Illinois To Give Driver's Licenses To Illegal Aliens

What would you say if I told you that a state was gearing up to provide driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants? You would probably shake your head in a cartoon-like way, then say, “Yeah, right.”

Well, get ready to say “yeah, right,” because Illinois state officials are set to announce a proposal that would provide all of-age illegal immigrants with driver’s licenses.

And lest you think I’m crazy, this is what Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel had to say:

“I strongly support state legislation that will allow every Chicagoan, regardless of legal status, to enjoy the rights and responsibilities that come with a driver’s license.”

Interestingly enough, Illinois is not the first state to propose this kind of arrangement. Illinois is the third state to allow illegal immigrants to obtain licenses. It follows in the footsteps of Washington and New Mexico. But really, what’s all the hubbub? Why is it such a big deal for illegal immigrants to have driver’s licenses? Let’s break it down.

1. Most states–the 30 that require it–have some sort of voter identification law on the books. If illegal immigrants are granted licenses, those ID laws would be rendered moot.  That means that non-citizens would have a say in our elections.

2. Allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses is an open invitation to those from other countries who would like to come here illegally.

3. This is rewarding law-breakers. Plain and simple. Entering a country without going through the proper channels is a crime. And it is being talked about as if it isn’t.

So, what is to be gained by doing this? In a sensible sense: nothing. But in a strategic sense: everything. A large percentage of illegal immigrants are on the government dole. The Left knows this, and they also know that those who are receiving free stuff will tend to vote for a politician who will continue to give them free stuff. If more states allow illegal immigrants to obtain licenses, our electorate could shift permanently, and our decline will be precipitous.



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281 comments on “Illinois To Give Driver's Licenses To Illegal Aliens
  1. Deborah Flynn says:

    What a surpirsie? from Cook County IL comes the most corrupt of politics.

  2. ChuckBearWolfPeyton says:

    By doing this they would be guilty of aiding and abetting a Federal fugitive, which I think is a felony. How can they do this and still enforce the law on others.

    • Truckman says:

      @ChuckBearWolfPeyton Good point! Problem here is that our beloved Government has given itself the power to institute laws,enforce laws selectively,ignore laws that don’t support their agenda,and above all else,accept NO ACCOUNTABILITY!

  3. barbbieb says:

    Yeah, color me suprised.  But this is SO serious.  Why do we continue to sit back and take all this….they (flaming liberals) are just gearing up for the next election.  But aside from that..there are serious consequences..other than the “right” to vote…such as NO INSURANCE for vehicular accidents…we must now look for a rise in our insurance premiums to take care of uninsured motorists. What happens when our money runs out???  Where will the government then find money for all these give-away programs.  How does this all end???

    • Mike3591 says:

      @barbbieb They will find the money just like they have been doing. Just keep printing more.

    • WorldTraveler says:

      The writing is on the wall. We either stand for something of we’ll fall for anything. We are on a collision course. This country is not big enough for two opposites. We either spit it and each group takes half of it, or we fight so that one group wins and dominates the other. However, the losing group will eventually get strong again, and the same present thing will happen years from now. It is a vicious circle. This is why there have always been wars in written history as well as in Biblical history. It seems we are destined for war, because we are opposites who, in this case, do not attract each other.

  4. CajunPatriot says:

    Sure, Cook County, Chicago, Illinois, New Mexico, Washington, and the rest of America.  No true border security.  When a U.S. border agent defends our sovereignty, prosecute him and put him in prison.  Render illegal all voter ID laws, though you have to have ID to get a library card or to buy cigarettes or beer, but you don’t need an ID to vote and we wonder how more people vote in Democrat precincts than actually live there, and dead people vote in Chicago and New Orleans, etc.  It is all a sham.  We are no longer a nation under God, and we are no longer a nation under laws.  We need help, maybe divine help.

  5. BillWasylenko says:

    I see nothing wrong with giving them licenses. They drive anyway. Licensing them will  make them get insurance and will identify them as illegal. If they drive without insurance and cause an accident they should be deported. I don’t think many of them will get licenses anyway.

    • EDD702 says:

      @BillWasylenko an why do you think they will get ins. Illegal aliens dont care about our stinking law an neither do the Democraps time to get rid of all the legislators that vote to give in to the Chicago machine who really cares what the mayor of Chicago says hes is nothing but a commie remember never let a good crisis go to waste an if there isnt a crisis create one

  6. Stephen1015 says:

    Actuallly, I would say way to go.   Allowing illegal immigrants to have driver’s licenses is step toward getting uninsured motorists off the road.   And keep in mind, a driver’s license is not issued until the person who applied for it proves that he or she can properly operate a motor vehicle.  Additionally, this would allow them to obtain auto insurance.

    • EDD702 says:

      @Stephen1015 they didnt say apply an pass the test they said give just like all the liberals give give give its just tax money we can get more an who cares about others on the road we need to thin the population an this should do it!

    • Mike3591 says:

      @Stephen1015 You have got to be kidding. Do you honestly think illegals are going to get insurance. They might buy it long enough to get their license, if it is even required for them, and them drop it the next day.

  7. William Wallace says:

    How would they prove who they say they are for the driver’s license?  Those “matricular” cards from Mexico are about as worthless for ID as the print at home do it yourself ID kits.  Other countries don’t even have those things which make it worse for their illegals to prove who they say they are.  So we can have a whole state in IL full of people driving around as Rahm Emmanuel, on their license, at least.  Heck, maybe we should all do that.  Go to IL and get licenses that say Rahm Emmanuel and vote Republican.

  8. OBAW says:

    might as well give federal prisoners licenses and child molestors too.  proves that doing things  the wrong way in this country is the right way.  our country is slipping, the only reason this is being done is for the votes of the  hispanics, our country is lost and needs new direction which they won’t get from the Obama administration.  will the real president “PLEASE STAND UP!”

    • William Wallace says:

      @OBAW We have to make sure prisoners can vote, you know.  After all, they are people too and deserve a voice in how this country is run.  Oh, and you are a racist for disagreeing with liberals.  Just saying.

  9. Randy131 says:

    This will definately cause a permanent shift in the electorate, toward the liberal ‘give-away-the-farm’ Democrats, who would never lose another election, while they oversee the financial demise of the USA, which with Obama’s policies, might be unavoidable anyway.  Most Americans are so stupid, they can’t detect the dire financial circumstances that the USA finds itself, and believe the Democratic propaganda that they only have to tax the rich more to save the US Economy, the US Dollar, and the country.  Time will prove the propaganda is false, and just a tool to re-elect Democrats, but then it will be too late to save our Republic, and I wonder who will get the blame for the end of the USA?  If Obama gets everything he wants, he and the Democrats will still blame the destruction of the USA on the Republicans.  This last Presidential election was a definate choice for the people to restore the USA to what it once was, or go ‘FORWRD’ with the path of destruction that Obama’s and the Democrats’ policies have put us on, and the people made their choice, albeit with the influence of racists, with sexists, and with socialistic and communistic Unions.  Mark my words, the USA will not survive as a free Republic, to the end of Obama’s next term, no matter what the Republicans let him have.  It would be better to go over the ‘Financial Cliff’ now, than to wait longer under Obama’s policies, when the country may not be able to recover from what Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and all Democrats have put the country on a path to.

    • Mike3591 says:

      The shift in the electorate occurred 4 years ago. Hasn’t anybody noticed? Between the blacks, browns and liberals, the conservatives that still believe in this country the way it was founded are the minority. The country as it was founded is dead and gone. @Randy131

      • Randy131 says:

         4 years ago it was stupid ‘white guilt’, and the start the of electorate shift, through Obama refusing to enforce immigration laws and promising amnesty and citizenship to illegal aliens, which 4 years later caused a minor electorate shift, just enough to get Obama re-elected, but the next 4 years, with things this article is exposing, and Obama ligitimizing all these illegal immigrants, which 90% will vote strictly Democratic, will cause a huge electorate shift.  If Obama is successful at what he has promised to the latinos, 20 million illegal immigrants will be voting in the 2016 Presidential elections, if the USA makes it as a Republic to the end of Obama’s second term.  That is 18 million more Democrats voting across our nation, do you think we’ll ever be able to return the USA to what Reagan had made it after the disatrous Jimmy Carter administration, the worst recession in our history, much worse than the one they blame on Bush, even tough during Bush’s tenure, the economy boomed until 11 months after the Democrats won majority control of both houses of Congress, all law making abilities, and control of the budget, deficits, and national debt, yet they blame Bush for the recession.

  10. thethinman says:

    Are they going to “give” them to them or will they have to take a driving test like everyone else that gets a driving license?  will the test be in English.   English is the official language of Illinois.

  11. gnafuasusual says:

    OK, I want my driver’s license free and no photo. Don’t seem to need that to vote two or three times  in this country. Let’s see, Let’s also allow Illegals to live in the White House, especially the president’s quarters. ! That’s a great idea. If not enough room, Each Congressman/lady who likes criminal actions as people crossing the border without proper paper work can also take the illegals into their homes and take care of them the rest of their lives. Let’s see. What else can we give criminals such as illegals? Ahh. Put army suits on each one, no matter the gender and send them to Iran. They sure aren’t going to get everything they think they will get  here in the U.S. Maybe Iran can give them a bit of their peace and loving ideology. Iran just loves Americans, especiially those dressed in Military garb.  Spread the wealth and love around. Isn’t that what Obama said?

  12. tina_copps says:

    ” WHY”  This is just stupid.. have we done away with all law in this country.. Good.. guess I will go help myself to some money at the nearest bank.. or maybe just steal from my neighbor  after I murder him… what the hell, it is no rules  in this country.  Sutpid damn government… Obama so desperate for voters that he agreed to this.. let them in, let them all in.. country is going to hell in a handbasket anyway.  What in hell is wrong with our lawmakers.

    • mallen11 says:

       Right and we are really going to like it when the muslims take over becasuse -0 is letting them in by the thousands and they breed like rabbits. Our only hope is God and to do things His way and believe me it is a pleasure to live according to His will even with all the trials and tribuations because He is there to help.
      Psalm 138:3 On the day I called, You answered me; You made me bold with strength in my soul.
      Isaiah 40:29 He gives strength to the weary, And to him who lacks might He increases power.
      Ephesians 6:10 -Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
      Jeremiah 17:5 -Thus says the LORD, “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength, and whose heart turns away from the LORD

  13. glplank says:

    Immorality and decadence are the norm in our society.  Fear not, God is the answer.  He is the only one capable of dealing with all of the totally bizarre things that are happening to this nation.  My faith speaks for me.

  14. thethinman says:

    Isaiah 5: 20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
     21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!
    22 Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink:
    23 Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!
    24 Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the LORD of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.

  15. Buckshot00 says:

    There is a clear difference between citizenship and place of residence.  States define who and who is not a
    resident, and the rights and obligations of residential status.  It is not a Federal concern unless it affects Federal

  16. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Illegals have been allowed to vote in Illinois for years (sometimes multiple times), why shouldn’t they drive?

  17. boxerbuddy4 says:

    Of course they’ll give them to illegals, just like California is doing for the illegals Obama gave amnesty light to. More vote for Dems. And what are republicans doing about it? Crickets.

