Lib Wants Looney Toons Banned Because of "Gun Violence"

As if banning these old cartoons will do anything to stop anyone from acting on their anger against others.

Erasing guns or anything that resembles guns or other weapons from history will not make them cease to exist. They’re trying to brainwash kids to be terrified of guns, to believe that they’re evil. And editing guns out of old cartoons is just one more step toward indoctrinating the next generation that guns are only to exist in the hands of government agents and no one else. Writing for Slate, Mark Joseph Stern opined:

When California tried to ban the sale of violent video games to minors, the Supreme Court mocked its efforts, noting that old Looney Tunes cartoons provoked the same tendency toward violence in children as a Grand Theft Auto–style bloodbath. But just how violent were Looney Tunes? A video compiled by Sam Henderson reminds us that the antics of Bugs Bunny and co. were a lot more brutal than you remember.

And then he links to this video compilation of “gun suicides” in cartoons:

Stern continues:

As Retro Junk notes points out, many of these so-called “suicide gags” have long been edited out of TV reruns, though some are still included on DVD editions. To modern sensibilities, of course, the gun violence is especially startling—particularly the blasé approach to gun suicide, a rampant problem across the United States. The cartoons’ depictions of firearms as fun toys to be deployed for petty revenge also comes across uncomfortably now, during our years-long epidemic of school shootings… But no kids’ show today would ever treat firearms or gun deaths so lightly, with such zany exuberance, as Looney Tunes once did. That jaunty disregard of the consequences of violence is part of what made the show so bizarrely delightful. In a post-Newtown world, however, what was once strangely funny now registers as appallingly macabre.

Liberals support the U.S. government sending massive amounts of heavy weaponry and money to terrorists in the Middle East while decrying “gun violence” in old cartoons. They are a parody of themselves.



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258 comments on “Lib Wants Looney Toons Banned Because of "Gun Violence"
  1. abinico says:

    What we need to ban is medication with violent behavior as a side effect. Even the ubiquitous, OTC Nyquil warns of aggressive behavior. And all of these young shooter were taking medication with violence as a side effect. It is not the cartoons, it is not the guns – it is the medical industry that is the killer – up to 200,000 yearly deaths by the AMA’s own admission.

    • rosech says:

      Pharmacology has shown NSAIDS (drugs bought over the counter or shelf) kill more people than you would think. So take one like aspirin, then maybe add in some Tylenol, and other similar items, destroy your liver and die. They are NOT safe drugs but like prescription drugs are super dangerous yet people think they are safe. NOT!

      • dangkids says:

        Exactly, just like these kids drinking bottles of cough syrup and mixing other over the counter meds.

        • londontubes says:

          Coke and Skitlles.

        • KAG505 says:

          You are forgetting the wonderdrug of all wonderdrugs, ….marijuana. It will cure everything from hair loss to hemorrhoids…..Plus, there is the really neat side of the new wonderdrug, ANYONE can be a medical marijuana producer. All you need is a few plant pots and a grow light and you are in business

        • LeslieFish says:

          Marijuana — a.k.a. hemp-resin — has been used as medicine and a recreational drug for at least as long as writing has been invented. No one has EVER found an authentic case of anyone dying of hemp-resin overdose or going on a killing spree because of hemp-resin intoxication. Not one case, in over 3000 years.

          In the 1970s, the World Health Organization did an island-wide study of Jamaica, supposedly as a standard health survey — but really because they knew that Jamaicans had been smoking, eating, drinking, and otherwise ingesting hemp-resin for generations, and the WHO wanted to know the multi-generational effects. Well, much to their chagrin, after really intense study the WHO had to admit that *there were no dangerous side-effects*, short-term or long. In fact, they reluctantly admitted, those pot-head Jamaicans had very low rates of hypertension, glaucoma, cardiovascular disease in general, and… cancer. Naturally, they didn’t announce their findings to the media, but other researchers found out anyway. Go look it up yourself. Google “WHO Jamaica Marijuana Study” and see what you find.

        • KAG505 says:

          Lesliefish, you might want to google harmful effects of marijuana and look at something slightly more recent than a 40 year old study. Oh…Here is one.

          AND as long as you are talking about studies by the WHO here is a paragraph from one of the WHO studies on Cannabis:
          Acute health effects of cannabis use
          The acute effects of cannabis use has been recognized for many years, and recent studies have confirmed and extended earlier findings. These may be summarized as follows:

          Cannabis impairs cognitive development (capabilities of learning), including associative processes; free recall of previously learned items is often impaired when cannabi is used both during learning and recall periods;
          Cannabis impairs psychomotor performance in a wide variety of tasks, such as motor coordination, divided attention, and operative tasks of many types; human performance on complex machinery can be impaired for as long as 24 hours after smoking as little as 20 mg of THC in cannabis; there is an increased risk of motor vehicle accidents among persons who drive when intoxicated by cannabis.
          You can read the full article at:

      • Art Rafferty says:

        Interesting you should say this. A few months back I was diagnosed with third stage kidney failure with a filtration number of 54 (should be over 100). The first thing my doctor asked me was if I took Naproxin, Aspirin, or Tylenol. When I told him I took a lot of Naproxin, he told me to stop, period. I threw it all in the trash and my filtration number has now improved dramatically. Go figure. Over the counter pain medication was screwing up my kidneys! You speak the truth. I hope more listen and take heed.

      • Evan White says:

        Disagree! I am on certain percription drugs by dr’s orders and the drugs don’t make me crazy unless overdosed when they can in general make me pass out after a dizzy can’t see well can’t stand up high

    • satelliter says:

      Doctor mistakes are the third highest cause of deaths in the US (around 100,000 yr.) but do you ever see that listed when they are talking about what causes the most deaths in the US? Of course those deaths are the ones reported, I wonder how many are swept under the rug and lied about.

      • pepper12 says:

        you also know that you are thousands of times more likely to be killed by a cop than a legal gun owner?

        • KAG505 says:

          Odds of drowning in a bathtub: 685,000 to 1

          Odds of being killed on a 5-mile bus trip: 500,000,000 to 1

          Odds of being killed sometime in the next year in any sort of transportation accident: 77 to 1

          Odds of being killed in any sort of non-transportation accident: 69 to 1

          Odds of being struck by lightning: 576,000 to 1

          Odds of being killed by lightning: 2,320,000 to 1

          Odds of being murdered: 18,000 to 1

      • steveafrikaner says:

        Doctor’s bury their mistakes.

    • I agree and the pharma companies pay a fine after killing and or harming thousands of people and just go about business as usual. What is even more insane is the TV commercials where the people are praising their pharma and look at all the horrid side affects ? But they have a good relationship with their doctor ? Pretty incredible that people could be so stupid but true .

    • Evan White says:

      Antidepressants if overdosed don’t make you violent they just instead if overdosed like can make you get instead like first sign you overdosed is really bad headache then you start to have dizziness and can’t walk well thats when you know you are getting realy high and you need to stop there then at worst you go past dizziness/drowsyness and then after all that the drug knocks you out everything goes dark and you pass out. I know this cause my doctor put me on antidepressants and multiple times i have accedently and on pouropsly overdosed due to me having the crazy idea that the more antidepressants you take the less depressed you will be. EDIT: i don’t do party drugs or alcohol. I just have multiple times when depressed overdosed on antidepressants and once attempted to kill myself with a prescription drug the doctor took me off of cause it was not working that drug was not a antidepressant i think it was like a dangerous dose of 5 mounths past expriation date given on bottle Guanfacine based drug ether Tenex or Intuniv. Sleeping drugs like Melitonin don’t do anything once after reading book till five a.m. Right before bed i consumed 60 MG worth of the drug and all it did was make me sleep most of the day and have a bad headache

    • Evan White says:

      The drugs my psychiatrist has me on if overdosed don’t make me aggravated/violent however when i go without the drugs i get not violent but have a very hot temper. The worst i have ever done is beat the hell outa one of my exs after she and me got into a fight and the fight was bad i don’t know which one of us got more scars, me or her. I had no clue country girls could end up giving me a buncha scars untill i met her. In the fight i beat the hell outta her and she kicked and punched me till i had a bad bruise that took forever to heal! The fight was arranged beforehand and there were like our friends watching the fight and it was crazy i barely won she almost made me lose then of course and guess what ? NOBODY called the cops on us and the worst that happened was her daddy got us ( me and me friends and her friends) out of his house by threatening to have the Police get us all. It was fun . That was years ago the good days when i knew nothing about the real world had no clue it would all end.

