Milwaukee’s Anonymous “Gun Hotline” Lets People Snitch on Their Gun-Owning Neighbors

Milwaukee’s Mayor thinks this will help combat “gun violence.” If you suspect someone to be illegally in possession of a gun, you can call this gun hotline and report that person anonymously so that the police will come to that person’s house and harass him. As Fox 6 Now reported:

Taking aim at gun violence. The more than 200 shootings in the city of Milwaukee so far this year have prompted Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to form another program in an effort to put an end to the gun violence. A “gun hotline” was announced on Monday. One day later, has anyone made a call?

Milwaukee Police Department Block Captain Dorothy Jean Ray has been part of the neighborhood watch on her block since 1985 — but recent crime has been the most troubling.

Ray watched as 11-year-old Makayla Criss collapsed after she was shot on Sunday evening, June 15th at the Sparkle Foods convenience store near Hopkins and Keefe.

“It’s sad. My heart went out when the child was laying on the sidewalk. She wasn`t moving,” Ray said.

Criss was shot in the leg.

No one is in custody in connection with the shooting.

Milwaukee police have put out a call to the public to help with this case — and on Monday, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett announced the creation of a confidential gun hotline — where residents can call and anonymously leave information about people who have illegal guns.

People who live in areas impacted by gun violence say they’re thankful for the latest initiative intended to put a stop to it.

“This a genuine and very good idea. I’m all for that, because I want my children to be safe,” Lonnie Smith said.

“Every little bit helps. Give (the guns) up. If you got something going wrong in the house, don’t have (guns) hanging around. Do the right thing,” Ray said.

Since the hotline was created 24 hours ago, police say they’ve received about a dozen calls.

“We expect some good results to come out of it. Any time we can encourage citizens and people who can provide us with information,” MPD Captain Chad Wagner said.

Hopefully the information can lead to a possible suspect or even help prevent someone else from becoming a victim.

“It`s not snitching taking care of your family, your surrounding family — neighbors. That’ s taking care of one another,” Smith said.

Contrary to what Lonnie Smith said above, I think this constitutes as snitching. This means in essence that police can come and harass you even if they have no probable cause or even a reasonable suspicion that you’ve committed a crime. All they’d have is an anonymous phone call from either a paranoid “concerned” citizen or a disgruntled neighbor.



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29 comments on “Milwaukee’s Anonymous “Gun Hotline” Lets People Snitch on Their Gun-Owning Neighbors
  1. woonsocket says:

    Drum roll! Another article to raise money for Republicans. Scott Walker could use your help. His state’s economy is in the toilet. He’s attacked labor so much that he’s had to make it harder for them to vote. He’s also in legal trouble and he will never be nominated for president by the GOP.

    • jessica22 says:

      What does Scott Walker (or raising $$ for the republicans)
      have to do with this article?

      Please stay on topic…

      • woonsocket says:

        My comment has to do with what the real headline for Wisconsin should be. I can submit any comment that I want to. Others change the subject all the time. Why don’t you help them submit more civil posts? They write like they were brought up in a gutter.

        • Michael Bowen says:

          Woonsocket….That Scott Walker stuff has already been debunked . you need to check some facts , it was done by a bias democratic AG and has all been thrown out but nice try at distraction that seams to be you Libs do best

        • DetroitDom says:

          Hey IDIOT (aka woonsocket) – do some reading for a change!! Two liberal judges have twice dismissed the case brought against Scott Walker and have thrown the liberal AG out of their court for bringing a frivolous suit against Walker.

          Furthermore, Wisconsin is in the black thanks to a REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR!!!! Same for the State of Michigan!!! EVERY STATE with a Republican Governor and Congress are now in the “black” while liberal-led States (California, New York, etc.) continue to bleed “red” ink.

          Thanks for proving to everyone on this site what a moron and uneducated you are.

      • Ron says:

        Jessica, He/She is just doing what they do best, just more rambling words from the resident rambler. Seldom makes any sense.

    • ffajaz681 says:

      The Unions were killing the State with there retirement pay higher than when they work and cant fire even if they don’t do there jobs, so attacking labor unions are the way to go. The legal stuff you quote about is BS, and so what if he is not nominated for POTUS? You need to learn what the real Headline for Wisconsin should be and not just what you want

    • steveafrikaner says:

      A teacher union member who got bitch slapped?

    • Ron says:

      Drum roll, And I thought it was an article about raising money for Democrat Ted Kennedy’s defense fund and to help repair his water soaked car. (sarc???) BTW, I found Ted Kennedy right next to the name Scott Walker, in case anyone cares.

  2. Michael Bowen says:

    I see this going south very fast

  3. ffajaz681 says:

    Is Michelle Obama now the Mayor of Milwaukee, tattle on your neighbors? They will not do this as they think the gangbanger will come get them, or there drug dealer will not sell to them any longer. What is needed is go after the gangbangers, just pass another law that it is illegal to be in a gang, limit the number of people who can stand around, pass curfews and have police do there jobs even if the unions will fight against this,

  4. steveafrikaner says:

    Boy what a lovely way to energize envious, disgruntled, interfering neighbours to call the “hotline” and harass inocent people. The first person to be erroneously visited by police, should sue the mayor, town council, police and anyone else who had anything to do wit this very, very bad idea.

