House Dems Pushing Hard for Gun Control AGAIN

Do you remember watching the old western movies when the Indians attacked the wagon trains that had formed a circle? The Indians would attack in waves, retreating from time to time only to regroup before attacking again.

Well, the anti-gun Democrats pulled back a few months ago and are again on the verge of mounting another attack against our Second Amendment rights to own and bear arms.

Last week, 163 House Democrats sent a letter to Rep. John Boehner, Speaker of the House, demanding:

“A vote on substantive legislation to address gun violence.”

The letter states:

“Dear Mr. Speaker:

We agree with you that we must honor the victims of the recent shootings in Portland, Las Vegas, Seattle and Santa Barbara. But moments of silence on the floor of the House are not enough. The last thing these victims and their families need is further silence from this Congress. They deserve a vote.

Our nation has suffered at least 74 school shootings since the Sandy Hook massacre. The factors allowing these rampages are not a mystery: loopholes in the background check laws, straw purchases, restrictions on law enforcement, and gaps in our mental health system. Dozens of legislative proposals that address these factors have been introduced and await consideration. But despite wake-up call after wake-up call, a shameful tradition of Congressional inaction continues.

Gun violence has affected constituents in every Congressional district, and as their representatives, Members of Congress deserve the opportunity to vote on bills that would address this epidemic.

Congressional silence is not a sign of respect, but rather an institutional indictment. We must right this wrong. You must allow a vote on substantive legislation to address gun violence.


Carol Shea-Porter and Mike Thompson, Members of Congress”

Following the letter, Shea-Porter issued a statement saying:

“Right now, a criminal in many states can buy a firearm at a gun show, over the Internet, or through a newspaper ad because those sales don’t require a background check. H.R. 1565 requires comprehensive and enforceable background checks on all commercial gun sales, including those at gun shows, over the Internet, or through classified ads, while providing reasonable exceptions for family and friends.”

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!!

In 2011, House Republicans sent 12 jobs bills to the Senate that would help put millions of Americans back to work. Sen. Harry Reid refused to even consider 11 of the 12 jobs bills and the other one was instantly killed in committee. These bills affected the lives of millions of Americans and would have helped turned the economy around, but the Democrats didn’t care about the lives and livelihood of Americans then, so why are they caring now?

They still don’t care about the lives and livelihood of Americans. All they are interested in is passing as many laws as possible that restrict American’s Second Amendment rights. Some Democrats have even advocated repealing the Second Amendment, along with the First, Fourth and Tenth Amendments.

If this was really about curbing gun violence they wouldn’t ignore worldwide statistics that show that gun violence only increases with more gun control and gun free zones.

Charl van Wyk of South Africa was present at the 1993 St. James Massacre. He was the only one there with a gun and managed to drive off the attackers before more people were killed. Listen to what he has to say about gun control and gun free zones:

“In Africa, gun-free zones have always been the most dangerous places to be. Rwanda was a gun-free zone – 800,000 people were murdered there. In Uganda we had Idi Amin, who was a Muslim, murdering 600,000 Christians and also passed gun-control laws before that. We have 4 million people murdered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, also a gun-free zone.”

“Massacres happen when one group is armed – normally the government – and the rest have absolutely nothing to defend themselves. That’s when genocide takes place. So gun-free zones are the most dangerous place in Africa.”

Van Wyk warns Americans:

“To fight for and keep their rights to bear arms.”

“Once this is taken away it’s almost impossible to get it back again, so you need to be vigilant.”

“We’ve had a real struggle in Africa with many different countries and the chaos that comes along when people can’t defend themselves is absolutely horrific.”

Do you think the liberal Democrats will heed the words of experience from someone who has lived with gun control and gun free zones? If they were truly interested in fighting gun violence they would, but so far they have turned a deaf ear to statistics from the world over.

But like the Indians in the old westerns, the Democrats are bound and determined to keeping mounting attack after attack until they claim victory and raise our scalps on the poles of a gun free America. Our only hope is to rid the government of such liberal Democrats and it starts at the polls this November.



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  • woonsocket

    The majority of Americans want strict background checks for everyone. Parents are boycotting stores that allow civilians wearing on the premises. Stores have already responded on behalf of the parents.

    • ElmiraFudd

      Yeah, sure, lefto.

    • abinico

      Woon, I wonder, do you do whatever your doctor tells you, or do you think for yourself?

    • timpclimber

      So you bought the 74 school shootings as facts? Got a nice condo on the Bonneville Salt Flats to sell you.

      • danstewart

        “swoonsocket” is a libturd troll, he can’t think, he just reads from his talking points book.

  • RevG

    The democrats can take their attempts to turn us into an unarmed communist nation and shove them up their collective _s_es. We the People will Fight for our Rights, do not make the mistake of underestimating the American People. We are coming to the Polls in November to retire the majority of you, do not make the people come to collect you.
    As for the liberal troll Woonsocket below he is ignorant. We have laws and background checks. The straw man was burned the last time the libs tried their bs tactics. “It’s for the children” yeah so is the Massive Border invasion right libs ? !

