Biden Says Protecting Gay Rights More Important than Christian Values

Forget Christianity. Forget traditional marriage. Forget the family structure. Forget what our nation was founded upon.

That’s the message just expressed by Vice President Joe Biden to a group of about 100 people gathered at the Naval Observatory’s vice presidential mansion. He told the crowd that protecting gay rights is the defining mark of any civilized nation that this should supersede any national cultures or social traditions.

Biden’s words were:

 “I don’t care what your culture is. Inhumanity is inhumanity is inhumanity. Prejudice is prejudice is prejudice.”

Is it inhumanity or prejudice to call a sinner a sinner? When God says that homosexuality is just as wrong as murder, is God being inhumane and prejudice?

Biden calls himself a practicing Roman Catholic. The official position of Rome, which may be changing under the leadership of their new liberal pope, is that homosexuality is a sin, just like murder, stealing, lying, coveting, fornication, adultery and blasphemy. Yet, Biden lied through his teeth during the 2012 presidential campaign, he supports murder (abortion), he steals from the US people (wasting tax dollars) and now he is saying that gay rights is more important than anyone’s Christian faith or national traditions.

Biden has been pushing gay rights within the Obama administration before Obama was. He has been instrumental in instructing all government agency officials to embrace gay rights in their departments and make them a priority.

Assisting Biden in his destruction of America and our Christian faith is Susan Rice, the White House National Security Adviser, who screwed up the Benghazi briefings. Rice says that gay rights is the civil rights issue of today not only here in the US but internationally as well.

Just this week, Rice stated:

“To achieve lasting global change, we need everyone’s shoulder at the wheel. With more voices to enrich and amplify the message — the message that gay rights are straight-up human rights — we can open more minds.”

“Governments are responsible for protecting the rights of all citizens, and it is incumbent upon the state, and on each of us, to foster tolerance and to reverse the tide of discrimination.”

Christians and conservatives be warned. This type of gay rights endorsement and advocacy will be the final straw that causes America to collapse. Every great nation in history that openly embraced homosexuality as Biden, Rice and Obama are soon collapsed from within.

God has already pulled His hand of blessing from our nation and is preparing our destruction as we speak. America has turned from a Christian nation who relied on God’s statutes to lead us into a nation of murdering babies, open sex and homosexuality. Our nation has turned to debauchery that God calls an abomination.

Men like Biden and Obama may think they are smarter and know more than God, but they don’t and they will lead us to certain destruction if Christians don’t start standing up for our rights and values. Christians need to do whatever possible to take back our nation before God takes it away from us forever!



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699 comments on “Biden Says Protecting Gay Rights More Important than Christian Values
  1. jessica22 says:

    Shame on you, Dave Jolly!

    The Catholic Church IS NOT a political organization and does not establish political beliefs. The Pope and the RCC can’t be called politically “liberal” because their motivation is Christian love, not conservative principles. Would it be fair to call conservatives “unchristian” because they don’t embrace illegal Mexicans or lavish tax dollars for poor who want abortions?

    I am a conservative.

    But I am a Christian FIRST and when you start mixing faith with politics, I think Jesus would want our Christian deeds to come first

    • buckman21 says:

      To be honest, I wish the church would become more politically involved. It sure was in the past. And I only say politically because the issues of today that shouldn’t be political, have become political. Like abortion, homosexuality, breaking down of the family, etc. All of these are moral issues, yet have been completely politicized, and the church has lost its spine to stand up and speak out publicly against such things. Could you imagine the impact large churches, even the Catholic church could have, if they openly defied and all as one spoke out against such things?

      • LABobfromNYC says:

        The church would NEVER trade in it’s tax free status to stand up for it’s principles!

        • buckman21 says:

          What? Where does tax exemption come into play with free speech?

        • woonsocket says:

          Churches involved in promoting political parties waiver their tax-exempt status.

        • buckman21 says:

          I never said promote a political party. Im not saying for churches to say vote this or that. Im saying they need to stand up and speak publicly on what they stand for. These days, they are afraid to.

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          If your church stands against woman’s rights, gay marriage, stem cell research, immigration reform, science, global warming just what party do you think they are endorsing?

        • buckman21 says:

          Actually im for immigration reform in a sense. Just not amnesty. Also you can assume all you want, fact remains the church isnt sponsoring or asking people to cast votes for a specific candidate or party.

        • jessica22 says:

          My thoughts exactly on immigration reform… we have to do something!!!!

        • cae973 says:

          what we have to do on immigration reform is simply change some laws…1..a child born here is a citizen only if the mother is a citizen at the time of the childs birth.
          2. illegal aliens from other countries will be place on freighters and shipped home regardless of their age
          3. no federal or state benefits will be allowed to non citizens including food stamps, emergency room care, disability ect

        • jessica22 says:

          Ok, I agree… but that still doesn’t answer what to do with the millions here already…

        • Ikaros3 says:

          The 14th Amendment already states how one becomes a citizen. It’s the line, “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”, that gets misinterpreted. This explains it:

          Nothing Unusual about States Denying Citizenship to Alien Born Children

        • chamuiel says:

          Well, we could enforce the immigration laws already on the books.

          Nah! that would be too easy wouldn’t it?

        • Laddyboy says:

          jessica22: You are correct. The government and all of its’ bureaus MUST “enforce” all of the immigration laws that already exhist. These laws are called the, “LAW OF THE LAND”.

        • Mainman12 says:

          You should just ignore this LA liberal troll (fool). Just do not reply to him.

        • DetroitDom says:

          You are partially correct.

          Check out the “black” churches in Detroit during the months of October and November of an election year. The liberal, left-wing preachers readily allow the liberal politicians to come up to the pulpit and speak to their congregations about voting for the Democrats who support the liberal agenda.

          Be a conservative politician and ask for equal time and you’d have an easier time of getting a date with the tooth fairy.

        • chamuiel says:

          God’s Party, which you don’t believe in. Remember gay atheist boobee.

        • MICHAEL J BRUNING says:

          They would be embracing the Gospels and endorsing the word of God. The government threat of taking away a denominations tax fee status is an empty threat. the first Amendment specifically states that government shall not establish a religion, or interfere with or prohibit the free exercise thereof. I(t means hands off and to threaten a denomination with taxes or penalties is interfering with and prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Pastor Chuck Baldwin, who moved from Florida to Montana is the perfect example of how scripture should and can be professed without fear of government intervention. They may get scrutinized, but, not even the gates of hell (the Beltway Boys in D.C.) can prevail against it.

        • Talk about straw dog issues ? Everything you listed is either based on false premises or is simply a bad act ? Trying to legitimize nonsense and false paradigms is the hallmark of your idiocy ! Wake up, there is still time to get a life. You are not fooling anybody with it , except yourself apparently.
          And trust me I am, not the established religion type either. I fully realize all the established religions of today are polluted and perverted by men, not God ? There is a better way to think and live. You are living in and creating simple illusions!

        • Henry L says:

          In what manner does the Church stand against women’s rights and science? The Church is and has always been in favor of both. Being against global warming is a good thing.

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          Are you serious? How about the most obvious (abortion/birth control & stem cell research)

        • Henry L says:

          If you consider abortion and birth control one and the same subject, then by what mode of reasoning does a woman have the right to kill? I do not know to what extent the church is against stem cell research, but if it involves killing then that would be the reason. The church is NEVER against the advancement of science per se.

        • jessica22 says:

          “They are afraid to”… For that, we can thank the left…

        • Mainman12 says:

          Really? Did you ever see any black missionary baptist church challenged for its support, blatant support of democrats? I didn’t think so.

        • chamuiel says:

          woundesocket, yep you waiver on just about everything.

          It is waive, not waiver is the word you are looking for, troll.

          are you the paid troll for this message section/ I have asked many of you this question, and I have yet to get a yes or no answer.

          By advocating again the sin that Gays do, a church would not lose its tax exempt status. You are wacky boinkers.

        • Henry L says:

          If Joe Biden wants to be a member of the Catholic Church he accepts the obligation to NOT glorifying behavior that the Church considers sinful. It has nothing to do with politics.

        • giant33 says:

          Funny, I don’t the black churches follow that rule. No body wiil say a word about that.

        • LawtonOkie says:

          Tell that to Rev. Wright and all of the liberal/Marxist preachers who did it in 2012, hypocrite.

        • ipsd48 says:

          Unless they support a democrat………..then they’re ‘protected’

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          churches in the US are 501(c)(3) non-profit corporations. When registering, they (and all other non-profits) agree to certain rules in exchange for tax exemption. One rule is not to campaign for or against political candidates.

        • buckman21 says:

          I never said promote a political party. Im not saying for churches to say vote this or that. Im saying they need to stand up and speak publicly on what they stand for. These days, they are afraid to. Which is why I also said such issues arent political, but were made political.

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          The church is screaming at the top of it’s lungs to stop gay marriage, abortion, stem cell research & many more right wing issues.

        • buckman21 says:

          not nearly as much as they could be

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          I say tax the church & let them say or do whatever they want!

        • chamuiel says:

          I say tax the atheists, and tell them to shut up.

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          We pay our taxes

        • jessica22 says:

          The Church promotes ethical values; She teaches right and wrong and we, as members of the Church, decide how to vote. It’s almost comical listening to liberals “scream at the top of their lungs” about how the Church supports certain values.

          I mean… ya think…

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          Well, many of us don’t consider bigotry an “ethical value”

        • chamuiel says:

          What Church is doing this? It is obviously not your church, the atheist church.

          by the way, have you attended lately?

        • skipfoss says:

          Then why are all of the black politicos always at some church spouting off what they will do if they stand behind them,like Obamas church

        • chamuiel says:

          saying that the gays sin every time they practice their chosen sex is not recommending any candidate.

          You seem to have difficulty accepting that mr. Boobee.

          By the way LA is the feminine version of “the’ in Spanish. Somehow, the feminine version seems to fit you mr. boobee.

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          What history has showed us is that the conservative Christians leading the anti-gay parade more often then not turn out to be closet homosexuals & I’m sure you’re another example of that

        • Deborah G says:

          I never thought I;d ever agree with you but I do on this issue. The Catholic Church lost me with the hypocrisy and the almost sickening wealth. Never mind Taxes the church could wipe out poverty period

        • Mainman12 says:


        • Neal Avery says:

          Thanks LAABobfromNYC, you got that right!

        • mcqueens2002 says:

          To speak out about sinfully ways will not get their tax free status taken away from them and long as they are not indorsing something in the political world.

      • Charles Almon says:

        First PAY THEIR TAXES!
        Then we’ll talk.

      • Henry L says:

        What you expressed is exactly my beef with the Catholic hierarchy. If they accept Joe’s position (by not vehemently and openly objecting against it), then what does the Church expect from me in my fight against my personal sinful tendencies? What anybody does with or without someone else is not my business but I do not want it to be glorified even by the silly and credibilityless goose Joe Biden.

      • JeanneD says:

        I wish that the Church and all Christians and Jews, etc. who have strong moral values would speak louder and become less tolerant of the more liberal aspects of today’s society. Religion and morality is ridiculed and made fun of as some sort of archaic ritual. What a sorry state that has left our world and our nation. People such as VP Biden, Mrs. Pelosi and so many others are known as supposedly devout Christians but do not live up to those tenants. No doubt they fear reprisals from their fellow politicians and their voting block. They are missing a golden opportunity to turn around rabid secularism ( and worse ) if they only had the courage.

        • Jane18 says:

          From everything said by Pelosi and Biden, I discern that they are hypocrites! Those are people who claim to be Christians, but are “playacting”

        • mcqueens2002 says:

          They have been excommunicated from the Catholic church

        • Shofar threading says:

          And where is that shown, mcqueens2002? I have a link to the Vatican and it isn’t there. If they have been, it certainly has not made any of the newspapers. In any event, they both SHOULD be as their premise for every action screams at loggerheads with Catholic tenets. Not only that, it screams at loggerheads with the Constitution.

          And it’s also on record Biden cheated and plagiarized in college. This guy never should have become a Senator, let alone the VP, and, God forbid, POTUS. Obama has his Teleprompter; Biden has his mouth that won’t quit.

        • mcqueens2002 says:

          JeanneD do you stand up against these people or are you one that sits back and wait for someone to do it for you. You can not wish something if you are not willing to go out and fight with the rest of the people that are trying to make a difference. Yes I try my best to piss them off when I run up against the gays and lesbos. abortion pushers and especially anyone against Christianity,

        • Bill Ascherfeld says:

          Msr. Sheen (I am not a perfect speller) — would take Biden, Pelosi, Obama, and several others in the government and military complex behind the woodpile and give “IT” to them, royally! He would set all Christians a-marchin’ to the tune of, “I can see the Glory of The Comin’ of The Lord,” etc.

      • lindairish says:

        Most of these churches that advocate for homosexuality and homosexual marriage are going to have to re-write the bible.

      • dontdoitagain says:

        Thank the IRS for that.

      • mcqueens2002 says:

        Got news for you buckman, My pastor speaks out about it all the time. No only does he speak out about it but give scriptures from the bible that speaks about these issues. Maybe you need to find another church or get with your pastor and tell him he need to address this more forcible. As for me, I will stand up against abortion, The homosexuals and anyone that is against breaking down family values.

        • buckman21 says:

          oh my church is great they speak out against these things as well even homosexuality. not really abortion though which is disappointing. I was really proud though when they did a couple sermons against homosexuality. We are a non denominational mega church, 3rd largest in the country with over 20,000 members, not including those that arent registered members. Could you imagine the impact such a church would have if they were openly against abortion? Im not doubting some churches are. But not enough are.

        • mcqueens2002 says:

          Get enough people together and go picket the closest abortion clinic. We have made a difference in the number of abortions we have in the area. We look at it this way, If we stop one abortion we made head ways. Our clinic finally closed its door. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Took us almost 6 years to make a difference.

      • Bill Ascherfeld says:

        I am Catholic, and I went to the Catholic University Campus school when I was a boy! There, the Nuns spoke out like you would like the preachers of today to speak out: Frankly and openly about the issues of that day. But, as you said, no church has the cajones to actually take a stand in public anymore. Would that there were more “Peters”, “Pauls”, “James’s” and “Johns” today! Even on an exciting Catholic TV show, like years ago…

    • LABobfromNYC says:

      Evangelicals love Jesus for what he does for them. Through his magical grace, and by shedding his precious blood, Jesus saves Evangelicals from everlasting torture in hell, and guarantees them a premium, luxury villa in heaven. For this, and this only,they love him. They can’t stop thanking him. And yet, as for Jesus himself his core values of peace, his core teachings of social justice and his core commandments of goodwill most evangelicals have nothing but disdain

      • jessica22 says:

        I am not interested in your view of Catholic teachings or mockery of Jesus Christ… so please spare me…

        • patriotusa2 says:

          That guy is one of the most vile excuses for humanity I have ever come across on this net, and believe me, I have encountered more than my share. As soon as he sees you are religious, he moves in for the kill. Opinions are one thing, but this guy seems to think he speaks for everyone and he alone knows what motivates Christianity in every person. He is exactly the kind of individual that is consumed with hatred, and would go totally postal if the circumstances warranted it.

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          To be patriotic, hate all nations but your own; to be religious, all sects but your own; to be moral, all pretenses but your own! YOU are the one filled with hate!

        • patriotusa2 says:

          You are one sick pup, so pathetically twisted you should be in some asylum for the mentally deranged. There’s no way that you could be sound of mind or be considered normal. I’d have to put you on meds if I ever encountered you in a psychiatric environment.

        • chamuiel says:

          Why do you hate God?

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          I hate god about as much as you hate santa, the tooth fairy & the easter bunny

        • dontdoitagain says:

          You sound like a muslim…

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          I can assure you I’m not

        • Rick says:

          I totally agree Patriot. He only feeds on comments.

        • chamuiel says:

          Laboobee. I agree I have been going around with him for over a year.

        • Rick says:

          When will you get it Jessica and others on here. Ignore laboob and woonie. You are just feeding them.

        • Cynical Klown says:

          Thank you. It’s nice to read comments that are reasonable. I’ve fallen into the troll-trap a few times myself.

      • woonsocket says:

        If there were a heaven you’d think that someone would come back for a while and confirm it. The question remains; If there were no heaven and nothing after death, how many people would still go to church?

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          The threat of hell can make some people believe in anything!

        • buckman21 says:

          The same question can attribute to, why would anyone follow any laws, concept of morality, or decency if this is all there is? Oh wait, our country and society are already starting down that path

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          If the ONLY reason you don’t murder or rape people is because you fear hell then you cannot be trusted as your beliefs could change.

        • buckman21 says:

          that didn’t answer the question

        • chamuiel says:

          Lets all hope yours do.

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          Not to mention we’re told that heaven is a perfect place yet it has wars! Go figure!

      • dontdoitagain says:

        Well, at least they are not expecting 72 perennial virgins.

      • pysco says:

        Repent your sin, and you be granted grace……………

      • Dan8 says:

        A luxury villa in heaven? Puleeez spare us all your nonsense. Can I do my own landscaping, how about a lap pool and a 5 car garage….where can I get a brochure?

    • patriotusa2 says:

      I am a Catholic myself, and although, I do not agree with many things that are going on in the Church today, we as Christians, are not commanded to tolerate every sin under the sun to appease the liberals, or those like Joe Biden who has cast aside all Christian tenets for liberation theology. Homosexuality has become a literal mark on society. Those who don’t agree and oppose the acceptance, lose their jobs and their livelihood. People no longer do business with them, making it difficult for these people to sell their wares or be able to buy unless they conform to accepting homosexuality. Seems to me this is getting to be a worldwide problem for many who won’t accept this issue. I’m seriously beginning to believe that many scholars have been looking elsewhere for that infamous mark, when it “could be” right under our noses.

      • Jake says:

        I don’t usually post just read, but you might be on to something there. It does make sense.

        • patriotusa2 says:

          Thanks! It’s just my opinion about a social issue that’s turning into an millstone around the neck of everyone who dares not accept it.

        • TheBitterClinger1 says:

          That millstone will be tied to those who would lead God’s sheep astray. The fools think they are winning, the heathens rage but they have eternity to regret their foolishness.

        • Bill Ascherfeld says:

          God! It is SO great to have someone who thinks him/her self a Courtier. (For all you fools out there, that is a person of High Standing who gets to attend Court with all the other Knights and Ladies in the Kingdom. … but, a Courtier does not have to have a Kingdom, per se. (I think the word I want is Courtier, correct me if I’m wrong.)

        • Evan White says:

          saying Biden is a Christian is just as ridiculous as saying LabobieAtNYC is not a crazy

        • Seldena says:

          In one of the Psalms God says he is laughing at those who think they are more powerful than he is.

      • Laddyboy says:

        Maybe we need to introduce these “gays” to the muslim world where they would be killed.

        • colleenf says:

          Just might make them change their minds a little, ya think?

        • intheleupp says:

          You mean ship them to Dearborn, MI?

        • Bill Ascherfeld says:

          No. Ship them and the queers that are in Dearborn to Pakistan, Iranistan, Turkistan, and all the other Stans in the Middle East! Let the Muslims have a party! … for a while…

        • Sandra Trank says:

          That works! Everything seems to be getting political now and pc has invaded most all the churches whether or not they will admit it. The pope has gone to the UN many times and has been trying to help with a peace deal so Mr Jolly isn’t far off.

        • Mom442 says:

          No matter how liberal and/or nonsensical any pope may be, he cannot change established Catholic Doctrine…and to pretend to do so places him outside the Church and marks him as no more faithful than Judas.

        • Sandra Trank says:

          Seems to me just another sign of the times and according to the pope, he can. Our political leaders are acting just as badly.

        • Mom442 says:

          Which makes them as traitorous as Judas.

        • Sandra Trank says:

          If the shoe fits…I would agree with you. Many of the churches no matter what the denomination is changing the Word of God to make it say anything they want it to say in attempt to bring all religions to “common ground” and to accept one another as acceptable to God and Scripturally and Biblicallly sound to fit the One World Religion. It will not be acceptable for anyone who believes the Word of God as having All Authority. God Himself has told us already in His Word what is acceptable to Him and all Bible believing Christians will not compromise ever. It is better to die standing on His Word without compromise than to embrace false religion. I for one will never accept political correctness regarding spiritual things.

        • Bill Ascherfeld says:

          As I remember, it was once Catholic Doctrine that no one eat meat on Fridays. It is no more. I believe it was a pope who wrote that as Doctrine, and another pope who modified it, later.

          I do not remember any place in The Bible where Jesus laid down the Law which said, “Thou shalt not eat meat on Fridays!”

          Do you?

        • Mom442 says:

          The law about meat was a church law only; therefore it could be changed. Doctrine, on the other hand, is scriptural and clearly defined. It is unchangeable.

        • RC says:

          It was not the pope that changed the “doctrine” about meat on Fridays. It was either Vatican I or II, a council or group that changed it, I believe.

        • sofiebree12009 says:

          Yea same difference HUH? Dearborn Mich., Muslim world.

        • dontdoitagain says:

          Just like Ambassador Stevens who was abandoned to his fate. Kerry wants to send more lgbt ambassadors out there to meet a similar fate. He is saying he applauds the lgbt community while he plots to send them to their heinous deaths at the hands of the “religion of peace” practitioners. It boggles the mind.

        • KurtofLA says:

          How did this idiot replace the wicked witch of Little Rock?

        • jwright673 says:

          he and his uber-wealthy bride are no doubt big contributors to the white trash party. I wonder if the kerrys have hosted any gay pride parties on his $7 million yacht?

        • dontdoitagain says:

          I think it’s political payback. Both shrill Hill and Lurch are former presidential candidates. I’m thinking that Obama is punishing his enemies by appointing losers to high posts. Sort of a na-na-na move.

        • Mrs. Patriot says:

          Shhh – don’t tell him.

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          Lady Boy? you sound like a chick with a d*ck!

        • Laddyboy says:

          Love your comment! You sound like you must be a disgruntled disillusioned DemocRAT!

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          Not disgruntled or disillusioned but I am a dem. Being a transsexual I bet you’re a te@bagger’s DREAM!

        • Seldena says:

          Transsexual? Then you don’t know what or who you really are, right?

        • NoRINO says:

          Tranny is Frankenstein with multi receptacles.

        • Evan White says:


        • dtk1952 says:

          Learn to read Liberal. That is Laddyboy.

        • Bill Ascherfeld says:

          Best idea so far.

        • Leijona says:

          You are not a Christian, you are a Nazi.

        • Laddyboy says:

          No, not ‘nazi’. American and proud of it. You, on the other hand, must be a h_____. Shame on you. You need to open your eyes, spiritually before it is too late for redemtion.

        • Leijona says:

          No, actually I am a 67 year old Vietnam Veteran, have been married for 38 years and have three kids. I also believe in live and let live, not murdering someone because they don’t conform to my idea of normal. My eyes are wide open, unlike your mind.

      • USAonlydotUS says:

        look up the stories on Google for the Masterpiece Bakery in Colorado and ask him about
        being persecuted by the Courts, for his stand on not accepting homosexuality

        • patriotusa2 says:

          I believe it, as it’s happening everywhere.

        • Bill Ascherfeld says:

          The baker simply does not know how to be a business man. In order to be successful at business in This World, one must compartmentalize his thoughts: Business, Church, Friends, Partygoers, etc. Then you can Love God, Obey His tenets, And bake a cake for a queer marriage, complete with a single sex couple on top of it. (You get the single sex couple from a purveyor of “couple statues for wedding cakes”.)
          Of course, he could have been standing up for religion to make a point! Good for him! He even got the press to attend!

        • docwill says:

          Apparently, after being ordered to report his business dealings every couple months to “prove your inclusiveness,” he quit baking wedding cakes. His business has been flooded with well-wishers, homophobes all I’m sure…

        • Teeseeree says:

          There are no “homophobes”. This implies a fear, and nobody is afraid of gays. Nor, do they hate them, as people have so often been accused. What they hate is the action, the same thing God hates. Wake up, grow up, and stop shifting the blame for disgusting behavior on others who have learned the difference between right and wrong.

        • [email protected] says:

          Dear Teeseeree: I do not want to be disrespectful but would like for you to please consider the situation of millions of homosexuals in the world. If they are not allowed to sexually express their love for another human being, they are being deprived of one of life’s most precious events. Please consider the possibility that God or one of His scribes made a mistake.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          Claiming victim is just a handy way to advance political agendas (theft), and it should not be looked at as anything else.

        • [email protected] says:

          Well, Russell, if the millions of homosexual victims can be ignored, then the very basic tenets of Christianity will be simultaneously ignored. This is a glaring inconsistency in the Bible.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          The very basic tenets of Christianity have been not only ignored, but indeed slaughtered for centuries, Homosexuals that have taken over gov. are the abomination that causes desolation, in layman’s terms that equals rabid queers stealing everything. This is the final sign that the slaughtering of Christians is coming to an end.
          Woe be to the ones doing the slaughtering….

        • Leijona says:

          Yeah, you see rabid homosexuals Breaking and entering, and stealing stuff all the time. You gotta stay on those meds Russ.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          There is no need to break-in to anything when you are the gov. They don’t call what they do stealing, it’s called “legal”, even when they murder innocence in a botched no-knock warrant, which if anyone else did, would be call breaking in, it’s not called murder, they call it making a mistake at work.

          I take no meds Leijona, and I realize that a few rabids in a group is all it takes to tarnish the image of the whole group. I’ve had several gay friends that were truly decent people, though I’m no longer in touch with them, I doubt that they are supporting what’s going on now.

          There has even been folks from the gay community on Disqus explaining how this battle that rages is hurting them, and it truly is, but who can stop it. Especially when people are paid to fight it on blogs, who might not even be gay.

          From a purely Biblical point of view, I respect the LGBTQ crowd for being more upfront with their ideas about destroying everything, it’s better than the lukewarm christians stealthy approach, it’s much easier to see.

          The LGBTQ gov. is stealing people’s businesses, through regulation and litigation, America is being put out of business. Because the gov. before the LGBTQ gov. was lukewarm christians, that agreed to use gov. to steal, the mechanisms were all in place for the retaliation against the lukewarms. In the Bible, God says He will cause the evil to devour the wicked, and that is what I see happening.

          Rabid queers = evil
          lukewarms = wicked

          Maybe rabid is a bit strong, but have you ever been to a pride event?

        • Leijona says:

          To be honest, no I haven’t, and the gay people that I know would not even think about going to one of those idiotic displays. I would be willing to bet that most of the people that go to these things are not even gay, they are doing it simply to get attention and piss off people that go there because they need something to hate for their pathetic existence.

          I would rather watch a tree grow than go to one of those ridiculous demonstrations of idiocy.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          I hear that…..I was hired to work a pride parade, about 10 years ago, I brought them big misting fans to stay cool. 30,000 showed up to the event in St. Pete FL. It was a very eye opening experience to say the least, lots of theatrics.

        • londontubes says:

          Homosexuals are not “victims”!!!

