Obama Commits Treason By Arming Egypt’s Anti-American Dictatorship

Why would a US president continue to push to give billions of dollars in aid and to supply arms to a nation whose regime has declared that America and its ally Israel are mortal enemies that should be destroyed?  And why would that same president who wants to arm our enemies want to disarm American citizens?

Obama helped the Muslim Brotherhood, a known militant and radical Islamic group, to overthrow the government of Egypt.  He supported the election of Morsi as Egypt’s new president, even when Morsi talked about establishing a new Muslim Caliphate with him as the ultimate head.

Morsi also publicly began an attack on all non-Muslim religions within his country.  His military and police joined in the persecution of Christians who were beaten, raped, robbed and killed.  Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said nothing and did nothing but continue to support Morsi and his radical government.

In the past few months, Morsi has also been very vocal about his desire to see the nation of Israel disappear from the face of the earth.  I’m not the only one to see the danger in Obama’s actions.

Rep. Ted Poe, (R-TX), a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on the Judiciary, says that Obama’s actions are irresponsible for supplying Morsi with 20 F-16 fighter jets.  Poe told WND:

“It is reckless and unwise for the U.S. to give F-16s to Egypt and its new president/dictator, controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.  This extremist group is notoriously anti-American and anti-Israel. The United States should not be arming a country ruled by a group that has the destruction of Israel in its charter.”

“In my opinion, continuing to support them financially through foreign aid is criminal. I say that to emphasize how I feel about providing any type of weapon system to them. We have an out-of-control government right now, and this will cost this nation greatly in the long run,”

Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX), Vice Chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services and a member of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, joined Poe is expressing his concern with arming Morsi.  Thornberry said:

“We should also be cautious about the arms we provide.”

Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-FL), a member of the House Ways and Means Committee also has a problem with Obama’s actions, saying:

“American tax dollars must not be used to aid and abet any dictatorial regime that stands with terrorists.”

Obama’s actions as treasonous, according to the U.S. Constitution, Article 3, Section 3 which states:

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

Continually providing billions of dollars, and bypassing Congress to do so, along with arming them with military weapons such as F-16 fighter jets clearly constitutes giving aid to an enemy.  Obama needs to be tried for treason immediately and removed from office and face a firing squad for his treasonous actions.  If he’s sent to prison the next liberal to take over, like Joe Biden will just pardon him and let him out.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any politicians with the guts and integrity to do what’s right and defend our nation and Constitution from such a treasonous and vile man.



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808 comments on “Obama Commits Treason By Arming Egypt’s Anti-American Dictatorship
  1. AL EISNER says:

    Impeachment of Barack Husseijn Obama is long Overdue

  2. AL EISNER says:

    Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama is  now long overdue

  3. WS says:

    If a sitting President pardons a traitor, is that treason?

  4. mtgt101 says:

    What has he done that isn’t an act of treason?

  5. marvs says:

    Impeachment of BHO is impossible as long as the Senate has their nose where it is.

  6. marcojazz says:

    impeachment is the only way to save this USA !!!!!!! this dude is the worst ever

  7. JimGreaves says:

    You cannot “impeach” someone, under the US Constitution, who is NOT qualified to serve in an impeachable office. Clearly, Obama is not qualified (his father, if BHO Sr, was NOT citizen of Hawaii or any other US state – it is required that BOTH the two parents of a person be citizens, AND anyone under the age of 16 when giving birth must have been WITHIN a STATE’s boundaries for at least 5 years prior to the birth. None of these requirements were met in 2008, and Pelosi and anyone else who accepted him (whether or not using the precisely worded requirements upon certification) need to ALSO be tried for treason.

    • Ed Shick says:

      @JimGreaves ,I agree ,but he can be arrested for Treason , He lied under oath when he took the oath to be President of The United States, Any way just get rid of him now they should have seen what he was as a Senator  Ill,when he took Alice Palmer seat

  8. HenryFlynn says:

    I am wondering how many democrats are also willing to let Obama commit treason, without doing anything about it???? How many judges will protect him while he commits treason??? I already know that Holder will do nothing, although, being the top cop, it is his responsibility to bring charges, but he will not!! The question has already been asked, WHO has the guts??!!

    • SusanWoods says:


      • JimGreaves says:

        @SusanWoods  @HenryFlynn
         State legislatures acting like real adults, and not serfs have the Constitutional authority to nullify EVERY act of Congress if said act is not a specifically enumerated power. AND, the governors need to call home their congressional delegations, and prepare to be invaded by Obama’s “brown-skinned black shirts” (aka, DHS troops recently graduated from VISTA).

    • Seymour Kleerly says:

      @HenryFlynn Would you consider Ronald Reagan”s arming the Taliban and Bin Laden’s army with serious weapons, TREASON?

    • Pakinpastor says:

      And it’s on the internet, so it can’t be wrong! Right?

    • bobm001 says:

      Nik, The Jewish Chronicle is a PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL RAG! I think they are in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood! Before you throw rocks a Dave Jolly, better do some BETTER research.

    • JohninVirginia says:

      That was published November 22 after Morsi did the one thing that gained international approval in stopping the rain of missiles.  Building on that PR feat, he immediately offended the international community by declaring his dictatorial  powers unlimited by any other part of government.  The web site is that of a self-hating jewish group.

    • Dave says:

      The JC article only proves that Morsi is capable of some degree of pragmatism, which I suppose is better (a little) than being totally incapable.

  9. marcojazz says:

    democrats are the party of moochers!!!!!

  10. Redmongo1 says:

    Like anything is going to happen

  11. SusanWoods says:

    Dictators can’t be impeached!

  12. Shutter says:

    Obama is a Muslim at heart, regardless of what he says.  His actions prove he leans far more toward Muslim ideology (which isn’t far removed from Nazism or Socialism) than his professed Christianity (even that has been a sect based on bigotry and unpatriotic), so it should be no surprise that he would help a country that has now voted to incorporate Islam in their constitution.  Isn’t it ironic how the liberals/progressives will back governments that are strictly embed religion (in particular Islam) in their government while at the same time deny and fight the Christian heritage in their own?

    • JohninVirginia says:

      One PhD has published online the conclusion that the gold ring, worn by Obama since his college days, was photographed, enlarged and translated “There is no god but Allah”.

  13. JohnEmery says:

    the cowards in D.C. wont do a damned thing.

    • merriel46 says:

      @JohnEmery Everyone in D.C. is not a coward.  I don’t know how many more times I will have to say this, but here goes.  The papers for impeachment have been in the House of Representatives ( currently controlled by the Republican Party).  That is where impeachment starts, but it ends in the Senate ( currently controlled by Harry Reid and the Democrats.  Harry Reid is NEVER going to allow a bill to come from the House before HIS Senate.  He is NEVER going to do anything to HIS demi-god, Obama..  If anything were to happen to Obumba, we would be stuck with foot in the mouth Biden.  I don’t know who would be worse for the U. S. A.

  14. livefyre8158 says:

    I think we do have politicians with the foresight and guts to charge the being in the POTUS slot and the mentally cripple in the VP slot with treason.  I would like to encourage them to gather like-minded Christians together in the House and Senate and profer charges in a manner that cannot be pardoned by the “person” in the DOJ chief position.  
    Gentlepeople, the time has come to be un-gentil, and a few million of us encourage you to do it !!! ASAP

  15. Ed Shick says:

    We cut back on military as our plans were to build some more    F22’s,, Biden says we do not need any more Tanks , We are worried they will shut plant down,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Big thing Egypt is an enemy to the US and Israel,, What are we doing for our friend , ISRAEL ,,           Send Obama to Egypt as an adviser , with no Secret service , He certianly is not an American

  16. JamieHuff says:

    It will never happen as long as socialists control Congress and the mainstream media. They don’t know how to do what’s right and lawful. They are ALL treasonous criminals.

  17. Jean says:

    Previously, Obama has said if it is us or the Muslim world then he would side with them.  These are just more issues of him doing exactly that.  We no longer have unbaised media that will call him out on his unsound policies nor members of Congress that that will stand up to him.

  18. Pakinpastor says:

    Left, Right, what’s the difference? Nothing! They only have their own interests at heart. If they were to hold to the oath they swore, then they would be on our side, but, alas! we are not on their radar, except to have them tax us, and now take away our ability to defend ourselves from the criminals they have become. The US is helping our enemies, and for that I guess we are to thank them? This country is so screwed up!

  19. boxerbuddy4 says:

    Congress controls the purse strings and yet Obama gives money to the Muslim brotherhood. That makes no sense at all.

    • cantonst says:

       He’d figure out a way to do it by executive order if Congress got in the way.  Congress is too wedded to the system to step up!  Need more pissed off tea party members in the House and Senate.  I like Senator Paul for 2016 with Marco Rubio in the second slot or even vice versa…

  20. brushcutter says:

    The other big question is “When are the dems & reps quit their bickering, join together and save this country”?  Everything in this whole article is so true yet no one who has the power to do so, is doing anything.  I’m just a lowly retired AF NCO who can only cast one vote.  Writing to the people in DC is a waste of time.  We can all read these things yet most of us have no power to do anything other than express our thoughts.   All the postings to this are so true yet meaningless.  I am totally flustrated being so powerless.  Not much else to be said.

    • Stan says:

      @brushcutter That my friend is exactly right! We had a chance in November, but we blew it. You would almost think the two parties are working together on one thing, that is to keep him in office. IMO

      • cantonst says:

         campaign would have been a lot more entertaining with Gingrich instead of Romney…we needed a mud and dirt fighter in there, regardless of the outcome.  Romney was just too nice and polite a gentleman…also think we would have gotten more youth vote that way…

    • cantonst says:

       From a retired Navy NCO: Live your life righteously as best you can and serve as an example to all those in your sphere of influence…You’d be surprized how much sway you have…and don’t lose any sleep over the rest…

  21. JARNKM says:

    Apparently he is trying to find “The Point” where “We the People” demand that “Enough Is Enough” and demand that he be removed from office and that all of his previous “Anti-American” Executive Orders are stricken from the books and ruled “worthless”, just like he is!!!! In fact, those that had the job of “vetting” him for his present and previous governmental positions should also be tried for Treason, along with him and his “cabinet of thieves” and dealt with accordingly!!

  22. archie says:

    And the democrats wonder why we question Obama’s birth place?

  23. Seymour Kleerly says:

    We don’t know what will happen in Egypt. This is only the beginning of a difficult process. I doubt that Egypt will become a conservative Muslim state, nor will Syria, nor did Iraq.  But Religion will now have more influence for sure.

  24. Rick says:

    Well, it looks like firing squad it is then! :)
    This way we avoid “Foot in the mouth” Biden giving him a pardon.

    • snooks122242 says:

      Need to warn him. “You be next if you push the right buttons buddy”
      And, it takes congress,etc.to give the money for “all” of them BUT
      we also know he will bypass them If he wants something bad enough.
      Oh, I just want to hurt him(GOD forgive me)

  25. rick says:

    the illegal alien with no resume, has his communists run the country, whilst his only job, what he is PUT there to do, is advance islam. the indonesian citizen gets an A+ on that. a lifelong communist, a lifelong muslim, the only 2 homes he grew up in.  the research was stupid easy in 2006 and etched in stone today. people need to knock off the apathy krap, right now!

  26. LDommel says:

    Wait till he TRYS FOR AMNESTY! To wipe out the whte vote in the United States! Blacks are stupid and will continue to vote for the enemies of their OWN COUNTRY! Just send them the check to buy their souls!

    • cantonst says:

       Blacks aren’t stupid…

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @cantonst  @LDommel Whites, too. It took more than the blacks to put us where we are.

        • LDommel says:

          @Evermyrtle  @cantonst
           WHEN 95% of the Black voted for a President who didn’t even know the amount of the NATIONAL DEBT, gave NO PLAN during the election to fix the DEBT other then tax the rich which pays for a couple of days of FEDERAL Spending. Let alone continue to give my state Democrats in their area that are against Letting their children go to other school system which HELPED the DC school system etc.. DO I NEED TO KEEP GOING!

        • LDommel says:

          @Evermyrtle  @cantonst
           NOT 95%! DON’T PULL THAT CRAP ON ME!!  They put him in the first election TO FIX THE PROBLEM! HE MADE IT W O R S T! So they put him back in! Take RESPONSIBILITY sometime & stop BLAMING THE OTHER GUY! I’m not Political CORRECT I’m going to tell you what happened! This ELECTION we had a chance to change our direction of going over the CLIFF!! They put the person in that made it WORST in the first place. WAY WORST then any other President. NOW YOU PEOPLE PLAN ON RUNNING AWAY & NOT TAKE the RESPONSIBILITY! That’s why PEOPLE NEVER LEARN, they BLAME EVERYONE ELSE rather then look the problem straight in the eye! I’m an adult not a child

      • Papabstr says:

        @cantonst  @LDommel
         Where did you ever hear that???????

        • LDommel says:

          @Papabstr  @cantonst
           Maybe you need to listen to Obama words! Also Blacks have voted for Democrats for 50years is that changing. Why would the Blacks  want Amnesty with the unemployment rate? Did Obama just do this IN THE LAST ELECTION? Granted illegals, work papers & some states issued Driver License. THIS IS HOW HE WON!

  27. JoeWommack says:

    Obama not the only one to blame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Congress has to power/authority to cut/stop/ defund any monies to any foreign govt./country/state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BUT,they do not have the will or the GUTS to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are but PUBLIC PARASITES on the taxpayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. shannon853 says:

    no one in a position of power will lift a finger to stop him for fear of black riots!

    • Rick says:

      @shannon853 Black riots are no big deal. They burnt many neighborhoods (mostly theirs) in the 60’s. Then the tanks rolled. We need not give in to blackmail!

    • Johnny P says:

      I say let’em riot.  We can handle it. The blacks riot for any tiny thing that they feel makes them stand out. IF riotion does it – let’em riot.

      • cantonst says:

        @Johnny P
         The sooner we quit thinking of ‘them and us’ the sooner they will quit thinking of ‘them and us’.  Perpetuating this ‘chip on their shoulder’ stuff has got to stop. So let’s stop giving the ‘militants’ ammunition for their rants.

    • cantonst says:

       Oh, I don’t think thats it!  I think those in power are so wedded to the crony system, they dare not stir the pot.  Really, bottom line…black riots mostly hurt black citizens.

      • shannon853 says:

         so what if they hurt their own. check any paper and read who kills their own race more then any other race. so yo think a riot bothers them one bit? who had lines for the first time for the 2008 election and this one? blacks are wanting to make sure their welfare and free health care champion was voted back in to keep the free lunches coming! obama slave master of the working! time someone tells it like it is.

  29. Andi says:

    Everyone knows the President went to a Muslim school and had a Muslim father. I wouldn’t be surprised at ANYTHING he does! He is out to bankrupt the country also…………….

    • cantonst says:

      And he constantly wears a ‘Islam Forever’ ring!  Some may think that’s a minor thing.  But he uses it as his wedding band and is never without it.

  30. Scott3398 says:

    He is more than willing to arm our enemies and at the same time disarm the american people

    • cantonst says:

       Even some talk radio conservatives are excusing Obama.  The guy subbing for Mark Levin yesterday twice attempted to excuse Obama’s actions.  I think of President Obama as the General of the enemy army…and that army is far superior in numbers to loyal U.S. patriots.  My real bottom line: President Obama promotes, condons and subsidies Abortion and that qualifies him as evil.

  31. Iron4jc says:

    Why must we continue allowing this traitorous usurper to enjoy bringing disastrous decisions that NOBODY else supports and continues to make the USA the laughing stock of the world as they know he is a fool….

    • cantonst says:

       Because a majority of our population is too stupid or lazy to know or care about these treasonous activities.  Add Benghazi to the list.  Public school education for the last five decades deserves a lot of the blame.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @Iron4jc Because we have elected cowards, gutless anti-GOD wantabes, liberals to office.

  32. dntmkmecomoverther says:

    Wow; he wouldn’t miss a chance at disarming the citizens of the US but it’s OK to arm our enemies not with rifles, but with something much deadlier: Fighter Jets….go figure.  And who will stop this treacherous megalomaniac?

    • tazz89103 says:

      @@dntmkmecomoverther We the people are the only ones left to stop them, I just came from a gun show in Las Vegas NV, I never saw so many people at one show in my life. Lines a mile long just to buy ammo an other stuff. We have this right, But if we dont fight to keep it we will lose it, It has been judged that we the people who have the right to have arms that it is part of keeping a free state, so there for we should have the same guns that a military would use or close to it, Ok we dont have rocket launchers or things of that caliber But we should have what we need to protect our rights and our country from a rouge government or out side government ,,,

  33. NavyJR says:

    Not exactly a first, even for him; and not for US Presidents either.  Anyone recall Hussein?  Castro?  Even Stalin?

    • agbjr says:

      @NavyJR The situations are not similar in the least therefore the comparison is frankly asinine.

      • NavyJR says:

        @agbjr Really?  I take it, then, you don’t recall how near to nuclear annihilation we got because of arming 2 of those dictators?  Or the mess we have because of arming Hussein?    Of course it’s the SAME!

        • agbjr says:

          @NavyJR No, it is not the same as history and facts prove. Research and know your subject before you attempt to argue.

        • ElizabethClark says:

          @NavyJR  @agbjr
           aww he must be young don’t blame him he probably wasn’t even alive then

        • NavyJR says:

          @agbjr Kindly take your revisionist history elsewhere; as Elizabeth pointed out , some of us REMEMBER some of those events or heard first hand accounts of them from others who WERE there, including raw film footage and home photos!  It is EXACTLY the same!  Perhaps YOU should do  a bit of research yourself, instead of swallowing the media’s lies!

        • NavyJR says:

          @ElizabethClark  Must be, and his teachers fibbed to him about it too!

        • agbjr says:

          @ElizabethClark  @NavyJR I have very vivid and quite correct memories of “Duck and Cover” in school and remember new cars in the showroom of the local Studebaker dealer so don’t kid yourselves. I am an historian; I deal in facts and do not discuss a matter without study and research. Revisionism is not only a revolting concept it is absolutely criminal; facts are facts and that will never change no matter what the minions of Karl Marx may spout.

        • NavyJR says:

          @agbjr  In that case why do you deny the arming of enemies in our past that have been turned back around and used against us?  We also armed the Afghanis in the ’80s, and where are we now?  But it’s a directed and well planned and choreographed global design to bring about the NWQ,, under the reign and religion of one Lucifer, and he WANTS humans to die, so no problem.  I also remember those things, and watching the films of Stalin lying in state, Ike’s first election returns,  and Elizabeth II’s coronation, as well. They raced those films back on special planes in BOTH cases,

  34. Ohio Fats says:

    There is a passage in The Bible that basically states any country that rejects Israel and/or supports enemies of Israel will lose favor with God and be severely punished!  I don’t know about anyone else, but I am looking for shelter from Heaven-sent lightning bolts.

    • ElizabethClark says:

      @Ohio Fats
       Actually look around you, God is answering, if you don’t want me in your house then I will stay away.  Look at the wars, look at the devastation storms occuring

  35. moberndorf says:

    Treason, indeed. And he’s arming al-Qaeda in Syria, too. Impeach, arrest, incict, convict and carry out the punishment prescribed by law. Entiende “fat chance”?

  36. Johnny P says:

    Bring it on — Let them riot.

  37. adamenochnoah says:

    Enough talk. Arrest Obama & most of Congress.

  38. dee_lunche says:

    @truckster1 @MicheleBachmann @RepTimScott Please never forget #Benghazigate #tcot Also, who is Obama? That hasn’t been adjudicated. #GOP

  39. DanaPreston says:

    The SENATE needs to be CHANGED. VOTE Next Senate Election. Get them Out and VOTE for a “CONSTITUTIONAL Conservative.

    • gparra9 says:

      @DanaPreston  Who do you think is going to change all this , It sure as hell won’t be the American voter , there the ones that “KEEP”voting for the same thieves now in congress over & over again…………………IT NEVER FAILS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • ElizabethClark says:

       we need to write to our senators etc and tell them to stop letting people getting welfare they can not vote, that is the way it should be

  40. ER12696490 says:

    Let face facts, if he commited treason this is punishable by death. None of our blood suckesr in Washington has done or is about to do anything. If this illegal,muslim,liar did this act everyone would hang this illegal,muslim liar. Everyone who writes articels like this is just stirring the pot. All are full of BS. This is my last writing to your wed sites.PS I think I have more respect for some of the jerks who vote for this puppet than some of the wed sites I have been reading from.

    • DanaPreston says:

      @ER12696490 Are you in DENAIL? This article was a FOXNEWS discussion for the last FEW  weeks. It’s NOT a SECRET. We the PEOPLE are NOT doing anything but TALKING is the way I see it. I’m mad too. But different reasons than you. I’m waiting for the Day the AMERICAN PEOPLE MARCH at the Capital when they are in Seesion and DEMAND Obama and others Arrested for TREASON, ETC. We the People need to do this NOW!!!! Lets organize NOW. DEMAND it a RALLY NOW.

      • tazz89103 says:

        @DanaPreston  @ER12696490 Isaw your right, But we need the right people or person to lead it . to get it organized, Thats where we are falling short.
        But when they try to disarm us and make all these new rules that have nothing to do with what has happened in those shootings, than you might see some people get up in there faces more. And believe me the rules finestien  or ever how you spell her name is trying to do your head would fall off, shes worse than O himself when it comes to the gun thing.
        But they have to disarm us so they can really put things in motion the way they want, Cant do it when we still have guns, Thats the one thing they do fear, The2nd Amendment…..

      • ElizabethClark says:

        @DanaPreston  @ER12696490
         I would even join you all in my wheel chair

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @ER12696490 You are right but I will not leave the website, yet. It helps me keep up with what is going on around us. His getting into that White House in the first place shows us what terrible condition the country was in  four years ago. It shows us that the world in in the condition that will bring JESUS CHRIST back, very soon. Since then it has continually continued to depreciate.

  41. Papabstr says:

    Just more proof that he is trying to destroy this country…………….I think the firing squad is in need for this situation fur this.

  42. gparra9 says:

    If the Ghetto Rat has committed treason who is going to do anything about it ?? It sure as hell won’t be those worthless, jack leg  no count , so called  elected Rep. in the U.S. Congress, there to busy running around sniffing each others Butts & waiting for their next paycheck  so they can go back on vacation………….. so whats the big deal America ????!!!!

    • ElizabethClark says:

       well he just gave them a raise for there ten days of service a year for the USA,there just like the people getting all the give aways, who is going to cut there own throat for the people huh???????

  43. Ohio Fats says:

    How about some comments from those folks who actually voted for this character?  Or are you too ashamed?

  44. NavyVet says:

    ….. and every member of Congress, House and Senate, has committed High Treason by reason of doing nothing to stop this Usurper.
    Damn Them All!

    • tazz89103 says:

      @NavyVet It’s going to be up to us in the end guys

      • DanaPreston says:

        @tazz89103  @NavyVet Why do we have to WAIT? Why can’t we Rally at the Capital and DEMAND to arrest Obama and others, when Congress is in Session?  And for those that Can’t make it to D.C., Rally at THEIR Capital when their Senators, Reps are  in Session. Why WAIT People? Wait to it’s TOO LATE?

        • tazz89103 says:

          @DanaPreston  @NavyVet your right, But it’s not easy to get that many people together at one time, It’s very hard, One of these organizations that support the 2nd Amendment should get it rolling , But dont see it happening ,,,,, But you are right, How do you get it going ?

      • Seymour Kleerly says:

        @tazz89103  @NavyVet  You must be a LEFT Wing plant. The Right is  already on the ropes and you want to start acting even crazier?  Stop believing this lowbrow propaganda. Your killing  any chances  for normal Conservatives to stand up to the far left!

        • tazz89103 says:

          @Seymour Kleerly  @NavyVet  I dont get your point Seymour, Are you calling me a left wing plant ? If you are you have no idea how far your off.
          lol,,, I am not sure what your saying but you might want to get your head out of your ass, Iam no left winger, I can’t really saw what I think about them here, someone one might be looking in…….

  45. Jim Bragg says:

    How in the hell can he get away with sending Egypt weapons like this? Doesn’t someone else have a say so? I would very much like to see WHO actually sought these weapons from us and WHO gave the approval! The arming of a force that has stated that their purpose is to wipe Israel off the face of the planet and either convert everyone to Islam or kill those who will not accept conversion is asinine. This IS arming our enemy and should not happen, period. Whoever is responsible needs to be arrested and charged with Treason.

  46. Von says:

    I ll pray for Obama alright

  47. agbjr says:

    I believe aiding and arming proven enemies of the Republic DOES fit the proper description of Treason and therefore an impeachable offense per the Constitution …
    Article II Section 4:
    The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes or Misdemeanors.

    • bmg28 says:

      agbjr:   Laws don’t mean a dam anymore. The last four years have been a travesty with this jack ass. Ignore the laws just make up your own and tell the people to go to hell thats this administrations attitude. You get what you vote for

      • agbjr says:

        @bmg28 Don’t lump ME in with the minions; I didn’t vote for this Marxist in either election!

        • snooks122242 says:

          @agbjr  @bmg28
            I didn’t vote for him either and neither did anyone I know
          And you’re right about the law,actually, the laws are just for us
           BUT it also goes back to:If we don’t do something who will!!
          We could do a lot more damage than Greece did
          I just want to cry every night when I go to bed because my country
          is in such a mess and I can’t do anything BUT  JESUS is coming soon and I would love to  be a fly on the wall on Judgement Day

    • NavyJR says:

      @agbjr Well, it would IF he was a citizen of this nation!

  48. BlueViolets says:

    Nothing will be done.  Our elected officials no longer listen to what we the people want but to the promise of money and power.   Sad that they think we are expendable and don’t realize that they are also just grist for the obama socialist mill and will themselves be eliminated when they are no longer useful.

  49. tazz89103 says:

    We all need to stick together, or we hang alone,!!!!!!!!

  50. Jerry logan says:

    Impeach all of them. Let do it and stop talking about it. They guilty

    • tazz89103 says:

      @Jerry logan we would ned to march on DC with about a million people armed,,,, and thats not a joke,

      • DanaPreston says:

        @tazz89103  @Jerry logan I’m READY!  WHY WAIT? The Sooner the Better.  We MUSt organize this NOW. Military? Are you with us ‘The People’?

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @DanaPreston  @tazz89103  @Jerry logan I have been ready for four years.

        • tazz89103 says:

          @DanaPreston  @Jerry logan most you think would be, they sure dont like him, hell he’s trying to destroy the Military too.

  51. MichaelMeyer says:

    That dirty traitor needs to be impeached. Immediately.

  52. comeon really says:

    And nothing will happen, its like this guy is untouchable. It makes me sick, all the things he has done and not even a reprimand from congress. It is very discouraging, to watch our country being destroyed by a bunch of commies.

    • tazz89103 says:

      @comeon really right and the right cant and wont stop it, they are helpless

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @comeon really The reason he cannot be touched he belongs to Satan. He  will be in there until the end, the very end. He will be the president of the One World Union and we will be stuck until JESUS comes to set us free!!

      • snooks122242 says:

        @Evermyrtle  @comeon really AMEN,he  is a son of satan

      • DanaPreston says:

        Actually, it will get a lot WORSE. Obama is NOT the Anti-christ for the Anti-Christ will be VERY Well liked by all, even Belivers in GOD and the Constitution. Obama is too Disliked, even outside of this Country. But, we are on the ROAD to the near Anti-Christ time.  It’s TIME to put it off  by WE ALL go to DC and DEMAND Arrest.

    • DanaPreston says:

      It CAN be Done, if the American People Go to WASHINGTON when they are in Session and DEMAND Arrest of Obama and others for TREASON, ETC It’s the ONLY way we can do this. Also, ALL other Capitial’s in EACH State when they are in Session and there. DEMAND and SCARE these Senators and Reps and tell them they are NEXT. They WORK for us! It’s TIME PEOPLE! Let’s STOP talking and tAKE ACTION. (Peacfully of course – unless we are ATTACKED)

  53. bmg28 says:

    Hell no one will get a backbone to do anything about this illegal communist kenyan that is out to destroy our country. If this had been a Republican he would be in jail now if he had not been shot for treason. Republicans wear pink undies

  54. pudbertsavannahga says:

    Let’s HANG him for the treasonousBastard he IS ! ! !
    Watch out ! !  the SS (no not Germany Secret police, same thing tho) Secret Service will come interrogate me for being a Patriot ! ! ! !

  55. dee_lunche says:

    @truckster1 @PatDollard When is enough, enough?

  56. HowardPettyjohn says:

    I have been unable to stir my representatives, who are Republicans, in the house and the senate, to do anything about this.  Only thing left to do is go sit in their doorways with a sign or some off the wall something.  I have no doubt that Hillary had a great deal to do with this also. 
    I have written, phoned, and signed petitions several times.  Anyone who knows anything about this president should be doing the same thing.  Whoever he is closeting with have been working on this for a long time and now they have found their man.  By letting him finish out their plan is turning and walking away from this country we have cherished so very long.  I gave 13 years in the prime of my life in the military service for her and hate to see her go.

    • tazz89103 says:

      @HowardPettyjohn @ I give you credit for trying it the right way, You might need to make a petition and try to get as many people to sign and send it in. You have to tell these guys you wont support them when its time to vote. Unless they get there hands dirty.

    • rosie46 says:

       A New Declaration Of Independence: Impeach Obama Now – YouTube

  57. RICARDO36 says:


  58. swede41 says:


  59. Jerry logan says:

    We need to do something our chicken crap government want do anything they all crooks

  60. agbjr says:

    Yeah, Obama’s actions fit the description as enumerated in the Constitution …
    The Constitution, Article III Section 3
    Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in an open Court.
    Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

  61. unclebarry says:

    We Know This Is All True.  What Do We Do?  What Can We Do.  Petition The White House???
    What The Frak Is Wrong With Our Government?

    • DanaPreston says:

      It’s called the UN AGENDA 21 PLAN. GOOGLE: ‘Tom DeWeese Agenda 21’. See your life, past, present and Future. Also, go to YouTube, and do a SEARCH: ‘Agenda 21. You will have all the ANSWERS.

      • rosie46 says:

         Also search for the UN Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) that turns over the control of our oceans to the UN and allows them to tax us on our use and turn the money over to other countrires.

    • ElizabethClark says:

      we need to kick them all out and get some people that care about the country

    • rosie46 says:

      A New Declaration Of Independence: Impeach Obama Now – YouTube

  62. Jerry logan says:

    They witness’s

  63. Jerry logan says:

    The only that has right is the government .we living in a third world country. And Obama is a dictator o amen

  64. TexRancher says:

    A lot of chatter, but when will we see some action on the treasonous actions by this phoney president? Do our representatives not represent us any longer? I should ask! If the people we elect won’t act then it’s time for them to head back where came from!
    It’s obvious that everybody in Wash. is afraid of Obama. Why? Time for us to get some answers!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @TexRancher We won’t, so don’t hold your breath. This is the end of free America. It’s gone. and I have children and grandchildren which have to face bondage, unless JESUS rescues them. Ain’t not other way!!!

    • Plum says:

      They are afraid of Obama because he is a Chicago thug. He uses the same tactics and threats as the Mafia and the Taliban. He makes them an offer they can’t refuse!

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @TexRancher I believe that is how he gets everything he wants,the awful threats he issues as well as a few promises.

