The Convenient Loyalties of Grover Norquist

Among the Don’s and Capo’s of the K street syndicate operates a man of considerable yet waning influence, his name is Grover Glenn Norquist. Mr. Norquist’s controversial “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” has come under recent fire from both high ranking Democrats and so-call conservative Republican supporters. To many Americans, Norquist’s small government and tax reform agenda has made him a man worthy of praise. However, as it is with all lobbyists, the general public would do well to consider Mr. Norquist’s loyalties before rushing to anoint another false patriot.

For decades Grover Norquist has enriched himself with his legislative crusades to save American Taxpayers from the growing intrusiveness of our government. I like many Americans applauded his work on the 1994 “Contract with America” as well as his involvement with “Christian Coalition of America” and “Toward Tradition”. Yet many Americans are not aware of the troubling and extensive ties Mr. Norquist has with radical Islamist elements working within our government. I am not attempting to assassinate the character of a man that I do not know. I am simply raising questions about his loyalties.

In 1998, Norquist’s political ambitions gave birth to the idea of uniting Islamic leaders (who had established ties to the Clinton Administration and favored smaller government) with the Republican Party. In 1998 Norquist founded the Islamic Free Market Institute (IFMI) with financing from a Yemeni born Islamist named Abdurrahman Alamoudi a self-described “supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah” and founder of the “American Muslim Council”. Mr. Alamoudi is now serving a 23 year sentence for a guilty plea to financial and conspiracy charges relating to the Libyan plot to kill Saudi crown Prince Abdullah and illegal procurement of citizenship charges uncovered during a federal investigation.

During Mr. Norquist’s chairmanship, the IFMI has been given extensive access to our government as well as a raised level of legitimacy in Republican circles. No wonder none of our elected representatives will respond to my questions on topics like “Sharia compliant banking” trends in America.

The founding director of Norquist’s Islamic Institute, Khaled Saffuri, had a history of Muslim activism and operations in places like Bosnia and Saudi Arabia. It was also widely reported that Saffuri was a supporter of the families of suicide bombers, although he publicly denied these allegation. During the 2000 presidential campaign, the Palestinian born IFMI Director was instrumental in introducing Sami al-Arian; a popular Florida based Muslim activist and University of South Florida computer science professor to then presidential candidate George Bush. Apparently the Bush campaign was looking to gin up support from the Muslim community in Florida and cared nothing for the documented radical Islamist sympathies held by al-Arian. After all, politics makes strange bedfellows. Yet most politically expedient relationships never last.

Soon after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on the U.S., Mr. Saffuri, a man widely known in fundamentalist Islamic circles, publicly denounced the Bush Administration’s decision to shut down the Holy Land Foundation, a Saudi Charity that was channeling American Muslim donations to terrorist operations overseas. Eventually, Mr. al-Arian, the Bush campaign’s Florid- based Muslim operative was arrested on 40 terrorism related counts for his 19 year direction of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad; one of the most violent terrorist groups operating in the Middle East. Does this sound like the kind of men a conservative American activist would create alliances with?

Among the many U.S. foreign and domestic policy initiatives influenced by Norquist’s Islamic Free Market Institute was the establishment of standards for choosing Muslim chaplains for the U.S. military, the quandary of Palestinians under Israeli occupation and the effort to endorse Islamic causes and support Islamic candidates within the Republican Party. It’s also worth noting that it has been alleged that the IFMI has an alliance with the SAAR Network, a Saudi sponsored group with ties to global terrorist activities and financing.

Money’s influence in our government is becoming more frightening every day; especially foreign money influence. I myself am perplexed as to how a so-called conservative like Grover Norquist, a man once elevated to the throne of Republican leadership, a Christian man who claims to despise big government overreach could not only align himself with but found an organization like the Islamic Free market Institute. Perhaps this is just another example of the hypocrisy of Washington albeit a dangerous one. My guess is Islamic money and influence runs a whole lot deeper than is being reported and the American public better wake up soon.



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30 comments on “The Convenient Loyalties of Grover Norquist
  1. Wtf says:

    Grover is a crook. Two of his best buddies got busted for racketeering. Now that he is squarely in the limelight, his enemies will turn him in to the DOJ. There is no need to tie him to Islamophobia. He’ll hang himself just fine on his unethical business practices. Grover is the ultimate special interest, king pin lobbyist. The republicans are starting to distance themselves. Wait till midterm election. He’ll be damaged goods by then!