        • [email protected] says:

          I agree that homosexuals are not victims, if the Bible can be discredited in making homosexual sex a sin. Here is my argument. There are millions of homosexuals. The Bible says it is a sin to engage in homosexual sex. This is an inconsistency between the Bible and the real world. Can you help me understand this inconsistency?

        • londontubes says:

          The reason I stated that homosexuals were not victims, is because in your previous post, you said they were: “…millions of homosexual victims…”

          There is no inconsistency. The Bible teaches the message and word of God, and man does his own thing, whether it coincides with the truth or not. There are also millions of murderers in the world, and the Bible says that is a sin too, so? What does how many people who commit a sin have to do with whether it is a sin or not?

        • [email protected] says:

          Ok, londontubes, see my other posts here. And to answer your direct question, the Bible creates a sin in homosexual sex. In that sense, homosexuals are “victims” of the Bible abomination statements. A reality check would reveal millions of homosexuals and, I contend, they do not have a choice in their sexual desires. There are more homosexuals sinning than there are heterosexuals sinning in sex. It would appear to me that God is discriminating against homosexuals by his abomination statement in the Bible. Can you help me understand this situation?

        • londontubes says:

          I guess here is where the basic problem between us lies. You say: “I contend, they do not have a choice in their sexual desires”, I say “I contend, they do have a choice in their sexual desires”. With that dichotomy in our views, I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

        • [email protected] says:

          Well, londontubes, I ask you: Are millions of people going to choose homosexuality when heterosexuality is predominately chosen by hundreds of millions of people? Just think about it. Homosexuality is not normal or natural. Yet there are millions of people choosing the homosexual lifestyle. Do you really think that millions of people make choices that are so much different from the general populace that they are essentially excluded from many normal social activities? I have family experience with this and those extended family members (4) would not have chosen homosexuality if they were not forced, by inner feelings, to make that “choice”. I am straight, all my life, no questions, but I totally understand the homosexual urge. Very close family members and I have explored this in depth. I would like to hear of your experience in this area, londontubes.

        • Leijona says:

          The only correction I would offer, Paul is I would not call it a “Lifestyle” the word is too frivolous. “Style” implies something which changes. Gay people do not change. They are gay, and that’s that.

          I frankly do not understand why gay people attempt to take on the burden of trying to change the definition of “Marriage” They should simply leave that alone. Things were a lot easier when people used to just live and let live. The squeaky wheels used to get kicked, and told to grow up when I was young, now they get all the grease. Maybe the climate is more sensitive now, but it is also more of a PIA just to live your life.

        • [email protected] says:

          Call it a life choice. But to be fair to homosexuals, they should have the ability to marry the person they love, just like we heterosexuals are able to do. And in my opinion, homosexual marriage does not change the definition of marriage. It’s a commitment by each person to be fair to each other, to help each other in life and to do whatever else is necessary to make life better for each other. Most human beings need another human being to love and to live with. And I believe in live and let live. Discuss ideas and opinions but absolutely no need to fight over those ideas and opinions.

        • Leijona says:

          Great Response, Paul. Judge not lest ye be judged.

        • Leijona says:

          They have about the same choice as a salmon has on whether or not to swim upstream to spawn, or a bee has to pollinate a particular kind of flower. One day science will solve this issue, you just wait and see. Of course, religious people will deny the evidence, just like they deny that the planet is 4.54 Billion years old, and we are related to all living things.

        • londontubes says:

          That is your opinion. Mine is different.

        • Leijona says:

          Of course it is, but what is yours based on?

        • londontubes says:

          Exactly the same thing yours is. Merriam-Webster dictionary: a belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something : what someone thinks about a particular thing

        • jessica22 says:

          A peaceful way to end the discussion…
          I agree with you, londontubes. Everyone has some personal characteristic they would change if they could; we each carry our own cross. Whether or not you’re wired to like the opposite sex, we each deal with the morality we’ve been taught. Asking to change morality is a dangerous thing…

        • Leijona says:

          Let me throw something out there for you to consider. Do you actually think that anyone would actually “choose” to be homosexual in a country that sends homosexuals to prison? Look at the case of Alan Touring in GB. Look at the case of a homosexual in a Muslim Country. What is the penalty there, stoning to death? Beheading? You think you would “Choose” to be homosexual there? Now, if you can get past the choice thing, I then have to ask:

          Why did god make homosexuals? Did he just need another group to watch suffer as they struggled through life as outcasts?

        • londontubes says:

          If one looks at the world, we can all see people who do things and we say “Why on earth does that person do that? Can’t he see that it will bring him nothing but misery?” As soon as you can figure out how to stop people from doing things that to the majority of us makes no sense at all, you could make a fortune.

          Case in point. Why are do people continue to be Christians in Muslim countries for exactly the reasons you mentioned above. Both homosexuals and Christians suffer the same fate.

        • Leijona says:

          Why are do indeed. Maybe if there was no religion, there would be no reason for picking on them? There are so many people that use their religion to rationalize hate, it really makes you wonder. Of course there are a lot more that use it to do good, so I don’t know how the hate mongers are allowed to do what they do. I guess some religions say “Thou shalt not kill” unless it is for your particular god. What a way to think.

        • Leijona says:

          Tell that to the ones that have been beaten to death and nearly to death because of the hate instilled in some people by the “Good” books.

          They are only victims in the presence of those that hate without any logical reason for hate other than their religion.

          Think about it.

        • londontubes says:

          When I said “Homosexuals are not ‘victims'”, I was referring to the idea that some of them have that all of the world must believe in their thought process and change our world to go along with them, and of not we are nasty, ‘homophobic’ (I won’t go into the explanation of why that is such a stupid word to use in this context) people. I agree that homosexuals are victims of violence, and abhor violence to anyone for any reason. I am sorry you misunderstood my comment. True Christians do NOT condone or support violence against anyone.

        • jessica22 says:

          Leijona, you should think about the millions, probably billions, of Christians who have been martyred for their faith. Labeling them victims does nothing but pour fuel on the fire. Think about it…

        • Leijona says:

          Jessica, I do not see how bringing up one group of victims, regardless of the number, has anything to do with another group of victims, even though the number is admittedly very small compared to the first. Your point is well taken, and it begs the question:

          Why would people that have been persecuted for their religion be so quick to persecute someone else for their sexual preference?

          Don’t get me wrong, I do not think that homosexuality is normal, after all, the plumbing tells the story, but personally, I do not see how baking a cake for someone has anything to do with condoning their sexual preference, or why a baker even has the right to judge anyone. A bakers job is to bake cakes, not judge people.

          That being said, I do not see why any Gay couple would try to force the same baker to do something they do not want to do. Even if he/she did it, they would make it taste like hell. The gay couple should just go to a baker that does not hate people based on a religious edict.

          The bottom line here is love, and hate. Apparently, there are gay people that love someone of their same sex. I don’t get it, but it happens. You cannot call love a “Lifestyle”, or a “choice”, it just happens.

          Like I said, I don’t get it either, but I am not going to judge it, or let it make me hate. Life is too short to waste a second on hate.

        • jessica22 says:

          I wish everyone thought like you.
          I think that’s the point… tolerance. You’re so right when you say life is too short to waste a second on hate. But then where do you draw the line? Can we compel someone to commit an action they deem sinful?

          Our legal system has been abused. I used to admire lawyers; not I don’t trust them. It seems they manipulate the law as part of their job.

          You’re right… The bottom line is love. To me, my love is expressed through my devotion to God. I would bake the cake if no one else would, but I don’t think that was the issue. I think this homosexual couple was trying to make a point and tolerance had nothing to do with it.


        • Leijona says:

          You have a good heart Jessica.

          I consider both the baker and the gay people in question as exhibitionists. I consider the people that write these articles as sensationalists. The MSM pushes this crap on us to get a rise, like they always do.

          My nephew who is Autistic just won 4 gold medals in the National Special Olympics, but you do not hear a damn thing about something like that. You only hear the hate mongers, because it gets people stirred up.

          I know damn well you would bake the cake for the people, just as I would, and we would both wish them well. I have learned in my life that sorrow is always right around the corner, so we as humans better celebrate happiness and love wherever we are lucky enough to find it.

          I’m pretty sure that is what the Nazarene was trying to tell us, and it scared the hell out of the high priests, that’s why they killed him.

        • Teeseeree says:

          God does not make mistakes. And, all Scripture is Divinely inspired. The Word of God remains true for all time, and cannot be changed to suit the whims of those who want to do their own thing.

        • [email protected] says:

          I do not mean to be disrespectful Teeseeree but the Bible does contain errors and inconsistencies. I can sit down with you and the version of the Bible that you select and I can show you the errors and/or inconsistencies. Sorry if I have burst your balloon!

        • Mom442 says:

          The “errors and inconsistencies” are only in the various interpretations and revisions.
          2 Peter 3:16 “As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are certain things hard to be understood, which the unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, to their own destruction.” Psalm 56:5 “All day long they twist my words; all their schemes are for my ruin.” Jeremiah 23:36 “But you must not mention ‘a message from the LORD’ again, because each one’s word becomes their own message. So you distort the words of the living God, the LORD Almighty, our God.” Hebrews 5:11 “We have much to say about this, but it is hard to make it clear to you because you no longer try to understand.”

        • Leijona says:

          God may not, but man sure as hell does. Maybe the writers of the Bible should have just not broached the subject of the physiology of the earth based on their knowledge, and kept to the supernatural and metaphysical world, this way, nothing could ever be proven one way or the other since there would be no evidence for or against anything they had to say.

          Pope John Paul agreed that evolution is a fact in 1996. This puts the tale of Adam and Eve into the category of MYTH, which is what it is. No race of any species of two could survive on this planet. When humanity dwindled to 30,000 during an Ice age, it was very close to extinction. You could die from an infection from a splinter, an abscessed tooth, etc. back then. The life span of man with all the hazards was probably about 24 years of age, IF you made it through the birth process.

        • Teeseeree says:

          The writer of the Bible is God, not men. It was recorded by men, but divinely inspired. The Pope is a false teacher, and is not to be taken as an authority. Evolution is still a completely impossible lie, made by man. And, Adam & Eve were for real, otherwise they wouldn’t have made it into the divinely inspired Word of God.

        • londontubes says:

          “…they are being deprived of one of life’s most precious events.”

          I think you must miss the entire point of “…one of life’s most precious events.” That event is giving birth to a child and raising him into a good strong moral person. They, themselves, are “depriving” themselves of “one of life’s most precious events”.

        • [email protected] says:

          While having a child is very special, having a soul mate is also very special. I am certainly qualified to choose since I’ve done both (both twice). It is different for different human beings so any choice I make here would be contested by many people. Let’s just say they are very nearly equal!

        • The Walking Cuban says:

          40 writers over a span of 1500 years, always in complete harmony… No. There was no mistake.

        • Leijona says:

          Just a hell of a lot of contradictions.

        • The Walking Cuban says:

          😉 good bye

        • Leijona says:

          I suggest that you read “Who wrote the bible” They really do not know who the authors were, but there were four main styles of writing, and a fifth style that redacts the work of the four in an attempt to make it all fit together. There are many many linguistic errors, meaning that words that were used in a particular time were not even coined yet but they were used anyway. This would indicate someone in the future correcting works of the past.

          None of this mitigates or devalues the body of work that is the bible, but it does show that the bible was written by men that thought they were doing gods work. They did an incredible job for mere mortals, with very limited scientific knowledge.

        • The Walking Cuban says:

          It’s hard to answer this until I read the book, but I’ll see if I can find it, thanks

        • The Walking Cuban says:

          The book is at bookstores, as soon as buy it, I would like to do just that. In the meantime, if you could, test me with some excerpts from it. I may actually have an answer for them.

        • Leijona says:

          OK Who wrote the Bible? Just to warn you, none of the best theological minds has any idea, so if you know, you will be on your way to fame and fortune.

        • The Walking Cuban says:

          B(book)W(writer)D(date completed)
          T(time covered)P(place written)
          a. After b. Before c. Circa * same or don’t know
          B genesis W Moses D 1513 T “in the wilderness beginning” to 1657 B.C. P the wilderness. B exodus W Moses D 1512 T 1657 to 1512 P wilderness.
          B Leviticus W Moses D 1512 T 1 month in 1512 P wilderness.
          B Job W Job or Moses D between Abraham and Moses’s time or 1473 T over 140 years either sometime between Abraham and Moses or 1657 to 1473 P unknown or wilderness.
          B Numbers W Moses D 1512 to 1473 T 1473 P wilderness/plains of Moab.
          B Deuteronomy W Moses D 1473
          T 2 months of 1473 P plains of Moab.
          B Joshua W Joshua D c.1450 T 1473 to c.1450 P Canaan.
          B Judges W Samuel D c.1100 c.1450 to c.1120 P Israel.
          B Samuel W c. 1090 D c.11 years of Judges’ rule P Israel.
          B 1st Samuel W c.Samuel; Gad; Nathan D c.1078 T c.1180 to 1078 P Israel.
          B 2 Samuel W Gad; Nathan D 1040 T 1077 to c.1040 P Israel.
          B Song of Solomon W Solomon D c.1020 T * P Jerusalem.
          B Ecclesiastes W Solomon D b 1000 T * P Jerusalem.
          B Jonah W Jonah D c.844 T * P *.
          B Joel W Joel D c.820 T * P Judah.
          B Amos W Amos D c.804 T * P Judah.
          B Hosea W Hosea D a. 745 T b. 804 to a.745 P Samaria (District).
          B Isaiah W Isaiah D a.732 T c.778 to a.732 P Jerusalem.
          B Micah W Micah D b.717 T c.777 to 717 P Judah.
          B Proverbs W Solomon; Agur; Lemuel D c. 717 T P Jerusalem.
          B Zephaniah W Zephaniah D b.648 T * P Judah.
          B Nahum W Nahum D b.632 T * P Judah.
          B Habakkuk W Habakkuk D c. 632 T * P Judah.
          B Lamentations W Jeremiah D 607 T * P near Jerusalem.
          B Obadiah W Obadiah D c.607 T * P *.
          B Ezekiel W Ezekiel D c.591 T 613 to c.591 P Babylon.
          B 1st and 2nd Kings W Jeremiah D 580 T c.1040 to 580 P Judah/Egypt.
          B Jeremiah W Jeremiah D 580 T 647 to 580 P Judah/Egypt.
          B Daniel W Daniel D c.536 T 618 to c.536 P Babylon.
          B Haggai W Haggai D 520 T 112 days in 520 P Jerusalem.
          B Zechariah W Zechariah D 518 T 520 to 518 P Jerusalem.
          B Esther W Mordecai D c.475 T 493 to c.475 P Shushan/Elam.
          B 1st and 2nd Chronicles W Ezra D c.460 T after 1st Chronicles 9:44, 1077 to 537 P Jerusalem (?).
          B Ezra W Ezra D c.460 T 537 to c.467 P Jerusalem.
          B Psalms W David and others D c.460 T * P *.
          B Nehemiah W Nehemiah D a.433 T 456 to a.443 Jerusalem.
          B Malachi W Malachi D a.443 T * P Jerusalem.
          B Matthew W Matthew D c.41 T 2bc(?) to 33ad(?) P Palestine.
          B 1st Thessalonians W Paul D c.50 T * P Corinth.
          B 2nd Thessalonians W Paul D c.51 T * P Corinth.
          B Galatians W Paul D c.50 to 52 T * P Corinth or Syr. Antioch.
          B 1st Corinthians W Paul D c.55 T * P Ephesus.
          B 2nd Corinthians W Paul D c.55 T * P Macedonia.
          B Romans W Paul D c.56 T * P Corinth.
          B Luke W Luke D c.56-58 T 3bc to 34ad P Caesarea.
          B Ephesians W Paul D c.60 to 61 T * P Rome.
          B Colossians W Paul D c.60 to 61 T * P Rome.
          B Philemon W Paul D c.60 to 61 T * P Rome.
          B Hebrews W Paul D c.61 T * P Rome.
          B Acts W Luke D c.61 T 34 to c.62 P Caesarea.
          B James W James (Jesus’ brother) D b.62 T * P Jerusalem.
          B Mark W Mark D c.60 to 65 T 30 to 34ad P Rome.
          B 1st Timothy W Paul D c.61 to 64 T * P Macedonia.
          B Titus W Paul D c.61 to 64 T * P Macedonia (?).
          B 1st Peter W Peter D c.62 to 64 T * P Babylon.
          B 2nd Peter W Peter D c.64 T * P Babylon.
          2nd Timothy W Paul D c.65 T * P Rome.
          B Jude W Jude (Jesus’ brother) D c.65 T * P Palestine (?).
          B Revelation W apostle John D c.96 T * P Patmos.
          B John W apostle John D c.98 T after prologue 30 to 34ad P Ephesus or near.
          B 1st John W apostle John D c.98 T * P Ephesus or near.
          B 2nd John W apostle John D c.98 T * P Ephesus or near.
          B 3rd John W apostle John D c.98 T * P Ephesus or near.

        • Bill Ascherfeld says:

          I don’t think he has to report his business dealings every couple of months to anyone. To prove “inclusiveness” or not. If he does report to anyone, it would be the IRS, and they are Areligious, so I do not think he would find that on the 1040.

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          There’s no compartmentalizing in God’s realm! Capitulation to evil is JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE! Participation in that which God has labled SIN is capitulation to that sin, from which we are commanded to remain separated: “in the world, but NOT OF it!” (emphasis mine) Translation: we, as Christians, are to obey God’s law above and ahead of man’s laws whenever and wherever they come into conflict, as in this situation! No exceptions.

        • Bill Ascherfeld says:

          In that way do we not make better Muslims than Christians?
          What happened to a supreme commandment of God: Love thy neighbor as thy self???

          Just how do you expect this baker to get “Close” enough to these “gays” to bring them into God’s Light if he cannot compartmentalize his mind just enough to make 1 cake? After all, statues of any kind are, to God, “Craven Images”.

          Maybe the baker should not put any statues on Christian wedding cakes either?

          Who is, Thy Neighbor? Answer that first. I am not sure I read it “Right” in the bible.

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          THAT is NEVER the way! Jesus never “celebrated” the active sinning of the sinners with whom He dealt, and.neither are we to do so. And based on the nature of your.posts, my guess’re either following that “social gospel” plastic caricature of Jesus,’re simply a trolling lib looking to disrupt. Either way, the answers are IN the Bible, for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.
          I wasn’t called to be honey, or to catch flies.

        • Bill Ascherfeld says:

          I give up! You are always, “Going around the corner from what I say, just to make your own POINT.
          For instance, would you please quote me correctly just where you got off thinking that I might have said, “Jesus celebrated the active sinning of the sinners with whom he dealt”.
          Oh, and, by the way, I would never call YOU, “Honey”! I also never suggested YOU should actually go out and catch flies. WHY, you’d have to get too close to the devil to do that! Isn’t the devil depicted as “The lord of the flies”? Aren’t there, at least in SOME depictions of the devil, lots of flies flitting around him, as much, at least as you see depicted flitting around old, rotten garbage?
          But, do YOU not, “Give unto Caesar”?… In the modern form: The IRS, sales tax, property tax, “Taxed Enough Already”?
          Is it not in The Bible, a story about Jesus telling some one or more folks, when they asked him to whom should we pay taxes, or something like that?, and He said, “Show me the coin with which you pay the taxes”, or something like that…
          And they showed Him the coin. It had the likeness of the current Caesar stamped upon it.
          And that’s when Christ said, “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar, and to God that which is God’s!”
          Isn’t it, something like that that’s in The Bible, Somewhere? I am 79. Maybe I should read The Bible once again. Maybe I missed something, the first time!
          You must love to see me write!

        • [email protected] says:

          Good post, Bill. I’m an atheist (age 85) and while the Bible is right about a lot of things, it is not right about everything. There are errors in the Bible which create problems in religions and, ultimately, in humanity. I think we should convene a Bible Convention and list all of the inconsistencies and/or errors and publish a version of the Bible as the NPNV (New Paul Nordin Version) so that people will be able to sin without having a guilty religious conscience!

        • [email protected] says:

          Just kidding, we can call it the NPFV (New Pope Francis Version) or NBAV (New Bill Ascherfeld Version). This will be one of my top priorities before I die!

        • Russell Sayce says:

          There are no errors in the Bible, every part of it speaks to someone at different times in their lives….

        • [email protected] says:

          Dear Russell Sayce: Trust me, there are errors in the Bible. Very serious ones. And minor ones having little impact on the lives of human beings. But there are errors. Maybe it was the emperor in Constantinople who made some of the errors.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          The error in this case is yours, assuming that God doesn’t have the ability to keep His words as He wants them to be.

          That’s you judging God…..Good luck with that…

        • londontubes says:

          If this is so, why are there so many different ‘translations’ of the Bible, from which you can read the same verse or verses and get a different interpretation of them? Humans translate the Bible again and again to get a translation that fits their specific view of the Gospel.

          “…assuming that God doesn’t have the ability to keep His words as He wants them to be.”

          You tell me which of the hundreds of translations is the ‘correct’ one. The one with NO errors. I believe the Bible as far as it is translated correctly.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          First you have to understand why so many try to butcher the Bible, when you completely understand that this world’s middle management HATES God, and crucifies Christ, you will understand why they want the Bible to be misunderstood.
          If you can’t grasp the concept of powerful people losing their power, then you will not understand any explaination I can give you. If you did COMPLETELY understand the loss of power coming to leaders, then you wouldn’t be asking the question, you’d be sitting back watching the show, like I am doing.

          The LAST thing priests want to see is Jesus down from the cross standing in front of them, that’s why male children are being targeted in society, not because we’re trying to find God / Christ, it’s because we DON’T want to find Him. The bread and circus in the churches is a cover for mafia style gov., don’t believe me? Take a good hard look at reality, what you are witnessing is the newest generation of victims / oppressors taking the stage, sodomizing children definately assures that they will have a hard time finding Christ in their life. The priests do what they do with purpose, but they are decieved, the only thing they really accomplished was creating a world like Noah’s, which is also in the Bible, and it serves God’s purposes, not theirs…..

        • londontubes says:

          I restate my question: Which of the hundreds of translations is absolutely correct, with out error.

          My question has nothing to do with power, but since you said that the Bible is without error, I just want to know which of the hundreds is THAT ONE.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          None of them, the truth is the most highly guarded secret in the world. If you must rely on others to read the Bible for you, then just stick to the commandments, they require no spiritual connection to the creator to understand them.

        • LouiseCA says:

          That’s an odd response.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          It likely seems that way, because I’m not trying to fool anyone….

        • londontubes says:

          You ask a question/make a statement, and I give you an answer to the question/statement, and you don’t even bother to follow the suggestion. That means that, despite the wording of your post, you really don’t want to knew if and how God speaks to the world today. I’m sorry.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          I’m sorry too London Tubes, I didn’t mean to offend, please tell me if and how God speaks to the world…..

        • londontubes says:

          As I said before, Google Thomas S. Monson. If that is too tough, I will give you a couple of links:

        • Russell Sayce says:

          This from your link:

          “I testify that with God, all things are possible. He is our Heavenly Father; His Son is our Redeemer. As we strive to learn His truths and then to live them, our lives and the lives of others will be abundantly blessed.”

          I completely agree…..Thanks for sharing : )

        • londontubes says:

          You’re welcome. They are words from a Prophet.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          Indeed they are….

          Have a good night Londontubes !!!

        • LouiseCA says:

          Everyone should read several versions. But unless they are false versions by an unbeliever of some kind of mocker, there are no errors.
          If you are truly struggling with the issue, ask God for an answer and be willing to open yourself to hearing from Him and waiting for the answer. If you are a true seeker, He will bring you the answer. He will bring you to the place of understanding.

        • londontubes says:

          I guess that my problem is that how can one Bible say one thing, and another say another and one preacher say one thing, and another say another, and each saying that what they say is right and the other guy is wrong. If God wanted us to know Him and understand Him, (And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent) why would he allow there to be so much discord in the world regarding what He really wants us to do and understand. It would seem that since his is the same yesterday, today and forever, and that there is “one Lord, one faith, one baptism”, that He would give us a way to KNOW, with no question, no debate, no vote, exactly what we should do. A definitive source of knowledge for all who would listen.

        • [email protected] says:

          I like your question, londontubes. I would like to also ask God to do that. And the fact that He does not give us that information, convinces me that there is no God. And I still believe that anyone who does believe in God, there is no harm done except when religious discrimination occurs. Such as with King George and the founders of America.

        • londontubes says:

          He as done that. Google: Thomas S. Monson.

        • Joy says:

          The enemy is working hard to confuse and sow doubt and fear into many hearts– discernment is crucial in these times. This is where Christ is separating the wheat from the chaff and the sheep from the goats. He told us that many would come in His name – but not to believe them. There are many well-known or not preachers that are false teachers as well as false prophets or ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’. Remember, the Word tells us that ‘even the elect will be deceived’.

          The scriptures tell us ‘not to be blown around by the winds of doctrine’–Jesus said that many would come in His Name – but not to believe them. We are called to work out our salvation(s) in fear and trembling. No matter what denomination a part of, Jesus will meet you there. However, if the gospel being preached doesn’t line up (a lot of soft gospel going around today to accommodate sin) with the true inerrant Word of God–find another Church.

          There are actually new versions of the Bible being written in a pro-politically correct style and using the description for God and/or dismissing His name altogether with ‘allah’…which I think is part of the new chrislam (Christian-Islam) movement that some of the mega churches are promoting — a lie from hell for sure.

          I’ve heard myself say – will the real Jesus please stand up – and the answer always comes back as – ‘you ‘gotta know that you know…’ I think if we don’t look good on wood, it’s time to reevaluate ourselves.

          Read the Book of Jude.

        • londontubes says:

          I found about five or six references in the NT to ‘false prophets’, and the warning we have been given to make sure we are not deceived by them.

          I also found scriptures by the same Apostles which talk about ‘Prophets’ in the Church at that time:

          1 Cor. 14:
          29 Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge.

          30 If any thing be revealed to another that sitteth by, let the first hold his peace.

          31 For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted.

          32 And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.

          33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

          (No confusion! Do you see confusion in the different denominations today?)

          Matthew 10:

          40 ¶He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.

          41 He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward.

          And then, of course, Amos 3:7

          “Surely the Lord God will do NOTHING, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” (emphasis added)

        • Joy says:

          Thank you – as far as denominational confusion goes – I believe we’re coming to the end of the Church age in these times and that a one world government will usher in the universal Church before which time many hope in a pre-tribulation catching up or rapture – and – others believe, of course, in a post-tribulation departure…

          Most Churches today are nothing more than coffee houses or night club lounges – black stages with theater lights sporting predictably timed contemporary worship and an actor for the preacher who’s too busy filling the pews than saving souls. Humanism is preached from the pulpits and if you notice, some Churches don’t even exhibit the Cross in their sanctuaries or seldom offer communion. Reverence and fear of God is near non-existent, and there is such a spirit of timidity stemming from political correctness throughout that they dare not give an uncomfortable gospel for fear of insulting some. Why we’ve got missionaries and the poor in daily persecution in far away places and those facing a martyr’s death praying for our strength because we don’t have a clue what’s coming – and – they need us to be okay.