  18. zelda says:

    What’s wrong with those idiots in government????  What are they doing to this country???  What are they doing to US???   Give an “illegal” a driver’s license?  It’s a slap in the face to the legal people—Ass kissers is all the  people in government are.  Maybe if we’re lucky, once the “illegals” get their driver’s licenses, they drive all the government morons to Mexico and leave them there…and the “illegals”can stay there too.  They are NOT wanted here—-does anyone listen?  I’m so sick of this country…..hey, morons, the key word here is “ILLEGAL”…get with it !!!!

  19. Charles Davis says:

    Anything for a vote. We give them food, housing,disability payments, unemployment payments, medical care, why not a drivers license? I knew this was coming when I read how Chavez got elected for the third time by giving the poor goodies for there votes.

    • mallen11 says:

      @Charles Davis
       So that is where -0 got the idea of giving free stuff to get votes. Not surprised. We the People better start putting God first in our lives or we will have a dictator on our hands and believe me; God is much better with us than a dictator.

  20. HowardPettyjohn says:

    Insanity at it;’s finest.  Illegals drive drunk with licenses and can steal your car with the security of a license.  They can drive down to the local convenience store or bar for a 6 pack, can do drive by’s and have chase with cops.
    Is anyone interested about how long it will take them to figure out how to fake car insurance if they have one ?  About as long as it took them to figure if they must pay taxes to suddenly report a family of a wife and 8 kids when you are single.  Who dreams this crap up ?

  21. Tired says:

    They’ll give illegals, a mother with five or more illegitimate children with whom their baby daddies are no where to be found, drug users,and anyone who can vote, what ever they want.  However a service man or woman, who dedicate life and limb for their country are push away, and treated as a third class citizen. What the hell are we putting up with this stuff for/ There has got to be a way to fight this. But then seems our votes get cast aside when the main stream media, unions and politicians don’t like how we voted. Maybe we should riot Washington, Congress, Senate, and White House.

    • LNR says:

      @Tired You are correct!  I’m tired of this as well!  My additional suggestion is to STOP giving Egypt 1.5 billion dollars/year (plus more) in foreign aid and to use this money for our Vets!!  Let Egypt borrow their own money from China!  And let’s hold off on the riot awhile and support Senator Rand Paul on stopping this misuse of money we don’t have!  I hope more readers will give “Tired” an amen!!

    • Brian Hill says:

      @Tired NO NOT riot then we would be as bad as they are, what we need, is peaceful protest, It is HIGH TIME we  who gripe on these blogs get active, we need to be gathering in numbers at each state capitol. If we can not take the time or effort to do so NOTHING will change, while we still have the freedom to do so we better get organized and DO SOMETHING, if we just let all this happen and continue to bitch and do nothing we get what we deserve.

      • Tired says:

        @Brian Hill Trying to do things peacefully as you suggest, sounds all well and good. But realize you are not dealing with normal everyday people. Most political figures have come right out of law school , into politics. Most have never had a 9-5 job, actually did manual labor, or worry about food on their table or a roof over their head. Most will get a pension, excellent health, retirement benefits,for little or no  work. Three year  and still no budget. Think  my patience for doing thing peacefully are exhausted.

        • Brian Hill says:

          @Tired I do sympathize with how you feel. I am with you that we al need to quit just taking it . i think we will see many uprisings as time goes on, They are asking and taking to much.

        • Tired says:

          Brian, I’m listening, so how or what steps should we take,  and I speak only for myself. Perhaps the few can turn into the many. I’m game to meet and rally.or at least start a discussion of what other like minded people and concerned Americans feel ,  and their  and their thought on what can be done.

  22. singer231 says:

    Driving licenses today, Democratic voters tomorrow!

  23. Jenner2 says:

    It is the Chicago way!

  24. libsarescum says:

    thanks to the democRATS in the state senate, here in this shthole of New Mexico they have been giving licences to illegals for the last 5 years.

  25. AlabamaSouthernBelle says:

    And why is this fair?  All legal aliens go through a procedure to become an American. They take test, they go thru procedures to learn about America, and learn the language  and they make sure they are able to be on their own when they finally become Americans.  There is no skipping things if you really want to be a part of America.  Why would you want to be here if true Americans don’t want you here.  My gosh, if you cross the border to get into Mexico, you’ll probably be shot on spot.  If illegal aliens want to be here, go with the plan and become legal, non of this under the slide junk.  You don’t need a drivers license if you’re not legal anyway.  If you can’t obey the laws to become legal, they you also can’t follow the laws of the road.

    • AttMore says:

      @AlabamaSouthernBelle What should we expect….we have an illegal “resident” in our “White-House….and this is the end results….but Thank-God,He’s in charge….because they all will reap what they sow..illegals and illegal “resident”……..God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving

    • dhmill says:

       I’ve lived in the midst of Mexicans and have worked with them. They want to come to the U.S. to use this country but they do not want to be Americans. I was in school with a fellow who after a test  was saying that it would be much easier for him if the test had been in Spainish. Yes, much easier if the test had been in his home language. He spoke with a very strong accent and had great difficulty in reading English. I was feeling sorry for him because I knew that it must be hard for him. So I asked him how long he had been in the U.S.?  His reply? “I’ve been here all my life. I was born in San Bernardino.” He was the third generation to be born here.
      But, he considered himself to be Mexican. NOT an American. Long ago I knew a man who was Hungarian and from the old country. He WANTED to be an American and would insist upon speaking English even if no one could understand him. His son Paul, first generation, spoke perfect English.
      There is your difference. The European immigrants wanted to become Americans while in general the latinos do not.

  26. LNR says:

    I have read that about one million people per year enter this country illegally from Mexico.  All of them are not Mexicans.  If this is true, then this situation is not an incursion; instead, it is an invasion!  Couldn’t our government bring home troops stationed in countries where they are not needed (like Germany) and have these men and women protect our borders?  Ronald Reagan said that a country without borders is really no country at all!

  27. deanied says:

    More accidents with people who probably have NO Insurance, and more Votes!  This is outragous!

  28. wuzup40 says:

    Ita a crying shame that those Democrates are not good enough to win elections, now they need to go and recruit illegals to vote in order to win.
    There is no way foreigners should be didtating which way this country is going and those very Democrates are all for themselves right here and now and they are saying screw their very on decendants that will have to live with the damage they are doing this country.
    They are greedy self serving bast___ds.

  29. DarBrooksHelwig says:

    Keep on putting up with the government abuse, Americans. Your elected officials, who answer only to the citizens, have turned the tables and now own the citizens, lock, stock and barrel. Government urinates on peoples opinions and rights and tramples our laws, especially the Supreme Law of the Land, the U.S. Constitution. Whatcha gonna do about it, huh?

  30. LNR says:

    Did anyone else read about Obama’s uncle, living illegally in this country, getting stopped on a DUI?  His first request was to ask the officer to contact the White House.  The answer to Obama’s uncle was that the White House had already told them to let him go!!  Please feel free to check this out.

    • AttMore says:

      @LNR I did read about it….he(resident)also has an illegal aunt living here…I can’t remember the state…plus she’s living off the dole…I’m so tired of evil-illegal-resident,illegal aliens,illegal lawmakers…etc, but my faith in Jesus,I can withstand the storm…

  31. Brian Hill says:

    HOW CAN THIS BE?  having recently changed states by moving to Alabama a state that now uses the criteria of what is required for federal ID, I was required to have 5 yes FIVE types of identification. I had lived in my previous state of Florida all my life. When going to change from Fla to AL D/L I did not have the required number of proper ID’s.It took me some ding to order an embossed birth cert from my birth state and get others that met the criteria. I guess all this is due to homeland security and I accept it, I WANT it to be difficult to get a D/L in ANY state
    How can any state take an illegal alien, i am sure they have no such number of PROPER ID’s. the purpose is to assure that when using your D/L to board and airplane they know who you are. It makes me shiver to think that any illegal (and I assume this goes for other than Latinos) can get a D/L and board an airplane I or my family is on. I ask is it out of line to think that a person with Jihad in mind could travel to Mexico, walk across our border as thousands a day do, then travel to the “land of Lincoln”  and get an easy D/L . they can then board any plane with this ID????  COME ON! this is NUTS and makes no sense

    • dhmill says:

      @Brian Hill
       They are Democrats! They don’t have to make sense.

    • dhmill says:

      @Brian Hill
      Your problem was in trying to do it right. Your solution was to say, no hablea ingleesh. Then no problem getting an Alabama lic.

  32. Richard7890 says:

    let’s have open season on illegal’s and see how meany go back home

    • Tired says:

      @Richard7890 Like to have open season on all the congressmen , senators, multi-media,and all other political figures on the take. That’s the only way illegals get what they are getting.

    • dhmill says:

       Very few go back to Mexico because an American is arrested by the government for defending his country. My son while traveling through the Suez Canal was telling me about seeing armed guards posted every 100yards along the Saudi Arabia border to keep illeagals out. They could shoot you and then simply push you into the canal. No fuss, no muss. And no illeagals.

  33. Stephen K says:

    Typical of the lawless Democrats:  they prepare now to throw Americans into federal prison if they don’t pay premiums to Obama’s favorite health insurance companies—- while exempting the congress and the president from the mandates of Obamacare– yet they treat illegals like honored guests.  Would the lawless Democrats treat the illegals like honored guests if the illegals would use their state ID cards to vote Republican?  The Democrats have turned the American ballot box into an obscene joke.

  34. Jim says:

    Part of a Master Plan to change our country.  You can kiss America goodby for good, be nothing worth working hard for with the State taking most of what you make to share with those non working.  We need to really tighten up but I think it will never happen.

    • BernieS says:

      Jim- This is all part of the obummer plan, he’s going to take the USA down to a third world country and we my friend are going to be living like they do in the middle east with a ruler for lifetime (obummer wants this being he’s a muslim) the UN also plays a large roll in his plans they are going to be our military because they will shoot us vs the regular mlitary which will not. We have a sad awakening folks, too bad this piece of shi_ got back in office by the Chicago machine.

  35. Newsel says:

    To those beating their gums and who did not either vote or voted to give this man and his administration a second term: to late to bleat now. The damage is done.

  36. v steve says:


  37. June Angstadt says:

    The illegals will not be able to pay for cars, so they will steal them, they will not be able to pay for gas, so they will steal it; however if by chance they can afford a car, they can’t afford the insurance so 9 chances out of 10, they will be driving illegally – and you pay your own bills if hit or hurt.
    I’ve never known an administration that so actively promotes lawlessness.

    • Disappointed1942 says:

      @June Angstadt
       Yes to your comment!

    • jude83268949 says:

      @June Angstadt 
      nor will they buy auto insurance, so those of us that do with have our policies skyrocket.

    • drsg says:

      @June Angstadt True, but I would bet that the obummer adm. will find a way to let the taxpayer pay for the car, insurance, and free gas cards.
      With everything this fraud marxist dictator has done to this country along with the corrupt  American Congress support, anything is possible.

  38. v steve says:


  39. WorldTraveler says:

    The writing is on the wall. We either stand for something of we’ll fall for anything. We are on a collision course. This country is not big enough for two opposites. We either split it and each group takes half of it, or we fight so that one group wins and dominates the other. However, the losing group will eventually get strong again, and the same present thing will happen years from now. It is a vicious circle. This is why there have always been wars in written history as well as in Biblical history. It seems we are destined for war, because we are opposites who, in this case, do not attract each other.

