Family to Lose Everything because of "Endangered" Mouse

The federal government and the environmental regulators who act capriciously in its name continue their assault on innocent American citizens.

The most recent horror story proving that the federal government has grown far too big and far too powerful comes to us from New Mexico. A family in the southwestern state is in danger of losing everything – their home and their livelihood – because the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided that a mouse that lives on their land is an endangered species.

A family’s livestock enterprise in New Mexico is in danger of being completely shut down now that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has declared the meadow jumping mouse to be an endangered species, Watchdog reports.

The new regulations came into effect from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service last month, and as a result, the U.S. Forest Service is considering installing 8-foot high fences to protect the mouse, which would permanently prevent the Lucero family’s livestock from grazing.

The family is already in possession of grazing permits from the federal government, but the permits become irrelevant in the event that a new species is declared endangered.

The Lucero family has had their livestock graze on the land in the Santa Fe National Forest for more than a century, starting first with sheep, but then switching to cattle in the 1920s.

“We’re not insensitive to protecting the mouse,” Orlando Lucero said. “But let’s work on something that keeps everyone’s interests in mind.”

No decision has been made by the Forest Service officials, but they have stated that they are required by law to protect the meadow jumping mouse through the Endangered Species Act, and grazing has been listed as one of the primary threats to the mouse’s habitat.

At the moment, the Forest Service is engaging in a preliminary scoping process, in order to determine what action needs to be taken to secure the longevity of the jumping mouse.

It may take anywhere from 30 days to eight months for a decision to be reached.

“It’s been our experience that a fence like that to protect that occupied habitat seems to be the best way we can do our affirmative duty and protect that habitat,” said Robert Trujillo, the acting director of Wildlife, Fish and Rare Plants for the Southwest Region of the US Forest Service.

“Why would we give it up after four generations?” Orlando Lucero argued. “We were here before the (Forest Service), back during land grants. We’re not going to go nowhere.”

By Jonah Bennett from the Daily Caller News Foundation



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  • Navy Vet

    Protecting Rodents is the same as protecting Democrates!

    • provemewrong

      I was going to say “I thought the extinction of rats and mice has been one of mankind’s most elusive goals and now they say it’s a bad thing?” What’s next, the cockroach? I can just hear some liberal say “I don’t clean my house because it’s got Chinese Red cockroaches!”

      • Nathan51

        Yes, protection of cockroaches will be next because DemonRats will need to protect their next of kin.

        • Foxmuldar

          Plenty of coackroaches in Washington. The King cockroach resides in the White House.

        • jime1

          And when he leaves the place needs to have a good cleaning and fumigation.

        • DL Hancock

          In that case, sadly we may have to start getting estimates on building a new White House b/c I dont think this one would ever get the smell out.

        • Archie Bunker

          Or the hair products out of the mattresses.

        • Taking care of business!

          And Reggie Love’s KY. And Moochelles’ jock strap and training bra.

        • Korean War Vet

          You’re right about that, DL.

        • 2shinyshoes

          We may have to tear the da*n thing down.

        • Taking care of business!

          He all ready has, reputation wise.

        • 2shinyshoes

          And I thought it was destroyed permanently when “Babs Streisdan” stayed there with the Clintons. It’s like abusing Hallowed Ground. But these two crapers have really pushed it over the edge.

        • Dan Williams

          May it be very soon!

        • sandraleesmith46

          Fumigate first…now would be good!

        • Taking care of business!

          It’s going to smell musty. Lord, for give me.

        • Korean War Vet

          jime1, it’s going to cost a BUNDLE to clean that place up, after they’re gone.

        • Nathan51

          I don’t think there is that much soap or fumigation chemicals in the country.

        • Larenzo1

          They should just tear it down and rebuild.

        • skipsart

          Let them from now on be called Demeroaches

        • DL Hancock


        • Archie Bunker

          $h1t bags every one, including all Rinos. To bad we can’t help them to extinction (democrats that is) along with their mouse buddies.

        • KingoLingus

          No, DemoCraps. Its funny, when I visited Russians one of them asked why anybody would want to be a Democrat as “Demo” means shit so they would be “Crap-ocrats” hehe

        • Nathan51

          Or, Dump”O”Craps.

      • patriot2

        are those the ones that came in here from kenya to infest the white house???

        • provemewrong

          I think those are the Kenyan Black.

        • patriot2

          yep,the communist cockroach by any other name would still be an infestation.

        • Taking care of business!

          Watch out for any Kenyan crabs in the WH. We may have to bring back DDT.

        • patriot2

          may have to rebuild after the head kenyan burns it.

        • Taking care of business!

          You bet. Where’s a military coup, when you really need one?

        • patriot2

          I was always hoping for osama to get him,you know obama didn’t,although he takes the credit.

        • Taking care of business!

          I’m reading you loud and clear.

        • patriot2


      • Vette66

        But officer, I thought I was crop spraying fertilizer to help the grass grow, didn’t realize rodent killer was mixed with it.

    • Nathan51

      That’s why they are called DemonRats. I hope they turn the entire ranch into a toxic waste dump before they leave!

      • patriot2

        all it would take to turn it into a toxic waste dump is to shoot one govt agent there.

        • Nathan51

          They do tend to be full of $8it.

        • patriot2

          unfortunately they think they smell like roses.

      • yaki534

        Democrat is short for demonic rats.

        • Taking care of business!

          The ass is an nice symbol for them; but maybe it should be the rat. Or instead of the ass, how about the arse. That would be cheeky.

    • Shagnasty1

      And protecting reptiles, especially snakes, is the same as protecting Obama. Listen to Al Wilson’s “The Snake”. They bite you because that is what they do.

    • ARIMDW97

      how true, but Rodents have more value and character then Democrats AKA Demo-rats have

    • Dave from San Antonio

      I think I would protect certain rodents…more.

    • patriot2

      democrats ARE rodents.

      • livefree1200cc

        True enough – but if you think voting in a Republican in is going to change anything, you just haven’t been paying attention. The two party system is rigged so we will always be the losers. Both parties are systematically destroying the Constitution and our way of life

    • mfernandez57MN

      Now, now, let’s not insult rodents.

      • Meathead

        Insulting rodents would be akin to insulting the White House and most members of Congress!

        • Reflect

          I hate rodents, no matter where they are, in the field or in government offices.

    • Arby

      I was going to say they protect their own. What jerks!

    • Hgncpa

      You are insulting the rodent.