          Sorry for rambling on – it’s just so aggravating to watch what is happening anymore. Although every Church has its issues, I choose to stay in a Church where I can hear the bells chime; recite the prayers with other saints and kneel before a Holy God with the tabernacle front center – the Crucifix visible in all its glory – and Communion the focal point — everyday if desired – it will take you to Heaven. You can’t get enough of God today – let the incense swing – Amen

        • londontubes says:

          Good reply. But I go to a church with no bells, do not ‘recite’ prayers (use prayers from the heart, not a book), don’t kneel in Church (do at home an in private with my private prayers to the Saviour), no Crucifix (I believe in a living Saviour, that he is now alive, and that we prefer to think of him as living, not dying), and yes, Communion (or Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper) is the focal point of the meeting. To renew our covenants we have made with God and Jesus Christ. To do it in remembrance of His body and blood and to witness to God that we will take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ, to always remember him and keep his commandments that we might always have his spirit to be with us. Also no incense (of course I don’t know what you mean by ‘incense’, but I am sure you know that ‘burnable incense’ was first used by the Egyptians in the idolic worship and has been used by many, many heathen religions through the ages, so we don’t use incense at all).
          And yes, you cannot get enough God today.

        • Joy says:

          Thanks for your testimonial. First of all I was not playing the apologetic for my catholic faith. Jesus taught us to ‘recite’ or pray the Lord’s Prayer, and the Creed is universally a heart felt confirmation of our belief in our Triune God. The Church is a place of worship where not only is kneeling very much a natural part of one’s reverence and honor of God’s presence, but also in one’s own privacy or prayer closet. You can’t box the Holy Spirit in according to your own ideas of what worship should be for everyone.

          We rise at the reading of the Gospel–and–humbly kneel in reverence during the celebration of the Mass. Communion or Eucharist is not just a ‘remembrance’ of Jesus’ Sacrifice on the Cross but believed as the living Jesus and in true union of the Passion of the Cross, and partaking of the actual blood, body, soul and divinity of Christ Jesus. We believe n the true presence of Jesus of Jesus in the Eucharist. There are many documented accounts of the true presence (bleeding host -Eucharist. Its a shame that the Passion of the Lord is recognized at Easter or resurrection Sunday–the same with Mary – the Mother of God – who Jesus gave to John -and us- at the foot of the Cross – she walked with Him all the way to the Cross – read the scriptures – she was there directing Him to perform the first public miracle (Wedding at Canaan where she said – ‘do as He tells you’) and in Luke, it tells us that Mary will be honored among all nations.

          It’s sad that many are missing out of the fullness, richness and depth that is only found in the first and oldest Church from Christ time.

          Incense, by the way, has been used from the beginning of time by God’s Holy Angels in Heaven–it’s not some cultic practice. The Wisemen brought Jesus the makings of incense when visiting Him and His Mother as a young boy. In the catholic Church, incense when used is on during special celebrations is for purification.

          As far as the Crucifix is concerned – you have to look once again at John 3:16 if you dismiss it – then what about the scripture – ‘by His Stripes we were healed’…that was also part of the suffering. With all due respect, your reasoning is purely a contemporary understanding of the whole gift given us. The entire 3-year ministry of Christ bleeding all the way to the Cross died-buried-risen cannot be divided and dismissed until Easter–and should always be celebrated. Salvation could not have been ours without the Passion or Crucifixion–there are blessings and miracles on the front and back of the Cross–the Blood is powerful. We believe in the visible and invisible as said in the Creed.

          Scriptures on Incense below – and very interesting read at

          Revelation 15:8

          And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from his power, and no one could enter the temple until the seven plagues of the seven angels were completed.

          Leviticus 16:12-13

          And he shall take a censer full of coals of fire from the altar before the Lord, and two handfuls of sweet incense beaten small, and he shall bring it inside the veil and put the incense on the fire before the Lord, that the cloud of the incense may cover the mercy seat that is over the testimony, so that he does not die.

          Psalm 141:2

          Let my prayer be counted as incense before you, and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice!

          Leviticus 10:1-2

          Now Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, each took his censer and put fire in it and laid incense on it and offered unauthorized fire before the Lord, which he had not commanded them. And fire came out from before the Lord and consumed them, and they died before the Lord.

          Malachi 1:11

          For from the rising of the sun to its setting my name will be great among the nations, and in every place incense will be offered to my name, and a pure offering. For my name will be great among the nations, says the Lord of hosts.

          Exodus 40:1-38

          The Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “On the first day of the first month you shall erect the tabernacle of the tent of meeting. And you shall put in it the ark of the testimony, and you shall screen the ark with the veil. And you shall bring in the table and arrange it, and you shall bring in the lampstand and set up its lamps. And you shall put the golden altar for incense before the ark of the testimony, and set up the screen for the door of the tabernacle.

          Isaiah 1:13

          Bring no more vain offerings; incense is an abomination to me. New moon and Sabbath and the calling of convocations— I cannot endure iniquity and solemn assembly.

          Exodus 30:1-38

          “You shall make an altar on which to burn incense; you shall make it of acacia wood. A cubit shall be its length, and a cubit its breadth. It shall be square, and two cubits shall be its height. Its horns shall be of one piece with it. You shall overlay it with pure gold, its top and around its sides and its horns. And you shall make a molding of gold
          around it. And you shall make two golden rings for it. Under its molding on two opposite sides of it you shall make them, and they shall be holders for poles with which to carry it. You shall make the poles of acacia wood and overlay them with gold.

          Hebrews 9:4

          Having the golden altar of incense and the ark of the covenant covered on all sides with gold, in which was a golden urn holding the manna, and Aaron’s staff that budded, and the tablets of the covenant.

          Exodus 40:34-38

          Then the cloud covered the tent of meeting, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle. And Moses was not able to enter the tent of meeting because the cloud settled on it, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle. Throughout all their journeys, whenever the cloud was taken up from over the tabernacle, the people of Israel would set out. But if the cloud was not taken up, then they did not set out till the day that it was taken up. For the cloud of the Lord was on the tabernacle by day, and fire was in it by night, in the sight of all the house of Israel throughout all their journeys.

          Read about the Church Fathers and also look into the history of the saints – St. Francis of Assisi – Padre Pio (a modern day saint that bore the Stigmata…) the holy martyrs – you can’t deny this truth even though it’s not talked of much in different denominations outside the catholic Church.

        • LouiseCA says:

          It’s to get a well-rounded and completed understanding of each word, the customs, and cultures.

        • [email protected] says:

          Dear Mr. Russell Sayce: You are right, I am judging God. I am judging God by analytically reading the Bible, trying to understand what the Bible is saying without assuming anything. Most importantly, I believed what was said was God’s word (maybe I should not have tried to implicate any of his scribes in my earlier post). And my preliminary conclusion is that either God does not exist or perhaps He does not have the stated characteristics (omnipotent, omniscient, etc.). I could be wrong and I would appreciate it if you could help me understand these biblical inconsistencies.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          What inconsistancies are you referring to?

        • [email protected] says:

          Give me a couple weeks to compile the list. Thanks, Russell.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          While you’re working on your list, you should search for “Bible symbolism dictionary” and spend some time looking at different definitions, it may shorten your list some….

        • [email protected] says:

          Ok, Russell, I will consider your advice.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          Have a good evening Paul : )

        • LouiseCA says:

          There are NO errors in the Bible. It has been proven to be 100% correct in history, archeology, medicine, science, prophecy, and every way that it has ever been tested, and will continue to be until the End.

        • [email protected] says:

          Well put! Until the End! And at the End, it will be proven to be completely false since there is almost certainly no God.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          Many people who have made a mess out of their life, really, really, really want there to be no God. Are you one of them?

        • [email protected] says:

          No, I am very happy with my choices in life. I am 99.9999999999999999% sure that there is no God. I am looking to be proven wrong using the truth seeking modus operandi. Sorry that I answered your questions out of order.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          No need to apologize Paul, I’m happy to hear that you have no regrets in life.

          There is however, no getting around the spiritual warfare that has engulfed our planet, all will have to choose a side.

          To say that there is no creator God, is the same as saying “I am the most powerful being that I know”. This puts you alone in charge of fixing the problems that others with the same thoughts are creating. Are you alone up to the task?

          satan = man without God

          Jesus = man with God

          If you are truly inquisitive and need a place to start, research the Yuga cycle, then compare it to the soldier in the book of Daniel.
          …. In peace : )

        • [email protected] says:

          Russell: I like your Monday morning June 30 post. However, I disagree that I am the most powerful being that I know. For example, Obama and Putin are both more powerful than I. I am more aligned (=) to your hypothetical God than I am aligned with Satan (I do not believe that either exist although their ideas do exist). I am not up to the task of fixing the worldwide problems (however, if I were omnipotent/omniscient I could because I know how to fix them). I will look at the Yuga cycle and see what is there. Have a good Monday!

        • Russell Sayce says:

          Thanks Paul….You do the same : )

          PS…In reality, Putin and Obama are no different than you and I. You will see….

        • Leijona says:

          If you are referring to the assumption that there is a hell, and therefore “people that have made a mess of their lives” are going there, I suggest you look into the concept of hell, when it came about, and what the fear of hell was used for. The concept of an “All mercifull” god flies directly into the face of a god that would send those he “loved” to burn in (The concept of) hell forever.

          The concept of hell got legs from Dante. The idea of making money from the concept got legs from the devious bishops extorting money for indulgences. (Get out of hell free cards)

        • Russell Sayce says:

          You nailed it…..

          All popular Bible translations were done with mammon in mind, one of my favorites is the magic carpet ride outa here.

        • Leijona says:

          One of the things that has always bothered me is (The concept of) a bloodthirsty god. I guess the Hebrews, becoming disgruntled with the hideous human sacrifices performed by the Canaanites, (According to the book) decided to substitute animals for their blood rituals. What kind of a god would require this? To take a baby lamb, slit its throat, and burn its carcass on a pyre? (After of course, the priests removed all of the good meat. Apparently the Pharisees were fond of lamb chops) I wonder if the offering of mint jelly became popular at the same time?

          Now I am sure that someone is going to pop up and say it was all for the purpose of setting us up for the killing of Jesus. I still don’t get it. What is it with this Judeo-Christian-Muslim (Yup, sorry folks, all three came from the same Isle in the get-A-god store) and his/her/its thirst for blood?????

          I kind of liked Athena a lot better. She was about LOVE, and Like Lennon said, that’s all you need.

          I’m pretty sure that’s what Christ said too, until they hijacked him.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          Yes…..That’s why they hijacked Him, and why they continue the assault, it’s spiritual warfare here on planet Earth.

          Get-A-god store……LOL…..that’s a good one, and very accurate as well. Our real God clearly states that he wants no sacrifices from us, everything in the world already belongs to Him. I feel badly for mutitudes that have bought into the lies from below, but I have to believe that they knew something wasn’t right, and they followed along anyway.

          Keep spreading the good word Leijona, as I’m sure you know, God always wins these battles….

        • Leijona says:

          “Mutitudes” LOLOLOL was that on purpose? You coined a word. LOLOLOL

        • Russell Sayce says:


          No that was a boo boo…..I fixed it : )

        • Leijona says:

          Steppenwolf. “I like to dream………………..

        • londontubes says:

          Which Bible, KJV, NKJV, NIV, NAV, XYZ?

          Why does everyone who comes along decide that they don’t like this version or that version, which ever it is, so they make their own, so that it says what they want it to say so as to agree with their take on Christianity?

          I wish God would come down and pick someone, like he did for thousands of years, and tell him what His (God’s) own ‘interpretation’ of His word is. “Thus saith the Lord….” That would be my perfect answer to the question of “Why so many churches and Bibles and baptisms and communions/sacraments etc.”

          Please God, come down and help us out of this mess.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          People are trying, but the truth is so distant from what folks want it to be, that it falls on deaf ears….

        • londontubes says:

          Most folks, anyway.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          Yes…..Most folks…

        • Leijona says:

          Humans interpret things according to their experiences. Moses went into the mountains, got hungry, ate some funny looking mushrooms, and watched as the clouds started turning into animals and people. He liked the mushrooms and decided to cook a few, a bush caught on fire, one of the clouds turned into an old man with a beard, and the rest is, as they say, history. With Abraham it was berries, red juicy berries. Abe was not all that neat of a guy, and a lot of the berry juice dripped onto his crotch, and so circumcision was borne.

          The real god, if there is one, must have the longest running comedy show in the universe. Its called

          “The Human Race” Why “Race”? Because everyone is hurrying up to make idiots of themselves for the show.

          The newest episode “Islam and The Muslims” is the funniest yet.

        • jessica22 says:

          As Christians, we believe God’s Word is infallible.
          Perhaps the interpretation by the person hearing the word is wrong, but never God’s intent.

        • londontubes says:

          I won’t go through the entire explanation I did above (see above), but of the hundreds of translations of the Bible, which one is the error-free one? (please read the above comments to see where I am coming from, thanks Jessica.

        • Leijona says:

          There are no versions of the bible that are error free, because every version of the bible was written by man. Take the King James Version, for instance. If anyone for one moment believes that scribes employed by the political head of a country are not going to favor the kings idea of how things are is truly delusional.

          If you read “The Whig Interpretation of History” you will quickly learn to see how recorded history always favors the writer. All of the recorded history that we read as kids was written by the Whigs in England.

          Read “Who Wrote the Bible” and “The Zealot”

        • londontubes says:

          I agree completely. No version of the Bible is error free for exactly the reasons you mentioned. It is not the ‘inerrant’ word of God. As it has problems, the only way to find out what God really meant in it is to have him tell us today, just the way he told the faithful in the Old Testament as well as the New. By one chosen and ordained by someone having proper authority. A Prophet, to be exact. Just as God spoke to Adam, Noah, Enoch, Moses, Isaiah, John the Baptist, and Christ’s Apostles (to name a few) to help people understand what He wants us to do, and as He loves us as today as much as he loved everyone in Biblical times, he is doing the same for us as he did for them.

        • The Walking Cuban says:

          31. Christian. I have seen in different parts of the bible where a verse referring to a number, say a number of years or a number of people, doesn’t match the number it’s referring to. That doesn’t bother, since it does not begin to compare to the overwhelming accuracy of the rest of the bible. But here is one thing that settles it: the doctrine of Christianity is perfect. Not one contradiction. You may or may not be aware that there are 2 covenants, the Jewish and the Christian, the old and the new. The new is binding today. People twist it, but it must be twisted, in order, to be twisted! It is the perfect law of liberty, and the only way to reunite the sinner with the Creator.

        • LouiseCA says:

          There are no errors.

        • The Walking Cuban says:

          1 Corinthians 10:8 (KJV) 8 Neither let us commit fornication, as some of them committed, and fell in one day three and twenty thousand.

          Numbers 25:9 (KJV) 9 And those that died in the plague were twenty and four thousand.

          Maybe it can be explained. I don’t know. What I do know is that the gospel is not hurt by it. Do you see my point?

        • Leijona says:


        • The Walking Cuban says:

          I can help you with that. I won’t insult you. Or respond to insults.

        • Leijona says:

          It was not an insult. I do not get your point.

          In your first quote, apparently 23,000 people were killed for doing what everybody that is normal and likes to do. Well, most people like to do it anyway. Only religion tells you that you have to constantly fight the urges that were hard wired into your body, get frustrated, beat yourself with branches and take cold showers to avoid. If I understand what the Corinthians are saying.

          In the second 24,000 were killed by some disease, probably Cholera, or Smallpox.

          Now, Which Gospel is not “Hurt” by these statements?

          See? I did not get your point.

        • The Walking Cuban says:

          My bad, it’s hard to tell sometimes if someone’s being rude in text versus talk.

          The 23k and the 24 k were referring to the same instance and same people. God did not want them to mix with their pagan neighbors. It always led to idolatry. Idols can’t do anything for themselves, much less anyone else. He was way hung out for them.

          I’ve been working all day (I drive a lot in my job) and have not been able to answer your question as to who wrote the bible. I’ll give you an answer by Monday, The Lord willing.

        • Leijona says:

          That is exactly what any good Muslim would say about Islam.

        • The Walking Cuban says:

          I’ll gladly debate you, in a friendly fashion. I’ll use scripture. But… What is the position you will defend?

        • LouiseCA says:

          Go ahead. Have a million conventions. You will never prove a single incorrect statement of any kind in the Bible. You think you are the first one to think the Bible contains errors? You can’t be that foolish. All of the “errors” and “inconsistencies” you think you have discovered have been answered in full and clearly in wonderful apologetic books, if you would open your mind to read them.
          Any anyone who is rewriting Scripture has opened themselves up to a serious position. They are in danger of damnation.
          You need to find some better reading material.

        • [email protected] says:

          Thank you LouiseCA for the reading material advice. That is good advice. But I will say further that I am not afraid of damnation while seeking the truth. In fact, I am sure that if there is a God, He would welcome my search for the truth. I believe in the God that is described in the Bible but I do not believe the parts of the Bible where there are inconsistencies and therefore my inclination is to claim that I am an atheist. I hope you can understand that position. And btw, only one well run convention would be necessary and all of the world’s people would benefit.

        • Leijona says:

          It would never work Paul. There is ALWAYS a political agenda hidden in religion, and the more the religion claims to be the only one, the more political it is.

        • Leijona says:

          The Bible is full of contradictions. Maybe you do not consider blatant contradictions as errors? The bible is continually being edited in attempts to clear up the differences that lurk throughout the text. This is admirable, but it is just one more translation of a bad translation. The question of “Which Bible” is a good one, that never seems to be answered in these forums.

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          Name ONE error, you believe is in God’s Word!

        • Teeseeree says:

          IF you find errors in the Word of God, it is because you have a copy of a Protestant bible, which was abridged by mere people who thought they had the right to throw out a bunch of books and split Psalms, and then twist the meanings of some of the scriptures by taking them out of context and changing them to suit their own whims and wants. That which was originally put there by God, cannot be changed or perverted. The Most Holy One does not make mistakes.

        • [email protected] says:

          Well, we have what we have. With God being omnipotent and omniscient, I would have expected something better. I would have expected a Bible that was unambiguous, a Bible that would bring all the people of the world together. Obviously, this has not happened. Clearly, God has failed. On this basis alone, I reject the notion of an omnipotent, omniscient God. God may exist but clearly He is not omnipotent nor omniscient. We must move forward on this basis.

        • Leijona says:

          AT the council of Nicaea, approximately 60 gospels of various people that were close to Jesus were cast off and burned as being irrelevant by the 300 or so bishops that convened, including the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, who was the constant companion of the Nazarene. She is shown to the right of Jesus in Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” I think Leonardo had to claim it was James so as not to upset the religious powers to be. The Bishops had an agenda. I personally consider what these bishops did as the worst crime ever perpetrated on mankind. What Luther did was correct. The Catholic church was rotten in his time. The church pushed the concept of hell following Dante’s Inferno, then they sold indulgences to the wealthy. It was rotten to the core.

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          You don’t even grasp the meanings of your own comments! No wonder you don’t comprehend mine, let alone God’s Word! How do you NOT GET that an artist creating a confection for such an event IS CELEBRATING said event, and thus violates both God’s Word, AND the artist’s conscience in the matter???
          You made the comment about catching more flies with honey, and I simply pointed out I wasn’t CALLED to BE honey, not implying you were adressing me as such!

        • jessica22 says:

          Bill, I hear what you are saying and I agree with you mostly. This homosexual couple will get married whether or not the baker makes the cake, so really what point is the baker making, you may ask.

          The baker is answering God’s call to him by refusing to make the cake. I mean, it’s not like the only heart surgeon in the world refusing to do a heart transplant. By all means, the baker should have the right to deny making the cake and this homosexual couple was simply trying to make life difficult… period.

          As far as evangelizing God’s love and compassion, there are some things in life worth fighting for and this refusal to bake the cake should be done with a Christian spirit.

        • Leijona says:

          SO how does this dovetail with

          “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” or

          “Judge not lest ye be judged” or

          “You who have not sinned cast the first stone”

          Hypocrites, Not Christians, think like this.

        • jessica22 says:

          Don’t quite get your point…
          Are you for homosexuality?
          Or are you against it?
          Or are you just against anyone else having an opinion?

          Cuz they’re hypocrites, right?

        • Leijona says:

          I am not “for” or “against” Homosexuality Jessica, I just consider it as a fact of life, that some people are different, and I am really trying to not judge them for being different, like people were often judged when I was young in the fifties and sixties.

          We have been deprived of the actual words of Jesus of Nazareth by the Bishops that convened at the council of Nicaea. Much of what he said was most probably contained in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, only a fraction of which was found in the 19th Century.

          These Bishops were the tools of the RCC under Constantine, and they had a political agenda.

          Now, if you call yourself a Christian, which means that you agree with the teachings of Jesus, and you agree that he said the following, (More or less)

          “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” or

          “Judge not lest ye be judged” or

          “You who have not sinned cast the first stone”

          If you judge others, would that not be hypocritical?

        • LouiseCA says:

          You bring the Word of God and the plan of Salvation to the forefront when you refuse to compromise.
          And a craven image is an image that you bow to and worship. Not a figurine.

        • Patricia says:

          That question is quite personal for me as I asked it of my parents when a child. And as a child, I perceived that literally. Our neighbors were the Spivey’s, the Crumbley’s, the Gardner’s and the White’s. Then my Sunday School teacher explained that ‘my neighbor’ was whoever was around me at any given time.

          Wow! Really? That’s everyone! Okay, I get it and it’s complete! Boy, those Scriptures are really cool. <3

        • Joy says:

          We are to love the sinner and hate the sin–in that way, we are to enjoy them if friends or just generally speaking…being neighborly as with anyone…BUT, that does not mean we are to condone sin which is as simple as agreeing to putting a gay symbolization on a cake–that’s where you cross the line. Again, this is why Jesus tells us in His Red Writing that you must enter the narrow gate – where very few find it. Don’t fall into the world’s deception–read the Book of Jude.

        • Leijona says:

          No writings of Jesus have ever been found, what do you mean by “Red Writings”?

        • jessica22 says:

          Don’t you think it should be the baker’s choice?

        • londontubes says:


        • Bill Ascherfeld says:

          What ever happened to, “Render unto Caesar…”? Also, “You can catch more flys with honey than with vinegar”?

          There is no compartmentalizing in God’s realm because It is Perfection.

          Neither the realm of earth nor anything in it, including man, is perfect, because God did not make it perfect on purpose!

          He wants us to struggle here. To make ourselves, with His Help, perfect enough to enter Heaven! Should we not, as good Christians, help others too, as much as we can?

          What if that requires making friends with them. What if That requires you bake a cake for a queer And top it with a statue of a queer couple, so that you can approach that person as a “friend” and then, be able to evangelize to him.

          Would it be better to shun him and leave him forever stuck in his false beliefs?

          What if you can never have him see “it” your way??? Would you have been the better for never having tried?

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          Don’t know whose teachings you’re following, but I DO KNOW they’re NOT those of Yhwh God.or His Son Yeshua! What I explained above IS the meaningof the command you PARTLY quoted; GOD ALWAYS, in all situations and instances, MUST supersede any and every human law
          that comes into conflict with His laws.
          God DID create perfection here: HUMANS, with the provocation of Satan, screwed it up! It wasn’t God’s intention but Satan’s and humans’ free wills that brought all sickness, suffering and death into this world; God in His wisdom and mercy PLANNED ahead, KNOWING we would screw up, and provided a means of redemptioon for us.

        • [email protected] says:

          God did screw up (or at least His scribes screwed up). Read the Bible carefully and analytically, allowing for scribe (or God) error. For example, why did He kill Ananias and Sapphora and not kill Eve (and immediately pull together some more dust and another of Adam’s ribs, hopefully from the opposite side as the original rib) for a tremendously important sinful thought about eating from “that tree”. Think about it!

        • The Walking Cuban says:

          Kill Eve. Yeah. That’s the answer. Stop the entire human race from ever happening.

          Sir, He did kill Eve. Otherwise, she’d be alive today.

        • [email protected] says:

          To The Walking Cuban: I’m sorry that I did not make myself clear. As you undoubtedly know, Adam and Eve and all of their descendants were scheduled to live forever. But then, Satan told Eve that she would not die if she ate from “that tree (TT)”, so she decided to eat from TT. As you undoubtedly also know, God instantly knew that Eve was going to do this. My observation is that God should have instantly killed Eve and immediately replaced her with another dust/rib Eve (call her Eve#2). Eve#2 and the original Adam (missing two ribs) would continue the line of humans. Now because God predicted death if the Garden of Eden rules were not followed (i.e., not eating the fruit of TT), Adam and the original Eve did eventually die (I think they lived for several more centuries). The point of this discussion is that God’s precious human creation did not need to be born with original sin and also, and this is very important, God’s only begotten Son did not need to suffer the agony of crucifixion to provide a source of “redemption” for human beings born with original sin. Do you now see my point?

        • The Walking Cuban says:

          I do. But God gave her, and Adam, and you and me and Jesus, free will. Do you suggest he remove all of Adam’s ribs, axial bones, and appendicular bones, until he had to make another Adam? His plan is perfect. WE aren’t. His plan of redemption will reunite those that make their will, His will, it will reunite us with Him.

        • [email protected] says:

          I understand free will and I like it. But if God’s plan is perfect, why are there so many problems with the human race? And God made us, why aren’t we perfect? And the free will argument has already been used, so what’s next? Doesn’t God love His human creation? If God is omnipotent and omniscient, why do all these problems exist? Can you help me understand omnipotent/omniscient with respect to the obviously failed human existence?

        • The Walking Cuban says:

          You reject God. You are not the only one either. In fact, those that do His will are in a minority that does not include any other religion, or any denomination either. Therein lies the answer to the world’s problems: the world rejects the God of the Bible, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. SIN. I know you want to avoid the subject if free will, but it comes right back to it. Does God love His creation? Well, didn’t He destroy His creation once? The 8 righteous people on earth lived. If He is omniscient/omnipresent, why the problems? Sin. Do you not see that sin is the problem? “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth, as it IS in Heaven.” What is on earth that is not in heaven? Sin. The angels do His will continually. We, continually, do not.

          Sir, sin is only one side of free will. The other is obedience.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          The only reason you see it as failed is because you woke up on the broad path to destruction, not the narrow path to salvation. What’s worse is you publicly declaring that there was no narrow path for you to choose. Yes there is, it’s always been there, keeping the commandments (God’s covenant) would have caused you to wake up on it. Since you didn’t, you would like to insist that no one woke up on it, and God doesn’t exist. Is that it in a nutshell?

        • [email protected] says:

          Well, yes and no. I do not agree with your narrow/broad path comparisons. I follow the path of objective truth. I believe that the objective truth path is narrow. Reality says to me that there is no God and no Satan. We make our own rules, assisted by the ideas of God and Satan and our fellow men/women. As I indicate, although God does not exist, the ideas generated by our fellow men/women about God are extremely useful.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          The narrow / broad path comparison is not mine, it comes from the Bible, the same place I confirm all truths.

