San Antonio Cops Punch 70-Year-Old Man in the Face for Being a Diabetic

The police chief stated that there was an internal investigation, which found that his officers did nothing wrong. The advisory action board that made that determination was made up of seven civilians and seven police officers. If I were on that board, I would have ruled against the cops after seeing the dash cam video of the incident.

Seventy-year-old Thomas Mathieu is a diabetic. One night, he felt like he was about to have a low blood sugar episode, and because he was concerned for drivers around him, he stopped in a turn lane as soon as he could and passed out at the wheel. That was the last thing he remembered. The next thing he knew, his face was in the ground.

Police were called to the scene. News 4 San Antonio reported what happened next:

The officers arrived to find Mathieu slumped over the steering wheel, and told him three times to step out of the vehicle. Mathieu, who says he was not conscious at this point, refused to get out of the car and a struggle began. The officer punched Mathieu several times to get him to comply. In the officer’s report, he wrote that he struck Mathieu because he thought he was reaching for the car shifter to drive off. The officer said he feared the car might injure him or hit other vehicles, so he continued to punch Mathieu in the head. After about 30 seconds, the two officers pulled Mathieu out onto the roadway. But the struggle continued as they try to turn him over. During the incident, Mathieu can be heard, crying out as officers threatened to tase him. The officers finally gain control over Mathieu, just out of view of the camera, and it’s clear they believe they are dealing with a person who is under the influence of alcohol.

The dash cam video can be seen here:

When a civilian is unconscious and unresponsive, police take that as “refusing” to comply and “resisting arrest.” The only proper response to that is to punch the person in the face repeatedly and shove his face into the ground. Then maybe he’ll learn not to be so diabetic next time.



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  • patriotusa2

    Where do they get these men that we now call cops? Have the standards been lowered to a point where anyone can be a cop these days? Maybe this is one of those felons that Holder released from prison. My sarcasm is this day and age, could become a reality since a liberal’s idea of fairness and equality doesn’t seem to have any limitations.

    • Ron

      We used to have very high standards. Then for one or more reasons they lowered the standards, and evidently, have continued to lower them.

      • patriotusa2

        Yes, and unfortunately, it just gets progressively worse.

        • mperkins2

          Oh, so that’s what it means to be a “progressive”.

        • patriotusa2

          Yes, I realized that was a play on words, but it does fit in nicely with the liberal agenda.

        • mperkins2

          To a tee. I just couldn’t resist.

        • violater1

          And it was factually on the mark as well!

        • John H. Kohlenberg

          That is because we put God in the closet.

        • mallen11

          Absolutely. That is where our personal and national problems start because God is not longer known because He is not being taught in our homes and in our churches.

        • stonemike

          No, this is because we have come to ignore our responsibility to see that govt answers to us and not the other way around !

      • rosech

        And raise their salaries and pay then unnecessary overtime, and allow their unions to flourish and all on our taxes! Obama has been working on militarizing the police and in the main has succeeded.

        • boone1

          Sorry the militarizing of the police force was going on long before obama came along.And I don’t like obama.

        • TheBitterClinger1

          Indeed Ruby Ridge was Bush l while Waco was Clinton. Fascism has many admirorers.

        • boone1

          Yes it does and now is the time to wipe it out.

        • stonemike

          All govt is inherently EVIL! If unleashed at all, it always becomes “authoritarian” !

        • Guest

          Ruby Ridge was in 1992. Clinton was President then, not Bush 41.

        • James Ritchie

          Yes, it was, but Obooba has made it ten times worse, and his administration is the one arming DHS, and even the IRS, like storm troopers.

      • Shofar threading

        This proves power currupts.

      • colsooonscoorner

        They seem to have hit bottom. Beating a 70 year old is outrageous.

        • Jay Star

          Yes, I am at that age and diabetic. Guess I can look forward to being assaulted by the law soon!

        • stan0301

          I am far more afraid of the cops than the crooks–there are more of them–and they many have real personality problems

        • RedRiverD

          And they have guns…..

        • Ddenney1

          They want yours too now that’s silly scary!!!

        • violater1

          Yep assholes with guns not a healthy situation to be on the recieving end of!

        • violater1

          Yeah many cops out there today are mental cases or have the bully syndrome! Have known a couple of them and the are real asshole types!

        • colsooonscoorner

          I have a suggestion. If you don’t already have one get a medical emergency bracelet that states your condition.. I don’t know how much good it would do with cops like those, but it’s at least a chance.

        • walda151

          I have worn a medical alert bracelet for over 15 years, and no one has ever checked it to see what it says – doctor visits, emergency rooms, and hospitalizations included – NO ONE has ever checked it. Your suggestion is a good one, but only if someone takes the few seconds it takes to read it.

        • colsooonscoorner

          That is such a shame. Maybe we ought to raise cain with them and get them used to checking for such things. People wear those things for a purpose. All entities should get used to checking for them. I know easier said than done.

        • sandraleesmith46

          EMS personnel used to check, it was part of our training. But that was back in the “dark ages”… must be too low tech now, or something.

        • Reverend Joe Ruyle

          That and it requires that one know how to read. Leftist indoctrination centers do have a real sound record on the old school foundational subjects. However….. if you wish to learn about almost ANY form of sexual activity or deviancy then a modern “school” is the place to flock to.

        • sandraleesmith46

          They stopped teaching reading, back when my youngest sibling was starting school. That was about 3 generations of kids back. But there’s a specific, easily recognizable symbol on such devices, which should alert them to tell medical staff the person wearing it has health issues. On the other side of the coin, would you want an illiterate paramedic working on you? I wouldn’t!

        • boone1

          I ready don’t think cops care I think they get there kicks on beating up people and love doing it.

        • VicBailey

          These dumb cops of today CAN’T read, they can only abuse Old Folks, Women and Kids! They know that a REAL MAN would kick their a$$! I call them Bama’s Punk Brigade! Semper Fi.

        • theronald

          Sometimes I wonder if they can read.

        • RDB

          Good point, but rogue low esteemed cops like this would ignore it it they saw a bracelet. They are useless cops who should be fired, along with the police chief for protecting them. Where’s the mayor of San Antonio? He should get involved unless hes also in agreement with the police chief and rogue cops. San Antonio, another city I would not live in or near!

        • sandraleesmith46

          You need to press 2 for him to understand you…

        • Fed Up!

          I know a cop in San Antonio but I think he still works homicide. I wonder what he thinks about this. Personally, I still say, NEVER TRUST A COP!

        • Mister_Jim

          You say they should be fired? Why are you so kind? They should be tried, sentenced and severely punished for their crimes. (After they’ve been fired and stripped of their pension, which wold be awarded to their victims).

        • RDB

          Well, I just have to agree with you. Good point. That is prob ly the only way to get rogue cops under control since the mayor appears to do nothing.

        • Fed Up!

          I have a medic alert bracelet and NO BODY looks at it. Not even the medical people!

        • colsooonscoorner

          Ive gotten that message before. Seems we have to start a Medical Alert ALERT! Wake the “professionals” up.

          They advise you to get them. OOPS I forgot! Ridiculous!

        • stonemike

          Be sure the bracelet is worthless, these bastards might just steal it off your wrist !

        • sandraleesmith46

          Apparently so, unless you wear a large block printed sign everywhere, proclaiming you’re DIABETIC not drunk!

        • provemewrong

          Carry Jolly Ranchers with you at all times!

        • sandraleesmith46

          Especially when said 70 year old is semi conscious and NEEDS treatment for a hypoglycemic state which won’t resolve on its own!

        • boone1

          Yep they should have there AZZES IN jail.

      • johnnywood

        Maybe the officers know that they may be shot by a perp just for the “fun” of it so they are a little squeemish when they approach an unknown situation.

        • drtevans

          no they are just cowards with a badge. if they are that scared mcdonalds is hiring

        • johnnywood

          Have you ever been a cop? I doubt it.

        • Jay Star

          You used to be taught what to do in situations before becoming an offiver of the law. Now it seems like they are graduates of the comedy Police Academy! Even rent-a-cops are trained better, at least some are. Not “Lets play macho and beat up a 70 year old man!”

        • Robert

          How many cops have been shot by a perp versus the number of them beating the shit or tasing people that did not deserve it.

        • RedRiverD

          NO EXCUSE!!!!
          There are “rules” for approaching a vehicle of unknown situations and this was obviously NOT done properly.
          The just made an assumption and over reacted and then covered their sorry asses.

        • johnnywood

          I am not defending these officers actions. They were obviously poorly trained but the general tone of the comments were getting a little out of hand. I would not want to be a police officer in a big city as I know what they have to put daily. Bad cops should be disciplined or even removed from the force but the attitude of many of these comments were over the top.

        • RedRiverD


        • sunshinegirl

          We’ve never had this many problems with our Policemen, all the shootings, and problems with wanting gun control until this stupid JA illegal himself got in office. Someone needs to walk in and handcuff Obama, drag him out of the W H, try him for all the crap in has done where TREASON is concerned and put him before the firing squad. We don’t need garbage like him put in prison to partake more of taxpayers money by keeping him,

      • Randolph Rivers

        We have lowered or standards for presidents also. Next president will be one of the monkeys that flew into outer space as test pilots.

        • Dennis S Winningstad

          Those monkeys are long dead and far too snart. We will have to settle for that Sewer Trout from the cesspool of Chicago poli-TICKS for another 2 years…then we get another Democrap or a RINO…same old, same old…

        • pghpatriot

          we will get the….same old….same old…….if millions of voters have that attitude. when one starts with a defeatist attitude, loss is inevitable. if it is destiny that I lose, I am at least going down fighting. That is exactly why we are in this crap, because millions of ‘what’s the use’ voters stayed home and the liberals and idiots voted in this scourge. Yes, if you or others want a Dem or RINO in 2014 and 2016…. stay home and don’t vote. Just don’t waste yours and our time (I’m not saying YOU didn’t vote or wouldn’t vote) complaining about the ‘thing’ you(whomever) helped create.

        • Dennis S Winningstad

          Yup, millions of voters stayed home in 2012 and we got term 2 with the sewer trout. I vote, but mainly to say ‘NO’ to any tax increase/bond/levy et al. Here in Oregon, it is a very blue state. We’ll see this year if some or many are tired of career politicians and crony capitalism. So rile them up. pghpatriot and get ’em out there! I’ve watched this crap for 45 years or so; it just gets worse. Looks like I’m going to die in a pile of brass with my boots on.

        • WILD GOOSE

          That is a better way to go. better than on Your knees beging for Your life. vote its free for the free

        • ErSwnn

          Yep…the unfortunate truth is We The People allowed this to happen. We gave away our dominate political power, a rightous vote, for the bag of silver. We have continued to fail at removing those who became corrupt. Such cases as an out of control police department should be addressed at municipal levels through regular meeting and elections. We voted in those who we then gave our power to use in our behalf, when they fail to use our power properly we have a duty to remove them. We have failed to remove them and now live with police forces who believe thay hold the power over the people rather than the intended tenet that the people hold the power over the police.

          But we all know the root cause to our demise. The 30 pieces of silver. Too many of us gave away our power for money. We gave away our freedom for money. We gave away our souls for money. Well…….not all of us, but far too many of us. And now we have what we have.

          Vote ALL of them out. We need to start fresh, send a message and get back to Constitutional standards. The good ones will be back, the bad ones will fade away. And when another corrupt elected offical appears, we vote them back under the rock they came from.

          Soap box, ballot box, jury box, ammo box. The Framers made sure we had these tools to protect our freedom and retain our power. We need to get back to using them as intended.

        • walda151

          I sure wish we could have a ticket with Ted Cruz as president and Trey Gowdey as vice president. I truly believe such a team would have our country back where is belongs in short order!

        • sunshinegirl

          Do your homework and learn all you can about the candidate you’re looking to vote for. Know what they have done in their community….right or wrong….Know their background so you have something to evaluate them on.That’s why we have Obutthead in there twice because NO ONE stopped to look up anything about him. Find out everything you can on that person so you have something to go on.