    • TonysTake

      This is a job for the Militia. The same thing happened to Cliven Bundy and if not for the militia, he would probably be 6′ under along with the rest of the family. The FED started the whole mess over an “endangered” tortoise. Harry reid and his land investments stand to rake in millions if Mr. Bundy is out of the way.

      • Dan Williams

        Losing everything=”nothing to lose.”
        A lot can happen in that situation.

      • KingoLingus

        Scary Harry is the biggest scum bag in the Senate. How Nevadan’s keep him in is beyond my imagination. We are trying to get rid of our RHINO Thad Chocran over here in Ms.

        • TonysTake

          It’s not for lack of trying. Nevada election fraud is rampant. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has a contract to “service.” warehouse and distribute our electronic voting machines. An old saying goes, “He who counts the votes wins.” Machines were pre-programmed to select Scary Harry and unless the voter checked closely, that was how the vote was counted. The fraud was reported and nothing was done.

    • DL Hancock

      These days, I actually like rodents MUCH more.

    • Vette66

      At least the rodents have a purpose, the democrats don’t.
      How many miles of fence, must be concrete so the mouse doesn’t chew through it, must be how deep so the mouse doesn’t dig under it and must be how high so the mouse doesn’t jump over it or the cattle don’t step over it. BO has millions of dollars to build a fence to protect a mouse but zero dollars to protect American from foreign invaders with disease that are being brought in and some we don’t have a cure for. BO, the best president this country has ever had. NOT!

    • crustyone

      Does that include the mouselum in the house in DC belonging to the American People?

  • RBlakeH

    Bull shit, tell the mouse to go back to the meadow it jumped from, probably Mexico and you will find 5 million more like it there.

    • SofiesVoice

      Yes, deport them now. Instead of spending taxpayers money transporting the illegal kid invasion to different destinations, spend the money deporting the rats back to Mexico. Escort those kids back over the border to be dealt with by the mexican government.

      • Dan Williams

        Put all of those brats onto slow, leaky boats and shove them off into the water somewhere down around Costa Rica. It will be a shorter walk (or swim) home than back to the USA where we clearly DO NOT WANT THEM!

        • KingoLingus

          Please not Costa Rica, I may need to retire there son hehehe

  • CaptTurbo

    Nothing to do with a mouse but everything to do with a corrupt government’s land grab.

    • Meathead


    • satin85718

      Rodents carry hantavirus. Animals and illegals carrying diseases are more important than a taxpayer who foots all the bills. The government wants the farm, period.

      • CaptTurbo

        Very true. Looks like the rats are looking after a mouse to me.

    • KingoLingus


  • K9_00BK

    American citizens have no value to the government.

    • FedUP15232

      The American people have the same value as sheep. They are to be sheared, fleeced, and butchered.

      • Dave from San Antonio

        Some are almost as smart as “sheep”, too. The edge, though, goes to the sheep…not the two legged ones. That’s why they are called “sheeple”…easily led by a judas goat…or “freebies” and “entitlements”.

      • patriot2

        then fed to the infected illegals.


      EXCEPT when TAXES are due!!!

    • hardworkinglady

      You are mistaken! Our value is that we pay taxes. Once we stop paying taxes, we are of no value to those that rob us!

      • Taking care of business!

        You raised a point. Remember when Barry said, “You didn’t build that,” implying the Government builds everything. The only thing the Government makes is grief.

  • barry1817

    funny but when it is solar powers and endangered species are being killed, it is oops, can’t shut down the solar panels, but be a single person, and the full weight of the government comes down to destroy a person

    • 1947rhoda64

      Just like all the birds that have been killed by the Solar Wind Mills. They don’t even generate enough power to help anyone’s house. It is just another way of gettting the American people money. They are so money hungery and so adament about destroying the American people they have nothing else on their mind.

      • barry1817

        thank you for the follow up post.

      • Reflect

        Didn’t the master Rat say he was ” Going to fundamentally change America.”

        • Taking care of business!

          Eek, eek.

  • armydadtexas

    Hello America, WE HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM!!Think you may want to wake up?

    • 9400budlang8406

      Hey armydadtexas. (Me too) The dems have correctly noticed how many ignorant voters comprise a majority of the voting public. They have cleverly played these suckers to their benefit and robbed the rest of us of our freedoms in the process. Their game is to keep this ignorant populace growing in numbers to supply votes for future elections. Republicans seem to have no game plan at all except to fight against Tea Party members who want to make fundamental changes that don’t fit party power structures. We definitely are in trouble.

  • Richard

    Our buricratic government doesn’t have enough sense to know how to close an umbrella!

    • patriot2

      they would have to hire a canadian firm tied to obamas wookie to do that(for 400 million),then they would blow it.

  • Marlin208

    Soon they will be protecting the lice that are jumping from the illegals coming into this country. That will make the illegals untouchable.

  • linda

    UN Agenda 21 being implemented. More and more Fed regulations are being enforced so that lands can be returned to their natural state, meaning WITHOUT
    Human co-habitation or cultivation or even, in some instances, human recreational uses.

    • Hoosier Mo

      Agenda 21 is no doubt behind this land grab. That or mineral rights. The Federal Govt. and the EPA both need to be trimmed back in size. They’re both too darned big for their breeches.

      • linda

        We can thank Abe Lincoln for growing the Federal government and it has been growing ever since. the Obama Admin is hand in glove with UN and NWO…remember Henry Kissinger stating that “Barack Obama had been carefully groomed to bring the US under global governance”- and we are spiraling downward to just that in a blitzkrieg of tryanny and treason!

    • SofiesVoice

      REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER…..Vote out all these leftist liberals and RINOS!!!

      • Taking care of business!

        Yes, grilled asses and RINOs for Thanksgiving. And don’t forget, stuff both and place an apple in the mouth. Then serve with Valarie Jarrett jam and Soros slaw. It’ll be the best Thanksgiving ever.

    • KingoLingus

      The UN is a F*&^KING joke.

  • jwmiller

    Can you say Land Grab? Govnt Bureaucrats as interested in that mouse as most of us are interested in Obama’s Golf scores. Once they get what they want, that mouse is history. This is full-blown NWO.

    • Reflect

      Remember when BLM was trying to protect some endangered species, and it turns out they were killing them, because they didn’t know what to do with them?

    • Taking care of business!

      The Land Grab should be made in DC.

  • MikeyParks

    Whatever happened to “power to the people”? I guess the people who were saying it in the 60s grew up to become power crazed bureaucrats.

    • Lamont_Madison

      They are Obama and the Valerie jarretts and bill ayers of the world who control their puppet president – Hussein Obama.

      • Taking care of business!