    • rosie46 says:

       A New Declaration Of Independence: Impeach Obama Now – YouTube

  65. DanaPreston says:

    Petitions will do Know Good. It ‘may’ only put off but Obama has passed so many EO’s that even the Senate and House have ALREADY LOST Power. It’s TIME to Take this in OUR Hands. Peacefully But Firmly go to DC and DEMAND Arrest of Obama, Holder, Hillary, ETC.   Scare the HELL out of Congress. Let them know, if KNOW Action, they are in TROUBLE! (Can’t say on the internet).

  66. MargaretHood says:

    Obama thinks he is indespensible and invincible! He and his communist czars think that now that they have the power America can be picked off …first their schools and churches, next their finanaces and last but not least their faith and religion and  THE 2ND AMMENDMENT…BUT HE IS WRONG. WE DIDN’T COME THIS FAR AFTER OVER 200 YRS TO  GIVE UP OUR RIGHTS AND OUR CONSTITUTION FOR THOSE WHO HATE AMERICA AS IS  WORSE THAN THE ENEMY OVER THERE AND THE ENEMY WITHIN!

    • tazz89103 says:

      @MargaretHood  you tell him Margaret, I like your style.

    • rosie46 says:

       The communists said they would conquer us from within and they have spent 50 years doing just that and now we wake up to what they intended and planned.  I pray to God we are in time.

  67. SanfordAranoff says:

    From: Dr. Sanford Aranoff 535A Ardmore Rd Monroe Twp, NJ 08831-7616 609-409-1270 Why? Please tell me why? Why do so many intelligent responsible people do things that are not rational, contrary to clear evidence, and that ignore history? Why do people fight so hard to increase taxes, when we all know from clear historical evidence, that increasing taxes decreases government revenue? Why did New York put a 100% tax on welfare recipients who earned extra income, only to later eliminate this nonsense? Why to we fight so hard for gun-free zones and such, when evidence is clear that most gun killings are in gun-free zones? Why do people on television speak in ways preventing clear thinking and rational analysis? If someone does not agree with an opinion, he or she will get very emotional, sometimes cutting off another speaker. We all know that rational thinking requires calm discussion. Why do we tolerate emotional rationality? Why? Why do so many people, here and abroad, struggle to get more government control of businesses, when we all know, from logic and evidence, that more government control means poor business results and suffering to society? Why? Why do we emphasize the will of the majority when America is not a democracy? In our country the majority cannot do as they wish if this interferes with minority rights. We are a republic. Why does the majority clamor for higher taxes when this interferes with the rights of the minority to keep their private money? Taxes that are not fair, such as taxes on money that has already been taxed, is a violation of minority rights. Why do we Americans accept this? Why are Americans not aware of dangers to our country? In the early 19th century, people were angry at slave owners who sold men to one group, and the wives to other groups, breaking up families. People became very, very angry at this evil. The result was the horrible Civil War and terrible Reconstruction. Today, people are very angry at the government spending money it does not have. People are very, very angry at this evil, even though they voted for representatives who support this evil. Why are we not afraid of another outburst as happened in the 19th century? Don’t we understand what type of people we Americans are, who will try to live with evil until they realize they must fight the evil? 19th century Americans failed to learn from the experience of the Revolutionary War, that we cannot tolerate evil. This failure lead to the Civil War, with the result of millions dead and injured, and widespread poverty. This is how we Americans are. Why cannot we 21st century Americans learn from our history, that if our institutions fail us, we will fight? We will fight for the rights of our minorities, such as Americans who pay taxes who wish to keep their property. Why can’t we learn from the experience of Americans who refused to pay tribute to the Arabs in Tripoli, with the result of the Barbary War? Why cannot we see that we Americans will fight not to pay tribute to the federal government in order to continue growing our country? -Dr. Sanford Aranoff author of * Finite and Infinite Mathematics: Sets, Numbers, Lines, Equations, Probability * Rational Thinking, Government Policies, Science, and Living * Teaching and Helping Students Think and Do Better web page: http://www.analysis-knowledge.com/msgTeaching.htm

  68. SanfordAranoff says:

    Why? Please tell me why? Why do so many intelligent responsible people do things that are not rational, contrary to clear evidence, and that ignore history?
    Why do people fight so hard to increase taxes, when we all know from clear historical evidence, that increasing taxes decreases government revenue? Why did New York put a 100% tax on welfare recipients who earned extra income, only to later eliminate this nonsense?
    Why to we fight so hard for gun-free zones and such, when evidence is clear that most gun killings are in gun-free zones?
    Why do people on television speak in ways preventing clear thinking and rational analysis? If someone does not agree with an opinion, he or she will get very emotional, sometimes cutting off another speaker. We all know that rational thinking requires calm discussion. Why do we tolerate emotional rationality? Why?
    Why do so many people, here and abroad, struggle to get more government control of businesses, when we all know, from logic and evidence, that more government control means poor business results and suffering to society? Why?
    Why do we emphasize the will of the majority when America is not a democracy? In our country the majority cannot do as they wish if this interferes with minority rights. We are a republic. Why does the majority clamor for higher taxes when this interferes with the rights of the minority to keep their private money? Taxes that are not fair, such as taxes on money that has already been taxed, is a violation of minority rights. Why do we Americans accept this?
    Why are Americans not aware of dangers to our country? In the early 19th century, people were angry at slave owners who sold men to one group, and the wives to other groups, breaking up families. People became very, very angry at this evil. The result was the horrible Civil War and terrible Reconstruction. Today, people are very angry at the government spending money it does not have. People are very, very angry at this evil, even though they voted for representatives who support this evil. Why are we not afraid of another outburst as happened in the 19th century?
    Don’t we understand what type of people we Americans are, who will try to live with evil until they realize they must fight the evil? 19th century Americans failed to learn from the experience of the Revolutionary War, that we cannot tolerate evil. This failure lead to the Civil War, with the result of millions dead and injured, and widespread poverty. This is how we Americans are.
    Why cannot we 21st century Americans learn from our history, that if our institutions fail us, we will fight? We will fight for the rights of our minorities, such as Americans who pay taxes who wish to keep their property. Why can’t we learn from the experience of Americans who refused to pay tribute to the Arabs in Tripoli, with the result of the Barbary War? Why cannot we see that we Americans will fight not to pay tribute to the federal government in order to continue growing our country?

    • ElizabethClark says:

       simple answer, the ones that voted him back in are illegals and people getting freebee’s , it should be anyone that is getting welfare can not vote

      • Xman3 says:

        Either we just witnessed 2-7% National Voter fraud, or the alternative is 50% of American Voters are idiots (either uninformed due to the lame-stream-media bias, are educated idiots, plain stupid or just die-hard Democrats, no matter what).
        God Bless America – we sure need it.

        • ElizabethClark says:

          @Xman3  @SanfordAranoff
           all of the above, take the people that are getting all the free stuff like welfare and stop them from being able to vote

    • rosie46 says:

       The educators have been educated by progressive/liberal/leftist teachers, and they, in turn, teach our childred if they are educated at all, and the truth of history is altered.  Then we have those who voted with their hands out or who believe his lies and promises and who favor the redistribution of the wealth of others. The Democrats, going back to Johnson, created a welfare class that has now come down through generations and is a whole culture in iteself living off the working class in this country.  We have generation after generation on welfare and they will, of course, vote for continuation of that lifestyle.  Too many are absorbed with the now, don’t know history and do not care about the future because the government will take care of them.  Your discussion is thoughtful, intelligent, valid and you ask all the relevant questions.  Hopefully, more people will learn and ask the same questions, but we have to get our children away from the government schools.

  69. johnmvink says:

    if they are going to execute him do you think we could get the hildebeast to stand next to him

  70. Brian Hill says:

    I will be one of the two need to claim treason, any one second that? LOL

  71. Randy131 says:

    Didn’t the Democrats have big federal court cases for supposedly Ronald Reagan and Col. Oliver North selling weapons to the ‘Contras’ in Cental America?  Isn’t this the same thing, but being done in the Middle East instead of Central America, and if so, what happened to all that Democratic righteous indignation they expressed at Ronald Reagan and Col. Oliver North for doing the exact same thing that Obama and Hillary Clinton are now doing?  Another name for ‘HYPOCRITE’ is Democrat, which seems to be proven over and over again, whenever they claim the Republicans are doing something illegal.  Can you imagine the stink that would have been raised by the Democrats, if Bush had tried to do half the things that Obama has done?

  72. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Was Ronald Reagan guilty of TREASON when he and Bush 1 sold arms to IRAN, a terrorist nation!

  73. DaxDushkewich says:

    Hey all

  74. ElizabethClark says:

    I will third it, this guy is getting away with anything and everything.  We need to vote out all these people that are cowards and not serving the people

  75. Brian Hill says:

    I am praying we have a few good men left high up in the military that can stand up to this traitor. I am sure there are many that are beyond reproach and have nothing like a bimbo to get at them as they have done with two very good men.
    they will ALWAYS try the sex betrayal route first.

  76. DaxDushkewich says:

    We call on any of our Representatives in the House, and those in the Senate, any who still have an ounce of integrity, to uphold their oaths of office, and to support and defend the United States Constitution from ALL enemies, Foreign and Domestic, as they have sworn to do.

  77. Well, should this be a shock? Muzlims stick together, don’tcha know? Disarm us, arm them….all a neat package for the socialist takeover of the USA.

    • rosie46 says:

       Everyone needs to watch Bobby Powell on this video and his others.  This makes sense as to what is going on; puts some pieces together, which we think but he spells out.

    • Truckman says:

      @DaxDushkewich Just sent this link to everyone in my email address book,including some News Media and Politicians. We’ll see who takes the time to watch it and learn from it,and more importantly,to make some calls,forward it to other Politicians and DO something about it.

  78. Patroit says:

    This is exactly WHY they and the News Media ignored our murdered diplomats and servicemen in Bengahzi.  We took them ARMS.  It will come out.  Obama will stand with the MUSLIMS of America and he said so in his book.
    That is why America and the free handouts are so dumb.

    • refurb001yy says:

      obamy is trying to buy off the people of the United States with these hand outs.  And some love it and will follow the fox right into the killing machine (that awaits them).

  79. GizziesMinga says:

    Did not vote for him the first time nor the second time…He is a slimy snake full of lies and deceit…He has those who voted for him hoodwinked..Definitely not a leader but there is some other power pulling his strings..Makes no difference how we belly ache and talk about it because this keeps it alive and takes our focus off of what really is going on…This is just the beginnning of birth pains and only God has the power to end this…The hand of judgement is on this nation and even good solid Christians voted for him…Now he is giving our enemies the means to destroy us and other nations to….Four more years and if the laws change he could be around for a very long time….Now that my friends is something to be pondered….

    • glonjojo says:

      @GizziesMinga ocraps puppet masters
      Builderberg’s Club of Rome Rothchild’s Illuminati Counsel of Foreign Relations Trilateral Commission New Age Movement All are trying to usher in the New World Order. WND 1/7.08 Kissinger: Obama primed to creat New World Order. Fox 5/22/10 At West Pt. Obama presses for New World Order to defeat Al Qaeda

  80. zrod says:

    rep. Poe and Thornberry  It’s nice these men wrote about their displeasure with this matter, but we demand to know what else are you going to do to stop this treasonous act? O yes I forgot he just gave you a raise you better not say too much. By the way where are you with ” fast and furious” ? anyone gone to jail yet ? HOW ABOUT EARNING YOUR MONEY LIKE WE DO!!!! Time to put down the pen and put on your boots.

  81. RetAl Christian says:

    Doesn’t it make sense for a Muslim President to support countries that get of democracy! Same goes for disarmament how can radical Muslim groups take over if we can individually protect our freedom.

  82. RetAl Christian says:

    Stands to reason that America’s Head Muslim would want the world dominated by radical Muslims. The fastest way to Islam is No Guns.

    • glonjojo says:

      Don’t think for a moment obama isn’t one of brotherhood! WND 1/7/09. Kissinger: obama primed to create NEW WORLD ORDER. Across the globe an international respect for bo  have created the perfect setting for the establishment of of NWO.< span=””> WND 9/10/10 Pakistani Plea: Make obama supreme islamic leader. A Pakistani news paper is quoting one of the countries ministers as stating he wants obama to offer muslim prayers at ground zero and become the calph or ruler of the islamic nation. 4/16/09 Georgetown Univ. hid religious symbols @ white house request. Chicago Sun Times interview: asked obama what do you believe? obama’s answer: i’m rooted in the Christian tradition, but there are many paths to the same place, heaven.  Question to obama: Who is Jesus to you? Ans: A historical figure a bridge between God and man, a wonderful teacher. Q.: Do you believe in heaven? A.: i don’t presume to have knowledge about what happens after i die. USA today: I can’t accept the idea of hell, i don’t respect the bigotry of the Apostle Paul in the book of Romans. Quote: leader of the nation of islam, louis farrakhan “our massiah has come” wants obama to make peace between Israel & pal. Spike Lee: “Now we can change the way we rate dates in history, from BC to AD to obama to ab” jessie jackson: “now that obama has come to power we will have to add another chapter to the bible”

  83. DaxDushkewich says:

    ‘The evidence suggests that the Obama administration has not simply been engaging, legitimating, enriching and emboldening Islamists who have now taken over or are ascendant in much of the Middle East. the Obama administration has been arming them, including jihadists like Abdelhakim Belhadj, the leader of the al Qaeda franchise known as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group’.Frank Gaffney

  84. Charjo says:

    What the hell? These terrorists who Obama’s giving the F-16’s to—what keeps them from using them against US??!?!?  And who the hell gives HIM the right to do this?? Where in the HELL is OUR CONGRESS???

    • zrod says:

      My point exactly why don’t our senators and congressmen do SOMETHING besides have those stupid hearings that nothing comes from. I think they are just opposite wings of the bird.

  85. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Why have some of my posts been removed? I am your friend and here to help.

  86. El_locoJp says:

    Just add it to the long list of treasonable actions by the fraud in the W.H.

  87. NunnyahBiz says:

    Lets just execute the usurper, and all who support him! Then We can start with a clean slate!!!

  88. J Joy says:

    If there are any Congressmen or Senators who seriously consider any of Obama’s actions treasonous why don’t they call him out on it??  I feel that Obama has pushed the treason button or at the very least unconstitutional button on many, many occasions.

    • refurb001yy says:

      @J Joy Does the word spineless mean anything or they are aiding and contributing to obamy’s dictatorship and should be put on trial as well.

    • Truckman says:

      @J Joy I imagine they’re not stepping up to their OATH because they don’t want to upset their “same ol’ same ol'”. That COULD end up in losing their paychecks!

  89. stevekoko says:

    You can’t be surprised???? What else would you expect from this socialist

  90. LarryThornton1 says:

    @saskamare Benidict Arnold never committed as much treason as that Muslim dude.

  91. 2WarAbnVet says:

    There’s something in an oath I once took about “enemies, foreign and domestic”. In this instance we have a domestic enemy assisting a foreign enemy.

  92. David in MA says:

    I do not think a president can pardon a traitor.
    Ok congress, start the process of trial for treason
    against this islamic marxist son-of-a-b itch, ya gots the balls?
    Ya try, convict & I volunteer to pull the hangmans lever.

  93. Truckman says:

    Obama committed TREASON when he lied his ass off to run for Senate,and did it again when he ran for President,and again when he ran for re-election. Why should THIS example even be news? Okay-what do I have to do to get him arrested,tried and convicted of TREASON? What do I have to sign? This BS has gone on over 5 years too long.

    • BenjiMac48 says:

      @Truckman The president runs the military and the Department of Justice, so nobody can/will arrest him. Congress already demanded the prosecution of Atty Gen Holder for crimes states, but the federal prosecutor who works for Holder said “Who me?” and did nothing. Impeachment is the only way to get Obama out of office before another 4 years, and if the Republican House brings charges then the Democrat Senate will throw them in the trash because no Democrat (and probably no Republican in the House) will bring charges against any black President no matter what he does.
      Where you have to sign is at the ballot box, and with a majority of the American people sticking their hands up Obama’s ass to see how much they can get from their fellow citizens, there is no hope to save the American nation until it has totally collapsed, and then there will be nothing left to save.

      • desertru says:

        @BenjiMac48  @Truckman

  94. thisamerican says:

    Will somebody please tell me why this POG is not arrested and impeached??? FGS, how many laws does he have to break before someone grows a pair and puts him in prison!!!!

  95. ladyhuckleberry says:

    I’m beginning to believe, for a nano second that Odumbo can be thrown, kicked, or whatever out of Office in my lifetime. Somewhere there’s got to be a way and someone for the mid term elections to remove him. And not to mention to prove he won’t become one of the Greatest Presidents we’ve had in History. If I thought I’m sick now I can only imagine what sick will continue to be if he’s allowed to continue his reign. Geesh Louise, people tell me there’s gotta be a way to send this planner and not Leader along with his cronies to prison for what they’ve done to this Country.

  96. Thunderbob says:

    You bet he violated the Law, but who is going to have the guts to bring it forward? I don’t see a single person in the Congress or Senate that would take the appropriate action! I have zero, no confidence in our Country’s leaders to  do much more than turn their heads.

  97. ErikOsbun says:

    Obama has committed TREASON.  Impeach him.

  98. boxermutts says:

    Here they go again……. they are aware that the Muslim-in-Chief has committed another treasonous offense. What are they going to do about it? NOTHIN’ that’s what, NOTHIN’ !  I’m so sick and tired of getting my hopes up and then NOTHIN’ !
    The great impostor just keeps on doing whatever he wants whether it be selling F-16’s to Muslims or giving guns to Mexican drug cartels it just doesn’t matter because NOTHIN’ is going to happen to him ! The few real conservatives remaining in Washington who speak out against this fool receive no support from their so called conservative Republican colleagues or the Republican establishment. 
    Face it my friends, with a biased media, a biased Judiciary and for the most part a bunch of RINO COWARDS representing us in Congress NOTHIN’ will ever change.

  99. David in MA says:

    It is time for America’s Veterans to set up their posts to sign up volunters my their rate/rank and speciality to have ready a civilian military force to march on Washingtin and remove the current illegal president and the aiding and abeting members of congress and ship them to GITMO for holding for a military tribunal and have the speaker pro tem assume the office of president and call foe electione immediately.
    (this is why obozo wants to disarm the American citizen, especially combat experianced veterans)

    • deanied says:

      I agree…how do we start!

    • glonjojo says:

      Why not join us.  http://www.secondamendmentwarrior.com Second Amendment Warrior “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” HomeGuestbookNew Item(s)My ThoughtsJury NullificationPoliceLawsNewsGeneral Info Welcome
      My idea is to have millions of gun owners become a Second Amendment Warrior.  If enough Patriots sign, then the government will have to forever leave us alone.  The true Warriors will sign up early which will then embolden others to sign up.
      Warriors Pledge
       “I will never register my guns.  I will never allow anyone to confiscate them.”
      If you agree take the Pledge.  You join by signing the Guestbook.
      Retired Law Enforcement Officer, Ex-Private Investigator, Police Author, Lecturer, Who’s Who in – American Law Enforcement, the East, America, the World.  VFW & NRA member.  U.S. Navy, 1951-55.  UN, Korea & China Service medals.
      After making Lieutenant I became a full time academy instructor specializing in Criminal Law, Evidence, Firearms (19 years, 17 as Rangemaster), Child Abuse and Police & Security Training.  Also taught nearly all police subjects at satellite academies, in-service and armed security guards.  Norbert  (Nate) Tanguay, site creator/owner.  I now live in Connecticut with my wife.                            Email: natanguay@gmail.com 
      Memorable Quotes from Warriors
      “As with our forefathers at Lexington/Concord when ordered to lay down our arms we must say NO – forcefully if need be.”
      “when they come to take them it will be time to use them ” We are not a group.  We are individual 2nd Amendment Warriors who will never allow anyone to confiscate our weapons.  I created the site because of the UN gun ban that Hillary is pushing with the blessings of Obama.  The only thing that stands between freedom and slavery is our guns.  We won’t give them up.  Maybe the rest of the gun owners will wake up when many of us are killed by the government during firefights while trying to confiscate them.  How many government agents are willing to give their full measure, like my Warriors, trying to confiscate a weapon?  As one of Obama’s good friends, Saul Alinsky, said that “to get where we want to be we’ll have to kill 25,000,000 Americans, those who won’t go along with our Communist ideals.” All Patriots/gun-owners should join my/our fight. http://www.secondamendmentwarrior.com Also all freedom loving Patriots should study Jury Nullification so we can combat unlawful arrests and prosecutions and radical judges.  It’s the most powerful tool for freedom that we have but almost no one will bother to read about it.  http://www.fija.org.

    • INSPCTR 4578 NJ says:

      David you are correct and look now at Fienstien and the rest of the anti gun people who most dont know the dfferance between a semi automatic from a fully auto..Thier reason for this uptake against gun ownership is falling right in line with the hidden agenda of the new world order…everyone knows as long as we have our rights to own our weapons then they  will not be able to completely take over and put us all in slavery to the anti everything world order……O knows that most of our military will stand with the civilian population but if the s–t hits the fan then he  will have the U.N. send troops from Russia and other countries who really hate america….I said it before and I will say it again …Everything has been written in the Scriptures and now they are comming to light….By the way I like your scenareo,,,Remember 1776 for the future…..Just one Man;s opinion

  100. ErikOsbun says:

    Don’t even think about it.  Think about impeachment.

  101. Glaze says:

    Impeach the RAT!!!

    • desertru says:


  102. usluv says:

    Been saying this for 2 years . Obama/Davis does not belong as head of anything….he belongs in jail. For a very, very long time.

    • Paul Revere says:

      @usluv It is the congressional house who approves spending of tax payer money: all foreign aid falls into this category. Put pressure on your congress to include this money in the 2013 budget preparation for approval so the people can have a say in how their money is being spent.  It’s your money, not Obama’s!!!! This is something you can do; get going. One if by sea; two if by use of unapproved funds.

  103. CoonOkie says:

    Obama and his whole cabinet are out to destroy this country. Wake up you liberal, communist, socialist democrats. You are taking America down the path of ruin. Actually you have us nearly at the end. Damn democrats.

  104. Bubblegum199 says:

    So why hasn’t this Congress done anything.  Democrats and republicans should start impeachment.  This is ridiculous.

    • boone1 says:

       Congress will not do anything they have no backbone and no balls.Only thing they will do is take your guns away that is the only balls they have because they know that they can get away with that.And you will give up your guns because you would rather be RED  then dead.

    • BikerHoop says:

      @Bubblegum199 They won’t do anything because no sitting congress-critter wants to be known as the one who brought down the first so-called black preezy. Additionally, they don’t want to be fingered as being responsible for the riots that would surely ensue.

  105. CoonOkie says:

    Impeachment is no where good enough for Obama. Treason is the best reason and a firing squad.

  106. EddyMarrero says:

    all the traitors belonging to the senate of this country most be prosecuted and take them to court for traison.

  107. realjett says:

    @LyleKlich he committed that when he held a seat at the u.n..THAT was high treason.a sitting pres can NOT hold another post

  108. mtgt101 says:

    It is more than Congress.  The VP and entire Congress, the entire Cabinet and all military officers are committing treason just by letting this one criminal slide.  Why are they all scared to uphold their sworn oath to office?  They are all whimpy traitors.

  109. INSPCTR 4578 NJ says:

    Look no futher than the Holy Scriptures…..Every  thing that is happening is outlined completely..Even the actions of this Presidant…Russia has a hook in its jaw…The brotherhood is now controling the middle east…we are bogged down in many countries and now our financial outlook is kinda in a very large mess and this could impact the rest of the world..jChina is flexing thier muscells..and of course Israel is the lynch pin in the whole scene….Now is the time for this country to ahere to  second Chronicles Chaprer seven verse fourteen……This country has allowed 50 million mureders of babies, turned its back on the Gospel and now our leaders are only acting in voice only all the while pushing thier agenda wich goes along with the U.N. Agenda twenty one…..This pres has conducted many agreeges acts of disregarding the Constitution , he was suppling arms to the rebels in Libia and they were aligned with algeade who attacked our embassy and killed our people on Nine Eleven and this was already masterminded to happen…Our Gov..(Pres> Sec.State. and our UN rep all lied to us by blaming it on a socalled film…..Do the math people and read the Scriptures accept Christ in you hearts and ask forgiveness of sins….We are in for a heck of a ride so keep looking up your redemption draws nigh…..Just  one mans opinon

  110. Ed Tedder says:

    This has been Obama’s plan all along.  He promotes and supports the Muslim Brotherhood and wants to bankrupt America at the same time.

  111. Sad Mama says:

    This to me is the last straw………… Congress knew he was planning this and yet they took their breaks at the American peoples expence and did nothing. It isn’t over, he plans on sending more along with all those guns and ammunition………
    We have lost our country and no one knows how to get it back……. Washington needs to be wiped out completely…… The Republicans have no voice over this as one can see with what is happening with the so called Fiscal Cliff…
    And where is McCain? He’s the only one that would stand up to this traitor and his cronies.. Is he so out numbered that he won’t stand up and scream about this? And thay want to take away out gun??????? Hell no, we’re going to need them…………..
    INSPCT4578 NJ —- China will be the next one to come into play. They are the Bilical Dragon, Russia is tje Bear………. But it looks like this Muslin president wil have his day before this happens…………. God Bless America and Israel………
    He, GOD Almighty, still sit on that great throne up there beyond the clouds. He’s watching as these events take place and He’ll send Jesus to get His people soon……….. Lets all be ready……..

    • boone1 says:

      @Sad Mama
       Mccain is a coward like the rest of the rinos.The only to get this country back is to overthrow this communist government with a civil war and thats the only way.

      • Busta Move says:

        @boone1  @Sad Mama
         Juan McPain and that other POS senator from Arizona are in a league by themselves when it comes to being traitors… Both of em know that a sheriff from thier state investigated Obama’s bogus BC, both of know what was uncovered in that investigation, both of em have seen the evidence…  Both of em know that Obama is a usurping, interloping imposter.. and both of em remain silent…  Both of em should be doing 25 to life
        at Ft. Levenworth

    • desertru says:

      @Sad MamaMcCain should have stayed in the jail in VietNam for all he has been worth to this nation in standing up and getting anything done!!…He is as much to blame for WA as anyone….They all could have been patriots and stood up and said NO, and HELL NO…but have they—- no thay have not…we can trust NO ONE…NO ONE!

  112. CaptTurbo says:

    I’m all for putting some air in him.

  113. Buddy1947 says:

    Since when can a President of our’s get away with selling our weapon’s to our enemies, & the people do nothing. We have so many paid alien’s into this Country so fast just to get their vote.Our President has made our people weak with false promises. Our once a great Nation has already fallen. I am 65 yrs. young and seen more then most.@

    • Marlon says:

      @Buddy1947 Since he formed the CIA in ’53, which has created, trained and funded our enemies ever since.

  114. Marlon says:

    The regime is also funding AlQaeda on the other side….who do you think benefits/is funding both sides?…??….the banksters. Either this regime is treasonous against Americans. Oh, and I almost forgot about the third face to this regime…the fact that it increases our debt and serves to further diminish our fiat currency.

  115. davienne says:

    he has been arming the enemy for 4 years… not new news to anyone who has peen paying attention

  116. James312 says:

    Obama will get away with it.  He paid Congress off with a raise.  He can get anything he wants.

  117. Sad Mama says:

    Bikerhoop………. He’s not black, he’s a zebra….. Isn’t it atrange that he says he loves his mother so much and yet he trying to put all the whites on the back row while promoting the blacks? He should be impeached and tried for treason……….. I have black friends that think he’s a traitor and not an American……….

    • Seymour Kleerly says:

      @Sad Mama Are your Black friends members your church?  Already brainwashed and listening to the same nonsense from the Right.

  118. James312 says:

    Obama can get away with it.  He just paid off Congress with a raise.  He can continue to get whatever he wants.

  119. Kit50 says:

    There is little room to interpret Mr. Obama’s activities in this arena as anything other than notoriously stupid or traitorous, but that is not the only problem we have; in some ways it is not the most serious problem we have. The most serious problem is that a sizable proportion of the U.S. population are grossly ignorant about these dynamics and they have accepted the concept that mocking the other side is the same as making or having  a strong argument. Because of this the last election was lost. Because of this, when you try to speak to the populace all you get is name calling, vitriole, ridicule, denigration and no clear, concise points. This is what is destroying us and until it stops we will continue to elect either idiots or traitors if they tell us their election will make us feel good. It is not rare to have idiots in the country. We’ve always had them. It is strange to elect them twice. With best wishes, Kit.

    • Marlon says:

      @Kit50 There are no less traitors in the R party, but most Rs are refusing to step our of their indoctrinated world long enough to see it……THIS is why “the last election was lost”, as well as the previous SEVEN selection cycles. WAKE UP!

    • desertru says:


  120. JoeZimmerman says:

    @    ODUMBA  is  a gawd damn negro scumbag  who  thinks  he  is  gawd and  can do as  he  wishes   no one  can  stop him  maybe  a  stick of dynamite  up his  black a$$  would  send  him to the  moon ,,,,,,

    • hankos says:


      • hankos says:

        @JoeZimmermanWhy in the world do you allow yourself to a standard  lower than the lowest liberal trash around. I don’t trust Obama for whatever he is or does, but I’m scared to death about people like you Joe.
        Uncivilized thinking or actions are never the answer.

  121. kds says:

    When are our people in Washington going to have this ASS ARRESTED?

    • Marlon says:

      @kds “our people”…exactly who are they?…???….perhaps the house and senate who voted in all the crap that this regime has enacted……

    • desertru says:

       They won’t cause they are in on it all…WE have to stop them folks!   WE HAVE GOT TO MAKE THEM ALL GET OUT…BUT WE HAVE TO HAVE THE BACKING AND THE POWER SO WHERE IS IT?

  122. RonaldChristopher says:

    I cannot believe we have a Congress who refuses, is afraid, could care less, to do something with this obama fellow. He has not only committed treason once, but a couple of times. He is anti-American, so he say by all the speeches he makes. He will stand with the Muslims against America, so he said. I do not know of any Congressman or Senator who believes he was born in America. Yet, they refuse to stop him when all they have to do in the House is say NO, to his money request. Saying NO would even stop his many trips to Hawaii. Giving the government pay raises, when we as a nation are broke, could be stopped dead in the House, yet, they will not do it.

  123. Sad Mama says:

    As we who have read the Bible, “The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy”……..
    Why could the people that voted for him not see that he is a wolf in sheeps clothing? Actually I truly believe that he was out voted by the Republicans and this was a VERY FIXED election. Problem is: None of the people that coud do something about him, isn’t!! I suppose it is because he calls himself black. He has been trained for many years for this roll he is playing.. Evidently most of the American people have been blinded by his smooth talk. I find it so easy to see through him.. He even looks evil…. His day is coming, just watch and wait.. The pit isn’t full yet…..

  124. DeeGlover says:


    • Marlon says:

      @DeeGlover These guys end up dead or in a “scandal” or worse for standing up against the ‘flow’ (some, would be made martyrs if attacked, and those are the pure of heart who they have NOTHING on)……let this be a lesson.

  125. Sad Mama says:

    If all those Senators, Congressmen, Secrataries and etc’ would take a cut in their BIGGGGG pay checks and Obama would stop his thrill travels, this Fiscal Cliff would be over…………. They are the ones that spent our money (mostly on foolishness that hasn’t helped any of us or our country)….. They should be the ones responsible to take cuts and give up their high living life styles to fix the mess they made.