  2. dblamp2 says:

    I have to laugh , F’in idiot

  3. medic2003 says:

    Wabbit season, no libtard season

    • grammy23 says:

      My husband keeps saying if they issued a hunting season for politicians we could erase the National Debt.

  4. TiredVET1 says:

    We need to ban idiots who deem that their stupidity is right and we should all jump on there ban wagon for the better good of all. If your friend tells you to jump off a bridge will you same here my only hope is that they jump hoping we will follow problem solved.

  5. jmac67 says:

    More of what you would call gun “looney” see!

  6. drtevans says:

    I just have to say this one more time. Libs can kiss my arse

  7. rosech says:

    Ban him as he is loony tunes. Amazing we grew up with Looney Tunes, cowboy movies, etc., and we don’t go around killing anyone. Bet a $1 he owns a gun. Control freaks freak me out!

    • Saltporkdoc says:

      I’ll bet you $1 that instead of owning a gun he (or she) has armed security, an armed neighbor or just believes “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”.

  8. John says:

    But no kids’ show today would ever
    treat firearms or gun deaths so lightly, with such zany exuberance, as
    Looney Tunes once did.

    Kids today are a lot different. We were mature, we were raised with a reverence for God and a respect for His creation.

    Too many kids nowadays are spoiled, narcissitic, poorly adjusted little monsters. Even parents who try have a hard time overcoming the influence of others outside of the home. And we have the libs to thank for it. They have pushed their policies and things keep getting worse. Rather than honestly look at the failure they have created they choose to whine about it and pretend they had nothing to do with it.

    Now it is “blame a cartoon” time.

    • rosech says:

      Parenting now is a joke and a past time because they don’t won’t to hurt the child’s feelings! Malarkey. They need direction, discipline and some type of punishment until they learn to be civilized. But hey, whose parents today are civilized. Living on TV, cell phones, tablets, etc., leave them no time for parenting or even learning or taking lessons on parenting that are NOT based on PC nor you might hurt the kid’s psyche. Dogs and cats are disciplined, but children are not? What a joke parents are today.

      • John says:

        I agree. And the lefties have made sure that we cannot discipline our kids and raise them to be mature, responsible citizens of a great country.

    • keithbreedlove says:

      And every one of us hoped for the cherished Daisy BB gun for Christmas, even if we might put an eye out.

      • Saltporkdoc says:

        Kieth, you’ve watched “Christmas Story” way too many times!…LOL
        By the way, right after my Daisy, I wished for (and got) a Wnchester, Model 37, single-shot 20 ga! I have yet to kill anyone even during 4 yrs in the military and 14+ yrs as a police officer! Guess Ted Kennedy’s car HAS killed more people than my guns!

        • violater1 says:

          I also got my first .22 shortly after and then my 20 gauge! I have yet to do bodily harm with any weapons as well! But I was not an officer of the law!
          You mean to tell me you did not play bully cop and go around shooting up the citizenry just because you could? I am appalled I was beginning to think from articles of late that that is the new police fad shooting unarmed and handcuffed people as well as beating senseless 70years olds having diabetic seizures! Now we have dog killer cops! I know they carry pepper spray and or mace! Could you explain to me how these cops today cannot use the lesser volitale option on peoples pets if they are such whoosies and afraid if a dog barks! Most of this post has been faciciously written with built in sarcasm not toward you but just the daily happenings of which Iam sure you are cognizant of!

      • violater1 says:

        I got mine two of them in time and none of us lost an eye thankfully! We were shot a time or two accidentally but we learned that it hurt and did not repeat our shinanigans again!

        • Saltporkdoc says:

          You’re a fast learner! Friend of mine and I used to take the primers out of the shotgun shells, drop them in the bore of the BB gun, then drop in a BB and fire it at “long range” targets. When that ceased to be fun, WE became the long range targets ourselves! I really wonder how I survived childhood!
          As to the question about current policeing, I wish I knew. I really don’t think it’s all that new though as I often had to prevent mishandling of prisoners when newbies brought home problems to work and tried to take it out on the public. Fortunately I was successful. I also had the problem of investigating a police involved shooting of 2 dobermans by an officer, but there were exigent circumstances. We all loved dogs and would not mistreat them. We felt horrible about the shooting of them. Of course this was before all the dog fighting and training them as attack (not guard) dogs!
          I think it happened then, but with all the new social media and 24/7 news channels now, it just gets spread faster, farther and sooner. Of course there are more victims and perpetrators now than then too!

        • steveafrikaner says:

          My cousin and I used to shoot at each other with BSA No1 pellet guns, using berries for ammo. One day he dug himself into a hayrick, and I got so frustrated, that when his backside was visible, I ducked into my father’s study on the farm, and put a crease in his derriere. He stuck to the code, and did not tell.That evening when he was in the bath, and there was a bit of blood in the water, his mother came in unexpectedly. The game was up! We were 6 at the time. At 72 years of age, my backside still remembers the belt my father wielded so expertly!

    • violater1 says:

      They are proficient at 2 things 1) Blame anyone or thing for their defication! 2) Drop the Race Card when cornered!!

    • grammy23 says:

      All the while there are now more than a few daytime and evening shows highlighting the gay lifestyle. Some are targeted at pre-teens/teens. That’s ok in a liberal world I guess.

    • steveafrikaner says:

      What about the A-Team? They loosed off a gazillion rounds, and never hit anything, and nobody died!

  9. donl says:

    This is pure BS, I grew up watching cartoons every evening, so did millions of other people, we NEVER took them serious, you people are only after our guns due to your LOSER, COMMUNIST, FRAUD president. It’s called TYRANNY. Goggle Cloward & Piven maybe that will better inform you. No guns – No freedom.

    • sheinLV says:

      Exactly. I grew up watching Looney Tunes as well. Never once did I think that if my brother dropped a safe on my head, that I would get up and walk away with an accordian body

      • Ikaros3 says:

        That was an awesome reply. I feel the same way.

        • sheinLV says:

          I just loved those old cartoons. Ah, the memorieis….Bugs, Daffy, Wiley Coyote, Roadrunner, Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam, Heckle and Jeckle, Tom and Jerry, etc. They were the best

      • violater1 says:

        And well put I might add! Very well!

      • j0e cave says:

        the problem is they don’t teach common sense in schools or at home I grew up in the country in 50s&60s watched loony tunes, popeye and a lot of violent westerns and when we old enough to drive we drove to school in a pickuo truck with a shotgun or rifle in the gun rack.nobody in our school ever went on shooting spree.

        • Mike C says:

          I was relating that to someone recently. We would go hunting in the morning then go to school with the shotgun in the back window gun rack. We never thought of using it against anyone at school. It was a tool and still is.

        • Evan White says:

          Colt Ford and Granger Smith put it perfectly in their song I Answer To No One

        • sheinLV says:

          Agree 100%. I thank the heavens that my kids grew up in the late 70s before all this indoctrination lunacy

      • grammy23 says:

        Nor could my brothers, as much as they wanted, blow me up with dynamite and leave me standing there dumbfounded in one piece, blackened.

        • steveafrikaner says:

          And the Cartoons never explained where the Dynamite came from!

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          Acme! That was where Wylie Coyote always shopped. Said so right on the boxes.

        • sheinLV says:

          LOL! Exactly…or slam into a wall, become completely flattened, peel myself off the wall, walk away and start planning how next to get that darn roadrunner

      • Evan White says:


    • jwright673 says:

      Exactly right, donl. I’m 73 now and haven’t done anything like I saw in cartoons back in the 40’s. They were, for the most part, slapstick and I’ve never heard of any child committing a violent crime based on just watching Looney Tunes. Next they’ll want to ban pies in the face that were so common for so many years. I’m actually glad I’m in the fourth quarter of my life.

