Obama Allowing Rapists & Murderers To Enter United States To Pressure Republicans Into Passing Amnesty

Leverage is the precise use of power to sway the decision of another. It is the weight that tips the scale. Leverage often takes the form of extortion, placing the weaker opponent in a position of political peril unless they agree to the terms of the extortionist. In politics, leverage is everything–especially when engaging with opponents with whom one has no common ground. Use of leverage isn’t in all cases wrong, nor is it always right. The point which defines the difference–at least, in terms of politics–is whether in the use of leverage, one is doing harm, or allowing harm to come to, the American people, the people whom, as an elected official, one is sworn to serve.

And once again, we’re back to illegal immigration. The Obama administration has declared itself the champion of deportations. Though the administration has, in fact, deported a high number of those attempting to cross the border, they have allowed significant amounts of illegal immigrants to stay in the United States. In reality, the Obama admin has been advancing their agenda of a robust illegal population by refusing to deport. But recently, the admin has essentially allowed a massive influx of illegal children to cross the border illegally.

The influx of illegal immigrants is a result of the admin’s lax border security policy. The administration is simply storing these young people in warehouses, and busing them to other states, such as Arizona, and California. With this behavior, the Obama administration cannot continue to claim that it is strong on border security. It’s all a bit confusing, but that’s the intent.

Obama wants Americans to believe that he is tough on border security, so he increased catch and release policies, while ignoring other deportations. He, and his Democrat acolytes want “comprehensive immigration reform”—aka amnesty—so that they can continue the process which will eventually lead to amnestied immigrants being granted the right to vote. This is all to shift the American voting demographic to favor the Democrats in perpetuity. This cannot be achieved, however, because conservatives are holding their ground. So, Obama is using extortion. He is allowing this massive influx of illegal immigrants to force Republicans’ hands. He believes that this will force Republicans to finally cooperate on amnesty.

You see, the massive influx of young illegals is creating a situation in which border security forces are being stretched too thin. This is allowing dangerous men to enter the United States more easily. These men are murderers, sex offenders, and drug dealers.

According to Joshua Partlow, and Nick Miroff of The Monitor:

“The arrival of large groups of women and children on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande is pulling agents away from their patrol stations elsewhere along the border, creating gaps in coverage that the traffickers can exploit, according to Chris Cabrera, vice president of the Border Patrol union’s Rio Grande Valley chapter.”

Knowing that Republicans want border security above all, Obama and the Democrats are essentially eliminating it, so that the Republicans will cave, and help pass amnesty. In this case, the use of leverage is not only negligent, but morally repugnant. Obama is willfully allowing the cartels, murderers, and rapists to enter the United States with the likely possibility that these people will do some severe damage. All this to advance an agenda.

Obama has left the ball in the Republicans’ court, with his Press Secretary Josh Earnest saying:

“If we really wanted to solve this problem, one good way to do it is for those Republicans to get on board…and support common sense immigration reform.”

Apparently, the massive illegal influx is the fault of Republicans. Earnest is admitting that there is indeed a problem. That’s odd, given that the president has the authority to better enforce border security. If that’s the case, that there is a problem, why isn’t Obama doing anything to stop it? Why is it completely up to Republicans now? It’s a mess of lies, and the pure pursuit of an agenda over the safety of the American people.

Republicans must not give in, but rather pursue criminal prosecution of the Obama administration. We don’t negotiate with terrorists, after all.



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37 comments on “Obama Allowing Rapists & Murderers To Enter United States To Pressure Republicans Into Passing Amnesty
  1. RevG says:

    83% of the illegals are MEN not children

  2. woonsocket says:

    Mr. Camp, The President isn’t situated at the border and opening the gates for rapists. Why is it completely up to Republicans to do something about immigration? Because The Dream Act is too liberal & Republicans have let Democrats lead on this issue!

    Republicans are afraid to govern, write laws and pass them. They’re afraid that someone might criticize them for taking a stand. It’s politics, get some balls. Amnesty ,”is just another word for nothing left to lose.”

    • buckman21 says:

      I’m slightly shocked, you said something meaningful and agreeable for once.

      • woonsocket says:

        Believe it or not, there are liberals who believe the same thing but are afraid to speak up. Obama said that he wants his daughters to work in min. wage jobs for a while. Maybe he should use his “executive power” to get kids to work in the summer and replace illegals!

        When I was 10 yrs. I mowed other people’s lawns and did odd jobs. In 4th grade I started working in the cafeteria for a free lunch. Mom was so proud that she gave me the lunch money as a reward for taking the initiative.

        • Skeptical_Boomer says:

          Kind of hard to find jobs for teens when the economy is shrinking. 2.9% shrinkage in the first quarter and it can all be laid at the feet of your Dem President’s policies. There is no more blaming Bush for you leftist kooks as MrMalibuBarbieLABobEfrom NYC would say. Obama owns this economy. 95 million Americans out of work. One third of our population and he wants to incraese energy prices by 170% and raise taxes. Sad thing is that morons like you agree with him.