    • Marlon says:

      @Sad Mama They won’t until they are held accountable via the 2nd amendment…..why do you think there is such a push now and in the near future by the U.N. to dissolve the 2nd?….it’s all in the plan.
      BTW: there is nothing “foolish” about their ways…they have been working on perfecting them for 100+yrs.

    • desertru says:

      @Sad MamaO and his crew are the ones that need to go over the cliff, not Americans…They have spent all of our money on foolishness, not to shore up the country…it has been planned to ruin us and all we are tha tis for sure!  It is an outrage beyond imagination and we are weak for not having stopped him before now!…He never should have gotten into our government at all, but then there are others behind the scenes that have taken our country hostage and no one is fighting back……yet.  It may be too late and when we do it will be very ugly…if we don’t it will get very ugly so what is the difference…we may as well fight and fight hard!!   (And for those of you that are monitoring our sites; we get it; and we are coming for you)!

  126. DeaconG says:

    Ambassador Stevens was providing money and weapons at Obamas direction to Known Terrorists. That is why Obama had him killed. He was going to Talk.  That is why he and Hillary are stone walling and tring to cover it up. Obama should be tried and executed in public.

    • desertru says:


  127. Tellitlikeitis says:

    Why are we bombarded with facts we already know: O’Bama is anti-America, is bankrupting this country and has committed other crimes that warrant his impeachment, but no politician or political group has the intestinal fortitude to carry out the task? Somebody step up to the plate.

    • desertru says:


    • AndrewJerome says:

       Congress has to stand up to him enmass and call for impeachment and or call him out as a traitor. If they stand in unity then I wouldn’t be too worried about any retaliation.

  128. DaxDushkewich says:

    The Ultimate Conspiracy..
    I have a theory , and I hope I’m completely wrong.
    Suppose you were the most powerful man on the planet — someone who could change the ruling structure of Egypt and Libya by the command of his voice, inspiring the “Arab Spring,” bringing down two longtime Middle East strongmen, and “making the world safe for the Muslim Brotherhood” (with its stated goal of destroying Western Civilization and replacing it with Islamic Sharia) in the process.
    See More..

    • above the law says:

       Good theory and I would say you hit the mark..Treason ? Whats treason to this one ,its like Executive Orders,plenty before and plenty more,eligibilty?, that only applies to other Presidents,people.. we have a problem that will destroy America!

    • Seymour Kleerly says:

      @DaxDushkewich Do you think George W. Bush took out the secular dictator Sadam Hussein, so Iraq would be controlled by Shi’ite Muslims?  Bush sure made Iraq safe for the Muslim religion and a nightmare for Christians who have all but fled.

  129. rannan3 says:

    Makes you wonder what Obama’s true agenda is, doesn’t it ?
    It’s well known he’s not a stupid man, so this has to be intentional……..

    • DaxDushkewich says:

      @rannan3 I Am Sure what he’s Doing… Four years in office, hundreds of high crimes and misdemeanors, aiding and abetting enemies of our country, deliberately weakening our economy as well as our defense.Lying to congress and the citizens of the United States, presenting false documents, violating his own oath of office, the list of crimes is too long to print here.Any one of those crimes constitutes treason against the United States.

    • desertru says:


      • djetzel says:

        @desertru  @rannan3
         solution: Why wait, strike while the iron is hot, if our jelly spined electorates won’t impeach Obummer, then WE THE PEOPLE must revolt and throw his muslim butt out and clean up Congress and the Senate.  The ONLY thing they are good for is FERTILIZER. Boehner is a coward, Reid is a commie, Palosi, poor thing, sinply stupid, Obama’a a muslim, Kerry is a traitor, hell, come to think of it….none of them are worth their salt.

    • Ed Shick says:

      @rannan3 If you figure when he said as soon as Election is over and he wins , he’ll try to disarm us , make you a Slave ,, When you have a Trained communist as President , He has to go , All his friends are the scum of Chicago,, The News Media is in bed with him ,,Why ???? Freedom is not Free,   If we had an Honest Election we would be rid of him,    Arrest as a traitor Quickly

  130. djw says:

    Why does this GOP congress let all this continue? First they allowed someone in office that was not eligible to hold office without and questions. It’s very  plain that he has not up held laws as required and still they allow this to continue. The GOP leadership is weak and spineless.

  131. DaxDushkewich says:


  132. desertru says:

    Yep…but look at all the other treason he has commited and no one…NO ONE does a blased thing about it or him!!…..We are a lost country unless we, the people, get off our rear ends and change things!!  No it won’t be fun, but if we do not no one else will or is going to save the USA…..we are toast as of now already!   THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN COMMUNISTS IS THE NEW TITLE AND YOU CAN BET IT IS BEING ALL PLANNED BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT FOR SOME TIME!!….WHO COULD HAVE THOUGHT OF SUCH TREASON TO THE GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD BUT BY OUR OWN– INSIDE!!!!

  133. DaxDushkewich says:

    It takes three good men of standing to Call Barry Out..For Treason..But they know they may not live long enough to see a trial

    • agbjr says:

      @DaxDushkewich Actually, according to the Constitution, Article III Section 3, only TWO witnesses are required … but we’re in luck … there are MILLIONS of Constitution-abiding United States Citizens very happy to attest under oath to Obama’s treasonous acts.

  134. 57girl says:

    Everyday Obama sits in the White House masquerading as an American President he is committing Treason.  He committed Treason when he bombed Libya.  What makes anyone think that he won’t get away with arming the enemy.  Even the Judges are afraid to rule on his legitimacy as an American citizen.  His whole Administration and a good number of the people in the Bush Administration should be/have been hung for Treason already.  So sad that we have allowed his lie(s) to carry on, unchecked, this long. The longer we wait to take action, the more difficult it is going to be to restore our rights and our National Sovereignty.

  135. djetzel says:

    Must you wait to be hit in the face with a baseball bat to understand who the enemy is??? He has and is committing TREASON! How blatant must one be to make it obvious that Obama’s intentions are to overthrow the Government of the United States by chipping away at the Constitution, Bill of Rights, manipulating our Judicial System, penalizing those who don’t or won’t support his beliefs, reducing our military in number and cutting their benefits and budget, confiscating our guns, arming our enemies, and personally supporting ($$$) Sharia Law.  DAH!!!  If we can’t impeach him with all his treasonous actions, then just shoot him before he confiscates your gun. lol

  136. DockoBrossman says:

    What is it about Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama that lurks just beneath his mysterious hide? Just about everything the outward appearance is phony, and lots of people’s bull sh*t detectors are very aware of it and have their awarenesses re-kindled with just about everything that slithers over his dime store “Public Speaking Manual” tuned tongue.
    He protects radical islam while at the same time blowing many of the radical islamists to smithereens. He seems determined to destroy OUR images of what America should be like; and constantly substitutes his suspect Marxist induced ideas for things about American that are not broke and don’t need fixing. 
    He ain’t as smart as he thinks he is, and nearly half of the concerned citizens tried to tell him that in November. Fortunately for him, the other half, along with millions of freeloading morons and illegal voters managed to fool the electoral system. Never again.

    • giljones says:

      @DockoBrossman You might be looking for the words “Covert-Hostility.”  Although, I don’t think he’s able to hide as much with each passing day.  He gives pay raises to those that still support him (our money btw), but that illusion will end soon as well.  Eventually, I expect he’ll give a press conference in full ‘supreme being’ uniform once he’s milked enough courage from the unwilling…Semper Fi

  137. DaxDushkewich says:

    We All must Beat thts Drum For a Treason Charge to be brought forward on Bam Bam Barry.. Don’t Give Up.. We are fighting for America..!!

  138. LakeCityBob says:

    Who has the balls to start treason trial??

  139. ggraham says:

    he should consult congress before giving money to any country…especially one whose gov. hates the US and Israel..
    somthing needs to be done to stop this.  where are our leaders?  why doesn’t someone in congress have something to say??  just wondering.

  140. carguy427 says:

    Why?  Why is Hillary Clinton’s aide a member of the Brotherhood?  Why is his main advisor an Iranian?  If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s sure not a Patriot!

  141. freedomringsforall says:

    None Dare call it treason
    Hmmm where have we heard that before?
    If we continue not to listen, nor pay attention, nor do anything about it i guess then we should gleefully accept the fact that many of our children and/or grandchildren will be having the time of their lives in gulags.
    This country, and so many of this countries once respected institutions, are being influenced and/or run by Fabians, Marxist, commie, fascist, dictatorial, megalomaniacs.
    I am sure that there are many who would call me inaccurate for lumping those philosophies together but I in return would infer they ought to look in the mirror and then think about what all those philosophies have wrought on the earth and when all is said and done in history they have all wrought exactly the same in the end; slaughter, famine, and despair.
    We need to get these commie, fascist, Islamic terrorist coddling bunch of scum out of power in these United States.
    Then we need to work our tails off to get all of our freedoms and rights restored.
    We are the only hope left for this planet and for all those down trodden and less fortunate to look to as their hope for true freedom and all that it brings.
    We must stay united and take the hope, the light, and the right of freedom to every last corner and dark alley and to every last soul in this world.

  142. Dukhooker says:

    Maybe the country will get lucky and the Mossad will provide us with a “regime change”.  Obama is even more of direct threat to Israel’s continued existence than to ours.  What a dreadful, corrupt, disloyal, deceitful & traitorous a**hole we have masquerading as our president!

  143. MichaelGaumer says:

    I heard they were loading helicopter’s on aircraft carrier’s to send to Egypt on Thurs. 27th, on a Louisiana port.
    Also watch this….   http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=rrjU-HBkmLE

  144. KarolHancock says:

    If you truly want help with the troubles we have now and those coming, watch or read “The Harbinger”. It gives details of how our troubles have come about, how bad things will get and how easily we can, The People, stop this madness of our government in America and God will do most of the work. Our Founding Fathers knew that America was a special gift from God and would be a “light to the world”, but satan has managed to place a wedge between America and our Creator. We need to focus on God, forget “left and right”, HE knows each and every obstacle we are dealing with and why, all we need to do is, each person must turn back to our faith in God, follow HIS teachings, ask HIS forgiveness for our sins and America sins, as the Founding Fathers did and GOD will fight this battle for us. We have thrown GOD out of our schools, public places, same sex marriage is legal, abortions on demand, and many people are denying God. Abraham Lincoln once confessed, ” Many times I have found myself on my knees, because I had no where else to go”. Through out history, our greatest leaders have all ended up on their knees in prayer to win the great battles for survival. We are facing the same situation today. Our Leader is just waiting for America to turn back to HIM, simply admit, “Father I have sinned, please forgive me and this great nation, YOU are my GOD and only YOU deserve my love, praise and loyalty. I accept Jesus as my Saviour and repent of my sins. I ask this in Jesus Holy Name.” Of course you can talk with HIM about anything else that is on your mind. HE gives us a “direct line to HIM 24/7. PLEASE before our country is completely destroyed, pray that GOD will forgive us and cleanse our country of this President and his followers.  Believe this or not, but ask yourself, “what do I have to loose by admitting my sins to a Loving GOD and what might I gain by honestly making this humble confession?” Watch or read “The Harbinger”, check out the facts in GOD’s Holy word, The Bible.)

  145. FreedomFray says:

    I’m sorry if this is a little off topic, but…
    Please read this article (The latest from DHS Insider) at http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/52005
    Do you think it is fact or fiction? I pray it is fiction, but scared it may be true. Perhaps I’m getting a little paranoid about what’s happening in our country.

  146. FloridaJoel says:

    Considering that the most likely target of the Morsi regime new f-16’s will be Israel, Americans that know God’s Word should understand that the curse of God will be on us for this action. While we cannot know precisely how the LORD will execute that curse, we should thank Him for warning us in His Word (Genesis 12:3) and spiritually prepare by walking in the truth ourselves. We also know that if the Obama administration maintains their course of anti-Israeli actions, in addition to their other abominable actions, the LORD will ultimately destroy this country. We disregard His warnings to our own destruction, as we have already seen in small measure.

    • Believe It says:

      @FloridaJoel Come on Joel, If God destroys this country it will be because we have turned away from him just like the Jews did and he sent nations in to destroy them. The Bible is clear about that and that Israel will never be a great nation again. The new Israel and fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham was Christ and ALL Nations being blessed through Him.

  147. raccoonden says:

    Could someone explain to me why American Jews voted for Obama?  Geezz, the O sat in a hateful antisemitic  church for 20 years, and that’s just for starters.

    • NavyJR says:

      @raccoonden They somehow believe it’ll protect them, is the best I can figure; but these are mostly non-practicing or apostate Jews, who have taken to worshiping a different deity…

    • AndrewJerome says:

       I’ve been trying to figure that out for the last four years. Some of my friends are Jewish and for the life of me I can’t figure it out other than the fact that they are diehard Democrats.

      • Whackajig says:

        @AndrewJerome  @raccoonden
         Why are they democrats?  Why is anyone with common sense a liberal?

        • AndrewJerome says:

          @Whackajig  @raccoonden
           They are self-professed to be Democrats. It wasn’t a guess. And as to why anyone with common sense would be a liberal….I haven’t been able to figure that out either.

        • NavyJR says:

          @Whackajig  You answered your own question  there: liberalism and common sense are mutually exclusive, and don’t co-habit!

        • djetzel says:

          @Whackajig  @AndrewJerome  @raccoonden
           Simple, they have no common sense.

    • djetzel says:

       I know, it makes no sense.

    • Believe It says:

      @raccoonden Absolutely I can and you can take this to the Federal Reserve, IMF or the World Bank.. the Ashkenazi Jews have been at the root of all communist, Marxist and social justice movements. Like O as you call him, they all had Jewish handlers. They have driven the USA into the ground and the next step is world government. To have a world government they have to take down the USA; to do that they have to destroy the dollar and white Anglo Christians. Who runs the Fed Res, ACLU, IMF, all Jews. Who runs the liberal networks and even FOX Jews, Who hates white America?… Rev. Wright and Obama They all want the USA to crash and burn for different reasons. Zionist and Black liberation theologist want to see a capitulation in our system. The Jews will build a new Ponzi scheme around a new fiat currency for the new world government, but they have to destroy the dollar as the reserve currency. A government has to have a currency and source of revenue. They UN is already proposing gun laws and several world taxes on oil, stock and currency trades etc. All this big government spending is designed to collapse the dollar. Wright and O hate the Jews, but they hate USA more and are willing to tolerate them for they have the same desire. Black liberation theology wants to collapse the system so they can be in control when things rise up from the ashes. I have studied this for a number of years and this has been in play for a very long time (80 years in the making). Its here, its set in motion, and I pray to God we can stop it!

      • RichardQ says:

        @ Believe It =
        Yeah, and every time you did some little thing wrong the “Jews” were there making you do it.  And every bad dream you ever had, the “Jews” caused it and every bad thing that happened in the history of this world the “Jews” caused it.  Why they even caused the flood in the Hebraic (Old) Testament, it doesn’t matter that there were no Jews at the time they still caused it before Jews were even on this earth.  You bigoted Jew hater, you are just like the rest of them (Hitler and all the others), you are so afraid of the Jewish people that you want to blame the every evil in the world on them.  You are trying to sing another old song of hatred and mostly FEAR of the Jewish people that it truly does make you look like a fool.  Yes there have been SOME Jews that have done bad things but no more than any other race of people.  So you think that if one Jew is bad then all the Jews must be blamed for everything in this world.  I will tell you that if someone researched your background then I would be willing to bet that you have certain “races” in your background that had done evil so perhaps we should blame your family for every evil that has happened in the world.  Do you have German?, Russian?, English?, French?, or any other nation and you will find some truly evil people from that race so what should we blame you for???  And should we:  “take this to the Federal Reserve, IMF or the World Bank.”

        • Believe It says:

          @RichardQ You are a bigoted dope yourself. Everything stated is fact. You just spew out the same liberal shuck and jive crap that has nothing to do with what was said. WHY! Because you know it is true and can not be disputed. You have nothing intelligent to say, nothing to dispute the information. Just name calling. I do not fear the Jewish people. Not all Muslims are terrorist, but they sure treat them all that way. Bombing and killing for the actions of the minority. Sure you have it all figured out. Just the same way that the minority of Muslims are terrorist; the majority of terrorist or Muslims. So the pattern is true. In the same way a minority of the Jews are doing this; the vast majority of the people involved here are Jews. So maybe you go along with it like the Muslims go along too. Your name calling does not make it true. At least as a Christian, I am taught not be be a bigot; while you are taught that from a child.

  148. SondyVet says:

    Egypt gets 20 new F-16s. Iowa Air Guard losing all 21 F-16s. What a crazy way to run the country.

  149. greenmountainboy6 says:

    Militias to arms!

    • Whackajig says:

       If American citizens has the balls to rise up in arms, we would be reading in the papers and seeing on TV, the attacks made by citizens on the corrupt politicians.

      • greenmountainboy6 says:

        @Whackajig Not just yet, the American people are like a rolling snowball, the fury of the ball becomes epic when it is at the bottom of the hill and stands 10 feet tall with the momentum of a freight liner.

  150. Guest patriot says:

    What else does the illegal fraudulent so-called president need to do to get impeached and imprisoned??  Why he hasn’t been impeached yet is beyond reason, He is and says he is a Muslim, that he wants “revenge” and is waging a private WAR on the USA and it’s people. If our forefathers had anyone like Mr Obama they would have taken him into custody asap and for what he has done probably either hanged him or firing squad to finish him off. Since day ONE he has been trashing the Constitution, corrupting  the fed by example, giving the PEOPLE’s monies to our enemies and now planes to top off the guns and ammo he has given illegally  and blatantly  and in doing so has used our money instead of his own so that we are ,in actuality, paying for our own demise and loss of freedom, our God-given rights and the bankrupcy of the greatest nation on the planet.
    He has rigged his elections with non-citzens voting, threats at the polls by the Black Panthers etc and laughs at us for being stupid. The welfare group is being funded and is getting to be one trillion a year while he keeps spending the PEOPLES hard-earned money on them and his cronies and his family. He has sunk the money into impeachable dictatorship while the corrupt Congress and the Supreme Court judges he apppointed  do not follow the law of the land (the Consitution) and they are all as insane as he is. As well as criminals.
    I don’t think they even read the insurance document (Constitution) our forefathers wrote for us under God to save us if need be. 

    • NavyJR says:

      @Guest patriot You’re not seeing the whole picture here; we live in a dictatorship here;and have for quite a long time in the ILLUSION and DELUSION it was a Constitutional Republic, fostered by the people who actually are pulling the strings on ALL the puppets, including O and all those you SEE.  CFR, one of the “middle management” front groups, has been deciding who got onto our ballots for over a century; and whichever “party” wins; it’s CFR, and America LOSES!  Add to that the fact the the political and fiscal clout globally are concentrated into the control of ONE person in a tiny sovereign state that is NOT America,  and you may begin to understand why O hasn’t been impeached and won’t be!  NO ONE here has the means to do so!

      • Guest patriot says:

         I am seeing more than you think.  Never assume you KNOW what a peron is thinking. Unless you can smeak into a person’s mind (like Mr O) you won’t  understand where they are coming from.  There still are some Constitutionalists left. And they are the PEOPLE who count..

        • NavyJR says:

          @Guest patriot I was basing that on what you did, and DIDN’T say in the post above; which is all I was “judging” by, just as you did my post.  I happen to also be a Constitutionalist, as well as a realist, and the latter clearly shows me that there are not enough of the former of us, as well as that we don’t have the fiscal or political clout we need in order to stop the juggernaut we are currently in.  It would require a direct Divine intervention to stop it now, and I don’t mean an act of nature mislabeled as an act of God.  I don’t presume to know what you’re thinking, only what you SAID, and the words presented show an unawareness of what’s at the root of the problems we now have, not only as a nation, but as a world, as well.  So long as the PTB WANT O in office, there he will stay, no matter what we say, think, or do.

  151. cherokee_warrior says:

    POS Obama has committed so many violations of the US Constitution, and of US Laws, that which one would
    Congress take on first, that is, if aby of the members had the courage and guts to prepare the motion. 
    At least once per month, I have sent an email to the Indiana Senators demanding they take action.  To these emails, never a response.  Instead, I receive one that might be referencing global warming or some other B*llSh*t.
    What power does Obama have over those that we elected?  It must be something for them all to be wimps and wuses

    • Whackajig says:

       Cherokee, you call ovomit a piece of chit, and then proceed to capitalize his name.  WTF?  The use of caps denotes honor and respect.  Is that how you feel about him?  No piece of chit should be shown honor and respect.

      • cherokee_warrior says:

         Good  morning,  Take a better look at the first digit, that is not the letter O,
        it is the digit for zero, which is an empty circle.  On the computer, the two tend
        to look like each other.  I much prefer making a zero where there is a slash
        mark through it.
        Thanks for your comment

  152. mthammer36 says:

    Evidently we have in Obama’s circle people who could care less about this country, they are aware of what Obama is doing and are just following orders. How can they not see what a liar and fraud this man is , he lies everday since he has been in office. I know people are allegiant to their boss , what I don’t understand is Fraud is Fraud , Lieing to taxpayers ids lieing. how can they live with themselves everyday knowing how Obama is ripping off this country , they can’t be that dumb. I can almost be candid with you that Benghazi is his achilles foot and wiill bring him down. H won’t be forgiven either by Bidon because Bidon is going down also . Hillary Clinton is toast and Oprah is coming out with a tell all TV Program on her own network , what a Liar Obama and Michelle are , if this guy doesn’t go down when all this comes out , then the whole government is in on it , which means the only solution is 2nd American Revolution. We need to go to DC 5 million strong with weapons and take our country back get rid of everyone except the Supreme Court who will run the country until the states and governors decide what to do.

    • golfnut72 says:

       How long did it take the german people to realize Hitler was a liar and dictator? Does this ring a bell?
      The hard liberals can not see this and look where we are. I don’t know what has to happen to make these brainwashed folks wake up. Just makes me sick.

      • AndrewJerome says:

        @golfnut72  @mthammer36
         Some of the smarter ones saw the handwriting on the wall and left as soon as they could. The others couldn’t or wouldn’t believe anything bad would happen to them until their children began to squeal on the parents to the Nazi’s, any weapons they had were taken away and then they heard the glass breaking in the night.  The next step was the trip to the camps.   Our government is begining the second step of our occupation of the leftist regime.  The first step was the infiltration into our government by people with a Socialist and communistic background and then elected a president who proceeded to do their bidding to take down this country from the inside and as quickly as possible.  I believe the third step will be martial-law IF and When the govt. can get all our guns away from us.  I truly believe that the populace will rise up before that happens.  I hope so. No Body Wants Another Nazi Germany.  But that’s what we will get if we don’t see the handwriting on the wall.  Look close at the wall, my friends, look close at the wall.

      • GVJaneAz says:

        Excellent comparison…and look what Germany had to endure to come to the conclusions of who and what Hitler and his thugs were.  I don’t think we have the strength of people/cultures to rebuild our Nation as Germany did.  I am a full blooded 3rd generation German and I cannot believe what this Country has become.

        • djetzel says:

           Jane, Do you know how Germany managed to rebuild their Nation? America being the victor of WWII did the unthinkable, they financed Germany with the Marshal Plan to reestablish itself. We hired the people that were already running the railroads, communications, etc. and put them on the payroll. General George S. Patton was one of the first to do so. Expediciously, Patton knew no one else could do a better job. Don’t get me wrong, the German People are and were a very resourceful people. I too am a third generation German. Foremost, I AM AN AMERICAN. I retired from the US Army and much of my tenure was in 82nd Airborne Division and Special Forces. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  153. Doris says:

    Has anyone managed to track the military weapons the U.S. was funneling through Benghazi to the bad guys?  I heard the description of weapons used against the Libyan Embassy as being sophisticated, and not too long after this event, it was noted that rockets into Israel had reached Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for the first time.

  154. Brian Hill says:

    From what I see we have no GOP all sold out years ago, all we see today is political theater, drawn out so that we do not all riot in the street. brings to mind the frog in hot water.

  155. BrianLantz says:

    Our presence vs. their presence at the same time in history makes our history very ‘interesting’.  There’s an old Chinese proverb: Better to live in an uninteresting time in history than an interesting one.  Nonetheless, there is something for everyone to be learned  about the citizenry of this country who put an alien 3rd world dictator in the White House .  We certainly are learning of the wisdom of our forefathers when we have abandon that wisdom, which is really what’s at issue.   ANd yes, the frog isn’t quite so comfortable in the warm water he has enjoyed in the last 4 years….. I expect the temperature to ramp up pretty quick.

  156. whirlwinder says:

    I agree that our Muslim-in-Chief is doing bad things but who are you going to convince that he needs to be run out of town? All of his administration and the Senate are in agreement with him. All of the muslims that have been infiltrated into our government are in agreement with him. Who is there who will initiate an action against him?

  157. mthammer36 says:

    Obama was funneling the Guns to Libyan Jihadists that Ambassador Chris Stevens was recruiting in Benghazi. Obama was the one that had those Libyans attack the mission where Ambassador Stevens was and knew he had very limited guards . However all Obama wanted was Chris Stevens to be captured , so he could be used in an exchange for the Leader that pulled off the Attack on 9/11 that we have in custody. That is why Chris Stevens was found in a Hospital where the Libyan Attackers brought him to as they were instructed , to keep him alive , however he died. It was Obama who passed the word to his commanders in the field when Benghazi was attacked to stand down. It wasn’t a attack that was just started by a video but a planned attack using weapons supplied by the US with Obama’s authority , that is what we call Treason . If the House of Representatives doesn’t put Obama on trial and impeach him and Bidon , the American people will and it will be done in less than a week.

  158. Sad Mama says:

    Please, all of you here, please go to this site and read this.. If you think things are bad now, we are in for some horrible things that are in the planning for us.. Scares me……http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/52005

    • Guest patriot says:

      @Sad Mama
       i WENT THERE AND i AM NOT SURPRISED.  i have researched Obama and he is quite capable of killing and has been connected to some murders. For example he had some boyfriends before he was going for the Senate and there were tow of them murdered and one disappeared. He has been surrounded since birth with Marxists, Communnists, Marxists You mame it he has been there.

      • redskin45 says:

        @Guest patriot  @Sad Mama i have been pointing this out for years now…no one seems to care about his life before the presidency….most likely because he is black and we don’t want to offend….hahahaha…he is having the last laugh!

  159. SimonRedwine says:

    What is the procedure for commandeering the entire military?  Top Generals will be shot and replaced, those left will get carrot and stick coercion of different levels.   Surely their is some maneuver that secures our CIVILIAN MILITARY.   That must be done.

    • GVJaneAz says:

      “Top Generals” are no longer the leaders of the past.  They are no more than pawns of the Sec’y of Defense and thus, Obama and Holderr.  It is all up to the people to find a true leader.  I see no one on the horizon.

  160. guest 101 says:

    it must be time for the american militia to take control of Washington and fire and replace all government employees and get back to basics. bring all our forces home and defend our country and let all the other countries fend for themselves!

    • SILENT_NIGHT3380 says:

      @guest 101

  161. Guest patriot says:

    I just read the section of commentary by a HS contact. WOW and more WOWS.  I had thought to myself that two of the shooting perpetrators looked drugged or not intrelligent when they were in court. The redhead sure did. Sleepy and/or brainwashed.  I won’t say carzy but is the latest Connecticut shooting to be investigated fully I bet the shooter may have been brainwashed, hynotized by people who can do those thngs.  Possible?? Last week I watched a video with Bill Ayers tooting his old hippy marxist yarns about how “they” the masters of deceit and power-hungry evil traitors are in control of every single thing in our lives right now and laughing while he said it all..  It’s  Hitler, Lenin, Musselini, and the rest of the evilness that is hard to believe but quite possible at present.  The ACLU and all the rest are trying to turn the USA upside down and the most of the things they do are insanity.  If they don’t like the USA (to put it mildly) why not go somewhere else.  Why waste time trying to change our beliefs when they can buy an island and live their dreams elsewhere.   It’s all about CONTROL and you have seen how many lives were taken when these idiots got in power.
    Governments have killed more people than any other disaster, tsunamies, hurricanes, Volcano eruptions  etc.
    The fed has become the enemy and it’s inevitable what will happen.
    God hlp us please.

  162. frankhampton6 says:

    @MdlMurray what are we going to do with thees UN police that are to pick up our gun’s or kill us if we don’t give them up;

  163. glee1819 says:

    Ok, we read all of these articles about treason, communism, lack of eligibility, voter fraud, etc. so what can we do about it. We basically have no recourse against Obama or the current administration. This is all very frustrating and depressing. Do we just sit back and let these idiots

    • AndrewJerome says:

       No we don’t.  Now do you understand why we have a 2nd amendment?  The Right To Bear Arms is not for hunting game. It was established for us to be able to fight back against a tyranical government such as the one they escaped from.  Now, over two hundred years later, it seems that we may have to band together again against another tyrannical force beginning to rear its ugly head. DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS.  You are going to need them.

      • Whackajig says:

        @AndrewJerome  @glee1819
         If congress would de-fund the Secret service, the problem would soon be resolved.

        • GVJaneAz says:

          The Sec. Svc. is now a arm of Homeland Security, and although not under Treasury as it used to be…Holder controls all of Homeland Security and that toad Napolitano is only a figurehead.

        • Seymour Kleerly says:

          @Whackajig  @AndrewJerome  @glee1819 What does your moniker Wackajig mean? Are you a ignorant, Right Wing  racist?

  164. gypsy314 says:

    This negro must go and I mean now.

    • Whackajig says:

       I feel sure that if this site permitted it, that you could find better words to describe ovomit.

  165. AZUSPatriot says:

    A president can award pardon except in cases of impeachment. If he is impeached he cannot be pardoned, then held for treason. If tried and convicted he cannot be pardoned. Read the constitution closely, even Biden will face these charges. We are not helpless, we are not willing to accept this. Our dictator is not above the law.

    • GVJaneAz says:

      He cannot be impeached without a majority vote in the House and Senate, plus the Supreme Court allowing it to go forward….so, let’s forget about impeaching him…he has a stacked deck.

  166. Frank A McCafferty says:

    For most are cowards who hide behind self pompous righteousness, and obliviate about a utopia that will not exist until, they and all “other american” patriots ride America of god-fearing and worshipping bible believers and Luke 14 disciples. Once this cancerous canker and pustule has been removed by extreme measures, life will once again return to ignorant, whimsical bliss. God Bless all bible toting Luke 14 Disciples!! May we all be found worthy in the coming persecution, sonn to come to fruition in America.

  167. Star Warrior says:

    Can anyone tell me why so many so called born again Christians voted for Obamba?  Whey they failed to inform their flock who Obamba really was.??? They have one foot with devil and other foot in the Church.  What has Obamba done as a Christian for the benefit of the Christians???

    • Shutter says:

      @Star Warrior If they were white it was because they STUPIDLY thought it was better to have a Muslim who lies about being a Christian in the White House rather than a Mormon.  If they were black, they think this liar is actually going to do something for them, but he’s only keeping them as slaves in the Democrat plantation.  Also, they weren’t going to vote for no white Republican cracker.

