Joe Biden Threatens Reporters with Toy Assault Gun

Students have been suspended, expelled, even arrested for far less than what Vice President Biden did. He not only wielded an “assault-style” water gun, he shot it at reporters and threatened to kill them if they dare criticize him.

Can you imagine what would happen if a high schooler brought a water gun to school, threatened teachers and other students, and shot it at people? At a minimum, he’d be expelled. Since we live in a post-Sandy Hook world, I’m sure prosecutors would find a way to put the kid in jail for a long time.

And then they’d offer counseling to all the kids at the school who were “traumatized” by the water gun mass shooting.

The Blaze reported on Biden’s mass shooting:

During a media picnic at his official residence at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., Vice President Joe Biden had this to say to gathered journalists:

“Anybody who writes a bad story about me is dead,” he announced, bearing that familiar grin.

And bearing a fairly large squirt gun — resembling something a bit more imposing than ye olde fashioned water pistol.

“I just want you to know that, get this straight, we’re not gonna kid around about this.”

Then a number of similarly “armed” children dutifully drenched the press corps, theDaily Mail noted, citing tweets from a variety of reporters.

‘The Vice President of the US just shot me with a super soaker,’ wrote the Associated Press’ White House reporter Josh Lederman.

Obviously, I don’t care one bit about Biden’s water gun or jocular threats. Obama had a water gun stunt as well.

What bothers me is the hypocrisy of politicians in thinking they can do whatever they want in direct contrast to their emotional political speeches and campaigns. It’s the mixed messages, the contradictions we get from them.

On one hand, liberal politicians want kids to be brainwashed about guns. They want kids to be so terrified of them that they would never want to handle one. That’s why kids get suspended and expelled from school for the most ridiculous things. On the other hand, politicians don’t have to actually abide by their own stated rules and values. They are their own exception.



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222 comments on “Joe Biden Threatens Reporters with Toy Assault Gun
  1. ana88 says:

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  2. woonsocket says:

    The Republican Party has become a dangerous organization. They promote hatred for anyone who isn’t exactly like them. Not one conservative has gone before the cameras and denounced the far right. Those who don’t agree with the far right are afraid of them. If any of them speaks up, will they get the same threats like our President & Vice President get every day?

    As the GOP gets smaller, the need for new ways to steal elections will grow larger. We’re going to see conservative monitors at thepolls where black Americans vote. Those monitors are there to intimidate voters & make them afraid to vote. If the shoe were on the other foot, we’d see thousands of guns at the polls. That’s what the far right does when they always don’t get their way.

    • jessica22 says:

      Your rant had nothing to do with the article…
      Just an attempt to distract the reader from the message of the article – the total HYPOCRISY of the left.

      Using a toy gun to make a joke??? Thought you guys say guns are evil. Wish you’d get it straight, you flip-floppers…

      • woonsocket says:

        It is relevant. The writer here is the one who’s ranting nonsensical criticism of Biden. It’s obvious how much he loves to ridicule Democrats. He’s an extension of the far right and it’s getting old.

        My comments are the result of reading between the lines instead of the surface message. The writer of this article isn’t just criticizing Joe Biden but he wants the readers to loathe all Democrats with him. It’s supposed to create enough enthusiasm to get every conservative to the polls in November.

        • antiliberalcryptonite says:

          Down-voted again for further ignorance.

        • woonsocket says:

          Aren’t you enthusiastic enough to vote in November? If so, the writer has achieved his goal.

        • ThereAintNoJustice says:

          Your comments are those of a dimwit Alinskyist who cannot defend the accusations made against Biden.

        • Ralloh says:

          It doesn’t take a writer like this to get me to loath democrats. I can’t stand them.

        • 172pilot says:

          On the contrary, what is getting old is that the Left wants to impose rules on EVERYONE.. Don’t like a gun? Don’t get one.

        • Ron says:

          Some of us know how to read between the lines….

        • daisykmt says:

          You said “nonsensical criticism of Biden”. OK. The facts are: (1) Joe Biden pointed a toy (water) gun at people, not a pop tart, not a hand signal, but an actual toy gun. (2) The leftist ideology has gotten elementary school children SUSPENDED for less. There is nothing nonsensical about the author simply REPORTING what happened. It happened!

      • Shirley says:

        Thank you

      • CaMaven says:

        Biden is a total buffoon. It is fairly obvious that Obama picked him because he was no threat and a token.

        • Destry says:

          Biden can rightly be called the court jester, the president’s (king’s) fool or the royal buffoon.

