China thinks it Can Beat the USA in War

China sure has a lot of people. The USA is the 3rd largest country (by population) in the world – but China’s numbers are so overwhelming that their population dwarfs our own. There are over 1 billion people living in China and just over 300 thousand of us here. That’s about where the military advantages cease for China… but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot of confidence in their military might.

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The bad news first. The People’s Republic of China now believes it can successfully prevent the United States from intervening in the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan or some other military assault by Beijing.

Now the good news. China is wrong — and for one major reason. It apparently disregards the decisive power of America’s nuclear-powered submarines.

Moreover, for economic and demographic reasons Beijing has a narrow historical window in which to use its military to alter the world’s power structure. If China doesn’t make a major military move in the next couple decades, it probably never will.

The U.S. Navy’s submarines — the unsung main defenders of the current world order — must hold the line against China for another 20 years. After that, America can declare a sort of quiet victory in the increasingly chilly Cold War with China.

Given China’s place in the world, its underlying national trends and America’s pointed advantage in just that aspect of military power that’s especially damaging to Chinese plans, it seems optimistic for PLA officers to assume they can launch an attack on China’s neighbors without first knocking out U.S. forces.

Not that a preemptive strike would make any difference, as the only American forces that truly matter for containing China are the very ones that China cannot reach.

For they are deep underwater.

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76 comments on “China thinks it Can Beat the USA in War
  1. LABobfromNYC says:

    So does N. Korea. BFD!

  2. RevG says:

    There are Three Hundred MILLION Americans. Not 300 thousand.

    • arich45 says:

      300 million? Yep. Thanks to the mestizo invasion south of the border that our government allows.

    • Steven says:

      And there are 1.3 BILLION Chinese, or about 40 to 1. If they decided to take over, they wouldn’t need a military. They could just walk across the southern border.

      • southern tom says:

        …THE ARTICLE ISN’T about China attacking us here, it’s about being able to TAKE Taiwan, or one of the other disputed islands that are, for all practical purposes, in their front yard…

        …SINCE we only have ONE carrier battle group patrolling the Pacific AND Indian Ocean, and it’s more or less tied to the middle east region in the Indian Ocean, there’s very little in the way of “immediate” firepower at our disposal to stop the Chinese from taking Taiwan or one of the other islands…

        • Steven says:

          You appear to have missed my point. Even if the ENTIRE US population were on site, China could win without firing a shot, simply by PHYSICALLY occupying whatever country they chose to conquer.

        • southern tom says:

          …I GOT your point, Steven… but it was off topic… HOWEVER, IF the Chinese could transport hundreds of millions of their citizens to a location near enough so they could walk across the border and physically occupy, and do so with enough secrecy that the transport craft could arrive more or less safely, and the nation they’re arriving at doesn’t stop them at the port-of-entry, then there could be some validity to your position…

          …BUT THEY really don’t NEED to do that… they could more easily EMP our nation, then wait 9-12 months, then just waltz in with new “colonists”… the survivors, about 10%, would probably welcome them with open arms…

        • Steven says:

          China’s ability to conquer WAS the topic. Therefore, is CAN’T be off topic. You STILL don’t actually understand my point. The method I suggest is actually FAR easier than the one you suggest.

        • southern tom says:

          …NO it wasn’t, Steven… that was the headline, but the article was about China believing it could take Taiwan, or one of the other disputed islands…

          …A LOT of folks who commented here DIDN’T READ the article, they just reacted to the headline…

          …AS FOR methodology, IF China wanted to “conquer” the USA, it would be far easier to EMP us (which by all estimates would kill off 90% of our population within a year, primarily due to starvation) than to invade us…

        • Steven says:

          An EMP requires technology. Walking MILLIONS of people across ANY border does not. Unless the country being invaded is willing to SLAUGHTER millions of women and children, it is GUARANTEED to overwhelm any nation other than China in WEEKS, with out firing a shot.