    • kamaut longbabilon says:

      @Star Warrior The answer is in the churches themselves, going by the words in the Bible. MOST churches fail God by ignoring Jesus’ Words in Matthew 5 – 17 onward. Here is Jesus telling all of us that He was Never going to change God’s Laws, but make them better (than they had been corrupted to by church leaders of His time), and that the Laws would last an eternity (until heaven and Earth is non-existent)… read the LAWS again, and you will find the ONE LAW that if broken, breaks each and every other by default! – And the churches have BETRAYED the GOD they CLAIM to serve, but they are LIARS and INFIDELS! – They have observed a mere man’s equivalent of the DAY that God said was the ONLY day to pay ALL due RESPECT and OBEDIENCE to HIM, and they REFUSE to conform to what God required. SO: according to Law-2, they “hate” God by disrespecting him and disobeying Him, and have been suffering the “CURSES” ever since 231AD by not going back to God’s Law, and following a man instead. SO: If they cannot obey GOD’S LAW, how in hell can they ever truly obey a Man’s or Government’s laws honestly??? THINK about that… Why did Jesus tell JOHN to write in Revelations for all to “Come OUT of Babylon”? – Because He (God) was giving us all a few more chances… and that probation ends shortly, just before Jesus arrives to remove the faithful from this dying World! – He asks us ALL to get back to the ORIGINAL message, and stop our mixing lies with truth. So, it is basically the Churches fault for not having FAITH, because they had none to start with.

      • GVJaneAz says:

        It amazed me when I used to go to Church, how many people were there because they believed they were in the house of God, when actually that Priest was spewing Communist/Socialist sermons.  Actually, God has given us free-will and He is watching us destroy ourselves from within, as have many of His SO-CALLED followers of the past…and then they will blame God.  He sees what a bunch of idiots we are, and it all has to come to pass where we reach the bottomless pit…and perhaps (not certain) a true group of leaders with good intent may emerge.  But, at this point…I am doubtful, and it may take complete destruction, and revolution which will actually leave us strangers to our former social and economic culture…called the U.S.A.

        • NavyJR says:

          @GVJaneAz One of the current goals of the PTB is to obliterate the Protestant Reformation; upon which the Constitution and Declaration are solidly based, ergo America, from memory; liberty and personal accountability are anathema to that Power.  There was a “signal” to the core group carrying this out, that the Protestant denominations, globally, had been infiltrated and neutralized, in January of ’81, when Reagan was inaugurated facing the Washington Monument instead of on the other side of the Capitol as was tradition since the building came into use.  There may be a few stray pastors and Christians out there, but they ARE just that: few!  At this stage, I honestly don’t believe anything short of direct Divine intervention, which I don’t expect, exactly, will stop this juggernaut we’re caught in, and I don’t mean an act of nature mislabeled as an act of God,either.  I think this has to play out now….

    • SILENT_NIGHT3380 says:

      @Star Warrior
      I agree also. I mean, who else can kill an innocent baby, have no remorse, and still say God Bless the United States?

    • NavyJR says:

      @Star Warrior Short answer is that they’ve been infiltrated and neutralized, insofar as spiritual effectiveness.

  168. billgiles2 says:

    Don’t forget that O’Bama also gave weapons to the drug cartels in Mexico so that the US could track them to the cartel after they killed a few more people. I have always been against giving guns to countries that don’t respect our Constitution and freedom of religion.

  169. 2duane says:

    What good does it do to keep saying the same things all the time?. BHO should not be in the office as the POTUS. And yet the 535 elected officials will do Nothing but sit on their hands and collect every cent they can from We The People.  Remember those elected did not get there by them selfs.  So who’s to blame for what we have in office?
    Many of the ppl holding office wouldn’t be able to hold a job in a free market place, and yet they are re-elected over and over again.  If you did not vote for those in office, then your neighbors did.  Wow, sure are lucky right?  They, and we got what “They” voted for.

  170. Shutter says:

    Folks, an armed rebellion is exactly what they are wanting.  That is why DHS has ordered all those “assault” rifles and millions of hollow point bullets.  When it is over it will give the Liar in Chief a reason to declare Marshall Law and keep himself in office; and it will lay the groundwork to negate the 2nd Amendment and forcibly remove what weapons are left among the civilian population. This administration will do more and more to push people to the point of armed rebellion so you’ve not seen the worse of his atrocities yet.  And if you think that when this happens that the military and police will side with the rebellion, don’t kid yourself. There wasn’t even a hint of a rebellion and the police happily went house to house searching and confiscating all guns on the order of the mayor after Katrina. And those of you that keep talking about the American militia, well there’s a lot of people in the urban militia that will side with the Great Liar in DC that will not be the least bit squeamish about killing a bunch on honky rednecks.

  171. RichardQ says:

    Well these Congress people who are acting so self-righteous against obama (the traitor!) themselves are traitors as far as I’m concerned because they make them selves try to look so innocent and indignant against him by saying bad things about him instead of accusing, charging AND convicting him with Treason against America.  Talk is cheap worthless Congress, if you want us to believe you then shut your mouth and put action where your mouth is.  Anything less than that means that you are in his corner and lying to us by trying to make us think you are against him.  So what is it Congress???  Are you Americans or are you traitors just like obama????

  172. SILENT_NIGHT3380 says:

    Obama needs to be removed because obviously he has NO grasp or control over anything. We the people need to stop allowing this government to dictate to us whats in our best interest. Our interest should be questioning our REPs asto how they allow this administration to get away with the things they do. Our founding fathers, if the other so called Americans cared, would beat us for allowing administrations like this one to continue. Our congress has become weak and intimidated and by its own people. SHAME!, after all that was done in getting out of a dictatorial kingdom, we begin to see the worst one happen and its our own government. Who says history doesn’t repeat itself?

    • pleroma02 says:

       Oh, he has grasp of the way to destroy this nation he hates. He also has control over US – the citizens of the U. S. A.  And we gave it to him by allowing the minorities to become the majority.  Just drive by some churches and look at all those little white crosses that represent potential human beings who could have had a vote.  We are a selfish, greedy people as a whole;  and we truly do deserve the slavery that is coming to us soon.

      • GVJaneAz says:

        Obama is merely a “pawn”…look amongst us.  Illegal immigration has actually been and is economic terrorism; our defense system is being denigrated; inflation (if you have been to a grocery store) is raging….and all the idiots of this Country can think of is the next Nike sneaker or the next I-Pod (etal) plaything to destroy their minds.  Our education system is already filled with socialist/communist bigots and we just sit and wait for the next shoe to drop on us.  Get ready for a whole change in our lives….it is coming SOON.

  173. v steve says:

    obama doesn`t see himself as an American.

    • SILENT_NIGHT3380 says:

      @v steve
       Then this should be grounds to an impeachment and him being exiled from ever stepping foot on American soil again.

    • AndrewJerome says:

      @v steve
       That’s because he isn’t.  In fact he isn’t anything he purports himself to be. He has told nothing but lies since he came out of nowhere except for a few truthful things. Such as “With my energy policies in place utility rates will necessary skyrocket”  and that he wants to put coal companies out of business. A true American hero that Hussien.

    • Whackajig says:

      @v steve
       Nor do I

    • Mike Travis says:

      @v steve He is NOT an American by virtue of the fact (one of the few we do know about him) that he was adopted in Indonesia and never regained his US citizenship, if he ever had it.

      • NavyJR says:

        @ Mike Travis:Even if O had “regained” US citizenship after coming back, he’d be a naturalized citizen, NOT a natural born citizen, because Indonesia didn’t allow for dual citizenship, so WHATEVER he was born; he lost it when he was adopted under their laws.  And since his FATHER was NEVER a citizen of the US he was NEVER, under ANY circumstances, a natural born citizen, the child of 2 citizen parents.    At best, he’s a legal resident alien by virtue of his arranged marriage to a citizen, nothing more, and therefore NOT eligible for the Senate even!

  174. PaulChristensen says:

    This is not the first time Obama has committed treason and I am sure as long as he is in office it will not be his last.  He commits some for of a treasonous act almost every day.  It is his idea of change.  And the 95% of the blacks that voted for him do also.  But let us not forget Reid and Pelosi, Axelrod and the many others either.

    • WereAllScrewed says:

      @PaulChristensen Nothing will be done, just as always.  The White Collar Criminals in this country (and that includes most of congress as well) do whatever they please and get away with it.  I am beginning to believe the Muslims .. WE (USA) are the great SATAN.  Our Government Committs horible acts in our name all over the Globe and at Home and we do nothing about it!  The CIA is the biggest Drug Trafficer  in the world, the use the drug money to sponsor their covert, off the books operations world wide and answer to no one.  Electing GHWB (head of the CIA) President was the biggest mistake we ever did, and GWB was the second biggest mistake.  He is responsible for the biggest Fraud every perpetraited against the American People,  2 wars, the TSA & Homeland Security and 4 TRILLION DOLLARS OF DEBT in 8 yrs.  OBAMA is the Third biggest Mistake 8 Trillion in 4 yrs and the stupid people put him back in office?  Voting machines have to of been Rigged.  WAKE UP .. 12 Trillion in 12 yrs, we are deliberately being BANKRUPTED !!!

    • Jerry logan says:

      @PaulChristensen That’s right brother

    • MaxineEFunk says:

       Black do not constitute a majority in America… Where did all those votes come from? Less then 12% of our population is black; therefore, this is a lie — 100% of black could have voted for him and it wouldn’t have been enough to get him elected. So where is the reality in all of this?

      • PaulChristensen says:

        @MaxineEFunk Oh, really.  Little do you know.  It is time you look at the whole picture.  I live in a state where there are few blacks and Obama and company never even bothered to visit because he knew it would be futile.  But he spend most of his time in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan.  I wonder why that is?  The elections officials, all told me that the elections results boiled down to two states.  What it really boiled down to was one, Ohio.  You must be a liberal and as a liberal you do not know what you are talking about.  By the way Obama bought the Union votes in the same state which is also ludicrous.  The blacks also seem to follow the ideas of their self declared ministers, Sharpton, Jackson which do no seem to have a congregations but like to stir up racial hatred. Michelle Obama was almost raised by Jackson so you see the ties.  Anyway Obama is not for the America set up by the founding fathers, he hates the Constitution, actually he hates America.  His real farther was a communist.  His mother was a trollop.  Watch his actions because they are only thing you can judge him by.  You cannot believe anything he says. He is like what the Indians used to say about the white man.  He speaks with forked tongue.;

        • MaxineEFunk says:

           Mr. Christensen, If you would have read the whole comment then you would have realized that there is no way that I’m a liberal. He may have not campaigned in you little corner of the world but his cronies i.e. liberal Whites elected him, not the blacks. Cleveland is less then100 miles from me and Philly is 300 but as I said, Blacks comprise less that 15% of our total population so who the Heck voted for this man, it was not them that got him elected. So get the heck off your butt and campaign  to remove him from office. And what “Election Officials” the little gray haired ladies checking off your name.

  175. kamaut longbabilon says:

    quote; “Obama needs to be tried for treason immediately and removed from office and face a firing squad for his treasonous actions.” unquote. So, who amongst you is going to start what should have been done a long time ago? – All I have read here in Australia online on many sites, say that Obama is an Illegal President, having nO grounds for even committing to an election for that position in the first place, as his Birth Cert is absolutely been proven to be fake, by independent foreign investigators. As I see it, this doppelganger Obama has the position to destroy America from both without and within, both economically and physically. Only the Armed Forces could stop him (if they had faith and guts) OR a few good men. Find trained SEALS who have been double-crossed by the Government (should not be too hard, as governments double-cross their defenders all the time and everywhere through pensions and other methods.) Get them to train brave young men 20 or over (not teens) who have idealistic and faithful views about the integrity of the USA being sold out to Muslim radicals, and send them after a hit-list of representatives who support Obama. Reasoning is simple: they are also traitors to the USA. Once you get rid of the leaders, change the way Presidents are elected. They must be elected from the ranks of the majority party in Government, and cannot have over-riding powers of decision making, but be subject to popular vote, and can only vote when there is a deadlock. Fail to do that, and you will have this situation again and again. Implement the death penalty for corrupt members of congress and senators and the President, this is the only way to re-start the country. But whatever method you choose, remember that you would be at war with THE POLITICIANS who are corrupt, and NOT the United States… The Armed Forces may even help you along… NEVER trust the CIA “Spooks” – they work for something that only exists to overthrow friendly governments to create war and keep it going, if my reading of milintel reports were accurate about the Spooks.

  176. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Reagan sold weapons to Iran (a terrorist nation). Was that treason?

  177. GVJaneAz says:

    What will he finally do that puts the ax in the back of the U.S.?  Hold on tight, it is coming.

    • NavyJR says:

      @GVJaneAz Take your pick: civil war, WWIII, collapse of the dollar and our economy, unsustainable taxes, engineered famines and droughts, forcing business owners to choose between their jobs and their beliefs; any combination thereof, or all of the above, are good starting guesses.

      • djetzel says:

        @NavyJR  @GVJaneAz
         What ever is necessary, but we do need to take action.

        • NavyJR says:

          @djetzel  Okay, what action would YOU suggest? I’m out of ideas; even secession would only drag the problem with us, in our States’ governments largely, as  well as our religious institutions and so-called ” schools” which are, in truth, indoctrination centers.  It would be next to impossible to weed out all those who are parts of the problem; humanity at large is simply too infested with the amorality that is at the root of our mess.    Few have the discernment to “weed out” the almost subliminal messages in ALL our media, let alone anything else, and getting it STOPPED would inspire riots.  If you doubt that, try making people shut of that addiction most mislabel as music for say a week.  They go into withdrawal because it, in fact, excites certain addictive hormones in humans,and elevates their levels.

        • NavyJR says:

          @djetzel  So what would you suggest?  Secession will only drag the problem of amorality, which is the root of what’s wrong in America, and how O got to be where  he is; as well as most of the others,  right along with us. and rooting it out would be next to impossible.  The fiscal and political power are concentrated currently in the control of ONE person who is NOT in America and who IS dedicated to the obliteration of the entire memory of  this nation and what she stood for, once, because the foundation is based on a concept that is anathema to his master.

  178. what up says:

    We should be demanding from the HR to start impeachment hearings if BHO does not give up all information redacted on: fast&furious,benghazi,green energy funding scams…of course he can’t be impeached since it takes 2/3 vote of both houses to do it.

  179. nanblan says:

    It’s easy to say that there are no politicians with the “guts and integrity to do what’s right and defend our nation and Constitution from such a treasonous and vile man”.  Just how do you propose that these politicians go after Obama for treason?  Even if such legislation passed the House, it obviously would fail in the Senate and be subject to Obama’s signature.  Unless I’m mistaken, the only possibility we had to hold Obama accountable and charge him with the numerous illegalities he’s undertaken was lost in the November election when we failed to take control of the Senate.
    If the author of this article or anyone else has any ideas on how to proceed with treason accusations without the approval of the Senate or Obama himself, I’d love to hear them.

    • NavyJR says:

      @nanblan You’re absolutely right, and one of FEW others who actually understand how that works.  There are a minority of folks not yet poisoned by the swamp environment, and it is endemic there, but not nearly enough to do the job.  We even lost the Chief Justice who would be the presiding judge in an impeachment.  But, so long as the CFR, and their masters control the fiscal and political clout, not just here but globally, there’s no way we’re budging O or any of the rest, until THEY get done using them and toss them away.

  180. ReaperHD says:

    Don’t be surprised that the regime in the White House is probably behind these mass murders. The killers are committing suicide, most killers want to get away except for the movie killer he waited to be arrested. The movie killer was so drugged out he doesn’t remember anything and now doesn’t look like the killer. This government over the years has done more experimenting on mind control and don’t put it past this boy in the White House to use it to get the USA disarmed.

    • Mike Travis says:

      @ReaperHD Why do you think Stevens was killed? No one believes it was a stupid video. but a growing number believes that Ovomit had him murdered to cover up the fact that the administration was supplying Syrian rebels with advanced arms.  Russia has confirmed that the rebels have stinger missiles which are US made.  Glenn Beck has claimed this as well.
      What will it take for ANYONE in an elected office to charge that TRAITOR Ovomit with his numerous crimes???

      • ElizabethClark says:

         Do you really think there is anyone in the congress or the senate that just got a big raise that will stand up to him???? These people don’t care about the american people… for the rest of there lives they get free medical care and money, none of them have the balls to stand up to him, or even want to.  it is a game they are playing with us as the ones that get all the grief

    • kamaut longbabilon says:

      @ReaperHD Hmmmm. maybe the CIA is behind this, to stir up another war, using similar methods like they did in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. but first things first…. they have to get rid of the peoples defensive weapons.

  181. ArthurMackey says:

    Obama has committed numerous HIGH CRIMES beside this one and there are at a minimum fifty witnesses to each act, and the preponderance of evidence is there to bring Articles of Impeachment, against him I don’t care if he was just re-elected by a dumbed down populace that has no understanding of basic math or human rights; and No Understanding of the Constitution of the United States of America !

    • Mike Travis says:

      @ArthurMackey No, not impeachment. He should be charged with TREASON.

      • kamaut longbabilon says:

        @ArthurMackey Impeachment is the first legal step to bring about justice to the people, once convicted Obama and his cohort then can be arrested for treason.

        • NavyJR says:

          @kamaut longbabilon  And exactly WHO is going to do this impeaching?  The House can only bring the articles {charges}; but the SENATE has to hear them, and it would be presided over by the “too afraid of being labeled a racist, so chose traitor instead” Chief “Justice” !  Now explain to me exactly how you think that’ll work?  Keep in mind that there have been 27 budget bills and 39 jobs bills sent to that SAME Senate which has NO produced a budget {one of its assigned duties} in the past 2 years, with NO budget at all for 4 years.

        • djetzel says:

          @NavyJR  @kamaut longbabilon
           Use your imagination, Sailor, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Impeachment advice from the present Congress and Senate with their set attitude and record would be like asking the enemy for advice on how to win the war.

        • NavyJR says:

          @djetzel You’re talking civil war, not impeachment;; which is different, although not an unlikely occurrence in the foreseeable future.  BTW, this regime IS asking the enemy how to win the wars!

        • djetzel says:

           What ever is necessary and works, I’m for it.

  182. Ej fedup says:

    Ok  I’ve seen enough What do we do were do we start. There are enough people in this country who feel the same way I do. But I’m know one and have know money to start this revoloution. I wish no personal harm to this man or his family.I just belive he dose not care about this country or our Constitution. Where the brave people with power who could do something about our situation. When will they speak up. We have obviously gotten to a point where something has to be done. Man has been elected to our presidency for the second time fraudulently. How do we stop this before things get worse. If he stays in power things will get worse. How do we convince the foolish people who adore him that he is wrong for this country and that they would all be better off living in a country the way our founding fathers intended it to be. There needs to be three branches of government. There needs to be checks and balances. We need to come together as a country for what we all know is right. How does the military feel, we would need them to take our country back. Is there anyone out there who has an answer for me. Where the brave politicians, we would also need them. Once again is there anyone out there who has a real answer for situation, or do we simply have to hang on for another four years and hope that people see, or will it be too late. Is it ever too late. I feel that something has to happen, but at the same time powerless. If there is someone out there who knows the way, I would fight this fight with them.

  183. Ej fedup says:

    Ok  I’ve seen enough What do we do were do we start. There are enough people in this country who feel the same way I do. But I’m know one and have know money to start this revoloution. I wish no personal harm to this man or his family.I just belive he dose not care about this country or our Constitution. Where the brave people with power who could do something about our situation. When will they speak up. We have obviously gotten to a point where something has to be done. Man has been elected to our presidency for the second time fraudulently. How do we stop this before things get worse. If he stays in power things will get worse. How do we convince the foolish people who adore him that he is wrong for this country and that they would all be better off living in a country the way our founding fathers intended it to be. There needs to be three branches of government. There needs to be checks and balances. We need to come together as a country for what we all know is right. How does the military feel, we would need them to take our country back. Is there anyone out there who has an answer for me. Where the brave politicians, we would also need them. Once again is there anyone out there who has a real answer for situation, or do we simply have to hang on for another four years and hope that people see, or will it be too late. Is it ever too late. I feel that something has to happen, but at the same time powerless. If there is someone out there who knows

    • overbeagle says:

      @Ej fedup EJ  please if u get some answers too ur questions,,pass them on too me PLEASE..I have had this communist takeover of our country right up too my eyeballs,,,I will probably end up in a fema camp because all i know how too do is speak my mind too anyone who will listen,,but talking is not enough,,we need action of some sort..and we need it now…i have promoted a 5 million man march on DC several times..I am sure we can get hundreds of thousands of retired or disabled and regular vets too march..i will gladly do what it takes to bring our treasonous government too justice..but i do not know where to start..

    • WilliamTaylor1 says:

      @Ej fedup
       I’ll be ready to assemble tomorrow.

    • WilliamTaylor1 says:

      @Ej fedup
       I’ll be ready to assemble tomorrow.

      • Jack says:

        @WilliamTaylor1  @Ej fedup Lots of us have the same feelings but they have to have proof, & a big leader, with lots of followers

    • ElizabethClark says:

      @Ej fedup
       the problem is you can’t convince the people that are getting all the freebees they wont listen and they will fight to keep what they think is theres, we need to make a law that prevents people that are on welfare to not be allowed to vote ……problem solved, then you would have never seen a second term with this person

  184. redskin45 says:

    my heart breaks for the true American citizens whose rights are eroded every single day this man is president…soon communists will rule this country.

  185. ghostrideraz says:

    Yes this President thinks he can do everything his agenda can yield. The House and the Senate are chiken little becuase of the polititical implecations of going agaist the machine. Liberal/Socialist believers are getting more violent towards Christians and those who do not meet thier “Ideal”.
    Just look at the LA deal the other day. Man was help at gun point for a Anti-Obama bumper sticker.
    Image that!

  186. ghostrideraz says:

    The Predient has full condidcw that he rules this country (Not govern). His and his followers think they have the permission to do just that. No one in the Sentae of the House has the conviction to go against the machine. Tea Party Citzens are deononized and currently trying to be purge from inportace in the mechanics of this country. It is exactly how many other dictators came to power. All of us can name afew.
    Whats more troubling is the left and the Obama supporters getting violet twards anything that is not Obama.They take to the streetswith intend of violince and will asalt Christians or any one who does not support the machine,
    Just a few days ago, a vertern was held at gun point just becuase he had a Anti_Obama Bumper Sticker. This is just things to come.

  187. ghostrideraz says:

    The President has full confidace that he rules this country (Not govern). The President  and his followers think they have the permission to do just that. No one in the Senate and  the House has the conviction to go against the machine. Tea Party Citzens are deononized and currently trying to be purge from importace in the mechanics of this country. It is exactly how many other dictators came to power. All of us can name afew.
    Whats more troubling is the left and the Obama supporters getting violet twards anything that is not Obama.They take to the streets with intend of bodily harm, property damage, target good businees who do not comply (Hobby Lobby) and will assalt Christians or any one who does not support the machine,
    Just a few days ago, a vet was held at gun point just becuase he had a Anti_Obama Bumper Sticker. This is just things to come. Can any one recall Hilter”s Brown shirts and Musslin’s Black shirts.
    Thats coming.

    • kid721952 says:

       Then we need to start fighting back,I’m NOT giving up my freedom,my rights,especially my gun rights,my wealth,everything I’ve worked all my life to achieve because this muslium wants to become dictator of the United States.We’ve taken freedom for granted all our lives NOW ITS TIME TO FIGHT FOR IT.Americans are going to stand up and fight for what they want,NOBODY is going to do it for them,DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!!!!!!!

  188. DavidMarsters says:

    What the hell is wrong with the congress and senate. Don’t they have the authority to defund the money for 20 jet planes , etc to theses Islamic terrosist countyries. I know if I was still in military and I gave weapons to the enemy I would be hung at sunrise. Obama and company should arrested immediatley. No balls congress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ElizabethClark says:

       they have the purse strings so to speak, and can stop him from spending any money

    • djetzel says:

       It is the old story, do as I say, not as I do. Too bad we cannot stop their pay until they take proper action.

      • kid721952 says:

        @djetzel  @DavidMarsters
         We need to cut ALL pay checks to congress,the senate and the presidency until they start complying with what the American people want,THEY WORK FOR US

  189. MagB says:

    What else is new?  The man OBUMA is not an American .  He came here on a foreign Stundent PASS PORT.  He has never gotten his hands dirty in work. He threatens and then kicks doors open when his way is not met.( I have seen he video.Kicked a table too!)
    He bows to other heads of state but this old lady will never bow to him.
    What a mistake this has been.  158% of votes in one county.(2012)  How many states can say they get 100% when there is another election! We must do something about this mess.  With the head of Congress it is impossible as it is “DAMNED IF HE DOES AND DAMED IF HE DOESN’T” Remember the group of Dems and Republicans that OBUMA put together? You know the ones who were to help find a way? I understand the plan was a good one and OBUMA ignored it as it was not his way!

    • Jack says:

      @MagB Don’t believe every thing you see in  a video online,   But what I want to know is everything about him,  I  know the least about this clown than any other president, I do have my suspicions about him.   But i do know that what little I know about him that he is not, eligible  to be president.  My other question would be is, why hasn’t some one brought this before the powers that are?

      • kid721952 says:

         If we can dig up his past,his REAL birth certificate,his REAL social security number(if he even has one) his REAL life history and prove it,EVERYTHING he has done can be undone.Congress should be selecting a committee to seek out these informations NOW,the longer he stays in office,the worst its going to get

        • NavyJR says:

          @kid721952  Most of the stuff that was out there has “vanished” into black holes already, and since most of Congress are also CFR, they’re ON his side, so won’t act against him in any case.  That’s why he wasn’t  “vetted” when he ran for senate, for which he was also ineligible, being he holds Indonesian citizenship, NOT American citizenship.

        • shannon853 says:

          @kid721952  @MagB congress will do nothing as if they do, they themselves be found to be a part of the coverup and could be found to be traitors!

        • kid721952 says:

          @shannon853  @MagB
           Then I guess it will be up to the people,the American people who have lived under the umbrella of “freedom for granted” for all their lives to have to fight for their freedom,their rights,their wealth and the protection of their families and loved ones

      • NavyJR says:

        @MagB Whom did you think PUT him there?  The PTB are NOT in the US, CFR is middle management.  Global fiscal and political power is concentrated in the hands of one person who is in a small sovereign nation,  outside the US.  He’s not eligible; wasn’t even for the Senate, and O will stay in place until the PTB have finished using him.

        • kid721952 says:

          @NavyJR  @MagB
           So what do you suggest,give up,let this dictator take over the greatest country in the world because we,the American people didn’t want to fight for it,NOBODY’S untouchable,I’m willing to die for my country,are you or do you want to be a sheep

        • NavyJR says:

          @kid721952  I signed that “blank check” a long time ago, Kid; and haven’t changed my mind.  Neither has that oath expired.

  190. DockyWocky says:

    The Obama dictatorship is already in place and has been in function for 4 years. Congress is just a figurehead to flummox the morons.

  191. HenryFlynn says:

    There are a couple of reasons why born again Christians voted for Obama, that I can think of. One, he claims to be a Christian, when in America! I guess that they didn’t hear him tell the Arabs that he is a Muslim. Two, believing that he is a Christian, they would rather have him than a Mormon. Three, not realizing that Obama is a Muslim, and thinking that he is a Christian, they would rather have a Christian than a Muslim. I believe that Obama was brainwashed many years ago and can only think the way he was taught and that is NOT rational. I am not sure what side of the fence he is on. I lean more toward communism or Marxism. He follows the Communist Manifesto in his actions, i.e., tell the people what they want to hear, while you are stabbing them in the back (paraphrased). He has/is stabbing us in the back while telling us that all the bleeding is good for us!!!

    • Jack says:

      @HenryFlynn For Your information, Mormons are Christian.   You write like they are not

      • NavyJR says:

        @HenryFlynn Grassroots Mormons believe they are; but that isn’t the truth; it’s another of the lies from the root of all the amorality going on in the US.

    • Jack says:

      @HenryFlynnYou did not mention the “takers” voting for him by wide margins, you know the santa claus factor also was a big player

      • NavyJR says:

        @HenryFlynn Who voted or didn’t, and how was immaterial; the fix was in before the first debates.  O spilled the beans to Medvedev with his message for Putin, clear back in September.

  192. Walt says:

    Congress – every opportunity for impeachment you ignore may be your last opportunity.

  193. whirlwinder says:

    You are so right Walt. The shadows are growing longer on the Republic and time for action grows short.

  194. MarkWaldron says:

    I would love it if the American people would stop this insanity by Obama, Reid and Pelosy but it has become evident that is not going to happen. All that one has to do is watch and listen to what the three morons have said previously and what they say now to determine they are all just puppets. They literally do not have a clue and yet the American people continue to support them. We have only gotten a taste of  what the Obamaites have in store for this country. Anyone who believes Obama is a christian has never read the bible. Christians don’t murder babies and they certainly don’t agree with homosexuality as a family unit. I just wish the republicans would not give these people any wiggle room. What few of us moral, god fearing Americans are left have to continue living in the midst of this president’s godless vision of the new America. We must pray harder than ever before that God will change his heart.

  195. yorm says:

    IT STANDS TO REASON THAT OBAMA BEING A MUSLIM commi two of the worst you could be !  !and we have AFEW of our reps&senators saying oh my gosh     the questions is what the hell arethey goiing to do about it? if he is breaking the law prosacute him you would anyone else that did the same thing,why is he above the law? quit talking AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT,NOW !!!!!!

  196. Your last statement is the problem, mate.
    Anyone remember that king zero’s muzlim upbringing ‘may’ have something to do with his plainly seen favoritism towards any kind of muzlim? So funneling billions and the latest military hardware to a plainly stated enemy to the USA and Israel, a clearly treasonous act, among his many others is just what he’s gonna do.
    I’m guessing that even IF there were some politicians in DC that had the backbone to challenge this, it would go nowhere because of the ultra corrupt democrats blocking every attempt to get something done. So they will probably do nothing.
    Prepare while you can.
    Surviving Urban Crisis.

    • Minnesota Mac says:

      Well ladies and gents I think you all need to write to Michele Bachmann, even if you do not like her I think she is the only person in the place that has the huspa to stand up in the well of the house and put forth the words that would force the house to do a full and complete vetting and force the house to do the investigation into what Obama is doing.  Oh just FYI it really only takes ONE to stand up and require the information

  197. Joe D Barclay says:

    I say we get rid of this raghead and his ho train of criminals. Since talks have seen no positive results then the next step is WAR. Our forefathers would have already been shooting . These morons feel they are protected but in reality they are walking targets. It is time to clean house completely, remove all powers of any outside sources, black out the media, reset the judicial branch, send all the traitors to saudi where they belong, and return this country to what our forefathers meant it to be and continue to monitor and police the government we reset. No more raises for the government leaches. No more greed based or total control of divisions governing. No more parties or unions. It is time for the citizenry to take responsibility for their actions in life or business and willing to accept the consequences of their actions. No more bottom feeding lawyers who live off the victims. This is not and will not be turned into Russia or a raghead nation. This is America and there is no place in foreign or anti-American, anti Christian sentiment here. If the minority extremists want to cause problems or violence within the United States and should be treated as enemies of the state and have their citizenship revoked and shipped to Nigeria or any of the Saudi states where they will be welcomed with the disdain they deserve.

    • djetzel says:

      @Joe D Barclay
       All right, lets get rid of them. We the People have a louder voice then they do….more guns too.

  198. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Right Wing logic: Ronald Reagan killed 3000 Americans on 9/11/01!  He armed and  help build Osama Bin Laden’s rag tag army in the 1980’s!

    • Shutter says:

      @Seymour Kleerly You are an idiot. Reagan probably didn’t even know where he was and maybe who he was, seeing he had full onset of Alzheimer’s in 2001.  And if you think it was Bush that orchestrated the attacks on 9-11-01 you are an even bigger idiot.

