John Kerry Condemns Faith, Takes One More Step Toward Fascism

“There is no surer sign of decay in a country than to see the rites of religion held in contempt.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

Everything changes. That statement may seem obvious, but what we often forget is that change isn’t always positive. While we are inundated by promising messages of change, like Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan, what change really amounts to is deterioration. Just as we all age, our philosophies are subject to a slow deterioration as well. The unfortunate side effect of an aging philosophy is that it will eventually be replaced by something else.

For quite some time now, there has been a targeted attack on Christianity in this country. However, over the last several years, the level of persecution has escalated rapidly. The reason behind the escalation rests squarely on the shoulders of our leadership. The Democratic Party has become the Party of the faithless. That’s not an exaggeration, or a smear, it’s just the truth. The faithless are drawn to the Party which best represents their positions.

The Democrats can believe—or not believe—whatever they want, but the problem starts when they attempt to stifle Christianity. The problem begins when their faithlessness turns to aggression. From the teacher who banned her student from reading his bible during his free reading period, to the HHS contraception mandate, our faith is being hammered. Secretary of State John Kerry saying this on his trip to Africa:

“Some people believe that people ought to be able to only do what they say they ought to do, or to believe what they say they ought to believe, or live by their interpretation of something that was written down a thousand plus, two thousand years ago. That’s not the way I think most people want to live.”

That is one of the most powerful men in the United States government slighting the beliefs of millions of Americans. That comment is outrageous, and wildly offensive. Will the media care? No. Will the Democrats care? No. They may even applaud him. But you know who does care? The million of Christians in this country. Even if you are not a Christian, you should be frightened by Kerry’s remark. His attitude toward Christianity is indicative of other aspects of his personality. He has a tight grip around the throat of the first amendment. The way in which he chooses to use his power is frightening.

But Kerry’s remark, the HHS mandate, and the bible ban are just the tip of an iceberg which we are quickly approaching. When one philosophy fades, others take its place. A vacuum is never a good thing. A vacuum creates an opportunity for something new, and potentially dangerous. What will replace our Christian nation when it eventually falls? And it will fall. The pendulum swings in opposing directions, and I can see a creeping fascism approaching; an ever-expanding government, an ever-widening wealth gap, and a population which is becoming more and more addicted to federal handouts. The pendulum has swung toward fascism before, and the results were nothing short of horrific. We are a dying nation, and we are dying because our faith is being stripped away.

When the leaders of a nation condemn the faith of its people, we are not far from fascism. The 2014 mid-terms, and the 2016 presidential election are our last chance, so far as I can see, to take the wheel away from those who would drive us into chaos.



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519 comments on “John Kerry Condemns Faith, Takes One More Step Toward Fascism
  1. jessica22 says:

    Just because I don’t want religion taught in public schools or religion governed by our public servants, it doesn’t mean faith doesn’t have a very important place in our public lives.

    We each need to live our faith and express our beliefs in a just and legal way.
    If we live like Christ taught us, all is well.

    • Leijona says:

      You mean in our private lives right? A persons faith is a personal thing.

      • jessica22 says:

        You’re right… A person’s faith is a personal thing.
        But it still has a place in our public lives along with personal lives.
        I don’t mean shoving our beliefs down the throats of others.
        I mean living our faith daily, looking like – in my case – a Christian.

        Whatever your faith, it seems important to be true to your beliefs. Live what you believe. For me and those who believe like I do, they’ll know we are Christians by our love.

  2. Numbnuts73 says:

    Kerry is a worshipper of Satan. He and his minions will run face first into the army of freedom and they will be smote like all the worshippers of the Apollyon that have come before him: Genghis Kahn, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot. He will be delivered.

    • LABobE says:

      One thing I cannot help but LOVE about Teahadists is their consistency. EVERYONE that disagrees with them is a gay, Muslim, communist, fascist, socialist, Marxist, demonic, Satanist!!! If ONLY they knew what those words meant!

      • The Brigadier says:

        I see our resident liberal goon LABoob is back.

        • Maria castro says:

          They cannot handle the truth, and they are so stupid they don’t even know what they are doing. Like Jesus said, “forgive them father as they don’t know what they are doing”. Unfortunately, is sad to see this great country at the mercy of these idiots.

        • buddyb says:

          I believe they know exactly what the’re doing. Satan knows for sure what he is doing and is the evil father of all who imitate him. Please do not make the mistake of thinking them to be “ignorant”. The are operating with seared conscience and gave given themselves over to evil.

        • Maria castro says:

          Don’t forget that the biggest sin is Pride. They are too proud to accept that they are handled by Satan.

        • Clint says:

          Pride is a big sin, but not the biggest according to the Bible. Blaspheming the Holy Spirit is the worst sin because it is unforgivable.

        • Clint says:

          satan knows that his time is short for sure.

        • Clint says:

          They are deluded by the deceiver satan, and they may not be aware of the consequences of their choices, but they do know what they are doing.

        • frosty7530 says:

          Don’t give him the satisfaction of making headway!

        • hpinnc says:

          Yes, & everyone please bow, muslim style, he is highly educated & has great words of wisdom to say to us. Pay attention now!!!!!!!!!!

        • 2shinyshoes says:

          The only thing Kerry is……a Gigilo. He keeps marrying women with money who have recently lost their Wealthy husbands.

        • victorbarney says:

          And I thought that he too was born RICH, not MAKING IT by “SLEALING FROM WOMEN as BHO?

        • 2shinyshoes says:

          Nope, he’s a Master Manipulator, just like this prez.

        • Iceman47 says:

          Let’s not forget that he is also a coward in the face of the enemy. The only reason he is so “bold” now is that he IS the enemy.

        • helen sabin says:

          What does that say about the women who marry him? Think of Hillary supporting Bill who slept with many women and she took him back? EGADS!!

        • 2shinyshoes says:

          Funny! And his wife, Theresa Heinz (as in Ketchup and Mustard) is suffering through Cancer and Treatments while he’s running all over the world pretending he has something of significance to say. Do we think Putin doesn’t have Kerry’s M.O. That’s a laugh. All his silly threats…..boy…look out putin….LOL Clinton (both) are dirtbags, always have been.

        • helen sabin says:

          I hope she survives and the cancer doesn’t get her – I don’t wish her any bad luck. BUT….him? Can you imagine doing negotiations by twitter? What kind of fool is this guy? Putin is laughing his head off at Kerry and obama.

        • 2shinyshoes says:

          Either they are idiots or cunning manipulators, much like Castro, Chavez and a thousand other evil “leaders” who are controlling the lives of others.

        • abby101 says:

          What kind of fool? He is a cowardly “piece of shit”!1 Nuff said!

        • Shofar threading says:

          It amazes me how gullible some women are. NOT in that category is Putin. He’s so far ahead in his game-planning our so-called leaders have been left in the dust.

        • 2shinyshoes says:

          John Kerry is not known for his “brilliance”. He would be the last choice for that position. He’s the “High School” mentality person on the “Debate Team”. That’s the level of his intelligence. A boring Cad.

        • Shofar threading says:

          You covered it well above…….Master Manipulator.

        • 2shinyshoes says:

          I am amused by the “comments” Putin makes about the Chief Clown in the Oval Office. Now if any one of us said those things the IRS, BLM, AG, Media, etc. would be escorting us to a jail cell.

        • Shofar threading says:

          Putin holds all the reins. He STILL is KGB. And Kerry still is a coward.

        • ARETHEYNUTS says:

          You have seen his wife haven’t you?

        • 2shinyshoes says:

          Where I live, we call that “used goods”. LOL

        • Patriot says:

          He’s just another low-life troll who resides up obama’s backside during daylight hours. I’d like to see Palin get this clown in her sites! Preferably from a helicopter. Then she can field dress the a-hole and scatter his meat for the wolves to dine on.

          By the way, he gave a very good self portrait of himself didn’t he?

        • revgay says:

          why not a drone for all of our liberal regime?

        • Patriot says:

          Sounds good to me, I’ll get right on it! :)

        • elizabeth greeley says:

          Indeed he did. Despicable!!!

        • victorbarney says:

          Don’t forget, Satan(Lucifer) has only short time left because his given 6,000 years is soon OVER! WATCH…

        • Rick says:

          LAfool would also cover it Brigadier.

        • fideux says:

          Brigadier, you should have started your sentence with: I’m sad to say,
          (but that’s understood!)

        • woonsocket says:

          There’s more than Bob. Others are so repulsed by the hatred on this site that don’t come back. I wish 50 liberal contributors come to this site. You’d find out how small a minority you represent. The only reason why the extreme right has that many seats in Congress is because of billionaires and wealthy Americans who are using you in order for them to get richer. You’re being played.

        • Skeptical_Boomer says:

          And all 50 of those liberals will spout total nonsense like you do goonsprocket. Talk about being played. Look in the mirror.

        • LawtonOkie says:

          All kidding aside, woonie, you don’t like it when somebody talks about Bob, do you? You defend him like you were defending your lover, woonie. What are you and Bobbie hiding?

      • Jim says:

        They do, You clearly do not!!

      • xoxozo says:

        Ya know you’re right MOST of the ones against the TP are what you stated above…except for one. There are many gays in the party, BUT NOT THE OTHERS. AND we DO know what these words mean

      • Virgil Hilts says:

        My word would be Phuck-Stik! also………..John Kerry…AKA ‘The Nantucket Hamster’!

      • mbnick says:

        Awww……..did the Tea Party threaten your freebies?

        • Melinda says:

          Well add another one to the what you are if you disagree….their most favorite MOOCHER. even if these guys on on some form of government welfare everyone else is a moocher. Amazing. Now comes moron, idiot, etc. Reminds me of those middle school bullies. All bluster no sense.

        • CharlieFromMass says:

          Why are you calling yourself names? If you’re going to, you might as well add “shrill,” because your words come across as such. I can almost hear you whining at the top of your lungs now…

          Someone get me an aspirin, please?

        • victorbarney says:


        • CharlieFromMass says:

          *Virtual high-5.*

          Very well played.

        • mbnick says:

          Get real. If you are one the pathetic 40% that still supports Obama who either are a moocher, you want to mooch, or you condone mooching. All 3 just as bad.

        • CharlieFromMass says:

          Don’t forget “highly gullible.”

        • victorbarney says:

          What about just evil?

        • CharlieFromMass says:

          A bit too blanket a statement, I think, to be really fair.

          There are some people who aren’t evil, just not too bright, and would believe you if you said the sky is purple.

        • victorbarney says:

          You’re wrong CharlieFromMass. Even scripture in Revelation chapter 7 & 11 clearly reveal that Anglo-Saxons & Jews will be punished FIRST, leaving only 72,000 of each sex alive evenly divided between the 12 tribes of Israel, including Judah, following 3 1/2 years of witnessing against them by the two-witnesses of Yahweh(that’s 100% DEATH within 1 standard deviation of the mean in measurement error) and then in only 3 1/2 DAYS later sir, all else our judged, that only taking ONE(!) HOUR! Therefore, WATCH…

        • Leijona says:

          Wow that is really scary. FEAR. A book based on FEAR from a “god” that for some reason is considered All-Merciful. It is all very confusing, and makes me think of a fire and brimstone evangelistic minister who rapes little boys in the closet when nobodies looking, then threatens them with hell if they tell anyone.


        • jessica22 says:

          Get over it… Do you know what you’re talking about or are you falsely accusing someone again because you can’t bother learning the truth… Fool!

        • LawtonOkie says:

          Thank you for defending the Tea Party, nick. I don’t know how anybody on here could ever defend LABobE.

        • mbnick says:

          You ARE welcome. These Obama moochers know nothing about it or Fox News. They are nothing but $1.98 mindless Obama parrots who have to be told what to say

        • Patriot says:

          Yep, the Wizards of Smart! (Not) :)

      • Woody says:

        I may believe that a person who disagrees with me is a socialist but, I don’t necessarily believe he is any of the other tags you mention.

        You have a right to your opinion but, you seem to believe that those who oppose you do NOT.

        Isn’t diversity of opinion a good thing?

        USMC 1970-1974

        • jessica22 says:

          Wish everyone on this site agreed with you, Woody.

        • Melinda says:

          Diversity of opinion is great but disagreements from many right activists on this blog don’t respond logically but with school yard labels….moron, idiot, commie, gay, etc. So yea respect diversity of opinion.

        • CharlieFromMass says:

          I do. I taught long enough to do that, and I always did before as well, because unlike some people, I enjoy being a bit of an academic and like to play with ideas.

          When you and your ilk show some respect to us instead of coming in with screeching bluster and fury, perhaps then you’d be getting the respect you’re now screaming for.

        • Patriot says:

          Respect is something one earns. They expect and demand it even though most of them don’t have the brains GOD gave them. Why would anyone with any common sense come onto a blog were they know their beliefs are despised. Self-loathing, low self esteem perhaps?

        • CharlieFromMass says:

          Those are distinct possibilities.

          Some people also simply like to cause problems, like these two progdolytes (a cross of a progressive and a trogdolyte.)

          Some folks come here, ask questions and engage in an honest debate. I have no problem with them- we might all learn something and it gives us a chance to really refine our arguments as opposed to chiding infantile behavior from other adults.

        • Patriot says:

          A free exchange of ideas and an occasional a good spirited mental joust is not too much to ask. I despise these very small minded people with their very snarky remarks and know it all attitude and their mightier than thou and condescending attitude. I simply respond in kind and SaulAlinsky them and then blow them off. Childish? Perhaps, but satisfying.

        • CharlieFromMass says:

          Sometimes, a quick mental “sugar rush” is needed. I do agree with that. And your point is very, very well taken.

        • Patriot says:


        • Ron says:

          respect is earned Not demanded.! Earn it then You will recieve it untill then You reap what You sow

        • tnetcenter says:

          What? You mean we’re using the same tactics that you do? Saul maybe shouldn’t have published his rules, they can and are being used against his ideology. We’re tired of loosing ground by playing by the rules, from here on out you can expect us to do the SAME things that you do to win – every dirty (well maybe not EVERY dirty) trick and underhanded tactic, diversion, misrepresentation, distortion, and even (gasp) lie!

          You see, logic doesn’t work when when your opponent will do whatever it takes to win even if that violates every legal and moral precept in existence. Liberals have proven that they don’t give a rip about rules or playing fair, or being legal. So turnabout is fair play as they say!

        • hpinnc says:

          No, not if you disagree with one of these EDUCATED, all-knowing, gurus who has all the answers, but doesn’t have enough common sense to come in out of the rain.

        • J Bishop says:

          RE POST FROM BELOW to LaBoobe : So what you are
          saying is – your choice to believe in nothing trumps my choice to believe in
          something? As long as we have all the same (UN) beliefs along the same lines as
          you and all the liberals they are good and worthy. If you don’t believe in the
          same things then you are closed minded and grotesque to use your verbiage
          above. That is very tolerant of you and the libs

        • Panicazi says:

          There is a remarkable difference between keeping an open mind, and entertaining a fool. The foolish minds that engage in Leftist thinking have no place at a rational table. I know it’s been a few decades for you since you occupied a position within a patrol base, but can you imagine the response from the perimeter if the PL began making decisions based on hurt feelings? That is essentially the foundation of any thought on the Left, it’s the politics of hurt feelings and has no place amongst those looking for a serious decision.

          5 Presidents and still in uniform. I’ll outlast this one, too!

        • Patriot says:

          Hey Panicazi, I think your missing the point. Most of them keep such an open mind that there brains roll out their ears :)

          Thanks for your service and as far as outlasting this president, all I can say is from your lips to God’s ear!

