight at……….. OHare in Chicago

  54. Greg137 says:

    Generosity vs Greed- generosity is nice when it is VOLUNTARY…  It is a sign of compassion that flows naturally from the heart, but when generosity is force on the people it only causes resentment from the giver… This is why government can’t force generosity upon the people, and besides what is wrong with this equation is that it is not the governments generosity, but rather the rich’s generosity… The same hold true when a nun takes money on behalf of the giver… Everyone and probably the nun thinks that it is the nun who is being generous, but it wasn’t the nun’s money to give, but rather the generosity of the people who gave to the nun…  It is not the generosity of the government as it is not the governments money, but rather the generosity of the person that the government taxed…  The process is caled false generosity..  There is another form of generosity out there, and it is called compulsive generosity and in one such case was one known as Christopher(Kris) Kringle… Chris was known as a giver and was beleived blessed by Saint Nicolas9the patron saint of sailors  as Chris was a sailor, and was very generous.  He always gave of himself, if he saw someone  who needed something more than he did… His friends abandoned him, because they thought he was ungrateful, but in reality he had his compulsion since he was little and it is believed to be related to the loss of his own mother or possibly what his mother taught him…  Chris’s compulsive generosity caught up to him one day when he froze to death in a snow storm as all he had to wear was his skivies (long-johns or under garments)..His  compulsive generosity had killed him! Nobody that knew him would want to think that generosity was dangerous or bad so people began to honor him by making him Saint Claus(I.E. Santa Claus)..  During his life Chris was known to sneak intpo peoples homes during Christmas and put gifts into the stockings which were drying by the fireplace..  When people locked their doors, Chris would use a rope and hooks and climb down the chimney..
    Chris definately left his mark on the world.. Chris Kringle has been likened to, and confused for Saint Nicolas… It was an American painter Augustus St. Gaudens who was hire by coca cola to make a series of paintings( for advertising purposes) based off the legends of chris, which is how the modern visage of Santa Claus came to be…   Chris was a victim of Compulsive generosity and it is a rare condition, but it can be dangerous if left unchecked as Chris learned first hand… Both Chris and St. Nicolas were men who lived in the mind-set of Christ…  Greed on the other hand has been given  many forms over the years, and most people veiw it as evil, but in reality as long as it remains in check it can be just as blessed as generosity in some forms… The rest of those forms are just as destructive as both compulsive and fake generosities combined!  We are  familiar  with lazy greed and covetous greed which are evil, i mean take a look at Socialism it relies on both! Just throw in some deception and hatered for the wealthy and there you go evil in its purest, most sadistic form..  But Industrious greed is what drives capitalism and free commerce.  Without the need for profit there is no incentive to keep producing more product…  People who are free and equal will find the need to feed their family and to pay for room and board industrious greed pays for that! Industious greed allows businesses to expand and produce jobs!  Industrious greed brings competition and with competition comes lower prices, so poor folk can afford the finer things imn life! With industrious greed entire industries have been formed,  and higher quality goods keep getting produced…With industrious greed technological advances can happen, and cures for illnesses can be found…  The homeless can have a home…  The hungry can be fed…  Industrious greed has even financed many helpful forms of generosity… It has even allowed man to fly, and it even put a man on the moon… It has alloowed women to go through college, and it has given man kind the ability to communicate clear across the face of the globe…    More has been done for humankind thanks to industrious greed than any form of generosity by itself…  What seperates industrious greed from other forms  of greed is Honesty!  Honesty purifies the greed in industrious greed making it helpful! Capitalism the embodiment of
    industrious greed,and it has done more for man kind than most ignorant people raelize…  Something to think about!

  55. BarneyMurrell says:

    At the head of the list of “takers” are all those who backed, and continue to back, Bush’s tax cuts, foolishly paired with his profligate spending, especially on wars funded off budget with supplemental appropriations. There were ample signs that GW Bush’s tax cuts could not be afforded. In fact, Bush and Republicans proved it by the way his tax cuts were implemented.
    Bush used  a “sunset provision” lie to overcome the “Byrd Rule,” and thus his Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA) was signed into law on 7 June, 2001. “One of the most notable characteristics of EGTRRA is that its provisions are designed to SUNSET, or revert to the provisions that were in effect before it was passed. EGTRRA will sunset on January 1, 2011 unless further legislation is enacted to make its changes permanent. The sunset provision SIDESTEPS the BYRD RULE, a Senate rule that amends the Congressional Budget Act to allow Senators to block a piece of legislation if it purports to significantly increase the federal deficit beyond a ten-year term. The SUNSET allowed the bill to stay within the letter of the PAYGO law while removing nearly $700 billion from amounts that would have triggered PAYGO sequestration.”
    Despite this very clear-warning that the tax cuts couldn’t be afforded, foolish Republican takers continued to claim we could. Despite the debt ticking upward just as predicted, the takers continued to claim, and still do, that lower taxes would eventually bring in more revenue.
    Historical tables from any federal budget show that during the Clinton years, with higher taxes, federal revenues grew by an average of 8 percent per year. Under the Bush budgets, his tax cuts decimated that to an average growth rate of just over 1 percent per year. Of course, as he decreased the rate of growth of revenues, he increased his rate of spending. Clinton’s average rate of spending increases was approximately 3 percent. Bush more than doubled that, with an annual rate of increase of 7 percent. During Obama’s first year in office, when the economy tanked, federal revenues fell by 17 percent, the largest one year drop since 1931.
    For 8 years, when we could have afforded to continue to pay down our debt, Bush and the Republicans chose to increase it. It was deficit spending and debt creation by choice to “slay the best of government”. And conservative “takers” continue to defend his budgets in spite of all evidence showing how wrong they are.

    • Don39 says:

      @BarneyMurrell Blah blah blah! What could not be afforded was 10 trillion dollars in new spending and the devisive chaos of the fraud administration that followed. Yes Bush set a bad precedent in social spen ding. Yes Bush was a socialist RINO. None of that is an excuse for what has happened since he left the OOTP to the Obamanation! And you like to ignore the role of a Damnocrat controlled Congress in all but two of Bush’s term.  You also like to ignore that Clinton’s spending was controlled for 6 of his 8 yrs by a Republican controlled Congress and Gingrich which forced spending cuts and welfare cuts! Which are you stupid or a liar?

