Alabama Democrat: It's OK for a Man to Marry a Mule

Liberals always laugh at slippery slope arguments from conservatives who warn that the societal acceptance of homosexual “marriage” would lead to the acceptance of other grotesque practices like pedophilia and even bestiality. “That’s never happened in the past, and it will never happen in the future,” they assure us.

But they have no standard of morality. They don’t even claim to have one. They don’t need a standard to tell them what’s permissible and what’s not. They just know that some things like homosexuality should be acceptable and other things like bestiality should not be permissible.

But why? They don’t know why, because they have no standard. What we argue is that the laws of a country reflect the society those laws are intended to govern. If a society accepts homosexuality, then eventually the laws and judges will reflect that acceptance. If a society keeps moving in that direction and begins to sympathize with pedophiles and those wishing to engage in bestiality, then eventually the laws and judges will reflect that as well.

Here’s Alabama Democratic state representative Alvin Holmes saying that since he’s a supporter of same-sex marriage, he’d also be fine with a man “marrying” a mule as long as the two got along together. Yellow Hammer News reported:

“Now, I’m for interracial marriage,” Holmes said after a long diatribe claiming most white Alabamians are not. “I’m for same-sex marriage. I’m the one that introduced the bill to have same-sex marriage. I don’t care who marry who. If a man meet a little mule and he wanna get married to the little mule, as long as he and the little mule get along all right, that’s fine with me. It doesn’t bother me any kind of way.”

He also says he’s in favor of interracial marriage, but then he mocked Justice Clarence Thomas for marrying a white woman. He called Thomas an Uncle Tom. So, he’s all for interracial marriage as long as both spouses are liberals. Otherwise, it’ll be like Justice Thomas who is “carrying the message of the white man”:

I think Justice Thomas on the United States Supreme Court is an Uncle Tom. A black man allowed himself to be used to carry the message of a white man, which is against the interests of black people in America. In my opinion, that’s an Uncle Tom. In my opinion, Clarence Thomas is a very prolific Uncle Tom.

State representative Alvin Holmes just happens to be intellectually consistent on the subject of homosexuality. At least he acknowledges that without a standard, all things are permissible.



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  • woonsocket

    Mr. Hodges is desperate to find 1 Democrat who’s just as ignorant as thousands on the extreme right. What about, “shut that whole things down” or “put an aspirin between your knees.” Hodges could have written an article about the thousands of racists in the GOP & how they protest that they aren’t.

    • buckman21

      It always starts with one. That doesn’t mean it won’t multiply. Either you can acknowledge that what we have been warning about will and is becoming reality from the slippery slope, or keep shrugging it off like its no big deal and try to point fingers to take the focus off your own party (and btw, just because we point out the extreme on your side doesnt mean we arent aware of our party’s cases of ridiculousness. But we arent talking about us now are we. Defend yourself before pointing fingers).

      • LABobE

        Do you feel the ” slippery slope” started when we forced the conservative Christians in the south to accept interracial marriage & that “slippery slope” is now trying to force these same religious bigots to accept gay marriage & soon we force them to accept a human marrying an insect?

        • buckman21

          I dont know why interracial was a problem before, nor should it be one now. A man and woman regardless of race should have the freedom to marry. When it involves something outside the natural spectrum of natural law (bestiality, pedophilia, homosexuality) that is the slippery slope.

          If the minority of homosexuals want marriage to be about inclusiveness and benefits, laws could have been enacted to allow unions to receive the same benefits and tax filings as marriage. Why does everyone need toconform to the 1-2% when they should be the ones conforming? Or better yet, give them an exemption to the rule and give them their so desired benefits through unions. Problem solved. Its not segregation. Just like how there is a girl scouts and a boy scouts. Its not all the same for a reason because of very obvious differences.

        • LABobE

          Well, I can tell you why interracial was a problem before. Conservative Christians argued that is was “against their religious beliefs” & that it was “redefining marriage” & it was a “slippery slope” that would lead to people marrying barnyard animals”, it will “harm the children” “states have the right to appose it”, it’s “not natural”, & “Religious People Will Be Discriminated Against” (by forcing interracial marriages in church or forcing Christians to serve interracial couples). Your solution of having a two-class system of a “separate but equal” platform in which straight couples and gay couples receive the same relationship rights and benefits doesn’t work for many reasons one being it maintains the erroneous notion that one group (straight people) is more superior to another group (LGBT people).