    • antiliberalcryptonite says:

      Down-voted for being a moron. Enjoy hell idiot. Tell 0bama we said hi.

    • don m. says:

      You need to get back on your MED’S ,you stupid fool.

    • Shirley says:

      Hatred we have seen more hatred in this White House than ever before in this life time. So who is dangerous> People are not afraid to vote but the dishonest people and there are plenty of them.

    • abinico says:

      Woony, you’re getting loony.

    • Peter Kuck says:

      Still deflecting the truth about your leftist democrat party on others. you win the Alynskite award of the year. Make sure you let Anita Dunn know what a good little troll you are.

    • Ralloh says:

      Woosocket, you are living proof that liberalism is a genetic brain disorder. I can not believe what you are saying. Liberal democrats are the most intolerant, hate filled people on the planet. Why you people can not see this just proves to me you are incapable of seeing it because of that dysfunction in your brain.

    • GW_jr says:

      Saul Alinsky is alive and well it seems…

    • MrsCleaver says:


    • 172pilot says:

      What are you TALKING about?! I guess that because you don’t have a valid argument to support your position, you want to deflect, and actually in this case project a LEFTY trait on the entire Republican party?? The FACT of the matter is that this video neither had a Republican in it, nor was there ANYTHING about voting. It was about the hypocrisy of Biden, and the administration by extension, that although they have a “zero tolerance” for playing with guns, to the extent that a 6 year old gets EXPELLED for eating a pop-tart into the shape of a handgun at lunchtime at school, Biden feels that it’s OK to make threats against ANYONE who disagrees with him.

    • Ron says:

      You need to buy my bridge, Woon.

    • SandraJ says:

      You’re on the wrong website……again!

  3. patriotusa2 says:

    Biden is a buffoon! He literally makes up stuff like Pelosi when he doesn’t know what to say in front of the camera. He also is in the habit of laughing at someone he disagrees with trying to make them look ridiculous, when all he actually does is demean himself in the process. I saw him in a debate once where he acted so ridiculous it was pathetic. He does have some class, but unfortunately it’s all low.

    • Shirley says:

      I Agree

    • MAS01 says:

      Biden is Obama’s “insurance”.

      • TEXAS DEPUTY says:

        Obama once made a comment in regard to the possibility of him being impeached, if you impeach me, then you will have to deal with Joe Biden… Well, we can impeach him too, right after Obama is indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced to hard time at Fort Leavenworth… Biden is Obama’s token white puppet…

        • patricia dahleen says:

          Well! I guess he told them!

        • BayMan says:

          True, but then we get John Boehner.

        • NDwight says:

          And what an improvement John Boehner would be!

        • justjammin44 says:

          Sorry, but Boehner would be 100 times better than either POTUS or VPOTUS we currently have. And he is not the best for sure.

        • BayMan says:

          Agreed, he’s not the best, but according to the Constitution he is next in line after Biden.

        • James Maxwell says:

          Naw he’s an “OREO” dazed, confused Kenyan dictator who
          hates America and all we stand for as does the Socialist
          Democrat party who wants to enslave Americans. Based
          upon how the Black community and other are fawning
          at his feet I think some of them have their “Bracelets”
          already in place. They have used such scams as
          Welfare, Food Stamps and other destroyers of
          freedom to enslave our nation.

        • theronald says:

          Actually, Biden is not Obama’s ONLY white token. Don’t forget Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, and every press secretary he has had since January of 2009.

      • Mezuzah says:

        MAS01, you got that right.

      • dtk1952 says:

        I agree with you. If he had selected the Witch Clinton, Obama probably would be gone by now.

      • Donald York says:

        Vice President? Nah, he’s a sidekick.

    • CaMaven says:

      He looked like a buffon when debating Ryan in the 2012 presidential election, but succesfully shouted him down and kept him from making many of his points, while the Marxist moderator declined to intervene, as was his duty,

    • TheBitterClinger1 says:

      But for man who spent his adult life in government he is rather wealthy. Water-board him until he confesses and then do it again.
      Not that I wish to seem harsh, not at all.

      • patriotusa2 says:

        Of course not! :>)

      • helen sabin says:

        Glad you show compassion but water boarding should be THREE TIMES>

      • Meathead says:

        I do not want to seem harsh either. Just hang the SOB’s from the nearest lamp post and let them dangle there for three-days and then take them down before they start to really stink. This is the message that the rest of Congress needs to observe!!