      • BarneyMurrell says:

        You offer no verifiable proof what-so-ever of your comments.
        For example, what proof do you have that Clinton spending was constrained by Republicans in Congress. Clinton’s tax increases passed without a single Republican vote so how could they have restrained his spending if they could not stop his very successful tax increase?
        GW Bush had a Republican majority in the House, based on Nov. election results, from 2001–2007. In the 110th Congress (2007–2009) it was 233 Dems, 202 Reps. And before you start yapping about 2008 just remember, that all legislation passed was bi-partisan and signed by GW Bush.
        In the Senate, the 107th Congress (2001–2003) was evenly split at 50–50; the 108th Congress (2003–2005) was 51 Reps, 48 Dems, 1 independent; the 109th Congress (2005–2007) was 55 Reps, 44 Dems, 1 independent; the 110th Congress (2007–2009) was 49 Reps, 49 Dems, 2 independent.

  56. d rash says:

    And all of this is “A-OK” with me.  The Fiscal cliff has been averted, as the House Repubs folded their cards and went home,  The Bush tax cuts are gone, …… what remains are the Obama tax cuts.  We have tax increases, .,…… Obama tax increases.  We will have further job losses and a continuing sluggish economy, due explicitly from “taxing the rich, (the job creators).  Unemployment will rise, and the long term unemployed (99 weekers) will be able to continue existing on the “gub-mint” dime.  Lets face it, it’s not because they can’t find a job, it’s simply they ain’t even going to look for one until they absolutely get not a penny more of unemployment.  The bright side to all oft This is OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS NOW OWN THIS ECONOMY, LOCK, STOCK AND BARREL.  THE OLD “IT’S BUSH’S FAULT”, JUST WON’Y WORK ANYMORE.  He got rid of the Bush tax cuts, they’re gone.  He is raising taxes, and will raise more, and refuses to cut spending, the real problem.  TOO DAMN MUCH SPENDING!  Welcome to the real world Barry, YOU WON, so now it’s your baby, you doltz!

  57. Marc Jeric says:

    There is acommie here rewriting history. First he says that under Clinton, that impeached disbarred felon, we had a good economy and budget surplusses. Not so, komrad! It was Gingrich and his Republican majority that shoved down Clinton’s throat ballanced budgets and welfare reform. As for poor Bush 2 – he had a good economy going (only 4.5% unemployed) until the Democrat majority since January 3, 2007 forced the forced sale of 620,000 homes to “underserved minorities” (under the CRA law, pushed by Frank and Dobbs and Pelosi with threats to banks of fines and prison), who had no snowball’s chance in hell to ever pay for them.

    • Don39 says:

      @Marc Jeric Good points. But you know that the left and so called journalist never let the facts get in the way of a good liberal spin. That is not what they are about. truth hurts those that live in the dark as all liberals do!

  58. BeverlyBuckman says:

    Taxed to death while they play……..get raises……..madmen throwing away our money…..destroying our country while we protest….NOTHING WILL EVER STOP THEM…..BUT, DON’T LET THEM TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS……WE ARE GOING TO NEED THEM.

  59. Katjan68 says:

    Well, I find them stupid. The fact that they elected a man that they knew absolutely nothing about except that he was black, and worse after his abysmal first term failure, they re-elected him.  I call that pretty stupid.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @Katjan68  You forgot about the 37 1/2 percentage  Arab blood. That is the blood that is responsive for destroying America.

      • Wanting says:

        @Evermyrtle @Katjan68. That’s RACIST talk!!!

        • I don’t think that truth is racist!

        • Wanting says:

          @politicalpundit. Worse, it smacks of Aryan nation. Who is this, the white supremist sect?!!!!

        • omnidj says:

          Well, the original comment in this thread is appropriate, though I would replace “stupid” with “ignorant”. These “stupid” Progressives whipped Republican butt, I’m sad to say.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          It is still the truth, if you can’t bear the truth, you are in the wrong place., of course you could just not read what you don’t like.That is what I do.

        • Kissitgoodbye says:

          @Wanting /. You know who are Aryan Nation? Muslims who backed Hitler during WW II. Research Who allied itself with Hitler. I just recently found this out myself. It explains why Ahmedinejad sounds an awful lot like Hitler. Their Ideology have A LOT in common! That very alarming for those of us who understand what evil is capable of. Don’t underestimate those who want to destroy you. They are NOT harmless.

  60. Katjan68 says:

    See what I mean, that is thre difference between stupid and smart. Anyone with even a modicum of senss would have checked him out. The fact that he heads our military and everything else, makes this pretty frightening to have this someone we still know nothing about. Hawaii has just declared that the birth certificate he posted on line is a fake should give everyone pause.

  61. livefyre8158 says:

    Greed is greed, regardless of the political orientation of its purveyors.  Which is worse, the greed in the quasi-human, super-rich  of the old city of London that hired Hitler, or the greed in their progeny that motivated them to violate humanity by bribing the way for the being, “Barrack Hussein Obama” to be snuck into the POTUS slot.  Or, the greed that motivates both Dems and Repubs to behave as though they are owners of the US voters instead of elected REPRESENTATIVES of the US Voters.  
    One non-american infiltrator – the precedent, one string-puller of Obama –  of the USA, is responsible for more greed and dishonor to humanity, Germany and the U.S.A. than any other singular person.  The evil, super-rich of the old city of London, and their progeny, must be very proud of the German-born, Hitler-puppet in subject. 
    While all greed takes on evil proportions, is there anything other than greed for fame, notoriety, wealth and power, that could motivate a young man to give up his birthplace and national identity, and become a LIVING LIE  – – – for the remainder of his putrid life – – –  I do not think so.  
    What about his offspring that follow in his footsteps – – – while Americans follow in the footsteps of the Germans of the 1920s.  “- gotta go down git mah check tomorrow. Obama gonna make everythang right !   Certainly,  Like Hitler did, 1920-1945.