      • grammy23 says:

        That just reminded me. I guess once they get started they might as well ban the channel that shows old reruns of Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, Bonanza and even F-Troop. Newer ones they might consider…all of the SVU shows, NCIS, and a host of others. But that would affect HOLLYWOOD so they won’t touch it. How about we bring back ” My mother the car”, “Mr. Ed” and “Please don’t eat the Daisies”. I would like that and I’m a gun owner.

        • londontubes says:

          My Three Sons, I Love Lucy, The Brady Bunch, Love That Bob, The Beverly Hillbillies, Make Room for Daddy, The Dick VanDyke Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show, etc. etc. etc.

        • Malcolm Jensen says:

          You can’t have The Beverly Hillbillies, Granny carried a shot gun quite often. Nyah Nyah Nyah, Thhhhwwwaatttttttttt!

        • Woody says:

          And, if I recall correctly, she once used it against an actor portraying US Civil War General US Grant.

          USMC 1970-1974

        • londontubes says:

          Very good point. :-)

    • Donald York says:

      Right on !
      No guns—no freedom.
      Know guns—know freedom.
      Are you listening to us Americans Ms. Feinstein?

  10. Pat says:

    I wish we could just ban liberalism!

    • gerf says:

      just remove the Looney from the tittle and add to liberal ( Looney Libs ) their whole life is a cartoon

    • Harley157 says:

      I’m afraid I have to agree. Liberalism is a disease and needs to be banned to protect the rest of us.

    • MikeyParks says:

      We need to get out the vote in November. Put the Libs back in their cage.

  11. antiliberalcryptonite says:

    Awwwwwww…….libby don’t like it? Tough CHIT!

  12. 19greg45 says:


  13. craig says:

    Can you believe it …it was the cartoons all along.

  14. disqus_v5723Mqspa says:

    That idiot libtard is looney tunes! There is nothing they won’t try to destroy us!

  15. shannon853 says:


  16. keithbreedlove says:

    Stern needs to get a grip, although it probably is a diversion for him from having to think about all the scandals the Liberal’s god (can I use that word?) is involved in. And what would Roadrunner be without Acme Fireworks? I’d rather have my grandkids watching this harmless, high quality humor rather than the crap that passes for cartoons these days. Right SpongeBob Squarepants?

  17. Marc Blaydoe says:

    What a maroon!

  18. Walt says:

    I suppose that next they will want to outlaw all the old westerns and Roy Rogers and Lone Ranger movies. I don’t think so. Stupid!

  19. patriotds1 says:

    Given that Looney Tunes are very not broadcast these days, [replaced by new cartoon trash], they are not a problem at any level. At the age of 71, having grown up with Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Sylvester and Sam I can tell you that it is these ‘wet behind the ears’ liberals that are the problem the problem.
    Get your own life and quit trying to control mine.

  20. Bigolfascist says:

    PC Police have already banned the WWII era Looney Tunes because of their ” racist content”, although I didn’t know Germans were a distinct race—nor the Japanese nor Italians of the Axist powers, but these cartoon were banned in the 1970s. They are a part of history, but when we allow that rewriting of fact, we change the dialog and skew the historicsl record.

  21. CajunPatriot says:

    Since the 1980s we have been medicating young boys, who act like boys. The leftist and effeminate in our society have worked to medicate young boys with Ritalin and psychotropic drugs. They deem boys are better when they behave more like girls.

    When boys who were on Ritalin for a decade or more become more mature, they gravitate toward cocaine and other drugs to give them the same feeling they now deem “normal” for them. The results of the now mentally unstable can readily be seen in theaters, schools, and other public places.

  22. Maria castro says:

    How much more stupidity can we take? I grew up with them, my children grew up with them, my grandchildren grew up with them and now my greatgrandchildren. Lunacy at its best!

  23. USCBIKER says:

    O.K., let’s also do away with gangsta rap videos and all the violent films lib hypocrites like Harvey Weinstein produce.

  24. pupster40 says:

    Progressive Looney Tunes is what he meant to say. And this is what is making and proposing laws in DC? God help us from them.

  25. Mark Kuykendall says:

    “They are a parody of themselves”, Well said.

  26. Jay Star says:

    Ok, smart arse, Lets see you ban every video game on the market that has any form of violence in it! If the silly cartoons are the cause of all this so called gun violence, riddle me this: How come we didnt have a lot of gun violence till just into the 21st century with kids gunning down other kids? Those cartoons have been on TV almost from the beginning! Place the blame where blame belongs, on upbringing of the children by both home and school, or rather the lack of. Pills sometimes can not fix that either, can it? Parents and teachers need to get more involved, and if the child needs help “Give or get It!”

    • mallen11 says:

      You are right, it has to do with the parents and what the children are taught. Since God is being left out of so many homes there is no true guidance for children or discipline. Our schools are proof of this when teachers can’t teach because of the misbehavior in the classroom. We homeschool and find that they are learning much better without all the interference.

  27. CaptTurbo says:

    Evil does exist. On the street, In the White House, and in the Senate. Don’t give those idiots your guns folks.

  28. Saltporkdoc says:

    Lib wants Looney Tunes banned because the name reminds them too much of themselves!

  29. Spoony says:

    There is no “ban” that will stop an person from using his/her freewill to kill! Only thing that stops freewill is death!

  30. Jay Star says:

    They have already tried to ban the cowboy old shows. They ended up putting them under a violence warning!

  31. Gary Cangemi says:

    We need to ban liberals because they ARE Looney Toons! There’s nothing wrong with these old gags. I grew up on a steady diet of these cartoons and i’ve never shot myself or anyone else in my life and never desired to. They are funny. The problem is you’ve now got a generation whose minds were turned to soup by Sesame street, Mr. Rogers and Reading Rainbow with all the syrupy, PC pablum they dished out to kids in their sickening preachy propaganda. So now, not only do guns kill, cartoon characters with guns kill, horror of horrors. Get a freaking life and let childhood be fun again.

  32. conc11111 says:

    No common sense

  33. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    If they ban Looney Toons, then they need to ban ALL of the video games that have violence. And, a lot of the ‘cartoons’ on t.v. today are just as violent, if not worse. But, the FIRST step is for parents to start being parents. They need to make their kids learn respect & manners, & a few morals wouldn’t hurt either. I am a Christian, but am not suggesting that everybody needs to be.You can be a decent person with morals, & not go to church. Parents have failed this generation of young people. And, the schools have made it even worse. They tell the kids that if mom or dad punish them, they can report them to the police. And encourage them to be ‘snitches’, on family members.

    • Lazy J says:

      When my son tried to discipline his children, they told him they would tell their teachers and he would go to jail. His hands were tied and they ran wild. When they came to our house, I informed them that if they tried anything, I’d spank them. They said go ahead, we’ll send you to jail. I said, “gladly, go ahead after you can sit down” and proceeded to dish out belt. After that, whenever they visited us, they were the epitome of great kids. All it took was knowing, in my house my word is law. Today, some of them have children and are parents, not friends with their children.

  34. Joe FireTruck says:

    LIBS ARE LOONEY TUNES. Liberalism IS a mental disorder. Parents MUST counteract the commie libs propaganda with fire arms training and education for their children, so that they will never wind up like the children of Jews in Germany and other places in the 1930s.. ROUNDED UP, ENSLAVED , MURDERED AND BURNED BY A KILLER TYRANT. GO TO HELL BARACK OBAMA AND HIS MINIONS, AND BURN THERE FOR ALL OF ETERNITY. Sincerely. Enjoy your day. The Cuban Crusader.

    • mallen11 says:

      My three granddaughters will be taking gun safety classes this summer and they are very excited about it. They need to learn how to handle a gun and defend themselves.

  35. Joseph111 says:

    Those were funny cartoons – thanks for the memories!

  36. Mys77 says:

    Only a dumb liberal dem would be sitting in his office watching cartoons and believing banning them would solve violence around the world…. I think the guy is a caricature of a looney toon character!

  37. mudguy1 says:

    We need to BAN ALL liberals they are destroying America.

