A Merry Christmas To The Wagers Of The Christmas War That They Insist Doesn't Exist

Is the so-called War on Christmas real, or just a bogeyman fabricated by conservatives with overly acute senses of victimhood? Well, tell a liberal “merry Christmas” and you’ll get your answer.

To the school in Pennsylvania that prohibited fourth-graders from handing out Christmas cards, merry Christmas.

To the school in Massachusetts that permitted students to make Christmas cards as long as there was no nativity scene depicted on them, merry Christmas.

To another Massachusetts that changed the lyrics in “God Bless the U.S.A.” to “We love the U.S.A.,” merry Christmas, and God bless you.

To the school in Georgia that removed the word “Christmas” from its school calendar, merry Christmas.

To the school in Minnesota that prohibited the performers in its Christmas play from wearing red and green scarves and from wishing a “merry Christmas” at the end of it’s Christmas play, merry Christmas.

To the school in New Jersey that prohibited a second-grader from singing “Awesome God” at a talent show, merry Christmas.

To the counselor at a Colorado school who changed the Pledge of Allegiance from saying “one nation under God” to “one nation under your belief system,” merry Christmas, and God bless you.

To the school in North Carolina that censored the word “God” from the lines “He prayed to God for peace. He prayed to God for strength” in a poem written by a first-grade girl to honor her grandfathers who served in Vietnam, merry Christmas, and God bless you.

To the school in Texas that prohibited a football coach from bowing his head or kneeling while his team said a prayer, merry Christmas.

To another school in Texas that prohibited a child from handing out candy canes with Jesus’ name on them, took away a girl’s pencils because they had the word “God” on them, and prohibited Christmas cards being sent to overseas troops from saying “merry Christmas” on them (because troops worry about that kind of thing), merry Christmas, and God bless you.

To the Rhode Island school that removed a prayer banner that had hung in the auditorium for 38 years without a word of complaint, merry Christmas, and I’ll pray for you.

To all the Cross-burners, the religious-tract-prohibitionists, the Christmas-song-silencers, a very merry Christmas to you and yours. May God’s glory shine brightly upon you (unless that sort of thing would make your skin break out into sizzling boils).

(These incidents were summarily reported two weeks ago by Phyllis Schlafly.)



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221 comments on “A Merry Christmas To The Wagers Of The Christmas War That They Insist Doesn't Exist
  1. Raymond123 says:

    Christians are being silenced all across America: in the political debate, the public square, the schools, the workplace, and even in the sanctuary of their own churches. Read these signs of the times:  – Christians threatened with prison for protesting the homosexual agenda.  – Employees of Fortune 500 companies fired for quoting the scriptures or forbidden to display family pictures in their office cubicles because they offend homosexual employees.  – Christian churches ordered by the government to perform lesbian marriages.  – “Antibullying” programs explicitly promote homosexuality in public schools.  – Municipal workers forbidden by the city to say “family values” because those words constitute a hate crime.  – Proposed federal laws supposedly aimed at preventing employment discrimination that would make discrimination against Christians the law of the land.  – Other “antidiscrimination” laws make Christian charities illegal.  – Secularist liberals in Congress seek to censor or bankrupt Christian broadcasters.  – The IRS “cracking down” on Christian pastors who oppose homosexual propaganda in schools, abortion on demand, or same-sex marriage.  – The real impact of same-sex marriage? Any criticism of homosexuality would be legally defined as bigotry. Christians who protest could lose their jobs, go to jail, or see their churches shut down by the government.  – The Christian haters are becoming an elite class of super citizens whose moral views are actively sponsored by the state while Christians are increasingly censored, penalized, and even prosecuted.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee says:

       Hey there Marine, time to stop turning the other cheek and block the blow, then hammer one home on them. Oooooh-Rahhhhhhh! Combat Seabee says to one Marine, no, ALL MARINES And BEE’S MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
       I’m not, nor will I ever be P.C.! And my definition of p.c. isn’t politically correct either!! hehehehehe!

      • LDommel says:

        @Combat Veteran Seabee  @Raymond123
         WE SPEAK UP & they sue! NEED more united TOGETHER to protest these IDIOTS

      • Jesse Pederson says:

        @Combat Veteran Seabee  @Raymond123 And also Merry Christmas to all former FMF Corpsmen(like me).

  2. The Texas Cooke says:

    I have found that folks that like to tell me what to do and what I should do are not as interested in me and my well being as they are in being sociopaths with the knowledge and power to make others do their bidding.  As an old supervisor of mine once said of me, “Folks that jump on Cooke’s *ss…jump off….and they don’t enjoy their stay!”  Oh, and, Merry Christmas to everybody else…..

  3. CaptTurbo says:

    May God bless you all including the despicable libtards. Merry Christmas!

  4. Combat Veteran Seabee says:


  5. FAAQ2 says:

    And Merry Christmas to all you atheist retards & morons from the ACLU (Associated Commie Lunatics) and any other dirt bad liberal who hates Christmas and or God – Merry Christmas and to anyone who believes Kwanza is anything more than a totally bogus holiday  MERRY CHRISTMAS !!

    • Seymour Kleerly says:

      @FAAQ2 Spoken like a true follower of Christ.

      • FAAQ2 says:

        @Seymour Kleerly  Thank you Seymour – the trouble is the Atheists & the ACLU like to dictate to everyone else that god is bad – and their way of thinking is the only way.. Well they can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine..

        • Seymour Kleerly says:

          @FAAQ2 The atheists only teach that their is no God. As humans we can’t know. They and the ACLU fear all Religion, which indoctrinate children with mythology and the assumption that their religion is the one true religion. This ancient process has to stop for all our sake. We should be to advanced for this. We don’t need this goofy outdated institution to believe in God, which I do.

      • AKPatriot says:

        @Seymour Kleerly Merry Christmas Seymour. I’ll be praying for you!

  6. Stan says:

    “(unless that sort of thing would make your skin break out into sizzling boils).” Never mind that as you do not believe in God any way. They can always say it was caused by Global Warming!

  7. edc says:

    I’m so glad to see there’s no war against Christmas, I wonder what they have in mind when they tell us(Christians) that we can’t say or do these things. I know they only have our best interest at heart.Don’t they?

    • DonBahn1 says:

      @edc Under Socialism, God is allowed, just have to keep Him in the Church building, under Communism the State IS god. Obama is taking the USofA into European style Socialism, With the path government is taking the USofA, Soon Christmas will not be permitted outside the Church Building.

    • stormtrooper1991 says:

       That day is near. Prepare to stand your ground…

      • RobertJones1 says:

        @stormtrooper1991  @edc I am loaded and ready.

        • glonjojo says:

          Why not join us.  http://www.secondamendmentwarrior.com Second Amendment Warrior “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” HomeGuestbookNew Item(s)My ThoughtsJury NullificationPoliceLawsNewsGeneral Info Welcome
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          After making Lieutenant I became a full time academy instructor specializing in Criminal Law, Evidence, Firearms (19 years, 17 as Rangemaster), Child Abuse and Police & Security Training.  Also taught nearly all police subjects at satellite academies, in-service and armed security guards.  Norbert  (Nate) Tanguay, site creator/owner.  I now live in Connecticut with my wife.                            Email: natanguay@gmail.com 
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          “when they come to take them it will be time to use them ” We are not a group.  We are individual 2nd Amendment Warriors who will never allow anyone to confiscate our weapons.  I created the site because of the UN gun ban that Hillary is pushing with the blessings of Obama.  The only thing that stands between freedom and slavery is our guns.  We won’t give them up.  Maybe the rest of the gun owners will wake up when many of us are killed by the government during firefights while trying to confiscate them.  How many government agents are willing to give their full measure, like my Warriors, trying to confiscate a weapon?  As one of Obama’s good friends, Saul Alinsky, said that “to get where we want to be we’ll have to kill 25,000,000 Americans, those who won’t go along with our Communist ideals.” All Patriots/gun-owners should join my/our fight. http://www.secondamendmentwarrior.com Also all freedom loving Patriots should study Jury Nullification so we can combat unlawful arrests and prosecutions and radical judges.  It’s the most powerful tool for freedom that we have but almost no one will bother to read about it.  http://www.fija.org.

  8. LDommel says:

    YES bring in ALL THE POLTICS into our WHOLE SCHOOL SYSTEM But must be separated from GOD! Where they teach the HISTORY of sexuality & dildos is appropiate & Merry Christmas is denied!! PARENTS GET YOUR OWN GROUP TOGETHER to MEET YOUR GOING TO NEED IT! Get the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT out of our STATE RUN SCHOOLS!

  9. DMCVEY says:


  10. GeraldJones says:

    Screw all these liberal idiots and what they believe in God bless you no matter what you think, your going to have to answer to your creator one of these days no matter how you think right at this moment in your lifes as a christian I say god bless you and may Karma bite you in the asses big time when your time is up.

  11. American Christian says:

    I distinctly remember reading something about “freedom OF religion” in the constitution NOT “freedom FROM religion!”  Oh, I forgot, the current administration thinks the constitution is out of date!

  12. Franne says:

    If Christmas in only allowed for the purpose of selling”stuff” then this is a very sad state.  From the time of Christ’s
    birth in Bethlehem…people have tried to eliminate Christ by crucifying Him in one way or another.  Just look around at the news headlines and you can see what is happening by those who have taken Christ out of their lives. Merry Christmas to all.

  13. kushibo says:

    Christmas is a pagan holiday that shouldn’t be celebrated by Christians who don’t wish to have their religion tainted.

    • StanB says:

      Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ.  He wasn’t born on Dec. 25th, that is obvious since the shepherds were tending their sheep in the field it was most likely late spring or early summer.  The purpose of Christmas, to me, is to celebrate the Christ coming to save mankind.  My belief in Christ is not “tainted” by believing he was born and what day believers choose to celebrate that birth.

      • MORpatriot says:

        StanB, Not quite. Christ was crucified in the spring after a 3 1/2 year ministry, which started when He was baptised at His 30th birthday, which would have to have been in the fall around September.  He was probably conceived by the Holy Spirit around the winter solstice, Dec. 21. so let’s celebrate His conception!!!

    • AKPatriot says:

      @kushibo have a very festive non-denominational winter holiday!

    • stormtrooper1991 says:

       BURN IN HELL kushibo. I’ll be there to stir the coals.

    • RobertJones1 says:

      @kushibo Christmas is the birth of Christ you dumb a**. Take your troll beliefs and jump off a cliff.

    • Truckman says:

      @kushibo   And I certainly won’t expend any effort to make you celebrate something you don’t believe in.By the same token,I refuse to celebrate Christmas in a “politically correct” manner,and when I’m shopping,this issue decides whether I’m a loyal repeat customer or not. “Happy Holidays” as I leave guarantees I won’t be spending my money there again. “Merry Christmas” will get my business,because it shows the people aren’t weak minded hypocrites who conduct their business or their lives by the will of one percent of America’s population who don’t believe in God. You shouldn’t draw down on people on this subject if you don’t want to verbally get your ass kicked.