          Have a good one!

        • Ken says:

          Why does No ID to vote, Global Warming, and 4 Dead in Benghazi come to mind ?

      • tnetcenter says:

        The important question is do YOU know the meaning of those big words you like to sling around??

      • Sam says:

        What do you have against those Americans who love their country and want to see it survive?

        • Patriot says:

          He apparently doesn’t like any form of authority. It upsets his world-view :) He also appears to have a problem dealing with adults, especially male adults. I think the shrinks refer to it as penis envy :)

        • elizabeth greeley says:

          I wonder, how many heterosexual men are left on this planet? Homosexuals are becoming way too prevalent!!

      • monacall says:

        Really so what do you think John Kerry meant by what he said?

        • louexis says:

          Religion is a personal thing not a national thing. I wonder if you realize how much you right wing religious fanatics sound like the muslim extremists

        • monacall says:

          Really. So again moon dick what did Kerry mean?
          Well us religious fanatics don’t chop people heads off or rape children. Or not eat pork!!!! How unamerican is not eating pork!!!

        • louexis says:

          Please tell me what a moon dick is. I can’t find it in the dictionary. I guess it must be someone that doesn’t think like you so they must be wrong. Or is it that you find it hard to put together 2 intelligent sentences.

        • Leijona says:

          No they do not. Religious fanatics of any flavor never respect another religions beliefs. This is because religion is man made, and its purpose, regardless of which one you choose is to be the only one. Humans do not see different religions as branches of a tree that all lead to the same trunk, which I am sure God would have intended. Why do you think that there have been so many religious wars over the ages?

        • louexis says:

          I believe as the founding fathers of our country felt when decreed in the first amendment that there should be no state religion because of what they saw in Europe with state religions. The United States of America is not a Christian nation. It is a country that is predominantly Christian and the Christian religion should carry no more weight than any other religion. in the operation of our country.

        • Leijona says:

          I agree completely, Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for anyone who is not a member of some Christian sect to get elected in this country because of the mindset of the electorate. It truly scares me to think that our last republican president said that he attacked Iraq because “god” told him to do it. Anyone who does not find this reprehensible is of questionable stability, in my humble opinion.

          Great Britain was finally able to separate church and state after spilling an ocean of blood over religion, of course they did not have the benefit of science we now have. Science that many religious people simply refuse to accept in this country, in spite of overwhelming evidence.

          That which we are indoctrinated with from birth is hard to shed, especially if all our hopes are tied to those beliefs.

      • Jean Henri Laprime says:

        Another troll on the internet

      • Melinda says:

        You betcha. And they go from he’s a commie, he’s a fascists as the wind blows. YIU would think they could at least pick the political/economic philosophy they hate the most.

        • Ron says:

          Thats easy Yours! Libutardism. No mentality needed.

        • tnetcenter says:

          Communism, Fascism, and Socialism are so close in ideology that the terms can be used interchangeably which we do. If you want to nit-pic about definitions, so right ahead, at the end of the line if you please. We’re busy trying to save our country from the degenerates like LA-Boob-EE and Kerry, and Obama, and the list goes on!

      • Fleur says:

        I don’t know you and I don’t want to. You are a hateful, broken, mean-spirited piece of piss-poor protoplasm. You have no soul and your spirit is dead.

        You are entirely too stupid to see that everyone of those characteristics that you’ve listed about are exactly WHY Conservatives detest them as well those who support them….like YOU.

        Conservatives KNOW exactly what those words mean. They are ugly and dangerous.
        Absolutely, we do NOT like those who embrace homosexuality. I’ve never met a homosexual who was happy…there is always something in them that is unhappy or makes the mean. The other seven are ALL evil. Why? Because they do not allow for freedom to be a part of human life. They want to control every aspect.

        From this point on, and every time you blog in, I will pray for you. It may be painful for you. It sometimes is for those with broken and rotten spirits. If you feel small twinges of pain, it will be prayers going up on your behalf. I encourage anyone else to pray for this poor man.

        • tnetcenter says:

          Good suggestion!! Everyone pray for LA-Boob-EE (and the rest of the misguided creatures that have fallen under the influence of liberalism)! the Lord said pray for your enemies, by doing so you will be heaping burning coals upon their head. Works for me!

        • Ken says:

          Love Mankind, Hate Satan.

        • Sharon Jeanguenat says:

          Good idea! Or rebuke him in the name of Jesus, & maybe that evil spirit that controls him will depart.

        • victorbarney says:

          I’m into the Hebrew-Inspired scriptures(Zeph. 3:9, Acts 26:14, 1 Cor. 4:6) and NOT into Rome’s grandeur or Greece’s glory and a bunch of LIES. I’m sticking with Jerusalem, were our Jewish, NOT Greek, born Savior will return and rather SOON at that!

        • Patriot says:

          Fleur, you make good points. I always pray that they will remove themselves from society or pray for forgiveness. It’s always amazed me as to how agitated they get about someone praying for them. You are correct, they like most liberals are among the angriest, hateful and unhappy people you can find. It’s not our fault that they can’t find peace with themselves or others. Perhaps they should engage in a self imposed attitude adjustment before they run into someone who will adjust their attitude for them.

      • GiveAwayJimmie says:

        Bob—you must be one of the faithful—no thought –no morals—-just drink the Kool-Aid!!!!!

      • abinico says:

        What are you saying LABobbee – you think obozocare is a good thing? You think government can mandate that I see a doctor? You think it’s OK for government to force people into a system that kills 200,000 patients yearly? The medical industry is evil; doctors treat symptoms and the hell will any real cure. The gay, Muslim, communist, fascist, socialist, Marxist, demonic, Satanist are the ones who believe in Obozocare.

      • Unknown_soldier1 says:

        Bob every adjective you used describes you, amazing.

      • Patriot says:

        TROLL! Don’t feed the trolls folks.
        Let’s see, obama is gay, he’s a Muslim, he’s a communist, acts like a fascist, he’s been schooled in socialism an Marxism. In fact, I recall seeing a large painting of Marx hanging over his fireplace in Hyde Park. Oh, ya, he love Saul Alinsky. You know the creep community agitator who dedicated his book to SATAN! IS THAT WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT YOU MINDLESS QUISLING THROWBACK?

      • CTConservatives47 says:

        Bob is just one of those pathetic libtard airheads it is best to simply ignore. He may be able to strike his hoofs against the keys, but nothing coherent emerges.

      • Sharon Jeanguenat says:

        I know EXACTLY what those words mean. But, apparently YOU don’t! Christians do not think that everyone that disagrees with us is any of what you listed. A lot of people who disagree ARE those you listed. But, Christians also disagree with each other from time to time, & REAL Christians are none of those on your list.

      • really? you dont know any real tea party people than

      • CajunPatriot says:

        How is your volunteer work going with the youth hostels and homeless shelters in Hollywood and nearby? if you have not yet met God there, it won’t be much longer. You seek God there you will find Him.

      • blaineiac says:

        Ha! That’s because everyone that disagrees with Tea Partiers IS a gay, muslim, communist, fascist, socialist, marxist, demonic, Satanist!!! Which one are you?

      • Barto says:

        I had a German Teacher in school who had an adage she used quite often when some guilty student denied their misdeed and it was “if the shoe fits wear it”……so I suppose LABobE, your shoes fit as does the title of Liberal.

        • Patriot says:

          I suspect you mean Liberal spelled “A”-H-O-L-E? :)

        • Leijona says:

          Is Cinderella a German Story?

        • Barto says:

          No, but Cinderella was fiction!

        • Leijona says:

          So is most of religion, but that does not diminish the importance of the moral context of the story. The shoe of the Princess fit cinderella, because in class, she was one. That is where the addage came from, is it not?

      • Iceman47 says:

        Do you know what they mean?

      • Truth goes 100 MPH says:

        New self portrait, same tripe.

      • SATCitizen says:

        Spoken like a true lefty. . .always using labels to ridicule and showing their hypocrisy. . .always outing themselves and trying to turn the tables. . .consistency indeed!

      • pysco says:

        Is your picture in a communist memorial. ? Kerry testified to incidents in congress, and had no proof, it was lies, he was only there 4 months, wrote himself up for medals, and purple hearts for scrapes and splinters, ask his crew.

      • PatHenry says:

        Kerry is a lying disgrace to the uniform he once wore. He fits perfect with the other lying treasonous bastards running the oval orifice now!

      • abinico says:

        LABobE – are you living in denial? Is ignoring the truth and creating your own reality more comforting to you than understanding the actual reality. The world, especially the so called free world, is run by Satanists. Just start researching topics like the Bohemian Grove meetings and organizations like Skull & Bones. This stuff is real, and it really hits home when people realize – gosh, the MSM completely ignore this.

      • woonsocket says:

        Articles like this are supposed to bring the religious nutjobs. Around December 10th the fog horn blows to warn the world that Christians are victims. This year it will rear its ugly head because Republicans need to get their base to the polls in Nov. Someone forgot to tell them that Jesus would never take food stamps away from poor children but don’t worry, Bob. They’ll find something in the bible that says that the face of Satan is on children who are poor.

      • helen sabin says:

        Many who live in this country do KNOW as they had to live under the isms – Communism, Nazism, Marxism, Fascism – wake up !

      • ARETHEYNUTS says:

        You are so predictable

      • jime1 says:

        Well Bob, the first two letters of your log in name suggest a lot about you. If you’re not any of the above what are you? The game is NOT live and let live. The gaggle of fools you proposed above doesn’t play that way. They wish to silence ALL people of faith and that will not stand! Not ever!

      • No-Mo-BO says:

        ‘LA’ huh? Yeah, that explains it…

      • USMC 64-68 says:

        That’s funny LABoobE because you don’t know what any of them mean.

        When you fall into the septic tank, after awhile you can no longer smell the crap you’re floating in.

    • Ken says:

      Yes Indeed, Revelation 9:11, they have their King.

    • TexasTemplar says:

      To quote Bruce Cockburn, ” one day you’re going to rise from your habitual feast ….and find yourself looking down the throat of the Beast…. they call the Revolution ”

    • turfbarn80 says:

      Amen, brother!

    • Ray - Jesus is the Son of God. says:

      The signs of the end times are everywhere.

      As we witness such things as the spread of globalism, the building of a one-world church, the increase of wickedness, the breakdown of the traditional family, the destruction of that priceless bastion of liberty called America, the normalization of homosexuality, the callous murder of babies, the filthy pop culture, the breathtaking increase in governmental surveillance, we become fearful, uncertain, frustrated, angry, and discouraged, but this is because our minds and hearts are too focused on things of this world rather than things above. Too often we have the same short view that “conservative” unbelievers have rather than the long view that comes from the light of Bible prophecy…

      The devil is the god of this world, and his handiwork is evident everywhere, but he is not God and he is not in control of the times and the seasons….

      “Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding” (Dan. 2:20-21).

      We should stand in the confidence that the present evil is exceedingly temporary and will soon be cut down.

      Please visit my Bible prophecy website at:

      • jime1 says:

        The Bible also clearly says you will not know the day or the hour. Folks have been preaching the end of days for most of my 60+ years I’ve been on this rock and I’m still here.
        Instead of worrying about the end, how about taking the bull by the horns and PRAY to end the madness. The Almighty helps those who help themselves, and most do absolutely nothing and that especially holds true of what comes from 90+% the pulpits.
        It’s no longer rainbows and lollypops, we’re up against it.

        • Ray - Jesus is the Son of God. says:

          It’s clear that you don’t know God’s word and I suspect you don’t know God Himself.

        • saber4mike . says:

          No one is in a position to judge another’s relationship with God. God does help those who help themselves in that they have surrendered to His will. Prayer alone does not bring about change…but prayer in conjunction with the graces given by God can move mountains. God’s unconditional love for us hasn’t changed…He has an open door which never changes. Pray with the simplicity and faith of a child and the way will be made clear.

        • Ken says:

          Enjoyed your Post, thank you and God Bless.

        • Leijona says:

          “Grace” is a word like “Deer” mike. Just FYI and future use. Nice post though.

        • saber4mike . says:

          I’m theologically trying to wrap my head around the correlation between “Grace” and “Deer”. One are gifts bestowed by God and the other is an animal. Please explain and clarify your statement. Tks!

        • Leijona says:

          Nothing Theological. Just word usage, and mentioned in passing. “Grace” is one of those words that does not need an s to be considered plural.

          The reference to deer was simply clarification with a like word. You don’t say a herd of “deers”, you say a herd of “deer”.

        • saber4mike . says:

          Can be used either way…many grace or many graces.

        • Shofar threading says:

          In kindness, who cares?? My search is for a closer relationship with the Lord — not theological banter or parsing of words. That is diversion satan enjoys. <

        • Leijona says:

          And you think that you are the last word huh Ray? I am impressed with your humility.

        • Ray - Jesus is the Son of God. says:

          The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.

        • Leijona says:

          Just because someone does not agree with everything you say, does not mean that they hate you, or what you beleive Ray. You obviously beleive that a man walked the earth named Jesus, and he was the son of God. A god which is supernatural at best. Some people beleive that Jesus was a Prophet, and some simply think that he never even existed, becuse of the incredible lack of evidence for his existence.

          An opinion is not an attack, Ray. It is simply a conclusion based on the avialable evidence.

        • Shofar threading says:

          Ah, and to quote Jesus Himself,

          “He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?” Peter answered and said to Him, “You are the Christ.”
          Mark 8:28-30

          What sayest thou, Leijona?

        • JAn says:

          The Bible also says to be ready for the end times all the time BECAUSE we don’t know the day or time. Also, your statement that God helps those who help themselves is erroneous. And yes, of course we are to pray, but we are to be aware of the signs of the end times.

        • toongail says:

          The quote “God helps those who help themselves” is not in the Bible= however it does say in the Bible that when leaders are disobeying their duty to judge people fairly and to abide by the contract of their government – in our case the Constitution – believers and those people who do know right from wrong should take a stand to see that the leaders do their proper duty. It does not say it the way I say it, but the principle is there. Look at the prophets who rebuked those who were leading Judah into idolatry. Doing this will either have the country turn back to its principles or may hasten the end – either way we should not just remain silent. When the government takes property, or allows people of faith to be sued for practicing their faith, or is causing people to go into poverty – believers should, not violently, but with courage (and try to love our enemies) take a stand.

        • Clint says:

          Not knowing the day nor the hour is in relation to the Bridegroom coming to get his Bride for the wedding of the Lamb. When uttered, it was a custom of the Hebrews, that as the groom to be was preparing the bridal chamber, only his father could decide when the “mansion” or chamber was properly ready for the wedding. If it were left up to the young groom he would throw up a few boards with a covering to keep the rain off, which might take all of two days, and he would immediately run to get his bride. The father being mature and much more qualified to make an un-emotional judgment of the chambers readiness. The second coming is a different occurrence and although it will be sudden, there will be many signs leading up to the event, so we can see it coming. There is no verse in the Bible that says, “God helps those who help themselves”, although many people believe the verse is in the Bible. We are to pray for sure, but we are not to despair and fear.

    • Myrtle says:

      There is one thing about faith, it is where your faith lies. Is it something good and true, I have complete faith in JESUS CHRIST MY SAVIOR to take care of HIS people. I have no faith at all that John Kerry will make any effort to do his duty to America and her people, or Israel , for the matter. I have complete faith that he will look out for John Kerry and the hell, with the rest of humanity.