          “We make our own rules” = man without acknowledging God

          What you are doing is declaring that there are no natural laws for human behavior. But there are laws, and you follow them or break them everyday. For instance, if you walk through the door after a long day and your spouse is there, you can usually enjoy the benefits of goodness ( God ) by giving your spouse a warm welcome. But if you enter as a tyrant, what ever goodness you get back will not be genuine, and soon you will be alone, or living with an equal tyrant battling for dominance in a hellish place.

          You don’t lean left when turning right, while riding a bike, do you? You probably don’t challenge gravity either. So why do you think we get to make up our own laws of behavior? Those laws are written in stone for a reason, the problems we have today are a direct result of us challenging them, it will have a similar result as us challenging gravity.

          For more on natural law, go here:

        • LouiseCA says:

          That’s ridiculous.
          God NEVER makes a mistake. Ever. He killed Ananias and Sapphira because they lied directly to the Holy Spirit. God told them that in the day they ate the forbidden fruity, they would die. And they did. He was talking about the 1000 year-for-a-day scenario, which is referred to throughout Scripture.

        • [email protected] says:

          Adam and Eve (and all of their descendants) died because they ate fruit from That Tree (TT). Comparing the relative sin of Eve with the sin of Ananias/Sapphira, would you say that Eve should have been allowed to stay alive for several more centuries while Annanias/Sapphira were killed immediately? Can you help me understand God’s reasoning here? And btw, aside from the current issue, the killing of Annanias/Sapphira was a political set of killings (and the Bible even admits that). And what do you think of God now, a killer for political purposes?

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          God didn’t kill Eve because she was repentant, and was therefore given the first promise of the redemption to come ( Gen 3:15), but she didn’t just “get off” either! And eventually her body did indeed die. As for Ananias and Sapphira, they conspired together to deceive the Holy Spirit, a form of blasphemy thereto; and blaspheming the Holy Spirit is the only wholly unforgivable sin! However, you misread if you believe God struck them dead, because the account in Acts states each “gave up the ghost”. No one “struck” either; their own guilty consciences killed them, when Peter accused each. Our minds have a lot more power over our bodies’ functions than most realize. Such intense guilt could easily “squeeze” a heart to stillness, or cause such an increase in blood pressure as to cause a massive hemorrhagic CVA resulting in instant death, just as “for instances”.

        • [email protected] says:

          You are mistaken. God instantly killed Annanis and Sapphira, at different times, when each uttered the identical lie about the amount of funds they had collected to give to the Christian political movement. In all truthfulness, can you compare the sin of Annanias and Sapphira to the sin of Eve? I am awaiting your reply.

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          Just reread that chapter YESTERDAY morning (my time zone); the wording used in both instances is “gave up the ghost”, the SAME as was used of Jesus, Who had previously stated that no man could /would TAKE His life, rather He gave it up! If God had chosen to strike either dead, well within His right and power, as He did, in fact, with Aaron’s and Samuel’s sons, it would have been so worded, as in those earlier instances. They died of their own accords, and guilt was probably the mechanism.
          As for “comparing” sins, the only distinctions God makes are in the level of KNOWLEDGE the SINNER has, as to degree of guilt, and the object of that sin. If you sin against the Holy Spirit, you’re toast; no forgiveness possible. As I said, that, and Eve’s repentance were on her side, where Ananias and Sapphira conspired together to deceive the Spirit.

        • Leijona says:

          I guess Ananias and Sapphira did not quite completely buy into communism, so they decided to hedge their bet a little huh?

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          Again, it wasn’t the fact that they wanted to keep some of the money back; it WAS their money, therefore their right! The problems were the conspiracy to lie and the acts of doing so.

        • LouiseCA says:

          God made all of Creation perfect. It was the original sin, the fall of Adam and Eve, that brought deterioration and death to the world. That’s why we struggle. It was not God’s intent in the beginning.
          And compromise is not the way to reach anyone. Standing firm and speaking the truth in love is the way to witness.

        • smartgranny55 says:

          Christians can’t be a light to world by compromising their values. Good business practices are based on the Word of God, not the wisdom of man.

        • Bill Ascherfeld says:

          Just like I told sandraleesmith46, I give up.

          The Constitution for the Republic of The United States of America was based on the Word of God too. Look what “They” have done with that over only 200 years!

          Maybe if we could sell more wedding cakes to queers, we could raise enough money to straighten out the crooked government of this Republic!~ Huh?

        • Russell Sayce says:

          Apparently that is the logic being applied now….We’ll see how it turns out.

        • Leijona says:

          Why don’t you just call people by their name, Bill, instead of giving someone a derogatory, hateful label?

          It really does not do much for you or them, and you cant change the way someone is wired, sexually. It is not a “Choice” as you have probably been told. Some day we will understand the reason for it, though. Hate destroys the hater, I know that for sure, and I know that the Nazarene would not condone hate.

        • Leijona says:

          Well, Gay people are a fact of life, and they always have been, they just used to be a lot more bearable and nice, so I guess you have to be an outwardly hateful Bigot to be a “Soldier of God”. Kind of like the morons in the Westboro Baptist Church.

          Now there are some real Christ-Like people right there, they even disown their own kids if they disagree with their interpretation of gods word.

        • smartgranny55 says:

          It doesn’t take much to cause you to jump to erroneous and irresponsible conclusions.

        • Leijona says:

          My conclusions are based on logical deductive reasoning, based on 68 years of personal experience, scientific investigation and research. You ought to try it some time instead of getting everything you know out of an ancient book written by men that thought the earth was a flat disc, and man was made from mud.

        • Mrs. Patriot says:

          No. It is impossible to separate your values from how you live your life. Duh. And some things are more important than “business.” Christians, do not ever vote for anyone who does not live up to your Christian values.

          Saul Alinsky says that progressives must hold others to their own standards – I say we need to hold everyone to OUR standards because we’re apparently the only ones who have any standards these days.

        • Bill Ascherfeld says:

          How can you Hold someone if you can’t catch him? Whatever happened to, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesars, and to God, what is God’s!”
          “It is impossible to separate your values from how you live your life.” So, as you live your life in a community, then, you should live in 1 big room with a bed over there, a couch over there, a stove over there, a toilet over there, and a window over there.”?
          I charge that you separate your values more than once a day. You do not go to the toilet in public. You purposely separate it in another room where you can separate yourself every time you make a “deposit” there. That’s called “Modesty”– a virtue, I believe.

        • whoselineisitanyway says:

          Bill: I simply think you are a moron. You have no point to make and to make someone feel lesser by your response to “It is impossible to separate your values from how you live your life” and respond live in one big room with a bed, stove, a couch a toilet and a window. Well that just boggles my mind. ARE YOU THAT STUPID? Or are you a demon rat troll? I would suspect that you are a troll. GO BACK UNDER THAT BRIDGE.

        • Leijona says:

          I bet you say “Duh” a lot.

        • Jeff Brodhead says:

          BULL MANURE!

          “There is no business ethics. There is only ethics, or no ethics.”
          ~~John C Maxwell

        • Bill Ascherfeld says:

          I am not sure where “ethics” comes from. Perhaps the Sadducees; Pharisees, and other officials of the Jewish faith. The same kind of people who questioned Jesus in the Sanhedrin. (by the way– I am not “slapping” the Jewish faith here. I am only saying what I said above, as an example)

          I am not sure where John C. Maxwell gets His information!

          In selling, for example, “The Customer is always right” is the by-word, if not part of “business ethics”, always practiced, or not.

          In the realm of the bar, drinking with friends, your friend is NOT, always considered, “Right”, by you, or other friends there.

        • Jeff Brodhead says:

          Congruency in your life: business, faith, etc… (no, I am not perfect)

          Ethics… see morals. Maxwell was saying that there is right and there is wrong – there is no situational right and wrong – it is always right, or always wrong.

          I had my fill of “born-again-businessmen”, as I called them in my pre-Christian days. There were businessmen who read the Bible during lunch and screwed customers the rest of the day. NOT COOL, looking either from the inside, or out.

          If Christians are repulsed by homosexuality (acts), then why would/should they make nice with homosexuals in business, providing products/services promoting/celebrating homosexual acts (“marriage” inclusive)?

          Our businesses are NOT owned by the government – they are extensions of ourselves. Our jobs are owned by businesses (or government, if you are a government employee) and if the business , or government requires you to violate your ethics/morals/belief, then WALK AWAY – in a job, you are only owed your next paycheck and you have nothing more invested for which you have a right to expect a return (gain, or loss) – no skin in the game, no matter what you think the company owes you.

          If you own a business and have everything you’ve worked a lifetime (even generations) for, then government comes along and says “Screw your beliefs. Submit, bend over and take this, or we will violate you EVEN more!”, then you have already been violated and government is in the wrong – due reprisal of some form… hopefully the People will stand up and put government BACK IN ITS BOX!

          If Christians are not repulsed by homosexuality, then, as a fellow Christian am I supposed to agree with them, knowing that they promote an abomination? (same goes for promoting any act God calls an abomination – not only homosexuality, BUT Romans 1:18-32 makes pretty clear that homosexuality is a direct insult to our Creator, IMO.)

        • LouiseCA says:

          That’s just compromise, leukewarmness, which Jesus has something to say about in Revelations.

          Looks to me like the baker had his priorities in line.

        • Joy says:

          If I get your meaning, this would be a very dangerous philosophy tofollow. Scripture clearly states that friendship with the world is
          enmity with God.

          The Christian is called to walk out his faith in EVERY detail of life and to be discerning through the Holy Spirit -if born again- as to what is not of God. The Bible does not support ‘compartmentalizing our thoughts’ to appease or be politically correct in different areas of our lives. This is not to be confused, by the
          way, with ‘being considered too Heavenly minded to be any earthly good…’

          What the world deems as those being basically good or “Christian” people are in hell for compromise or choosing the broad path which many are on due in part to a soft gospel being preached today. Some examples of the broad path are, i.e., ‘Christians’ living together out of wedlock, carnal Christianity–following the world’s belief system or everything okay within reason…if you get my drift.

          We as Christians are to be sold out and totally submitted to the Lordship of
          Christ. Although it may seem innocent enough to follow one’s own personal convictions this baker wasn’t following ‘religion’, on the contrary–he was more interested in his ‘personal relationship’ with Christ and that’s what will count when facing eternity.

        • Zuzanice says:

          Distinction between the legality of gay marriage and the freedom of a business to choose what and for who they want to do anything must be made. A lawyer doesn’t have to accept EVERY case. A dentist doesn’t have to pull every tooth that the patient doesn’t want or doesn’t have the money to expensively restore. A hairdresser can refuse a flea infested customer – all that is perfectly legal. Bakery in Colorado was right to do as they chose. But I still maintain if the two freaks want to get married, make it possible. They can find a gay bakery instead of fussing like children who didn’t get their toy.

        • Teeseeree says:

          It’s a clearly, repeatedly and strictly forbidden activity. That is all that counts. It has nothing to do with hatred of the person or people involved. It has to do with hatred of sin.

        • Yeshuafriend says:

          Lev 18:22 “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination. 23 Nor shall you mate with any animal, to defile yourself with it. Nor shall any woman stand before an animal to mate with it. It is perversion. 24 ‘Do not defile yourselves with any of these things; for by all these the nations are defiled, which I am casting out before you. 25 For the land is defiled; therefore I visit the punishment of its iniquity upon it, and the land vomits out its inhabitants. 26 You shall therefore keep My statutes and My judgments, and shall not commit any of these abominations, either any of your own nation or any stranger who dwells among you 27 for all these abominations the men of the land have done, who were before you, and thus the land is defiled, 28 lest the land vomit you out also when you defile it, as it vomited out the nations that were before you.” (NKJV). Shalom!

        • Teeseeree says:


        • USAonlydotUS says:

          II’m very familiar with this Author. He seems to be very To-the-Point with stern warnings and consequences. Note the words; :abomination, defile, perversion,, punishment,iniquity,and vomit are those warnings and consequences. God doesn’t seem to have a lot of compromise on this issue.I have said for several years that this obsession with homosexuals (sodomites) will take our country down. And we have a godless president who is facilitating the vomiting.

        • USAonlydotUS says:

          I like your thinking. that’s cuz it was wrapped in common sense

        • smartgranny55 says:

          Marriage is an institution created by God, not homosexual lovers.

        • Bill Ascherfeld says:

          That is VERY True!

        • Maurice says:

          Biden is an arrogant ass. The union between a man and a woman is blessed by God. Homosexuality used to be against the law when we still exercised the good sense that God gave us. Obama and Biden don’t think they have to obey the laws of man, and they’re getting away with a lot of things. But they will definitely have a day of reckoning for going against the will of God.

          What is Biden’s claim to fame that he thinks he’s qualified to make such ignorant statements? Anybody who believes this garbage from him needs to remember that Biden is best known for making stupid statements! This is just another example that is designed to disrespect Christians!.

        • Jeff Brodhead says:

          The homosexuals are only reprobate tools of evil. The government only wants MORE power – regardless of who it hurts, or uses to get it. When government calls something a “right” and uses it to bash the People over the head – for which the People should allow ZERO TOLERANCE!

          The Bill of Rights pretty clearly tells the FERALS to stay the Heck off my lawn!

        • Tad Wesley says:

          Yeah – if you really want to make gays suffer, legalize gay marriage but outlaw gay divorce! :)

        • The Walking Cuban says:


        • laboop2u says:

          Lawyers are all for gay marriage as they make money when they divorce!!

        • Tad Wesley says:

          Here I am trying to make a perfectly good joke, and you come in with your facts about lawyers. Not many ways to kill a joke faster than facts about lawyers. =P

        • laboop2u says:

          oops! Sorry! lol

        • laboop2u says:

          Exactly! Why isn’t the Gay movement demanding that muslim bakeries, etc. make their wedding cakes and cater to them, why is it only Christian businesses that get put out of business for not conforming? Why aren’t any gay couples demanding to get married in Mosques?

      • Eduardo says:

        Maybe you can sell your wares with a sign that reads” We cater to homosexuals and lesbians because we love them. That doesn’t mean that I do it doggie style and take it from the rear.”

      • intheleupp says:

        Interesting! Maybe the mark is a rainbow, to, yet again, counterfeit the real reason for the rainbow of God’s Promise? Satan is very good at co-opting God’s ideas and perverting them and deceiving others to own his counterfeits.

        • Jay Star says:

          Yes, Satan does have a lot of willing workers, Washington DC is full of them! (Politicians)

        • Russell Sayce says:

          Those are just the few that get air time, there’s many more in the shadows…

      • Up Huff says:

        “Could be”???

        • patriotusa2 says:

          I checked the net to see if anyone versed in theology came across the same opinion, and there were only a few that actually thought it could be the mark, but it sure does fit the description of what we were told in scripture. Who knows?

        • Russell Sayce says:

          By “mark” are you speaking of the last sign, the abomination that causes desolation?

        • patriotusa2 says:

          It’s just my opinion as I’m accustomed to saying that. I do not pass off anything I say about scripture as being gospel. I’ll leave that up to others who often do. Homosexuality comes awfully close to describing the mark of the beast spoken about in scripture where no one can buy or sell, without the mark which does seem to be the acceptance of homosexuality or suffer the consequences. It’s become a worldwide conquest to homosexualize the entire globe, aside from a few countries that have forbidden it. To me it’s a coincidence that the warnings in scripture are actually happening to many people today who oppose the alternative lifestyle.

        • Russell Sayce says:

          I agree that the mark is invisible, also the bitterness (wormwood) of the current system is what has been driving good people out of the economy for years, 6 1/2 for me. Electing a muslim president was pretty much the last straw as I remember it.

          I know the circus says the act will continue on for years to come, but what else would you expect from the god of this world. People should really focus on the “like a thief in the night” text, and get there house ready, all the signs are here now.

        • patriotusa2 says:

          I couldn’t agree more, but no doubt they aren’t paying any more attention than they did with Noah. No one will believe anything until it actually happens, and by then it will be too late. I’m happy to say Russell, that I never voted for Obama, as I never liked or trusted him since day one.

      • Jay Star says:

        I was just going to say its in the bible, but you got it first. We are beginning to have reverse discrimination! Obama instead of trying to make peace is trying to agitate people into hating each other! You might think that it was his wishes to do just that! You think?

      • jd1958 says:

        Catholics are NOT Christians. Stop worshipping Mary, the Pope, The Monstrance, and your wafer god.

        • patriotusa2 says:

          So says you! You’re probably not a Christian of any kind.

        • jessica22 says:

          Not Christian, huh? What are we?

        • NymRod says:

          Logic dictates there can be only one truth. Anything other than the truth is a lie.
          Without knowledge of the truth one lives a lie. To live a lie is to live in vain.
          Seek the truth as if your life depends on it because it does. The truth matters much.
          The Catholic church is not true Christianity. It’s a man made religion of old.

        • jessica22 says:

          Catholic means universal.
          It’s what ALL Christians were called before the Reformation.

        • The Walking Cuban says:

          And never in the bible.

        • Manuel Martinez says:

          Babylonian greek thing of mystery not christian.

        • jd1958 says:


      • KurtofLA says:

        We the sheeple elected the Homo in Chief. What did we expect.

      • Mike_Travis says:

        patriot, I too am Catholic and unlike Biden, Kerry, Piglosi, and others, I believe the bible where God called homosexuality an “abomination”. That is about as clear as anyone could make it.

        Still, we are also instructed to hate the sin but love the sinner which is an important distinction. However, the traitors in government want us all to embrace homosexuality as equal to or perhaps even better than heterosexuality. That is wrong and along with other abominations like abortion (read “murder) will lead to the destruction of America.

        I pray daily God will find a way to forgive our nation for the sake of the good people who hold to His ways. My heart tells me He may not as Believers are not making as much noise as are the homos and abortionists, for which we have no one but ourselves to blame.

        Believers must start openly and forcefully calling out every instance of liberation theology and other anti-Christian principles if we are to have any hope of God having mercy on America. We can start by NOT using the word “gay” to describe homosexuals. It is a small yet powerful way to let the liberals, progressives, and satanists know we will not tolerate their lies or their sins, and sins they are which we must also point out.

        • patriotusa2 says:

          I agree in regards to hating the sin, but not to hate the sinner. I pray daily myself Mike, as life in this country is becoming excessively wicked. There’s been a lot of people that have opposed homosexuality in one way or the other and have never made any progress simply because it is now considered a “normal” lifestyle complements of liberals. I believe that God does understand that we as a people are not able to do anything about this even though we try. The courts are stacked against us, and the liberals are turning many heads in their direction. I concur that we must never stop voicing our disapproval, but I fear it has come to a point where it just doesn’t matter anymore because conservative Christians are considered the enemy in this country.

        • jessica22 says:

          Mike, I too, like you and patriotusa2, am Catholic.
          You make a very important distinction when you say we hate the sin but love the sinner. And the importance of loudly and clearly stating our beliefs and living those beliefs is becoming so important in today’s world.

          Living as a Christian is becoming a dangerous thing…
          But not nearly as dangerous as forgoing your faith.

      • jwright673 says:

        Well said Patriot. I too am a Catholic but no amount of liberal brainwashing is going to cause me to change my stance on what I understand to be sins. jessica wants to embrace illegal mexicans. I wonder if she realized what she said: embrace illegals, so crashing our border is okay with her. She can have my share; I’m tired of paying for them, and she can pay for the abortions of the poor who can’t keep their legs crossed.

        • patriotusa2 says:

          Thanks jwright. Looks like it’s all homes week on Last Resistance today. I’m meeting a lot of my poster buddies here lately.

        • jessica22 says:

          I support illegal immigration? Embrace illegal Mexicans?
          Please refresh my memory… when did I say that?

        • jwright673 says:

          Your post says you are a conservative but a Christian first. “would it be fair to call conservatives unchristian because they don’t embrace illegal Mexicans or lavish tax dollars for poor who want abortions.” Further, you say “I think Jesus would want our Christian deeds to come first.” Ergo, being Christians we must embrace law breakers and go against our teachings and support abortion. You really can’t have it both ways.

        • jessica22 says:

          You misunderstood the intent of my comment.
          I was simply defending the Pope for making decisions he believes are faith-based. If I was the Pope, I would struggle with these decisions too. There are always two sides to every story.

          It’s easy for us to sit back and watch – “send those awful, law-breaking illegals back where they belong.” It’s easy to ignore the reason they fight and risk their lives to come here. The Pope has been called to care for the soul first.
          We’re more worried about what’s legal.

          I am opposed to abortion more than almost anything I can think of. And I do understand the problems that arise from letting illegals enter our country. I think we have a responsibility to address this issue. Conservative can’t just keep yelling how much they hate Mexicans. We need to fix the problem. And at this rate NOBODY will ever be willing to touch the topic when it proves to be so lethal.

      • mathis1689 says:

        As for myself if I find God choosing to call homosexuality an abomination then I choose to do likewise and live with whatever the consequences may be. Christ said that if the world hated Him then it would hate His followers as well so persecution from sodomites and their supporters ought not to surprise us. Just another sign that the end times are upon us and the sooner Christ returns the better!

        • patriotusa2 says:

          Amen, mathis. I feel the same way. What God has called an abomination, so should man. He can’t come soon enough for my either, my friend.

      • sandraleesmith46 says:

        I’ll take you a step further: not only are we not commanded, as Christians, to tolerate every sin under the sun, rather we’re commanded (not advised) to NOT tolerate ANY sin God has so labeled, under the sun! Our responsibility toward the practitioner of ANY and EVERY sin, beginning with ourselves, is to preach and practice REPENTANCE (a one hundred eighty degree turn away from any and every sin, and concerted effort to NOT slip back, in humble shame for those past sins including all behaviors so labeled), followed by the Gospel of salvation by grace through faith (full belief and trust in and reliance upon) in the completed work of Jesus on Calvary, which covers our sins with His redeeming, shed blood, and, whenever possible, symbolized by immersion baptism (dying to sins and resurrected to a new life in Christ). Anything less, we also will have to answer before Jesus for not having done.

      • Denise says:

        Your beloved Catholic Church is riddled with homosexuality, acts commited against young innocent boys, by the very clergy that says it’s against homosexuality. Get out of her while you still have the chance, so that you will not share in her sins when Jesus returns.

        • patriotusa2 says:

          I never referred to my church as “beloved,” and your comment to me expresses the hate you feel for everyone that goes to the Catholic Church. I know where I’m going when I die, and it won’t have anything to do with what church I went to when I was alive. My advice to you is that you had better practice what you preach lest you should start wondering where you’re going to wind up.

        • Denise says:

          You couldn’t be more wrong!! My comment was, and remains, a warning to get out of Babylon. My comment is the cry of the watchman. My utter loathing is for the Catholic Church, not for you.
          Do you honestly believe that a holy GOD would have anything to do with such a corrupt organization? Your support of this “church” both in tithes, offerings, and by verbally supporting this whore makes you complicit in her sins. Think about it! Could you stand before a Holy GOD and defend the Catholic Church? If your answer is no, then get out while there is still time.
          As for my preaching, we, all of us, as followers of Yeshua, (Jesus) are mandated to share the gospel with everyone. This requires us to use discernment so that we can give biblical warnings to those who are in peril, spiritually speaking. As for practicing what I preach, I try to, and I can do all things with the help of the Holy Spirit.

        • patriotusa2 says:

          Good Lord Lady, you sound like one of those evangelical preaches who curses everything that isn’t nailed down. If you consider yourself a watchman with rhetoric like that, then I feel sorry for all who have to listen to you. God knows what all churches do, and it’s not only the Catholic Church that have sinned but most churches in existence today. I go to Church to worship God, not the Catholic Church, and since God knows the hearts of all men/women, I have no fears at all and I do not doubt for one moment that I “will not be judged for being complicit in her sins.” When God talks about “coming out of her my people,” He is talking about the WORLD and all her sins, not just a Catholic or Protestant Church, but the evils of the world which is considered Babylon. Discussing God with your fellowman is one thing, but being “MANDATED” as you said, to act like the Pharisees is something altogether different, especially when you have the presumptuousness to think that you’re being motivated by the Holy Spirit to do everything you do. Now that takes a lot of presumption, lady!

        • Denise says:

          Sorry that you are so offended by my post. As for the Pharisees they were repudiated by Yeshua on two counts. Count one: They like to have the best seats in the Synagogues, and liked to act pious. Count two: They, the Pharisees, and the Sadducees, brought the traditions of men into the worship of GOD. Originally, their intentions were good, they were trying to build a wall around the Torah so that one would have to penetrate the wall before they could sin. These efforts however, resulted in the “traditions of men” taking precedence over the word of GOD. Hence the admonition; “Do not add, or take away from my words.”
          As for being “watchmen,” we are all called to be watchmen. As for the Holy Spirit, He is supposed to be our teacher, so there is no presumption on any believers part. As you have pointed out, there are many corrupt churches. Should we say nothing so as not to offend anyone? As for the identity of Babylon; Babylon is the place of origin for all false worship and so it has become a metaphor for all false religions, not necessarily for the world.
          Perhaps you should not be so quick to take offense. Study to show yourself approved. Be blessed my brother.

        • patriotusa2 says:

          Babylon is the place of origin for all false worship as you said, but it also entails the entire world that has fallen into the Babylonian culture of sin, along with pagan worship. I do know about the Pharisees and the Sadducees, but as much as men profess to know everything about the Bible, humility should play a part in the awareness of knowing that no man knows everything, nor do they understand everything as perfectly as what they might assume. Quite frankly, I am always leery of those who obviously believe that they know it all. No – we should not resort to saying nothing because of fear of offending anyone, but we should keep in mind that we are not here to literally force our opinions on anyone else or to act like the Pharisees who thought of themselves as being far superior to others, and often preached precepts that they did not adhere to themselves. St. Paul makes it perfectly clear that not even he had a perfect understanding of everything in scripture, as it all is seen through a glass darkly and that no man can understand it all, only in part. He said that presumptuousness always leads many men to err. Insofar as the Holy Spirit is concerned, there are many scholars, and lay people all over this world with a multitude of different interpretations of scripture that profess to be inspired by the Holy Spirit, and yet we know that can’t be possible since they all contradict each other. A perfect example of presumption leading men to err. We can say whatever we will, but only with humility, not proclaiming to know the exact interpretation but only our opinions of such, which is what I always do. So perhaps you should not be so quick as to take it for granted that every word out of your mouth is exactly what God intended. In regards to my studying scripture to “show myself approved,” is a very haughty remark to make to anyone, as it is contends that I need to study more in your opinion, whereas you obviously believe that you have already reached the pinnacle. It’s not unique, you’re not the first, and you won’t be the last.

        • Denise says:

          We all need to study to show ourselves approved. I don’t know how haughty my comment was, it was a quote from scripture.