    • fog donkey says:

      the only thing he is good at is stretching that chicken wattle under his jaw, watch him sometime, what a clown.

  4. Ralloh says:

    Another thing that bothers me about this is just having the media over for a friendly get together seems to be a bit of a conflict of interest. I don’t think people in high public office should be allowed to do this.

    • wvstarktruth says:

      What is really the problem is that the press accepts the invitation and sucks up to them as much as they do. They could, if they had any integrity, decline the invitation. The Press is supposed to be in an adversarial position with respect to the government. They are supposed to be the people’s watchdog…guarding the freedom of all. How low we have sunk.

  5. abinico says:

    He can forget about running for president.

    • CaMaven says:

      More amazing thsings can happen. A Marxist usurper Chicago thug from who knows wheree got in. A no-account female commie scumbag criminal almost got nomiunated in 2008.

  6. GW_jr says:

    Aren’t we just over-reacting to Mr. Biden’s little joke? Let’s be straight here–we all know that HE is ok, and that everyone else in positions of authority must be ok, it’s just the REST of us who may or may not be OK…so Assume the Position, fellow NOBODIES!

    • Korean War Vet says:

      Biden’s “little joke” is that he is one big HYPOCRITE! Suppose he would have pulled his little “stunt” in some school, somewhere; they wouldn’t dare touch the idiot; but if some student would have pulled that stunt, the kid would be facing a police firing squad. Yeah, GW_jr; we’re just “over-reacting

      to Beebee’s little joke! ha, ha.

    • Nathan51 says:

      I would but they keep using Superglue instead of Vaseline!

  7. Victor P. Bundy says:

    If a child had done that they would’ve been exspelled and got jail time.

  8. KJ says:

    Biden is nothing more than an insurance policy for the Charlatan in Chief. Our choice is between keeping the socialist usurper fraud or the certifiable idiot.

    • Kay says:

      It is petty bad when the idiot is more qualified and a better choice than the one in charge, but that’s the case. We would be better off with Biden sitting out the rest of the term somewhere deep in the bowels of the White House with a minder that to let Obowso continue his reign of terror.

    • helen sabin says:

      I will take the idiot….oh wait…..they are both idiots!

    • 094870 says:


      • Jay Star says:

        Guess thats like the banks being too big to fail, only with liberal politicians it’s to SMART to fail! Wrong on both counts!

  9. Mort Leith says:

    You DO know that an ASSAULT gun is an AUTOMATIC gun like a MACHINE GUN don’t you…….

    Sooo, he was pretending to shoot an AUTOMATIC MACHINE gun PISTOL ? ? ? ?

    Journalists are barely a step above the kids that ride the short bus….. ALL of them

    • grammy23 says:

      Please don’t insult the kids on the short bus, they’re a lot more honest.

    • helen sabin says:

      Ummm the term “assault” has NEVER been defined by a court of law – however its a term liberals use for all nasty looking guns including .22 rifles with folding stocks, picatinny rails,a scope and its black!! Is that discrimination against PINK guns?? Rifles?

  10. JeanneD says:

    Does the Vice President realize that 1st Graders who make a gun of their hand are punished and sent home for gun gestures. Guess it’s all right if you are a big boy and you are VP !!!

  11. Mimi Schmaltz says:

    Any other second grader would have been suspended………

  12. Saltporkdoc says:

    Gee, weren’t any of the press “offended” so they could file a class action suit to further erode the 2nd Amendment? Muslims and atheists do that with the 1st Amendment all the time! I guess this is just further proof of the press NOT doing its job to protect us from ourselves! [Sarcasm abounding!}

  13. Bob says:

    Joe Biden is only 1/2 step above Nancy Pelosi in the brain dead race.

  14. MrsCleaver says:

    I wish someone would point a real gun at this idiot and shoot him between the eyes. But that’s just me.

  15. munimula says:

    Joe Biden is a horses ass.

  16. HongryHawg says:

    A stooge who isn’t even sure of which side of the aisle he belongs on. He’s only a follower, trailing behind the muslims that are running this nation.

  17. 19greg45 says:

    What an embarrassment we have for a VP!

  18. rockcut says:

    This story is hypocritical nonsense ! Just another taste to wet the
    extremists to sound off with their right wing nonsense.

    • daisykmt says:

      How is it hypocritical? The VP did what he did. Small school children are suspended for less. How was it hypocritical?

