Store Clerk Suspended for Refusing to be a Robbery Victim

They say you should never bring a knife to a gunfight. But that’s exactly what this particular Vermont robber did at Mac’s Convenience Store in Rutland County.

As the store clerk was closing up for the night, a guy with a hoodie and a red bandana around his face came in with a knife and ordered the clerk to empty the cash register. That’s when 58-year-old Vietnam vet and store clerk Don Pitaniello pulled his .380 out of his back pocket and told the guy that he’d “better get the **** [choose your favorite four-letter word] out of there.” The would-be robber complied and got the you-know-what out of there. As the hoodied bandit ran off, Pitaniello followed him to see which direction he went so that he could tell the police.

Because of the store’s no tolerance policy toward self-defense, Pitaniello might lose his job. He was suspended earlier this week. Apparently, he broke two of their rules. The first was bringing a gun inside the “gun-free” store; the other was following the robber. According to the Daily Caller:

 “That store has been robbed eight or nine times and I always work nights,” [Pitaniello] told the Rutland Herald.

“I’m a firm believer in having a gun and not needing it rather than the other way around. I can always find a new job.”

The attempted robbery represents the second time in a week that an assailant armed with a knife has demanded money from convenience store clerks in Rutland.

A similar incident occurred last Thursday when a man wearing a bandana demanded money from a clerk at another convenience store. That clerk did not have a gun, and the culprit left with an undisclosed amount of money.

Police have not determined if the two incidents are related.

If Pitaniello were allowed to keep his job, I bet you that particular robber wouldn’t be going back to that Mac’s store anytime soon, especially if Pitaniello was the one working the night shift. But a lot of these convenience stores would rather have dead employees and cash stolen from them than run the risk of some petty lawsuit.



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187 comments on “Store Clerk Suspended for Refusing to be a Robbery Victim
  1. klent job says:

    Google “Bionic Traders”, it’s about trading oil, you won’t regret it, these guys are doing it right by me.

  2. patriotusa2 says:

    This guy should pick up his marbles and move on! Get another job. The guy he works for is just asking for trouble by letting it be known that anyone can come in, take the money, and nothing happens to them. It’s crazy, and it’s just sending a “come hither” message to all crooks looking for some easy money. A deterrent might be a sign stating, “You loot, and we shoot.”

  3. kalli says:

    Another story here showing prophecy of the world being turned upside down; good is evil and evil is good. The owner is unconcerned for the welfare of his employee, and is part of the delusional cast of people across the country who are in denial that America has fallen into depravity and lawlessness. Turning back to obedience to God and His righteous laws is the only way this nation can recover.

    • LeAnn Addleman says:

      Which will not happen. Only God can save this country from itself.

      • azooper says:

        I believe that God fearing men and women can save this country.

        • LeAnn Addleman says:

          God fearing men and women can spread the good news of the gospel but only God can save.

        • Helen says:

          Problem is that today there are not that many God fearing, loving people. It has become a society which is closer to the cave age!

        • Me too . We must save ourselves ? That is why we have free will to make decisions Why would God save a nation that kills 70 + million babies ? I doubt that will happen and we are not seeing that at all are we? Have you considered this is our test and choices ?

        • GW_jr says:

          Hopefully, these God-fearing men and women will become active in local politics, learn, and a few even run for office, and that a few of them will make it to State and Federal level. We need politicians who qualify per Exodus 18:14-27, especially Exodus 18:21.

        • gary says:

          The problem is that the real god fearing people of this country are too busy being pacifists to do what needs to be done for fear of pissing off god. I know, Im one of them! The same thing that happened in this story happened to me, and I had the drop on the punk. When he turned and ran. I could have put one in his leg, but then I thought “My life is no longer in danger, and even if I get away with shooting the bastard, god will know what I did and that I didnt have to do it”. Im not giving up the kingdom for anything less then my life or that of my family. IM no religeous nut either, I seldom even go to church, but Im a firm believer in the big ten, and the big one is “thou shalt not kill”. It doesnt say its OK in self defense either, even though at that point, Id do what I had to do.

        • Kenneth Kirkham says:

          God-fearing does not mean being a doormat or being a pacifist. That is a lie many churches bought in to. The truth is we have a right and obligation to stand against evil. Your experience is an example of doing what is right. Oh, it is thou shalt not murder. The vernacular was changed to help control Christians. Killing in self defense is not murder.

      • Lummi says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if God was so disgusted that he simply washed his hands of the whole mess, saying “I gave those people the brains and ability to straighten thing out, but they just don’t seem to care enough to even try…so it’s no longer my problem. Maybe their replacements will do better”.

        • wvstarktruth says:

          One might believe that if one discounts the fact that God is always a loving and righteous God. He loves all of us, even the bad ones, but wants us to come to him VOLUNTARILY, not be forced into it. It is something that each person must decide for themselves. Once we die it is too late. At that point we have made the conscious decision that we either want to spend eternity with Him or spend eternity in Hell. Our choice. Not His demand. This is the proof that God believes in Freedom and that America was ordained by Him to be a haven of freedom. Unfortunately, many have succumbed to the devil’s enticements and the result has been the depravity we see today. Only with a change of heart will those who have turned their back on Him save themselves by returning to and accepting Jesus as their personal savior along with true repentance. Pray for those who do not know the truth or who have heard it but have yet to believe it. They are the ones who need our prayers.