          I DID respond to the article. YOU refuse to admit that it doesn’t matter WHAT country is being invaded. The article IS about China believing they can SUCCEED in invading a country, despite anything the US chooses to do. I ACCURATELY stated HOW they can do that ANYWHERE on the planet.

      • DaveM says:

        or….give each of them a stick and they could beat their way to a nonexistent USA…I hate that idea but with dingle Berry in office…it could happen due to the no testosterone baby want to be dictator!

    • southern tom says:

      …300 million citizens… not all are Americans…

  3. GeoInSD says:

    Sure, we have the hardware for an effective military, though that is degrading by the day. But we are missing the psychological factor. Does anyone (I am referring to potential adversaries) believe that the US will deliver anything more than a spanking, probably not even that much? Recall John Kerry essentially saying that the US will attack Syria so lightly that they will barely notice? Not that I am advocating any serious action in Syria. I am saying that we currently have no credible deterrence, military or otherwise.

    If that is the way China feels, the US needs to convince them otherwise because that belief is very dangerous, regardless of whether it is true or not. And China needs to believe we will aid Taiwan, regardless of whether we actually would. Peace through strength does work.

    • southern tom says:

      …PEACE thru STENGTH is the only working strategy… anything less, as you mentioned, leads to aggression… for those who may doubt this, just look at what’s happening in the middle east, or, if more proof is needed, look at what happened and is still happening in eastern Europe…

      …WITH no policeman, the bad guys are free to do pretty much whatever they want…

  4. BlueViolets says:

    The better portion of our young men are not physically or educationally equipped to serve in the military, obama has done a bang up job of weakening out military and he has generals in place that are prepared to fire on American citizens first so perhaps China has a valid claim. Oh! And we have a president with a very wide yellow streak down his back and love of all things un-American.

    • DontTreadOnMe11 says:

      Yeah, but a war with China will not happen in the next two years while obama is still in office………um, never mind.

      • southern tom says:

        …WHATEVER is going to happen, it will most likely happen BEFORE or shortly after 0 is out of office…

  5. mikec711 says:

    I am happy to see that we don’t have a crowd of ChairBorne Rangers (non VFWs who are sure “We” need to invade here and “We” need to bomb there … while they have no plans to get out of their recliner) rattling sabres here. The US military is tremendous, however, they’ve been horribly mis-used by the politicians and our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves. The % in congress who are VFWs appears to be shrinking and this is dangerous because the people deciding to send the troops into hell get their military experience from John Wayne and Charlie Sheen movies. Our military is a huge deterrent, and our economy (sick as it is right now) is a huge deterrent. For China to attack/invade/provoke us really makes no sense. We are their biggest customer. Taking the improbable hypothetical that they wiped us off the face of the earth … they’d be screwed at that point. Managing the earth by themselves with nobody to buy their products is hardly the “spoils” they’d be looking for. On top of that, they are watching us bleed profusely with entitlement programs (for the billionaires and the permanent poor (ie: generational welfare). They are seeing our “War on Poverty” which encourages the behaviors that lead to poverty and punishes the behaviors that end it. They are smart enough to know that you don’t attack an enemy (if they saw us as an enemy and I don’t believe they do) when that enemy is near bleeding out. Our founding fathers and Abe Lincoln were correct in that our greatest threat is still from within.

  6. Dave P. says:

    The affairs of foreign countries are none of our business. What’s the idea of even considering military intervention?

  7. BobM001 says:

    “Chief of the boat, sound General Quarters” “Set condition 1SQ for strategic missile launch.” “Weapons officer spin up missiles 1-24 set target package Romeo Charlie” “Diving officer make your depth one five zero feet and commence hover” “Weapons officer, unlock the tactical firing key.” Once an “authenticated message” is received, that’s about what happens.
    Now do the math. 24x8x300KT(avg)=57.6 MEGATONS worth of “population control” at 192 locations from just ONE Ohio Class FBM. I’m sure “Woo Flung Poo” knows this.