      • rockcut says:

        Your comparsion is swiss cheese. There is a vast difference between a supervised water fight as a recreational activity and school children doing what every had in your mind on his or her own !!!

        • daisykmt says:

          What about his being a role model, being #2 in the United States of America? If what he did has gendered the amount of discussion that it has, this has got to be confusing to young ones! I taught elementary school for 34 years, and they would not be able to easily discern why what THEY did was wrong, while the Vice President can do what he did.

        • rockcut says:

          You are reading far to much into this supervised water fun event that happened to be water cannons. Do you also want to shut down water parks …maybe there is an activity there that will corrupt young minds !!!

        • daisykmt says:

          No. That would be more in line with what the left would have us do. After all, it’s their ideology that abounds in the Hollywood culture, then suspends children (who see actors using guns) for eating their pop tart into the shape of a gun. That’s much less overt than what they saw, or may have seen, the VP doing.

  19. Cheryl Lynn says:

    Joe-Joe The Biteme Clown always has had the opinion that maturity is very over rated.

  20. M.J. Marsalek says:

    And with this, so ends any possible chance of the Democratic presidential nomination as well as Biden’s political career. This as Joe Biden once said ” is a big fucking deal.”

  21. John H. Kohlenberg says:

    So many idiots, so little time. Biden is like two old bald headed men when they put their heads together. THEY MAKE A BIG ASS OUT OF THEMSELVES.

  22. cdansreau says:

    to be fair he should have allowed the reporters to shoot back. Suspect all their super soakers were consficated.

  23. CaptTurbo says:

    What can you say? He’s a dick with ears. It can’t come as any surprise that he’s the VP for the communist Kenyan Muslim plant usurping our White House right?

  24. Death2Unions says:

    Glock + Joe Biden’s dog shit for brains = A thing of beauty.

  25. johnright61 says:

    He should be arrested and lose his office, just like all these kids, such as, the boy being expelled for making the shape of a gun out of his pop tart…..

  26. Brendajanetorres says:

    Careful Biden…Kids have gotten Expelled from school for less!

    • daisykmt says:

      Remember that one child ate his pop-tart into the shape (supposedly) of a gun. (Got suspended.)

  27. cowgirl20 says:

    What a piece of garbage. Why didn’t he shoot two warning shots into the air? And then he could pee on them and throw up on them if they still want to write a bad article on him. That is what he wants us to do if we are attacked. What a total loser.

  28. ProudSCresident says:

    Biden: “HAHA! I was teasing…but not really.” Another in-your-face moment where we are seeing that they can do whatever they want, but we can’t. Biden should be expelled as would ANY school kid who tried that stunt! Unbelievable…but not really.

    • CaMaven says:

      No, no one shoud be punished, but Biden looks like the fool that he is.

      • ProudSCresident says:

        I agree that no one should be punished for carrying a toy gun, but plenty of our school kids have been expelled or suspended for doing that!!! Joe is acting like a child, but then again…what else is new??? He’s the great distraction.

  29. John K says:

    Biden is the perfect tool for Obama. He is an imbecile who happens to be white, and is in place to make Obama look smart, while at the same time, make all white men look stupid. Every time he opens his mouth, a larger turd falls out.

  30. Kat says:

    And all the liberals behind him find it entertaining. But a little kid in school can’t even make a gun with his fingers without getting into trouble. What a great role model he is!

  31. USPatriotOne says:

    NO it’s not a mixed message, it’s plain as day…OB, Binden and the rest of the Commie Elite can do whatever they want and the rest of the Middle Class just have to obay the Tyrants orders or land in one of the now active Fema Camps around the Country! And yes there are people in those camps NOW! God help us, PLEASE!

  32. SandraJ says:

    What a dolt! I’m ashamed he’s our VP!

  33. daisykmt says:

    If a conservative politician had done this, it would definitely be on the mainstream media news—along with the reporter’s and anchor’s fake horror! Did you see the amused smiles of some of the attendees? These, too, would have been “horrified” had it been a conservative.

  34. rlowen says:

    It is time to take poor old Joe and Harry Reid and take them out to that nice farm where people will take care of them. The’ll have access to an endless supply of Depends. They can sit around and discuss the glory days when they were almost relevant. So sad what happens to the elderly when they don’t take their vitamins. See my blog at

  35. armydadtexas says:

    Oh, how sophomoric of the idiot and ass clown, Biden

  36. CaMaven says:

    The Left supends kids from school from even making a gun sign with their fingers, but Clown Prince “Bite Me” Biden threatens reporters.