    • freedomringsforall says:


    • dangkids says:

      Numbnuts73, I AGREE!!

      My question is, what is exactly is your picture of? (OMG, is it? LOL?!!)

  3. LABobE says:

    This may sell wonderfully inside the conservative closed-information bubble but it is grotesque to even suggest that Christians are persecuted in this country. It is however indicative on the mindset of Christians that in order to sustain the delusions of their faith, they have to adopt the politics of victimhood. Faith is not a virtue. It is a mental defect. It’s nothing more then wishful thinking or believing in something you know isn’t true. Let’s put Kerry’s statement in the proper context. MILLIONS of people are dying everyday in Africa do to AIDS. One of the reason this number is so high is the church is telling people that condom use is a sin & the ONLY information these people get about condom use IS from the church! Mr Camp, you ask “what will replace our Christian nation”?? Perhaps you should do your homework. This nation is not, has never been & will never be a “Christian nation”!. We are not dying. The toxic fairytale of religion is dying in the west but that should be applauded as the world will be MUCH better off without it!

    • Bulldog74 says:

      Yeah, because it worked out so well for the USSR.

    • Jim says:

      You must be from another planet. Read the United States Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Even a fool like you should be able to tell that the United States was founded as a Christian Nation and it is not dying. Where in the world are you getting your misinformation?

      • LABobE says:

        The men responsible for building the foundation of the United States were men of The Enlightenment, not men of Christianity. They were Deists who did not believe the bible was true. They were Freethinkers who relied on their reason, not their faith.

    • The Brigadier says:

      When the civil war breaks out it is trolls like you who will be eliminated.

      • LABobE says:

        When the blue states march down south again to make you treasonous southern secessionist “howl” you’ll think you were whistling Dixie the last time Sherman marched through! I’m not going to hold by breath as you teabaggers are all bark & no bite

    • xoxozo says:

      You’re either nuts or ignorant …THIS country was FOUNDED on Christian beliefs. Go read a couple history books instead of listening to your supreme leaders talking points.

    • tnetcenter says:

      Hey LA-Boob-EE, you crawled out from under your rock again! Amazing! I thought you had been committed, but apparently not. Still foaming at the mouth from the last time though, I see! Ha Ha Ha Ha What a moron!

      It’s not worth the effort to try and debate him – he’s already under the insidious influence of the liberalism disease! He has NO argument! all he can do is repeat the worn out drivel from the communists and throw a few of his own unique twists into the mix – none of which are based on any kind of reality. He’s totally delusional and so far out of touch with reality that he belongs in a mental ward!

    • fedupinky says:

      Wonder if you will still be singing this tune as you take your final breaths or will you be begging for God’s mercy and forgiveness as you realize the truth.

    • SammysDad says:

      “It is a mental defect. It’s nothing more then wishful thinking or believing in something you know isn’t true.” That is certainly the perfect definition of “liberalism.” Nice job, LABobE!!

    • J Bishop says:

      So what you are
      saying is – your choice to believe in nothing trumps my choice to believe in
      something? As long as we have all the same (UN) beliefs along the same lines as
      you and all the liberals they are good and worthy. If you don’t believe in the
      same things then you are closed minded and grotesque to use your verbiage
      above. That is very tolerant of you and the libs

    • mort_f says:

      There is a place for Faith. Reference the works of Thos. Paine, in the ‘Age of Reason’. Paine was a confirmed deist, not an atheist, and it would be difficult to classify him in any Christian sect. But science goes just so far, and there will always be questions remaining. Faith fills that gap.

      Religions, with a capital R, try to provide a moral framework for people to live in a social environment. Some Religions seem to work better than others in that regard, but none are perfect. Often the imperfections are those of adherents that are only paying lip service to their professed religion. I will also add that some ‘religions’ are totally antisocial.

      Economics, whether you refer to Marxism, Socialism, Capitalism, or any other ‘ism’, is intimately related to the ability of a social society to exist.

      Again, one can decry imperfections in any ‘ism’. And every ‘ism’ has a relationship to the fundamentals mores of a society’s predominant religion.
      What is ‘best’? An impossible task. But some ‘isms’ have been, and continue to be, the worst.

      • CharlieFromMass says:

        Nicely said.

      • LABobE says:

        The god of the gaps is becoming more & more distant as science fills in those gaps.

        • mort_f says:

          The more that I learn, the more that I realize that I do not know. Can one ever reach the end of an Infinite series?

          The Big Bang, 14 billion years ago was a helluva firecracker that was ‘hiding’ in a black hole, along with muons, quarks, and whatevers. Our wealth, disposable income, is such that we can now afford to spend billions finding even more as yet to be named. And what was there 15 billion years ago?

          In this case, ‘Just what does it matter?’. A resort to faith is enough for me..

  4. Jim says:

    Kerry the Communist who committed treason against the United States during the Vietnam war. What a surprise that he is an atheist too. Guess he fits right in with the current Democrat administration! I’ surprised that he is not claiming to be Muslim. I thought that he should have been imprisoned before, and still think that would be a good place for him.

    • Patriot says:

      He should be behind bars in Federal prison where he belongs for treason and his libelous testimonial before the people! He’s sure is one sick puppy! Shooting himself in the Butt with rice in order to get out of the service which he used for his own political ends. He even went around with a camera crew to make his documentary. He’s a piece of human garbage just like obama!

  5. DMJo says:

    I agree with you that there is an attack on Christianity in this country, but that is not the only religion that is being attacked. The Jewish religion is also being attacked. It is wrong and short-sighted to state that as if Christianity is the only religion being attacked. It is more accurate to say that religion is being attacked or Christianity and Judaism is being attacked. To do otherwise is to alienate those that would be on your side if you would only include them!

    • mbnick says:

      Jews voted for Obama so let them put up with these attacks.

      • Paula Kahan says:

        I keep reading this type of opinion in discussions such as these. Such a broad generalization. Not ALL Jews – just for the record.

        • mbnick says:

          Not ALL, but the majority voted Democrat. Some gullible Christians also did and they are now paying for it also.

        • Paula Kahan says:

          We are all paying for what those that did not do their homework did in terms of voting. Let’s just not make anyone scapegoats.

        • mbnick says:

          Have a reading problem? I said nothing about scapegoats.
          I said those that voted Democrat deserve what they are getting including Obama administration attacks.

        • Paula Kahan says:

          You BEGAN by naming Jewish people as those that voted for Obama, “Jews voted for Obama so let them put up with these attacks” – I don’t know if you you have a memory problem or a problem of understanding of what you were implying. To me, by definition, that is called scapegoating. Perhaps, I misunderstood. So glad, though, that we cleared that up!

        • mbnick says:

          Then obviously you are wrong. Perhaps you should read the article again and see if that helps you.

        • Paula Kahan says:

          I don’t think the problem lies with me or my understanding of this article. …it’s your need to be right and have the last word. It’s called ego. If so, go for it.

        • mbnick says:

          I should have known that re-reading the article would be too hard for you. Denial is a wonderful thing for a Democrat.

        • Leijona says:

          Im sorry Paula, but in my opinion Romney never had a chance to win. Kennedy had a very hard time winning because he was Catholic. What chance do you think a Mormon had when the curtain was pulled? I think the whole thing was rigged.

        • Paula Kahan says:

          I understand what you’re saying but none of that was my point.

        • Leijona says:

          Yes, I see your point. The Jews always seem to end up as the whipping boy, or the scapegoat whenever something unsavory happens. I am one of many, however, that believes that where there is smoke, one can generally find fire. Considering the financial debacles that have plagued this country in the recent past, and who you find at the center of these debacles, you have to be fairly naive to find this coincidental, don’t you think?

      • Melinda says:

        Of course not all Jews and of course not all Christians voted for Romney. This is a diverse nation. Many good Christians voted for Obama. Of course they did.

      • Leijona says:

        Most Blacks are Christian, and 94% of them voted for Obama. They voted color, period.

      • DMJo says:

        Not all Jews did. The members of the Republican Jewish Coalition did not. This group even had a feature about Jews who had “Obama regret” and aired it on the web and TV in high Jewish population areas. I certainly did not and I am Jewish.

    • hpinnc says:

      DMJO, not all Christians feel the way mbnick does, there were probably many Christians who voted for Obama too. There are lots of mis-informed people in just about any group of people. What we need now is for all good, decent, people of integrity & who believe in the American dream, & who believes it is still attainable, if we will pursue it & not give up, to stand together this November & see if we can defeat this evil, progressive, un-American blight that has swept over our land & is robbing us of our resources, our hopes, & our dreams of being a land of the free because of the brave once again. May God bless you & your loved ones!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Barbara Johnson says:

    One More Step Toward Fascism? I think that we are already in it. You have to “kill” religion, before the Government can become the new God.

    • Fleur says:

      And that will never happen in America. NEVER.

      Even the kids who voted for the Liberal Democratic party won’t make the same again. They’re wise these youngsters. They don’t want to be stuck with BO’s bar and vacation bills. I’ve seen a remarkable reversal in those who have finally gotten the truth.

      They won’t be voting for any Democrats and will look more closely at the individual candidates in 2016.

      • mort_f says:

        Wishful thinking. But I hope I am wrong. Far too much ‘indoctrination’ in our education system, and far too little usage of their supposed ‘literacy’.

      • Barbara Johnson says:

        I wish that was true, but don’t forget that they chose it by electing it twice.

    • Patriot says:

      The Reds learned that in order to control the masses you had to remove God from their lives and substitute it with GOVERNMENT and force them to kneel at the alter of GOVERNMENT.

      • Leijona says:

        Thats what the Muslims in Pakistan do in their Oxymoronic “Islamic Republic”

        You cannot mix religion and politics, and be free, period.

  7. truth and facts says:

    obama said he was a Christian—-Liar—- Kerry was appointed by obama—-anti American commie,thats kerry..

    • hpinnc says:

      He reminds me of the 3 stooges, except there are more than 3, there are Obama, Hillary, Holder, Biden, Kerry, Sibelius, & the whole democratic administration. I would be GLAD to see them impeached.

  8. Dudley Hill says:

    I am a Viet Nam vet, John Kerry is a coward and a liar!!!

  9. xoxozo says:

    ONE of the problems is, we Christians don’t fight back with the force that the other side does AND we just go back to our daily lives. We need a leader like Jarvis was in Ca over property taxes…someone who stands up and WE back him. The silent majority IS STILL HERE but we have no one to lead us…

    • Ken says:

      The Lion of Judah, is coming, with a Sword in His Mouth. Than everyone will Know, the Word Of God, is True.

  10. The Brigadier says:

    As long as you can breathe and hold a rifle, it will not fail Frank Camp. These Jackals will be thrown out in the next two elections, unless Valerie Jarrett and her communist comrades in the Administration continue their actions to collapse our currency. When that happens, a civil war will break out. They think they will kill or imprison us like Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro and a dozen others did for the last hundred years. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN HERE! If they try they will be overwhelmed, tried, convicted and executed. Sixty million Heartlanders will defend our nation and our faith. It will NOT fail Frank Camp.

    • Melinda says:

      Wow. Now Kerry is a fascist, atheist, and Valerie Jarret is in charge and. A Communist. Do try to understand the difference between these two diverse political/economic theories. Is old Valerie ACA lesbo also. Think y forgot that. The currency is at the present very stable. Go check the currency stability under the previous President. Not so good. He didn’t have Valerie.

  11. mbnick says:

    Just another example of the Democrat war on Christians. But then they go to Church for photo opts. Can be you say despicable hypocrites who must now be removed from public office.

  12. D2U says:

    Always socialist trolls on here.

  13. Chief47 says:

    And just who gave that pompous *sshole the right to speak for “most people”. He was a coward during Vietnam, was a coward as a Senator, and is even more of a coward as Secretary of State. Maybe we’ll get lucky and one of his fights will go down like the one from Malaysia.

  14. dnav says:

    Well, the devil is getting more blatant through his mouthpieces. Believers, recognize your standing on resurrection ground. We are seated in the heavenlies in Christ FAR ABOVE ALL principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come. Our wrestling, our struggle is not against man, not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. So if we are FAR ABOVE these spiritual powers that use men and bring evil to pass, then we have the power and ability to command the devil spirit realm to back off in the name of Jesus Christ. So utilize your power in prayer. Understand that when you claim for the persecution of Christianity to be thwarted in its tracks and the enemies of it to be discomfited of themselves that you have the God-given power and authority to do so in the name of Jesus Christ. Let’s claim our power and back down the enemies of freedom by the real power of prayer and by speaking the truth in love to all those who will hear.

  15. Virgil Hilts says:

    Anyone ELSE notice something wrong in the photo of Kerry (AKA ‘The Nantucket Hamster’) and ‘Fat’ Teddy? You do NOT wear your ribbons on your fatigues!

    • rosech says:

      Only when you have a big ego and no brains!

    • SammysDad says:

      Didn’t he throw them away?

      • Virgil Hilts says:

        Yeah…something like that. It’s documented in the book ‘Unfit For Command’, which in the Navy SHOULD be the death-knell to anyone in a command position, and terminates their rise through the ranks. Having said that, Kerry tried to snow people by claiming that he either did or did not throw his ‘medals’ away. When called on it, he claimed that he threw away his ribbons, which is the correct term for what he is wearing in the photo. Ribbons bear the distinct color pattern which is found on the larger ‘medal’. In dress uniforms you would wear your ribbons. In a more formal setting or ceremony, one would wear the Full-Dress uniform of their service, including medals.

        • Leijona says:

          Must depend on the Branch, I never wore actual medals, and wearing the actual medals is rather pompous, IMHO, with the exception of the Medal of Honor, of course.

    • Leijona says:

      It is pretty obvious that he is not in the service when this was taken. Maybe he was in the Mayday Parade?. He was probably protesting the POS war that was Vietnam. Now, before you jump down my throat, I too am a Vietnam Vet. I thought that one would end stupid, worthless wars. I was wrong. As long as people that never fought have the power to send our young to battle, we will always have these crummy wars that kill our best young people, while the spoiled rich kids hide in college. I do not know enough about Kerry’s war record to slam the guy on that account.

  16. rosech says:

    Kerry just takes care of Kerry and to hell with the rest of us. He is not a Catholic, nor Pelosi and a few others. Just talk while they garner more riches and down play the Republic of America which allowed them to move on up. He is a liar and cheat – parks his big yacht in a nearby state so as not to pay taxes on in in Massachusetts. We need him like a hole in the head.

  17. jd1958 says:

    Shortly after his life John Kerry will hear: Welcome John! We’ve been waiting for you!!!

  18. Melody Martin says:

    As once was said “surprise, surprise, surprise.” you knew I was a snake when you picked me up, Now your surprised that I have bitten you? The Serpent tested Eve, she gave the fruit to Adam. The story just goes on and on.

  19. George says:

    Does anyone else pick-up on the first two clauses in kerry’s (intentional) statement? He believes everyone should “:ought to be able to only do what they say they ought to do, or to believe what they say they ought to believe,” as long as it conforms to his belief. What reason does he have for making that statement, especially with the last clause that identifies it as an attack on Christian and Jewish belief? He claims to be Roman Catholic????

  20. mort_f says:

    Let him speak. And amplify his speeches. For as the Democratic Party proved at their last national convention, God, as defined in either Judaism or Christianity has no place in our Amercan psyche. It took an undemocratic dictate from their chair to negate what would have been a total rejection of a godfearing country. Even Obama was not quite ready to go that far.