    • Ursus_Indomitus says:

      Ooooh, wee! How do you say “Duck and Cover” in Chinee?

    • southern tom says:

      …I’M SURE “Woo Flung Poo” also knows we WON’T use nuc’s to defend Taiwan or one of the other disputed islands…

      • BobM001 says:

        But there might be a Virginia class fast attack “lurking” nearby to put a MK48 ADCAP into that “new” aircraft carrier the Chicoms are touting. You know, the one with only VSTOL capability. “Recycled” from “Ivan”. Taiwan has its own “capability”. Japan is gaining its own as well. Even though they said they would “never have a military force again” Japan realizes the threat posed by China.

        • southern tom says:

          …I AGREE! IF we had any prior notice, we could probably move enough air power to Taiwan to make a difference…

          …ALTHOUGH ASW was one of my specialties while in the service, I haven’t kept up with the numbers still available… I’m thinking, though, that we have less than 2-dozen attack subs…

        • BobM001 says:

          Fifty one according to this site.

          That’s a WHOLE LOT of ship sinkin, a$$ kickin!

        • southern tom says:

          …THANKS for the link, Bob…

  8. Vance says:

    Just because a nation has the military might to decisively defeat an aggressor does not mean that it can or even will use that might properly. An arbitrary study can easily reveal that Obama consistently demonstrates a severe deficit in understanding international political and/or military maneuverability. This is coupled with a clear disdain for competent U.S. military leadership. For instance this administration’s unprecedented removal or forced retirement of our nations most experienced high ranking officers. Take note, as well, of Obama’s “line in the sand” moments that were ignored and not backed up with action.
    Aggressors very easily recognize weakness in their political peers and will take advantage when they believe they can. The situation between Russia and Ukraine is a prime example; Russia knew that the upheaval in Ukraine gave them a prime opportunity to annex desirable real estate. They also understood from dealing with the United States in the Syria debacle that the US would not back up it’s threats and acted to call the bluff. Know and believe that China is watching intently and surely can’t be intimidated with the US reaction over Crimea.

    • jwright673 says:

      I’m afraid you’re right Vance. We might hold our own for a short time in a war with China, but how can we hope to know what kind military stockpiles they have since our intelligence community has been neutered? I’m not one to raise a white flag but with maobama at the helm, our ship of state will not sail.

      • Vance says:

        Definitely not something I enjoyed writing or even believing either. Never thought I would live to see the day that I could even think this.

        • southern tom says:

          …I REMEMBER reading back in the 90’s (in Proceedings magazine) that only one nation still had the wherewithal to fight a war on the scale of WW2 ~ that was us ~ but we only had the ability to do so for about 90-days… just too darned expensive!

      • southern tom says:

        …THE ARTICLE wasn’t about a war with China… it was about China being able to TAKE Taiwan and or one of the other disputed islands…

        …WE DON’T have the firepower in the area to stop them from doing that (only one carrier battle group for the whole of the Pacific and Indian Oceans)… it’s unlikely our subs will employ nuc’s in any scenario short of all out war… and China taking Taiwan wouldn’t provoke an all out war…

        • jwright673 says:

          Sorry. The headline “China Thinks It Can Beat The U.S. In a War” seems to infer it was about a war. As for Taiwan, as long as obama is the white house, you can bet we would drop them like a dirty shirt if it came to supporting them as we have for many years. My brother was a cryptographer stationed in (at that time) Formosa and worked in a cave. It would be a shame to throw away that kind of dedication.