  37. fideux says:

    At least he didn’t chew a pop-tart into a deadly weapon!

  38. 2War Abn Vet says:

    Why get upset about this? It’s been clear for years that Poor Joe has more than a few screws loose. You can’t blame him for acting irrationally; blame the supposedly sane people who elected him into high office.

  39. C K Johnson says:

    Joe Biden belongs in a state hospital.

  40. Shagnasty1 says:

    Joe the Jerk!

  41. blauglas says:

    Americans (that leaves-out the fraud-impostor-incompetent-muslime-liar-destructor-of OUR Country [it is NOT obummers]-fag-in-cheef occupying OUR White House): “vp” for “bite-me-biden” stands for “very poor”, “…p-poor” at that. Enough said for the substandard bite-me.

  42. Stephanie White says:

    Didn’t obama go someplace and joke about droning people to death? And everyone was laughing in the audience? The idiots that were laughing in the clip need to come into conflict with that water pistol.

  43. mike slaney says:

    Hey, ease up on the guy, some media airheads need a good washing.

  44. pete0097 says:

    Biden has been losing it for years. The People of Delaware voted for obama and biden just to get rid of him as a state disgrace.

  45. Bigolfascist says:

    God, I hope they run him for Prez on 2016. What a complete court jester and overall dou** bag.

  46. DocDrak says:

    Some kids have been killed by police because a toy gun they were carrying was mistaken for a real gun.

  47. Mathematical certainty says:

    biden is a complete buffoon, in addition to being incompetent, inept, and having the IQ of an amoeba. He is, along with the other knuckle-dragging-boob in the WH, a complete embarrassment to our country.

  48. Tbear says:

    As much as a bozo he is, it would be a step up from the PSOS that is currently in the WH!!!!!

  49. Phil Bronner says:

    Someone should have disarmed him…and then shoved his “water gun” where the sun doesn’t shine….

  50. SickofPoliticks says:

    Great! Why isn’t there zero tolerance for this idiot?

  51. Slippery2 says:

    People just don’t get it. Its fine if the politicians have concealed carry with no restrictions, have armed body guards and require everyone else to be searched. That’s their right, they are the elite political corps. The law simply does not pertain to them as they are above any law in this country. Let’s not forget that this was normal for Russia at one point in time. Biden anyway is a complete waste of good air.

  52. jesustheonlyway says:

    What a pathetic bunch of pukes we have in DC.

  53. jdbixii says:

    Let us pray that we are delivered from the prospects of another idiotic, democrat administration. The country could not survive it.

  54. CajunPatriot says:

    If he were an elementary or even pre-school student and pointed his fingers like guns or even imitated the act of shooting or drew a drawing of a gun, or chewed his Pop Tart into a general shape of a gun, or said he saw the shape of a gun in the clouds, he would not just be reprimanded, but would be suspended!

    Keep up the clown act, Uncle Joe, you assure Obama not being impeached. No one wants you to be president, even in their worst nightmares.

  55. surj says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, I believe Biden is a closet muslim, he converted to Islam when he was stationed in Saudi Arabia ? That will explain why he is in WH, with obama . Now see

  56. grammy23 says:

    I feel much safer if this is the only gun they ever let this guy have. They probably took his “shoot thru the door” shotguns away so he couldn’t play with them.

  57. Virgil Hilts says:

    Joe Biden…has the one job which no one in history has ever held before; He serves as ‘impeachment’ protection’ and ‘assassination insurance’.
    We would probably survive him, but the US would never be the same with a complete IDIOT at the helm.

  58. muf69 says:

    Thought that was against federal law to threaten someone with a fire arm real or fake.

    • smartgranny55 says:

      Odumbo’s idiot joker is exempt from the law. Just ask any low info voter.

      • muf69 says:

        No he is not it is just no one has the balls to enforce it on him or his lawless boss. Congress is useless as is the federal law enforcement in DC(dummie country)

    • 094870 says:

      Haven’t you heard, they are above the law. And will be below the ground.

  59. Whatzrname says:

    They must have been keeping uncle joe hidden somewhere for awhile, haven’t seen him. Anyone else notice how he’ll be out of public eye for long periods of time? They must be adjusting his medications at those times.

  60. katjan68 says:

    Another psycho in D.C.! Great, and this man thinks he is going to run for Prez?

  61. jim scofield says:

    Joe forgot his hallodal again

  62. Skinpower says:

    Joe Biden has a defective mind and he should be put away where he will never see the light of day again.