        • LeAnn Addleman says:


      • Charles_Higley says:

        It’s not in the Bible anywhere, but the action phrase is, “God helps him who helps himself,” which means it is a do-it-yourself world and God will save the world only through our taking action to fix it. Leaning on the Bible and God is why we are where we are.

        • LeAnn Addleman says:

          You said it right, it’s not in the Bible. What I do find in the Bible is that God helps those “whose mind is stayed on Him”. We are His disciples and are commissioned to share the gospel but we do not have the power to save. It is a conscious decision. We are not where we’re at because we lean on God but because too many people lean on the things of the world and not God.

      • Lonesome Wolf says:

        I seem to recall something about G*D helping those who help themselves.

      • The Brigadier says:

        What a cop out LeAnn. God is watching for what you and I are going to do about it. Work hard for your senatorial candidate and do everything you can to get him or her elected. Once the Senate is regained he will be impeached and convicted. Pass out campaign literature, make phone calls, put up signs, talk to community groups and dozens of other things you can do. Putting this on God’s shoulders is a cop out. He didn’t vote in this presidential criminal, we as a people did. God is watching to see if you and I have the wherewithal to do to what is needed to change it.

  4. Frank Revelation says:

    “I’m a firm believer in having a gun and not needing it” But he whipped out his gun and HE RULED!! So, what’s the problem?

    Problem 1. The clerk didn’t need his gun immediately, but he pulled it out first, didn’t he?

    Problem 2. Weapon leveraged gun-to-knife, the 58 year-old “clerk” chose gun solution over store policy to give the money.

    Problem 3. Following after thief is against store policy to help the police? What’s wrong with helping police? So the clerk goes 50 – 60 feet outside to get around the store & see where the thief went ~ and runs into one or two accomplices with knives at the ready.

    Problem 4. No problem, the clerk who didn’t need his gun …. now needs his gun. He shoots any accomplices before they stab him.

    This clerk is acting out a wild west fantasies or has a Charles Bronson death wish complex. If the store doesn’t fire him, the store’s insurance carrier will fire him.

    Tens of thousands of convenience store crimes committed reveal predictable stats that corporations & insurance underwriters use to determine “market certainty” policies. Policies the clerk chose to blow off instantly after seeing just a knife.

    Convenience store crimes are committed under in-store & outside store video surveillance. Impulsive thiefs risking armed robbery sentences of 10 – 15 years for a chance at stealing what amounts to pocket change are deranged, desperate people.

    • woonsocket says:

      It’s the riskiest occupation.

      • Frank Revelation says:

        Absolutely. And I totally understand him packing.

        But this is gun-macho egoism. This guy below said it best:

        bobmead1960 • 11 hours ago
        What a bunch of wimps! I wish I had a business to hire you dude! Way to go. Doing right is never wrong!
        49 ^

        Never underestimate The Wimp factor.

    • Enrique4 says:

      Frank, were you the guy in the hoody?

      • Frank Revelation says:

        I get perverse pleasure from quick vigilantism against street criminals & white collar criminals ~ in movies.

        Re: My post above ~ I have a different view than the author ~ including real world experience with commercial insurance underwriters & ungodly high premiums paid by small business owners. Fortunately, this one clerk is alive to find another job. Remember, it’s not even his money at stake.

        Re: Guns ~ Mine stay ready in the home. But if I worked at a 24-hour convenience store, I’d break from store policy too and secretly carry.

    • Tim says:

      Frank Revelation, you should take your liberal logic and troll a site where the readers will think you know what you are talking about.

      • Frank Revelation says:

        Tim ~ Why the author chose not to address the stunningly obvious real world implications involved in suspending the clerk is why 98% of the comments here read like monotonous, tedious come shots. Taking a different position than the author is not “trolling” or liberal political posturing ~ If reading a balanced expanded view is so offensive ~ choose where and what you masturbate over more shrewdly.

        The basis of this story: A convenience store employee gets suspended for thwarting a robbery because he violated 2 or more store policies.

        Tim ~ how did you comprehend this story? A liberal peace-freak store owner wants no trouble?

        Commercial insurance underwriters for 24-hour convenience stores write store policy. Write Store Policy. If a small business owner disregards his carrier’s policy stips ~ they’ll refuse paying a claim. Claims like ER medical costs for a clerk’s heroic actions or a clerk’s funeral costs or a lawsuit from a dead clerk’s family.

        So, Tim. You think the CEO’s that run these companies are just “liberal logic” men with no understanding of their business model or how to run it or what they’re talking about? Do you really? How about Stonebridge Underwritiers CEO Brian Meyer? Think he’s a dumb ass liberal?

        You think small business owners operating convenience stores w-a-n-t to suspend employees willing defend their business & property? You have some insults too for store owners enforcing policy?

      • Frank Revelation says:

        Try working harder at articulating a real response to this article. You’re lazy. There’s no political excuse for being lazy.

    • ARETHEYNUTS says:

      This store has been rob 8 or 9 times, 2 that week. Who would work in a store that wouldn’t let you make sure Your going home to my family nightly.

      How many store clerk gave them the money but they still killed them?

      • Frank Revelation says:

        Tell us ~ how many? It’s the Internet age. You see, the way it works now …. you find out how many get killed then come and add it to your opinion here. Just lazy, uh?

        • ARETHEYNUTS says:

          What???? I’m just stating a fact. Would you work in a store that continuing gets robbed?

