Charlie Rangel (D-NY) Calls Tea Party same as Dixiecrats

Disgusting Democrat Charlie Rangel (D-NY) had the gall to call Tea Party supporters racists… again.

Steve Kornacki: Congressman, I will start with you. …The Civil Rights Act that passed in 1964 wouldn’t pass in 2014. Do you agree with that?

Charlie Rangel: First of all, the strongest opposition to President Johnson came from Dixiecrats. He had the support of Republicans. Johnson said that it would destroy the Democratic Party as we know it and it did. So as soon as blacks had the right to vote, the Dixiecrats changed parties.

Steve Kornacki: Southern Conservative Democrats switched over to Republicans?

Charlie Rangel: Yeah. If you take a look at where the Dixiecrats are and look at where the Tea Party people are, it is hard to distinguish. Find out where the confederate flag is that they wave with the Tea Party. Find out which states hated Lincoln and which states have representatives that hate Obama. Find out which states held slaves.

Steve Kornacki: When you say that, when you look at the Tea Party today, and you can say, that this is a movement with a lot of support from its heavily white, heavily southern, heavily conservative – certainly back then heavily white southern and all that. Is race the motivating factor are you saying for the Tea Party, though?

Charlie Rangel: I don’t have to say a darn thing except you can see where they come from. You can see what the opposition has been to voting rights and integration and all of those things. You know it came from the South, right? Now, if you see the same people changing their name, are you asking me, should I call the Tea Party whites racists?

Steve Kornacki: The Tea Party would say, like, those were our grandparents or our parents from different generations. Our generation has nothing to do with that.

Charlie Rangel: I am only saying what history would record. Now the confederate flag didn’t belong to them, it belonged to their grandparents. They still wave it. And the opposition to voting didn’t belong to Republican party. They brought that with them to the Tea Party.

So i don’t know why people even have to discuss the difference between the make-up of the House of Representatives.



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  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    So did I get this right? Rangel the angle is a bigoted liberal race hustler who also happens to commit illegalities while in office?
    Who’s he to call anybody anything. The Black calling the pot black!

    • hpinnc

      Wonder if him & Eric Holder ever paid their taxes? I just happen to be a member of the tea party. I have been to their gatherings on the mall. I have seen the people, thousands of them, I saw no confederate flags. I did see quite a number of blacks. I heard speeches, I never heard anything I considered to be racist. I guess according to his liberal/communist views if you oppose Obama & the democratic party in anyway, then you are racist. I put him, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Revverrrand William Barber of NC in a class of their own, race baiters. Anything they can say or twist around to keep the race card valid. Call it what you like, but if these 4 people tried as hard to do something positive for race relations in this country, as they have to keep something stirred up all the time, the race relations in this country would be much better. They are the only ones I hear that keeps whining about something. I have absolutely no respect for them. If they, & this whole administration now in Wash. were to suddenly disappear from planet earth, this country would be much better off. BTW, the tea party is for less intrusive government in our lives, getting a handle on the national debt, & stopping the invasion on illegals on our southern borders. We are also in favor of the free enterprise system which works the best to create jobs that will help everyone live a better life.

      • Rocknrobyn

        And Taxed Enough Already!

      • MontieR

        Call them what they are D.A.N’s

    • 2shinyshoes

      Read this:
      When does this dope get prosecuted, or did the IRS lose those emails too?

  • David Gray

    Charlie Rangel is proof that NY has village idiots like Atlanta (Hank Johnson- thought the island of Guam would tip over with 10,000 extra Marines) and Houston (Sheila Jackson Lee- said she can’t wait for the Mars Rovers to land and send a picture of the American flag that the Apollo astronauts put there!)

    • 2shinyshoes

      jackass-lee is from a tiny town in Texas. She buys lunch for “her voters”. How else would the old hag get into office.

      • Ddenney1

        She just respects the 400 year old Constitution!! I am ashamed she is from TEXAS!

        • stonemike

          See my comment above please !

        • Shears_of_Atropos

          She is from Queens, NY. Finished HS there, went to Yale in New Haven, Ct. Later went to school in VA. Came to Texas and pitched herself as the “new” Barbara Jordan, in Jordan’s old District. She’s about as Texan as Anthony Weiner or Chuckie Schumer.

      • stonemike

        BS, the nasty, racist negro is from New York, she, like the Bush’s ARE NOT TEXANS !

