UPS Loses Client Over Stand Against Boy Scouts

This past summer, Boy Scouts of America announced that they plan to maintain their ban on allowing homosexual Scout leaders.  They cited the principles that the organization has maintained for over 100 years as being the reason for their decision and that official policy states:

“While the B.S.A. does not proactively inquire about the sexual orientation of employees, volunteers or members, we do not grant membership to individuals who are open or avowed homosexuals or who engage in behavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the B.S.A.”

In response to the Boy Scouts’ stand on traditional values, United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) just announced that they will no longer support the Scouts and will cut all funding from them.  In 2010, they donated $150,000 to the Boy Scouts.  UPS joined with the Intel Corp in pulling their funding from BSA.

Two can play that game.

For the past 11 years, UPS has been the official carrier for the Family Research Council.  However, due to UPS reactions to the Boy Scouts, FRC suspended their contract with UPS and will give their business to another carrier.

Before canceling their contract, FRC tried to resolve their differences with UPS by sending a letter to Scott David, Chairman and DEO of UPS.  However the letter response that FRC received reaffirmed UPS position that until the Boy Scouts place greater priority on the political agenda of LGBT activists that the Boy Scouts are not entitled to save equality that UPS says they endorse.  In other words, until the Boy Scouts lower their standards to those of the secular world, UPS will not support them in any way.  Therefore, the Family Research Council felt they had no alternative but to end their contract with UPS.

Since UPS caved into the demands of, who launched the anti-Boy Scout campaign to begin with, it’s only fair that FRC respond to UPS in the same way UPS responded to the Boy Scouts.  I know that ever since UPS pulled their support from the Boy Scouts, I refuse to use UPS or purchase from anyone on line who ships UPS.  I’d like to see everyone who supports the Boy Scouts stop using UPS or buy from companies that ship via UPS.  If both UPS and their customers start losing business because of this, they just might think twice about their stand.  UPS caved into pressure once, let’s hope they’ll do so again.



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211 comments on “UPS Loses Client Over Stand Against Boy Scouts
  1. remesquaddie says:

    UPS…is not exactly a great service company to start with. Their drivers just knock once on your door, and leave a nominal note saying they have been there. Then you spend the rest of the day chasing that item.

    • Woody in Carolina says:

       I was expecting a package to be delivered that required  signature and I feel UPS could have contacted us to let us know when they were delivering it. We got back from a trip to town within 20 minutes of their having stopped by and had to wait til the next day to get the package. The note left on the door didn’t make it clear what time to expect them and thought it would be before 2 PM but I seem to remember it being later in the day.  I expect one or two more packages from the same company and don’t know when they will arrive.  Are we expected to stay home every hour between 10 AM and 7 PM?

      • debdrs says:

        @Woody in Carolina  @remesquaddie 
        Are we expected to stay home every hour between 10 AM and 7 PM?  I have a smart elect reply to that, forgive me?  Well you would have no problem staying home between 10 am & 7 if you would just quit working and let the gov take care of you.  Sorry, I could not resist.

        • DonBahn1 says:

          @debdrs  @Woody in Carolina  @remesquaddie Most delivery companies have a tracking number, go on line and use that and it will be within half hour of delivery time.

        • dhmill says:

          @debdrs  @Woody in Carolina  @remesquaddie
           It’s really not quite that easy.. Usually once you have been a payer (a worker) it’s not that easy to become a recipiant.

      • fisherman says:

        @Woody in Carolina  @remesquaddie
         Sorry, Woody, I can’t share your pain.  I’ve been in the transportation business for over 50 years.  There is no way possible for a carrier  to contact every delivery when they are going to deliver.  One of the companies under UPS I worked for delivered over 45-50 thousand shipments a day.  It is impossible to contact everyone.  And if a shipment required a signature of delivery it’s most likely the shipper was requiring that.

        • MichaelBurch says:

          @Woody in Carolina  @remesquaddie It is so easy for anyone who has never been in the service industry to critize those who are in it…that being said…i will not be using UPS either for their stance against the boyscouts…how do you tell the difference from a pediphile or a gay man…i know several gay man…they are not child molesters….but how does a parent know the difference…if a man is attracted to the same sex….how would that be any different than having a straight man being in charge of girl scouts…both are recipes for disaster…and an excellent opportunity for severe consquences….Both of my boys were in the boyscouts,and if either one of them had been taken advantage of by their scoutmaster…it would have been very bad for the leader,and i would probably be in jail for beating the dickens out of him…So these fools who insist in opening up the scouts to gays are just inviting serious trouble…BIG TIME…

  2. DrEvil says:

    If the post office would deliver ammo, then I wouldn’t have to use UPS. Those boxes are really heavy and the post office would be a better deal.

  3. drbhelthi says:

    I can well imagine that many, many individuals across the US – and elsewhere – no longer use UPS.
    UPS is welcome to the business of companies and individuals that support the demoralization of America, such as the Kenyan who uses the alias, “Barrack H. Obama,” and his supporters, most of whom draw welfare checks, if they are not CIA operatives.  The rest of us do not need UPS.  Or Obama.  Or the CIA.

  4. tndoug says:

    UPS will reap what they sow.

  5. Ed Watson says:

    Good for UPS.  Now may the fail as a business.  Yes, may they reap what they sow.

  6. Woody in Carolina says:

    So many Christian organizations have used UPS for shipping and receiving for many years and if most or all these Christian businesses would switch to another carrier it woud get the attention of UPS management. Unfortunately many will continue business as usual with UPS.  The BSA statement reads “While the B.S.A. does not proactively inquire about the sexual orientation of employees, volunteers or members, we do not grant membership to individuals who are open or avowed homosexuals or who engage in behavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the B.S.A.”.  It’s like “don’t ask, don’t tell’ and means don’t be boasting about being homosexual and don’t engage n that activity. That is not discrimination;it is common sense that any parent wishing to protect their son should expect.

  7. lizaz says:

    We will avoid using UPS whenever possible from now on!!!

  8. Neal says:

    I guess I can boycott UPS just as well!  I’m a former Scout and proud of it’s firm beliefs.
    I’ll miss my friendly delivery drivers, but I too, draw my line in the sand.

  9. abutom says:


  10. Melanie Burns says:

    I refuse to do business with Starbucks because they refuses to support our troop, Target put gays on their wedding registry and now UPS slaps down the Boy Scouts.  See ya!  Oh well, there are lots of other businesses out there that would love to have my business.