  21. Sam says:

    Old mashed potato face Kerry is the most incompetent piece of dirt to ever represent the USA, besides obama, pelosi, reid, and biden, that is.

  22. Derick Moore says:

    I think Kerry was referring to Muslims, Buddhists, Jews and Christians. Why else would he use “one thousand” in his condemnation of faith? Buddha and Mohammad were alive and active in the 400-600 AD time frame.

    “Two thousand” and beyond was targeted at Christians and Jews.
    “One thousand” was meant to include Muslims and Buddhists.

    He is far to learned to have stumbled into that condemnation without understanding its full meaning!

    • Melinda says:

      Well thanks Derrick. Didn’t think of that one. Now we should applaud him because he condemned Muslims. Take it back right wing pundit.

    • CharlieFromMass says:

      I tend to think he was using a colloquialism, so actual time isn’t a factor.

      What is clear is what he thinks of religion and those who follow it.

      I’m not particularly religious at all, but I do see the value that faith and a structure to it (religion) can and usually do offer to a society provided neither it nor politics are hijacked by extremists.

      And if people like Kerry prevail, all those who hold religion or even independent spirituality dear to them may find their freedoms abridged very soon.

  23. DenisetheCelt says:

    This isn’t Fascism. this is Communism. Communism seeks to make The State into God, and the general population into the obedient slaves of the State.

    Actual Fascism would be a blessing, at this point

    • CharlieFromMass says:

      I’m not entirely sure if I agree with you or not, but your point is made loud, very clear, and very well.

      • DenisetheCelt says:

        Thanks. Try learning the real history of the world. Not the scams, pushed relentlessly, for decades, by the Kontrolled Kosher Media.

        • LawtonOkie says:

          You’re really screwed up in the head, Denise.

        • DenisetheCelt says:

          A Jew like you considers evil to be good, and good is evil.

          So thanks.

        • LawtonOkie says:

          For your information, I am not a Jew. But I will defend all of the good Jews. And if I were one I wouldn’t be ashamed to admit it. I’d rather be a Jew than an anti-semitic hater like you, Denise. And speaking of evil, just looking at your satanic picture proves just how evil you are.

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

          She is writing from prison..the penitentiary…they allow the criminally insane as well access to the internet nowadays! Ask her what coven she is part of…..most people who identify with being Celtic are as well practicing witchcraft!

    • LawtonOkie says:

      Like Adolf Hitler’s Fascism, Denazi?

      • CharlieFromMass says:

        On that note, at least you knew where Hitler was coming from.

        • DenisetheCelt says:

          This is EXACTLY what Adolf was fighting against.

        • LawtonOkie says:

          What are you blabbering about? He wanted to take over the world. In order to do this he had millions of innocent men, women and children murdered. He may not have been as bad as Joe Stalin but he was still a murdering maniac.

        • DenisetheCelt says:

          Liar. What hogwash. Hitler did n’t kill ANY-ONE – and the Zionist liars have produced ONE document yet that cites the planned extermination of 6 million Jews.

          Unlike the Bolsheviks – aka Communist Jews – who did plan the extermination and enact the genocide of MILLIONS of Christians. If you know Stalin was worse – why your obsession with poor old Adolf, bubbelah?

      • DenisetheCelt says:

        Adolf tried to warn us, didn’t he, bubbelah?

        • LawtonOkie says:

          Did Adolf try to warn us before or after he murdered millions of Jews?

        • DenisetheCelt says:

          Nope. He tried to warn every-one about what Jews do.

          Germany is right next door o Russia. It wasn’t as easy to snow Germans as it was for the Jewish media to snow Americans, re: the Talmudic horror committed in Russia. Hitler was trying to spare Germans the atrocities committed ON Russians. As well as Armenians.

          The truth IS emerging. John “Kerry” Kohl is a blood Jew.

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

          Denise we are still waiting to hear what Celts have contributed to society other than Witchcraft, Druids and Prostitution to the New World!
          Show us what your ilk has……then criticize others!

  24. Dan says:

    All jk is saying is that most people want to make their own decisions and not let others decide how they live. Some people like living by what their church say the bible means but I dont think that represents most people. I dont think he is saying bad about religion.

    • CharlieFromMass says:

      On the surface, and maybe, just maybe, a little deeper, you might be right.

      But- there’s that annoying word again.

      Too many times, the people with similar beliefs to John Kerry have tried to silence and/or stop those who see the world differently, and that is never a good thing.

      Therefore, based on the track record of his fellows and ideological contemporaries, I can’t trust a word he says one bit.

  25. ZACAL says:

    If true – Some Catholic he is, putting politics before faith.

    • DenisetheCelt says:

      He’s not a Catholic. He’s a Converso. A Jew.

      • ZACAL says:

        I have some close friends that are Jews. John Kerry is the worse kind of liberal progressive. His form of politics does not blend well with our constitution. In my 76 years this administration is the single biggest threat to our constitution and way of life. These nerds are actually trying to change history by disavowing of parts of our past. Our youth never get the opportunity to learn about the great path the country used to get this far. Progressives are trying to steal the United States from it’s citizens, without a shot being fired.

        • DenisetheCelt says:

          So maybe you can convince your Jewish pals to get the Big Zio Machers to stop trashing Western Civ? The “Little Jews” always get screwed over BIG TIME, by the Big Jews, when the host finally wakes up to what the Machers are doing.

          Jews have gotten the boot from every place they have ever gone BECAUSE of what they DO. They aren’t persecuted – they ae caught. I know it’s not Josef and Judit Jew – it’s the large scale Talmudic lunatics, and their Shabbos Goy Gentile “Renfields” (Aka Slick Willie Clinton) wot cause all the damage. Every-one suffers, except the real devils at the top. This sick pattern has repeated for CENTURIES. It;s time to make it stop.

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

          Do you dribble on yourself at the same time you spew this garbage? You are a marvel of science if you able to eat using the same mouth you spew all of this garage from!

        • DenisetheCelt says:

          I told you before – I’m not your mother.

      • mort_f says:

        Do not even intimate that He is a jew. We have already our Meyer Lansky, our George Soros, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod,.. We do NOT need any more miscreants!

        • DenisetheCelt says:

          Well YOU better do something about your Tribe. They are running loose, and have been attacking the West for night on 150 years. The White Christian West is all tamed down. Most Gentile Whites love your Tribe. Can’t do enough for you. Yet your big Machers can’t do enough to DESTROY the West.

          Outliers like me state the facts. You’ll read morons trashing my posts – but you must know the score. I just want to stop my culture and people from being obliterated.

          Get on the Big Jew hotline, Mort, and tell your Machers to cease destroying the BEST Host they’ve ever had, will ya? Once Whitey’s gone – it’s you, a billion Muslims who do actually hate Jews, and millions of Mestizos and Negroes who couldn’t care less about the HoloCo$t (TM).


        • LawtonOkie says:

          Seems you hate everybody on the planet except for your Nazi murderers, Denazi.

        • DenisetheCelt says:

          The Bolshies were and are the murderers, LawlessHymie. From the beginning. John 8:38-44

        • mort_f says:

          A little over 2000 years ago, there was a member of the tribe, that spoke out against the way that some members were disobeying the dictates. What was he ‘preaching’? Hope and Change perhaps.

          But rather than the members of the tribe following what he said, they decided to just disband the tribe and create a new tribe. They took two approaches, one was to just summarily reject somethings, the other was to re-package some of the old. If Saturday was a day of rest, change it to Sunday. If men covered their heads to pray, now make it uncover. If lamb is the ceremonial meat, change it to ham.

          Now that member kept speaking, but few listened. Things did change when there was a violent act that was brought to people’s attention. But there was no media at that time, so his followers could attribute anything that they wanted to to him. Miracles galore, and even a level above sainthood.

          For those who wold not accept our gospel, we will institute Divine Right for our leaders, and provide them with the tools of heresy, inquisition, stake burning, etc. When some of the Divine show feet of clay, we will adopt Democracy, otherwise called ‘mob rule’.

          Others saw this development, and said that this is our opportunity. An opportunity to go even further, creating a new elevated hero, and implementing total Submission.

      • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

        We are still waiting to hear what Celts have contributed to society
        other than Witchcraft, Druids and Prostitution to the New World!
        Show us what your ilk has……then criticize others!

        • DenisetheCelt says:

          Study Western Civilization, retard, and behold the works of my Race.

          FYI moron – I’m not a witch, Druid, or hooker. Jews do run the porn industry, so – that’s your Tribe’s thing.

          I’ll criticize any-one or anything I choose. Go jump in an oven,

        • LawtonOkie says:

          I heard you are Adolf’s main money maker, Denazi.

  26. The_Frog_Prince says:

    Looking at Kerry’s history surely no one expects more from him than to be the heathen he is.

  27. BigMark says:

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised at his choice of words or his position.
    Just look at the picture above and remember this:
    He’s wearing his ribbons on his utility blouse (Yes, that’s what it’s called) The utility blouse is a part of the combat uniform and is never, never a part of the dress uniform…so what does that mean that he’d wear the ribbons on that uniform? He’s in front of a photog and Teddy boy Kennedy, and is showing his true colors which is self-promotion! Surprised?
    Here is another little tidbit about him, he wrote his own citation for the Silver Star he lets everyone know that he has. He killed a gook that was “about to shoot” one of his beloved crew. His combat tour was cut short for unknown reasons, he awarded himself a silver star, he was in every possible photo op. (he’s and officer, and he was always in the photos , at the expense of the real working men, his enlisted crew.)
    I wasn’t there so I didn’t see the allegded heroic actions that involved shooting some dink, but where I came from, the shooting of dinks was why we were there, and was not worthy of any medal.
    And then he came home and testified in front of Congress about all the war criminals that he had met and how savage and undisiplined we all were…..thus damning to the world, a whole generation of soldiers and sailors who had done nothing to deserve it!!!!!
    So….nothing he says or does should be a surprise. But it will certainly be self serving.

  28. ced100 says:

    What’s new? Kerry was a traitor to his fellow soldiers, so would any sane person think he has anyones best interest in mind? There has got to be a village in Massachusetts who needs to take their village idiot back!

  29. victoryman says:

    This pompous ass worships daily at the bank account of Teresa.

  30. Jesustheonlyway says:

    The demon possessed jackal Kerry will face God one day and he’ll find out what he ‘should have’ believed.

  31. taylorRod says:

    This article is absolutely spot on. The fascist Obama regime and its co-conspiring media are leading us from freedom into slavery. Obamacare is a template for totalitarianism, which is why no matter how it’s hated, how much it costs, how many are affected negatively, and how many die — Obama says we’re never going back. He doesn’t care about the health care outcome and never did. His entire goal was putting this in place, a set of unread and treacherously conceived laws to extend the power of the government into everything about our lives — and to make us pay huge costs for the loss of our freedom. As Lenin said — the communists intended to :make them pay for the rope we hang them with.” The “them” is us. Obama smiles, unworried, unstressed, though the nation turns more and more against him and sees through his lies. He keeps his charm because he genuinely doesn’t care what you or I or anyone may think, The election of 2014 is the last trench of defense. Once past that he’ll hold nothing back. Most of Obamacare, for example, is still not in effect. The famous pen and telephone will do as it pleases through the agencies of government, the EPA, IRS, BLM, etc. — and if both House and Senate pass a law to impede his communist coup – he’ll veto it. He must be stopped.

  32. James Edwards says:

    You CANNOT be a Democrat, and be a Christian. The two are in opposition on too many issues. You can, however, be an atheist an agnostic, a Muslim, a Liberal, a Communist, a Socialist, a Marxist, a hedonist, a Devil Worshiper, and a fool – while at the same time donating to the Democratic Party and supporting morons like our President.

  33. Jean Smusz says:

    John Kerry’s statement is disturbing. Our society is made up of rules and laws, from the beginning of time. Society needs structure and order. If the old beliefs and rules work for you then adhere to them. If you find that you cannot abide by those beliefs and interpretations, no one is denying you the chance to find a better solution and maybe you can show how your solution works best. You do not have the right to tear down the rules, laws and structure that most people operate under, but you can try to show how you have a better way. That is your mission on earth and you, John Kerry, need to do a better job.

  34. agbjr says:

    “Freedom arises from a multiplicity of sects, which pervades America, and is the best and only security for religious liberty in America.”

    James Madison
    Addressing the Virginia Convention, June 12, 1788

  35. pretzeldude says:

    John Kerry is a Vietnam Vet poser and a P O S.

  36. teaman says:

    John Kerry is a traitor and should have been dealt with as the scumbag traitor he is! But no, those years ago with the power to put him down had not the guts to act! So, now we have the lying perverted traitor scumbag as Suckatary of the U.S.! This is what happens folks when Pandora’s Box is opened, every creepy crawly piece of below whale poop scum comes out! The Traitor is just like his demented boss, both of which have absolutely NO accomplishments! Kerry is a little bit of an exception! He was, at one time, a complete looser with nothing to his name and then he latched on to the Ketchup lady and her money and friends pushed him along!
    What I find hard to believe, is that the other traitor, Jane Fonda never found a place somewhere within the lying Kings group of thuggish minions!

  37. pretzeldude says:

    John Kerry is a Vietnam Vet poser & a P O S.

  38. 2chestnuts says:

    Mr. Kerry, you do not represent me or do you speak for me. You must anounce to the world from where this “something written down a thousand plus, two thousand years ago” refers to? Could it mean a reference to the Bible? If so, please publicly tell us you reject the validity of the Bible and it’s teaching. Remember, If you are lukewarm I will spit you out of my mouth. Hmmm-a reference to those who privately pronounce a particular belief and publicly the opposite because of a lack of courage. That is you my cowardly Secretary of State.

  39. Unknown_soldier1 says:

    I got to say that pic of Kerry makes me want to throw up. What a puss he looks to be. A disgrace to the uniform then and a disgrace to our country now. Bet he was in a polyester suit 5 minutes before the shot was taken.

  40. John Dobise says:

    @labobe:disqus Love it, Love it, Love it. You are so funny. I think my ribs will break again. Thanks for the late afternoon chuckle.

  41. Marilyn Z says:

    What I don’t get is why the Christians, esp. the evangelistics, don’t rise up and raise the biggest stink EVER and call attention to what is happening? One of the best things about Christianity is the Christians. Most of them are good, hard-working, honest folks. You won’t find the thugs in church, they have more important thuggish things to do. I know there are a few, but we need some major players pushing against this satanic agenda we find so many sick losers are following.

  42. abinico says:

    Democrats are not faithless – they have faith in the devil – democrats are satanists. Obamacare is a doctrine from hell – medical industry kills 200,000 yearly and now you go to jail if you don’t participate. The government has no business in mandating anything!

  43. Mark Kuykendall says:

    The forehead speaks…….blah,blah,blah…..zzzzzzzzzzz

  44. agbjr says:

    “We have no government armed in power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”

    President John Adams
    October 11, 1798

  45. GiveAwayJimmie says:

    Kerry—is one of the most disturbed people in
    America!!!!! He hasn’t had an original thought—- since birth—-but he is un-believably smart—just ask him and the rest of the liberals!!!!!!!! What a waste of a father’s sperm–in creating this douche – bag!!!!!!

  46. Patriot says:

    “There is no surer sign of decay in a country than to see the rites of religion held in contempt.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

    Didn’t the democrat party remove GOD from their platform? He was put back in by a fixed second or third vote. Folks, they are exactly what they appear to be. Un-American, Godless heathens. They are Marxist, commie wannabes who have caused millions of real Americans damage and need to be held to account!