  62. CaptTurbo says:

    One must wonder what if anything will be left of the Republic after the usurper’s second term of raping it?

  63. matforce says:

    Two problems with this article:
    1. The term “job creators” (how disingenuous!) is an over used, deceptive phrase.  Middle class jobs have been shipped offshore for over 30 years now (garment, shoe, and textile industries left in the 60s, toy industry, audio and TV industries as well as steel left in the 70s), but this luicrative offshoring model that has been shared in board rooms across the USA was perfected by the time the FTAs beginning with NAFTA and GATT, (1994) were introduced.  And by the time China joined the WTO in 2001, even our jobs in Mexico left for China ($1.36/hr. avg. wage).  The USA worker was kicked to the curb for a larger profit share for the top via sweat shop labor offshore, yet these corporate magnates fully expect this same middle class they’ve betrayed to purchase this cheap shit flooding our shores daily in Maersk freighters with a load capacity of 2.2 million train car sized “containers” to soak our nation and fleece an increasingly underemployed/unemployed USA consumer that ultimately only serves to line the pockets of these same “job creators.”  The middle class with a high wage afforded disposable income that they in turn used to pump back into the greatest consumer economy the world has ever seen.  However, now, with any uptick in consumer spending, the increase goes directly to the “multinationals” and Red China,  This downward pressure on wages here to compete with sweatshops for these manufacuruing jobs has our GOP and BIG $$$ they take their marching orders from, eying the Labor Unions as their next target, while they ask their middle class constituents to lay down their only defense against a growing Plutocracy.
    2. The author states, “taking more money from “the rich” will only hurt us. With less money, the wealthy–otherwise known as job creators–will not invest, they will not hire, and the economy will tank again.”
    The great wage disparity that has occured over the past 30 years has consolidated wealth at the top like we haven’t seen since the days of the Robber Barons of the Guilded Age a century ago. Maybe you think that there’s something wrong with a USA that promotes all of its citizens’ prosperity, but I don’t; it’s smart business. A middle class with disposable income will bolster retail sales and crank up the economy (that is if this increased production actually increased demand for production done in the USA factories and thus, places paychecks into the hands of USA workers like it used to do.)
    Even so, during the past 30 years real output in the business sector grew by 140% (admittedly, some of this increase was due to automation, etc.). Real compensation per hour, however (includes wages, benefits, pensions, and health insurance), increased by only 38% for the middle class worker.
    Post WWII, 1947-1979 America shared equally in the increase in output. During those years the increase that the bottom 20% received was 116%, the top 20% got an increase of 99%, and the middle quintiles increased somewhere within that range.
    Then the world flipped! From 1980 to 2007 the rich took practically all the increase in income. Over those decades, the poor received only a 15% increase and the middle three quintiles got a 25% increase, while the top 20% got a 95% increase and the top 1% received a raise of close to 300%, and they were compensated fabulously before that (Paul Heise, Ph.D. Economics).
    So to say ” taking more money from the rich…” is either disingenuous or misinformed, because for 30 years now, just the opposite has been the case.
    Tax policies that favor the wealthy is another matter that has consolidated weath at the top and elevated investment money to “untouchable” status (see marginal rates of the Eisenhower and Kennedy era). That combined with trade policies have put us in a real bind. To me the key is for the USA to enact policies that return vitality to the middle class consumer market, “demand side” economics, because “suppy side,” trickle-down hasn’t worked.
    Plus, the middle class contributes to the national treasury (revenue) right off of their paycheck through a payroll tax. By gutting the middle class and depriving it from decent paying jobs by employing a cheap labor force on foreign soil, I hypothesize, you kill the goose that laid the golden egg. The wealthy that have remained super solvent in this 30 year trend of wealth consolidation at the top, have too many methods of hiding their wealth and keep it from being taxed (research “Top Ten Ways the Rich Escape Taxation), including parking it in offshore accounts. Is it any wonder why the debt is snowballing? The combination of a decimated, underemployed/unemployed middle class, and a privileged upper class that has been provided a myriad of means to hide their fabulous wealth, makes no sense anymore. To ask the privileged to put their shoulder to the wheel and chip in with this national crisis has been propagandized by some, including this author, as “class warfare.” Disgusting!
    Republicans complain about the 35% corporate tax being the highest in the world, but have you looked into all the “corporate welfare” available to our “multinationals” that have taken tax subsidies to offset the cost of setting up shop offshore ($Hundreds of BILLIONS/yr. by some estimates.  Examples: GE’s profits exceed $14 BILLION, but submit 24,000 pages of exemptions written by a team of ex-IRS employees, and pay zero taxes, then there’s Exxon/Mobile, etc.) then park their vast profits in offshore accounts with impunity to escape contributing anything in taxation to their nation of origin. See the fate Bill S3816, it speaks volumes.
    Click on the following USA treasury record of national debt. It shows the accumulation of debt in the national treasury.
    During the last half of the 20th Century (1950s-2000) debt accelerated a in the $Billions (a few years in the 1950s there were actually surpluses). Then after the 60s it grew by the $tens of Billions. But after 1980, the advent of supply side economics, it grew by $100s of Billions/yr. Then during the Clinton years, when he raised taxes, it slowed to the $10s of Billions again.
    But once the FTA’s were introduced (actually it took a few years after their introduction), deficits reached the $100s of Billions from then on. Here’s my point: The increases in debt from 2001, when China joined the WTO, reached over $500 Billion/yr. from then on out and have not diminished.
    Google trade deficits: The USA has gone from steady trade surpluses before 1975 to trade deficits that have averaged at least $600 Billion/yr over the last 10 years.

    • BarackHussein says:

      @matforce Two comments… the communist-based unions have been the priary driver of jobs overseas (too bad the government unions didn’t go with them) and without investment, there is no growth which is absolutely necessary. The main problem is the ‘we-guys’ and ‘you-guys’ race and class attitude.

