Not a Gun-Free Zone: Colorado Restaurant Encourages Guns on Premises

The sign at the entrance to the restaurant reads:

“Guns are welcome on premises. Please keep all weapons holstered, unless the need arises. In such cases, judicious marksmanship is appreciated.”

The restaurant, located in Rifle, Colorado is called Shooters Grill. Waiters, waitresses, other staff members, and customers are all encouraged to carry their weapons inside. Here’s CBS’s Denver affiliate:

“We encourage it, and the customers love that they can come here and express their rights,” Lauren Boebert told the paper. “This country was founded on our freedom. People can come in carrying their gun, and they can pray over their food.”

Even the staff is armed, with waitresses taking orders while carrying handguns in holsters strapped to their legs.


And if you don’t have a gun permit? No problem. The 55-seat restaurant also offers regular classes to qualify for concealed carry permits for Colorado and Utah. The $75 price tag includes dinner.

Shooters offers American and Mexican fare but does not serve alcohol. The decor has a strong Old West flavor, with guns and cowboy art on the walls.

And customers seem to like it.

Wayne and Martha Greenwald are from a small town in Michigan. They fully support allowing people to carry guns in the restaurant.

“We think it’s just fine, we’re very positive about it,” Wayne Greenwald told the paper. “We carry guns ourselves and own a rifle, shotgun and handguns. We live in a very small town and we take care of our own crime problems. No one comes to Grand Marais to break into someone’s house.”

Owner Boebert says some have asked if the guns the workers carry are real or part of a costume. “No, they’re real and they’re loaded, and we know what we’re doing,” she said. “I fear for anyone who tries to rob us.”

For whatever reason, some restaurants like the idea of getting robbed, so they post signs letting armed robbers know that they’re welcome. And liberals have the audacity to claim that a restaurant like Shooters Grill in Colorado will inevitably lead to blood baths. It’s not those types of establishments that end up getting robbed or where people get hurt or killed by armed criminals. It’s those stupid gun-free zones that get robbed at gunpoint.

Next time you’re in Colorado, show your support for the 2nd Amendment and this restaurant’s common sense gun policy.



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  • Barbara Johnson

    Many here where I live at in Arizona would love to have them open up one of these restaurants over here. Hubby and I have stopped eating at the restaurants that have the no guns allowed sign. We like to eat out at places where we know that we will be safe at.

    • Meathead

      We have those in Texas and my wife and I DO NOT patronize them for we both carry everywhere we go. There are a lot of us who don’t patronize these establishments and it IS costing them business. They are just too stupid to realize that they are in violation of the Constitution!!

      • Charles Almon

        Ya wouldn’t want anyone to steal yer ketchup!

        • Voncent

          “Now, my straw reaches acroooooooss the room and starts to drink your milkshake. I… drink… your… milkshake!”

          From There Will Be Blood, the movie…


          CLASSIC !!

      • Barbara Johnson

        I agree, although as it is their place of business it is up to them as to how they want to run it. My safety is my business though, and it conflics with their business. I do not have to give them my business.

      • JimRed

        With all due respect, the Constitution restrains the government from infringing upon our God given rights. It does not say that an individual can’t decide to allow arms in his own business.

        • RETROBOB

          No kidding?

        • leadfoot320


        • jime1

          Correct, some folks ( Boy Wonder is an example) read the Constitution and it says exactly what they want it to say. Several Supreme Court Justices are also painfully guilty of doing likewise.

        • kenhowes

          I don’t think anyone suggested that it did. Are you suggesting that we can’t decide not to bring our business to an establishment that will not permit its guests or employees to defend themselves? I do not have a gun; but I would feel quite a bit safer at that establishment than at those with the “no guns allowed” signs. At Shooters Grill, it won’t just be the thugs who have guns.