  63. Dorothy says:

    We should be so embarrassed by this dementia-laden-psychopath…….vote him out!!!! Vote Republican…

  64. conservmrs says:

    You try that in a school and see what happens! Same old, same old – Liberals – “do as I say” AND I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!!!!! I can have armed guards around me, but you can’t own a gun; I can have MILLIONS of dollars in income, but you are scum of the earth if you have millions; I can fly anywhere I want and use as many SUVs as I want, but you better drive a Prius; I can negotiate with Terrorists, but George Bush better not do ANYTHING I do; I can break ANY law I want with a PEN & a PHONE; but you had better not jaywalk or you’ll be in jail if I deem that a crime; AND THE LIST GOES ON!!!!!

  65. helen sabin says:

    He should be impeached!! This fool has shown himself to be Washington D.C.’s second biggest moron with Obama leading the pack and Feinstein coming in third. What an example he sets for children!! No wonder his kid cannot get a job without daddy’s help – the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. The LEFT however will excuse him and his actions. I bet there is NO mention of his actions on the lame stream media tonight.

  66. monacall says:

    If obozo weren’t black/white Biden wouldn’t be getting away with all the shxt he gets by with.

  67. Meathead says:

    And, this idiot is one-heartbeat away from the Presidency. This ought
    to keep you awake at night and make you tremble in the daytime. What a
    total buffoon!!!!!

  68. SirWilhelm says:

    Don’t let Joe the Clown distract frm the real issues here, and that’s the double standards the Left imposes on everyone else, as many other commentators on this blog, have already pointed out. It allows Joe to act like a clown, in ways that anyone that’s not a Leftist, could not get away with. And THAT’S un-American!

  69. Jack Dillon says:

    It would be nice if biden would turn up dead in an alley. It would save this country a lot of grief.

  70. Janice says:

    School children get suspended for less.

  71. mwl says:

    biden puts a fresh coat of paint on STUPID everytime he opens his yap hole. This is what a gerrymandered 36 year democrat looks like before after and during his straight down party vote. biden hasnt contributed to anything this country stands for. He doesnt even know hes that stupid and that he is the apex of the stupidity pile. biden was appointed by the imposter in chief to get a gun control bill passed that would void the Constitution, an obama dream. The internet was on fire with bidens stooge response to a caller to buy a double barrel shot gun and shoot off the balcony or through a door. The AR-15 was difficult to use and complicated. The video speaks for itself. As you watch all that one can think is , Nobody can be this stupid!!! Enter the Vice President of the United States.
    The AR-15 must work in a stress combat situation and is by far not complicated and anybody with a few minutes of training can handle the firearm with safety and confidence.
    biden is a “Coma du tequila’ graduate” of Forrest Gumps Stupid is as Stupid does.

  72. ssoldie says:

    What more did anyone expect from this pretender, he has no idea how he is perceived, he’s an idiot, even by the liberal media, it’s laughable.

  73. Carol says:

    How dare he! He must be chastised for what he did. Just another example that this administration can do as they please. But NO ONE else better step near the line, RIGHT, BO, Holder, Pelosi and Reid.
    Wonder of REID will bellow on and on about what Biden did.

  74. smogdew says:

    I’m really getting tired of this ‘do as I say and not as I do’ administration. They are literally pushing us around and saying “Jump” and we respond, “How high”? How much longer are we going to let them
    treat us like subordinates?

  75. mabera19 says:

    Kids are being sent home from school, for doing less then what he is doing, and saying. What a jerk!

    • daisykmt says:

      Just what I was saying below, but Woonsocket says my comparison between what Biden did & what the children did is Swiss cheese. He says the VP’s actions were a recreational supervised water fight, but who knows what the children were thinking. Go figure.

  76. elector says:

    Resign Jack, oh, it’s Joe. Do the Country a favor and disappear into the general population. You certainly NOT funny.

  77. Bryan Merritt says:

    What an idiot.. just a heart beat away from the presidency..Oh well he couldn’t be much worse than the present occupant….