        • CHABSENTIA

          Lucky he didn’t have a service dog in the car as they probably would have shot it.You will have a Democrat in the WH after Obama by the name of Hillary. Seven out of ten women voted for Obama in the last election.There will be more for Hillary. The media wets their pants every time they talk about her and the election is two years away. There is a new t.v. series coming next week called ‘Madame Secretary” Guess the propaganda there. Hillary just released a book rewriting her history. There are plenty of low information voters who believe everything they see on T.V. by such tools as Letterman,SNL , The View and Celebrities. Then we have the Unions and the Blacks who march in lockstep with the Democrats. Then we have the Senate controlled by the Democrats who refuse even ans up or down vote on 185 Bills passed by the Republican House in the last year yet there are people who have become convinced that the Republicans are the Obstructionist party. This Country is finished. We might have had a chance to reverse it in the last election and even that is doubtful. The people elected the status quo for eight straight years. We now have to go back to Iraq i sme form. There are already over 300 marines and special forces on the ground there. Yet Obama claimed the Terrorists were gone. Your problem is Iran also. Iraq has two religions and the majority are Shite. The majority of people in Iran are Shite. The people attecking Iraq are Shites. We will also have to fight Iran or make a deal with them for them not to become involved to help their religious faction. Anybody who thinks this Country is not finished is Naive.

        • Dennis S Winningstad

          Career politicians and crony capitalism have ruined this country. I am hopeful the Hildabeast won’t make it as her book is bombing and the main stream media is starting to ask tough questions…much to her dismay. She got cranky with one from CNN and one from PBS. She is 67 now and not a good speaker. Yup, the brain dead morons are easily manipulated by the press who are generally in the tank with demos. Good point, the Pubs are the obstructionists????? Harry Reid is THE obstructionist.

        • ShamanBlair

          Or a Kardashian, or Miley “the slutlette” Cyrus….

        • Sonar612

          We should be so lucky. The Monkeys performed their duties, flawlessly.

        • pysco

          Probably do a better job than the one we have now.

        • frawgeyz

          Perhaps one of those monkeys would be a better choice than the choices we are being given!

        • Richard

          That might be an improvement but with all the dead people and illegals voting he would still be a Liberal!

      • ADRoberts

        The problem is the MILITARIZATION of the LEOs. They are being trained that ALL people are criminals, terrorists, and deserved to be beaten to a pulp if you happen to NOT HEAR, not understand, or don’t act fast enough.
        Truly, cops are becoming the enemy of law abiding citizens.

      • David Conner

        Sadly its a race game now. I know the officer that was assaulting the gentleman was white yes. But what I am saying is when we change our hiring process to a racial standard the crap that starts to leak in the holes in the walls is truly not qualified! I watch it day in and day out in central TX. The fire dept. has to look at race when hiring instead of book and physical test scores. Then only buddies get in when their is an opening besides the racial hires.

        • rhondareichel

          From my experiences in San Antonio it’s not the Hispanic or black officers that are abusive….mostly white ones. I’m white too but that doesn’t make them treat me courteously. That may just be a coincidence but so far that’s how it’s been. Cops here were mostly nice all my life but only a few bad apples… there are a lot of them. I have cops that are friends too so there are some nice ones too. If we had a better chief we’d have a better force. He sets the tone and as in this case discipline seems non existant

      • Saltporkdoc

        It was called “affirmative action”. Had to become PC even in the 70’s!

      • boone1

        Yes very true they lowered the standards so blacks can pass the test and not make NAACP mad it them.

      • sc

        it is called “equal opportunity” you have to lower the standards to comply with the new common core that is being taught.

      • violater1

        Thanks to the ACLU and their liberal supporters!

      • OutdoorFrontiers

        I was a professional firefighter/emt for over 20 years. I remember some firefighters from a nearby city complaining that the testing procedures had been lowered to encourage minorities to apply. When they gave the test, NO ONE passed. So they re-wrote the test again and called all the applicants back to re-test. And still NONE passed! So they sent the answer sheets to these stellar applicants and even then, they barely got enough “successful” applicants to run through the fire academy… Yes, they’ve lowered the bar for protective service personnel tremendously….

    • Elaine Bruemer

      From Obama

    • Tony

      Liberals are fraidy cats. Liberal cities like Austin are full of cops who are fraidy cat liberals. What do you expect from people who have no character but are given power? DC is full of them.

      • ADRoberts

        Read again. This was San Antonio, where Christians are fired for being Christians.

    • Alupara

      The Clinton’s “Cop On Every Corner” program lowered the standards to unleash these thugs on us.

      • You can call me Al

        Good point. I had almost forgotten about that fiasco.

    • DustyFae

      Muslim train and most are muslims and anti-Americans… They are sick people who believes Obama will save them as long as they attack the Whites, Christians and Vets… But once Obama get done with their slavery bowing to him, Obama won’t trust them and have them thrown under the bus..Just dumb-down idiots that are shining Obama’s shoes… They are unaware they are being lied to and being used… Idoits, just untrained idoits…

    • j0e cave

      as soon as I recovered I would witch cops were involved put a bullet in each head

      • johnnywood

        I rest my case after reading so many of these responses. I challenge any of you to do the job of a big city police officer before you condemn these guys.Yes, they make mistakes but if they were as bad as some of you claim, they would have just shot the old man and planted a “throw down” gun on his body. I have a friend who was a Sgt. on S.A.P.D. and he is not a “police state tyrant” as some of you claim. Furthermore I worked for the Texas Dept. of Public Safety for 29 years and I know most officers go above and beyond even for miserable ingrates who do not even deserve it. Walk a mile in their shoes then shut up.

        • OldRockerguy

          If you saw an older gentleman that was parked on the side of the road and slumped over the steering wheel would your first thought be to haul him out of the car and punch him in the face?

        • drtevans

          liberal scum defending rouge cops….nothing to see here move along

        • USA Lover

          Well Johnny sounds like you’ve got wood for the LEOs…. until one of them cracks your head open for taking a nap I guess.

        • 2011RedSox

          USA, ignore janeywould, when you do, he has little to which to respond except to interrupt threads… when that happens his checks stop coming in from Soros, and then he finds himself unable to buy new pajamas in which to work as a troll.

    • Sonar612

      I suspect the San Antonio Police Department has a Leadership problem. One can expect a Police Chief to pony up for his officers. But, to have the Internal Affairs not only condone the beating of an elderly, unarmed, passed out man? I expect Lawyers across the State of Texas are lining up to represent Mr. Mathieu’s lawsuit against the Department and individual officers. More, an Officer unable to recognize the difference between a drunk and a person suffering a potentially life threatening event; should not be trusted to carry a weapon or patrol the streets of an American city! First rule when encountering a passed out person, in an automobile, side of the road, wherever: Call the EMTs!

      • patriotusa2

        You’d think they would have had enough common sense to suspect the possibility that he might be ill. I think some of these guys are actually sublimating their bases instincts by being a cop.

      • sunshinegirl

        Absolutely correct Sonar . Even in Nursing School we learn how to discern a medical problem. I thought all cops had to learn things like this as well.
        Why would someone slumped over a steering wheel on the side of the road passed out be able to comply with a command when they could see something had to be wrong. They should have called the EMT’s as soon as they evaluated there was something wrong. Besides if the guy had been drunk they should have been able to smell the liquor.
        Just goes to show you some people just don’t think or know how to triage a certain condition. In order to even do CPR you shake a person and ask if they are ok. These cops didn’t do crap and I KNOW THEY have to have training in they can use it if need be.

      • ch2801

        Heart attack? Cerebral hemorrhage? Diabetic coma? Anopilaxic reaction? I would consider those first if someone were not reacting. But then I care about people.

    • Robert

      Third world bannana republics.

    • Jim Horn

      Ignorant, poorly trained and undisciplined thugs in uniform. I hope that sues the living shit out of the city and demands that these idiots be fired.

      The man is handicapped and the copy tried to kill him under the color of authority.

    • Johnny

      Apparently these officers law enforcement skills are lacking. Man could have be removed from vehicle with our striking him with fist. Normally Officers are trained to use a arm bar to remove any unruly violator from their vehicle. Officers also could have reached across and put the vehicle in park and removed the keys. There were numerous things they could have down other than beat a 70 year old man! I spent 31 years in Law Enforcement and served as commander of an internal affairs unit with my department And based on what I saw I possible would have ruled against the officer for excessive force. Striking the subject numerous times was unnecessary. If the Officer was properly trained in removal Technics this could have been avoided.

      • sunshinegirl

        Thank You Johnny!!!! You HAVE walked in those shoes and you DO understand what should have been done. I’ve met some real descent cops in my day, but I have also seen some pretty power hungry cops also.
        Appreciate your comment

      • patriotusa2

        I appreciate your service as a law enforcement officer, and in my haste to question the caliber of men that we now seem to employ, I did not mean to demote all those good guys who have put their lives on the line for the safety of the general public. I agree with you that many of these people either aren’t trained properly or just like playing rough.

    • boone1

      Cops today are complete morons with no brains.

  • MaxAR15

    I’m old and remember my parents telling me as a child, the police man is your friend, so is the fireman.

    • Ron

      Not anymore, it seems. If stopped by the police… say yes sir, no sir and cooperate, unless you like to be beat up.

      • DavidMacko

        That is hard to do if you are unconscious. When the Reds captured Russia and other countries they released thugs from prisons to act as police officers so that they would have totally immoral monsters to carry out the enslavement of the people. It certainly appears that the same process is going on now in Amerika.

        • Co-Reigner

          Yes–follow the example of our chief commandante: Say yes sir, no sir, and bend over.

      • thisoldspouse

        What do you think police officers would have done in this situation 50 years ago?

        • Ron

          50 years ago they might have called an ambulance for a sick person.

        • thisoldspouse

          Do you think that police 50 years ago might have reasonably assumed that this driver was drunk?

        • iitywybad

          NO – I think 50 years ago they would have used their “NOSES” and realized that NO alcohol was involved.

      • Alupara

        If your name is on the list and you’re targeted for rough treatment, you’re going to get beat up anyway. Believe me I know.

      • chamuiel

        what if you cannot say yes sir, and no sir. what if they don’t let you say anything.

  • Puckmeister1

    As is with most of the Political and Police structure and personnel, there seems to be no ramifications for stupidity, being a bully, dishonesty, etc. Therein lies the problem with our society in general.

    • Cheryl Elsass

      Yes ! I agree fully

    • ADRoberts

      Actually the bullies ARE taking charge and are supposed to stop the bullying. They won’t. That is their job.
      You would think that this Chief would realize that defending abuse will::
      1. Shorten his career.
      2. Cause the public to increase their resistance to LEOs and eventually become their enemy.
      But then, there is nothing to compare to rationalization and dishonesty.

  • vladilyich

    I’m surprised that, since the man was unconscious, they didn’t try to charge him with “resisting arrest” because he didn’t respond to a “lawful order”. I expect that’s next, given the attitude of the chief.

    • ADRoberts

      Actually he was not technically unconscious. He was so out of it that he did not know what was happening, what they were saying, or anything else. But he was able to make noise and say words.
      You see, good cops don’t always ASSUME that you are drunk when you are slumped over the wheel, even though most people are. They would give you the benefit of the doubt.
      But with muslims and criminals out there, trying to kill ANY American, I understand their fear. If they can’t handle it, they will quit. And we will be left with a higher percentage of thugs wearing badges.

  • jwright673

    Not all departments are like that thank God. The department I retired from has mandatory training to recognize signs of medical impairment as opposed to drunkenness or drug impairment. The training is provided by medical and social personnel and is well received by the officers. Please don’t judge all police officers by the actions of a few. I don’t care what profession it is, the bad apples always seem to bob to the top while the ones who day in/day out do the jobs they were hired to do with no hint of problems. I’d prefer it that way, identify the bad apples and toss them.

    • You can call me Al

      The problem is that “the few” is a rapidly growing group who have become a majority in many police depts (large and small). Jack booted thugs abound.

      I used to respect LEOs, but, for the most part, don’t anymore.

      • ADRoberts

        Use the same attitude that the cops should be using. Approach cops very carefully, treating them as if they were good. But be aware that they CAN be bad and you have to be ready to keep from dying at their hands.