        • Frank Revelation says:

          You’re right. And it was unnecessary of me to suggest you back it up with stats. No, I would not work in that store. The clerk is doing what he feels is best for his safety. What a terrible job.

    • LeAnn Addleman says:

      Why don’t you be the clerk and face the next robbery?

      • Korean War Vet says:

        He sounds like one of those anti-gun types; he won’t be getting much assistance from a pro-gunner, for sure! <|8-)

      • Frank Revelation says:

        Why don’t you read my post with better comprehension. I’m not attacking the clerk. I also said in another reply ~ if I had his job, I’d also break store policy and secret carry.

        Just because the author completely ignores why the clerk was suspended ~ the real world implications of convenience store operators obtaining Commercial Insurance and that Underwriters who write STORE POLICY, the policy that got this clerk suspended, you assume I’m attacking the clerk, but the author had good reason to leave all that out?

        C’mon. Why don’t I be the clerk and face the next robbery ….. Thanks LeAnn.

        • LeAnn Addleman says:

          Okay, I see your point now about the insurance coverage. I disagree with what you said though about his pulling his gun out first. The thief actually brandished the knife and was waving it at him. That right there would indicate that he was thinking about using it. I just don’t understand the store owner or the underwriters of the insurance would put the fine writing in the policy above the safety or the life of an employee. Are we so indispensable?

        • Frank Revelation says:

          You’re right to disagree with me and thanks for pointing that out. (also proves I owe you an apology for the “comprehension” insult. I apologize for that unfair and untrue characterization of you)

          I wrote, “The clerk didn’t need his gun immediately, but he pulled it out first, didn’t he?”

          That was very poor writing. I meant to convey; he pulled out his gun as his first decision, not that he pulled it out before seeing a weapon. Nevertheless, you have me taking a hard 2nd look at what and how I wrote what I wrote.

          You’re right. I am coming off sounding too judgmental and unreasonable of this clerk’s actions in the face of an armed robbery ~ as it happened in real time.

          I won’t defend some of what I originally wrote because, now, a not so flattering personal observation of where I was mindfully has surfaced: I read the clerk’s comments he made afterwards as rich bravado and self-sensational ~ and that’s too much assumption, an unfair portrait of him based on his words. It affected my take about why he was suspended.

          You said, “Why don’t you be the clerk and face the next robbery?”

          Turns out that was exactly the right response to get me to see where my bias was stuck in. Yes, I’m surprised no one else is balancing the clerk’s suspension with the well-known business realities of free market principles. Especially in these republican circles. But I came at this story with ~ well, the proverbial bug up my ass.

    • John says:

      Just a knife, brandished as a threat, can cause a lot of damage. Why, just a cut from just a knife in just the right place can result in just a dead victim in just a pool of blood.

      Bottom line, when you undertake to commit a crime with potentially fatal threats to accompany it, you have no right to compliant victims.

      If they meet you with a greater force, too bad for you.

      Don’t know how you think, or if you think at all. I bet it is a case of the latter.

      • Frank Revelation says:

        Every reply is similar to yours. Extreme Tunnel Vision ~ so you can fly with your overly simplistic attacks.

        Jesus … Does everybody here sweep garbage for a living?

        Just ignore the dozens of business realities that got this clerk suspended.

        • John says:

          No business reality trumps the right of the clerk to protect himself from the threat of violence, and any business owner who thinks it does is not concerned at all for his employees, deserves no loyalty, and should experience misfortune to the level that he loses his business.

        • Frank Revelation says:

          Yes, well-said.

    • fideux says:

      Yeah and Jack Bauer could have been standing there putting fuel in his govt. issued SUV but that didn’t happen either. But that could have been problem SOLVED!

    • DetroitDom says:

      Frank, when the second Revolutionary War starts, I sure hope you’re on the other battle direction.

      If this country chose to follow common sense vs. PC and liberal feel good BS & lawsuits for perps, the clerk would have/ could have legally shot the guy, sending out two messages to future perps:
      1) crime doesn’t pay.
      2) being a criminal can make you dead.

      And, he also would have eliminated a problem that the rest of society would no longer need to deal with.

      • Frank Revelation says:

        C’mon Dom ~ You seriously believe my take was “PC and liberal feel good BS”? Aren’t you having any fun?

        Tell me ~ What business owner could possibly “feel good” suspending an employee who risked bodily harm to protect his/her store and property? You answer that question first. Then, justify your anti-free market principles.

        My comments focused solely on [how & why] the clerk’s suspension may have resulted. That’s ‘may’ have. We don’t know ’cause Last Resistance op-ed’s write narrowly to elicit crazy irrational emotions. In fact, Denny McLain would make a great L. R. contributor.

        Merely pointing out business world realities has you throwing down the Liberal V. Conservative gauntlet & conflating another Revolutionary War? You don’t sound like any republican I’ve ever done business with.

        Running a small marketing/PR company for 20 years, at least 95% of my clients were republicans, most were millionaires, and many proudly hung the picture they had taken with Ronald Reagan as President or Governor on their office wall.

        Now, you keep those “when the second Revolutionary War starts” fantasies to yourself ~ that’s baboon talk. Or Denny McLain & Jim Northrup talking together.

        “1) crime doesn’t pay.”

        Well, yeah, petty street crime doesn’t pay very well. You’re so right. But hey ,,, by the time some poor louse risks a 10-year prison sentence for stealing essentially pocket change of $150 $400 …. he’s done in. It’s more suicide than paying the bills.