  40. Disappointed1942 says:

    Rahm Emanuel is evil and disgustingly looking!  He fits the profile of a crook!

    • ShortyStuff says:

      @Disappointed1942 And what does that say about the people that voted him into office?

      • drsg says:

        @ShortyStuff  @Disappointed1942 
        Those who voted for him must be either brain dead, have their hands out, or drink the Kool Aid of obummer.  No real American would vote for him for anything unless the voting machines were rigged.  I do not doubt that anything will be done by the obummer administration to keep their mussies, illegals, homos, and marxist followers in office.

    • AttMore says:

      @Disappointed1942 He also fits the profile of a “demon”….these people are “EVIL”…..the whole “regime”…

  41. Proud American Forever says:

    This country with its Corrupt, and ANTI AMERICAN POLITICIANS is going right down the TOILET.

  42. davie50 says:


  43. v steve says:

    If you think giving driver licenses to illegal’s is bad for America, how about the importation of 1 million blacks per year that are the dumbest of the dumbest and don`t speak english and will never work and will be on government assistance for the rest of their lives, this is racists at it`s best.
     If congress is going to import 1 million blacks every year which they have been doing for at least the last 10 years and more, they should also import 1 million whites per year to make it fair and equal. With a socialist/communist congress and president you don`t get fair and equal.

  44. SpecialKinNJ says:

    It is difficult to see a positive side to illegal immigration as we have come to know it. Some historical perspective suggests why this is so.
    Our forebears thought to create a permanent, self-replenishing, nonvoting class of low-level workers by purchasing captive individuals to reside here in a state of involuntary servitude. By condoning the institutionalization of involuntary servitude to meet a perceived need for cheap labor (to till fields, harvest crops, perform domestic duties, etc.), our country violated its founding principles and set the stage for civil war — and persisting residual ill effects.
    More recently, in order to meet the perceived need of important voting constituencies for a readily available supply of cheap labor (to till fields, harvest crops, maintain lawns, perform domestic duties, etc.), representatives of executive, legislative and judicial branches of government have condoned the burgeoning presence of illegal immigrants, constituting a permanent, nonvoting class of low-level workers, which, we might add, is self-replenishing and exists in a state of  servitude albeit voluntary.
    While these circumstances are unlikely to result in civil conflict, they are likely to have similarly persisting ill effects and are not consistent with our founding principles.

  45. BernieS says:

    What the hel_ is wrong with our govt. these illegals can’t read so how are they to read the street signs or the signs on all the interstates, and GODFORBID they cause an accident they aren’t forced in having insurance like us so who  pays the hospital bills? or do they just run off to MEXICO and forget all about it. That makes sense as far as our govt is concerned. I quess we AMERICANS just get the shaft once again, just like FOOD STAMPS, HEALTHCARE and HOUSING, great life here right all you illegals? When are we going to WAKE UP and start taking care of our own people?

    • drsg says:

      @BernieS We the People have no rights….only obimbo’s ilegals and low life freeloaders.  And we pay and pay and pay! 
      This how the corruption in DC keeps getting elected  The gimmies will turn out to vote, steal, lie, forge and do anything to keep the check coming.  Most of them haven’t a clue where the money comes from.  We The People will and do pay for all the fraud freebies for the gimmies with free phones, housing, school lunches, clothes, school supplies, abortions, birth control pills, condoms,  health care, child care, food stamps, cars, spinning wheels, fingernails with cheap designs, big screens, internet, computers, electric/water/gas bills, eating out, food stamps, and every last thing this bunch of free loaders desire.  What have I left out?  We pay for them to multiply like flies.
      I wonder how many other countries would put up with this crap?
      What if we all refused to pay our taxes or even file a tax return???????

      • BernieS says:

         All these freebies or stuff you mention are correct but to the GIMMEE PEOPLE these things are owed to them so when the money runs out in Washington will we be another GREECE,SPAIN or FRANCE.

    • Whackajig says:

       Sorry Bernie, we do not need the government to take care of anyone.  We need people who have the willingness to take care of themselves.  Our founding fathers would cringe if they knew how many people like you wanted the government to take care of them.

  46. jude83268949 says:

    that is the obama plan so he can be on the 2016 ballot ether s a candidate or write in
    american is under attack from within

    • BernieS says:

       It’s already in the works and approved that obummer will be prez til 2020 and maybe beyond just like they do in the middle east- til death or removed like Bin Laden and etc.

  47. Ott says:

    How can a UFO get a DL ?

  48. JK says:


  49. KarenWI says:

    ARGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!   This country makes me ANGRY.  It is becoming more and more NOT my country.

  50. BillWasylenko says:

    You can’t even get insurance without a license. At least this way , they can. Make the license conditional on getting insurance or getting deported if they get caught driving without it. No if’s, ands ,or buts. To do it without those conditions is folly for sure. lets hope that Licensing them registers them as illegals. Who knows maybe they will flee the states that requires licenses and go to states that don’t..   I agree, we are headed for a civil war.

    • BernieS says:

       If the truck drivers of Mexico don’t require insurance here in the USA then why would a regular DL driver require insurance. obummer and the progressive socialists promised all this STUFF to them for their VOTES, which they got now it’s payback time. This is only the begining they are also going to get assistance for food stamps, housing and healthcare, nice isn’t it especially when we have elderly and poor people that REALLY NEED this and they are told they don’t qualify. This idiot obummer is really sticking it to us.

    • William Wallace says:

      @BillWasylenko You really think that’s going to happen… like they are going to actually require anything more of the illegals?  Yeah right… you’re lucky that they don’t give out a welfare check along with every license issued to illegals.

  51. Mark Darrin Kemp says:

    It irritates me how easily people stereotype groups of people such as Muslim, Jewish and Mormon (and yes, the latter IS a Christian church).  There is no such thing as fringe Mormons.  Mormons, official members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are not allowed to practice polygamy, and if they do they are excommunicated.  If they are not yet members and want to join and have lived a polygamist lifestyle before, they have to get special permission from the highest authority in the church. 
    FYI: If this country legalized plural marriage, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wouldn’t suddenly allow it even though such is the viewpoint of many Americans.  They don’t work that way. 
    I recommend people investigating their own beliefs.  We might say society is going to heck in a hand basket, especially regarding sexual deviance from Judeo-Christian beliefs, but does your religion officially justify you forcing your beliefs on others?  I’ve been as steeped in Christian theology and history as much as or more so than typical Christian clergy and I can assure you that Christian theology never justified forcing Christian beliefs on others.  Even Moses observed caveats because free agency was more important. Judgment is God’s job, not ours.
    Polygamy sounds bad, but the difference between that and what I’ve personally witnessed in the lifestyles of some of the same Christians denouncing polygamy, is the former is a legal union; the latter is just, well, having fun.  Maybe they denounce plural marriage because their fun wouldn’t be as naughty and thus as exciting.  Also, it seems divorce has become practically another Christian sacrament.  It would seem many Christians should remove the beam in their own eye before point their finger at the sliver in another’s eye.
    During the early days of the original Christian church plural marriage was common as has been since at least Abraham.  Many Eastern Christians still practice plural marriage.  Paul admonished bishops (then local clergy) to have only one wife because the job was demanding and impoverished and having more than one wife would be more than most could support emotionally or temporally.  Moreover, for many of you Lutherans, did you know that Luther sanctioned plural marriage in lieu of divorce on at least two occasions a decade apart (because he said divorce was prohibited by God)?  Bet you didn’t learn that in Sunday school.
    Marriage originated from religion or theocracy.  So what business does a secular democracy have with marriage?  This country should have changed the name from marriage to civil union so citizens are free to determine who their family is, and get out of the business of pushing Judeo-Christian beliefs on Americans.  And I’m not just talking about sexual partners.  Friends who have no family and only each other have long wanted to legally call each other family with all the rights and privileges of such.

    • Whackajig says:

      Pssst…….. hey Mark you wondered about stereotypes.  Well, let me inform you that when a large majority of a group all exibit the same or similar traits, we form a general impression and that is a stereotype.  Stereotypes are not made up, they are formed from observations, such as the mexicans steal and the blacks are lazy.

  52. JK says:

    Your kidding yourself, Bill W.  They are on the take with cell phones, paid time, free housing, welfare, food stamps, and the list goes on.  now. a Drivers License so that we then have to pay for their insurance too.  PLEASE.  I’m tired of the non-english speaking people that take advantage of the USA and the tax payer.  They are disgusting to say the least.  I have become totally prejudice after having lived in CA and have to put up with all the illegals  They are nothing more than SQUATTERS  that expect the government to pay for their low-life lifestyle and mental deficiency of working for what they get,  all they do is put their hands out and the DEMORATS fill them.

    • Doug Rodrigues says:

      I expect the Neo-Communist Party to do evil deeds like this, but I also blame the stupid worthless RNC for not doing anything about it!

  53. JK says:


  54. Diane Vanderson says:

    I suspect people have long forgotten that our former governor George Ryan was sent to prison for selling licenses to illegals. as. A Result a family of kids was killed after being struck on the highway by one of these illegals who probably couldn’t read or understand traffic signs. Another example of corruption gone wild here in Illinois. Rahm is this close to being a Mafia goon

    • d rash says:

      @Diane Vanderson  EVERYONE who is involved in an auto AX with one of these illegals, should ALSO sue the state of Illinois, for creating such a dangerous situation of putting hundreds of thousands of drivers on the roads that can neither read nor understand traffic signs, in English.  And the best part is, that Illinois would be forced to defend each and everyone of these lawsuits or pay up?  Bury these commies in paper!  Or, as an alternative EVERYONE COULD JUST GO OUT AND SHOOT EVERY ILLEGAL THEY SEE!

  55. dobro 28 says:

    I hope they don’t make the poor dears take a test!! That would be stressful for them.

    • BernieS says:

      @dobro 28
       It won’t be stresstul for them for the test will all be fixed so they completely pass everything., this is how bad this country is becoming. I’m sure all the Vets and serving servicemen/women are all at wits end as to what’s happening. Time for us to take a stand and denounce this govt.

  56. JK says:

    Diane,  why don’t the peopleof IL stand up and fight . Start a petition – write  to the Mayor and voice your opinion. Vote the goon out.. Voices of the public,  & law abiding, citizen needs to be heard.  Write your newspapers, insurance companies, shout out loud your displeasure to all avenues. I am sure there are millions of people in IL that feel the same way..  If I lived in IL I would be doing that very thing.  CA is just as bad, we are overrun with illegals. I find them dispicable

  57. PghVince says:

    Get rid of the illegals, problem solved, they have NO rights here, PERIOD!!

  58. JK says:

    Pgh Vince,  where do you live, I want to move there if illegals have no rights there.

  59. davie50 says:


  60. davie50 says:


    • Olly says:

       Did you ever see the documents to become a citizen, it very clearly states that you have to know English to become a citizen, only exception(over 65).  This government is and has been currupt since war War 2.  Also Dual Citizenship is also not allowed with in the same documents, you have to renounce citzenship in other country, I read this in on the documents when I became a citizen in 1990, has it changed?