        Naughty, naughty. You forgot the bank-roller, George Soros.

    • Dave from San Antonio

      Some just grew up to become “sheeple”…and “fair game” for the gov’t.

      • Taking care of business!

        Not grew, but Government-school conditioned.

    • DMJo

      They meant to say “power to certain people!” (meaning themselves)

      • Taking care of business!

        Just like “Animal Farm,” some are more equal than others. Wanna guess which is which?

    • Rick

      You got that right Mikey.

    • Taking care of business!

      Except for John Lennon’s “Power to the people,” it does seem to be in short supply.

  • [email protected]

    More “Big Government BS.” The bureaucrats know more than you do!

  • nathan 9009

    Reminds me of Bundy and the turtle. How long did it take to identify the turtle as a tortoise. I live in S. NV and when I read so much info, comments etc. I had to LMAO. People are really ignorant

  • [email protected]

    Our predatory bureaucrats at work. A government of wolves.

  • Cbt_Engr

    The political symbol for the demoncrats is so very appropriate — a jackass!

  • Lamont_Madison

    Fuck the FEDS. Post “No Trespassing” signs and shoot anyone violating it, including Obama and any of his CORRUPT government bureaucrats – especially the EPA (do not ENTER PRICKS & ASSHOLES)

  • Ken Thomas

    A couple of cats should solve the problem

  • Dave from San Antonio

    I think the family needs to aquire a bunch of cats…;)

  • Gringo Infidel

    Watch the land get quickly reclassified and sold off to China for some ‘green energy’ boondoggle.

  • billie

    Another Bundy style land grab. Actually the feds are trying to set up for the not released info yet, of Blue Star Project. The new Area 51.

  • TPM

    I have a great idea. Let’s move this mouse to the White House … then we can evict the Obamas.

    • Taking care of business!

      Better still, tie down the White House vagrants, cover them in mouse food, then feast away, Mr. Mouse.

  • paraducks

    It is not about the rodent. It is about the fun of wielding great power. Teaching mother gaia earths spoilers a lesson.There is no place in “nature” save where the perverse spawn of college pseudo-science, the self declared high priests of materialism say it is.

  • John Walt

    There will soon be an act to protect the Fish & Wildlife goons.

    • paraducks

      Already in place. “Hurting” or impairing one of these control freaks in what they decide is their job on any given day, would leave you almost as bad off as offending a gay or lesbian

  • trishae61

    are they freaking for real? A stinken field mouse and they are going to take everything from that family because of a field mouse? Isn’t that the same thing they tried at the Bundy ranch? yeah it is!!!!

  • Jenny

    All this money to determen that a rat is Endangered Species. Come On? That has to be the most stupidist thing that I have heard of yet. Anything that this crooked governement drums up to spend OUR money on, what an absolute waste!

  • JMWinPR

    What happens if the current invaders from SA destroy the habitat? Are they prosecuted? It might be worthwhile to discover endangered species across our entire southern border. For example taxpayers are becoming rarer and are almost extinct, can they be placed on an endangered list?

    • John Walt

      You can bet that they’d be eating those little rodents while on their way here!

      • paraducks

        They will be harvesting from all our “shopping baskets” soon.

      • Nathan51

        Hors d’oeuvres anyone? I bet they would go well with hot sauce in a burrito. Maybe we should find an endangered snake and turn a bunch of them and several cats loose on the ranch. Oh, wait; this is beginning to sound like a child’s song. “There was a woman who swallowed a fly. I don’t know why she swallowed a fly. I think she’ll die!”

    • Marlin208

      I am sure that the illegals are two stepping around all these mice while they make their way up here.
      Oh yeah, they surely are.

      • paraducks

        Two stepping to get them on a skewer maybe. Taste great with frijolies !

  • Marlin208

    A mouse, a friggin’ mouse. They will ruin their livelihood for some stinking mouse????
    Oh My God, where is my country?

    • paraducks

      Stuck in the progressive Marxist control freak morass. We have a liberal blight on our land more deadly than Ebola.

    • Taking care of business!

      Just do a swap for the mice at Disney Queer World and Disney Queer Land.

  • trishae61

    Me thinks me hears a Revolution starting!!!!

    • John Walt

      Me too!

      • Korean War Vet


    • Taking care of business!

      Listen…it’s getting louder.

  • paraducks

    Never ever seek advice about what a critter on your land is. If you do not know what it is, kill it immediately and burn or hide the carcass !

    • John Walt

      Or shove it up an agent’s arse.

      • paraducks

        That confrontation can wait until all the neighbors are disgusted enough to join in.

  • Foxmuldar

    Don’t you see whats happening. On the bundy ranch it was a turtle. Out in Montana and Colorado its a Grouse. Now a mouse is said to be endangered. WTF? Are you telling me its ok to kill our nations symbol the Bald Eagle but we have to protect a fuxxing mouse. its all about the Feds wanting to grab up all the land for their solar power and wind mill farms. Its Obama’s doing. Wake up America, that rat in the White house is destroying our country.

  • 1947rhoda64

    It is time to call in the Militia and everyone else who will help this family. these idiots in the WH have lost their minds and to them every thing including big rats are endangered species and it is a shame they have invaded all of these idiots homes. If someone knows some of the Militia would you please contact them and send them to N M. They are barking up the wrong trees and need to brought down to size.

  • Oldtymepatriot

    I would open a sanctuary for homeless barn cats on the property asap. No mice, no need to lose the property.

  • cae973

    don t we already have alot of cockroaches with more crossing the border everyday

  • mikegru

    every time on of these fed rodents come on your property shoot these bastards dead enough is enough


    The “endangered species act” is a law designed and written to protect “trouble makers” in this case – self appointed environmentalist. These are people who despise and hate americas way of life and great success as the greatest democracy ever. They look for anything living that will take land away from it’s rightful owners. What they do is trespass on any owners land or leased land looking for any bug, worm or maybe just a spec of nothing and go to a government agency put in place by “liberal progressives” to assist these goons in confiscating rightful owners of their property rights. Then declare the land belongs to the U.S. Government. This is a total overreach by any government whose sole purpose is to provide services and infrastructure to it’s people, not destroy it’s peoples success.

  • jtp56

    We need to find a mouse just north of the Rio Grande that is endangered by illegals walking there. Then we can put up a fence to protect the mice.

    • helm20558

      That is a damn good idea!

    • Alleged Comment

      Isn’t funny how they find these endangered species always under a hard working white farmer’s house???

