Obama & The Perfectly Timed Capture Of A Benghazi Suspect

The essential ingredient of politics is timing.” – Pierre Trudeau

Watching an enemy fall is just wonderful. I don’t mean that in a gratuitous way, in which hatred dominates the victory, but rather in the same way a war is won. After a dogged fight, after the dust settles, when someone who deserves to fail has failed, it’s an oddly satisfying feeling. In politics, however, failure isn’t always permanent–and that’s what scares me.

Conservatives have known from the beginning just who Barack Obama is. A simple perusal of his history as a senator, and his associations with some terrible people (Rev Wright, and Bill Ayers), told us that the “hope and change” being offered by this man was underpinned with a dark agenda. But the left has a monopoly on the media, and therefore, has a monopoly on the minds of the average, politically unstudied American. Because of this, Obama cruised to victory, despite his past.

After five years, however, even the most profound liar cannot always hold the trust of the people. Obama is drowning in scandals. From the IRS, to the NSA, Obama can’t turn around without a new scandal popping up. Most recently, his scandals have been military themed. The deplorable treatment of soldiers waiting for treatment at the VA caused Obama to negotiate the release of Bowe Bergdahl. As it turned out, Obama knew all about the issues at the VA, because he mentioned them all the way back on his 2008 campaign trail. To obscure the VA scandal, and make it appear as though he cared about vets, he pulled Bergdahl out of the hands of the Taliban. Unfortunately for Obama, Bergdahl’s release caused an even bigger controversy. Accusations of traitorous and anti-American behavior on the part of Bergdahl have led many to become outraged at the fact that Obama traded five extremely dangerous terrorists for this one possible traitor.

Right in the midst of the Bergdahl trade failing to quell scandalpalooza (TM), news has broken that a suspect in the Benghazi attack has been apprehended. Hooray! Obama is such a great guy! He truly cares about…Benghazi? Yes, Benghazi, the event the Obama administration has been pretending didn’t happen for the last two years. Once again, though, this perfectly–and some might say suspiciously–timed event smells fishy. According to Breitbart:

CNN’s senior international correspondent Arwa Damon, who spoke last year with Ahmed Abu Khattal, the suspected mastermind in the 2012 Benghazi terror attack that killed four Americans, said not only was he not in hiding but he actually offered to speak with American officials about the attack.”

Hmm, how odd. This man, who allegedly participated in the Benghazi attack, was completely available to do in person interviews, and yet wasn’t apprehended by the United States until now? Well, that all seems above board! Certainly Obama wouldn’t have taken this man into custody only when it was politically expedient to do so! Roll eyes.

How many perfectly timed events can this administration orchestrate before they are exposed as the manipulative liars they are? Well, according to recent polls, Obama’s approval is making its way downward. It’s gotten so bad that even Chuck Todd remarked that the American people are telling Obama that his “…presidency is over.”

Timing is the essential ingredient of politics. Unfortunately, perfect timing can also be the essential ingredient of president’s downfall. Here’s to hoping that this oh-so-perfectly timed capture doesn’t fool the mainstream American audience, and that Obama’s lowering approval rating sticks this time around.



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57 comments on “Obama & The Perfectly Timed Capture Of A Benghazi Suspect
  1. LABobfromNYC says:

    What is with you people that you’re so blinded by ideology you cannot accept good news? You couldn’t take it when Obama killed OBL & you can’t take it with this.

    • Jerry G says:

      Sorry, but you’re completely wrong as are all Obama lovers. First of all the man called OBL was not killed by Obama but by Navy Seals. Secondly, he was not OBL who
      died of natural causes years ago. But don’t let facts get in the way of your love for the Kenyan usurper.

      • LABobfromNYC says:

        I’m curious… If Obama isn’t responsible for killing OBL (because he just ordered the killing but didn’t actually carry it out himself) does that mean OBL isn’t responsible for the 9/11 attacks (because he just ordered the attacks but didn’t carry them out himself)?

        • daisykmt says:

          The difference is that Bin Laden never claimed that HE did the 9/11 attacks. Obama did keep saying “I”, “I”, “I” in telling about Bin Laden’s demise, as news reports showed. However, the point you’re making is taken. It was obvious that he was referring to having made the decision and giving the kill order. That said, I do hope that it was indeed OBL’s body that was dumped into the sea.