    • dwfunk4475 says:

      @Melanie Burns The non-support of troops from Starbucks is false.  Starbucks ships hundreds of pounds of it’s coffee products to our troops

      • Don39 says:

        @dwfunk4475  @Melanie Burns She did not sday ‘troops’ , she said ‘troop’, as in BS Troop.

      • Don39 says:

        @dwfunk4475  @Melanie Burns She did not say ‘troops’, she said ‘troop’ as in BS Troop!

      • vanguard7 says:

        @dwfunk4475  @Melanie Burns
         And I’m torn with Starbucks myself.  They are pro-LGBT but are also pro-2nd amendment.  What’s one to do in that case?

  11. ajetboatman says:

    I also will stop using UPS or doing business’s that use UPS for shipping to me.  I hope everyone also does.

  12. spanielko says:

    Which other carrier we should be using then? Is Fedex better?

  13. spanielko says:

    Which other carrier we should be using then? Is Fedex better?

  14. CatInATuxedo says:

    Guess UPS is an advocate of child predators – we will never use them again.  As a small boy almost 60 years ago I was molested by a pedophile and have had to live with those memories for all of my life.  Anyone who supports gay leaders for our youngsters is an enabler and therefore just as guilty.  You cannot put the fox in the chicken coop – he will eat the chickens – he can’t help it.  Protect our children from the horrors of this abuse.

    • vanguard7 says:

       Absolutely spot on Cat…, I’ve been saying the same thing for years.  Actually ever since the huge push a few decades ago to support the homosexual lifestyle and make it a crime to not hire someone based on their sexual preferences.  I said it back then that when you allow gays to be open about their lifestyle and put them in positions of authority/influence over our children (i.e. teachers, counselors, etc.), one would have to be totally naive to think they wouldn’t use their position to try and recruit more into their own little world and the younger they can start with the more effective they will be.  Just look at how many children are coming home from school, as young as 5 or 6 these days, totally confused about whether they are a boy or a girl these days.  And to top it off, they are told that it is perfectly natural to be sexually attracted to someone of their same sex.  Add to that, the promiscuity and messages they receive that sex isn’t something to be avoided until a certain age much less ashamed of.  And it’s not just the teachers/schools that are responsible.  A lot of the credit has to go to Hollywood and the entertainment industry as well.  And people wonder why a 5 year old boy in Britain, being raised by two lesbians, says he wants to be a girl and has been undergoing treatments for a sex change operation.  And his mothers fought for him to receive the operation from the first mention of wanting to be a girl out of his mouth.  My final comment is that it would be preposterous to believe that a young boy being raised by two gay men or a young girl being raised by two lesbians isn’t going to be subjected to, used, and raised to be just like the ones raising them.

      • MichaelBurch says:

        @vanguard7  @CatInATuxedo I have always said children are a by product of their environment…children raised in an abusive home very often grow up to be abusive…so why being raised by homosexuals be any different…i have always been against homosexuals adopting children…that sounds bad for me …oh welll….we.. as a country..need to get back on moral grounds…we have got to get the liberals out of power before it is too late

  15. IGotAComment says:

    If UPS is not supporting the ideals of the BSA, what liberal ideals and candidates are they supporting/  Which liberal causes are they supporting?
    Sounds like someone who has the resources needs to find out what other anti-conservative ideals they are against.  Sounds like the policy makers at UPS are pretty liberal to me.  They should stick to deliveries and leave the BSA to providing young men with honorable mentors rather than ‘girlies’ who can’t wait for them to reach the age of consent.

    • BarbaraVandewalle says:

      @IGotAComment UPS is the only trucking firm that is union.  The other shipping firms are open shop.  The teamsters have about 500,000 members, 400,000 are UPS employees.

    • vanguard7 says:

       He|_|_ who in their right mind thinks they wait for these little boys and girls to reach the age of consent?  The LGBT, Rainbow Coalition, NAMBLA, etc. are already actively targeting kids as young as 5 and 6 years old and forcing their lifestyles upon them in the schools against the parents’ protests.  They have been actively indoctrinating our young children and there have been several court cases already (mostly in the northeast states) to prove it.  The handwriting is on the wall….first they find a way to legalize gay marriage.  Once they do that, then it’s a simple matter of a slippery slope downward in which polygamy, multi-couple marriages will ensue and then it will be legalizing pedophilia, incest, beastiality, and whatever other perverse activity someone finds appealing.  And it’s all rooted in an attempt to destroy any morality in America as part of the strategy by Socialists and Marxists to destroy this country.  They’ve already succeeded in taking the acts of sodomy and beastiality as punishable offenses out of the UCMJ as well as endorsing gays in the military.  I don’t care what anyone says… a retired military member, openly allowing and endorsing gays in the military is going to destroy moral and good order.   Enough already!

  16. AnneMMcLaughlin says:

    Fed Ex has now become the firm I use for any sort of delivery.  They pick up for packageing and so far I’m very happy with them especially with Christmas gifts that have to be shipped.

    • MichaelBurch says:

      @AnneMMcLaughlin excellent idea….I am losing all patients with this ‘gay ‘ agenda..i do not approve of any discrimination….but this has gone on just to far…i would be furious if my son was subjected to a gay leader and they were way out in the woods…these liberals are just stupid…and do not mind telling other people how they should live,just as long as the liberals do notb have to follow suit.

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @MichaelBurch  @AnneMMcLaughlin I would remove my child or any child that I had any influence with from any homosexual influence, anywhere..

        • MichaelBurch says:

          @Evermyrtle  @AnneMMcLaughlin most homosexuals i know are highly intelligent,hard working,and dependable people…that being said, i would not leave my kids with them ..say…overnite…but i would trust them with my kids…to a point…..maybe that is because they know if they did anything ‘wrong’…i would be teaching them how to swim with an anchor…

  17. spanielko says:

    I still don’t know if FEDEX is better choice from this point of view. Does anyone know for sure? Are they also wrapped in gay rainbow flag? It seems to me that all big corporations have been hijacked by the illiberal liberal mafia.

    • Joe says:

      @spanielko I spend $10,000 per month with FEDEX and UPS and have done so for many years.  I’ve never asked about their gay rights policies – I am more concerned with delivery efficiency and cost.  I would guess that FEDEX is neutral on this issue.  FEDEX tends to be more conservative due to the attitude of its founder and Chairman Fred Smith and the team that surrounds him.  Also, Fedex does a better overall job on overnight shipments, although much can be said for UPS Ground.

  18. Raystown says:

    UPS is pro LGBT and pro Union.  That is good reason for me to do business elsewhere.

