Obama Wants $500 Million to Arm Terrorists in Syria

The White House promises that before any money is awarded to anyone, the recipient groups will be “appropriately vetted.” To make sure that only the “moderate” rebels will get the money.

This is supposed to allay fears that money and weapons might end up in the wrong hands. Keep in mind that these are mostly anti-gun politicians calling for sending loads of money, heavy weapons and training to Mohammedan terrorist groups. Isn’t that a little ironic? Foreign terrorists get free money and truly automatic “assault” weapons and rocket-propelled grenades and even crash courses to show them how to use them. But if you’re an American, you have to jump through hoops just to get a permit to own a handgun. After you pay the fee, submit to a background check and wait. Makes perfect sense. Reuters reported:

President Barack Obama, under pressure from some lawmakers to provide more help to Syria’s opposition, asked the U.S. Congress on Thursday to approve $500 million to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels seeking to oust President Bashar al-Assad.

It was the administration’s most tangible move yet to help beleaguered Assad opponents who have been frustrated at a lack of U.S. assistance after Obama stepped back from launching air strikes on Syria nearly a year ago.

Senior Obama administration officials have long debated how best to help rebels in Syria’s three-year-old civil war, which is showing signs of spilling over into neighboring Iraq.

A White House statement said Syrian rebels would be “appropriately vetted” before being given assistance, in what amounts to an effort to assuage concerns that some equipment provided to the Syrian opposition might ultimately fall into the hands of U.S. enemies.

Reuters of course waits until the very last paragraph to remind us who these groups are that are going to be receiving our financial and military aid:

Syrian rebels fighting Assad are a disparate array of groups including the radical Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which seized parts of northern and western Iraq in an offensive this month; Nusra Front, which is affiliated to al Qaeda; and moderate, non-ideological factions such as the Supreme Military Command.

Of course the money and weapons will end up in the wrong hands. That’s the point. The U.S. is trying to de-stabilize the region, not stabilize it. They want Assad gone. After he’s gone, the U.S. will support someone else who is a lot easier to control.



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  • patriotusa2

    Obama doesn’t know what to do about the problems in the Middle East, most of which he created himself by meddling in the affairs of Egypt and Libya and helping push the Muslim Brotherhood into power. The vacuum is now being filled by terrorist groups like ISIS that are even too fierce for Al Qaida who dislikes this group immensely. The entire Middle East is being divided into warring factions, all fighting for the same thing, Islam and Allah and the resurrection of an Islamic empire. It’s just a matter now of who has control over whom, if and when they succeed. Spending our money to help train guys who all wear black hats is crazy.

    • ken.

      actually, obama knows exactly what he’s doing in the middle east. he wants the problems to keep our military overworked and busy overseas instead of ready at home. and he also wants his comrades in the muslim brotherhood to take power and control the entire middle east. russia tried to take control of the middle east and the Afghanistan war they fought destroyed the russian economy and military strength. reagan took advantage of it and pushed back the cold war ( the cold war never actually ended it was only pushed underground to rebuild. ). obama is using the middle east wars to help destroy our military and economy using the same tactics.

      • patriotusa2

        I’ll admit that he doesn’t give a hoot about our military, and has diminished it immensely by lowering the morale of many over his gay policies. Nevertheless, I don’t believe this guy knows what he’s doing about anything, other than his domestic transformations in regards to distribution of wealth, and purposely leaving our borders open to topple the Republicans and eliminate the white majority. In regards to business, foreign affairs and scores of other important issues, he in my opinion, doesn’t know his arse from first base.

        • ken.

          playing stupid is part of the scam, it helps him when the heat is on. remember that they play the game of look over here while we are doing other things everywhere else. they have that perfected. never underestimate your enemies, it’s suicide to do so.