  61. DAY8293A says:


    • Doug Rodrigues says:

      This treason has been going on for many decades since before WW-II.  It’s generational with what some people call the Red Diaper Babies .  “Progressives” (read: Communists) have been around since the 1920’s functioning in the shadows.  They became more open when the American Communist Party became focused upon by then Senator Joe McCarthy.  The left-wing “News” Media vilified McCarthy and did a hatchet job on him to make him look like a crazy person, however, McCarthy was 100% correct in his assumptions that Communists were everywhere in Government, academia, and Hollywood.  That proof came after the fall of Communism in Russia when stored documentation in Russia was released to the public.  Interesting that the present day “Progreasives” still consider McCarthy a bit of a loon, even after the proof of his accusations proved to be true?  Perhaps so-called “Liberals” ARE mentally sick to not accept what has already been proven true?

  62. davie50 says:


  63. jerry75401 says:

    The best thing for LEGAL citizens to do is to start culling out the politicians that are making these idiot laws.

  64. laundryman01 says:

    I think that this is a golden opportunity for the illegals to have their own state.I think that they should all be made to move to Illinois and then that state can totally support them.We can call it Welfarenois.It has a sort of ring to it.Then Rahm and his buddy can see just how good this works-stupidity in action.

    • above the law says:

       It doesn’t really matter,voter fraud got him in and it will keep him in,besides any thing obummer wants he just writes an executive order for anyway,hell if that don’t work he has set up an eo to make it quicker to declare marshall law! folks slavery is back in America! The blacks haven’t figured this out yet ,but I’m sure BO isn’t pejudice in the least,white or black he’ll enslave them all! see the link pass it on before its too late …

      • laundryman01 says:

        @above the law On that I could not agree more.

      • Olly says:

        @above the law  @laundryman01
         EO2012 There is no need for elections, we will just instruct the election commissions to report the results we want.  99.9% to .01% is not statistically possible and everyone knows it, I lived in Cahogia County, you can not tell me that only one or two people in each precinct voted for the opposition, but you can tell me that the union as conducting he election.

  65. d rash says:

    I don’t have a problem with illegals having a drivers license as long as it stated plainly on the licensw “For the prupose of operating a motor vehicle only, not as an ID for voting purpose”, AND WAS A DIFFERENT COLOR SO THERE CAN BE NO INADVERTANT ERROR”!  Also, will they be simply given a license, or will they be required to pass a written test as well as a driving test?  If not, EVERYONE involved in a auto ax with an illegal alien needs to sue the state of Illinois for creating an unsafe situation of putting irresponsible drivers on the states roadways.  Also, traffic signs are in English, so the illegals should pass a written test ,IN ENGLISH ONLY ON THE TEST!  Lastly, Rahm Emmanuel, you are a frikkin idiot for endorsing this folly!

    • Whackajig says:

      @d rash
       Why give law breakers anything except a deportation notice?  Show me how the filthy, nasty, thieving, little brown monkey people have improved our nation.

    • Olly says:

      @d rash
       You apparently do not understand that you can not sue a government unless they agree to be sued, they are exempt..

      • MikeYoung says:

        @Olly  @d rash Your statement is not entirely correct, a Government entity any Government entity can be sued if it is stated on the lawsuit title that the Government entity is listed as a Corporation. The word Corporation must be in the title of the lawsuit or as you say the Government can’t be sued. Once the Government entity is classified as a Corporation in the lawsuit then the suit can go forward and no Judge would legally be able to throw the case out.

  66. storkysr says:

    The most outrageous thing I have heard of since the election results. The stupidity of today’s Americans is endless!

  67. Joe lettieri says:

    Things that used to make sense,no longer make sense in this new world …………..its hard to believe………nobody cares,even the people who are supposed to care ..dont……….people who are paid and are elected wont take responsibility for anything……….I dont get it !!!!!!!!

  68. davie50 says:


  69. JARNKM says:

    What would you say if I told you that a state was gearing up to provide driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants? You would probably shake your head in a cartoon-like way, then say, “Yeah, right.”
    Well, get ready to say “yeah, right,” because Illinois state officials are set to announce a proposal that would provide all of-age illegal immigrants with driver’s licenses.
    And lest you think I’m crazy, this is what Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel had to say:
    “I strongly support state legislation that will allow every Chicagoan, regardless of legal status, to enjoy the rights and responsibilities that come with a driver’s license.”
    Interestingly enough, Illinois is not the first state to propose this kind of arrangement. Illinois is the third state to allow illegal immigrants to obtain licenses. It follows in the footsteps of Washington and New Mexico. But really, what’s all the hubbub? Why is it such a big deal for illegal immigrants to have driver’s licenses? Let’s break it down.
    1. Most states–the 30 that require it–have some sort of voter identification law on the books. If illegal immigrants are granted licenses, those ID laws would be rendered moot.  That means that non-citizens would have a say in our elections.
    2. Allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses is an open invitation to those from other countries who would like to come here illegally.
    3. This is rewarding law-breakers. Plain and simple. Entering a country without going through the proper channels is a crime. And it is being talked about as if it isn’t.
    So, what is to be gained by doing this? In a sensible sense: nothing. But in a strategic sense: everything. A large percentage of illegal immigrants are on the government dole. The Left knows this, and they also know that those who are receiving free stuff will tend to vote for a politician who will continue to give them free stuff. If more states allow illegal immigrants to obtain licenses, our electorate could shift permanently, and our decline will be precipitous.

    • BernieS says:

       Our decline is already in motion, thanks to obummer and all the progressive socialists and the media. I read somewhere on the internet that they have FEMA camps in the northeast for the people that have lost their houses, these camps have fences surrounding them to keep them in and other people out, now if this is true the worst if yet to come.

      • JARNKM says:

        @BernieS  Sad to say, but our decline has long been in motion. FDR, along with Hitler, say the need for the policies that Chancellor Bismarck imposed upon the German people in the late 1800s. They were led to give up their safety and self dependence by believing that it was best for the ‘State’ to control that. Hitler took it and ran with it! FDR began the program which resulted in Medicare. I have it and if I didn’t, I ‘couldn’t buy the meds I need. However, if it was never there, I’m sure that I’d have made previous plans.To overthrow a nation, especially our size, it takes decades of planning, total media control(censorship, which we’ve had for some time) and a constant distraction from what is really happening. We were fighting Communism/Socialism all over the globe, with the fraudulent idea that we were protecting America and ourselves. Most of that time, cells entered the country and before “We the People” knew it, Socialist and NAZI Parties were allowed to form, right under our noses. Things really started getting bad when they started out-sourcesing our Steel Industries, etc. From there, it has gotten worse. I strongly suggest you google the FEMA CAMPS, they modified most, if not all, of the previously closed military bases to “house prisoners”. Also Google” FEMA Corps. Recently formed, 231 youth, 18-24 just graduated the 1st class and they expect 10 thousand to serve as a ‘Standing Army’ for Disaster Relief(sic!). Gov. agencies have been purchasing billions of rounds of ammunition with matching weapons and over 2,000 armored vehicles have been purchased for “Population Control”!! Not heard on the News!! When was this ever needed for ‘Disaster Control”??

  70. JARNKM says:

    So, what is to be gained by doing this? In a sensible sense: nothing. But in a strategic sense: everything. A large percentage of illegal immigrants are on the government dole. The Left knows this, and they also know that those who are receiving free stuff will tend to vote for a politician who will continue to give them free stuff. If more states allow illegal immigrants to obtain licenses, our electorate could shift permanently, and our decline will be precipitous.

  71. al pambuena says:

    why not just hand them a check for about 60,000 dollars, a free house, and a car too…that way we can insure that they become permanent democrat voters. then when the 60 thou runs out in a month, the house falls apart, and the car breaks down…they will all come begging at rons front door for more freebies, but just make sure you keep feeding them the kool aid.

  72. davie50 says:


  73. Tired says:

    Well since we can’t vote them out, I say have open season on all unsavory politicians. If we took a few out of office, maybe the rest would get the hint.

    • Whackajig says:

       Exactly how many corrupt politicians have you shot lately?  When will you start, or are you just another “mouth”?

  74. sandram says:

    Our Country is in alot of trouble. And this time it is from within. I don’t know if it can be stopped at this point or saved. It is going to take at least 6months+ for the People to see what Obama is really doing. 65% of the people that voted for Obama couldn’t even tell you what the issues of the country are. Right now so many of them are just enjoying the ride. but soon, they will be under the bus with everyone else. I do know that when they lose a loved one because of Obamacare, that might get them thinking, but by the time they get what he is doing, it will most likely be too late.

    • StantonLore says:

      I fear we have already passed the tipping point, @sandram. Your remarks mirror my own thoughts. A civil war is brewing and Obama will hopefully be an early casualty. All the people who voted for Obama and knew of his past associations and anti capitalism beliefs, following the herd, will be to blame for putting him in office. Fricken imbeciles.

      • Tired says:

        I feel you’re right, Obama and his cronies just think they have to much power. USA will become another Egypt, with President wanting absolute power.

    • BrianConway__NY says:

       I spoke to several college kids who were encouraged by their teachers to vote for Obama. They thought IObamacare was to be free. (to them, not us) Well, duh……Little faces drop!

  75. ppanther says:

    Well, unless the GOP grows a spine and does something about this renegade, rogue usurper, the USA and our freedoms will be lost entirely. This just opens the door to everyone, giving them a “license to steal” which they already take at any opportunity, but this would give foreigners total access to take over our government without firing a shot! How more blatant can you get? They weren’t happy with just their vote stealing in Ohio and Colorado and anyplace else they did so. No, they now want to eliminate the  challenge of Voter ID altogether! This constitutes a takeover of our government! It is taking control out of the hands of her citizens and placing it into the hands of vile, evil men with destruction on their minds. We have already witnessed almost four years of limited destruction. If this fraudulent election is allowed to stand as is, we have just been taken over, without a shot being fired!

  76. WolfmanThomas says:

    Changing America, America now has more new legal and illegal immigrants that changed the demographics of America who voted for King Obama and his social justice agenda. Now it is not what you can do for your country, now it is what my country can do for me. King Obamas Big Government Control will now destroy America, the republican party, replace the Supreme Court with liberals and lesbians and anything else that stands in his way to change America. I am sure glad I am not the only one that feels this way about King Obama and his plans for a new America. I just hope to God I am not around to see it.

  77. Just asking says:

    Let’s get to the point.  Pres. Obama supports Egypt’s new government.  They got there by a “narrow vcitory” of 52%.  This after a military revolution, which Pres. Obam supported.  If that method of attaining power is OK by Pres. Obama for Egypt, why ot everywhere?  Or is he prejudiced, or is it racists?  Should we call ourselves the “Muslim Brotherhood v2” to gain acceptance?
    Just asking, as it makes complete sense, and we know Pres, Obama does everything which is logical.

  78. davie50 says:


  79. Whackajig says:

    The takers already outnumber the givers and it will only get worse.
    I grieve for what America once was.

    • Doug Rodrigues says:

      I have a bumper sticker on the tailgate of my pickup truck,  It says, “Socialism is great, until you run out of the other guy’s money.”   The other bumper sticker says, “You stook in like to voter for Obama, now you can stand in line for food stamps.”

    • Doug Rodrigues says:

      I have two bumper stickers on the top of the tailgate of my pickup truck. They say, “Socialism is great…until you run out of the other guy’s money,” and “You stood in line to vote for Obama, now you can stand in like for food stamps.”

