Pink Marines Won’t Have Bullets to Defend Embassy

If this story is even half true, not only has our military been turned into a social club for homosexuals, it’s now become about as dangerous as a social club run by women. The Marines called in to defend the already burned out American Embassy in Egypt will be little more than window dressing:

“U.S. Marines defending the American embassy in Egypt were not permitted by the State Department to carry live ammunition, limiting their ability to respond to attacks like those this week on the U.S. consulate in Cairo.

“Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson ‘did not permit U.S. Marine guards to carry live ammunition,’ according to multiple reports on U.S. Marine Corps blogs spotted by Nightwatch. ‘She neutralized any U.S. military capability that was dedicated to preserve her life and protect the US Embassy.’”

If you children are thinking about joining the Marines, tell them they’ll need to pack a dress and high heels because they won’t be engaged in any combat.

Why spend billions of dollars training guys and gals to be Marines when a school crossing guard would be just as well equipped to handle the job.

Ambassador Patterson “did not defend U.S. sovereign territory and betrayed her oath of office,” a Nightwatch report states. “She neutered the Marines posted to defend the embassy, trusting the Egyptians over the Marines.”

“Neutered” is the appropriate word. Our military has been castrated by the best of the liberal establishment and social theorists. In the future, our troops may not be able to defend our nation if war comes to our land in waves or if they have to go to some remote part of the world where American citizens are in danger, but they’ll be able to discuss the latest politically correct social theory. Don’t be surprised if the troops of the future no longer are dressed in the familiar camouflage green and grey but instead are decked out in pink chiffon with some dainty lace at the cuffs.



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  • Savedru

    To all my fellow American Patriots,we have a job to get done. What is that job? Our job is to get the word out on this FAILED President and his Socialist employes’s that work for him. I have posted a Great video on “Obamacronium” the Densest Element Known to Man. You will love this video. Here is the Llink to You Tube

    • edc

      Love it.

      • JacktheFAC

        Savedru–You are wrong. Obama has not failed. He has succeeded in what he set out to do; that is, to bring this country down to its knees; to destroy our military; to destroy our economy; to destroy our morality; and to destroy our national pride. Oh yes, Caliph Hussein Obama is well on target in changing America into an islamic caliphate. He has not failed; au contaire, he is a great success.

        • JOHN T. FOX


        • victorbarney

          According to Revelation, chapter 11 it’s the two-witnesses that punish us first because our Hebrew-Inspired Savior always punishes his own first! In fact, 3 1/2 days after Obama is allowed to kill these two-witnesses, they stand alive again to meet our Jewish Hebrew-inspired Savior in the air to DESTROY ALL ISLAM IN ONE(1) HOUR as described in Revelation, Chapter 18:10.

        • 44rd11

          Such hog wash.

    • NamelessN00b

      The problem with our message is “if its online, it’s just a bunch of rabble rousers trying to get some trouble.”

      “The story about Stevens being raped before his death wasn’t heard on TV, so it isn’t true.”

      “The story about the CIA releasing that movie isn’t on TV, so it isn’t true.”

      “Absoulutely none of the things those right-wing conspiracy theorists said are on TV, so none of them are true.”

      Is this another form of Obamacronium, or a more degenerated substance?

      • JOHN T. FOX


        • Jackys

          Fox news reported last night that he had been dragged through the street and sodimized before he was executed!!! Will see this no where else.
          Also…..All the ammo bought by Hussein is being taken from our Marines and given to the Executive department civilian agencies….what does that look like to you……American spring/fall coming and hussein knows it??

        • NamelessN00b

          And they definitely don’t trust Fox News, despite Andrew Napolitano’s words of wisdom.

          Yeah, Obamacronium has DEFINITELY Degenerated into something worse. What sounds like the most appropriate scientific term for this Obummer?

        • 44rd11

          I doubt your story of ALL the ammo being taken from Marines – it is however true that the administration has ordered all of the ammo you have heard mentioned for the offices of the EPA, SS, etc.

        • Jackys

          I misspoke….didn’t mean to say that the ammo denied our Marines was sent to Husseins civilian minions. That ammo was purchased seperately…now up over 2 billion rounds, hollow points! The Hussein appointed Ambassador in Cairo denied ACCESS to the ammo they had available at the Embassy.
          One or two LSMedia even reported that along with Fox News…also on Conservative group blog’s.
          The Marines Hussein is sending all over the mid east now….should have been dispatched 5 days ago, when his DIA said they got the word on the possible attacks. Zero protection for the 4 dead Americans in Lybia is the price we paid for that mistake….course he wasn’t at the Intel briefings…so probably didn’t know anyway. White House still saying an American Jew did the film. Truth is that he is a Coptic Christian Egyptian…much easier for the WH to say he is/was a Jew…CIA said the film had nothing to do with the terrorist attack in Libya…used as an excuse to hit us on 9-11.

      • 44rd11

        so, if it’s on TV it’s true – that’s kind of like if it’s on the internet it’s true. a very old adage: believe nothing you read and only half of what you see. I have not a clue about the veracity of any of your lines in quotes are true or not – “I” do know that this administration and the Secretary of State are totally to blame for 9/11/2012.

    • JOHN T. FOX


    • siggyrich

      I’m forwarding this on to all my friends. It’s great & true. Thanks

    • WVF

      Savedru, not only did I like the video, I LOVED IT!

    • Palrak

      I thought it was a typo, and it should have been Obamacranium=empty head. Oh well, it was entertaining. Thanks.

  • jaxtom

    Welcome to the asinine reality of political correctness! The sad thing is any of these Marines would die to defend her sorry butt!

    • 44rd11

      don’t bet on it. There is a limit to what Marines will do – they will die for their country, for their family, for God, mostly for their brothers in arms – for Hillary – I wouldn’t bet her life on it.

      • jaxtom

        Actually I was referring to the ambassador and not that worthless hag. Semper Fidelis.

  • Mak

    the fish stinks from the head the head is obama, who side is he on anyway?

    • Chemiker

      Certainly, he is not on our side.

    • JOHN T. FOX


    • Palrak

      Ah, that’s what we can call Obamacranium!

  • KY republican

    I give up!

    • Chemiker

      Don’t give up. Fight.

    • JRJ

      Don’t give up. Vote!!! them all O*U*T!!

  • Ol Grey Wolf

    Hate to burst your bubble sunshine, But that is the way it is…I was in the army late 70’s,early 80’s,,,Spent alot of time off post as it were…Never had live ammo…Will have to do a vid on this…

    • pappadave

      There were over 200 U.S. Army personnel at Fort Hood when “Major Hassan” decided to shoot a bunch of them. Not a single one had a single bullet…even though they were ALL carrying their issue weapons!

    • JOHN T. FOX


  • JacktheFAC

    I remember recently reading of a marine gunnery sergeant who was refusing to reenlist and was getting out of the corps. He said his reason was: “When I first joined the military, homosexuality was illegal; then it became optional. Now I am getting out before Obama makes it manditory.” WATCH OUT U.S. MILITARY! Obama is already trying ti take away your right to vote!

    • Col Richardson

      SEMPER Fi , Gunney

  • joycer

    Since when has an Ambassador to a foreign nation been able to dictate to the Military what they can shoot at and when/or if they are allowed weapons and bullets. We are going backwards in our country on most everything I know of. It is time for this junk to stop.

    • Patriot 5

      That’s very correct Joycer! We the Patriotic Citizens need to do a through cleaning out of all Radical Scum whether in office or on the outside!

      This shit must stop now and we don’t orders from anybody we know what we have to do. It Our Constitutional Duty to remove/eliminate a corrupt government. That’s exactly why the 2nd Amendment was put in place because the Colonist knew only too well the tyranny they had been under with my distant relative, King George. Btw George [Görg} is spelled just like Price Charles last name was when he married Princess Diana.

  • tthan43

    The worthless bitch is undoubtedly an obama appointee. She needs to be tried for accessory to murder and sent to prison. Anything less is NOT justice to the victim’s families and the American people.

    • Patriot

      I think she should be burried up to the waist and have her nose cut off and sent Iran.

    • Hose

      Amen to that !

  • Harleyrod45

    Don’t you get it? Obama is about having the world love us because we’re a peaceful nation. It’s about turning the other cheek, even if they kill our own!! This man is an embarrassment to this once proud nation. I think we’re scraping bottom right about now.

    • edc

      He cares not what the world thinks of the USA, as long as they love him(the mess iah(purposely misspelled))

      • american joe

        Anyone know where I can buy some toilet paper with mohammeds image on it?

        • Palrak

          You could “build that!” Go for it! I’ll buy some.

        • Cameron Triplett Sr

          AMEN!! I’ll be a sales rep & we’ll all get rich, or at least be at the head of the line when obama decides to lynch us by Executive Order

        • Palrak

          I’ll join you.

        • Dawn Marie Mathis Espino

          No, but in Africa they will give you underwear with Obama’s face on the hind end. I know this from missionaries there.

        • floramae


        • Fred Appleyard
        • Phillip_in_TX

          I will have to pass on that. I don’t want “it’s not my fault Obama” or even a “picture” of him near my butt! Just trying to stay “safe!”

        • 44rd11

          That would be a best seller – that and a second roll with Obama’s face on it. be careful though – he might be tongue in cheek.

        • Cameron Triplett Sr

          WOOO-HOOO!! I can feel a wet tongue in my crack now. Hot Dog!!

        • Palrak

          Boy, am I glad I wasn’t eating or drinking when I read that. I saved my computer!

        • Phillip_in_TX


        • Bruce Seibert

          Alternating sheets with the Koran.

    • R Mark Reasbeck

      Sign on the back of my truck for 3-1/2 years:
      ‘nuf said Buy American made products visit
      my website: http://www.USAonly.US

    • Daniel Cooper

      Why is it that the department of homeland security has ordered 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition’s. Who do they think is going to storm our beaches? Our do they plan on using them against U.S. citizens.

      • r

        Better get a bullet proof vest….. hint, hint

        • controlhead

          I’ve applied for my FOID card.

        • floramae


        • 44rd11

          yes, if you are ever shooting – and I hope you have practiced and know how – between the legs or a head shot – My daddy said – “if you ever point that thing at me you’d better pull the trigger – cause I sure as H will pull mine.”

      • Robert Anderson Sr

        Check farther– ALL the Departments have been buying ammo. ? – TOTAL MARTIAL LAW-The DICTATOR knows he is about to lose the election and will declare M.LAW to stay in POWER and we will be shot down by OUR OWN PEOPLE !!!

        • 44rd11

          You haven’t a clue what Martial Law is. Obama may proclaim himself dictator – but he daren’t proclaim Martial Law – the military will be in charge of keeping the peace – and he is the first piece that just might find himself in front of a military court martial – commander in chief that he is – for treason, for malfeasance in office, and oath breaking.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          That sounds like a plan to me!

        • Bruce Seibert

          The military will turn on him if he tries it. They are sworn to protect the Constitution, not the POTUS, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. B. Insane Obama is both.

        • NamelessN00b

          They aren’t our own people anymore.

          I just wonder WHEN martial law will ensue so the suspense will be quelled.

        • Lyle Felix

          They aren’t OUR OWN PEOPLE if they fire on our citizens. They will most likely be Obama’s BROWN SHIRTS.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          We get to shoot back if that should happen.

      • Palrak

        My educated guess is that those rounds of hollow-point will be used against us, on our soil. Why else would the IRS be getting a lot of them?

        • sickandtiredofmorons

          Your “educated guess”? Please share the sources of your information?

      • floramae


        • boccagalupe

          Not any government issued ammo is hallow point. It is too deadlyand crippling. Geneva Convention says Ball ammo only.

        • floramae


        • Phillip_in_TX

          Is a “Revolution,” inside one’s own country, covered by the Geneva Convention?

        • 44rd11

          It’s one thing to have the ammo – do they know how to use it – I point to the police who most recently shot 5 or six people when aiming at only one.

        • floramae


        • Lyle Felix

          Along with the FEMA camps!!!!!!!

      • mickeymike2

        It’s so they can defend the illegals from those who want to deport them. After all, a Vote is a Vote.

        • 44rd11

          As Chief Justice Roberts told all of us when he betrayed us – elections have consequences.

      • Watchmanonwall

        My thoughts exactly. they wont be unarmed here.
        Have you all seen the videos of the 100k ‘s of black plastic coffins. each one looks like it could hold 4 people. Some one is planning for a lot of deaths. So quickly, they won’t have time to bury them.

      • 44rd11

        Yes, they plan on shooting US citizens when finally the worm turns and they discover it is a rattlesnake.

      • aveteran2

        Daniel C. don’t leave out the Social Security Admin. ordered 170,000 rounds for its 289 offices around the US. Are those bullets for the angered “Greediest Generation or to be issued out to us retirees as a bonus?

    • army vet

      We only have four cheeks and the lower two the muslims can kiss.

      • WVF

        AMEN & AMEN, army vet!

    • carsrus

      Indeed we are. Obama has turned the WORLD into a loose cannon and it’s about to EXPLODE in his face!

    • William Benton

      I think Obama was scraped off a wall in a whore house

  • hankster6

    I can only guess that Obama does not want our marines firing on his people, the radical Muslims!! Perhaps, the marines are supposed to bow down to the radicals and ask for forgiveness, while they get their throats cut!!

    • JOHN T. FOX


      • Ronald Christopher

        What is standard procedure at our embassies?

      • JRJ


        • Robert Anderson Sr

          Why are we wasting money on this SOB, who killed our people at Ft. HOOD ? HANG HIM IN THE SQUARE & LEAVE HIM THERE LIKE THEY DID OUR PEOPLE IN BAGDAD !!!!!

        • 44rd11

          NO, we have removed our Military Police from guarding our military bases and have “private” government employee security on the gates – old men that should be sitting on their rumps guarding banks or the social security offices. You ever wonder just how much of our military budget goes to civilians on military bases – more than is spent on our men and women who wear the uniform – who we send to unequal battle with their hands tied behind their backs, and now no bullets.

          Until we clean up the military – and I don’t give two rats buts if they are “gay” or lesbian or not – it’s time to get the civilians OFF our military bases and let the military run the military. have generals who are tacticians and not politicians. have a goal when we go to war to win and not a continuing resolution to keep spending billions of our treasury and a single drop of our red blood.

        • johnbbbb

          You will never get your wish with a dem president, and a p***y state department. (no Capital letters here)

        • Abouna R.

          If Romney loses,and it is found that he lost due to election fraud, our military should and MUST stage an immediate coup and arrest all members of the government and their aids this means Obama, his entire cabinet and department heads, all members of Congress and the Supreme Court Justices and possibly ALL federal court judges. Then we can start over with the Original Constitution (with some minor additions).

        • sickandtiredofmorons

          Military coup? Minor additions to the Constitution? Have you actually read the document? Do you have the faintest clue about how the political process codified by law and tradition? Talk about anti-American. If you don’t the current leaders, get involved in the process and vote in leaders to your liking. Or better yet, become a leader yourself. If you and your people don’t get elected, that tells you something about your ideas. It means the majority of citizens do not agree with you. If that bothers you enough, continue offering your ideas on the marketplace of ideas until you convince enough people to make the changes you want. Taht myu good man, is how Americans do it. If not, move to a country where the government is to your liking and leave the children of your fellow Americans alone. That’s who fights in wars.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          You might want to re-read the post. Even our Founding Fathers would not recognize what this country has become.

          “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson

        • Beve

          The same during the Was during the Viet Nam War. Our friend told us that many times they had no bullets for their Gun. And were overrun by the Viet Cong. I think he said LBJ was in office.Why doesn’t that surprise me. Another Democrat. I lived in Texas at the time and the People of Texas hated him. Lady Bird ran around trying to Beautify Texas by Planting Marigolds on the side of the road with trash and all.
          Not all Muslims are doing this just the Nut jobs. Can’t imagine them killing themselves, so they can see what their reward is on Judgement.
          Hardly think there will be 10 Virgins waiting for them. And even them
          will bow their and say Jesus is Lord. Mitt is not in a cult, that is just a lie.You get the nut jobs in all religions. This time it’s nutty Christians who are spreading this lie about the Mitt. He cares for God and the US, and is the only choice we really have. We have a Muslim in the White House
          who could care less about this Country and Americans. And to the Person who said Obama is a Christian. You have that all wrong.

        • meg903

          You are exactly right, Beve. If Romney wins the election, and I
          pray every day he does, a lot of people are going to be surprized, because I know he is what our country needs at this time. He has what it will take to get us started back in the right direction. He will not let ” We the People ” down, nor our country. He will work hard to do the job that Obama has not done.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          I like Rush’s definition of the military – they should do two things, kill people and break things. The military is not a SOCIAL EXPERIMENT! However, the “progressives” and other groups get their fingers into everything, screwing it up. Let the military do WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO! I agree 100%, let the military run the military.

      • r

        The EMBASSY is US Territory. We have the right to defend with any required force. Just like their embassies on US soil is there territory (I don’t even believe our laws apply on their embassy land).

      • Robert Anderson Sr

        Standard procedure? WHY in HELL do you have MARINES there IF they can not shoot to kill ? WHAT protection ? That is what we get from a MUSLIM PRESIDENT !!!

        • bmg28

          And an illegal one to boot

        • William Benton

          I guess they are supposed to shout and throw things like the border patrol was instructed to do

        • taliesin319

          No, they strike a swishy pose and shreik, ” I’ll scratch your eyes out you nasty men “. Then when the obvious results they whistle “I surrender dear “. Isn’t that what Barry would do ?

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Maybe they could get some hints from the movie Monty Python “Search for the Holy Grail.” Go away or we shall taunt you a second time!”

        • 44rd11

          Just pretty boys and girls any more – but this is Hillary’s game – this is what she wants to do to ALL Americans – disarm them.

        • Geraldine Rafferty

          The U.S.Forces are sitting ducks with unloaded guns. How insane.Hitlery’s idea for sure and Obummer’s.

      • WVF

        If it’s SOP, then we should send boy or girl scouts to the embassies, because the marines are worthless without loaded weapons!

        • kas

          WVF It is not unusual to not have Ammo while guarding things…True in war zones also…..In east asia, during viet nam, the crew chiefs were given a gun and a card for ammo which was locked up about a half mile down the flight line.
          We need to change the rules….. Ammo them up and protect themselves. We will take role call after the shooting. Maybe then these Muslims will think about it before they do it. KAS

        • 1marg

          Holl ow pt bull ets in the g uns of unionized security guards at the weather bureau, though.

          obama, a mighty warrior against his own people.

        • 44rd11

          WE are NOT ‘his own people”. Don’t even think it. His people are in Africa or Indonesia.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Amen to that!

        • WVF

          For heaven’s sake, then, marines are not guarding a thing.  They are put on display like sitting ducks.  What in the name of God is wrong with this country?  Should policemen not have guns and guards riding in trucks loaded with cash?  This is all too crazy for me.  When I was a young man doing security work, I carried a loaded gun to protect people in the building I was guarding.  Now, I carry a concealed weapon, and you can bet it’s loaded.  Yes, I have a permit to carry it, and don’t think for a moment, if I had to, that I wouldn’t use it.

        • mthammer

          I dont know what Vietnamyou fought kas , maybe the army , because we were always armed in the Marine Corps . We didn’t have to go ask our crew chief so we could go get ammo. What the hell is wrong with you people , when I was at an embassy we always had rounds to shoot , so I don’t know what bullshit you are spreading around KAS but your totally wrong and to say that is a disgrace

        • Phillip_in_TX

          I know when I was in the Air Force we ALWAYS had live ammo on post. It did not matter if we were Stateside or Overseas.

        • bmg28

          Our Marines are not worthless so please do not call them that. They are helpless when our worthless government keeps their hands tied.

        • WVF

          I apologize, I apologize!  This whole thing has me so upset I’m barely coherent.  Our marines should have loaded weapons in their hands with which to kill terrorists!

        • Watchmanonwall

          I know what you are trying to say. they were unable to defend against an armed assault. But our marines are NEVER worthless. They represent our best. BTW, most can probably kill you and me with their bare hands.

        • WVF

          I apologize, but this crap has me so upset, I’m hardly coherent.  Yes, you are very accurate about what a marine can do, just with his hands, but they should have loaded guns with which to kill these terrorists.

        • Watchmanonwall

          That is ok. I knew you did not intend to insult. I am boiling too. between all the radical terrorists, iran’s nukes, bho’s complacency, and now the QE3, the SHTF is coming fast. I just don’t know which will be first. Will they strike before the election while traitor is in office? Will Isreal wait until after the inauguration hoping for an ally? Will china start a domino effect with the dollar no longer the world reserve currency?
          The worst part is: NONE OF THIS HAD TO HAPPEN. NONE. We are looking at WWIII and world wide depression, a kill off rate of 80 to 90% world wide. so a few people can steal power and wealth. rulers over what? starving serfs?

        • WVF

          Thanks for your understanding, because just what you laid out is more than a full crapper.  I’m glad that I won’t be president, because it’s too much for me.  I still fully believe that Governor Romney will be President Romney Elect after November 6th, and I’ll do whatever little part I can to help, but that job is one I would not accept no matter how many people wanted me to take it.  I also implore God to help us, because these problems are too big for mere mortals.  God Save the USA!

        • 44rd11

          some can – if you let them – most cannot if you fight back. My DI said you boys think you are hot shit – you are going to go home all pumped up, dressed up, and some punk on the corner is going to whip your ass.

        • sandman4X4

          I would not say useless, if the situation was equal and both sides were unarmed, I would put any U.S.Marine up against any rag head any day! but when the Marine is armed, he is a very lethal fighter! and the best in all the world! Semper Fi!! Brothers!!

        • WVF

          sandman4X4, I truly apologize, because the marines I’ve worked with and have known over the years can take most of us apart in seconds with their bare hands.  This has all made me so upset, that I am hardly coherent. Sempe Fi!

      • 44rd11

        I don’t think so – but it’s been a while since I was on embassy duty. This is the State Department under Hillary Rodham Clinton that believes that only the good guys have guns and the bad guys will be compliant and turn theirs in.

      • Melba Simmons Rowland

        What? Marines with no bullets??? Did someone lose their mind?


      It’s time for America to abandon the Middle East, let them shoot each other to death, then go in and just TAKE the remaining resources. DEATH TO ISLAM.

      • Dawn Marie Mathis Espino

        I’m with you; “DEATH TO ISLAM”.

        • antiliberalcryptonite

          Rub some bacon on those bullets!

        • Hermeon

          Rub some bacon on those bullets! That sounds about right.Anything to piss them off or make them think they wont make it to their make believe god,allah the dog humper.

        • TxorBust

          Bacon was my solution to the muslim problem in America. Then I was reading that it is now hate crime to have pigs or pig products in proximity with a muslim or mosque. I think we need to add a line to “our” creed. I am offended when a muslim is anywhere near me or my church!

        • jondarmes

          Sounds like the perfect time to start raising a few hogs, then if some moslems happen to croak on your property you’ll have something to feed the hogs. Sounds like a great Idea to fend of moslems from our embassies. They should all raise hogs and wash the pens into huge vats under the embassy. Then when the moslems attack they could spray them with pigshit. That should put a damper on the riot.

        • Dave

          Spraying them with pigs4it would make them smell better.

        • John811c

          Is that why they smell so bad…I know they don’t take baths but once a year if that….lol

        • tampapatriot

          Sounds good re the pigs. Here in Tampa we have a great number of wild pigs running our forests. We could drop a trail of acorns around the mosques which we also have in Tampa.

        • jondarmes

          Yeah, we’ve got more wild pigs than we need here in Swampeast Mo.. too. Let me know when you want to schedule an airlift or when you run low and I’ll round up a few hundred.

        • comsense08

          You guys are so mean and nasty!! What did those pigs ever do to you?? LOL!!!

        • Judy Ladd

          wow.. lol.. you have lots of ideas.. i did not know that pigs were considered so offensive and/ or deadly.. too many rules. i can’t keep up. lol…

        • jondarmes

          Black Jack Pershing broke up the Moari upriseing in the Phillipines around the turn of the 19th century, the same stinking druged up nutcase moslems were causing trouble, by sowing their dead up in pigskins so they could not go see allah. It really discouraged suicide charges.

        • Dave

          It also was a great interrogation tool.

        • John811c

          also Jesus drove out the evil spirits possessing someone and put them in the pigs which ran off a cliff because when he told them to vacate they said they had no place to go…so he found a place for them in the pigs

        • The Big Easy

          @-jond——–More than likely they would think that it was some of their families cooking.

        • jondarmes

          Yeah, or their wifes perfume.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Why would you want to do that to the hogs? : )

        • ckwrocks

          @a8cf95da25d54ce850fec5502f1cfba7:disqus: All we would have to do is fill a bunch of HUGE balloons or something similar with pig fat, and drop them on top of them, spraying all of those lunatic, fanatic Muslim extremists with pig fat!! Cover them all!! Then, according to them, they’re “unclean,” and must kill themselves. What a great way to get rid of them!!

        • DOOMED

          Hummm…hot air balloons with the basket full of pig blood, then shot down (or trap-door in the bottom), bright red pigs blood all over THEIR country and people. Sorry pigs, but you gotta sacrifice for your country.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Trap door. No use shooting up a perfectly good balloon.

        • Ruth Yothers

          or in our country…………

        • Thaaff

          TxorBust: Mosques are being constructed in record numbers all over OUR country! What fun it would be to, in the dead of night go to those demonic places and TP them all over….but, use bacon slices along with the toilet paper; and keep doing it, night after night, hitting a different one every night! 😀

        • american joe

          Anyone know where I can buy toilet paper with the image of mohommad on it?

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Would that include “Pork Rinds?” Just curious.

        • Dave

          General “Blackjack” Pershing “wrote the book” on how to handle muslims, and yes, his methods involved the use of swine hides.

        • Lumpy Rutherford

          Swine hides? How about feeding those ragheads to swine a la Hannibal Lecter?

        • Dave

          Wouldn’t that be considered cruelty to swine? Probably would cause indigestion or maybe even swine flu.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Hey, if they get the “swine flu” does that count?

        • William Pritchett

          I wonder if they play football?

        • Daniel from TN

          What bullets? How can bacon be rubbed on bullets they are not allowed to have?
          America or obama this November! You can’t have both!

        • ShirleyWarren

          You said it right Daniel. Those that are to blind to see and do the proper thing will cause us all to live a life of hell. I just can’t understand what some of the American People are thinking. We cater to these people and we are the ones treated as if we are the enemy.

        • catman

          It’s quite easy to see why liberals think the way they do, especially when it comes to foreign policy and dealing with Islam and their radical butchers.
          Liberal have NEVER had to fight a war on this country’s home soil. Leet them have to fight and live the way Europe did during WW2 and their attitude would be changed in hurry.

        • Jeanne

          I say let the liberals fight along side our miltary in the middle east then maybe they might have a change of attitude. Let them see our miltary being blown up by a suicide bomber or witness a beheading……you can be sure it would change how they think, but of course that would never happen because they don’t believe in war that’s why President Obama is cutting our military.

        • Carol Morgan

          the liberals will not fight because the other main thing they have in common is that they are all cowards!

        • kenneth

          no thanks….what you said would mean that the us was bombed back into the stone age. i would preffer that not happen thank you anyways. that kind of mentality is not needed and foolish. to think that changing the minds of control freaks could only be done with the kind of bombing campaign used against europe in ww2 is beyond crazy.
          liberals think what and how they think becouse like all great left wing leaders, they are control freaks. they think becouse they went to the nicest most expensive colleges they know better as to how we should live our lives. they stand with the other great control freak left wing leaders, like mao, stalin, and hitler.
          we will defeat this mentality only by real eductiion of our youth. not startign a war within the us…

        • Fangdoc

          Wouldn’t hurt to shoot a few of them.

        • ynot202

          You can start with 535 then go from there.

        • LionsShare

          BS (Barbara Strisand)

        • cherokee1934

          Take her over there and drop her off to stay from now on.

        • cherokee1934

          drop one really big bomb in each country, and follow up with a few more if they don’t conform…….to hell with these crazy people. if they start in again, give them plenty of notice and a date, tell these people to turn in the trouble makers, or die with them tomorrow……….bomb them back into the dark ages.

        • KG

          We apparently must prove we are crazier!!!!!

        • cherokee1934

          We are not as crazy as the people leading us. This killing has to come to an end in some way. Maybe it will have to be like how we ended WW-II with the Japanese???? The Japs saw the light of day real QUICK. We went in an rebuilt Japan and now they are doing well.

        • notax1776

          The problem with bombing them back into the dark ages is that would only set them back a day or two.

        • cherokee1934

          Not with the right kind of bombs and plenty of them.

        • cherokee1934

          Our school systems are now just teaching how you are supposed to conform to Society. Plus a little bit of other things. Our internet system is there for anyone that wants the knowledge. There is very little that you can’t find if you do a little looking around.

        • Jewel Maskal

          After living in Kuwait for a year, I had a different reality .. Americans are very protected.. or at least we allways have been until obama was elelcted…
          We do not have a President we have a Faggot/Commie LIar in the WH.. stealing daily from us… WHERE ARE THE MISSING BILLIONS.. AND BILLIONS BARRY

        • subee

          The Billions are put away so if he has to run he will be “filthy Rich” like Romney. One exception , Romney made his money by hard work and Barry didn’t What gets me is that our elected Officals are letting him get by with it and are “forgiving” him for all the impeachable offices he is perpetrating against us. The Liberal think these Muslims are going to love them after they hand over America to them….I hope their throats will be the 1st ones slit.

        • VMA242

          They will be, a traitor is a traitor, not to be trusted…
          Semper Fidelis

        • KG

          Obama is a Trojan Horse!!!!!

        • JCWS1

          Trojan mule

        • 1NJNurse1

          I keep asking that question myself. Where is the rest of the stimulus Barry? Where is your off shore account? We want our money back.

        • cherokee1934

          More than likely given to his Muslim brothers in the dark of night.