    • Don39 says:

      @matforce The embedded lies and ignoring of facts obscure any value in your comments. For example they totally ignore the role of Congress in spending and their direct influence on all of the spending you highlight. If you are interested in the truth you might want to take your spending/debt chart and hold it up beside a chart of congressional control. Your argument is hollow and immaterrtial to the current situation except to say “Here I am a dyed in the wool socialist”.

      • matforce says:

        @Don39 I totally agree that Govt. spending is out of control, on that we agree.  My main thrust is toward the way that our nation has been overtaken by BIG $$$ for the purchase of favor in our legislative branches, and the results that 30+ years of this favor, lavished on the top, has brought about here, while more and more of our middle class descends into poverty .  I confined my rant to FTAs and a tax code that is riddled with entitlements (loopholes, exemptions, credits, write-offs, etc.) for not only our poor (many of which have been villainized as “freeloaders” after having the rug pulled our from under them and descending into insolvency by the designs I’ve mentioned), but especially those that exist for our wealthiest citizens and corporations.  I didn’t even get into the $tens of Billions we hand over in foreign aid, NATO, the arming of our allies, etc.

    • The Watchman says:

       The cost of labor in America skyrocketed, mostly due to huge government supported labor unions.  Also, the cost of manufacturing in America has been stifled by taxes over the past 30-40 years.  If you own a business, and you wish to remain in business then you move that business to a place where you can still make a profit.  Americans had the opportunity to squelch the tendency for supporting the the overseas manufacturing and loss of U.S. jobs back in the 70’s, remember buy USA labels?  But the American public opted for the less expensive overseas manufactured goods.  So consequently, more American companies moved off-shore, and the jobs went with them.  Did the government attempt to equal the tax and tariff playing?  No!  They did however raise the taxes on American companies, and that was really stupid.  No, we cannot allow the unions and the Progressive government to come out of this without blame.

      • matforce says:

        @The Watchman
        Some say the Unions over-reached, but I  could  find few instances where a corporation’s management teams’ exorbitant compensation packages (CEOs, Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, executives, hired experts, marketing teams, department managers, and sales teams) didn’t contribute to those corporation’s demise with their heavy wages and compensation packages that helped run them into financial trouble. 
        Some of the top examples off the top:
        Exhibit #1: US Steel- When faced with decisions to re-tool and update outdated methods and equipment that were left go for far too long, at a time when Japan was dumping cheap steel in the USA at a price they couldn’t even make it at, just to get a foot in the door of the world’s biggest economy, they were also facing labor disputes with the union, who was demanding that negotiations be conducted in good faith by having management open the books.  Management knew what that would reveal, so they refused, and Unions refused their offer.  Management had 3 choices:
        1.       Open the books and deal in good faith; both management and labor take a shared hit. Didn’t happen.
        2.       Pass the increase on to their stocks and stockholders would be forced to take a hit.  That was out of the question.
        3.       Pass the increase on to their product.  Steel went under, management left with their golden parachutes, and stockholders with diversified stock options survived, but labor lost out like always.
        Exhibit #2:  Hostess just went out of business.  A quick study of that would show that Hostess was in bankruptcy in 2004, after which their workers made concessions in wages and benefits and during this most recent bout with bankruptcy, they’ve conceded another 8% in wages, and 32% in benefits. The real story of why Hostess failed come from (ready for this?) the Wall Street Journal who always sticks up for businesses, (in this case a hedge fund firm that bought up Hostess) over people; they identified mismanagement including a CEO whose pay increased 300%, executives who received pay increases from 60% to 100%, and a decision to stop paying into workers’ pension funds which is now $160 million in arrears. So now the hedge fund firm is eying liquidating the company in a way that will further maximize profits for these investors (vulture capitalism).
        Exhibit #3: Saved the best for last- Sensata out of Freeport, Illinois made $500million profits in the last quarter of this year, but larger profit margins beckoned in China. Sensata wants to close its door in the USA, but insists that the USA workers also TRAIN their replacements the company will fly into the USA for their training.  Priceless!
        Are you implying that those from the ranks of labor, who have a large hand in the making of the product, should have no voice, and just take what management would like to pay them, while the management team makes record gains?
        At this time in our history, I think it’s time for the USA to level tariffs on imports.
        Consider Germany, a nation with its fiscal house in relative order.  They impose a 19% tariff on imorts (except for some raw  materials, and ag. products) as well as a VAT (Value Assessed Tax) which varies according to how much of an imported product was manufactured/assembled outside Germany or inside to protect their manufacturing base and keep their largely unionized workforce wages high. This, withouts so much as a raised eyebrow from the WTO of which they’re a member.  We don’t do that here; it shows.  Why?  Because that would cut into the profit margins of the offshoring corporations and make them really cross at those elected officials who they’ve bought and paid for.
        Did you look into Bill S3816; what it contains and how they voted?  Isn’t the GOP in FAVOR of job creation, lower taxes on businesses, and job creation within the realm of stay-home small businesses that hire USA workers???

    • livefyre8158 says:

      @matforce Outstanding summary, matforce.  i wonder why so many folk are totally ignorant of the influence of the WWII NAZI, and Operation Paper Clip.  Everyone may be entitled to one’s opinion.  But, folk who are not aware that NASA was formed by NAZI-scientists and not communists, would do well to update themselves on the history of the NWO since the appearance of GHWBushSr on the political scene in the USA.  Former CIA agent, Chip Tatum, and former CIA station chief, John Stockwell provide some background on GHWBushSr that is not published by the “public” media.   The interviews conducted by former FBI agent, Ted Gunderson, Chief of one FBI component in California in the 1970s, with Chip Tatum, clarifies many questions about activities of the CIA and the role of GHWBushSr in the CIA, and illegal drug smuggling into the USA.  Neither communism nor unions were involved, nor did unions mandate that US Marines guard the poppy fields of Afghanistan.  Nor were communists or unions responsible for the stationing of the US Army in Central and South America in the 1990s, in order to monitor cocaine production and the passage of cocaine into Mexico and also Miami.