    • iitywybad

      You’re absolutely right! We have a wus police chief who is nothing but a lap dog to the Mayor who appointed him. We have a few bad apple policemen, but most of the ones I have met are devoted. I have two nephews who have been in law enforcement, and neither of them would do anything like this, and would stop it if they saw it happening.

  • a_browning

    How much violence does it take to subdue an unconscious person? And what is worse, is the review board gave them a pass. No wonder the police think they can get away with anything including murder.

    • You can call me Al

      A cop recently drowned a young prisoner, who was in handcuffs here in MO. The guy was cuffed and supposedly had a life jacket, but mysteriously ended up drowning as he fell from a boat – while in custody.

    • ADRoberts

      Seven cops and seven civilians. Who do you suppose chooses the civilians. And what do you suppose would happen to them, if they refuse to clear abuse?

  • Swed.

    Take your police force back and fire, prosecute these thugs.

    Publish the names of the people on the Advisory Action Board, sue them for violation of the gentlemens civil and Constitutional rights, then go after the “cops” civilly for damages.

    • The duck

      Holder would file a court caseagainst any state using reason or following the law or even upholding our laws. Reson has gone off the board since idiots have elected a Muslim.

      • Swed.

        So Pork Filled Hollow Points then?

        • ADRoberts

          I wish I had some money. I would start a company making bullets with pork already in the hollow points.
          I bet that Holder would put me in indefinite detention for being a terrorist against terrorists.
          I assure you, if muslims came to realize that a great many Americans were putting pork in their bullets, it WOULD terrify them.

        • Swed.

          Jihawg Ammo Pork tipped bullets.

    • Shofar threading

      I repeat, “Rick Perry: get on this case !!!!!!!!!”

      • Swed.

        Rick Perry is Texas, No local DA available?
        Of course the Citizens could simply defund these clowns and replace them with a private police force, been done in dozens of cities.
        There are thousands of Ex-Military that are better trained, Loyal and decent. Also Non-Union.

        • Dmac73

          So many good men and woman out there would be perfect. And would put many unemployed back to work. Perfect idea.

        • Shofar threading

          Read ADRoberts’ comments to me below and mine to him with video.

      • ADRoberts

        Rick Perry is a Bilderberg. He is only pretending to be against the establishment socialists.
        You see, in order to make sure that the opposition does not actually do enough to stop your plans, you have to TAKE control of the opposition. And then you make sure that they do JUST ENOUGH to appear to be doing their job. But now really do it.
        Folks, PRAYER is the only answer.
        According to VEGGIE TALES, “God is the biggest one.” And he is.

        • Shofar threading

          Thank you for the reminder, AD. I should have remembered the Bilderberg video and Perry’s appearance at a CFR meeting (where just about any name in U.S.politics appears — see below). This becomes disheartening and if, eventually in His timing, I didn’t believe the Lord would triumph over satan’s workers, I would become a crying puddlel But I’m not — because He WILL, alleluia.

          BILDERBERG from

    • Dmac73

      I like that idea. Help this guy out so he shouldn’t have to worry about the cost of anything.

  • DockyWocky

    I always associate this type of cop with Hitler’s thugs. If possible, pre-testing should be done to see if applicants for cop schools can actually read Mein Kampf.

    It takes a certain kind of low mentality to actually read the thing. If they can read it, they will make good thugs.

    • Marty

      Pre-testing, it seems, is done in order to identify cops like these. After they are identified, they are then HIRED!


    William McManus is a piece of slime, and needs to be replaced as Chief of the SAPD… At least he is no longer wearing his Nazi style hat, and cut his hair…

    • You can call me Al

      So he’s now an azzhole with a new hat and a haircut. Get rid of him.

  • thisoldspouse

    How does an “unconscious” person resist?

    • Alupara

      “Resisting” is a “catch-all” charge they use against you. It is impossible to defend yourself against it in court.

    • chamuiel

      If you don’t do exactly what the Police say to do, and at the exact moment they say to do it, you are resisting arrest. It does not matter if you are having a medical emergency, you did not move fast enough, and you are resisting an arrest.

      I, once removed my 2 1/2 year old crying sick great Grand Daughter from back seat of my Grand daughter and her husbands car, and one of the two policemen involved was shouting at me that I was resisting arrest. Two Houston Policemen had stopped them in front of my home. One policeman was telling the out of control policeman to stop. The second police who was cursing the entire time had body slammed my Grand son in law onto the car hood. When my Grand Daughter started crying and asked the out of control policeman what he was doing, and that they had done nothing wrong, he grabbed her and slammed her head down on the hood. My Grand Daughter was screaming and asking me to get her daughter out of the car, (they had just returned from the Doctor) the out of control cop told me I was resisting arrest, and threatened to put me down on the hood.

      The second cop was trying to get the out of control cop to stop.
      By this time about thirty people were on the street and starting to get angry.
      The good cop told the out of control cop to get in the car so they could leave. If they didn’t there was going to be a riot.
      A couple of hours later, a Judge dismissed all charges against my Grand Daughter and Grand son in law. They had done nothing wrong, just a rogue cop full of hate out of control.

      I do not trust Police any longer, and have not for some time.
      Many have become animals with guns and badges.They have become arrogant jack booted thugs. You give them a gun, and a badge and it goes to their heads. They can do whatever they want to, and get away with it.

    • ADRoberts

      If you don’t hear? If you don’t understand? If you don’t respond at lightening speed, BAD cops will declare that you did not obey a lawful order. Therefore, you are resisting arrest.
      And you can be charged with resisting arrest EVEN IF you have done nothing else wrong.
      This is just one of many things that are going on as corrupt, forceful, dominating egotistical bullies abuse their power.
      I am 6’3: and weigh over 300. As a diabetic, I still aware that arrogant cops wanting to prove they are superior CAN hurt me. I just hope they are aware that I MIGHT resist with sufficient force to overcome them.

  • camdenme2

    Shoot the s.o.b.’s!

  • teedoffatobama

    his lawyer will take lots of money from the city and those officers should be fired and disbarred from ever being a police officer again because they chose the wrong way to handle this

    • Bill

      Including the Police Chief!

      • teedoffatobama

        no apology is acceptable only a extreme amount of cash will satisfy the injured and make sure it never ever happens again anywhere, but if it does use this case as precedent to follow on

        • ADRoberts

          You can sue. But unless you are able to get a jury trial, are not prevented from suing the city or some other excuse, the case will NOT court room for decades. And the man is SEVENTY.

        • teedoffatobama

          with the pressure of the news media and the videos of it , the case is easy and the city would settle out of court because they ain’t got a leg to stand on

      • iitywybad

        ESPECIALLY the Police Chief and every member of the Advisory Action Board.

  • C K Johnson

    It is to the point in the United States that we must a very large group of posses . To protect our citizen from the ignorance of San Antonio Chief of Police. When you find someone unconscious you call 911. When you see stupid POLICEMAN pounding a diabetics face in the ground. I would use what ever force I could to help the man being beaten. Because he was having a diabetic seizure . That is criminal just to say do not be so DEIBETIC next time. All involved including the Chief should be put at Huntsville prison. See how they like getting their head beat against the concrete walls.

    • Shadowdark7

      yeah and being made the little girlfriend of some 600 pound 6’7″ bruiser named Bubba that has a personal thing for the little ‘Piglets’

  • bobmead1960

    Welcome to the nation wide police state!

  • sandman

    Being afraid he was going to “Put it in gear and drive off”????!!!! what a load of BS that is! if you look at the video anyone can see with their own eyes the brake lights NEVER go on! and I do know about you, but every newer car like the Nissan in question has a shifter lockout so you can not “put it in gear” unless you put your foot on the brake!!!! Not to mention the FACT the police cruiser is in the way! So this is just a poor excuse to cover for the cops! I wonder who the “seven civilians” were on the panel?

    • drbhelthi

      – considering the overall event, one could think that the “seven civilians” were former policement who had been fired for malfeasance and crimes such as the one in subject.
      On the other hand, why was the man driving a car, in his condition?

      • ADRoberts

        You are obviously NOT a diabetic. I am.
        It is a balancing act, between insulin and food. And the MAIN foods that make a difference are carbs. So I can feel the problem as it approaches, but really did not plan to not eat enough carbs. I do not intentionally put myself in danger and, for myself, have NEVER passed out.
        BUT. When it is coming and you have nothing to eat to stop it (it takes at least 15 minutes for the sugar to hit the blood stream) all you can do is take action that you can.
        Next time, before you ask dumb question, do some research.

        • drbhelthi

          You are correct in that I am not a diabetic.
          On the remainder, you are incorrect.
          Your stance suggests that you are not aware of applicable research to both types of the condition.
          The question is appropriate, and people who choose to remain diabetics, and who do not adequately plan ahead, should not be driving a car on roads where other people drive.

      • sandman

        Yes I can see how you would think that, but many folks are out there with the disease and live long happy and productive lives, but the key is their medication! and taking it, and keeping their sugar levels constant. This man apparently did not, but no mater, would anyone want to be treated like this? I think not!

        • drbhelthi

          Yes, many persons have the ailment, to which there are more approaches than one. Medicating the symptoms is the standard approach, few persons mediate their food intake and most are continuously overweight.
          The treatment by the police of this man was an insult to humanity. They were not only ill-trained, but seem to have had no experience as adults with illness and sick persons. All police persons involved in the incident deserve punitive action.

  • USPatriotOne

    I want to know were this cops lives, we need 5,000 people to show on his front lawn NOW…!!!! Notice to the Military Police, when “We the People” take our nation back you will be held accountable for all your illegal actions…!!!

  • Watchmanonwall

    I can’t say what I think should be done to those “peace officers” Thugs with a badge.

  • Archie Bunker

    Same thing happened to me at Love Field airport several years ago. I went Hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and I got roughed up pretty bad. Dislocated shoulder etc. the stupid pig said I resisted when he tried to remove a device from my belt. He was trying to remove my insulin pump and I guess I got riled when they pulled the tubing out of my body. He said he thought it was an iPod. Guess I’m lucky these morons didn’t kill me. Wow, whatever happened to protect and serve. I hate the bastards and my dad was a sheriff killed in the line of duty. He was the last of the good cops.

    • TiredVET1

      You are probable right just wish that someone would take them to the cleaners to wake them up suspend them and fine them and fine the office as well they might start training like they should be and not become a militarized Police force.

  • TiredVET1

    This needs to go to court and sock it to them and maybe then it will not happen again.

    • Archie Bunker

      Problem is the lawyer will ask…what are your damages. If it amounts to only a few thousand in medical, they won’t take the case, and the cops will band together to protect their own even if one makes a mistake or bad call.

  • Lamont_Madison

    Cops are out of control. Hope this man sues those san Antonio thugs.

  • EllenBernal

    G E S T A P O !!!!! Nothing new.

  • Mathematical certainty

    Most police officers in this country have average IQ’s ranging from 85 to 100. Most thrive on the power that the badge presents: a gun, a flak jacket, the ability to commit murder and rape and rarely be questioned, the protection of their brothers-in-blue and corrupt police unions, the ability to steal criminal evidence to either sell (drugs etc.) or help their cases if questioned, the freedom to threaten, intimidate, bully, and physically harm his fellow citizens.
    Notice the officers involved were found innocent, and the moronic chief justified their actions. The seven civilians were undoubtedly either related to the seven officers in the hearing or were threatened to find the officers in question not guilty.
    Welcome to the new America!

  • Joe

    That jerk deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life. Where do they get these cops? 1) This elderly man is obviously confused. 2) law enforcement are not executioners or judges. I hope this man sues the police, city and county because of this. This is happening more and more.


    Those were not cops, they were dumbasses with no right to a badge….

  • crittergirl

    Hope this man hires a good lawyer and sues the crap out of these Nazis.

  • sheinLV

    7 civilians voted that the cops did nothing wrong!!!???

    • FedUpChuck!

      They were probably the spouses of the cops!

      • sheinLV

        This story is so offensive on so many levels

  • James Graham

    I guess it was too much to ask for these pigs to simply remove the ignition key.

    • chamuiel

      they were too scared.