        • Jerry G says:

          No, OBL was not responsible for 9/11. You have to get out of the habit of believing everything the government says. If you want to know who was responsible for 9/11 go to such sites as engineers and architects for 9/11 truth,pilots for 9/11 truth, etc.

      • rockcut says:

        YOU MAKE NO SENSE WITH YOUR POINTS. Again it is nothing but GOP dribble !

      • woonsocket says:

        Your infantile Navy Seals line only works on deranged people. Just to make it clear;
        The President gave the order after much consultation with others.

        The President takes full responsibility no matter what.
        The Navy Seals didn’t plan and execute that action without permission.
        If you believe that Navy Seals should plan & conduct their own missions, then you are at odds with military law.
        There IS a chain of command and The President is Commander-in-Chief.

    • daisykmt says:

      Of course it’s great that this man was captured! But the timing of several instances in the article did give pause for thought. Those things did happen in that sequence, so it’s only natural to observe what could be a pattern. Nonetheless, yes—I’m VERY glad he was captured!

    • woonsocket says:

      They didn’t do their homework nor did they ever read my previous posts on this topic. Their problem is Republican flip-flopping on everything and lying to the press about this.
      The military also made it clear that all soldiers come home. Of course, Republicans in Congress will have to change the law on that. We both know that they would not dare do that.

    • aviationfinance says:

      Hey Bob, Why don’t you and Woonsocket get a room……

      Padded walls would be a good idea too.

      You can just B.S. each other.

      Nobody else wants to hear your constant idiotic drivel…..

      • Colorado_Patriot60 says:

        I believe they are one and the same and already share mommies basement. Several times now I have seen posts where labodomy was asked something and the answer has come from wombsocket. I think Trolling pays pretty well because I believe IT has many other fake accounts in use!!

  2. patriotusa2 says:

    A terrorist that has been in plain sight for years and was actually interviewed by an American journalist, would have been considered an incident of disgrace in prior administrations. However, his capture is now being exploited to the max as being another victory for Obama, as they grabble to bask in glory anyway they can. Hopefully, someone will leave this terrorist on the ship, and try to interrogate him, before anyone is stupid enough to read him his Miranda rights. However, I have my doubts.

    • jessica22 says:

      Maybe the soldiers holding him will consider Khattal an
      enemy combatant and therefore not entitled to constitutional protection.

      It is legal and was done in the prior administration.
      But that’s when things were done in line with our COTUS.

      Never happen now, but a nice thought…

      • woonsocket says:

        Republicans urged The President to bring the soldier home. Your problem is with them. They turned on The President and complained about the trade that they knew was in the works for YEARS. I’ve posted the facts on this site over and over. You must have missed my references as well.

        • jessica22 says:

          I guess the point here is where the buck stops…

          Obama, from the day he announced his candidacy until now, is TOO inexperienced and naive to be a strong leader.
          I certainly didn’t know the intricacies of this deal, but it’s not my job to know.

          Btw Did you hear about Obama’s current approval rating?
          Below GWB’s at his lowest point…

    • rockcut says:

      Right a cake as you say in plain sight ….can take him anytime but when we do you have something negative to say about it was timed perfectly. Does that also mean that obama controlled the emeny too and told them when to hand over our prisoner. BAD POPPY COCK ! YOUR CLAIM IS LIKE SWISS CHEESE ….FULL OF HOLES.

      • southern tom says:

        …HECK, the guy is probably an actor, and is being paid to say whatever it is he’s going to say…

        • rockcut says:

          shaking my head at that last one …an Actor ?

        • southern tom says:

          …WHY not? You don’t think the regime would let him talk if they weren’t already positive of what he has to say, do ya? We haven’t even been able to talk to the survivors of the Benghazi attack, and now, all of a sudden, the “mastermind” is being brought to America to be put on trial, with all of America listening to every word… sounds fishy to me… but, then again, I’ve spent too much time in the sun today!

        • daisykmt says:

          If we really want the truth about what happened, then every point is a possibility and should be considered—including what you said.

      • patriotusa2 says:

        Poppy Cock?? No sense getting your bowels in an uproar, as I said nothing in my post that didn’t actually happen, except I was hoping that no one read this terrorist his Miranda rights. Where you are getting all this other stuff about Obama controlling the enemy, etc., is beyond me. Looks as though your liberal mind is experiencing undue stress.