      • NelsonM77 says:

        @Truckman  @kushibo Truckman, have you any idea how many cultures and religions celebrate during this time of the year? And have been doing so longer than some Christians believe the Earth has been around? You really shouldn’t assume you are capable of verbally abusing anyone because what you have said above is simply this, “I don’t care about anybody else’s culture or beliefs because my beliefs are the ones most Americans think are right anyways”. Can you not recognize how monumentally infantile that is? WOW!!!

        • Truckman says:

          @NelsonM77  @kushibo  This wasn’t about any given religion,my “rant” regards America having to change traditions to please a group who constitute approx. 1% of America’s population. And it’s NOT that I don’t care,just that I won’t be kissing the butts of Atheists and changing my ways just so they don’t get offended by Merry Christmas. Christmas is not a generic holiday,so I’m declining to use a generic salutation.You’re apparently one of the group who gets their feelings hurt if people say Merry Christmas. Feel free to tell me,or anyone who prefers a traditional greeting that’s been customary in America for many years,”Thanks,but I prefer to be politically correct,so Happy Holidays.” I can’t believe people get their noses out of joint over religious statues and monuments on the Court House Lawns,the speaking of the words Merry Christmas or the School kids saying a prayer before classes begin. If that offends you-don’t look,or don’t participate. That’s the way it operated when I was growing up. I have no interest in going to a Mosque,but I don’t have any issues with one being built in my neighborhood. Live and let live. Granted,my attitude on the “Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays” is purely about people being pressured into being something they’re not. There should be a poll to find out how much of America’s population PREFERS to say Happy Holidays when the guilt factor’s not there. (I think the results could also be tracked by Political Party,but that’s just my opinion.)
              Anyway,MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

    • Truckman says:

      @kushibo   BTW-Have another day.

    • LDommel says:

       CONTROLL FREAK then don’t celebrate it! JUST LEAVE us to celebrate our Creator, Savior & LORD!

    • RedMeatState says:

      @kushibo You’re talking about Yuletide.  Isn’t it wonderful that as Pagans converted to Christ that they changed their rituals and celebrations to reflect, glorify, and honor God?  If we were celebrating a Pagan Festival we’d be having drunken orgies of gluttonous indulgence, BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT WE DO!!  We Celebrate and Honor the Birth of Jesus Christ in a multitude of way, many of which reflect ancient traditions that were changed to honor God.
      What was meant for evil, God has meant for good.   So you’re free to celebrate anyway you like; you don’t have to feel guilty about it or try to make the rest of us feel guilty about it.  That’s what Satan (the Accuser) does!!

  14. ron8072 says:

    Until God and Traditional Values are allowed back into our schools, we will continue down this rabbit hole into Wonderland.  Not Wonderland for Traditional Americans but Wonderland for the Socialists, Statists, Communists, and other purely evil entities.  We have to figure out how to do that.

    • RedMeatState says:

      @ron8072 Take you children OUT of the public schools until they changed.  Remember, government operates by OUR permission, not the other way around!

      • ron8072 says:

        @RedMeatState Sadly, kind of anyway, my children are past the school stage.  Would have done that if could have afforded it.  Around here, it is really expensive!

        • RedMeatState says:

          @ron8072 My daughter and many of her friends are home schooling their children.  Fortunately they have work schedules that facilitate this.  Many churches offer schooling FOR CHEAP as well!  Parents need to organize a plan and take their kids out of the schools.  They are no longer safe and cannot be trusted to teach YOUR CHILDREN YOUR VALUES, or protect their lives!
          The next step is to defend the public schools with your ripped off property tax dollars!!

  15. dangerousman says:

    Yes, Merry Christmas and God Bless all of you who hate God and Jesus Christ.  Like Jesus said so long ago to His disciples, ‘they will hate you for preaching in my name but remember, they hated Me first.’  Well, they can all hate me too because I’m a Christian as well as alot of you on here who are leaving your comment.  Yes, all you who ban God and prayer and teaching of Christian values and saying Merry Christmas, etc, etc, etc,.  Yes, all of you are going to go before your maker and our King of Kings and He’s going to look at you and say, ‘I don’t know you,’ and you’ll be separated from Jesus’ flock of followers and you will be thrown into the lake of fire along with your savior and idol, satan.  Enjoy!!!

  16. StanB says:

    What is Christmas without Christ?

  17. Markus Reborn says:

    This is one of the major reasons so many parents are Home Schooling their kids.

  18. ThomasBerquist says:

    The Constitution protects religion from government but not government from religion. The founders strongly supported religion in government…..just look at words and memorials around D.C.and court houses around the country. The Progressive lawyers distorted the interpretation and the ACLU has done just as much damage. Then we have those that cave at the first sight of the ACLU at their door step

    • AKPatriot says:

      Thank you Thomas! Merry Christmas!

      • ThomasBerquist says:

        @AKPatriot Merry Christmas to you as well. The truth will eventually shine through but in the mean time I’m too old to be intimidated by these idiots.

    • HowardPettyjohn says:

      Right on Thomas.  Well said.  I get so tired of hearing the term used; Separation of church and state” .  There is even an organization entitled the same.  The government has no need to worry about the church trying to tell them what to do, but the people in our government, some of them, ignore the first amendment.

      • ThomasBerquist says:

        @HowardPettyjohn All it will take is for Americans to stand up and say “We have had enough”. Those that support this madness are cowards and in the minority but they have a large voice through the courts, politicians and the main stream media.

  19. go for it 1 says:

    new way of the uninformed liberal free obama phone and grape cool aid.

  20. JohnEmery says:

    Merry Christmas all you heathens.

  21. CajunPatriot says:

    The freedom of speech gives every student and every person here in the U.S. every right to say, to write, to proclaim, to exclaim loudly, “Merry Christmas!”  That same Constitutional guarantee, enables every student to pray, to write on their bookcovers, “God bless you”  “Jesus Lives,”  “Jesus Saves” and similar words.  Educators can’t be that stupid, nor that intolerant, but when they are their is the Center for Law and Justice and LIberty Council among others who will write letters to the ignorant and remind them of the consitutional rights afforded to all.

  22. Just the Facts Maam says:

    Christmas honors the birth of Jesus. The ideal human life should emulate that of Jesus.
    Jesus obeyed civil laws but never was silenced by them. He spoke truth regardless of the reactions of the civil powers. There is no higher aspiration for human endeavor than to live a life as close as possible to that of Jesus. Therefore no civil power should be allowed to silence God’s word. Further any attempt by principalities to silence the word of God is not only an abomination but is in violation of the U.S. Constitution pertaining to free speech as well. A right not used and defended is a right lost. Anger and hate is not needed but rather simply a quiet exercising of God given and Constitutional rights.
    Someone once asked  “What if they gave a war and no one came?” The same principle applies here. Those who prohibit peaceful and righteous speech and display are the violators of the law not the believers. Lastly public lands do not belong to nor are they for the exclusive use of atheists and anti-Christians. They belong to ALL of us.

  23. Kenai says:

    I believe all these progressive elites that think they know better than us, that they are scared to death of God.

  24. SherriGray says:

    May God Bless each and every one of you as we celebrate the birth of Christ.  Merry Christmas to all!

  25. LovesGod says:

    We continue to remove God from our society and we will continue experiencing the increase of lawlessness such as in Connecticut and around this nation. This nation is no longer blessed financially and will continue down the path of destruction as we continue to exclude God. I just want to wish all a very Merry Christmas.

  26. Howard Last says:

    Dennis Prager, who is an ordthodox Jew has an excellent column on this.  http://patriotpost.us/opinion/16030

  27. blackirish says:

    No space is uncontested–either God or Satan fills it! If these secularists really thought Christianity was all nonsense, why the expend all the time and energy–just sit back and laugh–but no, they insist on their petty persecutions–how come they don’t hate Hindus or Buddists–because CHRIST is the real thing!!!

  28. livefyre8158 says:

    Reminding folk of the Christ in Christmas is lovely.  Raymond123  posted an outstanding overview of how Christianity in the US is being suppressed.  However, such did not begin with Barrack Hussein Obama. Raymond123  covered most of the goals that were introduced by the Hitler-NAZI movement of WWII.  The NAZI Dulles brothers pulled off  “Operation Paper Clip,” 1945, which initially imported Werner von Braun and 160 additional WWII NAZI rocket specialists into the USA.  Dulles hired Hitler´s spy chief, general Reinhard Gehlen to revive the defunct duties of the OSS into the CIA, 1945-1947.  Many former CIA operatives have blown the whistle on the sinister activities of the CIA.  In “The Chronicles of Chip Tatum,” Tatum  revealed that he reported directly to GHWBushSr, the secretive head of the CIA.  Bush had him assassinate several persons, and was behind the cocaine smuggling that began in Viet Nam.  Former CIA station chief, John Stockwell has several videos that clarify said drug smuggling and the world-wide destruction done by the CIA, and which continues.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3ioJGMCr-Y&hl=de&gl=DE     Doctor Werner von Braun developed such a strong love for the USA and Americans that he revealed the NAZI plan for world domination to a colleague, Dr. Carol Rosin, three years prior to his death, allegedly from cancer.  Doctor Carol Rosin has made videos in which she explains the NAZI secrets that Dr. von Braun asked her to share with Americans.  Dr. von Braun wanted to prevent the New World Order from being implemented by the NAZIs, via a fraudulent space war. Dr. Carol Rosin´s videos are found at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ALLUuvsVkM   The New World Order was proposed by George H.W. Bush Sr. in the 1970s.  The NAZI plan was further implemented by George W. Bush via the “Patriot Act” and accelerated by Barrack Hussein Obama, who is a Moslem, and a deceitful one.  Hussein Obama displayed his genuine allegiance, when he did a courtsy to “King” Saud, upon his visit to Saudi Arabia.  Former CIA agent Susan Lindauer revealed the sinister activities of GHWBushSr in her  FBI-documented book, “Extreme Prejudice.”   Christians deserve also to be well-informed, especially in our current world.

    • LDommel says:

       Let’s NOT FORGET the DEMOCRAT NATIONAL CONVENTION 2012 taking GOD OUT of the PLATFORM. Then when it was broad cast for all to know, took THREE VOTES to put back in – still didn’t get the votes & TRUMPED over their delegates votes & PUT it back in!!! Let’s not forget Obama’s speech after 1 st election on AMERICA not BEING A CHRISTIAN NATION! No it didn’t start with Obama but full steam ahead with the DEMOCRATS RULING is NOW OR NEVER!

  29. MikePatton says:

    Merry Christmas Wishes from California. Just because the power that be takes away our American Beliefs, their not taking away the beliefs in our hearts. True Americans know whats right, whats in our hearts, what we teach our children and what were not afraid to say to in public. GOD knows our hearts, we are all his children and when the time comes we will be judged by what we believe in our hearts to be true. Anyone opposed will fall to the way side like the love they shun from the world.  REMEMBER, We are not of this World. Semper Fi America

  30. HowardPettyjohn says:

    I know of a man and his family who chartered the most expensive aircraft in the world to spend Christmas in Hawaii and he doesn’t even allow signs of Christianity to be displayed where he goes on the same aircraft to make speeches to tell the world what a wonderful person he is.  The wonderful person he praises is himself, not Jesus.
    Why do the atheists not complain when this man does this on Christmas Day ?  They help pay for it.  It doesn’t cost them a dime for me to tell them Merry Christmas.  That little fling to Hawaii costs at least a Million bucks.

