Black Friday was Good Friday for Gun Sales

Black Friday 2011 set a new record for gun sales with 129,166 background check requests.  Many read it as a sign that Americans were uncertain about the future of the United States and were arming themselves to protect their property and family.

This year’s Black Friday topped last year’s gun sales by a whopping 20%.  The FBI reported 154,873 background check requests.  The actual figure on total gun sales is undoubtedly higher because only one background check is needed for the purchase of more than one firearm at a time.  Therefore, we really don’t know the total number of sales, only the number of background checks.  The volume of background check requests on Black Friday was so great that on two separate occasions it caused the FBI Instant Background Check center to crash.

A number of people believe the record gun sales is a direct result of the re-election of Barack Obama and the fear that he will actively seek to ban as many types of guns from private ownership as possible.  One of those that link the record sales to the election is Don Gallardo, manager of Shooter’s World in Phoenix who commented about the amount of sales on Black Friday:

“With the recent election, some people are making buying decisions just in case something (new law) happens.”

Last year, Obama met with anti-gun activist Sarah Brady and told her that he was working under the radar on sweeping new gun control policies.  During the campaign this year, he also mentioned that he would like to see a ban on all assault rifles.

In addition to Obama’s quest to ban guns from private citizens, many people also feel that the continued United Nation’s efforts to ban all guns will eventually spill over into the US.  Most people are concerned about the Arms Trade Treaty which has a section that reads:

“Section III, Paragraphs 7 and 8 of the Programme of Action mandate that if a member state cannot get rid of privately owned small arms legislatively, then the control of ‘customs, police, intelligence, and arms control’ will be placed under the power of a board of UN bureaucrats operating out of the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs.”

With so many Second Amendment activists focusing on the Arms Trade Treaty, some have forgotten about the UN Small Arms Treaty.  This nasty piece of international legislation basically bans private ownership of all small arms.  It goes on to define small arms as all handguns, shotguns, hunting and target rifles.  And you may be shocked to learn that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has signed both the Arms Trade Treaty and the Small Arms Treaty.  The only thing preventing it from becoming law at this time is ratification in Senate.  Article 2, Section 2 of the US Constitution states that two-thirds of the senators present must vote in favor of any treaty in order for it to be ratified and made law in the US.  This is one reason that Senate seats are so valuable.  As long as the Republicans can maintain a minimum of 35 seats in the Senate, they can prevent either of these US treaties from being ratified and made law.

As for US citizens and gun sales, the records set over the past couple years indicates that it will be extremely difficult for any power to confiscate them all.  To attempt to do so will undoubtedly result in the loss of thousands of lives, turning America’s streets red with blood.  All I can say, is buy as many guns and as much ammo as you can and be ready when all hell breaks loose in the streets and homes of America.



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19 comments on “Black Friday was Good Friday for Gun Sales
  1. dlg44 says:

    And what about the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution?  Wouldn’t they have to get rid of that?  Doesn’t that take 2/3 of the states to ratify?

    • dhmill says:

       Wake up and smell the coffee! It’s the Senators that represent the states. All that is needed is enough Socialist Senators to approve the treaty and your Constitutional  Rights are gone!  Senators such as Sherrod Brown of Ohio. He was just re-elected back into another term by the fools of Ohio.
      He will be more than happy to eliminate your Constitutional Rights. The only cases that I know of where socilaism works is in the ant hills and in the honey bee hives. With humans, socialism never has worked! Anywhere in any country!  However, the voters of Ohio apparently want to become ants.

      • MikeBrandenburg says:

        @dhmill  @dlg44 not all Ohioans, we have a small town with 7,,, SEVEN,,,registered voters who cast 900 votes, go figure.

        • gypsy314 says:

          @MikeBrandenburg  @dhmill  @dlg44 Most Americans know the under hand cheating democrat will stoop to. We all know our leaders will not lift a finger to investigate this charges of fraud if they do it will be under the control of democrat so they can cover it up again.

  2. douber1 says:

    dont forget to thank the prez for being gun salesman of the yr

  3. KMan says:

    I thought the same thing regarding the 2nd Amendment – that it would protect us from such outrageous UN / Hillary  / obama plots against  U.S. citizens.   However from some disturbing information I’ve read it would appear that a treaty with a foreign power, including the UN, will take precedence over the Constitution.
    It’s a leftists dream to get this done, and they are no doubt working on a plan to try to ram this through at some point.  This is another of many examples as to why elections can have such disastrous consequences.

    • BenjiMac48 says:

      1. The quote above from ATT is obviously not a quote and I doubt a reasonable summary. Dave, please write again when you have something real to say. I do care, but you have to tell the truth.
      2. KMan – If the Senate ratifies a treaty contrary to the Constitution, it has no legal effect because the Senate has no authority to ratify such a treaty, any more than they can pass any other law that violates the Constitution. Which of course they do anyway. When the government passes a law, it doesn’t matter whether it is a treaty or some other law, and it doesn’t matter whether it is within their authority under the Constitution, it is law anyway and government officials will take your money and your freedom and your life the same as any other armed robber.

    • DeaconG says:

      No Treaty can take precedence over our Constitution.  I know this for a fact as do many in law enforcment that I frequently chat with.  There is no way Obama and Hillary will be able to disarm the people of the USA unless you surrender your weapons willingly. I won’t be in that crowd nor will millions of other Veterans.

  4. Holy diver says:

    1 more supreme court jstice and they can “interprete” around the second ammendment

  5. gypsy314 says:

    Like i said either impeach Obama or civil war is bound to happen. Unless you are ready to be slaves democrats and Obama will make it happen if Obama is left in power. So you choose folks when we all unite and do what we have to do. I prefer peacefully means to remove him but if the leaders fail to impeach him them prepare for the worse.

  6. grafra102 says:

    I believe everyone should be able to own a gun, I have, and it is good because it is our right. But to me BLACK FRIDAY IS “GOOD FRIDAY” the day our LORD died for our sins on the “HILL OF CALVERY”

  7. RobertAlexander says:

    Praise Jesus Holy Name, I do HOPE that many are Christians doing their Godly Duty / Obligation to be armed.
    Psalms 31:3: For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name’s sake lead me, and guide me.
    Psalms 57:
    7 My heart is fixed, O Elohim (God,) my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise.
    8 Awake up, my glory; awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will awake early.
    9 I will praise thee, O יהוה (Yahweh,) among the people: I will sing unto thee among the nations.
    10 For thy mercy is great unto the heavens, and thy truth unto the clouds.
    11 Be thou exalted, O Elohim (God,) above the heavens: let thy glory be above all the earth.

  8. MarlenaWickens says:

    Better stock up on bullets for those guns , cause thats what they will go after. you can buy all the guns you want, but if you can’t get the bullets then what good are the guns???

  9. SAM I AM says:

    Most states are adopting ccw laws and reciprocating others states permits. Yeah I know you say “now they know who has the guns”. But we the citizens of the USA are the best armed civilian force in the world. Our own military would fail should they try to take our guns.

    • RobertAlexander says:

      @NibiruRising  lets hope when they get there they will be buried in their own demonic filled blood buy hundreds of millions of shots

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