Joe Biden Says We Should Be Able To Marry Whomever We Love...Hmmm

“This society in which we live is radically changing. What previous generations saw as evil is now embraced as being good. It is a dangerous and slippery slope upon which we stand when we reject what Solomon called the beginning of wisdom – the fear of God.” – Ray Comfort

It’s standard practice for liberals to dismiss any use of the slippery slope argument. The slippery slope argument suggests that once a certain boundary is crossed, a series of similar, but further boundaries are to be inevitably crossed as well. The left dismisses these arguments because their moral philosophy is a slippery slope. They have no defense for their moral positions, so they simply disregard the argument.

One of the positions for which the left has heavily advocated is gay marriage. Just a short while ago (2008), Hillary Clinton proclaimed that marriage was between a man and a woman. However, once it became politically expedient for her, she changed her mind. The same story is true for most national democratic candidates. Now, because of the change in the social acceptance of the gay and lesbian movement, the left has fully embraced gay rights as their charge. But it’s in their bold acceptance of gay marriage that they fall into their trap.

In his 4th of July speech, Joe Biden—often known for his verbal missteps—may have inadvertently argued against his own interests.

“You should be able to marry whomever you love…We have a lot more to do to fulfill the promise and meaning of the Declaration.”

In that one sentence, Biden opened the door for a prime slippery slope argument. If we should be able to marry whomever we love, why does the Obama administration–including Joe Biden–only support gay marriage? There are several other types of marriage between consenting adults that Obama, and Biden don’t really seem to care about. For instance, if we should be able to marry whomever we love, why can’t a father marry his daughter? If the father, and daughter are both above the age of consent, why stop them from fulfilling their love? Additionally, why can’t a brother and sister marry? Why can’t two brothers marry? Why can’t a man have multiple wives? Why can’t a woman have multiple husbands? These are all valid relationships, if we are to believe what Biden said. Each of these relationships fulfills the criteria set before us by the left regarding what defines “love rights.”

The slope of this argument couldn’t be any more slippery. If one supports gay marriage, one must also support polygamy, polyamory, and incest. Given that, why is Joe Biden so adamant about gay marriage, but completely silent regarding these other types of allegedly valid loving relationships? Because there is no political gain to be had…at this time.

You see, just as the gay, and lesbian movement wasn’t always the size it is today, the incest, and polyamory movements aren’t very large just yet. To be sure, they are out there, but they are not mainstream yet. The emphasis remains on the word “yet.” Just as Ray Comfort said, what was once accepted as evil has, over time, become mainstream. What is now considered evil will eventually have it’s time in the sun. When that time comes—and not a moment before—you can be sure that the democrats will stand up, and proclaim that the next civil rights movement has arrived.



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  • woonsocket

    When you have to write an article about gays and Joe Biden, you are indeed grasping for straws. Joe Biden articles don’t drive conservatives to the polls.

    • Frank Revelation

      Well done. A terse and tuned-in political comment that also includes the business model.

    • jessica22

      What kind of world do we live in where writing a news article about the VP is actually considered trite and a joke BY HIS OWN PARTY?

      You’re right, ws… it must have been a slow news day…

    • chamuiel

      Then, why are you here commenting? Bored?

      • woonsocket

        He doesn’t energize the base of either party. That’s why he should consider never running for President again.

        • Reflect

          Got to admit he is the most entertaining of all the leftist idealogs.

        • woonsocket

          Which is why VP suits him fine. He won’t run. Insiders will ask him to step aside for others. He’s had his turn.

        • jessica22

          Excellent point… make sure you pass that on
          to the “Biden 2016″ supporters…

  • jessica22

    The duplicity of the Democratic Party is magnified by the stupidity of
    Joe Biden and the flip-flop of their party platform.

    Kinda fun to watch…

    • LABobfromNYC

      What’s more fun to watch is the GOP committing hara-kiri as they try to make their last stand on a culture war that they already lost!

      • chamuiel

        so says the gay liberal atheist.

        • woonsocket

          Bob isn’t gay. If someone used The Pillsbury Dough Boy as an avatar, then that’s gay for sure.

        • jessica22

          I think the Pillsbury Dough Boy would be a great avatar for someone who likes to snuggle… not necessarily gay!!!!
          Remember… he giggles when you tickle him…

      • Evan White

        You are the kinda person judging your profile pics that makes moms need to tell their 4 year olds to stay away from The Blob he will eatyaup

  • patriotusa2

    Joe Biden is just another inmate in the asylum of liberalism.

    • Juan Motie

      joe “bite me” biden is just another inmate in the asylum of [regressive] [illiberalism]. Remember, there is absolutely nothing “liberal” about todays extremely radical far left wing party of death democrats and their comrade fellow travelers across America.