  19. CarlStevenson says:

    You all should also consider not doing business with establishments that post “No Guns” signs. The establishment of defense free crime zones encourages and enables criminals and nut cases as in Portland, Aurora, VA Tech, and on and on.
    Law-abiding citizens (like me) carrying lawfully for self-defense are NOT the problem, they are part of the solution. While we are under no legal obligation to come to your defense, I know I would, and I believe most would. In my belief, if a person can save another person’s life, but he fails to do so, he transgresses a negative commandment, as Leviticus 19:16 states: “Do not stand idly by while your brother’s blood is at stake.”
    Don’t support businesses that deny you one of the most basic God-given rights – the right to defend yourself, your family, and, at your option, other innocents around you.

    • vanguard7 says:

       I already have established that policy.  There are 3 or 4 restaurants where I live that I haven’t been to in over 3 years as result of that policy.  And they were told from the start by way of a letter I mailed to each of them informing them of my position and reason for patronizing them or any other establishment with such bans.

      • CarlStevenson says:

        @vanguard7 Good for you! Me, too. I won’t voluntarily patronize any establishment that denies me my rights and compromises my safety. I hope everyone else will follow suit.

  20. GordonS_7 says:

    As a former Eagle Scout, I applaud the courageous stand of the BSA. The organization is a class act and follow their beliefs without the hate filled rhetoric that comes from the liberal left when anyone doesn’t agree with them. Neither the BSA or I are homophobes but that doesn’t mean we have to give in to the radical left’s demand that we “embrace” homosexuality as a legitimate alternate lifestyle. I already financially support the BSA and after this, I will never use UPS again and I will increase my annual donation to the BSA to help make up for the UPS’s wrong minded decision. I’m not sure how big the readership of the “Last Resistance” is, but it wouldn’t take too much to make up for the shortfall caused by UPS if some of the readers would contribute to the BSA to show their support.
    Merry Christmas to all!  :)

    • MichaelBurch says:

      @GordonS_7 Merry Christmas to you as well….and I applaud your achievement as an EAGLE SCOUT…no easy thing to do .congrats….and i am in agreement with everything you have written….

  21. vanguard7 says:

    This is good to know.  I also will no longer use UPS for any of my shipping needs nor will I purchase anything online or otherwise if I find that it is normally shipped by UPS.  I will cancel any order that indicates UPS as the shipping mode and then contact the website or online business of my decision not to proceed with any order from them and why.

  22. ScooterRobertson says:

    Just called one of my suppliers and changed over to Fed-Ex

  23. Evermyrtle says:

    What business do homosexuals have in the Boy Scouts? I mean all of the time I went to school sex was not a subject offered. It was a time when  sex was honored as something between parents and their children.It was nothing that was pushed on them at school. Boy Scout and Girl Scouts that should not be something they have to worry about or to learn about at their meetings. Actually the only ones who are worrying about it now are those who are trying to shove it on them, ram it down their throats!!!. .

    • JIMDALE says:


  24. idagney says:

    I will boycott UPS. The list of those I am boycotting grows daily. Its actually quite liberating to ban corporate homosexual shills from my environment.

  25. Evermyrtle says:

    Boycott UPS,  Every Conservative Christian in the USA

  26. jimmydg says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, UPS!  You are losing customers faster than a speeding bullitt.  WISE UP!!!

  27. jhforsythe says:

    I will boycott UPS, and encourage my friends as associates to do the same.  They Boy Scouts are a great organization, and we should all  support them, and oppose anyone or any organization who opposes them.

  28. MikeSlaney says:

    what ever you do don’t go with DHL, they are crooks  esp if you have a big item loss due to their shipping practices when they damage an item.  I have had good experiences with FEDEX, but I’m sure they have messed up to.

  29. Guest says:

    Don’t expect queer sex lovers to change their ways. They’re too much into self-love and self-sexed sexual gratification to be able to think with anything other than their penis or vagina.
    Hope I didn’t use any politically correct words.

  30. Tony Ruiz says:

    I just won a $7500 judgment against them, and now will curtail all UPS business, so they will not be recouping any losses from us. I like Fedex better anyway…far more professional and should be obvious to everyone. UPS kiss my grits. We were doing over a million a year

  31. vanguard7 says:

    This is good to know.  I also will no longer use UPS for any of my shipping needs nor will I purchase anything online or otherwise if I find that it is normally shipped by UPS.  I will cancel any order that indicates UPS as the shipping mode and then contact the website or online business of my decision not to proceed with any order from them and why.

  32. jean1000 says:

    I’ve been using the post office for my all shipping the past couple of years and will continue to do so.  Unfortunately, we rarely have a choice of delivery methods when receiving orders from online vendors, which I assume is the bulk of UPS’s business.  Not sure how much our boycotting them will affect the company.  Might be a good time to shoot off a letter to the CEO, though, complaining about the bullying tactics used against the Boy Scouts.

  33. pjbannister says:

    Being an Eagle Scout I feel confident that the B.S.A ultimately could care less.  I like the idea that they are starting to cut off their business with these anti-BSA companies.  I wish more organizations would stand up for solid principals instead of caving in for money or recognition.

  34. LOU 7 says:

    I will no longer use UPS either. Who do they think they are. Politics is not business!

  35. Miroco says:

    Fedex works just fine for me, I could care less about gays otherwise but as a former scoutmaster I can testify that it is really playing with fire on campouts and such. Another troop had a incident “back in the day” and I was so ignorant it took about ten minutes for me to figure outwhat everybody was whispering about. Had the LGs not always pushed so hard I think they would be ahead of where they are now.

  36. straight says:

    Homosexuality is self gratification at its finest

  37. har82 says:

    Well that is all fine and dandy UPS. But I ,,, have sent my last package ,, by UPS. No matter what ,, I will send them by some other company. No matter how pricy they are.
    I will not support a company that trashes openly ,, one of Americas – finest – youth organizations. Take your PC BS and stuff it UPS.

  38. ReasonRules says:

    Really now!  Boycotting a business for their stands on certain political beliefs is just stupid. So what? Who cares what UPS believes or doesn’t believe? They can believe or not believe anything they want. There are certain issues that have nothing to do with anything and furthermore should not be included in the political cross hairs—sexuality, and abortion. These are issues that will never be resolved and will always carry a 50/50 split and will always be used as a diversionary tactic to drive the public away from real issues, mainly the fact that the country is falling to a bunch of socialist activists that are rapidly bringing us to the brink of disaster. Yet we worry about shipping or not shipping with UPS because of their beliefs. This is lunacy at its peak. But as a country of fools, and we demonstrate that everyday, we will continue to babble over the insignificant, and let the big picture sink into the ocean. I will continue business with UPS, to receive and ship, and I really don’t give a flying crap about their stand on the BSA or their male oriented agendas. Just get on with life and stop this nonsense.