    • Lerojist says:

      @Whackajig   God warned us there will be those that want to steal what we have, steal our blessings.

  80. CoachDB18 says:

    @jimaw63 Here’s hoping Obama gets run over by a newly licensed illegal alien behind the wheel of a multi co-signed Hummer doing 90!

  81. davie50 says:

    I had to cap them for nerds like you with name called whack

  82. pkeyrich says:

    Illinois To Give Driver’s Licenses To Non-citizens, really?!!

  83. collegeB says:

    What is wrong with the heads of these people in charge?  They have no rights.  I know of those who have come here and worked hard, spent the money required, did the work and what about those rights?  I think we should export our illustrious leaders.

  84. pkeyrich says:

    It’s not just Mexicans or Latinos who are the problem. We have illegals here from Muslim nations, communist nations, and some from Europe. China and the Middle East are showing increased numbers.

  85. CarolineMast says:

    they can’t read or understand our rules, laws  etc and they give them drivers licenses.  Sooooo, when they kill someone..they just get deported and the poor person that is killed and his family get nothing….wow, what justice..

    • superpupxx says:

      @CarolineMast So what do the police do when they have to read them their miranda (SP?) rights after having a fatal accident  “Sign Language”?  Seems I had to go to school, learn english, take a written test (in english) to drive, pass an on-the-road-test before I got a license.  Can I just walk in, speak some english and ask for a license?  They should have to prove citizenship, have an immigration card or something to start the process……

    • William Wallace says:

      @CarolineMast They don’t even get deported.  They don’t go to court, we can’t find them in the system because they aren’t in the system, then they find another name, and go on living here, and when we finally bust them for something else after finding about 4 aliases in the system from fingerprints, after countless lives have been ruined by their ID theft, fraud, larceny, etc., maybe, just maybe we can deport them after we spend tens of thousands of dollars in immigration courts to prove we have a right to deport them.

      • CarolineMast says:

        @CarolineMast I sure hope that the gun control bill is not passed…we must not allow that….we need to take care of ourselves it seems.

        • davie50 says:


        • RalphZ says:

          @CarolineMast The only gun control I was taught was to put the bullet on target with iron sites at 300 yards.  Scopes were thought to be for wuses if it was below 500 yards.  This is the only gun control I believe in and will obey.

  86. crash357 says:

    Someone need to REVOKE Rom’s Driving Privileges FOREVER. Who does this JERK Think he is? Ill people, if you allow this Creep to do this, Your Lives will forever be Changed for the Worse. This Plan almost Drove Florida into a Recession. Better Stop Him NOW while you can. Throw the BUM Out on his Can.

  87. sandman4X4 says:

    There is one good thing about this crazy law, and that is at least we will nkow who is here, and whether or not the are legal, and then we will have them on a list for when things turn around (hopefully), and we will know who to go and talk too. That and the fact that they go out and drive anyway, and are killing and maiming Americans, at least with a license, maybe the smalll % of them will actualy go out and get insurance also (hopefully), that is the hope in the hope&change.

    • Olly says:

       Does not matter, I was hit by an illegal who then tried to flee.  He spoke English to me but could not get away before the police arrived. He refused to speak English, had no license or insurance and would not give his address.  We had to wait for an intrepter and he still refused.  THe police cuffed him and put him in jail.  Now I had to go to court, and when I arrive and have to go thru proceeding, Mr Illegal never shows up.  I inquired, why as he is in jail?  Judge and police state, we only keep them overnight as the Federal Government will not pay and will not enforce immigration law, so we have to release.  If I did not show up, I would have been put in jail.  I have to pay for damage to my vehicle by an uninsured illegal driver.  Do you think these illegals do not know how to play the law, their own government tells them what to do as they are dependant on the funds being sent home.
      We need to tax remittances being sent overseas by illegals.  All you have to do is collect from Westen Union, Walmart, and other places that they use to send funds.

      • sandman4X4 says:

             I know I know, it is crazy! and there is no easy answer, except our gov. is failing us! and I think the only answer is for total resiprocity from one country to another, what ever their home country does to us in the same incedent, is what we need to do, and let them know it! from the moment before they step on the boat, plain or train they nedd to know what will happen to them. Can you imagine what would happen to any one of us, if we did this in ANY other country! In Mexico is is a jailable offence to dive without insurance, THERE insurance, as yours does not cover you there! It is just out of control what our gov. has and is doing in favor of the fact they are counting on their votes! In Mexico no one can buy property there with out having a Mexican national on your deed! and NO ONE that is NOT a national can buy ocean front property there!

        • Doug Rodrigues says:

          The Government isn’t failing us.  The Government has frailed us!   In almost everything the Government gets involved in, the bureaucrats don’t have the intelligence to do it properly.  If Big Government was a private business, they would have gone out of business decades ago!

        • davie50 says:

          @Doug Rodrigues you got that right

        • Docmo says:

          @sandman4X4  @Olly
          Sandman 4X4. Please note that this is not aimed at your post, It is relatively simple. Illegal entry into the country is a crime. Arrest them and charge them as invaders and sentence them to do road work, manually, and under guard, as was done in prisons in the 30s and 40s.
          Their dress should be vertically striped uniforms in the national color of the countries they are from. The vertical stripes would look more foolish.They should work on the borders of Canada and Mexico and only on federal projects.
          Now, hat styles. For mid and for easterners, they should wear the turban. From the orient. the coolie hats, and from Mexico, Sombreros. Ok, someone will ask, “What about the Europeans?” They can wear the high-hats as in the days of Lincoln.
          Now, that should send the message to all who see them shoveling, etc., along federal highways. The feds should have that honor as it seems the federal supreme court loves criminals so much.
          I know. This seems wrong, but it is not. What happens to people from our county who illegally enter other countries? Mostly, you don’t hear about them.
          Oh, I know, the die-hards will tell us about how we have invaded other countries. It was to keep your silly azz safe, dummy. Remember, if we did, we were resisted. No one gave us a driver’s license. Before you go blasting, I am a United States Veteran and very proud of it. Vietnam, could have been won, were it not for crooked politicians.

  88. Lutie says:

    Ummmm too late illegals already voted in the last election.  Why would anyone be surprised that the most corrupt state in the union whose mayor was a part of the corrupt white house we got in 08 would do anything to insure the illegals will vote for them again.

  89. Olly says:

    The Republican Party is Useless, their eleced officials are to concerned about their own benifits to represent the law abiding tax payer.  I contacted the Washington State Republican party to explain to them that my brother and sister in law who no longer live in Washington State and have had someone voting forthem for six years now.  I know as they live in France and use my SC address as their US address.  I receive their absentee ballots which they have never requested and do no want.  The wife never even registered to vote.
      Now I receive phone calls from Washington State Democrats, Unions, and ACORN.  The Democrates told me when I inquired that it does not matter if my sister in law never registered to vote, she is automatically registerd to vote when she gets a drivers license.  So who is voting absentee ballot for them?  You see if the ballot is not returned or even if it is, someone is still voting for them.  Is there honesty in this world?

  90. JeanneBallard says:

    Insanity is ruling these progressives. We need to get rid of them all OUT of politics. This is how you undermine a country. A country with no boarders will not last. It will be taken over by a group who will have boarders. G-D are some people STUPID

  91. Mickey says:

    LEGAL licenses that make it even easier to have access to everything ILLEGALS should never be entitled to…What a contradiction on terms and how insulting and offensive to those of us that belong here!  You wanna give them a license? Fine.  but to protect our own citizens let’s make darn sure they look nothing like the id our REAL citizens are using, limit them to one year at a time, and require they pay the insurance for that year up front.  At least then we might keep some from voting, getting on the dole, etc. and ensure some people are reimbursed when these non-English speaking idiots cause an accident.  I’m tired of getting the shaft by people that immediately revert no “No speak English” every time they get caught and are released within 24 hrs to go right back and rip us off and harm us even further.   It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here…. You weren’t invited, we’re tired of supporting you, and you’re STILL illegal so go home and whine to your own dang gov’t.  We’ve got plenty of our own people to take care of and they should’ve been the priority all along.  Don’t like it?  Enter the front door LEGALLY instead of sneaking through the back like the thieves in the night you are.

    • William Wallace says:

      The point is, we are making it too easy for people to sneak in here and not have to obey laws nor assimilate in any way.  What incentive would anyone have to obey the laws and wait years and years and pay out big money to get legal citizenship?

    • William Wallace says:

      Like that’s ever gonna happen… make their licenses different would instantly get you called a racist, requiring prepaid insurance makes you a racist, they can always cancel the insurance later and get a refund, and most likely, we the taxpayers have to pay for that insurance anyway because they will qualify for subsidized insurance programs like every other subsidized program.  We can’t even give food stamps like we used to because the recipients complain it made them feel bad to use them.  Huh?  You’re supposed to feel bad using them, there’s no pride in using them.

  92. J Joy says:

    Ok, then let ALL of the illegals move to Illinois and see if Illinois can handle ALL of the illegals and their ‘give me, give me – free stuff ‘ illegals.  Just because you have a driver’s license doesn’t make you legal and I don’t know what Illinois thinks is going to be accomplished with this move.  Will Illinois have the written test in Spanish?  Will the driving test be given by a Spanish speaking person?  Will this make the illegals learn to speak and read English?  Will this make the illegals purchase insurance and will the insurance companies get into trouble for insuring illegals?  Will this make the illegals eligible to vote????  Just don’t understand but I am not surprised that it is Illinois that is doing this.

    • MikeYoung says:

      @J Joy Remember Joy, it is not the people of Illinois that is in favor of doing this it is the Rohm Emanual (Mayor of Chicago) and Quinn (Governor of Illinois) that is in favor of this idea, both Democrats I might add.

  93. pissedoff says:

    What else would you expect from the state that gave us the Great Turban Headed leader to the free Muslim world. Not that he was born there but his political ambitions started there. So why should any of the current leaders of the poor state of Illinois be any different than that.

    • SpecialKinNJ says:

      Illinois also gave us Adlai Stevenson and Everett Dirksen. Sen. Dirksen put his finger on the problem of dealing logically and legally with issues such as those involved in confronting squarely the results of illegal immigration:  “The mind is no match with the heart for persuasion; the Constitution is no match with sympathy”. 
      Something happened along the way from then to today.

  94. DockyWocky says:

    Join the rush to turn the former United states of America into the failed state our illustrious leaders envision.
    It is going to have to come to violence, because these turkeys know no other approach to ruling. “My way or the highway,” just like the good little commie Red Book advises.
    Keep pushing and it will happen.

  95. Randy G says:

    When are people going to realize that ‘Illegal ‘ means ‘INVADERS’!!!!! THESE PERSONS ARE THIEVES! The gov’t. people who want to help them are traitors to the USA>

  96. RalphZ says:

    The people of illinois must want it for they voted these traitors to America into office.  The blame for this should be laid not at the politicians door but at the voters door for voting them in.  They knew what these people stood for and yet they still voted them in.  It’s like I don’t blame Romney for losing the race but I blame the voters who threw away their votes by voting for someone else who did not even have a chance to win and those that voted for Obama.  These have no reason to complain.  I think it would now be prudent to have all states boycott the validity of these driver licenses if any driver wants to get a license in another state unless they prove their citizenship.