        • buckman21

          No, its not a superior thing. If that is the case, who is more superior, man or woman? Why different bathrooms?Why ddifferent sports? Why different clubs, doctors, the list goes on. Giving same rights but under a different name is nothing new in this country. I dont care if a man wants to be with a man or a woman wants to be with a wall. Just dont call it marriage, because that isnt, and never will be, what it is.

        • LABobE

          . Various countries and American states which initially permitted “civil unions” for same-sex couples have subsequently enacted marriage equality legislation. These jurisdictions have pursued such changes because civil union legislation, no matter how valiant the effort, is not able to provide the same rights and benefits as legal marriage. It is marriage & you’re just going to have to accept it the same way the generation of conservative Christian bigots that came before you had to accept interracial marriage.

        • buckman21

          Thats fine if the law says that. But I personally will never accept it. I will never recognize a man and man married together as married, ever. Ill tolerate it, but won’t accept it.

        • LABobE

          Their are MANY conservative Christian bigots that will NEVER accept interracial marriage. BFD! NOBODY cares if you accept it or not. The ONLY issue is what’s the law of the land & soon our Supreme Court will have to force Christian bigots to accept gay marriage as law of the land in the very same way they had to force them to accept interracial marriage.

        • chamuiel

          could you be an atheist bigot?

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman

          Nothing gay about it! It is called SODOMY,and those who practice are SODOMIST! That means you have fallen from humanity! In essence….Subhuman!

        • Destry

          Your form of bigotry is the worst because you deny that it is a form of bigotry and that the true colors of the liberal, secular-progressive is that of intolerance of any viewpoints except their own.

        • chamuiel

          Gay atheists liberal like you are always against Christians.

          i don’t care if you are an atheist.

          why do you care if I am a Christian.

          It is you going to Hell, not me.

          Your problem, not mine.

        • chamuiel

          apparently it has led to marrying barnyard animals. This sate senator says it is o.k. for a man to marry his mule, and that is a barnyard animal. Aren’t you missing something Mr. Boobe?

        • chamuiel

          Straight people are not superior to LGBT people.

          We are normal, and they are not.

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman

          Sodomites are fallen from humanity! Nothing up or gay about that Bozo!

        • Destry

          Do you always make up facts to fit your world view?

        • woonsocket

          Did you make it past Cub Scouts?

        • John

          All men are created equal. All creatures are not created equal. Big difference here, knucklehead.

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman

          And men have a set and marry women!

        • chamuiel

          why do liberals like yourself feel you have to force anyone to see your viewpoint? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe your viewpoint has flaws in it?

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman

          You on LST or Heroin? I do not know what State in the South you vermin think you forced anything! None of the Original thirteen for sure. FYI Six United States Presidents were from Virginia alone, In fact more presidents have been from the South than any other part of the United States. And the only one from California would not spit on you if you were on fire!
          Come on down…we will show you the rectum of an mouth first entry! But then again your kind never produced anything but diseases so you would probably make the Alligator sick! Besides you wouldn`t arrive anyway…your kind could not get two blocks down the road without going broke unless someone else was paying for it!

      • woonsocket

        There’s a reason why late night comics love Republican jokes. It gets bigger laughs from the audiences.

        • chamuiel

          broken socket, do you ever have anything intelligent to say?

        • Snailmailtrucker

          True… Dumbass liberals will laugh at anything !

      • Francie26

        haha Did you? When you defend yourself before pointing fingers at us, we might take your comment seriously. Until then, it’s a joke.

      • chamuiel

        don’t say pointing fingers at boobe. he had an avatar for months that was shooting the middle finger.

        pointing fingers is what mr. boobe is all about.

    • Physick
    • Destry

      Another liberal heard from with the intellectual depth of a sheet of toilet tissue.

    • Snailmailtrucker

      “Hodges could have written an article about the thousands of racists in the GOP & how they protest that they aren’t.”

      Possibly, but he would have to learn how to write first!

      • Physick

        You should learn to write as well.