        • southern tom says:

          …THE TITLE says that, but the article is about China taking Taiwan or one of the other disputed islands…

          …TAIWAN has been a good ally (anything less, and they’d already be owned by China!), and has perfect strategic positioning… from their airbases, we could definitely compete for air superiority over the mainland… but a surprise attack, with our forces presently spread thin everywhere but the middle east, it would be difficult to stop a rapid and well thought out assault… and even more difficult to retake if the Chinese had any time to prepare…

          …0 HAS stopped all production of the F22 Raptor and the F35… we do have 3 new carriers coming online, one in 2015, another in 2017, and the last one in 2020, but with only 8 presently operational, we’re limited to ONE assigned to the Atlantic, ONE to the Med, and ONE to the Indian Ocean… our Army/Marines are in the process of downsizing by about 200,000 troops… the Air Force is mothballing several air wings, and the Navy is being reduced 20%…

          …FOR THE next few years, we’re gonna be on the defensive ~ assuming the next President decides to rebuild our military…

  9. abinico says:

    China doesn’t need the military to defeat the U.S. All they have to do is sell all the treasury notes they are holding and crash the dollar.

    • Public_Citizen says:

      The Chinese have been building a solid foundation for pulling the rug out from under the United States for over a decade. Remember, these are a people with a cultural mindset to engage in planning and execution of projects that are generational in their implementation.
      They have built a system for replacing the US Dollar as the worlds Reserve Currency with a ~gold backed~ Renminbi. It is already starting to be utilized by businesses and countries that are increasingly distrustful of a US that is demonstrating that it is an unreliable ally with a government that is willing to inflate its currency into oblivion.
      Eric Sprott has determined that there are ~at least~ 500 tonnes of Gold unaccounted for in worldwide inventories and he has stated that he believes the Chinese are using this as an undisclosed foundation for their new unannounced Reserve Currency.
      Using the weaknesses of an enemy to bring that enemy to destruction is a strategy that dates back to Sun Tsu. By employing it the Chinese still keep the military option open as a reserve strategy, something I would be in favor of if I were in the shoes of the Chinese planners and strategists.

      • abinico says:

        I worked with Chinese and for a Chinese company for years and their cultural mindset is just like ours – make a buck as fast as possible. I did not find them really big on planning – they look more for weakness and exploit that. Really not that much different than us. However, they do stick together, and will always favor their own kind over anglos or others. And as to this fabled gold backed Renminbi – it is just talk, and sounds more like a western scam to manipulate gold prices. And I would not believe anything that Sprott says – he is a self serving manipulator.

  10. Sol_of_Texas says:

    Yes … factually incorrect … there are 300,000,000+ MILLION people living in territorial USA.

    I agree regarding Naval power. Not just the submariners, but Naval surface and aviation warfare will also contribute significantly to a Chinese Naval defeat. I estimate 80 to 90% of the Chinese fleet could be sunk and their ports rendered unusable within one to two weeks should they choose conflict in the near term.

    • Reflect says:

      It appears that the master of destroying America has forgotten the one military agency that can save the US from any enemy. He has decimated the other branches by making them gay, getting rid of the top brass, makeing them toothless. Thank God for the Navy, may they survive the Obumma Purge. As long as they are strong and intact, the Chinese will hesitate before they t ry anything militarily. As long as O is in office, they will stick to the financial war.

    • Ursus_Indomitus says:

      Don’t forget to nuke the Port of Long Beach…

    • southern tom says:

      …MAYBE. IF we’re talking about all out war, you’re probably correct, but the article was about China taking Taiwan or one of the other disputed islands… a totally different scenario…

      …FIGHTING in China’s front yard, with NO airbases close enough to provide fighter air cover, let alone air superiority, would significantly decrease our ability to force the issue…

      …WITH only 8 carriers ~ 3 on deployment (Atlantic, Med, Pacific/Indian Ocean), 3 preparing for or just returning from deployment, and 2 in dry dock for repairs and upgrades ~ we’d be hurting and hard pressed to actually stop them…

      …IF WE had enough attack subs in the immediate area when China launched it’s amphibious assault(s), they could probably create havoc, but without using nuc’s, I don’t see how they could effectively close-off the straits between China and Taiwan… besides, attack subs aren’t “boomers,” so their allotment of nuc’s would be significantly less…

      • Sol_of_Texas says:

        That’s good analysis. Under our limited war mentality, all of that holds.

        Of course, we should only go to war with a declaration of war. The existing Congressional approach to problem solving would avoid such a commitment.