      • NavyJR says:

        @Shutter  They WERE orchestrated , to be sure, but from way above Bush’s pay grade!

      • Seymour Kleerly says:

        @Shutter Say What! Reagan didn’t have alzhimers in the early 80s.  I think that anyone who believes the Bush was behind 9/11 is as nuts as you far Right Wingers. Actually worse, because I don’t know of any entity pushing that ridiculous theory. At least you guys can claim that your Right Wing media feeds you daily anti-Liberal information  24/7, 365 days a year.

        • Shutter says:

          @Seymour Kleerly You said that Reagan killed 3000 on 9-11-01.  That is stupid. And you blue Kool-aid drinkers can’t stand a network that actually tells both sides of a story, but would rather listen to the contorted, super biased BS on MSNBC and lap it up like grateful dogs getting water from their masters. The real problem is that you can’t stand the truth and instead let your unfounded hatred for Bush to come up with idiotic notions like he might be responsible for 9-11.  Well, the s**tstorm that’s about to come down is all on the heads of the Liar in Chief and his minions.

        • Seymour Kleerly says:

          @Shutter  I don’t think Reagan killed 3000 Americans on 9/11/01. I said that is an example of the  RIGHT WING LOGIC”  that appears on this site. I also don’t believe nor would entertain the thought that Bush was behind 9/11/01. You have distorted well and might even  have a future working for  Fox News.

        • kid721952 says:

          @Seymour Kleerly  @Shutter
           seymour,you are living in the wrong country,you need to move to syria,egypt,iran,someplace where a stinkin muslium tells you what job you can have,what pay you will get,what time you can take a dump,you are just a puppet wanting a muslium to pull your strings,get out of the U.S.,we think for ourselves

        • NavyJR says:

          @Seymour Kleerly  Considering when it began to show in public, he likely was in the early stages when he took office, but like many was able to “hide” it for some time.  As for Bush behind 9/11, no, he was involved yes, but the actual planning and decisions were WAY above Bush’s pay grade.  He was just the TOOL!  Of course no “entity'” is “pushing’ it, because the PTB don’t really want us to catch onto that, and the rest of what they’re up to!

        • cherokee_warrior says:

          @kid721952  @Seymour Kleerly  @Shutter
           Heck, kid721952,  ol Seymour is probably a closet muslim, as is suspected of
          (zero)bama being in the closet, but with ol zero, it could be questionable as to which closet.  People on some blogs, those who say they, until they saw through Rev. Wright, and got out of there, have made statements about
          Zero and the down low.
          Strange, all of the pictures of him, when younger show him with a guy, in close contact with each other, never close contact with a woman.  Only woman (?)
          seems to be M.

        • NavyJR says:

          @cherokee_warrior  @kid721952 Check out also Bohemian Club in CA; he’ s been there as well; and since Breitbart caught photos of his boyfriends sneaking out, on top of other reports about the ‘Down Low club of Wright’s and his match making for members thereof {as in M.} for political appearances.  Re Muslim status; that’s what he was raised in and you DON’T leave without a FATWA to kill you!  You decide…

        • Seymour Kleerly says:

          @NavyJR Actually it doesn’t matter if Reagan knew or not. I doubt he did since he was very detached from operations. That’s how he ruled. It was Bush 1 and others in that administration who sold arms to Iran.

        • NavyJR says:

          @Seymour Kleerly I believe, if memory serves, that would be Oliver North.  Nancy ran things mostly, especially that second term, not the first time that’s happened.

        • Seymour Kleerly says:

          @NavyJR It was more Righties than just North that committed Treason, by arming our arch enemy Iran,

        • Seymour Kleerly says:

          @cherokee_warrior  @kid721952  @Shutter No wonder you guys are held in such high regard. You’re brilliant!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @Seymour Kleerly  @cherokee_warrior  @kid721952  @Shutter America, at least America’s freedom is on it’s last leg. We will not last four more years. I do not understand the blindness of Satan’s people.

        • NavyJR says:

          @Seymour Kleerly IF you were truly seeing more clearly you’d realize by now that there is not “left” or “right” in our government; and that ALL of them are nothing but TOOLS of the PTB!  They HAVE been for well over a century!

    • mthammer36 says:

      mthammer@Seymour Kleerly , heh I guess when the Lord was giving out sense he skipped you , You are a total idiot like your left wing Muslim Obama Fraud Liar. That is all you people can do is always change the subject and blame everyone else , likeyour buddy blaming Bush for all the economic problems we have. Still after 4 years he still is blaming everyone else the Republicans, Bush , Boehmer , hen even blammed the Ambassador Chris Stevens for going to the Mission in Benghazi after Obama murdered him and three other Americans. He was the one that armed all those Alcaida rebels who attacked Benghaszi, he is the one that just gave Morsi 11.5 billion dollars in Egypt along with 20 F16 fighter Jets, This guy Obama should be impeached for treason , liar of a man , wait until Hilliary Clinton Testifies in front of Congress how Obama was the one that turned down added security for Benghazi, Obama s also a racist him and his buddy Holder . Get some sense Seymour or atleast read the papers both sides not your liberal Bias Press,

      • Seymour Kleerly says:

        @mthammer36  @Seymour Are you saying that Obama did not INHERIT two wars and an economy in freefall? We were loosing 750,000 jobs a month for the last quarter of 2008 and January of 2009. Obama was sworn in 1/20/09. I think, as does most  Americans  that Obama did fine. Could have been a little better but also could have continued the Bush/Cheney economic collapse and been much worse.

      • LakeCityBob says:

        @mthammer36  @Seymour The Clinton hag will never testify, she is in the hospital and probably won’t come out. The Socialist-Muslim knows she is his biggest threat. He has killed before

        • Seymour Kleerly says:

          @LakeCityBob  @mthammer36 Oh boy! Just who did Obama kill before?

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @Seymour Kleerly  @LakeCityBob  @mthammer36 America!! Her freedom, at least, It will not last four more years, When it is gone you will suffer right along with the rest of us, maybe more because GOD will look out for HIS people. Obama uses people until he drains them dry and then he will cast them aside. It is best to recognize this fact, sooner that later.

  199. benmoshe says:

    The only way things will change in our country would be similiar to what can be found
    by following this link:

  200. benmoshe says:

    The only way that the current regim will be changed can be seen by following this link:

  201. Ed Tedder says:

    Yes, it is time.

  202. Ed Tedder says:

    You are so right!

  203. Ed Tedder says:

    I believe he is a commy muslim.

  204. jean1000 says:

    The Republicans mentioned recognize what is happening and make some bland statements, but do they have the balls to stand up and take action?  The democrats think their exalted leader’s “reaching out” to leaders such as Morsi will bring peace and love to the world.  Where are the republicans?  Are they buckling under to media pressure?  Afraid they’ll lose the next election?  Meantime, we’re forking over billions to hostile foreign leaders that laught at the U.S. for being weak.

  205. Brabado says:

    Here again.   No surprise here!
    Barack Obama is doing what it
    comes natural to his character… Betray American and everything we stood for during the last 200 plus years.  
    You elected him, so be happy!

  206. kid721952 says:

    Anything that was agreed on between the U.S. and mubarack is in the past,we have a completely new government in egypt,the muslium brotherhood,and that requires a completely new look at what the U.S. is doing for egypt,congress holds the purse strings for aid and the buying power for F-16 fighter jets,CUT THEM OFF,the heck with this muslium loving president,ALL AMERICAN LIFE is at stake and I choose American lives over musliums

  207. AmericansRon2U says:

    Obama has committed treason so many times that I’ve lost count.  He’ll continue to commit treason because we only have ONE party and they’re not on the side of Americans and the U.S. Constitution.  Until “we the people” put our foot down and stop this unconstitutional madness, nothing will change….sad but true.

  208. NavyJR says:

    @djetzel: Responses won’t post below your comment ; tried twice already.  Anyway, I’m open to reasonable suggestions, because the only thing I see as stopping this now  is Divine intervention, directly; not an act of nature that’s mislabeled, but the real deal. The fiscal and political power is concentrated under the control of one man who’s not in the US, and our founding principles are anathema to the one pulling his strings.

  209. donl says:

    The Russians know more about Obama then the average American.

  210. FreedomFray says:

    Looking for help with this commenting system…
    I’m new to this website and commenting system. I submitted a post over 4 hours ago and it is tagged “Awaiting approval”. Not sure why, I see other peoples posts appearing within minutes.
    Can anyone provide some info as to what may cause this?

    • NavyJR says:

      @FreedomFray What did you post?  and did it get lost in cyberspace?  Because I’ve had that happen to a few comments here lately,   And are you signed up with livefyre?  That might also make a difference.

      • FreedomFray says:

        When I submitted the post, it appeared right away, but I noticed it had a “awaiting approval” tag just above my username. So, I checked to see if it was visible via another browser and it was not. I then got on my wife’s computer to see if it was visible and it was not. So I can see it but it is obviously not visible to the rest of the world!
        When you say you had it happen a few times, do you mean you got the “awaiting approval” tag as well?
        I am logged in via LiveFyre. Was wondering if there was some policy I violated? It is a pretty lengthy post (about 680 words) and does have a link to a video on vimeo.

        • Ilene Richman says:

          @FreedomFray  @NavyJR

        • Ilene Richman says:

          @FreedomFray  @NavyJR
           My comment appeared above.

        • NavyJR says:

          @FreedomFray What I was talking about is posts simply vanishing into cyberspace entirely, as if never written.  The length and video shouldn’t have been a  problem; others post long and links to other sites or videos.  Possible there was some question about the topic of your post or how it was worded. I don’t know.

        • FreedomFray says:

          @NavyJR  I tried to post it again and got the same result. I don’t know what would flag it as far as topic and/or wording. Nothing vulgar, threatening, etc.
          Thanks for your time.

        • NavyJR says:

          @FreedomFray This may sound paranoid, but it could be the censors playing with us too.  The government has been censoring all traffic over airwaves, since before there was a hint of an internet, or a cell phone for that matter.    And their list of trigger words is crazy.

        • djetzel says:

          @FreedomFray  @NavyJR
           I too have experienced the “awaiting approval” prior to posting. I am sure it is when you post something with profanity, or something too explicit regarding Obummer and the like.

        • NavyJR says:

          @djetzel  @FreedomFray That is possible ; they’re working around to shutting us down .

        • FreedomFray says:

          @NavyJR  @djetzel 
          O.K., no need for paranoia :)
          I found the problem. I created the original post in Microsoft Word and was attempting to cut and paste. Must have not liked something in the coding. When I pasted it as “plain text” everything worked fine.
          My post is titled “R-U-2-Ignorant-4-Freedom”
          Please read it above!

        • NavyJR says:

          @FreedomFray  Now that’s one I would never have even thought of trying; I just hit the reply and go from there.    Maybe sometimes being a “dinosaur” has its advantages.  I do copy and paste for other things.  But it never even occurred to me to do it on these types of sites.

  211. overbeagle says:

    a new york news paper is printing the names and address’s of all permit holders in the state…if they are allowed this…heres one we should run with,,and run with hard if anyone is an organizer…We should get the names and address’s of all the socialist/communist journalists and news paper owners and Media moguls..and post them on the web…this list should be re sent every day…then these commies shits will have to worry about someone not really pleased with there articles..coming to talk personally too them…the Media is destroying this nation right along with the gov…we need a two pronged approach..they are trying to scare us..we should do the same

  212. Ilene Richman says:

    Not only is Obama treasonous, he is a DICTATOR by passing executive orders without Congressional approval as arming Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt. To add to all this, Obama is a MURDERER. He allowed 4 Americans to die in Libya without lifting a finger to help. Obama sent Stevens secretly to Libya to pass arms to Syrian rebels, who are Al Qaeda, via Turkey. He armed the Libyian Al Qaeda. Now he wants to give F-16 airplanes to the Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi, an enemy of the United States. Obama was sent here to undermine this country and bring it down. He has already started by increasing the debt over $6T while in office for 4 years. He helped our enemies in the Middle East and overthrew our allies. Obama is the Manchurian Candidate that should be IMPEACHED now and thrown out of offrice into prison. Where are the cowardly Republicans when they are supposed to act and find out all this evidence against an illegal person acting as president?

    • NavyJR says:

      @Ilene Richman He not only allowed those 4 men to be murdered, he ORDERED our people who were in a position to NOT go in and help, and cashiered 2 flag rank officers, an Admiral and a General, who tried to send that help in anyway against his UNLAWFUL order!

      • Ilene Richman says:

         I am going to write a book about Benghazi.  Can you help with the details? This illegal president is an accomplice to MURDER. And so are the people who assisted him as “Clinton, Panetta, Patreaus, the National Security Council. Funny how he showed every moment of the capture of Osama Bin Laden. But refuses to show anything about the MURDERS of the 4 Americans at Benghazi. Obama was in the midst of having Stevens ship arms to the Syrian rebels, Al Qaeda, via Turkey. Something went wrong with his plan and he let 4 people die who would never talk.

        • HenryFlynn says:

          @Ilene Richman  @NavyJR I can refer you to some good resources. The retired generals, retired CIA agents, retired cols. I really don’t want to give out names until I have their permission, but there are several that keep up with the events, All the retirees are contributors to FOX news and are not PC. They tell the truth as they know it. If you need more names, let me know or contact FOX news. I am sure they can supply you with many names. I just don’t remember all their names right now, but I will do some research.

        • NavyJR says:

          @Ilene Richman Not a whole lot, maybe some; I have some of the stories stashed away in e-mail files; but not in any cohesive order for something like that.  Mostly I have kind of a framework in my head..

        • NavyJR says:

          @HenryFlynn  @Ilene Richman This would likely be a better way to go; those would have  better contacts still in too probably.

        • HenryFlynn says:

          @NavyJR  @Ilene Richman Thanks. I have a few people that I believe tell the truth. i have already sent a request to one and will continue until have have contacting all. There are only a few that I trust. I can count them on one hand! Anyone can go on FOXNEWS.com and see who their contributors are. Most are contributors. I just don’t trust the other media.

        • raccoonden says:

          @Ilene Richman  @NavyJR When you write your book make sure to include those bloody hand prints on the compound walls, scratching and holding on for dear life.  That picture is worth a thousand words.  Later I listened to NBC news tell the American public that they died of smoke inhalation -wow what liars!

        • Ilene Richman says:

          @HenryFlynn  @NavyJR
           Please refer the retired generals, retired CIA agents, retired cols and anyone else who was involved in this MURDER of 4 Americans in Benghazi. Lindsey Graham claims he is going after the truth, but Graham is a blowhard.

        • Ilene Richman says:

           Get them in cohesive order. Also, put them in a framework. This running of guns to Syria goes back to Mexico, Libya, Muslim Brotherhood (now getting F-16 jets). Obama is desperately trying to  bring down this country, tying us up with debt, the UN, and Al Qaeda countries. Who does he think he is fooling?

  213. Jack Klouseau says:

    obama has the nature of addiction, if you have a doctor friend ask him or her.
    obama is in denial, irrational and obsessive/compulsive , immature (his emotional/mental abilities are frozen at the point he first started “using”, he’s irresponsable, paranoid and fearful, easily led in the hope of another “hit”,
    never at fault, and it’s always sombody elses fault..
    Prove me wrong!

    • NavyJR says:

      Nope, can’t do it; all you forgot is the underlying pathological narcissism, which means he also can’t see others as separate from himself, therefore can’t recognize that others can possibly have different wants, needs or hopes from his!

  214. Crashaxe says:

    Guess who paid for those F16’s

  215. Ilene Richman says:

    There should be no military equipment going to Morsi, head of the Muslim Brotherhood, backing Hezbollah and Hamas. Obama cannot dictate who should receive military equipment, especially our enemies. But then again Obama had the Muslim Brotherhood secretly visit the White House. Obama is a closet Muslim, sent to overthrow the govt of the US-the Manchurian Candidate. He has spent us into oblivion, protected our enemies, spit on our allies, wants the UN to enact laws of the US, as sea lanes, environmental controls. Obama is a secret agent. When one has a Muslim father, one is a Muslim. He has two citizenships; one is British from his father (Kenya was a Britiish possession at the time of Obama’s birth) and one from his mother. A president must have two natural born parents of the US-is in the US Constitution. Obama is an illegal president who will not disclose his college records, passports, travel to Pakistan as a student (when Pakistan was on US terror list for no travel), associations with terrorist Bill Ayres (whose home he used to announce his presidency), association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakan. There is much more but this person should be IMPEACHED.

    • djetzel says:

      @Ilene Richman
       Shoot is the word!

    • djetzel says:

      @Ilene Richman
       Shot is the word!

    • NavyJR says:

      @Ilene Richman Obama’s last known citizenship is INDONESIAN, since his adoption there, by Lolo Soetoro.  Since they don’t allow for dual citizenship, and his mother wasn’t legally old enough ( she would have had to live in the US 5 years past her 14th birthday to confer citizenship to her foreign born child} at 18 when he was born, the only citizenship he had before that was British.  Ergo, since he never naturalized when he came back and continued to claim Indonesian citizenship when he started college and again when he traveled to Pakistan at  a time when that was forbidden for US citizens, he’s never been a  US citizen of ANY sort.    THAT’S why he won’t disclose his records, for one reason at least.  He needed both parents to be citizens and born on US soil; according to Coast General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya, AND the Parliament of Kenya’s official record as well, he was born in Kenya, at the aforementioned hospital.  Attorney Mario Apuzzo who was lead attorney on the Kerchner case concerning his eligibility confirmed he used the Indonesian passport to go to Pakistan.

  216. DubyaGirl says:

    @VeronicaCoffin Agree!

  217. DubyaGirl says:

    @VeronicaCoffin Didn’t we kinda arm the Benghazi murderers? Not sure

  218. Leslie_H20 says:

    @VeronicaCoffin Troops denied their right to vote, suicides among soldiers exceeding KIAs. WTF is wrong with Americans? They’re oblivious.

  219. HenryFlynn says:

    Obama must protect and finance his brothers. He could not care less about OUR constitution. As a dictator, he can do what he wants, when he wants, until someone in our government has the GUTS to stop him and so far, no one is standing up. I will be in contact with my reps, after the New Year to see what is on his mind! So far, when I contact them, I have had good results!! This time, it will be a very sensitive subject!! I would suggest that everyone, who is concerned about American, get in touch with your reps as well and see what they say!! I have no way of taking any physical action, accept by phone and email and hope for the best. Again, so far, results have been very good!!

    • raccoonden says:

      @HenryFlynn I have also been in contact with my Rep and I am finding out that there are many things they are unaware of, for example, some of the Executive Orders that the O has signed. My Rep’s office researched the info I gave them and called me back to tell me it was true.  What was interesting was the somber tone of the office when they called back.  I SUGGEST YOU ALL RESEARCH AND STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR REP’s.  Let them know what you find out, even if your rep is a democrat. they don’t know what they don’t know.

      • HenryFlynn says:

        @raccoonden Very good!! I love to hear that you are already taking action! You are right about them not always being informed! That simply amazes me, but we are taking the correct action. I can not afford to do anything else, but we can get everyone involved!! Thanks for your support!!

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @raccoonden  @HenryFlynn I thought that is what they are being paid for, to know and to act on what they know. It makes no sense to me that we have info out here that they do not have.  What are they doing with all of their that they cannot know what they are supposed to know It is their job to keep up with what is going on. Our people in DC have sit there and let this evil consume the US of A.

    • Ilene Richman says:

       Keep up the pressure. You are doing a great job.  Senator Barrasso is the tough one on Benghazi. Lindsey Graham is a blowhard.

      • NavyJR says:

        @Ilene Richman  Lindsay Graham is one of the 2 biggest RINOs in Congress: Mc Cain is the other and  I’m honestly not sure which is the worst!

  220. tt82 says:

    And the people including me said and did…………………..nothing again.

  221. EddyMarrero says:

    I do not think that our president is in any way special.The problem is the people he has around him .The ones that had planed very careful this situation  that we are going throu.The people of the senate are the ones that knowing everything about our president ,had done nothing to acomplish their duty.

    • HenryFlynn says:

      @EddyMarrero You are absolutely right. In fact, Obama cronies, advisers, etc, as far as I am concerned are, also, anti America, anti our constitution and anti about everything that America stands for. There are also allowing Obama to bankrupt America. Why they have turned against America, I haven’t figured out yet as they live in the same country!! They are the same ones that set up Obamacare, which is Obama’s agenda for destroying America’s economy. I have heard that in Obama’s book he talks about his father’s wish to “downsize” America or bankrupt America. That is what Obama calls his “birthright”. He has no choice in that matter and being as brainwashed as he is, we are doomed unless God steps in. Many people have turned away from God and that is just plain dangerous. Obama is anti Israel and that is also dangerous for America!

      • EddyMarrero says:

        @HenryFlynn You are absolutely right in one thing.Gandy once said I’m not worry about bad people doing bad things,Iam worry about the good people doing nothing  to stop the wrong doing.

  222. LiterallyFedUp says:

    @jhjulian1956 So, Obama commits treason, add it to the list.. We will give it to the officials who will do absolutely nothing….

  223. AL EISNER says:

    Forget re-election, Obama should be impeached
    The harm and damage that President Barack Obama has imposed on the U.S. calls for impeachment proceedings.
    Our deficit is now reaching levels from which it will be difficult if not impossible to recover because of failed policies and an incompetent administration. Mr. Obama has made our country a lot less safe with the START treaty. His failed Mideast policy has now put Israel on the line. His muddled policies in Afghanistan and Iraq will eventually cause us to fail there as well.
    Instead of fixing the economy and solving other problems, Mr. Obama has been in re-election mode for the past year. Republicans in the House have sufficient reason to start impeachment proceedings now.
    The latest White House incompetence relating to the Benghazi, Libya killing of four American heroes, including our ambassador, should spark a Congressional Investigation now to determine who is covering up what happened in Libya.
    I would urge the Speaker of the House John Boehner to initiate impeachment proceedings again President Obama without any further delay.
    We cannot afford four more years of President Obama.
    Al Eisner, Silver Spring

    • SafetyFirst says:

      @AL EISNER 
      Charged and tried for treason can be done without ever giving legitimacy to his time in the WH, which is what impeachment would back-handedly do.  What he has done on this occasion and many others is TREASON, and it’s time to call things by their correct names and quit dancing around the issues for the sake of political (in)correctness.

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @SafetyFirst  @AL EISNER He has sold us out and unless GOD saves us We can hang up our hats, we are finished. There is very little reason why HE will save us, most of us will not write HIS name on one of our posts but we expect HIM to save us, anyway. HE knows who HIS own are and I will look out for us, even tough I will hate to see people going through what we will have  to go through without HIM>

    • Ilene Richman says:

      @AL EISNER
       I completely agree with you Al. Each state has to get petitions signed, with enough signatures, to send to our Representatives and Senators to start impeachment proceedings.  I lived in Maryland for 30 years and completely approve of what you have so brilliantly stated, AAA”We cannot afford four more years of President Obama”. Let us start our petitions now to send to Congress.

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @Ilene Richman  @AL EISNER He has sold us out, the only hope is our GOD but I can think of little reason why HE will save us , most of us will not acknowledge HIM at all, will not even write HIS name on one of our posts, but expect HIM to act in our favor. We must get on our knees and acknowledge the fact that it is all in HIS hands.  HIS WORD tells us that because of our turning away from HIM that these things will come to pass.
        Mark 1313. And you shall be hated of all nations for my name;s sake: but he that shall endure shall be saved.
        Mark 13;19 For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning f the creation which GOD created unto this time,neither shall be.
        Read the rest of the chapter!

        • pleroma02 says:

          @Evermyrtle  @Ilene Richman  @AL EISNER
           I just told my mother that exact thing the week before Christmas.  The strange thing is, we went to CT for Christmas.  I expected to be able to witness to a bunch of pagans, but in all the stores, everywhere, I met conservative Christians who are just as upset and worried as we are down here in Texas.  And they live in the “nightmare state” according to the Kiplinger report on the best states to retire to.  CT ranks 50th, and my son is struggling with an underwater house mortgage as he teaches the Bible in Preston City..Only one man I talked to said that after Newtown he was having trouble trusting God because God could have stopped that carnage.  Yes, I said, He could have if the principal of the school had been trained in handgun use and been armed, God could have used her to stop it.  But CT has very strict gun laws – and those laws hampered justice from being immediately delivered to that young, depraved man.  Did you hear Geraldo even say that if he had been a faith-based young man, he could not have done it  – I was shocked – national TV, semi-progressive Geraldo~!!  Ever since Madelne Murray O’Hare got prayer and Bible reading removed from the schools, we’ve been going down.  The system teaches absolute lies to our young people, and unless you are teaching in the public schools (I did for 25 years), you don’t really know what is going on.  And counselling – forget it – they don’t see the need for classroom decorum from students – just let them do . . .  USA is going down; paper money will be so much kindling, probably this coming year.

    • chief1937 says:

      @AL EISNER
       We will never see it happen the Republicans are all afraid of him for some reason and have no guts to do what they were elected to do. I read where Boehner had offered aditional tax increases to the president who declined and stands firm on wanting his plann only guess we are sunk. No leadership in sight by either party

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @chief1937  @AL EISNER I agree 10%. That is why we have this Muslim and his followers in the WH. The GOP let us down.

    • merriel46 says:

      @AL EISNER  Sorry to give you this bad news.  Obama will NEVER be impeached as long as Harry Reid controls the Senate.  Harry believes that Obama can walk on water and will NEVER allow impeachment papers to go before the Senate.

  224. dangerousman says:

    When are we going to IMPEACH this ILLEGAL president and his ILLEGAL STAFF, like biden????  It’s time to take action, NEVER EVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS, hide them, put them where nobody will find them except you when you need them the most.  It’s time people to take up our Constitutional Right to assemble and DEMAND a change in this ILLEGAL Government and do it SOON!!!  WATCH AND WAIT for the signal to come and join with your brothers and sisters who want the same thing, to be RID OF oBAMA AND HIS ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT!!!

  225. dangerousman says:

    It’s time to IMPEACH this ILLEGAL president and his STAFF!!! Watch and Wait and NEVER EVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS cause if you do, then we will be an unarmed populace just like what HITLER DID Before he started killing his own people and the Jews.

  226. HenryFlynn says:

    Get in touch with your elected reps, if there are any that you trust, and see what action they plan to take!! They may not be in office until after the New Year. I will as soon as I can get in touch with them. I have a record of good results!!

  227. ddudney says:

    Get ready to stand on your own…….this country is falling fast!

  228. USPatriotOne says:

    Obama is Arming Islam not just one Country.  That’s why he destroying the American Military.  He is preparing America for invasion ifrst by DHS and the Communist storm troopers and then by the U.N Troops.  He is a Islam, one world order plant…and no one knows who this man really is!  Go listen to Dr. Michael WIlliams internet radio show “The Patriot Report” on webtalkradio dot net and get the real truth on what is happening to our great Nation.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @USPatriotOne Four more years of peace? Are you right with GOD? Have you accepted JESUS CHRIST as your SAVIOR? It is time to do some serious thinking about your LORD. We have not had bad times, yet but they are coming.
      Mark 13:19  For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which GOD created unto this time, neither shall be. Read the  rest of the chapter because I am not allowed to post it but it needs to be known by HIS people

  229. what up says:

    Google it and read it for yourself ,come to your own conclusion,nothing I say will ever change the mind of a BHO circus animal.

  230. milguia says:

    so..what is anybody going to do about it?? too many reports no action!! blah!! blah! blah!

  231. mc2retmal says:

    Henry Flynn, I have just learned that on Jan 6th 2013 the conress has to give there votes to confirm that Obama is eligable for a second term. It only takes ONE representaive or senator to obect to the second term and it will be history for Obama. Now lets see who has the balls to obect to his swearing in of second term. Contact your congress to see what they are going to do.

    • cherokee_warrior says:

       Have been doing a google search and come up empty on your statement, where can this be found?

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @mc2retmal My congressman if you knew who he is you would recognize him immediately as the bosom buddy of Obama. No help there!! He had rather die than go against hi savior, Obama. He is well known as an anti-America supporter of the left. Vote him our??? I did my part at that, it didn’t work.

  232. budlangpapa says:

    What to do? I have never been so disgusted with my government as today.  I could never be a democrat because of their stance on abortion, homosexuality (now openly promoted) socialistic leanings, greater government control, and on an on.  But republicans have become so weak they don’t seem to be able to function at all.  Many of our basic freedoms are at risk, representatives have more interest in obtaining political power than taking care of the country’s business and the debt will never be paid in my lifetime if at all.  But worse than anything is the mind set of many American who actually voted for this administration.  We have an entire generation of folks who only care about what they can get for free.  Well enough ranting, I’ll just keep on praying

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @budlangpapa You are right the Democrats and Satan have taken complete control of out country and the Republicans have lost every bit of steam and are lying beside the tracks. They have deserted us by making poor decision or no decisions at all.

  233. mc2retmal says:

    It is time to have a REVOLUTION in 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@

    • pleroma02 says:

       You will not like what a revolution will do.   Go read about the French Revolution.  It set the nation back in development 300 years, at least.  They killed every educated person who knew how to do anything, run anything.  The blood lust got so great that that they finally started killing each other.  the Romans had their military revolts which left them under military tyranny.  If the whims of those who finally emerge victorious go along with your agenda, you are fine.  But if they don’t – prepare to meet your Maker!!  I’m ready;  I’m armed;  I’m willing.  But we need to count the costs because they are significant.  Almost all the signers of the Declaration of Independence sacrificed everything for the cause.   It’s not pretty;  it’s a truly bloody mess.   All our conveniences will be gone – electricity, gasoline, etc.  food?  what’s that?  clean water – EPA weep and wail.  We will be fighting for principle.  And we will be doing it for the next generation which as far as I can see don’t care enough to keep what we deliver to them with our very lives.  Now, if we had a tax revolt so that we all put down many exemptions and did not let the government take out withholdings, then we didn’t do a tax return like our Sec. of the Treasury whom Obama picked, that might cripple them a bit.  Of course, we would be facing jail time.

      • mc2retmal says:

         It is Ok if I serve jail time for not paying taxes. Free food, bedding and medical plus you get paid a little each day for your use in the jail commissary. It would be a Federal prison and they have big screen tv, swimming pools, golf courses. They have a beautiful federal prison the Old Fort Devens Mass. I have had a tour before it was opened.

        • pleroma02 says:

           Are you from Mass?  You  sound just like the folks down here in Texas in the blogs.

        • mc2retmal says:

           Yes I am from Mass but live in Maine now. To much political corruption in Mass. Lived there for 64 years. Glad to be in Maine.

  234. B Zerker says:

    “It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government.”
    – Thomas Paine

  235. PaulChristensen says:

    Dear viscous, I find your reply contemptuous. Your rep[y is odious and ludicrous.   I did read you reply and still think that though the blacks as you say only comprise 12% of the population they can have a significant impact on the vote.  Maybe not the whole vote but a significant impact. This seemed to play out a big part in Ohio.   And I feel this combined with the voter fraud that took place changed the election.  Yes the black vote is not the entire story but it was significant enough for Obama to pursue and he must also have though so and so he  did so ardently.  Since we seem to be working on the same side I see no reason for bickering.  I would like to solicit your help and you can do so by going to http://recountthevote.com/ and signing the petition.  There is something funny going on here and much of it seems to be happening in your good state.  Having someone like yourself from your state may have more impact than someone from my state.