    • MaryMary2 says:

      More like 4 million!

    • catmando says:

       Hey Howard…….Try 4 mil on this little jaunt to his “home” state. Yeah riiiight!!

      • RedMeatState says:

        @catmando  @HowardPettyjohn DOES ANYBODY RECALL any other Presidency to take such incredible advantage of their office as to  loot the Treasury in this way?  Well, aside from the Clintons???

  31. marvs says:

    I love encountering these hypocrites who love money.

  32. pkeyrich says:

    Isn’t it odd, but consistent, that the Left will come to the aid and defense of people who feel victimized, but denounce victims when it comes to things like Christmas, etc.

    • RedMeatState says:

      @pkeyrich the Left creates victims in order to foster political power for themselves.  After all, those victims need the  Left to protect them and give them other people’s money.  After taking a cut for themselves, of course.

  33. UGA1970 says:

    Merry CHRISTMAS y’all!!  And to those that don’t like CHRISTMAS or what it stands for, stuff it!!  You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to.  It’s a free country for at least a few more years.

  34. Glenn Bedwell says:

    86% of the people profess to be Christian, I think that it is time to ban together and send a clear message that we have been trampled and bashed enogh. Starting with that thing that we call President, then then on down the line.    
                       Merry Christmas And God Bless

  35. Al says:

    You people take yourselves way too seriously. Christmas was stolen from pagans and no one needs your permission to celebrate it any damn way we want. Christ is as important to Christmas as Thor is to Thursday.

    • NORM says:

      No personal offense @Al but since the word ‘Christ’ is in the word Christmas, and it’s a CELEBRATION of the birth of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and since there is a Supreme Court Ruling that actually mentions that the commission of the settlers was to spread the word of the Gospel to the ‘savages’ and to dedicate this country to the God of Jesus Christ then you might want to go back and do a little research before you exhibit your ignorance with a post like that.  Again, no offense to your personally, you are free to worship a rock if you wish to but don’t tell me that history is incorrect.

    • Canadianlady says:

      Oh, you grinch!  Who cares where it came from.  It’s what it means for people today that matters.

      • NORM says:

        @Canadianlady Actually it’s very important where it came from.  Christ is the reason for the season, that’s why they call it  “Christ’mas”.  We in this country (America, not necessarily Canada) Had better keep a finger on the pulse of who is writing history, the twists and turns of history that are being portraited or with the gradual changes of a pen our children’s children’s children won’t have any idea that it was a tax revolution that set this country free from Brittan.

        • Canadianlady says:

          You’re right, Norm, true history should be preserved.  I’m just so sick and tired of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who say we’re condemned to death because we make a big deal over the “Birth of Christ Story,” and on December 25, no less.  God is wise and all-knowing enough to judge whom each man and woman serves, and the JW’s would do well to remember that, especially at Christmas.  There are devout and loving Christians all over the world, who celebrate Christmas, Easter, Mothers and Fathers Day, and *gasp* even Halloween–and it won’t be they who are condemned on Judgement Day.

        • RedMeatState says:

          JW’s deny Christ’s deity, even to the point that they claim he is NOT GOD Incarnate, but the Archangel Michael.  And they rewrote the KJ Bible (English!) to fit their own twisted doctrine!  They have accursed themselves and set themselves apart from the Kingdom of God! 
          So don’t let them try to intimidate you.  And don’t argue scripture with them because their scripture has been perverted.

        • Canadianlady says:

          @RedMeatState  @Canadianlady Too true.

    • JJM123 says:

      If you want to honor the pagan Saturnalia, then do so. DO NOT attempt to remove the Christian celebration of the Birth of Christ.
      Christmas (Old English: Crīstesmæsse, meaning “Christ’s Mass”) is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ[6][7] and a widely observed holiday, celebrated generally on December 25[3][4][5] by millions of people around the world.[8][2] A feast central to the Christian liturgical year, it closes the Advent season and initiates the twelve days of Christmastide.[9] Christmas is a civil holiday in many of the world’s nations,[10][11][12] is celebrated by an increasing number of non-Christians,[1][13][14] and is an integral part of the Christmas and holiday season.

    • RedMeatState says:

      Christ is an authentic, documented (very well) historical figure that changed the calendar, the course of history, and is the basis for Western Civilization.  His removal of the Fear of Nature upon men caused them to stop worshiping Nature and try to discover the “mind of God”.  This lead to every discipline of developed knowledge which created the Sciences, etc., and eventually led to our form of Government, beginning with the Magna Carta and culmination in the works of Blackstone, Locke, and our Constitutional Government.
      Christmas wasn’t stolen from anyone, but was an adaption of pagan cultures to embrace the new ethic around Jesus Christ.  Christ changes hearts and minds and compels men to voluntarily change and transform and renew their minds!!
      Thor is a myth derived from Legend, and as Nimrod eventually became deified as Baal, Thor could have very well been an historical person.  But it’s not nearly the same thing.

    • SteveJohnson3 says:

      Spoken like an atheist, gay marriage advocate or anarchist.

  36. me says:

    Hum well said,,,,,,oh and bite the big one you anti-christmas…………….. people.

  37. Canadianlady says:


  38. Thomas B123 says:

    Merry Christmas to all.
    Even the scum sucking liberals in my neck of the woods.

  39. Gods way says:

    Its all our fault by shoving it in the faces of those who do not believe in God. So I think next Christmas, we should just celebrate Jesus and or God by not buying any gifts. And show our power in unity by protesting retail giants.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @Gods way
       Refuse to but from stores that do not advertize Christmas  but have gone to Happy Holidays which is is  opposition to Christmas. The day is for celebration of the birth of JESUS CHRIS, it is asying forget about JESUS CHRIST and just have a good time. If all the stores go to Happy Holidays, I will quit shopping for Christmas.

    • MarkSchull says:

      @Gods way Especially when the major part of the bounty of those sales goes o Godless China.

  40. Evermyrtle says:

    First of all, I refuse to say Happy Hoidays, it is Christmas, was always Christmas and will always be Christmas. CHRIST-MAS, that is the correct way ot indentify the celebration of JESUS CHRIST birthday. Even though HE was born in the spring  we celebrate at this time of the year. This means we are hononoring the birth of the only one ever born to make such a difference in the world, the only one that was born to “DIE FOR US, THAT WE  MAY BE SAVED FOR  OUR SIN, THAT HIS BLOOD COVERS OUR SIN. Happy holidays only means opposition to this standard and this belief of Christians. It really surprises the number of people who claim Christianity who accept this opposition.

    • NelsonM77 says:

      @Evermyrtle Happy Holidays is simply a way to extend the seasons greeting to everyone without alienating someone who doesn’t celebrate this time of the year as Christmas. Is called being polite and courteous to others no matter what their beliefs are.

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @NelsonM77 Actually this is the celebration of the birth of JESUS CHRIST, and interlopers come in and try to take over, not only try but are taking over. It is the custom to say  Merry Christmas in our celebration not Happy Holidays.  If you only have Happy Holidays cards do me a favor and don’t send me one of them. I am not interest in being polite or courteous about anyone deliberately interfering in my celebration of the birth of my SAVIOR.  If they want a holiday get their own, don’t don’t take over our celebration. Of Course I do know that this is a deliberate smear on our SAVIOR. What makes it so awful there are so many who are ignorantly saying Happy Holidays, and sending their disgusting cards and have no idea how repulsive they are,, how they are playing into the hands of the anti-CHRIST.

  41. Michael says:

    I have never understood why people do not comprehend the Christmas holiday can not exist without the christian religious belief being there.  To prohibit someone from practicing their religion is against the United States Constitutuion’s Bill of Rights.  It does not say anywhere in the U. S. Constitution that people can not pray to their ‘God’.  It only says the ‘State’ shall not establish a religion.  So, if you do not believe in Christmas, than you should not be participating in any part of the christian holiday or observance there of, ie.:  no time off from school or work becasue it is ‘Christmas’.  The irony of all this is that in all school union labor contracts it specifically mentions Christmas as a paid holiday.  Without the belief in the birth of Jesus Christ as a christian belief, there can be no logical reason for a holiday near the end of December.  So Merry Christmas or whatever appropriate greeting for your particular belief is.

    • NelsonM77 says:

      Michael, do a bit of research and you’ll quickly learn that very little of the Christmas holiday traditions comes from Christianity. Christmas trees, yule logs, mistletoe, Christmas lights, shopping, gift giving, hanging stockings, etc. all came from pagan traditions celebrating the Winter Solstice. Christians adopted the holiday in order to assimilate new converts. Do people like you know anything at all about your own religion or it’s history?

  42. RedMeatState says:

    What resolve do we have as Christians to continue in our faith?  When some bureaucratic government EMPLOYEE says you cannot pray, PRAY ANYWAY!  When the same says you cannot speak the  name of Jesus Christ, speak His Name anyway!! 
    What have we become, a nation of wimps??

  43. Gods way says:


  44. johnlounsbury1 says:

    Jesus stood up to the parasites and didn’t mince word

  45. johnlounsbury1 says:

    Jesus stood up to the Pharisees and didn’t mince words with the money changers at the temple or the rich young ruler. If Christians don’t start standing up to these types if people, the time will come when we won’t be able to utter the words God or Jesus even on our own property.

  46. jjinfl says:

    Yes, all those people and more are chipping away at our culture and religious freedoms, and everyone who sits quietly and lets it happen is to blame as much as they are.  That is the same thing that happened in Germany in years past, and look where it got the people who sat and did not respond to the situation.  Keep Christmas in your heart and mind, and Christmas will never fade away.  You can have the joy of the season inside you all the time.
    Merry Christmas one and all, and “God bless us, every one”, as Tiny Tim used to say.

  47. RedMeatState says:

    JW’s deny Christ’s deity, even to the point that they claim he is NOT GOD Incarnate, but the Archangel Michael.  And they rewrote the KJ Bible (English!) to fit their own twisted doctrine!  They have accursed themselves and set themselves apart from the Kingdom of God! 
    So don’t let them try to intimidate you.  And don’t argue scripture with them because their scripture has been perverted.

  48. Shrimp70 says:

    People that are trying to chip away at our religious freedoms have so little power that’s why they are trying to destroy it. Such small people and such a big FEAR of GOD. Just like Hitler, they will fall. Keep Christ in your heart, and you will overcome all the pettiness of the small people. GOD bless America, a blessed CHRISTmas to all.

    • NelsonM77 says:

      @Shrimp70 Excuse me, but Christians are just feeling the pains of losing religious PRIVILAGE, not religious freedoms. There is a huge difference.