    • Ron says:

      Who are you and what have you done with Woonie? 😉

      • patriotusa2 says:

        That really gave me a chuckle!

      • woonsocket says:

        The sockinator is still here. Another aspect of immigration gone mad is the use of the word, “Christmas” in stores and schools. It’s obvious that some liberals are needlessly pandering to other cultures.

    • Skeptical_Boomer says:

      You are an idiot. The GOP has the House. Anything they pass will never see the light of day in Comrade Reid’s Senate and if it did, Oblamo would veto it. Get a brain Loosesprocket. Besides, we do not need more immigration legislation. We simply need to enforce what is already on the books which our POTUS unconstitutionally refuses to do. He does not have to personally be on the border you rube.By his inaction, he opens the gates. Who assigns you your talking points Loony and how much do they pay you?

      • woonsocket says:

        So you want Republicans in Congress to do nothing? Doing nothing has resulted in amnesty in the past. It’s an insult to foreigners who filled out forms, showed the necessary ID and waited to be accepted here legally.

        • Skeptical_Boomer says:

          No, compromising with Democrats and believing the promise to secure the border has resulted in amnesty in the past. It does not matter what the Republicans do you naive fool. If Obama does not get exactly what he wants , which is amnesty and another 20 million Dem votes, he will simply act unilaterally and unconstitutionally through executive order which all you little lib toadies will applaud. Just remember how you refused to stand against executive overreach when the shoe is on the other foot.

  3. patriotusa2 says:

    I don’t believe Obama’s reasons for allowing this to happen has anything to do with pressuring Republicans to pass immigration reform. What I do believe is that it has everything to do with his vindictive nature that is purposely permitting this to happen knowing full well it will wipe out the Republican party in due time, while also taking care of the white majority. He is getting his revenge, just as he told his devoted crowds to do in his many speeches. He is putting into practice what he preaches, “We will reward our friends, and punish our enemies.” This is the reason why he has refused to secure our borders, and why he and Holder have managed to scatter these people all over the country so that they cannot be rounded up and taken home.

    • NDwight says:

      I just think he is doing it to further damage the nation. Afterall, he doubled the deficit in 4 years, weakened our military significantly, and is trying to establish his “civilian army” like Hitlers brown shirts.

  4. cae973 says:

    First the media is only allowed pictures this administration wants shown. So lets be clear…5 and 7 year olds are not traveling here alone…they are with their mothers, most of whom are pregnant and are coming here to drop their anchor babies. The average age of these so called children is 16..teenagers..the .females are either pregnant or soon will become pregnant. Then we have males who appear to be over 18 and all claim they are 17 and a large group of adult males. These people are breaking our laws willfully and will be nothing but new criminals in our jails and more people for our taxpayers to support collecting benefits. The only way to stop this invasion is to do what Ike did, get freighters and ship them back to their homes which send a loud clear message that you will be deported regardless of age!!!

    • rhondareichel says:

      US—no wonder welfare payments & food stamps are out of

      we need to be more selective which
      immigrants we take in…please verify it yourself too, it was from the
      2010 census

      I ran across this and it shocked
      me….I had no idea legal immigrants were also a
      burden….I thought they had to have a job or a spouse to support themselves
      to even get in. Immigrants shouldn’t be able to get welfare unless there
      are extenuating circumstances like a sudden injury or illness. Why would any
      country take in such a burden?

      Why are taxpayers paying for
      this? It’s robbery. Laws need to be changed. Their sponsors can’t be on
      welfare and neither can the immigrant for at least 10 years would be a good

      Shocking info from the 2010 census and
      it was SELF REPORTED:

      2010 Census and the yearly Census Community Surveys asked legal and
      illegal immigrants whether or not they had received welfare in the
      preceding 12 months. 54% of legal immigrant families self reported
      welfare use. 72% of illegal immigrants families reported the same. However legal immigrants reported using more programs and receiving more

      Census even has their welfare use broken down by welfare program and by country
      of origin.

      Fully 75% of legal immigrants from Mexico reported they
      were receiving welfare. Only a handful of countries send
      immigrants who use less in welfare than Native born Americans. If we
      want to reform immigration, we should begin by taking only immigrants from
      countries who have a history of paying in more than they take

      • woonsocket says:

        Amnesty gives people from other countries the impression that America is a refugee camp.

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          The UN sure seems to.believe we are, but they can’t tell an infiltrating enemy agent from a truly needy refugee either! They keep dumping the former on us, while ignoring the latter!

      • sandraleesmith46 says:

        Legal by virtue of an anchor baby/chain migration, NOT by the PROCESS imposed on most who immigrate legally! There’s a huge difference in the 2 legal routes. The ones who apply the old-fashioned way do have to have sponsors, jobs lined up, and so on. Chain migrants attached to anchor babies don’t!