        • patriotusa2 says:

          Yes, spoken of in scripture with a different content. “The apostle Paul tells us that proper Bible study leads to approval from God. The same verse also speaks of other benefits. First, as workmen, we need not be ashamed—if we study God’s Word. Instead, studying becomes fulfilling and satisfying. You have done what God expects you to do—an acceptable type of self-approval.”

      • pbsambo says:

        Biden has been a MORON all his life, he is in office because another of his kind picked him up to be his running mate.

    • LABobfromNYC says:

      A Christian conservative seems like an oxymoron to me 😛

    • chamuiel says:

      so, jessica you are a gay lover.

    • Dan8 says:

      On the contrary, the CC is heavily involved in politics and is fast becoming the most liberal organization on the planet. Look at this pope’s view of economics as an evil on the land and the CC’s full support of ‘climate change’ as a means of controlling human behavior. And when it comes to abortion, it gives it lip service from the pulpit while at the same time it supports the democratic platform and it’s 100% pro-abortion candidates. What hypocrisy. Catholics say they are pro-life but support all the pro abortion candidates who pass the abortion laws? If the pro-abortion candidates were voted out of power, that would end abortion overnight. So all the innocents that are killed while Catholics ‘pray’ to end abortion are on Catholic’s conscience; and one has to wonder if they have a conscience at all.

      • albertbryson says:

        That the truth. I am a Catholic and I find it disappointing that they just give lip service to many of the issues. Regarding immigration they are for open borders and amnesty. I am one Catholic who opposed the church on this issue, but it is not a moral position.

    • Harold says:

      You cannot separate Christian values from morals. You cannot set aside biblical principals and be a Christian. no matter if it is in politics or what ever. Joe Biden is a moron, Period.

    • Shane says:

      Biden means that supporting same-sex marriage is a big winning issue for the Dems as most young people support same-sex marriage.

      • colleenf says:

        Morality in America? Just about destroyed by the left.
        Very sad.
        But I strongly encourage all Christians out there to openly and honestly practice your beliefs or you WILL lose them!!
        That is the goal of the left and the muslim hordes are encouraging it.

    • intheleupp says:

      Hmm… Just saw in a local newspaper recently an ad from the local Catholic Church stating, over 1000 people converted to Catholicism from Christianity last year…

      • jessica22 says:

        Was that a joke or do you think they don’t know Catholics are already Christians?

        • intheleupp says:

          I’m REALLY sorry to say it is not a joke. It was in the Green Bay Press Gazette, or whatever the Green Bay paper is called.

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          I have always wondered why sooo many Christians don’t believe Catholics are Christians? Is it as simple as they are too stupid to realize that without the catholic church their would be no Christianity?

    • Neal Avery says:

      I agree with you,Jessica22, but Joe Biden doesn’t. He puts gay rights ahead of Christian values. Like Ancient Rome before it fell.

    • Carrie Barton says:

      Jesus would not be involved with gov’t. He would not go to our gov’t and preach.

      • jessica22 says:

        You were taught the same thing I was taught… :)

        • Carrie Barton says:

          It is in the Bible. Religions pick and choose what they want us to know. I read the Bible with friends once a week
          for the truth.

    • jime1 says:

      Faith and politics can’t be mixed. Politics infers there are alternative views that are open to debate. Faith makes no such inference. What is there to debate about the Ten Commandments, remember they were carved in STONE for a reason!

      • jessica22 says:

        We think alike!
        Guess that comes from being a Christian!! :)

      • LABobfromNYC says:

        Many Christians have told me the laws of the OT are no longer in use because of some ‘new covenant”? That being the case the 10 commandments are useless.

    • jd1958 says:

      You are dead wrong on all accounts. The RCC is a political organization. The Vatican has ambassadors, it’s own government, it’s own money and it’s own army. It sends emissaries throughout the world. You call them bishops and cardinals. They have their own spy ring. They are called Jesuits.
      How is not wanting to support “I L L E A G L E S” unchristian? They are law breakers. The countries that they are fleeing have laws also. They are illegally emigrating from their own country too. We have immigration laws. STOP BEING EMOTIONAL.

    • Evan White says:

      good point. : )

    • Zuzanice says:

      Dear Jessica, I am an atheist. When you say I am a Christian first it simply reminds me of the AllahuAkbar freaks saying they are above all muslims first. They are muslim American. Have you heard even one referring to him/herself as an American muslim? I know that is an oxymoron. Would you let Rauf Badawi die or would you let him be free? Take a look at this and ponder my words. And please, no hard feelings, I have no problem with Christians that I know but many of them need to open their eyes and stop promoting Chrislam – for which Catholics seems to have the most visible affinity. Other faiths need to stop promoting the interfaith dialogue. From the psychotherapeutic prospective there is only about 9% of people who will not change opinion/beliefs no matter what. Although every 7th person in the world identifies him/herself as muslim, given the proper fact, cause and effect, MANY would change, would love to change, or would love to walk away from it without fear of the punishment for apostasy. Think about it, our strongest front against the political correctness is pushing human rights of people whom islam condemns to death for being what they are: homosexuals. Saudi representative can not digest the western plea for a secularist! Can you imagine his reaction to the the western plea like that for a homosexual? These devilish monarchies are crumbling under the western pressure. I hate Biden, hate Obama, hate Clinton but first of all we must do away with muslim brotherhood and eventually islam since it has such a devouring nature. See here, this is one of the best:
      Wish you a wonderful day.

      • CelticGyrl says:

        Zuzanice, thank you for a thoughtful, well written comment that wasn’t filled with hateful rhetoric and name calling against Christians. I accept your right to choose atheism and applaud your peaceful discussion with us Christians. I get so tired of trying to have intelligent logical discussions, only to be berated and called all kinds of nasty names, strictly because I am a Christian. Peace be with you!

      • jessica22 says:

        Dear Zuzanice, I had to think about your words before I responded. When you compare my Christian life to some “freaks” it kinda takes me aback… not sure how to respond!?!? I am a devout Catholic and find beauty, compassion, love and strength in my faith. But I’m deeply concerned about the horrible image the Church has developed lately… for several reasons. Maybe I’ve led a sheltered life and haven’t dealt enough with the evils of the world, but I really do believe the power of Christ can overcome the horrors that we see every day. I don’t know how to explain that to an atheist because obviously you don’t recognize the same Advocate that I do.
        I’ve read some of your posts and you seem to be very at peace with yourself. You’re pleasant, not provacative and I wish I could explain to you with the same grace you’ve expressed. When I say I’m a Christian first, I mean I’m a christian first… do you get it?
        I always capitalize Christ’s name but to make my point, I want you to understand it isn’t the religion itself (although I love my religion). It’s the Christian call Christ has given His followers. I have never said I think we should allow illegal immigrants free entry into our country. However I think we have an obligation as citizens of the best country in the world to figure out a way to fix this mess. We can’t keep kicking the can. There are millions here already and something has to be done.
        Thank you for your pleasant approach and introducing yourself!

    • smartgranny55 says:

      The Bible very clearly condemns homosexuality as a SIN. The Bible is very clear that when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of the rampant homosexuality. The US constitution is very clear that the government does not have the right to interfere with Christian beliefs and values.
      Our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values, including what constitutes a marriage. Why would lavishing tax dollars for the poor to murder their unborn children be considered anything but “unchristian”. That, too, is an abomination to the Lord Catholics and Protestants claim to worship.
      What does allowing foreigners have to do with an invasion of our borders by illegal aliens, especially those who are drug dealers? If you want to embrace Mexicans, go to Mexico and teach them how to earn a living.

    • Denise says:

      I suppose then that you consider the Pope kissing the unholy koran, while true Christians are being burned alive, beheaded, and raped by Muslims, or the Catholic Church’s collusion with the SS, or the sexual abuse of young boys, by the Catholic clergy, acts of “Christian love” as well?
      The Catholic Church is, and always has been, nothing other than a satanic organization, with the Pope as a living emblem of the coming Antichrist. I personally, cannot wait until Jesus destroys it.

    • LouiseCA says:

      He said nothing wrong, whatsoever.

    • homer1057 says:

      OH, quite the contrary: I KNOW catholics and that church is: a Political church! It is a CHURCH-STATE set up just as the Muslims! PROOF: SEE Church history from 1000 a.d. to 1500 a.d.! The old chameleon has done it again! she has changed her spots/colors! SEE revelation 17 KJV that’s the ch on the Catholic Church! The church on seven hills!

    • Leijona says:

      What is your position regarding the fact that the RCC condemned the use of condoms in parts of Africa in order to prevent the spread of Aids, and children that end up starving due to overpopulation.

      There is one reason that the RCC does not believe in Birth Control, and it is to propagate the spread of catholicism. They are smart enough, just as the Muslims are smart enough to know that all you have to do is overpopulate an area with children of a particular faith to overwhelm a country. This is why Islam, and Mormanism promotes polygamy.

      A religion can advance its political agenda when the population is largely composed of followers.

      • jessica22 says:

        My guess is you’re not Catholic? I only say that because if you were you might have a better understanding.
        I answer to God first. Then Leijona.
        I am guided by my religion’s doctrines, but I have a brain and I try to use it. What that means for me personally is that I recognize my puny influence on what happens in Africa. You blame the RCC for what’s happening in Africa? Interesting… The RCC is the biggest provider for care of AIDS victims. And yet you see the RCC as evil. If RCC guidelines were followed AIDS would disappear. I understand that is simply a dream… like wishing there was no more war or poverty. But it’s what I believe in my heart.
        So even though my desires are all dreams I continue to believe. Pope Benedict was considering advocating condom use but never ordered an encyclical before he left. Pope Francis is contemplating the issue, but Humanae Vitae remains an important consideration for the Catholic faithful.
        The way this world is going today, I can only pray and believe God has the best answer. I’m sure Pope Francis is considering ALL of the implications of refusing condom use that I don’t understand. I’m not too proud to admit I don’t know everything.

        • Leijona says:

          I never said the catholic church is responsible for what is going on in Africa, nor did I say it is evil, so stop putting words in my mouth. What is happening in Africa is due to ignorance. The catholic church takes a stance on something and it cannot modify its stance under any circumstances, because you cannot reverse an opinion that is considered infallible, you put yourself into a corner. I truly admired Pope John Pauls opinion on evolution. That took guts.

        • jessica22 says:

          I’ve read your past posts. You may not have said the RCC is responsible for what’s happening in Africa or that the RCC is evil or that the RCC is ignorant, but the implications exist.
          The fact that the RCC teaches a certain set of values (ie sex only after marriage, monogamy, charity, monotheism, heterosexuality…) does not open the doors for debate about our faithfulness. People challenge the sincerity of Catholics all the time. And accuse us of diabolical deeds because of these values.
          Like I said, I answer to God first.

        • Leijona says:

          Not sure if you have seen this happen first hand Jessica, but I have personally seen families that were very devout Catholics be ostracized by the church when one of theor kids turned out to be gay. One of the families were very good friends of ours. They had three boys. The middle son turned out to be gay. The other two boys have families of two and three children. The Parents are very good people in every way, and they did nothing unusual with the second son, he is just gay, period. Im sorry, but being Gay is not a “Choice” as many people on this forum think it is.

          What you list as “Values” are not really all values. For instance, there are religions like Mormonism, and Islam that are polygamous. You can have a few wives and still be charitable. You can be homosexual and be charitable.

          I agree with you that most of those things that you mention result in a happy and well adjusted relationship, but to ignore the fact that some people are different, and judge them for being so flies in the face of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

          I was raised Catholic, and attended parochial school through 8th grade. I was also an Altar Boy. The Catholic church has done a lot of good over the years, and it has also done a lot of horribly reprehensible things, mostly for political reasons.

          For Instance, people have actually been burned at the stake for heresy because they refused to agree in transubstantiation. Now, anyone with a brain knows that the host and the wine does not actually turn into the body and blood of Jesus. We know that it is metaphorical, but the Catholic church refuses to budge on something this obvious, so it will be a cold day in hell when they accept gays into the flock.

          If it helps you to believe this then fine, so be it. I don’t, its metaphorical, just like Adam and Eve. I also do not believe that newborn babies are born sinners, and if they die before they are baptized, they go to limbo.

          You can sell this to people that think the earth is 6K years old, and a flat disk, and man is made of clay, But you cannot sell it in 2014. Religion has to be Dynamic to survive. The Catholic church has been the most Dynamic up until now, I will readily agree with that. It will be interesting to see what happens with the gay issue.

    • Ray - Jesus is the Son of God. says:

      Are Roman Catholic Christians?

      • jessica22 says:

        The Christian in-fighting carries on… shades of the Reformation!!!!

        I can discuss things more clearly with an atheist than I can with a
        Christian Catholic-hater! At least then I know who I’m talking to.
        You call yourself a Christian???
        Please ignore my posts if you’re unwilling to recognize my faith. I truly fear for a country with citizens who feel as audacious as you to judge my beliefs. Evil is the word I come up with…

        Btw thank you for your service to the country.

    • Leijona says:

      The Embassy of the United States of America to the Holy See (or Embassy Vatican for short) is the diplomatic mission of United States of America to the Holy See, a term referring to the central government and universal reach of the Roman Catholic Church. The current embassy is located on Aventine Hill in the Villa Domiziana in Rome, Italy, which was built as a private residence in 1953. In 1994, the U.S. government acquired the property as the new chancery for embassy.[1] On August 1, 2013, Ken Hackett was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the new Ambassador to the Holy See.

      Not Political?

      • jessica22 says:

        Oh my goodness, Leijona! Certainly any institute with the size, power and backing of Vatican City can be seen as a political monarchy. There are things that happen within the walls of the Vatican that are political, simply because we are human and money and power ALWAYS breed political influence.
        It’s an ungodly consequence.

        Just because evil lurks is no reason to abandon devotion to a One, True God. I appreciate your skepticism and understand your concern, but I fear when the good-hearted are shaken, what happens to those with less-devoted hearts?

        Politics has no place in the Holy See.
        Too many people call Pope Francis a socialist.
        I don’t believe he is acting politically; I believe he is acting holy.

        Do you think Catholics should abandon ship?

        • Leijona says:

          No. I just think that the Vatican has to face reality on some points. I like Pope Francis a lot, he is a peoples Pope.

        • jessica22 says:

          I like him, too.
          But A LOT of people, Catholic and non-Catholic, don’t.
          They don’t see him as a minister; they see him as a politician.

        • Leijona says:

          What you see is what you get with him, and I really like that. He is real, unlike 99% of the people we elected to go to Washington.

  2. buckman21 says:

    Sounds about right. Though no matter how hard they want it to be, homosexual rights are not a civil rights issue, never have been. They choose to live such a lifestyle, they aren’t born like this. A black man is born black, a woman is born a woman. They can choose not to act upon such desires, tendencies, or feelings. Is it hard? I imagine so, not denying that. But still a choice.
    Some would say, “You can’t use your shield of religion blah blah blah.” Although it states no where in the constitution that we cannot exercise our freedom of religion, with our free speech, against those we don’t approve of. And that includes homosexuals, since they are NOT protected by the constitution. As the law states, marriage is one man, one woman. Just because a regime doesn’t enforce the law, doesn’t mean its all hunky dory. Be gay all you want, just don’t change MY traditions to suit yours, and we can get along just fine.

  3. ssoldie says:

    This man needs to be checked for Alzheimers, he is definitely in the throes of it.

  4. LABobfromNYC says:

    Biden is 100% right!!! America is a secular country & will respect Christian values ONLY up to the point that they don’t infringe upon the rights of others. Christians cannot use religion as a shield for bigotry! Mr Jolly, you seem to be able to read god mind. When did you develop this superpower?

    • chamuiel says:

      Biden ain’t bright. You got that correct.
      As an atheist, you do not believe in God, so how could there be a God’s mind?

      you are just full of contradictions to day.

    • Cynical Klown says:

      Nitwit alarm!

  5. woonsocket says:

    Mr. Jolly, When was the last time that govt. storm troopers invaded churches & broke up sermons as a result of gay marriage? How many millions of marriages fell apart because gay marriage is legal? How many straight married people divorced on the grounds that gay marriage exists?

  6. Russian55 says:

    I am trying to see where Biden said “Protecting Gay Rights More Important than Christian Values.”

    It seems to me the author inferred this, but Biden didn’t actually SAY it.

  7. cae973 says:

    wonder what he s going to say on judgement day…oh right, he ll just change his mind…again!

  8. Jim says:

    I am sorry to tell you this but “gay” does not reasonably nor accurately describe a homosexual person. “Depaved”, “Ignorant”, “Anti-Christ”, Criminal”, “Insane” are a few terms that could be used as more appropriate descriptions. I have also done extensive research of the United States Declaration of Independence as well as the Constitution of The United States and, using several dictionaries, I have been completely unable to find ANY reference, even remotely, that would provide any special “RIGHTS” to a homosexual person, in this country or anywhere else. Biden? I don’t think you could find your way to the bathroom without a guide dog.

  9. cae973 says:

    by the way both biden and pelosi should rightfully be excommunicated by the catholic church because they not only oppose the churchs beliefs but openly encourage others to sin

  10. Conservadiva says:

    ‘Prejudice Is Prejudice’: Biden Says Gay Rights Trump Culture – NBC News
    Do Christians have rights that trump culture? Any person should have the right to abstain from activities they do not agree with, endorse, or just plain aren’t interested in. Anything else is coercion. Originally, “Gay” meant a person who was happy to live and do as they pleased outside the bonds and constraints of marriage. No one is inhibiting that lifestyle. If you want to have a party or solemnization ceremony go ahead. But when you try to redefine biology, and via that redefinition the meaning of marriage, then thinking people have a right not to participate. Cake makers, photographers, ministers who believe in science and biology should not have to consecrate or participate in someone else’s redefined event. There are plenty of cake makers, photographers, and ministers who will happily accommodate gay ceremonies. Anyone wanting to start a national clearing house serving gay events will profit enormously from this I’m sure. But please, do not persecute via lawsuits the small business person who is not hurting anyone, pays taxes, supports their local church charities, supports their family, works hard to pay bills. They are not infringing on gay rights by being different. And I thought it was all about not pillaging people who are different than you. Have the ceremony and party of your life, knock yourself out, no one is stopping you. And don’t spend your hard earned money with businesses who aren’t interested in your celebration. Find the vendors who will enthusiastically support your gay event. Live and let live.

  11. Davy2010 says:

    This guy is guided by agenda of the powerful minority and would change his mind whenever his operatives prod him. He lacks any principles .

  12. mrsgunnut10 says:

    With comments like this from Joe Biden, it might be a mistaken thought, or not, that Biden may have been visiting Obama’s Chicago Gay Bath House Row .

  13. Mainman12 says:

    By saying this Biden is saying that Satan is more than Christ; that loving Satan is better than loving Jesus.

  14. 2Shadow2 says:

    Who listens to anything Biden says other than to watch a fool in action?

  15. ECwashr says:

    Obama, Biden and the liberal media, doing the work of satan!!

  16. DC/Tex says:

    The homosexual (not PC gay) “AGENDA” is the worst disease infecting and
    destroying the morals, family values, and children (their agendas main target)
    of the USA and the world.
    Homosexuality will NEVER be natural, healthy (mentally or physically), normal,
    accepted, or OK!
    Homosexuality is the worst of the worst of destructive lifestyles.
    Homosexuals WERE NOT BORN THAT WAY, they CHOOSE their unnatural destructive lifestyle, so, homosexuality does not qualify as a civil rights discrimination
    Homosexuals had equal rights, now they have special rights and want more. Every
    special right awarded to homosexuals infringes on our rights.
    God loves everyone, as we all should, including homosexuals. God hates all sin,
    as we all should, including homosexuality and He says it is an abomination.
    The silent Christian majority must put on the whole armor of God and battle
    against the radical homosexual agenda, that is why God provided his armor.

    • MRitter says:

      That’s funny when the Bible Belt leads the country in divorces and by extension adultery. Homosexuality has nothing to do with what you claim ignorance is something you know a lot about.

      • DC/Tex says:

        Yes I know something about ignorance and your post is about as ignorant as they come.

  17. skipfoss says:

    Biden is probably Obama’s new boy freind ,of course if I had to wake up and look at Moochell I might turn gay(NOT)

    • MRitter says:

      That’s a very Christian like state. I guess your hypocrisy knows no bounds. You would make Jesus cry.

  18. rmagnano says:

    VP Joe Biden,
    As General Petraious ably said to an interview by Rolling Stone Magazine. BIT ME.
    It never changes, everytime you open your mouth you proove what an IDIOT you are.

  19. EddieBop says:

    “God has already pulled His hand of blessing from our nation and is preparing our destruction as we speak.” Please tell us, Mr. Jolly, did God send you a memo to that effect, or are you just “whistling Dixie”? And if God did send you a memo, would you mind sharing it with the rest of us?

    • Jim Kelley says:

      Being condescending in your answer does not sway opinion or belief. God’s memo is in His Holy Word, plain and simple.

  20. jcmju says:

    I still think Homosexuality is a sick evil grotesque act against God and I pity them.

  21. Laddyboy says:

    Biden has lost it. He is not showing any sembalence of a well regulated use of his brain. It is time to lock him away in a padded room

    • Cynical Klown says:

      With Plugs Biden acting as their spokesperson, how can the homosexual community possibly lose ground? He’s such a noble, stand up guy.

  22. raccman says:

    Much, very much, ado about really Nothing – for countless years ! Look at all the Sturm Und Drang over the CENTURIES caused by the muslim CULT ! What a waste of time, money, effort and LIVES . . . .

  23. USAonlydotUS says:

    When you read stuff like this, you know Jesus is packing an overnight bag for a Second Visit.

  24. dumbvet says:

    So both he and the pres are both gay!

  25. James A. DeHart says:

    What do you expect of the men that make up our governing body? We have come so far from the Garden, so much time has elapsed, we all could use a refresher course of what God intended, when he made us in his image. “Do not give yourself up to the ways of the sinner, for it shalt be your downfall.” Am sure when ole Biden stands at the ‘Pearly Gate’, he will be reminded of this!

  26. MRitter says:

    It’s interesting the hypocrisy if so many Christians here. There are a lot of sins in the bible that seems to be overlooked. Many in the Old Testement. Myer they claim they are excused from them. Read Leviticus. It’s easy to justify. That’s one reason we have the New Testament. As for family structure? Polygamy has been practiced far longer and was the norm long before one man- one woman. Oh, and what area leads the nation in divorce – the Bible Belt! Those sanctimonious hypocrites. And do the people here forget that the USA is a secular country? Religion is only mentioned twice in the US Constitution. We are not a Christian theocracy. Freedom of religion does not mean which branch of Christianity! And as we know there are many many non-Christians in the US. Our laws need to be religious free. And as we are a Republic, the rights of the minority are protected by the U.S. Constitution from the majority. Marriage has nothing to do with procreation. Marriage is a contract between two people. Now when one gets married, I don’t remember seeing a question Will you have kids? I don’t remember seeing two people getting married in their 70s saying let’s start a family? What we have seen in recent court cases, is a very weak argument by the religious right. people like to go back and claim tradition, but if you turn on your brain, you’ll realize the traditions change all the time. Tradition had it that men marry multiple women. That changed. If one doesn’t want to marry a gay person, don’t. This is the USA. Gave people marrying does not affect procreation, in fact, it enhances it. Many gay families have multiple kids. And the argument that homosexuality leads to pedophilia has been debunked so many times that one can’t count. In fact there are many more heterosexual pedophiles that homosexual pedophiles. However pedophilia it has nothing to do with heterosexual or homosexuality… All Mr. Biden is doing is being a true American, when he stands up for the Constitution. Equal rights and due process clause. As far as Mr. Biden being a Roman Catholic, I don’t see the pope being president of United States. I believe Mr. Biden owes his allegiance to the US and not to Rome.

    • LABobfromNYC says:

      Christians ALWAYS “cherry pick” which verses are relevant. Gay’s are an abomination of course!!! Non virgin brides, adultery, fornication, masturbation, divorce, premarital sex, etc they seem to overlook

    • CelticGyrl says:

      You make a lot of varied, rambling statements but one stands out. “Marriage is a contract between two people”. This is a secular view of a religious ritual. The term “marriage” and the ceremony originated as a religious ritual of blessing and recognition of the commitment between a man and a woman, one to the other, excluding all others. A civil union for secular purposes solves the stated demand for equality in tax status, insurance coverage, and healthcare decisions, as well as estate resolutions. As I’ve stated earlier, the “radical” faction of the homosexual community doesn’t want true equality for these things. The attack is against the religious beliefs and rituals which are the foundation of “marriage”. They want to redefine “marriage” and won’t accept anything less than churches being forced to host same-sex ceremonies for anyone who wants, regardless of their faith or church membership, and priests/preachers/pastors/ministers being forced to violate their own deeply convicted beliefs to perform these unions.

  27. albertbryson says:

    Well, I feel that Biden is idiot. What he says is not the teaching of the Catholic Church. As far as I am concerned many Catholics are no following the teaching of Catholic Church and will suffer in hell for not following the teaching of the church. Most of them are illiterate when it come to the faith.

  28. jcmju says:

    I still think Homseuallity is a sick evil growtesk act aganist God. I only feel pitty for them.

  29. TalofofoTom1 says:

    I guess gay rights and Ukrainian gas all roll into one-or so it would seem as the Iraqi disaster continues and so on the gay thing jumps up everyday and bites you in the butt. Is it as important as mass killings and mass slaughter of Christians abroad? NO No one really cares about the gay thing,except it seems like a tax dodge. Can I marry my shoes or 17 illegal chicks from Guatemala so I can get a write off? Let’s find out,,

  30. USSJEAN1937 says:


  31. USARetired says:

    I always knew you were a ‘First Class @ss&ole’ Joe Bidden, but after this article I will ‘Double Down on that one’! Apparently you are a ‘Heathen’ as well, Great!

  32. Jim says:

    There is only one reason that I worry about Obama being thrown out of office. Joe Biden would become President. Now that is scary! I don’t know what could be worse than Obama, but Joe has a good chance at making Obama the lesser evil.

  33. James says:

    Well getting old half a brain and no brain Obama out is more important than Gay rights by far and away. Of course to choose to be gay would mean you don’t have half a b brain, so I guess it is the same thing.

  34. Eduardo says:

    Now that Biden has made public his stance, maybe the Vatican can publicly excommunicate him, call him a heretic, and not allow him to go to confession and communion.

  35. colleenf says:

    As the bishop (or cardinal?) in SanFransicko said, and I paraphrase: Nancy Pelosi and all other Catholics who openly support abortion should NOT receive holy communion.
    Nor should those who openly support homosexuality, murder, pedophilia. All are sins against God!

  36. Biden never fails to prove his idiocy.

  37. intheleupp says:

    Amen!!! I would only change one thing: You said, “if Christians don’t start standing up for our rights and values…” I would change that to “if Christians don’t start standing up for WHAT’s right and true…”
    I don’t want to get into a debate on my rights vs your rights, but I will stand on what IS right and what IS true.