        • 172pilot

          You misunderstood.. We’re all agreeing here.. “MeatHead” said that the restaurant not allowing guns is in violation of the Constitution.. JimRed simply pointed out that the Constitution prevents the GOVERNMENT from limiting our gun rights. The restaurant owner still has the private property right to decide whether to let a gun into their establishment, so it’s not a constitutional problem there. It IS also our prerogative, as you point out, to NOT go into an establishment that doesn’t welcome guns… First, on principal, and second, so as NOT to tell potential bad guys that you are unarmed.

  • provemewrong

    I would love to see another one open up here in Edgewood, NM across from the SASS headquarters!

  • BaconNBeer

    We used to live in Las Vegas our favorite restaurant was near the two law enforcement gun ranges. You knew there were officers coming from or going to the range any time you were there. My wife and I eat there 3 to 4 times a week. I never felt so safe. Who would do anything around guys that were just capping off rounds and were armed. Smart move on this restaurants part. Damn good food to.

    • ShamanBlair

      Dittos to you, sir! You strike me as a guy’s guy–LOVE your screen name…:D

      When I was able to go to a restaurant, my friends & I would sometimes see cops in there, eating or having coffee. We always made a POINT of approaching them & thanking them sincerely for doing their job to try to keep us safe. I think all of us should do that–for soldiers & firefighters, too. Anyone like that, who lays their life on the line to help.

      The sad thing is, not once did any of them seemed to =expect= such thanks, & seemed genuinely humbled by it. Their eyes showed clearly how it warmed their hearts. They just aren’t used to it–but they SHOULD be! They’re so maligned by many, especially in this now socialist country, & their jobs are so dangerous & hard, yet most of the time, though they don’t complain much about it publicly, no-one seems to appreciate them.

      God BLESS these people! The next time you see one of these, why not just walk up to them & tell them yourself?

    • Johnnygo7

      Great screen name. I love my bacon esp. now the new report says it is very good for you. I love my own home brewed beer.

  • Richard

    Bring this resturant to Georgia where the Cary anywhere law went into effect today.

    • ShamanBlair

      Good! People are just finally getting fed up with the Left! Many have suspected there was still a strain of patriotism that would arise if the Left didn’t stop their jihad against common sense, decency & the law. I had my doubts, though I hoped & prayed I was wrong.

      I’ve never been happier to be wrong about ANYTHING.

  • Spoony

    It would add to the safety of the restaurant and it’s customers if they had a sign on the door that stated all personnel were armed and well trained also.

    • sc

      i think a criminal would find out who is well trained soon enough. no need to scare them off.


    I like that. Arizona they allow bothopen carry and concealed. That’s why I like the wild west.

    • PatHenry

      The West isn’t so wild anymore it’s the liberal cities that are wild now with their gun laws making the honest citizens sitting ducks.

      • PIERRE77L

        Well it’s about time to get rid of the Subhumans when guerilla war starts.

  • Bill_Beckham

    I would feel real safe eating there.

  • Meathead

    We will be traveling by there on I-70 next month on our way to Denver. We’ll divert off I-70 onto 13 just to eat in their restaurant. The waitress, or waiter, can expect a $50.00 tip just for being an employee of this establishment.

    SUPPORT THE BUSINESSES THAT SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!!!!! Kick the politicians that don’t honor their oath to the Constitution out of office, you idiots!!!!

    • Trythis Last


    • WVF

      Any restaurant which encourages folks to carry guns is the place where I want to be! I know I’m fairly safe from nutcases who wish to shoot fish in a barrel. Besides, my friends Smith & Wesson like to be wanted.

  • Tea time!

    They should open a chain!

  • Michael E Heis

    I am FROM Colorado and will never dine in that establishment since I will never spend another penny in that Californicated cesspool of a state.
    My oldest daughter lives in Weld County and I try to get her to leave but she is a die hard. At least Weld is where the Sherrif stated that he would NOT enforce the new ignorant gun laws.

    • Meathead

      What is it that you were too ignorant to understand??

    • Gabby354

      He is only one of many sheriffs in Colorado that have stated that. Not the whole state has gone to the dogs, just the large population centers for the most part. We in the rural areas, like Rifle, still hold to the true values this nation was founded on.