        But, The Crime That Does Pay, Dom Dee Dom-Dom? That be this crime:

        “Company representatives today reported a cash penalty settlement agreement for $185 million without admitting guilt, knowledge or wrongdoing”. Very thoughtful, well-executed crime not only pays ~ it makes the world go ’round & ’round”.

        “2) being a criminal can make you dead.”

        So can being USA’s President. So can fighting another Revolutionary War. Let’s skip the war & go to the ballgame.

  5. CharlieSeattle says:

    Ya, shoveling crap will be better than working nights at that store.

  6. Ed Portela says:

    Plain, old-fashioned common sense has become the least common of the senses.
    Look at how we elected an unknown, ….. TWICE.
    … And we are about to elect a woman with no morals whatsoever ….
    Oh brother.

  7. bobmead1960 says:

    What a bunch of wimps! I wish I had a business to hire you dude! Way to go. Doing right is never wrong!

    • Korean War Vet says:

      Time for the lazy, good-for-nothing, low-information clowns to learn that doing wrong is never right….just sayin’. <|8-)

  8. USAonlydotUS says:

    Probably has a “Gun Free Zone” Sign over the Front Door.
    There is a bar in Downtown Kingsport, Tennessee that has a sign on it’s door:
    “NO ILLEGAL WEAPONS ALLOWED”………….. What the ??????
    Wonder How that Honor System is working out.

    • FedUpChuck! says:

      Maybe they should have a sign that reads Legal Weapons Only beyond this point”!

    • DRLJR says:

      Since no there are no such thing as illegal weapons under the US Constitution …

      • Warren Taylor says:

        I am pretty sure that denying gun ownership to convicted felons has been found constitutional, sorry!

        • DRLJR says:

          Unless the person is still subject to Amendment 13 even an ex-convicts can possess any weapons. I think you need to go back and re-read the comment I replied to.

          But in context of the reply no Arms are illegal to posses. Amendment 2 states:

          “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

          Notice it has two subjects. And to help people understand Amendment 2 it can be written as:

          “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State shall not be infringed.”

          “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

          There is no such thing as an illegal weapon.

  9. sonnieC says:

    I would tell the owners of this business to go to hell and look for another job.

    • drattastic says:

      I’m sure the vet can make peanuts at any similar job. I hope someone offers him something better.

    • Korean War Vet says:

      I don’t think that I would patronize that dump!

      • sonnieC says:

        The trouble with that is you can never get enough people to stick together to do this. But it’s a good idea.. Semper Fi.

        • Korean War Vet says:

          It can be done, sonnie, if you’re good at getting your point across to people, visit folks, tell them that there are lots of other places of business that would appreciate your business. Semper Fi, Friend!

        • sonnieC says:

          I sure hope so from one Marine to another. S/F

        • Korean War Vet says:

          Thanks a million for your service to the country, Marine! I was Air Force; 1951 – 1972. <|8-)

        • sonnieC says:

          Thank you for your years of service a long time. I served from 52-55 FMF 3-12, very short compared to your service.

        • Korean War Vet says:

          Thanks for your kind thoughts, sonnie. Those 21.5 years went by in a blink! I enjoyed every minute of my career, including Korean War time; I was doing something for my country, the country that permitted my parents to immigrate here early in the 20th century and make a new home for themselves in a free country. They came here from Germany at different times, met, married, and brought three children into the world who appreciated the sacrifices their parents made.

  10. gonaes says:

    Solution. boycott that particular store.

  11. Casmige says:

    There’s a Job for this guy…here in Texas.

    Texas ain’t sexy.
    Takes 2 days to drive “Out” of Texas”…

    Hot & weather changes on a dime…

    Oh & There are Idiotes from across the border & from Californikation and else-where hell-bent on “Turning Texas Blue”…..

    I wasn’t bourn here (I’m a LEGAL Emigrant from Canada) but I got here as soon as I could after living in PA, ILL-IN-ois, & Taxxachussets.

    We need Like-Minded Redders here in Texas to KEEP it a Red State,…please.

    Come to Texas….there’s certainly no State Income Tax (yet).

    Let’s keep it that way!.

    • Richard says:

      I would consider living in Texas if it were not for the obnoxious property taxes. I am retired, have a decent income and do not pay income taxes in GA either. GA is a Red state and will likely always be.

      • Casmige says:

        Hey Richard!!,


        You’re really spot-on with the Property Taxes here in Texas.

        However I do think there is what they call a Homestead Exemption that can be had if you’re retired.

        What they’re not doing right with the money they collect they are making skulduggery-thuggery deals with insidious “Toll-Roads” & even converting already tax-payer paid-for roads into toll-roads.

        Damnable “Rino’s” like Cornyn, Sessions & Dewhurst…….who won’t ever get my vote ever never again.

        Well, Godspeed to you there in Georgia.


    • USMC 69-75 says:

      Just stay out of gay town Houston!

  12. a_redrunner says:

    Well the clerk should have quit working for the coward owner a long time ago and the owner deserves to be robbed just because he is stupid. The big mistake that the clerk made was allowing the criminal punk to leave!

    • John says:

      He should have let him take the money and been prepared to defend himself if it came to it.

      The store owner has no loyalty to the employee, the employee has no obligation to have any loyalty to the store owner.