  38. EVWIZ says:


  39. Shadowdark7 says:

    First of all, we need to ban all the Libtards from the positions where they can dictate their repressive, fearmongering, socialistic agenda onto all our lives then we need to start being true parents to our children and teaching them the value of work as well as manners and that all their actions have both positive and negative repercussions associated with them.

  40. Keith Schroeder says:

    My family has gone on mission trips to Togo, Africa for 1 month each over the past two years, where private ownership of guns is forbidden (it’s a LONG month for me for that reason). I was talking with my interpreter the first year, whose son was 3 or 4 years old at the time. He told me that his son loved to pick up sticks and point them at playmates and say “bang”, i.e. using them as toy guns. The catch is, his son had never seen a television show or played a video game in his entire life. He had seen soldiers walking around with AK’s, but had never seen a gun actually be fired. Like it or not, this is an innate playing style for little boys, and cartoons and video games have nothing to do with it. Mental problems, uninvolved parents, inconsistent enforcement of our laws, and our media is what is driving the so-called “gun violence” epidemic in the US. You take the large cities that have been run by democrats for the last 50+ years that have the “strongest” anti-gun laws out of the equation, and the US falls WAY down in the charts when it comes to gun violence. It’s yet another attempt at grabbing power, and I guarantee you, if we don’t fight this mentality and defend our second amendment rights (and that includes fighting for the minds of our children with regard to guns in society, that you can be a gun owner AND a responsible, law-abiding citizen), the downward slope our nation has been on as far as losing our liberties will plunge straight into the abyss.

  41. EVWIZ says:

    A former classmate called me a conservative f–k I replied better to be a conservative f–k than a liberal asshole

    • Lazy J says:

      You used the wrong word for the liberal. An asshole is useful and needed. Everyone has one. He is a hemarhoid, just a big pain in the ass.
      Liberals are indeed insane. They keep doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. The reason they want to disarm the American people is to ensure government can “rule” us. They actually believe when the gov’t is in total charge, their lives will be milk and honey. They should ask Christians and Jews in Muslim lands. I’m sure they’ll get assurance from those governments that no one will be beheaded.

  42. Just more insanity form the control freaks !

  43. Concerned says:

    Fuck liberals…they should be hunted down and eliminated like the vermin they are. Useless human garbage.

  44. Snidely1 says:

    What really needs banning is the criminal element in the U.S.. We have an entire sub-culture armed to the teeth, killing and injuring others, and the idiots here are fighting to eliminate cartoons while telling our police that they reject “Stop and Frisk” programs as nothing more than harassment towards their little gun-carrying miscreant “angels”. How pathetic. Given our world today, and the real prospect that America of the future will have bearded jihadists going around cutting off innocent heads, I rather think that we should be having mandatory firearms training as part of our youth curriculums. Or maybe we can ban beards, and then the jihadists will stay home?

  45. Bob says:

    What next … ban teaching about the Christian belief in the life, suffering and death of Jesus Christ. After all, might speaking about that be inducing the nutcases out there to crucify those with whom they don’t agree.

  46. Jerry Bono says:

    The only one stupid enough to be encouraged toward gun violence by Looney Tunes cartoons is Mark Shitforbrains Stern!

  47. Harold says:

    This might be a very good idea, if they ban loony tunes, that means that Reid, Pilousy , Upchuck Schumer, Jessie Jackson, Al Frankenstien , M. Waters, D. Feinstein, ,Bloomingidiot Bloomersburg , Alison Gore, etc. would be banned from the air ways.

  48. Joseph Miller says:

    This senator is at the pinnacle of stupidity.
    He’s a rascally maroon varmint!

  49. armydadtexas says:

    What a bunch of crap. I am sick and tired of the far left wing, zealots running rough shod over America. Hell, children doing what children do, pretending to play cops and robbers or cowboys and idians or Armymen will get them suspended from the government institution of indoctrination called public schools.. Here is a hint you leftist, bed wetting, sniveling pukes: THERE WILL NEVER BE UTOPIA. You are digging at the bottom of the barrel when you go after CARTOONS. YOU PATHETIC, SICK, POWER HUNGRY VOMIT. Get over yourselves. Long Live Looney Toons! Bugs Bunny, The Road Runner, Fog Horn Leg Horn, Tom and Jerry, etc. You left wingers are brain dead, no thinking pu$$ies

    • usmadgirl says:

      I’m giving you 1 million “up” votes! First of all, NORMAL people, kids or adults, aren’t mentally swayed by anything they watch or hear…NORMAL people! The only ones who ARE, are either brain scorched, mentally ill Liberals, kids or adults who have never been taught right from wrong, never been to church or taught anything about the Bible or people who have been put on “psycho drugs” that are SUPPOSED to make them better but only make them worse! I & my sons watched “Looney Tunes” all our lives & we haven’t killed one single person OR ourselves! I can’t take much more of this “insane train” we’re riding on!

  50. gongdark says:

    I know they made a typo….so I corrected it.
    “Loony toon lib wants Looney Toons Banned Because of “Gun Violence”

    And I think Biden is getting caught up in his own self (un)importance

  51. jaminjayman says:

    Ban Looney-Libs!

  52. Macjamm says:

    I want Liberals banned for being stupid, do you think that movement can get some traction?,..
    I am sure there is more than enough documented evidence available to justify it,..

  53. ZACAL says:

    Liberalism is the absolute worse form of violence we ever encounter. Liberals are at this moment making it easier for terrorist to once again attack us. They’re rapidly taking advantage of Obama’s weaknesses. Liberals want to take our freedoms away. The list is so vast to list them all.

  54. nolcon says:

    I actually think Elmer Fudd would make a wonderful president! All he wants is to hunt rabbit… sounds like a good American to me!

    • mackelby says:

      We have loads of rabbits this year. I will fill the freezer. I am going to take some with .22 some with .22 pellet, and some with blow gun. Never have to leave my yard.

    • RobertNorwood says:

      I love shooting squirrels myself, even set them up by putting out little piles of sun flower seeds. One caveat however is that I only shoot grey squirrels – the tree rats. I leave Red Squirrels alone. The little buggers are cute and don’t look like rats. And, you know, it’s a good way to keep one’s skills up. Sniped one hiding in a tree partially hid at distance with a quick un-labored shot, scope, etc. and down he went. Folks might think you nuts but we don’t shoot up schools, malls, or movie theaters do we…doesn’t even cross the mind.
      I’ll also be so happy when the revolution starts.

  55. monacall says:

    I’ll be so happy when the revolution starts.

    • nolcon says:

      You are not the only one… let’s begin this November and vote the liberal idiots out. All of us going back to the church of our choice will also be a large step to fixing our broken country.

  56. mackelby says:

    So, let me see if I understand this. The idiot liberals want to ban Elmer Fudd, the very character they watched as kids. So they must think they themselves are a danger to society. PRICELESS! Only a liberal could be so contradictory. I think we should put them all in the nut house.

    • usmadgirl says:

      They should’ve been put there LONG AGO (like when Senator McCarthy exposed them)! We wouldn’t be on this (possibly) irreversible road to a Communist dictatorship!

      • mackelby says:

        You are correct, possibly irreversible. The pain and sacrifice that will have to be made to right this these wrongs, the American public won’t be willing to participate in. We are to soft to do what it takes. We have proven it over and over. The very reason every congress kicks the can down the road and bets it won’t collapse while they are in office.

        • usmadgirl says:

          I haven’t completely given up! When I pray for Divine intervention, I have to believe that God WILL intervene & expose these criminally insane radicals & that they’ll be punished for their crimes against the Republic that HE inspired our Founders to create for the People! I have NO faith in people anymore! No sane people could’ve voted for this phony dictator ONCE much less TWICE! Of course, I’m not counting the voter fraud & machine tampering!

        • mackelby says:

          i hope you are correct. But the pain and sacrifice will still be immense. It will only be done by man helping his fellow man. Keep up the good fight!

  57. Uncle Albert says:

    They’ve already removed many Tom and Jerry and Bugs Bunny cartoons from public view. There are even cartoons of Casper the Friendly Ghost that have been withdrawn.

    George Orwell and Ayn Rand would be proud.