  • LABobE

    Mr Hodges, do you search the ends of the internet to find this crap??? He might be a Democrat, but he’s first and foremost a southern swamp dwelling hillbilly. Of course he would want to marry a mule!!! Isn’t that what all of YOU PEOPLE DO???

    • LABobE

      I wonder how may other people you stalk online?

      • Mac Boy

        Just how kweer do you have to be to have That hairstyle,
        Rainbow BOY?

        • chamuiel

          Mr. Boobe is a gay atheist liberal.

        • Woody

          I would like to make a suggestion. Quit using the words ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ in reference to homosexuals. Use that word ‘homosexual,’ because that is what those people are.

          As for LABobE, at least he DOES keep us entertained.

        • wolf2525

          Calling the fool names isn’t going to change how sick he is, he must be ashamed of what he is, because he spends his time telling everyone they better like him. Laboob he looks like the tail end of my dog.

    • chamuiel

      So, say the ole Gay atheist skin sack full of rotting meat communist liberal, Mr. Boobe.

      How you doing troll?

    • Luke

      As a hill-dwelling Southron, the use of the term “hillbilly” as a pejorative towards this politician is not applicable. The classic “hillbilly” is a self-reliant, independent, individual who makes little judgement based on class or claims of some entitlement to respect. They are the antithesis of this member of a prevailed class. I would much rather spend a month with a fellow “hillbilly” than be forced to endure thirty seconds in the presence of this self-serving, worthless, two-bit, tax-fattened hyena.

  • Ron

    Just what I said would happen. Libs are predictable.

    • woonsocket

      Not so. One of my friends is a Republican. I said O.j. was guilty and he said O.J. was innocent. I say Michael Jackson was a pedophile and the Republican said that Jackson was innocent. That Republican is the real deal. When Bush I went to war with Iraq my friend said, “Don’t bother sending anyone over there. Just nuke the country.”

      • chamuiel

        and your point is?

        Do you have a point.

        i bet you and your friend have fun getting drunk and telling war stories.

      • LawtonOkie

        I find that hard to believe, woonie, you have a friend, that is. Except maybe LABobE.

  • LABobE

    Mr. Hodges, it is Christians that have no moral compass. ANYTHING & EVERYTHING god does no matter how despicable is “good”.

    • Ron

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      • LABobE

        You laugh, but everything I said is true. We will NEVER have legalized man-mule marriages or adults marrying children. It will NEVER happen. You teabaggers profit from illogical slippery slope fearmongering suggestions.

        • John

          Never huh? We’ll see.

        • chamuiel


          I see you are still obsessed with all things gay. You just can’t help yourself.

        • wolf2525

          I will never be forced to like you sick dogs, never have and never will, cry all you want sicko, it will never change the way I feel about sicko’s like you.

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman

          Send him down my way…I got plenty of rocks and pits to be filled! Lets atleast do this in a Biblical way!

        • BlueViolets

          You have a sewer for a brain. Please go back to your little home under the bridge and smoke another piece of rope.

        • wolf2525

          What do things like you profit from moron, standing on a corner.

        • Americanpatriot

          You profit on doing satans work

        • Tomk777

          Says the man who’s fellow Gay activists, ride on NAMBA ( National American Men Boy Association ) floats in gay pride parades……. who do you think your kidding Barbie

        • Destry

          I think you mean the North American Man/Boy Love Association, aka. NAMBLA. Perhaps the most disgusting organization in existence on the planet.

        • Destry

          You wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked you up along side your pinhead.

    • Physick

      Is there anything wrong with a man marrying a mule?

      • LABobE

        I think one problem would be the divorce rate would spike up in the south as many farmers would divorce the pigs they have for wife’s & marry their mules!

        • wolf2525

          Kind like what your married to huh, you must like little girls, or is little boys? or mules?

        • Physick

          Would you support a proposition that allowed Californians to marry their pets? You know how Californians are with their pets, right?

    • Ron

      “Alvin Holmes saying… fine with a man “marring” a mule as long as the two got along together.” Nope, nobody suggesting anything strange here.

      • LABobE

        Who gives a F*CK what Alvin Holmes says??? He’s just ANOTHER dimwitted idiot from the south! The fact that he’s a Dem doesn’t change anything!

        • chamuiel

          so dims from the south don’t count in your gay atheist world?