  • ElmiraFudd

    Thompson has always been a commie.

  • abinico

    And I am here pushing the truth: all, repeat ALL, of these recent shooters were taking prescription medication with violent behavior as a side effect – the media did initially report this but then obviously got a back room talking by pharma, and quickly sanitized this aspect of the story. However, the truth is still out there – just look up the side effects for something considered innocuous like the popular OTC Nyquil and you will see listed ‘aggressive behavior’ as a side effect.

    • 2War Abn Vet

      Yes indeed!. These spree killers have primarily had three things in common…
      1) They are young men
      2) They have liberal/socialist leanings
      3) they have mental problems
      (Don’t tell me, I quite recognize that numbers 2 and 3 go hand-in-hand)
      At any rate we are uncertain what motivates them. It might be violent video games, motion pictures, a feeling of estrangement or entitlement, or rejection by the opposite
      sex. While the gun is primarily the weapon of choice, in most cases, by these killers, it is simply a tool of choice not the catalyst.
      In every instance the media, the politicians, and the leftists target the tool and not the motivation of the shooter. As long as this is the case only law-abiding citizens will be punished by additional gun laws, and mass killings will continue to proliferate.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    The gun is an inanimate object; violence is committed by people. Yet politicians want to ban guns while doing nothing about those who commit violence. In their twisted logic, taking away the right to self-defense from citizens against criminals makes perfect sense.

  • flatland

    Why as I not surprised that the Dems in Congress have repeated the debunked “74” shootings number? More importantly, why does most of the media continue to perpetrate that misleading number? Could it be bias?? Only changes or better enforcement in the last two items in the Dems’ letter, restrictions on law enforcement and mental health system improvements, would possibly have changed the events in the named shootings. Everything else is another ploy to move towards registration and confiscation. Witness NY, CT, DC and CA actions recently if you think I am paranoid. Heck you can be arrested very easily for just driving through MD with a firearm in the car.

  • John

    Honor the victims of violence by making more victims.

    Makes sense to me.

    What a bunch of buffoons.

  • Joken Joe

    Give them up? Nuts to you. So when you come armed, remember this so am I.

  • TinStarred

    …as if their prospects in the mid-terms aren’t bad enough….what morons.

  • Harold

    It’s time to push back in a meaningful way.

  • DOOM161

    Uh. .. I’ve bought two guns at gun shows and two on the Internet. I had to pay for a background check all four times. When are they going to prosecute Mark Kelly ‘ s straw purchase?

  • LittleMoose

    The number of school shootings referenced, 74, is a number generated by Everytown for Gun Safety, an anti-gun advocacy group founded and funded by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and included:

    • Incidents such as Sandy Hook or Columbine in which the shooter intended to commit mass murder: 10 instances
    • Incidents related to criminal activity (such as drug dealing or robbery), or personal altercations: 39 instances
    • Incidents unconnected to members of school community and/or that took place outside school hours: 16 instances
    • Suicides: 6 instances
    • Accidental discharges: 3 instances

    Do they want to take the Constitutional rights away from 320 million people for 10 true incidents?

  • danstewart

    The bottom line for gun control / confiscation, is so the feds can control every part of our lives with zero push back. AKA hitler, obummer is copying hitlers way, except that Americans aren’t as dumb as the germans were.

  • 48vince

    In 1994 the Democrats lost 50 House seats, an unprecedented defeat, and control of Congress as well for the first time in God knows how many years, all by pushing an aggressive gun control agenda over the previous two years. After that we had about ten years of relative peace from more attempts at gun control. Apparently, memories are short and they are again in need of an even more dynamic reminder of how the people really feel about gun control and the fascists who push it.

  • bek

    Do the democrats in congress really believe stronger gun laws will keep guns out ot the hands of criminals??? how in the h3ll did they get elected? being that stupid and all….

  • TheBitterClinger1

    Their beloved anti self defense United Nation stood around stupid in Rwanda. Genocide For The Cause is acceptable.

    • irish7_1sg

      The United Nations has been toothless and inept since the Korean War ended in 1953. Besides Rwanda, they have bungled multiple conflicts where they were supposed to be protecting innocent civilians. The Balkans in the early 1990’s is the first that comes to mind. I believe the murder of nearly a million people in Rwanda in 1994 could have been prevented if the United States or NATO intervened. Spineless Liberal Bill Clinton was intimidated by Somali militiamen dragging the corpses of our troops through the streets of Mogadishu in 1993. Not that he cared about our soldiers! He pulled them out right away. Clinton pissed himself over the bad press from Somalia.

  • larryPTL

    Gun violence occurs mostly in safety zones for criminals. Eliminate the safety zones and the violence will drop away.

  • Alleged Comment

    Ask Demoncraps if these laws will GUARANTEE that no criminal will be able to obtain a firearm.

    If they say no, then tell them to use their proposal as toilet paper!

    There is something wrong with Demoncraps if they keep repeating over and over about gun control.

    It’s obviously not about gun control anymore. It’s about SOMETHING ELSE and I find that deeply troubling.

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