  78. gian2012 says:

    A grown adult in a high elected office using a water gun to make a point. I’ve been waiting for shotgun Joe to come out with more b.s. about guns. Thanks Joe for pointing out to us of the mass shootings with water guns so our kids can live without fear of being squirted to death. I’m age 70 and water guns were common at school recess or at play with your friends that there were howls of laughter versus trauma kids suffer today by being sissies raised by politically correct liberal parents who abhor their child coming home soaking wet by a deadly water gun. A word from the wise to you liberal whiny parents out there, if your child becomes a victim of a water gun just get him a dry towel to wipe off with until the next time. Kids always survive, it’s the current crop of idiot adults who do not and want solace with the nearest lawyer. Whoop ti doo

    • Sunshine Kid says:

      Remember the paper and rubber balloon water bombs? Pea shooters? Cap guns? BB guns? Anything that can make you wet or looks like a weapon is off limits today.

  79. Jay Star says:

    Lets try to make it where they have to abide by the same laws and rules we do! Oh wait I forgot! They are above the laws of this country! Never mind!

  80. afanaglenn says:

    That should be enough to put him in jail, like everyone else.

  81. pearl87 says:

    The word “hypocrite” doesn’t do justice to the completely false sanctimony that is at the heart of the Democrat party. In fact, I don’t think words could ever come close to accurately describing the lack of honor with which they denounce others for the very things of which they are most brazenly guilty. They dare us to notice and laugh when we do.

  82. Virginia Lindsey says:

    These two morons are just a constant embarrassment!

  83. Nathan51 says:

    It looks like everything is coming together for a remake of the movie “Fantastic Voyage”. This time we will use a miniature sub and crew to explore the vast empty space between Joe Plugs ears!

  84. proudtexan62 says:

    He is a loose cannon moron and should not be allowed to leave Washington until it’s time to send him packing with the rest of them. The primary school students who have done this in the past were expelled, those who use guns in the commission of a crime are sent to jail or prison. He needs to experience all the above. They can try him for the stupidity he caused, they can remove him from the White House directly to nearest jail or federal correctional institution!!!

  85. Sunshine Kid says:

    School children get suspended for less that what Biden did. I demand his suspension and jail for assault with a weapon of hydrogen and oxygen, two explosive components!

  86. Ron says:

    What Biden did was a crime punishable by imprisonment. I emphasize that the reporters did not know it was a water gun. Folks have gone to jail for this crime. Time to start filing criminal charges against these idiots. On the other hand, they are sitting an example as to how to disobey the law.

  87. Jim says:

    This guy is psychotic! Get out the straight jacket! Next stop, the rubber room. Make it a large room. He could have a lot of company. You all know who they are.

  88. Hammer says:

    There is no word yet availiable to discribe biden…..PERIOD…

  89. 1josephg1 says:

    Does anyone really expect anything better from that nit wit and the foreign exchange student. Thank you to all of you left wing nut reprobates that voted for those pieces of garbage.

  90. FedUpChuck! says:

    Maybe Biden should be suspended along with the rest of his “class”!

  91. patricia dahleen says:

    He certainly is ridiculous.

  92. littledon says:

    What! He should be put in Jail for displaying a Gun, for that could teach children Bad Habits! You know! Oh! Rumors have it, that he had that Gun were the Sun don’t shine! That is terrible! Look at his perverted smile, oh glory.
    God Bless America!

  93. Colorado_Patriot60 says:

    They have been put CHILDREN on trial in Schools across the Country for less than this. Typical libretard ” Do as we tell you, we’re exempt.” Law Enforcement.

  94. rchguns says:

    That is a terrorist act and he should be expelled from politics. Just like they expect schools to expel little kids from pointing the finger and saying bang.

    What Is the Difference in What He’s Doing and What These Kids Did. Why Can He Get Away with Pointing Guns at People Where Everyone Else Can’t? This double standard Has Got to Come to an End!

  95. nanblan says:

    Something is seriously wrong with this man, besides the fact that he lacks common sense. He needs an appointment with a psychiatrist, the sooner the better.
    I’ve always believed that the “gaffes” he’s accused of making are not gaffes at all. They simply reflect stupidity on his part.

  96. drbhelthi says:

    Biden´s repeated baffoon behavior displays his conscientious discomfort with the position he is in.
    Was he threatened with death if he did not accept the VP appointment ? I doubt it, although it is possible.
    He obviously enjoys the limelight whenever he makes public appearances, which serve as distractions from the evil endeavors that the alias is engaged in.

  97. Al Chemist says:

    Every parent who has had their kid expelled from school for pointing their finger at other kids, eating a pot tart that looks (very remotely) like a gun, or even had a miniscule toy gun should use this video in their law suit against the liberal/progressive/commies administrators and their school district. It would be hard for even a liberal judge to rule in the school’s favor after this.