  • Mav

    Vigilant citizens should take note of the involved “officers” (Jackboots), and then render due and proper punishment to them — of the lethal variety. That might encourage other Jackboots to behave themselves. It might do the community good to render due justice to the Chief Jackboot as well.

    If we don’t start fighting back, it will just continue to get worse and worse.

    • FedUpChuck!

      It’s like that all over the U.S. these days. They refuse to”PROTECT AND SERVE”! Instead they hire Combat Ready” Vets who only understand one thing and that’s violence against anyone who is not a part of their own. They don’t take the time to properly assess the situation, instead taking the attitude that Everyone is a criminal and should be beaten into submission. It is their cowardly “Packlike Mentality”!


    San Antonio is full of “backs”s on their police dept. All of the training in the world won’t help. Oh so you say that’s a racist statement – get use to it.

    • chamuiel

      How could there be that many blacks on the police force? Most of San Antonio is hispanic. There are very few whites.

      • ZACAL

        I said backs Not blacks. Or wetbacks

  • El Vagabondo

    Didn’t our puppet in chief say in one of his campaign threats that he wanted a civilian militia that answered only to him? Well, here we go.

  • CombatBoots

    I hope he has a good lawyer and OWNS that police department before this is over.

  • aeray

    The officers responsible need to be removed from the police force and prosecuted.

  • Scirel

    Fire the Chief for thinking his officers acted appropriately. Bring a Civil Rights case against the officers. Make sure to use a JURY. Duh.

  • ScottJor

    Cops? no. Thugs? Yes.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Good grief, where did these cops get trained, K-Mart? Did they bother to look at the wrist for a medical bracelet? Did they smell alcohol? THIS…is why it’s so hard to be in LE today; too many idiots like this making it hard for all the good folks.

  • Shofar threading

    Rick Perry: get on this case !!!!!!!!!

  • cedarcreekman

    San Antonio, probably Meskins!!!!!!!!!!!

  • William Riley

    As an attorney I love lawsuits like this. We will sue for $3 Million and file court papers. The city’s insurance company will stall and force us to court. As I walk up the courthouse steps with my client to the courtroom, we will settle with the Insurance Co. for $750,000 plus hospital costs. I get 30% and my client gets the rest. The city’s insurance rate will increase 15%, BUT THE TAXPAYERS WILL NOT CATCH ON.

    • gfr

      They will when San Antonio file for bankruptcy.

  • gfr

    How does: “To Protect and Serve” equate with “Punching unconscious people in the face repeatedly”?
    SAPD should be required to put that second motto on their patrol cars…

  • Gordon McCleery

    If you cannot spell Civil Lawsuit – I can……………

  • LeAnn Addleman

    This is just horrible and inexcusable. Do we have officers who don’t have consciences or respect for those who are elderly or ill? What happened to “public servants”. These officers certainly need to be charged with battery on an elderly man and put in jail for awhile. It’s a real shame that those who are “trained” and hired to protect us end up doing more harm than good.

  • earlwatters

    what if the guy had a heart attack and was unconscious and couldn’t move they going to use there clubs on him because he doesn’t get out of the car you know i don’t have any respect for cops any in new mexico they shot an unarmed man just a month ago 4 times then put there dog on him.then they shot at a women’s car with three kids in there come to new mexico your more likely to be shot by a cop then a robber or a mad man on drugs.they shot a man with a spoon in his hand last year dont come to new mexico if you want to live to see another day

  • jaydee

    This is happening more and more. I guess the police have forgotten what they are supposed to do or their training is sorely lacking. I hope this man brings a huge civil suit against the officers and the city.

  • tax man

    These officers are not protecting the public but causing the problems. They are not qualified to be police officers but perhaps meter maids with no public contact. Hope this man sues the crap out of the PD and these idiots! Why would any police officer ever hit anyone who is not physically attacking them or has a weapon? Lack of training and lack of brains on their part.

  • PCGOPExaminer

    As a diabetic, I would be filing a lawsuit ASAP. There is no excuse and this guy did the right thing by getting off the road for the safety of himself and others. So I hope that is what he does…..sue them to no end.

  • peteserb

    These morons are not police officers. They are GOONS.

  • Ted

    It seems that it would be appropriate to ask a person slumped over a wheel if he is okay!!! A person having a diabetic episode does not always act rationally.
    Perhaps I should reconsider my plans to visit San Antonio!

  • firemanfred

    What an embarrassment to the SAPD. Someone in the training division of this department needs to put this officer with another experienced officer as if he were a Probation cadet out of the academy. This guy truly needs some remedial street training. An experienced officer knows the difference between a drunk and a medical emergency! This rookie is a discredit to his profession.

    • John Walt

      The Chief is a discredit to his profession.

  • colsooonscoorner

    That’s bovine excrement ( borrowed from Col. Allen West.). Alcohol is usually pretty potent, you’d think they didn’t have a sense of smell, or that old fashioned thing called COMMON SENSE, They better go back to school for more training. Their teachers also must need a LOT more training, to do an effective job of teaching recognition of diabetic emergencies.. The officers behavior was out of control.

    • FedUpChuck!

      As far as the smell (and I am NOT in defense of the cops) I have personally experienced a friend who is diabetic that wreaked of alcohol due to his excessive consumption of SWEET TEA of all things. The man has been clean and sober for over 18+ years.

  • You can call me Al

    I don’t know Texas very well, but I’m getting the sense that Austin, San Antonio and Houston are very liberal.

  • Jere Joiner

    I’m a retired police officer, and while I can’t judge the actions of these officers based solely upon a video, it appears they could have been more patient with the driver. My guess is they had a mindset that they were coping with a severely intoxicated person and acted accordingly. That’s fine as long as their assumptions are correct, but then along comes someone like this gentleman who needs help and perhaps an ambulance and wrong assumptions can get police officers in trouble. I suspect they have learned their lesson and I hope the chief deals with them appropriately. I also suspect San Antonio will be paying for the man’s medical bills and maybe a few other things too. I won’t condemn the officers but an apology on the part of the chief might go a long way toward making it up to the man who absolutely did not deserve what happened to him.

    • Nathan51

      “Learned their lesson”? I doubt it! “Hope the chief deals with them appropriately”? I doubt that too! This PD has a long list of trash dating to 2007. Here are just a few of the incidents listed at the bottom of this page.

      • Jere Joiner

        Nathan51, read my response to the other poster. I live 1500 miles away from San Francisco and therefore can’t comment about other alleged incidents. Have a nice day.

        • Nathan51

          I read your post and here is where I am coming from. We have had local storm troopers smash the door in of the wrong house, shoot the homeowner (an off duty, half asleep nurse at a local hospital) in the back killing him. Cops lied on the witness stand claiming the sun was in their eyes (the sun could never come directly in the window in question as noted by a local university astronomy professor during court testimony) and yet every cop involved in this execution and coverup walked! This is not the only incident like this to happen locally. Years ago our wonderful State cops did their own execution to keep a case from ever coming to trial. This guy was also shot in the back and died in a motel room. I personally know that some local cops that steal cash from the wallets of people they arrest (this happened not 3 months after 2 cops were arrested for doing it to several illegals). It was no big deal as long as it was done to some white kid with no hot shot king bo provided lawyer to fight back. Another of our local cops shot a guy in the head because he felt the guy cut him off at a 4 way stop sign in the parking lot of a Kroger Store. This guy survived but will require 24/7 care for the rest of his life. I could add more but why bother. The more I see of this stuff up close and personal the more disgusted I get.

        • Jere Joiner

          Nathan51, I find your comments disturbing and can only say they are not reflective of any police organization I have ever been a part of. If those things truly happened as you described it, there must be a recourse and I would urge you to keep the pressure on. I am not surprised at anything I see or hear (and I even wrote about some of these things in Badge of Dishonor where my boss was supposed to have killed a man to keep him from testifying against him), and yes, there is pressure on cops to cover up mistakes. That said, law enforcement makes fewer mistakes today, thanks to better training and education. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • edsmssi

      I understand that the percentage of bad cops is quite small. What bothers me, though, is the HUGE percentage of good cops who cover for them, as you are doing: “I won’t condemn the officers “. This is exactly why people like me who were raised to respect police officers now see the cops as threats. If someone broke into my home, I would not call the cops until he left for fear the responding cops would shoot me. This has happened here in Denver more than once.

      • Jere Joiner

        I figured I would get flamed over my post. Edsmssi, I wasn’t “covering” for the cops — I was simply saying I am trained to review all the facts before coming to a conclusion. A video is only one piece of evidence. It might very well be the best evidence — I wouldn’t know until I had seen all of it. A news clip of the gentleman in the hospital is another piece of evidence, but I had rather hear more from him, and from the cops as well. I also said the chief should deal with the officers appropriately. Would you disagree with that? What he said in front of the camera is that the internal review board found the officers had acted appropriately. You don’t know what he did or said to the officers behind the scenes. If the review board had found the officers had acted appropriately and the chief disagreed with that finding, what kind of response would that be? Last comment: I live 60 miles south of Denver and agree the officers there have act very Inappropriately in the past, but that’s another story. Have a nice day.

  • DocDrak

    “Unconscious and unresponsive” is NOT the same as “refusing to comply” and “resisting arrest”. I’m diabetic and have experienced hypoglycemia (blood sugar too low). The symptoms are like intoxication on alcohol, with the same impairments. The guy did what he needed to do, stop the car before he passed out. Driving under the influence of alcohol is unlawful, driving while being diabetic is NOT unlawful. The police punched an unconscious person – the guy should get a lawyer, clearly unnecessary force was used.

  • Eduardo

    It is seen clearly in the video that the police officers were the ones that started the altercation and it is clearly abuse of power by the police. This 70 year old man should sue the SA police dept. and the policeman that inflicted the injuries individually. Of course that the police chief will lie and say that the officers acted appropriately because if he says that they did not would open to liability issues and monetary damages.

  • Nathan51

    Stupid pigs gone wild! SUE, SUE, SUE. Sue the pigs! Sue the PD. Sue the city. If the complicit taxpayers won’t get rid of worthless pigs like this they deserve to pay.

  • Juniorsmom37

    Abuse of power or just plain stupidity! Why didn’t the cop just turn the ignition off and then see if he was okay, instead of punching him and dragging him out? I suggest this gentleman wear a medical bracelet and maybe someone will notice it. Also, hope he sues.

  • Trythis Last

    How can an unconscious man struggle?

  • James Maxwell

    For quarterstaves I would get a base ball bat and locate the offending idiot. Wonder
    how he would feel if someone just cold cocked the hell out of him for such action?
    As for the so called review board it was made up of people who are either on the
    police force for civilians who owe the city something if they want to continue
    doing business in the Socialist Democrat bastion of stupid. The corruption and
    action sounds like what happens daily in Mexico and other third world armpits.
    At a minimum the officer should be suspended without pay pending charges
    for excessive force and lack of intelligence but then what do you expect from
    a life long Union Democrat thug.

  • jd1958

    “I thought he was going to put the car in gear and drive off.” How could the cop make that determination? His head was above the car hood while throwing punches. His car blocked any escape. Another episode of: “Bullies with Badges.” And of course, the cop did nothing wrong. Except assault a 70 year old man.

    • Shadowdark7

      Someone should shove a needle full of insulin in that cop and then give him the same treatment that he gave that man and see if that will teach him a few things

  • yousam

    More Holderites in law enforcement. Stay away from San Antonio at all costs or you may find yourself in a like situation.

  • Jayjay1963

    I have always maintained that the most important exam for a prospective police officer is the one not usually given; and that is a psychiatric exam. Too many cops enter the force with sadistic impulses. They like the power that the badge and the uniform give them. I have seen many instances where cops have overreacted in arresting someone.
    And, to often, the department “can find no wrong.”

  • delfairchild

    Wouldn’t it have been better to remove the key from the ignition if they were concerned about him driving off? The guy that was hitting him should be taken off the force with any means possible.

    • Shadowdark7

      preferably carried off the force by six

      • johnnywood

        You try being a big city police officer for 6 months then come back and tell us how it was.

        • FedUpChuck!

          Maybe they should make an attempt at a proper training before being released on the public at large. No excuse for their cowardly pack mentality period!