    • RightStuff44 says:

      @matforce Bottom line is, get the government out of our lives. The market will take care of itself. Thank you for the headache, Mr. Glib.

    • Marc Jeric says:

      Not so, komrad! These are simple and incontrovertible rules for all unions.
      1) Given time every union will fall into the hands of either the Mafia (less dangerous since these can be bribed) or the communists.
      2) The unions will then destroy the industry in which they “work”: see steel, automobile, textile, electronics, apparel, appliances, plumbing supplies, lighting, kitchenware, shoes, furniture, shipbuilding, tractors, construction equipment, etc. Some of these enterprises can save themselves for a time by outsourcing abroad, but government services cannot be thus saved.
      3) Government employees unions are by definition criminal conspiracies against the people, and should therefore be routinely prosecuted under the RICO Act laws. Teachers unions have brought our education from the first place in the world to the level of Zimbabwe. They “negotiate” for their salaries and perks with school boards consisting mainly of former leaders of teachers unions. As for other government employees unions see examples of Postal Service and Amtrak, thoroughly bankrupt, and in dire need for more taxpayers’ money, year after year, just like our teachers. Finally, let me mention policemen and firefighters unions perennially sucking the public teat until various city bankruptcies may one day put the end to their criminal abuses.

      • RightStuff44 says:

        @Marc Jeric Perfect, Marc! Having been in governmental finance for over forty years, I can say that you are absolutely correct. The union is cancer on anything it attaches itself to. The host dies, sometimes in a hurry, but often just a little longer.

      • matforce says:

        @Marc Jeric
        Again, I go back to the premise that when you kill the goose that laid the golden egg, namely, a middle class consumer market with abundant discretionary spending capacity that will clear the retail shelves and crank up demand, you remove the need for increased production.
        But what did our “smartest men in the room” do to take care of this impending cash flow problem?  They financed it with easy credit and loaned a dwindling middle class the money for which they are now in a double bind.  That our spoiled middle class was slow to catch on to what was taking place, and expected the USA to bounce back like it always did, you could call them stupid, or you could say they were exploited,  depending on your perspective.  But either way, America the Beautiful, land of opportunity, is being turned into a mere Plutocracy right before our eyes, no matter which way you choose to view it.  Sad, if it weren’t so damned infuriating.

    • omnidj says:

       The simple issue of jobs going overseas has only to do with the cost of production and the tax structures of competing mations. We’re not very good anymore at labor-intensive production. It costs too much for us to do it. Do we even want to do it? That kind od work calls for a semi-skilled, uneducated labor force. Even so, when we receive all these goods from overseas, jobs are still created in this country, in processing, transporting, selling, etc. Our strength is in technology, innovation, research, education and the like – things that are not so easily transported overseas – that serve to improve our entire economy and culture.
       Our corporate and capital gains tax structure is abysmal, and will only get worse under the Obama administration. We need to learn to live in a global economy, and make U.S.-based manufacturing more attractive. Or just shut up about it, and continue down the path that has bee n paved for us by the Progressives.

      • matforce says:

         Existentialism with no regard for how this will all play out or what it will mean for our children who will, if you have your way, be working for $1.36/hr., 96 hrs./wk.  just so they can compete with Communist China for a job slumped over a grind wheel with an eye loop, burnishing burrs off of #2 screws they’ll ship across town to use in the iPod factory paying comperable wages.
        By the way, the USA worker can compete with any worker on earth when you compare “productivity” because we value the things money can buy in a free society, plus most of us have that work ethic and yankee ingenuity..
        You have a point about the transporting of these goods at our ports and highways and loading docks, but if the USA worker would have seen this day coming for their fellow middle class workers who were kicked to the curb for a higher profit share for the top, there’d be blood flowing at our ports until they turn those ships back to where they came from!

    • Am I in the right place says:

      @matforce Very well stated. Unfortunately the audience who is reading it believes they need tin foil hats to keep the FBI from reading their minds and they are on the look out for Black Helicopters that are controlled by communists who run the UN. Most of them are too stupid to use spell check on their posts but they are all so ignorant that the world is a scary place.

      • matforce says:

        @Am I in the right place
        Agreed.  I have come to the realization after voting GOP for 30 years (until 2011) that they will use deceptions kind of like kicking the hornets’ nest of social issues including but not limited to: reproductive rights, Christian values, gun rights, homosexuality, color, sabre rattling, and a myriad of alleged “personal freedoms,” a type of fear mongering and the use of practiced, well-worn cries of panic and outrage to divert their base’s attention from the fact that their first and only true love is to the top, who are playing the commoners like a fiddle, and using their influence $$$ in our legislature to turn America the Beautiful, land of opportunity, into a mere Plutocracy. They have pitted us, one against another with this fear mongering, fanning the flames of our worst human instincts, inciting divisions along party, socio-economic, religeous, and racial lines to keep their base’s attention diverted from the fact that they serve only the top. When this can no longer be denied, the GOP will be in big trouble with the electorate, because they will feel used like yesterday’s newspaper, and “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” or an electorate that realizes they’ve been used to craft their own demise.

  64. MagB says:

    What the Democrats want is to STICK IT TO THE RICH.
    Seems they would want the SIT AND GET FOLKS to work!  That is how the RICH DID IT!
    My bumper sticker says! ” WE BUILT IT AND OBUMMA DESTROYED IT!” ( My spelling of Obumma!)  (It fits!)
    We, being the generations of working people who are citizens of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  65. The Watchman says:

    I believe that the best thing we, as conservatives can do now, is allow this thing to play out.  Actually, we have no choice in the matter.  The only other recourse we, and we can and should take advantage of is making sure that all of the voting American public knows that this up-coming financial crisis is the fault of the American Socialists and Progressives, i.e., the Obama administration.  Most folks do not understand that constitutionally, the Executive Branch of governments did not, and does not have the authority to draft legislation, financial or otherwise.  The is the job of congress, period.  Obama must be made to take the complete and total blame for the destruction of the dollar he is causing.  The tactic is right out of the Obama administration’s playbook.  “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.  Obama is creating one with this fiscal cliff deal.  Now the rest is up to us.  There must be a concerted effort to place the blame where the blame is due.