      • coloradomom says:

        @NelsonM77  @Shrimp70 A nation founded on, in and for religious privilege and freedom, will surely end when God helps no more, those that turned Him away

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @Shrimp70 A nation stagnated in religious privilege will only end when the majority of us realize that no one has turned away from god, he was never there.

      • SteveJohnson3 says:

        @NelsonM77  @Shrimp70 Spoken like an atheist, gay marriage advocate or anarchist.

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @SteveJohnson3   Thanks, I intended it that way. 😉

        • SteveJohnson3 says:

          @NelsonM77 Sounds like you are making a judgement.

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @SteveJohnson3 Enlighten me, what judgement would that be?

        • SteveJohnson3 says:

          @NelsonM77 That would be the judgement that God was ‘never there’, a position you hold on faith that your opinion is the final word on the matter, as god.

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @SteveJohnson3  I wouldn’t hold the position that “god was never there” if someone had not said to me, “there is a god”. The default position is atheism. The concept of a god is taught. We are all born atheists and taught to believe. There is no evidence of a god anywhere. Perhaps that hypothesis was in accordance with what Abraham knew about the Universe, but we know more now. We don’t need a god to explain the Universe. All we have to do is open our eyes and look. The answers are out there.   Asserting that there is a god is exactly like asserting that there is a magical genie that grants wishes. The question must be asked why this is believable. Why do people accept things to be true that cannot be demonstrated? Why assert a god when no god has ever been demonstrated to exist?

        • SteveJohnson3 says:

          @NelsonM77 It really sounds like youy are the one that believes in magic, that somehow(you don’t say how) everything was created out of nothing.

  49. DelbertGue says:

    Our founding fathers built this country on religious freedoms, not bans.  Who the hell are those responsible for allowing such stupidity to reign in our schools?  I see why we have so many godless people in our country because we have allowed this war against god to continue unchallenged.  It is time to exact what should have been done a long time ago. Put God back into our lives, the education of our children and boycott any school or tax payments to those who do otherwise. Take back our country and way of life before the Goidless amongst us drive us to hell!

    • MikeMathis1 says:

      @DelbertGue delbert you have said alot but if you will go into the book of revelations you will see that the things that are taking place have to it is the end of the world as we once new it. But as the things that we see going on right now are the unwrittten signs that God and Jesus have a plan its one that those who seek to get rid of our great redeemer, are bafoons silly billys and they will be trampled uder the feet of the holy of holys their day of ignorance will be comming to an end very soon.This i feel is comming our life time and those who curse God or think that life with out Him will make things better here on earth are only binding themselves to a life in hell or am i aloud to say that there is a hell.This is one of the reasons we came to A merica religous freedom if we all dont take a stand against the luke warm Americans we all stand to lose.those that are luke warm are those that think that heaven and hel only may exist binding them selves to an eternal hell!

      • NelsonM77 says:

        @MikeMathis1 I agree with you 100%. It’s time Christians started read their buybulls and started living the word as it is inside. One pastor in America is very vocal about his understanding of the buybull. His name is Fred Phelps. He has read his buybull. He is not afraid to be a Christian.

        • SteveJohnson3 says:

          @NelsonM77  @MikeMathis1 Freddy really belongs with the atheists, gay marriage advocates and anarchists, as they all have so much in common.

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @SteveJohnson3  Funny, because the King Jame Version of the buybull completely supports his views. I read it. It does say to kill gays. It does say to kill your disobedient children. It does say that. Either Christians own the whole darned thing or throw the whole thing out. Fred Phelps, as disgusting as he is, is simply following his religion. So were the guys that flew airplanes into the World Trade buildings. They were true believers. That is where believing for the sake of believing leads us, horrific actions based on unprovable claims and devout faith.

        • SteveJohnson3 says:

          @NelsonM77 Really! What is this ‘buybull’ you speak of? Or are you just belittling the holy scripture of Christianity by purposefully misspelling it. I suppose as an atheist who thinks they are god, you can belittle others beliefs. You’re not the first, nor will you be the last to indulge in such pettiness.

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @SteveJohnson3 Your, and everyone else’s, beliefs, deserve respect, only if they stand up to the light of critical inquiry. I try my best to extend as much respect as I can to everyone I come into contact with, however, that effort seems to be in vain in any discussion of religion. Once the topic of discussion turns to that subject, most people just want to hear their own beliefs parroted back to themselves, otherwise, they’d rather not hear anything at all. Basically you are saying that anyone who doesn’t blindly believe the exact same thing as yourself and dares to speak up about someone holding unsubstantiated claims as true, they have have no respect. Well guess what, you don’t get to make claims about the Universe that people must simply accept. You have to have evidence if you want people to believe you, and respect your ideas.

        • SteveJohnson3 says:

          @NelsonM77 Your pettiness takes you out of the realm of honest discussion. You show no respect to those on here that are believers. That rather invalidates anything you have to say.

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @SteveJohnson3 I understand your stance on the matter. Atheists get it a lot. People place so much value on their religious beliefs and are genuinely insulted that we ask them to be questioned.  However, the questions need to be asked whether it makes people feel good or not. It’s unfortunate.

        • SteveJohnson3 says:

          @NelsonM77 That is intolerance. You certainly may choose to be intolerant, but that has no bearing on people who hold strong religeous beliefs, until your intolerance turns into actions or lawsuits that interfer with the First Amendment Right to freely exercise religeous beliefs.                                    t

  50. MarkSchull says:

    More bullsquirt from th14% that thinks they’re more important and “their ” sensibilities more easily damaged than the 86% of the people that believe in God and the birth of our savior Jesus.

    • NelsonM77 says:

      @MarkSchull More bullsquirt from the large population of religious people about how the rest of us need to accept their nonsense and shut up. Well, we don’t buy your bull, and we’re sick of being quiet and letting you think all ideas are equally valid. This is not true. Ideas asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Get over it.

      • wadesws says:

        @NelsonM77  @MarkSchull
         And the small population that doesn’t seem to know how to stfu has no evidence of their ideas of no God either. However WE have a LONG history of belief. I could care less about your non-belief religion (you have to believe there is no God, without proof that makes it a religion). Why do you care about my beliefs? Are you so insecure in your thinking that you need to push your religion on everyone else?

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @MarkSchull Atheist’s position of not believing in any god, is a reaction to the assertion, by theists, that one exists. We are simply saying, “I don’t believe you, show me some evidence”.  You see, if they had never asserted it, we’d never have to call bullcrap on it. No religious belief required. In fact, there is a distinct lack of religious belief in requiring proof for everything. What tickles the most out of me, here, is how religious people try and group non-religious people in with themselves, saying, ” See try are just like us, teehee”. They see that faith leads us nowhere and their only response is to attempt to lump those of us without faith in with those with it. That is hilarious to me.I care about the beliefs of others because beliefs inform actions, and this is a political website. People are actively trying to insert their superstitious beliefs into the political arena. That means they are trying to make me follow their beliefs by attempting pass laws enforcing their religious beliefs. If this were being done by any other religion than your own, you would be screaming in the streets. I understand that religious people feel privileged in this regard, especially when they live in areas more populated by people of their own faith, but  in America, our laws prevent people of one religion from imposing their beliefs on others. Atheists like myself are simply standing up for our rights and saying that we’ve had enough.Your last sentence is just golden. I think I’ll ask it of you. Are you so insecure in your thinking that you need to push your religion on everyone else?

        • SteveJohnson3 says:

          @NelsonM77  @MarkSchull Atheists, gay marriage advocates and anarchists believe they are god, the final arbiter of principles, values, morals and ethics. This puts them in conflict with the indisputable fact that our nation was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and the Constitutions of each of the 13 original states.

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @SteveJohnson3 I think you are missing the point behind being an atheist. We don’t believe in ANY god or gods. You are right though, human beings are the final arbiter of principals, values, morals, and ethics. Whew, glad we got that cleared up.

        • SteveJohnson3 says:

          @NelsonM77 Not quite. You claim to be god, in that you alone are the final arbiter of principles, values, morals and ethics. Whew, glad we got that cleared up!

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @SteveJohnson3 There is no god, not even me. You guys are just getting so completely unimaginative, you keep saying the same thing over and over again. I guess that’s how religion works.

        • SteveJohnson3 says:

          @NelsonM77 Very weak response! You claim to lead a life without making any judgements. .

        • Just the Facts Maam says:

          @NelsonM77  @MarkSchull 
          No one is forcing you to believe anything you don’t wish to believe. You are as free as anyone else to state your beliefs. I disagree completely with your opinions but unlike you and your ilk I’m not  “fed up” with your stating those opinions.
          You say “give me proof”, “show me”, to which I can only reply that you can’t show a sunset to a blind man, you can only describe it to him and then he must accept on faith or reject your description. The fact that you’ve chosen to see things through blinders is your own doing. However your superstitious beliefs have as much right as anyone else’s to be here.
          As for the proof, I don’t have to prove anything to you. Why don’t you prove that God DOESN’T exist? Unless you first “create” a god in your own mind and then give him attributes that your non-existent god falls short of fulfilling there is no way you can give hard “scientific” proof of a Godless universe.
          Theologies may differ as we are finite beings trying to “see” an infinite and eternal creator. As such we can only perceive a very small part and then from differing perspectives depending on what is manifested to us. But even a small glimpse is so much more than nothing at all!

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @Just the Facts Maam  No, I don’t have to prove other people’s imaginary friends to be imaginary. I equally have no duty to believe other’s stories about the garden gnomes and leprechauns hiding in their back yard. Unicorns, fairies, gods, devils, demons, and wizards are all equally baseless assertions that I’m not required to discredit.   I appreciate that neither I, nor anyone else, has all of the answers. The difference is, that I also extend this to the people that wrote the holy texts of the world. People just take it on faith because it has been done so by our ancestors for so very long. The clues to this behavior are so clearly rooted in evolutionary processes that I’m astonished how the delusion continues. In early childhood(especially during prehistory), directions from adults could mean life or death. Children who obeyed without question lived to reproduce and thus evolution favored the faithful. It has come to bite us all in the rear as people still blindly follow whatever belief gives them the most comfort, especially if an authority figure told it to them while they were young.

        • Just the Facts Maam says:

          I must say your list of grievances go back a long way. Happily for your sake by your own statement you haven’t much duty to do anything but demean others.
          Your references to ancient life and the Bible all pertain to the Old Testament which in everyday practices was much like all of human society. This was before the redemption by Jesus Christ whose life is documented in the New Testament. The Old Testament records history, some rules to live by and prophesy of things to come including the Messiah. Christians try to pattern their lives after the life of Christ, that’s why they’re called … Christians! And no, a true Christian does not judge others but, then, we’re all imperfect. If we weren’t there’d be no need for redemption would there?
          It is interesting that you know so much about what motivates Christian beliefs of others when you deny everything about those beliefs. My beliefs have formed from my own experiences over the years from the first time I ever prayed in an open field as a small child all by myself. My family never went to church much.
          I hope you find solace and comfort in blindly following your beliefs. I would be most interested in knowing what authority figure you are following since you were young. Oh, that’s right, unlike us brainwashed masses you’re surely an independent thinker who believes the same as all of your fellow independent thinkers.
          Hey for scientific research and….just to humor me. Next time you have a problem why don’t you give prayer a try? In private, no one will know. Don’t dictate the answers, just present the problem. I suppose now you’ll accuse me of trying to force my religion on you but what the heck! Besides…do you even know what my religion is…really?