      • a_redrunner says:

        You are correct that most employers have little loyalty to their employees but every legal American has a duty to respect the laws of the land. This was a criminal performing a criminal act, and a true American stopped the crime! I assume that if you were walking down the street and came across a woman being robbed or raped, and you had the means to stop it, you would just walk away because the woman has no loyalty to you?

  13. Robert Hay says:

    why put it in the register just leave it on the counter for them to walk off, easy target they will be back

  14. aurora9 says:

    I don’t think that this employee will be unemployed for very long. Somewhere out there, there is an employer who would want this brave soul’s protection!

  15. icemancold says:

    As the Clerk said he can find another job HE CAN NOT FIND ANOTHER LIFE. ONLY thing If it were me I WOULD HAVE SHOT THE HOODIE WEARING THUG BETWEEN THE EYES then called the police and politely asked them to come remove the garbage from my place of employment. Then told the Store company fire me if you want I am still alive and can look for another JOB. THE PUNK is DEAD and won’t try ROB ANY ONE ELSE.!!

  16. drattastic says:

    And that’s exactly it, the owner fears a lawsuit and his employees are expendable.

  17. This is a case of selfish store owner shifting all risk onto his employees. The owner is afraid of monetary loss, so he trades his employees’ health and safety to avoid a lawsuit. Bottom line: if an employee gets hurt or killed, eh.

  18. drattastic says:

    Seems the gun free zone sign worked, would be robber brought a knife. Maybe the libs are right.(BTW I’m being sarcastic for those sarcastic challenged)

  19. Mort Leith says:

    Typical New England re tard libbies,,, penalize honest people for NOT giving CRIMINALS everything they want…

    What sikFUX those liberal NE weeners are…..

    • woonsocket says:

      Blaming liberals every day makes you feel better? How would you like it if liberals called Laura Bush “re tard?”

  20. fideux says:

    Go figure, the bandit brought a knife with him because he didn’t want to bring a gun into a gun free zone. I guess the store owner should add “knife free zone” to his sign to thwart further robbery attempts.

    • Korean War Vet says:

      LOL!!! Got any other good jokes? As an aside, if they banned knives in stores, then they’ll probably ban knives from home kitchens, etc., right? Go figure. <|8-)

      • fideux says:

        It’s too bad the employee didn’t just plug him. Then the story would have had a happy ending!

        • Korean War Vet says:

          I sort of wonder about the law in that town; if the store owner can post a “no guns” rule, what kind of back-up does it give a gun-carrying employee? If the gun-carrier does shoot the perpetrator, does local law stand behind the gun-carrier…? kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

        • fideux says:

          I wonder what type of compensation the families of the dead victims of a hold-up/shooting can expect, if the employee can’t defend himself and gets killed?

        • Korean War Vet says:

          I guess only a prospective employee would find that out, if he/she should ask about it.

    • wmgill says:

      Then “sling-shot free zone”… it goes on and on. It’s time these nuts start using common sense, but that’s not likely as they are absent of common sense.

  21. ToniStimmel says:

    The main problem is in the courts where if you defend yourself , even without a weapon, you can be liable for anything that happens to your assailant down to even injuring his self esteem.

    • jd1958 says:

      This is what you tell police after the shooting:
      “I was in fear for my life, I want to speak to an attorney.” Shoot to kil1.
      That is EXACTLY what cops do. You only want one side of the story. YOURS.

      • John says:

        I was told by a cop that if I am ever in the situation to pee in my pants and save them to show just how scared I was for my life.

        • fideux says:

          What if the robber pees his too? Who was scared first? In that case, you better cr-p them too!

      • ToniStimmel says:

        How will that protect you in a civil suit? Frivolous suits are not tried in criminal courts.

  22. Greg B says:

    If I had such a store I would prefer armed and properly trained clerks. I would also put a big sign on the door warning crooks that the clerks are armed (hopefully the PoS can read).

    • DRLJR says:

      Don’t advertise it. If they try to rob you then kill them. It is called self-defense. They threatened the person and the person or other bystanders have the right to kill the perpetrators.

    • Nathan51 says:

      Naah; I don’t want the scum to see it coming. Less likely for them to put up a fight. Two in the chest and one in the head; works every time!

      • Greg B says:

        The purpose of the sign is to dissuade the crook from even coming in.

        • Nathan51 says:

          I understand that but he will simply go somewhere else and maybe kill some unarmed 16 year old little girl. I would much rather have him walk in and be on a slab going out!

    • Patriotbabe says:

      I admit, I’d rather be shot accidentally by friendly fire than by a thug causing trouble. The accidental shooter with a CCW will call for an ambulance, feeling remorseful and stay with the victim. The thug will leave and won’t care if the victim dies. A CCW-friendly zone sign would certainly make people take notice and feel welcomed, making note that owners and employees may be armed and will protect lives of themselves and patrons.

  23. USMC 64-68 says:

    The Rutland idiot who runs that store is the perfect example of how progressivism/liberalism/Marxism has corrupted the American male. What a pathetic unAmerican loser.

    Salute to the worker who took responsibility to protect his own life and the idiotic, ungrateful, sniveling coward.

    What a contrast – an American man vs. a leftist pantywaist.

    • Korean War Vet says:

      You said it, USMC 64-68. Those kinds of idiots don’t need my business. When I see a “no guns allowed” sign in a store window, I do an about-face and go elsewhere: my money’s not good enough for such places, and they probably have enough money, where they don’t need any more…

  24. jd1958 says:

    Put a different sign in the window: YOU LOOT, WE SHOOT! You DIE.

