Will State Department Bring Ibrahim and Family to America?

The saga of Meriam Ibrahim and her family in Sudan continues to unfold, much like an episode of Covert Affairs.

She was arrested and sentenced to death for allegedly converting from Islam to Christianity. Her father was Muslim but his wife was Christian and Ibrahim was raised as a Christian by her mother when her father left the family when she was very young. The issue didn’t seem to bother the Sudanese government until Ibrahim met and married an American by the name of Daniel Wani, who just happens to be a Christian.

Sudan’s ultra-Islamic government refused to recognize Ibrahim as a Christian because of her father, but her marriage to a Christian led to their charging her with leaving Islam, a crime punishable by death.

Last week, a miracle happened and Meriam was released from prison and allowed to rejoin her husband and two kids. The family was in the process of boarding a plane that would take them out of Sudan, but 40 armed troops arrived and arrested her and her husband. The government is accusing Ibrahim of using false or illegal travel documents to flee the country. Wani is accused of being an accomplice. If formally charged with the new offenses, they could be sentenced up to 7 years in a Sudan prison.

Then another miracle happened and a day after being re-arrested, the couple was released, but ordered not to leave the country as possible new criminal charges could be filed against them. Their released was allowed because a guarantor came forward on their behalf. In Sudan, a guarantor is similar to bond, only if the person(s) arrested skips the country, the guarantor them assumes their place in the court and faces the charges and sentence of the person they guaranteed.

Free but not free Ibrahim, Wani and their kids managed to get to the US Embassy in Khartoum where they are currently staying. They cannot legally leave the country of Sudan. If they leave illegally, their guarantor will surely face a harsh court and imprisonment.

In a statement released by the US State Department:

“From our perspective, Meriam has all of the documents she needs to travel to and enter the United States. It’s up to the Government of Sudan to allow her to exit the country.”

Later the same day, they released another statement:

“The State Department has received confirmation that Meriam Ibrahim Ishag has been released on bail and is no longer being detained at a Sudanese police station. She and her family are in a safe location and the Government of Sudan has assured us of the family’s continued safety. The Embassy remains highly engaged in Ms. Ishag’s case. We will provide more information as it becomes available consistent with privacy laws.”

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has been working to help free Ibrahim from the beginning of her nightmare ordeal. In one of the latest reports, they state:

“The United States must never let Meriam and her family who are U.S. citizens leave their sight from this point forward. There were reports that when Meriam was taken into custody at the airport, it was done in the presence of U.S. diplomatic personnel. This can never happen again…”

“The Obama Administration, and the State Department in particular, must continue to aggressively demand freedom for Meriam and her American family. While not physically in the custody of the Sudanese government at the present time, Meriam and her American family are not truly free until they are safely in America.”

“It would be an act of diplomatic malpractice were the U.S. to allow Meriam and her American family to fall back into the hands of the Sudanese government – the government that just days ago planned to execute her for her Christian faith…”

“At the ACLJ, we will not rest until Meriam, Martin, Maya, and Daniel, their American husband and father, are safely home. Join us by urging the Obama Administration to take direct action to bring them home. Sign the petition at BeHeardProject.com. And please continue to pray.”

Prayer is the greatest weapon and tool a Christian has and we must all use it to petition our merciful God to intervene and bring this Christian family to the United States. I would like to think that once here that Meriam will no longer face persecution for her Christian faith, but sadly it’s becoming more and more common here in this country. Recall that the Obama administration continued to persecute the Romeike family by revoking their amnesty status and trying to deport them back to Germany, just because they are Christians who want to homeschool their kids.

Regardless, she and her family are better off here than in the radical terrorist controlled country of Sudan.



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  • patriotusa2

    Will they bring Ibrahim and her family to America? Probably not! As far as I know, our Marine is still rotting away in a Mexican prison, while we are faced with an onslaught of foreigners running our borders, and Mexican cops shooting at our border patrol from their helicopters.

    • elector

      We need to do an Entebbe style raid on the Mexican prison and bring our Marine home.
      If we need to eliminate a few Mexican guards or military; well that is the way it goes. I am sure Obama lacks the cojones to intervene and Kerry has never done anything Patriotic
      for this Country.
      Also if a Mexican Helicopter or Military unit crosses the border and fires anywhere in the
      United States we need to shoot back and shoot the craft down. The first round that hits in this Country is AN ACT OF WAR and we have to respond. Barry has to notify the Mexican President what the consequents of entering or over flying the United States or the Mexican Military crossing the border will be and ENFORCE the consequences.
      Mexico does not have the Military to fight a war with us. There will not be another Alamo or Treaty of Hidalgo.


    Will our halfast Prez ever get our marine Tamoresi out of that Mex jail?

    • worldwatchers

      No ! He is an American service man Those two facts get him nothing from this Administration if he was an old vet then the VA could kill him! Short of that option this White House will let him sit and rot. For this is truly a rotten Administration!

  • danstewart

    Will they bring Ibrahim & family to America? No, they are Christian. If they were muslim obummer would have brought them long ago.

  • elector

    Move her and her family into The American Embassy and then bring a helicopter
    to the Embassy and fly her to a close American Military base and fly them from the
    base to The United States. Don’t worry about the guarantor unless they are an
    American Citizen and if they are fly them out too. Let the Sudanese be mad and
    throw a tantrum but it won'[t the first time a Country was mad at us and won’t be the
    last. Come Kerry it is time you do something Patriotic for this Country.

    • danstewart

      Kerry do something patriotic?? Kerry & Patriot is an oxymoron.

      • elector


  • DetroitDom

    If I was the President, I’d use my telephone and pen to warn the Sudanese gov’t that harm to ANY AMERICAN, especially this family and their guarantor, will result in a visit by my Special Forces teams to the homes of the Judge, the Police Chief, and anyone else involved in their illegal charges AND actions against these five people.

    Of course, if I was the President, the world would know not to mess with the USA. “Hey Mexico, I believe you have one of my military men and I’m not in a good mood. Give him back and I will stop air-dropping all of the liberal politicians.”

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