      • patriotusa2

        No doubt you are right concerning the extreme nature of what is now referred to as liberalism, but, it’s still a lot better Juan, than some of the other names that are even more appropriate.

      • RobertNorwood

        Liberal is a term they hi-jacked. Conservatives are a lot more liberal than so-called “liberals”. To be liberal doesn’t, or shouldn’t, mean one is open to every foolish, irresponsible hair-brained idea going.
        I’m a reasonably liberal, live and let live sort of guy governed by common sense. I don’t prejudge, I don’t mistreat others, everyone gets a fair shot until they prove they’re not worth it. I’m also a conservative.
        There’s nothing “liberal” about liberals. “Liberals” are angry, mean spirited, biased, dishonest, overly self centered and self satisfied. They label people, they prejudge according to liberal bias and the liberal play book. Until they know the play book inside and out they wear down their finger tips furiously scrabbling through the pages in order to know how to react “correctly” to something.

  • LABobfromNYC

    “If one supports gay marriage, one must also support polygamy, polyamory, and incest”. Conservative Christians used this very same argument in their fight against interracial marriage. The results will be the same.

    • Mark

      When I stop and think about it, I would be more inclined to support polygamy, so long as it’s heterosexual polygamy.

    • woonsocket

      One man with several wives is in the bible. Conservatives don’t like talking about that.

      • buckman21

        Not in the New Testament, under the New Covenant.

        • LABobfromNYC

          This so called “new covenant” is something modern Christians made up out of thin air in order to live in secular societies.

        • jessica22

          You forget… you’re talking to some people not well-versed in the meaning of the Bible… also not interested…

  • chamuiel

    “Why does the Obama administration–including Joe Biden–only support gay marriage?”

    Because hussein obama is gay.


    Politically correctness is going KILL US ALL….

  • jhforsythe

    Biden is an idiot! What do you expect?

  • DustyFae

    hey, joe,do you think a man 50 year old should marry a 6 year old girl because he loves her ?

    • larry

      To: Dusty: Good post! I have read that the so-called “prophet” Mohammad married a six year old girl. He showed outstanding self -control since he did not consummate the marriage until she was nine! Sure hope the U.S. is not going that way!!

      • Reflect

        Well the pres. is muslim, so Joe has b een around that for six years, I think he has converted, so as not to be stoned, with real stones, not that stuff he snorts.

  • nosocialism

    Bob hasn’t a clue. It’s not a culture war bobbie, it’s a culture breakdown and if your favorite public school taught non-revisionist history you will remember the nations and cultures in the past who preceded us in this spiral into destruction. But hey I forgot youse guys blame GW for everything so……nevermind.

    • LABobfromNYC

      You’re right, it’s not a culture war. That war is OVER & your side LOST!

      • woonsocket

        When they find out that Republicans have been using them & why, they’re going to be really pissed.

  • squeak

    Biden, I Love my daughter’s two Yorkie dogs, can I marry them… what a bunch of Mental Midgets we have in office !

  • geneww1938

    Makes sense, One of his parents must have been a Donkey or a Mule

    • Reflect

      And he became the ASS.

  • Reflect

    Dear Joe. I heard that you love your dog. When is the wedding? Hope the dog is a B….

  • Mark

    Sounds like Smilin’ Joe is building a case for polygamy.

  • 9400budlang8406

    When will they understand that a man putting his penis in another man’s rectum, which is meant for the elimination of fecal matter, is not an act of love but a perverted form of animal lust. On second thought even animals know better.

    • LABobfromNYC

      Is putting a penis into a woman’s rectum an act of love???

      • 9400budlang8406

        The same biological principle’s for design of intended use apply, you figure it out.

        • LABobfromNYC

          What about putting a penis into a woman’s mouth??? That’s an “act of love” by ANY definition!

        • 9400budlang8406

          You will obviously make up your definitions as you go. I’m not playing that game.

  • Mark

    I’ve seen 2 male cats copulate, but it was really more of a rape thing for the cat on the bottom.

    Sorry, this post was supposed to be elsewhere. It was meant as a response to someone’s comment about homo animals.

  • Mimi Schmaltz

    I guess Old Joe has a goat?

    • Evan White

      My bro has a stuffed lamb named lamby and hes what he thinks.

      Biden: Whata nice little lamb to rape

      Lamby: lock n load!

      Biden: don’t hurt me all i want to do is strip you nude including removing all that wool:

      Lamby: BAA Boom!

      Biden: Born ? Died 2014 killed by a lamb he tried to rape. RIP

  • Evan White

    Interfamily marrage between siblings wasillegaliszed due to certain transmissive disorders

  • Evan White

    Run!! It’s The Blob!

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