  • danE DanE

    Most of the responses here are against the cops, as I can also clearly see the cops were in the wrong BUT an investigative board made up of 7 police and 7 civilians all say the cops were right and even the police chief says he believes the cops were right. OK, they are basing their responses from the lawsuit angle and everyone on this comment page sees the real truth on the police cam. Government is corrupt in all departments and 7 civilians on their investigative board is a waste of time and tax dollars because the cops are telling them how to vote or paying them off to vote the way they want them to vote. The bottom line is we are full of DIRTY COPS who hate people.

    • Nathan51

      These “review” boards serve little more than to coverup the actions of gestapo pigs. No matter what a cop does they will be exonerated by a police/civilian review board. Any civilian on one of these boards that would dare vote against the pig would find themselves a 24/7 project of the entire PD. Every week we see one of these stories and in every case the official line is that there was no wrong doing by the cop. Even after they loose high dollar lawsuits for this kind of abuse they still maintain the official “there was no wrong doing” BS line.

    • chamuiel

      San Antonio is a Democrat controlled city. What do you expect Liberals to say about liberal out of control cops?

  • gwedem5995

    I mostly feel sorry for what cops have to put up with and I believe the majority are good but when someone seems to be passed out, you call 911 and do not treat them this way. They are only doing what Obama has taught them and that is they are above the law.

  • DJ_Fisher

    Cops like this belong in Hitlers Germany. Hopefully when chaos ensues they will “disappear”.

  • johnnywood

    These officers were obviously poorly trained. Austin P.D. officers would have awakened the man and asked him if he was diabetic before they assumed he was drunk.

  • jerry1944

    And those are the type that obambo will get to kill americans that dont do crimes. These cops need to be replaced with honest cops. But he sure should sue the city BIG TIME . And just think these type cops want OUR weapons so they can beat any body they want more easyly And i think its moveing across the country

  • neenee2k

    These cops are asses. C’mon you deserve to be sued.

  • teaman

    What do you expect? San Antonio is a perverted city with perverted leaders who recently passed all public restrooms open to anyone who claims to be something they are not! Stupidity now rules our Nation!!

    • chamuiel

      San Antonio is a Democrat led city.

      • teaman

        As I said San Antonio is a pervert city!

  • Randolph Rivers

    That cop acted like a big bully.. I guess he felt threatened by the old man. What a pussy.

  • 2001CPT35E

    Cops now-a-days feel that anyone who does not comply with their request or orders should be placed under arrest for resisting or failing to comply. They never consider that a person may be diabetic, suffering from a brain injury, deaf, unable to speak, unable to speak or understand English, etc. These guys are nothing more than bullies with a badge and a gun. Can’t wait until they start trying to use their “superior training” on those who really do have superior training and have put that training to use in combat. I think then they will realize that the badge they wear is not their own, yet it belongs to the people they are supposed to represent. There are real bad guys out there in the world… let’s focus our attention on them and help those who need help. In every situation like this – the problem always begins with the first line leaders and the standards / expectations set forth by the upper level chain of command.

  • ShamanBlair

    Say WHAAAAAT?!?

  • DC/Tex

    Both power drunk cops should have to do at minimum of twelve full months locked in with the worst convicts of Texas Department of Correction. The chief should do two years for poor training of the officers in his command. The IA board and all police involved and the mayor should be fired and never allowed to hold a position of authority for the remainder of their life. But, they will all be rewarded by the Hitler want-a-be Barry Bathhouse zerObama.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    There are Police and then there are Pigs.

  • Foxmuldar

    Too many cops get a big head when they put on the Uniform and have a weapon on their hip. I wonder who the civilians were that were in on the hearing? Wives of the cops perhaps or friends. I can’t believe anyone knowing what happened could accept what took place as ok.

  • Down to Earth Thinking

    So how was this man a threat that required any physical action toward him at all. This again is beyond outrageous and only further examples of the out of control police state. San Antonio is way past whacked and an illegal alien free zone and enabling community. Many other issues going on there as well. Probably should be called the San Francisco or Los Angeles of Texas all rolled into one ? So Texas is not as perfect as many seem to think in some realms. Not a good sign , Hey ?

  • The Watchman

    Well, it is pretty obvious that Mathieu was NOT unconscious at the time as they are claiming he was. But excessive force was certainly used in the situation. Reaching in a taking the keys would have been the better alternative to stop him from allegedly driving off. I think what the police did was the wrong course of action in this case. However, as I said Mathieu wasn’t even close to being unconscious. Unconscious people do not put up the struggle that Mathieu did.

    • ConnieJ

      Yes, they do! A person who is having a diabetic reaction is NOT responsible for his actions. He was responsible enough to pull over, but then could not reach a safe area due to the progression of his diabetic reaction. Had he been able, he would have told the cop he was having a diabetic reaction.

      • FedUpChuck!

        Cops with the mentality of this one do not listen to what their VICTIMS have to say regardless.

      • The Watchman

        No we don’t! Unconscious and Incoherent are two totally different things. I have been incoherent, but if I am unconscious, I can not struggle, talk, cry out or otherwise put up a fight. Mathieu managed to accomplish all 4 things.

  • Bill

    If the guy would have been dead, would the ignorant PIGS, still be beating him?

  • steveafrikaner


  • omega2

    Another COP using force not warranted! If the man was passed out how the HELL IS HEARING THE COP! Second the cop should have called an ambulance if the man was not responsive! So I also would have found in favour of the DEFENDENT! The cop needs MEDICAL TRAINING MOST OF ALL! This police DEPT. is neglant in there training ptogram with respect to medical conditions!

  • myfordtruck

    cops used to have standards because they lived in the same areas and if the people complained to chief of sheriff things were taking care of now because of unions it hard to do anything to them

  • mrbp

    Hiring illegal aliens now?? What a police we are becoming. Obama’s boys probably. Are they hiring idiots now in Texas? Did they check to see if he had a medic-alert bracelet, or if he had one?

    • DC/Tex

      San Anton is full of democrat, illegals, homosexuals, uneducated,… know Obama voters.

  • Hotnike

    The offenders investigating themselves. Fox guarding the hen house scenario.

  • barb patton

    The Cops are Obama’s thugs and use force wherever and whenever they feel like it. Any ets that all the cops and sheeple on the Board to investigate this sorry mess are Democrats.

  • John Walt

    What are those officers names and addresses?

  • helen sabin

    Its time for a suit! these police need to be fired!

  • ADRoberts

    This police chief can cover for the excessive use of force all he wants to. But IF it costs the city enough and IF the cost results in removal of the city councilmen who are SUPPOSED to supervise them, then ALL of these abusers of power will be removed, ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. (Quitting because they can no longer beat up on people, or fired.)

  • Hammer

    !! Brown Shirts !!…Next they will have swastikas on their sleeves…LOCK AND LOAD….it happened before and it’s happening again…

    • Joken Joe

      Of course they are. That’s why obummer gives them surpluse military equipment, so they can control the people.

  • Vance

    Police wonder why people don’t respect them anymore. It’s because if there are good officers they usually side with the bad ones until it’s too late. String up, fire or run off the police chief. He’s part of the problem.

  • jesustheonlyway

    I support good policemen and thank them for their service but….this is PATHETIC. They need community service with diabetic patients so they can recognize conditions associated with the problem. Pathetic.

    • Sunshine Kid

      They don’t need “community service”; they need imprisonment!

      • jesustheonlyway

        Oh well…that would be right after the community service. :)

  • Sunshine Kid

    That these thugs take “unresponsive” as criminally resisting orders is reason to charge them with assault, battery and damages, to include criminal records on them, punitive and exemplary fines on them and all their superiors who defend such atrocities. What they should have done was call an ambulance.

  • onerightstand

    What happened to “innocent until PROVEN guilty?” Shouldn’t the officers have assumed the man needed help first?

  • Jay Star

    I hope there is a good size lawsuit against these clowns. Not every driver is a druggie or a alcoholic that pulls their car over. I guess it would have been better if he just kept driving and killed himself or others. Commonsense is lost forever in this country!

  • Joken Joe

    When then criminals are in charge, the Innocent suffer. The time to give the legal system and government an enema draws near.

  • USA Lover


  • Shofar threading

    This infuriates me. Sorry, but McManus is full of crap and covering his men’s backsides. Two sizable cops can’t handle an old man (said respectfully). I still respect firemen but police? This kind of story has become common all too often. Power corrupts — and it also makes me wonder what’s going on in these guys’ psyches.

  • David F. Podesta

    Don’t you get it? They DID lower the standards. People are becoming cops now who have been locked up for low grade non-violent felonies and have no business wearing a badge and carrying a gun. They seem to have a knack for knowing how to abuse their authority, but not a lot of knowledge of the law or how to interact with others. In NYC they can’t get enough people to take the exam, so now it’s a walk-in exam. They even teach recruits how to drive and get their licenses. It used to be twice a year- when it was a good job. Now they use bell curves and affirmative action and even quotas (but THEY don’t call them that). I was a police officer for over 30 years and I tell you there ARE other ways to get compliance from a 70 yr. 0ld without resorting to what amounts to a beat-down. Keep electing liberals and this is what you can expect.

  • Shagnasty1

    Look what they have for a mayor and that explains a lot.

  • Destry

    Another incident about thugs with badges. It’s becoming all too common an occurrence anymore, to have those who should be upholding the law, commit crimes that would have anyone else charged, tried and sentenced to hard time. They seem to get away, by and large, with no consequences except maybe a slap on the wrist and an admonishment not to do it again… at least until the next time.

  • ibcyn

    Hmmmm. man unconscious and the chief says victim was reaching for shifting lever so cops had acted reasonably. Wonder what part of “unconscious” he doesn’t understan?

  • phxrcf

    If he was unconscious, then how could he have struggled and resisted? Something is not adding up here. What are the syptoms of a diabetic episode? My uncle would slip into a diabetic coma, but he never became belligerent. Was this man’s blood tested for alcohol? How do we know that he wasn’t drunk, and then later blamed it on diabetes? I don’t think we’re getting the whole story.

    • ort

      I’ve seen an episode on “Cops” where this exact scenario played out. They assumed the driver was drunk, and treated him terribly. Because they were on camera, they couldn’t beat the snot out of him so someone decided to ask him if he had a medical problem. The man was able to mutter he was diabetic, THEN they started treating him decently and called the ambulance.
      cops suck. Not all, but a lot.

  • smogdew

    I hope the police chief, both policebabies and deciding ‘board’ receive a dose of the same or worse. How does a comatose man ‘try’ to shift gears? I hope this family sues them over the moon. What if he’d
    had a heart attack; by their gestapo treatment they could easily have given him one. Seconds, they gave him seconds to reply. This is bullying, brutality and ignorance all in one. When did they receive their ‘intense training’ – 3rd grade? This is unbelievable.

  • harley93

    Chief Bill is an A-hole and should be fired along with his douche bag cop. The cop that hit Matthews is just a punk, most likely a former high school bully. I’m 73 and would love to go one on one with this little punk cop. If you read this cop punk email me so we can arrange to meet.

    • Ford289HiPo .

      If you get a reply from him, contact me. I’ll cover your six so his buddies won’t jump in.

      • harley93

        Thanks, I’ll keep you in mind.

  • Doug Roy

    These police should be penalized severely by a judge/jury after a long and painful lawsuit which exposes their action to the world in which they are held accountable, along with their police chief. But how many 70 year old people have the means to sue city hall?

  • Doug Roy

    This was presumption of wrongdoing, the exact opposite of what I was taught as a young man about the law. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Today, from what I see happening and am hearing about, I doubt that police officers have much of a clue about the ethics of law and justice

  • red55bird

    If the police were truly trained when a person was in diabetic shock, the first question should have been our you a diabetic sir, not until after they bulled him out of the car did they ask him if he was a diabetic. This should result in a civil law suite against the police for police brutally on a 70 year old man.

  • Joeys48

    Cha Ching! I hope this fellow cashes in. A civil jury will see it a bit different than the A$% hole cops in San Antonio. What a pant load….he was reaching for the shifter…..we were afraid he was going to drive away. Unbelievable!!!!!!