        • wmypless says:

          @NelsonM77  “Show me the evidence?” Life itself is proof that a supernatural Creator god exists. The cell and its very complex arrangement of DNA?RNA and coordinated functions are proof that something beyond Nature exists to create life. Mother Nature could not possibly have created a living cell, much less the life forms built up from them. MN has no brain, cannot think, reason, plan, dream, show emotion, and has simply proven that it cares not a whit for any form of life. Your very being is proof that a supernatural Creator God exists, because of consciousness, free will and your ability to think freely. Consciousness is the very essence of life, and without it there is no life, you are no more than a stone. No one has ever discovered that consciousness is a property of any form of matter or of energy. It simply does not exist in the only two components of the physical universe. Therefore, the material realm of nature could not be the source of consciousness—it can only have a supernatural source. Most scientists agree that the physical, material brain cannot produce consciousness, which exitst beyond and independly of the brain and the mind. Only atheistic scientists claim that the brain somehow creates consciousness, but is at a total loss to explain how it does so. If man or any animal was a creature of nature, then it would have no free will of its own, or of free thought, because all of its physical and mental behavior would be involuntary reponses to the laws of nature, cause and effect, action and reaction. Man would not be a free intellectual creature, but a slave bount by the rigid laws of nature.

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @Just the Facts Maam Please understand that I am not trying to demean anyone. The beliefs that I question and ask you to question are not you.     The Old/New Testament argument is rather weak given that many of the issues where religion takes a stand are outlined in the Old Testament which Christians say is null and void. LOL, I’ve even been told I should only read the NT instead of reading the entire Bible.I guess it’s up to you to what you want to believe and apparently many Christians think so as well. So few adhere strictly to what the Bible says, that Christianity has become a religious buffet. Take what you want and leave the rest.
             Again, I have no dogmas to follow. Atheism is a very simple thing. It is the lack of a belief in any god. There are no other rules. Secular humanism would be the best description of my moral and ethical values. But, then again, I don’t fall lock step with everything all atheists say. Some atheists believe in unsubstantiated claims about ghosts or alternative medicine. Some atheists believe in reincarnation. It certainly doesn’t mean I have to as well.To those people, I would say the same thing I say to you, “Show me the evidence”.    There have been a few scientific studies done on the efficiency of prayer. They showed that prayer has affects similar to placebo, or nothing at all.

        • Just the Facts Maam says:

          First off who told you the Old Testament is null and void? It is an important part of putting things in perspective. The Old Testament is what it is and the New Testament is what it is.
          The fact that so few people adhere strictly to the Bible’s message is a witness to the fact that humans are not perfect not that the message is wrong. If perfection were the norm amongst humankind then we wouldn’t even need to be having this discussion.
          You say as I have said that “I don’t need to prove anything to you” and that is true. But when you in the course of discussion demand such of another it is certainly legitimate to ask the same of you. You can no more give me any solid scientific evidence or proof that God does not exist than I can to you that He does. The fact that someone proclaims that he knows and loves God poses no threat to you at all. You can as loudly proclaim that you believe in the “reality” of nothing at all.
          My faith does not need a “scientific study” or even  “blind faith” as my own experience tells me the truth. That’s why I suggested you experiment for yourself and give it awhile. I can’t convince you nor do I wish to. Your path must be chosen by you and you alone.
          I could tell you how riding in an open convertible is windy and will muss up your hair but if you were to refuse to ride in an open convertible or even watch someone else do so you could deny the truth of my statement and never be convinced. Your choice!
          One question: How can someone who professes to be an atheist believe as you stated above some do that ghosts exist or that reincarnation is real? Doesn’t this imply anti-Christian rather than atheist and have you searched your soul to determine which you are?

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @wmypless This is an argument from incredulity. You cannot imagine how something could be, so you just don’t believe it. Well, the processes you so presumptuously assume had to be caused by a creator are being examined as we speak by hundreds if not thousands of brilliant minds all across the globe. We know more about how the Universe works each and every day. That you, or I , or everybody else on the planet, knows little to nothing about a subject does not automatically imply a supernatural origin to anything.  Have you ever even thought about what a creator implies? Something as complex as an intelligent being capable of thinking existence into being, would by it’s very nature, require one of two things, 1) A creator itself, or 2) evolution. Either prospect tends to rule out the god of the Bible as the creator of all things. Who created the creator’s creator? How did a god evolve? Why would a god NEED anything? A timeless being, perfect in every way, needs nothing, least of all praise.

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @Just the Facts Maam I couldn’t believe it either but yes, several Christians have told me that I shouldn’t be reading the Bible from beginning to end, but rather I should focus on the Old Testament. I also get told a lot that I am simply not reading the Bible right, that I should ask god to show me the right way. If the Bible is supposed to lead me to “god”, how then am I to ask that god to show me how to read the book that will lead me to him. Look, I don’t believe in a god. I need to see some evidence first.   I think that the reason that so few people adhere strictly to the Bible is because they don’t want to, plain and simple. Most people will generally do what they think is right and then pick and choose from their religion what they tell people they believe. It is rather obvious that murdering our disobedient children is wrong, however many do not even require this amount of ethical morality from their god. Of course we are not perfect, but the god you claim to be, should be. The reason he is not is because he was created by imperfect humans who made their god to match their beliefs. Man made god in his own image.   You are absolutely correct, your faith does not require anything scientific what-so-ever. That why it is called faith. If it required proof, it would be science. Science isn’t an authority that hands down edicts from on high, it is a way of thinking that demands accountability. If you want to be taken seriously in a scientific way, you must provide evidence for your assertions. Evidence does not need to be given to prove something does not exist. In the absence of any evidence in support for an assertion, the assertion can be dismissed. I don’t have to disprove every supernatural claim that people make.
             I personally do not believe in ghosts or reincarnation but some atheists do. Some Buddhists don’t believe in any god and are atheists. The word “atheist” means one thing, and one thing only, a lack of a belief in a god or gods. It does not imply that the person is rational in all things. I myself am an atheist. I reject the notion of a god because no evidence has been given to support the idea. Do I KNOW that no there is no god? No, and neither does anyone else. Does that mean I should just assume that there is one? Of course not. Similarly, I do not know that there are no garden gnomes. It would be absurd for me to act like they do while I wait for one to show up.

        • Just the Facts Maam says:

          You are still posing the same argument over and over without any proof of what you say. You prescribe a strict standard of proof for others yet absolutely none for yourself.
          You just state God does not exist with nothing but your personal belief to back it up. Is that any different than blind faith? I say God is real, you say He is not.  Just what is it that gives your assertion more weight than mine?
          It is not I who have interposed my opinions into a conversation between a couple of atheists it is you that interposed between exclamations of faith. This is okay but in doing so you are as much obligated to prove your assertions as anyone else.
          I am sure too regrettably that garden gnomes everywhere will view your opinions on that matter with much consternation. Perhaps I can send Harvey the white rabbit to your house to straighten you out.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @NelsonM77  @SteveJohnson3 It is not quote that easy, sir. That is only your misguided opinion,not the truth, we are looking for the truth. There is much more to the truth that that.  That is what you call out truths, fairy tales.

        • MarkSchull says:

          @NelsonM77  @SteveJohnson3 Nelson you’re free to believe whatever you do or don’t believe in this country because people were and still  willing to put their lives on the line to allow you and people like you to espouse anything you like. Most of those that defend your right to do so are Christian and believe that there is a higher power. You ask for concrete proof and you won’t understand that the proof is in your heart until you leave this level of being and pass to the next. Suddenly you will go, “Oh shit, they were right.” Personally I feel sorry for people like you. I know, you don’t want my pity. I don’t pity you, I just feel sorry that you can’t understand the beauty and the love that’s available to you. Once I received that, and I was about 50 before I found it, life became wonderful and fully enjoyable. All I was trying to say is that 14% of the country has big mouths and legal agencies that just love bullying the 86% of the country into modifications of their lives and behavior. I think of it this way. If I went to another country that was say, Muslim, I wouldn’t expect the 86%of the country that believes in Islam to accommodate the minority that a other beliefs. They should be allowed to observe as they please, but at the same time not expect that the Muslims not display their banners for their holidays or modify their holiday beliefs so as not to offend Christians, Jews, Hindus or even Atheists.
          This country is far from perfect when it comes to religious tolerance, or any thing else for that matter. I think even an Atheist has to admit that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs, there’s more than sufficient evidence, so 14% please calm down.

        • MarkSchull says:

          @Just the Facts Maam  @NelsonM77 
          Knowing the truth comes from inside and I believe that Nelson has a missing part. It’s a shame that some have to intellectualize  everything so that that they can feel superior and can’t believe anything on faith and faith alone. Would you ever be able to believe that someone loves you and be secure in that belief? You can’t see or prove the love of a child or spouse or even a great friend. It’s a shame that anyone would have to live such a paranoid and insecure life.

        • SteveJohnson3 says:

          @NelsonM77  @Just the Facts Maam In April, this year, an article of much more recent studies shows the opposite. That, in fact, prayer does help those who are sick far more than a placebo effect.

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @Just the Facts Maam What we are talking about here is the burden of proof, and it lies with the entity that makes a positive statement about something. A positive statement is anything like, “God exists”, “Apples are red”, “Water is wet”. When someone makes a statement asserting that something is true, it is up to them to prove it. The reason I am not expected to provide evidence for the non-existence of anything is because I didn’t make a positive statement about anything’s existence. As an atheist, I simply say I don’t believe you. If there were never anyone who jumped up and said, “I just talked to God and I know what he wants us to do”, I wouldn’t have been placed in a position to ask them to prove it. Because the Bible makes the assertion that a god exists, it is up to those that defend the Bible to explain why I should believe it. Sell me on it. Why should I believe everything someone says just because it is written down in an old book? Or told to me by an authority figure? I shouldn’t and I won’t.   You can say that it must be a matter of faith, but that is not an answer. Faith is giving up on finding an answer in hopes that a guess is true. That is intellectual treason and a terrible way to stumble through life.

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @MarkSchull  @Just the Facts Maam Of course I know that certain people love me. That can be seen in the way they treat when I’m with them and how they react when I’m not around. It’s usually pretty easy to tell if someone doesn’t care. Just as I cannot see the air I breath, I know it is there because I experience it in other ways. Now of course, if I only experienced the love of someone in my own mind, such as is the case with religion, I might question my relationship with that person or my sanity.Fortunately I get to live in a world full of great friends and family that express their affection for me in tangible ways. I don’t have to sit here just hoping that they care, and if I did it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. Having hope is wonderful thing. Having faith is not.