  58. kid721952 says:

    This has gone way out of control,this is all about POWER AND CONTROL OVER THE PEOPLE by the democrats who should be called the socialist group who want to make slaves out of the American people

    • Reflect says:

      THey should be called communists, after all it is right out of the Communist Manifesto.

  59. lindairish says:

    i’M so glad that we bought the old cartoons on DVD. My kids and grandkids love them. Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, the old Disney stuff that wouldn’t be politically correct today. Thank goodness for DVD’s. Once we get rid of the politically correct crowd, maybe we’ll be able to enjoy all the things we used to enjoy. Leave it to Beaver ( womens lib hates that). They all make me sick.

  60. Tim Casey says:

    I wonder if these guys stepped off a cliff they would momentarily float in the air?

    • Reflect says:

      I wish a few of them would try. Take reid and pelosie for instance. (purposely refuse to capitlaize the names)

  61. NoRINO says:

    Liberals won’t admit it, there were no school shootings back in the good ol’ days until they took over our school systems.

  62. John Mann says:

    When will this parade of STUPIDITY stop. Cartoons don’t cause violence. They make you laugh. The next time someone makes a ridiculous comment like the ones in this article “JUST LET IT GO”

    • usmadgirl says:

      John Mann,
      I have a better idea. Put them in prison for the criminally insane where they belong!

    • Reflect says:

      Political correctness causes crime. We are so concerned about being or not being correct, that it is driving all sane persons insane.

  63. dangkids says:

    ROTFLMFAO!! People are in desperate need of some KIND OF FREAKING MENTAL HELP!


  64. mallen11 says:

    We grew up playing with cap guns, bows and arrows and never thought about killing anyone. My children grew up with all the loony toon cartoons along with the other children in the neighborhood and none of us grew up wanting to murder or shoot anyone. Actually, the video games kids play these days are worse than the cartoons. Stop them from playing them and sent them outside to play ball and other activities that are better for them.

  65. Hammer says:

    Looney toons wants looney toons banned…now that’s hot…..

  66. RobertNorwood says:

    Here’s the really crazy thing – we had those cartoons and I remember, yeah – they were kind of violent but in a slapstick way. We also played at war, Cowboys and Indians and our toy guns weren’t painted funny colors – they were at times pretty realistic. Given all that we were not the generation shooting up schools were we. It’s the kids growing up with gun bans, orange toy guns, violent first person shooter video games and the increasing glorification of gun violence by Hollywood. When I was growing up films primarily focused on heroes and doing good when it came to guns. When one examines a movie like Pulp Fiction, which I liked immensely, one sees a disturbing trend in films – killing and killers are cool. It’s as if you do this every day, it’s normal, it’s funny, you’re funny. Killing in and of itself means nothing. Does this mean that kids become so divorced from reality they can no longer tell the difference? No. What it does is either remove ones inhibition or creates a need to be like “them”, to be what they are not – tough, like the cool hip killers.
    The emergence of a pattern is everything. Look at what has taken place, line up dates, gun control efforts, video games and films. When you do this one thing is clear – the pattern between Hollywood, video games, lines up with the increase in violence. Gun control has no effect either way except in places where citizens are allowed to be armed – gun violence goes down.

    • Reflect says:

      As kids we did the same. When we go older we had respect for guns, adults, police,the military, etc. Now adults don’t respect each other, the police don’t respect anyone, the law makers are law less. Looney toons is for real.

  67. Brendajanetorres says:

    Just wait ’till the start on the ‘Political Correctness’ of early years cartoons…one by one they WILL be BANNED!

  68. gmhunt4 says:

    Only someone as “Looney” as a liberal would come up with idea.

  69. Dave from San Antonio says:

    Looney…just looney.

  70. Germansmith says:

    On the other hands, I never let my kids play video games where it was encouraged negative behavior (like Grand Theft Auto). Basically killing a troll or monster while saving your country is OK, running over a pedestrian while running away from the law is NOT.
    Just because members of SCOTUS or the average person would ever consider shooting other human beings as OK just because they played a violent game, there a lots of ways these games and easy access to weapons affect other individuals with a less stable mind.
    But that kind of censorship is the duty of parents, NOT the government.

  71. 63Marine says:

    Maybe Americans need to ban ALL the Looney Tune Libs in Washington DC….

  72. ScatCat says:

    More of the “Much to Do about nothing” distractions of the Liberal left!!!!!!!

  73. RAYAKE says:


  74. USMC 64-68 says:

    Mark David Stern is a Marxist subversive, and I’ll bet he sits down to pee. Typical progressive democrat traitor.

  75. bluealiendevil says:

    My step father is still a big Looney fan and he is now 85 years old, never raised his voice when we were growing up, never even said a curse word! In fact, no movie with cursing was allowed in our home, that is how he felt about it. He has a big love of animals, they all love to sit on him, animals know a gentle soul. He is a great grandfather now and they sit with him and watch Looney Tunes!

  76. bluealiendevil says:

    I still say it is the games played at home and now on the phones and tablets. I even see 2 year olds in the dentist office, what does mom hand the kid, a tablet to play games on and her nose is in her cell phone! Then these kids and some adults are playing War Craft and every other game for hours on end. That is what that directors son in California was playing when he started to shoot all those people. Stop with the electronic devices. Monitor your kids! See what they are playing. Run them outside and get a swing set in the back, tether ball, swimming pool, bicycles, something but get them outside!

    • fiftysevenchevy says:

      These ignorant kids today don’t even know what these things are! All the parents fault!

    • usmadgirl says:

      Your suggestion, which I’ve been screaming at Moochelle & the other “food police” on my TV, will ALSO remedy the obesity problem! Kids need to get off their lazy butts & get outside! There were very few fat kids (oh! Is that “politically incorrect? Don’t care!) when I was growing up. We stayed outside until dark! There are no fat kids in our neighborhood either. They’re out riding their bikes, playing ball or just running around. I weighed 78 pounds when I graduated from high school & ate like a pro line backer! I was NEVER still. Wish I could say that now! LOL!

  77. Maggietish says:

    Peter generations of people who have grown up with these Looney Tunes cartoons. We are not violent. If anything is causing violence it’s the entertainment industry and videogames. The Congress and Senate does nothing to censor them, why not? Instead they come up with garbage like this to be in Looney Tunes. For gods sake of a really that stupid in Washington

  78. pepper12 says:

    Every single day they prove that liberalism is a mental disorder. Lock up the lib looney tunes.

  79. saynotoliberals says:

    It would only be fair to ban those ‘looney tune’ liberals.

  80. pepper12 says:

    I just remembered this … in the words of the immortal Bugs Bunny… “What a maroon!”

  81. saynotoliberals says:

    They are so enraged a today’s Supreme Court decision that they are attacking Looney Tunes. I guess they feel that, since SCOTUS overruled Obamacare contraception that they will punish those yet unborn kids by taking way their Looney Tunes!

  82. Jennifer says:

    I feel sorry for kids nowadays. No more Saturday morning cartoons. Horrible shows on Disney and Nickalodeon. I grew up on looney tunes and scooby doo (the original, not the dredge they make now). I really don’t think you can compare Yosamite Sam and Bugs Bunny to the morally bankrupt grand theft auto in which you get points for beating up hookers.

  83. Brabado says:

    What can anyone expect, when they carry, Liberal DNA in their brains? Garbage!
    This bunch is only great at lying, spreading misery, envy, and hunger amongst Nations…
    Semper Fidelis

  84. vietnamvet1971 says:

    The LOONEY Tune Liberals want to ban the LOONEY Tunes, this PROVES they are Sick, Mad, LOONEY bunch of Clowns ready for a 3 Ring circus.

    • usmadgirl says:

      Right! Except for the fact that they aren’t funny AT ALL! They’re despicable!

  85. Angel on your Shoulder says:

    It’s frightening for me to think of how many of my friends were lost and did not make it to adulthood because of these violent cartoons! Oh
    wait, there weren’t any that I know of … maybe we weren’t as stupid as the average liberal, plus we had parents that were involved in our lives and guided us and yes on occasion gave us a whack us on the buns.