        However, a declaration of war implies potential use of tactical and strategic nuclear weapons (a la the Eisenhower Doctrine). I am confident SAC has a defined SIOP for such a scenario.

        Too many if’s … insufficient willpower.

  11. CaptGene says:

    However . . . The chinks launched a SLBM off the California coast a few years back as a warning to the deer in the headlights leader. Now, the deer in the headlights leader would be hard pressed – VERY hard pressed – to launch on the chinks. He’s too busy playing golf and kissing fannies of our enemies.

  12. tod says:

    For You who haven’t seen this,and to You Who Believe in the Bible and Wormwood,YouTube; ( 2014-Nibiru-the Planet X New World Order Agenda-Graphic…)

  13. George Wentzel says:

    Indeed they do and the day is coming when they will flex their attitude.

  14. i bet they could under obama. we are surrendering to islamic fascist terrorists as we speak. he threw away the gains bush & our brave military gave us!

  15. Ursus_Indomitus says:

    Hey China… A million blades of grass. See ya soon.

  16. Aubryn says:

    You say there are just over 300,000 of us here?………………. check again Oana

  17. jerry1944 says:

    I think they can myself as long as we have a dem in office and they way obambo has weaked the faith and moral of our troops with his PC running of it. But the gop still wants to run a mod to help the dems win again its looking like

  18. ken. says:

    russia and china are supporting the middle eastern countries and terrorist groups that are fighting against u.s. interests to keep our military spread out and away from home, not to mention worn out and stressed. they are playing us like suckers and obama is in on it with them.

    • jerry1944 says:

      You think they can keep it more stressed than obambo takeing God from them and telling the priest what he can preach and working with faggots. Thats stress fighting is the job you get trained for

  19. LABobfromNYC says:

    We spend $800 billion on military China spends $150 billion.

    • southern tom says:

      …LIKE with us, not all military spending is “out in the open”… recent articles suggest their expenditures are significantly larger than the figures made public… and nowadays we’re spending significantly less than $800 billion…

      • says:

        I read somewhere, about a week ago, that China was getting a nuclear sub. Now whether this is powered by nuclear or if it meant firepower, I do not know.
        But, many economist say that China has been buying Gold in large quantities. This is something I believe our own government should find funding for, if we owned more gold, (as a country) this would definitely help our economy. Besides, this would be a deterrent for other countries to not go to a different Reserve Currency.

        • southern tom says:

          FROM WHAT I’m hearin’, both China and Russia are buying lots of gold… apparently they’re getting ready for the fall of the dollar…

          …WASN’T too long ago, a couple of years, that Germany asked us to return the gold they stashed here during the Cold War… our response was, oops, sorry, you’ll have to wait awhile for that… a year or so later, we did return “their” gold, except what we gave them DIDN’T have Germany’s official stamp… there’s been a persistent rumor ever since that we SOLD everyone’s gold…
          …THERE was an article out recently that said China is spending lots of money to build their own nuclear powered submarines… there’s a huge strategic advantage/deterrant to being able to remain submerged for 3 or more months at a time, especially if they also have nuclear tipped missiles…

  20. Sam Riddle says:

    People should still be very concerned, as Russia, Iran, N. Korea and China get bolder, and the middle east is blowing up in our faces, it seems we get weaker!

    It is no surprise that after some 70 years that Japan would give up it’s defence only posture to take on a more aggressive offensive posture because of the chinese aggression in the south pacific.

    Be very weary of the current inept administration in the white house, since every week there is a new crisis or they find out about something on the news with the average american!

  21. GRAMPA says:

    The Chinese are many things but stupid is not one of them. A war would cost both nations dearly. it would also remove one of their customers. What would a war and the loss do tho their economy? A war may be called for in a situation where the country is in danger. An unprovoked attack on a nation offering no threat would put the rest of the world on alert as to who would be next. the result would be they would stand together and now they are not only beatable but finished as a nation. No nation would trust or trade with them. the question is juvenile and was someone beating their chest and will be laughed at behind their backs.