  2. NICKI says:


    • earlywirgit says:

      Hard to believe, but we still have people who need to be told that typing in ‘all caps’ is tantamount to screaming. Please do us all a favor and release the ‘caps lock’ key. We’ll find reading your comments much more pleasing. Thanks.

  3. remesquaddie says:

    It’s the old saying…”The enemy of my enemy is my friend”…So be it, and NO ONE IS PERFECT.

  4. jamsim67 says:

    I don’t know if Grover is, or isn’t in the wrong. What I do know is that whenever someone with power or political reach has something to gain, you better not get in his way. It starts when stories like this begin appearing … Watch for more

  5. jean1000 says:

    Norquist was interviewed on 60 Minutes several years ago.  I found him to be an arrogant, egotistical, bullying, self serving SOB.  I doubt he or his organization cares for the U.S. any more than the clown in the white house.  Congresspeople should be free to vote their conscience on any tax issue without fear of being run out of office if they disagree with norquist or his lynch party.

  6. RightGunner says:

    The question is whether the Taxpayer Protection Pledge is in our best interest or not, and why.  How about the author making clear his position on that, and keeping his concern with Norquist separate.

    • Uncle Johnson says:

      Didn’t the article say that the author applauded Mr. Norquists work on the Taxpayer protection plede?

  7. AdrianVance says:

    Grover Norquist was arrogant asking for such pledges in the first place, but now he is proving to us what a bunch of skunks we have in office.
    See The Two Minute Conservative at for political analysis, science and humor.  If you read us every day when you speak ladies will swoon and liberalgentlemen will weep.

  8. jgalt says:

    I would worry a lot more about all the Israeli dual nationals in our government before these Islamists. The Israelis are the neo-cons keeping us broke and at war forever.

  9. jamsim67 says:

    I love how the author say’s ” I am not attempting to assassinate the character of a man that I do not know ” But that’s exactly what he is doing (No doubt, intentionally). We don’t have to agree with everything Grover does. But a no new tax pledge made sense then, and it makes sense now. How many of us agree with everything that comes out of a politicians mouth, when he/she is running for office? If you’re like me, not much. If they disagreed with Grover, they shouldn’t have signed. If you agreed to it, and signed it, then back it. Don’t politicize it, and don’t whine about it. Take responsibility for it, because it makes sense and move forward.
    I’d like to see all the skeletons hanging in the closets of our lifelong politicians, because their has to be a reason why they vote a certain way on some of the most corrupt bill’s that find there way up to the Capital … just saying

  10. Kid Richie says:

    I always believed that the ‘pledge’ the politicians made was to the Conservative Philosophy of smaller government, lesser spending and lower taxes etc. and NOT to the man, Norquist.
    This is the first I’ve heard of Norquist’s ties to Islam.  If true, why hasn’t he been denounced by any of the other Tea Party Chapters?
    Nevertheless, the Republicans should not give Obama what he wants.  They should not consider the liberal press’s criticisms because the only people who would give the criticisms credence won’t ever vote for traditional values.  However, IF they cave (again), then the people who would vote for them in the future, won’t. 
    Capitulation to Socialism is always a mistake.  Republicans should not walk into Obama’s trap. 
    This is not a political game.  It is about the life of America and its citizens.  Obama does not have any interests in either

    • Oregon Ann says:

      @Kid Richie Hi. I have been writing about Norquist’s ties to both amnesty and his promotion of increased Muslim immigration for at least four years, but I’m not a big name in politics and it’s hard to get the word out nationally. I know his wife is Muslim and he was quoted as saying they’d make great conservatives. Because I’m active in immigration reform we already knew he promoted amnesty with the same zeal as Ted Kennedy and John McCain. The corruption in both parties goes pretty deep.

  11. Oregon Ann says:

    Add to this Norquist’s zealous endorsement of amnesty for illegal aliens and you can see the corruption that has rotted through both political parties. These rabid globalists are all members of the same elitist club.

  12. LyricB says:

    I work at a grocery store and 40% are on food stamps with 20% illegial ailens.  Probably the other 60% are on unemployment which I think should be stopped also.  You don’t work you don’t eat.