    • daisykmt says:

      Along that same line of reasoning (with which I agree), it makes you wonder how we ever got so many astrophysicists, neurosurgeons, etc. without common core. Isn’t there a book out called “The Death of Common Sense” ? Not sure.

  86. kenhowes says:

    Joseph Stern IS a Looney Toon.

  87. jhforsythe says:

    What idiots! Where did all these crazies come from?

    • usmadgirl says:

      They came from the late 60s & early 70s radical, left over hippies who never “grew up” because most of them had already fried their brains!

      • fiftysevenchevy says:

        And most are moving to, or already live in Washington or Colorado! California is NEXT on the Pot agenda!!!!

  88. Webb says:

    Keep watching Looney Toons…Kids Love’em…They entertained millions of older adults…NO GUN VIOLENCE Only Idiot Liberals!

  89. mule man says:

    people like this should take themselves out of the discussion–I would suggest a tall tree and a short rope

  90. Kimber says:

    The democrat welfare rats shoot each other up everyday in the city. Fix your own party before you worry about cartoons.

  91. majorpain7777 says:

    Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  92. gfsomsel says:

    I want liberals banned because of logic violence.

  93. Bill says:

    What is very evident, the libs can’t quit shaking after seeing one. obozo has been under moochelle’s bed for six years.
    I just hope they never find out these are not documentaries.

  94. Brian Russell says:

    As owner of most of these cartoons, may I say the following, very slowly so these folks understand: THEY…ARE…CARTOONS! They were made during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, when the main entertainment was war, gangsters, swashbucklers, and horror films, which these cartoons lampooned. Plus, they were ALL…SHOWN…IN…THEATERS, usually before these features began. I hope that clear that up for them!

    • DetroitDom says:

      And exactly how many times did you hit your brother in the head with a hammer after watching the Three Stooges??

      The thing we really need to remove from TV is Obama! He’s teaching my kids how to lie!!

  95. Evan White says:

    I can sit right here and watch you dance all nite ….

  96. Korean War Vet says:

    Why don’t those small-minded, cretin liberal libtards just ban the word GUN from the English dictionary; I say this because the word by itself conjures-up in my mind a beautiful silver .45 cal PISTOL which would blow a gigantic hole in their idiotic heads….label me a terrorist!!

    • fiftysevenchevy says:

      For that statement, I label you a HERO!!!!!!!!! “Semper Fi”

      • Korean War Vet says:

        Semper Fi, my Brother! Believe me, fiftysevenchevy, I am so sick and tired of those damned cry-babies who are afraid of their own shadows. Why don’t they just find another world of their own and populate it with their own kind? You Know, Friend: they are the same same kind of idiots who probably had something to do with someone inventing those rounded-point scissors that kids use in school, so that they can’t “hurt somebody with them”….little do they realize that those types of scissors DO have a sharp blade on them! What a bunch of sissies we have in this country! BOO HOO HOO. So, the kid comes home and uses the regular kind of scissors and doesn’t hurt a flea with them: Figures.

        Have a great day….and stay away from cap pistols this Independence Day: you might hurt someone! 😎

        • fiftysevenchevy says:

          Thank you for your service in Korea. I wasn’t quite old enough. Joined in ’57. My uncle was in the Army in Korea & drove truck. At one time,he hauled the body of a dead General. Agreed! The kids today are not only sissies, they are ignorant. Can’t even give change for a buck! gotta blame the Libtard Gov’t & the schools. They’ll graduate even if they can’t spell their own name. Thank the No Child Left Behind Bull $h*t. Naaah, no cap guns for me. I may just blow off a few rounds from my 12 guage!!!!!! OR better yet, my buddies’ M-1

        • Korean War Vet says:

          HI, Brother: Thank YOU for your service, as well. I was Air Force, a little over 20 years (1951 – 1972); had a Hell of a great time! Those were great years to be military, then along came VietNam, and the whole world turned upside-down, with all the $%^#ing draft dodgers, running on up to Canada seeking sanctuary up there with our great friends; our friends should have kicked those draft-dodging B@!#$%&*s back down here, instead of letting them screw-up that country. Viet Nam: another puking little war that we couldn’t, wouldn’t finish, just like Korea. We just didn’t have the guts to win another war….why? Because we had people like that Hanoi Jane (another Tokyo Rose) that cozied-up with the enemy (probably slept with it, too); wouldn’t surprise me, anyway. Hey, Brother….if your uncle’s still living, please give my sincere appreciation for his service, too, would ya? We’re ALL getting old now; most of the World War Two troops, if not all, are gone now, and death is eye-balling us Korean War types, now. All I can say is: it’s been a great ride!

          Yeah, you’re right about the kids…they don’t know beans about giving change in the store: Hell, let the cash register figure it out; why should I tax my brain doing the simple arithmetic, right? That’s right…the so-called ‘no child left behind’ BS is behind all this. Hell, my Friend, I got left back once, and that sure as Hell straightened me out….real quick. I swore I’d
          never be left back again, and I didn’t, by God!! When both parents started to go to work, Family went straight to Pot; nobody was left at home…IN THE HOUSE, to keep Suzy and Johnny on the straight and narrow; T.V. came along, and that became the baby-sitter…..what a screwed-up world!

          O.K., I’m getting out of here: careful with the 12-gauge; we both know what it can do, as well as the M-1. Man….what I would love to do with my 12-gauge, but I’ll keep my mouth shut. See ya, Friend! 😎

        • fiftysevenchevy says:

          Unfortunately my uncle has been gone now for about 7 or 8 years. He is in a better place than we are & I’m sure he will hear my Thanks to him! By the way, Slick Willy was One of those dam pot smokin’ Draft Dodgers you were talking about! Yep, when we were in school, if you didn’t toe the mark, you simply didn’t graduate! PERIOD! A buddy of mine in “Class of ’57” didn’t graduate with the rest of us, ’cause he failed a Final. That’s WHY the kids today are so stupid. They have NO ambition & they know they’re gonna graduate anyway if they stay in school! What B.S. huh! Oh, don’t even mention Hanoi Jane. I have a lot of friends who served in Viet Nam who ALL said they would go around the world to Piss on her grave! And Now they are considering naming her Woman of the year or whatever! Can you believe THAT! Makes me SICK!!!!!!! Take care, Bud!!!!!

        • Korean War Vet says:

          Sure, fiftysevenchecy, you’re as right as apple pie: why should a person spend hours, poring over books and stuff, to be able to graduate, when all he has to do is be present in class so that the damned school adminstrators can say “…we had a full attendance for the past 6 months, so we know we’re going to get the credits and monies needed to keep this school running”, and the student just sits there, sleeping, knowing that he’s going to “graduate” anyway, for doing not a damned thing? I apologize for this long sentence, but had tie it all in. You said it: “what a bunch of BS”!!!! Yeah: Hanoi Jane….I take one every time I sit on the stool. Doesn’t that just frost you, though: “Woman of the Year”? Hey, we’ll talk at you again, Friend; take care, don’t take any wooden nickels. Keep your powder dry, your gunsight cleaned and zeroed-in; you’re going to need it before long. 😎

  97. abinico says:

    Liberals – you are nothing more that shills for the 1% and their corporations. With all your whining power why don’t you do something useful like get mandatory GMO labels on all food.

    • fiftysevenchevy says:

      Or stoppling Abortions! Or Get our borders closed! Or SEVERELY punishing ALL known Terrorists, child molesters & Illegal Immigrants who commit serious crimes, INCLUDING sneaking across our borders! Sheesh! I can wear out a few keyboards listing all the things that they SHOULD do!!!!!!!

  98. conservmrs says:

    Now, who is the true “LOONEY TOON”???? I can think of about 10 Democrats right off the top of my head!!!!

  99. Sunshine Kid says:

    Obviously, the left wing nuts are scared of their own shadows. What next, ban the sun because it causes shadows? Ban lighting unless it comes from all sides? Live in the dark, perhaps? Liberals are so full of fear that they even fear the SHAPE of a pistol, rifle or such. They need psychiatric help!