  47. Hammer says:

    Kerry is a scumbag now, then and will always be a scumbag….Period…This dirt bag doesn’t even deserve honerable mention in the great book of a-holes…..He is lower than puss dripping out of a flees balls.

  48. abinico says:

    Kerry is plutocracy in action – ya loving it yet?

  49. Old1Glory says:

    The Communist Party has tried to infiltrate our country for many years, and there aren’t too many old timers who haven’t been indoctrinated to the Saul Alinsky Doctrine taught by your truly, Barack Obama. Whatever name they like to go by . . . . . . Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Fascist etc, it’s all pretty much the sane old story – big government control, give-a-way programs, radical ideals. If you look at the outcome of each take-over throughout history, the results didn’t work out too well as the “sheep” were lead to the slaughter. Mass murders and genecide. So good luck folks if you buy in to all these lies. Hope you survive!

  50. Busdriver Bill says:

    Did I read correctly that John Kerry was an orphan, adopted into an Irish Catholic home? I read that he was ethnic Jewish, for all that matters. Besides all that immaterial rubbish, his lack of belief in a higher benevolent power is his downfall, to my way of thinking. When one cannot truly appreciate the sanctity of one’s own life, as God’s creation – and love oneself accordingly – one cannot love one’s fellow man, nor wish the best for him. It sets up a continual downward spiral of dislike and distrust. It infects many in the power world. They can only see life as something to manipulate for personal gain. This is a natural outcome, when a society places power into the hands of controllers and regulators. (Read Friederick A Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom).” We end up with folks like Barry and John controlling our lives – totally – a Dictatorship.

    I pray for those who will suffer under this despotism. God will work it all out, I’m certain. Meanwhile, keep your powder dry, and your bores clean.

  51. Had the framers, in Article 6, not banned Christian tests and thereby Biblical qualifications, Kerry wouldn’t be in office representing our country in such a fashion. For that matter, neither would Obama and all of his criminal cronies (donkeys and elephants alike).

    For more, see online Chapter 9 “Article 6: The Supreme Law of the Land” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at

    For a list of Biblical qualifications, see Chapter 5 “Article 2: Executive Usurpation.”

  52. 2shinyshoes says:

    Nothing new here. He’s always been a Traitor. He teamed up long ago with Hanoi Jane Fonda and betrayed our vietnam Vets, made a disgusting speech in front of Congress full of lies and distortions and has continued his rhetoric ALL his useless life. He’s a piece of s*(**%#. It’s embarassing, a Certified Coward speaking for the people of the United States.

  53. wolfd says:

    Another bank puppet…… A un/nwo wanna be…. Kerry is a treasonouscocksucker……. and would have made a worse president….Thanks for being a vote stealer in ’08fag….. Understand that they will “throw up” as many candidates needed to dissolve the hope of actually having a president that could make a difference….. Ross Perot/Ron Paul for instance… Say no to the bank and their wars !!

  54. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    I agree with this article. America started abandoning the faith in God in the early 60’s, & is gradually pushing God out of our country. IF we get the chance to vote in ’14 & ’16, we MIGHT turn things around. But, nobody knows if we will get the opportunity. I look for Obama to do something to declare martial law, (which is UnConstitutional for him to do), suspend the elections, & become dictator of this nation. It’s not going to be a piece of cake for him because I believe there are a lot of us who won’t just surrender to his will. But, God is not going to overlook the 50+ million babies that have been murdered, nor the openness & acceptance of homosexuality. America WILL be punished.

    • usmadgirl says:

      Thank you! You’ve expressed the views I’ve had for 6 years. I think the abandoning of Faith began later in the South. There are still a majority of Christians here, but I understand what you’re saying. I know progressives have been chipping away at everything decent & our Liberty for over 100 years, but I think the most aggressive change in our nation happened with the “hippie era” & our government leaders are mostly left-over radical, Communist hippies & feminists! These people are evil to the highest degree!

      I also agree that we might not have another chance to vote. I’ve felt this since O’Dumbo spoke before a group of his giddy goof balls in his 2008 campaign, possibly when he said “we’re five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”! If I’m not mistaken, he told these idiots that “this will be the last election you’ll have to worry about” (or something to that effect)! He KNEW he’d win by any means necessary & if he knew he couldn’t, he’d suspend elections; so I’ve been waiting for this since the imposter-in-chief” was “elected” in 2008! If things are looking bad for the Dumbocraps for the 2014 mid-terms, nothing they do will surprise me!

      Everyday, I pray that God will forgive us (believers) for allowing the progressive minority to steadily, cunningly sneak their vile ideology on us (abortion, perversions, unconstitutional laws) & to gradually eject Him from the Republic He Divinely inspired our Founders to establish for the people! I pray that He will return to bless & protect this nation for those of us who still love Him & are still thankful for placing us in the Republic He created! A majority of us are STILL not open to their perversions! God bless you & God bless this nation!

      • Old1Glory says:

        Absolutely – Well spoken and Amen to that!

        • usmadgirl says:

          Old 1 Glory,
          Thank you very much! I wish I weren’t so “long winded” but I’ve been so passionate about watching a few freaks, who don’t deserve to live in this great Republic, tear down in six years what took 230 years to build! I’ve never felt so frustrated & helpless in my life. I pray that Trey Gowdy & his committee will shine a spotlight on the treason & intentional Benghazi murders that our vile Godless leaders committed & tried to cover up, but even if they do, I know O’Dumbo’s “messiah stream media” won’t even report it, Fox will only report it up to a point & the ignorant sheep STILL won’t know anything is wrong!

        • Old1Glory says:

          It makes my heart hopeful when I hear and see people who have their eye on the ball and know what is happening to this country and where we are being lead. I started following this mess when the election of 2008 started and found out anything and everything on “the Messiah” and his crew. Strange, but they were NOT YOUR NORMAL AMERICAN – and that’s when I started questioning things that went over my head before on what was happening and it is scary. Everyday we slip further away from the “right path”, and it’s picking up steam at a rather rapid pace. I hope Trey Gowdy makes an impact. I heard he has never lost a case. Another good choice would be Judge Jeanine. She doesn’t back down and she says it like it is. I watch her show, but I also read her two books. Anyway, just wanted you to know you are right on the button. God bless America!

        • usmadgirl says:

          It is comforting to know there are so many like-minded people, but obviously just not enough anymore to change our current situation! I pray that changes soon, but there are so many who are making more money to stay at home (with all their other free stuff) than we both EARN in my business working no less than 12 hours per day!

          I like Judge Jeanine too. I was upset with ALL the Fox commentators over the Bundy “racist” issue! They sounded like Dumbocraps parrotting each other on an issue; so I turned them off for a few days. I swore I’d never watch Megyn Kelly when they gave her Hannity’s slot but she’s surprised me.

          If anyone had really listened to O’Dumbo when he was campaigning (especially when he was off his teleprompter), instead of being like a bunch of teenage girls over the new boy in school, they would’ve easily known what he was all about! I knew, but I didn’t know how the media, Acorn, George Soros (& ALL his evil organizations) & O’Dumbo’s cabinet & czars were all connected until Glenn started on Fox. I have numerous composition books full of detailed notes & his chalk board “graphs” & lists that I took every day at 5:00 & again at 2:00 AM to fill in what I’d missed & also have his shows recorded. I’m upset with him now but I learned more history from him than I ever did in school (different priorities) & was amazed at how the criminals were all intertwined into one big crime syndicate!

          I’ve said this MANY times: I’m so afraid we’ve waited too long to do anything about this fast growing cancer! Are we waiting to be completely stripped of our 1st, 2nd & 4th amendments, loaded onto trains & buses to be taken to FEMA camps? All of the governments agencies are armed enough to kill ALL the US population at least 3 times. I see so many on the conservative sites saying there are more of us (gun owners) than there are of them, but they forget, we don’t have tanks, armed drones, fighter jets with bombs that could wipe us out in a couple of swoops or O’Dumbo’s “private army” that’s had 6 years to be formed, trained & who have no conscience or any problem killing American citizens! Our Founders instructed us to FORM & KEEP a well-armed militia more powerful than our military & we didn’t! NOW, if you even TRY to form a militia, you are either charged as a “domestic terrorist” group or killed! THAT is why I’m so frustrated & feel so helpless! Unless we invite God back into our lives & our Republic & pray for His Divine Intervention, I’m not very optimistic in our future!

        • Old1Glory says:

          I learned a lot by the same methods as you, and I bounce a lot of info off my husband who is like – minded. He says have faith. I’m struggling because what I see is the ruination of the family and marriage, the loss of our Christian values and morality. Pretty much everything that we learned was wrong, the liberals are bashing and giving a pass for their insane thoughts and values. The poor children who are in the public school system when I hear how they are being indoctrinated and the thrash passed off for education; ie – Common Core. It’s the Communist way. Unions heads bend in that direction. Some people are slow learners . . . . i.e. Obama Care. When they figured out they were lied to and it hits home when it affects them directly. Look at the change in the percentages on who still likes this law. The ones happy are the ones who get it all for free which looks like about 1/3 of our population. I remember starting out and being poor when my husband was in the military. There wasn’t anyone standing there promoting food stamps, giving housing help, or free anything not that I wanted it. I do think about how meager life started out until we both worked and made our life better. We didn’t have time to be on drugs or be mentally ill and need meds to lift us up. We lifted ourselves up or we sunk! God must be ringing his hands and shaking his head saying “What are you people thinking?” I have enough faith to think HE won’t let us down, and the icing on the cake is in eternity for believers.

        • usmadgirl says:

          My shred of hope diminished when the “criminal-in-chief” was reelected! I KNOW he didn’t win the election fairly & what made it worse, after so many reports of problems with voting machines & so many precincts showing “130%+ of the 100%” of registered voters ALL voting for O’Dumbo, with NO complaints from the GOP, I was so disgusted!

          I’ve always been interested in the candidates, not that I’d vote for anyone with a “D” beside their name anyway, but I’ve never been as outspoken as I’ve been since 2008. There’s never been a Dumbocrat on either side of my family, nor either side of my former deceased husband’s or current one; so that tells you where we stand.

          About “Common Core”, I can’t believe TN, one of the most conservative states in the country, implemented Common Core, selling its soul for a few Federal dollars. My neighbor is a conservative Christian 6th grade teacher & she despises it. My sons are grown, married & don’t want to bring children into this chaos, but there are 11 children just on our short street in a “country” acre lots subdivision – 5 are under school age, 2 just started this year, 3 in elementary & one just started high school; so I worry about them. TN teachers have been protesting & the House passed a bill to “postpone” it but I can’t find out if it passed in the Senate. It doesn’t need to be postponed! It needs to be GONE, but we have a RINO Governor pushing it & our 2 RINO Senators!

          My deceased husband & I started out the way you did. We went to high school together but he was 3 years ahead of me. He was a Marine & had just returned from Vietnam when we started dating but was still in the Marines when we married. We lived on a financial roller coaster for 33 years before he died due to all the problems he had from the war & returning when his mother died to be treated like a criminal instead of the hero he was!

          I know that God is still in the “Miracle Business” & if it’s His will, He is still in control & will “heal our land” if we continue to pray & “repent from our wicked ways”! God Bless!

        • Old1Glory says:

          Wow – We will be in Gatlinburg from the May 10th-17th on vacation so am packing now. It has really been a pleasure hearing your story, and you are a Patriot. We need more people like you. I hope to see your posts again. God Bless!

  55. mrsgunnut10 says:

    ” Hanoi ” John Kerry got where he is today on the backs of his Fellow Viet Nam Veterans. By testifying before Congress, calling all Viet Nam Vet’s Baby Killers, and other names, he, personnely made a name for himself, in front of a Congress that wanted to be ” DONE ” with the War. He received one of the top Medals, either a Bronze Star or a Silver Star, on Orders that he must have written himself ( his Commanding Officer denied writting or signing those Recommendation Papers). He evidently is already a worshipper of Satan and will soon be caught up in Obama’s evil schemes, if not already. There are always a Boss, a second Boss, and third Boss in an Organization. If I was that third Boss right now, I would be either running for the hills or trying to spill my guts to the first Bengazi Commission Member that I could get to listen to my Information. You can be sure when the SH_T hits the Fan on this Bengazi Issue – HEADS ARE GOING TO ROLL – and right now it seems to be breaking wide open. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

    • LABobE says:

      When this country called Kerry answered that call & served in Viet Nam getting a silver star, bronze star & purple heart! Chicken hawks like Dubya, Mittens & Cheney dodged the draft.

      • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

        Sounds personal….here here….Did Kerry sleep with you as well…I mean it is known he has a thing for high class whores….I guess he liked your cross dressing!

        • LABobE says:

          Another self loathing conservative Christian & closet homosexual. It must be difficult for you to try & pretend you’re straight. I feel sorry for you.

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

          Seven children and seven grandchildren, all healthy God fearing and observant usual you are way off course sodomist!

        • LABobE says:

          Has anyone told you that you can stop circumcising them with your mouth already?

    • Old1Glory says:

      Thank you for your service Sir. This insanity in Washington has got to end.

  56. mickeymike2 says:

    John Kerry was considered a traitor by many . . . just like Jane Fonda.

    • LABobE says:

      ONLY in the upside down world of a tea bagger is a decorated war hero like Kerry considered a Traitor & chicken hawk draft dodgers like Dubya, Mittens, Jeb Bush:, Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich & Mitch McConnell are hero’s.

      • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

        So which sex gender are you playing today Sodomist? We need know so we will not offend you or the gender you are playing! Do not play with light bulbs in the dark regions/portals of your body….or you may have to exit to the emergency room like more than 2000 annually do of your kind (Sodomist) on the tax payers expense!

        • LABobE says:

          What is with you teabaggers??? You cannot get gay sex off your mind. I bet you can tea bag your dad while your son sodomizes you & you sodomize your mother!

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

          There is not such thing as GAY SEX! You and your kind are Sodomist! Period!

        • LABobE says:

          Keep telling your self that as you gag on your mothers dick!

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

          You see how low you Sodomist become when faced with the reality of how sick you are!

        • LABobE says:

          You are the teabagger not me

        • LawtonOkie says:

          I honestly think Bobbie would be a much happier person if he would just come out of the closet. I’m sure he gets along with his “buddies” down at his bathhouse.

        • LABobE says:

          What you fail to understand is that calling me gay is not insulting. I just happen to be straight. Now, you mentioned that you’re disabled if you’re in a wheel chair can a person rest a beer on your head while you teabag them? I’m curious?

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

          Who is calling you gay? Gay does not exist in the form you care to use it. You are a Sodomist! You have made that clear in past postings! This is not something anyone made up!

  57. i thank God bush kicked his butt in 04! his ‘tude is creepy. i wonder why he does what he does. [being an idiot]

  58. CajunPatriot says:

    John Chapter 1:

    1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

    2 The same was in the beginning with God.

    3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

    4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

    5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

    6 There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.

    7 The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe.

    8 He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light.

    9 That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

    10 He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.

    11 He came unto his own, and his own received him not.

    12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:

    13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

    14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

    • Leijona says:

      OK, now, do you consider your quoting scripture here as forcing your religious beliefs down other peoples throats? Or is this just what you go around doing all the time?

      And I suppose that this line makes perfect sense to you.