    • Pierre77L says:

      I agree with you of what you sid is true. I worked hard for my citizenship, just like any former immigrant from Asia and follow the rules. What I don’t understand that these libtards want to make the wrong things right, and the right things to be wrong. Especially politicians like the Demoncrats and Obozzo would like to circumvent the law.  If you watched the movie ” The Campaign: starring Will Ferrell. you know what  I mean.

  13. Pierre77L says:

    Not only to be cautious, but to send that Sub-human thug to meet his maker’ The Dark Lord Satan that lives in the White house.

  14. Pierre77L says:

    Even if the clerk didn’t open the door, the criminals will do anything to get what they what they want. I worked in the gas station before and I’ve seen these myself good thing the cops came on time. I know they’re big some white, hispanic and black. But if worse comes to worse. I’ll give thiose dirty commies stinkin democrats what they deserved a big .45 slugs right in their foreheads.  And those anti gun nuts. SHUT YOUR SPINCTER MUSSEL ! SUB-HUMAN  PINKO COMMIE FAGS !

  15. CapitalistFool says:

    Being a conservative, I had always been sympathetic to Norquist’s anti-tax agenda. Then, when I learned about him, I had to dis-associate myself from him entirely. 
    There is a great introduction to Muslim Brotherhood and the topics of jihad, stealth jihad, and sharia prepared by The Center for Security Policy. It is available at:  Be prepared to invest about 10 hours in the videos alone. They have a wealth of information on these subjects. 
    They expose Norquist’s entanglement (intentional or not) with entities whose intentions are antithetical to the constitutional republic, to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, even the rule of law. They show how Norquist has associated (perhaps out of ignorance, but not likely) with a host of Muslims connected to co-conspiritors in the Holyland Foundation trial. If the matter were simply that he is seeking funding for the advancement of the anti-tax movement, it would simply be unethical. However, he has achieved such a political stature through his anti-tax movement, that he has been successful at getting islamists in positions requiring clearance where they might otherwise fail. As you’ll see in CSP’s studies, the government does a poor job of vetting job candidates, so that “who you know” overrides the facts about your connections. 
    I cannot give Norquist a pass on his methods. Unchecked, they will affect our freedom. But he is not the only one. Multiply the Norquists many times, and you’ll begin to understand the magnitude of the problem. Patriotic Americans need to learn about radical Islam, sharia, and the jihad. The problem has not gone away, it has been infiltrating all levels of government.

  16. demarie says:

    Typical from the black community, after watching the al sharptons, and jesse jacksons, they feel they have the
    right to steal, rob or run as a gang and are exempt from being arrested for breaking the law….

  17. Pierre77L says:

    Yes !  The Evil Demoncrats and Republocrats are the SUB-HUMAN DUMB PIG UGLY TROLLS, they looked like Fat Pregnant TROLLs like  Cong. Raul Grijalva-Democrat(Tucson,AZ) the Fat Ugly F#$K, probably related to the video game Mario brothers.

  18. Pierre77L says:

    I think Mr. Kiss it Goodbye. you read my message wrong. I don’t compare Tea Party with Black Panthers. I’m a Tea Party guy and Ron Paul supporter. So pls re-read my message. Or mabe your mind was muddled with other things or you haver too much to drink, or you are stoned.

  19. Pierre77L says:

    Mr kiss it goodbye.greetings!

  20. sav01 says:

    @spongedocks How many truly honest people do you know in DC?

    • WyldDarkHeart says:

      @sav01 @spongedocks There was, um, ONE. Then I moved to vuh-GUN-yuh, leaving none.

    • spongedocks says:

      @sav01 There are more there than you think like Gohmert, Gowdy…

      • sav01 says:

        @spongedocks Well, that’s two. I think less than a hundred and there are a gazillion folks living in that cesspool. It’s disgusting.

        • spongedocks says:

          @sav01 I could list more actually but they are certainly in the minority….less than 100 is probably right.

        • sav01 says:

          @spongedocks I think there are a few decent people but not nearly enough to save the nation I’m afraid.

        • spongedocks says:

          @sav01 Those that could save it are not especially in a position of power to do so, good citizens maintain and are busy as economic engine

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