  • 9400budlang8406

    As a citizen of San Antonio I feel ashamed that it happened here. I might mention that this incident never made any local news as far as I know. This shows a shift in the thought processes of our officers and perhaps has a lot to do with training. It also denies the motto printed on many police cars which is “To Protect and Serve.” However, I have personally known some officers and found them to be fine men with a true sense of service. I hope those officers who punched this man will take a strong second look at their actions and think things through the next time they find a man slumped over the wheel. Assumptions always get us into trouble and it seems they assumed the worst before checking things out.

  • suzy2


  • suzy2


  • libertycall

    I hope he sues their a$$s off. This is disgraceful and makes all police look like hoodlums and thugs. Do they want our respect? Then they had better start showing some respect to the people. Seems now you can’t even pass out without being assaulted. What a travesty!

  • Jarhead64

    This is bullshit, cops can smell and tell if someone is drunk, if suspected first ask if the person has been drinking, take the damn ignistion key out of the ignition, a drunk wont know what the officer is doing. If the driver is unresponsive dont you think there just might be a medicial condition. If cops are so affraid for thier safety take the badge on and resign. No one needs jackbooted thugs as cops. Good cops are a necessatee, and good cops are honorable men/women knowledgeable in thier responsibilities.

  • Dorothy

    Those so-called cops are brutes maybe recruited from gangs but the sheriff is no better. What a lie that they thought he was going to drive off…did they not see the location of their police car in his way! How could a man, slumped over, have possibly done that! Then how they still could care less about the condition of the man they savaged….they ought to be sued…talk about a lack of “remorse”.

    • rhondareichel

      We have a great sheriff…’s our police captain that’s bad
      We need to get the FBI in here to clean this city up.

      • Dorothy

        Thank you for that clarification…..those cops look like they’re all about protecting their power, not the people. I hope the FBI helps.

  • mikegru

    just release the names of these Dirt Bags

    • rhondareichel

      They are endangering their fellow officers and if I were on the force I’d be livid.

  • art

    serve and protect

  • Ford289HiPo .

    F’in S.A. thugs. This has been happening for years.

  • Lou J

    There is a double tragedy in this story: 1) What happened to this poor citizen; 2) I think if he gets a good lawyer it should be easy to gain a LARGE settlement due to the unprofessional activities of the Police, which leads to the 2nd tragedy the poor taxpayers will be forced to pay for the extremely bad police actions. Maybe the taxpayers can pass an Initiative to remove police raises until the unnecessary cost is recovered!

    • rhondareichel

      Great idea !
      Wage freeze across the board so that the force will reform itself

  • stan0301

    If I’m on the jury that man is going to get so much money that when cops gather to munch their donuts fifty years from now they will still talk about it

    • rhondareichel

      It falls on us taxpayers and it’s not fair because I am very opposed to these tactics and complain but I am ignored. But yes I would award a big judgement too because it’s the only way to stop it.

  • Lily Haley

    Did it occur to them for even a second that an old man could have had a stroke or heart attack? Is alcohol the only thing they could imagine?

  • Death2Unions

    That police officer should have a Muslim terrorist take a knife to his neck and decapitate it for all to see. We are now officially in a Police State. The next step? A Marxist State. That happens when the blood of citizens begins flowing in the streets of America.

    • rhondareichel

      No….he should lose his job and all benefits. He needs to be made an example.

  • RedRiverD

    Where is the compassion to assess the situation BEFORE beating an old man to the ground? This seems like too much “CYA” by the police after the fact……

    Its easy to conjure up a story to cover your actions AFTER you see what the camera shows you. But the “facts” are he is a diabetic and had an episode and realized what was going on and acted appropriately.
    The police on the other hand had NO idea what was going on, failed to assess the situation accurately and OVER reacted to the situation and then covered the FACTS up to their advantage……
    Is there a law suit in there some where? And I do not easily say that……

    • rhondareichel

      He sure will have his pick of attorneys after this story aired.

  • celticwaryor

    Why didn’t these idiot officers just shut the damn ignition off? That would have eliminated any chance of him driving off.

    • rhondareichel

      Punching repeatedly in the face was more gratifying evidentially ????

  • Susan Howard

    I believe the writing on their cars is “To protect and to serve”.I don’t think that’s true anymore.

  • Chief47

    Hope he sues the SAPD in civil court for every penny the city has. These rogue cops have gotten out of hand and somethings needs to be done about it and quickly.

  • Sam

    Stupid cops! Same thing is happening here in Albuquerque. The DA absolves these cops of every suggestion that they may have overstepped. The result is, eventually, the DOJ comes in and forces, FORCES changes to their procedures. So, go ahead San Antonio police and DA’s, keep up protection of stupid cops that don’t know the difference between proper procedure with common sense and patience and a judgement of GUILTY in a criminal trial. These cops need to not be safe within the legal system and to see the same judgements that us citizens face.

  • Samuel Clemens

    People, San Antonio is not a part of Texas. The Alamo just happens to be there.

    • 2011RedSox

      Sad… yet true. Once wanted to go to San Antonio, but now never shall, as with far too many beautiful sites of the United States, they have become inundated by those least taught and most unaware of the battles fought for our freedoms and our heritage. They wriggle backboneless as annelids, their slime trail the only mark they shall leave for posterity… a pity one-hundred and eighty died even for such shrill, chic, falsetto and petulant posers.

      Still, “REMEMBER THE ALAMO!”

      • rhondareichel

        Smart decision. I live here and it’s a liberal hell on earth. Most of the state is conservative and the smaller towns are safe to visit.

  • sovereigntyofone

    This really makes my blood boil because I am a diabetic as well and I know what this poor man was going through with a ” sugar crash “.
    For those that don’t know what it’s like let me explain. First you feel as though you have just stuck your finger in a light socket (being shocked) Nerves tingle and then the fog of disorientation starts. You are aware of what is going on around you, but you become slightly confused, and unfocused. If the ” sugar crash ” is really serious you can go into comma/pass out. The only thing you can do if you feel the ” sugar crash ” coming on is to either drink something with sugar in it or eat a candy bar with sugar. Even after that you are totally shot for the rest of the day because you become very weak and as I said, like you’ve suffered a serious electric shock to your body.
    The cops beating this man for being diabetic is a crime in my book. I hope that the officers some day experience that same diabetic shock and get beating by their fellow officers. This is outrageous and should not be tolerated by anyone.
    What would these cops do with a heart attack victim?….. shoot them?
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • rhondareichel

      Thanks….most non diabetics don’t understand unless they have a close family member with it.

    • 1_Eddie_1

      A sugar crash wipes me out. After I eat, I have to go to sleep to recover.

      • sovereigntyofone

        I hate eating for that exact reason. Even with out the sugar crash, just eating a normal meal wipes me out and I more or less pass out/go to sleep right away. I eat and right away get up and force myself to find something to do with what very little energy I have. It’s like being shot by a tranquilizer dart.
        So, my friend you are not alone. Being diabetic type 2 is like a rolla-coaster ride, more downs than ups.
        Unless someone has diabetes they don’t have a clue of the nightmare we go through. And then these cops want to beat the hell out of us if we pass out.

  • No-Mo-BO

    What ever happened to ‘do you need help?’ Or ‘are you feeling okay?’ like it was when there were actual police on the job instead of gang members with badges and guns? Look, idiot punks, RUN THE TAG…’the owner is 70 years old with no criminal history’ is what you would’ve gotten back. He may have HEALTH PROBLEMS, I don’t think he needs BEATING!

  • 1_Eddie_1

    Common sense is no longer common. Common decency is no longer common. Those jerks used unnecessary force against a senior citizen that was experiencing a health crisis. I sure hope that they do not send those clowns out on a well being check, they’re going to hurt somebody.

  • 83footsailor

    ** ERIC – – SS – GESTAPO – – HOLDER ** and company at their best . /

  • jime1

    Hold it a minute, how can one be unconscious and struggle at the same time? This write-up stinks, and leaves much unanswered. Either the author is writing for effect or a liar, perhaps both!
    There are some lousy police officers out there but WHO punches someone who is an unconscious? This story as written IS NOT the whole story!

    • rhondareichel

      Read the comment by the diabetic here… are semi conscious and your motor skills are impaired when your blood sugar gets too low. I didn’t know that either not being a diabetic but I have had friends say it’s very scary. One woman I worked with said her husband who was diabetic woke up one morning sat up in bed and couldn’t move but he wasn’t passed out…..just not mentally aware of what was happening to him. She had to rush him to the hospital.

  • aurora9

    Years ago, a cop stopped my late husband because he was slightly weaving on a Los Angeles Freeway. He recognized my husbands condition, a borderline diabetic, and returned to his squad card and took out an orange. He brought it back and cut it in half and told my husband to eat it. It leveled his blood-sugar out to where he felt normal. The policeman said he always kept oranges in his car as many motorists have this condition. He was more concerned about safe driving and protecting the other drivers, too. I wish that we had the same common-sense police that we use to have!

    • 1_Eddie_1

      That officer had what was known as common sense, common decency and compassion.

  • a_redrunner

    A better question is what are the Legal Citizens of San Antonio going to do about this BS? The cops on the street have a boss who works for the City. The residents of the city pay the wages of these clown parading around as cops. The legal citizens just need to start demanding the resignation of people until the problem is solved! Don’t whine and bit@# about it online, just call the Mayor’s office and demand a change!

    • rhondareichel

      I just sent a letter to the mayor, my city councilman, Joaquin Castro calling them out about this. I will post it on facebook too. I’m tired of being treated like a criminal. Once a thief got caught in my neighborhood by a citizen….I called the cops to make a report about stuff that had been stolen out of my garage in case they caught them so I could get my stuff back. The cop was angry at me and acted belligerent when I handed him my list of stolen items and implied that I was going to make a false claim with my insurance. He stated how do you even know what’s missing your garage is so full.
      San Antonio cops sure know how to add insult to injury. I never made the claim to my insurance anyway because I was afraid my rates would go up if I did but it really was uncalled for to have a cop be so rude to a victim of crime.

      To people who are thinking about moving to San Antonio…..don’t.

      • a_redrunner

        My support and respect goes to you. I just hope that there are more Honest Legal Citizenslike yourself who have the guts to do likewise! Clean up your law enforcement and perhaps your crime will go down.

  • 2011RedSox

    Send these cops back across the border with illegal aliens… they have a career well marked out for themselves as guards in a stinking mexican prison.

  • travis41

    I worked for 1 of the meanest sheriffs in AR and even he never hit an old man,this is clearly brutality,those 2 extra large cops could easily have restrained him without that amount of force,to me that cop had a bad day and wanted to vent his anger.

  • pysco

    Hm… Sounds like there was a lack of training, almost all Police training instructs officers about diabetics. When they are observed they have the same symthums of being drunk.. but a lot of time they have low blood sugar.. The cop beat the head of a sick man… This cop is a real hero by Nazi standards.

  • ActualConundrum

    Insane. An unconcious man cannot comply or resist. These cops are not capable for their job.

  • Frank Zappa

    How brave of them to take on a 70 year old and beat the crap out of him while passed out. SUE THE PIGS UNTIL THEY BLEED. To protect and serve…..After they are terminated.
    Let this be a lesson to you NEVER BE A DIABETIC EVER AGAIN. … DO YOU HEAR ME. WELL DO YA?

  • RDB

    Sue those rogue bastards! This give the entire San Antonio police a bad name. I sure won’t visit that city, not that I have plans, but would go around it if traveling West. These cops are a disgrace to their profession and the group that agreed with them are no better.

    • rhondareichel

      I live in San Antonio and the cops act like thugs about 1/2 the time….especially the younger ones.
      You would think a city that makes most it’s money off tourism would have a more sensible law enforcement structure…..I wouldn’t advise my relatives to come here. I saw them work someone over who was barely responsive and when he saw us watching he put him in the car and went to a store parking lot and continued the beating because I followed him in my car to see where he was going…..why not go to the police station instead?
      What would it do to complain to a corrupt police captain….you can see right here they are in on it.