    • Don39 says:

      @The Watchman s I write this we have no choice. We have been sold out by the RINO establishment and there is no doubt who the enemies are and what we have to do.The left did as expected, and the RINOs were lead by their weak spines to follow!

      • CmmnSnse says:

        @Don39  @The Watchman  Watch this video of Bishop Fulton Sheen and get a real insight.

    • Gregory61 says:

      @The Watchman
       When the consequences come liberals will still blame the right. Houdini couldn’t have convinced that the party of tax cuts is responsible for tax increas, but the media has.

  66. Wanting says:

    Tax rates on capital gains is often conflated and confused with rates on earned income. I don’t know why it is fair for people earning $400k to pay half to government. It’s crazy while Romney and the other millionaires – who basically don’t ‘work’ – pay less than 15% for shorting the market. The hedge fund manager, Mitt Romney, and the trust fund guy, make millions/billions for moving their money around…sometimes out of this country. That is why Buffett is a financial genius; he simply wanted millionaires to pay a minimum of 30%. That’s it!!!!

    • CmmnSnse says:

      But the government NEVER uses that money properly! Show me a successfully run government  program  That is self sustaining.  No holder of GM=Chrysler stock has been made whole and NEVER will. There should only be a flat 10% income tax, no deductions and NO corporate tax because it is passed down to the consumer, always.

      • Wanting says:

        @CmmnSnse. The policies to stave off collapse of auto industry was not about stock investors, it was about saving an industry that defines America. While I agree we have waste and fraud in government; the US is the shining example for this godforsaken world. Also, don’t conflate common sense tax policy with efficient use of tax revenue. Jus saying

        • CmmnSnse says:

          Ye are knutts! The auto bailout was only about one thing…UNIONS and BHO paying back the supporters. The folks who bought stock to invest/gamble and keep union workers in a job got SCREWED! The gov’ts original job, as founded, had nothing to do with bailouts. The USA is a shining example of a country founded on Godly principles and has severely lost it’s way. We are 99% socialist, now.

    • Don39 says:

      It is ignorant to not recognize that all moneys were earned and taxed at some point and that includes investment dollars. Paying a tax on that money is in fact added to a rate already payed on it when it was earned income. You idiots think that people that invest money just created it? They earned it somewhere along the way and in so doing created jobs and paid income taxes.Buffet is a genius because he convinces you fools that he wants to pay more taxes while at the same time owing billions in  back taxes and penalties. Buffets only concern , as is that of Soro’s , is creating international financial terms to increase their power over governments to include ours and the dumb ass Obamanation is their pawn in doing so! There are few billionaires and if they paid 90% tax rate on investments they would run the Obama government about 45 days, cause gross unemployment and depression and go out of businessand or move their investments elsewhere. What then genius’?.

    • RightStuff44 says:

      @Wanting It’s all legal, pal. You are just jealous that you can’t do it. The solution is a flat tax that EVERYONE pays. Sorry about your personal situation, but you made decisions, and many of them bad decisions to put you where you are. You are just one of the little people that Barack Obama wants demoralize.

    • thismustend says:

      What have YOU contributed to society, you thieving LEECH? Romney WORKED, he is INTELLIGENT, he has an EDUCATION. While you were smoking po t & dropping out of school, getting your girlfriend pregnant & EXPECTING TAXPAYERS to pay for it, Romney, & every other RESPONSIBLE kid was preparing for college & thinking about their careers.

  67. CmmnSnse says:

    In 1966, I watched my friend, Navy Vet, Conservative voter, hand over his .22 short, single shot, bolt action pistol to 2 FBI (newly formed ATF)  agents. Registered in 1958. Taken to Spokane, WA to be crushed but found about a yr later in a cache of guns taken from the Black Panthers in  CA. The Democrats are the olde King George group. Making criminals out of law abiding citizens. Trouble today is no longer enough real Americans left to fight.

  68. Begneli says:

    Don’t let your perception be skewed. Investments are made with after tax dollars. so you have already grabbed your bigger chunk of the other guys money, and don’t worry you will get to keep grabbing, just a smaller chunk. top 10% earners pay 80% of income tax. I have never understood the thinking that you have a claim on another persons property. I have a nice neighbor and she told me she liked Obama because he will “get the rich guys”.

    • RightStuff44 says:

      @Begneli Thank you, Begneli! There are some (actually many) weak minds that fall for the leftist retoric. It is sad, but true, that the religion of the left is the lie.

  69. popham says:

    We need a new Congress and Senate, but most of all my fellow Americans,
    we need a new president of these United States……………soon.

  70. Am I in the right place says:

    I have a business which created 50 jobs this year and higher taxes on my income are irrelevant because i incorporated the company and dont take a million dollar salary from it. I will continue to build my business because even with higher taxes I make more money if my business grows, but you would’nt understand that because you have some crazy idea that if taxes go up by 3% all the rich people will stop working. The number of new private sector  jobs created during the clinton administration (when taxes were at the “new level”) was 22 million or 240,000 a month. Compare that to the 52,000 under Bush or 167, 000 under your sainted Ronald Reagan.
    But that doesnt matter to all of the hot heads here who would rather sit around and curse the President and make threats.

    • Marc Jeric says:

      How the commie propaganda works! During the rule of that impeached disbarred felon Clinton the economy was good due to 1) Gingrich with his republican majority who shoved down the throat of that criminal Clinton the balanced budgets and the welfare reform, plus the Reagan’s boost to the economy that was still in full force.

    • Kissitgoodbye says:

      @Am I in the right place /. So those high unemployment rates are a mere figment of the imagination? I can’t begin to envision employers cutting their employees down to part time to avoid insuring them either, or dropping insurance benefits altogether because the fines for not proving it would be ,,economically advantageous . Glad you made fifty jobs, but that is a mere drop in the bucket.
      What threats do you refer to? I haven’t read any, so please fill me in!