      “All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made”

      I mean, All that needed to be said was “All things were made by him” Case Closed, meaning understood.

      Making something complicated, or making the meaning ambiguous seems to be one of the chief components of scripture. Now all of the so called religious people will say: “You have to have the spirit in you to understand the meaning”

      No you don’t, you just have to understand convoluted, poorly conceived verbiage, and you have to believe what the bible says. Some people do not.

      Now, would this be considered “An Attack on Christians”? or just an opinion from someone who’s opinion differs from yours?

      • CajunPatriot says:

        I guess I could have quoted the Living Translation which would have pleased you more? Or are you just exercised by the Word of God, which will judge us all one day? I don’t consider your inanity an attack on Christians but rather offense with the Word.

        Take your fight up with the LORD who was the embodiment of the Word, or the Word made flesh. I am but a vessel, a vassal. You are?

        • Leijona says:

          What is the difference between the “Living Translation” and what you quoted? I simply wondered why you decided to throw that in there, that’s all. It doesn’t please me one way or the other, but, does it have some reference to Kerry?

        • CajunPatriot says:

          I quoted the version that was easiest for me to commit to memory, because it is different from vernacular English which I speak. It also has a rhyme and meter in parts which helps with memory, this version is called the King James Authorized Version.

          This scriptures directly address Kerry and his assertion about two thousand years ago, which directly addresses the Word written then which was embodied in Christ, but was from the beginning, not just 2 thousand years ago. A few scriptures from the Living Translation are rendered as : “We proclaim to you the one who existed from the beginning,[a] whom we have heard and seen. We saw him with our own eyes and touched him with our own hands. He is the Word of life. 2 This one who is life itself was revealed to us, and we have seen him. And now we testify and proclaim to you that he is the one who is eternal life. He was with the Father, and then he was revealed to us. 3 We proclaim to you what we ourselves have actually seen and heard so that you may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ. 4 We are writing these things so that you may fully share our joy.[b 5 This is the message we heard from Jesus[c] and now declare to you: God is light, and there is no darkness in him at all. 6 So we are lying if we say we have fellowship with God but go on living in spiritual darkness; we are not practicing the truth. 7 But if we are living in the light, as God is in the light, then we have fellowship with each other, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, cleanses us from all sin.
          8 If we claim we have no sin, we are only fooling ourselves and not living in the truth. 9 But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness. 10 If we claim we have not sinned, we are calling God a liar and showing that his word has no place in our hearts.

        • Leijona says:

          You consider the Bible as the word of God. I consider the bible as a collection of stories, manipulated by men for altruistic, and at times for questionable and possiblly devious purposes over the years. The King James Version was written by men who wrote history through the looking glass of British History. It wears the Moccasins of the Whigs. All translations inevitably carry the opinion of the translator inculcated from birth.

          Your obvious dedication to the text is truly admirable. Hopefully, it is warranted.

  59. WeroInNM says:

    Brainwashing in America: ‘WHY FEW DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY’! (Part 3)
    “Food For Thought”
    Hello: When Are Americans Going To Wake Up-God Bless America!
    Semper Fi!

  60. Freodom says:

    “What will replace our Christian nation when it eventually falls? And it will fall.”

    • CharlieFromMass says:

      Let us all hope, because if it does, everyone, and I mean everyone, will be in serious trouble.

  61. victorbarney says:

    Of COURSE! After all, he too is a MARXIST(ANTI-CHRIST) born “NEVER-EVER NEEDING MONEY!!! WAKE-UP ANGLO-SAXON & JEWISH AMERICA, your 6,000 year character-building period is just about over and it is “we the people” who get judged FIRST! Watch…

  62. Alleged Comment says:

    This man is a Judas! And the Bible says WOE to that man.

    Like the sodomite negro I do not know what this coward is doing up there as Secretary of State.

    THEY DO NOT BELONG THERE! How many times have I got to say this? Heaven forbid a war should start under these Judases and traitors, louts and morons!!! Not to mention the men-hating women he has stuffed his cabinet with.

  63. ronneeh says:

    And then many will be led into sin; they will betray and hate one another. Many false prophets will arise and deceive many; and because of the increase of evildoing; _the love of many will grow cold.

    But the one who perseveres to the end will be saved.

    Matthew 24: 10-13

  64. armydadtexas says:

    Kerry is a verifiable FAR, LEFT WING, RADICAL EXTREMIST. He gets his orders from the likes of “RULES FOR RADICALS” He is POL POT, Gehghis Kahn, ADOLF HITLER, JOSEPH STALIN and he is an OBAMANISTA a true Obama Boot Licker.

  65. Udo says:

    You consider that wildly offensive? Do you live in a world of fluffy clouds and rainbows?

  66. uburoibob1 says:

    Why is everyone so anxious to ‘get’ people from the left side of the aisle? In their haste to spread hate in this article, they didn’t even print the entire quote….

    Here it is:

    This is a time here in Africa where there are a number of different cross-currents of modernity that are coming together to make things even more challenging. Some people believe that people ought to be able to only do what they say they ought to do, or to believe what they say they ought to believe, or live by their interpretation of something that was written down a thousand plus, two thousand years ago. That’s not the way I think most people want to live.

    The key words here are: “by their interpretation…”

    WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT is using religion to commit terrorist acts and to suppress entire groups of people as is happening in Africa, the Middle East and other countries with radial interpretations of religion.

    It truly bothers me that a number of Christian blogs and publications today chose to edit the quote down to suit an agenda of division and hate. A war is being waged, but it’s not the one being represented here – it’s BECAUSE of the way it’s represented. IF YOU HAVE DIFFERENCES, please deal with them HONESTLY.

    • Alleged Comment says:

      You do not understand what the lout is saying. Read it again.

      That means he does not agree with the “interpretation”, and that means only the lout’s one stands! Only his interpretation is correct!

      As always with these liberals no other idea is to be enforced except theirs!

  67. drmdellis says:

    The reality that any position in our government would allow a traitor like John Kerry to hold office saddens me as a Patriotic American. It shocks me that he is in a leadership position and the person who put him there certainly cannot be trusted with any authority over American citizens. As I look at those in public office by appointment, I wonder how have we slipped so far below the ideals set forth by our forefathers. The saddest part is that most Americans have been lulled asleep and are passive in allowing them to remain in office.

  68. CTConservatives47 says:

    I remember that Kerry invoked the religion of his youth (Catholic) when he ran for president. Like most leftists, it was only a cover for his irrelgious views. They like to trot out religion out of context when it serves their purposes. You know the stuff about how we are our brother’s keeper and all that, when what they mean is socialst welfare policies, not individual acts of compassion. Kerry is a phony, a liar, and a gigolo.

    • DenisetheCelt says:

      Kohn – his real name, is from a family of Conversos. Jews who pretend to convert, in order to function and subvert a Host population. They’ve done this for centuries. Sotomayor is one. So is Pelosi. Madeline All-dull is one as well. So is Bennie Ratzinger. He was actually forced to abdicate the Papal throne, because of the absolute depravity he permitted. Francis as an actual Gentile. He’s pretty Marxist – but he was brought in to clean up the MESS, at the Vatican.

      • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

        I heard they were all feed on a Celtic witches breast and that seems to be the whole of the problem….I mean after all look at how you turned out!

        • DenisetheCelt says:

          Yawn. Shouldn’t you be off nuking innocent Palestinian toddlers, w/ Willie Pete bombs right about now? Blaming Assad and all?

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

          Made any spells lately? Oh! I forgot you probably can not access the materials in prison. Do they limit the hours of use of the internet for the criminally insane? Just curious!

        • DenisetheCelt says:

          You are really going all out Saul Alinksy yet another Commie Jew tonight, aren’t you?

        • LawtonOkie says:

          So, you’re a terrorist supporter, huh, Denazi? I figured as much.

        • DenisetheCelt says:


    • Leijona says:

      Geez, I always thought that those traits in your last sentence were requirements necessary to go to Washington. You forgot Ken and Barbie “plastic” hair.

  69. fideux says:

    When someone turns his or her ( are you listening Hillary?) back to God, they believe there will never be a consequence to their actions so, sin away! The problem with that philosophy is, the promise of eternal life in heaven gets taken from the table and those that might have behaved, stop behaving because; what’s to lose? When they stopped allowing prayer in schools, and public assemblies, and what not, civilization as we know it took a big hit. It’s no wonder why we have the lawlessness we have now; that coupled with idiots in our government that want to take from us the a ability to protect ourselves and defend our property and loved ones. Denying guns to the citizens of the United States won’t remove one gun from those that plan on using them in criminal activities.

    • Leijona says:

      There is absolutely no evidence to support what you have said above. There are a lot of people that say they are religious, go to church on Sunday, or Temple on Saturday, and screw their neighbors on Monday. Your opinion has no basis in fact. Maybe its what your preacher told you right before he asked you for money.

      • fideux says:

        Keep drinking the Kool-Aid Leijona! I can see a big difference in people since I was in elementary school and that was a long time ago. Just because you think it hasn’t changed, doesn’t make it so.

        • Leijona says:

          I too see a huge difference from when I was young to how things are now. The difference is the people. I was brought up to hold the door for my elders, kids today cut in front of older people and slam the door in their faces. Maybe going to church makes some people courteous, and maybe it doesn’t, but if you are only nice to other people because you are expecting a reward in heaven for it, that is rather insincere, and would be rather transparent to a supreme being. I know a lot of people that are atheists, and agnostics, and they have impeccable manners, they are courteous to a fault, and they do not look down on people for what they believe in. These are difficult times, and civility generally comes with knowledge and intelligence.

          As far as I know, anyone can put their head down and pray to the god of their choice in the quiet moments during the day. The reason that I say “The god of their choice” is simply because the god that one person prays to may not be the one that you happen to pray to, simply because they were raised differently than you, and maybe in a different place. That is why it is difficult to have prayers in public schools, unless of course you want to have a prayer to every god that might be represented in that particular school.

          It is your belief that without the oversight of a personal supreme being, man is incapable of living a moral and good life because he is basically a sinner that is out to “grab all the gusto he can” until his number pops up. I happen to believe that man has progressed beyond that mind set, if he ever had it in the first place.

          There are some very good and righteous religious people. I happen to think that they would have been good and righteous without religion, but who knows? There are also a lot of pompous axes that think they are religious. There is BIG difference between the two. There are also a lot of good and righteous people who are not religious, and by and large, I have found them to be much more intelligent, assuming of course that knowledge in the physical sciences counts as intelligence. You see, some things in scripture simply do not line up with the scientific facts as we know them in 2014, as they were simply speculation way back when they were written.

          The downfall of this country is due to loss of morality. I will agree with you there. Now, Is the loss of Morality due to lack of belief in a supernatural being that religious people believe created the earth 6,000 years ago? Or is the only reason for morality fear of retribution by that same supernatural being?

          Who knows, but there are codes of morality throughout all civilizations throughout history, and all of them start with the family, the tribe, and the society in which one lives.

          GOD is the term that is used for anything that man does not understand. It has been this way since the beginning of time. When things go good, we thank God. When things go bad so called religious people blame it on a lack of belief in God, even though we have no earthly idea what or who god is.

          Now, since God is supernatural IF he/she/it actually exists, Anyone that says they know who or what God is, is simply kidding themselves, but If it makes them happy to think they have it all figured out, all the more power to them, and may their belief give them great comfort. After all, that is what god is all about.

  70. ssoldie says:

    Kerry is and has been a liar, he is not going to change. Has been a liberal progressive all his life,and has a very small conscience.

  71. ynot202 says:

    Like others of his ilk, John Kohn, Kerry’s real name, is an atheist.

    • DenisetheCelt says:

      He’s a Jew. A blood Jew.

      • LawtonOkie says:

        And you are a terrible infection on this site.

        • DenisetheCelt says:

          To people who hate the truth. Why does citing Kohn’s actual status bother you so much?

        • Leijona says:

          Well he was born to Jewish Parents, was he not? Lets see, Bernie Madoff. Was he a Jew? And the Federal Reserve, who runs that? You know, the place that has all our gold? The Institution that Ron Paul wanted to audit, but they (Who runs the Federal Reserve?) Look into this stuff before you attack her,you may come away with a different concept.

        • LawtonOkie says:

          BS. Denise is a Nazi loving POS. She hates Jews, African Americans and Israel. Yet she supports Iran and Hezbollah and Palestine and Hamas. Why in the hell would any patriotic American ever support terrorists? So what about you, Leijona, are you as full of hate as Denise is? If so, GFY.

        • Leijona says:

          Generally, I would not respond to a post like this, and no, I do not support terrorists, but I understand what turns people into terrorists. Terrorists are generally created by a system of repression that simply ignores their requests to be heard, or to be respected. They think that violence will force respect. It does not. Hate is generated when haves take advantage of the have-nots. We saw this in the recent banking scandal where hard working people lost everything they had, and rich bankers were given bonuses paid by the taxpayers, which were the very people who lost everything.

          Look at the people who caused this, and tell me who you find. I heard names like Madoff, Volcker, Greenspan.

          Maybe it is simple coincidence, and maybe it is not, but there is definitely smoke.

        • LawtonOkie says:

          But, Leijona, there are criminals in every walk of life, not just the Jews. You can’t judge all Jews just because a few of them are bad. As for Denise, a few months ago I told her that some of my family died in Hitlers gas chambers. She called me a liar, saying that the Holocaust never happened. She said that Hitler was Germany’s savior. And the terrorists, you don’t have to do anything to them, they are going to attack and murder you, no matter what. They hate our way of life and everything we stand for. Their goal is to spread their terrible cult of Islam throughout the world and they are willing to murder innocent people to achieve this. They are no different than Adolf Hitler and his evil Nazi’s were.

        • Leijona says:

          Good Point. Hitler was seen by the Germans as their savior after WW1 because of the incredible hardship placed on them by the Treaty of Versailles. He was also a Megalomaniac Mad-Man. I personally blame France for a lot of WW2 for their insistence on very punitive measures against Germany following WW1. WW1 was a disaster in every respect, and it was a preventable one. That is the really sad part about it. There is too much evidence for the Holocaust to say it never happened, and to say the returning GI’s are lying is ridiculous, and is an insult to those very brave men.

  72. Ursus_Indomitus says:

    Kuck Ferry.

  73. pysco says:

    Kerry would, he is a yellow belly, coward, traitor, whose picture is in the Ho Chi Mihn memorial as a friend of the Communists, he turned his back on his fellow Americans in combat… And in this PC America he and Bill Ayres another enemy (Weatherman) has held public office.

    • LABobE says:

      Kerry is a coward??? He fought & bled in Nam while ALL you chicken hawk hero’s dodged the draft!!!

      • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

        We all know now you have a special thing for Kerry….Sodomist!

        • LABobE says:

          You cannot get sodomy off your mind. Has it been that long since your son sodomized you?

      • pysco says:

        Wrong guy LABobe down on Kerry.. I was in Viet Nam 1964, 65, 66, 69 and 70 USMC, don’t try to tell me about combat, And, I stand by what I said he is a coward, Kerry was in country 4 months and claimed that he saw all kinds of atrocities, he testified about places and incidents where he wasn’t present. If he was, he was a coward for not doing anything about them… Turncoat and traitor.

        • LABobE says:

          If you were in Nam (& I assume you were) you know that VERY few rich people like Kerry EVER seen action. They ALL found ways to dodge the draft. Kerry went, fought & bled just like every other GI in country. I get it that you people disagree with his politics but Kerry is no coward. The chicken hawks that dodged the draft like Dybya, Mittens & Chaney that you look up to as hero’s are the cowards.