  • elector

    It kis a shame that SAPD is getting such bad press. Lately. Having been a Deputy Sheriff I firmly believe that it is time that the public begins to defend themselves against these rogues. One of the first things we learned in the Academy is that it is very difficult to determine the difference between a drunk and a Diabetic. The odor on ones breath from Diabetes is similar to that of a drunk. and it is necessary to err on the side of Diabetes and call the Ambulance. Once the employees of the police start fighting back maybe these worthless PUBLIC SERVANTS will be weeded out never to serve again. Public can fight back in Court or even physically as the cops ARE NOT IMMUNE from physical defense from their bosses.

  • kid721952

    these cops have been turned loose by eric holder and obama,its all about power and control and it starts on the streets and ends in the white house

    • Pissed Off


      Obama Derangement Syndrome. Blame everything on Obama.

      • teamdawson1

        That’s right. I agree 100%.
        We should not blame Obama!!

        We ALL know it’s Bush’s fault.

        • Pissed Off

          Yes. We lived in the land of the free, not a police state, until Obama came into power. Right?

          Your dumbing down has exceeded all of their expectations!

      • John Barleycorn

        That’s the way it works . . ,.always has .

        • Pissed Off


          I am a fundamentalist Bill of Rights watcher.

          Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny. ~ Thomas Jefferson

      • kid721952

        Are you telling me he’s not responsible,are you blind and deaf or maybe have your head stuck in the sand OR MAYBE you are a full blown socialist who supports a dictator

        • Pissed Off

          The Republicans and the “Conservatives” LOVE socialism as long as you don’t call it that.

          Saint Sarah called it the ACES oil tax.

          Mitt Romney called it RomneyCare.

          Bush called it the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act.

          You are the one who supports socialism. I am a fundamentalist free marketer. I am a fundamentalist laissez-faire capitalist.

        • kid721952

          I am an independent,I dont vote party,I vote for the man who I think can best do the job,Im talking about the man who is in the oval office RIGHT NOW,I dont look at the past,I look towards the future and I see socialism,support for islam from this president,the destruction of America,a dictatorship,government power and control,FEMA camps full of American citizens,police states,no freedom,no rights,ALL coming out of the obama administration,yea you are the type who takes advantage of chaos to raise himself to a higher level with riches and power,you are a leach waiting for the weakest time to pounch,you are the scum that makes America weak and you enjoy it

        • Pissed Off

          “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” ~ George Santayana

          Your dumbing down has exceeded all of their expectations!

        • kid721952

          you must live in the past of hitler,stalin,mao,castro and chavez,those who live in that past are not wanted in America,maybe you need to move to iraq,iran or maybe north korea

        • Pissed Off

          You fake conservatives are more dangerous to our country than the liberals.

        • kid721952

          I’d rather be a fake conservative than a wannabe communist like your self,you like the socialist,communist ways,I’ll help you pack,socialists love people telling them what to do,what to say just like a dog,bark for me pissed off,roll over,fetch.True conservatives like their freedom,their rights,free to say what they want,do what they want,buy what they want,earn as much as they want,do you really think you’d be at the top of the list and would be telling people what to do,think again,you’re just another piss ant who would be told what to do

      • rhondareichel

        when did the militarization of police start?
        Under Obama

        • Pissed Off


          SWAT (acronym for “Special Weapons And Tactics”) is a commonly used proper name for law enforcement units, which use military-style light weapons and specialized tactics in high-risk operations that fall outside of the capabilities of regular, uniformed police.

          Such units are often equipped with specialized firearms including submachine guns, assault rifles, breaching shotguns, sniper rifles, riot control agents, and stun grenades. They have specialized equipment including heavy body armor, ballistic shields, entry tools, armored vehicles, advanced night vision optics, and motion detectors for covertly determining the positions of hostages or hostage takers, inside enclosed structures.

          Some sources state that the first use of “SWAT” as an acronym for “Special Weapons and Tactics” was the Special Weapons and Tactics Squad established by the Philadelphia Police Department in 1964.

  • porterv

    It would be the same if you or a family member were having a heart attack or a stroke. These fascist goons would punch you in the face and tase you or shoot you for that matter. They would get a pass. Philadelphia cop Richard DeCoatsworth told his victims that he could kill them and not worry because cops had de facto immunity.

  • throat puncher

    fucking assholes. i hope he sues the fuck out of them, they develop diabetes, pass out, and a fellow officer beats the asshole out of them. from another diabetic who has been threatened by cops for passing out. PISSES ME THE HELL OFF

    • rhondareichel

      Me too. In fact his partner should have pushed him aside and called EMS. He must not be too bright either.
      Reminds me of that movie A CLOCKWORK ORANGE

  • rchguns

    One more sad example of the trash that’s now wearing the uniform of a police officer. When I grew up my parents told me if you are ever in any kind of trouble or lost you go to the first police officer you see because they are there to help you.

    My youngest is now 23 but if I had young children I would not give them the same advice the police can no longer be trusted and do not give a damn about the law. They are there just to get the rush of carrying a gun or nightstick and forcing there will on others.

    This is not true of all officers but unfortunately what was once a very minor group of individuals has greatly expanded.

    • rhondareichel

      The amount of people who are looking for jobs you would think they could get the cream of the crop… instead of the cream of the crap.

  • Rustytruck

    You know the real issue here is these boys, are so afraid of getting beat up they beat up first so it won’t happen to them. All my old cop buddies are tough guys and say if they couldn’t take on somebody alone and make an arrest without shooting or beating then they don’t deserve their badges. If this is in fact the case then by all means, give up your badges and go serve burgers at McDonalds. Good God what a bunch of sissies, so afraid of being hit they attack an old man. I can’t stress this enough, if you are so scared of losing a fight, quit! Go away, let the real men who can do the job even without a gun handle it! I’ve had guns, knives, clubs, and just plain fists thrown at me and still manage to survive and I ain’t a cop!! This is for you the jerk cop who hit this old guy, What if that was YOUR Dad getting beat up ? How would you feel about it then? You better start showing some respect before they start coming after you for hurting their Dad buddy. It CAN happen you know! Besides that, you’ll get much better results with a little respect. Us older guys grew up putting complete trust in cops knowing you were there to help not hurt, do you really want to blow that image of you? Most of us would comply totally, if you needed to arrest us, we’d put our hands behind us for the cuffs knowing you were not going to hurt or attack us. Hell man, my old cop friends had to arrest me in the past for one thing or another and knew they didn’t need cuffs. I’d open the back door and go with them because I knew I had it coming. Now wouldn’t that make your job a lot easier? Hell yes it would, stop the crap and act like a man and quit being punk because that’s what you look like beating up on people.

    • rhondareichel

      He didn’t do it because he was scared…..look at the size of his partner too….he did it because he’s a bully. He should be kicked off the force. McManus should be fired too in my opinion. As a taxpayer I resent them putting citizens in the position of having to pay for lawsuits because if I were on the jury I’d find them guilty of assault and award a lot of $$$$

    • pearl87

      Their image is blown. I have had very bad experiences with cops. they are nearly all ion a power trip, looking to harm someone weaker than they are. They beat up and kill mothers with babies in the car, theyhave no respect for any citizen and think that they are above the law. I never shed a tear for any dead cop.

  • hazwop

    Guess we need to start wearing our medic alert bracelets taped to our foreheads. Maybe when the officer bruises his knuckles on the first punch, he might wake up and investigate further before swinging again.

  • Corsica

    He should sue the fk out of San Antonio.

  • CptApollo

    So, the cop “claims” to have thought that the man was reaching for the shifter to drive off, huh. If that’s true then, during the numerous instances when he was reaching deep into the car to assault the old man, why did he not instead simply turn off the ignition and take the keys. That’s what I would have (and have in the past) done.

    Did you notice the poor grammar used by the cop. I guess they really have lowered the standards. Careers, like politics and police work, that provide positions of power to those who normally would not be afforded that kind of power, often attract the very individuals who should not have that kind of power and care must be taken to weed out those candidates that shouldn’t be put in that position of power. A Police Officer’s primary mindset should be to “Protect and Serve” with aggression used as a last resort when truly necessary to protect themselves and the public.
    I don’t buy this cops assertion that he thought the man was going to drive off and I don’t respect that police chief either for not at least disciplining the cops involved.

    • 1_Eddie_1

      Yes, you nailed it, this is what happens when you lower standards.

  • giant33

    This is cops acting stupidly. These kind of acts happen far to often. I know being a cop is a tough job with all the crazy people out there. There should be more training sessons for all police with these kind of videos to show what not to do. Come on law enforcement people get your act together.

  • Art Hock

    I hope he has a good lawyer and goes for the juggler.

    • rhondareichel

      jugular ….thats right !

  • cathylovesyou

    70 year old man punched in San Antonio = impeach Obama

  • CoolApple

    I live in San Antonio and have heard nothing about this on the news. I’m 76 years old so I better look out for San Antonio cops.

    • rhondareichel

      Me too and you are right….not one word. Time to hit facebook with this

    • pearl87

      I think you may want to relocate for your own safety.

  • Reverend Joe Ruyle

    I’m still wondering just how must “resistance” a 70 year old man who is basically in a hypoglycemic coma can possibly present to anyone. I’m diabetic….. and I can tell you that when my blood sugar gets really low….. even if I’m conscious I feel completely disconnected from reality…. like watching an old black and white TV show while wearing the wrong prescription glasses. I am very weak and my motor skills suffer. Walking becomes difficult as does just standing. My ability to focus on *anything* just goes right out the window and I’m pretty much completely out of it until I get a blast of carbs and jack my blood sugar level up to a minimum or 80 or 90…… at which time reality and I gradually start to reconnect.

    Seems to me that these “officers” today are far too concerned about being “OBEYED” and have completely forgotten that their primary purpose is for public safety…… the old To Protect and Serve” motto that USED to be followed. Their reaction was unthinkable. Rather than “OBEY ME!” being this jerks focus it should have been:

    A) Does this person pose an immediate danger to me or anyone else? [since they seem to be unconscious that obvious answer would be no]

    B) Is there something physically wrong with this person? [again since they do not seem to be conscious the obvious answer would be yes]

    C) Can I quickly determine WHY they are not conscious and responsive to my voice? [again the simple answer is a yes…. but a limited yes. A quick sniff of the air would rule out marijuana and alcohol. Failing to find those two prime suspects one should begin to think (a) heart attack (b) stroke (c) diabetic coma (d) other reason beyond my ability to determine but one that will, like the others, require a trained medical unit for assistance.]

    In ANY event when someone behind the wheel appears to be unconscious an EMT unit needs to be called to the scene for several reasons. (1) to assess the person and make a call as to what is causing the lack of responsiveness and (b) in the case of drugs or alcohol to provide verification for possible charges to be filed later. (c) in the case of all other possible reasons to begin immediate treatment of the person and to ensure that the appropriate medical services are on hand for that person once they are transported to a hospital.

    Back to the basics….. the PRIMARY reason for putting on the uniform every day is to ensure the general safety of the public and to be of service to that public when they are having difficulties within your area of patrol responsibility. If you put on the uniform believing that your primary reason for doing so is so that you’ll be obeyed……. you put on the wrong uniform. You need one that comes with a Drill Instructors campaign hat. Even then you’d better keep a good check on your motivational reasons for doing so or you’ll be doing your trainees a huge disservice.

    • rhondareichel

      Excellent comment…..thanks I didn’t know what the effects actually were. If people aren’t diabetic we wouldn’t recognize it so hopefully your information might save a life.

      • Reverend Joe Ruyle

        Thank you! While the experience is different from person to person what *I* notice the very most is the disconnected feeling from reality. It’s like walking but your feet are 6 inches off the ground….. no connection. My thought process slows WAY down too. Someone might ask if I’m feeling okay…… but to process that question and formulate a cogent reply is close to impossible sometimes. Motor skills suffer a lot as well. Ever stand up too quickly and get that odd light headed feeling?? Wobbly…. weird feeling….. difficulty trying to stand and balance…… temporarily unsure of where you are and what is going on around you.
        Extend that to *minutes* rather than seconds and you’ll have a general idea of what it feels like when the blood sugar level falls too low only with low blood sugar all those sensations are magnified. Basically…. your entire body…. *including* your brain… is starving for energy and trying to shut down as a form of self preservation.