    Thanks for the article.

  38. Kini says:

    So Hair Plugs Biden basically doesn’t believe in equality for all.

  39. bobashworth says:

    Biden is a bad vice president. God is all important and homosexuality is against God and is what people who are queer do. Not good for our kids or society!

  40. CARLSTON BERRY says:

    The Supreme Court signed America ‘s death warrant in 1973 when it legalized murder by abortion. The only way to appease the wrath of Almighty God for that would be to arrest, try, and execute the murderers, and we all know that is not a possibility. Acceptance and promition of homosexuality only adds insult to injury. Judgment cannot be far away, and it will be swift and terrible when it comes.

    • Christian_Patriot7 says:

      Any nation that accepts and promotes homosexuality will go the way of Sodom and Gomorrah per God’s judgment. Just imagine California sliding into the ocean or continually burning.

    • LABobfromNYC says:

      Abortion is legal in Israel along with nearly every advanced country on the planet. Why are the countries where abortion is legal doing so well & the countries where it’s illegal doing so poorly?

      • CARLSTON BERRY says:

        It’s sort of like the story about two farmers whose farms joined each other. One was a Christian, the other an atheist. They both had great crops every year. One day the atheist asked his neighbor, “If there is a God and you worship him and I don’t, how come my crops are always as good as yours every fall?” The Christian farmer said, “God doesn’t settle all his accounts in October.” There’s also an old saying that “The wheels of God grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small.” Besides, you are generalizing, and I expect, speculating without statistical proof of what you claim to be the situation. And if you think America is doing well, look a little deeper. We are fading fast, but the visible signs of prosperity and wellbeing are still there…lots of material goods, plenty of food, lots of high living, all things that can and will disappear almost overnight when God has had enough of our perversions and rebellion.

  41. Lobo says:

    Obam’s administration and Chicago style govt .thugs will tell you what to believe in,and what NOT to believe in.America ,haven’t you had ENOUGH of this tyranny??????????????????????????????

  42. Jim Kelley says:

    Make no mistake about it. God is a God of Love but He is also a God of Judgement. If our country continues on the path we are on, God’s Judgement may come sooner than we think.

  43. Get Real says:

    Joe Biden is living proof that even a certified idiot, such is he, can get ink for saying stupid stuff. If it’s Joe talking; it’s stupid.

  44. tod says:

    You couldn’t destroy our country faster then to go against God’s WORD . Gay’s are a ABOMINATION to God ,PERIOD !

  45. DustyFae says:

    Don’t Mock God… it was Adam and Eve and NOT Adam and Steve…

  46. Walt says:

    “Without God there is o virtue because there is no prompting of the conscience … without God there is a coarsening of the society; without God democracy will not and cannot long endure…. America needs God more than God needs America. If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a Nation gone under”. Ronald Reagan, 1984

    I would suggest that we are on our way down.

  47. Rosemary Lloyd says:

    Joe Biden is “a ASS”… Since when is defending sin or abnormality preferential to defending the Judeo-Christian ethic upon which this country was founded? I have homosexuals friends, some of whom are in a “committed relationship.” However, to me, even if they go to city hall to “get married,” they are NOT MARRIED. Marriage is between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN. Joe Biden may not and should not call model a Roman Catholic!!!!!!!

  48. mike slaney says:

    Immorality more important than morality and moral virtues? Joe your Great Grandmother would pull your tongue out if she could reach that far!

  49. Death2Unions says:

    Biden, like many Catholics is a a-la carte catholic. He picks and chooses what he wants from the bible. It would be like a Catholic picking up a loaded AK-50 cal. and taking out Biden. Certainly wrong but if Biden can pick and choose, then who am I to blame some Catholic for executing the piece of shit VP.

    • jcmju says:

      Not like many Catholics. Do not blame that on Catholics. Only most liberal Politicians
      whether they are Catholic or any other religion, put themselves before God or think they are

      • Death2Unions says:

        Ok, will do. But we both can agree the for most all Democraps, their god is government.

        • GoldenRudy says:

          No Catholic should belong to the Democrat Party. It is the Party of abortion and homosexual marriage. Two issues according to the RCC’s doctrine are intrinsically evil. Wish the Pope would do the same to the Democrat Party as he recently did to the Mafia.

    • saynotoliberals says:

      Actually the Democrats will always use whatever Scripture they believe suits their immediate need. Democrat politicians need to get on with the work of the government and leave the misuse of Scripture to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Jerimiah Wright.

  50. TheBitterClinger1 says:

    The wisdom of the wise is but foolishness to God. So let His Self Importantness call Evil Good and call Good Evil; God will NOT be mocked Mr. Vice President.

  51. jcmju says:

    Not only is Nancy Pelosi excommunicated from the church, here comes Biden too.
    Another lost soul

    • saynotoliberals says:

      Waiting for the Mormons to excommunicate Harry Reid

      • LABobfromNYC says:

        I’m waiting for the Catholic’s to excommunicate Hitler & the rest of the Nazi’s that were catholic.

  52. pete0097 says:

    I have a personal relationship with God and Jesus. I think that too much is made by gays regarding their extra rights. I also think that gay people for the most part have a problem making long term relationships with people that are not like them to the max, which is predudice by definition. Many of the ones that I know lived together for a long time and when they were allowed to get “married” soon after got divorced. It is a lack of compromise and companionship that is is their real issue.

    • LABobfromNYC says:

      So, do you believe we should deny all gays the right to marry based upon what you think?

      • pete0097 says:

        Why do we have to change the definition of marriage? The homosexual community redefined the word GAY, so why can’t they come up with a new word for gay marriage? It could be something with the same requirements of marriage like until death due us part and all the legal ramifications of marriage. But let us keep at least one sacred word for the hetero community.

  53. pysco says:

    Come on anything that Joe says is nothing to take as fact.. He said it was OKAY to shoot your shot gun off your front porch, see if you can get the police to believe that .. During 2008 campaign he said he was against same sex marriage, and the next time he quotes you humanity ask him if its human to kill babies.

  54. mrbp says:

    You idiots who voted for this pair, should be banned from ever voting again. Crazy Joe just can’t help himself.

    • saynotoliberals says:

      Sadly, many, if not most, of those idiots now want to vote for Hillary Clinton.

  55. abinico says:

    Step 1. Devil convinces everyone he does not exist.
    Step 2. Pervert all morals and dominate the world.
    We are at step 2 – Biden proves it. Gays have no rights anymore than a murderer has a right to kill. Homosexuality is evil; homosexuals are all child molesters – I have explained this point often enough. Only faith will save us.

  56. Up Huff says:

    I’ve always had a firm belief that Biden was a stupid moron from Hell. No longer believe that. Now I’m of the belief that he’s a stupid moron arsehole from Hell. Just because he wants to speak as a disciple of Lucifer and might well be a closet sexual deviant himself for all anyone knows, he certainly doesn’t have a clue as to what a Christian is and believes, therefore he most likely doesn’t have any values of any kind which he can favorably make comparisons with/too.
    One can really feel sorry for such a person, for he’s clearly Hell-bound.

    • LABobfromNYC says:

      since their are 30,000 different denominations of Christians nobody can say what Christians believe.

  57. 2War Abn Vet says:

    The sad thing, for the future of our country, is that Biden actually believes what he says.

  58. UTA Rebel says:

    Biden is an immorral idiot, attempting to lead us into the path of the Roman Empire.
    That failed, Joe. Remember?

  59. cornbread01 says:

    I’ve known joke biden always tried to live down to his nickname. comes naturally to him. didn’t realize he was a perverted nancy boy too. go for it joke, do all that perverted nasty stuff you advocate, maybe you’ll get aids too.

  60. KayO says:

    Lay off the sauce, Joe.

  61. Jay Star says:

    Where oh where is the America I grew up with? I thought I had found a true Republic, but “POOF” it was gone! (Variation of a skit from an old comedy show.) Kind of fits this situation though!

  62. giant33 says:

    The Catholic church started going down hill when they let protestant leaning Catholic leaders dictate the out come of Vatican 11 that took place in the early 1960’s. Whatever diocese Biden belongs to the Bishop should excommunicate him. Not only for these latest apostasies in what he is saying but also for his support for abortion. Like Father Malacli Martin said the Bishops and Cardinals of the last 40 years(not all of them} like sitting at the green top tables of power. Wake up church leaders and you might fill up the pews if you do the right thing.

  63. Mamatex says:

    This may be the saddest thing I have ever heard. It appears he is actually promoting homosexuality at the expense of the majority.

  64. questioning statements says:

    Trying to tell me what I can and cannot believe? Go to school and learn something ! What kind of prejudging are you showing ? ’nuff said.

  65. carlton goodson says:

    Most of us are not in a religion that thinks like that and we don’t care for a mans butt.

  66. SuperRoadrunner says:

    “Christian” Joe will sell out his “religion” any day it suits his radical progressive doctrine…

  67. 4EVERu says:

    As Christians, we cannot afford to let things such as this distract us from carrying out our mission while in time here on Earth. They want to take away our freedom of speech so we can’t speak against their evil. Speak against it any way. We must remember, it is God who is in control. It is God who has power over everything. Psalms 121 is a great for encouragement.And our minds need to be set on Gal 5:5; Col 3:1-4. Focus on these things because as long as we are on the Earth we will have trouble, and Satan uses trouble as a great distraction for Christians. John 14:22 Christ says” Peace I leave you; My peace I give you;not as the world gives I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid. Do not be shaken in your mentality because of what mere men do. God can do much more.
    More and more they are telling us they are not going to protect us or the laws of divine establishment written in the Constitution.

    • LABobfromNYC says:

      Nobody is trying to take away your freedom of speech. You can say anything you want. You just cannot infringe upon the rights of other americans

      • GoldenRudy says:

        … but they, the Left and the pro-homosexual agenda types, certainly want to “infringe” upon the rights noted in the 2nd Amendment, don’t they. And Chuck Schumer (D-NY) thinks “infringement” of the rights noted in the 1st Amendment is a swell idea too. So, watch out.

  68. questioning statements says:

    lol, ! Malcontent ?

  69. James Edwards says:

    BIDEN speaks volumes for the ENTIRE OBAMA administration. Their WAR ON CHRISTIANS has gone FULL THROTTLE since BHO took office on the first day! NO PRESIDENT in the history of our nation has done MORE HARM than this POTUS to the Judeo-Christian heritage of this nation, and BIDEN has been the front man!

    With MUSLIMS, ATHEISTS, GAYS AND LESBIANS in key positions in this administration, Christians have been asked to SHUT UP, and take a back seat to everything thrown at them. Family values mean nothing. Morality and truth, means nothing. Taking care of our veterans, being honest – being GOOD STEWARDS with the hard-earned money of ALL AMERICANS – NOTHING has mattered! This DEMOCRATIC administration has been ROTTEN to the CORE!

    2.5 more years of this, and AMERICA will be so broken, it will take another 20 years to FIX! What a terrible eight years it will have been – eight DEMOCRATIC years that America will NEVER FORGET!

    • CelticGyrl says:

      I wonder how the homosexual community reconciles itself with the Muslim community? Obama will stand with the Muslims before the gays if it comes down to it.

      • James Edwards says:

        In this country – thank God – Christians and Gays have their differences, but so far, neither side wants to KILL the other. With Muslims – who knows? In America, at least, they are PASSIVE, because they are WEAK. What happens 50 years from now when they are 50 MILLION instead of only 10 million now? With numbers, comes power. You see what ISLAM does in other countries. It FORBIDS anything outside of their religion.

  70. Virgil Hilts says:

    From The Article: ” …protecting gay rights is the defining mark of any civilized nation.”

    WHAT?!?!? Biden needs to be carted away by the men in white coats and stored in a rubber room! Who in their right mind would suggest such lunacy?

  71. PatriotParatrooper says:

    Since being gay is a choice, then shouldn’t drunk drivers deserve more leniency in their sentencing, and child molesters get the same rights as gays. These are all choices people make. Why does 98% of the population have to bow to 2% over a sexual choice they made? That’s where the problem comes in. Where do you draw the line?

    • LABobfromNYC says:

      It’s just the pesky constitution that protects the minority that’s your problem.

      • PatriotParatrooper says:

        I agree laboob. but since when did a lifestyle choice qualify you for minority protection? As always, you miss the point.

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          I miss the point? Court after court decision agrees with me NOT you!

        • PatriotParatrooper says:

          All the counts agreed with hitler. Guess you think cooking the Jews were ok then.

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          Did you home school teacher teach you that Hitler took the “final solution” to court before he began the holocaust?

    • GoldenRudy says:

      …. and when is 2 to 3% of any type of total activity or population considered “normal”, except when referring to homosexuality? It is not “normal”.

  72. saynotoliberals says:

    Biden will never be able to prove his comments via Scripture but, unless Biden repents and accepts what is offered through Christ, he will face what can be found in Scripture – Matthew 7:21 -23.

  73. Barto says:

    The gay lifestyle gave us the AIDS epidemic, i suppose we should thank them, for that led to even some people innocent of the gay lifestyle dying because of it. Also, I would believe the bible’s description of homosexuality as a sin before I would believe anything out of Joe Biden’s useless mouth.

    • LABobfromNYC says:

      I wonder…do you believe a non virgin bride is a sin? what about divorce, adultery, fornication, masturbation, & working of sunday?

  74. Jr1776 says:

    More wisdom from Joe, just shut up.

  75. GoldenRudy says:

    The RCC should publicly excommunicate Biden and site Matthew 18-6 as one of its reasons. Unless and until the RCC excommunicates Biden and his fellow travelers in the Church, the RCC in itself will demonstrate again, it is not doing its job.

  76. jaxtom says:

    No wonder they don’t want to protect our “southern exposure”….aka the border….

  77. CelticGyrl says:

    I am a Christian. I am a sinner. The ONLY sin free person to ever walk this earth was Jesus Christ. God’s teachings have been corrupted and twisted by MAN to justify the sins these individuals perpetrate. Homosexuality is a sin. My personal faith tells me to HATE the sin but LOVE the sinner. I do this with the homosexuals I count as friends AND family. I love and accept them but they do not insist on our every interaction being a mandate on the LGBT agenda. We eat together, go out together, I’ve enjoyed their gay friends too…it is not my place to punish them for their choices. God will have the final say. He has things to punish me for too. I have fallen far from Christ’s example during my life.

    There are many wonderful homosexuals who do not approve of the “radical”, in your face tactics of the few drama queens! I have a BIG problem with the “radical” elements of the LGBT movement who can’t coexist with people like me. Everything is about “shoving” homosexuality and homosexual behaviors in everyone’s personal space. The goal of these fanatical LGBT folks is not acceptance, it’s endorsement. Until we all bow down to their demands, it will never satisfy them.

    As for VP Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and others in the liberal progressive camp. Homosexuality and Abortion are hallmarks of the ideology these people support. I believe strongly that it is wrong for them to claim to be devout Catholics and to take communion while actively passing laws and funding for these two issues. The Catholic Church should deny them communion and at the worst, excommunicate the for blatantly flouting Church Doctrine. I’m not a Catholic but I wonder how practicing Catholics feel about this.

    • jd1958 says:

      They don’t care. Don’t you know that no matter what sins Catholics commit. They can run to another man (called a priest, but not from the tribe of Levi), confess their sin(s), say a few “Hail Mary’s and few Our Fathers” as an act of contrition and POOF!!!! They are holy men and women again. Nothing can be further from the truth, but there it is.

      • CelticGyrl says:

        Yes, that’s one of the differences between Old Testament and New Testament. I do not have to go through anyone to have a personal relationship with The Lord. Jesus’ sacrifice did that. I have a basic understanding of the Catholic Church from a stepmom and step sister who were/are Catholic. My stepmom joined the baptist denomination when she married my dad in 1969. It was a sore point between her and her daughter and a really big deal to her family.

        • GoldenRudy says:

          Did Jesus say to the Apostles, “Whose sins you forgive …”? Or was that taken out of context?

      • GoldenRudy says:

        You don’t know much about the Catholic Church and its teachings, it appears. Surprised you did not mention the “craven image” or the “father” or the “Mary” thing that gets those without understanding all riled up.

        • jd1958 says:

          Wrong! I was Catholic. What did I type that wasn’t true?

        • GoldenRudy says:

          Your use of the word “run” in regard to the Sacrament of Confession, for one thing. If the sinner does not have a sincere contrition for the sins committed and a firm desire, commitment, not to repeat those sins, the sins, are not in fact forgiven. That is simply a case of where the penitent lies to the confessor, the ordained priest (the “other man” in you comment). You should know that being a former Catholic. So, if Biden (or anyone else for that matter) confesses his sins (serious sins like supporting abortion and homosexual marriage) and then goes out and votes for or supports abortion or homosexual marriage, his sins are not forgiven for he would have lied to his confessor. And, he commits another serious sin by lying in the confessional. One can claim to be Catholic, but ignorance of the actual dogma/doctrine of the Church, diminishes the validity, the strength, of the claim.

        • jd1958 says:

          What I wrote was correct. You “quantified it.” The priest in the confessional don’t know if the one confessing is sincere or not. ONLY GOD can forgive Sin. ONLY Jesus Christ. Read your Bible for a change. There is only propitiation for intercessory to GOD for our sins, and that is Jesus Christ. No priest can forgive you. I learned this by actually reading the Bible. Not by being told what it says. Oh, BTW. How many sins did you confess only to recommit those very sins? So by your qualifier your not forgiven either.

        • GoldenRudy says:

          Then, when Jesus was reported to have said to The Apostles, “Whose sins you shall forgive …” it was not true? Jesus neither said it or if He said it He did not mean it? BTW. there are sins … and there are sins. Lying is a sin; promoting the killing of innocent children is a sin; scandalizing children into thinking homosexuality is “normal” is another. Of the three, the sin of lying is the least, depending upon the circumstance surrounding the lie. In regard to the latter two; they are always and everywhere serious and grave sins, i.e., mortal. When one confesses and has a sincere contrition not to commit them again, that is one thing. To leave the confessional and vote for; march in support of; facilitate either of the latter two; negates the forgiveness offered by the priest IAW Jesus’ instructions. Same as if someone prays in private for forgiveness.

        • jd1958 says:

          Verse taken COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT. It is NOT speaking of priestly authority to forgive sin. It is INDIVIDUAL FORGIVENESS. Like at the end of the Lords Prayer. Jesus said: “If you forgive NOT your heavenly father will also not forgive you.” Individually. Your sin against me, mine against you. NO man can forgive another mans sin when that sin is NOT committed against them. Case in point: I steal something from you and later have remorse; I come to you and ask forgiveness. It is then up to you to forgive or not to forgive. Correct? Likewise, I have remorse; I cannot go to a priest and ask for forgiveness from GODS prospective. No man can forgive another man’s sin in the place of GOD. ONLY GOD CAN. When we sin against each other we need to forgive each other. Like GOD has forgiven us through the shed blood and life of Jesus Christ. NOT only do I need to seek your forgiveness for my theft; I must also seek GODS forgiveness. By going to Jesus and Jesus alone. NOT A RCC PRIEST. That sir is false doctrine. Read your Bible.

        • GoldenRudy says:

          What other “COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT” verses are there in the Bible? Please enlighten. And have you let others know about them? Or are you quoting form those that since the 15th century have established their own version of what Jesus meant?

        • jd1958 says:

          The RCC is a very good job in brainwashing you.

        • GoldenRudy says:

          Maybe so. Not all brainwashing is bad. My washed brain awaits further parts of the Bible which you deemed “out of context”?

        • jd1958 says:

          There is no maybe about it. Revelation 18: 4. Man cannot forgive sins. There is no such thing as purgatory, Stop praying to Mary. You don’t “eat Jesus” for communion. There is no such thing as a Pope in the Bible, No Cardinals, No nuns, friars, monks or anything of the such.

        • jd1958 says:

          Mortal sin? Tell me, which sin against GOD will NOT get you thrown into the lake of fire? A “white lie, a fib”? They are lies. Read Revelation Chapter 22: ALL who love to make a lie will end up in the lake of fire. Murder is a sin. Yes. Stealing is a sin. All are sin. Once a man or woman is born; They ALL are destined for Hel1. All are. No one is special, everyone born is going to hel1. There is nothing anyone can do about it. Which is why GOD sent his one and only son Jesus to earth to live a sinless life to be beaten, crucified die In our place as the perfect sacrifice for sin. Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin. After Jesus rose from the grave conquering death; we now though his shed blood by accepting his life, death and resurrection; that he paid our penalty for our sin; by repenting and turning to Jesus following him, making him LORD of our lives. We have the forgiveness from GOD and eternal life through Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life. NO MAN GOES TO THE FATHER (and heaven) BUT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.

        • GoldenRudy says:

          So, if I lie about feeling sick to my boss and stay at home, it is the same “sin” as me going to work and aborting babies for eight hours? Or going to school and indoctrinating innocent children that homosexuality is “normal” is the same a what is commonly referred to a a “white” lie? Each is, to many, a sin and you believe both condemn one to Hell for eternity? I believe the seriousness of the sin determines the severity of the punishment. A hungry man who steals a loaf of bread to feed his family is not the same as the man who supports abortion or homosexuality. And where in the Bible can one find the type of outrage in Jesus’ words reported in Matthew 18-6 regarding the “innocents”? BTW. do you believe all sins are forgiven automatically because of the Crucifixion? That one is saved on Faith alone and not Works?

        • jd1958 says:

          Faith alone, by Grace alone, in Christ alone. Works are the results of being great full because we are saved. Read the Book of James.

        • GoldenRudy says:

          But did not Jesus say to “follow My commandments”? Does that not directly imply that one must actually do things and not do other things in order to be “saved”?

        • jd1958 says:

          Believe on the name of Jesus and thou shall be saved.
          He who has the son, has life. He who does not have the son doesn’t have life; but the wrath of GOD abideth upon him.
          Philip in Acts: If thou believe with thine heart thou mayest.
          You need to believe before you can act. Doing works gets you two things: “Zero and Nothing.

        • GoldenRudy says:

          So, if one believe’s in Jesus but acts in a way that dispels that belief, he is saved anyway? What about the “follow My commandments” thing? Or is that just another part of the Bible “taken out of context”?

        • jd1958 says:

          Of course we are to follow the commandments. That goes without saying doesn’t it? But my friend you’re still part of the worlds largest CULT. I was part of it. No longer. Wake up. You’re being lied to and going to be tossed into hel1.

        • GoldenRudy says:

          By following the commandments, then one’s actions (i.e., works are relevant to salvation) have a major part in that salvation, not just a belief in something. Where do I go to identify the lies you mention that I have been a victim of apparently? And who is the one that identified them as lies, when identified, and in what theological analysis were they identified as lies?

        • jd1958 says:

          So how many works do you need to accomplish for salvation? Are the works that you’re doing to “earn” salvation; do they pass GOD’S muster? The Bible says: Salvation is a gift of GOD, least any man should boast. So tell me; what works must I do to earn salvation? What work(s) was the thief on the cross able to accomplish when he was hanging there on the cross dying on the cross with Jesus?

        • GoldenRudy says:

          How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Do you think a person that declares a belief in Jesus as the son of God on a given Sunday will be saved even though on Monday he/she repeatedly supports the killing of the unborn child? I don’t. And the fellow at Cavalry probably did not commit any other action before his death that would negate his pronouncement of belief in Jesus, did he? He asked for forgiveness and mercy and did not purposely go out and re-commit those crimes (“works”) that brought him to Calvary on that day in the first place.

        • jd1958 says:

          How many angels dance on the head of a pin? We’re now talking children’s fables? I don’t believe in abortion. That is not the issue we’ve been talking about is it? That “fellow” at Calvary was a thief. ONE who stole. Breaking one of the ten commandments. Punishment? Death. He couldn’t go out an purposely “sin more” since he was hanging on the cross, had his legs broken and suffocated. You again missed the point. GOD forgave him. He didn’t go and commit “works” in order to be saved. Jesus told him: “I tell you the truth, this day thou shalt be with me in paradise.” He’s in heaven. The other unrepentant thief is in hel1. No amount of Catholic Pope or Cardinal or Nun praying is going to get him out of hel1. It is appointed unto men but once to die; after this the judgment. You’re brainwashed. Revelation 18: 4.

        • GoldenRudy says:

          I did not miss the point. Hell is permanent. Who said it was not? Why can’t you type the word correctly? Do you believe that any sin at the moment of death damns one to eternal punishment, regardless of its severity or do you believe regardless of the unrepentant sin at the time of death, as long as one believes in Jesus, he is therefore saved? Interesting. And have you been brainwashed into thinking it is sinful to type out the word Hell? What other words are you forbidden to type out?

        • jd1958 says:

          Most of the time it’s the censors that forbid the spelling of hell. So I’ve taken to type hel1 that way, so that it gets by the censors. Everyone has sin, Everyone sins. For all have sinned and fall short to the Glory of GOD. GOD’S standard: Follow the 10 commandments perfectly all your life. You sin, you fail GODS standard and will not permitted to enter heaven. Which is why we need a savior. Which we have in Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that there are different levels of hell. But eternal separation from GOD is the “basic punishment.” You believe your saved but need works to continue to be saved? How many works? What kind of works? How do you know your did enough or you did them well enough? How many sins did Jesus die for? How many of your sins? How many of mine? ALL OF THEM. My eternal salvation is secure. My eternal rewards are up for loss. But if you believe the Pope is the vicar of GOD who is infallible and you continue to pray to Mary for your sins. Your in deep kim-che.

        • GoldenRudy says:

          I wish I were as presumptuous as to say or believe that “my salvation was secure”. I do believe I have to earn it though my behavior (i.e., works) and not just faith. As far as your concepts about the Catholic Church: the term “infallible” in regard to the Pope, the successor to Peter, pertains to faith and morals only, based upon Jesus telling Peter that My Spirit would be with you always. And Mary, The Mother of Jesus, is prayed to for her intercession with Jesus on behalf of the penitent. The “Hail Mary” includes a request that she “pray for us now and at the hour of our death”. Mary is not prayed to for forgiveness of sins. Both concepts are common misconceptions about what the Catholic doctrine is. Similar misconceptions to the “craven image” and “father” thing that seem to mislead many. Who established the church you belong to, btw. And what is its lineage? Who wrote the Bible you use?

        • jd1958 says:

          You didn’t answer my questions AND You mis-quoted the RCC prayer to Mary. “Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death amen.” Told you I was Catholic. Mary is not holy, never was. Mary is NOT to be prayed to. That sets her up equal to GOD. Baal worship – goes back to ancient Babylon where mother-son worship originated. All prayer “should be to GOD the father.” NO ONE ELSE in the name of Jesus. Mary does NOT intercede for you. We have one propitiation for our sins, Jesus Christ 1 John 2: 2. You cannot earn your salvation. It is a gift from GOD least any man should boast. Ephesians 2: 8-10. You call priests “father.” Jesus GOD himself said: “Call no man on earth “father” for you have one father, that which is in heaven.” Matthew 23: 9. I use the King James from the Antioch manuscripts. “He who believes in the son has life, he who doesn’t believe in the son has not life.” John 3: 36, 1 John 5: 12. IF you have to do works to maintain your salvation; my questions that you didn’t answer still remain for you to answer.