        • Mary West

          I think the liberals should be sent to guard the embassy personnel,train the Afghanis, and man the check pionts in that country. They would scream bloody murder if they had to do that crappy work. I do not dee John Kerry reporting to duty for these jobs.He would really have to earn all those self nominated medals. Same with Max Clelland.

        • whitestone57

          COME HOME..You Take Your NOSY Ass Out Of Their Land.

        • ShirleyWarren

          @whitestone57….excuse me, but I’m not sure what you are saying. Is this a rude statement to me or What? If it isn’t please explain. If it is I’ll just consider the source.

        • whitestone57

          Simple……America Brings Attacks Against Itself….. America’s Middle East Policy Is Run By AIPAC. To You…..Israel. Also, I Refer You To George Washington’s Farewell Address In New York’s Fraunces Tavern. Stay Out Of Foreign Affairs. Lest The “REPUBLIC” Be Drawn Into A Conflagration It Cannot Extra-dite Itself From’! Does That Help Your Source”’? Imperialism….Is Wrong By Any Source (UK,USA,USSR,China Etc)

        • Mr. T

          Hey whitestone57 you are obviously quoting something from one of our founders, but there was no way Washington could forsee the problems of a Modern world. If we aren’t in the Middle East, the Russians and the Chinese would be. Israel has every right to exist and their people have the same God given right to LIFE, free from opression and free from fear of death. Wake up!

        • whitestone57

          Washington Is A Protected Man In My Eyes…(1948) Started All The Crap In The Middle You Know Who.

        • whitestone57

          You Go And Die For The Jew.. I’LL Protect The People Who JOHN The Baptist Baptized In The River Jordan. Thank You. In God’s Name.

        • Mr. T

          Wake the hell up Shirley Warren! Every time our country has withdrawn from the world it costs the World millions of lives! Would we leave the middle east to the Russians and the Chinese…we all know their record on human rights! Women’s rights would be absolutely non-existent for the women in the middle east without the influence of Western Democratic nations like the United States. Ever heard of the comment, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”?

        • cherokee1934

          Let them make out the best way that they can.

        • whitestone57

          MR.T Would Have America’s Young Blood Spent On Every Crooked Nation Of The World. Senator John McCain Loves This””! (Even America’s Lying President’s,Johnson,Bush Sr And Bush Jr) God…! Dumb Down The kids In School..And You Get A MR.T’! They Never Even Served In The Military…And If They Did’? Like MOST Marines….They Were Fed A Soup Of Dying For Your Country Is Somehow Patriotic”’? Which The Hell It Isn’t’! America…..Is Not The Policeman Of The World, For The ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’! America..Come Home….! Stop The Death’s To Our Citizens By Your Nosing In Other Country’s Business. Let Israel Do Her OWN Fighting With Her Neighbors. It’s Not Our War’! (IRAN)

        • Carol Morgan

          they see us was weak and they have no respect for us or America! I pray for America as often as i pray for my family. we gotta get engaged and push as hard as we can for Mitt Romney!

        • jjkrjw

          If you want the truth, read British and Canadian newspapers online. Our MSM seem to have converted to islam already.

        • ShirleyWarren

          @jjkrjw…Sorry to sound stupid, but what is the MSM? Do I just pull up Canadian newspapers?

        • jim

          Main stream media such as newspapers, ABC, NBC CBS, CNN, MSNBC. They all lie to support obama. Foreign papers can be pulled up on the internet.

        • KG

          Fox channel 11 is not bought by THEM as yet!

        • cherokee1934

          Right on…….

        • Pete

          That should be on every billboard and yard sign in the United States!

        • Thaaff


        • boba

          excellent bumper sticker

        • Tony Paulinsky

          if there is any america remaining

        • comsense08

          Marines should have thrown bacon and pork chops over the fence. Would have been better than tear gas!

        • Mr. T

          Everything goes better with Bacon!

        • doug63

          how about pig’s blood in the fire hoses.

        • cherokee1934

          Now you are talking.

        • jim

          Beer would be good.

        • cherokee1934

          They are not allowed to have pork of any kind in the muslim countries.

        • JCWS1

          Our embassy sits on our soil, no matter what location.

        • cherokee1934

          Yes, I know that. But the Muslims don’t want you to bring any pork into their Countries. Our embassies are on our soil alright but you have to cross their land to get to our land. It is a tricky situation….

        • don

          its a hell state of affairs when you send marines to protect our people an them have no bullets. an yes antil their is only one choice in nov. unless you want to live as a commmist or solist or liberial the 3 are the same.

        • RB

          Only if your a Republican.

        • don

          10’4 commie

          Subject: [lastresistance] Re: Pink Marines Won’t Have Bullets to Defend Embassy

        • frank907

          That is how the Marines were busted in lebanon. They were not allowed magazines in their rifles and ammo was withheld. The truck just drove right by the sentries and lit up the barracks. State Department was worried live ammo might create an international incident. There should have been a wide red line painted on the pavement with clear signs that crossing without authorization would be instantly fatal. Screw a bunch of morons that give stupid orders that put our people at risk.

        • cherokee1934

          I remember that truck bomb, but did not know that they did not have any ammo…..but it figures.

        • don

          our gov is out of their minds.

          Subject: [lastresistance] Re: Pink Marines Won’t Have Bullets to Defend Embassy

        • ralphdjeeper.

          frank907,you got that one right,it’s a dam order to not except,there or anywhere,the PC fools are getting our troops killed by this stupid thinking,throw there dumb ass out for being too dumb for the job,they should have ammo in there guns and the right too use them at all times,if one of them go crazy they get shot by one of there buddys,keeps the body count down,but the good guys alive.

        • cherokee1934

          Oh yeah, the liberals now call themselves progressives……….and that equals communism.

        • don

          o yea i don’t get it you agreed with what i said
          Subject: [lastresistance] Re: Pink Marines Won’t Have Bullets to Defend Embassy

        • cherokee1934

          Lets just pour bacon grease all around the buildings, and dare them to cross that……

        • Mary West

          I know how to get a rise out of them: make it public that we will annoint our play bullets with PORK.

        • offthejob2012

          Bacon filled HOLLOW POINTS if only Hollow Point bullets were allowed in war. But then why did the DHS purchase 1.2 billion Hollow Point Bullets for use in the US…? if they are not legal to use in War…????

        • Shawn Leslie

          Because they are only legal to use against American citizens…

        • comsense08

          Exactly. They “claim” many will be used up in practice. Really? How many gun owners do you know who pratice entirely with expensive hollow point rounds? You shoot a few to be sure you’re on with the hot loads, but you pratice a lot with lower powered, cheaper loads!

        • Justonemorething

          @Comsense08 – Yes, shooters do that, but I think the gov wants “liberals”, who don’t know any better to believe every word they say.

        • John811c

          One other possibility is to buy up all the ammunition to prevent patriots from having access to it…when the rebellion starts

        • samuel


        • Thaaff

          To antiliberalcryptonite: LOL!! I almost fell off my chair when I read your post! The reason why our true enemy (the feds) are buying up so much ammo is to use it on US! They already have FEMA camps placed strategically around OUR Republic; those are there just waiting for any sign of insurrection by patriotic Americans….and BOOM! Here come the Nazis armed to the teeth! What I don’t get is why are we just living our lives as usual, just waiting for the other shoe to drop?? We rea;;y need to FINALLY become aware of who our REAL ENEMIES are….and they are right here on American soil, headed up by OUR White House! We simply MUST STOP allowing those scum-buckets from continuing to DISTRACT us with all the muslim crapola!! Guess what….they are not the problem! They are a huge distraction that just about everyone is being suckered in by!! Our real enemies are the @&^%$!!s who have infested OUR White House, in league with George Soros (known for the man who demolished England’s economical infrastructure)….just as he and the so-called progressive liberal SCUM are busy doing right here!!

        • Thaaff

          Sorry….I meant to write my post to @offthejob2012. Also, sorry for the typos….I got a little excited! 😛

        • ckwrocks

          @ Thaaff: You are sooooo right!!! Why doesn’t the rest of America see what’s happening right in front of their eyes?!!!

        • William Pritchett

          The urge to get “something” overrides the ability to think.

        • John Grubb

          That bitch needs to begone anyway,alone with the Obama,s!!!!

        • davconn

          Old English saying. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.
          It takes courage to admit you see the bear in the barn if it means you would have to go out scare it away or fight it. Just stare at the TV or computer and ignore it. It would serve that stupid lady ambassador right if the bastards invades and did her in, Muslim style, and Marines just stood back and ignored it.

        • RebelBooster

          I see it and I have live ammo…Come on over to my house you commie scum buckets…I will blow your nuts off!

        • comsense08

          You make the assumption they have some?

        • Mr. T

          To be a liberal/socialist/communist, you have to automatically have your nuts removed in the first place.

        • cheese622

          The rest of America doesn’t want to see who this man really is because white america suffers from either white guilt or doen’t want to be labled racist and black america don’t want to be labled race traitor. I know of what I speak, I happen to be a black man/proud tea party member/ and Marine who loves his country

        • John811c

          I suffer no guilt for this man being in office..I voted against him in 2008 and will vote against him in 2012..I knew what he was all about before I voted against him …my #1 reason was his support of abortion and I further researched him…and didn’t want a rank amateur as president..I chose wisely but still got the A…hole …I hope all Americans are awake now

        • redneckmoroncryotonite

          And just like Token on SOUTH PARK you speak for all black men.

        • Pete

          We are doing what the German people did in the 1930’s.

        • Linda Shade

          Thaaff – they (the feds) already have foreign troops in our country just in case the American troops per chance have gone to “Oath Keepers” the military, an police, organization that swears to uphold our Constitution, and our troops decide not to follow orders to fire on American citizens. Remember Kent State??? Oh how soon everyone forgets! But . . . as long as the population has their big screen TV’s, their football, baseball et al and listen to ANY of the main stream cable news shows, our government will go about taking away ALL of our Constitutional rights one by one until one day we’re living in a socialist state.

        • american joe

          Government “sweet talks” you at the front door while the muslims sneak in the back door and stab you in the back. Then they both applaud and STEAL everything not nailes down.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          WE outnumber THEM! Keep your powder dry!

        • RW

          I agree, it getting more difficult to purchase certain rounds; this is why I make my own power, cast my own bullets, use old casings. no one knows I have these rounds, well maybe now they do, I don’t give a darn, I’ll do my part if it comes down to liberty or socialism!

        • The Truth Sometimes Hurts

          Don’t attack the govt head on, they will win.
          However, a million snipers will beat them over time.

        • Del Abbey

          To use on US citizens when the Marxist in the whitehouse calls for the army to kill citizens

        • jag57

          What % of our military do you think will go against their oath of office, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic? Not one word about protecting a President, or any government bureaucrat, only our sacred Constitution.

        • tetons9

          The military oath does require that all members of the military will obey orders from their Commander-In- Chief which is the President! I don’t agree with that and I am a veteran, however it is the truth.

        • Pete

          Perhaps some will realize he is actually the Commode in Chief and has o right or qualification to command even one soldier to do anything.

        • Judy Ladd

          I believe the military leaders would recognize a liar and know the citizens were not a threat to our nation.. only the leader could be a threat if he ordered Americans targeted.. i would not obey an order if i KNEW it was bogus.. and i don’t think our troops would either. people who join the military are not that kind of person. they all have parents and family and know the difference…

        • The Big Easy

          @-judy——Suppose they were told some bogus tale of the AMERICAN CITIZENS being some sort of domestic terrorists ? ? ? ? ? The top brass knows what to say to them to get them to do their bidding,by hook or by crook.

        • davconn

          The primary oath is to protect the Consititution (not the Presdient) against all enemies foreign and domestic. When obama sends his bronwn shirts to attack Americans (some of which is already occuring) he has become a domesitic enemy and the military should remove him and his entire administration.

        • tom

          This requirement applies to LAWFUL orders. Not the ones that say to fire on civilians who refuse to be disarmed.

        • alpha-omega

          Lawful orders only..

        • Phillip_in_TX

          You are not obliged to obey an “Illegal Order.”

        • tampapatriot

          The clue is “against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC”. I pray our military would NOT take arms against US citizens. And I believe there are enough of us red bloods to take up arms in our defense with all the older GIs we seniors can do a lot of damage!

        • tampapatriot

          Second thought: the islamists right here in Tampa by name of CAIR are pushing to speak to our high school students as to how wonderful, caring they are. Strangely, there are lib idiots standing up at school board meetings to defend them. The term useful idiots comes to mind.
          I witnessed an old Baptist minister, some old hag looking woman who worked with a bunch of ragheads and told how wonderful they were.
          Nevermind that the FBI termed them as a terrorist group! The meeting was unbelievable with many mushhead Americans sitting there defending the smug bastards rubbing 1st Amendment Rights in our face.
          Guess who starts the riots here in Tampa? ? ? ?

        • Ron Hunt

          Thats why oboma wants a private army. Be it a union army or ablack panther . it will answer only to Oboma. No patriatism here , just hired gooks.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          A “union army” would be okay. We’d have to convince them they are getting screwed and can demand higher wages & better working conditions. They will go on strike, problem solved.

        • comsense08

          Sounds like a good way to get some “hired gooks” shot to me! They’d better be large in number and fearless, because as Japan found out in WWII, once we are riled it gets ugly fast!

        • davconn

          Don’t just pray, let the military and the top officers know that we expect them to fulfill their oath, like we did, and tell obama and czars and brown shirts to F off. Most of are no longer fit or armed sufficiently to face off well armed Brown shirts (government agents) and it is the military we must rely on and help them when push comes shove. A well armed militia (us vets, hunters, patriots) backing up our Marines and Soldiers would make short work of obama’s agent army (most of whom would defect anyway.)

        • Pete

          Many will! Just like they did when the chips were down with Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Amin, Saddam, Assad, and hundreds of other sicko murderers.

        • Pete

          Obumination is an anti-American muslim. He hates white people and non-muslims. That is why they bought hollow points.

        • Cheryl Burkhalter Kiepke

          Those hollow points are to be used on Americans- you know, the conservative terrorists….

        • John811c

          they were purchased to use against American Citizens here

        • Tony Paulinsky

          what bullets??

        • hollygreen9

          That is exactly what General “Black Jack” Pershing did in the Phillipines when they had a Muslim uprising. He had a firing squad dip their bullets in pig fat (while the insurgents watched) then executed them all, less one. He turned him loose, and he went back to his buddies and told them. No more problems! You can check it out. It is on the internet.

        • The Truth Sometimes Hurts

          Rub the bacon on the Marine knives!!!

        • jim

          And force booze down their throught and burn a koran on their body.

        • fed up!

          the only good muzzel-em is a dead one!!

        • Thaaff

          fed up!, I don’t think you realize who our real enemies are! The muslims are a DISTRACTION to keep us busy beating our chests while they are busy busy busy dismantling America! Our true enemies do not live in any desert; the main reason our armed forces were sent over there in the first place was to establish one huge DISTRACTION for us and them!! The real enemies have infested OUR White House and are busily weaving their web! When we all end up rushing headlong at who we’ve BEEN TOLD is the enemy, we will all end up stuck to the giant web (the web being carefully constructed by the establishment media)! Then, we will finally learn who our actual enemies have been all along! What do you (anybody) think about that?

        • ckwrocks

          Yep….all the time, and you’re absolutely correct. However, make no mistake…..this Muslim “distraction” isn’t just that simple. They really do want death to all non-Muslim “Infidels” all over the world, especially America.

        • Ruth Yothers

          you said what i was trying to say, but didn’t know how to put it., good job and so dam true!

        • ShirleyWarren

          @Thaaff Yes, you are right. We will find that Obama and all his CJAR’s and other administration will be the real enemy along with the media. Most of us have that figured out, but there are a few that still need to be educated. They haven’t learned the arithmetic as Bill Clinton says

        • Doc Holiday

          and Israel . . . .

        • Justonemorething

          Dawn you need an obscure moniker. This is too serious to go as you are.

      • Marcus

        I agree. When the Commander in Chief allows those who protect us to stand guard with little more than sticks, it’s time to get out of the Middle East. Get the pinko Commander in Chief out of Office, and start rebuilding our strength. Where is Ronald Reagan when we need him

        • Tionico

          didn’t they tell the border patrol agents they can’t have real bullets, either? Beanbags, or some such silliness. Then, throw your gun at them, and run like aitch ee double toothpicks. THAT”ll fix em… right. And the kinyun calls himself “commander in chief”?

        • fed up!

          he is only ‘the resident’ and he is ALSO the commander in GRIEF!!

        • LadyforLiberty

          Yeah, but the “soldiers” working the Patriot Act are well armed, but are only there to point theirs at Americans!

        • samuel


        • Thaaff

          Have you seen the movie “2016”? It does a great job of exposing obumma’s life story and I highly recommend seeing it!

        • jag57

          Janet Napolitano, when she talks about the border being so safe, I would like to see her dropped about 5 miles south of our border, no ID, just the clothes on her back, but I would allow her to have a bean bag gun. Being head of the DHS, she is bound to know exactly who is responsible for weapons being sent to Mexican cartels, to kill our border agents, while she only allowed them a bean bag gun.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          She would be PERFECTLY safe! She would scare them to death!

        • Thaaff

          Tionico: Only because we’ve allowed it!

        • LadyforLiberty

          Sure thing Marcus. Thank God Obama wasn`t around in 44!
          However, knowing the Marines (by reputation), what re the Master Chiefs doing about this?
          I cannot see a sutuation where sergeants (the one who REALLY run the Forces) are gonna let this kind of Stupidity stand.
          No ammo? Who controls issues man??
          This story will be killed rather than broadcast in USA widely!
          November vote anybody??
          ABO I reckon!

        • Hans

          ODUMBO is no commander in chief ! He is a muslim coward and traitor !!!

        • ShirleyWarren

          Give Mitt the chance and he will show you he IS another Ronald Reagan.

        • Lee Baldwin

          Ronald Reagan died years ago, Marcus. he is not coming back, so “We the People” that love America must carry on in his memory. We must do our best to act like Reagan. We must NEVER allow this muSLIME criminal behaviour in our country again once we cleanse ourselfs of Hillary Clinton & the guy known as obama. Hillary has a muSLIME gay lover, so that is why she supports the terrorists, obama is one of them. BOTH try their level best to hide the facts while making communist decisions AGAINST American values. BOTH make apologies to terrorists for American values. Neither realizes Ronald Reagan would apologize with a 7.62NATO round. That by the way is what our Marines shold have had lots of when deployed to an offshore Embassy in a country known for violence, so exactly who made the decision to not allow ammunition to be loaded into our Marine’s weapons? Who do YOU think made this decision, Americans?

        • Thaaff

          Lee Baldwin: I know! I know! Would you believe the answer is….America’s real enemies? Am I right? Am I right?

        • William Pritchett

          I read it was the lady ambassador’s call.

        • Rachel Guess

          Personally, I think we would do better with another Dwight D. since he had the military background and wasn’t afraid to take action when necessary.

        • barbara goda

          really – its time to dump the ineffective president

        • Phillip_in_TX

          “Eject the Reject!” November 6th, 2012, the ballot box, be there!

        • William Pritchett

          When our ambassador and staff were murdered I was surprised that Obama didn’t apologize because the feeling of the muzzies were hurt. He still might get one in somewhere.

      • [email protected]

        Time for the Marines to take our nation back and look “within”, where the real and very serious enemy dwells.. Nothing wrong with our country that a few good Marines cannot cure. The need will become more evident to more Americans begnning soon, sooner than later. um.. I wonder if Obama is arming the illligan aliens that are being ushered into the United States from south of the border, and, it must be added that very few Americans a distance from the border states can distinguish a Middle Eastern man from a Hispanic.
        They are all over our country, and some say that they are just waiting for “orders”. This may come sooner than later. My prayer and my thoughts are that Americans will open their eyes, become informed, realize ~not what they are told with false promises that they are going to “get” (not pronounced by those who represent Obama and Holder as “git” {listen to how Michelle Obama pronounces the word, “get” and her the “git”, and, ask yourself}). We are in great trouble in our nation, and if we are not careful the “land of the free” will be no more.

      • rotten rollin

        It’s time for America to abandon Obama. Good Grief.

        • ltbl123

          Unfortunately it is way past time, but stupidity is well represented in the electorate.

        • digdeeper

          THAT is a huge problem….some people just don’t think, especially not critically. So much for public education, propaganda, koolaid, and dumbing down America.

        • Thaaff

          Itbi123: If only that were true! The reality is that as lost and deceived as they are, they are most definately NOT stupid; they know exactly what they’re doing! They are actually counting on OUR stupidity!

        • Thaaff

          rotten rollin: The sad thing is, there will always be sheeple….non-thinkers, thanks to union-run government schools which have been dumming us down for the last century and for our traitorist propaganda machine (the establishment media)! What’s happening now is the culmination of what satan’s sons and daughters have been working on for the last century!

        • Phillip_in_TX

          That’s why my wife and I home school our children.

      • Hermeon

        That is sound advice.The muslims are just a bunch of backward zealots that live by the sword,and they will certainly die by it.whether it is our sword or theres.But i am sick of the scummy vermin getting away with killing Americans.They need to die.They give no mercy so no mercy should be given them!!!!

        • Melba Simmons Rowland

          …..a couple of well aimed missles could ix that problem…

      • CaptTurbo

        They have no resources we need. We just need to take the liberals over our knees and spank the hell out of them and send them to their rooms. Then we need to drill into the vast ocean of oil under our own feet and build a few refineries. The camel jockeys can drink their oil.
        If we unload the Communists which we have allowed to take over our government, we really can have a bright future.

        • Thaaff

          CaptTurbo: You are SO right!! The so-called “progressive” liberals are America’s true enemies! It is they who pit American patriots against muslims and vise-versa in the first place; that is why our troops were sent there in the beginning of this senseless mess! While we all do our war dances, they can continue to go about taking this Constitutional Republic down, as obumma himself once said “brick by brick”! I do not think that a spanking is any kind of solution; as long as so-called “progressives” are tolerated in America, they will continue in their hundred year old quest to take this Republic down! It is they who need to go down!!

        • Phillip_in_TX

          How about we round them all up, then air drop them over Egypt, Iran, Libya, etc. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, we cannot provide them any parachutes. : (

      • lowell tate

        when the mobs gather a us air response would clear them out,but we’d need to be consistent.

      • Tony Paulinsky

        no, because we will eventually have to pick up the pieces

      • Toothii

        Only prob w that is that china and Russia will fill the void, ultimately control the oil , the Suez canal. We have to maintain a presence but I can’t be this baby pamby force that Obummer permits! They will respect our strength…they see us a weak right now and thanks to BO we are!

      • colt38

        I’m going out and buy some more ammo while I still can.

      • rob

        We have the enemy right here in the White House

      • whitestone57

        American Brings It’s Own Hate On Ourselves. (9/11) We Have Our Noses On THEIR Land. Wake Up..Dumb…Neo-Cons. No More Money To Israel Or Egypt’!

      • sovereigntyofone

        On the next ” Rama-dama-ding-dong ” Islamic holiday, just drop a few M.O.A.B. on the major religious centers in the middle east. That should get their attention that we don’t agree with them.

      • Ron Martin,

        Roger that! Let’s do it!

    • Bill Meador

      Remember, Obamy bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia on his visit there. Ought to tell us something!

      • Tom54

        He was only bowing to his Master.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Actually, he has a secret “shoe fetish” and wanted to get a closer look.

      • mary

        W danced with them. Is W gay? Only gays dance with people of same sex. Who would have thought. He also spiritied them out of America on 9/11. Only ones allowed to fly. Go W. You were so cool.

        • SJvet

          And you’re so idiotic!

        • sandman4X4

          and obummer is the results of all that hatered of Pres. Bush! idiot like mary mary quite contrary?

        • Hans

          SANDMAN: You are a frickin’ idiot. Move to KENYA, they need A$$holes like you there !!!!

        • luci

          what are you talking about??

        • ltbl123

          Cutting off your nose to spite your face?

      • LadyforLiberty

        Replying to this while listening to radio reports of attacks on US troops in Afghanistan!
        Where are the Apaches when you need them.

        The crazies were terrified of them in 07, so have we retired them now we need them.
        Still B52s did ok at the beginning of the war on the Taliban.
        USA has got weaker under Obama, and it is beginning to show how little respect US has around the world if Obama cannot respond appropriately in real time situations.
        The crazies only respect force, US Marines ought to be able to oblige them. good style!
        What a country when Forces not supported by Commander in Chief!

      • Lerojist

        From my understanding Obama is almost 1/2 Arab. He’s half white, 12% black, and the rest Arab. Now people can better understand his actions.

        We up against Biblical, Ishmael (Arabia/mideast), Esau (Russia), AND the serpent seed (first from Mongolia, migrated into the world)

        • Thaaff

          Lerojist: Say what???

    • Tom54

      Facing North of course. Is that the correct direction? I don’t keep track.

    • Col Richardson

      This is not my Marine Corps, barely my government, certainly the most malignantly stupid State Department in our history.

      SEMPER Fi to the Constitution.

      • 44rd11

        Absolutely – I was on embassy duty in Switzerland – we carried live bullets, we went to the pistol range several times a year – there was not ever a hint that the Swiss who are armed – ever thought of attacking nor would they . But we go into totally enemy territory, a people that HATE all Americans and our liberty and freedom – and we go unarmed. This is TOTALLY the fault of Hillary Rodham Clinton AND the Commandant of the Marine Corps who is charged to take care of his men – down to the lowest private. Where is this General – this politician that should be stripped of his stars and put out to pasture.

        • Col Richardson

          I am bewildered and what is, of the United States military under this sick administration. God help us if we have to fight a real war with real bullets and a lot of enemy at once.

        • Lee Baldwin

          oval office

        • tomf

          I believe they’ve changed to name to OFFAL ORIFICE! I hear that even the hordes of muslims, in what used to be the white house, were complaining until they found out it was because of the camel dung that’s said to be “two feet high and rising”. No!! WAIT!! That’s the words to an old song!! Or, that might be a coincidence. I get confused sometimes.

      • IDAHO TED

        SEMPER FI my friend, we have to do something fast, I am olld dude now, but during my 22 years in the Marine Corps. never have we ever had a President like this idiot, we have to get him out fast…Romney better beat his ass in November. God help us…and the USA

    • american joe

      Here in America, state and local police ‘step-up’ patrols on certain holidays (New Years Eve, July Fourth, Labor Day, Ect.) anticipating there will be people who “party” too much and ‘may’ commit acts of violence. Very smart thinking. But, our Federal government KNOWING that on the anniversary of 9/11, especially in the Middle East, there WILL be acts of violence committed against ALL Americans, so what does government do? NOTHING!!!. That’s called OBAMA (stinking) thinking and it cost the lives of several American officials.
      Then after the fact, YOBUMMER sends in the Marines…unarmed. He may as well send in a troop of girl scouts with cookies. Ovomit has a skewed sense of priorities. Oh, that’s right, he doesn’t want to “offend” the muslim brotherhood who planned this attack weeks beforehand. When Romney gets into the Whitehouse, his first order of business is to arrest Ovomit’s dirty muslim a$$ for murder.

      • Lee Baldwin

        and send it to Guantanamo.

      • Phillip_in_TX

        Instead of cookies, can we send the Girl Scouts with “Pork Rinds?”

    • justsayno

      death to islam

    • fed up!

      LIKE HELL!

    • justsayno

      Here in America, state and local police step-up patrols on certain holidays anticipating too much partying or acts of violence. Very smart thinking But our Federal government ignores stepping up guards prior to 9/11 KNOWING there WILL be acts of violence committed by muslims against Americans. That is called OBOMA stinking thinking.
      Then after the fact, he sends in the Marines…un-armed. He may as well send in a troop of girl scouts with cookies. Romney’s first order of business as president should be to issue a arrest warrent for Ovomit for murder.

    • Marvin Clark

      What is a non-radical muslim? If one is a Muslim, one embraces the Koran and Sharia Law. Neither of these can be considered anything but rabidly radical. Both documents insist on behavior that has been illegal and considered immoral in our country for centuries.

      • ltbl123

        A non radical muslim is one who sits in the bleachers and cheers quietly as the radicals kill the infidels

      • Phillip_in_TX

        What is a non-radical muslim? A dead one.

    • claims1

      Hankster6, I hope this will be received in the spirit in which it is being written.
      I understand and agree with your every word, except that (as you know ) we are the Few, The Proud, The Marines. We are not soldiers, sailors or airmen – We are Marines. Thanks for your time.
      By the way, we know how Obama feels about the muslims, but I also recall that neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton gave a tinker’s damn for our military.
      Semper Fidelis

      • Hugh Dame

        you forget that Hillary tried to enlist in the corps that could pass the physical. :-) If this bunch of pansies has their way the USMC will be the last of the great military as America goes to ruin.

        Semper fi

      • Thaaff

        No so-called “progressive” gives a hoot about America, our Constitution or our military! They are our real enemies! Would the muslim world really hate Americas if our military had not been sent over to their countries in the first place? I think not! I totally believe that it was the so-called “progressives” here and abroad (George Soros) who purposely pitted America and the muslim countries against each other when all of this middle east mess began in order to creative a huge diversion so that they could quietly continue in their century old quest to completely decimate our Constitutional Republic! THEY are the real enemies!! Americans have to wake up!! Before this so-called “war on terrorism” materialized out of nowhere, was there any animosity between us and them? No, there was not! The dastardly way this malignant administration has been responding to the muslim violence against our military is not because obumma and his cabinet don’t know what to do about it ; they know exactly what they’re doing…and not doing! They are America’s enemies!!

        • sickandtiredofmorons

          It is you who does not understand what it means to be a citizen in a “Constitutional Republic.” Assume what you say is true, be a responsible citizen instead of a cry-baby who expects others to to your work while you enjoy the fruits. Don’t like the status quo, get involved in the process. That’s what the “progressives” did. Follow suit. Make your case to your friends and neighbors and fellow citizens. If you can’t get yourself or your people elected, deal with it or move to a country your liking.