      • Don39 says:

        @Kissitgoodbye  @Am Actually the unemployment and underemployment rates are much higher than acknowledged by the fraud regime which has rendered the methodology and results to be a fraud and meaningless! If you want the true unemployment rates check with Heratage or some valid source. Actually women as an example who overwhelmingly voted for the socialist fraud have lost almost a billion jobs since he took office! Typically it is those that are the weakest and most vulnerable, the leftist voter and non-voters, that usually hurts worst and first. Note the real unemployment rate for blacks is at a modern record and continuing to grow as this fraud administration refuses to do anything about illegals filling jobs they could have if they were inclined to work.

        • Kissitgoodbye says:

          @Don39 @Kissitgoodbye/. The numbers only look at those collecting unemployment, so they always look lower than what they actually are.
          I think he got in on the cool factor. I guess unemployment is the new chic. Americans are watching too much reality TV.

    • matforce says:

      @Am I in the right place
       Thanks, Right Place, for shedding some light on the lost value of striking a balance between labor and management absent abject and unbridled greed.  You are a true patriot!

    • matforce says:

      @Am I in the right place
      Another illustration of how life in America thrived before slashing tax rates:
      The Military Industrial Complex that helped win WWII, converted easily into the manufacturing dynamo that employed our retrurning GIs and a growing population that benefitted from their fore-fathers’ fight (labor Unions) during the Guilded Age against the Robber Barons for a decent working wage that ushered in the most dynamic consumer market this world has ever seen. That, coupled with a rebuilding world that desired/needed the goods that our industries were pumping out, and the race propelled by the cold war, helped bring the USA to the top as the worlds largest economy.
      But Big Bad Government was on the side of the commoner back then in ways you don’t see today. For instance; The Employment Act of 1946 recognized the vital role of a prosperous middle class. The three stated goals of that bill were maximized employment, production, and purchase power through a decent middle class wage. Another example was during the Korean War, when the Military Industrial Complex was cranking up again, and CEOs in that Industrial sector, found themselves awash in profits, and would have claimed the lion’s share in pay hikes and bonuses until the Big Bad Govt. stepped in and deemed that the increase was due to national events (a War), and had nothing to do with the sagacity of their executive team, so it decreed that the CEOs spread the wealth to their workers, against their will.
      Another Plutocratic trend that I find alarming is marginal tax rates and the lack of tax policies with built-in incentives to steer USA capital toward investments that actually benefit the nation.  For example: in the 50s and 60s when marginal rates on our wealthy were over 90% (yes, it’s true- look it up!), to get a tax break, our wealthy INVESTED their fabulous wealth in the USA; namely, USA stocks, USA bonds, USA corporations, USA Parks, USA Research & Development, NASA, philanthropy, etc. In other words, they invested in their nation.
      Then in 1980, Reagan reduced marginal rates from 71% to 28% (who knows better how to create wealth than the wealthy? Give ‘em a break up front, watch ”em go, and call it “Supply Side” economics). By that time the offshoring model begun in the 60s, which was the precursor to the FTAs of the 90s saw our jobs leave for Mexico. But in 2001, when Red China joined the WTO, even our jobs in Mexico left for China (today their avg. wage is $1.36/hr.) and in just 18 years our “Industrial Belt” of the Mid-west has become the “Rust Belt” and China has drawn even with the mighty USA, thanks to yankee ingenuity and technical know-how that we either gave them or they have hacked in and stolen. Either way, these cheap products roll up on our shores in Maersk freighters capable of a payload of 2.2 million train car sized “containers” full of this cheap crap to fleece the declining middle class and line the pockets of our “multinationals.”
      And after 18 years, the best game on the street is no longer USA investments, but the China derivatives realized by banking on the returns of the sweatshops abroad. To compete with these large short-term returns enjoyed by CEOs and “multinational corporations’ stock holders, our businesses that remain in the USA are cutting costs to the bone, exerting downward pressure on wages on workers here to compete, and/or spining off whole departments, or liquidating them to the highest bidder to maximize their stocks returns with no concern for long term solvency and longevity. Our very pensions, 401Ks, and Insurance investments brokered by our Hedge Fund Managers on the market, are now dependent of these returns that keep our financial house of cards from building a stronger foundation. So our only real hope for a sustainable return to the days of glory, namely a prosperous middle class with a decent pay, becomes the casualty in the pursuit of protecting the wealthy and the continuation of zero variance from the course that is sending us into insolvency.

    • thismustend says:

      Crawl back to the KOS, troll, where your MINDLESS DRIVEL is accepted. You haven’t worked a day in your life, probably a govt. worker/leftist agitator or maybe sitting on your a s s collecting some form of welfare. What your little wannabe Communist dictator has done to our economy could not be corrected if you taxed every “richie”/JOB CREATOR at 100% of their income.
      Welcome to ObaMAOland/Socialism, = POVERTY for all but the ELITE. ObaMAO has blown through $1.4 BILLION of TAXPAYER $$ on his vacays & globe trotting, only the BEST for our little DICTATOR.

  71. RussFowler says:

    March on Washington DC. Support Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case posse. Sheriff Joe has already prove Obama Hawaii Birth Certificate is a fraud. Then nancy Pelosi will have to answer the question, where is the proof that Obama is a natural born citizen.

  72. thismustend says:

    ObaMAO has taken crony capitalism, greed, theft & corruption to a whole new level & 85% of America doesn’t have a clue. The media DICTATES our opinions, think the bus monitor who was picked on & received like $500,000, few child cancer patients get that kind of help. The MEDIA told her story, whipped up emotions & the people responded. That was a good thing but when they LIE, SPIN & COVER UP to protect a ruthless, raci st, wannabe dictator/president the results are disastrous. Hollywood, the media, our public schools, unions, raci st special interest groups & our judiciary have done nothing but spew propaganda, b e a t down & up any opposition & most importantly covered up scandals that would have kept ObaMAO from being reelected & should put him in jail.
    When leftist groups are allowed to inti midate, thre aten, vandalize & as sault with no legal consequences & then law abiding, tax paying, rational people are arrested for trying to protect themselves or pray, how do you fight that? How do you fight politicians, cops, unions, vio lent rac ist groups, the courts, media, Hollywood, colleges & public schools?