        • patriotusa2

          Diversion is definitely part of their strategy, but I still say none of them have a clue about foreign affairs or how to lead. The guy who thinks we have 57 states, and has made almost as many gaffes as Biden, is a smooth talker, gifted with the ability to sway people into thinking he’s a nice guy. He and his wife made it clear from day one that they would transform this country, and “change our traditions, our way of thinking,” etc., and as Michele also said, “take us to a new place.” Nevertheless, it doesn’t take brains to destroy anything, only vengeance, and I don’t believe that all the failures that has taken place on his watch, especially overseas, was anything more than stupidity. I would never underestimate anything this guy does, as I never voted for him, and didn’t trust him since day one. Underestimation has nothing to do with my opinion, I just don’t think he’s that bright, other than his ability to talk a good game.

  • abinico

    I am sick and tired of the damn jews stealing our tax dollars. Get the jews out of our government! We have no business in the Mideast – we do not need their oil, nor their camels. That the U.S. butts into anyone’s business in the Mideast is all because the jews demand it.

    • joshuasweet

      oh sure it’s the Jews doing that controlling the foreign policy of the USA as developed by Obama.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Truth is, many of the banksters who have owned our economy through most of our history, and held full control of it the past century, ARE Jews, mostly long apostate, but aligned against Israel, as much as us. They sided with the parties who coalesced into the NWO, centuries ago, before there was a US. Whether they know it, and/or care, or not, they sided with the long avowed enemy of the God of Israel. And today they side with that enemy’s ” children” against the people of their family blood lines to destroy them and us alike!

        • joshuasweet

          and just where did you come up with that “fact” that the banks are Jewish owned or that they control them?
          from news out of Frank R Weltner’s white nationalist organization, or the Brother Nathanael Foundation,or the ever truthful Jeff Rense?
          as for God of Israel remember that God said in Exodus 20:23, Deuteronomy 6:14,2 Kings 17:35,Psalm 81:9.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Little history lesson for you: after Romans destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD, they forced the bulk of the Jewish people OUT of Israel (called the diaspora), many into Europe, where they weren’t welcomed. Over the centuries that followed, one of FEW jobs they were consistently ALLOWED to do was money-lending (on the order of the pawn shop), which eventually enriched some families and by the Renaissance, had grown into groups like the East and West India Companies, which FINANCED colonists to the new world, or banking houses like the Rothschilds. They own the Bank of London, the French state bank, oh yeah, and a largish chunk of the US Federal Reserve

        • joshuasweet

          and sure it has stayed that way since then they own all the banks and control all the funds in the world.
          history has proven other wise. you obviously use the Frank R Weltner’s white nationalist organization, or the Brother Nathanael Foundation,or the ever truthful Jeff Rense as you sources

        • sandraleesmith46

          Really? BTW, never heard of your sources. But the NWO Agenda and adjunct groups claim those as their financiers, and have done since the middle of the sixteenth century!

        • joshuasweet

          “NWO Agenda and adjunct groups claim those as their financiers” your source is not slanted at all

        • sandraleesmith46

          Do you prefer the Bible? Fits those prophecies too.

        • joshuasweet

          no not really personal experience and observation.
          can you see my logo?

        • sandraleesmith46

          Sure, and your logo neither creates nor changes world history, past nor present. I’m looking at a much larger “picture”.

        • joshuasweet

          I have God as the power over all to end all!
          I do not follow a religious agenda no church.
          just simple facts proven by participation and observation

        • sandraleesmith46

          I find the Bible to be a much more useful guide, in that respect, and the Holy Spirit, than my own “wisdom”. Observation can be a helpful tool, but never supersede God’s wisdom and guidance.

        • joshuasweet

          and god said in Exodus 20:3 and Exodus 20:23
          “Do not make any gods to be alongside me;”

        • sandraleesmith46

          Not sure which translation that is (not one I’ve read through, in any case), but the actual mesning is “equal to or above Me”. Nor do I.

        • joshuasweet

          I just looked up the words as I remembered them and found this site :

          but as I see it he is saying it is only him no one else

        • sandraleesmith46

          Well, exactly! Any beneath Him wouldn’t BE God! That’s Lucifer’s problem: he doesn’t think he should be subordinate!

        • joshuasweet

          and the same for jesus as well.