    • southern tom says:

      …BUT THE TAKING of Taiwan or one of the other disputed islands, which is what the article is about (the headline is misleading), is a different scenario entirely…

      • GRAMPA says:

        The islands are worthless other than providing boundaries.
        I feel they have found oil out there. I was hoping I ridiculed the article enough


        • southern tom says:

          …THEY HAVE found oil and natural gas at one of the island groups in the South China Sea ~ the one that Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and China all claim…

        • GRAMPA says:

          can you direct me to the data I would find it interesting. I need to have correct data in hand. Thanks.

        • southern tom says:

          …IF I KNEW the name of the island group I could probably list the link… but I don’t remember… it’s been in the news many, many times during the past couple of years (internet and tv)… sorry, but you’ll have to search for it yourself, or wait a couple of months, it’ll be in the news again…

        • GRAMPA says:

          Ok you have still given me a direction. Thanks

        • southern tom says:

          …IF I remember correctly, Vietnam and China naval vessels have actually fired some shots at each other…

        • GRAMPA says:

          Yes and they have fired shots on American ships as well. throughout history nations and countries of all sizes will try to protect what they think is theirs. This is where the real conflict comes in.

        • southern tom says:

          …THE PROBLEM, as I see it, is China claims their “claim” goes back a thousand or so years! Based on that, it is conceivable they could claim the west coast of America, since there are documentaries out now that speculate that the Chinese were the first to discover this land…

          …CHINA IS caught between a hard spot and a rock… they have millions of extra men in their teens, 20’s and 30’s (prime fighting age)… and the Gobi Desert is rapidly eating-up the eastern portion of their country… sooner or later, they’ll have to expand… I suspect they’ll move into Vietnam with their rich rice production…

        • GRAMPA says:

          The fight for resources continues. Capitalism still has a most profound effect as it has for centuries. Oh the Polynesians were better sailors and our historians have proven contact with the Americas.

  22. southern tom says:

    …IF THERE is ever a war with China, it will begin with a simultaneous attack on orbiting satellites and an EMP attack over the mainland… whoever strikes first will probably win…

  23. jaws4316 says:

    We are currently under the condition known as MAD (mutually assured destruction) in regards to China and nuclear war. This and the fact that China’s economy is built on selling cheap goods made with slave labor in the American marketplace, makes it unlikely that they would ever go to war against us. However, our current President’s pipe dream of dismantling our nuclear arsenal completely, would put us in serious jeopardy, if he were able to carry it out. Then too, his general weakness and incompetence regarding foreign policy could embolden China into believing that we will not intervene if they attack Taiwan or one of their other regional neighbors. It is interesting that this article assumes a future decline in China’s economic fortunes, while failing to mention that the U.S. is nearly $18 trillion in debt (mostly to China.) I believe the Chinese are strategizing how they can take over America, but not in the way most people think. They already own most of our deep water ports, and the drilling rights to much of our national waters, and are in the process of buying up huge tracts of land, and as much of our industrial capacity as they can get their hands on. Our eventual defeat and submission to China (if we let it happen) will be economic, not military. In other words the U.S. will end with a whimper rather than a bang.

  24. SickofPoliticks says:

    I think, now that Obama has done everything possible to decrease our nuclear weapons, that China may very well be right.

  25. Bama Bill says:

    China would win without firing a shot. Obama has already reduced our military to pre-WWII levels, and is handing out pink slips to all officers that are not willing to fire to kill civilians, (citizens). He won’t even allow a Marine within a mile of him with a rifle with it’s bolt in place, and all Marines are strip searched to make sure they have no ammo or bolts on them. I would resign if I were still in the Navy! Come home and join the Alabama Militia!

    Has anybody checked to see how many Chinese are crossing the border from Mexico?

  26. fideux says:

    With the dildo we have for a commander in chief, China probably could beat us. This is what you get when you elect a blithering idiot for POTUS.

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