        • Alleged Comment says:

          Read the book. Kerry REVEALED TO BE A COWARD.

          Ran away from action then returned after the firefight.
          Complained so much about a cut on his arse that the doctor got so sick and tired of it and said he was wounded in war so Kerry could get a purple heart to brag about.

        • LABobE says:

          These “swiftboat” scumbags have been proved to be frauds.

        • Alleged Comment says:

          No, the lout Kerry would have sued them, but he could not because they were there. Not like you in your mother’s basement.

        • Ben Name says:

          ha ha ha. Mother’s basement. Where do these slashing comments come from? You are brilliant!

        • Alleged Comment says:

          Yes, your mother’s debasement. Surely you are familiar with that, if you know what I mean? LOL! Again, you are just too much…..

        • pysco says:

          I’m not a Republican, I just don’t like turncoats, he turned his back on his brothers in arms…. That is an interesting picture, with Ted Kennedy, whose brother first sent us there…

      • Alleged Comment says:

        The PAID troll returns. Loves to get his nuts kicked all the time, because he hasn’t any.

        • LABobE says:

          You teabaggers have gonads on your mind (and in your mouth) 24/7!!! It’s amazing!!!

        • Alleged Comment says:

          Where do you think yours ended up? LOL! Stupid paid troll.

        • Ben Name says:

          hi. How much are you making for being a troll. I’m up to $75/comment just because I respond to Alleged Comment. Who pays you? John Kerry is one of my benefactors. He’s so freaking sensitive about some of these blokes who have figured out this pay for trolling scam. Best part of this is that the pay is all tax free!!!!!

        • Ben Name says:

          ha ha. You like to put your feet on men’s genitals.

        • Alleged Comment says:

          That’s better than where you like to put ’em. LOL! You’re too much…..

      • LawtonOkie says:

        Kerry’s crew mates beg to differ with you, Bobbie. They all say Kerry is a liar. They were in Vietnam with him, you weren’t.

        • LABobE says:

          I suppose he could have been doing something truly heroic like Dubya was… Keeping Kennebunkport safe from a VC invasion (in between cocaine benders)

        • LawtonOkie says:

          Did Mommy and Daddy keep you out, Bob? Or did you just hide out in the locker room of your bathhouse?

        • LABobE says:

          Nope, I was to young to go. STILL….gay sex on your mind…

      • Shears_of_Atropos says:

        I loved the part about his bleeding when he fragged his own rear end. And I didn’t dodge the draft, I volunteered, so why don’t you know that? Ah,, because you *really* don’t know squat.

      • elector says:

        I was drafted and failed the physical. I also lost my best friend in Viet Nam.

      • DenisetheCelt says:

        Hemorrhoidal bleeding does not qualify as heroic military service.

  74. Robert says:

    The collaborator Kerry is a traitor and should be treated as one.

    • DenisetheCelt says:

      Careful – you may get called a Nazi.(Pssst – ya may want to rethink all the BS you’ve been fed about poor old Adolf.)

  75. wellilltellya says:

    the ONLY reason he is in politics is barry put him there !! the guy could not get ELECTED as a dog catcher!!

  76. abinico says:

    Kerry and his ilk are Satanists. See:
    And this is just the tip – start to research this topic and you’ll see how the world is ruled by Satanists.

  77. a_goodtarheel1 says:

    It looks like Kerry will be throwing his hat back in the ring for 2016. He is punching up his resume as the most outrageous atheist in DC. The Democrats voted God out of their platform in a voice vote at their 2012 convention, and the mayor of LA had to pretend that their was a voice vote in favor of God. God lost by at least 20 points on the noise meter.

  78. turfbarn80 says:

    What’s Kerry going to do when aggressive Muslims start demanding our adherence to Sharia law, or extract a dhimmi tax from us infidels? Would Kerry tell them to pipe down? I doubt it. Suppression is for Christians only.

  79. woonsocket says:

    Sound the alert. It’s another attack on Christians. The world is ending and the media gets into “the war on Christmas,” mode.

  80. ActualConundrum says:

    Kerry in politics period is obscene. After the way he treated soldiers in the 70’s. Using so-called soldiers who never served in war. Lying and claiming a stream of horrific evils being committed by Americans. His winter soldiers farce was as evil and anti-American as Jane Fonda’s acts. Fonda crapped on soldiers too. When she was in Nam she was taken to visit American soldiers. The soldiers made notes and passed them to her secretly while shaking hands. Listing the abuses they were suffering at the hands of their captors. She turned right around and handed them to the enemy. Such heinus act should have landed her in prison. Why not? How much suffering did those soldiers have to endure because of her. And because of Kerry, he made American soldiers out to be monsters. Every soldier spit on and called names has Kerry to thank for it. Why is Kerry in congress? It’s obscene and pure evil.

  81. DouglasDauntless says:

    Kerry was a liar and a Traitor back then he is the same now!

  82. Phil says:

    I DO know what the words John Kerry said mean and also the meaning of the words: gay/homosexual, Muslim, communist, fascist, socialist, Marxist, demonic, Satanist. John Kerry is fully in each of this stream of very appropriate labels for those in these lifestyles that all promote a dark, deep hatred under the guise of false compassion, false love and false spirituality. That’s why they passionately hate Christianity and the freedom it has brought. Christianity prospers in every environment of freedom because it stands on its own merits. All these negative anti-culture beliefs don’t have a leg to stand on and can only prosper under tyranny and suppression of Christianity. There’s no comparison, even when factoring in those who betray their Christian beliefs. The anti-culture crusaders, all the John Kerry’s out there know this very well and it’s time that we all do too.

    • woonsocket says:

      I wish someone like you would run for office in every district of this country. It will guarantee a huge Democratic win in Nov.

    • LABobE says:

      I just LOVE the fact that everyone that disagrees with your dimwits is a gay/homosexual, Muslim, communist, fascist, socialist, Marxist, demonic, Satanist.!!! if ONLY you knew what those words meant!

  83. mallen11 says:

    I agree that we need to make sure that conservatives win the Senate and the House this November and the Presidential Election in 2016. However, those accomplishments will NOT save our Nation from collasping into the hands of tyrannts whether within or without. The ONLY thing that will make a difference is the return to God’s Word and applying it to our lives. Depending on man to make things right causes continued confusion. If masses of We the People are not right with God; it doesn’t matter who is in office.
    Psalm 28:5 Because they regard not the works of the Lord, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them, and not build them up. (This has been proven over and over in history)
    2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by MY name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked (rejection of God’s) ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (What does the verse say we need to do first?)
    II Peter 3:18… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity. (When we do this, God will deal with our problems)
    I Tim 2:1-2 First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and ALL who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. (This is God’s way)

  84. smogdew says:

    This man has morphed, over the decades, into a measly, mealy, mouthed nobody who says nothing that would be of any importance to me. He speaks nothing but lies – came out of the Viet Nam war praising himself to the stars (river boat commander) for having survived danger beyond compare, Viet Cong shooting at him and his crew – (Kerry ‘bravely’ saved all their lives) and on and on – then Whoops! his crewmen heard of his version and went to the press and denied ANY danger or his heroic acts ever happened. Hasn’t changed much…..

    • woonsocket says:

      If you know how to fight better, why don’t you go to The Ukraine and show us?

      • Shears_of_Atropos says:

        Ah, you’re back! Still arrogant, still stale, still suffering from Post Rejection Syndrome, 1364 comments and 815 votes. Salud oh wise one.

  85. PIERRE77L says:

    F.U. Kerry. Someone to give you a round house kick to the head. You Devil Crescent moon face Communist Ugly F&%K !

  86. helen sabin says:

    Kerry is an idiot, a liar, an incompetent and a Kennedy clan member. What else do you need to know about him? He like Hillary will achieve NOTHING as Sec of State. She achieved nothing but to KILL 4 US troops!!

  87. coconuisse says:

    Kerry has been a nationally known liar and snake since the Vietnam war days. Why should anyone expect him to be any different now that he has suppossedly “grown up”?

  88. mardo123 says:

    My only comment is “John Kerry traitor -then (Viet Nam) and now.

  89. RandyRose says:

    Democrats hate GOD. They will be burning in Hell. Democrats love death. They love to kill poor innocent children. Kerry is a Democrat so that is why he will burn in Hell. Democrats love Muslim Terrorists.

  90. myfordtruck says:

    John kerry is worthless and he can thank peanut carter for where he is by being giving him amnesty for his actions supporting hanoi jane and being kicked out of of the military dishonorably from what I have read

  91. jime1 says:

    We are a Christian nation and will remain so. However, the preachers, priests, pastors, and even rabbis had better begin preaching a little fire and brimstone. I will surrender my faith to no man, and that had better be the rallying call across this nation, if we expect to retain our Republic. We’re in deep poo folks time to wake up!

  92. ARETHEYNUTS says:

    John Kerry what in world would you know about faith? I hope you plan on telling every Muslim that also. Let’s see how well that goes? Idiot

  93. downs1 says:

    Kerry has been and is an arrogant fool! He thinks he is “free” but in reality he is a slave to evil, i.e. Satan! If something is not of God, it is of Satan. There is nothing in between if you really stop to think about it. It has been that way from the Garden. Satan is alive and well in America, but he is a defeated enemy who has already been indicted and judged by God. His sentence just hasn’t been carried out yet and he remains active in his war with God. He will take many, many people with him, John Kerry among them! There are many libs and others who simply deny truth, and they are free to believe as they wish. Won’t they be surprised, however, when they find out those “whacko Christians” were right!

  94. nimbii says:

    He is another Obama personage educated beyond his intellect and necessarily ignorant of that fact.

    He does realize the number of Christians and Muslims in Africa.

    This guy honestly believes the following:
    His high-sounding words convince him that his narcissism is well-placed and corresponding magnificence will be within reach any time now. The world will soon see him as he really is and a new day will come where we all wish he had won in 2004.

    Unfortunately, reality will teach him otherwise if he is willing to see. If not, he will be another failed Obama personage.

  95. rchguns says:

    In that statement though John Kerry “the Great American chicken shit” is not just condemning Christianity. And in that part of the country I hope is security is up to snuff. Because he is also including the Muslim beliefs in that statement. Both the Koran and the Bible tell the faithful the best way to live in the rules by which they should conduct themselves.

    While he has nothing to fear from the Christians, the Muslim scumbags will not give up on the Stone Age culture or their belief that there’s anything wrong with killing innocent people, mutilating young girls, beating their wives, and most importantly taking away the celestial orgy that suicide bombers are expecting. Too bad they can’t get to Kerry

  96. hayrake says:

    Fascism is well past the creeping stage. It lopes along at a pretty good clip these days and is preparing for an all out gallop across the finish line.

  97. aurora9 says:

    “That’s not the way most people I think want to live.”
    What does Kerry know about how most people think? Let us make our own decisions and stop trying to control us. He must have a cushy position carved out for him in the NWO if he can convince us to agree with him. People who dig holes, very often, fall into them, themselves!

  98. Leijona says:

    I don’t even understand what Kerry said, but then again, I usually don’t. How the author sees what he said as an attack on Christians is a real stretch, IMHO.

  99. homer1057 says:

    History will prove that when Christians are persecuted they will stand and do what Christians do…PREACH the word, and Preach it NO matter what! Govt’s think they can silence Christians but, THEY CAN NOT!! All this from a man who has about as much faith as a toadstool!

  100. WhiteFalcon says:

    If people can’t see that this is happening to us right now, they have to be toatlly fricking blind.

  101. monacall says:

    To lousexi. Your the intelligent one. You’ll figure it out.
    Still waiting on what Kerry meant? Your version would do.

  102. Susan says:

    Kerry worships at the altar of the goat-god—that statue the Satanists are trying to place up in OK. They worship with the Rites of Sodomy (so it HAS to be normalized in our children with “Pride” in anal sex days and worship of the pederast Milk in CA schools (kindergarten yet). All “Sex Ed” is designed to intentionally destroy Virtue in children. It was put in public schools by Cultural Marxists to destroy normal sexual identity formation (innocence is essential). Focusing young children on sex organs removes morality from the sex act and makes it a group thing and removes the dignity and privacy and intimacy which is what makes sex Moral. They reduce sex to a doggy act, a Miley Cyrus—any Tom, Dick and Harry show. No respect or dignity in either sex (all humans are sex objects only) to destroy long-term healthy relationships, so children are emotional cripples.

    Imagine our Ethical system being flipped from two thousands of years of Christianity into the pagan, occultism, islam pederasty where human beings are used as a “Means to an End”…..totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    Kerry HATES Christianity, because the State HAS to give Dignity and Worth to the Individual. He is a Socialist/Collectivist/Satanist and WANTS—like Sanger and Shaw and Billy Ayers and Hillary Clinton (the Lucifer worshippers)—to kill off the useless eaters and cull and herd the godless people to do their bidding and lick their boots. THEY KNOW what it good for the little man.

    These people like Kerry need to be in prison. They are godless.

    • LABobE says:

      What is the reason you people are obsessed with sodomy??? I mean you have gay sex and/or sodomy on your minds 24/7!

      • Alleged Comment says:

        Is that why liberals put in a illegal sodomite negro?

      • Susan says:

        Sodomy is the “straw” to destroy Christian Ethics and erase the Bible from the minds of children: to flip Good and Evil and erase our “Justice” system and turn it into a Satanic Ethics system.

        Sodomy destroys our “Justice” System of over a thousand years—since Common Law.

        It is the Rite of Worship of Ba’al. You did see the goat-god statue they have designed for the OK capital.
        They need to make sodomy into Virtue to discredit the Bible and Christ—-for their NWO.

        Have you been reading about Geffen and his “boytoy” he dumped in the White House, and how he funded all the gay “marriage’ junk. Have you read about the boys and the Elmo puppeteer? How about all the Hollywood guys being charged with molesting the boys or the accusations of Corey Feldman on all the pederasts in Hollywood—who are trying to normalize sodomy in our children (Glee/Will and Grace)….homosexuality/sodomy is all about boys, since it is a learned behavior.

        Sodomy is child-abuse and demonic and SERIOUS. The elitists have a thing about little boys—like the boy harems in Afghanistan, and exactly like the Samurai and the homosexual Nazis–Brownshirts.

        • LABobE says:

          Susan, my guess is if you had every penis poking out of you that had sodomized you, you would look like a porcupine

        • Susan says:

          OOOOO–your vile, sodomite mind is really sick, isn’t it? Get help!!!! Find Jesus–where you can actually look at human beings and see some dignity and Love, instead of being fixated on anal cavities and sodomizing others and “thinking” it is “natural” and “Good”. You have only a Satanic mind…and it shows,

          You do realize your emotionally puerile posts prove your sickness and everyone who “reads” anything you type, knows how sick and evil your mind is? LOL.

  103. elector says:

    That is fine, Kerry may well have bigger problems when the time comes
    for Kerry to face God. It is up to God and He leaves nothing unattended.

  104. elector says:

    I believe when The Pope hears what Kerry has said there will be
    an Excommunication within the Roman Catholic Church. If I recall
    correctly his wife is a strong Catholic. BTW, I am not a Roman
    Catholic but a strong Christian Believer.

  105. No-Mo-BO says:

    Looks like the time is nigh to beat the plowshares BACK into swords!