    • southern tom says:

      …TOO LATE to interrogate him, he’s already been lawyered-up and read his rights…

      • Cynical Klown says:

        He has also agreed to do whatever the regime tells him. He’s either been bought, or they’re holding something over him.

      • woonsocket says:

        Doesn’t he have a right to legal defense or do you want John McCain to make that decision?

        • southern tom says:

          …THESE folks are enemy combatants… technically, they can be held indefinitely as pow’s… sooner or later ~ preferably sooner ~ folks here are gonna hafta wake up to the fact that we’re in a war for our very survival…

          …WE HAVE “bad guys” outside our country AND inside our country (even some in high positions of power)… and we have too many bleeding heart liberals who want to coddle them…

        • woonsocket says:

          You lose the argument. The war is winding down and Guantanamo is going to be closed. ALL POW camps close when a war ends. Ask military leaders if you don’t believe me.

          One day John McCain wants to close Guantanamo. The next day he wants the soldier to be tried on American soil and be in an American prison. The next day it’s keep Guantanamo. Which John McCain do you prefer?

          If you don’t want legal representation for everyone, then it’s up to Congress to change the law. The President doesn’t write & pass laws declaring that everyone is not entitled to legal representation. That’s the job of Congress. Call John Boehner & military leaders with your complaints unless you think that they are “bleeding heart liberals” as well.

        • daisykmt says:

          John McCain is a progressive and a rino—not sarcasm, simply fact. Conservatives understand that.
          Legal representation is for citizens, not enemy combatants.

        • jessica22 says:

          If he was considered an enemy combatant (like he should be) he would have NO constitutional rights.

    • daisykmt says:

      Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Same probably can be said for political cause/effect and action/reaction. It would seem that both the author of the article AND you in your comment are making excellent points. These are not emotional reponses, but facts and timing that did indeed happen. You make a good point that the news media would have spun it totally different had a right-leaning POTUS had this same timing occur on his watch. George Soros said, I believe it was after GW won in ’04, that never again would the media be a problem. Sure enough . . .

      • Frank Revelation says:

        “Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

        He learned that political theory on September 12, 2001.

    • woonsocket says:

      Why didn’t Republicans choose others instead of those 5? They knew about those 5 before the trade happened. There is no Obama victory lap, just your insults. Republicans urged Obama to bring that soldier home. That’s why The President thought that Republicans would be happy. Instead, the GOP turned against Obama after he did what they were asking for. If Obama had left the soldier overseas, Republicans would turn on him as well. Republicans are against Obama 24/7.

      You’re also at odds with military leaders who say that every soldier comes home.

      We don’t have all of the facts yet & this soldier is entitled to legal defense no matter what you want.

      • patriotusa2 says:

        We’ve had this discussion before, about the exact same thing and my answer to your question will still be the same. There were many Republicans including Democrats that objected to these five being released way back in 2009 when it was being discussed. Since the topic of discussion never came up again, no one expected Obama to release these men, and he did just that without 30 days notice to congress required by law. I really don’t care what you believe, or what your opinions are, but you are wasting your time trying to change mine.

  3. Hammer says:

    Do you think he will tell us why obama and hillery had ambassador Stevens murdered ????

    • southern tom says:

      …I SERIOUSLY doubt it… no way the regime would bring him here for trial without knowing exactly what he would say…

      • Hammer says:

        Your right of course…..I know why but I wish the rest of the country did so they would understand what evil people are running things in this country….but it probably wouldn’t matter to the low life gimme gimme croud…..

    • Cynical Klown says:

      If he could, he would be dead.

  4. Hammer says:

    This guy could be obamas son……Maybe dad should grow a beard….just say en….PERIOD…Medal of honor is in the works for him also and he will stand right nest to the deserter and traitor to get it….

  5. 4USA2 says:

    Doesn’t answer ONE QUESTION about what actually was going on in Benghazi. Nor does it answer the question “where was Obama the entire time this attack was going on and NOBODY COULD REACH HIM” which is mighty strange since he has a whole lot of security guards who all have cell phones and as “Commander and Chief” when this country is under attack, he should BE ABLE TO BE FOUND WITH NO DELAY! And how come no extra security was ever dispatched to Benghazi inspite of many requests? Oh, and who gave the “stand down” order which nobody seems to know who did that?? Oh, and who made up the Susan Rice story since the white House say it wasn’t them and the CIA say it wasn’t them? And why all the stone-walling for info, and the cover-up? Hillary says she won’t cooperate with any new investigation….not to wonder why because she SWORE UNDER OATH the first time around, that “she had never seen one request for extra security cross her desk” but one of those requests has now surfaced and her initials are ON IT. No wonder she doesn’t want to have to appear again to testify! The BIGGEST THING is WHAT IS THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT what was going on in Benghazi? Lets hope Congressman Trey Gowdy finds all the true facts and TELLS EVERYONE IN THE WORLD what those FACTS ARE! And then issues arrest warrants to hold those responsible, accountable!