        • jd1958 says:

          When the Pope speaks, he speaks as the Vicar of GOD. SO he ALWAYS speaks “as god.” They claim that they are infallible and answer to no man. Which pope is the real power behind the RCC?

        • GoldenRudy says:

          You simply do not know what you think you know. You are free to believe what you read in the Bible commissioned by the Head of the Church of England. So he (she when a queen) and his appointed followers are your choice of truth, infallibility on faith and morals? Very well. But to be precise and not to mislead others into error, the Pope is referred to as the Vicar of Christ on Earth, not the Vicar of God. Vicar meaning “instead of”; as the Pope is the head of the one church established by Jesus when he spoke to Peter, the first Pope, before his Ascension. Your Catholic education must have lacked that nuance. Sorry about that.

        • jd1958 says:

          Oh Contraire blind one. The polluted RCC bible came out of the Alexandria manuscripts. NOTHING but death in Egypt. Vicar of God/Christ – Christ is GOD. Vicar means “instead of” you can play the semantics all you want. Doesn’t change the lie. The Pope declares themselves to be infallible answerable to no man. That sir is the place of GOD. You’re still not answering my questions. write me directly @ faster. Thanks.

  78. jd1958 says:

    Poor “Uncle Joe” his Alzheimer’s is really getting bad. Christian values are codified and protected in the Constitution. Being a twisted pervert is not. Nowhere in the constitution does it say anything about the “right” to be a homo, lesbian, transgender, bi-animal citizen.

  79. dtk1952 says:

    Why would there be any surprise what the Clown Circus comes up with and says? Anything that is anti-Christian, pro-queer. or pro-illegal amnesty goes with this anti-American administration.

  80. Tbear says:

    Biden gives a- holes a bad name!!!!


    PS: He also says ‘ In America you have the right to be stupid’ and he and LABobfromNTC proves it.

  81. Warrior07 says:

    Joe like “O” is an atheist at best but most likely a satanist .

  82. HiHoSilver says:

    Hey biden, send your gay rights to the muslims and see what they think about it you damn moron. I thought you were a nice catholic boy but you are worthless just like your buddy obammy.

  83. Spoony says:

    Did this guy ever go to church and Sunday school? What a numb nut for a VP!

  84. Ellen Briggs says:

    I will be sure to tell the priests at St. Thomas on the Brandywine Roman Catholic Church what Joe has said. They probably will not care as the Catholic Church is apparently in lockstep with the development of he One World Order. What Christian values? St. Thomas Church, (Church and Rectory) 10 Old Church Road, Greenville, DE 19807; Phone: (302) 658-7017; Fax: (302) 428-0639; Rev. Msgr. Joseph F. Rebman, VG, Pastor and the entire Pastoral Staff. This church is barely outside of Wilmington, DE, at the intersection of Rt. 52 and Rt. 141. John H. Briggs, Sr.

  85. sgtshel says:

    If that’s the case then the Pope should excommunicate Biden also!! Like he did to the Mafia!

  86. John H. Kohlenberg says:

    We definitely have the wrong president and vice president leading this country.

  87. richardcancemi says:

    Being Homosexual is NOT a sin! Practicing homosexual sex is a sin. This is what the Catholic Church teaches. Homosexuals do not choose to be homosexual, at least not the majority of them. God doesn’t condemn us for a psychological state, but He does expect us to control our urges. People have had murderous impulses; that doesn’t make them murderers. The Bidens of this world do not preach tolerance, or perhaps I should say license, because of religious principles. What they preach and seek to impose on all of us is based on atheistic Socialism, not virtue. Biden is a hypocrite. He a;ways was and continues to be one.

  88. jerry1944 says:

    We sure know where old joe is going when he dies dont we

  89. teaman says:

    The fool speaks again!!!!! Only the depraved will listen!!!!

  90. DiploBear says:

    Always figure Joe Biteme to be a jolly faggot.

  91. CajunPatriot says:

    We need a move of the Spirit of the LORD on this nation to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and all our hearts toward God and His holiness. When the spiritual problems of this nation are handled, the rest will be taken care of. We all get caught up in politics from time to time, but unless the hearts of men and women are changed, the rest is futile. The only one who can change the hearts of men and women is Almighty God!

    • Shofar threading says:

      But remember, Cajun, we will have warnings — and time is short:

      “Then He spoke to them a parable: “Look at the fig tree, and all the trees. When they are already budding, you see and know for yourselves that summer is now near. So you also, when you see these things happening, know that the kingdom of God is near.” <

      • CajunPatriot says:

        Amen. Time is short, I think shorter than we even think. There is still work to be done, and we must work while it is still day, because night is coming when no man can work. There are prayers to be prayed (pray without ceasing), their are repentances which must be made (the Church allowed various leaders to ascend to their thrones, the Church allowed so much to happen because we were active, but were asleep in Zion, while satan sowed tares)

        Blow that trumpet in Zion! Sound the alarm on my holy mountain!

        • Shofar threading says:

          So true, Cajun. We all have sinned and are flawed, including the Church. But Daniel sends to those of us who believe a comforting message:

          “At that time Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then. But at that time your people — everyone whose name is found written in the book—will be delivered” Daniel 12:1-3

          And I will continue blowing the shofar because His people will awake from their slumber in His time. <

  92. mbnick says:

    Translation: Democrats will do anything to buy votes.

  93. 9400budlang8406 says:

    Biden must have learned history from someone who escaped Sodom, and you know how that turned out.

  94. sovereigntyofone says:

    Joe Biden is off his rocker, as usual.
    I don’t care how much they try to sugar coat it, being gay is not natural. Let’s for a moment leave religion out of it and look at it as a purely logic sense. We all know that if you are a male you have ” certain ” plumbing, and if you are ” female ” you have a different kind of plumbing. I am using these stupid words because you can’t really talk in details here. Now if a species wishes to survive and procreate, have off spring it takes a male and female to do so. I know you’re rolling your eyes and saying get on with it.
    Okay, in order to have off springs, children you must have male and female, and that is natures way of keeping the species alive.
    We all know this, and it is unnatural for men to have sex with men or women with women. It’s actually a violation of natures law.
    Oh, you will hear the gays say well what about the gay penguins, polar bears, dogs, cats. Every species has it’s mistakes.
    So if you are gay don’t lecture me how ” natural ” and correct it is, it’s you that has the problem, not me.
    So as you can see if you don’t believe in God and that being Gay is wrong, then mother nature even says it’s wrong if you are gay for the purpose that we were created male and female to create off springs. And the gays will tell you ” We can adopt, or be artificially inseminated ” I say, hogwash, that is still not the way nature intended it to work.
    And Joe Biden is way out in left field as usual.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

  95. Lougjr1 says:

    This guy Joe Biden is the creepiest piece of crap that ever walked on two legs. Joe Biden is not a good catholic in any sense of the word. Any qualified religion condemns the act of homosexuality, but not the homosexual per se. There is a difference and everyone knows it. Liberals try to make everyone think that conservatives and religious people are bigots, but the bigots are the liberals themselves and they know it !

  96. rchguns says:

    This man is so stupid an incompetent how does he manage to dress himself in the morning?

  97. higgy01 says:

    Right now the GD gays have more rights that any straight or religious or white person for that matter. They are the everyone is equal but they are more equal than anyone else. Maybe it is time to level the playing field and make them really equal. Next, we take the empty headed gaffer and put him on a slow boat to nowhere. Anyone that believes all he has is his salary is just as stupid as he is thinking we believe him.

  98. KurtofLA says:

    We know that he is an idiot. Who and what are the people who re-elected him for a hundred years????

  99. mule man says:

    Hey joe get barry out of your mouth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. John K says:

    An imbecile is an imbecile is Joe Biden. I am not obligated to follow any of these rules under the Kenyan or the imbecile, as they are the enemy within.

    Homosexuality is a severe mental illness, and is a major reason why the population has declined. It is perversity repackaged as “love”. It is unnatural and filthy, and they spread disease. Homosexuals typically have multiple partners; the marriage angle is meant to have insurance coverage like a husband and wife, so that when they infect each other they can make the taxpayer pay for their illness, which was contracted through their deviant behavior.

    I don’t see how they think they can push their deviant behavior, called a “lifestyle”, on us and then think they can break the crosses off our churches and silence us. Joe Biden is free to get in on their act if he wants, but it needs to be behind closed doors. They don’t need to be in the Boy Scouts, public schools, or anywhere near our children looking to molest or pervert them. A child doesn’t know about or think about sexuality. It is also a fact that most child rapists have homosexual tendencies.

    Obama thinks he is a king. Maybe…the king of the damned, and Biden is the royal fool. I follow the one true king, maybe you’ve heard of him: Jesus Christ.

  101. A concerned american says:

    Then wh doesn’t Biden join their ranks if he feels so strongly about homosexuality? Sounds reasonable to me.

  102. Zuzanice says:

    The only positive I see in Biden’s statement is that it is completely against Islamic culture and THAT!!! is daring. However much I absolutely detest gay lifestyle (and especially all the types who disparage it publicly) I ask why shouldn’t two perverts enjoy the same tax benefits and other advantages like two heterosexual people do? Not all married heterosexuals have children. On the other hand, I personally know two females bringing up one daughter and one son – each birthed it (probably from artificial insemination, I did not ask), and I know these children, excellent students, socially adept, popular, normal heterosexual kids. I will never accept it as normal but I can accept it as good for them, since it is the ONLY thing for them. They do not and can not affect my lifestyle and orientation. Why should I do just that to them? After all, they are a quite insignificant minority and they will not – can not – stop existing. A huge glove was thrown to Saudis in a public forum at the UN regarding Rauf Badawi: WE need to continue in that light. Muslim governments can’t take it. Look at the Saudi’s representative response (his rising blood pressure!!! lol!). We can not look at homosexuals as subhumans; they are humans with a deviation, a hormonal disorder that causes mental change. They still function on MANY, many, many other different levels and achieve excellent, sometimes outstanding results just as heterosexuals do. If we can unify ourselves behind human rights we have a much better chance to tell Islamic countries to go jump in the lake if they don’t get on a bandwagon with the West regarding human rights. Enjoy that 7 minutes video from UN.

    • Dissenter13a says:

      Why can’t you Christians just live and let live?

      • CelticGyrl says:

        Ask that same question of the radical LGBT folks who refuse to “live and let live” without forcing Christians to do business against their beliefs. Why must Christians always give in and accept everyone else’s demands and beliefs while we are denied the same considerations or protections…

        • Dissenter13a says:

          Same argument was made in response to the Civil Rights Act of 1965. Why should respectable Christians have to rent out hotel rooms to dirty Kenyans? States have passed laws pursuant to their version of the Commerce Clause, and if you want to do business, you have to comply with those laws.

          Take it up with your representatives … and one Antonin Scalia.

  103. ibcyn says:

    He along with Pelosi should be excommunicated. Both have turned their backs on the teachings of the Church.

  104. Joy says:

    As Christians, we are called to love the sinner and hate the sin. This small vein of gay terrorists are those bent on redefining what God ordained from the beginning of time–this is nothing new to Him–thank God! Nothing they do or say is going to change that fact. The government uses them for opportunity – votes – money, etc. The Church is asleep and pretty much unwilling to lose it’s tax status–so a soft politically correct gospel is preached to appease liberals.

    The true account of the Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in the book of Genesis is what happened when God got fed up with sexual rebellion albeit homosexuality sin which was rampant. We know that it was the origin of this sin destroyed in these two cities because of what the scripture details:





    I believe this biblical account is what we face today with homosexuality being forced upon us. I don’t know what’s holding God’s arm back from setting the record straight yet once again except for His mercy.

    • Dissenter13a says:

      I always loved that one. Your god sanctions rape.

      • CelticGyrl says:

        And you concluded that how?

        • Dissenter13a says:

          The tale of Lot. He offered his virgin daughters to the mob; no one asked them. Your god thought that he was a righteous man, which means that he obviously approves of rape.

      • Joy says:

        No sanctions – God gives free will to everyone–He doesn’t make you love Him. You obviously don’t fear God and you mock his Word. God cannot and does not promote evil but will turn it around for good. Rape and sodomy are pretty much kin–evil choices. Thought about how you plan on explaining your theory to the God that made you when your time comes…eternity is a mighty long time in a place not fit for humans.

        • Dissenter13a says:

          Lot offered his virgin daughters to the mob; apparently, no one asked them. And Lot was a righteous man?

        • Joy says:

          Yes. God considered him a righteous man because he put his trust in Him which accounts for his offering his daughters in place of His (God’s) Holy Angels. Maybe in a worldly sense, the daughters out of honor of their father would have submitted–if not due to the culture in that time.

          What Lot did was sacrificial. God always provides a way of escape to those that trust in Him. You see, the Lord knows who belongs to Him…

          If you’ve read the biblical account of Abraham and Sarah, Abraham – the father of all nations – pleaded with God to save Lot and family as well as those that could be found innocent of the rampant sexual sin in Sodom and Gomorrah. Those same two Angels visited with Abraham before departing to destroy the two Cities.

        • Dissenter13a says:

          Your god is a persistent no-show. Just like other Bronze Age stone idols. The tales of the Bible are all fabrications, with the Great Flood adapted from earlier tales.

        • Joy says:

          Our God works in mysterious ways–His thoughts are much higher than our thoughts–all accounts in the Bible are Holy Spirit inspired and penned by the Holy. You can’t possibly fathom the depth of the scriptures until your is heart is ready to receive. By that I mean you must be born again. You can’t just read the Bible like a book–if you do, you’ll only have ‘head knowledge’ of the scriptures. The Word of God is alive–the Living Word, and once sowed cannot return void. It is our love letter from God…the roadmap for life. I pray the Holy Spirit will open your eyes and ears to the truth.

        • Dissenter13a says:

          That is pure, unadulterated dogma. Only the cultist is able to discern the truths embedded in the cult’s holy book? The Urantia Book comes quickly to mind, as it is only a little less silly than your Bible.

          As a former born-again Christian–the state is self-induced, and can readily be duplicated using Eastern disciplines–I know your playbook.

        • Joy says:

          I don’t understand why you surmise Christianity as a cult generally spewing dogma. I will admit that Christianity today is more like a churchianity based on false teaching with a soft message.

          As far as worship goes, who are we to say what may or may not be a self-induced state of being in the Holy Spirit – worship is worship. The flesh cannot praise Him and He knows the difference.

          You state you ‘were’ born again at some point in your life. If, in fact, you had a true transformation or conversion of heart in Christ, you can’t not be now. You may well be out of the Will of God – back slidden – or have walked away from Him, but Jesus tells us we must be born again – Jews or gentiles…

          Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and no man can come to the Father but by Him – so eastern disciplines don’t apply and cannot be compared to true worship. No playbook here – you must know your God.

          God gave us the scriptures – whatever you subscribe to albeit Torah – the scrolls, etc., to know Him as the Triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God has done all He needs to do to offer salvation to man–all creation knows Him–even the trees praise Him. I have to ponder what scripture you subscribe to that denounces the Word of God.

          …satan was cast out of Heaven for wanting to aspire above the Throne of God…

        • Dissenter13a says:

          It is a cult. It meets not only the objective test, but Walter Martin’s (the original Bible Answerman) tendentious one.

          The Muslim could say what you have with a straight face, with appropriate modifications.

        • Joy says:

          So you believe Christianity as a whole is a cult – meeting the objective test…I don’t know much about Walter Martin, but listened to Hank Hanegraaff over a number of years. I enjoyed his knowledge, but found he was not fully open to the Holy Spirit and/or believing in the seen and the unseen…the Creed…and not understanding the depth and richness of the Church.

          Muslim or Islam is, in fact, a cult that follows a false god that teaches murder, rape, incest, abuse to name a few–jihad–holy war and cutting off the heads of Christians – nice.

        • Dissenter13a says:

          Hank and I had a falling out over his plagiarism scandal. He wasn’t exactly a scholar.

          I knew a lot of Martin’s people.

          Suffer not a witch to live? Christianity has its dark verses, too.

      • Joy says:

        For some reason you didn’t receive my response to this last night–so here it goes:

        It’s obvious you don’t fear God and you mock the Word of God. There are no sanctions given – just free will. Rape is akin to sodomy. It’s up to us how we want to use that – for evil or for good. Out of ignorance you don’t understand the love of God and that’s your fault because He gives plenty of signs as Creator of the universe. No matter, God does not ordain evil but He uses it for a good outcome if we let Him. There is a lot of evil demonstrated in this world we live in today and time is close at hand.

        Wondered if you thought about how you plan to explain your theory of same sex ‘marriage’ to God when your time comes….eternity is a very long time to end up in a place not meant for humans.

        • Dissenter13a says:

          Your Jesus H. Ba’al has proven his impotence beyond cavil. I don’t fear Odin, either.

          Marriage is a simple contract. By what legal right do we deprive same-sex couples of the right to enter into that contract? The Constitutuion is our governing document–not your BuyBull.

        • Joy says:

          Your words have no bearing against a Holy God…he gave you a mouthpiece to say what you want–but you couldn’t without Him. Scripture tells us that “The man who says in his heart there is no God is a fool”.

          The sacred institution of marriage is a union between one man and one woman and nothing will ever change that truth–I promise you. The recognition of ‘civil unions’ has been implemented, but that’s not enough. It’s that small vein of gay terrorists who want their choice of perverted lifestyle to be accepted as being normal–which it is not.

          To each his own for sure–I don’t recall anyone ever stopping same sex couples from loving who they want to love, but when they try to force it upon us – our vulnerable children – school system – the Church – civic groups – our military, etc., and beyond our Christian and moral convictions, then we have the constitutional right to fight against it.

          Better to bend the knee now than later…

        • Dissenter13a says:

          You don’t have a holy god. He’s just another Allah.

          The biblical institution of marriage was one man and one woman … and another woman, and another woman, and the stray concubine. Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar. If you are going to talk Abraham, you have to deal with that.

          Christianity is terrorism. Perverted. It should be banned. That argument works both ways.

          If you don’t want to follow the laws, close your business. Go work at Wal-Mart.

        • Joy says:

          It’s obvious you’re bitter, and disappointed with God and in your Jewish faith. The Jewish are considered to have an inheritance as the royal children taken up before saved or circumcised gentiles. I gather you renounce Yeshua–our Lord Jesus–the Messiah as well. It’s a shame you can lose your inheritance as a result. That’s your choice, but if you deny Him before men, He will deny you before the Father.

          I don’t have to defend the Creator of this universe. He’s a loving Father, and won’t impose His will upon you because of His mercy and unmerited grace. When you know how the story ends nothing can shake the truth. I’ve worked with many Jewish attorneys in my lifetime who seemed to appreciate where their blessings came from. Arrogance and pride are sisters of satan. Although God is very patient, both are dealt with at some point.

          I don’t know what you disagree with more–the Old and/or New Testament and perhaps the Torah. As to the account of Abraham and Sarah, the concubine, Hagar, was used by them personally without consulting God to bear a child since Sarah was barren and getting beyond her child bearing years. A child (Ishmael) was conceived. This act opposed the Will of God–or getting ahead of God–which act is termed today as an “Ismael”. Again, God turns this around for good by having those two Angels on the way to Sodom and Gomorrah inform them that Sarah would bear Abraham’s son which they were in unbelief of since both were, I believe in their 100s — but told that everything was possible with God.

          This account doesn’t change the definition of marriage between man and woman as ordained by God–He doesn’t make mistakes–He can’t. I mean look at you, he didn’t spawn your rebellion. Corruption of man began after the fall in the Garden (disobedience of Adam & Eve) n/k/a the Adamic race (after being kicked out of Paradise) which we are all from–born of Original Sin and sinners–saved only by the sprinkling of the precious blood of God’s only begotten Son, the Sacrificial Lamb (New testament). You see God had a plan to save mankind out of His endless mercy once again through the “second Adam & Eve” – Jesus and Mary.

          Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

        • Dissenter13a says:

          Rabbi Yeshua was almost certainly an Essene, and would be mortified by the vast edifice of heresy and fraud erected in his name. Christianity was the brainchild of Paul.

          If your god can’t make mistakes, he can only be convicted of malice.

          Joy: “He’s a loving Father

          …if love can be equated with anal rape.

        • Joy says:

          The fact of the matter is that Jesus nor for that matter John the Baptist for many reasons and truths were not part of the essene sect. This idea has been circulated over the years by the rebellius and scoffers alike. To validate such a statement, you have to understand more about the culture and not through some intertestamental judaism wanderings. The whole theory would be to disprove the existence and deity of Jesus Christ.

          There is a group called the Jews Against Jesus II that postulate Jesus was a pharisee. The same understanding comes from those who advocate eastern religions who believe that the essene sect of Judaism came about due to Jewish exposure to and assimilation of their beliefs and practices philosophy–therefore, part of the popular trend of claiming Jesus Christ for their own religion. This heretical claim is nothing but the outright lies and efforts of those who are zealous in their opposition to Christ. These people knowingly use lies to attempt to dissuade others from it.

          The essenes practiced legalistic beliefs that Jesus did not and taught against–much like his disdain for the pharisees – the corrupt Jewish leaders who had Him killed. Jesus taught freedom not legalism. He said ‘to know me is to know the Father’…

          1. The Essenes were monastic, ascetic, and puritanical. Jesus Christ ate rich meat and drank wine and associated with prostitutes, publicans,and other sinners.

          2. The Essene life was open to adult males. Jesus Christ specifically sought to include women and children in His ministry.

          3. The Essenes rejected the other forms of Judaism as illegitimate, and refused to worship in the temple or synagogues. Jesus Christ told His disciples that they could listen to the teachings of the Pharisees so long as they did not follow their hypocritical ways, and regularly
          worshiped and ministered in the temple and synagogues.

          4. The Essenes were so strict in their observances of customs that they refused to so much as light a fire or use the bathroom on the Sabbath. Jesus Christ specifically opposed and defied such false doctrines, particularly by making a point of openly healing on the

          5. While some Essenes lived in cities, they were for the most part a reclusive, secretive community that accepted new members only after an arduous yearlong initiation process during which the applicants had to
          demonstrate their piety. Jesus Christ lived and taught openly among the people and allowed all who were desiring as such to follow Him and be called His disciples.

          6. The Essenes rejected being anointed with oil, Jesus Christ allowed Mary Magdalene to do so.

          7. The Essenes stressed living by morals, ethics, and the law: Jesus Christ emphasized living by faith.

          8. The Essenes imposed a strict caste system by rank. Jesus Christ taught that the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

          9. The Essenes had a very elevated opinions of themselves, regarding themselves as the only true righteous that through whom God would act to bring the Messiah into the world and everyone else as apostate and heretical. Jesus Christ took on the status as a humble servant, even to the point of objecting when someone called Him good (righteous) saying that only the Father was righteous.

          10. Like the Pharisees, the Essenes held the common people in low regard, as being not sufficiently pious or knowledgeable of the law to be counted worthy of consideration. Those same people were the specific
          targets of Jesus Christ’s ministry.

          Paul was given the task by Jesus as an Apostle to go forth in the Great Commission – Peter was given the authority over the Church.

          God is who He says He — the Alpha and Omega – there was no one before Him – He was not made – He was…

          Although you don’t have the fear of God, He is the Father of everything good and righteous–and–no sin can stand before Him. That’s where the blood of Jesus Christ comes in. God gives free will to everyone – He doesn’t cause evil – evil exists in the world. Satan is the ruler of the air and we are in a fierce spiritual battle with the unseen.

          When you really bend the knee – God will stop Heaven to hear you – and – had you been the only one on earth, Jesus would have died just for you.

        • Dissenter13a says:

          Joy, you are making the dangerous mistake of relying on the NT gospels as an authoritative source. The Essenes were largely itinerant, but more crucially, we do not know if their teachings were homogeneous. We know so little about them for certain that the strongest argument for Jesus and John the Baptist being Essenes is that they were neither Sadducees nor Pharisees.

          About the only thing we can say about Jesus when he was alive is that he was quite ordinary, escaping the notice of historians like Justus of Tiberias and Philo of Alexandria. That the midrashic writings were silent as to his heresy–the Trinity was blasphemy–confirms this reading of history. As Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes rather famously observed, even the dog that is not barking is telling us something.

          The Gospels are essentially useless as historical source matter. They can’t even agree on where the risen Jesus allegedly appeared for the first time to the Endeka. The contradictions are not only irreconcilable but often laughable.

          Joy: “ God gives free will to everyone – He doesn’t cause evil – evil exists in the world.

          Again, pure, unadulterated dogma. There is no illusion of free will in this passage from Romans: “For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified.” The Greek proorizō translates to predestined, and there is no logical way to reconcile predestination with free will.

          You can believe that, but to believe what you do, you pretty much have to throw Romans into the trash can. Calvin made this point well, and I have never found a way to argue with him on this point.

        • Joy says:

          The essenes have nothing to do with Jesus. I feel your reasoning on spiritual truths is seen through the veil of secular humanism which undermines the very existence of our triune God. In Isaiah, we are hauntingly made aware that Jesus was a man of sorrows – a man with no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him – nothing in his appearance that we should desire Him.

          There is no danger in believing truth – the danger is in disbelieving – so you’d be safer from hell’s fire in believing what seems foolish to man.

          Free will is not an illusion–the deception of satan is. I believe predestination and free will are two different things. I don’t question God’s mercy on those who walk by faith and hope in Jesus Christ. I trust in a righteous God so there is no mistake in His judgments no matter what His decision for our eternity–He would still be right and should be loved no matter. He knows us better than we know ourselves – when the Apostles asked Jesus how is it possible then that anyone can go to Heaven–He replied that everything is possible with God.

          Free will is the pure freedom given us to accept and love God our Abba Father. Humanly speaking, why would any of us want to force someone to love us–that’s not a relationship. There is a God shaped vacuum in our hearts that only He can fill and at some point in life – perhaps during a knee bending experience, we look up and hopefully surrender. Absolutely no one on an airplane getting ready to crash doesn’t call on God and as we all know, there are no atheists in the fox hole.

          You have to understand Romans in its entirety – meat to be slowly chewed and digested for sure – and not base its scriptural meaning on some Calvinistic view which is debatable.

        • Dissenter13a says:

          Joy: “ I feel your reasoning on spiritual truths is seen through the veil of secular humanism

          Facts are stubborn things, Joy.

          Joy: “ In Isaiah, we are hauntingly made aware that Jesus was a man of sorrows

          Contemplate the absurdity of that statement. If you are all-powerful, you always get what you want. Treat your pets cruelly, and they will surely resent you. Your god is an abusive parent, undeserving of our love.

          Isaiah does not, in any meaningful way, presage Jesus, any more than Nostradamus (who predicted the end of the world in ~2000 AD). Spare me the nonsense.

          Joy: “There is no danger in believing truth – the danger is in disbelieving – so you’d be safer from hell’s fire in believing what seems foolish to man.