  25. goodlfe says:

    Wonder what protection the company offers it’s employees, that they would require that their employees be defenseless? Also wonder if convenience stores are insured against theft? Anyone know? Storyline idea just popped into my head: Store owner has ready access to petty cash by throwing a hood over his head & robbing his own defenseless store every few months. 😀

    • Cynical Klown says:

      The company provides security camera images of the store clerks as they’re being murdered. The police provide body bags and crime scene tape.

  26. DRLJR says:

    This is just another store to avoid going to. The sooner the store goes out of business and is replaced with a smart store company the better.

  27. Angelgirl54 says:

    I guess the owner of the store could care less about his livelihood. Why doesn’t he put up a sign that says….”come on in, you can have all my money. I won’t do a thing to you”.

  28. URKiddinMee says:

    Eons ago, before the advent of ubiquitous security cameras, a rash of convenience store armed robberies occurred, several of which resulted in the murders of the clerks on duty. One of the last to die was a young SMU divinity student and married father of two young children. The take from his store was only around $30.00.

    Soon after the most recent armed robbery/murder, a gun wielding thug with no mask (that usually predicts the elimination of witnesses) demanded all the cash from another frightened young clerk. The robber threatened to kill him if he didn’t “move faster.”

    A customer down an aisle to the side, un-noticed by the predator, drew careful aim with his concealed weapon and shot the armed robber in the side of the head, killing him instantly.

    The customer re-holstered his weapon and while exiting the store told the clerk, “I don’t want to get involved in all the paperwork. Just tell the Cops ‘The Lone Ranger’ did it!”

    When questioned by the police the grateful clerk told them “He was just your average white guy. Average height, average build, average clothes. I wouldn’t be able to recognize him if he walked back in now!”

    This world needs more Lone Rangers!

    • Nathan51 says:

      ROFLMAO!!!!! Just Mr. average. I wish there were several dozen like this every day!!!!

  29. gotham1883 says:

    There is not much worse in life than being the victim of an armed robbery. Having been one once or twice. Losing a job is nothing in comparison. Even if the thug spares your life, you are scarred. Always looking over your shoulder. Rarely trusting anyone. Better to shoot the thug and worry about the outcome later than hope that the thug won’t kill you, cause there ain’t no mercy in the eyes of someone who pulls a knife or gun out to kill you for money. Just the way it is.

  30. RDB says:

    The people of this town needs to boycott this business. Mr. Patinello, let your community know exactly what happened ( as you did on the interview). The store owner is a liberal anti-gunner.

  31. Mathematical certainty says:

    The only solution to prevent these potential criminal activities
    is to post the following signs:
    1. Gun free zone
    2. Knife free zone
    3. Scissor free zone
    4. Sewing Needle free zone
    5. Taser free zone
    6. Pepper Spray free zone
    7. Martial Arts free zone
    8. Bow and Arrow free zone
    9. Hand Grenade free zone
    10. Police free zone
    That should eliminate all of the left-wing-liberal enterprises in the Nation.

    • Korean War Vet says:

      Math….you forget the tweezers that Granny carries in her purse: some have some really sharp points….”NO TWEEZERS ALLOWED IN THIS STORE”!!

    • Allen Wood says:

      The first recorded murder was committed by a rock. Guess we should add rocks to the list.

    • Patriotbabe says:

      Nice list! Sorry, I didn’t mean to step on your toes with my post. I guess we normal people are thinking the same thing :)

      • Mathematical certainty says:

        LOL. No my toes can handle your weight. I enjoyed your additions, especially the ban on “bare hands from being brought on the premises” Can you imagine such a scene? :)

        • Patriotbabe says:

          Oh, yes, and of course they would have to ban self-defense moves such as karate, jujitsu, judo, and military-style tactics i subscribe to from reliable sources. Imagine a scene where a petite woman takes down a robber with a quick hard thrust to the throat or other soft tissue. I predict the employee and the store owner get prosecuted by a liberal who believes his attacker/client is innocent because it’s “society’s fault” he held up that employee. Then they would be sued to kingdom come for pain and suffering on the attacker. Sounds like a typical case for the ACLU and Holder, you think? 😉

  32. gotham1883 says:

    The store owners seem to think it is ok to put their employees at the mercy of murderous thugs.

    • Korean War Vet says:

      Wouldn’t you think that the store owner would provide sufficient life insurance for such contingencies? I mean, it’s only fair to make sure that one is protected…..right? <|8-)

  33. Helen says:

    It is your policy that the employee be knifed or your store be robbed rather than the employee defending himself as well as your store/ You are totally stupid and I am glad you are relieving him of his duty and would advise any business owner of “Intelligence” to immediately give this guy a job with a very good salary for being intelligent and not politically correct which is a communist philosophy at best and stupid at least. This country is becoming dumb and dumber.

  34. Bob1893 says:

    Petty lawsuit huh. How about a shopper gets killed by a clerk during a robbery, that’s ok huh. That of course would be a huge lawsuit brought by the family against the store. The store doesn’t worry about a few bucks why should the clerk put his life on the line and at the same time endanger some shoppers? I’d hate to have one of my family killed because of some macho clerk. I am not against guns, I’d use one in a heart beat to defend me and my family, but for some one else’s money, forget it.