    • TewanaSecumbah says:

      @ReasonRules Do you give a flying crap about socialist activities?  Really man, the socialists “ARE” the homosexuals and abortionists.  They “ARE” one in the same, even though they may be distinct in their peculiar ways.  They all want to take away our freedoms and liberties, and with UPS and Intel making decisions like this, that’s precisely how they do it.  This great oak tree called America has a lot of decaying roots and soon will fall.  Help it along if you want, but you can’t cut half the cancer out and think you’ve won.  You have to cut it all out.

    • bmg28 says:

      Their money goes to your ememy !!!!!

    • Woody in Carolina says:

       Well, I care. This may not be a political issue for you, but it certainly is a moral issue.  You can continue with UPS if you wish, but many who don’t want boys molested by homosexual scout leaders do not want to see the Boy Scouts organization cave to the immoral, perverted leaders in the limelight who advocate open homosexuality. I have a grandson who is close scouting age and I would not want him to be subjected perversion in a group that is supposed to insill good character in these boys. If peopl want to be homosexual there are plenty of grown men who are willing to be their partners if they look.  They even advertise on the Internet. But don’t bother my grandsons.

    • DoloresBrittain says:

       I will pray for you, because obviously none of your decisions in life are based on morality, thats the point isnt it?

    • DoloresBrittain says:

       I will pray for you, because obviously none of your decisions in life are based on morality, thats the point isnt it?  As far as  your “fool” comment, it is written that a fool says in his heart that there is no God, so if the country is full of fools its the ungoldly not those trying to keep righteousness as a standard in the land.

    • Boccagalupe says:

       You have got to be kiddin’. Issues that will never be resolved??? Well you are very wrong. They will be resolved and they are being resolved. Not by you, who would allow homosexuals to have access to our youngsters, but by those of us who think it important that these perverts and their perversions be kept away from our children.  One way for us to fight back is to with hold support from those that do support these perverts. UPS in this case is a business that supports allowing queers to have access to our kids. As long as they feel as they do they can suffer along without my business as well as the business of those whom i am able to influence.

    • MichaelBurch says:

      @ReasonRules Well I gotta tell ya….that is exactly what the gay agenda is counting attitude just like what you described….it is ‘ok’ for them to do what they far as boycotting is concerned…but it is stupid for straights to do it…No this is not’ lunacy at its peak’….this is fighting fire with fire…I do agree with you that we,as a country ,have far greater,and graver issues facing us than the gay agenda…but it never the less needs to be addressed…all evil needs is for good people to do nothing,or… as you say…..just get on with life and stop this nonsense….

  39. al pambuena says:

    when i first heard of this i have tried never to use ups, whenever i have the coice…..i use the other guy…i carry a list of about 20 companies in my car that i never do business with, because of their support for obama, and their other left wing taboos.

  40. GrantHalverson says:

    I, too, no longer purchase products that ship UPS.  There are ENOUGH of us out there to make a litttle dent in their profits!!!

  41. Suffolkracer says:

    Good to know this. When I buy on line and they will only ship UPS, I will cancel my order and tell them why.

  42. bmg28 says:

    Their money goes to your enemy

  43. Roeech says:

    We switched carriers also.  Hypocrisy and ignorance are not what we look for in business partners!

  44. stevienicks says:

    spread the word write letters to editors of newspapers ….boycott UPS

  45. JerryBGoode says:

    Reason Rules : But apparently not in your house.  It was not the Boys Scouts who started the political activity here, it was the UPS. They “announced”  they were no longer supporting BSA ” via a press release so they are the ones making it public, with the purpose being to  punish the scouts for their policies. That same policy that was in effect when they gave them past financial contributions. UPS did not just discover this policy.  They got pressure from the LGBT to stop giving to the BSA and they yielded. 
    This IS a big deal not just a an issue that “has nothing to do with anything.”  It has to do with values of the BSA and what they teach young men and the desire to avoid hiring BSA leaders who have homosexual proclivities. They have been burned before with leaders molesting young men in the BSA. Why should they take that risk, either legally or morally? 
    If UPS wants to make an issue out of defunding the BSA then they open the door  to people not using their delivery services. People are and should be free to make decisions with their pocketbooks, just as UPS did. They will now suffer the financial consequences they feared would come from the LBGT community withdrawing their use of delivery services. What goes around, comes around.

    • jimmydg says:

      I think you misinterpreted my comment.  I am 100% on the side of the Boy Scouts.  I know that UPS started the whole thing by announcing that they were no longer going to contribute to the BSA.  This is the second client that UPS has lost due to this decision.  “REASON RULES”…in my house, too!!!

  46. LarryPierson says:

    The last time I heard about a homosexual who lied his way into scouting to gain access to under aged boys, the BSA had to come up with a six figure settlement to the families of the boys who were sexually abused (i.e., statutory rape!)
    God doesn’t call homosexuality an abomination for the heck of it. He also calls passing children through the fire (roasting them alive on a blazing hot barbeque pit with a statue of Baal or some other false god overlooking) an abomination. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that ‘passing children through the fire’ is hideously evil, so what isn’t being said about homosexuality that is the reason God calls it by the same degree of horribleness?

  47. jrhmac says:

    Everyone should boycott UPS. I will be sending gift cards rather than shipping anything UPS. If I order anything and it ships UPS, I will cancel the order. I don’t knowingly patronize anyone who supports gay rights, such as Mc Donald.
    John Heltsley

  48. Boccagalupe says:

    I guess you wont allow my post.

  49. caltpsoman says:

    I won’t use UPS anymore either. Their official record says they called at my my door to pick up a parcel, and i waited 2-days for them. I know for a fact their carrier NEVER came to my door. So UPS is unreliable as far as I am concerned. I may ask Amazon to ship with someone else. Besides at  their UPS store i get rude and lousy uninformed  service.

    • BarbaraVandewalle says:

      @caltpsoman In 2003 except for management all of the UPS employees are union members.  They can not be fired.

  50. Palomino77 says:

    UPS just made a bad mistake! I won’t have anything shipped to me by UPS….I will find out who delivers any packages I buy before finishing the purchase.