    • MikeYoung says:

      @RalphZ No RalphZ, many or most of the people of Illinois are not on board with this scam being perpetrated on Illinois citizens , the problem lies with Chicago itself, Chicago for the most part always votes Democrat, and Chicago itself  always outvotes the rest of the entire State of Insanity called Illinois. Downstate voters don’t even have a voice, and haven’t had a voice in their elections for a very long time. This is what the problem is and since Rohm Emanual is a Democrat, and  Controls  Chicago just like Mayor Daley did of course his is in favor of this idea.

    • Jeff93 says:

      @RalphZ Or the voters who didn’t vote at all like evangelalist because they hate Mormons or Conservatives because they thought Romney was too Moderate! Yea right, lets elect a Marxist, atheist, anti-American, anti-Christian, Pro-Muslim, anti-Capitalism, anti-American History, appoligizing, No-Nothing about Business Clown! They made their bed & now they got to lie in it! 
      Ah, and i’m tired of hearing about brainless thugs in Illinois. Now there’s a state that should secede!

      • RalphZ says:

        @Jeff93 I don’t think Evangelicals hate Mormons or Conservatives.  I do think a lot of them are drinking the poison that un-Biblical preachers are spewing out about not being involved with the Government when it comes to politics.  They emphasize church functions or maybe if they really feel like taking it to the extreme, they might work at improving their neighborhood by cleaning up the place.  They forget that we are called to be the Salt of the earth and that doesn’t mean to be silent or approve of iniquity by their silence.  (Matthew 5:13; 1 Corinthians 13:6 KJB). 
        Disagreeing with people about their religious beliefs or their stand on issues is not hate but if they voted for Obama, I would like for them to prove according to the Bible why.  I’m not an evangelical but I’m a follower of Christ, A Christian (Acts 11:26 KJB)  I’m not a Conservative but I know right from wrong and base my votes on the teachings of God’s Holy Word the Bible.  I could never vote for Obama for he has shown he has no respect or duty to follow the US Constitution or the laws of these here United States.  His wickedness is shown not only by the teachings of the religion he attended but also by his actions to mainline perversion and dishonesty throughout the United States government and community.  Anyone who decided not to vote because Romney was foisted on them must also answer for this and not to man but to God as we all will have to answer individually for their own actions. Whether at the judgment of Christians or the White throne of judgment. (1 Corinthians 3:10-15; 2 Corinthians 5:10; Revelations 20:11-15 KJB) But it is their choice, not mine.

  97. gcubed says:

    Wake up everybody!  Undocumented aliens are already driving cars that they have purchased, registered and somehow got insurance. So, what is the big deal about having them have legal driver’s licenses.  They still aren’t citizens.

    • RalphZ says:

      @gcubed Then why are the authorities being silent and not taking them to jail and enforcing our laws?  It is because the people don’t want them to do that.  To compound a wrong by allowing more wrong to be committed is the sign of an immoral society.  The people have allowed the laxity and the choosing of which laws that will be enforced and others that won’t.  Their silence is deafening and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

    • William Wallace says:

      @gcubed Actually… a lot of the cars aren’t registered… and we tow them regularly when we stop them, also, yeah, none of them have insurance.  Which is another huge ticket.  Because in CA, you can’t register your car without proof of insurance.

      • johnsnare says:

        @William Wallace  @gcubed
         I went thru this crap in New Jersey, when I had an Allstate Insurancy agency. All they do, is put the required deposit down, and recive the I.D. card, and never pay the balance of the policy. I would see the same individual, six months later looking to repeat the process, so what I did, was require the full annual insurance payment.  No more payment plan.

        • davie50 says:

          @johnsnare  @William Wallace  @gcubed that is the way

        • William Wallace says:

          @johnsnare  @gcubed One thing CA did do right is that if your insurance company reports to the DMV that you don’t have coverage on the car, DMV will cancel your registration.  However, it does take a few months so they can get away with it if it is a 6 month cycle for the most part.
          Then again, a lot of cities in CA declared themselves sanctuaries so the police are powerless in those cities to take any action against illegals, can’t even tow their cars for anything that they would have towed for someone who was legal.  It’s true, Baldwin Park police had to release all their impounded cars to illegals after they protested the city for saying they are taking away their cars so they can’t go to work.
          So many things are wrong on so many levels… if you got your car towed, you are operating it illegally somehow, such as no license, no registration over 6 months, DUI, etc.  Then saying you need it for work?  You can’t work legally in America if you are illegal… but no, the city caved in and ordered their cops to not tow any illegal’s cars in the future too, after apologizing to the illegals, yeah… I would quit if I was a cop in that city.

        • davie50 says:

          @William Wallace  @johnsnare  @gcubed  well chicago police are more dishonest than the politicians I am posting this lets see how many hits and if none then its true they are getting paid off by the “osama”

        • CarolineMast says:

          @davie50  @William Wallace  @johnsnare  @gcubed

    • ttowntraveler says:

      @gcubed  Point is, if they have a ‘valid’ driver’s license in most states, they are able to register to vote…then here we go with more and more non-citizens voting and creating another voter-fraud situation that we’ll never get under control.  Even though there are numerous documented cases of voter fraud every election, and prosecutions for it, somehow we don’t seem to realize that it’s a TERRIBLE crime – a crime against all of us!  When you look at the election results from the past 2 presidential elections, and really see HOW our national election was conducted, it is SHAMEFUL.  If this were a 3rd world country, WE would be calling for the U.N. to intervene and nullify it and hold another one with ‘spotters’ – and this time they wouldn’t be BLACK PANTHERS!! Shameful!!!!

    • BernieS says:

       They have the insurance put in someone else’s name same with the registration and for purchasing the car dealers don’t care all they want is the money, insurance well they have it for one month and then they don’t pay so policy is cancelled. The really bad hing about all this shi_ is if and when they are involved in any accident and god forbid it’s serious, they get the slap on the hand and run back to Mexico leaving the other family to pay all bills, this is where the PEOPLE should really raise their voices.

      • RalphZ says:

        @BernieS  @gcubedI always thought using a false identity was a felony.  So selective law enforcement is being done.  I thought that was illegal also but when even the President and the Attorney General selectively enforce the law, in violation of their sworn oaths, and get away with it, then I guess police can do the same thing.

      • gcubed says:

        Hey, thanks for lots of great comments (not sarcasm). I am aware of all the shenanigans regarding illegals driving, registering cars, partial insurance payments, getting stopped, towed, etc.  What I am thinking is that all these people are already driving and paying lots of money to obtain licenses and insurance, albeit illegal or fraudulent.  So somehow(?) would it be possible for states (license and registration fees) and insurance companies to collect all this money legally. This is big bucks for America and Americans.  Could a special license with some type of big Non citizen stamp be issued so they can drive legal and still not be able to register to vote or any other right that an American citizen’s license would entitled them to?  Illegals are working for millions of American families and millions of American businesses; oh yeah, and driving.  As BernieS has pointed out, if you are involved in an accident with a driver with a fraudulent license or uninsured vehicle (yes, god forbid it’s serious) it’s a mess.  In my town, most of these drivers drive so slow as not to get into trouble,  but when they do or just get stopped the vehicle is towed (lots of $) and they get to go to court and if a serious accident get to go to jail. If the police were to try and get every illegal driver in my town off the road, it would take forever.  So, does any one have any ideas other than putting every illegal on a bus back home (which is not going to happen)? Thanks, G

        • BernieS says:

           The people on this site have a lot of good ideas however out govt won’t carry them out for fear of losing their seat in congress or in any house. Then you also have the goodie 2 shoes as well as the ACLU stating that you can’t do certain things to these people, so we have a catch 22. The only way I see anything being done is to have a third party and drop the Electoral College vote and just go by Popular vote. Then maybe things might change for the good, however it’s not a guarantee, just a HOPE.

        • RalphZ says:

          @gcubed I believe that enforcement of our laws, all of them, and not have any not enforced just because someone feels it’s not right or “broken”, would force the illegals to leave.  By not enforcing the laws we are opening up an invitation to come to this country illegally, while the ones who want to come legally are forced to wait longer.  Also if I remember correctly one President just enforced the immigration laws, including the ones about hiring illegals, and he got them to leave of their own volition.  I say make it as hard as possible on illegals and not give them a break.  If you want to come to this country, do it legally or you are nothing but a thief, leach, murderer and without any honor.

        • Jeff93 says:

          @gcubed Yea, I’ve got a good idea!  Put a few squadrons of Apache Attack Helicopters along the southern border permanitally!  That’ll keep them out of the US, or else!  I should run for President!  And i’m not a Commie like Odumma!

    • Doug Rodrigues says:

      What’s wrong is that with a driver license, it allows them to register to vote!

      • William Wallace says:

        @Doug Rodrigues They already do anyway, but  yeah, let’s not legitimize it.

      • Randy G says:

        @Doug Rodrigues That’s the problemThose invaders do not have that right. They are stealing it like everything else.

  98. davie50 says:


  99. AFMomXs2 says:

    Gotta be able to continue the voter faud somehow !!

  100. MikeYoung says:

    Your correct in your analogy of this Insanity being put forth by our Great Legislatures and so-called “Elected Officials”, Sarcasm intended, but my objection to this is twofold. First of all, this is another ploy to bring in millions of dollars to the State coffers by people that should not be here to begin with and the State Officials are violating federal Immigration Laws by allowing Illegal Aliens to even be here and assisting them top gain their Lawful I.D.’s .
    Each Drivers license sold by the State of Insanity called Illinois has a costs related to it of about $20.00, therefore if millions of new drivers license applications are processed, that is potentially $20,000,000.00 or more dollars that is being given to the State that the State has not earned. Aside from your reasons why Illegal Aliens should not be sold drivers licenses,and I do agree with your argument,  I disagree with the whole premise of having to purchase a product that is sold exclusively by the State (Drivers Licenses, Vehicles Registrations, License Plates,  Hunting Licenses,Gun Registrations  Fishing Licenses Business Licenses, and all of the accompanying Fees associated with these Licenses and Registrations that are offered exclusively by the State. to begin with.
    We as free citizens are already granted by our God to have Natural Rights (not man made Rights that can be given or taken away), among these Natural Rights are the Right to Travel Freely, Hunt, Trap, and or Fish, or Operate a Business to feed our selves and our families, what Right does the State or any other Government entity have to Charge the citizens a fee for something that is already our Right to do ?
    Many people have become so accustomed to paying for a Drivers License without thinking about it being their Right to do already that they don’t even bother to think about what they are doing, they are Aiding and Abetting the State in carrying out a Scam that is being perpetrated on to the citizens and (Travelers) by these people purchasing a Drivers License on a daily basis.
    Most people who Purchase the State offered Product, a Drivers License, do not use the roadways for Commercial Gain or profit which is what an actual driver is, a person who uses the roadways for gain or profit Commercially, if you do not fit into this classification  of people such as Truck Drivers, Taxi Drivers, Bus Drivers, ect…you should not have to Purchase a State Sanctioned product called Drivers License as it is infringing upon your free Right to Travel freely  without costs.