        • LABobE

          People in the south are just plain stupid. Sure there’s an exception for every rule (Bill Clinton, etc) but in general they are idiots.

        • wolf2525

          I know what you are, a dim witted liberal moron it seems.

    • wolf2525

      LaBobF you trying to marry a cow or what.

    • Josiah Victor Hoffman

      Please do not comment while under the influence of something!

  • monacall

    It shows us this person has no moral values at all….. NONE. But ya know what I bet he does….. lets hook his son or daughter up with a mule…. and see what he says then…. his lying through his teeth to get votes….. if he does this (whether or not he truly believes marry a mule) if he gets in those people deserve WHAT THEY GET………….

  • cae973

    well michele married a jack ass

    • SATCitizen

      Thanks for the afternoon chuckle. . .and what very true words!

      • stephanie wilson

        amen! lol

    • Grtgrandpa-Tom

      Michele has an Adams Apple, and her ring finger is longer than her index finger, a sure sign she is of the male species.

      • AG Dot Com!

        Are you saying she is homo sapiens sapiens?…

        • RevG

          It is a MAN. Watch some comparisons on you tube. Look up Undeniable proof Michelle Obama is a man. I sent it to a college professor I know and he flipped out, it is no doubt true,

        • Mr.Mike

          Saw it. I’m convinced. The evidence speaks for its self.

        • AG Dot Com!

          It is the homo sapiens part that I am questioning…

    • mcbee555

      Yeah, but I hear he can’t even carry a golf club.

    • beelp

      cae, you stole my post, LOL.

    • Ron

      I have been thinking that all day. Thanks for the laugh.

    • survivor33

      AND so did Bath House Barry, although he likes men better.

      • LittleMoose

        That’s why he married Michele…

    • duif100

      i could not have said that any better myself!

    • Rick

      That’s two jackasses.

    • AG Dot Com!

      True… true…

    • KDS

      Michele is a man!

      • survivor33

        Wonder what this body guard for her/him thinks about that because one of the guards and moochelle are having an affair. How interesting that could turn out.

    • RevG

      Takes one to marry one.

    • 2shinyshoes

      Now that’s an insult! Donkeys are actually pretty good natured. I would equate him with something sinister….and her too. I recall the term “two bagger”. lol

  • rlowen

    In Iran it’s required.

  • charlie

    It’s obvious that his wife did

  • SATCitizen

    Webb doesn’t mind being enslaved by the demonrats. . .so who really is Uncle Tom?

  • survivor33

    To the DemocRATS that think it is OK to marry a mule…evidently it is, look how many of the Dem’s married Jack Asses. A Jack Ass is a kin to the mule. Also the Jack Ass is also the emblem of the Dem’s… what does that tell you?

  • Joe

    He will have to marry a mule or sheep as no woman will have him, well may be another man. lol

  • Bill Ford

    If Dems marry Mules they will produce a sterile ass and become extinct I think we should endorse and mandate this for all democrats and most republicans as well.

  • Charles Doughtie

    I would rather marry an elephant. Elephants never forget. Jackasses never learn.

  • Sam

    This representative has no moral boundaries. He is part of the problem in Washington.

    • DenisetheCelt

      He is an African. A High Yella mongrel. They are crazier than the Blue Gum ones.

      • DRLJR

        His ethnicity and race are not the problem. It is his morals and philosophy. A person race, ethnicity and gender does not make one stupid as this man is or determine one’s morals or philosophy. Don’t confuse morals with ethnicity.

        • Harold

          He came from the same source that the rep. from Georgia did, the one who thought Guam was going to capsize from too many people. Same mentality or the lack of it , (sorry for the mistake.) Then think about Alan Grayson for a minute, his wife married a mule.

        • DenisetheCelt

          LOL!. True.

        • DRLJR

          Agreed – “Progressivism” and it refusal to teach versus indoctrinate. Stupidity is learned.

        • daisykmt

          You are right, DRLJR. Dr. Ben Carson’s ethnicity has not kept him from becoming a neurosurgeon! Even better, a conservative one!

        • DenisetheCelt

          Wrong. DNA is thw source of the problem.

        • DRLJR

          No matter how much you may not like it the simple fact is stupidity, bad morals, and bad behavior are not DNA based. These are all learned behavioral issues.