      • jtp56

        Isn’t it though? Come on, really, a mouse? After they take away the cow that fertilized the plant it needed to survive on, it’ll die anyway!!! Since 1920 it survived….how many mouse generations is that??? How stupid can we be? Truth is: it’s not science…….It’s agenda.

      • Taking care of business!

        Very strange, indeed. But maybe he was tunneling to Mexico so the illegals can crawl through and popup in the white farmer’s house. See, it as a plan.

    • USA Lover

      Yes it is a full blown herd of illegals isn’t it. Lets build a wall!

  • danE DanE

    How about putting out lots of rat poison. Good bye meadow jumping mousy. Now who really cares about a mouse? Why it’s obuttho and his NWO cronies who stand to make billions or trillions.

  • jack


  • jerry1944

    I think we need to wipe out anything that even mite become something the government want to protect before they find it.

  • paraducks

    How did these rodents ever survive until obama’s slash and burn administration came along ?

  • racefish
  • wmgill

    In the 30 days to 8 months needed to make a decision, the simple solution would be to find and exterminate every single meadow jumping mouse one can find. They will no longer be endangered. Problem solved.

  • Juniorsmom37

    Unbelievable! But then, what isn’t with this government these days.

  • mattwm

    Another federal agency that America could do without. Time to shut these worthless organizations down so they will stop harassing innocent people. I’m sure New Mexico has their own state agencies that government real issues, no need for Federal agencies that chase people off their land to protect something that people could do without.

  • itriedthemall

    If they have found the endangered mouse on the lands that have been grazed for a century or more, obviously the grazing is not causing the demise of that mouse!

    • Mimi Schmaltz

      Maybe grazing improves mouse habitat? New Study!

  • digdeeper

    Would that these environmentalists were as concerned about humans. Abolish the EPA! Congress writes laws. Why are they letting the EPA get away with all these insane regulations. Let’s face it, species die out. Pretty darn good thing the dinosaurs are gone! …well maybe not. They could devour the EPA and environmentalists and save us from their insanity.

  • James Maxwell

    The mouse is probably smarter than the average Socialist Democrat in the
    fact that it can take care of itself. The socialist democrats has to feed off the
    TAX Payers because they are unable to support themselves without government
    help, welfare and food stamps.


    THE REAL “endangered species” are the ….AMERICAN CHRISTIANS!!!

  • theronald

    Can anyone name even one critter whose extinction has caused any problem for anyone in the world? ??? Huh? Didn’t think so.

  • mickeymike2

    Just think. If the EPA had been around a few million years ago, we could be sharing our backyards with dino’s and saber tooth tigers. That is, of course, if those creatures had an EPA to protect us.

  • omega2


    • Nathan51

      Make it an electrified fence and put one of those invisible fence collars on his neck that can never be removed.

  • jayleigh

    What were government trespassers doing on private property? ooops, i forgot. We don’t own anything – everything in the USA is government property.

  • Gil

    Seems like the really endangered species, more and more is the American citizen who owns land and property….

  • Dianna9490

    I hope this family takes a stand like the Bundys- enough is enough – Americans r fed up with this fictional govern

  • Mark Tallman

    I have a suggestion. Go to the nearest big city. Adopt dozens of outdoor capable cats also capable of reproducing. Let them loose. No more mouse! Nothing more than nature and natural selection.

    I have a question I believe to be valid. Are not some of the animals they seek to protect already targeted for extinction? If so, what does saving a species that is supposed to disappear because of NATURE do to the overall ecosystem? It will throw it out of balance.

  • Barto

    Over a Rat??? This Government needs a complete overhaul to install some people in charge that have some common sense.

  • Meathead

    Rodents protecting fellow rodents. How quaint.

  • Tigerlake4

    WAY to much government!!!! Revolution time!!!

    • Meathead

      It is almost here. It’s about to get ugly and the government has no idea of the forces that will be unleashed against it. 1776 will look like a minor fireworks display.

  • Down to Earth Thinking

    More government insanity from the control freaks, Hey !

  • wattsupstupid

    What a bunch of college educated idiots! Don’t they know that the mice are there because of what this family has on their property a family’s livestock enterprise. Why do you think cats love to live in barns!

  • Meathead

    Do the Fish and Wildlife idiots NOT remember the militia groups that gathered at the Bundy Ranch? Some of us will gladly journey to NM to protect this family from the tyrannical government because we are Americans and have had enough of this crap!! Live free or die is not just a saying, it IS the desire of true Americans!!

    • MrsCleaver

      God Bless you!!!!

  • tax man

    But they won’t put up a fence to protect the entire population of the US from the trespassing vermin that sneak across our borders and contaminate us! And these mice have gotten along fine with the other animals for all these years, so what is the big deal? Maybe we need to send all the mice to the White House along with all the Illegal Alien kids!

  • MrsCleaver

    I hope enough Americans will rise up and support these folks like with the Bundy debacle. Stop the insanity!!!!!!!

  • ingerson

    Anything to destroy this nation – c






    Yet by five o’clock tonight 700 American Latino
    babies will be pulled apart in Demo Commo chop shops and not a tear will
    be shed by Le partie de
    la muerte. Planned slaughterhood the Democrat party work shop will
    execute today 1200 white babies, 1100 black babies and 700 Latino Ninos’
    All American babies. Never look at what the communists are pointing you
    to. Always look for what they don’t want you to see. As for the illegal
    invaders the communist party is playing on you.

    They are not immigrants. They are invaders. Mexico has declared war on the USA.

    are pushing the helpless in front of their troops. Just like Al Queda
    in Faluja and the Nazis on French roads. The real helpless are the
    American towns people of Murietta who Obama has singled out for death by
    Freedom strangulation. They need help. they need our support.

    has been the culprit in this jihad against the USA. They are running sex slaves into the USA and drug mules to keep America stoned. Close it all.
    Nothing in Nothing out. Make everybody pay and that shiite will end
    tomorrow. This drug president of Mexico is
    holding a marine hostage and Obama Bin Lenin spits on the country he
    pretends to be from. It is impeachment time for two presidents. Mexico
    has declared war and the bombs are the helpless.



  • woonsocket

    “The recent Bush administration listed 71 new species as threatened or
    endangered during Bush’s two terms, compared with 538 in Bill Clinton’s
    two terms and 251 in the first George Bush’s single term.”

  • SofiesVoice

    Time to do away with the endangered species act….it’s too late….I really miss the dinosaurs (LOL)!

  • EllenBernal

    Mice are more important hen Humans. Mice destroy properly and carry illnesses. Humans rise fod for them. You are welcome to send these Mice to the WH for preservation.

  • woonsocket

    In 2011. Obama slackened off protecting endangered species.