  101. boxermutts says:

    How the hell does one even comment on such a travesty?, VALID diver licenses to ILLEGAL aliens?, am I dreaming ?  I think that this latest proposal issued by the RULERS of America go much deeper than simply drivers licenses for illegals in one State. I think that the RULERS now have the power to do almost anything they want without fear of retaliation !  I think that they have OPENLY stolen yet another election utilizing voter fraud, a biased main stream media,  buying off or intimidating their political opposition and paying off millions of Americans by utilization of the welfare system.  I think that the hard working, tax paying, LEGAL American citizen is no longer the faction of Americans who the RULERS care about…..we oppose them.  I think that the RULERS have undoubtedly already gained the some power but over the next four years by promising drivers licenses or increased entitlements or ‘what ever’ the RULERS will have won the voting majority and absolute power. Therefore, ironically, the RULERS have won by utilizing the resources (taxes) of us hard working, law abiding fools.
    God have mercy on us COMRADES !

  102. foxmuldar says:

    And 99% of them once they get a license won’t bother to acquire insurance. And since Voter ID is becoming more an issue, giving these leaches licenses also gives them an ID so they won’t have to sneek in the back door to vote. Heck why not give them all a Chevy volt. Isn’t Socialism wonderful.

    • BenjiMac48 says:

      @foxmuldar I don’t understand the statements about driver’s license meeting the requirement for a voter ID. It’s not just any ID that is required – it is the ID of a registered and legal voter. So unless Illinois is registering illegal aliens to vote, they cannot vote, at least not using any valid ID identifying themselves.
      If Illinois is registering illegal aliens as voters, that would be a problem, regardless of any ID law.
      However, illegal aliens should not receive any kind of government documents except official export papers. If the government knows they are here illegally, they should be deported immediately and no other action is acceptable.

      • BernieS says:

        @BenjiMac48  @foxmuldar
         Sure the illegals can vote they have been doing it for awhile the only thing it wasn’t brought to anyones attention until now. This election was going to be a definate win for obummer for he has a full plate and wants this country to be just like the people in the middle east.  The Chicago machine and the czar’s all worked for him as well as the media, so if you want to petition getting rid of him then go to “petition2congress” and on page 5 you be able to sign free of charge and then you might want to pass it on to everyone you know and then some.

        • davie50 says:

          @BernieS  @BenjiMac48  @foxmuldar like I said before my the voters  pamphlet all “ENGLISH” and lets see what the aclu have to say it is to protect  the ” bill of rights ” of the “Americans” who speak how native language

        • davie50 says:


        • BernieS says:

          @davie50  @BenjiMac48  @foxmuldar
           Youn can put it on the ballot and see where it goes from there, don’t hold your breath for we need as many people to back up this situation. Did by chance you go to “petition2congress” and look at page 5?  It’s a very interesting article and maybe might change a lot of things if it could happen.

  103. RobertLCraft says:

    whith quinn and emanuel running the show it is no wonder they are giving illegals driver license.they are so crooked  they cant go around a corner.and believe me they are not for the people just as is with most politicians.

    • Lerojist says:

      The parasites are living off the host…
      We must make public officials accountable.  We are experiencing a COUP D’etat…quietly as to not disturb the citizens.  The citizens are thrown diversions.
      STOP legal and illegal immigration from countries we have nothing in common.
      The object of the enemy within is destroy this Judeo/Christian nation…to overwhelm us to multiculturalism, to indebt us, cause confusion.  Satan is the god of confusion.

  104. remesquaddie says:

    We are a country of NO LAWS anymore.
    Just do what you please…

    • BernieS says:

       We the working class of people and people with minds can’t do this, only the Illegals, the GIMMEE PEOPLE GROUP and any foreigner can get away with this shi_.

    • davie50 says:


    • Randy G says:

      @remesquaddie That only applies to the illegal invaders. Those born in the USA,live here all their lives, & want to work to earn a place to live are stuck giving ‘freebies’ to thieves!!!

  105. jhngoodell says:

    They should be putting these criminals in jail, not giving them unconstitutional stuff.

  106. CarolineMast says:

    you are 100% correct…just keep that opinion….

  107. JK says:

    They shoud send them back from where they ame from. Jail cost us tax-payers to house their @zz in jail.

  108. Oregon Ann says:

    The idiots in Illinois are probably nursing the delusion that at least the illegal aliens will be safer on the road with licenses because they’ll have insurance. But in Oregon their insurance compliance was only 26%, and drug dealers and foreign thugs from all over the world came here to get their de facto “business license.” That’s why we finally got rid of drivers licenses for illegal aliens. You’re going to get what you have coming to you, Illinois.

    • Richnjsouth says:

      @Oregon Ann correct……it’s a nonsense ploy “safety” to give illegals a license……just another back door open to let them incrementally come to the US, and establish themselves ILLEGALLY. We all know a drivers license is a major form of ID……so then the illegals appear correct.  Any state or politician pushing or enacting this should be arrested.

      • William Wallace says:

        @Richnjsouth  @Oregon Ann Yep, with a DL, you can go on to get other things like a credit card or bank account or anything else that can get you a second form of ID and that is about it for most institutions, if you can provide two forms of ID.

  109. Doug Rodrigues says:

    The Neo-Communists don’t care about the country.  All they care about are more voters for the Socialist DNC.

  110. WilliamMalcomson says:

    None of your three reasons against Illinois’ law makes any sense.  Your strategy for combating illegal immigration seems to be to make it so uncomfortable for the immigrants that they’ll go back to their countries.  But if you prevent them from driving legally you’re forcing them to drive illegally and that is bound to have an adverse effect on their standard of driving and exacerbate hit-and-run crimes.  “Then don’t drive”, say you, but they will drive anyway and whatever your feelings on the issue, you’ll be cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    • Newsel says:

      William, from just a legal perspective, how do you issue a DL to someone, if illegal, who should be arrested and deported? Your argument is a straw man argument and makes zero sense.
      “Two wrongs do not make a right”.

      • gnafuasusual says:

        @Newsel  @WilliamMalcomson
         If illegals have been issued a ‘green card’ by the president’s order, they can stay in this country x months and do agricultural jobs that some Americans refuse to do. With that green card, can they not learn how to drive with driver’s permit, take the exam, and receive drivers license? I’m not sure because  all the details left out in the article.  I would think that is how it would have to work. An illegal can’t just walk into a license bureau and say, “my name Homani Gomez, give me a driver’s license.”

        • ppanther says:

          @gnafuasusual  @Newsel  @WilliamMalcomson Unfortunately, the “Presidents Order” is unconstitutional and illegal as heck. The Executive order is only to enforce something Congress has already voted on and approved. So please don’t go with the flow on the “executive order bandwagon! This has been more power that has been USURPED and the offender is the ILLEGAL in the WH ! Why shouldn’t he “approve illegals” not even wanting to call them ‘illegals’? He is one himself! Go figure and stop swallowing the kool-aide!

      • Newsel says:

         William, that is what is being proposed….plus, as an aside, swelling the electorate roles….take a look at the exit polls to see where this is heading. How many unemployed and how many illegals…no need to be a rocket scientist to work this one out…

    • Docmo says:

       William, really? How intelligent. What you are saying is that we are actually spending, or rather, wasting a lot of money in trying to keep terrorists from illegally entering the U S. Brilliant. Please go and tell Homeland Security to stop wasting my, no, yours and my money. You may not know it, but people have entered the country, illegally, carrying weapons, illegal explosives, and that doesn’t bother you. Well, no sense in arguing with you, as I don’t believe in arguing. I’ve given my part and of course realize that this country will never go to that, because it would solve the problem.
      On the suggestion about about Homeland Security’s wasting money in trying to stop people entering the country illegal? I agree with you, beause they aren’t doing any good, when they search old American Citizens and children-citizens, all the while not profiling the people who have been known to commit terrorists acts against us. It is quite funny, the U S  can’t go to extremes to protect itself, but all other countries can protect their borders. Suggest you read the Constitution of Mexico to see if the you would feel the same, were the idea of illegal border crossing were reversed.
      The U S is over regulated in matters of fisheries, environment, farming, etc, and all the while other countries don’t have to obey these rules, and they sell to us, what our own people are not allowed to produce.
      Of course idiots like me should do as you do, just let the hide go with the hair, until the day comes when your children and their decendants are chased out of their own country. Yes, just as we did to the Native American, in essence. They weren’t chased out; just chased to places we didn’t want.  I have lived in foreign countries, and none compare to the U S. But with time, and it is short, we will be like them, or rather they will be like themselves because they will have done away with us, in time.
      And of course William, I apologize to you, because I should not challenge people who just wasnt to roll like they roll.; I won’t post on this subject  further, becuase it is apparent that I proudly served  my time, and of course I should not have the right of free expression, without someone telling me that I am wrong. It’s like opinions, and other things. Everyone has one, or more in some cases. May you have a good day.

    • William Wallace says:

      @WilliamMalcomson How do other countries deal with the illegal immigration problem?  Simple, they deport them or they just do whatever they want in their jails to the ones they catch, if you even hear about it.  What do you want us to do?  Coddle them and give them everything?  Yeah, nothing giving rewards and incentives to stop someone’s behavior.

    • RalphZ says:

      @WilliamMalcomson Two wrongs don’t make a right.  Just because they will be driving illegally, still does not make it right to give them the legal right to drive on our roads.  What should be done is that their cars should be confiscated and they should be turned in for deportation.  If the law, including the federal, police refuse to enforce what we have now, then how can we expect them to enforce any law?  By not enforcing the law, they in actuality break their own oaths of office.  That includes Obama and the Attorney General.  That means they should be brought up on charges but our Congress is too full of law breakers, that they refuse to bring up one of their own.

    • gypsy314 says:

      @WilliamMalcomson I guess laws of our nation go for Americans illegal aliens get a pass when from the get go coming here was against our laws. I support legal immigration NOT illegal immigration. Why do you want illegal aliens to break our laws and get a pass on breaking our laws? We have been here before and done this amnesty crap before and now we are here again. I say heck NO not another amnesty at tax payers expense. BUT Illinois is bankrupt and will do anything to avoid following the laws of our nation. I’m from Texas can we send you all of our Illegal aliens so you can support them OH wait your state will be asking the rest of the nation for a bail out since you spend more then you earn. Go figure I guess your unions teachers did not teach honest counting. I say all the blue states take care of each other and the red state take care of each other and we will see were you are in a year or so. Either way civil war is the answer and sooner the better.

  111. Richnjsouth says:

    Emanuel……like the rest of the db’s is corrupt, an anarchist and simply a lawbreaking bum.  They get away with this crap because nobody is willing to press charges.  The topic is not …give illegals driver licenses so they dont drive illegally without a license.  That is like idiot logic.  The problem is a corrupt, rabid, racist, marxist regime in the WH and in many state houses that propose these insulting, dangerous ideas in order to inflame citizens into eventual warfare. The mere idea that elected officials continually violate the law, and show preference to illegals who are lawbreakers by definition, means they are accessories to the crime and a threat to my well being.  Never mind this diversionary topic……get the illegals out of our schools, off the welfare/food stamp handouts, off the medical free ride.  With this bunch of bums running DC and many state houses, consider yourself under attack if you are a citizen.

  112. gypsy314 says:

    Civil war is sounding better by the second. Obama and democrats will destroy this country and only way to save it is civil war. We have now in full force become a lawless nation our laws do not mean a dame thing and folks let me tell you before it is all and said and done with the blood will flow from the lawlessness and chaos that will follow. Mark my word just a matter of time.