  35. Patriotbabe says:

    Nothing like liberal store owners who would rather risk the lives of employees and customers just to say they have a gun-free zone. But I guess the robber is not in trouble with the owner because knives don’t count as weapons in an armed robbery. Maybe lib store owners should post signs that prohibit knives, baseball bats, pens, scissors, shoe laces, belts, hammers, screwdrivers and bare hands from being brought on the premises, too. There, that’ll teach ’em!

  36. bdcorvette says:

    The owner is a pussy.

  37. Shagnasty1 says:

    Maybe the crook obeyed the “gun free” policy by bringing a knife. Nah, he just thought Mr. Pidaniello was stupid enough to comply with the rule. I’m just surprised he didn’t bring a gun and the next robber will. Mr. Pitaniellio showed a lot of restraint by not shooting his target. And now the garbage in that area are hoping Mr. Pitaniellio will be fired so there will be no resistance next time. Just hope the next clerk doesn’t get injured or killed because the store owners don’t want guns.

  38. Amber says:

    Everybody needs to boycott that store. If the employees are not safe from thugs, certainly customers who may happen in during the midst are not safe.

  39. Works 4 a Living says:

    What a Foxtrot Kilo November idiot the owner of this store is!!!

  40. Jaded says:

    No tolerance policy against self defense???? But tolerate the law breakers?? Unbelievably obsurd!!!

  41. j.veritas says:

    okay, this is tongue in cheek, but maybe after he gets fired, he should dress up in a hoodie and bandana, and go back and rob the place. He already knows they won’t fight back. Liberal Vermont.

  42. flatland says:

    I hope the guy gets his job back if he wants it. It would seem to be only fair that if these businesses are “gun free” and prohibit employees from carrying a firearm for self defense then they should provide,, at their expense, a million dollar life and injury insurance policy for their employees that are killed or injured by armed assailants.

  43. NoRINO says:

    Store punishes the clerk because would-be robber was the son Barry always wanted.

  44. AbleAmerican1 says:

    if i were the store’s owner…I’d give the ‘clerk’ one hellava raise & thank him personal attitude would be that the ‘thief’ would be a corpse..& I’d let the state take care of my retirement, medical coverage, tv & internet the majority of ‘inmates’ ..suffer…LOL like the awipers in quantanemo (sp)

  45. pysco says:

    If the store has been robbed eight or nine times, the employees ought to demand combat pay. Especially with a liberal idiot for a manager.

  46. it's a game says:

    I want to say thanks to the dude for serving our country and I do agree with others that he should have just shot the bastard

  47. otisrneedleman says:

    Mac’s Market sucks canal water. Boycott it if they fire this fine American.

  48. Virgil Hilts says:

    The REAL bizarre aspect of this story is that Vermont, liberal little Vermont, has an OPEN CARRY LAW. !

  49. daveveselenak says:

    Liberalism is a mental disease, these satanists have a death wish to join their god in hell!

  50. jerry1944 says:

    Thats one thing about a lot of stores now days. They charge more to make up for theif And suckers that go to those places arent smart enough to know thats why they pay more in the first place

  51. Maria castro says:

    and he also forgot the rules under Sharia….He has to give them their a…s

  52. USCBIKER says:

    Jobs are scarce, thanks to Obama, so they’d have no problem replacing their clerk. So the people of Rutland should boycott Mac’s if they fire this man.

    • woonsocket says:

      Please list all of the jobs bills that Republicans have passed since 2011.

      • Patriotbabe says:

        It’s not up to politicians to provide jobs, it’s up to large and small companies to provide jobs.

        • woonsocket says:

          False. You should take a course in the role of govt. in 20th Century job creation. You shouldn’t have to but it’s just a suggestion. Govt. has a huge roll in creating jobs and you should be grateful.
          Can you really afford on your own with your own money;
          Auto license services, paved roads, police services, firefighter services traffic lights, military, politicians, food inspection services, tax return office, postal service, bridges and your personal prescription drug safety services?

          If everything above were privatized, how much could you personally afford? Republicans want to privatize everything. Do you really think that private companies will charge you less than govt. does? No way. Your taxes will go go down but you’ll be paying much more – if you can afford it. Eg., If you can’t afford private firefighter services, your home will burn down. You’re on your own.

        • Patriotbabe says:

          At least private companies can stick to a contracted bid. Our government, no matter what level, can NEVER stay within a spending limit. Remember what the federal deficit is now, at 17 trillion dollars over allowed amount. Private companies typically do business within the US for services rendered here. Tax dollars, which should be spent on fixing roads, bridges, and other major necessities such as our military personnel and hardware, are being spent in Guatamala, Honduras and other Central American countries to teach them how to handle gang violence and building youth outreach centers. Really?! Why can’t we spend on those things here? We already have those problems, and not much of a handle on youth violence like the knockout game and drug use. Republicans just want a strong national defense to stay strong, not privatize everything as you say. Don’t exaggerate to make your point, please.

        • livefree1200cc says:

          God you are stupid

    • livefree1200cc says:

      People should boycott Mac’s just for their stance on the 2nd amendment. There is a Mac’s in Fair Haven, Vt. as well as Rutland – and neither of them will get any more business from me

  53. Michael Skok says:

    It’s getting harder and harder to live the life of a sane person nowadays.