    • Ilene Richman says:

       I never discussed the black vote. You are writing to the wrong person. And I believe you are contemptuous for implying and lying about something I never addressed. Get your facts straight before you make contemptible assertions.

  236. PaulChristensen says:

    Sorry but the response was not for you.  Somehow it got mixed up.  My apologies.

  237. chief1937 says:

    Another case of business as usual for our government arm those who want us destroyed is a great way to spend our tax dollars and congress goes right along they are as bad as he is.Somehow this insanity must be reigned in or we are finished.

  238. Dajudge700 says:

    Then why don’t we get it done right now and have him put to death the very next day.  After that we can void any and all things he has done.  Then after that we should start to rearm our military and make them once again the strongest in the world.  Maybe by that time the liberals will see what a big mistake they have made and help rebuild our economy by lowering taxes and such.

  239. barracudamanme says:

    @texasourtexas @barracudamanme @cantUCIMAblonde @realDonaldTrump @GeraldoRivera @sdoocy>IMPEACH OBAMA=BENGHAZI-GATE>http://t.co/qk6kuYE6

  240. barracudamanme says:

    @texasourtexas @barracudamanme @cantUCIMblonde @realDonaldTrump @ericbolling @seanhannity @rushlimbaugh @UCSBNews @NRA>http://t.co/qk6kuYE6

  241. KenPuttx1 says:

    @texasourtexas Sorry to say it, but I think this is the wrong Congress to much P. C. And other bs.

  242. GaryEmch says:

    Bottom line is a civil war is coming. Only then will we fix this mess of a corruption against our nation.

    • djetzel says:

      That is basically what I have been saying all a long. They won’t unass the seat, we have to kick it out.

    • tt82 says:

       Every wise Patriot knows your right and obama will be safe and far under ground, watching us. Lets hope that the people close will do the right thing. Is everyone getting the picture of what all those hollow point bullets are for yet.

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @tt82  @GaryEmch Oh yes he has planned far ahead. He knows what is coming and knows when to go in hiding.I wonder f he knows that he cannot hide from GOD

  243. donl says:

    The next civil war will be between the so called democrats (Communists) and the Freedom Lovers ( Republicans) right here in your neighborhood. Be prepared.  That is why this administration is doing everything they can to take our guns away.  Remember:  they will not let a tragedy go to waste if they can gain by it.

  244. pleroma02 says:

    My son-in-law reminded me tonight at our New Year’s Eve Bible class that the Constitution says that if we make a treaty with another country, that treaty acts as if it were the Constitution.  Folks, we have a treaty with Egypt that goes back to Sadat whether we like it and wanted it or not.  So, legally, Egypt is not an enemy but an ally.  This is not treason – how I wish it were!  Now, I wonder how binding the treaties made with the U. N. are since the U. N. is not a country or a government.   This country is too far gone – Jesus Christ (who actually does control history) is our only hope.  We’d better “kiss the Son lest He be angry.”  Ps. 2

  245. merriel46 says:

    Obama will NEVER be impeached as long as Harry Reid controls the Senate.  I can’t figure out why the people of Nevada keep electing this jerk.

    • mc2retmal says:

       Nevada does not want him around that is why they keep electing him.

    • Ed Shick says:

      @merriel46  I thought he got 104 % of vote last time ,, Of course in Ohio in 2012 We did better than that , we even had people from Somalia come to vote   recountthevote.com

      • merriel46 says:

        @Ed Shick In one county in Ohio, Obama got 148% of the votes that were cast.  He got more votes than the number of registered voters.  I am not a gifted mathematician but that just doesn’t add up.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @merriel46  @Ed Shick And nobody seem to care. this is too ridiculas to believe,but it is true that the left is determined to see us in the hands of the rebels. I wonder what they think will become of them. Are they disillusioned enough to  think they will be safe? The enemy will determine that they are fools and they will be in worse mess that we, who fought it.

    • djetzel says:

       Me either, he’s as bad as John Myer.

    • NavyJR says:

      @merriel46 You’re right; this is the SAME guy who has blocked 27 budgets and 39 jobs bills passed by the House from being heard even, much less voted on, while BLAMING Repubs for inaction!

      • merriel46 says:

        @NavyJR Finally someone with some intelligence.  I too am a Navy veteran.  Thank you for answering my  note.

        • NavyJR says:

          @merriel46 It does tend to get lonely at the “adults’ ” table sometimes . Thanks for your service, and you’re welcome; happy New Year.

        • merriel46 says:

          @NavyJR   Some of these people really believe that Obama is going to be impeached.  They really need to read the Constitution.

        • NavyJR says:

          @merriel46 They NEED to realize there IS only one party with 2 “heads” but all on the SAME side, with the SAME agenda, so there’s no WAY!  The Constitution would allow for it, although there would be better ways to get him out of office under its framework as well.    So far as I can see now, the only real hope we have left, at this point is direct Divine intervention, and I don’t mean an act of nature mislabeled as such.

        • merriel46 says:

          @NavyJR   That would be a great idea except for the fact that we have kicked GOD out of everything.  He is no longer allowed in our schools, our courts or our parks.  Then when something horrible happens (ie: Connecticut, we wonder where GOD was.  It is a wonder that GOD is allowed in our churches.

        • NavyJR says:

          @merriel46 When God really WANTS in, do you honestly think that’s going to STOP Him COMING in??  Just because these apostate amoral fools have said “no”?    I’m talking CREATOR of the UNIVERSE, of all that IS; think a “no” we don’t believe is going to keep Him from acting, should He choose to do so?  I give Him more credit than that…

        • merriel46 says:

          @NavyJR   I believe that, but, God is NOT going to force himself on us.  That is why he gave us free choice.

        • djetzel says:

          @merriel46  @NavyJR
           That is so true, it could come to pass that our churches need to go underground as was the case in Russia, i.e., a Chaplain in the US Army cannot mention Christ in their sermon which is crazy….thanks to Obama.

      • Ilene Richman says:

        @NavyJR  @merriel46
         Obama does not want a budget. He wants to break the bank of the US. Obama is undermining the US govt, domestically and internationally. That is his objective. Remember he was sent here as the MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. No one really knows him or knows anything about him.

        • merriel46 says:

          @Ilene Richman  @NavyJR   We know that he became president to take our GREAT COUNTRY down.  Let’s not let him do that.

  246. mc2retmal says:

    There isn’t enough jails to put us all in if we all stopped paying taxes and claimed more deductions than we are entilted to.

  247. DockyWocky says:

    “The crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one’s government…” or, in Obama’s narcissistic cabeza, “giving aid or comfort to the enemies of Obama” which he has never done.

  248. DockyWocky says:

    …Or “selective amnesia…”

  249. DockyWocky says:

    That’s Hillary’s “selective amnesia,” since comment won’t make it through HuffyPuffy Post censors.

  250. MagB says:

    Dear Christian
    I too am a Christian .  I was given a brain and the knowledge of the difference of right and wrong. Not all of anything is one way!
    Proof is where the bad apple does something really bad and some are determined not to see the who did it.  This does not condemn all of a group! But makes the group look bad. 
    Some times we of a different group get the blame too! Then a hunt to see, is what should happen.
    Truth is the bottom line!

  251. Caroyln says:

    Now You Obama Lovers That Said We Do Not Need To Vette  This Imposter President “Barry Soetoro AKA ???” Just Because He Uses A “Stolen Social Sec Number (042-68-4425) Which  Belongs To A Person Born 1890!! Yikeess, Plus Remember If That Was You, Felony Jail Time??? Wake-Up Voters Black & White The Muslim Brotherhood Is Closer Than You Think.  God Bless America And The Real Tea Party Patriots’

    • djetzel says:


      • pleroma02 says:

        @djetzel  @Caroyln
         DJETZEL, thank you for your service to our nation and to us.  Thank you for your promise to defend us and the Constitution.  Both my son and my son-in-law went to West Point and Iraq.  The stories they brought back – well -they knew better than to tell Momma when it was going on, and I’m glad I didn’t learn the exploits until it was over for them.  We’ve moved to our farm in order to get out of the city.  We’re not far from a large city, but far enough that maybe the manpower to gather us in will be stretched thin.  I think the police in the area do not want to back the regime.  I’m watching the Muslims in the area in case they are “fish.”   I sure hope I don’t have to shoot someone’s son to maintain my property and freedom, but I will if I have to.   then I’ll go puke and cry – if I have time.  We probably all need to watch Red Dawn again and put Americans in the place of the Mexicans and Russians.

    • franklinton says:

       Also, Barry Soetoro is a MASS MURDERER along with Holder and others. Barry and Holder are personally responsible for Fast and Furious and Benghazi where many in Mexico and one American was kill;ed by their directives (Fast and Furious) and four (+how many others) in Benghazi. These two and many others in their administrations belong in the BIG HOUSE NOT THE WHITE HOUSE.
      Florida courts are addressing facts regarding Barry’s eligibility to be on the Florida ballot. There may be other states waiting for this outcome?

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @franklinton  @Caroyln The really bad part under examination, I am afraid we have gone too far left to return to the right and  stability.

        • djetzel says:

          @Evermyrtle  @franklinton  @Caroyln
           Think positively, never cave in or give in or we are done.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @djetzel  @Evermyrtle  @franklinton  @Caroyln You are right, I am fighting this evil with all that I have. I need people like you in here helping me fight. I can’t do it alone. Please join me!!!

        • djetzel says:

          @Evermyrtle  @franklinton  @Caroyln
           Folks, I’m NOT giving up, however, I am unsubscribing because these clowns monitoring our comments are not posting some of mine. I think they are pro – Obama to find out our intentions and list who is for or against Ovomit. Check out and join a militia is my best advice. This too, may not post. “De Oppresso Lieber”  and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @djetzel  @Evermyrtle  @franklinton  @Caroyln Don’t give up so easily, all of mine do not get posted, either.  Just keep on keeping on!

        • blessings ministries says:

          @djetzel  @Evermyrtle  @franklinton  @Caroyln

        • dangerousman says:

          @djetzel  @Evermyrtle  @franklinton  @Caroyln Don’t feel bad, some of my posts have mysteriously disappeared also and I think it’s pretty funny.  Do you know why I think it’s kinda funny??  They’re scared, they are afraid of the things we’re saying, the things we’re proposing, the truths we’re spreading.  They don’t want others to hear what FREE AMERICANS have got to say, so they keep certain comments from appearing lest those comments give ideas to more and more and more people and soon, all those people will rise up and TAKE BACK our Country and uphold our Constitution and that’s why some of us are saying, NEVER EVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!!!  Never give up fighting back, never ever give up fighting for our Country and our Constitution and they don’t like that.  So keep it up, keep telling the truth, keep people informed, keep telling what obama and his illegal government is doing so that more and more people come to see what need’s to be done and to do it.  Pray for God to come back into our country, back into our lives, our schools, our homes, our government.  Pray and keep on praying until change happens for the better.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @dangerousman  @djetzel  @Evermyrtle  @franklinton  @Caroyln I lose scriptures that mentioning  the opposite place of heaven, especially if there is a description of any kind.

      • DockyWocky says:

        @franklinton  @Caroyln Those Florida courts are already firmly under the Obama influence, so you might as well forget any action from that set of black robed tyrants.

        • helm20558 says:

          @DockyWocky  @franklinton  @Caroyln I think that verdict is in, the judge used a line from a Christmas show on TV about Santa Clause. Ruled oblamo as the legal prez because the election and the populas and the fed gov says he is, something a$$ a nine like that.

        • HenryFlynn says:

          @helm20558  @DockyWocky  @franklinton  @Caroyln I have to believe that the judge (dork)was either threatened or paid off to make a decision in favor of Obama. He totally threw OUR constitution right our the window, as does Obama! For him to use such lame excuses, something went on behind the scenes, not to mention making a complete fool of himself and making himself look like a total idiot.

        • djetzel says:

          @HenryFlynn  @helm20558  @DockyWocky  @franklinton  @Caroyln
           You know “money talks and sh-t walks.”

        • NavyJR says:

          @helm20558  That would be the MOVIE “Miracle on 34th Street” first made in 1946, with 2 or 3 remakes now. in which an NYC judge said if the USPS declared one character to be Santa Claus then he wouldn’t disagree with that decision.  But that’s FICTION, not a legal precedent, which the judge on the real bench tried to make it!

        • helm20558 says:

          @NavyJR  @helm20558 Yes, Thank You. I agree with you, It is NOT legal Precedent and should never have even been considered. Just dumb, real dumb.

        • NavyJR says:

          @helm20558 Consider the level of the mentalities in control; and you can see where such inanities come from.

  252. donl says:

    I never thought we would have a Communist for a president, but here he is.  Who can we turn to to get him removed from our country??  I think we should  get this Communist out of office any way it takes.

    • kid721952 says:

       There is only one way to turn,OURSELVES THE AMERICAN PEOPLE will have to fight for what they believe in,FREEDOM,RIGHTS,FAMILY,WEALTH AND THE AMERICAN DREAM.Politics have failed,he will have to be taken out by force,ARE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE UP FOR IT,how bad do you want to keep a free life for you,for your children and your grand children,is obamas agenda(socialism) the legacy we(as parents and grandparents) going to leave for our kids and grandchildren.Has America turned into such a greedy country that we only want whats good for the individual,what can my country do for me,have we gotten that selfish

  253. Brian Hill says:

    AMEN BROTHER!   I hate to see so many people ready to just start a war, we can still protest here and it would seem to me that is the first step. We who are not happy have not yet even had a good rally. lets see a million patriots on the Washington mall first! 
    Y’all who write about shooting or making other war will find yourselves in jail and it will be your own stupid fault! We have so much to do that will work that is peaceful that has NOT BEEN DONE YET!  COME ON lets protest folks, we are still a free people. If we let this happen it is because we LET IT HAPPEN!

    • djetzel says:

      @Brian Hill
       Yeah, sure, you can protest and march all you want while Obama has a good laugh. Do you remember what happened to Dr. Martin Luther King? Gather in one place and make it easy for Obama’s regime to arrest you. Friend, there is no peaceful solution to throwing this determined Communist out of office. I wish I were his cook, mushrooms anyone?

      • kid721952 says:

        @djetzel  @Brian Hill
         You are right,there is no peaceful way to throwing him out of office,I hope you do become his cook so we can get you too,I’m fighting him to my last breath,I love my freedom,my family,my rights,my wealth of what I have achieved over my life time,I don’t intend handing it over to a muslium-communist.You’ve obviously NEVER had to fight for your freedom,its easier to just surrender,WE DON’T NEED PEOPLE WITH YOUR TYPE OF THINKING,we need commited Americans that love their country and are willing to fight for it

        • djetzel says:

          @kid721952  @Brian Hill
           Young man, I don’t know or understand what you are thinking, but I believe you have misinterprited my meaning. I am NOT a fan of Obummer, he is the cancer in our country that needs to be cut out so to speak. You’ve misjudged me, I’m retired Army 82nd Airborne Div. paratrooper and Special Forces (Green Beret) and have learned to fight very well which I have mentioned in another comment. My message was that demonstrations and marches will NOT accomplish the mission of removing Odumbo. It will ultimately be by force.

        • kid721952 says:

          @djetzel  @Brian Hill
           If thats the case I sincerely apologize,I will support any force taken to remove this muslium from the white house,the longer he stays in office the more he will destroy this country

        • LakeCityBob says:

          @djetzel  @kid721952  @Brian Hill 
          What are the chances that our Military will remove him from our White House?After all they are sworn to protect our Constitution

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @LakeCityBob What are the chances that any of them actually KNOWS what that document says and means?    They all went to the government indoctrination system and that isn’t part of the course. I don’t know if the Academies are teaching it anymore even… But instead of worrying about them removing O, I’d be more worried about which side they’ll stand on, when it comes time to confiscate your guns and other weapons!

      • snooks122242 says:

        @djetzel  @Brian Hill Yeah,protesting & being good little kids is workin’  for Obommer and the ME,isn’t it? You cannot reason with hitler

  254. snooks122242 says:

    Boy, don’t know for sure what I said BUT i need to clear something up.
    I have no use for bho whatsoever!! he’s not even worth capitalizing,pres,bho.
    Oh no, I got,actually,sick when he got re elected.

  255. snooks122242 says:

    I’m hoping he gets impeached or something happens to him for the Bengahzi thing and /or Fast and Furious.
    he just seems to get by with everything and it infuriates me

    • djetzel says:

       The only reason this slime ball has gotten away with all his uncouth dealings abroad and at home is because of all the yellowbellied yes men he has in Congress and the Senate to include Boehner.

      • NavyJR says:

        @djetzel  @snooks122242 MORE like they sold out!  What you’re missing is that it’s all the SAME team with the same agenda; ONE party with 2 “heads” and both controlled by the CFR, who is in turn controlled by those on up the chain to the top, which is NOT in the US!

    • franklinton says:

       He is a MASS MURDERER along with Holder many murdered in Fast and Furious and Benghazi. He also is not president Courts in Florida are about to hear from the Arizona Sherriff regarding the phony birth certificate, the phony social secuurity card, the visa and many other felonies committed by Barry Soetroro.

      • Oshaggy says:

        @franklinton @snooks122242 Can you be more specific, when will this be told to the judge, ie; date, time, county, judge? I have heard this so many of times before, and would like the details. Just want something positive for a change!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @Oshaggy  @franklinton  @snooks122242 I wish there were something sportive to report. Every report we get from the WH they have given  away mor3 of our freed or our money or both to an enemy nation. We all, everyone of us could use some good (positive) news. THERE IS NONE

        • snooks122242 says:

          @Raggy  @franklinton  @snooks122242  Bout thru me a loop there:o) date,time etc:o)
          I’m like”what”?   lol   Cute:o)

  256. Jerry logan says:

    O has got them all bullied .and payed them off.

  257. Brian Hill says:


  258. Brian Hill says:

    I have found that using too many or all caps will get you booted

  259. Brian Hill says:

    You seem smart enough to know they read all this stuff, have fun with the men in black (and in federal prison)

    • helm20558 says:

      @Brian Hill They read and listen to every negative word we type or speak, the ndaa assured this for us all. Welcome the the ussoa. Feels like a movie plot doesn’t it?

    • pleroma02 says:

      @Brian Hill
       Do you really think they have to worry about our chatter?  They can read it and laugh at us knowing that we are frustrated, see the truth, are helpless to act except on an individual basis which will just take us out.  Actually, I’d rather be in heaven than living to expend my energy here for them to spend the proceeds of my labor for their stupid agenda.  Obama obviously wants to be the king of the World.  The closer he gets to that, the closer he gets to his own demise.

  260. EddyMarrero says:

    I do beleive that God almighty got nothing to do with what we face right now in this country and the whole world.He gave us the miracle of good thinking and good ,reputedly,good judgement.And that was more than what we were supused to exercised.Men responsabilities are men responsabilities.And what we are doing is resting our duty in others that think the same about us.So if we dont do what we have to do,our future is doom,and most of us are looking to the drama that is coming  upon us.Let’s  not cry like women what we can not defend as men.

    • ElizabethClark says:

       well it is like this we left God, so he left us

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @ElizabethClark  @EddyMarrero You may be right, but I think we left HIM and HE let us go. HE would never leave if there is a chance that we will wake up eventually, I believe.

  261. Brian Hill says:

    I just went in and unsubscribed, i can no longer be a part of a blog that allows direct threats to be posted against our leaders. I am a die hard conservative but the rhetoric here is OUT OF CONTROL!  Something is very wrong with this site as well.

    • kid721952 says:

      @Brian Hill
       You are a coward,its easier for you to stick your head in the sand and maybe it will go away,if you agree with obama and his administration you are no better than they are,you are NO CONSERVATIVE,you are a socialist,obama and his administration have sold us out to the musliums and the world as cowards,afraid to stand up for what we believe with FORCE

    • djetzel says:

      @Brian Hill
       Good Bye and good ridence.

    • ElizabethClark says:

      @Brian Hill
       I sympathise with you, it shouldn’t be that way, but when you have a president spending us into oblivion I understand everyone it totally upset

  262. Greg137 says:

    Congress has the power of Impeachment which they can and should use!  tell your congressman to Impeach obama without delay!  He tries to strip us of our right to bear arms andf then he arms America’s enemies?! OBAMA NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED!!!!!

  263. LakeCityBob says:

    To hell with Impeachment, Treason carries a more permanent pentalty!!

    • Am I in the right place says:

      @LakeCityBob brilliant idea You will need some help on that Do you know anyone who is a lawyer? or anyone who finished 8th grade?

      • SandraLeeSmith says:

        @Am I in the right place  Quite a few here managed to get a mite past the 8th grade.  And treason would be an appropriate charge IF O was a citizen; but since he’s NOT , we have to settle for espionage!  However, I remember what happened to the Rosenbergs for a LOT LESS in the way of espionage; and it’s fairly permanent…

  264. yesyesyes says:

    All this is really great to know about “This” president ……. What the F%*& are we doing about it?????

  265. am_pats says:

    @Lars62220 He will keep doing it until someone in DC stands up and shows some spine/not holding my breath

  266. Pwyll1776 says:

    @Lars62220 @am_pats what are the charges sir?

  267. Lars62220 says:

    @richfmayo LOL my Man,I’ve been pushing it as far as I can.But must say I’m getting more pissed as time goes by.As I can tell others are 2.

  268. blessings ministries says:


    • pleroma02 says:

      @blessings ministries
       What do you suggest we do?  I’ve written my congressmen.  I did my part to help get Crews into the Senate.  I gave to Allen West, much good it did . . . will not EVER give to the RNC, ever again!  I told the NRA to stop backing Harry Reid – no money until LaPierre is gone since he was responsible for that debacle.  I’ve bought more ammo, stocked up stuff we’ll need.  I just don’t know what to do.  I’ve talked to everyone I meet about voting for Romney – Texas went that way. . . we can expect retaliation soon!  the goons have us in thrall – our one hope is from the Lord.  We are verbally demanding things, but congress is ignoring us.  I think Obama has done his dirty homework and has something on everyone of them.  We all have skeleton’s in the closet; so do they.  I have a thought feeling that Obama’s thuggie investigators have delved into the backgrounds of every one of those sinners in Congress and hit pay dirt.  Probably not Paul Ryan, Louie Gohmert and Rand Paul – maybe more.  Perhaps we need to organize a 24 hour prayer cycle, get a huge list going, find more and more Christians to join in and petition heaven’s justice to help us – confess our national sins, etc.  But how many of us on these conservative blog sites really believe the Bible anymore?  Even to our side, the Bible is boring.  If it weren’t, my son’s church and the church of my son-in-law would be filled to capacity every time they stand in the pulpit and deliver the spiritual food needed for growth in grace – and THEY ARE NOT!  Why should we be delivered?  We’re not faithful.

      • dangerousman says:

        @pleroma02  @blessings ministries Read my latest post about bringing God back into our lives and other things they’re afraid of.  You might find it interesting.  Never Ever Give Up and Never Ever Give Up Your Guns.

      • Am I in the right place says:

        @pleroma02  @blessings ministries I guess you have done all you can maybe you havent read the bible enough

    • tt82 says:

      @blessings ministries
       I agree 100%.

  269. PaulChristensen says:

    *+I agree at least in part with you but you see we are not the aggression here Obama is.  He wants change and his idea of change and mine are not the same.  When he says he wants change he means control and power and we are to become his subjects.  I do not like his ideas or what he intends to happen.   He wants to take away my freedoms while he lives high on the hog.  Do you not see the duplicity and stupidity of all of this.  Sure there are problems with greed but there are also problems with laziness and leeches.,  The solution is, whatever it is it is not Obama.

    • kid721952 says:

       Organization by the people,not chaos,being armed for protection,DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS,giving up your guns is the first step to socialism and government control over your life,the people of America will have to organize and get our country back,if necessary,by force,I love my freedom,my rights,what wealth I have for my children and my family,I will NOT give these things up to a muslium dictator(obama) I will fight to the death but my thoughts are,WHO IS WILLING TO DO THE SAME fight for their freedom,most will stick their heads in the sand and hope it will go away but it won’t,its just going to get worse unless we the people stop him,stand up and fight America,we deserve better than obama has to offer,SOCIALISM AND GOVERNMENT CONTROL OVER YOUR LIVES

      • glonjojo says:

        @kid721952  @PaulChristensen 
        Why not join us.  http://www.secondamendmentwarrior.com Second Amendment Warrior “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” HomeGuestbookNew Item(s)My ThoughtsJury NullificationPoliceLawsNewsGeneral Info Welcome
        My idea is to have millions of gun owners become a Second Amendment Warrior.  If enough Patriots sign, then the government will have to forever leave us alone.  The true Warriors will sign up early which will then embolden others to sign up.
        Warriors Pledge
         “I will never register my guns.  I will never allow anyone to confiscate them.”
        If you agree take the Pledge.  You join by signing the Guestbook.
        Retired Law Enforcement Officer, Ex-Private Investigator, Police Author, Lecturer, Who’s Who in – American Law Enforcement, the East, America, the World.  VFW & NRA member.  U.S. Navy, 1951-55.  UN, Korea & China Service medals.
        After making Lieutenant I became a full time academy instructor specializing in Criminal Law, Evidence, Firearms (19 years, 17 as Rangemaster), Child Abuse and Police & Security Training.  Also taught nearly all police subjects at satellite academies, in-service and armed security guards.  Norbert  (Nate) Tanguay, site creator/owner.  I now live in Connecticut with my wife.                            Email: natanguay@gmail.com 
        Memorable Quotes from Warriors
        “As with our forefathers at Lexington/Concord when ordered to lay down our arms we must say NO – forcefully if need be.”
        “when they come to take them it will be time to use them ” We are not a group.  We are individual 2nd Amendment Warriors who will never allow anyone to confiscate our weapons.  I created the site because of the UN gun ban that Hillary is pushing with the blessings of Obama.  The only thing that stands between freedom and slavery is our guns.  We won’t give them up.  Maybe the rest of the gun owners will wake up when many of us are killed by the government during firefights while trying to confiscate them.  How many government agents are willing to give their full measure, like my Warriors, trying to confiscate a weapon?  As one of Obama’s good friends, Saul Alinsky, said that “to get where we want to be we’ll have to kill 25,000,000 Americans, those who won’t go along with our Communist ideals.” All Patriots/gun-owners should join my/our fight. http://www.secondamendmentwarrior.com Also all freedom loving Patriots should study Jury Nullification so we can combat unlawful arrests and prosecutions and radical judges.  It’s the most powerful tool for freedom that we have but almost no one will bother to read about it.  http://www.fija.org.

    • SandraLeeSmith says:

      @PaulChristensen O is just a TOOL for the real enemy; there’s a LOT more going on than just the “change” he’s talking; it’s a “phase” if you will, toward complete obliteration of the US from the world and from human memory; which is the ultimate goal.  The reason is that our Founding Documents are solidly based on the principles of the Protestant Reformation, of personal liberty and accountability before our Creator, which are ANATHEMA to the one actually pulling ALL the strings in this. Presently, the global fiscal and political power are concentrated under the control of ONE individual, who is under the “author” of it all, his puppet, and THAT person is NOT in the US!  The problems of the “leeches” and all the rest that we “see” are “engineered”, not just happenstance.  There’s a definite and deliberate plan at work, and it’s global, not just American.  Remember the saying “all roads lead to Rome”?  It’s still true!

  270. Lee Baldwin says:

    OK, EVERYBODY in unison at the count of three!  -WHO does Obama protect?  MUSLIMS.  Who does Obama give US military secrets to? MUSLIMS.  What was Obama born as? MUSLIM.
    ANY other answers are lies perpetuated by and told by Obama including where he was born. He stands up and says outloud that he is a Christian. what a LIE. the guy is as muslime as it gets, but he can’t tell us that or his head goes because as a muslime he has made promisses or something.. He must lie to infidels. It says that in thier little book.

  271. twledwith1 says:

    What is it going to take to get this man out of that office. Impeach is spoken of, but it has to be the people that have that responsibility and power. I saw Linsay Grahm in charge of those proceedings in a dream. All the regular people understood Sen. Grahm and backed him 100%. Some of the people were packing. There were Amish folks to even the people in the South. No one bought into the lies and revolution began. We also won but many died. But people will die for something they believe in and we believe in the United States And Her Constitution. Amen and Amen

    • SandraLeeSmith says:

      @twledwith1 Interesting dream; wonder what brought that one on…?  First off, impeachment is a non-starter.   Second; Lindsay Graham is one of the 2 worst RINOS in Congress, with McCain the other.  There is NO WAY he would take such an action, since HE is on O’s SIDE!  Same agenda.  Third it’s the Chief Justice{?} of SCOTUS who would preside over any such proceedings,  assuming Reid allowed them onto the Senate floor.  Fourth,  the Amish will NEVER participate in our national politics, it’s against their religion!  MAYBE some of the Mennonites.  Fifth; it’s not just our OWN people we have to fight against; this is a GLOBAL thing with a SINGLE agenda and the fiscal and political powers globally now rest in the control of ONE person, who isn’t in the US, and whose puppet master WANTS the US obliterated from memory, not just as a nation!

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @SandraLeeSmith  @twledwith1 You are mistaken about Lindsey Graham. I would like for him to go all the way as a conservative but not he is not the Conservative that our DeMint is, but he is rated much higher as conservative that than McCain

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @Evermyrtle  You  may be stuck with him as I am with McCain; but he’s right in the same league as McCain, and BOTH of them have turned on this nation.    We don’t have enough true fiscal and social conservatives in the whole of DC  to fill a single airliner!   Not even a 737, much less a larger one!

        • HenryFlynn says:

          @SandraLeeSmith  @Evermyrtle There is one BIG difference. The country is stuck with this person living OUR white house for 4 more years. McCain is not even in the picture, in that respect. I have a great deal of respect for McCain as a veteran, but I, also, disagree with some of his policies, but he is NOT living in OUR white house and he is pro America and pro our constitution.

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @HenryFlynn Sir, I have to disagree with you about McCain; and he does plenty of damage where he IS!  I’m from AZ; have lived here over 30 years since before he was senator from this state.  Apparently you’re not really keeping up on how he votes; I AM; and he’s NOT “pro-America” or pro-Constitution”  either one!  Don’t listen to the words, LOOK at the actions!  He’s damned near as good a liar as O is!   Just ONE  of his faux-pas is keeping our border wide open, despite words to the contrary, for decades, which leaves us vulnerable to terrorist incursion of several sorts, and they have been doing so the whole time I’ve lived here!

        • kid721952 says:

          @HenryFlynn  @SandraLeeSmith  @Evermyrtle
           We are not stuck with him,we can impeach him,we can charge him with treason for many offenses,we can declare him ineligible to hold office by not being a citizen and several other things.Mccain is not the man for the presidency but he would be a good supporter and a man to go to for advice,obama hates America and wants to shred the constitution

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @kid721952  Try to stay with me on this.  The CFR selects ALL candidates on our national level ballots; they don’t approve, you don’t get there.  This has been going on since they put Wilson in office.  That was 100years ago.  That means ALL those folks in the Senate and House as well, are CFR or supporters thereof..  IF the CFR said dump O, he’d be dumped in a NY minute; BUT they’re not done using him, so he is going NOWHERE.!  CFR is “middle management” or if you understand military ranks, think major or lieutenant commander!  That, in turn, means THEY are not the ones in charge; and the ones above them want O where he is or he’d be gone.  NOTHING we say or do is going to change that.  Only a direct Divine intervention is going to change it; and unless you have a better “pipeline” there than I have, I’ve heard nothing specific about such an intention at present.