        As you kindly mentioned…. hopefully the information will prove helpful to someone. As both Christians and human beings it is our responsibility to be of service to each other. Next time you leave a restaurant….. pick up a few of those little candy mints and keep them in your car…… or pocket or purse as well. (obviously replace the ones which become heat damaged) One or two of those little FREE mints can bring a diabetic OUT of a hypoglycemic coma by giving them the quick shot of sugar they need. Save someone…. and the cure is free at most restaurants….. not a bad deal. :-)


    Maybe Texas should change their don,t tread on Me. It seems they are the ones doing the treading

  • prairiedog

    The Blue scum always get away with murder.

  • Paladin

    Not in Chicago. Officers were told by Superintendent McCarthy that they are not obligated to determine the status of a person before using excessive or deadly force. This was on Aug. 13, 2013.

  • John Barleycorn

    Police brutality only will lead to more police deaths

    • Pissed Off

      They can only push us citizens so far………

  • rhondareichel

    They should have asked him first …..if he would have been drunk they could have smelled the alcohol. All they had to do was reach over and pull the keys out of the ignition if they were afraid he was going to take off. My God I would hate to faint in my car & wake up to being punched in the face. This is just scary and sickening.

  • kid721952

    Are you kidding me,with all the scandals obama has created turning the U.S. from a super power into just another third world country making us vulnerable to attack by ANY COMMUNIST,or islamic country,putting ALL AMERICANS in danger all over the world with his gitmo swap,he couldnt pass amnesty so he orchestrated this flood of illegal children on our southern border which will cost EVERY TAX PAYING AMERICAN,our economy and joblessness is still in the toilet and you people STILL SUPPORT this dictator,I didnt realize there was that many socialist in this country that want the government to run their lives and tell them what they can and cannot do,what to say(political correctness) exactly like hitler,stalin,mao,castro and chavez did in their countries,they also slaughtered millions of people who didnt believe in their way of thinking,this is the kind of life you want to live,your children and grandchildren,this is the legacy we are going to leave our children,freedom and democracy to socialism,thats awful sad

    • rhondareichel

      That’s why it pays to register as an independent voter because of the IRS scandal we now see conservative citizens are targeted —-does that bleed down to the local agencies?…..probably. San Antonio is a LIBERAL sanctuary city.

  • joeupyours

    nazi bastard,joeupyoursMF’S!

  • Terry Cornell

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The police have absolute power and can do whatever they want from this to driving unmarked pick-up trucks to stop you on the road to no knock raids on your home without a warrant. In one place they even confiscated a private car and refuse to give it back even though the owner was found not guilty of the charges. Just like the Federal Government, they have grown too big for their britches.

  • JAD283

    God is being forced out of everyday life. So, as he promised he has left. Now, the progressives have taken over and voila……

  • krell51

    If these were the good guys, just how bad could the bad guys be?

  • Bryan W. Carpenter

    Looks like the city of San Antonio will be picking up the hospital bill and buying insulin for a very long time. Would you want your dad treated like that. What next? shoot first and then ask questions.

  • Mark

    If a person is unconscious and unresponsive, whether its due to diabetes, drugs, alcohol, or any other reason, its a medical emergency. NOT a reason to beat the hell out of some one. Not only should these cops been fired, they should be jailed, along with the members of the police review board.

  • Kk

    I am all against lawsuits, but I think one is justified here.

    • pearl87

      I would like the cops responsible to have to pay out of their own pockets, not the taxpayers. They should also go to jail for 1st degree assault.

  • talonbug

    The Texas penal code clearly states that is illegal for a law enforcement officer to strike anyone in the head unless the officer is in threat of death or serious bodily injury . I can not see how a unconscious man could be any threat to anyone . I hope this man has a lawyer . Ex “old school” law enforcement officer I am and ready for these gestapo tactics to stop .

  • California Architect

    Police think that obeying their orders is the top priority, even if it is obvious that compliance isn’t possible.

  • ste1021

    Sounds like they’re playing the “knockout game”.

  • James Ritchie

    The should have been criminal assault, and the cop should be in jail. When the police department, and scum citizens protect such thugs, it’s a disservice to us all. This man now needs to file a lawsuit.

  • Joel0903

    What we need is – in every state – a simple law that would help curtail incidents like this one and the one in Arizona where the two cops murdered the homeless man in the desert for the crime of complying with their instructions. Three changes to existing law – remove prosecutors’ discretion in all cases involving law enforcement or any public official. Require mandatory minimum sentences for all public officials including law enforcement. Finally, the convicted person’s previous employment may only be used at sentencing in a negative manner (as an aggravating condition). No breaks.

  • Chaz

    Quite simply a Gestapo style action. Beat up an unconscious person for not responding rather than attempting to give aid. Sort of like shooting an unarmed woman in DC. Nothing wrong was done here folks, just move on and let it go. I don’t think so. This was a criminal act by the person/people who took part. If a younger officer can’t handle a 70 year old unconscious person, they need to be a trash collector or quick rip clerk.

  • provemewrong

    Let’s say the driver was drunk and passed out. That still doesn’t warrant a beating. He could have cuffed him, gotten him out of the car and had him transported.

  • sc

    welcome to the new united states gestapo, police force, the new motto is “comply or die”

  • gmhunt4

    The cops are just following the liberal Democrat City Mayor policy

  • pearl87

    This really should not focus on diabetes so much as on the very common case of a person being incapacitated for ANY reason and getting beaten while unconscious. What if someone has a heart attack, stroke or other incapacitating event? These police were not only using “excessive force” they were behaving like common criminals and preying on an unconscious elderly person. God help us all. We are now told that thugs in uniform can beat anyone they choose because they are in fear for their own safety. I think people of such low character and no courage or intellect have no business in any public function, much less to be armed and roaming our streets looking for victims. San Antonio is less safe than a ghetto in Baltimore with such “protection”.

  • pearl87

    I looked up “Chief” McManus and it seems he has a long history of defending the indefensible in the conduct of his officers. In 2012, the police took a young woman into custody. AFTER handcuffing her, 3 male “officers” threw her to the ground and beat her, punching her repeatedly while she screamed that she was pregnant. A video of the incident surfaced and McManus stated that he didn’t need to see it to know his men were blameless. He also defended dispatchers who were falsifying records, leaving their posts during emergencies, and engaging in lewd activities while on duty.

    They say a fish rots from the head down. This fish head is completely putrid. McManus is the reason that the SAPD is a disgrace and a danger to San Antonio’s citizens.

  • stonemike

    These punks should be thrown into jail with the other people they have abused and incarcerated ! These “gestapo” are damn lucky someone in the victims family doesn;t track them down and kill them, there are folks who will not put up with this authoritarianism !

  • Ranchman

    There is nothing so tyrannical to the American people than thugs who call themselves cops that abuse the people, especially seniors. Where is this going? I’ll tell you, we’re headed toward a violent revolution and it won’t be the people who lose. We’ve had it, enough is enough.

  • pete0097

    One of the reasons we voted our police force a budget of $0.00., hired the state police, and repaved every road in the township. Unfortunately, the crime rate went down and the solved rate went up. That is unfortunate for the criminals.

  • John G Nepa

    The actions of the police in this incident, makes me sick. Why do they automatically go to the worst scenario? Don’t get me wrong, they must be aware, but use common sense. Or are they just little girls? I hope if one of them is in a similar situation, the police who come upon them will show some mature actions.

  • Tim

    If all these big macho police officers are so afraid for their lives that they have to beat and cuff us all just to talk to us, They need to find a new line of work. or expect an ass kickin next time.

  • Admiral America

    Next the cops will go after the King Of Diabetes himself. The sainted Wilford Brimley!

  • TAM44

    obama student cops, real A$$HOLES.

  • I_P_Frehley

    I guess Texas is the place to be if you’re of below average intelligence and want to be a cop…these yahoos make Chicago PD look caring and gentle by comparison.

  • violater1

    Good little shiteater cops! Karma is against you two assholes perhaps some healthy person will kick both of your sorry asses and hospitalize each of you and will get away with it! Big bad ass cops cannot see he is an older person! Did they smell alcohol hell no they did not! They just felt like brutalizing the poor man! Hope I read later that you get the dogsh*t sued out of both of you and that a nice martial arts hero beats both of you completely senseless!

  • Harold

    Policemen? How about Gestopo thugs?

  • daveveselenak

    Aah yes, the police state is alive and well. I have no use for these jackbooted thugs of the State. What good are they as they always get there after the crime has been commited and now they have been trained to go against the citizens and they wonder why the citizens have no respect for them – what a joke! Obaa-baa-ma’s civilian army is in place, you’d better believe it!

  • Jim

    I don’t even know how to react to this BS! The poor guy pulled over because he was aware enough to know he was suffering a diabetic event. The first thing the cops do is kick his ass? He was stopped! No immediate danger to anyone. Who gave these psycho cops a badge? Who are these 7 civilians? Retired cops? This whole thing STINKS! Get an attorney, get a good one.

  • Reflect

    This is the main reason I will never visit Texas. I have never desired to visit that State, because I have been reading such stories ever since the 60’s. There are better and prettier States to visit, and not having to fear the Police.

  • dangerouspatriot

    I was on a call when I first became an EMT for a person in a car being uncooperative and not communicating with the officer. At least this officer realized something was not right medically with the guy and called us to transport to the hospital. On the way, the man appeared to be conscious but non-communicating and one time looked and stared at his watch for some time before finally putting his hand down. His vital signs were ok and we just counldn’t figure out what was wrong with this guy. After we got to the hospital and turned him over to the ER staff so I could go and write up my report they knew what was wrong. After completing my report I went to see how the guy was and when I walked into the room he was in, he saw me, said ‘Hi’ and was smiling and talkative. I was totally blown away and asked the ER staff just what they did. They explained that the man was diabetic and his blood sugar was quite low and after administering 50mg of Dextrose IV he woke right up. Since then, I knew a diabetic when I saw one and knew just what to do for them. After treating most of them they most often refused transport and we left them as is. That call was quite the learning experience for me. Cops need to be trained to look for medical ID’s or at least recognize the symptoms of hypoglycemia before they start beating on somebody.

  • RichardM73

    Where’s the dash cam video?

  • aurora9

    Years ago, my late husband was slightly weaving on a Los Angeles freeway. A policeman pulled him over, maybe he was the Highway Patrol, He recognized that my husband was a diabetic, actually borderline, but the officer was acute enough to see that there was a medical problem. He brought an orange from his car, cut it in half and had my husband eat it. It leveled him right out. The officer said that he had encountered other motorists who have had the same problem and kept oranges in his car for that specific reason. Those were back in the days when people would help each other out.

  • greyhound44

    Seemingly all the police in the useless USA need to be eliminated!

  • greyhound44

    I lived in Dallas for nearly 25 years and beat every cop in court!
    What trash.

  • gregCall

    This is what happens when cowards are given badges. In the old days they recruited people who had a history of fighting as long as they didn’t have a criminal record, these people were secure in their abilities and didn’t have a cowardly need to prove their manhood like the sensitivity trained, politically correct hires working the street nowadays.

  • Shadow_58

    These two S.O.B.’s should be glad it wasn’t one of my relatives. The Chief is just as screwed up as his misfit clowns in uniform.

  • Lloydl333

    Bad Cops! Have these idiots heard of 911 and EMT? Unresponsive person needs medical attention. I hope he sue the ass off the cop who punched him in the face. I learned in the academy to take a person into custody. You have to cuff them but nowhere was I taught to punch in the face. Bad Cops and poor training.

  • chrismalllory

    Cops are civilians. The man they attacked is a citizen.

  • KatRob

    Truly pathetic. Gives decent cops a bad name. Typical investigation was done. Oh, sweet karma, do your thang.

  • gretagarbo123

    Sue the bast’s. Internal investigations are usually bogus. Get a good lawyer and sue them. At the very least it will be an aggravation to them, since most cops have their money linked to their spouses. I would also sue the place where this occurred. This is corruption and violent stupid cops.

  • BarrackHussein

    I’d love to be on the jury!