    • Laddyboy says:

      I say the sue case should go back onto the “reporter” if you can show it is just a harassment call. Also, the “police” need to approach the owner of the weapons in the correct manner. If the police charge into the home of the legal weapon owner and get shot because the legal owner is “PROTECTING” his life, the “police” should be held responsible for these unlawful and anti-constitutional actions.

      • steveafrikaner says:

        A nice measured response. I posted with my blood boiling! Still a damn stupid idea.

      • ken. says:

        the article said that the calls are anonymous so that would not happen.

        • Laddyboy says:

          I agree with stevenafrikaner that the system cannot be missused.
          Ken: Have you ever hear of the NSA? The phone companies also keep the phone numbers. Who called and who received the call.

        • ken. says:

          do you really believe that the nsa or phone companies will help gun owners or go against their brothers in big government?

        • Laddyboy says:

          They will not help willingly. This is one reason why we have the court system. There is also a form called, “Freedom of Information” route which could be used. Also, a suit case can be brought against “Big Brother”.

  5. rhondareichel says:

    Paul Ryan…..that tells me all I need to know about that state

  6. jesustheonlyway says:

    Hitler’s Brown Shirts.

  7. flatland says:

    This is BS using the little girl victim as an excuse. This seems very short-sighted. If the issue is crime, and the citizens are concerned, what is the “come forward” rate on crimes when there is no immediate witness on hand? I am sure even anonymous calls with tips are welcome. Does a hotline already exist for that? If not why is a “gun” hotline being created instead of one for CRIME? How about helping solve actual crimes instead of inviting snitches. The opportunity for abuse is huge. Like the guy in Washington DC. His ex called in and said he had firearms. The police went all-out SWAT on him, destroyed his apartment, terrorized his teenage son and the best they came up with was a component for a black powder rifle that an idiot judge called ammunition. (as it was it could not be fired and other necessary components to make it effective ammunition were not found. The firearm it goes to is not illegal in DC) and a dud shotgun round. They charged him with a felony to save their butts from a counter lawsuit. The goal was to intimidate him because if he did not plead down, he risked going to prison with a felony. Pretty powerful hammer and ripe for abuse. Its still going on appeals. Milwaukee is inviting the same thing. The way this reads the block captain saw the shooting. She has no info that would lead to an arrest??? Maybe someone should call in every cop and politician to see if they have any not quite kosher firearms. If Milwaukee citizens are really concerned, call in on the crime hotline instead of making paranoid calls on who may or may not own a firearm. The only illegal possession of a firearm is being guilty of a felony, banned because of mental issues, guilty of domestic violence, child abuse or tribal restaining order; or if adjudicated delinquent on or after April 21, 1994 for an act that if committed by and adult would be a felony. So it should be part of police procedure to check to see if the subject of the call in is guilty of any of the above before taking any action. A warrant should also be required showing the subject of the call in falls under one of the ownership restrictions. No DC SWAT team actions if Milwaukee is determined to persist in this folly. If the subject of the call in does not meet the definition of the restricted ownership, then records of the call should be immediately deleted. There is no reason for Milwaukee police to maintain a database of legal gun owners since there is no permit, registration or license required by the state.

  8. 9400budlang8406 says:

    It seems someone else used this technique to turn neighbors on neighbors for the good of the state. Oh yes, his name was Hitler. Does anyone notice that everything this administration from the top down, does everything it can to divide the people of this nation. First disarm the populace, then support and praise immoral lifestyles followed by promises of “we sill take care of you.” Sounds like ancient Rome all over again.

  9. mathis1689 says:

    Hitler and Stalin would be so proud.

  10. DustyFae says:

    Be careful who you rat on, they can always rat on you about something… This is turning neighbors against neighbors and cause more hate groups… The dividing of people… All they want to do is take the guns from everyone.The UN is behind this and we all know these are foreign Dictators and you can see what is happening to the countries overseas…. So everyone would be wise to start spreading the word to keep your mouth shut, because we may need our guns to protect our love ones, ourselves and even our neighbors…ISIS already said he is to attack USA soon… Americans need to stand together if those terrorists start their crap here…

  11. 2War Abn Vet says:

    This will be of great assistance to leftists who want to “swat” their conservative neighbors.
    If you’re unfamiliar with the term’ it means making a false police report to cause trouble for, or to endanger, someone.

  12. Sunshine Kid says:

    The liberals always come up with “good” ideas that backfire or are found to violate basic human rights. If any caller is allowed to make a complaint completely anonymously, this removes the right of the accused to confront any witness against him (sixth amendment rights).

  13. Ursus_Indomitus says:

    Leftists SUCK.

  14. ana88 says:

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