    • daisykmt says:

      You are exactly right, 4USA2! Benghazi CANNOT go unexplained, unanswered, and unaccounted for. The four murdered Americans and their families deserve better than that! America as a nation is better than that!

      • southern tom says:

        …AND WHERE are the survivors of the attack? I’ve heard “about” them, but so far no one has been able to interview any of them…

  6. 4EVERu says:

    How is it he lets five of the most dangerous terrorists go, and then capture another who isn’t even in hiding? How cunning and stealthy do you have to be to capture a someone in plane sight? This guy may have a grudge and make Obama wish he had left him where he was at.

    • woonsocket says:

      Would you rather that Republicans choose? They already knew that those 5 were going to be transferred long before this happened. Check the internet and use the best words that you can think of in Google.

  7. abinico says:

    All of this is a huge conspiracy between the Mossad and the defense industry. The American people are being played for fools. We need NOTHING from the middle east – not their oil, not their hummus, and not their camels. The only benefit is to the Jews, who are laughing at the stupidity of the goys.

  8. OBAMA is the ENEMY !!

    • woonsocket says:

      Why? How? When did Republicans urge that the Obama do with the soldier in question? Was John McCain involved in any way? When did he urge Obama to do about it? Did any Republican know which 5 were going to be released?

    • Frank Revelation says:

      Your anti-American glee is psychopathic.

      • You are a traitor and deserve a firing squad ..

        • Frank Revelation says:

          Well Done ~ revealing your political philosophy exactly equal to Middle East Arab extremists & Communist China leaders.

          The “OBAMA is the ENEMY !!” patriotic psychopath John Barleycorn stripped down to his essence? ~ Is actually the geo-politcal equivalent to Taliban & Middle East Arab extremists (AND) Communist China’s policy for political dissidents.

          What a horror for you to be living in a 2-party system nation. Those Founding Fathers had it all wrong in your words, right? Right …..

  9. pysco says:

    It changes nothing: Request for more security was denied, rescue for forces were ordered to stand down, four Americans were killed, White House says the cause was a video, and not a terrorist attack. Later they recanted the story and says it was a terrorist attack, Administration was arming rebels with ties to Al Qaeda at Beghazi, they tried to cover it all up. Nothing Changed…………….

  10. woonsocket says:

    Mr. Camp, Can you think of any reason why The President didn’t tell Americans about how he was going to find the terrorists? Could it be that he did not want it broadcast to the entire planet?

    The president is not “drowning in scandals.” It’s only in your mind. Did you know that Daryll Issa has a criminal record? Former Gov. Bob McDonnell is still in legal trouble. Both Chris Christie & Scott Walker could be impeached and worse?

  11. klent job says:

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  12. taylorRod says:

    But like the boy who cried wolf, Obama’s perfectly timed pretexts for media adulation don’t set off the praise of the people or induce warm feelings in anyone — because his every single utterance is a lie. Now he’s taken the man into custody, and as you say this terrorist was not hiding but was available. So what’s Obama up to? Well, how about this? Hillary is running for President and Benghazi’s not going away. The paper trail and testimony proves that the “video” as protest spark that blew up into a full scale attack was fictional all the way. Now is a terrorist could be apprehended and then brought to US Federal Court (but meanwhile kept away from all media) he might well confirm the story of the video. Oh, now — we know that’s illogical, not true — but this pack of communist totalitarians don’t need assertions to be plausible. They’ll say they always said there was confusion. This way they push their contrived lie, their faked cover story — more toward the plausible, at least in the eyes of a media who’s looking for anything that they can misreport to bolster the image of their disintegrating idol (PS. Disintegrating image in the people’s eyes — but not failing to carry out laying down the legal basis for his fundamental transformation. In that he proceeds apace and really doesn’t care what people think or how unpopular he becomes. Remember – -to make an omelette you must break some eggs, right?) .