  100. kcsummer says:

    I want liberals banned because they are idiots whose opinions are, in addition to being stupid, DESTROYING US.

  101. Victor P. Bundy says:

    They grew up with this too but now they want to stur up the S**t to make it smell better. Eveeryone has a b^^ch with something.

  102. Douglas W. Rodrigues says:

    Looney Tunes is the mental state of the left.

  103. zagozana says:

    I ain’t afraid of no cartoon characters except Chainy, Bachman, Palin and Trump…

    • Fox says:

      I would have included such characters as obama, biden, pelosi, boxer, reid, &c. but their abject evil far exceeds that of any cartoon character.

  104. aurora9 says:

    Where do these liberals live at…in a box? Haven’t they watched any movies lately? I’m surprised that they haven’t banned all of the violent movies. But then, they get big payoffs from them

  105. Ian says:

    I am in my 50’s now. I grew up with the cartoons, mainly of the 60’s. Characters with guns, beating each other over the head with shovels, tying themselves to all manner of dangerous items, catapulting themselves from one flaming and smoking pile of wreckage to another…and you know what? I have lived my entire life without performing not one single example of what I saw, and laughed at as a child. Why?
    Because my parents guided me, taught me, and provided me enough life experiences to provide me with something that is becoming a scarcity these days.
    It’s called…common sense.

    Liberals, Democrats, and progressives are totally devoid of this valuable commodity. They think that EVERYONE BUT THEM, is a friggin’ idiot, and that it is their DUTY to protect us from ourselves.

    The ironic and hilarious part of this story, is that it is THEY themselves, who are the moronic imbeciles…but you will never…and I mean NE-VER prove it to them.
    Why? Simple. Libs, Dems, Progressives, and all of the other PC crowd suffer from mental illness…Liberalism. That is what Liberalism is…a mental illness.

    There is your problem, right there. It doesn’t have a damn thing to do with 50 year old cartoons; it has everything to do with people who are so totally screwed in their gray matter, they couldn’t figure their way out of a wet paper sack made of common sense, if their lives depended on it.

  106. Daniel Gray says:

    we need a ban on idiots like the leftie in the story

  107. Fox says:

    If having pictures of pigs on your walls will make moslems stay away, I wonder if having wallpaper decorated with images of various firearms will deter “progressive” lib-tards from wanting to enter my home?
    As in much the same way like crosses to vampires?


  108. charliep says:

    Problem is we are dealing with simpletons who’s intellect boarders on somewhere between being a Moron and an Imbecile, and who dumbed down our young people who for the most part have finished their schooling over the last thirty years. America’s education system has been robbed from the States and the People where America’s history has been distorted from the arrival of settlers in Virginia to the Arrival of the Puritans. Most have no idea who Pocahontas was or who Capt. John Smith was. They have no knowledge of the hardships that the Puritans went through getting established or for that matter the origin our Thanksgiving Holiday They seem to know nothing about the French Indian Wars.

    I know for the most part that I am addressing the choir here. But like others here; I grew up watching cartoons in the movie theaters during the ’30s and continued watching many cartoons into adulthood. I particularly enjoyed Looney Toons and I suspect that today’s youngsters would too.

    I now reside in my ninth decade and I never in my life ever knew anybody/anyone (which ever is correct) who was ever influenced by any violence that was perpetrated in a cartoon. Everyone understood that these were cartoons created to entertain us with some laughter; not the real world violence I guess the Roadrunner cartoons will be banned also due the Coyote’s host of violent misgivings that it is always trying employ for a hearty meal that never ever materializes. Nevertheless a very entertaining cartoon, even for adults.

    They don’t just want to ban Guns. They want to ban all forms of violence on TV as well as Movies. They just have not figured out the best approach for the entertainment industry yet, but they are demonstrating their desires by attacking Cartoons. Be assured that Westerns and and movies that reveal violence will come under fire. Cartoons are just the first approach here. Maybe this will not come about until after a New World Order is established. Be Assured that is
    coming. It will start with the implementation of “Agenda 21” If you are not familiar with “Agenda 21”, look it up on the NET. Be prepared for a shock. This is a UN program that has been around for a long time now, and has been indorsed by most U.S. States , Counties, and Cities. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise…

  109. xoxozo says:

    LESS violent the cutting up a baby!!!!!

  110. MontieR says:

    When we grew up watching Yosemity Sam shoot 200 round from a six shooter, we as 7 year olds knew it was comedy and NOT real. It is called common sense. Something
    the regressive, progressives have deliberately removed from education. The perversion of our education system is both blatant and deliberate. This IS the root of America’s decline. Today ANYONE with anything resembling a conservative view is literally persecuted and ridiculed. The liberal/progressive mind is damaged and can’t produce decent cognitive common sense. It is acting like a disease and spreading across the country. Their ideas “sound” great and “feel” good but do incredible damage.

  111. steveafrikaner says:

    Proof positive that Dimocrats are Looney Tunes!

  112. sandraleesmith46 says:

    Even as a child I grasped that those characters weren’t real. How many times did Wylie blow himself up, trying to stop the Road Runner? But I didn’t grow up with a callous disregard for guns, bombs, OR life! I find it TOTALLY LUDICROUS that these SAME anti-SELF-defense FOOLS are the very ones who INSIST it’s a woman’s “right” to conspire with one or more people to scald to death and / or rip apart alive and conscious, her own unborn baby! That’s depraved MURDER! And they’re whining about a CARTOON???

  113. Ursus_Indomitus says:

    I want libs banned because they’re FREAKING IDIOTS!

  114. tom nogaro says:

    now yosemite sam is a terrorist outlaw. what’s next? superman? batman & robin (2 men in tights?), johnny 5 (“your mama was a snow blower; your daddy, a roller coaster; my cousin, a harley davidson!”).

    wait! i got a better cartoon to outlaw as terrorists: today’s darth vader swat crews.

    (watch out, hollywood: you’re next! that means you, samuel l. jackson. it’s called die hard, with zero vengeance.)

  115. Frank Revelation says:

    People calling Obama a communist ~ after 5-plus in office? ~ are people proving they do not follow American politics in any credible way. They do not read political analysis in any serious way. They do not comprehend what Left – Center – Right – in American politics means by definition.

    So keep yelling accusatory political labels ~ Keep screaming insults. That’s what happens on playgrounds.

    And keep inhaling on 2008 campaign rhetoric from guaranteed losing candidates Gingrich, Huckabee & Paul. Unlike the American people, they had nothing to lose and everything to win.

    After 5 1/2 years, your inability to move on and be serious about being serious ~ puts you in the same group of freaks that refused to acknowledge George Bush as the POTUS in 2000. They called him the ‘selected president’ for 8 years. Nice crowd you hang with.

    • Colorado_Patriot60 says:

      Your a funny no-info leftist leming!!

      Bush has a Birth Certificate, BTW!!

      • Frank Revelation says:

        If you meant to spell ‘leaning’, you’re right. I am leftist leaning ~ I’ve voted for Presidential (R) candidates 40% & (D) candidates 60%, since 1980. What’s your point? You promoting a One-Party Ruling political system? A Communist Party system? A Parliamentary Democracy system?

        If you meant to spell ‘lemming’, [a member of any large group following an unthinking course towards mass destruction], please re-read #’s 1, 2 & 3. Then, articulate why you’re exempt from such behavior.

        I have . . . “no-info”? ‘No’ is very precise & definitive.

        Everybody here including you, sir, come with political info & passion for America & our political discourse. We’re not investing our time commenting on Kim Kardashian, Soccer scores or recipes, are we?

        “Bush has a Birth Certificate, BTW!!”

        You replied to my comment,. where;

        1. I defended Bush’s election & re-election.
        2. I did not defend or mention Obama’s birth certificate.

        My words focused on people calling Obama a Communist.

        But since you had to bring it up again . . . . .

        The Republican Party never moved one inch forward on impeachment proceedings after the 2008 election. Why? Because GOP leaders, the McCain/Palin campaign, and the Hillary Clinton campaign were all disappointingly convinced of Obama’s U.S. citizenship well before the 2008 election.