    • taliesin319

      That would put our Marines in the same situation as a prisoner in a shower who drops the soap and is treated to gang rape, the national past time of every muslim
      idiot who ever saw the light of day. A dominant trait resulting from the consciousness of owning less than standard equipment. If you read the Sira ( the biography of Mohammad ) you get the impression he had this problem. He was
      quoted as saying that he ” preferred very young women ( grab them at 6, abuse them without consumation until 9 and then make them honest women. ) as they were satisfied with a ” modicum “. If a grown man can consummate his marriage to a 9 year old and not send her to the equivalent of a 7th century trauma unit than it becomes clear that he had the barest modicum and would hardly have been
      welcome in any grown woman’s tent. Any normal woman would have counted his absence as a blessing.

      • reggiec

        There is a concept in Islam that was instituted by their prophet Mohammed. It is called abrogation. This is the concept that any so called message from Allah given to Mohammed that disagreed with any earlier so called messages from Allah abrogates the earlier message. In other words the second cancels out the first. Now since Allah is “all knowing and perfect” Mohammed must have got the first message wrong and had to be corrected. If that is true then did he fail to correct any more messages from Allah? If he messed up the first time, what is to say his corrections are accurate? He could have screwed up yet again. I am just asking some logical questions.
        Now that, in the eyes of Muslims, I have probably insulted their prophet; if they want to come after me, they should be aware that I don’t believe in unloaded weapons or rubber bullets.

        • Hugh Dame

          I second the fact that Mohammed was a pervert, a pedophile, a murderer, and an extortionist. My guns are also loaded with real bullets.

    • Sgt. G. Horzewski U.S.M.C.

      Give us the ammunition or get us the hell out of there.

      • Phillip_in_TX

        Amen to that!

    • guest on this planet

      the marines should fix bayonets and make sure that the ambassador isnt taken alive

    • lowell tate

      Firing on them might hurt their feelings

    • Mike Tanco

      That’s correct. He is still a Muslim and will always be a Muslim. If he and Hillary are so set on not using guns, they need to fly to these rioting countries and talk these people out of hating the United States. This way we would only lose one American life, Hillary’s. Obama could be taken back to his homeland, Kenya and be buried.

    • Mike Lovelace

      They are supposed to insult the attackers by throwing their boots at them…

    • Russell Sumpter

      We need to elect Constitutional
      patriots to the House and Senate who will oppose/impeach the communist scum in
      the White House. Then charge Ambassador Anne Patterson and her entire chain of
      command with first degree murder and treason.

    • Mike6

      I worked in an Islam country and I know what they do, what they are capable of doing , and it is not pretty.
      If Obama is re-elected I predict that Democrats will start building FEMA camps in some Mohave desert for Tea Party Members and NRA activists. These camps may have barbed wire and machine gun towers just like the President Roosevelt camps in 1942. DemocRATS have put American patriots into concentration camps before, and they may now do so again.

  • Screamin’ Queen

    Fuck you all.

    • pappadave

      No need. Obama has already done that.

    • Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

      Just so you know, I flagged you as inappropriate.l There is no need of language like that. If you don’t agree, that’s your right, but as a lady, I do NOT have to tolerate filthy language!

  • Kawboy

    If this is true then Romney has a lot of ammo to shoot at the B.O. campaign. Passafists should not be allowed military command.

    • Patriot 5

      That’s exactly the reason why the President is must be a Natural Born Citizen with a love for this Great Nation or Our! Well it was till O’Scuma and his corrupt administration got in.

  • juluka

    This little bit of misinformation has already been refuted. Twits.

    • Rob from VA

      If it has, post the source!

      • juluka

        From the Marine Corps congressional liason. I would call this straight from the horse’s mouth:-

        From: Cross, Alex Maj OLA, LA-41B

        Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2012 4:55 PM

        To: Cross, Alex Maj OLA, LA-41B

        Subject: Marines in Libya and Egypt

        Ladies and Gentlemen-

        The following information is provided regarding Marine involvement in the recent actions in Egypt and Libya:

        -The Ambassador did not impose restrictions on weapons or weapons status
        on the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group (MCESG) detachment. The
        MCESG Marines in Cairo were allowed to have live ammunition in their
        weapons. The Ambassador and Regional Security Officer have been
        completely and appropriately engaged with the security situation.
        Reports of Marines not being able to have their weapons loaded per
        direction from the Ambassador are not accurate.

        – The Marine Corps does not establish Rules of Engagement (ROE).
        Nonetheless, ROE is classified and release of that information would
        jeopardize the Marines and U.S. interests. Any further inquiry should
        be directed to the State Department, since Marine security guards report
        to the ambassador not to a military commander.

        -As reported in open sources, approximately 2000 personnel were
        protesting outside the U.S. Embassy and six individuals entered Embassy
        grounds. The Marines quickly took control of these six individuals and
        subsequently turned them over to local security officials.

        -There were no Marines injured in this, or other actions in Cairo.

        -There are no Marine dependents in Cairo.

    • Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

      Post proof of it. I read this last night, on a different site, that the Marines in the Egypt embassy had no live ammo. And, stop calling names. If you have proof, provide it. None of us want to react to something that isn’t true. The situation is already too volatile as it is.

  • joe

    Of course they didn’t have ammo, our muslim so-called president is part of the jihad.

    • JOHN T. FOX


      • Dawn Marie Mathis Espino

        Carter and Barrack are very similar!

  • James Maxwell

    She was following the orders of the Pretender in Washington. He did not want his muslim
    brothers in harms way. And if they got hurt burning, looting or destroying American property they can file claim against the Great Satan and he will pay their claims plus
    the cost of bullets, rocket and mortar rounds the used.

  • GWP

    Wrong!!! As much as I dislike our current President and what he does/doesn’t do, this is false. From first hand e-mails from friends and associates involved, Marines have authority to lock-and-load.
    Unfortunately, this kind of widespread article – especially when inaccurate – causes us to lose credibility when we have something to say that IS true.
    We need to be cautious of what we say.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      We weren’t allowed live ammo in 83 in lebanon, while post guard duty at the airport!

    • Steven Lemon

      Maybe the Marines were allowed to “;lock and load” but since there is no report of the Navy SEAL killing any protestors I guess the SEALS were not allowed ammunition. I cannot believe those people were killed and didn’t take out a bunch of those thugs with them.

    • texaninsouthfl

      Of course security personnel in embassies have authority to be armed while on embassy property … the point is the ambASSador forbade them to do so. Besides what makes you think the reports that Marines were effectively unarmed were untrue? Have you heard of any reports of ANY shots fired by Marines at any of the diplomatic centers? NOPE. In NOT permitting our Marines to defend our diplomats and others on our sovereign territory, ovomit and his minions are accessories to murder.

    • Patriot 5

      If what you say about the Marines having the authority to Lock & Load, more correctly Load and Lock the Bolt, then why wasn’t there a bunch of dead Lybians & Egyptians with the Embassy protected by our Marines?? According to an article about Hillary Clinton ignoring warnings about threats against the embassy 4 Americans plus the Ambassador died. It made no mention of any Marines dieing in action so what you say is questionable to me!

  • icemancold

    WELL: Stands to reason That Muslim Dictator OBAMA would not allow Live ammo. This could result in the death of fellow MUSLIMS and OBAMA would not want that.

  • juluka

    And for the record since you all seem so misinformed, Ambassador Patterson was first appointed as an ambassador by none other than George W. Bush.

    • Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

      Doesn’t matter WHO appointed her. She’s an idiot, & Bush would have overrode her no live ammo order, as Obama SHOULD have already done, but is the last thing HE will do. He WANTS as many Americans killed as possible!

      • juluka

        This whole rumor about the no live ammo order, was refuted yesterday by the Marine Corps itself. And here you all go off on your predictable tangents.

      • juluka

        Amazing by the way Sharon Jones Jeanguenat, that you admonish me to stop namecalling when I refer to the uninformed on this page as “twits” (which really, is what the British press called Romney on their front pages – including a Rupert Murdoch publication), yet you accuse the POTUS of wanting to kill his own citizens. The events of the past few days and the comments from Mitt Romney and people like yourself really contrast so sharply with what happened in April 1980 after Carter’s failed rescue attempt at the Tehran embassy. Ronald Reagan’s immediate reaction was “This is the time for us as a nation and a people to stand united, and to pray”. George H.W. Bush at the same time said “I unequivocally support the president of the United States — no ifs,
        ands or buts — and it certainly is not a time to try to go one-up
        There is nothing with ideological disagreement, as long as people inform themselves before they mouth off. Ignorance on the other hand, I find frightening.

    • BigGeezer

      Nooooooooo… obama appointed her to Egypt. I know you like playing games but GW had nothing to do with her appointment to Egypt.

      • juluka

        I never said Bush appointed her to Egypt. I said he FIRST APPOINTED her. And now I know you can’t read.

  • nautic3727

    When I was in The Marines, we were trained to use pistol and rifle which contained live ammunition. What is the point of not having live ammunition. The Marines might as well not be there at all. Dis-arming Marines is a disgrace.

    • JOHN T. FOX


    • 44rd11

      It is more than a disgrace – it is wrong – and now there are dead Americans because of it – and not a single dead Muslim.

  • MaranathaMark

    If you aren’t going to issue them ammo, then why have the Marines there in the 1st place! Either arm them to the teeth or bring them home! There should have been a pile of dead Lybians and Egyptians outside the respective Embassies, where the Marines had mowed them down. They should have orders to shoot to kill anyone coming over our Embassy walls! I think a MOAB for each dead American dropped on and around our embassy in Lybia, and in this there are no friendlies around the embassies, just so they know what to expect when they attack us!

    • theronald

      I strongly agree! A MOAB for each dead American (Mother Of All Bombs) sounds just about right.

  • warriorsmom

    Well, I certainly hope it isn’t true. But remember…we have sequestration right around the corner. Who and/or what will they send to take of the problems, then?

  • Poppy Haynes

    This idiot woman should be removed from her post immediately….and take Obama with her.
    What an idiotic thing to do. Give the Marines orders to protect and defend and then take their tools away!!!! And this is not the first time.
    How many more American lives will be lost from this idiotic decision to disarm the Marines?

    • TMS

      it will take a new admin in the WH to do that. VOTE in November!

      • Palrak

        Obama voters: Election Day is Wednesday, November 7th. Don’t forget to put it on your calendars!

  • Proudamerican

    Thats the most ridiculous krap I have ever heard! What good is a marine and a rifle with no ammo??? You can bet a stinking dem sewer rat made that decision! This phony pos MUST GO! DEMS MUST GO ALSO! This charade has gone on long enough!

    • Ronald Christopher

      I agree. When I was in Vietnam, none of my men went anywhere without their weapon loaded and ready for use. No safeties were allowed on. The trigger finger was always ready for action. I do not understand how an embassy can have Marine guards without ammo. I would not have allowed that to happen if I would have been there.

  • mudguy

    How many B17 would have been saved if the Red Tails had been told that could not have live ammunition in their guns. No live ammunition is so stupid no wonder we are perceived as week and can be attacked anytime.

    • Ol Grey Wolf

      We are not officially at war with them…They will be given no ammo until it is Deemed From Above that they need it…Thus the heavy teachings of hand to hand combat…

      • Phillip_in_TX

        A gun without ammo is just another paper weight. It does not matter whether or not we are at “WAR” with anyone. When I was in the Air Force we ALWAYS carried live ammo. The biggest problem is someone is suffering from “Cranial Rectal Inversion” and it cost people their lives!

  • john

    if this is true, then this is treason…. and when will the military do something about their pretender in chief.

  • Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

    Wait til they come to kill her! I bet she’ll be crying to the Marines, ‘protect me, protect me!’ But, they won’t be able to. The people responsible for not allowing our people to be able to defend themselves need to be tried for treason, & for the murder of the 4 in Libya.

  • Hank

    Obama doesn’t want to kill any of his brothers.

  • Captain Kirk

    Next time, the terrorists will take on the marines thinking they are unarmed.
    Damn, if that happens and they were without ammo, the commander in chief should be relieved from duty.
    Hey, That’s our job. Nov can’t come fast enough.

  • Krazeehors

    Gary, I agree with your opinion that our Marines have effectively been cut off at the knees and prevented from doing their jobs, but “a social club run by women?” Please.
    Let’s not bring sexism into this debate. Let’s blame this on the one who is totally responsible. He lives in the White House.

    • Ol Grey Wolf

      It is the same thru all branches of military…

      • Krazeehors

        Yes, I know. I am a veteran of the Air Force, disabled. My son is in the Army.

  • Robert

    This so called
    Anne Patterson should be “Fired” and maybe even be charged for Crimes against America and should at the very least be ashamed of her self.

  • CalifTaxPayer

    Utterly Pathetic just so Disgusting. I so hope Romney will bring this into his campaign. He has so much Ammunition to use. I pray he does not try to be politically correct because it didn’t work for McCain and it won’t this time either.

  • Esther Saltiban

    this makes me sick, what has our country done! What kind of government would send our boys and girls in and then put them in harms way, by asking them to protect something without bullets? This is the deciding factor for where I will be voting.

    • Ol Grey Wolf

      I have been there…IN 1977… It was that way , even back then…As for my vote…I will be voting on principle…Ron Paul…You will have NO DIFFERENCE if you vote for Romney or Obama…

      • Linda Lewis

        Not true and you will be helping Obama back into office! Please reconsider, we know what we have with Obama and we cannot stand another four years of fiscal stupidity!

      • JOHN T. FOX


      • Cherieo3

        Re: Grey Wolf: If you vote for Ron….you are voting for Obama….Is that smart?
        Can this country survive 4 more years of Obama and gang? I think I think you will not have to worry about any future elections for Ron. Think about your vote…and if you can’t vote for Romney…just don’t vote period!

  • Melissa Thomas

    As a conservative, a disabled veteran, and a female I find your article so laced with chauvinism and homophobia that it loses sight of any cogent argument. Articles like this don’t help the causes of the Tea Party, freedom, the military or anyone I can think of for that matter. It just makes the author and everyone associated with the movement to support and restore the constitution in America look like the bassackward haters that the liberal media loves to portray us as in the first place. IF the guards were denied ammo (BTDT) I am livid, however you certainly don’t speak for me beyond that and I find such articles totally counter-productive.

    • Harold Dean

      You also have a problem with credibility with your remark about homophobia. I am sure that most red blooded american males serving in the military are not afraid of homosexuals. Your use of a term to insinuate such a thing denotes your lack of real education.

  • CalifTaxPayer

    not only that OBummer has given the Terrorist (lets call it what it is) TERRORIST millions and millions of OUR tax dollars. Another piece of Ammunition for Romney

    • Dawn Marie Mathis Espino

      Just hope he uses it!

  • NewGrayMare

    If the Marines are not allowed to have bullets, but must protect the lives of others, how in the world are they supposed to protect them? Do the Marines just throw rocks at people shooting at them with the purpose of killing them or are they allowed to protect themselves and those they serve. This just adds to the list of the many things that are totally stupid when it comes to protection.

  • Sean Crowley

    Sounds a lot like Carter having Marines defend the Panama Canal with no bullets in the weapons!

  • Mike Odell

    Who in there right mind would do this You are in a land that the people of that country hate you and want to kill you And the people there to help protect you You tell them they cannot have live ammo I would tell her or him to go to hell I am going to carry all the ammo I can carry and all the guns If you want to die go out in the street and get shot I am going to protect my life and the lives of Americans Only an Obama lover would be this stupid She should be brought up on charges of treason and murder I pray we can get rid of these people soon God save this country from four more years of Obama and the jerks running this country

  • Adam Weinstein
  • ToadStool Manor

    I love our Military… I am a Military Brat… My dad retired honorably from 21 years Active duty with the Navy as a WWII veteran… I am forced to asked this question… If this is indeed true, WHY, WHY in the world are we even sending more of our precious men and women into these dispicable areas without giving them the ammunition to defend themselves or the soveriegn grounds of our Embassies over there?? It is absolute IDIOCY if indeed it is true !

    • Ol Grey Wolf

      Our embassies are on Sovereign Ground…Of another country…

  • rg

    Goes to show anyone who’s paying attention the kind of ignorant POS people we have running our great country. Are you listening you damn fool liberals?

    • Adam Weinstein

      I’m listening. And guess what? I found the answer to this rumor. Try reading something factual before grabbing your pitchfork.

    • Col Richardson

      If the truth were revealed, you would find that most of these gubmint maggots are sociology majors who had to struggle to get C majors. Carney is a case in point.

  • gottago3

    The dam state department should stay the hell out of running the military. They need to have their budget severely chopped. We don’t need half the embassies we have since most are in some litter box in the Middle East of some third world country in Africa. You want to travel to one of those countries? Do so at your own risk. Don’t cry to the U.S. if you screw up and get thrown in the can.

  • one_immortal

    As a Marine, I always thought that Embassy Duty was a prized assignment. While largely ceremonial in my time, it was still wonderful duty and by the way, I know no Pink Marines, no gays, and I knew none in my time. While I can and do believe they did exist they remained quiet because it was an abominable practice then and frankly still is notwithstanding what the fairies in Congress and in the White House say. Still, to place armed guards on duty with instructions not to have them issued ammunition is the height of stupidity not to mention folly in the extreme. Not only does it show to the world that they can attack us with impunity especially when their rioting and killing has nothing to do with some video placed on U-tube by some coptic Christian. It has to do with the Muslim Brotherhood, radicals with but one God, Allah, and with but two goals. (1) convert the world to islam and (2) kill those that will not convert but especially Americans and Jews. To tell the youngsters of today not to consider the Marines, the finest of the finest troops in the world (I include Navy Seals and Army Special Forces in that same category along with Marines) for fear that they might have to wear tutus instead of Marine Green is also way out of line. If our Marines are unarmed which by the way the Pentagon denies, that is one thing. It is not the fault of our proud Marines, it is the stupidity of the State Department and policy makers at the highest National Levels. In fact, one should note that no Marine unit anywhere in the world today is there without ammunition for their weapons. They have it, just are not allowed to lock and load. They follow orders as is tradition…in this case to their everlasting regret. Again, blame the scumbags that are calling the shots not our Marines. They would (not gladly) die in defense of their country and its citizens if needs be, but at least give them the tools to do so with honor not the disgrace meted out by Obama and his pusilanimous politicing Head of the State Department. Wow am I glad I turned down a position with that agency so many years ago.

    • JOHN T. FOX


    • JBQ21

      Unfortunately, that is what happened in Beirut in 1983 under orders from Ronnie R. The car bomber smiled and waved as he drove through the gates and into the garge to dtonate and kill 241 American personnel most of whom were Marines. Rightfully, Ronnie was called to task and Obama should be as well.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Sure as hell reminds me of Oct. 23, 1983, in Beirut, Lebanon. We weren’t allowed live ammo then either, and over 220 Marines and service personel died in the attack. I was one of the lucky ones!

    • JOHN T. FOX


  • BigGeezer

    this had nothing to do with women… it had everything to do with a flaming, stupid liberal and her policies. I’ll take some of my female gun-totting friends over these obama appointments any day. This is another example of liberal fools who won’t defend America, Americans or allow our brave solders to defend themselves. I can’t wait for November 6th… and America don’t be swayed in either direction by the liberal polling reports… get your a$$es to the polls and vote!!!!

  • greyhound44

    Is that not what “insane Hussein” wants?

  • NoU4EN

    Obama: “Romney shoots first aims later”.
    Obama enables the enemy to shoot first, then blames later.

  • kpjlaw

    I never thought that the United States Marine Corps would become pussy whipped. I guess that Obama group – Pelosi and Patterson – have done it. They all need to be removed in November. SEMPER FI.

  • Thomas Creamer

    The military should tell Obama and his cronies to “F-OFF” … why go into harms way without any bullits … what dip chit thought that one out ?

  • bmiller147

    When ever our troops or Representatives are facing uncertainty and aggression is coming or way and at times the Soveign Realestate (Embassies) of our’s is encroached upon by other’s we and they have the rights to defend themselves, Whomever gave that order should be te first one they take out (put them in front). Never have I ever heard of such incompetence in dealing with the Middle East, the last time Jummy Carter was in office. The Marines should have refused to accept the order and act as they were trained to deal with such actions. What moron gave that order?? Throwing a rock is the same as sending a mortar at them. The mob sign showing , rock throwing, bullets fired all with the intent to confuse and make an international error looking for the sympathy of the world; to add insult to injury our President apologizes, again put him in front, send him home on a one way ticket.

    • Ol Grey Wolf

      The embassies are on OTHER COUNTRIES Ground…not the US…

      • BigGeezer

        wrong… embassy’s are sovereign soil of AMERICA. They are not ‘other countries ground’… they are AMERICAN PROPERTY.

  • Doc Smith

    This is the same trash the Dems pulled in Vietnam. Four M-60 and a case of grenades on the roof and problem solved.

  • daveveselenak

    I got news for you, the new Hitler is getting rid of his opposition to his civlian army, can it not be any more clear than it is? Those in the military had better awaken to the oath that they took “to defend enemies foriegn and domestic.” Our greatest enemy now is the treacherous Muslim-Marxist in the “Outhouse.” What a bunch of neutered fools!

  • Keeper

    49 years ago, Lima 3/9 USMC, stormed the beaches in Viet Nam, 3,500 strong. We also had NO ammo that day! A putz is a putz, even after all these years.

  • Thomas Creamer

    The entire Military Establishment should tell Obama and his Cronies to “F-Off” … what dipchit thought up the idea to go into harms way without bullits ?

    • JOHN T. FOX


  • swan

    Was Ann Patterson one of the ones that Died , if Not WHAT A SHAME !

  • Jim B.

    Funny that the Federal Government has purchased millions of live rounds for Federal Employees here in America but those on Foreign soil are not entitled to such rounds. Who does our Federal Government really consider their enemy?

  • ZagoZana

    I heard LU DOBS, of the “F” word network, saying this!
    IT IS NOT TRUE!!!!!
    This man? is a very sick puppy and a great needs a lot of help, psychologically!

  • Larry Eaton

    All of the ammo was taken up by Homeland Security and Social Security for homeland defense.

  • Thomas Creamer

    I wish the Military would turn on Obama and toss his half-black butt out on the street where it belongs !

    • SteveJ

      Thats where I draw the line – We are different in this country, and one way we’re different is that we have elections, NOT coups… Hopefully enough of our citizenry paid attention in Elementary school and understands that this election is important, otherwise I see an “executive order” in our future that will invalidate term limits and we’ll REALLY have a king..

  • john Garland

    Well…..let’s not make a big deal of this. They were limited, sure. But, presumably they still had belts with which they could threaten to spank the murderers. Anybody who made up that stupid rule about no ammo has never been in real fight in their lives…..fist fight or otherwise. No wonder the military can’t stand the Pretender in Chief

    • Ol Grey Wolf

      Again, It has ALWAYS been like this…I am a vet and Oath Keeper…I am not spewing Chit…This is what it is…Think about the Fort Hood Shooting even…Think…

  • Kelly Denoyer Russell
    This appears to not be true and since FOX news is reporting it as false I feel better than the liberal Snopes.

  • servant

    Who has not figured this out? MR: Abomninator does NOT want to defend ourselves against any Muslim, under any circumstance, that’s why our marines had NO LIVE AMMO, because HE doesn’t believe we are worth protection!
    That’s the sad truth & the bottom line! He’s spent nearly 4 years bending over to our enemies, and they just keep on sticking to us, and he keeps saying Thank YOU!
    If YOU ARE SICK of this Don’t Vote for this excuse again!
    Remember even Jesus used a whip to the Money changers!

  • porkchop

    OMG… Obama Must Go… time to elect an American for president!

  • [email protected]

    Osama Obama is tearing this country apart. Him and his realm of so call staff. Wake up AMERICA,Fire him and all the rest. IMPEACHMENT, IMPEACHMENT!!

  • Hawker 1

    Not suprised , when obama went to Aftgain a stain he had all military personel ordered in the area to attend his visit and they were ordered to disarm before going into the building .

  • Muss

    Isn’t a U.S. Embassy, regardless of geographic location, considered U.S. soil?

    • Ol Grey Wolf

      No..We like to think it is, but it is still their soil…We like to think we do and that is the cause of strife, even right now…

  • mattburns

    What does it take to make those wussies understand reality anyway? we should never allow such people to be assigned to any foreign post representing the U.S. As a matter of fact we might be better off not even having foreign embassies in such countries.To send a Marine to guard any representation of America without the means to do so is utterly ridiculous.
    Almost as ridiculous as electing such a wussie as our president.

    • Adam Weinstein

      Here’s reality for you:

    • Ol Grey Wolf

      Bring them ALL home…It is time we started worrying about us instead of everybody else…



    • Ol Grey Wolf

      That is what I have been saying…

  • Kawboy

    Check Snopes. The story is FALSE. Too, bad when a story like that is believable for a President. Lets make sure we get a new one in November

  • Ruby Mcbride

    Once again, I tell you all that this man will get re-elected by the dumbest electors I have ever seen in this country. He couldn’t even give a consoling speech today without looking down at his speech. How pathetic is that? Hiliary showed more emotion than he did.

  • Paul Noland

    As opposed to the military, maybe it would be better to have university liberals protect our embassies.

  • casper2058

    They might shoot one of Obombnics Muslim Brothers. Wake up America.

  • daveveselenak

    It is sad that most of the people joke about something as serious as this. The time for joking is over. The new Hitler know’s of what he is doing and that is eliminating the military, hopefully, oppostion to him as he declares himself dictator for life. He has amassed his civilian army and has it in place and armed to the teeth while making a laughing stock of one of the greatest fighting machines the world has ever known. Somehow I am not bemused by such dangerous and fatal realities! The military had better wake up!

  • Doski

    The Marines called in to defend the already burned out American Embassy in Egypt will be little more than window dressing:

    Unarmed Targets would be more accurate, especially now that their lack of live ammo has been broadcast !

  • Freedom Agnes

    Where was the Commandant of the US Marine Corps in allowing this to occur? He is responsible for the lives and the safety of the Marines.. Where is the Commander -In-Chief of all our Armed Forces? Oh, exuse me. He is too busy keeping engagements for his campaign. This woman has to go and that should have happened the moment she said “no ammo”! If we do not get rid of Obama ,especially after this debacle in Libya where American patriots were murdered and that needlessly, we are nothing but aiding and abetting this type of action. This president is a digusting human being.

  • CajunPatriot

    If these Marines or any military guards or protectors of American citizens are not allowed weapons and/or live ammunition with which to defend Americans in harm’s way, we need to withdraw all American Marines and/or others and withdraw our other Americans or tell them they are there without protection at their own risk.

    Obama could interrupt his campaign trip for 90 seconds of speaking about our American ambassador (and former Navy seals and others) who were murdered. Democrats can do all they can to eliminate American heroes stationed overseas from voting or having their votes counted. Insanity! We need a sane government and leader!

  • Moose

    If this story is true, maybe Homeland Security can loan the Marines some of the one billion bullets that they are purchasing.

  • NoU4EN

    An hour ago, Obama and Hillary met the caskets of the slain Americans and pontificated about the tragedy. I hope the four families sue both Obama and Clinton for derelection of duty.

    Despite 9-11 and its anniversary, despite years of
    fortifying military installations, Federal buildings, and high profile targets,
    despite billions spent on increased security personnel, despite the Arab Spring
    and the predictable future uprising by the Muslim Brotherhood, despite the
    obvious radicals hatred throughout the world calling for the destruction of the
    Big and Little Satans, despite all of this, the Obama administration failed to
    analyze the threat and prevent the murder of four Americans.

    Even more disturbing, 48 hours before the terror attacks,
    our State Department supposedly had knowledge of the impending riots to take
    place on 9-11. And, what could be
    described as unbelievable and unacceptable, Obama failed to attend security
    briefings in the week prior to and even on the day after the murders. Then on 9-11, while several hours went by,
    the violence escalated and Obama could have but never bothered to contact
    Egyptian or Libyan leadership to stave off the tragedy. It was nine hours before Obama addressed our
    nation and failed to even mention the violence in Egypt. Only after the Muslim Brotherhood announced a
    Million Muslim demonstration, and an entire day had gone by, did Obama assert
    pressure on the Muslim Brotherhood to back off.
    Obama’s leadership and his foreign policy: Utter failure.

    Hillary Clinton’s State Department acted stupidly trying to
    mollify the Muslims with an apology for a movie no one has seen. She continues to apologize. Hillary Clinton failed to act on the report
    of pending violence. She failed her own
    personnel. No Marines posted in Libya,
    the Embassy had no bullet-proof glass and no reinforced doors. Sitting ducks. Classified documents have been stolen, names
    of Libyans working with us and safe house locations have been compromised and
    are now in danger. No bullets for Marines in Egypt. Hillary Clinton, statesmanship, and her
    placating skills: Utter failure.

    Two other players get dishonorable mention: The Media for their failure to report the
    real story, for their collusion to provide cover for Obama and Hillary’s
    failures while contriving hyperbole to make Romney the misplaced brunt of an
    international issue in which he clearly had no part. Media: Totally dishonest,
    shameful, and corrupt.

    And finally, Janet Napolitano, the queen of taxpayer funded,
    overseas travel, released her pledge in assuming her official Homeland Security
    role, “Secretary Napolitano is committed to strengthening relationships between
    the United States and countries around the world, which will help keep the
    United States more safe and secure.” She
    visited 24 foreign countries (some more than once) between March 09 – August
    2011: Germany, Mexico (twice), Czech Republic, Canada, Kuwait, Ireland, Great
    Britain (twice), Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates,
    Japan, Nigeria, India, New Zealand, Australia, Hungary, Panama, Mexico,
    Afghanistan, Qatar, Israel, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Spain (five times!), and
    Austria. What benefit has come from her
    worldwide “strengthening” visits? Since
    the Embassies are considered to be part of the U.S. soil, what advice did
    Napolitano provide to improve their security?
    What kind of intelligence sharing and coordination is made between State
    Department and DHS? What is she doing
    about the new threat being made by these Islamic terrorists to stage riots
    within our own country? “Take care America, we have 1.5 Billion Bin Ladens”.
    Napolitano: You better not fail us.