    • drbhelthi

      Yes. Hitlery Clinton migrated to NY and was placed into the congressional seat that John F. Kennedy would have won, hands down, had he not been murdered, in order to prevent his being elected to congress.
      Now, the MSM in the US and Europe, is advertising H. Clinton for the U.S. Presidency, big-time. Germany is prominent, so I am told. Germany is controlled by the German, Bundes Nachrichten Dienst, sister organization of the CIA/NSA.

  • DetroitDom

    First, anything that comes out Rangel should end up in the toilet, regardless of which end it comes from.

    Second, this guy never made sense when he started in politics. Why would anyone think he will make sense now?

    Third, he’s a product of the idiots that put him in office. Just remember NY voters; you complain when your taxes go up but then, turn around, and vote them right back in.

    Don’t get too angry when the guy shooting at you hits his mark, if you keep putting bullets in his gun.

  • jhforsythe

    Rangel is a crooked old con man. He should be in jail, not Congress.

    • Ddenney1

      Did he EVER pay his TAX BILL??

      • Dennis DesOrmeaux


    • hon788

      and your Dorian Grey.

    • stonemike

      Well, at least some guys in jail are innocent,,,,,Congress, not so much !

  • joshuasweet

    this comes from the democrat that joined a party that is the KKK that started Jim Crow laws, and segregation are it’s history they are the ones selling us out to the enemies of the world. This is the group that is now calling for income equality.
    just not theirs, that same group that is pushing and exacerbating the racial issues to promote tension and conflict.
    just look at their current efforts.

  • charles4012

    Yes Sr, Mr. Rangel ! You need to go back in time

    • ynot202

      I wouldn’t say sir and I wouldn’t call him mister.

  • ThereAintNoJustice

    That’s okay Charlie, we can live with your pathetic attempts at insult. Point is, you are no different than the Black Panthers with your obvious racism. You are just too dang old though to be bombing and burning those who have lighter complexions than you only because they have lighter complexions than you.

    • 2shinyshoes

      Charlie Sharpton Rangel…at it again. Old Fool. As long as he has the ghettos, he’ll stay in that congressional seat.

  • Korean War Vet

    Rangel’s got his head up his A$$; not a word that exits his mouth-hole makes any sense. David Gray, down below, has it right: idiots like that Hank Johnson (Guam would tip over…) are typical bed-mates of Raggy Rangel.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Forget the Russians, the Iranians, Muslim terrorists, and the invasion from our southern border. The Democrats most dangerous enemy is citizens who support the Constitution.

  • ort

    I call Charlie Rangel and his demoncrap socialist ilk the destroyers of this nation. I’d tell Rangel to go to hell, but that would be redundant.

  • Tbear

    Charlie is proof that we are now ‘a Nation of Morons’!!!!!

  • disqus_0m4y0Of7Nn

    The only racist sign I ever saw at a Tea Party Rally was one held by a young man, who was, I think, of Hispanic origin. It said, Tax Evading Anglos. Which says a whole lot. I suspect he believed much as blacks apparently believe. The money from “the rich” (read whites) belongs to us. The government under Obama is supposed to take it from them and give it to us.

    • Steven

      The only racist sign seen at a Tea Party event by anyone I know was surrounded by people holding hastily written signs reading “He is not with us.” The person that told me about the sign NEVER considered himself a member of the Tea Party. He did state that after about a 1/2 hour, the person with the racist sign approached a member of the Highway Patrol on security duty (the event was on the statehouse lawn) to complain about being followed around. The officer told the racist to stop provoking the Tea Party people.

      • Guillermo Birmingham

        If you say you haven’t seen a racist TP sign, then you haven’t tried to look. Just Google “Tea Party Racist Signs” and you will find plenty. Here a link to one such search:

        It’s interesting to see how the TP is trying to revise its young history. While they say they are for FISCALLY SOUND and SMALL GOVERNMENT, a recent report shows that the money raised for these groups, by an embarrassing margin, did not go to support their candidates in the recent primaries and elections, but rather to fill the pockets of those “in charge” of these organization through suspect contracts to their own companies, etc…Is this the type of people we want in charge of our government? I think not. In addition, it was clear that the movement started in large part to some people in this country couldn’t get over the fact that a non white person was elected to lead our country. Here’s a link to an article on Tea Party organizations handling of money raised:

        • Steven

          The media YOU trust has been revising the history of the Tea Party from DAY ONE. Had you READ my comment, or the one I replied to, you would know we DID NOT deny racists held signs at Tea Party events. We made the FACTUAL statement that those holding the signs were NOT representative of the supporters. They were actually OPPOSED by the actual Tea Party. YOUR chosen sources DELIBERATELY sought out the infiltrators and presented them as the majority. Wha t is clear to ANYONE that has even actually seen a Tea Party rally is that YOU have never seen one.