    “By the time he left office, President George W. Bush wasn’t exactly known as a friend of endangered wildlife. Over eight years, his administration protected 62 species of domestic animals and plants under the Endangered Species Act.
    By contrast, Bill Clinton had declared 522 species endangered during his two terms. (See chart below.) On average, Bush added eight new species to the list annually, the slowest pace of any president since Richard Nixon signed the ESA into law in 1973.”

    “Obama is barely beating Bush at protecting new endangered species—and
    he’s far behind his Democratic predecessors. So far, his administration has added 59 species to the endangered list. However, that includes 48 species from the Hawaiian island of Kauai that were originally cleared for approval by the Bush administration.”

  • SofiesVoice

    In northern California it’s the smelt fish….Central Valley denied water in this extremely horrible drought… pulling up fruit orchards and vines and letting their land fallow because the EDA says they need the water for the smelt. In Nevada the problem with the rancher grazing his cattle because of some tortoise, in Kern county, Bakersfield CA area a farmer could not farm his land because of some rat, the lumber industry decimated because of the spotted owl….if i never see a spotted owl I won’t suffer, but if I can’t buy food that can really hurt me and my family. Enough of this garbage…… down with the Endangered Species Act and all demonrats!!

  • gomurr

    Next on the list is the sage grouse. Between the two, they ought to succeed in their quest to put all family farms and ranches out of business in the Western states.

    For those who still believe they want Bundy to pay his grazing fees, get a clue. This is about control of all the public lands in the nine western states, by any means possible.

    Because they are “so concerned” about endangered species, our government has decided it’s OK to slaughter and fry as many of our National bird, the American Bald Eagle, as necessary to keep the wind turbines and mirror utilizing solar installations in the California and Nevada desert operating. To do otherwise may endanger another species…..their cronies……profits.

  • smartgranny55

    Another example of rodents and other small creatures being more important than people in the eyes of liberals.

  • Alleged Comment

    Endangered Species Act was a clever ruse by Communist to shut down individualism, a cornerstone of American capitalism.

    You should go after environmentalist and shut them down for violation of the Constitution. It says “We the people” not “We the mouse people in order to create a more compliant sheeple…..”

  • Ted R. Weiland

    “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing [including mice] that creepeth upon the earth.” (Genesis 1:26)

    “How much then is a man better than a sheep [or a mouse]?…” (Matthew 12:12)

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    SCREW the mouse. AND the government.

  • Korean War Vet

    The ‘meadow jumping mouse’? You’re kidding, right? What about the Mexican Jumping Bean; isn’t THAT on the endangered list? I haven’t seen one of those in at least 45 years…it’s GOT to be on the endangered list! The meadow jumping mouse better watch out, because the boogie man is going to lure it into a trap, and make it disappear altogether. The ‘meadow jumping mouse'; what next, pray tell?

    • Joken Joe

      No , but the border jumping wetback is. That why the gubermints protecting them. Guess we need a better mouse trap for both species. Just as well build one DC pieces of feces fuzzy muzzies.

      • Korean War Vet

        But Joe: the Border Jumping Wetback can’t be gone! I knew some of his relatives back in 1953 to 1958, when I was stationed in New Mexico; he can’t be gone! Oh, woe is me, woe is me. Well, so much for wetbacks, I guess. Love your sense of humor, Joe! Take care. <|8-)

        • ARIMDW97

          I know exactly what you talking about. I was Vicinity El Paso in 1955 and remember those wetbacks coming accros the Rio Grande all the time.I think target practice on those wetbacks would be appropriate and justified as those Mexicans are nothing but thieves and crooks


        • Korean War Vet

          ARINMDW97: Thank you for your military service to America, my Brother! By the way, before I forget: WELCOME HOME!! I was stationed north of El Paso (Holloman AFB) for the length of time I mentioned in my earlier comment…you’re right about those wetbacks crossing the Rio Grande. Target practice would take care of the problem…you bet!

          US Air Force (1951 – 1972)
          Korea (1952 – 1953)

  • Ted R. Weiland

    “…The earth is in a polluted state because its inhabitants have rejected their Creator and His laws:

    ‘The earth is also polluted by its inhabitants, for they transgressed [Yahweh’s] laws, violated [His] statutes, broke the everlasting covenant. Therefore, a curse devours the earth, and those who live in it are held guilty….’ (Isaiah 24:5-6 NASB)

    “The environment’s only hope is to be found in the sons of Yahweh:

    ‘…the anxious longing of the creation [the environment] waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God. …in hope that the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of
    God.’ (Romans 8:19-21 NASB)

    “The success of environmentalism is in the hands of the sons of Yahweh, not in the hands of Al Gore or any other son of Gaia or any other false god. Only the sons of the Creator, Yahweh, can return us to the laws of the Creator – the One who built the ecosystem and who wrote the conservation manual.

    “Today’s environmentalists are in the process of turning the world upside down. It is the commission of the sons of Yahweh to turn it right side up. The first step in accomplishing this task is recognizing Yahweh as our God and that, according to His environmental plan, human life is at the pinnacle of importance:

    ‘Behold the fowls of the air… Are ye [a man] not much better than they?’ (Matthew 6:26)

    ‘How much then is a man better than a sheep?’ (Matthew 12:12)….”

    For more, see the sixth book (Thou shalt not kill) in a series of ten booklets on each of the Ten Commandments at

  • Bar0Ranch

    It saddens me that this administration finds money to construct a fence to protect a friggin’ mouse, but not to protect it’s citizens from an invasion from the south. Oh! I forgot fences don’t work………

    • Meathead

      And, don’t forget that welfare to the ignorant Dumbocrap voters is more important than securing our borders. What the Dumbocraps fail to realize that as Rome went, so will go America and they will be out of office and on the endangered species list themselves as the real Americans go hunting for them. After all they do not believe in the 2nd Amendment and are unarmed while true Americans are armed to the hilt!! Are they stupid, or what??

  • Reflect

    I remember watching a documentry of the invasion of rodents in Austrailia. They took over everything, destroyed crops, animal feed, human feed. The government agencies involved, should gather up the rodents, and house them with all the human rats that run these agencies. Heck , send them to the white House.

  • bluealiendevil

    They have moved buffalo, turkeys, wolves, and other species, why not move the damn mouse??