  • elmcqueen3

    This all started back in the 60’s when I was stationed in Frankfurt, Germany….A Guard shot a Geman scaling the walls of our Compound late one night….Next thing we knew we were given orders that we would guard our various posts from then on without any ammo…..So why carry a stupid rifle if you are not allowed to carry ammo for it?….That policy in the military continues to this day!

  • Ahb1

    I can’t believe that the people of this country are so cowardly as to allow this President and his progressive cronies pull the wool over their eyes so badly. They leave our troops in vulnerable situations and then wonder why the embassies are over-run. How stupid!

    The people of this country need to open their eyes and see what this president is doing. He has put it out there for all to see. They remind me of the little toys in Toy Story chiming “The Claw” these lemmings are out there chiming “Obama”. It makes me sick.

    This country was and can be again the greatest country on the planet but NOT with this group of dirt-bags in power. I am so aggravated that my head and stomach ache all the time and I am finding it hard to think about anything else.


    That is also something that we should also worry about. I know from reading other posters that I am not the only one worried that he will declare martial law if he loosed and won’t go. We may need to get more active if that happens and it won’t be pretty if we do.


  • SF_Vet_from_RVN

    I find your snide comments about the Marine’s capabilities extremely offensive. You can blame the liberal left but don’t you dare impune the willingness of any member of our armed forces to defend themselves. Embassy guards do not carry live ammunition in their weapons but do have access to ammo IF the ROE allows it. So you can blame the asshole in the White House and Hillary for establishing this set of restrictions.

  • Steven

    Carter destroyed our Military and Reagan rebuilt it, Clinton destroyed our military and pulled our nuclear warheads and declared our enemies could get first strike in a nuclear war, Bush rebuilt it and NOW Abomination sends Marines to stop What with What NO Bullets. I would send this worthless Ball less Coward to Afganistan and put signs on him about the Queeran so his buddies, fellow Radical Muslims would cut his miserable head off. Viet Nam Vet 67-68

  • dardyl

    Jimmy Carter did the same thing when the Cubans came over. At the time I lived around Ft. Chaffee in Arkansas. One day, after I passed Chaffee, the road was shut down by the state troopers and the Cubans came over the wall of the fort. The state troopers opened fire on them and they went back over the wall. It was a farce, because the soldiers had to stand there and mill around and do nothing. It was a disgrace! Now it is repeated by Carter’s son. HA! We need to put a stop to all this nonsense. Pray for America and pray that Obama’s days in office are numbered.

  • Dr. Evil

    If this were truly the case, the the Marines should just open the door, point out where the ambassador is and let the radicals take her.

  • citizenpolitics


  • Budmanx

    So basically what this amounts to is Obama and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton are sending our troops on suicide missions…… As a veteran I can’t call it any other thing. To this administration our troops are expendable. Sad sad day for America.

  • Rick Biddle

    This article is just plain dumb. The choice is not about the Marines, it is about the stupidity of our state department. However, if an ambassador makes the choice to disarm the Marines, then the Marines should be called home or stationed somewhere where their presence is not just window dressing.

  • peggy mellette

    Are we to submit to them or are they to submit to us? Do we surrender or do they surrender and where are we going with this? A real America president would not pamper to the enemy. Obama is about us submitting to Islam, their anointed one. You will see that he is in with the Muslim Brotherhood. The muslims life is to be total submission and in the next life they will get everything they want.

  • buckeynell

    Anne Patterson is an idiot, just like rest of Camp Obama!

  • huntingfreedominAmerica

    Obama does not want any harm to come to the attackers of America if our Marines are not allowed to have live Ammo then we might as well kiss the 2nd Amendment Good by. How much do we as a nation have to take from this communist Senate and White House trained by Karl Marx writtings. Lord help this fallen nation called America.

  • kam

    This must have been a decision Obama made.

  • JBQ21

    Within the alst week, the Commandant of the Marine Corps has announced that he will do a study on the use of women officers in combat situations. There will be no enlisted women Marines, only officers. Talk about “Pink Marines”.

  • Tom

    Can you imagine just how low the morale is for our once Great and Proud U.S. Military ? How would you “enjoy” being on Obama’s Secret Service Personal Protection Team ? You can bet the farm THEY have ammunition ! Once this so-called commander-in-chief is FIRED in November and a SANE Administration is sworn in, there needs to be a thorough house cleaning of our Military. The Politically Correct, the closet Muslim promoters, the pacifist strategists, the Communist sympathizers, etc. must be FLUSHED from the ranks. A complete purging of the State Department is also in order. Marines without bullets – the horror, the horror !

  • FED UP

    I guess obummer and chubby are starting gun control with the Marines first. We have to get both these losers out of Our lives in Nov!

  • RLM357

    DemocRATS are known for this policy of no Ammunition! During Hurricane Andrew Fl Gov . Lawton Childs ordered the FL Nat. Guard to not have ANY Ammunition! We had marauding black gangs confront a detachment of Fl nat. Guard and demanded theior weapons. A heroic Sgt ordered his MEN to Lock and Load and point their (empty) Rifles at the armed gang. Luckily the bluff worked and the gang left. This was in Cutler Ridge Florida and I was there and spoke with the Guard. It was also in the Miami Herald. So this abomination that calls himself Obama does not surprise me at all. I can’t wait for his leaving. God Bless AMERICA and protect us from subversion. ~Rick Magee, FL

  • Fenderman52

    America has become a laughing stock and a joke to the world. And here’s The Outrage Du Jour….The House passed a bill to give billions in aid to Libya and Egypt….only the Senate can stop this travesty now….WILL THEY?

  • luangtom

    This administration did not learn a thing from the Iran debacle with Jimmy Carter. When will they learn from our past mistakes? History does repeat itself. This is sad…………..

  • Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

    I just wanted to share this~*UPDATE**

    Further Marine spokesman at Pentagon Lt Col Chris Hughes says these reports are NOT true. This is on the record:

    “The Ambassador and RSO have been completely and appropriately engaged
    with the security situation. No restrictions on weapons or weapons
    status have been imposed. This information comes from the Det Commander
    at AMEMB Cairo.”

    Read more:

  • victorbarney

    Tell me that Obama didn’t ORDER the “HIT!” DUH!

  • prescreener

    There’s something that has been bothering me lately. If an Admiral of a ship, or a commanding officer is acting contrary to his post he can be forcibly removed from the position until a hearing can be held. Why can’t Congress do the same thing if a sitting president, (oops, there goes that empty chair thing again), is disgracing the office of president? If there isn’t a contingency plan like that in effect, there certainly should be.

  • JacktheFAC

    I recently saw a story about a marine gunnery sergeant who was refusing to reenlist and was getting out of the corps. He stated his reason as follows: “When I first joined the military, homosexuality was illegal; then it began optional. I am getting out before Obama makes it manditory.” What do you think about that?

  • carsrus

    Patterson, H.Clinton and Obama MUST be indited for the Murders of our Ambassador to Lybia, tried, convicted and sentenced to PRISON! THIS is an OUTRAGE! This fetid commie marxist in the Oval Office is heading US and the World into WW 3!

  • neleh

    All O’s fault and what he wanted/wants. O does not love America and wants it to fail and he is trying everything he can to do just that.

  • jarhead1968

    The jerk that wrote this piece spent way too much time making fun of the unfortunate Marines that were assigned to the post, and not enough time on the “politically correct” assholes that prevent them from doing the job they are very of doing if left to their own means. I am a Marine who actually experienced the same “political correctness” during one of my tours in Vietnam. I actually had to put a piece of wood (painted yellow) in the magazine port of my M16 while guarding the perimeter at DaNang Airbase. The reason for the painted piece of wood? So someone can see from a distance that you do not have live ammo in your weapon. If you think it takes guts to patrol the perimeter with a loaded weapon, try doing the same with the equivalent of a big freakin’ sign saying “shoot me, I’m not armed”. We actually had to call in and wait for permission to load our weapons and return fire until the higher ups decided it was unfriendly fire we were taking. They will probably track me down and sue me, but I got my hands on some extra magazines, painted them yellow, and loaded them as soon as the sergeant of the guard put us out on our post. It saved my ass more than a few times. I’m not the only one that did this! The moral of the story? KEEP THOSE POLITICAL ASSHOLES OUT OF THE DECISIONS WHEN IT COMES TO DEFENDING A POSITION IN A HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT!

  • john

    As I vaguely recall, the Marines haven’t been armed for quite a while. Which begs the question why are they there. Oh wait, maybe they serve the same function as the Tower of London guards – they’re Tour Guides, yeah, that’s it!

  • Yutts

    During the last 2 years of the Carter administration the liberal press even turned against him. Do you suppose that could happen here in the next 2 months as Obama continues to screw up every thing he touches, or should I say doesn’t touch?

  • concerned

    All those that are in support of Mitt Romney for President should do what we did with “Chick fil-a” and have a “Mitt Romney Day”. It would show our support of “Change” back to an America that stands for all that it should. It would unite us all and show Romney, Israel and our allies that we are committed and strong. It will show the bad guys that we will not just sit and take anymore lies from the Media ; and, that we will not be fooled into thinking that we are outnumbered by the Socialists, Radicals or Dictators or anyone else anti freedom and liberty.

  • theronald

    I worked at the American Embassy in New Delhi, India in 1963. The Marine guards there carried ammo on them that could be loaded into their weapons quickly if necessary. While I was there, the only time they loaded their weapons was when we received word that JFK had been assasinated. After about a week, everything went back normal. Those were very different times from now. Lock & Load !!!

  • change12

    did you see hilary get really ANGRY about the ‘movie ” & bash those that made it.
    LOL She and the prez were there when the men were brought back today.
    IS she even believing this crap ? it had NOTHING to do with that youtube video & everything to do with this lame prez & Hil’s crap & apologies !!!
    They really DO think we’re that stupid !

  • margaretsheridan

    Treason. Treason. Treason. Who will step forward in our Congress to charge this administration with treason.

  • margaretsheridan

    Do we HAVE a Congress??

  • booker

    Why spend billions of dollars training guys and gals to be Marine”

    We shouldn’t be training “gals” to be Marines, anymore than having out of the closet homosexuals being Boy Scout leaders.
    Read the Bible. Is that what women are to be doing? We expect the world to be confused about this stuff, but not Christians who should no better.

  • bluzrider

    Come on, an American Ambassador really told the Marines that were protecting her that they could not carry live ammo? Really? This is just unbelievable, if this is true, she is as unfit a person to be an American Ambassador as there ever was one. She must go. She can have all her little liberal friends protect her, and lets see how far that gets her. Rest in peace Madam Ambassador.

  • concerned

    Talk is cheap. It’s time that we all stand firm, strong and more vocal about where this nation and world are headed. Let’s have a “Mitt Romney for President” day. This election will probably be full of fraud, like the last one, if we don’t start showing our support in the right direction. As dignified and self-respecting as conservative people are, we can also stand strong together, with losing our standards, like we did with “Chick fil a”. We must do more!!!!!

  • concerned

    OOOPPS!!! I meant “without LOSING our standards”.

  • Stanley Kerns

    Obama’s an idiot–and all things show it–I thought so once–and now I know it.
    Over 200 years ago Napoleon showed us that shooting a little grape shot “Just a whiff of grape shot” into a mob strongly encouraged it to go home. Were I the boss all our embassies would have several 50 caliber machine guns, plenty of ammunition, and Marines trained to enthusiastically use them. A mob can’t prevail against a 50 caliber machine gun–WW I taught us that. I don’t give a hoot if some country “likes” us, but I would insist they respect us.

  • adamenochnoah

    The Govt does not give a tinkers dam about Americans, period. Both parties have sold out America to those who are setting up a Fascist World Govt ruled by Bankers, Corporations, & the ultra-wealthy Elite. It is time for us to form a third party to bring this nonsense to an end.
    Gov Gary Johnson & Judge Jim Gray 2012- The Only Choice To Bring America Back

  • anewpher

    Where the heck are the Generals who should be standing up for our troops??? Defend your (and our) MEN Generals! If they can not protect themselves then they should NOT be there. It’s time the few real military men in Washington say screw the Political appointies – I will NOT send my men to die in vain. You will probably be forced to resign and might lose most of your pension…but have some integrity! All the American people are hearing is that the Military like what Obama is doing to the Military…Women in combat positions, Gays out in the open and celibrated in the military. Going from a 2 theater military to a 1 theater military. Heck even that the cuts coming the 1st of January won’t be that bad..the military looks “forward” to getting rid of all that heavy equipment…they want to just be a faster smaller military and now thanks to Obama they can have military that can really promote change around this world. Like green energy!
    Grrrrr….. Lord help me remember you are in charge…

  • Ray Taylor

    That islamo-marxist in the WH and all his commie terriorist are so bad i have given up on adjectives– being a Christian I cannot use that kind of language.Ray Taylor

  • BG

    Your point about not being able to use weapons with lethal force is excellent, but your whole commentary is rendered ineffective by making it about women. I spent a career in the US military and now do contract work with them…men and women, most are equally tough. In fact lately, I’ve seen quite a few men I would prefer not to have as my buddy / partner / wingman because they would not be tough enough (especially mentally and attitude) to have my back when necessary. However, most of our troops (men and women) I would invite to be my buddy or wingman in a heartbeat! Get off the pink think!!

  • KenJay

    Is anyone at all surprised? Why would that poser in the president’s office want anyone defending themselves against his brethren? After all, like the poser said, didn’t those in the military volunteer to put their lives in danger?

  • Leon Pollock

    Worthless POS has destroyed this country and will not quit until we are in the toilet along with the libtards ,whom we will use as toilet paper…..

  • WVF

    Just today, I was dressed down by a blogger who said this wasn’t true. It really pissed me off, because I knew otherwise! If the Campaignor in Chief stays in office and the Congress continues to be AWOL, we, as a nation, are in deep, deep trouble.


    Our fag president is destroying our country and demeaning our military with rediculous changes like the no ammo to marines on guard at the embassy. This POS has no idea what he is doing or he is hell bent on destroying this country.

  • Val

    This is just ANOTHER OUTRAGEOUS Thing FROM Obama , The IMPOSTOR. He is protecting his Muslim people, it shows who he is, A TRAITOR. He is not an AMERICAN. He wants to see the USA in the gutter. VOTE ROMNEY in NOV.

  • del

    Time to get this jerk out of our government and into jail for treason and fraud along with his horrid minions….this is not government but a bunch of incompetent idiots stealing our money taking away freedoms and bringing in shariah law! Prison for every one of them now!

  • Bret A Givens




  • djw663

    An empty gun makes a great paper weight. Rubber bullets is like bringing a butter knife to a gun fight. Hillary and Obama are the one’s directly in charge of this disaster and they both need to go. Followed closely by Biden, Pelosi, Reid and DWS.

  • Screamin Mimi

    Excuse me but I do take somewhat of an offense at pink chiffon. The chiffon should be camo colored and the appropritae accsessories should be at the bare minimum A fully loaded AR. I prefer matching high heels with rhinestones as I take extreem delight in blowing those bastards to hell.

  • Biker7962

    Who ever is the commander of these Marine units should not be taking orders from some half assed Ambassador. If I were in charge of that unit, I would refuse that order, stating that ” I only take orders from my commanding officer “, which this ambassador is not . I would NEVER put troops under my command into a situation like that with no live ammo. Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

  • Candyman

    Check the history: Beirut, Lebanon. Remember all the marines killed in the truck bombing? The truck got through because the guards at their posts had no ammunition on their posts to stop the truck bombers, orders of President Jimmy Carter. In that era we had no live ammunition on guard posts. The day Ronald Reagan was inaguarated we were issued live ammunition. Carter was an idiot. Obama is an idiot. At least Obama has an excuse. Carter is an Annapolis graduate and a former Naval Officer.

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    It’s all about diplomacy: We talk, they kill.

  • mainemoose

    Same old same old — you can get shot but don’t shoot anyone………………..

  • Tom Ballantyne


  • ching

    Mrs. Clinton is doing a Fine Job … LOL

  • Crazyinjun

    Years ago when I was in the military I told them to never try to send me anywhere with a weapon without live ammo. They asked what I would do, I told them I would refuse the orders. An unloaded gun will get you killed.

  • Erik Osbun

    Why in the world have a marine, if he is un-armed? That’s the height of stupidity.

  • nomohoc

    i wonder if all this is to quickly stir up so much trouble in the Middle East that the MB attack Israel before Israel attacks Iran?

  • gilamonster0001

    As a Vietnam Vet (disabled), I would refuse the order to stand guard with no ammo. Better to be in the Stockade than dead. It’s about time Obummer gets his 40 virgins. My vote will count when November 6th comes around. He has surrounded himself with goons. Just look at Billary! Pelosi, Reid, etc, etc. I’m just asking everyone to vote with their brains and heart, not by the color of their skin. He has screwed over the blacks just as bad as everyone else. So what if you voted for him the first time, but shame on you for not learning by your mistakes. Don’t let this idiot finish off our nation. It WILL happen if he gets the chance.

    • Xman3

      So true gilamonster. We have become so ‘politically correct’ that we are plain stupid. Gives credibility to Trump’s quote ‘the whole world is laughing at us’. What is the purpose of having the Marines or security with no ammo?

      It is also way-past-time that the rich oil producing Arab nations take responsibility and police their neighbor countries, radicals and ‘religion of peace’.

      In 2012, don’t believe the media. If one votes for a Democrat (or Rino) at any level of Government – Federal, State or Local, that person may be an idiot.

      Vote for the most Constitutional, Conservative, Christian and Candidate with the most American Values in all elections.

      Also important is all 435 Congressman are up for election/reelection (every two
      years) and 1/3 of the 100 Senators are up for election (six year terms, 1/3
      elected every two years). Also you may have State Legislators and local
      candidates up for election/reelection on even or odd years. Make your vote a good one!

  • l s

    It’s Egyptian territory, not American. If Americans don’t like the situation, we are free to not return to the embassy. Call it voluntary association. An embassy on foreign soil is not US property, it’s more like a lease.

    Say you have a friend, family member, or even employer who doesn’t want firearms on their property. If you aren’t being forced to enter the property, you have the moral duty to respect their property rights, even if that means that you choose not to enter the property due to refusing to disarm unnecessarily. I am disarmed voluntarily by my employers employment agreement. It’s a trade-off I considered and accepted due to the economic benefits of the position. I can’t force them to accept my position, but I can try to convince someone to change their position through discourse.

    The reverse is also true. If a foreign nation occupies an embassy in America, and Americas government deems that nation as a security threat (Iran, n Korea), we have the right to ask them to leave. They have no right to occupy territory in America if we object, just as the opposite is true.

    The problem with American foreign policy is that so many don’t understand the reality and tend to support a one-sided view on this and related issues. This is part of the reason why there is so much animosity toward Americans, especially our military.

  • jscusmc69

    AWW HELL NO—-THIS pile of CRAP deserves all she and HER LEASH HOLDERS get—MAY as well give the Marine GUARD a PINK BROOM to keep the embassy safe—I’d GET MY OWN AMMO—plenty laying around over there!!

  • fred

    why even send in the Marines if they are not allowed to carry weapons, It is not a weapon if its not loaded,

  • Mutt

    Perhaps the Secret Service personnel assigned to protect Zerobama should be unarmed as well.

  • Michael

    Stop their foreign aid and let them wallow in their own cesspool.

  • Bill cornelssen
  • Tommie3761

    With co-ordinated violet protests planned in over 20 Muslim countries and Isreal’s Netanyahu’s comming to Washington to explain why he believes than Iran is planning to attack them. Obama can’t tear himself away from his busy schedule of Basketball and Golf to worry about any of of that. And besides, he doesn’t plan to do anything about his Muslim brothers. What a POS we have for a president!

  • PhilByler

    Fire Patterson for stupidity. You have Marines there to defend Embassy staff. They need ammunition.

  • William Benton

    The whitehouse tried this silly shit of not allowing the armed forces to have live ammunition in viet nam. This alone caused a lot of redblooded americans to lose their lives because like the border patrol they could only shout and throw things

  • northbrook

    She is stupid and would not deserve to be allowed to issue those type of commands that place the marines lives in peril I would not care about her life as she made her choice to trust the jihadists to not harm her.

  • 1marg

    Marines get no bullets, but the security guards at the weather bureau and Social Security Admin get holl ow pt. bull ets.

    Gee Adolf obama, what are we to think of that?

  • janey

    two pages of right wing blogs ‘verify’ this based on an initial blog by one right wing blog. Now guess you wouldn’t care to know what the Pentagon spokesman said. Yea…commie, Muslims defending the illegal. Well he said the allegation is completely false. Marines always have bullets and there were NO security restraints or embargos against Marines defending the Libya embassy. The allegation are FALSE. The Congressional liaison from the Pentagon, reiterated that the story was completely FALSE. Marines in Libya were armed as they are in all locations. So guess there is a huge coverup and a huge output by the right wing blogoshpere. Bet Sarah will be tweeting and posting on FB really soon. So it’s gotta be a giant conspiracy, right along with Government looking for film maker who is giving interviews to ANYONE. You guys need to verify your facts. I know this campaign won’t be run on facts. OK and Obama lies. You betcha.

  • goodie

    The ambassador needs to do some independent thinking–the person giving the orders should be the one sitting in the embassy

  • JIM

    Well…Michelle’s first handmaiden is related to the Muslim Brotherhood, and you can guess pretty close who wears the pants in that family..! AND… since Michelle hates the US anyway and OBY loves muslim brothers, guess who gets to be the real-life practice targets for the radicals. YEP..Call in the Terrorist Marines so our pres can weed out the ranks..! NO BULLETS IN A DEFENDING FORCE FOR OUR EMBASSY…..HOW SICK CAN YOU GET.!

  • rotten rollin

    Wow, you’re gonna offend both the gays and the feminists!!!!

    My hat’s off to ya!

    Horrors. I went back to read more and saw you weren’t talking about what’s already happened, you’re talking about essentially unarmed marines being placed in harm’s way without the ability to defend themselves, correct?

    What INSANITY is this? I mean what has happened to common sense in Washington DC?

    • Buford

      What happened is that illegal immigrants can’t be kept out and common sense can’t be kept in.

  • Deltataual

    Another stupidity in the name of sensitivity! It just for a to show the disdain the Nobama socialists hold for the United States of Americau ( embassies ARE U.S. soil!) and for our armed forces. The joint chiefs should refuse All requests for the use of the military for embassy protection unless they are fully authorized to defend the embassy, their staff and themselves to the best of their abilities! I’m sure their parents would insist on it. These super-leftists always think they know more tgan anyone else. Common aense is not in their vernacular.

  • The_American_Way

    This needs to be investigated completely and if true, some heads need to roll.

  • MomR

    My son is a Marine and a REpublican. He was appalled that the right wing blogosphere was spreading such a totally FALSE claim. He said the Pentagon had sent out word to the MARINEs that this ‘story’ was totallly false. The Marines protecting Libya and any embassy were and are armed. He thought it was disgusting to brave men and women to spread such lies. I said it started with one right wing blog and picked up by dozens. I think he is re thinking being a GOP. He said the party had gone a bit nuts.

    • Xman3

      fred: As ‘The American Way’ below said: “This needs to be investigated completely and if true, some heads need to roll.” Seems the media is confirming the Marines did not have ammo in Egypt — the policy of the lady Ambassador. It is unclear if security in Libya had ammo. I have not heard anything about any ‘attackers’ being shot, have you?
      Have your son consider “Christian, Conservative, American Value, Tea Party” Candidates when voting for President and any other Federal, State or Local office. Not RINOs, Democrats, Socaialists or radicals.
      God Bless America – we sure need it . . . .

  • wdcraftr

    Obama want all Americans without bullets so he can Dictate without resistance. I’m afraid Obama will be re-elected because all the Illegals and food stamp people will vote, and the Christians and middle class think Romney is not the guy they want, and will just be tooo lazy to go vote for Romney. Americans have become Passive and Weak, and they will not wake up till Obama is in his second term, and it’s too late. It’s just been too long since Americans have had to fight for something. My parents knew the value of a Dollar, and my Dad fought in WWII… Today’s kids are Spoiled Brats with I phones, computers, Net Flix, food stamps, Liberal teachings… Liberals have purposely raised a Generation of weak dependant citizens who have no backbone to resist a Marxist Govt. takeover. They’ve been taught to fear guns, instead of to fear Govt… I’m glad I probably won’t be around for the end of America, but then again I’d like to be around for the Coming of Jesus.. Love to see how he Kicks Ass!, so to speak…

  • jarhead1968

    Fist, I don’t know anyone who dislike O’Bama more than I do. Having said that, I need everyone to know that the political correctness that handcuffs our well trained and motivated Marines started while I was in Vietnam. While stationed at DaNang my mission was guarding the perimeter of DaNang Airbase. During that tour an order came down that forced Marines on guard duty to put a long piece of wood, painted yellow, in the magazine receiver of their weapon. This practice became common even thought we were routinely experiencing rocket attacks, perimeter breaches by “sappers” who placed explosives on aircraft, and incoming fire. The orders came down with a comment that basically said that command must determine that the incoming fire was hostile before we were allowed to load our weapons and return fire. The purpose for the yellow piece of wood in the receiver was for someone (presumably an officer) to be able to see at a distance that your weapon was not loaded. If you think it takes guts to walk a perimeter on your own, day or night, in Vietnam in 1968; try doing it with a piece of wood painted yellow that screams “shoot me, my weapon is not loaded!” I am a firm believer that any trained member of our armed forces that is put in a position of defending a position in a hostile environment should be REQUIRED to have a loaded weapon. If they are prevented from defending themselves, the people responsible for handcuffing them are guilty of nothing less than murder! By the way, as a Marine I take great offense that the author of this piece chose to paint the Marines as a bunch of homosexuals (pink) rather than putting the blame squarely where it belongs, on the politicians. How dare you put down those brave men and women that defend us everyday in spite of the “politicians that handcuff their every move.

  • Bob

    We should start by demanding ALL foreign aid to Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, etc, etc, be CUT.

  • Gloria Wedemeyer

    Well they aren’t allowed live ammo and when Brian Terry was killed they had rubber bullets while we are selling and giving away all our weapons all over the world. We armed the Afgan police force and what did they do, turn around and shoot our guys. Is anyone else other than me completely fed up with this man in the white house and the stupid liberals in the congress. Pretty soon we will have no weapons, hardly any war ships and with the morale of the servicemen, less people enlisting and then we will not be a super power that we once were. Of course, we haven’t been that super power now for 4 years.

  • esther

    Extreme liberalism and this political correctness garbage will kill you. This so-called administration is like a liberal college fraternity. Please bring back real men with brains.

  • http://[email protected] jim

    NO ONE SHOULD EVERY BE EXPECTED TO DEFEND ANY “OFFICIAL” WITH AN EMPTY RIFLE. This is called carrying a stick. About as dumb an order as every given

  • Tionico

    Don’t worry, if waves of foreign invaders show up, Hirohito’s worst fears will be realised.. there WILL be an armed and skilled American Rifleman behind every blade of grass, reasy to defend our homes and families. Some of them will be retired military, and we will be glad of their skill and experience for our side’s sake.

  • Connie Stanson

    This is bull crap ! how much more are we going to put up with before we start standing up for our Country !!! I say “bring our troops home to guard our Country and throw out our enemy. Now !!!

    • Craig

      Well, Connie, I see bringing them home, building up the fences, and stop paying all the foreign aide…. I see guarding our own borders for a change, and lose the folks that just want handouts…. I see just a “little bit” of cover our own butts, for a change..
      I see making the jerks that took our jobs overseas, pay dearly for the increase in
      profit, and loss of quality…. What good is it going to do if their profit is higher, if nobody here, has the ability to buy anything…?????

  • 1gentready

    While watching the arrival of the body’s from Lybia and the speech that Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton not one word of what they said was from there heart. If you will watch the coverage they needed a form letter style response that someone else probably did write them and they did a lousy job even reading the words from the form letter or written speech they used. It is a disgrace when the leaders of the country can’t say something from the heart they have to write out a speech and do a piss poor job of reading it. Hearing them you would think this was the first time they ever said anything in public. This shows that the incompetence of the Obama administration and the Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

  • Bill

    I am not sure if this is administration policy or a standing State Department policy. This same thing happened in Kosovo when some of our Army troops were taken “hostage” by “rebels” during the Clinton administration. Army troops sent to Kosovo and Bosnia were issued weapons and no ammunition. Jesse Jackson flew to the region to “negotiate” the release of our troops. We manage to have one grand international embarrasmnet after another when the libs are in power.

  • Craig

    I have seen the National Guard go unarmed, but their chances of being slaughtered
    are significantly less, than in a Foreign Country, where they just can’t wait to kill our
    Military people….. I’d love to see peace, but I have my doubts, and any President or
    representative thereof, that would sent Marines or any damned body else out there,
    in harms way, without protection, should be standing out there with them…. I need to
    stop now, it could get intense………

  • Marc J

    Mullah Obama, our marxist Muslim President from Kenya, is only doing what is expected from him.

  • taskmasterendgame

    Marines are now just Window Dressings for the State Department
    Where is our Fearless Leader Mr. Hillary Clinton
    (Head of the State Department)
    Hillary Clinton working with the UN to Disarm the American People by hook or crook
    The State Department and Hillary Clinton sure fit the bill as being the
    Ultimate Cluster Fuck

  • gnafuasusual

    So, let me get this straight. The embassies have guards with guns but no bullets? How insane is that? Who made these rules? Or is it a bunch of bs? Is it that we don’t want to hurt Muslim’s feelings if we defend American and other lives? We have four men down and probably more to come. YooHoo, Where is common sense?

  • [email protected]

    Just like the very best Ammunition Plant (Milan, Tennessee Army Amunition Plant) we ever ran is being dismantled as we speak. And not only will civilians not be able to buy ammunition if Obama is reelected – no more ammunition will be manufactured for the military – then the Muslim can come and get US..

