Liberal Journalist: Only Racists are Opposed to Taxing and Spending

Because all the taxing and spending that our government has implemented has done wonders for minorities, right?

Let’s not talk about how blacks and especially young blacks have been hit the absolute hardest in terms of unemployment. And the reason black unemployment is so high is that red state racists are trying to keep the black man down. At least that’s what David Cay Johnston, the board president of Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. believes:

[Note, if the video does not show the Reid Report, try this link.

Our dislike for taxing and spending has nothing to do with racism. “Fixed ideology?” Perhaps. But he and others like him also have a fixed ideology. One that holds that taxing and spending us into oblivion will somehow jumpstart our economy.



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  • patriotusa2

    The only person who is keeping “the black man down,” is the man whom they made sure stayed in power – Obama. The reason why there are no jobs for the black man is because the Hispanics now have priority, and the lure of entitlements from their slave masters the Democratic party. Blacks have been essential as a voting block as were the unions, but now both have been weakened and not as important as they once were. The Democrats needed another avenue to keep them viable, which is why our borders were left open to change the demographics. Anyone who is stupid enough to believe that it’s the white man that is holding down jobs for blacks will more than likely believe anything they’re told. There are 92 million people out of work and they are not all black.

    • woonsocket

      …and no jobs were shipped overseas???

      How about….Where are the jobs John Boehner!??”

      • patriotusa2

        You’re just grabbing at straws. Who the heck said anything about jobs being shipped overseas? That’s a fact that’s been going on for a long time. This has to do with the jobs that are here in this country that’s being given to foreigners.

      • stephanie wilson

        there are a bunch of bills on harry reid’s desk that would take care of that, dude.

  • Ddenney1

    I disagree with this “journalist” it is NOT racism it is of course GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE you racist!!!!

  • ahandout

    First of all, you can confiscate 100% of what everybody makes including the rich and it won’t pay off our debt.
    Then there is the fact that when government spends money it has to get that money from the private sector. Government spending doesn’t create jobs, it redistributes money, very inefficiently, and ineffectively. Some estimates say it costs $280,000 to create a government job. Meanwhile REAL job creators don’t have those funds to grow the economy.
    Government spending, Keynesian economics, is a complete failure.

    • woonsocket

      Past Republicans would disagree with you. Eg., Infrastructure bills from the past. Republicans loved it because it created jobs and stimulated state-wide economies.
      Since January, 2009, all Republicans in Congress made a pact to be against everything Obama proposed – EVERYTHING. The GOP turned its back on their OWN policies because Obama was in The White House. That’s not governance. It’s intentional harm to Americans.

      Why don’t you research how many Americans died because of conservative policies?

      • stephanie wilson

        sorry but its lib policies, like clinton’s housing bubble that destroyed a good economy

  • woonsocket

    Democrats are the only fiscal conservatives. Spending in govt. is about who you trust. Still today, the far right would still vote for Bush. Democrats have ideas on job creation but it’s the goal of the GOP to make America fail. They should be accused of treason.

    Democrats actually WORKED and GOVERNED in 2009 & 2010. Conservatives conduct mock trials, voting 40 times to repeal the ACA, shut down govt., cut food for the poor, restrict voting rights costing us millions, Over-regulate Planned parenthood that cost us millions & conduct a phoney war in Iraq that killed thousands of innocent people and soldiers.

    You can’t uphold a democracy by giving most ot the nation’s wealth to the 1% and that’s the 40 yr. objective of the GOP.

    • stephanie wilson

      you lie & tell half truths.


    We see the so called leaders of the black man is and has been using their own race to keep themselves in power. One only look to Detroit , actually that has been at the top. now with the black man in charge for the last forty years has driven it to bankruptcy and a disgraceful environment. Yet who do they point fingers at is the white man. I have friends and an employee who is black and they want nothing to do with anyone from Detroit. I have had my one young man come to me as a laborer. could not read or write. he chose to change that and he is ready to take his masters test. Your skin color is not a factor in your personal drive to become what you want. Our government drives this nation apart. Its time for every individual to see that its their choice. use it.