  51. Reckless says:

    No UPS for me from now on! I do a lot of my buying online, now I have to make sure the items not shipped via UPS!

  52. WilliamHenry says:

    Why is UPS making a stand now? It has been over 10 years since the supreme court ruling that allowed the Boy Scouts the right to expel and reject homosexuals. This anti boy scouts parade is just crazy, I too will ask my on-line sellers to use another shipper or else I will go somewhere else.

  53. RomyMon says:

    From here on I will refer to UPS not as United Parcel Service but as Unbelievable Political Stupidity!

  54. RomyMon says:

    From here on UPS to me will be known not as United Parcel Service, but as Unbelievable Political Stupidity!

  55. JoeLineman says:

    right idea.  Don’t patronize the company that supports the values we don’t believe in.  And I mean all of them.
    JC Penney, old navy are 2 that come to mind.  Same goes for your tv viewing.

    • kbcab says:

      @JoeLineman , Boy isn’t that the truth about TV ,, every show , especially comedy shows have at least one homosexual character involved and they acknowledge it several times in the shows every episode.. getting rediculous…

      • Questioning says:

        Why is it rediculous to have Gay charactors on TV shows? Roughly 15% of the general population is either Gay or Bi. Why not represent it realistically?

        • KentPerry says:

          @Questioning who said, Quote: “Why is it rediculous to have Gay charactors on TV shows? Roughly 15% of the general population is either Gay or Bi. Why not represent it realistically?”For the same reason you don’t light up a smoke in a room of Non smokers.  The other reason is that Hollywood doesn’t represent us very accurately because if they did, they would know we turn the channel when ever they try and make that repugnant sexual bent look “Normal” and everyone thinks its so cool.  IT ISN’T COOL but it IS a NATION DESTROYER.   Everyone should start changing the channels when every queers are portrayed or talked about.  Television is Digital now so they will know.  The objective is to push this back into the closet where it belongs and not having it shoved in our faces while we pray in the closet because Hollywood has made our faith a target of ridicule.  SEE A QUEER ON TV? CHANGE THE CHANNEL AND SEND THE NETWORKS A MESSAGE, IT AIN’T COOL TO BE GAY AND NO WE DO NOT HAVE TO TOLERATE THEIR SEXUAL BENT!  THEY HAVE ALREADY GONE TOO FAR.   Homosexuals justify my intolerance and have impacted my life and make a mockery of marriage like they are making a Mockery in the Marine Corp right now.  Having lots of problems with queers in the Marines too all of a sudden.  LAY OFF THE BOY SCOUTS YOU QUEERS.  They ain’t no Buffet for you to get in their heads and oogle them like little sex toys.  Why does anyone think the LGBT is lobbying to lower age of consent laws for young boys and to decriminalize sex in public rest rooms.  Google it because its a Fact and they are sick and we are STUPID for not seeing this coming from this so called class distinction of the Population.   Any Group needing to be identified by their sexual bent is a group that has told me all I needed to know to say NO to ANYTHING MORE that they want of us ESPECIALLY when they are targeting OUR KIDS.  BACK OFF!!!

  56. Joanne13 says:

    What everyone here saying they aren’t going to use UPS or buy from companies that use UPS need to do is GO TO UPS and let THEM know you won’t use their service anymore, NOT UNTIL they reverse this incorrect political decision they’ve made! They need to KNOW how many people who’ve BEEN using their company will NO LONGER use it! And obviously we need to do the same at those online companies that we know use UPS as their delivery services.

  57. spanielko says:

    Boycotting UPS is NOT going to help Boy Scouts immediately. I think everyone who posted here should make a contribution to boy scouts. That will help them financially and moreover it will make them know that they are being supported by majority, that they do not need beg for breadcrumbs from corporations. Here is their donation page: 
    Please support them no matter how much. They need to know that we agree with them and that we love them. We need to be positive and not only vengeful.

  58. Bobo54 says:

    It is about time that Americans start having some values!!! I will stop using UPS immediately!

  59. VicBailey says:

    I’ll NEVER ship UPS again. 1% of this population is trying to dictate to the rest of us to get rid of our morals, WRONG!
    Last time I checked, if they want drippy butt, they can have it. But don’t try to sell it to me! Same thing with the EEOC, they are destroying our small businesses, and the American people don’t care! I have seen (personally) companies forced to hire incompetant workers and caused companies to lose millions! BUT these parasite lawyers don’t care, they just want the money and NOT THE TRUTH! If I could run this country, lawyers woud be on the endangered species list! They are WORTHLESS!
    Semper Fi.

  60. DebLytleV says:

    Well….. there is always FedX!

  61. RobertBradleySr says:

    I’m so glad that some one has the guts to renounce this attack on our children, WTG

  62. ShaJack says:

    My grandson just got his “Eagle” from the BSA and he is only 15 yrs old, I will support BSA in any way I can. He has grown into a great young man and a lot of it is because of the bravery, self esteem and morals they have taught him. God Bless the BSA for standing up to the “My Way or the highway regime” intimidatation of others.

  63. Mountain Mama says:

    Contribute ourselves.  I do whenever I can.

  64. Mountain Mama says:

    Contribute.  I do whenever I can.  If they lost $150,000 from UPS, guess who will have to help with that.  If we can help with Sandy, we can do this!

    • downenray says:

      To support the BSA is good. The organization is good, with the possibility that it is not perfect. But the Boy Scout manual is excellent or at least it was when I was a Scout long years ago. It encouraged honest and patriotism and manliness. And the adults who donated their time in Hutsonville, Illinois were ones who deserved to be appreciated and admired.

  65. Robert says:

    too bad the girl scouts is not on the same level as the boy scouts in affirming our Creator’s design…

  66. BJ says:

    bettyminton Has anyone looked at who FedEx supports?  Check out their blog on Twitter..

  67. AndrewMicklos says:

    I will avoid using UPS at every oppertunity and will tell any on-line seller to not use UPS or cancel my order.

    • kbcab says:

       Yeah , you must be homosexual , because if you’re not and you promote this idiotic idea then you are an idiot.. and I wouldn’t want you around  trying to lead or influence my children either…

  68. kbcab says:

    The Boy Scouts of America , an organization that has been around for a century , bans homosexual leaders of young boys and men , DUH !  , avoiding the inevitable is what they’re doing , good for them…

    • Cliff J says:

      @kbcab I guess the Boy Scouts could turn out like the Catholic Church. Let the fags in and then get sued after they do what they do best—assault young boys.