  54. Lummi says:

    What the idiot store managers can’t seem to grasp is that by announcing publicly that they have a “gun free” store, that their employees are instructed not to resist, and to meekly comply with armed robbers, they are simply inviting more robberies in a nice, safe, environment for the scum. Worse is that there’s no way to tell when some hyped-up or plain crazy punk might simply kill the clerks simply to eliminate potential witnesses. And that applies to anyone else who might be in the store at the time. This has happened many, many times in recent memory. That very thing happened to the night shift employee of one of my dealers. The killer had been released on parole 12 hours before, and killed a 24 year-old father simply to get “travelin’ cash…after he had already been given the money!

  55. 1LTLos says:

    These “Gun Free Zone” stores should have to pay dearly if a preventable homicide occurs on their property. Owning a gun for protection is a RIGHT – Gun free zones are set up zones to collect statistics on how much gun violence occurs — of course its all set up and gun incidents are staged. Sue the hell out of the store for endangering your life and then discriminating against you for standing your ground – F#ck these a##holes

  56. Paul Brown says:

    If I had a store, I would be proud to have this hero come and work for me, knowing he would be there to protect my interests would make me feel good. This store owner is a moron, why didn’t he tell the would be robber that he isn’t allowed to come back to his store because he broke the weapons free law in the store. I could just see it, Mr. Robber you brought a weapon in my store so you are not allowed to come and rob me anymore. Yeah, that would go over real big. I would tell them they can take there policy and shove it, because I would rather be alive and out of a job, than be a dead clerk at a two bit store like that. I applaud that clerk for what he did, and the owner should be thanking him for saving his money for him, but the store owner probably would have taken the lost money out of the clerk pay check anyway.

  57. pateboo says:

    If I owned a store, I would post a nice big sign in my front window, stating that my employees are not only allowed to defend themselves, but TRAINED to defend themselves. I’m a firm believer in self defense, and I would gladly PAY to have them professionally trained.

  58. steveafrikaner says:

    This clerk is obviously a condition orange guy. See’s a suspicious character enter store. Draws gun, holds it behind his back. Perp. flashes knife, demands till be cleared. Up to this point, perfect. I would then have proceeded differently. Ordered the perp. to drop knife, call 911, hold perp. under gun till police arrive to arrest. As for the stores reaction – nuts! Boycot!

  59. ssoldie says:

    It doesn’t matter how much you keep in a cash drawer. The person who is working behind that counter is always in danger, Arm yourselves and take gun training.

  60. higgy01 says:

    More proof that “gun free zone” is just an invitation to bad guys. If this person is fired for protecting the store, boycott the store. It doesn’t deserve to exist and it’s owners should go bankrupt.

  61. Tbear says:

    He should have shot him!!!!

  62. dtk1952 says:

    If the citizens there don’t boycott that store they are cowards or sheep. With it’s history of being held up the man had a right to protect himself. That’s why I don’t patronize 7-11 stores, because of their sheep policy.

  63. PerplexedWisconsinite says:

    I’m as against gun control as the next guy, but without background checks, crazy people like these can buy guns:

    Do we really want to put guns into the hands of deranged right-wing anarchists who want to kill police and civilians? If we do, let’s at least provide better funding for mental health treatment.

    • livefree1200cc says:

      First of all, everyone has a right to be armed. The only time you should not have that right is when you are in jail. Even in the wild west you got your gun back when you got out of jail and it was up to YOU to not use it for crime. So someone does time and they never again have the right to defend themselves????…..for the rest of their lives???? Not according to our Constitution. I believe it says that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. We already have thousands of laws prohibiting people from committing crimes and crimes still happen – with or without the aid of a gun. Obviously you have NO IDEA what anarchy is. Anarchy is self rule. Anarchy does not promote violence or crime nor would it be tolerated.

      • PerplexedWisconsinite says:

        What about people who *ought* to be civilly committed or under psychiatric care? To be honest, this population accounts for a good 5% of the country. Unfortunately the federal government no longer funds treatment for these people.

        We need to respect the 2nd amendment. It is an amendment after all. But if stuff like this routinely happens, and keeps getting perpetrated as some sort of political statement, it is only a matter of time until the 2nd amendment gets repealed.

        Ride safe and rubber side down. (Ducati owner).

        • livefree1200cc says:

          As you must know, a person doesn’t need a gun to be dangerous. If someone is that bad, they should be institutionalized or under strict care. In those cases, someone else is responsible for their every move (and decides if they should own a gun or not). As far as the psychopaths go, most of them hold high office in government, so the least of my worries is that my weird neighbor has a gun. Most of the mass shootings have either been faked or staged anyway. That’s how the men behind the curtain operate. They create a problem and then offer their services to fix it. The 2nd amendment will NEVER be repealed. If they try it they will start a war to end all wars. Keep safe

  64. Laurence Almand says:

    Everyone should boycott this rotten store!

  65. paendragon says:

    Who will work for that store owner now?! What will his “Help Wanted” ad look like? “Work for me! Get paid minimum wage while you’re forced to be assaulted with no recourse to self-defense! No benefits, & no life security much less job security! Sign up here now!”???

  66. Black 8 says:

    I think as Vermonters we should stick together and boycott all Mac market stores in Vermont,especially with their gun free regulations,let the Obama supporters shop there!!Come on second Amendment folks “Get er done” “Lets roll”Thank you “Stormin Norman”

  67. KatRob says:

    Another store owned by an idiot. Hope it goes out of business.

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