        • Luke

          The “bell curve” is a nasty bit of truth that you must can’t ignore. Like the free market, it always ends in the end.

  • DenisetheCelt

    The average IQ of the American African is 80 points. That means half of ’em are below that average. “Diversity” guarantees the descent of once great, once White America, into the African mean. African Africans do all kinds of weird atavistic, barbaric things. YOU can’t change them Whitey. This sort of thing is in their DNA, no matter how much Caucasian DNA has been added in (the High Yella Holmes)

    Why do you want this to happen, Conservative?

    • roughman

      Actually, I think it’s 85, about the same as Latinos. Asians run about 115. We, the norm, are 100.

      • DRLJR

        Remember, IQ tests are based upon knowledge and the ability to reason. Teach a person knowledge and how to reason, and their IQ will measure higher. Also, the tests are culture dependent as well. This is why “Progressives” have schools indoctrinating versus educating.

        • roughman

          Well, that’s all above my pay grade. But if IQ’s can be improved, I wish someone would get to improvin’!

        • DRLJR

          If out schools taught instead of indoctrinating measurable IQ would rise. Keep in mind I am not referring to people’s ability to learn but what IQ tests actually measure. That is part of the problems with the tests and using them as full blown benchmarks. Image if the tests used knowledge generally only Incas would have know about plants and animals.

    • LawtonOkie

      Your IQ is around 30.

  • thunderbob

    This guy followed Bill Clinton and the others whites

  • rosech

    With his looks and attitude, probably only a mule would accept him because they are also part of the blood line for jackasses!

  • hayrake

    What a boob.

  • snow7tiger4u

    WOW,,, When you think you heard a democrat utter craziness there is always someone like Hodges that tops the cake of stupid….Nothing totally surprises me any more on what comes out of the mouths of Progressive Liberals…Lock him up in a loony bin is the only thing I would say about this man.

  • depaz

    If a democrat marries a mule, wouldn’t that be the same as in-breeding?

    • DenisetheCelt

      Ha!. Yes.

    • roughman

      Hell. I thought that was where they CAME from…

      • duif100

        Me too!

    • Silver

      Why not? All Dems are jackasses any way. What a low IQ dimwit.

      • canucksam

        Aw, you just insulted jackasses.

      • johnanaguski

        Subject of our wonderful public school system.

      • palehorse58

        That’s why their logo is a jackass!!!!

      • fedupwidit

        How do these arse holes get elected?

        • Joey Johnson

          It’s all them dead people voting.

    • Dave Howe


    • fredmatic1

      No, that’s Alvin Holmes……..

    • mcbee555

      Well, where do you think they acquired all their in-breds?

    • djmdgo

      How incredibly humiliating for the poor mule!

      • Arationofreason

        Perhaps we need a law to prevent such cruelty to animals.

    • Rick

      Ask obozo.

    • Bigolfascist

      Thank God mules are sterile……..

  • Joe

    We laugh at this but these people are those that at some point, we will have a revolution over. these people are ignorant, nuts, perverted, This pig wants to marry a mule.

  • Whitaker Chambers

    Is that anti- mule or anti-ass?

    • roughman

      A mule is half-assed.

  • roughman

    Well, as long as she’s stump-broke…

    (And if you don’t get the joke, you AIN’T from the “Country!”)

  • wolf2525

    That Ass looks like he is married to one, that or a goat.

  • BlueViolets

    Is he also required to consummate the marriage?

  • nannymm

    Well, his wife married an ASS…

  • wolf2525

    Moochelle Obama married one, and one of the worst ever, why not this Democrat moron.

  • John Henry

    I’ve had a couple of horses that I loved, but not like that…

    Women and men were created for each other, we are a kind.
    Mules, horses, donkeys are another kind, dogs are another, and cats are another.
    Men and women can marry someone of a different race … but not of another kind.

    • mcbee555

      If the Democrat Party gives the OK, that trumps the law of nature. Ask any Democrat and he/she will tell you, if they understand English….well, let’s make that sign language too.

  • rancid pitts

    Justice Thomas Carries the Message of the White man? What is that message anyway? “Work hard and you should succeeded”, and “Success never comes easy, so you should work hard for it.” Success does not come to all, but you should NOT GIVE UP trying”.
    Further more what is in The Interest of the Blackman in America IF NOT Success? “Ignorance, Welfare, Poverty, Incarceration”? Only a fool, or an Idiot want that.