      • grammy23

        Same here in Grand Junction. You shouldn’t judge us all by Denver, Aspen and Boulder.

  • USAonlydotUS

    God, Guns, & Grub . What a concept In “RIFLE” Colorado no less.

  • AB101

    Please open one in Florida. I’m sure business would be booming (no pun intended)

  • CajunPatriot

    A few months back, various churches began to offer handguns and long guns as prizes for Sunday morning attendance, and the trend is expanding. Some offer tickets to each person who comes to Sunday morning service and from those tickets a drawing is held at the end of service. That winner receives a new handgun donated by (or sold at heavy discount) by a local merchant. All tickets are collected and kept for a few months and then a drawing is held (among much advertisement) for a drawing for a very nice long gun. For those churches which are doing the drawings found that attendance at Sunday morning services has greatly increased, and attendance at all services and meetings increase.

    The same will be case for this restaurant. After the recent shootings of visitors in the French Quarter in New Orleans, perhaps one of the all-night businesses there will advertise as has Rifle Grill. At least some among the 10 shot would likely not be shot now and gang violence in The Big Easy would go down.

  • Kenneth Kirkham

    “will inevitably lead to blood baths”? Really? My guess is that libs hate to have bad guys ventilated, probably because they might be related.

    • Harley157

      That’s funny. And probably true also.

    • theronald

      The libs don’t want bad guys ventilated because the don ‘t want to lose any democrat voters.

  • Fred Campbell


    This is worth a trip from the my corner of the Peoples Republic of California. Shooters Grill is now on my “bucket list”.

    And, CCs for Utah and Colorado for desert! At last, sanity!

    • jime1

      Hey there is lots of open space and welcome signs east of the Pacific and a lot more sanity. Come and join us anytime.

      • Fred Campbell

        You make a tempting offer………………..

  • USARetired

    Rifle, Colorado is one of my favorite stops to eat, and my favorite menu choice is ‘Rockey Mountain Oysters’, which they always have on the menu at our favorite restaurant!

    • cowgirl20

      I cook my own from my own calves. Yummy!

  • aviationfinance

    I would love to see this become a nationwide trend at ALL businesses !

    We the People need to stand up for ourselves and for our Constitutional rights in order to stop the facist tyrranical left from taking our God given rights away.

    This is the ONLY way that common sense and
    the Constitutional ruleof law can survive…..

    We must fight the Liberal / socialist P.C. Corruption at ALL levels !

    Free the USA !

  • Trythis Last

    Have a (root) beer on me!

  • Joan Neighbors

    It’s great to hear a community restaurant has common sense. Hope it spreads to other parts of America. I would definitely feel much safer if more establishments did this. This is what “taking the bite out of crime” is all about.

  • Jack Black

    I’ll stop in and support them on my next trip to Utah!


    Polite society….not a place to make poor jokes such, “This is a hold-up” and then jist kid’n…….

    • jwright673

      Exactly. The next click you hear will be the safety coming undone..

  • rosech

    Smart, smart, smart! Want to see more of this everywhere! Liberals must be going crazy in their area, but will be happy to live if they dare to eat there and something happens.

    • WhiteFalcon

      Liberals don’t have to go crazy. They are already there.

  • REC

    Please open one in Arizona.

  • CaptTurbo

    I think that is wonderful! Wish we could have a joint like that in my town down here in SW Florida but we just have to keep them hidden which is OK too. Don’t go to any places where my carry pouch isn’t welcome. I keep my wallet in that pouch too so it seems to me that it’s the liberal idiots who are losing out.

    • Fox

      Liberals “lost out” by becoming liberals in the first place.

  • toddyo1935

    With regard to gun control: Jesus’ admonition in Matthew 12:29 and Mark 9:40:

    “How can anyone enter a strong man’s house and make off with his property unless he first ties him securely? Only then can he rob his house. He who is not with me is against me…”

    Newtown was robbed of its greatest treasure.