  • jime1

    So they claim it’s all about a endangered rodent on some creek in New Mexico?? Didn’t they (the feds) attempt the same BS over a tortoise in Nevada ??
    When are We the People going to say enough? This isn’t about endangered species, it’s about controlling the land, therefore the population ( that is us, you, your family and I, all of us). Yesterdays other item of interest concerned the Sage Grouse and the control of literally millions of acres over 12 Western States. We are on a very slippery slope folks. We all want to believe really bad things don’t happen here in the USA, especially by our own government. Well think again and look, no really look at our current out of control government.

    During just the 20th century the Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, Serbs, Kurds, Ukrainians, Chinese, Jews, Poles, and Slaves to name just a few (representing many millions of fellow humans) also never wanted to believe that their governments would do want was done to them, but many many MILLIONS are just a foot note in history books.

    Is the the current government immune from this behavior. “Oh that could never happen here.” Really?? It can happen anywhere and it has happened globally for centuries, and it is FAR from being over with, it’s been going on for centuries and will continue. The U.S. is not immune as long as human nature is involved and we have leader(s) who have literally turned the backs to the Almighty. In the names of your unborn grandchildren and great grandchildren, wake the he$$ up, we are in deep stuff and it’s time to step out of it while we still can.

  • Chris P

    I thought you were against free stuff from the government?

  • icemancold

    WELL: The sad thing is that in the world of OBAMA the GREAT the MOUSE just like the GAYS and LESBIANS will ultimately win !!

  • Maria castro

    Finish the mice.

    • Meathead

      We have dozens of feral cats in the 251 acres behind us. Would you like a few dozen to control this idiotic mouse situation? A bunch of us would gladly trap and ship a few dozen to your ranch to contain these mice.

      • Maria castro

        Great idea. That was done in Europe to finish with the bubonic plague. The cats took care of the rats.

  • BlueViolets

    This is the way the government grabs lands. It comes up with some excuse or other and the next thing you know you’re out on the street. They’ll be doing that soon with the suburbs and herding everyone in to high rises where you will have a spacious 500 sq. foot government owned apartment. But you may have to share that with an incoming illegal alien.

    • Meathead

      And, we will be shooting the government a^^holes that come to remove us from our precious Texas land. Count on it, Ovomit!!

      • BlueViolets

        And I will be praying for your aim to be true and your hide to stay safe. God bless.

  • Lloydl333

    Like the owl was endangered and the desert turtle. This is land grabbing to pay China for the loans. We have been sold folks. No more private ownership.

  • Ovomit1

    The government bas===ds will protect a jumping rat……but would never protect a constitution loving American

  • Reverend Joe Ruyle

    The Lucero family all need to go out and have Tee-shirts printed. They say “Freedom Loving American Citizen!” on the front and “ENDANGERED SPECIES!” on the back. If that doesn’t work just claim to be illegal immigrants and the lib’s will tied themselves in knots to accommodate them….. screw the mouse we need Dem voters!

  • smogdew

    This gov’t is just obscene. Sooner or later they will have stopped production of everything necessary for survival to
    America. 2nd farm being shut out of raising cattle on Federal lands (after a century plus of doing so). Can’t dig for
    oil, coal, shale – necessary for many, many things; put a bullet manufacturer out of business by taxing him way beyond
    what he can pay…… by one – little by little (that we hear of).

  • TPS12

    Ok to chop up Eagles but by all means let’s protect this mouse. It appears all government agencies are run by idiots.

    • LawtonOkie

      It’s alright for them to murder little babies but their number 1 priority is to protect a mouse.

  • chrisplumber

    I cant believe what i’m reading ? WTF is going on in our country

    • Alleged Comment

      You have a negro in control.

      • chrisplumber

        oh you mean nggr O



  • Guest

    I was wondering where LABob was. I guess he got married over the weekend and him and his husband are on their honeymoon. Congratulations. Bob.


    Endangered/ I think it is time to put these politicians on the endangered list. these dinosaurs are about to know what it s like to be extinct.

  • Val

    There they go again, the “FEDS” are working to get themselves in the endangered list, and doing a good job.!

  • Elaine Farrell

    Are they located within 120 miles of the border? The feds are using the endangered species act to establish the Agenda 21 “International Zone” which runs 120 miles along the border with Mexico, where no American citizens are allowed to live or travel through. Google Agenda 21 US Maps & you’ll see the Int’l Zone along the border.

  • jb80538

    One report a few years ago questioned whether or not this mouse even actually existed.

  • sovereigntyofone

    This sounds like a repeat of what happened in Southern California about 20 years ago. The Sierra Club of California turned in an oriental man that had just purchased a nursery. To make a long story short. The poor man was out tilling some land to plant trees to grow. His tractor ran over and cut a Kangaroo rat in half which just happened to be on the endangered species list in California.
    The Sierra Club got wind of it and turned him in to the ” Feds ” and they brought a court case against him. The federal government vs a tractor. The bottom line is, the poor man lost his nursery because of fines and legal fees. So, you see the tactics haven’t changed much. And.. I’d be willing to bet this ” mouse ” as they call it will turn out to be another kangaroo rat.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • Andy Z

    They should just get some Illegal Mexicans to exterminate all of them and be done with it No Mouse No More!!!

  • Lily Haley

    Send in some cats.

  • jakex_iii

    ‘it’ just doesn’t stop, does it? I understand a need for protecting our animal kingdoms – but to the demise of a right to a family living. Come on, find your Common Sense.

  • yaki534

    The EPA will spread all kinds of half-truths and outright lies to do this. They do not care about people or private property.

  • Mamatex


  • majorpain7777

    Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • Mys77

    Is it a requirement to be insane to work for the government? Obviously the answer is yes! Nuts!

  • hayrake

    Wow. They can make up anything, it seems, to further their agenda. Why can’t they build a nice fence like that to protect our border?

  • geneww1938

    The oldest mouse lived 4 years !!! The cattle grazed there for 100 years and the rodents survived real well up to now !!! This farmer agreed to cooperate with the agencies to enhance the protection of the mice.

    This must be the product of the dumbest bureaucrats or some nefarious group to use the land for their profitable project [with huge payoffs] or the planned elimination of food suppliers to place all food supply under the large cartels of the communistic “New World Order”.

  • Allen Wood

    So… we can construct a fence to protect a stupid mouse, but we can’t construct a fence to protect our borders? WTH?

  • Charles_Higley

    Just as with the tortoise on the Bundy grazing land, where cattle have been cohabiting with the tortoise for a hundred years, so have these cattle been living nicely in the presence of the jumping mouse. There is nothing mutually exclusive about these species. Are they going to fence this land off from all other species that graze or forage? I think not. It is the people that the government is trying to remove from the land permanently.