  • Mike Laborde

    Who and why keeps electing retards like this one.

    • Harold

      One guess will get you the right answer, ( The same culture that this low IQ individual came from.)

      • daisykmt

        Plus women (of all races), university kids, and the low-information voters—those who listen to the MSM.

    • kap2002

      More retards

  • majormotiontony

    Looking at this slob’s photo I have to believe he is the one that wants to marry the mule. Even a blind man or woman wouldn’t want any part of him because he probably smells like a barn

  • MikeyParks

    Obviously Alvin is in favor of a man marrying a mule. That’s how he got here.

  • jb80538

    What an idiot!

  • 83footsailor

    Leave it to a DEMO — RAT to come up with a satement liek this.

  • C K Johnson

    Well he certainly is a liberal democ rat. When I was a boy in Ohio they caught a man having sex with a cow. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. I will bet Alabama is so proud of him. He does not have any use for 1 of the most respected Black man in the United States. That goes to show you when you think the Democ Rats have sunk to a new low. They out do themselves.

  • Erin Jenkinson

    A Canadian on vacation in Alabama goes into a little redneck bar in the middle of nowhere, goes up to the bartender and orders a glass of white wine. Every head in the place turns to look at the guy and the barkeep glares at him and says. “Y’all ain’t from around these parts are yer?” The Canadian says “No, I’m from Canada”. “CANADA! What the hell do y’all do up there?” growls the barkeep. “I’m a taxidermist” says the Canadian. “A taxidermist!? What the hell is that boy? Y’all drive a taxi or sumpthin’?” “No”, says the Canadian, “I mount dead animals”. The barkeep breaks into a big gap-toothed grin, looks over at the other rednecks and declares “Shoot, it’s OK boys. This fella’s one of us!”

    • fredmatic1

      Huh, I live in Alabama and we are NOT like that…..

    • Luke

      A large van is driving through Georgia. In the back seat are three residents of New York and one resident of Connecticut. In the middle seat are two citizens of Massachusetts and two from Delaware. What jobs do the two men in the front seats have?

      Georgia Bureau of Prisons.

      • Josiah Victor Hoffman

        I love it Luke! Two thumbs up!

  • mcbee555

    Maybe the guy likes mules, perhaps because they can carry more weight than most all human females can carry. He looks to be an overweight type, the mule may be right for him. Wait until he finds out that they’re stubborn! :):)

  • Bill

    Well it’s not just the Deamonrats that say sodomy is fine. Remember everyone’s hero Ron Paul (another Republicrat) who also favors and agreed with Obama on signing into law the sodomization of the US Military. I’m sure if he was asked about a man marrying a mule he’d say the same thing he did when he was asked if he felt that God was against sodomy by saying no as it’s a mental problem. And as he said, he knows, because he’s a physician.

  • Luke

    How many Yankees does it take to change a light bulb?
    Five to find the light bulbs in the local non-chain hardware store.
    Four to comment on how there aren’t any “curly” light bulbs
    Three to hire a local guy to change the bulb when they can’t figure out how to do it.
    Two to take pictures of someone actually doing physical work.
    One to buy postcards in case the pictures don’t come out.

    • Mac Boy

      Did you know, if you turn off your ObamaPhone, and quit drinking
      the Kool-Aid, your headaches will stop – and the “voices” will go away?

      • Luke

        I have wondered for years why some folks behaved the way they did. You may be onto something there.

    • LABobE

      How may hillbillies does to take to change a light bulb? who knows, hillbillies don’t have light bulbs!

      • Luke

        That’s true Bob. We all switched to LED bulbs years ago so we could sell our cheap hydroelectric power at insanely inflated prices to all those nuts in LA. You’ll have to excuse me now. I have to go pay the guy who is polishing my Lambo collection.

  • JohnWolf

    save the country

  • fredmatic1

    If you’re ugly, make-up fixes that. If you’re fat, you lose weight. If you’re stupid……well. there’s no fixing stupid. Unfortunately, I feel sorry for Alvin Holmes . He’s just stupid, and there’s no fixing that.