        • Just the Facts Maam says:

          You claim a Godless universe. That is a positive assertion even if your overall philosophy is quite negative. You demean faith by saying it is intellectual treason to believe and, with all your own hopeless negativity, a terrible way to stumble through life?
          Your only argument is to defend the claim that the burden of proof (your definition of such) rests with everyone but yourself. You have given absolutely no evidence to support your thesis. Surely if your beliefs were based on anything but fuzzy disbelief you’d have no trouble at all convincing the obviously sloped headed thinking of those of us that believe with astounding “facts”!
          I notice too your statements to MarkSchull about love. You say that you know you are loved (and indeed I’m sure you are) by the way people treat you. How many despots are treated with great deference and “love” because of their power or their wealth and the ability to extend favor? You are equating love in the same way as you equate faith, by physical actions or lack thereof. Such a criteria is shaky at best.
          You must know of the deceptions of man and how you can never depend on what appears to be by itself. Yet you “know” that you are loved. I do not dispute that knowledge but rather rejoice in it with you. At least you have faith in something and I would bet that faith is well placed.
          You try to separate hope and love. What do you think faith is? It’s not blind adherence to a few words in an “old book” as you seem to think. God IS love and much, much more. As you feel the love of your family and friends and know it’s real even though you can’t see it, count it, taste it or file it you are exhibiting belief in its truth and existence: faith! Try proving the existence of that love to one that, unfamiliar with you and your loved ones, denies its existence because he can’t see it or touch it.
          True love asks nothing of you except that you accept it and, more importantly, freely give it. Truth, love and hope are integral parts of faith.

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @NelsonM77  @MarkSchull  This, Nelson you can depend on, found in Matthew 25: 31-34 but it is necessary to read the rest of the chapter to really get the full meaning of what GOD is trying to tell us.
        31.When  the SON OF MAN  shall come in HIS GLORY and of the HOLY ANGELS with HI, then shall HE sit upon the throne of HIS GLORY.
        32. And before HIM shall be gathered all nations: and HE shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep fro his goats.
        33. And HE shall set the sheep on HIS right hand but the goats on the left.
        34. The shall the KING say unto them on HIS right hand, Come, you blessed of my FATHER, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world
        remember to  get the full meaning you need to read the rest of the chapter.

      • SteveJohnson3 says:

        @NelsonM77  @MarkSchull “Ideas asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Get over it.” I’m really disappointed in you. You have dismissed any validity in atheism with your own argument.

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @SteveJohnson3  LOL, not quite sure what to say here, but thanks. By not understanding the idea behind burden of proof, you help highlight the importance of scientific illiteracy and the gigantic problem our nation faces if we don’t address this issue ASAP.

        • SteveJohnson3 says:

          @NelsonM77 You asserted positively your belief that there is no god. You hold to this belief by faith with no proof. That’s perfectly fine, as we all have free will in this matter. You are certainly not the only person to reject god.e

  51. Free Christian Spirit says:

    It’s time to insist our pastors are our leaders in the “WAR” and not part of the problem.  To many don’t want to rock the boat or use all sort of passages to allow others their rights, etc.  We should start recalls on any Bd of Ed member that is elected that puts up with these stupid remarks and ideas.  It is time the pastors start parent education meetings on how to lead their own children in the Light of God!  Remember the store of the two girls running late to church and the one wants to stop and kneel down and pray and the wiser girl said, no keep running and pray at the same time.
    Well said DelbertGue!

  52. wayno says:

    The biggest problem with religion is that people get in the way of a person’s relationship to God.
    That Jesus proposed ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’,  all the rest is hoopla from pastors, preachers and others are possibly inspirational to the right people, but then mind and emotions start getting in the way. No man or woman has the right to tell you you are ‘going to hell’. They do not know the heart of God, nor yours.

    • NelsonM77 says:

      I think you’d be hard pressed to find any reasonable person that would find fault in religion is it simply followed that command. If the people of the world could adhere to this very basic of ideas, we’d have a much more wonderful planet to live on.The idea is presented in many different ways. The Tibetan Dhammapada says, “Hurt not others in ways that yourself would find hurtful”. Confusius said, “Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself”. The Babylonian Talmud says, “What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor”. The ancient Egyptian tradition of Maat  is exhibited in the story of The Eloquent Peasant (c.2040 – 1650 BCE) when it says, “Now this is the command: Do to the doer to cause that he do thus to you”. We find it over and over again in texts dating far into our past. It is not something that was thought up by Christians. I think the Muslim Hadith expresses the idea in a way that seems very close to what I see many Christians trying to do in our society. It says, “No one of you is a believer until you desire for another that which you desire for yourself”. Interesting, I think.

  53. SIR WILLIAM TOO says:

    It is sad,we as Christians DO NOT stand for the TRUTH!!!!! WE let it happen.I wonder how many people in the above incedents made a stand for JESUS???

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @SIR WILLIAM TOO Your are right, so many people worry about what people will think if they speak up. The don’t care what JESUS may think if they don;t speak up. We need to be the opposite worry about what JESUS thinks not what people thinks. People cannot get you into heaven, JESUS can, if you believe.

  54. SteveJohnson3 says:

    We are in a quandary.  Fifty years ago SCOTUS took Christianity out of public schools. Our elected leaders allowed this to stand then and have ever since. The SCOTUS ruling was just as wrong as the 1857 Dred Scott ruling(overturned by the Civil War) and just as foul as Roe/Wade. We need states to reestablish their right to put Christian values back into public schools. Our elected leaders can do this, but will not unless many constituents light fires under their feet.

    • RedMeatState says:

      @SteveJohnson3 Not so SUPREME, are they??

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @SteveJohnson3 Yeah we took JESUS and now have put in contraceptive machines in so that the teenagers will have the proper protection for school  exercise. What do you suppose they will think of next??.

  55. Retired Marine says:

    Christmas, a time for celebrating our saviors birth.  The anti-christmas crowd is violating the constitution, invading the right of freedom of reliigion.  Our politicians, are all cowards, they take the christmas, easter, and other christion holidays off, but attack the very foundations of the christian belief system.  They want the cake, and they want to eat it, but wont defend the right of the faithful.  Other religions are acceptable, but not christianity.  Our cities, small communites, et al, need to stand firm, and put up whatever nativity scene, or christmas tree or whatever moves them, and basically tell the haters to f off.

  56. janey says:

    Wayno-you are right. No one has the right to tell anyone they are going to hell except God, and He won’t tell anyone that until the Judgement.  The Bible says “you will know a Christian by their love”.  If they don’t have ‘love’ they are not Christians.  You should try to go to a church that teaches the Bible or start to read it yourself..Start with the book of John in the New Testament.  Then you will find out what Christianity really is about.  It is about God’s love for you and your love for others.

  57. Warrior of Christ says:

    Thanks, Chris!  I hope you and your family had a most blessed and joyous day together, strengthening one another for the war that rages all around us.  Our covenant God will be victorious as we empower our families with the word of the living God, tearing down the strongholds of darkness as we put it into practice.

  58. RonSmith1 says:

    Actually with freedom of speech it is whatever we want to say.  War on Christmas is a non-issue regardless of how many people want to make an issue out of vaporware.

  59. SIR WILLIAM TOO says:

    Psalm 14:1  The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.

  60. Sad Mama says:

    You guys know something? Were it not that Christ was born we wouldn’t be here today. That’s why we have Christmas. These people that are constantly trying to tare down America and what She stands for are Communist. They want all of us to become dependant on the Government as in China, Russia and all those Comminist countries. That’s a part of the run toward “one world Government?……… America and Israel are about the only Christian nations left and they are out to destroy us as believers in God. I sincerely believe God won’t let this happen, but we have to rebel against it with prayer and maybe even riots per/say….. I truly believe there are more of us then them that want to destroy America as a Christian nation. Our children are being “Brain Washed” by the school system……. We as parents need to come against this. It’s our tax dollares that pay these peoples salary……… We must come together somehow… I’ve always been somewhat a rebal toward the school system and have been told so by the admininistrators several times, but I disallowed my kids to take part in many activities that was so-called required in class that gave them the ability to find out our beliefs and who the parents voted for. One activity I hated and would not let my kids do was the Journals that was required. This was the Governments way to find out what was going on in the homes and etc’.. Children are so easily misled with soft talk from the teachers and etc’……. So lets open our eyes to this Government slowly taking away our right to worship and so much more. God sent His Son to die on that Cross for us so that if we confess our sins and except Him as our Savior, someday we can all live with Him “here on this earth” and He will reign as Governor of all the people and we’ll be happy forever more.. These is a God and He is watching and waiting for the perfect time to come take His people Home……….. I recommend that all of you that love the Lord, watch SBN.. They preach and practice the true teaching of God and the church.. So many pastors are leading the people astray.. Be cautious and pray, pray, pray.. God is listening and waiting for us to call upon him as our Redeemer… Bless all of you dear people…………..

  61. Sad Mama says:

    Any and all athist will believe one day……… The oldest and most widely spread book in the world, “The Holy Bible” tells us, EVERY KNEE WILL BOW>> I hope all athist will come to know there is a God up there with an All Seeing EYE that knows all our hearts and more………… The Bible is a Road Map for our eternity written by men ispired by The Holy Spirit of God… Life continues after this flesh body dies, Our Spirit and Soul can never die.. After we die in the flesh, we either go to Haven or Hell, there is no in between. The judgement of God will tell where we’ll spend eternity.. It is my hope that we’ll all spend it with Christ………. Halleujah.. I love the Lord……..

    • SIR WILLIAM TOO says:


    • Evermyrtle says:

      @Sad Mama
      Here is good Scripture explaining what will happen to us in the after life
      Matt. 25: 31-34
      31. When the SON OF MAN shall come in HIS GLORY, and all the HOLY ANGELS  with HIM, then shall HE sit upon the throne of HIS GLORY.
      32. And before HIM shall be gathered all Nations: and He shall separate them one from another as a shepherd divideth his sheep fro the goats:
      33. And He shall set the sheep on HIS right hand but the goats on the left.
      34. Then shall the KING say unto them on HIS right hand. Come, ye blessed of my FATHER, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.
      Read the rest of the chapter.

  62. Sad Mama says:

    NelsonM77, I suggest you take your Bible, (I presume you do read the right one), and go back out in that field in a quit palce and read it asking the Holly Spirit to guide you in the truth and give you wisdom to understand that the whole Bible applies to us today as in the day it was written… I suggest you read it more and you’ll see I haven’t posted anything that isn’t true… I’m not a Bible thumper, but I believe every word of mine which is the King James version……….. I am not judging anyone in particular.. If the shoe fits wear it……. We as humans are in constant change…………. God doesn’t change. He’s the same today as He was yesterday… So if you’re offended by what I post, that’s your right.. We still have that in America..

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @Sad Mama Only an anti-GOD will call you a Bible Thumper, when they want to say something mean and that is all that they can think of to say, so consider it a compliment to be called one. I don’t mind at all because that is the most important book in my life and it gives us only information that is for out good. You will find nothing there that is bad for you to know. So feel honored to called a Bible Thumper.