  • just me

    Marines should put a mini gun on the roof and waste any raghead that comes over the wall

  • relsie30

    We have allowed the minority to run our country to long. I did not know those Marines had empty weapons. WHAT the Hell is that all a bout? I am an ex Viet Nam Vet and we had a (spelling) chu ho program where after the cong spent all their ammo and killed as many of us they could they could holler, Chu Ho ( I surrender) and we had to take them as prisoner. We where helpless in that we had to take them as prisoners and comply to the Geniva Convention . America is one of very few that play war with rules. We should level anywhere we think the enemy is with our superior fire power and no troops to be taken prisoner and tortured as they are. We have the ability to warn friendliest when need be. I an one of many that is getting tired of all the bull and old enough that if I should die helping to get America back then so be it. I will not live in america with the Muslims , they are not our friends. They are allowed to pretend what ever to accomplish Mohammed’s will, while we try to play fair. We where attacked by the Muslims many times before they finally brought down the trade center. The trade center had been damaged from the groud by Muslims before they flew plkanes into it. This crap that they are offended by the film about the truth of Muslims is Bull, Obama and Biden have been bragging all month about how they killied Bi Laden and where is the outrage. Amerian Patriots rise up and make your desires known before Sharia law is the law of the land.

  • June9245

    No additional attacks while G.W. was president but now with the Muslim in charge things are turning to crap!

  • mthammer

    ur next door This Woman needs to be fired, where in the hell oes she have the right to not allow Marines to have ammo . What about her going on trial for treason , wait how about the whole Obama Administration , deport them all for Fraud,Treason,stealing,lies,racist comments , by the way how about the wholwe liberal press . Throw them all out let the Marines handle that , I am a marine I will volunteer , plus I will have bullets in all my weapons .Keep alert folks watch out for those people in your neighbor hood that are middle eastern , watch them like a hawk especially your next door neighbors . Always have protection with you not unloaded guns either

  • Ross

    I wonder where the Joint Chiefs have been on this issue. Someone in Egypt needs to be fired like a couple of days ago. Congress you better start getting your act together real fast.

  • CoolApple

    I would think that old timers like me that have served in the U S military have been disgusted with a lot of this PC stuff we have seen going on for a long time. I live in an area of a lot of retired military people, we talk about this stuff on a regular basis. If we can’t muster enough people in the electorate to vote this punk administration out of office it will be every man for himself. It’s real hard to watch every day. When you have a President of the USA proudly hanging out with a guy that calls himself the Limp Pimp, that is an answer to most of this.

  • jw

    Time to remember MacArthur, soak the bullets in pigs blood hand them out and use them, the bury them with pig carcasses and let them know this is the consequence of their foolishness. Stop sending these fools billions of our dollars we borrow from China. If obama is reelected we have to be the dumbest, absolutely blind nation on earth.

  • Richard B.

    All this further corroborates that Obama is a traitor to the American people. His loyalty is not to us, his loyalty belongs to the Muslims and anywhere not American. If you look at his policies, the pattern becomes really glaring:
    – Obama won’t cut spending anywhere else except our Challenger space program (a source of pride and joy for Americans) and our military (which will greatly weaken us at times of crises;

    – Obama won’t stop spending because he wants to increase our debt — the ONLY justification to print/digitize more money, thereby further pushing our dollar to the brink of devastating devaluation. He wants to weaken the dollar, just exactly as George Soros wanted; he’s a lapdog of George Soros. Americans are on the verge of suffering massive inflation, and Obama’s actions seem to indicate this is exactly what he wants;

    – Obama won’t allow us to drill oil locally, and he vetoes the Keystone pipeline project which would’ve brought us closer to energy independence from the Middle East, not to mention it would create thousands of jobs here. Instead, he outsources our oil drilling to Brazil. He talks of wanting energy independence, but his actions show otherwise;

    – Obama doesn’t believe in our values. He’s been going around the world apologizing for American’s past “iniquities” against his people, the Muslims. He bowed down so low and reverently to the Saudi Arabian Muslim king.

    And of course now, we know he won’t let our own defend themselves on foreign hostile soil. How logical is this??
    Obama (and a good number of Democrats) must someday be brought to justice for at the very least perjury — they took an oath to uphold the Constitution, but you have people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and of course King Obama, who have consistently violated our Constitution with their fiats and healthcare deceptive legislation.
    The liberal media should also made to pay for their traitorous concealment of Obama’s misdeeds; they have violated their journalistic duties to report the truth to the American people; instead, they are doing everything they can do to cover up Obama’s atrocities.
    How have we become this way? I’ve heard for a long time that our country is going downhill, but I never expected traitors from within. God help us.

  • heyoka

    Well look at it like this. When this two legged varmint in the Whitehouse finally turns the military loose on us it will be a cake walk.
    Of course the Dept of Homeland Security has been buying millions of rounds of hollow point ammunition. They are not the military and they are the forces that will be turned against the people. And small wonder at that. The military can’t use hollow points per the Genava Convention. But Homeland Security can use them on civillians, just like the cops.
    Best learn to do head shots…. they will

  • E J J

    And Jay Carney saying “they were not warned 48 hrs prior on actionable event doesn’t cut it. Sounds like Obama spinning again. No excuse that our embassies weren’t armed. No excuse the warnings weren’t heeded (especially on 911 anniversary)! Vote Obama out!!

  • Joyful LaRue

    Political Correctness to the nth & deadliest degree!!
    How stupid can this administration get? How many victims need to be laid on the altar of BO & Hilary’s vanity & obsessions? How many more times do we need to bow down to the Muslim world, the Chi-coms, the Ruskies & every other despot on the face of the earth.
    Do the dem’s think it’s just a coincidence that since BO has prostrated America before the world that the barbarians have been embolden & now want to set the entire Middle East ablaze? NO, it’s the natural consequence of BO’s incompetence & inept handling of American foreign policy.
    Re-upping this 51-year-old teenager for another 4 years would be tantamount to national suicide.

  • down with islam

    Someone over there should start a rumor that the Ambassador is gay and said that all Muslims are filthy pigs and should be killed. Then see if she lets the Marines have bullets to save her sorry A$$!

  • Marvin Clark

    The only way
    to fight this is to fire the entire chain of command starting with the
    President, right through state and the Marine Corps. Start with the President!

    The key to
    Democrat victory in 2012 is ballot corruption on a grand scale. ACORN, AARP,SEIU, Union money and union
    goons, the Race card, homosexual activists and a proliferation of criminal political activist organizations. The collusion of these government funded
    organization only scratches the surface of the monumental criminal activity
    that will accompany the election in 2012.

    present leadership, our Department of Justice has and will overlook criminal
    activity whose prosecution might be damaging to the present
    administration. Election fraud on the
    part of Democrats won’t be identified as such or prosecuted when discovered. The one institution that keeps our system of
    government viable is a free and fair ballot.
    Violate the ballot and we no longer have a Constitutional Republic.

    To save our
    system of government we must demand that our election laws are obeyed and
    violators be arrested and prosecuted. To
    do this it is imperative that our law enforcement agencies are not hobbled by
    the present administration and that our courts are not stifled by the
    Department of Justice. Since most
    federal law enforcements agencies answer to the president, it is essential that
    local sheriffs, police officers and the citizenry report any irregularities in
    our voting process.

    Please take
    this seriously! Please do what you can
    to stop this impending catastrophe. Find
    out who is counting your vote. Contact
    your election boards and anyone responsible for a clean election. Take another look at third world communist
    dictatorships and ask if that is the system of government under which you wish
    to live.

  • Boonrawd

    Time to defend the Constitution of The United States against all enemies, foreign and democrat

  • gordon smith

    Well – kind of makes sense. Think about it. The elite/ including ambassadors are what ? Very liberal. Obama admin./supporters. Wouldn’t be there if they weren’t. Here is how the elite think. ” I hate guns , but they are Marines so they must have them- “I guess”. ” I don’t want anyone getting shot by accident, especially me, by these young boys playing army, so – I guess they must have those nasty guns soooooo, no bullets for them.” OR – This whole thing was a set-up. You now have a lot of jar heads in a position to get massacred – lets start ww-111 nobama cancels the election via national emergency and the rest is history – Either way, I love my country, but I’m beginning to hate my government. I don’t trust any of them.

  • Jim Havice

    That’s the official word, anyway. You do understand that under the Hague Convention Treaty, which is what regulates and protects Diplomatic Missions, that by International Law, our Marines cannot “officially” carry, right? Not without the consent of the host country, anyway. On that note, what comes in through Diplomatic Courier is not able to be inspected by the host nations…..

  • Billy Day

    Since when does the UN Ambassador to Egypt have the power to tell the US military they can’t have live bullets.
    Her biggest problem is that she lack two things that men have and two things women do not have.
    Since when does any American not have the right to express his or her views in a video or anything else. That video was not produced by the US government, but it was produced by a US Christian Citizen who has rights given to him by the US Constitution. Instead of protecting his rights, Hillary Clinton, The Ambassador to the UN shoots her mouth off to the world condemning this man because she disagrees with him and she wants to not offend our Muslim enemies. What a Freaking Whimp she is and how cowardly the US leaders have become to the world. These days it is worse having Clinton and Obama in government than having the Trojan Horse in our cities. They all fit the definition of Treason which is ” Giving Aid and Comfort To The Enemy ” in time of war or while under attack.

  • Cameron Triplett Sr

    All American Ambassadors in foreign lands, especially in countries that are covertly hostile to the USA, need to have some BALLS instead of fearing that somebody might get their panties in a wad & get their lace ruffled. I have friends & relatives who are Marines & I can only hope they are not deployed as window dressing. Our Marines should have carried concealed weapons that this bitch didn’t know about. Most likely the attackers knew in advance that the Embassy was essentially UNGUARDED by UNARMED men. What a joke this entire administration is, a SORRY joke, & America is the butt.

  • sandman4X4

    lets see some useless dept of something or another has ordered a bazillion rounds of hollow point ammo, and the U.S.Marines are ordered by some usless buracrate “not to have live ammo”? what is wrong with this picture folks? I guess the only thing more useless than a unloaded gun (or weapon in the U.S.M.C.), is a gun loaded or m/t in the hands of a democrat! (rymes with rat)!!! man what is this world comming to? November 2012 can’t come soon enough!

  • Bob Higginbotham

    Patterson is typical of State Dept.personnel but a disgrace as an American citizen, if she is one. I spent over 4 years in the Marine Corps probably before this disgrace to America was born. The last time I heard of this type of rediculous decision of no ammo was in the early days of Viet Nam. Our advisors were theoretically only allowed to carry unloaded arms into the field. Stupid then and even more stupid now. Not that it will happen but Patterson should be immediately recalled in shame.

  • Mary Jocius

    Is this the US Marines “defending” our embassies on 9-11 or Barney Fife in Mayberry?

    • craigmayberry

      Hey I suggest that you are seriously descriminatory against Mayberrys and anything to do with the name. I claim instantaneous victimhood over your derogatory statement involving the use of the venerated and very old name of Mayberry.

  • IMissPepper

    I have a nephew-in-law who is a Marine and just got shipped out to the Middle East. I’m praying for his safety each and every day.

    BTW, what is it with that comment about a social club being run by women as being dangerous? That’s a seriously sexist comment. May I suggest that the author of this article realize that many conservatives are women. Don’t insult us.

    • craigmayberry

      Just ad the word “liberal” and get over your bad self.

  • bob

    If an attack comes here given that conscientious citizens have been arming themselves in record numbers, there is some degree of hope.
    As for the attack in Egypt, if we insist on insane leadership we will continue to have insane results, like the previously mentioned attack on the homeland. Are you idiots listening on the Left side of the audience yet?

  • adamenochnoah

    There has to be more to this story than we are being told. The US Govt is funding Al-Quaida & other militants to be the boots on the ground in these violent regime changes for the NWO. What better way to stir up waning support for the endless war on terror than to have these goons attack a US Embassy & take out Americans. When you consider the fact that the Marines had been disarmed & they were moving things around, it begins to sound alarmingly similar to 911 when our multi-trillion dollar defense system (NORAD) had been conveniently turned off to play war games. This event has false flag operation written all over it.

  • Abouna R.

    Perhaps the marines could do what our Border Guards have been ordered to do by the Department of Homeland Security, they have to fire beanbags at the enemy or run and hide.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    But she did leave them with some very expensive clubs to use in defense.

    I wonder, if she won’t support their defense, will she demand the defend her?

    As far as not wanting to look too dangerous to the locals, why not put unarmed, sweet little old ladies in rocking chairs out front?

    I would suggest nancy pelosi, babs baxer, di-fi, a couple of old hags from Maine.

    I’m fairly certain that we could fill out the contingent with help from the house of nonrepresentatives, but if not, there are always the nice little old ladies in the brady bunch and the babbling fools on TV constantly.

    Ed schultzforbrains would look good in a dress with a shawl…

  • wyatt48

    “Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson ‘did not permit U.S. Marine guards to carry live ammunition,’
    What The Hell is wrong with this woman? Obivously way short on common sense. How can a Marine “guard” an embassy without any bullets. She must be another one of those messed up liberals.

  • Babes

    I wonder if HIS bodyguards have live ammo?

  • pearl87

    The scum which has seized control of our country has no intention of killing anyone but Americans. We are the enemy of this hostile force in Washington and they recognize this. Why don’t the American people?

  • Stealth

    What a bunch of S**T! Obama and ALL his moron fools have to go!!!!

  • smogdew

    I wonder if this was even her call – she is an Ambassador, not a member of the military. Not to arm Marines on duty protecting an American Embassy with live rounds would seem to be a decision made by the CIC….(or at least the highest ranking Officer unless there was not real ammo at their disposal). Of course he’s going to protect his fellow Islamists. A few years back Somali pirates seized two American boaters off the African coast when serendipously, an American destroyer came upon the scene and in seconds, the CO had sharp shooters trained on the pirates (with no danger to the Americans). Obama, who was on vacation, was notified the Captain needed the go-ahead to take down the pirated (& save American lives) – what should have been a split second decision took our Fearless Leader TWO days to decide. I will never forget that. I thought then as I do now, what a coward….as we all know, there is more than meets the eye regarding Obama and the Mid-east. This man needs to lose and lose big in November and then sent back to Kenya.
    He’s a disgrace, and now that he has this country on its financial knees is turning us into the laughing stock of the planet.

  • easyemail

    let the idiot who says they cannot have ammo be posted in a Muslim country at a US Embassy.

  • afanaglenn

    I am just so damn livid. No ammunition? Whoever is responsible for that has to go. NOW.

  • ProudToBeAmerican

    “A social club for homeosexuals” — “as dangerous as a social club run by women”!!!!!!!!! WOW! Talk about bigotry and racism! SHAME ON YOU, Last Resistance!!!!!!!

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Oh…I just looked at anne pattersons bio….

    She doesn’t need no stinkin’ marines onnacountof she stared down generals in packystan and they is all skeered of her there….

    The biopic would indicate that any contingent of Military would just be a waste.

  • Jim

    What more will it take for American citizens to realize just who this clown in the White House really is and who’s side he is on? He is damn sure not on our side! No ammo? Just how stupid is that!

  • pineapple

    I say give the Marines slices of bacon which they can hurl at the terrorists. At least this would be better than rubber bullets.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Look on the bright side people.

    When obammer declares martial law and orders the military to do his bidding….

    The democrat party and all the useless bureaucrats won’t be able to hide.

    Marines, as well as all other branches of the military will have a very good clue of his loyalty to them.

  • Hose

    .The entire world must be laughing at us for all the stupid things Obumer and the rest of the stupids do.

  • Heyoka

    You folks don’t seem to understand that the Muslims are mad because the corporate greed and the military intervention from the west has been messing with their culture for decades. They are mad for the same reason we are mad. Seems to me we have a common enemy and its this pseudo government, those who have perverted the Constitution.
    Notice I didn’t say government, not the lawful government at least. Those who pervert the government and the Constitution are not the government, they are outlaws who have assumed control and hijacked the US. It is a Muntiny against the people, against the rule of law and against the Constitution. As such all their supposed authority is nothing more than raw force. Truthfully speaking they are a bunch of damned cowards. They can’t stand up and say so, they have to lie cheat and squirm their way in.
    And another thing, Jesus never said he was God. He said I am my Father are one but that is the sames the Taoist concept of being one with something or another. When you dewll on the essence of God you can become sons and daughters of God and wonderful things can happen, just as Jesus told us to do. When Mary met Jesus in the garden after his crusifiction he tod her to go and tell his brothers that, I ascend to my Father and their Father, My God and their God. No if he had to go to God how the heck was he God???
    This is a Roman control instituted into the Christian doctrine nearly 2000 years ago. Jesus said that whoever has seen me has seen the Father but that means that it was symbolic are the actions of Jesus and the way he conducted himself was what God ordained for men and women. Just like the Constitution folks, if you don’t study the foundation of the scripture and its underpinnings you will not understand the meaning.
    Study to show yourselves approved, stop listening to the error and the false doctrine that Rome stuck into the meaning of the scriptures, it just ain’t true. The Muslims only worship God, just like Jesus told us to do. He never said to worship him. We get over that we could be friends with the Muslims, wouldn’t that scare hell oout of the politicians?? We all serve the God of Abraham. And yes the worship of Allah is on the moon cycle, just like the Hebrews worshiped YHVH. We have just been convinced otherwise. Read it and see……

  • Charles Bodman

    I find this veryyy hard to believe, sounds like some bull from the Republican party. Now I have no feeling for Osama Obama, hell I wouldn’t even throw a glass of water on him if he was on fire. Just sounds to unbelieveable not being able to defend themselves

    • craigmayberry

      Get a hair cut and believe it bongo boy.

  • Hans

    Impeach OBAMA!!! !ODUMBO is our ENEMY ! To hang him from the closest lamp post would be an appropriate and justified punishment !!!!

  • Lyle Felix

    If the Marines are not permitted to carry ammunition:
    1) Why are our tax dollars being used to send Marines someplace to be killed so that families can be put in agony and we can spend more tax dollars to pay them a settlement?
    2) Will they be allowed to carry ammunition when Obama declares martial law? And, if so, we won’t have to worry that they will shoot American citizens.

  • 1marg

    No live ammo for use by secret service.

    • adamenochnoah

      And HSA, TSA, FBI, BATF, etc…

      • 1marg

        We only have to wait until Romney wins. Then the idiot Dems will wake up and notice the abuses that Adolf obama foisted upon us. Then, voters in both parties can begin to unravel the unconstitutional executive orders, regulations and czars. We will be relentless to our leaders.

        If Adolf obama wins, America as we know it is over. Amerika will be a dictatorship.

        • adamenochnoah

          America already a dictatorship, & has been for a long time; a two-party dictatorship…

        • 1marg

          But before this “they” didn’t have a billion holl ow pts. to back up their unconstitutional laws, regulations, and executive orders. Adolf obama has his well-armed civilian army at his disposal.

        • adamenochnoah

          Tell that to the Branch Davidians & the Ruby Ridge survivors…

        • 1marg

          I agree, but this time around, obama can get rid of a lot more of us.

  • Grandpa Ernie

    Wonder if Anne Patterson was sodomized as chris ,the ambassador of lybia was and then killed would she blame the marines who are there to protect her ??? AS she took away thier bullets , Now all they could do is watch >>> How STUPID CAN YOU BE was just shown in this brainless offical >> Vote wise in 2012 >>>>

  • Lraul Fontanez

    Concise and to the point, well put.

  • Jerry Miller

    When you have a Muslim Homosexual for President and a Military hating Ambassador, this is what happens!

  • GWY

    This isn’t new. Armed forces personnel are seldom issued live ammunition for simple gurard duties. It isn’t good policy to allow our young uniformed people to be placed in position of being the cause of an international shooting incident. These policy decisions should never be placed on these young people. The ones that should be making these decisions should have been moving them out of harms way when intelligence reports indicate they may be over run by mobs. In this case, I believe our government had such reports well in advance of the violence.

  • 1marg

    Anne Patterson. Anne Patterson. Anne Patterson…

    I want to remember that name. She’ll probably show up as one of Adolf obama’s generals in his well-armed civilian army. And you can be she’ll be packin’.

  • taskmasterendgame


    • adamenochnoah

      We live in a Republic & this is a private site…

  • rich_47

    WTF!!! They using them for “TARGET PRACTICE” ? No wonder odumbo doesn’t want to go over there! That has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard!

  • worldwatchers

    Barrack Hussein Obama has just started he’s reign of Chaos.

  • CookerT

    Here is just another bone head discission that I have to do a double take to make sure I’m Am I reading this correctly. Ambassadors and innocent civilians from the U.S. being slaughtered and our illustrious leader (Bone Head Obama) sends our armed forces over to Egypt with instructions not to load their weapons. I think he is saving the ammuntion for the Gun Owning Citizens of the United States who won’t comply with another bone headed descision by shredding our Second Amendment Rights to bare arms by disarming every American Citizen leaving all of us defensless. Why even allow are troops to carry firearms if they have no way of firing them. Let’s see how many American Troops Obama can watch being murdered this time. Has Obama lost what little mind he has left? Why doesn’t Obama stand gaurd at the U.S. Embassy in Egypt without any ammunition. My dear fellow American’s If anyone wants four more years of this guy you need physiological help immediately. It may not be to late for you to be cured of your loss of common sense. If I were still in the Army, I would disobey orders and tell my superiors to go stick it unless I had at least 2,000 rounds of ammo and numerous grenads on my person with plenty of Abrams for back up. Obama would rather kill Americans than insult a muslim. We must all be Infadels to have voted him in to office in the first place. We have plenty of ammunition to arm the Department of Homeland Security but non for are troops in an active war zone in the Middle East. By God he has just dug his own grave with this stupid move. He needs to go now before we loose Isrial as an alley.

  • Ed Kolarich

    In the vaunted Koran , are passages that say, it is OK to lie to someone not of the Muslim faith.
    As for no live ammo ,…..This is not the first time it has come up
    You cant have someone who hates guns running the State Department .


  • Walt

    No point is posting them there if they are not armed. You got what you deserved by being stupid.

    • chief1937

      But do not blame the Marines.

  • Diggerdon

    It is time that all Americans demand the respect that Muslims expect from US. We do not tear down their property, their flags, burn them and demonstrate with loud, cruel comments insulting them and their religion. Why don’t we show them the same crap they show us? And why doesn’t our state departments support our retaliation against those who insult us? Instead, we give them our hard earned dollars, take their insults and brutality with bowed heads and expect to treated with respect. Bullshit. Give them what they give us only twice over. let them get a taste of the dung they throw at the USA and Christians in particular.
    They don’t even show love to their own, how an they continue to live as they do when they don’t even respect their own. Look at the insulting way they treat women and children. My dog is more loving than they are. Nuff said.

  • Beatrix17

    There are female marines. And you wouldn’t want to mess with them. But why have Marines if they can’t fight back? Even in America, the police have live ammo and need it. Why wouldn’t you need ammo in a foreign country—especially one that’s not quite an ally?

  • CalPaul1949

    What kind of an idiot is Anne Patterson? She should have been the ambassador that was killed. Instead, it was others who had to pay for her stupidity.

  • dank

    Well put! HIS people! An embassy by definition is part of our country. This is a travisty and Obama along with hillary and congress will do nothing about it because they are politically correct and cowards. A very sad group of so called leaders.

  • DaHeat

    This would not be the first time that United States Marine guards were not allowed to carry loaded weapons. Years ago when the compound in Beirut was attacked, Marine Commandant P.X. Kelly also did not allow the Marine Guards to have loaded weapons, and thus the Marine guards could not respond to the attackers rushing the compound! How many personnel were killed in that attack?! Was General P.X. Kelley ever held accountable?! I Ambassador Anne Patterson going to be held accountable?! Obama is a Muslim! Think very seriously about that fact…

  • Roee

    Obama may have eventually sent in the marines, but it was an afterthought as he campaigned.

  • CaptTurbo

    I just have to know that the muslim impostor will see to it that military votes are lost or delayed. The military folks must be totally enraged at not being able to do their job.

  • bill

    I find this story hard to believe. As a Marine (former) I can’t believe a Marine would go along with such nonsense. Would not of happened in my day!



  • Randy131

    As a Marine who has served his country in the pass, I can assure you this is not a rare occasion. The Marines whose barracks was bombed in Lebanon were not allowed to take ammo with them when patrolling the streets of Lebanon, because their officers feared they would fire on the Lebanese, while the streets they patrolled were lined with teenagers with loaded AK-47’s. While serving in Viet Nam at Da Nang Air Base, one night we were being over-run with gooks and when the alarm sounded, we all went to the armory to get our weapons and ammo and were told not to load our weapons until the order came down from the officers, for which when I got to my assigned bunker I immediately loaded my M-16. The two other lower ranked Marines assigned to the same bunker asked me if the order was given to load our weapons, which I replied no it wasn’t, but I’m not waiting for the gooks to storm this bunker before I get prepared to defend it and myself, which they then also loaded their M-16s. The problem with the Marine Corps is that the officers don’t trust their enlisted men to act properly with loaded weapons. If I had been the ‘Officer in Charge’ of those Marines at that Cairo Embassy, I would have insisted my Marines have loaded weapons, not only to defend the Ambassador and the Embassy with it’s other employees, but also themselves, who by just being there in uniform automatically puts their life in jeapordy. The enlisted Marines are brave and honorable men, but their officers are cowards who trust nobody but themselves, yet Esprit de Corp is their faux motto, for they don’t believe in the Marine Corps as much as their enlisted men do, and orders constantly given, as this article details, prove it.

  • corpsman

    since our troops can’t have live ammo to defend our embassys then the secret service doesn’t need live ammo to defend pres Obama sounds fair to me

  • Earl Hudgins

    Hey folks…this is getting bad, real quick…I’ve got a feeling this type of anarchy is coming here soon enough…PLEASE prepare and be ready…keep your powder dry boys and may GOD be with us.

  • Eric Nisula


  • FedUp

    Let’s see, the Govt has bought 1.4 Billion rounds of Hollow Point bullets to use here at home (for target practice,,, yea, right), but won’t let our troops use live ammo against the enemy, either at our borders or in the Middle East.
    What is wrong with this picture?!?
    That alone should tell you who the real enemy is.

  • gypsy314

    Americans this is sad as hell if they can not defend them selfs then bring them home NOW as to our leaders that would support this crazy non sense this is why we have Americans dead. It is time for new leadership I say bounce Obama and democrats out and give Mitt and Republicans a chance to cleanup this mess.

  • SadlyOrwellian

    “Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson ‘did not permit U.S. Marine guards to carry live ammunition,’ according to multiple reports on U.S. Marine Corps blogs spotted by Nightwatch. ‘She neutralized any U.S. military capability that was dedicated to preserve her life and protect the US Embassy.’”

    Looks like they raped the wrong ambassador.

    Gun control in the military, in a hostile country no less?

    Shameful any way you look at it.

  • PopeyeTheTurtle

    For general information, it is a requirement for Marines to carry live ammunition is situations where they may come under attack or defend someone else from attack. That is straight out of the Marine Core Manual. This female Department of State employee probably has a dotted line overllook for the Marines, but she is NOT in their Military Chain-of-Command and thus would have no authority to command Marines to not carry ammunition.
    If she told a young Marine commander she had the authority, and if the Marine commander did not know his Manual of Arms, two things should happen:
    One is that she should be cashiered and replaced by a male diplomat. anywhere in the Arab world, women in power positions are considered an anethama to the natural order. Whatever is said in any kind of diplomatic bargaining is as good as the sound air makes at 10,000 feet. They will cooperate as long as it is in their best interests.
    Two, the Marine commander should be relieved and recalled to Marine Headquarters immediatley. While his actions, or lack thereof, are probably not grounds for court-martial, those actions are grounds for an Aricle 15 and, in effect, his career would be over.
    As a (disability) retired Army Officer with a retired Marine Corps brother, I am personally stunned if this holds up. Marines are NOT known for their ability to be brow-beaten by civilians, no matter their position.

  • skipgainer

    If these Marines, follow a stupid order like not arming themselves, well then why are we putting these Marines in harms way? Why even have them at our embassy, for what window dressing? Or to show off some new ribbons and uniforms. Any Marine that allows themselves to be put into that position, they do not deserve to wear the uniform!

    • chief1937

      Sir Marines go and do as ordered.and may I add they should and do wear their uniform with honor unlike commenters like you skipgainer

      • skipgainer

        So I guess with your rational thinking, if ordered to shoot ones self or another American citizen you sir would not hesitate to follow that order. That is not how or what made this country strong, it was brave men and women doing whatever it took to get the job done. Take your uniform off you disgrace it and yourself sir. Did you ever learn what John Paul Jones told the British, or what Patton and MacArthur stood for and accomplished. We have way to much pomp and ceremony and not enough flat out soldiers anymore, keep your PC BS, I will keep my weapon and ammo handy!

        • chief1937

          You completely misunderstood my satatements.I did not say they would shoot themselves or american citizens simply if ordered to stand guard unarmed they would do so and with the best of their ability. I have personally guarded airplanes in countries where there was a possible danger with an 18 inch night stick because that was orders.I doubt you would know what to do with a weapon either with or without ammo or PC sir.My opinion only not subject to interpretation.I also stand by my comment that Marines wear their uniforms with pride and rightly so.By the way did you ever wear the uniform or just criticize those who have?

        • skipgainer

          It was very plain what you said, that Marines go and do as ordered! I did not disagree with you Sir, I just know not every order is the right order to obey. Simple explanation is, this is the excuse the German Soldiers made after killing millions, I was just following orders. You are right I never wore the uniform, but a uniform does not make you a soldier. If you would care to walk in front of me I can prove to you I do know which end of the weapon to point at said target and I use to be a pretty good shot, not so sure now that I am 62 and my eye sight is not what it once was. Getting back to the uniform which is a great symbol of the person wearing it, is something very special. I had relatives at a little place called Valley Forge, do not know if they where rich enough to afford a uniform but they where there. As far as the night stick you sound like a cop not a soldier, but let me express my gratitude to you for serving. All I was trying to say is not every order is written into stone and that is what made our military exceptional. Now we look real pretty on the Parade Ground, but remember so did the Redcoats that a bunch of farmers defeated!

