Global Warming Causing Antarctic Sea Ice to Grow

The Earth continues to heat up at such a cataclysmic rate that Antarctic sea ice is growing. Here’s the Daily Caller:

Government scientists are not only blaming global warming for the centuries-long collapse of western Antarctic ice sheets, but global warming is also being blamed for record levels of sea ice in the South Pole.

Antarctica’s sea ice set another record this week, reaching 815,448 square miles above normal, breaking a record set this past weekend of 800,776 square miles above normal ice coverage.

These two records set within a week of one another shattered the previous ice extent record of 710,428 square miles above average that was set back on December 20, 2007.

But record-breaking ice coverage still worries scientists who argue that it’s being caused by global warming.

“The primary reason for this is the nature of the circulation of the Southern Ocean — water heated in high southern latitudes is carried equatorward, to be replaced by colder waters upwelling from below, which inhibits ice loss,” Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, told author Harold Ambler in an email.

“Upon this natural oceanic thermostat, one will see the effects of natural climate variations, [the rise] appears to be best explained by shifts in atmospheric circulation although a number of other factors are also likely involved,” Serreze told Ambler, who blogs about global warming.

Serreze’s response confused Ambler, who asked him to clarify over the phone what exactly was causing the ocean to warm up. “Was it, simply, global warming?” Ambler asked.

“Exactly!” Serreze responded.

Climate alarmists of course claim that their skeptical colleagues are cherry-picking data to make it look like sea ice is growing everywhere. But that’s actually what they’re doing. They’re not going to concern themselves or others with the ice that’s growing. They don’t think it’s even noteworthy. The Daily Caller continued:

 NASA scientist Walt Meier said that growing Antarctic sea ice coverage is less significant a measure than declining Arctic sea ice coverage. Ambler reported that Meier even discounted global sea ice extent as a useful climate indicator.

“While the Arctic has seen large decreases through the year in all sectors, the Antarctic has a very regional signal – with highs in some areas and lows in others,” Meier said last year. “And of course, the Arctic volume is decreasing substantially through the loss of old ice. The Antarctic, which has very little old ice, hasn’t much of a volume change, relatively speaking.”

When you presuppose manmade global warming, even the increase in ice is “evidence” of it.



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19 comments on “Global Warming Causing Antarctic Sea Ice to Grow
  1. abinico says:

    Hodges, stop making a fool of yourself – global warming is a MSM concoction – the original prediction was ‘weather extremes’ – go look it up, and then get it right.

    • ahandout says:

      I hate to break it to you, but that’s what weather is.

      • Ddenney1 says:

        That’s what I always called it “WEATHER”! How are they going to say we hate OBLAMMER over this? Just call me a WEATHERIST!!!

  2. Mimi Schmaltz says:

    Bend it like Beckham, to fit the agenda……….

  3. Ddenney1 says:

    OH NO!!! Here comes the 1970’s ice age AGAIN!!!

    • antilib says:

      You remember that, too, huh? Wish I still had the copy of Time magazine with all those wacky theories.

  4. antilib says:

    Over-educated liberal loons. They forgot to add that it is Bush’s fault.

  5. The ice buildup in Antarctica is far more important than the loss in the Arctic.

    It occurs around the 60th latitude and the albedo change has a significant cooling effect, whereas the Arctic ice loss occurs around the 80th latitude where its heating effect is negligible.


  6. NukeWaste says:

    Ddenney1,If it brings back disco with it, I am blaming YOU! This is unreal. We have something that could foreshadow something really bad and these libturds who are NOT scientists. There is no real scientist that even remotely believes in Man induce climate change. Statisticians are not scientists! They think that they are. But then Women’s Studies graduates think that they have a real degree also. So there you are. Lets boil water and make ice cubes. Without a freezer.

  7. Reflect says:

    They want carbon tax for total control of our everyday lives. In order to convince us that a carbon tax in necessary they have to say any change in the weather is climate change, and climate change is bad. If anyone has to be blamed, blame Obumma, he said he had to transform America. All his flying around the globe is the cause of global warming. Speaking of control. Remember when we had to stop the loss of Ozone? Now I read that Ozone is hazzardous to our health. So which is it? Needed or dangerous.? Who can believe scientists when they speak like the priests of pagan religions.

    • nimbii says:

      Carbon tax is where the real money is and what Al Gore bailed on several years ago because it stalled in congress (somehow they knew something Gore did not). Billions changing hands with no tangible product.

  8. Leijona says:

    Last week it was ungodly hot for the end of June for about two days, then in blew the clouds and down came the rain in torrents, and behind it a cool front which made the Weekend of the 4th absolutely gorgeous. Mother nature really knows how to take care of business doesn’t she? And she was doing it for about 3 billion years before we showed up LOLOLOL.

  9. The Snarf says:

    “The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” -Nikola Tesla

  10. 1bob says:

    Yeah, I found that if I leave the refrigerator door open to the warm air I make a lot more ice…but, due to global warming, all the ice coming out is too warm to use for anything but hot toddies….

  11. ken. says:

    next they will say that ice causes heat, they will call it freezer burn!

  12. giant33 says:

    You can’t make this stuff up. But they keep doing it. Thank you media for not telling the truth.

  13. nimbii says:

    These guys are Shaman throwing the bones for Agenda 21.

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