  73. Wanting says:

    @CmmnSnse. Give me an example of Socialism at work in a Socialist country. Ill give you 100 example of when Republicans provided government…nay, TAX-PAYER aid to an industry, corporation, individual. My argument is not against your posit

  74. Wanting says:

    Greed will not destroy us…no form, no political leaning, no idealogy. It is the intrinsic motivation that separates the poor from the wealthy. Somewhere the definition has been coopted to take on a negative connotation, behaving unethically. I want greedy CEOs, senators, as long as they seek ends by ethical means. I want my CEO to grow 50% from 30%, 90% from 80%. What I don’t want is an altruistic executive…or president

  75. Wanting says:

    @CmmnSnse. I change my mind…you may need to consider your Republican Party. They are dysfunctional, unable to agree on the way forward. The extremists lack pragmatism, leadership, and creativity. Raising outrage alone does not deliver fiscally conservative governnance. McConnell is all his bluster, handcuffed business leaders with six months worth of uncertainty over tax policy. Absolutely insanity! You would serve your cause better to call out leadership rather than run Fox’s blather over socialism.

  76. Seymour Kleerly says:

    @Kissitgoodbye  @Seymour Turn off the Propaganda, listen to music and enjoy life. Just like smoking you’ll miss it, but you can do it.

  77. Seymour Kleerly says:

    @Don39  @The Watchman Because of you Rightie wackos, the GOP. will just get weaker.

    • Begneli says:

      @Seymour Kleerly  @Don39  @The Watchman The other choice is to be more like Democrats, which won’t work. We can’t out Democrat the Democrats. So we just have to watch the country being destroyed and hope the people stop watching Jerry Springer long enough to see what is happening.

    • Kissitgoodbye says:

      @Seymour Kleerly  @Don39  @The Watchman
       Get a job, Seymour.

    • Seymour Kleerly says:

      @Kissitgoodbye  @Don39  @The Watchman Got a great job but thanks for the semi facist attempt at stifeling dissent. I’m new to these Far Right sites and have never seen so many easily refuteable comments. It’s hard to stop. I hope I can soon, but now it’s far too much fun.

  78. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Could it ever rival the “Greed is Good” Ronald Reagan generation? I think not.

    • Don39 says:

      @Seymour Kleerly Again that delusion, but how would you know pup?

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @Don39  @Seymour Kleerly Don’t waste your time on this one, he can’t understand what is going and the only thing he can  think to say  to get back at the truth is ridicule is ridicule. , I believe all liberals re very good at that. Best just to ignore.

    • Marc Jeric says:

      Here is a komrad still crying about the demise of the Soviet Empire caused by Ronald Reagan’s economy – booming, lifting all the boats, spreading prosperity through lower taxes.

      • Seymour Kleerly says:

        @Marc Jeric That’s exactly when the income gap started growing leading us to an immoral disparity of wealth. But of course Conservatives didn’t see that in time for this election. Too bad.

  79. Seymour Kleerly says:

    @CmmnSnse  @Don39  @The Watchman Great man He helped me quit drinking.

  80. Seymour Kleerly says:

    @Evermyrtle  @Katjan68 What part of Bush’s blood caused the depression and two lost wars?

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @Seymour Kleerly  @Evermyrtle  @Katjan68 Why do you want to know???

    • Seymour Kleerly says:

      @Evermyrtle  @Katjan68 You stated that 37% of Obama’s blood was responsible for his destroying America. Do you have that information for Bush also. It’s an interesting topic that I’ve never thought of before. Maybe it will make some sense of his costly blunders.

  81. Don39 says:

    @Seymour Kleerly  @CmmnSnse  @The Watchman HE DO, DO HE? Now that your mind is so clear , maybe you can start getting some intelligence implants!

  82. jbradmd says:

    @Wanting . Do you realize that the 15 per cent is what you would pay as capital gains for your own retirement income? So when they raise that to 30 per cent, guess who gets hurt? The “rich” have already paid taxes on their earned income which they have now invested. The problem with liberals is that they can’t see past tomorrow. Obama had better figure out a way to curb spending or we will all bein serious trouble……regardless of what Bush did.

    • Begneli says:

      @jbradmd  @Wanting Serious trouble is the goal of the Cloward-Piven strategy. Collapse the economy and replace it with redistribution socialism. It is so easy to see, if you know what to look for.

  83. RussFowler says:

    Its the rich man that gave a job.  So if he has no extra income, then I will not get a job.  I will just get in the wagon and let someone pull it.

    • Lifetime NRA says:

      @RussFowler the reason he will give you a job is that he will make more money. I guess you think he gives you a job when he has extra money because you have one of those hourly wage jobs that goes away when people have less disposable income

  84. CmmnSnse says:

    I have never been so offended as I am when called both GOP and Republican.  The Republicans of today are just patsies for the Left. The Right wing used to be the center/mainstream/Founders of America. I am a Constitutional Patriot. A very very small minority group. And getting smaller.

  85. cruisedoc says:

    Others have said it better than I:
    “The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money.”  –Alexis de Tocqueville.
    “When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”  –Benjamin Franklin.
    Both were men of vision, but only so far can one see.  The republic won’t actually end – people will still live here.  It will change, and I would predict come essentially full circle – in a sense.  Eventually the welfare state will collapse under it’s own weight.  Times will be hard.  Even basic social programs become at risk.  However, we emerge & once again embrace individual acheivement, hard work, & free enterprise.  Perhaps even those in academia will admit that free market capitalism has the best chance for opportunity & lifting more people out of poverty than any other system.
    “Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore it.”  –Thomas Sowell

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