        • shannon853 says:

          @kid721952  @HenryFlynn  @SandraLeeSmith  @Evermyrtlekid, your wrong “we” can not impeach anyone congress can but so fefuses to do crap even with overwelming evidence against him. so unless you have a mouse in your pocket, we does not apply here.

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @shannon853  I’m sure glad to see someone is catching on finally; I’ve been telling people this everywhere for over 2 years.

        • HenryFlynn says:

          @kid721952  @SandraLeeSmith  @Evermyrtle I believe you will find out that our famous AG Holder, will never press charges of any sort against Obama. Therefore, there would have to be one non liberal judge that would be willing. I have not heard of one, rational, judge that does not support Obama and protect him. Yes, most Americans know the truth, but the DOJ will protect Obama at all costs and most judges will, also. Find anyone in America that will not protect him and you have the person that charges can be brought to. The down side is that once Obama’s thugs find out, that person will be toast. They will either threaten him’her or pay them off to get their way. If that does not work, that person might just, sort of, disappear, be removed from the bench or in some other fashion. These events have already happened, but not covered by the main stream media. Only sources that are truth tellers will tell the public. Getting him out of office is not going to be an easy task. He arranged to be re-elected through fraud, illegal votes, etc, both times.

        • pleroma02 says:

          @HenryFlynn  @kid721952  @SandraLeeSmith  @Evermyrtle
           You said “both times.”  thank you!  I thought I was alone in my belief that the Demo-jacks stole the 2008 election, too.  I think they learned their lesson in 2004 with Bush in Fla.  Then they cleaned up their act and stole 2008 really slick, but they got hyper-confident in 2012 and did a sloppy job.  And still, the major players are saying nothing.  ROMNEY SAID NOTHING!  I guess he was afraid of being caled a poor loser..

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @HenryFlynn  Of COURSE Holder won’t prosecute; he’s CFR too;   CFR will keep him in office ’til they”re done using him; and there’ll never be any penalty attached in this lifetime.  Even Roberts won’t stand up to that bunch.  If the TOP Justice in the nation won’t, no one else will.  And as for disappearing, it kind of looks like Hilary just got a strong warning about speaking about Benghazi, not what’s being told in the mainstream news.

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @pleroma02  No one will say anything for 2 reasons. One, they have the same agenda. Two, back in the ’90s when they had control of both houses of Congress, Dems shoved through laws that actually PREVENT challenging election results in areas where “minorities’ votes  might be compromised by such challenges”; translated it’s ILLEGAL to challenge illegal votes!

        • pleroma02 says:

          @SandraLeeSmith  @kid721952
           Great analysisl  I’ve thought this for years.  But I’m a right-wing nutcase!!  (I also believe the teams that go to the World Series are picked ahead of time, too!) I just wish the CFR would give us another president like Reagan who was probably unique in history. Heck, a president who went on vacations and did nothing and allowed Congress to do nothing would be better.  Was that Grover Cleveland?  But again, the CFR only THINKS they are controlling everything, as do the Bilderburgers and the Tri-Lats.  They are in charge to a point, at which time divine intervention clicks in.  We could get together and pray like Nehemiah(?)  How Long, O Lord?

        • pleroma02 says:

           then the Tea Party had better learn how to steal from the thieves (a little political Alibaba ?) , or send an Ehudian message from the Lord to Obameglon.  Rahab was not ever faulted for her deception in a righteous cause;  neither was Jaal who righteously deceived Sisera.with warm milk and killed him with a tent peg through the head.

        • pleroma02 says:

          @SandraLeeSmith  @kid721952
           Great analysisl  I’ve thought this for years.  But I’m a right-wing nutcase!!  (I also believe the teams that go to the World Series are picked ahead of time, too!) I just wish the CFR would give us another president like Reagan who was probably unique in history. Heck, a president who went on vacations and did nothing and allowed Congress to do nothing would be better.  Was that Grover Cleveland?  But again, the CFR only THINKS they are controlling everything, as do the Bilderburgers and the Tri-Lats.  They are in charge to a point, at which time divine intervention clicks in.  We could get together and pray like Nehemiah(?)  How Long, O Lord?

        • pleroma02 says:

          @SandraLeeSmith  @kid721952
           Great analysis!  I’ve thought this for years.  Who is at the top – the ruler of the world, as in, “we wrestle not agaisnt flesh and blood . . .”  The CFR, Bilders and Tri-Lats just think they are controlling everything.  The closer they get to one world control, and closer they get to their own demise.7tr

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @SandraLeeSmith  @shannon853 Your ego is extreme!!!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @shannon853  @kid721952  @HenryFlynn@SandraLeeSmith  I believe what kid means by “we” is the country as a whole, not that “we” can just run up to DC and throw him ouT.I believe you area bit paranoid. You need to settle down and not assume every “except you” are stupid. We are each and everyone made by the same as were you, GOD THE FATHER AND GOD THE SON.

        • shannon853 says:

          @Evermyrtle  @SandraLeeSmith my comments have nothing to do with ego. it had to do with the comment that “we” can not impeach anyone and that is truth which democrats can not face. only congress can impeach and they have proven time and time again they do not truley represent the people but their own agenda. want ego? look to obama and most members of congress examples are reid, boxer, miller feinstein to name a few.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @HenryFlynn  @kid721952  @SandraLeeSmith  @Evermyrtle I am having a problem following you, are you saying that if the judge is rational  he will support the O? What do you call rational? If I were a judge I would be a Conservative judge, is that rational? If GOD gave me the the opportunity to fight the O as this judge I would try to put my country before my “own hide” I would stick my head in that noose and pray like I have never prayed before. Oh, what a glory that would be fighting for my GOD and my country!
          The big problem in this Country we have forgotten GOD, we do not go to HIM for advice, leadership or for anything else. We have become almost completely dependent or  our “macho” selves.
          You speak of the disappearing act. That is happening quite regularity. We might be surprised to see the number in the last four years. Only GOD could have kept Sheriff Joe alive.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @shannon853  @SandraLeeSmith Anytime that we assume that we can not be mistaken and are above every body else in wisdom our egos need adjusting. We have massive egos on both sides of the fence. The greatest ego of all is that of the big O.  It is not what we know or don’t know it is in the attitude, and Reid, Holder ,Pelosi,, etc are very close behind him. We have kicked GOD out of the equation and therefore HE has  allowed them to take over our country.The O is like a steamroller rolling over everything in his path

        • shannon853 says:

          @Evermyrtle  @HenryFlynn  @kid721952  @SandraLeeSmith
           first and formost, a judge should be following the LAW. under our system of justice, GOD is not in the equasion per say however a lot of our laws are based upon  the ten commandments. a jusge should not be supporting nr not supporting anyone including obama but rather supporting the LAW. .

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @shannon853  @Evermyrtle  @SandraLeeSmith I’m sorry Shannon that comment was not for you.  I just got it int he wrong place. I apologize.

        • kid721952 says:

          @shannon853  @HenryFlynn  @SandraLeeSmith  @Evermyrtle
           I look at “we” as a whole,the whole United States,ALL American citizens,yes,only a judiciary branch can impeach obama but we as Americans don’t need to stand around and wait for the hammer to fall,we can communicate,organize,plan be ready for what will eventually happen and not catch us off guard,DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!!!!! that is your only protection for yourself and your family against thieves,rapists,pedifiles,gangs,drug dealers,third world countries and now OUR OWN GOVERNMENT,don’t stick your head in the sand and expect this to go away,IT WON’T,be ready to fight for your freedom,your rights,your wealth,law enforcement and the military won’t be there for you

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @shannon853  @HenryFlynn  @kid721952  @SandraLeeSmith You are right! The law of the land is no longer that of GOD. He created the universe and everything in it  and HIS creations have simply shoved HIM out. We will not get away with it . He is very displeased with the behavior and denial of HIS creations and we can depend on HIM reacting.He will discontinue looking out for America, actually HE already has done that. That is the reason that we are about to be claimed by the Muslim Islamist. When we deny HIM He will no longer fight for us. America accepted GOD as a whole in the beginning and we have slowly over the years pulled away from and claimed  for ourselves,  all of the things that HE put  into this world. We do not allow HIM to have a say over the things HE created. HE has been shoved out, BUT HE IS NOT HELPLESS HE IS STILL “THE MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE” AND I BELIEVE IT WILL NOT BE LONG UNTIL HE TAKES CHARGE.  HE will  call HIS people from their graves  to meet HIS SON in the  clouds after which HE will call HIS people, still living on this earth, to meet HIM, also. What HE will do them I am not sure but those who denied HIM will be left here to deal with whatever that is. It will not be any fun.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @twledwith1 Why did you say “People even in the South?”Lindsey Graham is my Senator. He is not a Jim DeMint, but there are some worse than he is. All conservatives do believe in America and the Constitution.  Our biggest dream is to get the liberals out of the country’s business. Send them to Kenya with their president.

  272. Kit50 says:

    That was really well put. Kudos. The actual concern is when a majority of the populace cannot understand or choose not to understand the nature of our problems and then turn on conservatives to blame.

  273. HenryFlynn says:

    @Evermyrtle  @kid721952  @SandraLeeSmith To clarify. In my opinion, Obama and all his cronies are irrational and any person who supports him is also irrational. Varying degrees, I am sure. Obama has a background that no president should have and I don’t need to get into that, now. It has been said that liberalism is a mental disorder. After watching the liberals in action, I tend to believe that statement! Conservatives are just the opposite. I am conservative, a Christian, and 100% behind gun rights. 
    I am also retired from the military. Some of my comments, I am sure, will not be understood by everyone, but as has already happened, questions are in order and I will, in concise terms, explain my reasons. My sources are reliable and go back to before Obama was elected the first time. Feel free to ask, if I am not understood

  274. cherokee_warrior says:

    @kid721952  @shannon853  @HenryFlynn  @SandraLeeSmith  @Evermyrtle
     Knowing nothing of your background, as to whether you have served in any of the Military branches, for for myself, a veteran with over 21 years in the US Army, I and anyone else who have served, when we enlisted, and then re-enlisted, took a Sacred Oath, sworn to God, that we would protect our Constitution, and thus our Country, from all enemies, foreign or domestic.
    To me, and to those others who have served, this means that the Military is
    to resist all atacks, from within, or from with out, to take away the freedoms granted.
    I believe that, if (zero)bama and his goons try to force a dictatorship, the military will, due to the Oath, resist and will refuse to obey a false order.
    It is an outrage that BHO has been given a free ride from having been properly vetted.

  275. donl says:

    The military is NOT in favor of our Communist leader, I hope our real military will stand with “we the People when the time comes!!

    • HenryFlynn says:

      @donl You are absolutely right. There is one LT still in a brig for refusing orders from our famous dictator. I know that the majority are not behind him, but they must obey or suffer for not doing so and that is very sad. I am very glad to be retired, but I, also, feel very sorry for those who must serve in today’s military! No only are they doing a great  job, having to tolerate a dictator is cruel and unusual punishment, in my opinion. The only reason I would stay in, if I were still in, is not wanting a dishonorable discharge!

  276. SandraLeeSmith says:

    @kid721952  You’re a “kid” all right!  The HOUSE brings articles of impeachment against a sitting POTUS; the SENATE then hears them, presided over by the chief Justice of SCOTUS; now since Dingy Harry is running the Senate and won’t even allow a passed budget or jobs bill onto the floor of the Senate, and our chief “Justice” just violated HIS oath in June and REWROTE the Constitution AGAIN, WHO exactly do you think can “impeach” O?  Because what I just outlined is the procedure as set forth under the Constitution.

  277. SandraLeeSmith says:

    @plerroma08:  Can’t find where this goes in the chain, but thank-you for the compliment.  All we need is one more to start a “right wing-nuts anonymous”…In any case, I’m not sure about the World Series, as I haven’t delved  into that one, but I do know that all the “reality” shows are scripted too, so it’s a reasonable extrapolation.  Now as to who’s choosing our POTUS’ and another Reagan… First you must understand that the REAL bosses are NOT IN the US and they have a specific agenda for which America is a HUGE stumbling block, and must be obliterated; not just “taken down  a peg” but completely erased even from memory.  The creation of America is the ONLY event NOT planned for, or orchestrated by, the ones pulling most of the strings; the upper management or lower level “brass hats”, but they still have others above them, who commissioned them for the job.  At the time the US came into being AS a nation, their boss had them on hiatus, because of complaints from some of  those under him, that he still needed to STAY in line under him, and appeasing that demand, was at the time his chosen way of keeping them there.
    This is a GLOBAL conspiracy against all humanity, but especially against the Protestant Reformation, on the principles of which our Founding documents are solidly based, and the Jewish people, hence the concerted anti-Semitic campaigns for centuries!  All the “obvious” enemies are but fronts for the real enemy; and that includes the ones in other nations or locations.  The lies and revisions in this nation started almost from the start, but the worst of it began shortly after the Civil War with the rewriting of parts of our Constitution, which altered the meaning of the whole, and the incorporation of DC, under the guidance of one Thaddeus Stevens, in the Congress of the time.  Wilson was the next big step and he gave us the income tax and the Federal Reserve the power of the purse instead of Congress; which institution is FOREIGN owned.  In other words, this enemy has had control of our national politics and monies for at least a century!  And they have been  subverting and perverting our nation since, full steam ahead.  NO ONE has gotten onto a national level ballot without their seal of approval; and some of Reagan’s actions clearly show they were working their agenda during his tenure in office and through him as well.  Remember Iran-Contra?  Or the first amnesty for illegals here?  {Rewarding law breakers with citizenship has worked out so well..}  AND not sealing the border when he did that either?  I lived in AZ when that happened; the “dripping trickle” became a steady stream….  The land mass, of course, will stay; but the NATION will be gone, swallowed up in a North American Union “sandwich with Mexico and Canada and inheriting all the problems thereof.  So securing the border  is NOT on the agenda.  The first treaties for this were signed under IKE’S administration  And the big winner: Mexico.  But they’re not the real enemy either.  For that, keep in mind “all roads lead to Rome”.

  278. SandraLeeSmith says:

    @pleroma02 No they weren’t because they were “acting on orders” from  another source, not out of their own interests.  I don’t believe the TEA party has such orders, as yet, and even it’s not “one” party, there are dozens of non-affiliated groups all over the country.  I don’t believe that’s the plan from either side of the issue at this point, although I don’t have any specific reason to believe that, other than hunch.

  279. SandraLeeSmith says:

    @shannon853  @Evermyrtle I believe Evermyrtle was referring to me with that comment; and I suppose it is a logical assumption on her part; albeit erroneous. I didn’t ASK for or cultivate this “curse” of seeing through things and how they fit together clearly; neither can I “shut it off”.  If Evermyrtle doesn’t wish to know where things fit together, she’s free to ignore my posts.  That’s her right and privilege, and I apologize for offering explanations that she hadn’t yet arrived at, for what is going on, which clearly offends her.  I won’t stop posting.  I was apologizing for offending only.

  280. EddyMarrero says:

    God have given us more than real opportunities to keep track of the real road to follow,but instead we have chosen
     the easy way ,believing that nothing was going to happens.They have taken away Jesus from government houses,from public stadiums ,courts,schools,you name it,and now we are demanding that this very same God that we have put him aside,will come and favor us.We have what we deserve,and that is what we are going to receive
    total forgetfulness until we show him some kind of change.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @EddyMarrero Even the DAR have removed him. I am so disappointed. It is a family history searching group.

  281. Evermyrtle says:

    @SandraLeeSmith  @shannon853 What comment are you referring, too?. Generally I do not “refer” to anyone, I talk to them directly. If I said something that hit you, it was not intentional. I am not a behind the back person. I talk face to face. I just say what I think and never swear that I am right except most thought about for my GOD. I will try to find the comment you are referring to.

  282. loveJesus96761 says:

    Obama the fraudulent president that is undocumented should be arrested immediately for treason for his actions in Benghazi , Libya, Egypt.  He is aiding a government regime, the Muslim Brotherhood who has admitted to wanting to destroy America (from within) (wake up America-within Obama) .  Obama and Hillary both need to be brought up on charges for crimes against humanity for they are responsible bringing the current regime in Egypt to power that is slaughtering Christians. Obama and Hillary both guilty of lying to the America people about what is going on in Egypt. The America people would never have approved of giving 1.4 billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood or and regime who’s goal was to persecute and murder and torture Christians. Both Obama and Hillary are at the center of this aid while thousands of Christians are being slathered and persecuted right at this moment . Obama and Hillary are keeping information from the American people and the media is guilty for not reporting this on the front page of our newspapers daily.  America is not even recognizable to me as my country anymore for this would not have been the way our media have  been a year ago.  I think the media people’s lives are being threatened by the Obama administration and that is why they are not reporting.  America is a Christian country and would never tolerate knowing that this was how Obama was spending our tax dollars supporting a government that was killing Christians. This is as bad as what Hitler was doing to the Jews.  What are we going to waiting until 6 million Christians are dead.  Where is congress?  We have a military to prevent this from happening but we have a president who is doing it, so the military needs to come after our president.  What are they waiting for for Obama to help the Muslim Brotherhood do this to Syria, because that is next. The Military need to arrest this fraud treason person Obama that has highjacked this country and is a terrorist of this country.  How much more proof do they need, Obama is America’s enemy. Take him out, get the military and take him out!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @loveJesus96761 The O is a brilliant  anti-GOD, anti-CHRIST demon leading the liberals and the weak minded  individuals in this country, to destroy everything good  to in this country, everything that pertains to GOD so that he can move the rest of his Muslim Islamist in. O has a powerful leader above him, who is giving him his marching orders, I believe.

  283. HenryFlynn says:

    @shannon853  @Evermyrtle  @kid721952  @SandraLeeSmith In theory, you are absolutely right, however, from what I have read, most judges are not doing their job. Several of them, for example, have done exactly what I said. Instead of bring charges against him, the protected him. In one case, a judge refused to open his sealed records because she did not want to “embarrass” the president! Another, just a couple of days ago, did not go by the constitution, but used very lame excuses to dismiss a case of eligibility. That is why, I say, judges are either being threatened or paid to NOT do their job and protect him! If you have better ideas of why they are protecting him, I am all ears!

  284. HenryFlynn says:

    @SandraLeeSmith Thanks for the update!

  285. SandraLeeSmith says:

    @HenryFlynn You’re welcome.

  286. mthammer36 says:

    About the Judges why they don’t follow the Constitution , like you have said that they are being paid off from the top. I don’t think it is impossible , what I think is there are bigger people in charge than Obama. The lady that sits in the second chair is in charge , his executive assistant who is from Iran , that gets secret service assistant but is not supposed to have any international knowledge . Her name is Garett, she is the one that makes the decisions , she was the one advisng Obama not to kill Ben Laden , however Panetta went through with it anyway, that is what they tell us. We have too many people in Govrnment who are telling our leaders what to do , how do you think Obama won the last election . This country is being overrun by someone other than the people we have in Washington , everyone is on the take just believe it , we have had too many coincidences in the last 4 years. The Hasan Killing at Ft Hood of our 13 soldiers murdered and 20 wounded and Obama said it was workplace violence. Hasan still hasn’t been on trial yet , he should have been shot for tyranny , however its been three years nothing. Four Americans murdered in Benghazi , who let it happen was it Obama , he is the only one that can tell troops to stand down . Will Hilliary tell the truth when she testifys. If she does Obama will be impeached and will besent to prison.

    • SandraLeeSmith says:

      @mthammer36 Do you understand the military ranking system?  If so this should make some sense.  O is basically like a MAJ; maybe LCOL level.  Jarrett, although I don’t know quite why, is kind of like a junior COL.  CFR is the main group pulling strings here; think COL again, but up from Jarrett.  ABOVE them you have the GENERALS, and the 4 star is NOT in this nation at  all.    O won’t  be impeached no matter what, if anything, Hilary says, but I’m betting she won’t say a word.   CFR PUT O in office and there he’ll stay ’til they’re ready to remove him. They broke all manner of laws, especially the Constitution to do so, and don’t really care that we know that.  Read up on UN Agenda 21, Codex Alimentarius, a WHO plan, and check out the site stopthenorthamericanunion.com  Those will give you some of the background.  Also find out more about the CFR, Bilderbergers, and Illuminati.

      • Humpfarnarkle says:

        @SandraLeeSmith  @mthammer36
         Which CFR do you refer to?  Code of Federal Regulations, Coucil of Foreign Relations, or something else?

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @Humpfarnarkle  @mthammer36 Council of Foreign Relations.  The former is a code of laws which they also ignore

      • ladyhuckleberry says:

        Don’t be surprised if Bill and Hilary Clinton don’t rat out on the Fearless One. Something tells me with this being her last hoorah in National Politics you may be seeing her do some things you never expected of her. Call it the Witchy Woman from Louisiana in me or whatever but I just feel like she’s going to open up about the Fearless One and sink his ship with others to follow after her.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @ladyhuckleberry Let us pray that they will remember what he has don to them and “rat.”  If he got a clue that they might rat, they would be in danger.

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @ladyhuckleberry That would definitely be an “about-face” from her; she had it in her power to sink him before the ’08 primary and didn’t do it!  She KNEW then, he was NOT eligible to hold the office.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @SandraLeeSmith  @ladyhuckleberry Likely paying him off for a favor!

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @Evermyrtle  He did appoint her Secretary of State; immediately as his first act after election, practically.    That was a pretty big payoff…

        • Whackajig says:

           I suspect ovomit has a lot of dirt on hitlary and vaginal humidor cigar bill klintoon.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @mthammer36 I am not sure who it is, but there is some great powerful evil presiding over the big O, those who put him illegally in our White House. He is marching to their orders,

      • HenryFlynn says:

        @Evermyrtle  @mthammer36 You are absolutely right!! I, also, am not sure who, but someone, perhaps his top adviser, the lady, whom I believe is a communist. and her cronies, brainwashed Obama long ago and groomed him to walk in lock step with them. That is why he can not think rationally. People wonder why he takes the irrational steps that he does, that is why. Also, in his book, that I have NOT read, I am told that he considers destroying America his “birthright” from his father. Beck and Hannity had Obama all figured out before he was even elected, but, it seems that most people do not listen to them, so they were unaware of his background and the people that he associated with, none of which were pro America and pro constitution.

        • Lee Baldwin says:

          @HenryFlynn  @Evermyrtle  @mthammer36
           But, ALL were Communists. including the guy popularily known as Obama. His real name may be Soebarkah however. he is Indonesian.

        • kid721952 says:

          @Lee Baldwin  @HenryFlynn  @Evermyrtle  @mthammer36
           Where do you think socialism leads to COMMUNISM with alot of help from russia and china.Take a look at the CFR-coalition of foreign relations and its members,stopthenorthamericaunion.com and the UN Agenda 21,the bohemium club in san francisco and its members and the illuminati

      • ladyhuckleberry says:

        Evermyrtle, the only ones that has that much control over him is George Soros /or Mooseshell the wifey.

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @ladyhuckleberry Valerie Jarrett, is most directly pulling O’s strings here; but she’s not anywhere close to the top of the chain either.  That one’s not even in the US, and is an “unlikely” suspect.

    • Lifetime NRA says:

      @mthammer36 you need a tinfoil hat to stop the CIA from putting ideas into your head

  287. 1st Lady J says:

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the American people are no more… they/we all died the day we shut up and allowed God to be brushed aside.  When we fell asleep at the wheel.  When we sat silent and allowed the evil to take our nation one small plot at a time.  Now all we do is sit here and anywhere else we can go to whine, and yet continue to do nothing.  We cry and whine for others to do things for us….. STILL!  But WE THE PEOPLE won’t make a phone call, take legal action, come together in one accord, unite together and draw up a plan or even vote these demons out of office… we are too scared, scattered, ignorant or just don’t care!  Many say they are Christian yet what does that mean?  They say they believe in Jesus… well so does satan & his demons.  We can’t even come together with our religious beliefs much less anything else.  Well my brothers & sisters in Christ, weren’t we warned these days would come?  So why then are you stressed or concerned?  Because we can’t do the 1 simple thing we are told to do in times like these, it is inevitable that these things will continue until the wrath of God is poured out.  What is that ONE simple thing?  2 Chron 7:14  For those who say they are Christian and own a Bible look up this verse and ask yourself; who is this scripture talking about. 
    If you think that just because you say you’re Christian you can just sit it out ’til He comes then read this scripture Matt 7:21-23 and again ask… Who is this talking to?  I can assure you it’s not the lost!  It is US!  If we don’t begin getting on our face, humbly repenting, then the US will never be united again.  However it is NOT too late to take action!  The best one to start with is 2 Chron 7:14.  Let’s stop pointing fingers at everyone else and take the responsibility to obey His Word… period!  May God have mercy on our souls and give us eyes to see and ears to hear.

    • kid721952 says:

      @1st Lady J
       Try doing something YOURSELF,organizing people,keeping them informed about whats going on they may not know about, 75% of the people don’t even know whats going on,help them gather things they will need to survive,tell them NOT TO GIVE UP THEIR GUNS,other countries have given theirs up and now the government controls them they have NO life of their own the government is in every thing they do,they have no freedom,no rights,no protection,don’t complain about what others are not doing,BE A LEADER NOT A FOLLOWER,don’t be the one who sticks their head in the sand and hopes everything will disappear or go away,this president WANTS to be dictator of the United States,have power and control over the whole population,he already controls whether you live or die with his death panels included in obamacare if you get sick.The people need leaders,BE ONE OF THEM,I will do the same in organizing

  288. DockoBrossman says:

    Again with the huge volumes of hot air expended over the tyrant Obama, but when you come down to it, not one actual solution to the problem he presents. I believe that factor was all built-in to the Obama conspiracy and relegated to the ‘Unimportant” file by his Marxist cabeza and the other controllers.
    Our only hope remains with the U.S. military and the possibility that one of his steps goes too far and that organization puts an end to the scam. That will only take place on the downhill side of the Bell Curve.

    • Raggy says:

      @DockoBrossman I completely agree with you Dock. If only people could have seen past the color of his skin (he is NOT black he is KENYAN) and researched about him and his beliefs and just tried to educate themselves a bit, well then we wouldn’t be in this situation of losing our country to the enemy. Even after fair warning from Britain, our truly only hope is our military forces that put their lives online for this country everyday! They stand for the Constitution of the United States. God bless the USA!

      • DockoBrossman says:

        @Raggy  @DockoBrossman At last, an intelligent individual who understands how deceptively the morons who voted this fraud were manipulated. Paul Goebbles might have sufficed for Hitler, but the leftist propaganda minister for Obama has him beat by a mile.

        • Lifetime NRA says:

          @DockoBrossman @Raggy Paul Goebbels? At last an an intelligent person who makes up historical facts and people to fit his opinions

    • Whackajig says:

       You wish a solution to the problems ovomit causes?  How about this ………………BOOM.  problem solved.
      Indidentally, if you dislike ovomit, why honor him and show him respect by capitalizing his name?  Perhaps you were just ignorant of the fact that is why names are capitalized?

  289. kid721952 says:

    It’s going to take more than our military,its going to take the support of ALL the American people that believe in our country that will FIGHT for their freedom,their families,their rights and their wealth,obama will have all the middleeast,russia,chinese and ANY OTHER COUNTRIES THAT BELIEVE IN SOCIALISM.If we want our country back EVERY TRUE AMERICAN will have to be involved,don’t expect anyone to fight for you,its time to stand on our own two feet,STAND UP AND FIGHT.It maybe hot air now,something to get off my chest but it still lets people know how I feel and that I will stand up for MY FREEDOM,it also gets the word out to others that may feel the same way I do,DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!!!!!!!!!

    • Raggy says:

      @kid721952 I believe I left that part out. I am not giving up however I don’t see anyone STANDING UP. Where are they? Is there something planned in the near future? I will go and stand with my fellow Americans that want our country back. Please tell me!!!

      • kid721952 says:

        @Raggy  @kid721952
         Raggy,it will take something drastic to happen to move most people to do something but you can start organizing people,friends,neighbors,anybody,keep them informed about whats going on,gather weapons,food,medical supplies,anything you will need to survive and hide where government(obama) and UN troops cannot find,spread the word of whats happening in front and behind their backs,stay in contact with your state senator or congressman letting he or she know what you want from them and for your country.If we all start organizing our own groups it won’t be so chaotic when obama turns on us for complete control of the U.S. and its people,”DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS” they are your ONLY protection for you and your family against thieves,rapists,pedifiles,gangs drug dealers,third world countries and since obama OUR OWN GOVERNMENT which is exactly why the 2nd amendment was put in the constitution,peoples protection from its own government

      • KarolHancock says:

        @Raggy  @kid721952
         go to http://www.oathkeepers.com you will find that we are not alone.

        • Raggy says:

          @KarolHancock @kid721952 that truly was rude, I hope u didn’t mean to post that!!!!

        • Raggy says:

          My bad I left out the “s”. Sorry

        • KarolHancock says:

          @Raggy  @KarolHancock  @kid721952
           I certianly did not intend to be rude or offensive in anyway.  Only to pass useful information that would take away the feeling of being alone.  Please explain your reply “that truly was rude”.  What part of the post did you find rude?

        • Raggy says:

          @KarolHancock @kid721952 I’m sorry but if notice in feed below where I had commented below the “truly rude” comment I had apologized. Afterwards I realized that I left out the “s” and if you do it a porn site. It really bothered me and before I checked if I spelled it right I wrote that comment. Again I’m sorry.

      • KarolHancock says:

        @Raggy  @kid721952
         forgot to say that Mike Huckabee is asking for people to commit to “A day of prayer” on Jan. 20.  Says Obama will not listen to the people, maybe he will listen to God.  Pray God will forgive America for our sins and bless us again.  This government and others have and are doing many things in our name that we not believe in which are sinful and we need to rebuke this.

  290. Evermyrtle says:

    @shannon853  @HenryFlynn  @kid721952  @SandraLeeSmith Even though the former post was not for you why would anybody ever say “GOD is not in the equation per say” GOD Created everything that exist that is good, HE IS MASTER OF ALL. Does your dependent child have the right to go out and make decisions involving for you with out your say so?We are hald accountable for every single act, it is a good or a bad act.

  291. Jerry logan says:

    We have a weak government . Our they will not Stand up for anyone.

  292. Jerry logan says:

    If we had senators , congressmen they wouldn’t let this go on they should have impeached him long ago. I’m I right are wrong.

    • Whackajig says:

      @Jerry logan
       Jerry our congress is a bunch of wussies who have at most one fewer ball than Lance has.

  293. donl says:

    It’s up to you and I to get rid of this Communist Regime. Our senators are to busy lining there pockets and kneeling down to this Communist Infiltrator in the white house. Do something, anything to fight this Communist threat we are living under. The British AND the Russian people have said whatever you do, Don’t give up your Second Amendment.  (Guns ).  I joined the Tea Party because for some reason the Liberals, Democrats, and Communists are afraid of them.  The Russian newspaper PRAVDA quoted Putin as saying obama was re-elected by illiterates.

  294. GaryEmch says:

    Folks, American’s have sat on their ass to the point that the only thing we can do now is rise and fight with our weapons as our founders gave us the right to do. The petitions and other waste of time contacting your representatives  does nothing anymore. We have only one solution and that’s to prepare to fight a revolution. I see no other way to fix our nation. Forget about Congress. It is evident that they are doing nothing and I feel its because of their lack of courage to stand in the face of danger. Hell I’m sure that they have been personally threatened in some manner by the ones organizing the destruction of our nation. When the the floor drops out you’ll have 1/3 of our population aiding our enemy, 1/3 doing nothing and 1/3 standing and fighting. Sadly your going to see a number of friends and family betraying those who will stand and fight. I see it already. I know of family members who would rat anyone out to save their own ignorant ass. Just don’t be surprised when it happens. Of everyone I know be it friends or family there are MAYBE one or two who I can depend on and trust.