        After the 2012 re-election of Obama, “Birthers” showed up at Republican town meetings ~ demanding why impeachment is being stalled? The Republican Party response was “We lost that argument in the 2012 election”.

        If I was a “Birther” as you seem to be, I’d be outraged at such an implausible, misapplied & insulting answer.

        “Birthers” Got Hustled. By the GOP. Hustled by (R) politicians that won elections promising impeachment action. Hustled by 501(C)3 & (C)4 non-profit organizations that collected tens of millions of tax-free dollars, all donated by people sincerely angered or frightened that America may have inadvertently elected a non U.S. citizen.

        • Mac Boy says:

          Did you know?: – if you forget to secure your Tinfoil hat with Duct-tape, the “Voices” can still get inside and talk to you? .. Like NOW?

        • Colorado_Patriot60 says:

          No, I meant Lemming. Typical no info lib with no factual argument to do a spell check on a typo. Your party is a joke and ruining this once Great Country. The ovomt “gubermint” is a laughing stock around the World.
          Funny, a lib accusing Conservatives of promoting a one party system. lbj and your party boasted ” We’ll have those ni&&ers voting demoncrap for the 200 years”.
          Voting fraud across the Country and them bragging about it on video. Right, Conservatives promoting a one party system.

          Again you make me LAUGH!!


    • Mac Boy says:

      Did you know, if you turn off your ObamaPhone, and quit drinking the Kool-Aid, your headaches will stop – and the “voices” will go away?

      • Frank Revelation says:

        So . . . you’ve returned to insert your rotational comments on Kool-Aid, Tin Foil hats, Obama phones & food stamps, huh?

        BTW: Posting in all bold lettering isn’t cool.

        At least the “voices in your head” that compelled you to use these forums for advertising the D.C. disaster a couple of hundred times is over.

        Here’s an encore presentation:

        ******* “OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING” *********

        *** March on Washington DC *** *** MAY 16th !! ***

        Be there, or Support those who do GO …………

        Over 2.5 MILLION Vets, retired Vets & Civilians have pledged to go and Demand a change of Personnel in DC – from the top – down !!!!

        *** and We WILL stay in D.C. until the job is Done! – Ooh Rah!

        • Mac Boy says:

          Didn’t see You or any other Pussy Left Libs there….. or in Nam either …….

        • Frank Revelation says:

          C’mon, you didn’t see 500 hundred in D.C.

          You remember everyone you saw in Vietnam?

          BTW: We likely agree on a few things. For example:
          I’m strongly in favor of reinstating the draft as a fast & damn straight way back to:
          1. Get our next generation USA invested & USA proud.
          2. Get American parents out of their war coma.
          3. Get Americans back to holding politicians’ feet to the fire over never-ending wars & sending soldiers out for 4, 5 or 6 tours.

          Let’s face it, Mac Boy:
          Your name + Your pic + Your curmudgeon cut&paste insults + You live near West Hollywood ~ adds all up to: Speculation . . .

          . . . you’re totally non-existent. That you’re the pet project of some cunning L.A. kid having behind-the-scenes fun creating your Archie Bunker / Gunnery Sergeant Hartman persona.

          You’re too straight out of central casting to be a real guy.

          (Sgt. Hartman = drill instructor in Full Metal Jacket )

  116. KingoLingus says:

    This is what happens when the lefty pussies and their PC, homo loving, God damming agenda is in ANY society. Look what happened to the Greeks and Romans. This is our future unless we stop it!!!!!

    • Frank Revelation says:

      “llefty pussies and their PC, homo loving, God damming agenda”

      How do you buy into this crap? You MUST fill yourself w/commercial radio & tv commentary from hosts just trying to keep listeners entertained & sponsors happy. The world may be passing you by.

      But let’s hear your recipe to “stop it!!!!!”

  117. AnnCA says:

    Actually, it could be not a bad idea to ban cartoon classics. Kids will be busy searching and downloading illegal copies of banned cartoons instead of watching all this PG-rated crap on TVs.

  118. pFeather says:

    If we’re going to ban anything we should ban progressive liberal democrats from running anything.

  119. HOFFHACK says:

    Can anyone remember one instance of a character actually dying in a Looney Tunes cartoon??? Other than powder burned faces, or water leaking out of imaginary holes in the body, I cannot recall Bugs, or Daffy, or Elmer Fudd or Porky Pig, or even old Wiley Coyote ever actually kicking the bucket! What a bunch of putzes!!!

  120. KAG505 says:

    “Dagnabbit, those crazy libs are at it again”

  121. Texas John says:

    I think the libs that think this way should be on the new looney toons, after all, they are pretty looney.

  122. AgainstUnionThievery says:

    Let’s first begin to ban violent video games.

    • AnnCA says:

      Please remember that everything banned by the government immediately comes back as a black market and becomes more attractive for youth than it was when it was legal.

  123. kap2002 says:

    Why don’t we ban liberals for being JUST PLAIN STUPID. Problem solved.

  124. Colorado_Patriot60 says:

    This coming from the party of Looney Toons. Christians and Conservatives have been pointing out the perversion and violence coming out of homowood for years. Only now that the communists have gotten a foothold through the indoctrination school system, they feel powerful enough to dictate what we can and can not permit our children to watch. FO!!

  125. CDD says:

    Yosemite Sam 2016

  126. Lloydl333 says:

    Liberals need to learn to mind their own business.

    Don’t be screwing with Bugs Bunny unless you want my foot in yo ass.

  127. gian2012 says:

    What a bunch of crap. When I was a kid we laughed and regaled at Yosemite Sam, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and the Road Runner. The Road Runner used no guns but plenty of explosives etc. to outfox Wile E. Coyote and the results were so hilarious I even lmao at reruns. The Road Runner rules and even God probably laughs at him. So along comes a sour faced lib talking about gun violence in an animated cartoon yet, a harmless entertainment medium. I’m sick of liberals and their eternal b.s. and whining about this country and everything about it including cartoons of all things. Shut up for God’s sake or there’s eventually going have to be some bloodshed someday with whiny liberals and their nonsense. Good grief, when’s this going to end?

  128. Joe FireTruck says:

    mallen11 you are a very good friend of mine which I have never met or known about. If O’hussain keeps up his subversion, we may wind up comrades in arms against him, so stand by. Start the kids up with air rifles if you can. It will teach them trigger stability. The Chinese army uses air rifles in their army shooting training, as they could not afford the real stuff in the past. .Unless you are super smooth, and light with an air rifle trigger, you cannot hit anything quite as well. Enjoy. sincerely. The Cuban Crusader.

  129. LeslieFish says:

    This has happened before. Does anybody remember the Kefauver Committee in the 1950s, which chose to ban and censor comic books, because a self-serving pshrnk named Dr. Frederick Wertham claimed that they were “violent” and caused “juvenile delinquency”? Funny thing, but in the decades after “violent” comic books were banned, juvenile violence continued to climb.

    This is either another “feely-goody” campaign, trying to prove that ineffectual liberals are Doing Something about juvenile violence, or it’s another attempt to subvert the 2nd Amendment — or both.

    –Leslie < Fish

  130. Mac Boy says:

    I remember disc jockeys breaking old Elvis 78’s on TV saying that “Rock ‘n Roll” is teaching the Devils’ music …. ha ha

    • fiftysevenchevy says:

      Imagine what those Jocks (the ones who are still alive) would think of TODAY’S CRAP that they call music!!!?????

  131. nimbii says:

    They know that an armed populace is to be feared by them.

  132. nimbii says:

    Benjamin Franklin once said “Those who beat their swords into plowshares wind up plowing the fields of those who did not.”

  133. Bill says:

    Actually, this is good… I’ve been waiting for the damnable democrats to bite off more than they can chew. I’ve been watching Bugs and company for over 50 years now and if I’ve learned anything from it, it’s that “Yous don’ wanna mess wit da Raaa-bbit!” Bugs may love to make fools out of Yosemite and Elmer, but disarm them?? Never! Stupid leftists have no idea who they’re screwing with!

  134. SpendusMaximus says:

    I support a ban on experimentation on lab animals. I am, however, in favor of using liberals as a substitute in order to preserve the lives of lab rats!

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