        • Guillermo Birmingham

          I live in the DC area and I have seen TP rallies. I also think you are living in la la land if you think a reasonable person will believe that the racist signs (at the beginning if the movement) were being displayed by TP detractors…but good try on trying that line.

        • Steven

          I live in the DC area and I have seen TP rallies.

          If the rallies you saw were IN DC, more than hlaf of the participants HATE the Tea Party. If you think the signs appeared at the beginning of the movement, YOU are in LA LA LAND. I repeat, the BIASED media you chose to believe shows ONLY the infiltrators and deliberately ignores the actual Tea Party members.

  • shannon853

    rangel tax invader in chief, spouts off as usual. the village idiot keeps being re elected by even more idiots

  • sashamanda

    That man is dumber than dirt and does not have an ounce of integrity. No wonder he wants to be judged by the color of his skin and not by the content of his character

  • Anita

    Dixiecrats were southern democraps who started the KKK. Charlie Rangel I’m sure you have heard the saying of a dumbo being called the village idiot; but you dear Charlie are the world’s idiot.

    • LABobfromNYC

      indeed they were. Once Johnson signed the civil rights act they became republicans.

  • 2shinyshoes

    Dirty little Tax Cheat. Get a rope.

  • 1_Eddie_1

    If I am not mistaken, the Gadsen flag is from N.H., and N.H. is no where near the Mason Dixon line. Mr. Rangel can’t properly identify a flag. A Gadsen flag is not a Confederate flag. This man has been elected to make laws and represent his district, and I wouldn’t trust him to be able to properly identify a problem, or a solution to a problem.

  • Ddenney1

    Spoken as THE representative of the party that STARTED THE KLAN!!! There were NO dixiecrats in 1865!

  • robert

    hey Charlie how did that tax cheat action go.and we all seen you give that photograph men in the parade you were riding in the finger.thats not the type of person we want in office representing me.charlie lets see those tax work for we the people,and we the people want transparency.and yes Charlie I am a person of color Caucasian{white},and I,m also a racist I racist my 55 chevy every month at Englishtown,and yes it is very quick.will await your tax returns,as we the legal American taxpayers who foot the bills,would like to see our representatives disclose there financial statements{yea right we will hold our tax payers breathes for that information}

  • Enrique4

    Charlie confuses “restricting the vote” with one live registered citizen gets just 1 vote per election.

  • joshuasweet

    “I don’t have to say a darn thing except you can see where they come from..”
    the same can be said for the democrats the KKK, Jim Crow Laws and segregation are all tools of the democrats just like racial quotas for jobs.

  • MarcJ

    That corrupt Black racist-communist will end up his days in a federal prison – soon, I hope.

  • abinico

    Bet he’s proud of his constituents as much as they are proud of him.

  • stonemike

    Rangel is the ” Stereotypical Negroid Imbecile! Illiterate and RACIST !

  • LittleMoose

    …and Charlie Rangel is a tax evader.

  • drbhelthi

    Who would have expected such an intelligent comparison of political party elements – although inaccurate – as presented by Mr. Rangel ? More important is the coalition of Rep and Dem members of congress that have been blocking the effective function of congress for several years. New York´s comrade Rangel is part of the problem.

  • Eduardo

    Why don’t you put a sock on your racist rants. You cannot find anything bad that you can accuse the Tea Party with, and you resort to insults. You must have an IQ no higher than 45 and must not have any shame. You disgust me. Your approval rating must be -20

  • Petemer

    If convicted tax cheat Rangle was anything but a democrat he would be in prison

  • LABobfromNYC

    You may not like the messenger but his message is 100% true!

  • desertcelt

    Charlie, an accusation from you is akin to being called a criminal by Al Capone. You are irrelevant to everyone outside your district.

  • MontieR

    Rangel IS the description of a D.A.N.

  • mike slaney

    Amazing these people and the Rino’s really do FEAR the T.E.A., Keep drinking People they are on the run, more T.E.A. for me please!