        • joshuasweet

          the christians seem to thing other wise and the catholics have a holy ghost there as well.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Read Matt twenty-four. Those are “followers” Jesus spoke of Himself, of “different Jesus'”, and “different spirits”. He was warning us against falling into that trap.

        • joshuasweet

          Old testament only new testament is not the word of God but of man.

        • sandraleesmith46

          So you deny Jesus’ Divinity, and declare the Word null and void, since the NT, IS the OT revealed?

        • joshuasweet

          why yes I do God said the very same thing there shall be no other. but worship as you will I have my religious beliefs and it just does not include the christian ideology period the great spirit sort is my understanding as passed down form ages ago

        • sandraleesmith46

          Then you have NO understanding at all of even the OT! The FIRST promise of the Messiah to come is given in Gen 3:15, and from there on through Malachi the OT is filled with information about Him, some of which has yet to be fulfilled, but WIL be, as surely as the rest has been!

        • joshuasweet

          sorry but I do not follow that perspective at all I have read the bibles and the concordances even studied in school.
          my religious beliefs are older and established just not a base for gaining income or propaganda as yours have been.

    • 4EVERu

      Israel has been our ally since the start of this country. They helped America financially when she needed it. This article is not about America giving the Jews money. It should be that way. If you knew Christ, then you would be able to understand why it is so vitally important for America to ally with them. What our president is doing will result in grave consequences for our nation. We may not like the Jew, but it was God’s decision to have our Savior come through their race. I’m not saying we have to take crap off them because they are God’s chosen people, but we are not to ill treat them and are to be supportive of them. Sometimes we have to set aside our personal feeling so that God’s plan can be accomplished in our lives.

    • Sam

      It’s the Muslims and communists in our government doing the stealing right now. Where have you been?

  • http://yahoo.com/ DustyFae

    TREASONOUS ACT—Aiding and Abetting Terrorists–they are all our enemies.. it is all Muslims wanting to kill Americans, there is no such thing as a moderate muslim who is practicing ISLAM…PERIOD… They are all terrorists no matter what sect they are…

  • joshuasweet

    “The U.S. is trying to de-stabilize
    the region, not stabilize it. They want Assad gone. After he’s gone,
    the U.S. will support someone else who is a lot easier to control.”
    Iran is on that short list along with the Muslim Brotherhood members so it must be one heck of a deal to stabilize the region but for whom?
    treasonous activities seem to be Obama’s main stay of foreign policy.

  • ADRoberts

    Yes, but Obama’s terrorists are “moderate”. The only cut off the arms and legs of 8 year old Christian girls with carpentry saws and not dull knives.
    You know there is a BIG difference between being killed by a moderate terrorist and being killed by a radical terrorist? Surely there must be. Otherwise why would Obama want to arm just one group?

  • gnafuasusual

    Maybe these countries will blow each other up and no need to support Syria with the Mickey Mouse money which could be better used to pay down the enormous debt this man has made trying to kiss up to the enemy. Suppose!

  • Robert

    Another act of TREASON by theTyrant n Traitor obama. He needs to be introduced to a rope with 13 knots.

    • Taking care of business!

      And one to grow on.

  • tom nogaro

    where does zero, or any other president for that matter, come off seeking to
    oust the leader of another nation, let alone ask the citizenry to fund such ouster performed by mercenary troops which have been or presently are enemies of ours? is it just me?? if it is not just enough for us to fight, it is not just enough for us to fund others to so fight on our behalf.

    tell me, have only i lost my mind, or has our nation lost its, under this and prior power maniacs (baby bush, slick willie, voodoo daddy bush, nixon, johnson) who cannot dare let other nations determine their own fates, all in the name of our almighty national security, which ultimately has led us to the dhi (dept of homeland insecurity): the unpatriot act, ndaa, tsa, dhs, etc.?

    whatever happened to the notion of national sovereignty? how would zero (and we americans) like it if iraq or russia or syria or libya or iran, or neighbors canada or mexico for that matter, did what he does? (actually, mexico is doing just this, and with his aid.)

