Liberal Radio Host: Open Gun Carriers Ought to be Shot in the Head

Lots of people have voiced their criticism of open gun carriers. You know, those people who walk in to places like Starbucks or Chipotle with their rifles slung around their shoulders. Many conservatives think these open carriers give the rest of law-abiding gun-owners a bad name.

I disagree. While I wouldn’t personally want to carry a rifle in one those types of establishments, I think that people should be allowed to. The reason that people, even conservatives, have such a hard time dealing with the open carry issue is that the culture in which we live hates guns in the hands of civilians. Open carrying rifles is foreign to most of us in this day and age, and that makes even conservatives uneasy.

But if a SWAT team stopped by a Chipotle to get a bite to eat after one of their no-knock raids, I don’t think these same conservative critics would care all that much, and the SWAT team would be carrying a lot heavier guns than any civilian would be allowed to carry.

If police can waltz around with rifles and handguns on their hips, and no one really even notices, then why is it all of a sudden ridiculous and stupid if the gun carrier happens to be wearing blue jeans and white t-shirt?

Now, if that same guy wearing the blue jeans, the white t-shirt, and a gun on his shoulder turned out to be an off-duty cop, I guarantee you these same conservative critics would give him a pass. So really, these people who claim to be all in favor of the 2nd Amendment and concealed carry and all that are fine with police (including off-duty cops) open carrying everywhere. Just not civilians.

Like I said, I wouldn’t want to do it myself, but if I saw a customer at Starbucks wearing a rifle, I wouldn’t care.

Now, if you’re liberal talk show host Mike Malloy, it’s a different story. He hates these open carriers so much that he’d prefer to have them all shot in the head. (To help curb “gun violence,” of course.) Here was his rant about open carriers in the context of Georgia’s new “Guns Everywhere Bill”:

“I guess what I’ll do if I’m ever in that situation and I see one of these half-witted yahoos walking in with a weapon, high-caliber rifle like that, I’ll just put on a berserk act. I will just start screaming Gun! Gun! Gun! Watch out, everybody hit the deck! Guns! Guns! Everybody! And then dial 911 and I will say, shots fired, which will bring every g**-damned cop within 15 miles. And then the half-wits with the long guns are going to panic and they’re going to run out of the store and if that rifle isn’t shouldered properly, the cop is going to take a look at that and put a bullet right in their forehead.”

Here he is advocating as much violence as possible so that opportunistic politicians (is that redundant?) can place even more restrictions on gun-owners, further endangering innocent people and giving criminals the upper hand.



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45 comments on “Liberal Radio Host: Open Gun Carriers Ought to be Shot in the Head
  1. jessica22 says:

    Omg… I have always trusted police (until now, no reason not to). This weekend, a group of friends were driving cross-country together (4 cars) and were all 4 pulled over and ticketed for speeding. They were going 3 miles over the speed limit; 73 in a 70 mile zone. Four guys in out-of-state sports cars… INTIMIDATION, ya think???

    What kind of image does a story like that leave on law-abiding citizens?
    So now when I see a cop car or a police officer, I’m a little less trustworthy.

    It’s a shame that there is so much distrust. But there is.
    And some jerk like this talk show host pulls an act like that…
    wouldn’t it be a shame if he accidentally got shot in the turmoil????

    • Sunshine Kid says:

      Actually, breaking the law is still breaking the law. Some police will give a pass on a minor infraction, others will not. You’d have a valid complaint if all drivers were at or under the speed limit, but as you admit they were all over the speed limit, your complaint is unjustified.

      • jessica22 says:

        Yeah, I’m not suggesting they fight the tickets. I’m just saying it’s
        a lousy image to give… there are thousands of laws on the books that are not enforced, but the govt has the power to enforce them if they so choose. Giving a ticket for 3 miles over the limit is legal, but, in this case, it just goes to reinforce the distrust that is already there.