    Luke 22 verse 36: “Then He said to them, “But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it, and likewise his sack; and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.

    “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord…” Joshua 24:15

    No wonder the President and his “progressive” pals are hot on driving Godliness out of our culture.

    • jime1

      One of my favorite verses :o)

  • Lummi

    I’ve had a concealed carry permit for over 40 years. I get a perverse pleasure in eating in those “gun free” establishments, while wondering how many in the place would wet their pants if they knew they were sitting within 10 feet of a Colt .45 or a Glock 220. About the only places I don’t carry are those where I know I will be subjected to an electronic or physical search. It befuddles me to know that so many are more concerned about a legally owned handgun in the possession of someone who has passed a state required background check, than they are about sharing the road with thousands of drivers who can now legally by and smoke pot in this state, a significant number of which are already proving to be high. Go figure.

    • livefree1200cc

      You should be boycotting instead of sneaking in, and I’d worry a lot more about the illegals taking our jobs than a few people smoking pot and driving (those people have been behind the wheel for years, they are the ones doing 30 in a 45 zone)

      • Lummi

        I’m not “sneaking” in anywhere. I’m simply not submitting to a demand to surrender a Constitutional right, just because someone has the opinion that I should. If you consider 20% percent of the drivers as being a “few” so be it, but those are the percentages being posted by several enforcement agencies in the state, based on traffic stops, accidents, etc. If you really believe that a boycott of Starbucks, for example, by “legal carry” folks is going to Keep Howard Schultz awake at night, then by all means you do your thing, and I’ll do mine.

  • CCblogging

    NO Liberals, Fascists & Progressives “progressive: a sanitized name for Communist”, should not be allowed to carry guns.The shooters at America’s schools & universities have all been left wing nuts and some even worked for Obama’s election.

    • toddyo1935

      From what I can tell, “progressive” started out after WW I with impetus from the butchering of the 14th Amendment which actually enslaved all of us after the 13th freed the slaves. The term morphed into Eugenics ala Margaret Sanger, Hitler and others; That morphed into liberal until that became unpopular and morphed into feminist which people wised up to, so they started calling themselves “progressives” again. In all cases, except eugenics – their true identity, the tags were unadulterated bat guano. Eugenicists deny the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.

      Eugenicists like Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood are idolized by Clinton and Obama and most Dems. The worst case for today is the Architect of ACA, Zeke Emanuel a dedicated eugenicist with a vision of reducing world population to 500 million.

      You think bringing once eradicated diseases back into the country through “the children” or the treatment of Vets and the draconian elements of Obamacare are just badly exercised politics?

      Jihad to caliphate in the Middle East. Jihad by overwhelming the once solid structure of the USA will meet sooner that we might expect. One world caliphate already proclaimed by a nut in Iraq – rolling over cities with our money and equipment.

      IMHO, of course – but the facts run pretty close.

      • Larry Schwensen

        The progressive party was formed by Theodore Roosevelt (nicknamed the bull moose party)so he could run against William Howard Taft in the 1912 election, and the split vote allowed Wilson to win. This was several years before WW1 started.

  • Joe FireTruck

    I want one in Miami.

    • Sunshine Kid

      I’d like to see one at least in every city of the USA.

  • cowgirl20

    Safest restaurant in America. If I am ever that way, I will be sure to stop in for a meal.

  • gplucas

    Yes Sir; It’s John Wayne, Johnny Cash, John Deere and Samuel Colt! Thanks for having some common sense gentlemen!

  • jerry1944

    Bet the food is good also , And you are safe while eating Need one down here . hummm wonder if they are going to make a chain of them

  • Rustytruck

    Man what a great idea! We all here should post this to WND,, etc. etc. The rest of the entire country needs to see how well this works out and thumb our noses at the liberal crowd trying to take away our 2nd ammendment. I’ll just bet once the word gets out about this it would spread like wildfire and we’d see this happening everywhere. God I love American engenuity, we have the best of the world right here coming up with the best ideas in the world. I’m going to post this article to all my local news stations, hopefully they’ll unknowingly help get the word out and more will join in with their own businesses.