  • Grtgrandpa-Tom

    Alvin Holmes meant to say it was alright for a Man to marry a mule “as long as that mule was a male.” But, then again I suppose a Mule is a male, being a sterile hybrid of a male ass, and a female horse, or are there female mules? But a mule is a mutant, an individual differing from the parental strain as a result of mutation. Laugh out Loud, insert eye roll. Only in Alabama, or maybe not. Guess what is coming to America?

    • Ron

      Please correct me if wrong but I was of the impression that there are male mules (jack), and female (jenny). I thought the sterile one was a donkey. How about it, anyone know for sure?

  • Virginia Lindsey

    You know you folks disparage the good congressman, but he did not just walk into the office, some people actually elected him, same for Reid, Pelosi, Boxes, Shumer. and of course the current illegal in our White House. The “uaeful idiots” don’t seem to have clue.

  • canucksam

    I believe mules have good taste and one would never consider marrying this Holmes thing. I would have called him a pig but that would be an insult to the porcine family. Besides, pigs are actually very clean animals and this jerk looks like a dirty slob.

  • johnanaguski

    Did he actually say that?

  • Stephen Ryan

    Marriage is a contract. Animals cannot enter into contracts. So you cannot marry your mule. You will have to live with it in sin.

  • nimbii

    This reprehensible person is using the race card as many do in the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) to alienate blacks from whiteyworld. This serves several purposes: It is a cartharsis because hate frees them from being a part of whiteworld.

    By continuing to stir the pot every election cycle, people like Alvin Holmes and the CBC get reelected and people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton get people into the streets as needed.

    Now, the problem is that they cannot really improve the black community whom they have been disaffecting for decades to consider for example, not having children until they are married because they’ll do better in the very whiteyworld they were told to reject.

    And now, bestiality????

    • DRLJR

      Found this on another blog

      “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the
      troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the
      public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their
      troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their
      wrongs, partly because they want sympathy, and partly because it pays.
      Some of these people do not want the
      Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their
      jobs. There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want
      the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they
      have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium
      through which to make themselves prominent before the public.”

      — Booker T. Washington in his 1911 book, My Larger Education

      posted by “U.S. Army (Retired)”

      It still applies today even more so. Can anyone think of people who meet Mr Washington’s criteria?

      • nimbii

        Well put DRLJR. Thanks,

      • Destry

        A few come to mind: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Sheila Jackson Lee and Charlie Rangel.

        • DRLJR

          Thanks Destry – you made me laugh – a good hearty one.

        • Destry

          Odd reaction on your part; I didn’t mean for it to be humorous. Those names were just the first four I came up with in response to your question because they fit the criteria you quoted by Mr. Washington.

        • DRLJR

          Just circumstances at the time.

      • Vickie

        Mr Booker T. Washington was a very astute man of his time, not knowing that it would be even truer today! He probably had to sneak around to learn to read!


    Democrats, or rather “Progressives” have been promoting sodomy so why is anyone surprised that a “Progressive” would support bestiality? Remember, these issues are about behaviors; not gender, ethnicity or race.

  • CajunPatriot

    Without a doubt this Alabama Democrat is a jackass. I’m sorry that is redundant…Democrat….jackass…sorry for repeating myself.

  • Ted R. Weiland

    Mules and donkeys aren’t all that different! So if the Democrats want to marry a mule, let them. That’ll be one less donkey propagating his kind. Now, what are we going to do with those elephants?

    The best plan would be to replace all of them with sheep, following their Shepherd!

  • Barbara Dawn

    This man is one sick puppy. Once you are on the slippery slope of perversion there is only one direction, DOWN. Since we are busy erasing God and Christ from everything the ACLU can find, the moral code has deteriorated completely. Unless that is reversed we are on a one way road, and it’s not to salvation.

    • Mac Boy

      The A.C.L.U. – Ambulance Chasing Lawyers Union ……..

  • ToniStimmel

    This works out especially good for musloids, a lot of whom love their sheep.

  • Mark Smith USArmy

    Looks like marrying a mule runs in the family, mr holmes. No wonder you’re cool with it!

  • Harold

    Alvin Holmes (or is it Alvin the chipmunk?) gives a whole new meaning to the description of, a dumb.—–

    • DRLJR

      Please don’t offend the Alvin the Chipmunk and his brothers.