  5. rhondareichel says:

    Ha ha ha…..as if it wouldn’t have the opposite effect…..according to Pres. Truman’s Immigration act our officials including Obama would be FINANCIALLY LIABLE for any crime committed by illegal aliens so he’s going to have a lot of exposure in possible lawsuits if he thinks it’s smart to have rapists and murderers…..the only officials that wouldn’t are the ones opposing it

  6. jerry1944 says:

    IT want work for me. I think put the army on the border and stop all crossing. I think they are up to the job. And no amnesty. But i want trust the gop to stand up for OUR country anymore. Since they gop put mitch and bonehead back up to crawl some more

  7. ste1021 says:

    All the more reason NOT to pass amnesty.

    • Doc Lemm says:

      Amnesty and worse is part of the NWO plan to assimilate the USA into the global plantation.

  8. sandraleesmith46 says:

    There’s no “win” in this! Whatever happens, America and conservatism LOSE! Better to stand on principles and reserve dignity, and a semblance of Americanism, than to capitulate and throw Americans to the gutter of a 3rd or 4th world ghetto!

    • NDwight says:

      We have to be able to teach these children the true history of the US so they know the tools the founders gave us and they can become good citizens. If they have a fair education, they will see the deceit and lies of the democrat party.

      • PennState93 says:

        @sandraleesmith46 I understand your thoughts, but I still have some fight in me so I agree with @NDwight. Nothing we do today, to save America, is about us…..what we do today is for the next generation and we have to teach them to ‘take a stand’.

        • Ron says:

          Khrushchev, the Soviet leader, said… your grandchildren will live under communism. I remember hearing this as it happened and he was right. We wallowed in our “freedoms” and went to sleep saying “let the government do that, and that, and that. We deserve what we have and must earn our freedoms back. Start by finding good, moral people in your neighborhoods and elect them to local offices as well as state and federal posts.

          Our Founders were very smart men and gave us the very best form of government you can have. The Constitution is THE answer to our problems. All we have to do is obey it as the Founders wrote it. It was written to limit government, not freedom. Learn & teach to your children the historical truth of the Constitution. e.g. Article 1, Section 8 is the list of jobs of the federal government AND NOTHING MORE. The “silver bullet” is the 10th Amendment with states rights.

          Stop letting lawyers tell you what the Constitution says. They were taught by other liars, who were taught by other liars too.

        • PennState93 says:

          Fisher Ames said that after the American Revolution “…hang all the lawyers”. Now that was one smart man.

        • Eileen Kuch says:

          I believe Fisher Ames had quoted the ancient Roman writer Cicero. “Hang all the lawyers” was his idea long before Mr. Ames was even born; but, he had the right idea as well.

        • Ron says:

          For anyone that really wants to know what the Founders were thinking when they discussed writing the Constitution; read “Records of the Federal Convention” – Vol. 1,2,3. By: Max Farrand

          The minutes, (notes taken by many at the convention), of the convention.

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          We owe AMERICAN children; not these invaders! I FULLY agree, it is for the future generations of Americans.

      • sandraleesmith46 says:

        No sir, ALL we owe “these” children is a quick trip back across the border! Nothing else!

    • Eileen Kuch says:

      Unlike a lot of countries, the US has around 200 million gun owners who are armed to the teeth with some 300 firearms; half who are either hunters, combat veterans, or both. These 200 million gun owners are not about to be tossed into the gutter of a 3rd or 4th world ghetto; because, by that time, the nation will be embroiled in a full-blown civil war. The people have barraged Congress and the White House – err – Tarnished House with faxes, e-mails, phone calls, etc. demanding deportations of illegal aliens, not amnesty.

      • sandraleesmith46 says:

        Have you NOT been paying attention the past couple of decades. Or are you just that naive about weaponry? Most local police forces are sufficiently armed now that the disorganized defensive efforts of a couple or few hundred scattered guys with semi automatic weapons will be something on the order of a training exercise! Even when Yamamoto backed the Japanese off an assault on our western shores, it was a more balanced match! Today, we simply don’t have enough David’s to go against these Goliaths that are better armed and armored. It was God’s power there, and would have to be again, to have a prayer of being anything other than a suicidal gesture. We fell under God’s judgment, over a decade ago, so have no right or reason to expect His aid, except on an individual basis. Defend yourself as best you can, but don’t count on repelling any massive force, such as can be assembled against us.

  9. Doc Lemm says:

    Allowing unchecked diseases to come across the border is a bio attack on us…

    • Ron says:

      Perhaps that is the idea. Bring diseases into the country and that will be used to further justify the push for the O-care. Isn’t communism great???

  10. D. Koss Uber says:

    Very smart politician that Obama. The way I see it he’s been obstructed at every turn so I applaud him for using all the leverage he is afforded. What other way can we change the laws that were in effect before he took office?

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