  • Camille Chandler

    Seems that our government has lost its balls and has no intention of defending its true citizens. It is a shame that our military has been reduced to not being allowed live ammo. So why not just pack up your toys and come back home. If you honestly believe that this was caused by some video on YouTube, you are missing a few marbles.

  • DouglasDauntless

    Ambassador Ann Patterson is a flower child from the 60’s make love don’t fight. What do you expect from the State Department, they have always helped and worked for the ememy. Read the book “None Dare call it Treasion” Clinton and Obama and his whole cabinet are working against we citizens of the USA. And Obama, Clinton and this Ann Patterson hate our troops. That’s why Obama gave the homosexyals the OK to destroy our armed forces.

  • moses

    she should be charged with murder if oboma told her too do that he should be arrested for murder . if they are not they can take there so called laws and shove them up there pig dung mouths

  • TruthTeller

    Well…Well… Well…This article was written by some “deadset” Jingoistic Redneck. If you look at any other “civilized embassy” on this planet, let say Norwegian, German, Swiss etc.
    none of them have “Braindead Jarheads” armed to the teeth pouncing arrogantly around the Embassy gates. Imperial Jingoistic Rednecks should learn how to live amongst the other people on this planet in peace and civility…. You always reap what you sow….Be friendly and peaceful, suddenly you realize you have lots of friends.

    • chief1937

      Truth Teller: I doubt seriously you know anything about the US Marines. They do any job assigned as long as they are able.To send them into any conflicting situation where their oposition have guns and them without amo is plain and simple stupidity. You try and take a gun to a knife fight and see how you turn out.I will take a marine over anyone like you anytime armed or not.It was real friendly for the Muslims to invade the embassy and kill the occupants. I don’t really want any of that kind of friends you can have them sir.

  • sara34343

    We send these countries billions, they have real guns (loaded) and our military can’t use live ammo First off STOP SENDING OUR TAX DOLLARS TO OUR ENEMIES – THEY HATE US AND WHAT WE STAND FOR FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY AND OUR TAX DOLLARS ARE FUNDING THE WEAPONS THAT KILL OUR TROOPS

  • military wife and mom

    No Truthteller, you have no idea what you are talking about. Do you ever see the radicals going after the Russian embassy? No—because they know what would happen. My spouse came home from Viet-Nam and they sent the 82nd to line the Washington DC streets with soldiers because of the riots during the inauguration. No ammo allowed. Soldiers all around my spouse were being hit with bricks and potatoes with razor blades. I would bet they did not directly hit my spouse because he is large. They were riotous cowards. But, if you resort to violence in your riots, then you deserve violence back. Simple as that. But OBama-ass does not have the knowedge and skills to lead anything and definitely does not have any knowledge about the military— except to put them in harm’s way and tie their hands behind their back……………………

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Just two words: phuching stupid

  • Daniel from TN

    If embassy guards are not allowed ammo then the only thing they can do the next time a violent gang shows up at the embassy grounds is step aside and let the gang in. What more could the guards do?
    America or obama this November! You can’t choose both!

  • adamenochnoah

    Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky calls for foreign aid to be cut to Libya, Egypt, and Pakistan until they start acting like our allies. Sen. Paul calls for half of the money that would go to these countries to be put towards veterans benefits to help those who have risked life and limb to keep us, and those countries, safe.

  • joecronin

    Incompetent assholes in charge of defending American lives ; tell Anne to go to hell and ; put a Sargent in charge . Reminds me of the Newark riot days when we were all issued blanks . What the fuck was that ? It’s time for every town to get their people together and form their own militia . The federal assholes are only out for themselves at our expense .If these political cowards see some positive from us , they will ” see the light ” ; if you know what I mean .

  • disharted

    It saddens me knowing that our military has become only target for our enemies with a target painted on their chests. to bad we are unable to send our leaders to stand in front of our troops when they are in danger defending our beloved nation, politicians should be procecuted for not standing up to the oath . but it looks that they are in DC just for the pay check and the best retirement they can give themself, to bad the people are not able to vote on their pay and allowance.

  • Jim Delaney

    Re marines being unarmed or not permitted live ammo, are you absolutely sure this report is true? If so, what is your source? FOX reported they couldn’t confirm it–DOS or the Marine Corps. Important we stick hardfast to accuracy. Conservative credibility is everything.

  • ShirleyWarren

    WHY WHY WHY WHY didn’t our Marines have the support they needed to protect not only the Ambassador, but themselves? This is total BS that Obama is leaving our Military wide open for ambush. Get our Military out of all those Mafia Brotherhood countries. Why are we even there? They said when Bid Laden was killed all of them would be brought home. Obama brings home some of them but then sends another troop in.NO, no, no, no what part of no don’t you understand Mr Obama. We’re tired of our Military not being given the equipment and ammunition to protect them and our country. Why have you ordered all of the millions of dollars of ammunition? Is it because you want your Mafia army to be so equipped that American’s doesn’t stand a chance in hell. MOST of us can see the red flags that you present and we don’t like it. Either do your part or get out. We should not have to be in countries that hate us and are our enemies. Why are we there. Let the Muslims kill each other but we don’t need anymore of our sons and daughters slaughtered because you want them there.

  • Sandra Smith

    This ROE has been going on off and on in COMBAT areas TOO! It’s positively insane; and we need to bring our troops home and stop the senseless slaughter of our young men and women in uniform! EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM, from all nations; until and unless this madness STOPS!

  • choisha

    Bastard Obama and Hillary Clinton are sending our US Troops to Libya and Egypt to be Slaughtered and Butchered by their Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists. Is this the Way the Bastard Fake President ordering our Brave Marines in Libya and Egypt to be armed with Guns that Fire Rubber Bullets… Impeach the Bastard Obama and Hillary Clinton Immediately.. They have committed Treasons knowing that their Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists will attacking the US Embassies in the Middle East.and Kept quiei about it as if nothi8ng is going to happen…

  • Chet

    How in the world can this be that our troops cannot defend themselves or their territory? How can this be? And how can the man in charge be riding so high in the saddle…

  • fredh

    If I was a marine guarding this embassy , instead of having a watchdog, I would have a watch pigs. And if i was president i would allow the men to eat pork, and coat their bullets with pig blood. This country gives as aid, 20 billion dollars to Egypt every year. This country has been fighting the muslims for over 200 years. Question; Why would this country put a women to be ambassador to a muslim. I guess it is because we have a woman as sec. of state. It is all a joke

    • Terry

      Very good! We could also make our flags out of pig skin and hang pig skins on the walls of all embassies in Muslim countries. All Marines should have silver bullet gun oil to coat their ammo. If you haven’t seen sliver bullet check it out.

  • choisha

    Like I have said before A Good Muslim Brotherhood Muslim is a DEAD Muslim..

  • hollygreen9

    What was going through that idiot woman’s mind? Hard telling! The liberals have not an ounce of grey matter.

  • Lindy

    Thanks Hillary Clinton. When are people going to say enough is enough?

  • rryej

    nuff said get rid of OBAMA

  • Dave Clark

    We have idiots out there who “Love” Obama – just look at “He Sends A Twinkle Up My Leg” (or is it “Twinkle Down My Leg”) Chris Matthews. Our military needs to step in and tell each Ambassdor that they have NO SAY over the Marines protecting them and Live Ammo Will kept on them at all times/ If an Ambassador cannot stomach that a terrorist might get killed then he or she is free to Leave the Foreign Service of the State Department. Shame on our Ambassdor to Egypt. She needs to be dealt with in a military tibunal and let her see what true military justice is all about. Too many of these idiots have partaken of Obama’s Kool-Aid. We must remove Obama from office on November 6, 2012 and it would be great to see him arrested and placed in a prison on some desolate island with Eric Holder and the rest of the corrupt politicians from Chicago.

  • Pclages


  • darkcyder

    There’s an old joke about the guy who brings the knife to the gun fight. Lookas like we wer the butt of it. Seriously, though why didn’t the marines get their concealed carry permits, and keep themselves armed? After all, the embassy is American soil, and they may not be able to carry an AR- but a good 45 could go a long way. That goes for the ambassadors as well.

  • ShirleyWarren

    Doesn’t this show America that Obama knew what was going to take place in Libya. Why would he not let our Marines have the ammo they needed for fear Obamas people would get hurt or killed. Come on folks….Can’t you see the RED FLAGS that are being sent. Let us get him out of the W H before it’s to late for America. Some of you people cried at the DNC Convention….You’ll really cry if YOU put Obama in for a second term.

  • Vincent Ciufo

    This down right a disgrace to the us marines and to are country…you see NOBAMA does not want to shoot at muslims his people and all you kool aide drinking SOBS THAT VOTE FOR HIM THIS IS WHAT YOU GET

  • annoyed by ignorance

    Very, very foolish to use such sexist labels. A real turnoff to military females. Besides, have these guys ever been to a social gathering run by women? Quit watch “Real Housewives” and join the real world.

  • MLH

    Don’t worry … the American People will defend the country with our guns and bullets if push comes to shove … and that includes against domestic enemy islamic morons. islam is the antithesis of Liberty and Freedom … it must be eliminated from within the USA just like Fascism and Communism. islam is not a religion … it is a type of government. 😉

  • ozarkwoman

    I just wish Mr. DeMar would use a better example than calling them women. Even in oink chiffon I carry.

  • kris

    The no live ammo policy has been in place for a very long time. I dated an ex-marine in the late 80’s and he had been on guard duty. I don’t remember where. I should have paid more attention, but he told me that they weren’t allowed to have live ammo in their guns. My question was then what help would you be in a crisis? The answer….None…That policy still shocks me……

  • Rob Rage

    We had the same Problem when I was in Nam…Democrat Traitor Politicians like Ted Kennedy didn’t think we should have a loaded firearm back in our basecamps…The enemy found this out…so they infiltrated the Basecamps..and killed our unarmed soldiers….That insane rules of engagement was soon ended….but it didn’t bring back those guys that were murdered…with an assist from our Benedict Arnold Politicians…..Now the Nevil Chamberlain Administration is doing it again…..and more of our soldiers will die..!

  • Enrique

    As a former MARINE,I am glad that I am no longer in the corps.They did the same to us in nam but we still carried our ammo and fought back .Maybe anne patterson should have stood in from of the ambassy with her arms wide open and welcomed the muslims in.

  • samuel

    No doubt hand picked by “PINKO” OBOMA! THE AMBASSADOR FROM “HELL” !!!!!!! TREASON!!!!!!

  • Doc J Groves


  • ccnova67

    Here is how you fix that – if the ambassador does not allow live ammo you find a position behind them and give them your empty weapon – OH keep the bayonet or knife to protect yourself!! I know this goes against what Marines are taught but these people are STUPID and therefore you won’t be held accountable for disobeying there orders.

  • Ron

    I think since we aren’t allowed to have bullets, that we should have PIG SHIT to throw at the protesters!!! Instead of gernade launchers we have PIG SHIT Launchers!!! And put something in their water to make the muslims sterile!!

  • Fred Howard

    Now ask where is the 1.5 Billion rounds of ‘hollow point’ .356 & .40 ammunition this administration ordered. Oh Yeah, that’s for Conservatives who Vote wrong in Nov.

  • A real republican

    The USMC embassy details have been without ammo at least as far back as the 60s maybe longer.

    This is not a new thing.

    This is NOT an Obama policy. DO your homework!

    This is exactly WHY the US Embassy staff in Tehran was able to be taken captive back during the Carter administration.

    I cant think of ANY US embassy that has ammo in the USMC weapons.

    Its been known for decades that this was the case.
    Why didnt you do your homework before acting so shocked ?

    When you attack another nations embassy, it is an act of war.
    If your citizens do the deed, then the country whos embassy was attacked would be within their rights to respond with a military strike.

    Any nation that did, however, would probably regret it, so nobody does respond militarily to having their embassy attacked.

    Knowing that something like this is going to happen, WHY hasnt that idiot preacher been held accountable for his actions ?

    You cant yell fire in a theatre, you shouldnt promote things you know will get US embassies attacked & US personnel killed.

    Likewise these nations need to be reminded that everytime they attack an embassy, it is an act of war and they need to be reminded in public how lucky they are that we didnt flatten their capitol city.

  • Retired Nam Vet

    Our Military does not get live ammunition, BUT social security administration, HHS, and the others get thousands of live rounds. What is going on here?? No protection for the Americans and our Military. We need to get rid of this Islamist that is called POTUS in NOV with our votes.

  • ecoplastican

    It is difficult to discern the “good” muslims from the radicals, as the “good” muslims do not speak out against the radicals. One can only assume that they are all the same.


    Its to bad Odummer wasnt there at the Embassy to meet his Muslim relatives! it would have been nice to see them drag his dumb ass thru the street. OAHOLE SHOULD BE TRIED FOR TREASON. Death to Muslim pigs.

  • milchap

    I have never been a Marine, but I was a FMF Corpsman (pronounced Core man). I was not in RVN, but I was in the DomRep in 1965 when Marines had to turn in their ammunition, so there is nothing new going on.
    I think every embassy gate should be wired with 660, machine gun implacements be set up to provide covering fire from every position, every Marine guard be equipped with granade launchers, tanks be situated behind every gate, and every Marine detachment be at least company strength.
    What i can’t fathom is the disregard of the State Department to heed the concern issued by the Brits. I also can’t figure out why the MarineExpeditionaryUnit in the Med wasn’t deployed. I spent three tours in the Med to forstall just such a situation.

  • ZagoZana

    This is an out right lie promoted by “F” word net work.
    The Marines have made press releases stating this.
    Look it up!
    Do you trust F’n news more the the Marines?
    Robme is loosing badly… Ha, Ha, Ha…

  • James R. Boy

    Bully’s do not understand Kindness. They see it as a weakness and will take advantage of the weakness every time. Governments are made up of people and sometimes bully’s. Wanna stop the bully? You beat his ass until he would rather be dead !!! Then you grab him by the neck and look him in the face and tell him in the language he understands, “You have mistaken kindness for weakness”. If you have to pay a second visit…Kill the Bully.

  • mike

    this happeed befor remember beruit? this obama is a traitor to thenation and the people

  • Bullrun

    This country is going to Hell real fast. time to kick some ass and forget about taking names.

  • War Hog

    Why waste good old bacon? Back in Asia, my friends in the military who were fighting ultra islamic bandits (well, they claimed to be fighting for Allah while robbing and kidnapping people, thus the label , in case you are one of those PCs(politically correct people) will wash their ammos in a bucket of pig blood and let the word spread around. Well, it diminished the incidents of ambushes and attacks for sometime until some PC’s complained about the practice.

    these terrorists understand and respect (or fear) only one thing: FORCE and quick retaliation; tit for tat. My friends operated on this doctrine: A good terrorist is a dead terrorist.

  • DonRS

    If you think the wimpy U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, alone, prevented the Marines from carrying loaded weapons to defend the Embassy, you have another think coming. This policy is very similar to the extremely limited “rules of engagement” under which our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan must operate!
    Our troops are being killed by their stupid, very political leadership at the Pentagon and White House.
    We are truly in serious trouble. It will be disaterous should Obama be reelected.

  • Lowell

    Who gave Annie Patterson the order to disarm our Marines. She or someone must be held accountable for this blunder. Not only should they be armed to the hilt, backup air support should have been available. We cannot remain free under our current leaders. In November and in the following months many changes must be made.

  • victor

    what a perfect time for isreal to bomb the ayatollahs back into the dark ages
    then all these ragheads would have something to whine about

  • DonRS

    “Abandon the Middle East” is an easly call. Sadly, that is a losing idea. Islam is overtaking Europe through shear numbers: the birthrate of the natives in England, France, Germany, Belgium, the Scandinavian countries, and even the U.S. is below the replacement rate. On the other hand, the Islamists are propogating at a much highter rate. The result: Islam will be able to vote themselves into control in the western world, in a reasonably short time.
    The Islamic world bows to the Qur’an, which dictates that Islam shall overtake the world – convert or be killed! Ignore the Qur’an is you choose. Ignore Islam, is you choose. If we choose to ignore Islam, be assured, they will not ignore us.

  • Jaime Cancio

    Now ask yourself’ just why during Katrina military forces there carried live ammunition and also they were armed and ready when they went door to door confiscating firearms from the ‘white’ citizens of New Orleans and Mederie in direct violation of Constitutional rights and later denied means of redress against those individuals, police and military, who collected and mistreated those people they confiscated firearms….but in a foreign country, in the face of violence our Marines are without means to protect themselves.

  • John Brashear

    obama is violating the US Constitution at every move he makes, and our elected officials are complicit by allowing him such , without challenging his authority they give him the power willfully to continue I say remove ALL of them this November….unless they show backbone and will to stop him…..they need to get new jobs

  • medivac

    I would hope that a few good men will do what we do and slip some live ammo around with the troops. I also note that it is illegal to have drinking alcohol aboard any Naval ship BUT we managed to smuggle enough aboard to have one helluva Christmas party in 1967 !! Even after our officer in charge confiscated a foot locker of beer. BTW, we also had a few drinks in the ready room with our pilots at their request !! We had an operation Christmas eve and the day after Christmas so everything was cool !!

  • Jake

    I have stood Marine guard duty with a rubber rifle and with blanks. They act like they are more scared of us then they are of the enemy. I was wondering when it would finally make the news that this was happening.

  • robocop33

    The US Marines charged with protecting our embassy are some of our finest men and women and they are exceptionally brave individuals BUT, not to trust them to have ammunition is beyond stupid! Let them do their jobs! We have some people at the Embassy who perform certain duties that depend on our Marines to protect them and some highly classified information. I was one of those people and the Marines are our lifeline, literally! To disarm our military is treasonous!

  • caskinner

    The secret service should not be allowed to have ammunition for their guns then. What in the hell is going on????? The people are sitting ducks at our embassies!!!

  • Red State Warrior

    Good point re Obama firing on his own people!! However, I believe this ‘pantywaist’ direction happened on Hillary’s shift. U know how scared she is of guns!! Like the article said, the direction (no ammo) came from the State Department. Kinda reminds u of ‘Barney’ on ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ doesn’t it??!!

  • Go Vikes

    Barak HUSAIN Obama………. and Huma Abedin, Clinton’s “favorite aide, and now deputy chief of staff”….have handed al-quaeda and other jihadi hooligans, on a platter: the Middle East…………

  • Willyt

    Not true but it is splendidly reactionary. While the White House is off planet for this event, the marines are armed – yet not enough of them are on site. This is a failure of NObama’s intel. What the hell was Petraeus doing at the CIA? Did he scream at NObama that the _hit was in the fan and had he better get back from his frolicking in Las Vegas?I would look for some week-ending fallout from NObama’s massive failure to lead…I would look for some week-ending fallout from NObama’s massive failure to lead…

  • progressiveandproud

    This no ammo directive has been around for quite a while.

    When the Iranians captured our embassy and held our people captive in ’79, it was because our military was not allowed to fire on the the intruders.

    Bad policy then, bad policy now.


    Another victory for Obama and Clinton.

  • Ernest Stull

    Carter did the same thing 79 remenber when the marine barracks was bombed.

  • Samuel

    It is beyond belief that anyone could vote for Obama and his rag-tag socialists. He and Hillary are disgusting dangerous Saul Alinsky disciples who will stop at nothing to complete the Islamic revolution.

  • Steven Dale Woods

    The Marines need to be like the Marines in the movie Aliens when they are told to “Holster their weapons” and DEFY the order to at least protect themselves! THIS IS INSANE… so what are they going to do if they climb the walls again and this time attack the Marines instead of the flag?!?!?!?!

  • Joe Zimmerman

    GOD BLESS the MARINES and AMERICA and piss on Patterson she is an ODUMBA whore ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Barbara Johnson

    No ammo to defend? huummm… sounds like they were sent there to die!

  • Michael

    Hussein obama, go rule over your own and let America be freed

  • petie3

    Since when does the State Department have operational control over a USMC operation?

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    This reminds me of immediately after 911, 2001. Military people were in the Airport terminal in my town carrying M-16’s Well, being past military myself, I noticed something strange? I asked one of the GI’s where his ammo was? He said, “We’re ;not allowed to carry ammo in here.” Brilliant, just brilliant. I see nothing has changed. The fools in power tell the real defense experts what they are allowed to do, and bluffing the enemy isn’t going to fool the enemy for long. Bluffing only works in the illogical non-common sense mind of a Liberal. In that way we can’t be accused of hurting anyone un-necessarily…as if I give a rat’s a$$ about Islamic radicals.

  • Eun-Hye Jung

    I believe the wording in this article is a little strong… just because those marines didn’t have bullets don’t make them as the writer wrote: ”
    social club for homosexuals” clearly that isn’t the case… but i do agree this is an unacceptable practice that didn’t need to happen and clearly heads should roll for it. Sadly, my guess the Muslims will agree with me on that one.

  • Ron

    The claim that this is all happening because of a film making fun of Mohammed is just an excuse to attack America. Jesus Christ has been made fun of like in Jesus Christ Super Star. Yet you did not see Christians reacting like these lunatics.They say first Friday prayers then go out and riot and try to kill people,. What! It is like Christians saying let me go to Sunday mass then come out of church get a gun and shoot people up.

  • PastorRuth1

    Obama is determined to bring out country down: economically, constitutionally, and regarding our sovereignty. He wants us to be on par with 3rd world countries, ie “electricity must necessarily sky-rocket!”; constituionally, “fundamentally transformed”; and as to our sovereignty, “There is nothing special about being an American!”
    Romney/Ryan 2012!!

  • missnellie

    This is despicable and puts our Marines further into harms way. But what the heck does Obama care….he IS a Muslim…he IS one of them. Shame on our Ambassador to Egypt….shame on our governement….but most of all SHAME ON OUR PRESIDENT. I swear there will be civil unrest here in our own Country if things don’t change. Come near my home or my family and you won’t get a foot past the edge of my property. Islam means to kill all infidels….and that, my friends, is US!!!!!!!!!! Time to rethink having a gun in our home. My thoughts of not being prejudice just went completely down the toilet….may all Muslims rot in hell!!!!!!!!!!

  • Del Abbey

    what a flocked up government we have. American lives mean nothing as long as the greedy pigs in power protect their oil billionaires.

  • PastorRuth1

    If he protects America to the same degree that he protected our interest and people overseas, we’re in TROUBLE!!

    • catnip24

      you’re right pastorruth. but we were in trouble before this. look at how obama and clinton want to take away our right to bear arms and dismantle the constitution and bill of rights.

  • Sweet Lady Mary

    Why even have the Marines for decoration? Doesn’t make sense. Between Obama and Clinton apologizing, they think we are soft and a soft target. Disgusting.

  • PastorRuth1

    This has NOTHING to do with a film! That excuse is another of Obama’s “straw men” that he wants us to set fire to! No, it is HIS OWN FAILED LIMP-WRITED POLICIES!! He is the protector of Muslims overseas and the enemy of Americans at home! He is NO FRIEND of American, taking EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO UNDERMINE OUR FREEDOMS AND SAFETY! Seaquestration is a HORRIBLE BILL purposefully written to strip America of ALL DEFECES for our safety! He has signed over 936 Executive Orders giving HIMSELF and his lopsided Federal Government unreasonable and unequalled power! He has signed into law more crippling regulaions and has run up our deficit higher than ALL PREVIOUS PRESEIDENT’S PUT TOGETHER!!
    This Foreign Crisis is yet ANOTHER example of Obama’s failed policies! But will he accept ANY responsibility?? No! He can’t say, “It’s ALL Bush’s fault!” so he found some obscure stupid film that he can blame!! “It’s ALL that movie’s fault!!!” Sound familiar??
    This Incompetent Fraud and Imposter HAS TO GO!!
    ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!!

  • Anne E.V Morales

    I second that – Death to Islam! VOTE ROMNEY!

  • Surf Waters

    If you see “2016” in your closest theatre, you will know Obama’s main objective is to reduce this country in strengrth & money so that it compares with other middle eastern country. Obama believes that it will equalize us in the eyes of the rest of the world. He is anti-capitalist; his entire theory is based on his mentors – all anti-capitalist, Marxisr and Communists…i.e. Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky; his father, Barrack Obama Sr., Rev. Wright. He knows exactly what he is doing and has already downsized this country. If he has four more years we will be Greece or worse. The freeloaders who still support this man ought to know he is using them – IF HE HAS NOT ACCOMPLISHED ANY OF HIS CAMPAIGN PROMISES IN FOUR YEARS WHAT ON EARTH MAKES YOU BELIEVE HE WILL IN A SECOND TERM? obama and his wife BURNED our American Flag …NUMEROUIS Times… And THIS is the man that has his BEST interest in his heart for America,,,, Please America look at what he’s doing to our country.

  • catman

    A later dispatch from the State Department stated that the “no live ammo” was pattently false. Live ammo would be carried by our Marines. NOW, let us ask the “grunts” if they were allowed live ammo when they return. The truth will out!!!

    • catnip24

      one different story after another. obama and his administration lie do much they can’t keep their stories straight.

  • Don

    Obama, the symbol of weakness throughout the world along with “no bullets” Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Truly pathetic!!!

  • USman

    Too bad this Patterson broad wasn’t the one Raped and killed.

  • catnip24

    obama and clinton let these subspecies take over our embassies. it won’t be long before obama and clinton let these subspecies take over the united states. their plan is in the works right now.

  • Sukhotai

    My only comment is that If the Marine leadership (top brass) allowed their own men to be killed due to “political garbage”, they ought to be stripped of their rank and benefits, and removed from the service as they are traitors to their own men. NO ONE should ever be put in harms way without the ability to protect themselves. That IS Criminal.

  • one4one

    Hate to wish harm on a fellow American …..but apparently she should of been the one to die.

    Stupidity would normally lead to such….

  • Matt Chipman

    I am was the 1st American in Bosnia and they didnt trust me or the other American enough to give us ammo, but when i told the press that we didnt have any everyone after us was given the full basic load……..the lowest man on he totem pole is a NUMBER (not a human) in todays army as well especially under the most arogant pieces of shit we’ve ever had as potus and vpotus….

  • USAF1969

    Where do we think we age going when we let an administration run rough shod over our basic rights and then tell us we are in favor of it. It is time that you tell ALL AMericans to wake up and get out and vote the bums out. They are killing your family and mine when our service men and women are put in harms way and not aloud to defend themselves. Why not put someone there who likes the idea like to polotical leaders or liberal congresspersons. Maybe Nancy can stop them or maybe Harry would like to go. Put your words into actions and get off the I’m so important no one can do without me, this nation has done without you for hundreds of years and if you leave we can do it for hundreds more. Wake up America. God is warning us to turn back to him while there is time, precious little left.

  • Major O

    It is to bad that stupid bitch Patterson didn’t get killed. What kind of dumb ass put her in power. Oh wait, it is Bitch Hillery. It is probably her girl friend.

  • tetons9


    • ves

      You must not have active duty military family members overseas … I do and it’s true!!
      Ask Vietnam Vets about all the BS they went through not being allowed to defend themselves!! Our agents in mexico were killed because they weren’t allowed to be armed!! They won’t let our Medivac crews be armed!!!
      The new directive for border agents is to run and hide and call for help while the gunmen are shooting you!!!

  • Doris Carman

    I cant believe this is a true story,

  • Lynne1249

    Obama’s a disgrace and you’d better believe it was his orders that stopped them from using ammo. It’s tragic the mainstream media doesn’t tell the truth about what’s really going on in the mideast! Instead they’re focusing on Romney giving his thoughts. We can’t afford 4 more yrs of the islamist president! People need to wake up NOW!

  • oldvet68

    I’ll bet the Russian embassy would not hesitate one minute to send a good muslem
    to see mohammid(a good muslem is one who has assumed room tempature, one
    who speaks to allah face to face, one who finds out these virgin homeys are ugly
    as any middle eastern woman.
    Yep a country with balls would take this as an act of war, If their embassy was done the same here in the States, I’d bet they would start shooyin. We have a bunch of gutless
    pieces of human waste, that has no balls running the country. Can you guess who I
    mean. But let me tell youmthis children, blacks can’t see past the skin color. He will
    get 101% of the black vote(demonazis vote more than once/with help), he will 98%
    of the brown vote, 50% of the yellow vote and I sorrry to say he gonna get white votes.
    And these white need to be tar and feathered(hot HOT, HOT TAR) as in third degree
    over like 99% of their worthless carcuis.

  • Pete

    This is just one more reason Obumination, the unAmerican radical muslim and communist, should be investigated, charged, and convicted of mass murder and treason.

  • Skip

    Most of you are not old enough to remember, in Chicago when they had the riots, the Army was dispatched to guard street corners in bad neighborhoods with rifle but no ammo. Most of them called friends or relatives to pick them up and they went home. Marines, I urge you to do the same, if you are put in a position where your life is in danger, and some slime-ball politician fails to give you to tools to do so. That is suicide and as most of us know, that is frowned upon by most religions. This would not be dereliction of duty, it is self preservation,or better put, a tactical maneuver. May God Bless all our people in uniform, and keep them safe from danger, especially from their so called a– kissing leaders.

  • oldvet68

    Oh, forgot DEATH TO ALL MUSLEMS, Let the Jews do what they gotta, if it’s to nuke
    all those regheads, yea, so what, what has a muslem done for the human race. NOTHING
    Come on Jew buddys nuke those bastards and cover the bombs with lard(hog fat) so
    all those pieces of human waste go to hell.
    You do know why they won’t eat with their left hands?

  • deebar

    I think this is B.S. ! I’d like to blame Ocrap but this is not true I’m sure . Personally I’d like to give the Muslims lots of guns and lots of ammo and whatever else they want , then just pull out . Let them kill each other , let them draw each others blood and they’re good at it .