    • Doug Rodrigues says:

      Obama disregards any law he doesn’t care to agree with.  We should do the same.

    • William Wallace says:

      @gypsy314 That is all they need to declare martial law and civil unrest so Obama will have emergency dictatorial powers, and suspend elections indefinitely while he arrests all opposition party members.  That’s the whole endgame.
      They keep pushing us and see how far they can get, then when we can’t take anymore and fight back, they gain the high ground by saying they are the peaceful party.

      • Doug Rodrigues says:

        If that happens, then it will be time to start the revolt, focusing on the teasonous politicians first.

      • pissedoff says:

        @William Wallace  @gypsy314
         Have we seen lately any peaceful Muslims. Have any of us ever noticed how many western events are held in Arab nations?. Yet no Arabs are allowed to particapate. There are no peaceful Muslim party’s where any other form of religion is allowed. So how do we defend ourselves from the head Muslim in Washington D.C.?

        • gcubed says:

          @pissedoff  @William Wallace  @gypsy314 This has nothing to do with this article. Get another soapbox.

        • gypsy314 says:

          @pissedoff  @William Wallace Impeach him would be a great start

        • William Wallace says:

          @gcubed  @pissedoff  @gypsy314 What?

        • William Wallace says:

          @gypsy314  @pissedoff Never going to happen with this Congress.

        • above the law says:

          @pissedoff  @William Wallace  @gypsy314
           Pray to the real God  ,work to get this country back in His good  grace, We have turned our backs on Him , we must fight this takeover on every front,the muslimes have been looking for this opportunity for years!

      • gypsy314 says:

        @William Wallace I see it happening we had to spill blood to get freedom and we will have to to keep our freedom and rights. I choose freedom.

    • Richnjsouth says:

      @gypsy314 I tend to agree.  the bama wonks think they have a “mandate” , but they barely cleared a 50 percent margin.  All those who did not want obama……..from hard core dislike to passive, still dont want the guy and if he proceeds in his marxist, communal  agenda, massive debt and continues to suppress the economy with bad ideas…….the pressure will build and he will be causing uprisings and/or 60’s type rebellion and destruction. It might take some time, but because obama’s policies are so polarizing and completely antagonistic to improved situation for all, that he will be the catalyst for violence.  However, this is what he wants. He is not a unifying person, nor interested in the nation to continue to exist as a republic providing individual rights and a robust economy.  His controversial edicts, plans and policies are meant to incite and divide all segments of the society……old/young, black/white, rich/poor, male/female……..whatever.  He is a success in his dismantling of the US capitalist, private property, freedom of choice, individual rights theme.

  113. above the law says:

    See this, may work if enough state reps respond….pass it on

  114. DockyWocky says:

    Doesn’t anyone see the illegality of a sworn political body granting criminal illegal aliens illegal license?
    Wouldn’t that be doubly, even criminally illegal?
    Vigilantism may turn out to be the only cure for political hacks determined to give away our rights.

    • Doug Rodrigues says:

      I’ve been thinking that for a long time now.

      • Smo says:

        @Doug Rodrigues
         post, where we can join a vigilanti group “AMERICANS” and end the actions of greed $$
        of the present political, Republican & Democrate   Smo

        • Doug Rodrigues says:

          I would recommend that you ask around in your local area: Gun groups; gun stores, etc.  I would NOT recommend that you connect with anyone on the internet because bureaucatic monitors watch these blogs as I’m sure, are watching what we write here on this blog.  People like you and me are, without a doubt, on a list of people to be watched.  By connecting to a  militia type group on the internet, you give the government monitors a complete list of people they know to come after if a revolution ever started.

        • William Wallace says:

          @Smo  @Doug Rodrigues Be careful, you are now on the DHS watchlist.

        • Doug Rodrigues says:

          Oh, I assume that I’ve been on one or more of those “to be watched lists” for a long time now.  I want the idiots in Washington to know that there are people like me in society who won’t put up with the anti-Constitutional BS.  In that way they can’t say that they had no idea citizense were so against their treason and subversion. If I’m feeling this way, how many millions of other military vets, retired law enforcement, and patriotic citizens feel the same way?  I know quite a few.   I’m just one who voices my non-politically correct opinions to let people know that they are not alone to feel the way they do.   However, if they think that I’m someone to be watched, the PO’d citizens who would start killing off the traitors first would be the citizens who don’t post on the internet.  They know better than to be watched by a government stooge.  I would also like to remind whatever government stooges who do the monitoring of anti-Obama postings that if a revolution did start, they themselves may one day find themselves in front of a civilian firing squad.  Treason is treason.  To do the work for the subversives presently in government makes them complicit with the treason.

    • pissedoff says:

       I don’t know if your running for office, if you are I’ll vote for you and the New Vigilanty Party.

    • Richnjsouth says:

      @DockyWocky yep, but this is an issue without an “organization” to fight back…..just public opinion that the rotten lefty politicians can easily ignore.  Any politician supporting or trying to legislate this garbage should have a complaint filed and be arrested.

    • above the law says:

       nobody seems to care,that illegality went out when the top dog got to be elected with out being qualified ,you would think there would be a qualification process for EVERY pres. candidate, now comes the wave of no constraints that have been set in place by the illegal pres. and his sheep! Yeah its hell to be a berther, the top illegal alien has all the sheep in his pocket and its spreading like wild fire… get your prayer rugs while you can afford them,or loose your head! Welcome to the third world, just close your eyes sheeple, the dictator will be coming your street soon !

  115. Diane Vanderson says:

    Having lived in and around Chicago all my life, I am wearily accustomed to these crazy tactics.  And once you give the driver’s license away, it will then become A RIGHT to drive.  I must laugh at this talk to make some sort of distinction between a REAL driver’s license and an ILLEGAL’s driver’s license. Won’t happen.  In our local newspaper, they stopped putting in news items on the police blotter which involved Latino-sounding last names since traffic arrests were made not only for driving without a license, no insurance, etc. but for out-of-state warrants and other issues such as intoxication.  Insurance is mandatory in Illinois and still half the people won’t buy it or even want to since it’s so easy to fly under the radar.  Now if they weren’t so stupid as to drive drunk, etc., no one would even know half of the arrests.

    • William Wallace says:

      @Diane Vanderson That is so retarded… calling fact reporting racist because the names happen to sound black or latino or whatever.  Well, it is what it is.  If you don’t like your ethnic sounding name in the crime blotter, then don’t commit the crime.  How simple is that?

  116. JARNKM says:

    Well, we can raise all the hell we want, BUT the people of Illinois are the ones who are going to have to flood their State offices with “Letters of Protest” against this action ….  if they want it stopped. ONCE a single State successfully passes it, without a full reprisal from the state constituents, then other States will follow. A once prominent Congressman from Alabama once told me, when our organization was trying to get something done in Washington, that, “A thousand single letters are worth more than one petition with ten thousand signatures on it. The officials get tires of bags and bags of mail being delivered to their offices, day after day! You need to try it.” AND we did just that. Within less than a month, the same Congressman called me and told me that the specific organization had set up a conference time and had arranged housing for 15 people to attend a closed meeting. Everyone that I had told about the plan said that it would never work AND had we not tried it, we would have never known! To top that we got 95% of what we requested, without too much of a fight.   ….. Just a point to consider!! As a very old saying goes, “There is more than one way to skin a cat”!

  117. Ira jakob says:

    Great… and the bimbo’s from the desert will be wearing their burkas, so one picture fits them all, and eeryone wil be able to use this drivers licence to claim all their free stuff that obummer promissed them using our hard earned tax dollars… What the hell… why don’t we just auto-deposit our checks into their accounts and knock out the midleman???

  118. MikeYoung says:

    Has our Great Illinois Legislatures and especially the ones in Chicago specifically Rohm Emanual Mayor of Chicago and the Chicago City Council ever hear of the Term Aiding and Abetting the Enemy, Violating Federal Immigration Laws, and Threatening the safety of Illinois Drivers These people Rohm Emanual, Mayor of Chicago, Quinn, Governor of Illinois and the entire City Council of Chicago needs to be investigated Tried and Imprisoned for violating several Federal Laws. But of course what else could we possibly expect from the criminal enterprise known as Chicago and Illinois Politicians. It is like I have always said Illinois is the State of Insanity.

    • Richnjsouth says:

      @MikeYoung You are right.  Problem is these dirtbags consider themselves above the law and dont give a damn what you or I want.  Since no court, judge or legislative body will impeach, indict or remove these criminals, we suffer.  As long as the head criminal remains in office they have immunity.  These bums are actually worse than the mobsters of the 30’s .

  119. ripcordcooper says:

    There is a web site that sends faxes for you to our, so called, representatives. It pertains to illegal immigration and such. Every little bit helps. It’s called “” . I make sure to visit at least once a week and send my faxes.

  120. Diane Vanderson says:

    Here in Chicago there has been a lot of chat about this. Most people who support it see it as a move to get the illegals to get insurance and be responsible for the accidents they cause. I am not so sure, however, that they will buy insurance. Auto insurance is mandatory in Illinois and yet oodles of irresponsible people don’t purchase it.

    • William Wallace says:

      @Diane Vanderson Government does not learn that you can’t enforce laws on those who don’t obey it in the first place by making more laws.  You have to enforce the original laws first to make sure you get all the violators prosecuted instead of making more laws which coddle them.

      • gnafuasusual says:

        @William Wallace  @Diane Vanderson
         You are right on that score about enforcing the laws on the books. But, we know that Obama doesn’t like the laws that have been written to deter illegal entry. He kind of likes it his way, apparently. It’s going to be one State we want to stay away from, IL.for many reasons. Obama’s exec. order of 2009, removing Terrorists from Gitmo, is being actually prepared by Ms. Feinstein to make the move happen. And, one of the places in the U.S. thought to be adequate is…Illinois! If this is true and under the radar so Congress doesn’t have a word to say about it, there will be Illinois illegals with driver’s licenses and Terrorists sorta locked up in some IL prision- Correctional Center to be politically correct. It just gets “stupider and stupider.”

  121. Ira jakob says:

    …and there is more coming! As you know, obummer wants to give all the illegals free and exclusive  citizenship, including welfare, foodstamps, and any other money he can… this is all the mney that we the tax payers work hard for.. this is the money that’s supposed to be waiting for us when we retire, this is all the money to cover Social Security and Medicare for us… and now obummer is doing his best to just give it all away while at the same time increasing our defisit and destroying our country…

  122. above the law says:

    AS long as this illegal is in the WH he and his commie sheeps will continue on every front to steal the country with these smoke and mirrors,has he complied with the constitution to proove his eligibility? what happened to fast and furious ,what about the fraudulant voting, why didn’t our armed forces vote get counted,it’s clear that imposing any law on his sheep will never be allowed because he himself cannot pass the test… just throw this junk out there and hide the real issue  and position yourself to declare marshall law and dictator!!

  123. Diane Vanderson says:

    Right about prisoners coming to Illinois. We have a large empty prison here that has been a white elephant for a long time. Illinois tried to sell it to the Feds to raise money for its bankrupt situation, but when the people got wind of the intention to bring terrorists to Illinois, the deal was put on the back burner. Our dopey governor is trying to promote this move as job creation. truly the gov has reached his level of incompetence.

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