          Then repeat after me: “There is no God but Al’lah and Mohammed[pbuh] is His Prophet.” Pascal’s Wager applies with equal force to Islam, so if you refuse to do this, you are a hypocrite. And I know that you are.

          Joy: “Free will is not an illusion

          Under your theological system, free will does not exist, as a matter of definition. (You are not arguing with me; you are arguing with John Calvin; he appears to have the better argument.)

          Joy: “Humanly speaking, why would any of us want to force someone to love us–that’s not a relationship.

          Fair enough. But why would I love an abusive spouse? If your god refuses to treat me with any semblance of decency, he can’t reasonably expect me to “love” him, now can he? What you call “love,” I call anal rape with a baseball bat.

          A relationship is built on respect for the other party in it. My wife and I invest regularly in our relationship, and we have a pretty damn good one. But your god seems to think it is a one-way street: “My way or the highway, and if you don’t like it, tough!” If I were to try that with my wife (or, anyone else I cared about), how long do you honestly think the relationship would survive?

          If your insatiably selfish Jesus wants me to love him, don’t you think that it is incumbent upon him to start investing in that relationship?

          Christianity is a cult. You are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. But like all cultists, you can’t see it.

  105. Tim Curtis says:

    Joe Biden is such a mental midget he is an absolute embarrassment. I pray that I never have the opportunity to tell him that to his face because I will

    • Dissenter13a says:

      And you are a legend in your own mind….

      • Tim Curtis says:

        That’s a really intelligent response. Did you plagiarize that like Biden did his college work? Biden is not only a mental midget but he is also a moral coward. Just like people who don’t use their name when posting on public forums.

        • Dissenter13a says:

          You men, like the vast majority of the people here?

        • Dissenter13a says:

          And you went to law school where? On what basis do you claim that he is a mental midget? That he doesn’t agree with a religious drooler like you?

  106. Seldena says:

    I am a Christian and I also have studied everhting about our Constitution. Biblical principles guided many of the laws within the Constitution. When you start leaving God out of your life, your morals, and this nation then nothing will be right. All will be in chaos just as it is today. ll Chronicles 7:14 is the answer to our Republic.

    • Dissenter13a says:

      What about Matt. 7:12? Precludes a theocracy.

      • Juan Motie says:

        Matthew 7:12 reads as follows from the American Standard Version, which is actually identical to the King James Version: “All things therefore whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, even so do ye also unto them: for this is the law and the prophets.”

        Perhaps in all your “wisdom” you could explain to all of us here where this verse precludes a “theocracy.” Taking the first out of the context of the previous text is purely insanity and still has nothing to do with establishing a “theocracy.”

        • Dissenter13a says:

          Would you like living in a theocratic Muslim state? If not, don’t impose a theocratic Christian state on us. How obvious does it have to be?

        • Juan Motie says:

          I was NOT the one to incorrectly reference a verse from the Bible! YOU did, and now you’re trying to hide your ignorance and incoherence, your complete lack of any knowledge of the Bible, by blaming me for wanting to impose a “theocracy,” something you can’t prove I’ve ever advocated or would find desirable! In your attempt to look wise, you only display a complete lack of intellectual depth along with the inability and unwillingness to check your reference before you post! Perhaps in your further ignorance you can explain how calling you out for your pathetic lack of knowledge of what exactly is contained in the Bible verse YOU referenced is advocating for theocracy! What idiocy! But I expect no less from you brain-dead extremely radical Christian hating bigoted, angry, and hateful left wing fascist democrat party of death members! Always squirming around in the sewer slime, projecting your immorality, racism, misogyny, bigotry, anger, and especially your hatred on others.

        • Dissenter13a says:

          The Golden Rule is a restatement of Hillel’s famed one-legged exposition of the Torah. You want to impose religious laws–which have no other purpose–such as those banning same-sex marriage, you are imposing a theocracy. If you want to discuss Matt. 7:12 in the koine, I’d be happy to, but KJV-only is just plain silly.

    • LABobfromNYC says:

      It NEVER ceases to amaze me how people that get their moral compass from a book that condones slavery somehow think they are morally superior.

      • Juan Motie says:

        It never ceases to amaze me how creatures who get their moral compass by favorably comparing human behavior to animal behavior can lecture others regarding “moral compasses.” It never ceases to amaze me how creatures who have no moral code whatsoever, in fact indulging in every form of immorality they can find, have the temerity to condemn others who choose to live by a standard of conduct and a moral code far above that of alley cats in heat! It always amazes me to see the immoral, bigoted, hateful and angry anti-Christian leftist democrat party of death acolytes try to degrade those who have moral code!

  107. Val says:

    Just take a good look at “BIDEN”, he has the mentality of a 9 year old..PERIOD !

    • Juan Motie says:

      In the mentality department, you are giving joe “bite me” biden way too much credit! Most nine year old children are way more rational than this, the dumbest vice president in American history.

  108. fog donkey says:

    Is it inhumanity or prejudice to call a sinner a sinner? When God says that homosexuality is just as wrong as murder, is God being inhumane and prejudice? Whatever Priest ministers Joe Biden should excommunicate him for lies. How many Christians put you in office Biden? You sell them out for lgbt vote? You are such a phony human being.

    • Dissenter13a says:

      When you start calling out adulterous radio preachers, wake me up.

      • fog donkey says:

        thanks, i’ll do that Dissenter.

      • fog donkey says:

        You seem on top of it Dissenter, we both know they don’t share their fortunes with the poor or anyone else let alone speak of adultery or child rape in the catholic church. Radio, television preachers are in most part a scam. I”m not sure about Billy Graham at this point.

  109. dangerouspatriot says:

    We may have to put up with these degenerates here now but in the after-life we won’t. If they continue with their abominations the God despises, they will spend an eternity suffering for their sins. Jus look in the Bible, you’ll find what God say’s about homosexuals, murderers, etc. But as for me, I will Never tolerate their sinfulness around me or my family and tough shit if they don’t like it. L&L

  110. sylviacroft says:

    Excuse me, Jessica22, Homosexuality and Abortion are sin problems first and only politicians tried to make them political issues. We are required to uphold God’s principles of righteousness. If we weren’t supposed to be involved in these issues then why do you think God made them such issues in His Word.

  111. Teeseeree says:

    And, as mentioned at the end of Romans 1, so is the approval of it!

  112. myfordtruck says:

    I am A Child of Christ and there for I love all people but not there life style that is something they will have to take up with The Lord when the time comes. But that does not mean I have to be a Friend all I am required to do is to testify to them and tell about Gods Love And Forgiveness and that what I do

  113. Sam says:

    Politics without faith will always end up corrupted. The Founding Fathers intended for our leaders to look to God for guidance. Our very Constitution was inspired by the Bible! It was thought that God’s Law was perfect law so the Founding Fathers looked at the Bible to make many of our laws. The idea for counties, districts, states, ect, came straight out of Deuteronomy! Moses could not handle leadership for 800,000 people in the desert so he broke it down and put a leader over 10 families, a leader over 50 families and so on. Why can’t people hold reverence for our Lord and Savior who gave us life? We are not our own gods but many act like they are.

    • LABobfromNYC says:

      You cannot rewrite history! The men responsible for building the foundation of the United States were men of The Enlightenment, not men of Christianity. They were Deists who did not believe the bible was true. They were Freethinkers who relied on their reason, not their faith.

      • CelticGyrl says:

        They were opposed to the Church of England and wanted the freedom to worship as they believed and not the way the King of England dictated. The Church of England was established because a King didn’t want to abide by God’s Commandments. He formed his church then selectively chose the “new” teachings which supported divorce and adultery.

        • LABobfromNYC says:

          Most of the Founders were Deists, they thought the universe had a creator, but that he does not concern himself with the daily lives of humans, and does not directly communicate with humans, either by revelation or by sacred books. They spoke of God, (Nature’s God or the God of Nature), but this was not the God of the bible. They did not deny that there was a person called Jesus, and praised him for his benevolent teachings, but they flatly denied his divinity

  114. bob3443 says:

    Dave Dave

  115. weneedcourage says:

    We need to realize that Joe Biden is a
    Complete failure as a leader . He is a bafoon whose mouth goes faster than his

    • Juan Motie says:

      What brain? Who knew joe “bite me” biden even had a brain! I have always considered that space behind his eyes and nose, and above that filthy mouth of his was simply full of hot stale air! I know for certain that if there is truly glo-bull warming, the hot air spouted by this, the dumbest vice president in all of American history, is a major contributing factor!

  116. madashellnow says:

    It wasn’t long ago that gay marriage was not allowed. That has changed. Next on the line from these liberals is this:

  117. Mrs. Patriot says:

    I say protecting Christian values is way more important than anything Biden says.

  118. It’s almost as if they are heterophobes (see, I can make up words too!).
    What then is the standard they use that makes them think homosexuality is OK? Does that same standard include incest as being OK? Bestiality? Why not, if it doesn’t?

    • Nathan51 says:

      Just wait. Pedophiles will be the next protected group. If you have been following what the “experts” have been saying about pedophiles for years they are already setting up the stage. Per “experts”, you can’t reform a pedophile because they are born that way. They can’t help themselves around children and have a rate of recidivism that approaches 100%. These are the same arguments that were eventually used to justify homosexuality. Just like the homosexual lobby, pedophiles have their own lobby group and they have been pushing for years to enact laws that make sex between children and adults legal. As the nation continues the downward slide away from the moral codes upon which it was founded, this too shall eventually happen.

      • Unfortunately what you state is all too true. NAMBLA (the disgusting group of perverts trying to weasel their way into people’s thoughts) has been at it for decades. They started out ‘in the closet’ because people in this country had a more-or-less Biblical understanding of human sexuality. Now that there has been a generation raised without that standard (i.e. kicking God out of schools/society) anything would seem to be reasonable – except the very Biblical standard laws were formed by.

  119. Stanwayne says:

    Maybe Joe Biden was an alter boy, just asking??

  120. Jeff Brodhead says:

    BAM-BAM Biden is a depraved idiot.

  121. Greg137 says:

    Joe “bite-me”Biden is a perfect example of the insane stupidity of the Left… He should be impeached… He should be tarred and feathered.. I know the cowards in the Republican leadership are afraid to impeach Obama, but they should be able to get rid of Biden at least… It shows just how incompetent Our republican establishment really is… A fucking piece of wax Biden is too much for them to handle.. REPUBLICANS NEED NEW LEADERSHIP!!! BIDEN IS A JACK ASS!!!

  122. best9rfan says:

    Obama, Biden and all others who think that way are DEAD WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    America needs to get back to the Christian priniples and values she was founded on by the Founding Fathers, most of whom, chose to make decisions based on Biblical, KJV, beliefs. What God says is right and wrong, is right and wrong, respectively, and that will change when God does, which will be NEVER!!!!!!

    Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. Hebrews 13:8, KJV.

  123. Yeshuafriend says:

    Pray and prepair spiritually people, I believe the sward of Rev 6:4’s fiery red horse is coming to the U.S.A. soon. No date seen, but likely sometime during 2015 or 16. Shalom!

  124. Paul Brown says:

    This is why this moronic gay pig will never occupy the white house as anything other than the disgrace that he is now. God says that homosexuality is wrong, I don’t care which American law you look at or who says it is OK or legal, it is wrong by the laws of God, and that is a higher power than on this planet. I for one will never d marriage for anyone, I will go to jail first because I have to answer to God, and that is more important than these communist muslim pigs rights.

  125. byronmullet says:

    Well Joe, I don’t care who you are, Reprobate is reprobate is reprobate and godless is godless is godless. I am absolutely fed up with your liberal baby killing, child molesting liberal party spouting off on homosexual rights, same sex marriage and social engineering America onto the ash heap of history. As the bible says, the fool has said in his heart their is no God. Proof your ideology is reprobate, you think you are gods with the power to turn sins into righteousness, corrupt children’s consciences and force adults in the military and everywhere to endorse your moral insanity. Well, Joe this moral civil war is far from over. Your president, not mine, is running on empty.

  126. Johnny says:

    Hopefully the Pope will banish Biden from the Catholic Church for his support of abortion and Homosexuality!

    • Juan Motie says:

      I am starting to believe the extreme radical, hateful and bigoted anti-Christian left-wing party of death democrats have some kind of hold over the Catholic Church. Perhaps something they are blackmailing the church with. If not, it makes no sense that a church which teaches respect for life and the sinfulness of homosexual conduct would not be excommunicating one United States politician after another for their very vocal public anti-Catholic teaching pronouncements and actions. The Catholic Church seemingly won’t touch these people who profess to be practicing Catholics, yet live their lives as if guided by Satan’s handbook!

  127. pupster40 says:

    Joe Biden is a practicing idiot. I think he is the worst of the stupidest. People call him a buffoon, no, he is a danger to all living things. Not to mention a fall guy and a dupe.
    Maybe he’s coming out.

  128. The Watchman says:

    Anyone who places even a single iota of credence to anything Joe (the moron) Biden says, is just as inane as he is.

  129. conservmrs says:

    You don’t need to tell us Joe, we see it every day from you, obama, and all the other Democrats!!! What an exemplary CATHOLIC!!!! Did you EVER read your Bible or hear the teachings of God from a possible attendance at Mass!!!????? Or are you TOO GOOD to attend Mass every SUNDAY and Holy Days; I guess you worship at the Alter of obama and Joe Biden! You Democrats are all about Command & Control – your way or the highway!!!!! TRY GOD’S RULES for a while and MAYBE this COUNTRY you are destroying would function better!!!!!

  130. SoConsSuck says:

    Biden is most definitely an idiot, but he isn’t entirely wrong here. Nobody is preventing you from living your life according to “traditional” or biblical values. But when government imposes those values on others, it prevents them from living according to THEIR values. Live your life the way you see fit, and allow others to do the same. That’s the bottom line.

    • Juan Motie says:

      Interesting! Since you advocate allowing people to “live life the way” they “see fit,” as you put it, then we as a society should repeal all laws based on traditional, moral, and yes, even Judeo-Christian ethics! All laws against murder, rape, assault and other crimes against persons should be immediately repealed. All laws against crimes against property to be immediately repealed, and all laws against any kind of criminal conduct should be immediately repealed! After all we would NOT want to offend anybody by imposing any kind of traditional, moral or Judeo-Christian ethic on the poor pathetic little creatures who just can’t help themselves and need to brutalize and pillage their fellow citizens! Ghia forbid we try to impose values on people by making certain conduct criminal! Let’s just all reduce ourselves to the lowest possible immoral common denominator, reduce ourselves to the level of animals! (After all, you homosexual sodomites are always comparing your behavior to that of animals, so maybe we should all adopt animal practices and leave civilization behind!) You know, if it feels good do it! Damn the consequences and responsibility, full speed ahead for pleasure and self-satisfaction without a smidgen of responsibility or consequences!

      Why am I not surprised that an extremely left-wing bigoted and hateful Christian hating, morality hating left wing democrat party acolyte would believe that we should all “live life the way we see fit” without any traditional, moral, or even Judeo-Christian influence on morality and relationships between people. Your screen name speaks volumes about the hatred and anger you carry around inside yourself, and project 24 hours a day seven days a week.

      • SoConsSuck says:

        Well, your last paragraph proves you know absolutely nothing about me. I’ve voted for a democrat exactly once in the last 20 years (and that was for a judiciary position). That hardly makes me a “democrat party acolyte”.

        As for that illogical mess of an argument in your first paragraph, it makes me laugh out loud every time someone such as yourself implies that human beings wouldn’t know it was wrong to kill, rape, etc. if it wasn’t for Christianity. We are above the level of other animals because we inherently know those things are wrong. Some of us don’t care and do those things anyway, and the rest of us then get together and punish them for it. In your fantasy world, the only thing separating us from the animals is that book you like to wave at everyone (a book, btw, that sanctions rape). That’s just absurd. That kind of belief is what led to the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, and other brutality in the name of your god.

        Peaceful behavior between consenting adults, whether it be homosexuality, prostitution, polygamy, gambling, or any other peaceful, consensual activity among adults, hurts no one and should not be illegal in a truly free country. Morality (beyond the basic murder, rape, theft, etc.) is subjective. Even within Christianity there are disagreements on the morality of certain things (the Episcopal Church had an openly gay bishop in New Hampshire, Gene Robinson – look him up). So who are you to say that YOUR version of morality is right for everyone else, and thus should be imposed on the country at large?

  131. old_salty_dawg99 says:

    This is the PROOF that Biden and Democrats are unfit to even call themselves Americans. To say that a person who CHOOSES to live and Abomination of a lifestyle is more important than giving the right to worship and to SERVE GOD as he wants you to is an ABOMINATION in and of itself. Biden shows just how IGNORANT he and all those in his party truly are. It also shows that Democrats only support thins that will lead to America’s DESTRUCTION. The DESTRUCTION of America is what Democrats have been striving for since the day they were founded as a political party. Biden in his infinite IGNRANCE as managed to do the one thing Democrats do not want done which is to tell the TRUTH. That TRUTH being that Democrats care NOTHING for America but do want to DESTROY America above all other things they clamor for.

  132. raccman says:

    What a pathetic lying, inept, stupid man !

  133. ThereAintNoJustice says:

    What about Christian rights, are they not more important than Gay values?

    • LABobfromNYC says:

      Christian rights end when the start to infringe upon the rights of others. Is that really had to understand?

      • ThereAintNoJustice says:

        And the same doesn’t hold true for gay rights, Islamic rights, Jewish rights, atheist rights, etc. etc. etc.???? Are you so embroiled in your prejudices against Christians that you cannot grant them the right to believe as they want? Or is that too hard for you to understand?

  134. mari says:

    -Inhumanity is inhumanity is inhumanity. Prejudice is prejudice, is prejudice…unless you are discriminating against Christians or gun owners,

  135. Antoninus says:

    Hey Dave … what you don’t know about Catholicism is a lot. Show me one teaching of the Magisterium that has changed in 2000 years. Just one … that will be enough.

  136. Mikey R says:

    Pope Francis has never said he supports gay marriage. The Church can never support it because it is in violation of God’s law. The Pope is simply saying we need to love and be compassionate to each person. “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” As far Biden, he has called himself a practicing Catholic for years while supporting abortion. His support of gay marriage is no surprise. Politicians calling themselves Catholic and then supporting things that go against our faith has been a problem for years. The bishops need to call them out. Some have. If a person takes their faith seriously, they cannot separate it from the rest of their life.

  137. Tad Wesley says:

    The founding fathers were Christian people. However, seeing the damage that was caused by the Church of England when it came to oppression of other religious views, that purposely and intentionally created a secular government.

    As such, in this country, the Bible is not the law. You may choose to live under it, but you can’t force others to. I personally choose to do so, but others have free will and the ability to live their lives as they see fit.

    You believe marrying a member of your gender is a sin? Great, so do I. So, I didn’t marry a man. But I’m not going to try to use the law to force that view on others, because this country was set up to recognize that people of any religion are welcome, so long as they respect that of others.

  138. Dee721 says:

    Biden is a jackass and should be excommunicated from the Catholic church.

  139. J. R. L. says:

    Homosexuality is not natural. Sex is for procreation. Having it feel so good is natures way of ensuring continuation of a specific specie.

    Joe Biden is not very bright.

    That being said I don’t care what two consenting adults do behind the curtain just keep it to yourself.

  140. osteomed says:

    Let me say this 1st, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are arrogant little Demons. How dare they call themselves Cathilics! They are soarrogant that they spoke with their Cardinals, and almost demanded that the Church conform and change to their Evil ideations! They go against most all things the Catholic Church preaches to us. They are for; abortions, Homosexuality, the LGBT society, liberal/Progressiveism, legalized drugs, the teachings of this BS to our childrenn in school, starting at the age of 5-6 etc etc…

  141. osteomed says:

    As a physician and Scientist, I know we’ve mapped the entire Human Genome and know all that our DNA codes for, and we have found no coding for Homosexuality.
    Homosexuality, for the most part, is a learned behavior based on the environment and what one is exposed to. In society now, most shows on TV feature a homosexual and that personality is usually the most likable character! One that some kids feel to emulate.

    Homosexuality IS NOT NATURAL, it is not the way you were made, but it is the sin that dwells with in us. the sme sin we are to reject.

    • sandraleesmith46 says:

      I’m just an old nurse, but read and understood those reports too. Further, I had the misfortune to be dragged up in an extended family in which such behaviors WERE taught/learned, so had opportunity to observe first hand, the process in action. Indeed, I’m quite certain it was only by the grace of God that I didn’t also wind up with one of the many forms of that behavioral disorder too.

      • osteomed says:

        we have such similar up-brinings, Sandra. Possibly why we connect on so many different ideations and opinions…
        We’re not crazy, they are…lol

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          Hope you don’t mean you got dragged up that way too! No kid should ever experience that! But it does seem so.

  142. Wabefuhon says:

    When he talks about national traditions, that includes the traditions of other nations. Traditions of China, Japan, Israel, Iraq, Russia, Canada, Europe, Australia and many others. Religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions that worship a god. The one religion that tends to always come up top is Christianity.
    John 15:18 “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. 19 “If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, therefore the world hates you.

  143. Texas John says:

    Where do we get these nutjobs? Our constitution is full of The Holy Bible, if people would actually get to know their Bible, then read our constitution, they would see it. And that is why this country is so great!

  144. Don says:

    Sounds like he will be spending more time on his knees but it won’t be for praying.

  145. bobbylang says:

    BIDEN!! An asshole in development! Dear God protect us from this burgeoning insanity!!
    As a “Godless” executive of this nation, I shudder to think just what sick, sad, tragically demented, individuals VOTED for this situation!!

    Make no excuses, those who voted for Obama, are “Sick” people and Godless also, so I guess the fact that there is a specific protection in the “First” amendment, for those same “Christian Values” has been Ignored by “Dung-head” Biden, or more probably he doesn’t actually comprehend the nuances of the Document!!

  146. Richard Diaz, Sr. says:

    God is good, God is right, God is perfect, God is Holy and God’s words are true, holy, perfect and final. Biden as well as the whole homosexual community is as wrong and as evil and rebellious and defiant to God’s will and teachings and nothing these so-call intellectual loons say or believe will ever change what God has commanded in His holy writings. Evil perverted depravity has no rights in spite of what they so mistakenly believe. God condemns same-sex counterfeit marriage and everything it stands for. I rest my case.

  147. RC says:

    Homosexuality is not a sin, sodomy is. Big difference, like fornication is to the unmarried.

  148. neenee2k says:

    Go to HELL Biden. Religion and being gay has nothing to do with each other. DON’T MOCK OUR RELIGION LIKE IT IS NOTHING. HOW DARE YOU.

  149. abinico says:

    I wonder how long before the Lastresistance gets the message to censor posts that reveal the true nature of homosexuality. You’ll know that happened once I post on the benefits of anal fissures.

  150. pennysca says:

    Biden is not a well man .PERIOD

  151. OBAMAHATER4SURE says:

    Everybody knows that Uncle Joe Biden is a fruit cake any way so what else if new.

  152. minni says:

    Someone needs to ask biden if his wife is gay or bi-sexual, he pushes being gay so hard makes you think maybe someone in his imediate family in dire need of this law. What about him, maybe.

  153. steveafrikaner says:

    Oh, uncle Joe! Not again. Put up your hands, who do not think uncle Joe is certifiable as mentally insufficient, or completely lacking in judgement? Uncle Joe is Obumbler’s court jester!

  154. myfordtruck says:

    Maybe Biden is pushing so hard because he is one. If America is going to get its pride and respect back we are going to get rid of these laws that obama has made and get rid of most of these Fed judges and put term limits on every position in the government..and get rid of this Obama and his government it is such A embarrassment to the nation he need to be put in jail along with his staff and appointments

  155. abinico says:

    I would say protecting gay rights is about as important as finding a cure for anal fissures, and that is not important at all.

  156. Rev Donald Spitz says:

    The Holy Bible is clear what should be the punishment for those who commit acts of homosexuality.

  157. Chiefbuck says:

    The sad part of this article is that Biden probably believes that this is true.

  158. Ursus_Indomitus says:

    Democrats SUCK.

  159. Connie Alsip says:

    Joe Biden advocates for the LBGT, a mere 1% of the populations at the expense of Christianity?? Someone just shoot him, and ignore the LBGT. I do NOT give a rats ass what the LBGT does, as long as it’s attitude is live and let live. So far, they appear to be whiny, demanding idiots with the brains of a gnat. Live and let live should be their motto, Anything less just makes them look greedier and uglier in the public’s eyes.

  160. homer1057 says:

    IF Mr Biden or Susan rice are looking for my support or willful agreement, then they had better take a chance of stealing the nose off of Rudolp. because that won’t happen! When this nation burns because of homosexual perversions then blame yourself for going along to get along! IF God Himslef allows this to go on much longer then He will have to apologize to Sodom and gomorrah! That will NEVER happen! they will all burn for their perverse desires, just as God said! Nahum 1/Pro 6:16-19/Zech 8:16-17/Romans 1:26-27 KJV! GOD “HATES” some things and IF you think otherwise, you are a “FOOL”!! My proof is in the above scripture! READ IT!!

  161. Sam says:

    Political correctness has become the bane of America. All this B.S. about Gay Pride, Gay Rights is just a way to legitimize their perversion. That, and they claim they were born that way which is totally B.S. as well. It’s a preference and it can be undone, it just takes the will to do it. I am sick of seeing gay parades and gay people throwing their gayness in our faces like that’s going to make their perversion OK with the straight society. If you object, they demonize you as if you are not allowed to have an opinion. And now, fools like BiteMe are throwing it in our faces.

  162. Reading many of the comments and anxiety about Biden and Obamas watered down moral attitudes I would like to add a note about Putin and the winter games. He said to the homo community- come to the games but stay away from young boys.
    This statement geared some american skiers to front their homo stand and it nearly started a world war 3 by the American administration against Putin. This was a major news item in Europe. Biden has probably lost the equation that it requires a man and woman to get married and that homos are not man and women. In Norway they tried to change the Church`s view about this but did not succed. I am
    a local deputy councillor from the labour party in Norway. There when I suggested on national television that the homos should start their own church like the jews have done in Israel my labour party went on national tele threatning to kick me out. They want the Church to make wed them as “man and women” and that is physically not possible. As I told a journalist in Norway – dont ask me to change the rules. I did not make them . Ask Jesus” And she saw the point and started laughing. Biden should know that he was not the one to set the ground rules and therefore has no right to change them. It is time you take your leaders to task and ask them – Why is Putin carrying the Christian Flag and not you?
    Ironically it is now Putin holding up the Christian Flag for the rest of the world and for all the Christian Americans. And belive me there is no politics in this for Putin. Please follow me on twitter @dissidentDawes or facebook under my name – Edward Dawes

  163. Gidge713 says:

    Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi should both be thrown out of the Catholice Religion and never have Communion. The church that gives them Communion should be outed and people should not attend there services. The value of the purse cures all.

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