  63. Sad Mama says:

    Just the facts maam, you need to ask NelsonM77 how much more clear can any word be, then “In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God”………………. But we can’t argue against evil can we? We can only tell them the truth and what they do with it is their right.

    • NelsonM77 says:

      @Sad Mama Why should I give those words any credence, especially when we can clearly see that Genesis did not accurately depict the beginning of the Universe or the origin of man?

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @NelsonM77  @Sad Mama What do you think Genesis depicts?? I would guess that men much more worthy and educated and with wisdom from GOD, would be much more qualified to be able to understand the  Bible, know what it depicts than your anti GOD twisting the truth, into something that i was never meant to be. I seriously doubt that Sad Mama is worried about the credence that you give to Genesis and the creation of the universe. You see Sad Mama and all Christians are well versed in the creation by the LORD GOLD ALMIGHTY. AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST.

      • SteveJohnson3 says:

        @NelsonM77  @Sad Mama As you are finite and very recent, you are totally clueless as to the beginning of the universe or the origin of man, since you are only a witness to life and the universe since your birth.

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @SteveJohnson3 You really should catch up on modern science. We have learned quite a bit.

        • SteveJohnson3 says:

          @NelsonM77 Sorry, that presents not one fact.

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @SteveJohnson3 I know, science offers lots of facts. So many in fact, that I couldn’t possibly present them all to you here in this format, if I had an entire University of Scholars helping me type it up (I don’t type well at all). What’s worse, if I managed to accomplish this feat, most here would not accept it because it goes against their previously held beliefs. I have done my research. I expect everyone else to do likewise. There’s not much I can do for those who do not wish to know.

        • SteveJohnson3 says:

          @NelsonM77@SteveJohnson3 The total knowledge of all human beings that have ever lived is an equivalent of less than one of our sun’s atoms compared to its totality. Your atheism is a religious faith(According to the Humanist Manifestos). Christians also live by faith. In neither case does the newest research prove or disprove the faith of either, as next week or month or year there will be new discoveries from newer research replacing the current flavor of the month answer to cosmic origins, etc. It appears that atheists are angry that the founding of our nation, the writing of the Declaration of Independence, the writing of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Constitutions of the original 13 states were conceived and written by Christians and a couple of Judeo-Christian theists based on Judeo-Christian principles, values and morals. As John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @SteveJohnson3 LOL, Steve, I’m not angry. Possibly a bit frustrated sometimes but hey, it happens. This is a difficult and taboo subject. I’m certainly concerned about it all. I hope to raise children in this world. I want it to be the best possible world it can be.   My atheism, or lack of belief doesn’t change into a belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, no matter what the Humanist Manifesto claims.    I know that Christians(and all other religions) rely on faith. They have to, there is nothing else to go on. Unfortunately, no matter how much faith a person has, reality will not change. What is real is real and no amount of belief will change that.   Our nation was founded upon secular values first and foremost. There is a reason we don’t have a state church (although the British have one and most people there don’t give a second thought about religion), it’s because they knew what havoc theocracies wreaked on the nations where they came from. Our nation includes people of many faiths and those of us with no faith at all. Our government should not hold one up above any of the others. It has been and it needs to end, now.   Even if we lived in a nation that used quotes right out of the bible in the constitution, and it was required that we all attend church daily, and it had been that way for 10,000 years, it doesn’t make it right. It would need to be changed. Superstitious, religious beliefs are an evolutionary wrong turn. They were failed approaches to understand the Universe, based on speculation and emotional reactions to the unknown. These are not traditions worth holding on to.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @NelsonM77  @SteveJohnson3 I do not believe that you have no faith. When I was child I had complete faith that when I got up in the morning my mom would have breakfast for me, when  I got home from school there would be food and a mom waiting for me, I had complete faith if I did something I was told not to do, there was punishment waiting for me. My faith seldom failed me. I have faith in my GOD and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. Many, many times I have needed something I could see no way that I could get it and I prayed and asked my GOD to show me the way to get what  I needed  I do not ever remember a time that HE did not answer. Faith is the most wonderful thing in the world .Faith is believing in someone or something. My parents were were those that I believed in, My GOD is someone that I believe in also. We do not fail those that we love and those who love us do not fail us either, not if the love is pure and true..

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @NelsonM77  @SteveJohnson3 Without GOD there would be no science. All of these things that man is discovering, GOD put them there for man to find. It has taken them 6,000 years to find them but many of the miracles that are there and there are many more of them waiting for the scientists to find. What is so amazing many of these scientists, sound almost like they are responsible for these GOD made things,  being there. Some of these scientists do not believe in GOD. but cannot figure how these miracles came about
          Psalms 9:1-10
          1.I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvelous works.
          2. I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou MOST HIGH.
          3.When mine enemies are turned back, they shall fall and perish at thy
          4. For thou hast maintained my right and my cause: thou satest in the throne judging right.
          5. Thou hast rebuked the heathen, thou hast destroyed the wicked, thou hast putout their name for ever an ever.
          6. O thou enemy, destructions are come to perpetual end: and thou hast destroyed cities; their memorial is perished with them.
          7. But the LORD shall endure forever: HE hath prepared HIS throne for judgment..
          8. And HE shall judge the world in righteousness, HE shall minister judgment to the people in uprightness.
          9. The LORD also will be refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in time of trouble.
          10. And they that know thy mane will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD  hast not forsaken them that seek the.

        • SteveJohnson3 says:

          @NelsonM77  @SteveJohnson3 As an atheist, you have faith that there is no god. This is a basic principle that you accept without being able to prove it.

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @Evermyrtle It’s reasonable to expect that something that happens everyday, will continue unless something is wrong. Of course you would expect Mom to cook breakfast, punishment for transgressions, etc., if they had always been done. It would be surprising if those everyday occurrences did not happen. Trusting that they will is not faith.  Faith is believing in something that you have no proof for, or something that has not ever happened before.  Answers to prayers (which deity does not matter) always have one of three answers. Yes, no, he/she/it hasn’t answered yet. Studies have shown that percentage of yes to no answers are comparable to flipping a coin. You’ll get similar results simply tossing a coin in the air. If it rolls down a drain, the verdict is still out.

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @Evermyrtle  Scientists simply claim discovery of things. They don’t own it and they know that. Unless of course they work for a pharmaceutical company.  I’m interested to know just how old you think the Earth is. Your last post hints at a 6000 year old Earth. If this is the case, do you think that our Universe and our planet was created to look much older for some reason? Would you care to venture why that would be the case?

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @SteveJohnson3 Quite the contrary, Steve, I don’t claim to KNOW that there is no god. I believe it to be the case because I have never been given any indication to believe otherwise. Similarly, I don’t believe in magical fairies. Do you now suggest that I have faith in there being no fairies? Do you think I should have a belief in fairies just in case there might be some? What about miniature polka dot elephants hiding in your pocket? Or any other unsubstantiated claim that someone happens to come along with? If I don’t believe in these things, an I to be considered a firm believer in their non-existence? Of course not, and I find it absurd that anyone would imply that I or anybody else, must hold a position of belief for any and all possibilities. You must have far more time on your hands than I do.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @NelsonM77  @Evermyrtle Are you saying that how I feel about GOD and HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON IS NOT FAITH. Because it has been proved?? If that is so why are there so many doubters because GOD has proved HIMSELF over and over again. There is no way I can number the prayers He has answered for me, plus an equal number of blessings I have received before I got to ask for them

        • NelsonM77 says:

          @Evermyrtle Of course not, a belief in a god is faith defined. Do I believe that anyone has ever been given proof of any god? No. If they say yes, I say prove it, and I don’t care to hear about how someones this or that was cured and or healed. Anecdotal evidence is not verifiable. If your relative’s best friend’s uncle was magically cured of cancer, let’s see the medical records.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @NelsonM77  @Evermyrtle I do not know of any specific event but I do have faith that it has happened many times. And if someone tells me of such an event I would not ask them to prove it. I would have no point to have them to prove because if it is or is not a true event, I know without a doubt that HE can perform any event and I believe that HE does many miracles.

        • SteveJohnson3 says:

          @NelsonM77  @SteveJohnson3 You believe there is no god. That is a premise that you hold to be true without proof. That is called and defined as faith.

  64. Sad Mama says:

    My Bible tells me, “For God so loved the world, ( that’s us who believe), He gave His ONLY SON, that Whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but will have EVERLASTING LIFE”……… We won’t have to worry about being bad mouthed by non believers in Heaven………… We’ll be to busy praising God for bringing us through. We’ll be unilt of true believer with no arguement up there………… Praise God, I so look forward to that day………

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @Sad Mama I hope Sad Mama, that you and your family had a very blessed day to celebrate the birth of JESUS  CHRIST OUR SAVIOR..

  65. Sad Mama says:

    Thank you EverMyrtle for Mark 25: 31-34…………. You are right on and I’m with you all the way…………..

  66. texaselect says:

    Who ever wrote One Nation Under Your Belief System should be run out of the country on a rail. Tar and Feathers would be appropriate as well on that ride.
    We Pledge Alligence To The Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic which it Stand One Nation UNDER GOD……with Liberty and Justice for all.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @texaselect Thank you texas, no truer statement was ever made. It has to be from an anti-GOD, anti-American liberal and I do not understand why you haven’t gotten at least 25 approving votes. This the  ACE for today.

  67. SIR WILLIAM TOO says:

    Luke 10:27 States: He answered: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'”

  68. NelsonM77 says:

    No Steve, I do not believe that there is “no god”. No one in the Universe can make the claim that there is no god, and be 100% certain. I’m certain that the gods described to me so far are false by virtue of their supposed attributes, but to be certain that there is no such thing as a god of some size, shape, or form, would mean knowing everything, from all time, all at once. I’d have to be a god. I am not. However, I am still just as much an atheist as I have always been. Do I believe in a god? No. Do I know that there are no gods anywhere or any when? No.          
        Say I have the deal of a lifetime for you. I plan to give you $50 Billion, and all you have to do is believe that I have the $50 billion. Do you believe me? Why not? Why would my story be any less believable than the story of a man thousands of years ago, who claims to have spoken to a god? You don’t even know if that guy was real or not. Abraham could have been a fictional character altogether. We have no proof that he ever really existed except the accounts in the Bible which record his story hundreds of years after it was supposed to have taken place. This is a story that was passed down verbally for generations before it was ever written. What gives this text more weight than the word of a man who is alive right now and could shake your hand on it? Nothing does, except, of course, that you want to believe one over the other. Willingness to believe a thing does not make it real. The definition of belief is that which one is willing to accept. A premise does not have to be true for a person to believe it, and the person’s belief does not affect the reality in any way.
       Once again, my lack of a belief in your god does not mean that I believe that there is “no god”. That would all depend on what you call a “god”. The definition changes from believer to believer. And that’s, partially, why it is so hard to disprove the idea of a god. The description keeps changing. Other than that, I don’t have the inclination to investigate every possible god myth and explain why that particular god does not exist. I’ll continue to wait for people to define their god and I will evaluate its validity based on what I can observe, thank you very much. And so far, nothing has passed the test of matching the story with the actual observed data. The holy texts get it wrong time and time again, why should anyone believe any of them?