    what is the un (supposedly a body of international dispute resolution) good for, anyway? is it reserved only for invasion of the us to disarm and quell we the people in the event (or, more properly, inevitability) of yet another false flag, this time one finally against our people and bill of rights, the new and last patsies?

    so, before zero asks for penny one to disrupt any other nation’s functioning, or dysfunctioning for that matter, as ricky ricardo would say to lucy: he’s got “some splainin” to do, about how he has already disrupted our own nation’s from within (irs loisgate, benghazi snooze, va atrocities, fastly furious, muslim bro cabinet, half bro malik, zerocare but only for some, inside/outside drone kill video games, an nsa chicken-rat in every pot, bad boy for 5 star general swaps, a fed gone spider-monkey wild on our dollar, mexican borderless invasion, solyndra and other cronyism, gun grabbing, bundy taking, unlimited detention under ndaa but not at gitmo, etal). and i mean some real splainin, lucy: one hour a nite, no drive bys.

    then, after about a month of this “splainin” ie, that he and his regime are not
    revolutionaries (transformers) up to no good, only then should he be allowed to ask, and we duly answer, his call to fund disruption by mercenaries hired by us. and only then we will decide who, if anyone, needs disrupting: other nations’ regimes, or our own. see, it is all quite fast and furious, including zerocare, and by design, so nothin gets noticed as it is all being showed down our throats: with spoons, shovels, eyedroppers, iv drip, water torture, pens, phones, whatever.

    of course, barry zero will not do this. he is too busy golfing and vacationing.

    more pertinently, he not does not have the tes-te-cles to do this. ie, sit there and take the heat, no, that would be too much to ask, and it would require honesty. he just needs us for our cash and the car, like a bad teen.

    plus, bad santa’s got us by our wee parts: we better watch out and better not cry or pout: he’s got a crayola pencil and a whistle, meaning party hearty marty (martial) law, and extended fema camp vacations for all those irksome ricky ricardos who believe in just governance, you know the kind we are dying (literally) to install in iraq, syria, libya, ukraine, and God knows where else. (but, allah forbid, not in the us of awol, home of the once free, land of the once brave).

    • woonsocket


    • sandraleesmith46

      Massive ego, and NWO elites demanding it to acheve their globalist agenda, which includes, for now the global caliphate. Next question: no, you aren’t the only one, but we ARE few. And yea, it IS insane, and doomed to fail. They’ll keep on running up false flags ’til we rebel or capitulate.

      • tom nogaro

        ty sandra lee.

        ty for the friendly moral support. i thought it was me alone going crazy cause this is truly a crazy moment in our nation’s, even the world’s, time. you remember “the life of riley” show? “babs, what a revoltin’ development this is!!” (probably ur too young! lol.)

        i truly hope and pray rebellion or revolt never come to pass. perhaps there will be divine intervention. this is my prayer.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Actually I do remember “The Life of Riley”. I’m not that young, alas. You’re welcome. Trying to maintain sanity these days is a challenge.. If you need an ear, you have my e-mail address, use it. There aren’t nearly enough around who are willing to see the reality, so if we don’t talk to each other, the echoes can get spooky.

        • tom nogaro

          ty again, sandra lee.

          you are so right. i see from your other comments you are a nurse. God bless you for your wonderful calling, doing God’s work. i did the next best thing: defended nurses, docs, hospitals, etal. glad i did too. you are a gem, of gems.

          i don’t know. think i misplaced your email addy. could you provide it again? thnx, again. (sorry for the trouble.)

        • sandraleesmith46

          You’re welcome. Thank-you for defending those in need. My sister is still practicing, but I’m retired now. I’ll send that along.

  • Taking care of business!

    Oh he means “freedom fighters.” We conservatives are the terrorists.

  • Webb

    Its been said before…”Let the Middle East Burn”….Our Government has wasted Young Lives & Treasure, over the last 12 years.Thousands Of Years Of History in the middle East…Cannot be Changed unless Their People want it Changed!