  69. Gmann2012 says:

    As a former scout leader, Eagle and Order of the Arrow member, the BSA did the right thing…UPS needs to grow a set!!!

  70. undunder says:

    Why on earth would UPS punish the boy scouts because their leadership is trying to protect those kids from being harmed.  Does UPS and Intel not understand that our children are gifts from God and we must protect those gifts?

  71. kbcab says:

    Cliff J  :  you are right , just look at some of the laws that have been passed to let this crap happen , and all the cover-ups that go on everyday …

  72. TyrellVance says:

    So, we can assume UPS supports Pedophiles and their attacks on young boys?

  73. Jack_Reacher says:

    I can personally attest that I am now a happy Fed-Ex customer.  Will the loss of my business hurt UPS?  I doubt it.  But it’s the best way for me to feel comfortable about what’s going on.  I suppose next will be “those poor souls that love to have sex with animals?”, right?  What about those that prefer to have sex with one or both of their parents?   Sexual predators have lately been be licking their chops over this rush to bring perversion into the family unit.    There are lines that even perceived compassion should never cross.  UPS has crossed that line.

  74. ER12696490 says:

    If I can Fed-X will be getting my business unless if I order from companies that only do business with UPS. I will try to diswade them from sending UPS. I am truly suprised that they would go this route. I just can’t believe that they UPS are caveing into people who are missing a chromsone. I don’t understand these perverts, my pie hole is an exit not an entry.

    • Questioning says:

      @ER12696490  In American slang, one’s “pie hole” is their mouth. Think about what you are saying. Perhaps the way that you put it is correct, though. Your mouth is spewing hate, possibly sh*t as well.

  75. RobertRios says:

    Before UPS goes the way of AARP, they should re-think there decision, remember Chic-fa-lay. Notice that Fed-Ex, DHL and several others have elected to stay with-in the package delivery business and social issues are a personel choice.

  76. RobertRios says:

    Before UPS goes the way of AARP, they should re-think there decision, remember Chic-fa-lay. Notice that Fed-Ex, DHL and several others have elected to stay with-in the package delivery business and social issues are a personel choice.

    • stevetanton says:

      @RobertRios Wise thinking Robert, wise thinking.  UPS should invite you onto the board.  Ford changed their ways and decided to stick with building cars…UPS should stick to delivering packages – that’s what they’re good at.

      • downenray says:

        @stevetanton  Only if UPS had no competition would it have been sensible to give in to pressure to make the announcement they did.

  77. dhenry says:

    Here we go again.  First, may all those who have posted a comment here, google, BSA and the Mormon Church.  Then google, Mormons and homosexuality.  Then google, where gay kids come from.  Then google those straights committing sodomy.  Then google God, the almighty that does not make mistakes…and love thy neighbor.Oh, and then google Gary Bauer of the Family Research Council and realize that he was removed from the University of god people, find a different hate.  (And, read more, you will realize that the Catholics are not the only ones with a problem in their flocks.)

  78. norm4839 says:

    I,and no one should , spend one cent on any company , that takes away donations from the boy scouts. What do these liberal activists think BOY scouts means ??? Maybe they should join the GIRL scouts.
    America is going bonkers with this liberal crap.

    • Joy white says:

      @norm4839 That’s why we must stand up for what’s right! We as believers in Almighty God have been silent for too long! I won’t be using UPS anymore either! USPS is giving pretty good service, and has pretty good rates!

  79. yancie says:

    I didn’t know about this.  From now on Fed Ex will get my business.

  80. Docmo says:

    The Boy Scouts of America is a forever-remembered learning-part of a boy’s life. The thought that a scout can learn something loathsome from a degenerate is reason enough to keep those, “missing a chromosome” as someone so aptly put, from possibly abusing them physically or mentally.

  81. soartmar says:

    I think the best idea to support the Boy Scouts of America is to focus on three things in order. Item 1- Support the Scouts financially as best we can, whether it’s five dollars or five hundred dollars. Anything we give will help make up for UPS refusing to support the Godly activity of helping young men grow into responsible citizens.
    Item 2- Do not support, directly or indirectly, the United Parcel Service or any subsidiary businesses.
    Item 3- Tell your friends and family what you are doing and why. Keep it cool and calm, but make your point and stand by it. Respect the rights and feelings of others, but never forget that you have the same rights.
    For me, I have an obligation as a Christian to maintain my testimony and to keep my words and actions above-board. That does NOT relieve me of my responsibility to speak the truth and to stand up for what is right. God bless you all.

  82. giljones says:

    UPS support for LGBT is very telling.  Suppressive personalities will not support groups that are constructive, instead they opt for destructive groups.  This is just one of twelve characteristics of a ‘suppressive’ personality, and they also pertain to groups like LGBT.  BHO would still be a community organizer had a majority known these 12.
    The other characteristics can be found at for 18 free online courses dealing with various ‘life’ problems/solutions.  Scan pics, click on “Cause of Suppression,” play intro, sign-up.  These powerful courses are very short, perhaps 1-2 days, but will give you a lifetime of predictability…Semper Fi

  83. Rosebud says:

    This country was founded on Judeo-Christian values which condemns homosexuality. We have always had people who have devient sex preferences. There is no reason to sanction the devient behavior as normal in any culture. Christians and Jews promote peace and coexistence, it is the radical that wants to inflame and bring others under oppression.
    UPS is wrong, the Boy Scouts have it right and we should support their values. I will use another carrier and write the CEO.

  84. RonaldAllen says:

    Tell UPS to keep their money. The Boy Scouts need to take the higher ground in this. Never  compromise your values.

  85. seektruth says:

    We can all participate in this. 1. give sdirect support to the Boy Scouts. 2. whenever purchasing something to be shipped, always select an alternative to UPS. Even if it might cost a little more.

  86. rebart says:

    People like those from UPS are the first to scream “bloody murder” when a child is molested.  People scream when the Catholic Priests molest children, but they want to put homosexuals in with young boys when they are already screaming that the Scouts didn’t do enough to stop molestation in past incidences.  How do you figure the “intelligence” of these people?

    • sherri1263 says:

      But it is the heterosexual men who molested those boys…..wonder why heterosexuals men are still allowed to be thee? They statisically are the danger.

      • rebart says:

        @sherri1263 Please tell me why a heterosexual man would molest little boys, and big ones as well?  I don’t understand your reasoning.  They may be closet queers, but they are not heterosexual.  Can you honestly tell me you would want your young boys to go camping with a homosexual man?  If you say yes, you must be a liar or completely stupid. NO ONE wants their child to be homosexual, even the homosexuals, for the most part.  It is not a lifestyle anyone would wish on anyone else.