  • Nathan51

    To Hell with trying to be civil towards these filthy animals. Fly over them with sprayer equipped C-130’s filled with a slurry made from pig renderings, urine and feces from a slaughter house. Spray the contents on the freaks. The second wave of C-130’s should be full of leaflets in Arabic telling the freaks what they have been sprayed with. Next drop several Daisy Cutters on the freaks from several more C-130’s. This way you prepare the islamic trash for Hell, you tell them where they are going and you put them on the express bus! This should be the official policy when dealing with these pieces of garbage. Send every one of them to meet their 72 AIDS infected whores in Hell!

    • Dave

      You neglected to insert (300 Lb.) between “infected” and “whores” in your post.

      • Nathan51

        Good call. I missed that one! 😉

  • Rick

    The State Department has always . . . well at least since World War 2 anyway tended to consider the Military to be little more than moron knuckle draging mouth breathing cousins you keep out back because they might embarrass sophistocated educated sensitive terrorists. Even before the second world war many of the folks in the Department of State considered all the military types as being more than a few steps lower intellectually than themselves but at least most of them at least allowed the military the right to perform their functions so long as the leash was kept suffeciently short. The fact is as a retired Air Force Officer I want civilian authority over the military. We swear to protect defend and uphold the Constituton of the United States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic. The Constitution itself places the military under the control of properly constituted civilian authority and its only from that properly constituted civilian authority that we in the military have the legal authority to do we do in times of war and in defense of the Constitution. When the people elect a civilian government that then effectively disarms embassy guards we get what we get, four dead diplomats and a dead Ambassador. The fault is not the government though its with we the people. We elected the government that implemented the policies that have lead to everything we see as being wrong. Its our fault collectively speaking. We must demand better in order to deserve better. If we only vote for those who buy our votes with tax payers money if we allow ourselves to be bought off in return for our votes we deserve to get what I think is coming down the pike. This very same thing has happened before in history and we are making the very same mistakes and when its the single world power making these mistakes as has happened in the past the result is very likely to be the same. In 476 AD the western Roman empire fell and it fell as a result of nearly the very same set of circumstances we are seeing in the United States today. The result was the rise of the middle ages that lasted nearly a thousand years. The situtation may not be unrecoverable just yet but if we re-elect Obama I don’t think the situtation in five years will be recoverable.

  • George Tolhurst

    Bring all of our troops home and let them spend their money here.

  • Dave La Rochelle

    Shades of Carter in the Iran crisis, of Clintoon during the Mogadishu attacks, the World Trade Center, and all the other Democrat foreign policy buffoons telling the military not to do their jobs. A few tracer rounds going through the empty headed Muslim mobs is a wake up call to all Islamists trying to poke the “great Satin”.

  • Robert W Velon

    I cannot believe that this Muslim administration would send troops to defend the Embassy and would not allow them ammunition… That says it all and should say something about this administration…

  • pjake

    If this is true then Anne Patterson doesn’t deserve to have Marines protecting her. She shouldn’t even be allowed to stay in this position as ambassador. To disarm a Marine in a situation like this is one of the most demasculating things I’ve ever heard of and if this dame gets killed because of it, so be it. If you’re gonna be stupid, you gotta be tough. Sure isn’t fair to the best fighting men in history, though, and their lives are at stake too. Good thing they also know hand to hand combat and work as a team. Knowing of the history of the 242 Marines that were killed in Lebanon in the 80’s, and to put them in harms way for nothing, she isn’t a patriot for sure. Congress needs to look into this idiot woman.

    • The Big Easy

      @-thaaff———Just look at the FORT HOOD,some 15 BRAVE PATRIOTIC WARRIORS that got MURDERED,and some 30 that got wounded.They had NO weapons at all.And the top brass had known about this puke for a long time.And who was it that had to ‘put down’ the mooozzlum puke,the local police dept..Says a lot about the thought process of those on that base.

  • Steph

    Even Barney Fife was allowed one bullet!

  • Mike Young

    Egyptian Ambassador Ann Peterson should be placed in front of a Firing Squad and shot to death by those Marines she ordered to guard the Embassy with no live rounds. She is a disgrace to the United States.

  • billmichael

    Please leave homosexuals out of this discussion. Some of the most respected soldiers in the world were homosexuals. The focus here ought to be on the insane policy of posting US Marines WITHOUT ammunition. What kind of idiot ambassador would put troops in harm’s way without means to self-defense?

  • SoonerAlfie

    It was difficult to read and keep to the main issue in this article — due to it’s blatant sexism. Women are agile and can be quite deadly! I’m sure the women in our military feel evern stronger about this than I do. You need to fhink and present your points with better comparisons, pal …. We are disgusted with Patterson, too — just in the past few days, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sebelius, and Patterson have betrayed their country, broken laws, or ducked responsibility. (We didn’t hire Obama to shirk his duty so he could flit around to raise campaign funds.) For a myriad of reasons — all of them are disfunctional in their jobs and must go,

  • Wolf-Talker1

    Of course the Marines that were called in should not be carrying live ammo after all they are trained killers, this was one of the best things the Ambassador could have ever done? All they(the Marines) need to do is show up nobody in their right mind wants to go up against devil dogs!

    • ves

      My Marine was one hellave MAN and yes he could have taken out quite a few bare handed ( not bragging just a fact ) but against a mob you need a lot of firepower!!!
      Yes when he walked down a street in uniform or civies he got repect!!!!

  • Rachelrao

    Well she knows what happened to Amb. Stevens and Lara Logan from 60 mins., so I guess she is ready to take her chances with the Egyptians……….. but why should the Marines have to protect her if she feels “safe”……..??
    We need a strong America. Vote Romney/Ryan and reclaim our nation.

  • azjen

    Isn’t that nice, Give them rubber bullets like they gave Brian Terry, the Border Agent who was killed by the illegal aliens in AZ. Guess our prez would like to defend these Muslims & yet he dosen’t care one way or another about the Marines!!!

  • underthewire

    Fence them in and let them grow food in the sand. Camel taste good as well as dogs. Just ask Obama.

  • derekf900

    These despicable act commited by all of these muslims in all the different muslim countries is unacceptable. A new CRUSADE against Islam. A Scorched Earth policy.

  • therock

    Why is this because their Obamas people, this is getting to be the norm and something must done come election time or this country will be run by the Dems who will destroy this nation step by step!

  • Aleck Janoulis

    She was following the example of another great liberal. If I recall, it was an executive order from Jimmy Carter that locked up all the guns on military bases. Apparently, no other President has rescinded this order that resulted in last year’s massacre by the Muslim Major. Do we even have military police now, or just contracted private security guards on bases? If we still have MPs are they also weaponless?

  • Ron Hunt

    Lets see…Thousands of rounds of hollow point ammo ( not target ammo ) for the beueroughcrats aka. forest service, post office, fema, ect. , to use against U.S. citizens, but no live ammo in a country that hates the US. Alice in Wonderland, we have arrived. “Off with their heads!” signed B. Oboma

  • Asian Marine

    Wake Up!!!! Obama is One Bastard American (?) Mistake, America!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Moore

    The text of a memorandum from the Marine Corps congressional liaison, Major Alex Cross:
    “The Ambassador did not impose restrictions on weapons or weapons status on the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group (MCESG) detachment. The MCESG Marines in Cairo were allowed to have live ammunition in their weapons. The Ambassador and Regional Security Officer have been completely and appropriately engaged with the security situation. Reports of Marines not being able to have their weapons loaded per direction from the Ambassador are not accurate.”

    • ves

      We know that this is C Y A BS!!!!!!

  • sickandtiredofmorons

    Either you’re stupid or a bigot or both, which, alas, does not qualify you as a “liberal’s” worst nightmare. You can get extra credit for owning multiple guns with the most points going to the redneck moron with the largest weapons and ammo cache and the best decorated doomsday bunker. Why do you care who what people suck or where they put it? How does that effect you or anyone else. How does being gay make a man or woman unfit for military service? Please explain using small words because I’m not the brightest bulb on the porch. As far as I’m concerned, you are ungrateful and haven’t faintest idea what Jefferson meant when he wrote, “We hold theses truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” Just in case you’re unclear about the language. Self-evident meas a plain as the big belly hanging over a redneck’s belt. There were gay people back then, Jefferson could certainly excluded them. The fact is, he didn’t. You are not a real American. You should be grateful to anyone willing to sacrifice his or her life to preserve YOUR freedom of speech, however idiotic it might be.

  • sovereigntyofone

    The U.S. government stocking up on hollow point ammo but they won’t let the Marines have ammo to defend our embassies. Something stinks here. Social Security, DHS,and other stocking up on hollow point ammo which we as citizens have a good guess as to why, but yet our Marines aren’t allowed ammo to defend themselves or our embassies? Just wondering what the governement would do if we citizens sent care packages with ammo for our troops with the next batch of cookies and cakes for them?


    You know, you kids, it makes me laugh about the comments you make. I am a former Marine, and now am a 100% disabled veteran from Korea. Kids, please listen to me. This muslim that is in our white house has got to be impeached. The jackass ,I believe is a plant from the muslim brothehood.Why would he invite terrorists to the white house, but shrugs off our ally in the region, Israel? I can’t believe this debacle is going on. I thought, when I joined the Marine Corps at 17 years old we would have a free country. Wow, was I wrong. This imposter in chief, who went to school in Indonesia, which does not support dual citizenship, and paid lawyers over one million dollars to seal his so called school records from us, and got away with it, because he didn’t wan yout to see that he was an NTERNATIONAL STUDENT ON A STUDENT VISAS, IS NOTHING BUT A PLAnT FROM THE MUSLIMS TO DESTROY THE GREATEST NATION ON THE GLOBE, THAT TOOK CARE OF SO MANY COUNTRIES, BY COMING TO THEIR AID IN TIME OF NEED. How in the hell can a REAL Americn back this jackass? lease tell me. I’m so pissed off about this idiot that buys off the media, like 500,000 dollars to nbc, who is his propaganda arm,like goerbell’s was for hitler. Wach out for the brown shirts, people, they are definitely coming to you along with the Russian, stalinists to your city. i left part of my body for this a–hole? NO WAY!

    • ves

      God bless and thank you

  • @bigghead

    I heard that “foggy bottom'(state dept) worked hard at appeasement, even at the expense of the honor of our country, but to deny our armed forces the right to defend themselves and other Americans~~ is nothing short of treason.

  • frankaboutit

    The military used by this liberal administration to police U. S. citizens won’t be American; they’ll be U.N. or some foreign force; and they won’t give a hangnail about killing Americans. We need OUR military to come home and take charge while an interim government run by Real, Honest Americans cleans house; investigating past and present politicians for acts of treason and other criminal acts.

  • deebar

    It’s B.S. Marines not with bullets ? I don’t believe for a moment that is real .
    Just received an email that a ret. Seal in Israel is sending his family home because it’s getting really hectic there . They’ve lived there for twenty years . Troop movements big time and setting up anti missile missiles . Bus loads of military going to the wailing wall and the top Rabbi with the brass .

  • deebar

    Another note by the Russian Paper Pravda . “Americans are going to be in a Marxist nation without a whimper” ! And if you think that the team of R and R are going to change things you are dreaming . Really started with Bush 41 and now much is coming out with his plans by ex CIA and FBI operators . Neutralized Gary Hart and Perot which really makes sense .
    Another asked a question here about our military ; what military ? they’re all over seas and more leaving for Afganistan . We are at Defcon 4 . 5 is peacetime and something else is that the military is on a planned alert for three weeks . I haven’t had that confirmed just yet but believe it to be true .

  • Major R. D. Cole (USA-Ret)

    If this is true, this is dereliction of duty of the highest order at all levels. You DO NOT put our troops in harms way with no way to defend themselves and those they are there to defend. That Ambassador should be stripped of her credentials and sent packing. And, if Hillary condoned such an action, she should be fired immediately. Any Marine commander who would allow his troops to be abused in such a manner deserves Courts Martial and be expelled from the service.

    • ves

      She and everyone that stripped OUR People of the ability to defend themselves should be fired and charged with High Treason and for breaking Their Oath of Office!!!

  • Paul Christensen

    too any liberal let this be a lesson to you. But the Muslims are a peace loving people. Where have you see this demonstrated? Obama the do nothing President will of course, do nothing. I do not know how he can live with himself. Watching innocent Americans all the while these are the people he swore and was elected to protect. The only reason we need to remain in the middle east is because of Israel but Obama has done his best to destroy that one also.

  • Robert Wheatley

    Is there really not one general with the balls to tell Omuslim that our marines aren’t going into a country that hates America without bulllets?

  • ves

    I can believe very easily ….. ask Vietnam Vets about not being able to defend themselves!!!
    Also these PERVERTS Raped and Tortured our people before they killed them and now Egypt Leaders want the film maker tried ….. don’t you just love it!
    I may not like what he did but it’s not against any law … so all muslim lunitics can get stuffed including all of those in the whitehouse!!!
    Let me know when they have tortured raped and excuted ALL the thousands that were involved in this including the muslim military and leaders that ALLOWED OUR PEOPLED TO BE SLAUGHTERED!!!

  • billwhit1357

    This is Outrageous and UnAcceptable! This old Vet, as do all Military, take an Oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution from all Enemies, Foreign and Domestic. Obama is that Domestic Enemy! Obama represents the Democratic Party, he is their baby, so that makes the Democratic Party also a Domestic Enemy, since they support Obama. Anne Patterson is an appointee to Egypt, by Obama, so that makes her Obama’s girl, who gave these Idiotic Orders and, just like her Boss, Obama, she trustes the Muslims over our Marines! My God, Wake Up America! Our Most Dangerous Enemy is sitting in the Oval Office and his peons are the Democratic Party! I was a proud Democrat, until 2008, when I saw nothing to go Looney Tunes about with Obama. He could read a Telepromtor well, so friggin what!

  • azpatriot

    Let’s make it a privilege to vote nott a right. If you have a job and WORK for a living and not use the welfare system then you may vote. No illegal alien should be giving a voter card as well that is selling out the country to invaders for profit, a.k.a. treason.

  • Lisa Bohn

    When I landed in Bagram, Afghanistan in Feb 2002, My fellow soldiers and I were not issued ammo until after we had traveled by vehicle to the capital, Kabul. Then I was sent to Pakistan as the Liaison Officer working with the UN, I was not even allowed to carry a weapon or ammo. I ended up being injured at the PIC church bombing in Islambad.

  • michael lawless

    nuke the middle east

  • Bill62874

    It is 10 years past time we expel and and all Muslims from America, if some ass wants to convert to Muslim then kick his ass out too, it would save us tons of welfare money besides, and leave us with uninhabited slums to clean up. Nothing but positive outcomes. besides the ass illegally holding our White House keys would be evicted as he was never leagaly eligible to run or hold the office anyway being of illegal birth, as a foreigner.

  • Jeddy Tranquill

    I was just remembering Kent State, Ruby Ridge, Waco and others. Live ammo against our fellow Americans and toy guns for the Marines in harms way. EL Obumya MUST GO and anyone how votes for him I will consider a traitor. This president will go down as the worst in our long hiatory.


    It’s time to clean house and get rid of all the CLOWN’S trying to destroy this Country.

  • brazzos

    Just stop this crying all you bloggers. This is everyday I hear you moaning and groaning about what this website insiuates without any facts to back it up. GET A LIFE!!

  • Rick Fremaux

    Years ago, when the US Cole was attacked in Yemen, during the reign of King William the impeached / disbarred; the US Navy deck guards were carrying EMPTY rifles and could not defend aainst the attackers.
    Recall, later, after a natural disaster in SE Asia; the US Government tried to send 400 US Marines into territory populated by Muslim terrorists, UNARMED !
    This is an anti-American, anti-Military bunch, even worse than the Clintons !
    If ANY US Marines or other service personnel are to be sent into any dangerous areas, they should be fully-armed and fully backed up by US airpower !

  • Cheryl Lynn

    I don’t know if this no bullets thing is true or not, but …how in the heII did 4 people get killed, two of them SEALs and one a Marine for crissakes without one person on the other side stubbing a toe? I have known SEALs and they are seriously serious dudes and would not go down easily. Marines are no daisies in May either, particularly if they are assigned to an embassy in an icky country like Libya. They have been trained to the inth degree and SHOULD be armed and they know how to use the weapons and have no qualms about taking someone out. These guys know if you have/draw a weapon, you better be ready to use it and if you use it, use it to kill. It is not window dressing. It is called a weapon for a reason. Even in the old cowboy shows no one got hurt by throwing the gun …remember? This stinks to high heaven and we are TOLD there will be an investigation…..HAHAHAHAH. Oh just put Eric Holder in charge. He will uncover the TRUTH…again…HAHAHAHAH…(nothing funny here folks)

  • Bert

    What ever happened to the sovereignty of the United States?
    These attacks are perpetrated by a well organized group of radical muslims, connected to 9 – 11, and the “movie” which reportedly defames Moammed show what we face if Sharia or any aspect of the teachings of Mohammed are ever established here; the audacity of our idiotic politically correct leaders to apologize for the righs to free speech guarenteed by the greatest constitution in the hstory of the world is mind boggeling and dangerous.
    Wake up America!
    God Bless America

  • DrBillLemoine

    This piece shows how ordinary Americans can get their country in trouble in the era of instantaneous social media without thinking. It also reveals several anti-social or even psychopathic diseases that has made the right wing so virulent and destructive like cancer. When military men AND women ‘volunteer’ to go in harms way to protect their country it’s hardly a “…social club for homosexuals,…” Removing DADT merely restores a basic right to the military denied it till now by bigots and hate mongers who don’t know what it’s all about–life or death dependence on all your team mates.

    Contrary to libertarian belief, you can’t just spray a courtyard with bullets when nationals breach your embassy short of threatening lives. That’s the case in every demonstration abroad this week short of the now documented Libyan invasion by Al Qaida operatives in Bengazi. It’s up to the host nation to provide embassy protection from its people as the first line of defense. It’s also a judgement call about whether rioters and demonstrators are attacking or just making a point. So the phrase, “…it’s now become about as dangerous as a social club run by women….” shows two things–hatred and disrespect for women and their social clubs, but also disdain for prudence and respect for the people your diplomats are trying to help and communicate with. No marine, typical embassy military defenders, should be shooting locals–demonstrations or not–except as a lifesaving last resort.

    Or don’t you operate by the bill of rights and the rule of law generally? Are you really anarchists, not American citizens?

  • Mike Lovelace

    Since the Obama administration has demonstrated there is no punishment for incompetence or lawbreaking (reference Kathleen Sebelius), might I suggest we promote Ambassador Anne Patterson to “Chief of Obama’s Secret Service Detail” so she can implement her security policy?

  • David James Dore

    All I can say is GET OFF YOU ASS AND VOTE!!!!!

  • FloridaJim

    This is important and seems to be several versions out there did our people in the embassies have guns and bullets or did they not? I have heard both sides and am confused if they had no ammunition nor any guns and they were not prepared for 9/11 anniversary protests Obama/ Hillary /Biden should all be impeached!

  • Tony Paulinsky

    why would anyone want to join this military under this administration? i served 15yrs in the usmc,…i would desert and go awol if i was still in…i don’t care if i got the BIG CHICKEN DINNER!!!!!

  • Tony Paulinsky

    also issuing bean bags to border agents fighting the cartels…this country is doomed..hang out a sign…”OWNER GONE NUTSSS”!

  • Mike Lovelace

    How long are must we pay continue to pay homage to the cult of Islam? This is a third-world “religion” of violence, intolerance, and hatred. If Christianity, or Judaism, Buddhism, or Hinduism preached, “Join us, pay an extortion for your life, or die!” would anyone have a problem denouncing them? If the stated purpose of these other religions was to rule the world, would we ignore it and pretend otherwise? If one offended these other religions and the call went out to kill the offender, how would we react? So WHY the kid gloves when it comes to Islam? Why do we allow them into our country to build their mosques and spread their hatred and intolerance? Why do our political leaders feel it necessary to pretend otherwise? Why would Democrats, and especially any woman, be supportive of Islam? This is a third-world, ass-backwards, violent cult! I am so weary of hearing excuses made for this “peaceful” religion….

  • Incredulous!

    While I certainly don’t agree with a decision to have marines/soldiers
    unarmed, I can’t help but be offended by the phrase “it’s now become
    about as dangerous as a social club run by women”. Most of the women I
    know, myself included as well as many female soldiers, are as tough as
    nails when we have to be. I would have no problem defending my home, if
    I had a gun and bullets that is. Just because some women like
    feminine, frilly and PINK things, that doesn’t make us weak-willed, or
    “little more than window dressing”, or “neutered”. Ever hear of a
    cornered female animal defending her young? We may be biologically
    smaller and have less muscle mass with less physical strength, but with a
    loaded gun in our hands we are just as accurate a shot, with as much
    resolve as any male. We are certainly as smart as males. This article
    has managed to insult not only gay people, but all women as well. I
    know what the intent was, I just think it was not worded well at all.
    Who writes this stuff and why are they living in a world a few hundred
    years ago when women were considered second-class citizens?

    • Mike Lovelace

      I agree, but the point they are making regarding “neutered” is they had no ammo…

  • tiredofO

    Ambassador Patterson, for not allowing them ammunition, Hillary Clinton, for letting her get away with it, and Obama for being their boss, should ALL be held responsible for the deaths of Americans, as well as the destruction of Embassies! Additionally, the Marine Corps brass should have been escalating this through military channels and telling Obama and his crew HELL NO! We don’t put Marines on duty without properly equipping them!

  • comsense08

    Our embasies are sovergn soil. It is a little piece of America in the host country. Marines answer to, though the chain of command, to the president. State department cannot direct marines directly. This mistake rests right where it should, the white house!!!

  • Dr. Real

    How can the muslims respect a country that uses non-lethal ammo and has a woman for its ambassador…the muslims fear not rubber bullets and dearly hold women to the lowest standards.

    • Nathan51

      Given their hatred and contempt for women, maybe the best strategy would be to send over teams of heavily armed women suffering from severe PMS. After dealing with this for a few months these towel heads would be happy to be sent straight to Hell via a bullet to the head!

  • kenneth

    ok now i agree the state dept should be held accountable for this stupidity. and patterson should be fired, so should clinton. but your attacks on the usmc are unfounded. the military is subject to the orders of the political class not the other way around…

    • cmjay

      Obama is COMMANDO in CHIEF and they take orders from him. So what do our MARINES have to use – a SLING SHOT ?

      • Phillip_in_TX

        With “it’s not my fault Obama’s” infinite wisdom, the answer is “Squirt Guns.”

  • valeryane

    I don’t think this “president” knows he’s supposed to be representing,defending and protecting the USA and Americans. He sees himself as a “global” leader detached from this country and its people. This experience is like having the UN run America… or worse. This is why in my view, Obama’s US Constitutional eligibility is so very criticallly fundamental to what we see going on today.

    • kenneth

      so very true. you are spot on there


    Get our kids out of the Middle East, close all the embassies (we don’t need to issue any more visas to them, we have enough here already), and by all means, stop payments to all foreign countries.

  • Jewel Maskal

    This is what happens when FREEDOM is mistaken for COMMUNISTS TO TAKE CONTROL.. OR FAGGOTS LIKE OBAMA..

  • Carolanne

    My heart aches for these brave Marines and their families.
    This is a job O should do!

  • Lance

    Ambassador’s should stick to bootlicking, and leave the fighting to those capable of it. The same thing happend in Iran under Jimmy queerball Carter. That was another piece of liberal brilliance. Pull the Marines out then, and staff the embassies with muslim dick eaters.

  • Azlecitizen

    That is exactly what happens when a women is sent in to do a mans job, it has screwed up our whole country!

  • Jewel Maskal

    one more thing.. when you elelct a commie faggot who is not legally viable.. and you don’t vet him.. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT??? Soroso, Pelois, Reid, Dodd, Frank, Franken, Black Caucus…. look at the idiots and traitors …

  • bigjaynva

    You need to watch your mouth and have some respect for the many Marines who have fought and died for this country. the tone of this article is irreverant. the focus should have been on the state department and finding confirmation of truth. i can assure you that there is NO Marine Corp commanding officer that would send his troops in a hostile environment unarmed.

  • June

    lets get this “straight”…… marines cant have bullets, but thousands have been ordered for the gunmen at Social Security and Homeland Security and the IRS. Well, I have a solution. Lets send the IRS over to defend our embassies.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      They could “bury” the protesters in “paperwork!”

      • Nathan51

        Or as king BO and his idiot minions would have it, we could use lawyers and sue them to death! They would probably die laughing at every court summons.

  • Richard an Old Salt

    This is all happening with the loss of the British Empire. It useto be that either GB or the US sent a Battelship in and they put a detachment of Marines ashore and told whoever stop this and it happened. You read about it next week in the papers, now the news media is there before anyone else and you can’ t do anything because it might hurt someones fealings. How about our Marines themselves I think it hurts to be killed, and it hurts there families too. As the US General told the Germans in the 2nd war “NUTS”. We need people in the Gov. with some guts–real guts.

  • oabandit

    For the first time in my 62 years I’m both ashamed and afraid of our country. Two tours in the RVN taught me great respect for life and how devastated I was when a fellow Marine fell. What is happening worldwide at this time has been planned for years, just as having a marxist puppet in the WH. He MUST go! If he is re-elected I will take my own life as I could never bear seeing what’s coming(and is already here). There are terrorist cells here now just waiting for their bosses(obama,soros,axlerod,others). Taking ammo from these Marines is the worse possible thing that can be done to them. I would have a stash hidden as quickly as I could so the enemy cannot kill me at his picking. For GOD’S sake people../….wake up! How anyone could support the killer in the WH? Anyone who votes for him should be branded in the face with a swastika. Obama is as close to Hitler we have ever seen. I’m sure my post places me on a “kill” list as I would be considered a terrorist. Please people, volunteer to help at the polls where you vote and watch for repeat voters. With soros owning the spanish company that will count our votes, the military not getting their votes counted,a re-election has been bought and paid for. Vote! One vote CAN make a difference! VOTE to get this scum bag out of the office where he loves to put his nasty feet up on 200 year old furniture,some gifts from kings and queens. VOTE and let’s get him in prison where he belongs. He is hated as much as Charles Manson.

  • Butch517

    We have an administration who subscribes to the U.N. Doctrine. I would never serve under the this mixed bag of outcasts. Peace is through strength not weakness! The Ambassador Patterson is part of the problem. If the countries are not going to help protect our Compounds then we should pull out!. The very countries that our present administration helped overthrow its rulers, is now spitting on us.

  • Dr William B. Mount

    All hail our gay master Obama, life time member of the DOWN LOW CLUB in Chicago.

    Dr William B. Mount
    Knight of Malta….Russian

  • disgustedpatriot

    Ther are about 8 billion people on earth. Of those 8 billion, 1 billion are muslim. If the 8 billion are not all fairies, they should be able, in a matter of months, to wipe out the muslims. Including the one in the Whits House.

  • J J

    If this is the Democrat definition of defending our country and its citizens, there is no hope for America. If our Marines are pointing guns with no bullets at the enemy, there is no hope for America. Are these Marines supposed to take their cue from their Supreme Leader and bow to the people that are charging at them with all kinds of weapons? Does anyone really think that will do any good? The fact that the Supreme Leader has not only bowed but apologized multiple times to these people hasn’t seemed to help!!! Their religion says that we must join them or die….what part of that does Obama not understand – or does Obama plan to join them???

  • colt38

    If this article is anywhere near the truth, the commander of the Marines Corps and the Chief of Staff should be relieved, and a full congressional investigation be initiated, to include the FBI. And don’t for one minute think the media (even FOX) will expose this. At this point they are the ones wearing the pink laces, and worthless liberal attitudes.

  • Jimmi

    This kind of stuff or not allowing Marines to lock and load has been going on for a decade at least. My Marine friends, brothers in arms have told me about similar situations years ago. One of them told me when he was on patrol in the Middle east he was given a business card that stated they were not allowed to load their weapons and do not engaged the enemy. The order came from the Pentagon. After they fired upon and several Marines were killed and wounded, his commanding officer told them to lock and load and kill the enemy.

  • LaVerne Velasco

    Typical of OUR country at this time and under the MUSLIM PUNK you have as president. He isn’t my president and NEVER will or would be. SCREW the BASTARD. I can’t believe he is still in office. He should have been REMOVED long ago. IMPEACH the JERK. Concerned AMERICAN and Hispanic against obama and ALL who vote for him. My name is, Larry VELASCO and I APPROVE this message

  • David Clements

    The politically correct ideas being preached by the many liberal-minded college professors across this nation who sit high atop their ivory towers, fails in the face of reality. They fail every time, they do. Please, people wake up.

  • chuckie2u

    America is getting what the Americans have voted for in their Government. It is going to get worse long before it gets better. In the end it is all about OIL. The Neo-Cons failed in their Democracy in Iraq and the Progressives are failing with their Hug an Islamist theory. All of it is about who controls the OIL and all the money politicians have made over their nice little conflicts in the middle east.

  • tom s

    I wouldn’t “allow” my children or grand-children to enlist in the military as long as obama and his incompetents are running it. He has turned the military into a joke.

  • Guest patriot

    I would imagine that the instructions came from Obama who wants AMERICANS KILLED.
    If you can’t see his intentions then look around. In Afghanistan where the military was teaching the Afghanistans how to defend themselves they killed the people who taught them. And Mr Obama is trying to downsize the US military, Navy, Air force, war ships, attack planes and why do you think he is doing it??? IT AIN’T TO SAVE MONEY.
    It’s his goal to kill all Americans and Jews. His education Indonesia as a child is “kill Americans” and they have convinced children that carrying bombs to explode is what Mohammed wants and more.
    This is what we have infesting the White House with lies and plans to anihilate us.

  • gi71

    I am absolutely appalled that this once great nation has deteriorated to such a level as this. To put our military in harms way without ammunition, if true, is unconscionable. Someone’s head should roll.