    There is also the possibility that removing the cattle will alter the ecosystem and wipe out this mouse. Who are they to say. It very probable that there has been no studies done to define this perceived problem.

  • DC/Tex

    If the Hitler want-a-be, Barry Bathhouse zerObama and his criminal regime, have their way their will be NO private property.

  • Charlie

    Know for a undisputable fact that mice love to be around livestock. There is always a food source for the mice , there is always easy places for mice to nest , livestock help keep predators of mice away from said mice. Therefore what moron has come up with the big pile of manure that cattle and mice clash ? For whomever the moron is they have never been on a farm or a ranch around livestock .

  • MontieR

    The government does NOT have in ANY stretch of the imagination , the authority to strip ANY American citizen of their personal property unless a crime HAS been committed.

  • daanerud

    It is way past time to exterminated the vermin in Washington DC

  • DL Hancock

    And this family was Demorats. Geeze, if they’ll do it to the lowlife, they’ll do it to anyone. wow. Why didnt they call out the People. Folks, we MUST STOP this tyranny from this admin. But for now,we MUST do it peacefully. I know so many want to go gung ho but its not the time. I want to kick azz as much as anyone but it must be done at the right time. I knoiw, how much more can we take? We are Americans, we can take anything. We Do Not want togive this man rights to call for Martial law even though I even believe that we can kick those try9ing to enfoece Martial Law to the curb. However, is that REALLY what we want to do when we have other options. Other Options exist as long as there is NO OTHER way. Actions that cause Martial Law MUST be a Last Resort. Once Martial Law is called, there IS NO TURNING Back. Period and I just believe that we’re NOT at that point. We have and can beat most of this mans BS w/o giving him them authority to kill millions and trust me, it wouldnt bother him one bit to lose anyone on either side.

  • bobmann101

    So they think a mouse is not capable of dodging cattle’s hooves? Next they will say the cattle stepping on them is what caused the mouse to become endangered

  • alan_1969

    I have an endangered mouse living in the tailgate of my pickup. If I can catch it, it will become extinct.

  • aurora9

    Have you noticed how many animals have become endangered? Recently, it was the Sage Hen. Of course they are trying grab as much land as they can, the feds, BLM, etcl

    • Archie Bunker

      Until a few of these scum bag Feds drop dead they are going to keep this up. Just like shipping illegals all over the country. They continually try to distract, divide and conquer. Mice, illegal Aliens and democrats, all a form of life that is not desirable. This country is lost…we’ve reached a point of no return without a lot if bloodshed!

  • glen thompson

    The Lucero Family and the meadow jumping mouse have obviously been living together in total harmony for over a hundred years. Why the sudden need for the government to step in and change this?

  • Wabefuhon

    What deems a species as endangered? What does the population of that species have to be at to make it endangered, or any species for that matter? What would they do if an endangered species were to show up at DC or Seattle or Rhode Island? If I were them, I’d be making plans to sell and move everything to an open area in another state. But then again, I’d also be fighting tooth and nail for the property and livestock. Remember the issue with Cliven Bundy?

  • libertycall

    This is not about a mouse. It’s about the another government agency playing God with people’s lives and an overreach of authority that is disgusting. The fish and wildlife department needs to be to be put on leash or done away with altogether.

  • ToniStimmel

    If these endangered species are so important then the government should be required to buy the land and business at fair market value in an eminent domain action. Destroying private property rights is at the heart communism. Congress is supposed to author our laws AND regulations, not bureaucrats in any branch of the government.

    Obama may be a queen but he’s not a monarch YET.

  • colsooonscoorner

    Just like everything else in obumma’s administration they are out of control. No consideration or regard for anything , but a mouse. It is just plain rediculos, move the damned mouse or mice. Just tyranny personified.

  • Mister_Jim

    Just shoot the FAQing mouse and get over it.

  • 1_Eddie_1

    Excerpt from the Declaration of Independence;

    But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. – Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government.

  • Kanudawg

    If this family has been grazing their animals on this land for about a century and the meadow jumping mouse is still viable on this land, What the hell is the problem? Could be that the mouse and the grazing animals have a symbiotic relationship after all this time. Removing the grazing animals after all this time just might be the demise of the meadow jumping mouse. I wonder if this mouse is the same kind that spreads the hanta virus?

    • 1_Eddie_1

      I was wondering the same question about the hanta virus.

  • Lazy J

    I wonder if this meadow jumping mouse is the same species that those in Mexico, Texas and Arizona are. I find it hard to believe such a small area is occupied by the Kangaroo Mouse. They are very prolific and have never been run out of anywhere by cattle and sheep before. This is another know nothing college prof. who justified his existence by identifying the mouse as endangered. The next thing they’ll claim is endangered is the sidewinder snake who has a great love for the mouse.

  • DixieAngel_76

    I have a better idea; why not put the EPA on the ‘extinction list’ and abolish them? What they’re doing is completely unconstitutional, and the government knows it.

  • zagozana

    G-d placed them on Earth. Why would you want to wipe out, make extinct, one of G-d’s own creation?
    Also everything has a place in the ecosystem and removing one of them may cause other problems such as weed control. They eat the seeds that cost you money and poison our” environment…

  • Admiral America

    Last time I checked animals didn’t have Constitutional rights. Nor do Illegal immigrants. Yet both groups are deeply protected by this government while trampling on the rights of actual citizens.

  • 2shinyshoes

    Geez, what will the Feds do if they put out the Mouse Traps, like most people on Farms and Ranches do, or let their Kitty-Mousers take care of the unwanted Rodents. We have property, and two very Big Cats who love to toy with the lttle grey invaders. Shut down the Federal Government!

  • elector

    The mice must be Democrats.

    • edc

      All rodents are not democrats, but, all democrats are rodents.

  • Taking care of business!

    I’m more concerned with the weasel in the White House.

  • Curry

    Reminds me of Camp Pendleton. At a certain time each year the coastal beaches aboard the Base are off-limits because of some or another kind of obnoxious little endangered bird that likes to makes its nests in the depressions made in beach sand by tanks and amphibious tracked vehicles. There is an “eco-Gestapo” aboard the Base which makes very certain that no one harms the environment by planting grass or removing grass or pruning trees without written permission; no killing rodents or running over snakes…at least, not before 17:00. if a marine changes the oil on his car in the parking lot of his barracks and gets caught his commanding officer gets hit with a personal $5K fine. These rules were in force before 1984.

  • Taking care of business!

    Tom Cruise would know what to do with the mouse. He’d keep him in close quarters.