  • xoxozo

    We ALSO will NOT patronize ANY business that has a NO FIREARM POLICY

    • frank the crank

      I quit going to movies for this very reason.

  • Average Joe

    As A SBO I also have NO gun free zone. Since the only people that would obey it wouldn’t be robbing my shop. Gun free zone’s must be for stores that like paying out huge insurance payments. That sign they like hanging cost them up to 15% more for worse coverage. Sort of like OBAMACARE!!!!!!. Yes I pac,, twin Colt 45’S

  • David R. Nemirow

    Every once in a whole one reads something wonderful, like this article. I carry when traveling and will not use any facility that bans guns.

  • FyrBal

    Looks like I need to move to CO. I am a Combat Veteran that was fired from my job of 28+ yrs ( KR. stock symbol) after asking a fellow employee if He wanted to go to the gun range with me, (was middle of FEB and I couldn’t ride my motorcycle) which is what I do after a BAD day at work. I had also talked about a video game called Asassins Creed. Talk about a Hypocritical company The KR. co. wants me to turn over ALL My VA, Military and Private medical records.

    • livefree1200cc

      Just stay away from the Denver area – they are pushing hard to repeal the 2nd amendment there

  • jime1

    Now if this restaurant was really SMART, they would market these signs. I’d order one just for giggles :o)

  • Stephen Ryan

    Doesn’t serve alcohol? What can they be thinking?

  • ShamanBlair

    Oh, BOY I want to go there!!! LOL! One place I’d actually feel perfectly SAFE! Don’t forget that little restaurant in Killeen (sp?), a small military town near Austin, Texas, my town, where a crazy guy shot it up–no-one but he was armed, of course.

    This society is no longer safe from idiots playing “knockout games” or sharia crap or a host of other violent activities (including bad cops who are badge happy. And let’s not forget the wacko who killed people in a multiplex movie theater, or the ones who bomb places or shoot up schools.

    The left can harp all day long that guns kill people. GOOD. They CAN, & if some bug-eyed crackhead tries to kill people, SMART people can STOP him!

    Anyway, I especially love Mexican food, so if I should EVER get the chance to return to visit Colorado, I’m definitely going to go there packing, & get a pack of tamales to go, too! 😉

    Way to GO, Shooters’ Grill! WTG!!!!!

  • truthbeknown

    We could have less of the idiots against ccw. Just take the warning labels off of everything and let nature take its course. lol

  • travis41

    Reminds me of a truckstop restaurant who said I couldn’t bring my 9mm in there{waitress evidently saw the bulge},I informed him that I would put it back in my rig,call my wife and tell her if I were killed or maimed in his establishment,to sue him for every penny he had,as he was refusing me protection.He asked if I had a Concealed Handgun License,I said of course I do,but why on earth should it matter,how many criminal truckers do you have in here, who pull for a reputable Trucking firm such as TCT.

  • sovereigntyofone

    Now that is a place of business I would go to. This is true American tradition.
    I applaud their stand on the 2nd Amendment.
    One thing you can bet on for sure, there won’t be any bar fights or robberies happening in this establishment.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • dominke

    God Bless this restaurant and its owner and employees.

  • Death2Unions

    Table for two please!

  • livefree1200cc

    Its good to know there are Patriotic Americans somewhere in Colorado, you go to Denver and the liberal queers are trying to transform the state into a communist utopia

  • pete0097

    I once went to a barber shop where guns were encouraged. It was owned by Guido, and the guys in the back in trench coats had odd bulges under them. I felt very safe picking up money owed to my employer.

  • theronald

    Maybe someone will create a website listing all the restaurants that allow, and restrict guns. Then, sensible people could consult the list before going out to a restaurant they have not been to before.

  • Wabefuhon

    I know where I want to eat.

  • pateboo

    Probably the safest place to be in the US.