      • texaselect says:

        Troll much?

      • Guest says:

         So, tell me, do you prefer women? Or girls? But please don’t tell me you’re a hetero.. Maybe bi?

      • downenray says:

        @sherri1263 Here’s Sherri again with probable lies. What does she hope to gain?

      • jimmydg says:


  87. A children cancer society may also help to provide support and hope for patients with certain diseases or illnesses. It can help to encourage them to focus on getting better or if this is not a possibility then make the most of the time they have left as well as coming to terms with everything.

  88. harperanthony says:

    The BSA is an organization of Principles, which do not change because society thinks they should.  A principle is an unalterable truth and the opinions of the masses are not peers.  Furthermore, the BSA has long recognized that if it went the way of the world, it would eventually tolerate everything and endorse nothing—except tolerance.

    • wyatt48 says:

      @harperanthony Good Post. One thing that i don’t agree with. I don’t think society,at least not as a whole,thinks they should change their principles. As one member of society i know that i still agree with their principles.

      • texaselect says:

        @wyatt48  @harperanthony You, myself at 50% of Americans agree with the BSA principles. Only the liberal left and fags disagree.

  89. Greg137 says:

    We have to get a new carrier for our packages, because UPS is turned to favoring Queers? Fine, UPS is out.. It is a smalll sacrifice to make..

  90. stevetanton says:

    You convinced me.  UPS is oughta here with me too…and I’m a former loader and Teamster member!!!  Enough already with leftist dogma and “PC” gay crap!!!!  UPS is an affront to all Christians!!!!

  91. stevetanton says:

    You convinced me.  UPS is outa here with me too…and I’m a former loader and Teamster member!!!  Enough already with leftist dogma and “PC” gay crap!!!!  UPS is an affront to all Christians!!!!

  92. LNR says:

    The Boy Scouts are standing on principle.  I’m very proud of this organization!!

    • texaselect says:

      @LNR I Chartered and led a Cub Scout Pack and a Boy Scout Troop for many years. I would have revoked the charter if the Scouts had acted any differently.

  93. bgh222 says:

    Fortunately for me Fed X is about the same distance and they have great service.  I hope this works out for Fed X in the same proportion that the liberals had on Chic-F-La.  I hope Fed X makes at least an extra $150,000 a month from former UPS

  94. bgh222 says:

    If UPS objects to an organization standing on principle, you have to wonder if they have any of their own.  Perhaps this will reach enough people to help UPS re consider.

  95. sherri1263 says:

    Fedex is a big supporter of gays and lesbians.

    • downenray says:

      @sherri1263 Sherri makes a claim which is not supported by known facts. It’s not only Obama who is willing to stretch the truth.

      • Joanne13 says:

        @downenray  @sherri1263  You might want to read this (and Google this issue):  MemphisGaydar/archives/2012/03/13/fedex-annouces-discounts

  96. texaselect says:

    UPS has now lost my companies shipping business. In addition,  I am ordering that shipments delivered to us  will not be accepted via UPS.  We from here on out, I will require USPS for packages and DHL for larger component shipping. I own the company.  My staff does as I order.

  97. remesquaddie says:

    I’m with FEDEX for many years now, mainly because of their lack of service. FEDEX is by far and away the professional people to ship my goods. UPS,  Being all for the gays and lesbians just makes it easier for me to stay with FEDEX .

  98. TimSingleton says:

    I can think of only half a dozen honors I would like to see my boys obtain more than that of Eagle Scout.
    I am with BSA all the way and UPS is gone from consideration. This is also a permanent position. I am tired of this LBGT crap. Wanting your penis cut off so you can be a woman or choosing same sex partnership in defiance of biology and God is indicative of mental illness at best, willing submission to evil initiation rites at worst.

  99. Caroyln says:

    No more business from me, DHL for large packages and usps.

  100. obama Hates America says:

    Well, I guess Fed EX is going to be very busy.  I am also cnceling my contract with UPS on Monday.  Sad, my driver is a nice guy.

  101. downenray says:

    It’s not good that any company chooses to make an issue out of support or non-support of activities which are obviously bad for those who engage in them. To give in to demands of supporting such activities is an odd way to lose customers. It really doesn’t seem wise.

  102. thomas stewart says:

    When It Comes To Boy Scouts Of America Or A “Whacky-Tobacco Smoking President Obama!! UPS You Just Joined The “Wrong Team” And Lost More Business Than The Stimulus Obama Team Gave Away??? God Bless America And Fed Ex.

  103. Liberal field surveyor says:

    Annie E Casey (wife of UPS founder) and her sons all have foundations that foster liberal causes and ‘programs’ throughout the US. $150,000 to the Boy Scouts is a pittance. Good Riddance. Why worry about lobbyists and the wealthy, when ‘foundations’ are undermining our Society, and no one will write about that, so I just did!!

    • JIMDALE says:


      • RomyMon says:


        • RomyMon says:

          Gay Scouts? Hey, why not! We have gay police officers, soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen, so why not gay scouts too! Leave the BSA alone. Jimdale is right, start your own stupid organization!

  104. RomyMon says:

    Service organizations should stay neutral. Like Hollywood stars whom we pay to entertain us, UPS and such other service companies are there simply to serve the public. We are not interested in your politics. Once you cross the line we can exercise our right to not patronize our business. Political correctness breeds intolerance which is very in-American! It will be FedEx for me fro here on!

  105. Cliff J says:

    I sent UPS an email and asked them how they could justify their support of pedophilia and people who commit sexual assault. They said someone would call me “by the end of business today”. Of course, no one called. They probably find that it is difficult to defend pedophiles.

  106. vanguard7 says:

    I actually got an idea just now. Maybe everyone that disagrees with UPS’s decision could write a letter to them expressing their thoughts and decision(s) to avoid using UPS whenever possible (i.e. only ordering stuff online from websites/vendors who do not use UPS). And then when they mail it, send by way of FedEx.

  107. DebLytleV says:

    I am not a homophobe.  In fact I have gay friends.  But to me this is no different then allowing straight men to take my daughter camping.