  98. cyberhackster says:

    This is the Democrud Double standard — Just wait — only the begining

  99. Rick Iussig says:

    And to think that if anything happened to Obama old “Honey Bucket Joe” will be our president. Also, if Hillary doesn’t run for president the National Democratic Socialist Party’s candidate will be “Honey Bucket Joe”. Because of your health, don’t run Hillary and may GOD help the USA.

  100. wmgill says:

    Here’s my take on liberals, not just Joe Biden, but ALL liberals…. If a liberal is thinking, they are wrong. If a liberals lips are moving, they are lying. If a liberal is breathing, they are wasting oxygen. If a liberal is taking a crap, it’s a lobotomy.

  101. justjammin44 says:

    He is probably the BIGGEST IDIOT that has ever served our country. He is such an embarrassment to us being in office. And if you like him, you have very low expectations of who should represent this country. Like our current, golf playing, do nothing president… oh he does nothing EXCEPT take our liberties away, day after day after day after day… Assault our rights. Invite hundreds of thousands of illegals from the overpopulated countries to the south of us. Doing very little to uphold the actual LAWS of this land and NOT defending our CONSTITUTION like he SWORE to do. His word means nothing.

  102. Harold says:

    You have just witnessed one of the stupidest, irrational fools of the century acting out his insane, most retarded individuals in Washington, D.C. ( District of Corruption.) Right next to Baracky Insany Obamay.

  103. Mrs. Patriot says:

    Can we expel him from the vice-presidency, like our 8-year-olds who get expelled for pointing pieces of paper at people?

  104. 1loyalamerican74 says:

    He can only be called a stupid asshole. He is a disgrace to this country, and should be removed from office.

  105. f8tule says:

    He should be suspended without pay for the rest of teh illegal term… like all the children that have been suspended for pointing fingers and putting their thumbs down…

    stupid, stupid, stupid

  106. theronald says:

    Biden should be sent to the principals office, then suspended for the rest of his term.

  107. runing says:


  108. jwright673 says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. Only in America could you get a complete idiot for a second in command. Of course, he is only outdone by the CIC idiot. We are doomed.

  109. 1_Eddie_1 says:

    A plastic gun is the only gun that Barack will let Joe have! Unfortunately, Barack thinks that all gun owners are irresponsible, like Joe with his plastic gun.

  110. pysco says:

    Nobody has to write bad stories about Joe, just report the truth, that’s bad enough, almost certifiable.

  111. J Cooper says:

    Haven’t heard from this malfunction in awhile. Obama gives him the keys to the family car and he’s off acting like a dumb kid. What a waste of brain cells… Does anyone really listen to this marionette?

  112. Mezuzah says:

    He needs a water treatment up his other hole! God help us all.

  113. rchguns says:

    .We all know that little Joey Biden is only vice president Because Dirty Diaper Head Obama brought him along as a life insurance policy. Our resident Muslim knew that he was safe from any harm because no one is their right mind would give Joe Biden the atomic football or even allow him in the Oval Office.

    I do believe though that the protection offered by Joe Biden is wearing awful thing and within the foreseeable future our resident Muslim may find himself on his way to Allah

  114. O.M. Beatts says:

    Joe Biden is both the fool and idiot.

  115. Jeff Brodhead says:

    Again, I find it appropriate to say – Bam-Bam Biden is a depraved idiot!

  116. MilitaryVeteran says:

    The top two criminals in the once proud US Government – Obama and Biden – are so arrogant that they laugh over their duplicity. We are fools for tolerating these criminals. The Congress is gutless. Fire them all in November and only elect those who claim they actually read the Constitution and WILL enforce it.

  117. pupster40 says:

    I think I know where this idiot can stick that shotgun and do no damage.

  118. Jiberias says:

    It would’ve been so funny if the kids were too afraid to get the water guns. What a statement that would’ve made!

  119. Vancouver1941 says:

    The village idiot is at again. Amazing how school children get suspended for eating a pop tart in someone’s warped mind in the shape of a gun,twirling a pencil around in there fingers, or wearing a t shirt with the hint of anything related to the gun culture.But the buffoon who is vice president gave advice to shoot a gun up in the air to scare the bad guys away. Someone in the real world did that and tried the Biden defense. It didn’t work. Biden is a hypocrite and a jerk.both Biden and Reid are 2 of the biggest hypocrites who are supposedly suppose to represent the voters who sent them to Washington D.C. in the first place.

  120. kap2002 says:

    What a moron. Nothing new

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