  • Sam

    obama has been helping the Muslim Brotherhood advance the caliphate ever since he got into office. He is behind the Arab Spring and he was behind the removal of Ghadafi and Mubaric. He is desperate to get rid of Assad. We should NOT be giving any terrorists one penny of our money. Congress had better cut off the terrorist money. It makes no sense to fund a war in the Middle East unless you are a terrorist advancing the caliphate.

  • woonsocket

    Only The House can approve. The House is controlled by Republicans. Let’s see what they do. John Boehner can’t hide and tell The Senate to vote on it first. Other countries should get involved this time around.

    • kcsummer

      True, if you add in this proviso: In the era “before Obama” only the house could approve. Now that we have crossed over into the Twilight Zone Hussein has free rein to do whatever he chooses and none of the other numb nuts in DC are going to say ANYTHING. When I see what is happening to my country, it makes me sake, right along with all the idiots who have no problems, no issues, no questions about what Obama is doing. I will not be celebrating 4th of July, did not last year either, because near as i can figure out the USA I grew up in is dead and gone.

  • DaveM


  • scottymoore

    Why doesn’t our leadership take away our enemy’s weaponry instead of building it up? Oh, I know, it’s not the Tea Party, or NRA.
    Maybe their new army they are creating, “The LBGTs” and their special forces could go over there and stop this madness.
    Just a thought.

  • http://www.GodAuthoredBible.com geneww1938

    why ship the money over there. Just give it to the Muslim mobs in Chicago, Alexandria VA, NYC, Washington … and Detroit. They will kill us sooner.

  • Walt

    Hell NO! Stay out of their affairs. This is what they do. It is what they have always done. It is what they live for. They do not need or want our help. Stay out of it.

  • Ray

    I say first let him find the 6 Billion that is missing from the State Department. This guy thinks money grows on trees.

  • Harold

    Osama Obama is just helping HIS friends!

  • tod


  • monacall

    And where does this dip shxt thinks his gonna get the money? China? Me? I don’t think so what a fracking joke. We are 17 trillion in debt. Lolololololol

  • http://LnL-E-Action.com/ jaminjayman

    Haven’t the terrorist groups already have enough of our “help”? This is an absolute outrage! Arrest him for treason now. He supports our enemies and must be stopped now! This is the very definition of insanity. All should now be able to see what Hussain is doing. He helps Islamist terrorists over throw the “bad leader” and what we get as a result is another radical Muslim country and the Middle-East further destablized.

  • GeoInSD

    Obama and Hillary Clinton disallowed the reimporting of WWII/Korean War era M1 Garand rifles because, in their words, “They might fall into the wrong hands”. (Over the course of my lifetime, I am 52, I don’t recall ever hearing a crime being committed with that type of weapon.) And here is a good chance we will be arming the bad guys directly. (If there are any good guys in those conflicts, it isn’t obvious to me.)

  • jwright673

    So I guess we never vetted those participating in the Arab Spring that has made a total mess of the Middle East. We just had to get rid of Hussein in Iraq, even though he kept the lid on a volatile country. Then Ghadaffi just had to go in Libya. How’s that working out. And lets not forget Egypt. Mubarak was an ally to the United States for many years and we hung him out to dry and isn’t Egypt now just a marvellous place to be? So that leaves Syria and the table will be run – we’ll be rid of all those “strong-armed” heathens who kept the peace for years. I guess maobama and his ilk are born to create chaos because that what he has done abroad and in America. It is time to learn from these mistakes and get the hell out of foreign affairs we are not equipped to participate in.

  • kcsummer

    Obama has not been APPROPRIATELY VETTED. Nope – he’s a proven liar. So why would his promise to “appropriately vet” someone mean anything? Obama has ZERO CREDIBILITY with me and, I confess, I have absolutely no clue how anyone could believe in him or anything he says.

  • MontieR

    500 mil would completely fund the American militia to stand guard on our southern border to stop the INVASION from south america.

  • nimbii

    Let’s stand back for a minute and ask;

    Why are we borrowing 40% of every dollar from China and then spend it on the Middle East?

    Why should China spend their won money to keep the peace in the Middle East when they can lend it to us to do it instead?