  108. Patricia Teague says:

    Just got of  the phone with UPS as I had ordered presents for my grandson to be delivered to my son directly prior to reading this, I got an email that they couldn’t deliver it as my son wasn’t home, not true, he was sitting there waiting for the delivery, they never knocked they left a note on the door, no package, he tried to pick it up, only between 10 and 12 or 4 to 6, but ONLY IF I CALLED first to make arrangements for my son to pick it up with all the proper identification!  BY TOMORROW!! 
    It’s  already been paid for, talk about POOR service!  Sadly my  grandsons birthday is the 3rd of January so there are many boxes being delivered by order through Amazon, another mistake no doubt!  So grandma is a failure for relying on a poor excuse for service in an evil world, I’ll pay for the products no doubt about that, products never delivered, some boxes have been left, different driver I guess, how do they KNOW my son isn’t gay just because he has a child?  Oh yeah, never mind. 
    Really angry right now, guess they don’t need the business of Christian breeder’s like me and my son, I WILL NEVER do business with them again, maybe they know that so they are ‘getting’ me first!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @Patricia Teague I do not use UPS anymore the are big surpporters of homosexuality.

      • Patricia Teague says:

        @Evermyrtle Yes, now I know, I had already marked off JC Penny and Home Depo, now UPS will no longer have any of my business!

      • Patricia Teague says:

        @Evermyrtle Also, I think I should send some money to BSA not only was my mother a scout/ and brownie leader, so was I, boy scout anyway, no girls.  They should continue to stand firm, there are more of us than there are of them.  Viva La Revulsion!

      • Patricia Teague says:

        @Evermyrtle Done!
        really easy, simply and if everyone just pitches in even 25 who cares about UPS! and their little bit o cash.

      • Patricia Teague says:

        @Evermyrtle  @Patricia Teague Oh and before the liberal spelling police show up I meant Long Live the Revulsion!  At the evil of this world, revolution, now that is coming, with revelation, let the reader understand!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @Patricia Teague  @Evermyrtle 
          Glad to hear from you and more glad that you are fighting the evils of this world. I, too, fight with what i can to prevent it from growing at breakneck speed, but it seems that the more we do the faster it grows. To explain that, “We are in the end days” and must not give up, we must continue onward against evil.

    • Patricia Teague says:

      Just got off the phone with amazon, they had a good customer service person, who did inform me that if UPS does return the item, I will get a full refund, which helps me not be completely frustrated.  They cannot assure me that any future orders will not be shipped UPS- for all of your information, they select carriers based on lowest prices, so……Now I know, it will be difficult to do business on the internet and avoid UPS in the future.  Here in NM I live in the boonies a 40 mile round trip to the nearest pharmacy so, internet has become, or was, a real blessing to me with shopping.

    • DebLytleV says:

      @Patricia Teague If they don’t deliver the packages you have to go back to the company who sent them and they will follow up on it.  The burden becomes theirs and you should not have to pay for anything your grandson didn’t receive.  I’ve had similar problems, one was resolved, one was not.  The one that wasn’t was shipped directly from me, but companies have a way to work their magic.  After all, if a shipper is going to keep losing their packages a company will stop using them, right?  Bigger dent in UPS’s bottom line then just me not using them.  Just Make Sure You Document Everything.  Good luck!

  109. Joanne13 says:

    I won’t be taking any more packages to our local UPS store NOR taking them our old boxes and packing materials (for recycling) since having read the article. Our local post office will now do that job for us. But I won’t try and eliminate them from delivering TO my house even though I’d like to (I will however inform those companies that ship to me using them about my disappointment in them doing so!). I shop online almost exclusively now, have for several years and even though I TRULY hate what they done against the BSA as my daughter says ‘You have to pick your battles’. I’m quite politically active (for Conservative causes) and this is a battle I can’t deal with on a practical level.
    However… IF everyone who ships with UPS would STOP doing so I think it would make a measurable impression on them (and hurt them in their pocket book). I imagine that would be THOUSANDS of people and a lot of money lost. Someone below said what they’re withholding from the BSA is a ‘pittance’ and they’re correct though that’s not REALLY the important issue here. Thankfully the BSA is standing FIRM and not giving into pressure. So UPS withholding their funding won’t hurt the scouts, not really. I FIRMLY believe that because THEY honor God, that God WILL honor their faith provide what they need to continue on helping boys turn into responsible, Godly young men!

  110. Joanne13 says:

    Before signing off for the evening I wanted to post a comment I left for ‘downenray’ (and it’s disappointing though not at ALL surprising!):
    You might want to read this (and Google this issue):  MemphisGaydar/archives/2012/03/13/fedex-annouces-discounts

    • Patricia Teague says:

      thank you for this information, fedex is now too on my list of ….NOT MY MONEY, guess USPS will  be out of the red by June at this rate!

  111. JIMDALE says:


  112. jrhmac says:

    This year I sent money and told my grand children,(three in California and two in North Carolina) to get what want, rather than sending them packages by UPS or ordering from Amazon .com, who ships UPS. I haven’t been to a Mc Donalds in many years since they too support gays. I was a boy scout and a scout leader. My loyalty is with the BSA.

  113. DRLJR says:

    When ever this issue is discussed people need to use the proper terms – sodomy and sodomite.  And people need to refuse to allow any discussion to treat this behavior as a gender or ethnicity.  This is how the Sodomite community tries to make this behavior seem to be a civil rights issue.  They can not afford to allow the discussion to be addressed as it actually is – about a behavior.  After all a behavior is something one makes a choice to engage in.  And if sodomy is a choice a person can choose to change the behavior – regardless of how hard it might to be change the behavior.  And for a person to claim they were born a sodomite is the equivalent of claiming a women was born a prostitute.

    • mitglied says:

      @DRLJR How very accurate !
      It is very unfortunate that many people either do not acquire heterosexuality, or due to many reasons decide to abandon heterosexual behavior.  Sodomites will be on equal footing with normal people, as soon as delivering babies from the anuses of males attains normalcy.

  114. DRLJR says:

    @Evermyrtle  @Patricia Teague As I say – use the proper terms when discussing the issue – sodomy and sodomite.  The only “homosexual” I have ever seen described is the alien in the movie “Enemy Mine”.  It helps people understand the real issue.

  115. DRLJR says:

    @RomyMon Remember, when a person says they are “gay” they are saying they engage in the behavior of sodomy.  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking of it as a gender or ethnicity.

  116. DRLJR says:

    @sherri1263 Don’t fall into the “its an ethnicity or gender” trap.  When a male scout master or a priest molests a boy he is engaging in sodomy or what people call homosexuality.  A person who claims to be “gay” or “homosexual” is stating they engage in sodomy – a behavior a person chooses to engage in.  For a person to claim they were born a sodomite is the same a claiming a women was born a prostitute.

  117. Docmo says:

     Very good point.

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