  2. woonsocket says:

    Mr. Hodges, The obsession with guns has its origins with the gun makers. The gun lobby uses politicians to spread fear and the NRA to spread propaganda. What we see here is a self-fulfilling prophecy through fear, hatred and increasing gun sales. You may fool most of the posters on this site but not all of us. BTW, why don’t cut the 2nd amendment crap. We’re not all that stupid.

    • buckman21 says:

      Replace gun lobby with “enviromentalists” and NRA with “Al Gore and EPA”, and you have the same results, which are actually based in reality, not the theory you are proposing.

    • monacall says:

      No the reality of guns and why the government wants to take them away from law biding citizens is control. They (the administration) and any other gun control person is without taking the guns away it’s harder for them to control the masses. Besides that it’s our God given right to protect ourselves and if you don’t believe in God than it is your right to protect yourself from TRANNY. That’s why we have guns.
      The mass murderers if you will research it were all democrats or liberals. Not Christians. I say not Christians because most gun (owners) carriers don’t believe in homosexuals or abortion. Just ask them. They will be honest with you. Why not they are Christians.

    • DennisofRockyMount says:

      Well, how stupid are you?

    • NoRINO says:

      Yes, you are too stupid to admit that self defense with gun is a right.

    • steveafrikaner says:

      You just proved you are, and ignorant of the Constitution. You might not like it, but suck it up.

  3. patriotusa2 says:

    People like this guy give the sicko’s a reason to kill. Words have consequences especially when they are spoken in public and with malice and hatred. To even suggest that open gun carriers should be shot in the head only proves that we are living in a world that is continuously throwing civility to the wind.

  4. TBanacek says:

    Does this guy look like the poster child for Homosexuals in America or what?

  5. Peter Kuck says:

    When the first law abiding citizen gets killed due to the advice of Mike Malloy, he should be arrested as an accessory before the fact to murder.

  6. Damien Leimbach says:

    I guess this guy isint smart enough to know that you cant yell “fire” in a crowded theater. If he calls the cops claiming that there have been shots fired and someone dies as a result, he will be guilty of murder/manslaughter. He so scared of gun violence, yet is perfectly willing to intentionally cause the deaths of others who have done no violence. Welcome to the democratic party.

  7. Richard says:

    I will just stay right there and hand the cops my weapon when they come and ask for it, then with the other witnesses calmly tell them what this idiot did and watch them arrest him for making a false 911 call and endangering innocent lives!

  8. njout says:

    When the first wack job calls in as this Malloy is advising them to and gets someone killed HE, should be held and charged with murder, since HE was the wack job that put the idea into some brain dead liberals empty head!

    • steveafrikaner says:

      He actually broke the the law by inciting people to violence. Lay charges agaist the limp wrist freak!

  9. steveafrikaner says:

    Someone should pay this guy a visit, and invite him to shoot them in the head. If he has not got a gun, lend him one, on the clear understanding you will retaliate in similar fashion. Once he has returned from the bathroom, after cleaning himself up, admonish him to stop making stupid remarks. Talk is cheap!

  10. icemancold says:


  11. Les Curtis says:

    What he is doing is threatening to commit murder through a planned action that causes, what he hopes, will be a specific response. And he has the unmitigated gall to call us half witted yahoos. It sounds to me, and I could be wrong, like someone should have taken his spoiled, liberal, little ass out behind the woodshed a long time ago, sans guns of course, and schooled him in decency and common sense. Where does he come off threatening violence while claiming fear of that same thing? Libs, go figure.

    • Les Curtis says:

      Sorry for this post folks. There seems to be several already saying the same thing. I guess I should have read a few before I spouted off.

      • freedommonger says:

        No need to apologize for speaking the truth – especially in an impromptu fashion.

      • ken. says:

        just because you have the same thoughts as others doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to voice them. the more people who stand together, the better.

  12. freedommonger says:

    So what this ignorant, pathetic coward is suggesting is that law abiding, 2nd amendment protected Americans should be murdered with GUNS??!! What a hypocritical little piece of filth!