  • Colorado_Patriot60

    The faster they put these honest Farmers and Ranchers out of business the faster they take control of the food supply. Then they can put their new low pay labor from South of the Border to work on stolen (from Americans) gubmint land!!

  • pateboo

    Hmm, the US Government is protecting disease carrying vermin. Imagine THAT. Are they going to put a ceiling on those walls too, to protect the mice from birds of prey???

    • edc

      They’ll probably put up signs so that the birds and mice will respect each others territory, like, “caution, jumping mice are no longer a prey for birds”. Also a sign telling the mice not to venture beyond the fence.

  • Spiritof America

    Send the mouse to Mexico and use the fence to keep the borders safe !

  • ken.

    turtles, tortoises, mice, etc,… have been been living among deer, bison, cattle, sheep, etc,… for as long as they have all been in existence, it’s called nature! this is just big government trying to ruin everything by trying to control everything.

  • satin85718

    Desert mice carry hantavirus. Mice should be depopulated as they are a health risk to humans. Liberals think animals are more important than humans.



  • satin85718

    Gov’t is after closing the ranch down, get it? We are all about rodents and illegal aliens, right? Disgusting what the government is doing to the people!

  • 40Helen60

    That’s just one more phony excuse for the Fed Gov to drive one more nail in our coffin. Mice carry disease but I guess the Fed Gov doesn’t care. Dumb jerks, don’t they know that mice breed just like rabbits. Well, maybe we need to capture as many mice as possible, load them in crates onto big rigs, drive right up to the White house and unload them with a sign, “A gift from We the People”

  • CptApollo

    So…. They’ll spend millions of dollars erecting fences to protect these worthless rodents because; “It’s been our experience that a fence like that to protect that occupied habitat seems to be the best way we can do our affirmative duty and protect that habitat.” i.e. keep the giant cattle from encroaching on the habitat of the tiny little mice, but then claim that a fence won’t work to protect our southern border from encroachment by a bigger kind of rodent into our American habitat.

    What a bunch of worthless lying sacks of crap most politicians and Bureaucrats truly are. I think it’s way past time for the 2nd American Revolution. We really need to clean house in a big way.

  • satin85718

    Rodents carry hantavirus. Animals and illegals carrying diseases are more important than a taxpayer who foots all the bills. The government wants the farm, period.

  • URKiddinMee

    Time to turn loose a horde of “endangered feral cats!”

  • Terrence Jackson

    The mouse probably IS a democrat and by that virtue is more important than any familys’ livelyhood. Especially since they’ve not only been there longer than the “Forest Service”, but have established 4 genertations of “Forest Service” themselves that has encompassed the use of the land and it’s resources through two speicies of animal, and includes not only the obvious already established ability to coexist with the mouse, but also the sbility to use, re-use, and replenish the land maintaining it’s natural ability to be used. What a wonderful history and possible future for a GOVERNMENT ENTITY to come in and totally destroy.

    • Maria castro

      That is why I call them DEMORATS

  • undergraduate

    The only species that needs to be endangered is enviro-whackabeasts.

  • livefree1200cc

    Its OBVIOUSLY a Federal Land Grab – the mouse has been living with cattle and sheep for a hundred+ years – there is no reason to think the relationship won’t still exist tomorrow if the Feds KEEP away and mind their own damn business

  • nonstopca

    Anything going on to the “endangered species” list SHOULD have to “prove” it’s worth to the continued sucses of the planet…before any action is taken on it’s behalf…

  • crustyone

    The gate on a certain property on Pennsylvania Avenue, NW should be locked to protect the American people from one of its residents.

  • barbarakelly

    what the hell is wrong with these idiots. MOUSE carry DISEASES. That is why snakes and cattle are around to kill them. Democrates are such morons. Where in the hell to you think the Hauta virus comes from. These EPA people know nothing. In the Desert SW we all kill as many mouse and rats as possible just for that reason. Further out in the open desert we let the snakes take care of them.

  • geneww1938

    Absolute ignorance … data search found oldest living mouse is only 4 years old. Cattle been grazing there for 100 years. Mice are doing well in spite of the real natural predators. Farmer agrees willingness to work in a sane manner to preserve rodents.

    Now … logic tells me this is a land grab for somebodies favor or payoff. Follow the money because their is no logic to follow !!!

  • gepops58

    Sounds like rats looking out after more rats….. Is this little rat a necessary element for humans to live? I think not,why now is this such a high priority to protect this critter and everybody even remotely around it will have to suffer. They pulled this same nonsense with a stinking woodpecker, if memory serves the feds were after something there also,then the lizard in Texas kept them from drilling oil…. With this bunch of government terrorists you can’t never tell what they’re after,but its way long past time that they get stopped….. All of them

  • mule man

    I guess because this family didn’t sneak accross the border,the feds will abuse them !!!!!!!!

  • Ken

    Yet again big brother is stepping in to “save” something that has already been saved for over a hundred years by ordinary citizens who utilize the land to make a living and live on. Surely there are things that can be done without removing cattle from grazing land that has evolved over thousands of years under grazing? When cattle are removed, so is the only thing that can properly manage grassland. The land is ruined and subject to severe fire with layer after layer of old grass that chokes out beneficial plants and animals. Government will never learn this lesson, so I suggest all the land management agencies be eliminated and the land left to be managed by people who are capable of doing it, farmers, and ranchers.

  • drbhelthi

    I wonder if a senator or representative has set up this land-grab scenario, similar to the Harry Reid, family fraud in Nevada?

  • Death2Unions

    The MSA is about to unleash our blood to flow in the streets. The MSA? The Marxist STATE of America.

  • Death2Unions

    Rats apparently have more rights than American citizens. Fuck you Boobama! Fuck you.

  • Sandra Trank

    The very fact the mouse is alive and well shows grazing cattle are not a threat to them. They seem to be surviving quite well.

  • Buffalo Bill

    The government will build a 8′ fence to protect a rodent but does nothing across the border to protect it’s citizens. WHAT is wrong with this picture?

  • Jim Schafer

    they need to place a cat that is also on the “endangered species” list— and let them play the “cat-and-mouse” game. this will be a more appropriate “game” to let nature take its course, rather than putting ourselves in the way of God’s nature, and disrupting His plan(s) of operations.

  • Ranchman

    This is obviously an attempt to rid self sufficient families, multi-generational ranchers, of their homes and their land. What does Nobama have against cattle ranchers in the West? It is way past time the American people rise up against this illegal alien and make him go bye-bye. But is this what he wants us to do? Is it true he wants to foment civil disobedience on a massive scale and declare martial law, enabling him to stay in power past 2016? There’s something very, very wrong with this “man.”