  • Mutley

    As a veteran of almost 16 years service, I am angered and shocked that the ambassador to Egypt would not allow those who are to protect her to have ammunition. She was relying on the locals? That is like getting a fox to guard the hen house. And this article is referring to US Marines as pu$$ies and the military as a social club for homosexuals is disgraceful. These men and women are dying in Afghanistan daily and fight for and protect this country’s freedom. I am proud to be a veteran of the US Navy. But never would I suggest to a teenager about to graduate from high school that he/she should enlist in any branch of the armed forces.

  • WWII Vet

    I heard on Fox news last night that this was untrue. Marines at our embassies ARE allowed to carry live ammunition.I sure hope so.

  • SW

    Well said Daniel, America or Obama in this November. We should have those liberal from the Hollywood fight along side with our troop, let these so called Hollywood celebrities understand what is out there in the real world, unlike the fantasy they live in.

  • rbcola

    I’m as upset as those who commented before me! However, we’re beginning to sound like those CRAZIES who attacked us. This isn’t good nor is it the solution. We need to learn from our naieve policies and go back to the power through might and strength we once were.

    I have known people over the years that were all religions. Mutual respect has to be earned……not bought. Speak softly BUT CARRRY A BIG STICK!!!
    We need a President who understands this and keeps America/Americans safe. You do that with might and leading by example. Opportunity to EARN a relationships on both sides. When attacked……..there’s consequence!!! America must defend itself and kills the perpetrators. We shouldn’t GIVE them money…….without accountability and valid reasons.

  • Dennis

    As a former Marine this just pisses me off!!! Thank goodness i no longer serve but i have to say you just gave our enemy valuable intel in posting this story.If they had second thoughts in attacking because of them being sent in they dont now.If you think for 1 minute the net isnt monitored by our enemies how do you think this all got kicked off in the first place.The old adage.Loose lips sink ships comes to mind.Something just need not be reported.In my mind any site that has posted this story is culpable if our embassies come under attack.Just my view.

  • tomtom

    This is OUTRAGEOUS. Send the Obamas over their with no Guards. WHAT we don’t TRUST our Soldiers, I do its obama I don’t TRUST!!

  • canucksam

    As I recall, this stupidity came about as the result of the Fort Hood massacre. Remember that “workplace” shooting by a terrorist, who’s not a terrorist, who’s still playing around with our judicial system? I think our government’s mantra is now “Kill Americans but don’t touch Islamic terrorists”.

  • howard marshall

    In Alaska remote villages, law enforcement officers are called “Public Safety Officers” and do not carry weapons, oh they do have a “night stick”. hwm

  • Old Vet

    As an old special op from the fiftys, I have seen and heard of this before! My team and I had to check in our weapons whenever we visted an embassy…….we all had 38s strapped to our legs just in case…..The Marines who guard our embassies are the most brave and combat trained, but they fight with one hand tied and those embassy chaps, they are for the most a bunch of assholes just like our dear Mrs. Clinton!!!! Sempi Fi!!!!!!!!

  • dondehoff

    If this “ammunition issue” is accurate, “heads should roll,”, in the State Department, at the highest levels in the Marine Corps and at the Defense Department. There should be a standing order that no military will ever be sent into “harms way” without the capability (and firepower) to defend themselves and the agencies/people they are there to protect. Every department in our government, all of the countries in the world, and the UN should clearly understand our postion. There should be an immediate congressional investigation into this matter and if we find the Administration is af fault, impeachment action should be started before the end of September. Once again, “a cry in the dark”; just what does it take, to get impeachment action started, blood in the streets? Now, is appears that cry is not enough. Serious crimes have been committed and there is blood in the streets, it appears, far more crimes of “ommission” have also been committed—-congress must assume most of the blame, in that they write the laws and control the purse strings. Have we ever placed a congressperson in front of a public firing squad? It clearly is time for one-term limits for all of congress and the president and their pension plans should be converted to a state-funded, portable and contributory defined contribution plan with each congressperson’s pension being just that which their indivicual account will support. I also reccommend that the individual states be reponsible for the salaries of their congresspersons with a “cap” on salaries not to exceed triple the annual median salaries of their state’s citizens—when their citizens make more, they will make more. With these changes, we would lose some experience and continuity in congress, but that would be, by far, offset by a major reduction in graft, corruption and power issues, that are now going on in government. Ah, to be 30 years younger!

  • Old Jarhead

    This is nothing new folks. While in Viet Nam at the Force Logistics Command (Marine Corps Base) near Da Nang I was posted to perimeter guard on a rotation. We were allowed only 80 rounds (bullets) each for our M16’s. To top that off we had a M60 Machine Gun with no rounds. A M79 Grenade Launcher (pre-M203) with only illumination grenades!! We also were informed that we could not shoot until the Corporal of the Guard ok’d it, even if we were shot at!! While walking around the base we had to have a wood block inserted in the magazine well with the bolt resting on it. God forbid we got attacked!!! That was in 1971. Who was in power at that time???

    • Patriot

      Wasn’t that the other idiot ,Jimmy Carter, “The Peanut King”

  • Yooperfan69


  • Gringo Infidel

    What in the ^%$#@! aren’t there 3 carrier battle groups and 2 Amphibious groups steaming off coast of those moslem’s lands?

  • Rampart22

    An unarmed Marine detachment in an American embassy in a middle-eastern country ?
    What next ….. having them serve tea ?

  • Kurt Grossman

    Pray, vote, and support candidates while we still have SOME of the liberty left in this country. Whining and complaining is NOT going to save our country. We are all called to sacrifice now so that we can preserve our country. What I read on these blogs is NOT being reported to most of the citizens of the USA. Remember the picture of the Marines lifting the flag! It’s our turn now.

    • Nadine

      Your are so correct! We need to get this out more as we’re the only ones reading it!

  • pzspov

    Why should the marines get bullets? They’re being stockpiled in the U.S. for the civilian army that Obama declared he was going to create when running for office — with a budget at least equal to the Pentagon’s. Just another little factoid overlooked by the majority of voters who put this shameless, American-hating man into office. We don’t need no stinkin’ bullets to deter those out to kill us; we need them for the radical right-wingers who don’t buy Obama policies, socialism and destruction of the USA.

  • DavidE1940

    NEVER in the history of our Armed Forces have we been in this situation. This is all due to the Usurper Obama and his administration. Obama is not a wholesome example of leadership. Everything you hear about him is negative, Bill Ayers and the like, hiding his credentials at all cost, using drugs, participating in homosexual activities, flirting and catering to Islam’s muslim brotherhood, breaking the bank for America, hates Isreal, and I think America as well. Obama could not be in a better position as president to kick us in the testicals accidentally on purpose. Come on November 6th, if the scum bag wins by hook or crook I will be going to Belize or some place like that. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • edward

    How did Ambassador Anne Patterson overide Hillary Clinton’s
    responsibilities to be CERTAIN American Embassies are 100%
    PROTECTED by USA Marines ? Did Hillary’s assistant, who is
    a member of the Egyptian Brotherhood, advise Patterson that
    the Egyptian protectors were adequate ? Adequate and truthful
    answers are absolutely necessary and the answers need to be
    exposed to all Americans in the immediate future.

  • Doc Smith

    Open letter to the CMC,
    Dear sir, please remove any Marines left at the embassies in the middle east and let those obama loving idiots get what they deserve. I see no reason to allow good Marine lives to be lost due to their ineptness. If they want to kiss a rattlesnake they should expect to bit on the face. You can’t fix stupid.

  • Erik Osbun

    A soldier is not a soldier unless armed. So remove the Obama administration that puts American citizens in the path of harm.

  • Liberty Rock

    This is an act of Treason. Where The Hell Are The Military To Arrest Obama & All Thy Enemies In The White House Including Traitors Democrats. Our Military Has Taken & Sworn The Oath To Protect & Defend The Constitution Of The United States Against All Foreign & Domestic That Are In The People Government Destroying Ou Country & Oppressing The People & Violating The Constitution. Time For The People To Tell The Military To Fulfill The Oath To Arrest Obama & All Thy Enemies Including All The Democrats For Treason, High Crimes, Fraud, Crimes Against Humanity On Obamacare & Crimes Against America Should Serve Life In Prison & Stripped Of Their US Citizenshipt.
    No Politicians are Not Above The Law!

  • C Peter Campbell

    Let the Marines open the gates and direct the radicals to the Ambassador and she can also be shipped home in a body bag.

  • jim in TX

    It is past time for the United States to get the Hell out of the UN and
    pull All of our diplomats out of their countries and send every last one
    of theirs home Pull All of our Troops out of Afghanistan,Iraq,Saudi Arabia
    and every other crap hole rag head country. And Tell Israel to do what
    ever they want to any one of the rag head countries including launching
    as many nukes on their ass as they want starting with Iran and if any of the
    other countries think they want to start something with Israel We will have
    their back with our sub force

  • whitestone57

    There Is A Lesson For all Who Read This Article…. We Have Stupid People Running Our federal Government. ‘Show Dressing’ Our Marines In Front Of Our Embassy’s Around The World. Dr.Ron Paul You Are 100% Correct….. Get Them, The Hell Home””!

  • swan


  • cheese622

    As a Marine (1967-191972) it breaks my heart to read these things, what has this once great country become? Progressive liberals have made us the joke of the world but I cannot laugh I can only cry.

  • Jaguar47

    Aren’t you all glad that the National Weather Service has ordered (and may already have) 10s of thousands of bullets! So why is a non-combat service in need to have hollow-points?

  • cheese622

    And has anyone else noticed how the white house and their stooges keep telling the world that this was just an isolated act of just a few people and not coordinated by any group?
    This was and is not about a film, that film has been around for months without a word so why wait till 9/11 …..

  • BobCan

    Bring the Marines home from Egypt. Let the State Department defend the Ambassador.

  • Sid

    I guess obama must already have a home set up in the Middle East to go to after he does his part to destroy our country..

  • Ed Scott

    “Don’t be surprised if the troops of the future no longer are dressed in
    the familiar camouflage green and grey but instead are decked out in
    pink chiffon with some dainty lace at the cuffs”

    pink chiffon with some dainty lace .at the cuffs?

    They must be going over there to show the Muslims how to hold a gay pride parade.

  • squeak

    This is NOT acceptable…our Marines are to protect the Embassy & do not have the Ammo for their guns ?? Who are the idiots that made that order ? This is SOOOO HARD to believe….of course with this administration in office, it shouldn’t be, every day we learn something new that is NOT the American way of life !

  • anon

    well is it half true or all true or somewhat true? until that is determined, what is its use?

  • Jerry Miller

    Qusstion: Are they going to ask for Anne Patterson and Hillary’s resignation? If not why not?

  • Bruce Feher


  • dmwski1963

    First thing I’d do is put her ay the front gate of the embassy.

  • Southern girl

    All these IDIOTS (because they are) that are voting for Obama need to open their eyes as to what Obama is doing to OUR country. It’s stories just like this one that should be enough for them to realize that Obama & his cronies don’t care anything about our military. If he did; he would have been on the phone with the ambassador wanting to know what she was or shall I say wasn’t thinking.

    But why would he??? He’s up to his eyeballs in all of it. Do some of you Obama lovers even know that your beloved Obama called and apologized to his Muslim Brotherhood over the anti-Muslim film that was made; but didn’t worry about the raping & killing of one our own US embassy workers. I know for a fact that even an 8 yr. old would see this as a HUGE reason to not vote for this traitor.

    So I propose this to all Obama supporters. If you are planning on voting to re-elect this clown back into the White House in Nov.; why NOT do all of us TRUE AMERICANS a favor and stay at home.

  • John811c

    This is the most stupid asinine thing to do …so how do you expect the Marines to protect the ambassador beat the rioters with their rifles…If I was The Marine commander there I would tell the Ambassador who ordered this …if they come in your on your own …. Have Hillary come and protect you…

  • Frank Brignoli

    They are not allowed to have Bullets!!! No wonder BO won’t allow them to Vote in the Next election! SOB

  • marine1944

    As a oath keeper,I for one will meet them at the front and welcome them to our country with either M14 or a M16, PHRASE THE LORD and pass the ammo

  • EllenBernal

    But the Government has 1.5 Billion rounds of Ammunition to kill the entire ?Population inside America. No one cares and no one really knows why Social Security needs holow point ammunition here. What are we defenden in the very near future?

  • Lraul Fontanez

    Democrats are dangerous to your health, but I already knew that. Can the marines carry slingshots, ahh,can they?

  • Rich

    What gives the authority to the state department to dictate anything to the US Military?

  • Oops!

    There he goes again! De Mar De Liar, the homophobic, misogynistic, counterfeit “Christian”, sociopathic, hate-driven leader of a cell of the American Taliban movement. He clearly needs to be on some medication and should definitely seek treatment. He’s infecting a lot of people.

    • Work2SnowSki

      Lady! Code Pink is asking you to come in to pick up your Jumbo Size Vagina suit you ordered.

  • Jerry R Wood

    Obama is an evil man, and it doesn’t look like America is waking up. Parachute that puke of a president into the square of one of the protests, dressed in a red white and blue suit wearing a KFC hat.

  • Duane Crawford

    Since the Dept. of State (read that Hillary Clinton) is in charge of all the ambassadors in the foreign country where they are assigned then she should be the one that should shoulder the blame for what is happening in the East. IF she didn’t know anything about it at all then she should be charged with dereliction of duties of the office she was given under the circumstances that seem as a payback for getting slick willie to support the Obama admin. even though in Washington circles it is pretty well known that the Clintons were NOT FRIENDS with the sitting pres. and his wife.–Duane Crawford

  • Barto

    The Marines at our embassies should turn on those who deny them LIVE AMMO…..How damn ridiculous and shameful of this SORRY-ASS ADMINISTRATION! Do those protecting Obama and members of his administration have live ammo?…if so, I could think of a use for it!

  • geneww1938

    Let Obama, his appointees, department Secretaries and staff set the example by directing their escorts and body gaurds, within 50 yards of themselves, to leave their bullets in a safe so no innocent citizen of our country may be accidently killed.

  • Mark Holcomb

    Everybody over ten years old should have been shooting at those rioters as they stormed the embassy. If the government won’t furnish ammo and/or weaponry; let the people inside the same both themselves furnish and use it, too.

  • ARMYOF69

    Those marines need to get together and refuse to serve at those posts unless they are fully armed, including RPGs, and heavy machine guns.

  • ARMYOF69

    All Embassies and Consulates in muslim countries should also have many pigs as pets on the grounds.

  • ARMYOF69

    Hillary Cliton, should be removed from office immediately. She is in cahoot with the muslims. Check out her ” secretary” girlfriend.

  • Fksht

    This just keeps getting worse and worse, wtf is going on? These stupid liberals have got to go, the sooner the better, and the a hole republicans think Romney is going to be the one to do it. God help us!

  • WILL


  • The Truth Sometimes Hurts

    Her is a suggestion for countries that let the US Embassy be overrun, the flag torn down and the Ambassador be MURDERED.
    Pull out any remaining Americans FROM the Embassy and NUKE IT.

  • DW

    obama and Hilary should be the ones sent with out all their protection.

  • willyt

    FAST teams are armed.

  • Bob Marshall

    Goeorge Soros, a close friend of Obama’s, as proven by the fact he funded Obama’s Inauguration and he funded the drafting of the new Constitution of Egypt. Both men are calling for a new more “progressive living” constitution to replace the present Constitution.

  • gnafuasusual

    To send U.S. Military into harm’s way without arming them is insane. Are the Marines supposed to have a pack of rocks to throw at the gun slinging masses? Someone must get their heads screwed on straight to realize that these rioters mean business and will actually destroy Americans. (We have proof of that now). Is the above article for real or a bunch of bs? What Marine in his/her right mind would go into hostile country without being properly armed?

  • Ron

    where are the Marine officers that are in charge if these places . I carried live ammo on the naval base at Yorktown Va. in 1954-55-56. and that is on U S soil. Our officers would not dream of assigning us to protect the base with out live ammo . and on foreign soil its even worse. Some one needs to be fires for those types of decisions. When you arm people to do a job you see that they have ammo to back up the job requirements . Guard the embassy Lock and load .

  • ZagoZana

    Do you know what incitement is?
    These pages and pages of quarter-truths, at best, and absolute lies will bring us all to war.
    THINK! Why so much fear and hatred being used now days.
    Who benefits from it?
    We are all being played for fools!
    Question the motive of those who arm the world.
    Do you think that, for one minute that they want any form of peace in the world.

  • Mr. T

    Sounds like Jimmy Carter and the Tehran incident all over again! This is one giant cluster fuck! If the Military is necessary to defend our embassy then it should be a military decision on how our Marines are allowed to do it, not some political appointee!

  • 65bubbles

    Our founding fathers as well as all our military who have given the ultimate sacrifice, would be ashamed at who we have become by not protecting our constitution and now we have let a ursurper take the highest office of the land and undo all they fought and died for.
    Let Hillary and Obama stay at some embassys with a few rocks to throw to protect theirselves first then the rest of us may feel its ok.

    • GordonNadolni

      Our first President George Washington got most of his Rank from being in the British Army as a messenger to the rank of Major. We paid for all his expenses, which was a deal he made with Congress and he refused to even get the soldiers under him boots for their feet. President John Adams defended the British Soldiers in the Boston massacre and anyone who wrote anything against him would be shoot for treason. Mount Vernon was actually named after a British Admiral Vernon and that estate was own by President Washingtons half brother Lawerance Washington who was a british officer. The Fourth and Fifth Presidents were cousins to Martha Washington(Madison & Monroe);The sixth President was John Q.Adams and he was with his father in Europe all the while the revolution was going on. George Washington could’nt even write a sentence without mispelling a word. He was a very, very cruel man and was known as an artfull dodger. The only time he cared was when he was stuck at the Deleware River and it would of been his hid that he spent any money for his soldiers. He stayed in a warm house, while his men slept on the ground in pup tents. Obama is much like President George Washington and we are paying for his expanses. He rose to power the same way.

  • 65bubbles

    You know, we need to get mad as hell to think this administration is buying millions of rounds of ammunintion and then sending our marines into danger without bullets for useless guns. People wake up and throw this administration out with the trash.

  • rchguns

    This Stupid Stunt was also done by Clinton when he was president. In Somalia when our troops went ashore from what I understand initially they had to magazines best 30 rounds nothing more. It’s not uncommon for our servicemen on guard duty to not have live ammunition which is ultimately stupid but it happens. There can be various reasons but none of them really makes much sense. At one base where I was stationed we work in the top-secret portion of the base where there were storage and other things available and they had a Marie roving guard . These guards were issued ammunition until a lance corporal got mad at the Coke machine because it took his money and didn’t give him a Coke and a shot of the machine. Then they found that the roving guard which a pickup truck to drive around the base they were using for dragracing in the security compound so they took the truck away. This meant they had to do the rounds on a bicycle after the third or fourth Marina went to the hospital with broken bones and decided that was not work either. I was transferred after that so I don’t know what they finally did.

  • John Radolinski

    I remember the same travesty in Beirut where an entire barracks of Marines were blown up, and the guards on duty were not carrying live ammunition. As it later turned out, they would have needed a grenade launcher or RPG to stop the truck/van laden with explosives—an M-16 round wouldn’t have been sufficient to stop the vehicle. History repeats itself. “Those who do not learn from mistakes of the past are doomed to suffer from the same mistakes time and time again.”

  • spin43

    Many Marines want to speak out against Obama’s policies, but are afraid they will be sent to a mental institute.

    • GordonNadolni

      Our Marines are trained to Obey and not get political. They depend on the Citizens to show support. I love our brave men and women. Lets show support for our Marines. I am an Army retired, but still support our Marines.

  • ACF

    Give one Marine a bullet to SHOOT Anne Patterson

    • GordonNadolni

      No ! send her over there to that pre-middle aged country and leave her with those wild asses, let her see how much respect women get from that country. She is just one of many that needs to see what our Soldiers are confronted with.

  • Moose853

    It was a set up! The film was made 6 months ago. The film maker made a large contribution to Obama’s campaign. His policy against those in the U.S. Military who will not submit to him and the U.N. is to give them non-lethal ammo and put them in harms way. When is this bull crap going to end? When are we as Americans going to say enough is enough and do what it takes to get our country back?

    • GordonNadolni

      It is a good thing that we see all those who have been working in the shadows for a very long time.Obama has put the light on these rats and has embolden them to come forward. We must now get a leader to rid our Nation of these rats like the pid pipper. Harry Reid is a very wealthy person and he has been soaking up alot of power for a long time with the Unions and Liberals.

  • spinel


  • jim

    I am sick of these libs putting our men in harms way with no means to defend themselves. Send obama and clinton to guard or embassy gates, if they are killed by their friends it is no great loss.

  • Susan

    Maybe the Marines can get bullets from Homeland Security and all the other government agencies that have ordered a billion of them. After all, they are only going to use them for practice. That’s what the government told us and they wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

  • sovereigntyofone

    With departments like Social Security, DHS and others stocking up on hollow point ammunition, which by the way is against the Geneva Convention, so we know it’s not for use in war. One can only guess who this ammo will be used on (U.S. citizens). With that said, our government makes sure that these dapartments are well stocked with ammo to us on us, but they won’t allow our Marines in hazardous duty operations areas to have live rounds.
    With our presidents medal of restraint and his NDAA (sectioin: 1021) I’ll leave it up to you to decide if this story about Marines not having ammo,is true or not.

  • Susan

    Someone can up with a new political slogan: “Unseat All Incumbents.”

  • isis5551

    This does not compute. Why are our Marines (hero’s), only allowed rubber bullets, yet the Dept. of Homeland Security can order millions and millions of rounds of Hollow Point Bullets? Hitlary, and Ovomit, this question is for you. Can’t or won’t answer? Then you go protect the Americans, against all of Islam…..on the front lines.

  • twarg

    Too many people are falling for the bait. Islamers are the problem don’t become one of them in action. We need to stand our ground with live ammo and surrender those who would pander to the true muz and jehadists. Maybe bho (deliberately not capitalized) can help by meeting them on his knees.

  • bob

    So she didn’t let them do their job and shes dead. Hope she learned her lesson dumb cunt.

  • 2nation

    I say that it is time for the american people to wake up, and any act a of violence on an american is a act of war, our Marines need to be able to do the job that they are sent there four and KILL any dam ISLAM baster that get in his way. IF we can’t let them do there job then get the hell out, and stop all aid to them and let them fight and and kill themselves off.
    Take most of that money and give it to Israel, as they can do what they need to do with our full support

  • G I Granny

    This is a DISGRACE!

  • Mary O’Brien

    OMG It is time to get out of the Middle East stop supporting the terrorist and stop getting our men and women in the military killed.
    It is also time to Vote out this unbelievably bad of perverted band of people running the US into the ground!!

    • GordonNadolni

      I will vote on November 6th, 2012. I just wonder if our Country can float till then. It feels like we are on the Titantic.

  • KG

    Obama the Trojan Horse Muslim!!!!!

  • sanysue

    if u dont want the marines,or any of our military, to do their jobs then dont put them in situations where they may need to defend you or themselves. now the liberals will be complaining the military didnt defend them.. so give the military what they need including bullets or sit down and shut up and let them do what they train so hard to do.. i dont see our marines bowing to anybody and they shouldnt.. americans bow to no one..obama obviously isnt an american as he scrapes his face on the ground in other countries..

  • RobertNorwood

    With a little luck some turdlamist will blow her up. But then why would they kill a friend?

  • RobertNorwood

    Turdlam is the belief system in turdlamist countries. One turdlamistan is indistinguishable from another except for the toilet paper on their heads. Some are wraps, some are caps, and they’re all full of crap.

  • Zoyiab

    O.k. first I agree that it is stupid to take the bullets away from the people protecting you. Second I do not understand how allowing gay men to openly serve the country is even a discussion point here. You confuse and mix the two. It’s like saying apples are red because of umbrella.

    • texann

      Whether allowing gays to openly serve in the military is causing internal problems, interfering with morale or cohesion, etc. is not the point.  The point is that trashing morale by not allowing our protectors to have the weapons or ammo needed to protect us is neutering them – they look the same on the outside but they are only straw men without the tools they should have.

  • downs1

    “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” So said Teddy Roosevelt. When people know you are powerful and that you will use your might if challenged, they tend to “respect” you even if they don’t really like you. The recent actions across the Muslim world show what people will do when they neither like you nor respect you. It is more than likely that these demonstrations were coordinated with full knowledge of the governments of Egypt, Libya and Sudan, who can always blame the riots on a “fringe” group when we know the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda are complicit! Perhaps the President’s jockeys would fit more snugly if he were honest and took his oath seriously! Oh, that’s right! He never took the oath in front of the people, he and Justice John Roberts flubbed it! Remember?

    • GordonNadolni

      Hey Down51 you may also not be aware that Obama did not swear on the Holy Bible, in fact if you look at the film you will see he did not even touch it when the pages where fluttering. He did the private thing in the White House without the Bible. Obama has never went to the D-day memorial in all his time in Office. He also had Russian Ships in the back ground for his campain speach to honor our American Veterans. He wanted God and Jersulim taken out of the campain. Most of the people their were Arab Americans and voiced their concern over the use of God. It would be Okay for Alah, but not for us to have God.

  • wnub73

    and the presentt administration want four more years? the thought of it is distressing

  • hambone

    the amo isn’t put to use where it’s needed most, because they are saving it for us, when marshal law is put in place.

  • David R. (Canada)

    Now the enemy knows they have no ammunition I’m sure those members of the “religion of peace” will respect that and not attack them.

    • GordonNadolni

      Right! they will drag our Marines down the street and sent them on fire. Oh I sure hope this is not true, this would be the last draw for us as true American Born Citizens.

  • David R. (Canada)

    How much longer will the US military put up with these back-stabbers in their own government?

  • big jack

    Islam is the problem no matter what Obama tells you. He was raised around muslims and has expressed his admiration for muslims. He owns the arab spring, ” democracy in the wind”, really? Ineptness on someone’s part not to be prepared even after being warned. My questions are, why have soldiers there if not for protection and how do you protect with empty weapons.? FROM THE TOP DOWN OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION———-STUUUUPID!. Islam is the enemy, the sooner we admit this the better off we will be.

    • GordonNadolni

      Obama already stated” I’m a Muslim, but also a Christian”. That is not how the muslim belief  is. You cannot be a Muslim and a Christian. To convert to Christian you must deny Alah and that is a Death Sentence, according to their Sheria Law. but at least Obama finnally stated he is a Muslim.If our Soldiers are sent without bullets and are killed, then we need to stop the election and declare that this is nothing more than an act of Treason against our Soldiers. Obama should just bow out of the race and his Office.

  • David

    Was that her call, or was she carrying out policy from the Sec. of State?

  • SFC

    This is typical politician BS, excuse my language. Put someone else’s lives in danger and provide no materials to protect them. They (politicians) have it right they want all of us to be disarmed so all of us can be killed one or two at a time. Americans it is time to stand up for you country it is being taken away one home, one block and one city at a time. Wake up before it is to late.

  • NRA Mom

    If the “social club” at the Libyan embassy had been run by me, a woman and NRA volunteer, those Marines woud have had live ammo and adequate weapons. Don’t underestimate women!!!

    • mes45

      thank you…my thoughts exactly, dont under estimate the women…they have been known to have lots of common sense…Iam also an NRA woman, with adequate weapons and live ammo….

  • George Reagan

    Not to worry about our neutered modern military. The REAL local malitia (ex-military) can handle the local situation, just like back in 1776. Real men doing real things to protect the US of A and Her LIBERTYS and FREEDOMS.

  • JJP-USArmy

    The above statement is totally false. Why do we do this? There is enough REAL stuff to blame Obama for. All we do is give credence to the liberals that we are sending out false info on Obama. The guys does not deserve to be President but false reporting doesn’t help our cause to remove him from office this November. Stick to the facts, there’s certainly enough REAL negative stuff on this guy.

    • NRAadvo

      This happens at our US borders, so why not overseas? Our border patrolmen aren’t given the ammunition they need to protect us, and I know this firsthand. 
      And have you ever heard of Anat?

      • GordonNadolni

         Your right, Brian Terry our Border Patrol Agent had bean bags to fire back at. That is like taking a knief to a shoot out. We will know for a fact that these Marines did not have bullets when they also will be comming back in a casket. What will Obama tell the Wife, Mother & Father, Sister and brother how or why these 50 Marines lost their lives. Obama does not care in my belief.

  • texann

    Rough, tough, invincible, all words describing our military men…in the past.  Now they are mere shadows of their former selves, stripped of the ammunition they need to protect  our embassies, ambassadors, diplomats, civilian employees and their families.  Why?  Because one ambassador decided she didn’t want to offend the host country by implying the men guarding the embassy would or could possibly need live ammo in that oh, so peaceful country?  How stupid!  Anywhere we need soldiers, they need the tools of their trade to protect those under their protection.  Otherwise, we might as well hire Wal-Mart greeters to stand at the gates of the embassy and open them to one an all, friend or foe.  Sometimes, I think the more highly educated among us have crowded out all their common sense with politically correct notions that will get our country overrun by savages from third-world countries. 

  • mes45

    Very good ,thanks…unfortunately not enough be are listening or reading… 

  • Puckmeister1

    Liberal Hose#@%^ Are they out of their freaking minds? No Ammo???? You have got to be shitting me!

  • MasterBlaster42

    One thing the writer failed to mention is that only the Marines on, what we call, “Embassy Duty,” come under the jurisdiction of the liberal, leftists civilians of the State Department.  Also, articles being circulated about keep calling the consulate in Benghazi the embassy — it is not.  Marines are assigned to embassies, not consulates.  Had Ambassador Stephens had some Marines with him when he was attacked, maybe things would have turned a little differently.  So it goes…

  • me

    Well now, here we are 2 weeks after a deadly attack on the embassy in Libya and 1 week after the attacks on the embassy in another place … so now what do the libs have to say?