  69. SteveJohnson3 says:

    @NelsonM77  @SteveJohnson3 “Do I believe in a god? No. Do I know that there are no gods anywhere or any when? No. ”
    Now you sound like an agnostic.

  70. NelsonM77 says:

        I did not just up and make the claim that there is no god, in a complete vacuum of ideas. Had I never been taught that there was a god, I would never have even heard of atheism. There would be no need for the term. My position of belief about supernatural claims is a reaction to the positive statements of others. It is silly to think that someone just sits around dreaming up new things not to believe in. Is that what you think I did? What you are describing me doing sounds something like that. I have no reason to not believe in something that has never been proposed before.  The assertion of a god has been made long before I was born. I’m just one more guy that doesn’t believe the ones who made it.
        Also, for someone to accept the god of the Bible as the one true god, they must reject all other faiths. Why are those myths more acceptable than your own? Have you investigated them all? What if you are missing out on some grand demystifying enlightenment, while you faithfully, yet purposelessly, follow the teachings of the wrong charlatan? Well, that may be a bit harsh. I don’t believe that the early church members knew that they were perpetuating a falsehood. I’m sure they were true believers, ignorant of the world, and looking for answers, even if they had to make them up.

  71. NelsonM77 says:

       I’m not intolerant. I think I’ve been about as tolerant as a man can be while witnessing the world embrace delusion and reject reality. I want to scream and yell, but I know that that will not help. I support a person’s right to believe whatever they want. What I will not do is respect a belief that cannot be supported by any evidence, and in fact embraces faith, instead of reason. I think people are great, but they sometimes have some really dumb ideas. Dumb ideas are fine. They can help us learn, but we have to hold every idea up to the light of scrutiny and see if it has merit. If you refuse to even question the validity of your beliefs, why should I consider them all?
       How accepting should the world be of a man that claims to know god and have tea with him in the clouds every Tuesday at 4:00 pm? Should we all pretend that it’s fine and just patronize him on our way far away from him? What if his deeply held belief requires that you shave half of your beard and walk backwards on Tuesday in honor of his weekly tea time with god? Will you just agree to do as he asks and learn to navigate backwards on Tuesday, or will you be intolerant of his beliefs and tell the guy to politely go to hell?

  72. NelsonM77 says:

       Precisely, just like every other human being on the planet. However, I am also an atheist. The two words are not mutually exclusive. The word “agnostic” describes a person’s knowledge. Agnostic means without knowledge. As I, and every other mortal being on the planet have no KNOWLEDGE of any god, we are all agnostics. I just go one step further. Having an absence of knowledge of any god, I see no reason to believe in any either. I’m certainly not one of those fence sitters that feel clever declaring their ignorance of the subject, if that’s what you might have thought.
       Belief is that which one accepts to be true. That doesn’t mean that the premise is, in fact, true. Acceptance of an idea doesn’t mean that it is true. It also doesn’t imply knowledge of that idea. If you believe in something it simply means that you accept it to be true. Atheism is a statement of belief, not a declaration of knowledge.
       I declare my knowledge about deities by using the word “agnostic”. I declare my beliefs about deities using the word “atheist”. The first describes the latter.

  73. NelsonM77 says:

       Nope, I’m just not afraid to admit that I do not know everything. I’m OK with not knowing everything. I’m not OK with giving up on the search for answers, though. How did the Universe begin? Nobody knows for sure. The best we can do is to observe the Universe and use our intellect to determine how things happened. We are finally beginning to use our natural pattern seeking behavior to find the answers. We’re learning to distinguish between correlation and coincidence, and that is what is driving us forward past the guess work of religion.
       It’s interesting that you choose to see my lack of belief in a deity as an indication that I believe that everything was created out of nothing. Quantum physics and cosmology are coming close to finding the answers the question of the Universe’s beginning and their findings support a Universe from nothing. Lawrence Krauss’ book, “A Universe from Nothing: Why There is Something Rather Than Nothing”, goes a long way explaining the details. The science is somewhat involved and I would suggest keeping a physics book handy. The book is written for the layman but it is still a bit advanced. Basically, the laws of physics require that there be something rather than nothing. In fact, there never really is a “nothing”. Even empty space, in the presence of gravity, has energy, and therefore is not “nothing”.  What we’d define as nothing has potential to be something based purely on its ability to emit energy in the presence of the gravitational force.

  74. SteveJohnson3 says:

    @NelsonM77  @SteveJohnson3 Just my opinion, but you are a very confused individual, parsing words to avoid expressing your opinion. Merriam Webster : Definition of AGNOSTIC 1 : a person who holds the view that any ultimate reality (as God) is unknown and probably unknowable; broadly : one who is not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of God or a god”  I suppose you think such parsing is quite clever, but it only reminds me of certain comedians that change their hats to help portray a different comic persona. I no longer believe you are being honest. You may now have the last word.

  75. NelsonM77 says:

    Like I said before, Steve, your belief makes no impact on reality. That I have spent the time to learn what those words mean and to understand their meaning only highlights once again how much I am seeking to understand. That you dismiss my point of view with only a few moments consideration is also telling of how you wish to proceed. I have presented my case in an honest and open manner. I have tried to approach this subject with you in a way that  informs instead of denigrates. I have been met along the way with outright hatred from some, and condescension by others. I had considered my interaction with you to be somewhat pleasant right up until the point at which you decided to call me a liar and tell me that I do not know my own mind. Now, who claims to know everything? 
       Your confusion about the meanings of the words atheist and agnostic is understandable. You are looking at the definition as if it is set in stone. The human condition is ever evolving. As we grow in understanding, it only makes sense that our language will grow and evolve with us. As we understand ourselves more fully, our word’s meanings will change by necessity. For instance, as I stated above, what we once thought of as complete nothingness, is something after all.

  76. Evermyrtle says:

    @NelsonM77  @SteveJohnson3 There is nothing in modern science or in ancient science that GOD did not put there. He made it all.

  77. Evermyrtle says:

    @NelsonM77  @SteveJohnson3 There is not one iota thing about science that GOD did not make. You see he is the CREATOR of the universe and everything in it. so science is nothing but GOD’S gift to man.

  78. SteveJohnson3 says:

    @Evermyrtle  @NelsonM77  @SteveJohnson3 You have been blessed greatly, Evermyrtle. I hope you continue to be greatly blessed in this new year. Do not be discouraged with Nelson. This individual uses their free will to reject ‘the Good News’ even to the point of fabrication. Pray for them, but do not be discouraged. Life has a way of bringing the most recalcitrant around in unexpected ways. May God bless you richly.

  79. NelsonM77 says:

    @SteveJohnson3  Alas, in the end, I see you seek solace in the reassuring comfort of self delusion and confirmation bias. I’d really love to know what I have fabricated. Talk about recalcitrant, geez!!!

  80. SteveJohnson3 says:

    @NelsonM77  @SteveJohnson3 FYI, the Seventh Court of Judicial appeals has defined atheism as a religion. SCOTUS has ruled that secular humanism is a religion. So if you live in the U.S., you live under U.S. law. If no christian beliefs are allowed in public schools, than neither are atheist or secular humanism beliefs.

  81. NelsonM77 says:

    @SteveJohnson3 LOL, no amount of legislation will ever make not having a religion, a religion. That’s just silly. Come on man, really?

  82. SteveJohnson3 says:

    @NelsonM77  @SteveJohnson3 I understand your major burn.  It is what it is.

  83. Evermyrtle says:

    @SteveJohnson3  @NelsonM77 You are correct, of force. When they can of nothing to say they use idiotic ridicule.Thanks for you support and appreciate you stand for GOD AND HIS SON. If believers sit back and say nothing we are as lost as they are. To know and do nothing is worse that not knowing.

  84. Evermyrtle says:

    @SteveJohnson3  @NelsonM77  Nelson and others like him in for a surprise when they stand before JESUS CHRIST. By that time there will be no chance to change their minds.

  85. SteveJohnson3 says:

    @Evermyrtle  @NelsonM77 How very true! There is nothing that surpasses peace of mind that is beyond understanding.

  86. SteveJohnson3 says:

    @Evermyrtle  @NelsonM77 My aunt was a missionary for 60 years in various parts of the world. Her last decade was spent in China, teaching English( China does not allow missionaries) and had great success in bringing the ‘good news’ to students that ached to learn and know of the hope found in Christ.

  87. Evermyrtle says:

    @SteveJohnson3  @NelsonM77 How wonderful that blessing must have been. To be called to such a job and the assistance to make it possible. Many more could do the same if we would allow GOD to lead us and trust HIM too give us what we needed to do it. A job like that one, requires a lot of self sacrifice, determination, and devotion for others a great desire to make the world a little better for others.

  88. SteveJohnson3 says:

    @NelsonM77  @SteveJohnson3 Hey NelsonM77, just to make sure you are aware of it, this weekend an atheist church started conducting regular weekly services in the United Kingdom. All unbelievers in God are welcome to come and participate!

  89. NelsonM77 says:

    @SteveJohnson3 So what, if a group of atheists want to get together and enjoy one another’s company, what’s the problem. I’m member of a group that meets every Sunday to have coffee and talk about whatever comes up. No one is required to be there and there is no preacher telling us all how some  old book thinks the world works. LOL, no matter how much you try, atheism will never be a religion.

  90. SteveJohnson3 says:

    @NelsonM77  @SteveJohnson3 Interestingly, I’ve found there are a number of atheist churches in America. The First Church of Atheism has even ordained some 6,000 ministers, who now have the authority to perform weddings, funerals, commitment ceremonies, and other functions that are reserved for members of clergy. It would appear that your fellow believers in your faith disagree with you.

  91. NelsonM77 says:

    @SteveJohnson3 LOL, no Steve, you just misunderstand the humor of many atheists. I myself have been ordained as an atheist minister. It’s a laugh. All you have to do is answer one question, “Do you believe in god?”, and that’s it. I haven’t performed any weddings or anything yet, because I don’t care to. I also have yet to register at my local courthouse, but I can if I wanted.

  92. SteveJohnson3 says:

    @NelsonM77 I’m very disappointed. I’d always thought that atheists held truth, facts and knowledge in highest regard. Now I find that they will lie to maintain atheism is not a religion. Nothing more of a useful nature can come from continuing this discourse.

  93. NelsonM77 says:

    @SteveJohnson3 Sorry Steve, we don’t have to lie. It’s unfortunate that your ignorance about atheists has caused you to withdraw from a conversation with one. I know that I haven’t lied during this whole thing so I’ll assume you meant someone else. It is unfortunate that the working definition of a real life atheist doesn’t quite match up to your preconceived notions. We don’t fit neatly into some mass produced package. We only have one thing in common. We are not what you think.

  94. SteveJohnson3 says:

    @NelsonM77  @SteveJohnson3 Liar!

  95. NelsonM77 says:

    @SteveJohnson3 LOL, Whatever.

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