  13. ort says:

    May all the death and destruction he wishes on people be brought down on his head 1000 times worse. What a swine.

  14. Hammer says:

    I’m a staunch OPEN GUN CARRIER and concealed when necessary and I’m puzzled…doesn’t it take a gun to shoot someone in the head ???…..!! just sayen !!….Oh and by the way you personally are invited to try…..PERIOD….

  15. Laddyboy says:

    Talk about “Yelling GUN”, in a crowded room. Considering yelling “GUN” in a crowded room – – – – – IS – – – – – illegal. This LUNITIC needs to be held responsible for MURDER if a policeman kills someone under these conditions.

  16. tenndoug911 says:

    He just threatened me he better beware of what he says he could get in a lot of trouble.

  17. 2War Abn Vet says:

    Could flakes like this guy be the reason people want to carry guns?

  18. DustyFae says:

    Hope this clown runs into some Black Mob or terrorist along his path…May be he should watch what he wish for. Of course , after he service his God, Obama, he might meet a early death when Obama is done with his services… And why does he have such a leather looking skin??? Is he a homosexual or what, a drug user? And he looks like he just crawled out of bed or from under a rock… May be it is just me, but he looks all dried up…

  19. elector says:

    I think this guy is the “half-wit”. If I am in the store he is and he starts yelling and crying and basically trying to start a incident, I would accuse him of
    ‘yelling Fire” in a crowded store and sue the crap out of him and his employer. Yes, he has a right to his opinion but not in the manner he is advocating. If I were the cop who responded, yes I was a Deputy Sheriff, I may even arrest him for creating a disturbance and definitely for Disorderly Conduct.. also seriously consider filing a false crime report. I would make him seriously sorry he called the police when no laws were violated.

  20. huh, oh the irony. we conservatives are called haters. mmmmm, pot calling kettle?

  21. jhforsythe says:

    What a fool! Send him to the slums of Chicago or New York. Let him really find out why guns are necessary for safety.

  22. aurora9 says:

    It sounds like Mr. Malloy is a communist trying to carry out their agenda!

  23. Harold says:

    He is either a Muslime, or a democrat. No sane person would make a statement like this. Where is mental health people and the padded cell for people like this. He also should remember that guns fire in all directions, OH well! I do not believe in arguing with a fool like this one, I would be placing myself on his level.

  24. Sunshine Kid says:

    He should be arrested and charged with inciting a riot. It is time to shut up those lunatics on the left! He doesn’t have to be actually in the public place and doing the acts he proclaims he would do – he has already done that in public.

  25. Ursus_Indomitus says:

    Leftists suck.

  26. ana88 says:

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  27. ken. says:

    hey mikey, arizona is an open carry state and a concealed carry state so feel free to come visit us and try that crap here. my friends and i like to take our heavy artillery and tanks out to play at the range, we drive trough town on the way to and from the range. we also have full auto heavy machine guns mounted on vehicles plus we transport other weapons and because of that, we carry loaded full autos on our persons for security reasons. any time mikey, anytime!

  28. drbhelthi says:

    The information printed indicates that this man is misusing his employment to foment hate and violence. If his employers havent noticed, perhaps they should. Meanwhile, he should be charged with the DHS procedure that is being used – fraudulently – against patriotic Americans.

    The appearance of this man means little to me, considering his openly hateful stance and attempt to incite violence – which qualify him for a visit to the 4th floor of some hospitals, the psych ward.

  29. rich says:

    First off most of the open carry and concealed carry have been trained, some one yells gun,gun its duck and cover,assess situation. not run out to the street weapons ready, head up A$$.
    what is the contact information of the the manager of the station this idiot is on, I would like to write and call in asking for immediate dismissal, of this person for inciting panic, or anything else you can think of.
    Lets find out who sponsors his show and contact them and complain loud and strong until this crackpot is off the air, I believe in free speech but attempting to incite panic, and or manslaughter is going to far.

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