  295. Evermyrtle says:

    I do realize that he has committed treason against this country, big time, what I want to know war are they going to do about it? Make him president,anyhow??

  296. KG says:

    Obamas biggest backer Soros who hates America, worked for the Nazi’s as a financial adviser, has the mind of Hitler & wants us disarmed for a takeover. They must be drooling by now we have let them get away with far too much!!!!!!!!! Complacency is the last step before a society goes under….United we stand, divided we fail!!!!!!!!!!!! Add this to the fact that we are broke & BO doubled the debt – It’s time to do something!!!!!!!!!

    • Raggy says:

      @KG I agree, I read they are stopping US citizens from being able to adopt Russian babies I believe its because they know what’s coming!!!

    • Lifetime NRA says:

      @KG how stupid could you be George Soros was in a ghetto during the war facing daily execution and he was 14 years old. But that doesn’t matter to someone who makes up facts to fit his crazy opinions

      • LilFisch says:

        @Lifetime NRA  @KG
         George Soros went with Nazis and confiscated the belongings of fellow Jews. He said he loved turning them in and taking their belongings because it gave him a feeling of superiority. Do some research yourself.

    • kid721952 says:

      We all need to start organizing,communicate with your friends,your neighbors,stock up on things you will need to survive,DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS your guns will be your only protection against thieves,rapists,pedifiles,gangs,drug dealers,third world countries(UN troops) and since obama OUR OWN GOVERNMENT,confiscation of firearms is the first step towards SOCIALISM,no freedom,no rights,no wealth,no protection for our families,anything you stock must be hidden from obamas socialistic followers,be careful who you talk to they may sell your group out for minor rewards from obama,obamas path towards socialism is the same path hitler,stalin,castro,mao and other dictators have taken in the past,if guns are taken expect mass murders or GENOCIDE FOR THOUSANDS far worse than newton or aurora,FEMA facilities will be turned into RE-EDUCATION CAMPS.Again,”DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS”other countries have given theirs up and regretted it,they are now under the control of their government.

  297. DockoBrossman says:

    Gyorgy Soros has committed some form of treason against every country he has dropped into, so nothing new here. Luckily, he’s not going to last much longer and will soon be spending his fortunes on staying alive.

  298. NoInfidel33 says:

    @Miller51550 I am taking this to a Jeff Merkely Town Hall meeting tomorrow evening !!

  299. NoInfidel33 says:

    @Miller51550 And he IS a LIBTARD but I am anyway ! Time to Confront and get to work #PATRIOTS !! #LETSROLL

  300. ron93922 says:

    @Miller51550 Comrade O = UNTOUCHABLE for Political Correct reasons his dismantling of our rights will continue with zero effective response

  301. StruggleNot says:

    @Miller51550 obama is exempt from murder. Didn’t you get the memo?

  302. MoiraCleary says:

    Well this is an interesting site and I don’t disagree with many comments here with the following exceptions:
    Obama is not brainwashed.. He really believes in his liberal viewpoints.  much like Carter did.  He has had a rude awaking that he cannot just call up and get the middle east to work it out.. but he still thinks his idea of “fair” to all as long as the truly rich “his friends” are not touched. 
    The military will not take any action against any sitting president or administration unless there is a complete and total collapse.  Which is not going to happen.Suffering will happen but we are a long way from complete collapse.
    Why does the media not critize Obama.. they believe as he does that the methods and thought processes of the past 400 years where the elite or rich made decisions is the not the way it should happen.  Actually they do believe this but they just want themselves to be the only rich or elite and the rest can be peasants. It has gone from a interesting and very democratic belief system into a power grab and when they obtain power they then cannot stand for dissent.
    You should read the book The Civilization of the Middle Ages by Norman Cantor.  It deeply explores the attitudes of the last 1600 years and how progressives and liberal thought processes  of “there is another way” has developed.  You must understand the enemy – completely. The media agrees with the liberal viewpoint that all people and their views should be respected.  They tout this constantly – in reality they don’t believe it..they believe we should all get our due and they would lock up a ton of people who disagree with them.. but on a theoritcal side.. they will state they believe this.
    Why do rich liberals vote to raise taxes. because with all the deductions.. they are still not really touched.THese same liberals do not help their own families or give much to charity.  THey believe we are a very rich country and the government should shell out the money ..not them.

    • mthammer36 says:

      @MoiraCleary ,mthammer36, Moira you are the one living in Disneyland, you evidently having been keeping up with the past 4 years of this fraudulent Obama Administration. Number 1 on the list the Fast & Furious Dilemma where the Justice Department and the ATF were responsible in smuggling guns across the border into Mexico, a border patrol Agent was kiilled by these weapons also the murders taking placein mexico are the results of the guns from America. The justice Department Eric Holder lied to Congress saying he didn’t know anything about it , then retracted 8 months later that he did. Then the murder of the 4 Americans in Benghazi by President Obama, who told the military wanting to help the Ambassador in Libya to stand down. Still 4 months later , the families and the American people have not been told why this occured. Obama & the Secretary of State Hilliary Clinton lied to the american people and lied to the families saying they would find and prosecute the people responsible another outright lie. Obama and Ambassador Stevens were arming Libyan Jihadists so they could be taken to Turkey to be used on attacking Assad in Syria. John Brennan his right hand man in Washington , who he just announced to be head of the CIA and is now incharge of Drone Strikes in Pakistan & the Middle east, has been killing innocent Civilians , as a matter of fact killed 15 this past weekend , another Murderer. His company had a 500 million dollar contract with the government, to monitor passports in this country was instrumental in firing two state Department officials looking into Obama’s Passport , also a man at his company who was also involved , these stories were in the NY Times and the Washington Post , was assasinated with a bullet to the head there bynot being able to testify on what passport Obama used to go to Pakistan when he was in College. So you want thismurderer and his accomplice John Brennan to be in charge of the CIA , he will be using drones and is now flying them over the US . Is that what type of government you want along with Biased left wing liberal press.

    • SandraLeeSmith says:

      @MoiraCleary There’s more under all this going on than you’ve yet gotten hold of.  All the global political and fiscal power are already concentrated into the hands of one group behind their many facades, and funneled down into the control of one man, who is not in the US.  Better you read UN Agenda 21, WHO’s Codex Alimentarius,  and then:
      http://www.newswithviews.com/Horn/thomas190.htm and on this one follow the links at the bottom to the first 5 parts as well.

  303. KarolHancock says:

    I do not care if Obama is brainwashed or not.  As a christian I am tired of the liberals always trying to change America.  I am going to join Gov. Huckabee on Jan. 20, 2013 and do as God asks in 2 Chronicles 7:14. God is greatly angered at America because of same sex marriages, abortion on demand and many sins committed in our name by the government.  Gov. Mike Huckabee is asking for everyone to join him for “A Day Of Prayer” as God said in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land.  Please go to http://www.adayofprayer.com and committ to prayer on 1/20/2013.

    • Christie123 says:

       People dont realize this is all in God’s prophetic time table. The Bible says in the last days things will get worse, not better. As predicted, the world, including America is slowly turning towards Israel to destroy her. Our Muslim President is clear on who he supports. Men will scoff but Jesus said that one day soon, He will rapture His church away from earth, while those left behind will go thru the terrible Tribulation at the hands of the anti christ. Their choice will be to believe in Christ for salvation but be beheaded (by Islamists who are taking over) or take the mark of the beast. (ALLAH) and seal their eternal fate. The anti christ will pretend to befriend Israel for three and a half years then turn on them and with the world set out to destroy her. That is when the Lord will return in all of His glory , destroy Israel’s enemies and save her. Then He will set up His Millennial kingdom. Those who dont know Christ as Saviour will reject this and scoff but God’s prophecy is literally shouting from the headlines.  ALso, God has said  that those who turn on His people Israel will suffer His wrath.  I urge those who  have the chance to trust Christ as your Saviour while you still can.  John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him, will not perish but have eternal life.”

      • SandraLeeSmith says:

        @Christie123  Interesting interpretation…I don’t suppose you got the memo that “the Glory has gone out” of the churches… or that America’s leaders gave the wrong answer in the wake of 9/11, bringing America squarely under the judgment of God?  And I just love that whole “pre-Trib rapture” part….  WHERE did you get that Allah is the beast???   That’s really interesting, since Allah is the moon god of the ancient Babylonians who was the principal god of the city of Ur of the Chaldeans, when Yhwh called Abram from that city, but earlier history in the region shows he was known as Alla, a god of war and violence.  interesting side note, the 2 spellings have different pronunciations, both of which are still in use today, the older version by the Palestinians, Lebanese, Jordanians, and Syrians, all of which are nations that border Israel, while the other is more common elsewhere in the Muslim nations.  But nowhere is it indicated that Allah is the beast; that was and always has been one Lucifer, whom, I’m sure, was the inspiration for Alla, although not him. And there’s more indication that  the Church, which is not the same as the churches, will be here for at least a portion of the tribulation times; although those will likely have some protection others will lack….
        What you DID get right is that the only way is through Jesus, unfortunately many today, who believe themselves to be “saved” have been following the deceptions of the infiltrated and neutralized churches, and will find they are NOT saved after all, unless they do repent and turn even from those deceivers and their lies.  ALL of the denominations have been turned, and the Glory has left them all.  This was announced publicly albeit symbolically, on 20 January 1981, during Reagan’s first inauguration, to the world at large. That old adage “all roads lead to Rome” is still  good; if you want’ to see where the powers are now.  Those would be the evil powers, of course….

        • Christie123 says:

          @SandraLeeSmith  In Revelation it talks of those who do not follow the antichrist will be beheaded.  I wonder? what “peaceful” religion goes around beheading people?

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @Christie123  @SandraLeeSmith Read Revelation, again. It is not GOD doing the beheading it is Satan’s worshipers

        • blessings ministries says:

          It is muslims following the Islamic holy book, the Koran, which states that if we do not convert to Islam, we are to be beheaded.  Our current leader who is not even an American citizen is muslim, which is evidenced by the fact that he gives money and military aide to the muslim brotherhood of Egyp[, who is an avowed muslim who has stated his intention to destroy all Christians and Jews. The fact that voters voted for him because he promised to give them everything or because of his ethnicity.  If those voters were Christians, they certainly did not vote what God says about those who kill innocent babies, push the homosexual agenda with same sex marriage, is destroying this nation with his policies.  His cohorts are avowed communists, who like him, want to destroy the foundation this country was built  upon.  If true American history was taught in schools, which it is not, you will find the lst thing the pilgrims did upon landing on these shores was to plant a cross and dedicate this country to Jesus Christ.  Church services were held in the nations capital, and congress had Bibles printed.  Our now liberal ivy colleges were originally started as seminaries.  It is carved in stone on their walls.  I saw it myself. We have definitely ‘come a long way baby’,but unfortunately the wrong way.  Jesus name cannot even be spoken in classrooms.  There was NEVER A SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.  If you don”t believe me study our true history.  In some of the original colonies, you could not even serve in government if you were not Christian. Obama has stated he does not like our constitution (which he swore to upheld) and wants our national anthem,Star Spangled Banner changed.  He stated at one time he and his wife had been to several flag burnings.  You will never see the truth in the media as it is in his pocket and will not publish news that he disapproves of. Colin Powell, who is supposed to be republican, says that we conservatives are the ones causing all the problems as we do not and wil not go along on Obama’s agenda.  As Christians,we cannot agree with all the ungodly things he wants done.  He even stated at one time, if he had too he would go around congress, which he has on several occasions by issuing his unconstitutional executive orders.  Having said all this, Scripture states that we are to pray for those in authority, no matter who they are.  I pray that Obama will come to knowledge of the truth, that Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and us.  If not, I pray that God hems him in and only allows what He wants.  But Alas, this  nation has kicked God out of all they can.  Since we essentially as a nation have told God we don’t want Him anymore, and prayer only allowed when a catastrophe happens, like 9/11.  That has long since gone by the wayside. God is not someone we can call on and then forget when the emergency is over.  As a Christian I am not ashamed to say the Jesus Christ is my Lord and I love Him very much.  If people only knew Him and how much He loves them and wants them to know Him.  He did after all give His life for us, took our rightful judgment on Himself.  Who cannot not love a God like that.  Enough for now.@Evermyrtle  @Christie123  @SandraLeeSmith

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @Christie123 Doesn’t even have to BE a religion; Islam does of course, but there are strong indications that our “government” is storing guillotines in several locations around the nation. in addition to the FEMA {read concentratio} camps around the nation.  BTW the FBI “cleared me for rumor” more than 40 years ago.

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @blessings ministries  Short version of that is that the Jesuits invented the MB, and it’s strongly possible that earlier groups from the Roman church actually fostered the development of Islam entirely.  The adage “all roads lead to Rome” is still good to heed today!

        • Raggy says:

          @blessings ministries @Evermyrtle @Christie123 @SandraLeeSmith Blessings- every word you spoke are true to the core. I have been so troubled by everything occurring around us in recent past and today. I have never felt so close to our Savior and Lord “Jesus Christ” as I do now. I pray for everyone (believers, nonbelievers, lost, confused, ones that have passed, just everyone) to be able to find their faith, their own personal relationship with our Savior. We are in evil times and I will not allow anyone to come between me and my relationship with God, his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. God Bless you all my brothers and sisters. Find peace in the Lord :)

        • Christie123 says:

          @Evermyrtle  @SandraLeeSmith
           Yes it is not God who will behead anyone! It is those who follow the antichrist!

        • KGib12 says:

          @blessings ministries  @Evermyrtle  @Christie123  @SandraLeeSmith AMEN!

  304. mthammer36 says:

    Obama is not arming Morsi , he is arming the military in Egypt . The military does what they want to do and Morsi has no control of what the military do anyway. What the military in The US are doing , if for some reason they have to get rid of Morsi , the military would do that , that is why the Airforce and the DODwant to keep the Egyptian arm & airforce strong enough to oust Morsi if he gets trigger happy in Egypt. Like most Senators and Copngressmen in Government , who they are looking out for is themeselves and their donors to their political campaigns, like Boeing, Lockeed , GE to keep those contracts coming that employ thousands in the US. Obama is a liar just like Hilliary and her husband and every Democrat yesterday at the hearings. All they wanted to focus on was kissing Queen Hilliarys Ass and blaming the Benghazi incident on the Republicans for cutting back Funds of the State Department. They areall frauds in the Government except for Rand Paul who told her what she should have been told as she sat her fat ass doewn in that chair.

  305. KarolHancock says:

    God said in the book of Revelation, that in the end times He would put great delusion on many as they would not accept and embrace the love of truth, it is working.  I pray everyone will accept and follow God’s promise to us in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people who are called by my name will  humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and heal their land.

  306. blessings ministries says:

    Mohammed started out studying Judism, but deviated and grew to hate jews and Christian.  Islam came about.    when Mohammed said an angel came to him. It was an angel allright, but it was not an angel of God   You can see that in the Koran that has similar doctrine to Christianity, but .definitely.deviated.  Islam holy cities are Mecca and Medina. The current pope has embraced Islam.  The Koran states that if we Jews or Christians or anyone else refused to convert, they are to be killed.  So much for the  propaganda that Islam is a peaceful religion. I believe this is the last great battle between good and evil.God loves muslims and would like for them to know Him.  I pray for them.

  307. Hawkeyeswilson says:

    I can’t believe the Americans that were actually dumb enough to re-elect Obama.  There are people from other countries that come to America to get away from dictators like Obama. It is clear that Obama supports and backs the Muslim Brotherhood.  Strangely enough, the liberal progressive movement in this country who follow him would jump off a cliff if he told them to do it.  These people not only don’t know anything about the Constitution, they simply don’t care.  So were up against half of a country that really doesn’t care if we have a Constitution and Government that is cashing in on that fact.  Obama is extremely clever and is destroying America from the inside by turning us on each other.  Our only hope is to convince his followers that he does not have their best interests at heart, which is really proving to be difficult.  This guy is almost like a cult leader even some of my own family has turned against me because I do not agree with what Oabama is doing.  I am not sure what the answer is but we are definitely in the end times.  We will soon be like Mexico with wide open borders and the Canadian border will be even stronger.  The end is near……

    • HenryFlynn says:

      @Hawkeyeswilson I agree with most of what you said. A couple of issues that everybody seems to be ignoring is the massive voter fraud that took place to get him elected, again. 
      There is a citizen and a rep that have started impeachment proceedings, thank God for that. 
      Also, a judge or two, who are not supportive of Obama have found that some of his recess appointments were unconstitutional. We will have to wait for the appeals process to get the results of those. They don’t call him the messiah (not Messiah) for nothing. Some think of him as a god because they don’t know the real God! Just because he is black, no matter what he does, he is their guy and anyone who is against him is racist. Well, if I must be racist to be against him, so be it. However, I am not racist. I don’t like anyone who tries to destroy the country that I live in!! Most democrats, also, live in this country and, yet, support his destructive agenda. If they don’t have a mental disorder, I don’t understand how they can think the way they do!!

      • Raggy says:

        @HenryFlynn @Hawkeyeswilson I completely agree with you both. Seeing the so called military over Miami testing with blank machine guns, o trying to bypass congress, gun control too many things to name. We are in the end times and so many have blinders on and can’t see his true colors. They may call us racist but in reality that just doesn’t matter to me. I see what is happening and if we can open the eyes of just one of them then others will follow. Anonymous I’m sure got this jump started by this weekends events.
        Keep the faith, God Bless us All.

      • Hawkeyeswilson says:

        I figured there was voter fraud; I sure hope their attempts at impeaching him are taken more seriously than those to prove his ineligabilty to run for President.  I feel like at this point he is untouchable but I will pray that is not the case. I agree they treat him like a God but they all seem to forget he is also half white. So if he is half white and so are you how does that make you or I a racist? I agree he is trying to destroy America, and I feel that has been his agenda all along.  I think that most liberals feel really liberated just voting for someone of color, they can stand up and say look at me and how progressive I am.  They cheer as he makes comments about bypassing Congress?  I know that from speaking with family members and friends that support him that they really don’t believe in this country or our Constitution anymore.  They seem to view Republicans as greedy racists that only want to achieve their agenda.  Obama uses this to pit the parties against each other all the while people are missing the real issues here.  He is really evil.  I think that he should be tried for treason for publicly stating that he needs to bypass Congress but then I guess there are many presidents that have bypassed Congress or tried to.  Either way he has declared war on America and our freedom and it is only a matter of time before all hell unleashes on all of us as part of his plan.  We are all in really big trouble if we dont get Obama out of office.

    • SandraLeeSmith says:

      @Hawkeyeswilson Look at the UN’s Agenda 21/NWO plans for the North American Union as a nation-state; it includes Canada with the US and Mexico.  Then look at the 10 horns/10 kings of Daniel and Revelation and see what conclusions you come to!  O is cunning in the same way as all predators, but not really smart or clever.  And our “only hope” lies completely outside our works now.  “The end is near…” only means the reinforcements are coming soon; so stand fast!

    • KGib12 says:

      @Hawkeyeswilson The Obama’s foreign policy of appeasement, support of muslim brotherhood, etc. will allow us to get nuked. If we get nuked, martial law will follow as will our Constitution will surely go out the window! I expect it in his last year in office! Is America the mystery Babylon in Revelation? How else is there to be a one world government unless America is marginalized? God help us, the Great Tribulation is at the door. I was “pre-trib.” in my beliefs, but now I am not sure. We all better be prepared just in case!

      • SandraLeeSmith says:

        @KGib12  I also expect the nukes, and possible chemical and/or bio weapons as well, but much sooner.  Our Constitution has been “out the window” since O was inaugurated in ’08, and was already altered and neutralized in 1870 in any case, at the same time DC incorporated, which establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 finished off.    As for “mystery Babylon”  no, we’re not even close to that; the ones pulling the strings on all that we see happening globally, not just here, have that honor, I’m certain.  Think about it; mystery Babylon is described as sitting on 7 hill.  What one place in the world is noted for that?  Both in ancient and modern times….  the old adage “all roads lead to Rome” is still valid.  But not ALL of Rome; only a particular segment thereof.  However, you are right, the NWO can’t and won’t be established with America in the way, which is why the NAU is being pushed… shoved on us with such force now, and why our borders have NOT been secured.  That’s been in the works since the late ’50s.  And it’s one of the 10 nation-states of the NWO , under the UN Agenda 21, which corresponds with the 10 horns/kings of Daniel and Revelation….   There’s much more to this.  If you’re interested, e-mail me at sandraleesmith46@yahoo.com

      • whirlwinder says:

        @KGib12  @Hawkeyeswilson
         Interesting theory and you could be right. America is not prominent in the end times but I think Obammy’s wrecking of our economy and everything else he is doing will be enough for us to be a 3rd world country very soon. Then, somebody can just walk in and take over. If he gets rid of the 2nd amendment and guns are gone. I see Islam taking over within 50 to 75 years. Happy thoughts, right?

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @whirlwinder  I think you’re wishful thinking that it will take that long; and that there will be a ‘”recognizable America” even in 10 years, as a nation.  The goal is to  have the NWO in place fully by 2018, which means the NAU would also be in place as  1 of 10 nation-states, not America as an individual nation!

        • kid721952 says:

          @SandraLeeSmith  @whirlwinder
           I believe it will be in place by 2016 just in time for obama to strong arm his way into a third term and passing “no term limits on the presidency” in other words a DICTATORSHIP

        • kid721952 says:

          @whirlwinder  @KGib12  @Hawkeyeswilson
           They will get my guns one bullitt at a time and each and every intruder will be breathless and a few ounces heavier

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @kid721952  Their current goal is to have the NWO in place and to seat the pope {not saying which pope} on the throne in Jerusalem, which I believe corresponds to, again Daniel and Revelation, the “abomination of desolation” in the Holy of Holies.

      • kid721952 says:

        @KGib12  @Hawkeyeswilson
         Sure,if we let it go that far,are you willing to fight for what you believe in like your faith,your freedom,your rights,your families rights and freedom,if not, just wait for obamas troops to come and get you and your family,rape your wives and daughters over and over again,torcher your children and the elderly just for fun,sell your wives and daughters into prostitution,male children will be trained for terrorist acts against innocent American citizens and citizens world wide,you will be put into a re-education camp,if you do not come around to believing in obamas laws you will be shot,all this could happen if you give up your guns and not stand up for what you beieve in

  308. Ed Tedder says:

    Amen and Amen!

  309. mthammer36 says:

    Stop worrying Kid 721435, there is no way any Gun laws will ever pass as a Law in Congress and the Senate. The US Supreme Court already said and up held the2nd Amendment . Nancy napolitano and all the bullets and weapons that she orders , doesn’t make a hell of beans. There are 600,000 military in all the US Forces , even if DHS recruiter their own force or got the UN involved , they are no match for the 5 million gun toting citizens , we have waiting in the Wings. I don’t mean Left Wing Either that stupid TV Program. Obama is now weeding out the Top Brass in the military , who wont shoot Civilians, proof Patreaous , FBI spying on the CIA a 35 year veteran . The generals he relieved of their Command over the Benghazi affair & cover up. General Carter Ham Head of AFRICOM , who was getting a force ready to go to those 4 Americans that died , General Dempsey on Talk Sunday programs when asked how come no military help they were fighting for 7 hours. Dempsey is the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff , he said that the attack wasn’t 7 hours it was only two twenty minutes encounters. That is completely incorrect , as the State Department told a whole different story . ARB the investigator s who went through everything talked to witnesses there story is not the same . The two committees the House & Senate had a similar story with ARB as far as the time line was concerned. Hilliary Clinton who already lied and covered it up for Obama , told a different story . Who is right anyway , they all tell different stories but General Dempsey ‘s story was the reason no military help was told to STand Down . Even Panetta on TV , when asked why no help , said we didn’t know what was going , so we had to see before sending Forces , then he looked at Dempsey and said right General and Dempsey said thats right. So Many liars , Panetta should be fired deported back to Italy, Dempsey should be relieved of his duty and dishonorably Discharged from the Army , no pension. If there was a Marine Corps General that was Chairman , he would have sent in help , because Marines don’t ever leave anyone Behind , unlike the army. This is a total Disgrace to the American People , all politicians are liars like the whole Fraudulent Obama Administration , Menendez another liar and crook , but is the Liberal Biased Press covering it , even with a FBI investigation in progress.

    • unlistedxpat says:

      @mthammer36 That POS Dempsey needs to be in gitmo… and not as the commander

    • RonaldChristopher says:

      @mthammer36 Uh, Marines don’t leave anybody behind. Sounds to me like you are an ex-Marine, or as Marines say it, once a Marine. The Marines left plenty behind in Vietnam, and so did the Army, and the Air Force and the Navy. We all did.
      Ron (retired US Army Ranger, combat vet, Vietnam).

  310. Hawkeyeswilson says:

    Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution.  Section. 4. The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. 
    Article III, Section. 3. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.  No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.
    The Congress shall have Power to declare the punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the life of the Person attainted.
    Since most of Congress okd arming Egypt how do we deal with a President and Congress that have committed Treason?  They should all be convicted but how? 
    YEAs (FOR sending hardware to Egypt, republicans in bold)—79
    Alexander (R-TN)Ayotte (R-NH)Baldwin (D-WI)Barrasso (R-WY)Baucus (D-MT)Begich (D-AK)Bennet (D-CO)Blumenthal (D-CT)Blunt (R-MO)Boxer (D-CA)Brown (D-OH)Burr (R-NC)Cantwell (D-WA)Cardin (D-MD)Carper (D-DE)Casey (D-PA)Chambliss (R-GA)Coburn (R-OK)Cochran (R-MS)Collins (R-ME)Coons (D-DE)Corker (R-TN)Donnelly (D-IN)Durbin (D-IL)Enzi (R-WY)Feinstein (D-CA)Flake (R-AZ)
    Franken (D-MN)Gillibrand (D-NY)Graham (R-SC)Hagan (D-NC)Harkin (D-IA)Hatch (R-UT)Heinrich (D-NM)Heitkamp (D-ND)Hirono (D-HI)Hoeven (R-ND)Inhofe (R-OK)Isakson (R-GA)Johanns (R-NE)Johnson (D-SD)Johnson (R-WI)Kaine (D-VA)King (I-ME)Kirk (R-IL)Klobuchar (D-MN)Landrieu (D-LA)Lautenberg (D-NJ)Leahy (D-VT)Levin (D-MI)Manchin (D-WV)McCain (R-AZ)McCaskill (D-MO)McConnell (R-KY)
    Menendez (D-NJ)Merkley (D-OR)Mikulski (D-MD)Murkowski (R-AK)Murphy (D-CT)Nelson (D-FL)Portman (R-OH)Pryor (D-AR)Reed (D-RI)Reid (D-NV)Rockefeller (D-WV)Sanders (I-VT)Schatz (D-HI)Schumer (D-NY)Shaheen (D-NH)Stabenow (D-MI)Tester (D-MT)Toomey (R-PA)Udall (D-CO)Udall (D-NM)Warner (D-VA)Warren (D-MA)Whitehouse (D-RI)Wicker (R-MS)Wyden (D-OR)
    NAYs(against sending hardware to Egypt, all republicans) —19
    Boozman (R-AR)Coats (R-IN)Cornyn (R-TX)Crapo (R-ID)Cruz (R-TX)Fischer (R-NE)Grassley (R-IA)
    Heller (R-NV)Lee (R-UT)Moran (R-KS)Paul (R-KY)Risch (R-ID)Roberts (R-KS)Rubio (R-FL)
    Scott (R-SC)Sessions (R-AL)Shelby (R-AL)Thune (R-SD)Vitter (R-LA)

    • RonaldChristopher says:

      @Hawkeyeswilson Wilson I agree with you. However, so what? Congress has allowed abama to get away with murder. He killed Stevens and others in Benghazi. He also armed Syrian rebels, from Benghazi through Turkey. He is also an accomplice of murder, Mexican drug weapons killing border guard.
        Personally, I think obama needs a hole right between his eyes. He is not an American. He was not born in America.

      • mthammer36 says:

        @RonaldChristopher @Hawkeyeswilson Just watch the hearings this morning between Senator Nelson in Florida , between Secretary Panetta & General Dempsy, the same as went on with Sec Clinton . Can I come down and kiss your ass all over youguyts are the best never tell any falsehoods about what when on in Benghazi do you . I can’t believe the humilating bras of these Democratic liberals that need to go and they will go either before 2014 or by 2014 . It is literally discusting to watch these Democrats praise these liars in the Obama Administration,. By the way Secreatry Panetta when you going to pay back the American taxpayers on your weekly trips to California at a cost of 32,000.00 dollars a trip . that comes out to be 3 million dollars . I would appreciate that before you leave Washington , drop off that check. I wouldn’t lie like you did on Benghazi about leaving the American people a check. Now General DEmpsey , this Sunday on the talk shows you told the press that the 7 hour conflict in Benghazi was only 2 twenty Minute Encounters . How come we are just finding that out now after over 4 months of investigations and testimonies not one person either the Head of the State Department, ARB investigators , both Congressional investigations , the testimony by the people at the State department ,who never mentioned any lesser time of conflict like 2 twenty minute conflicts . That was your reason to tell the military , to Stand Down , why you couldn’t send in any help to the 4 people murdered in Benghazi . Now how come none of tose time lines were mentioned beforr.

  311. mthammer36 says:

    Hawkeyeswilson, the only way we can go through charging The Obama Administration & the people in the Legislative Branch for treason is a 2nd American Revolution . The people in Washington , both Senators & Representatives are all in step with the Obama Administration in allowing this Fraudulent Administration
    to continue . If we have Senators , or representatives, who when the opportunities to question people in this government that can’t explain why what has happened in the Last 4 years continue . Especially in these recent weeks , where Senators & Reps have had the opportunity to ask specific questions but didn’t . Especially by the Democratic side of the administration , with interviews with Hilliary Clinton on Benghazi, with Secretary Panetta & General Dempsey , Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff , softball questions not on what the testimony was supposed to be for . Even republicans from the other side , did not ask the proper questions or important questions on finding out the Truth. That in turn tells us that no representative in this Congress cares about the taxpayer , every law they pass in the legislature , specifically exempts them , they don’t have to comply with anything. They like the President and all federal workers have their own Medical Care Plans , coimpletely separate from the taxpayer, Congress, President Obama and all Federal Workers Have their own retirement . We can try to vote for the best people to represent us in Congress , but once they get there and find out what a great deal they get for the rest of their lives , thats why they spend the millions and millions of dollars in campaigns , they serve one term , get those benefits forever , then when they die their wives get the benefits . If any of their children have student loans , as soon as they are elected , those student loans are paid off , all authorized by Congress. Thats why they spend millions on campaigns , just add up what they get for serving one term, calculated they are talking in the millions. I have been to some recent Rallys against the Government, taking the citizens Guns away , the people are ready to go . When attending these meetings at the Capitol of my State expecting to see small crowds , was immediately supprised these crowds were in excess of 10,000 plus. The people are ready especially with the Secretary of States confirmation being delayed and the Brennan ‘s questioning at the capitol today , trying to find out about just killing people with Drones.

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