  106. v steve says:

    Just another jew attacking the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the culture of the Nation. Secretary of State office held now by Kerry… whose family fled Austria and landed in Kerry Ireland and dropped their name of Cohen and took name of Kerry and registered it, and dropped Judaism and got baptized as Catholics. To date, Sec’s Kerry’s bro dropped the Catholic part and MAYBE the Kerry name and returned to and attends TEMPLE.

  107. abby101 says:

    John Kerry is a “square jawed piece of shit” that does not even deserve to live in this country1 He can go to HELL!!!!

  108. Brabado says:

    In my opinion, the only thing of interest to John Kerry, is Teresa’s Hunt Fortune…
    He doesn’t even know what Faith means… He is just another of Obama’s carpetbagger!
    Liberals have always wore a nose ring…
    Semper Fidelis

  109. jondarmes says:

    Kerry is a treasonist bastard and should have had his traitorus butt dragged outside and hanged in the 1970’s. The same goes for Hanoi Jane.

    • LABobE says:

      Kerry answered the call when this country called & he’s treasonous. Dubya, Romney & the rest of the GOP dodge the draft & they are hero’s??? Go figure…

      • jondarmes says:

        I was there weasel, I know what he is, and thanks to your response I know wnat you are, a liberal troll and a piece of crap.

        • Leijona says:

          He did not say that you were not there. He simply said that George Bush hurriedly joined the National Guard to avoid active duty like a lot of rich punks did back then. In his case he also went AWOL, but was never taken to task for it, and his records seem to have magically disappeared.

          I do not know all the facts regarding Kerry, other than he was actually in country for a while, and he did serve. I was there in 66-67, and we knew that war was BS back then, and many of us spoke out against the war when we came home. Again, I do not know the particulars about Kerry, I did not serve with him.

        • jondarmes says:

          BLA,BAL,BLA. I STAND BY MY STATEMENT. Any bunghole that comes homes and trashes the troops like your HERO DID is a peice of crap.

        • Leijona says:

          I was talking about the statement made by Bob, which made sense to me. You dont see anyone trashing bush, who dodged do you? I dont like Kerry, never have. and I especially do not like anyone who turns on his brothers in arms. That is despicable, unless they commited heinous, unwarranted acts of violence, but then, what is war in the first place? There are no good wars, but Vietnam was a particularly wrong one, wherein we should not have been there. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence regarding the history of that country could have steered us into a great relationship with Ho Chi Minh. Truman did not see it that way, and started the mess we ended up with. LBJ was just an Idiot from Texas that made a lot of cash on the war. Barry Goldwater hated him for good reason. Ho Chi Minh was Vietnams George Washington.

          Kerry is a self serving turd.

        • jondarmes says:

          A good war, if there is any such thing, is one that you are allowed to win. Ho was a murdering piece of crap, Just like all the democrat politicians and a lot of the republicans.

        • Leijona says:

          Do you know anything about the History of Vietnam? How the people were treated by the French, and then the Japanese in WW2? It would be worth your time to look into this before judging him. The Vietnamese constitution is Verbatim to ours, and he went to washington in an attempt to allign himself with Truman to no avail, as Truman had no use for asians of any type. I generally liked Truman, but he was a Bigot.

        • jondarmes says:

          If you can’t bear to stay on topic just take your troll ass and go away. If you feeeel so much in tune with Ho, why don’t you move there? I’m sure they’d welcome you with open arms and let you go to the museum dedicated to the hero’s of their country, you might even see your stablemate John Fonda Kerry enshrined there.

        • Leijona says:

          I hate both Fonda and Kerry. Fonda should never have been allowed back into the USA. I was merely trying to make a point re the history of Vietnam. Obviously, you are not interested. Things could have been much different with a little diplomacy, and we would not have sacrificed 58,600 of my brothers in arms, and over a million Vietnamese. Your attitude sucks.

        • jondarmes says:

          I have known about the history of viet nam for more years than I care to count. You misunderstand what I’m trying to tell you, I DON”T CARE. Knowing their history and careing about it, wearing it around on your sleeve to bring up at every opportunity is a waste of time. I was not there to dwell on their history. If you want to shed a tear, shed it for the Mountain Yards. Not that it will do them any good now. Knowing history is important, dwelling on it is foolish.

        • Leijona says:

          You are correct. I do have a hard time letting things go, especially things like this that cause so many senseless deaths. Its not like it is unusual though is it? Look at WW1. What a waste.

        • jondarmes says:

          War is always a waste. One side accomplishes it’s goals, both sides lose a lot of people.

      • uddeboda2 says:

        The majority of US politicians never did any military service, yet they are all too keen to send young Americans to do their dirty work in foreign countries………………and what thanks do they get when they come home…………little or non……………about 8000 vets commit suicide when they come home…………….every year………………..

    • uddeboda2 says:

      Strong words coming from someone behind a keyboard……………..does your mommie know that you use such bad language………or perhaps she taught it to you……S.O.B.

      • GoldenRudy says:

        Strong words, indeed, But true? Of course. You don’t think so? Why has Kerry’s original DD Fm 214 never been released?

        • uddeboda2 says:

          Why has Kerry’s original DD Fm 214 never been released?…………….WHY………………..why should the US government tell its citizens anything…………………there have been coverups since time began, and they will continue for eternity…………… really think that politicians are gonna come straight and risk their buddies downfall…………never in a 1000 light years

        • GoldenRudy says:

          Because the DD Fm 214 may have some embarrassing comments regarding his visit with our enemies at the Paris Peace Conference while he was still technically a member of the US Naval Reserve. It may even have “less than honorable” or “general” under the type of discharge.

        • RobertNorwood says:

          Naw, they don’t have that much info. But when I heard what he got his medals for I schit – officer’s medals. You see medals are good for an officer’s career so officers naturally get medals easier as an encouragement to stay in and often for risking much less than enlisted men. I’m not putting down the Brown Waters, by no means but, the medals – Officers are like a club in that way, they see to each other.

        • GoldenRudy says:

          To group traitor Kerry with the majority of officers is unfair to those that served with honor, during and after their service. I do agree that some medals/ribbons were handed out or obtained easier by those that knew the paper trail than others out doing the real work. Kerry was a absolute disgrace to the Officer Corps of all three Services.

        • RobertNorwood says:

          Yes, very true. I should have made a better distinction.

      • DenisetheCelt says:

        Commie beeyach behind a keyboard.

        Drop DEAD today, trash.

      • RobertNorwood says:

        Und du? What’s your excuse for showing up?

  110. Spark1845 says:

    John Kerry is a FAIRY. He is a little PUSS. PERIOD. Just like his boss, ASSBAMA Hussein Obastard.

  111. Victor P. Bundy says:

    This is one more reason to oust all of senate and congress including impeachment of Obama. New law to go in effect July !st will bring America to a dead stop. Obama’s executive order of this will make America poor and no longer the number one trade or reserve currency of the world. This why they want your guns and they will empose martial law and the cuntry will go broke because they can’t pay back thier loans. The last 72 of 85 years they have spent more money than they bring in. Picture Mad Max world with nothing and everyone takeing to the streets to feed thier children and famly. The people allowed this and they will get what they paid for.

    • uddeboda2 says:

      72 years out of 85…………….different administrations….Dems and Reps have spent more money than they bring in……………..pretty good record……………and now the USA is almost broke………..apart from a few stupid countries lending you cash………….they know they will never ever get it back, so they will take pieces of the USA, little by little, until it belongs to the Chinese and Saudi

      • LABobE says:

        Moron, it’s our world & our rules!

        • uddeboda2 says:

          Of course it is MORON WUSSIE……..remember to keep your rules inside of your own country……………not flaunting them across the world, as though you owned it………….cos ye dont

  112. uddeboda2 says:

    My God you are a queer bunch of faggots on this forum

    • Alleged Comment says:

      We are talking about Demoncraps and the negro sodomite president of theirs. Do you know any other way to describe them?

      • uddeboda2 says:

        Not off hand, but all I was doing was describing you Yanks as faggots………loud mouthed yellow livered wussie faggots…………… it…………….

        • Alleged Comment says:

          No wonder Demoncraps get in every year. This redneck idiot does not know the difference!

  113. Stanley Biggs says:

    Are you tried of waiting on the Rapture? Do you want to speed up the Second Coming of Christ? Vote a “straight” Democratic ticket !!!

    • LABobE says:

      Hell yes I’m tired of waiting for the rapture!!! I was hoping someone would take all you kooks out of here!!!!

  114. Potawatomi13 says:


  115. sovereigntyofone says:

    John (band aid purple heart) Kerry is a communist anyway.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • GoldenRudy says:

      That 2 cents is more than he is truly worth. (All Kerry’s supposed $$$ comes from Mama T and her luck in marrying a Heinz.)

  116. rking111 says:

    These crazy people are dragging this country down to what the bible says is the judgment of babylon a prophecy in Revelation 14:6-13 and no one seems to understand. It is actually the fall of America. There is a book on the net that shows how to find this in the bible its a very good read. Just go to

  117. federalist frank says:

    I think this is appalling , Kerry and Obama are communists wanting to destroy everything that made this country great , especially Christianity because it threatens there overall control abilities . What I think is just as appalling is the fact that the Christians are doing nothing about this attack of rights . I understand the will to peacefully practice , however someone in the churc needs to speak up . The people is the asphalt and the government the steam roller , until someone stands up the roller keeps rolling . Shout out to Hobby Lobby they are at least defending their beliefs along with Geneva College in my home town ..

    • DenisetheCelt says:

      Jews have been attackig Christianity since the beginning. They’ve also used Muslims as their proxies, in the past. Jews financed the Moorish (African Muslim) invasion of Christian Spain, and literally opened the gates to cities like Toledo, to the invaders. Kerry’s real name is Kohn. He’s a blood Jew. Jews paid for Obama’s career, from start to finish. Jews are also resposible for flooding Europe with Muslims. The situation in England is DIRE.

      See how history repeats, if you DON’T know what you are looking at? This is a Race War. Whites are LOSING.

      • Renellin says:

        Jews are such a cancer on the world; they should be extinguished–oh wait THAT’S BEEN TRIED BEFORE!!! What’s wrong with you???

      • RobertNorwood says:

        Uch – you again. Isn’t there some underside of a bridge in the middle of nowhere you can go haunt?

  118. Shane says:

    Yes, the Democrat party has become anti-Christian, as it has been taken over by the left wing in the USA. I used to be a Democrat, now I view that party as anti-male, anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-American.

    • Renellin says:

      And often pro-muslim. They haven’t quite worked out yet how the lgbt etc factions are going to get along with the allah factions….

    • henryknox says:

      However, the uninformed public generally doesn’t see it yet. The deceivers will deny and obscure until the end.

  119. scotchleaf says:

    Name a policy of the GOP mainstream, unrelated to sexuality, that is according to Christ’s teachings.

    • GoldenRudy says:

      “You shall have no other gods before Me.” How’s that one for you? The GOP does not worship “Mother Earth” like the entire Democrat Party does.

      • Renellin says:

        But we certainly cherish the earth and all ‘she’ provides. This does not need to be on the Republican platform. It’s just an obvious ‘duh.’

        • GoldenRudy says:

          My comment was in specific reply to the challenge put forth. The GOP platform does not worship “Mother Earth” and is therefore abiding by the admonition of Jesus Christ. I gave one example. It fits.

        • Renellin says:

          Sorry Rudy, I wasn’t disagreeing with you. I did not effectively communicate.

        • GoldenRudy says:


        • RobertNorwood says:

          But your point was well worth mentioning.

    • Renellin says:

      You would have to explain exactly what the GOP mainstream is, as the party is pretty much in civil war at the moment. Also, should a party platform expressly address and adhere to a certain religion, faction, or denomination, or should the people follow their own interpretations and agree to live a moral life, among other things? You libs always want it both ways.

      • xltc5 says:

        Very good points. GOP are such cowards and clueless. There are major issues to be resolved-which have enormous support from R’s and Conservatives alike, and I’ll be John-Browned if I understand why they choose lightning rod issues for their platform. The house is on fire and they are worried about the beans on the stove burning.

    • RobertNorwood says:

      Better yet, name any GOP mainstreamer, conservative, etc. looking to curtail the religious rights and protections, or any Constitutional protections, of any American; you know, the people the stuff was written for.
      Go ahead – take all the time you want.

  120. GoldenRudy says:

    Johnny Boy, you and I have nothing in common. You do not now, nor have you ever spoken for me.

  121. GoldenRudy says:

    Is this the same Kerry that pondered aloud his thoughts while being in Cambodia on Christmas, six months before Nixon authorized anyone to be in Cambodia. That Kerry?

    • Renellin says:

      This is the Kerry that claimed if you didn’t go to college and attempt to be smart, you risked winding up in the military.

  122. skipfoss says:

    I would expect HO Chi Kerry to make such a statment anybody that would write his own fake Purple Hearts and leave the real men in his unit to fight his battles and the gutless wondercomes home a calls all of the guy’s that had the FAITH in our country andour GOD murder’s , baby burners, and rapist is a POS,then because he helped get a half breed muslim communist elected as president .I would love to have about 20min with him alone ,I wouldn’t kill him but when I finished he would wish I had. There is no vacum in the Christian faith only in mind of fools,muslims and athiest. This camel faced peice of dung should be made to resign now for his comment about Isreal. I served three tours and am nearly paralysed from the waste down and for what , to end up under the thumb of these sorry air wasting Dems and Rino’s the only help I would give this bunch is to stand and laugh at them when we get their sorry ass’s out of office

  123. Mr Lou J Apa says:

    Historic photograph of two EVILs, one dead, one still sinning!

  124. USMC 64-68 says:

    Do a little checking and you’ll find that the two pictured at the top of the article were often in the company and working with members of the communist party.

  125. RobertNorwood says:

    Yeah, he’s back. Having Biden bring the Munster Mobile around just wasn’t the same; not tall enough or something, he needed good ol’ Lurch.
    “Get the car John, family wants to go shopping”.

  126. SATCitizen says:

    Kerry. . .go take a 3-hour tour on your yacht and bring all your friends with you. You may be condemned, but you get what you ask for. Speak for yourself and stick it in the ketchup bottle, Heinz preferably.

  127. Vincenta says:

    There is outrage at a racial slur, gesture, or an insult to homosexual “marriage” and Islam, but hardly a peep at the murder of 50 million unborn children, from anyone. Has God shed his Grace on the USA? Maybe once He did. I’m sure our native Americans may see it differently. At the current position of our government and the majority of its’ citizens, Grace may be a gift of the past. I hope not. Pray to end the sin of abortion.

  128. C K Johnson says:

    Kerry denounced the United States after returning from Vietnam. He claimed he was wounded in combat. No one else could confirm that. He has his nose so far up Obama’s as s. This Kerry maggot thing talks like the Muslim Brother Hood. When he speaks of Israel filth spews from his mouth. I do not see any reason for his existence. Except to be a mouth piece for Obama.

  129. Myrtle says:

    There is more than one fox in the chicken house, they are in there crowding each other out. If we can ever get them at each other’s throats, we will have it made.

  130. Robert L Nipper says:

    Just think…we could have had this marvelous Nimrod as President! I wonder if the Muslim Brotherhood members of Obama’s regime have reminded Kerry he must convert to Islam or die? Perhaps Obama better slip him a copy of the Koran for Ramadan.

  131. steveafrikaner says:

    Kerry is a poor excuse for a human being.

  132. cyberhackster says:

    Kerry is just another Washington Scum-bag progressive leftist — what else is new —

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