Chicago Concealed Carrier Saves a Life

I’m sure he saved others’ lives as well, but he at least saved his own. If it hadn’t been for Illinois’ recent gun law, a couple people could have become statistics in Chicago’s never-ending violence.

The Chicago Tribune reported:

A Gresham man fired on a group of people leaving a party, only to be shot himself by one of the victims, a military service member with a concealed carry permit, authorities said.

The military member and three others were leaving a party Friday night in the 11700 block of South Union Avenue in West Pullman, Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Hain said during a court hearing Sunday.

One of the victims had noticed a cup of liquor on top of her vehicle and asked attendees of a party next door who it belonged to, Hain said.

When she removed it, Denzel A. Mickiel approached her, shouting obscenities and threatening her and her friends, according to Hain and court records.

Mickiel, 22, went into the residence, returned with a gun and began firing at the group, she said.

As Mickiel fired at the victims’ vehicle, the military member retrieved his gun and took cover near the vehicle’s front fender, according to Hain. Two unidentified people also shot at the group, she said.

The military service member fired two shots and struck Mickiel twice, she said.

A 22-year-old woman in the group was injured by Mickiel in the shooting, suffering wounds to the arm and back, according to court records and Hain.

The four victims escaped the melee in two vehicles as two unidentified people continued to shoot at them, Hain said.

Mickiel was identified as the gunman by witnesses, she said.

The injured woman was stabilized and taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center, police said.

Mickiel, of the 7600 block of South Honore Street, was transported to Advocate Christ in critical condition, according to police.

He remained hospitalized Sunday and did not appear in court but was ordered held on $950,000 bail. He is charged with attempted murder.

It’s true that the widespread proliferation of guns leads to a safer society. Even in a violent city like Chicago. But it’s not so much the sheer amount of guns that reduces incidents of violence. It’s that the number of law-abiding citizens outnumbers the armed criminals.

When it was illegal to carry a concealed gun in Chicago, by definition the law-abiding people had no way to defend themselves from armed thugs. Now that they are allowed to defend themselves, they can own guns and fight back against others intent on causing harm. It’s only common sense to conclude that it’s better to have everybody armed rather than just the criminals.



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12 comments on “Chicago Concealed Carrier Saves a Life
  1. chamuiel says:

    “The four victims escaped the melee in two vehicles as two unidentified people continued to shoot at them, Hain said.”

    It sounds as if there is more to this story that needs to be brought out.

    what was it? A bunch of black gang bangers shooting at each other?

    • TEXAS DEPUTY says:

      Probably… Ask Obama. He is a former Chicago street gang member, who possessed, sold, distributed illegal drugs. Was he carrying while engaged in his street gang criminal activities?!…

      • woonsocket says:

        Reagan had a big bowl of jelly beans. Are you saying that Obama has a big bowl of joints???? Can you get me a pass to The White House??

  2. tod says:

    For You who Believe in the Bible and Wormwood ,YouTube; ( 2014-Nibiru-the Planet X New World Order Agenda- Graphic…)

  3. Jack Laurie says:

    a whole bunch of Chicago ghetto thugs need to be killed, so let’s get ’em

  4. John says:

    Make Chicago look better than Jersey. Not allowed to carry here (in theory, yes, but in reality, no). No way to defend yourself here, ever.

    • Conservative Youth says:

      But in Chicago you can’t carry on any public transportation aoranywhere that posts a sign. That effectively prohibits a large portion of people from carrying and makes train stations, bus stations, etc perfect targets for criminals. If you have to take public transportation you may as well not even spend the hundreds to get your permit.

  5. woonsocket says:

    Most Republican voters want strict gun background checks but it won’t change who they vote for. That’s why liberals keep saying that conservatives vote against their own interests.

  6. Daniel from TN says:

    I’m curious about how long it will be before that military member faces charges. It would not surprise me if the military court martial’s him for “Conduct Unbecoming a Member of the Military.”

  7. KenRad says:

    1/11, not good odds.

  8. Gringo Infidel says:

    Ghetto thugs. Good for the concealed carrier!

    An armed society is a polite society.

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