    No joy or applause was forthcoming when this reputed terrorist was arrested — because the people know damned well Obama is a liar. There’s not a “smidgeon” of corruption in the IRS scandal, though the investigation was barely under way and the corruption is so rampant and abundant it would cause Huey Long to blush.

    Regardless of what the terrorist says or how he testifies or any of that — the facts remain and we should not let them be obscured. Obama told the military to stand down and not to go to the aid of our people. The assertion made that there wouldn’t have been time is an impossibly illogical thing to say — like someone who calls and ambulance because their friend is having a heart attack. The ambulance doesn’t bother to come — and the medics claim the man died within 8 minutes and they could not have arrived short of 9 or 10. But when 911 received the call and the supervisor refused to send a unit — they could not possibly know how long they had to reach the dying man. He could have lingered 20 minutes or 45 or three hours. So the excuse that there wasn’t time is impossible to accept because it was impossible to know. The military assets who immediately would have sprung to our defense had to be actively told to “stand down.” And I’m quite sure they were. And where was Obama on the evening of the attack. No one seems to know. That’s odd. He was pictured in the situation room when Osama Bin Ladin was going down — and yet the hero in chief on Benghazi night was nowhere to be found.

    Hillary, the old new Democrat presidential hope has one huge hurdle to overcome — and that’s the face to face encounter with the parents of the dead young men a few days after their deaths. As the corpses were taken in body bags off the planes she lied to the parents telling them this tragedy was caused by a horrid video and the administration was going to get the man behind it. As usual they wouldn’t rest, which we hear an awful lot.

    It’s impossible that by that time Hillary didn’t know the video cover was a hoax, or even a mistake. There’s evidence to show that the video excuse was her own idea and she suggested it. But that she had to know by the day of bringing home the dead is a documented fact. And yet she and boss Obama still went on telling this preposterous lie.

    In addition to it offering cover for the manifestly false assertion that Al Qaeda was on the run and there was no longer any war or terror – – the video story was intended to kill two birds with one lie — and provide a legal rationale to censor free speech (the way Fast and Furious was contrived to provide evidence that stronger gun laws in the US were required to protect neighboring nations.)

    This restriction on free speech didn’t come from nowhere — but was based on a prior proposal by Islamic nations at the UN. They want the definition of free speech amended.

    Already it’s against the law to openly advocate violence — and there are curbs on that mode of speech. But the Islamics want the definition of advocation defined not by what is said but by the results of what’s been said.

    If one were to come out and say Mohammad was not on a par with Jesus and a gang of Islamic rabble were to take offense and burn a few cars or buildings or attack police — then your speech would be deemed as having advocated violence — because despite unprovocative content an outbreak of violence had resulted.

    That definition of free speech is not free speech at all, but a tricky, indirect way of banning any criticism of Islam — because your words — no matter how factual or mild or non-prejudicial — would appear to have resulted in violence and which by default your utterance had advocated. Everyone would be silenced by liability — and Islam would have succeeded in penetrating into our nation and nullifying the first amendment, or greatest freedom. Amazingly, disgustingly, ominously — Obama and Hillary are in favor of such curbs on free speech.

    That’s why I believe Obama and company chose the video as cover and then stuck to it way longer than was prudent. It not only served to deflect inquisitive eyes from the facts, but did so in a way that would bolster the UN plan to curb free speech. ( To make their point even after the truth was exposed they went ahead and imprisoned the video’s producer for a year — just to get their point across. That way the subterfuge was not a total loss, and the imprisonment in some twisted way would authenticate the idea they’d been mistaken, duped.

    This Obama and the Clinton Crone, Ms. Hillary — are not just guilty of negligence and malfeasance and maliciously lying too — it’s what the process of those things being unfolding reveals about their more fundamental goals and their hopes and plans for all of us – and that’s to shut you up and steal all your freedom and your liberty. Your job is to hear them and believe. Your job is to recognize their moral and intellectual superiority. Your job is to stop resisting. Your job is to believe a lie. Once you’re accomplished at so doing — there may be a place for you in the new order. If not — watch out.

  13. Colorado_Patriot60 says:

    “Obama & The Perfectly Timed Capture Of A Benghazi Suspect”

    So, how is their a Suspect for a random outbreak of violence over a video?

    Or, are they admitting that this was a TERRORIST ATTACK, finally?

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