  • Russian55

    This is a case of reductio ad absurdum — a common form of argument which seeks to demonstrate that a statement is
    true by showing that a false, untenable, or absurd result follows from its denial.

    The reality is, for marriage or any other legal agreement, you need parties than can consciously consent. A mule cannot, an adult can, a child cannot.

    • Vickie

      With your last sentence then, I guess the marriages of pedophiles to little children is not a marriage……no wonder they’re inbreds!

  • barb patton

    and King Krinkle Kut of the Outhouse married an African Hut with a bad cut thatch roof!!!! Yes, Anything goes — and Lookie the Alvin Homes father, a snake married his mother, a late stage abortion!!!


    And he can’t even speak proper English, just E-bonics… Dead giveaway…

    • Mac Boy

      He’s from a family of porch monkeys ……….

  • Destry

    It is readily apparent that Holmes is so intellectually shallow that it can’t be measured. The logic of his lame argument to support his position, whatever it is, is a colossal failure, but typical of most of the liberal, secular-progressives.

    • Evan White

      I take it when you say Homes you son’t mean Sherlock Holmes?? Cause as sure as my dead body i believe Sherlock Holmes would be investigating treason against this land ( when i say treason i mean government treason) and Finding the culprit of the crime instead of supporting the criminal ( obozo and his gangstas)

      • Destry

        So who is the subject of the article? And Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character created by Arthur Conan Doyle. DUH!

        • Evan White

          I know Sherlock Holmes is fictional i have a whole volume of sherlock holmes stories.

        • Destry

          Congratulations, I’ve also read Sherlock Holmes; I have two volumes of his stories.

        • Evan White

          The original ones.

        • Evan White

          I was just trying to raise the humor of all them pissed off at liberal gov’t people like me.

        • Destry

          Okay; but keep in mind that most of them have no sense of humor and this was a mighty poor effort.

  • For What Its Worth

    After hearing this silly Democrat believing that a man can marry a mule, I could easily believe that one of his parents married outside the species………..

    • Evan White

      What do ya expect for a dude who believes we were once animals???!! Hes an Ahtiest and atheists believe we are the resuakt if a motified ape.

  • MichaelZZ

    This person shouldn’t represent anyone, but himself.

    Not his family, not his friends, and certainly not the thousands he has been tasked.

    His mind appears feeble and more aptly should be characterized as a vast wasteland.

    How very, very sad that he has a substantial public forum.


    • DRLJR

      Should not even represent himself. He needs a lawyer or public relations person to represent him.

      • Mac Boy

        …and I thought Harry Reid was NUTS !!

  • Lloydl333

    He is right. Otherwise we would run out of Democrats and Progressives. Obamacare will cover maternity for the mules.

    My sympathy to the mules.

  • mcleod51

    Is this satire?

  • ActualConundrum

    Just becaue his wife married a jackass it doesn’t mean a man should be able to marry a mule. A marriage is a God sanctioned union between a man and a woman. No matter how many gays participate in farce marriages. They are not really married. Government did not create marriage. They simply recognize it. They are not able to retrofit it to include other definitions. It still stands as Gods union of a man and a woman. Making these farce attempts at made up pretend marriages meaningless. They are not real marriages. You can marry anything if you can find a idiot licensed to marry to do it. But it still is not real.

  • duif100

    That must be the new Obama administration strategy to dumb down the mules.
    They might not vote for him if they have any brains.

  • ca1

    … that statement probably has a personal sentiment attached to it…..

  • Arationofreason

    Marry a mule? Apparently one did.

  • freedommonger

    It’s predictable how this is going to turn out. He’ll get bored, find a fresh, young mule and run off with the new mule. Then the first mule will end up getting all 40 acres.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      To effin funny! So when the mule dies, it really bought the farm!

  • Melia Sese

    I actually liked Hannity’s segment with David Webb regarding the same Alvin Holmes. That guy’s more than a bit mixed up.

  • armydadtexas

    What a rascist piece of dung

  • porterv

    Does the mule have a choice? It is hard to imagine that any self respecting mule would consent to marry Alvin Holmes.

    • DocJimmy

      Why? Mulechelle married Barackus.

  • Gary Cangemi

    Prepare yourselves. It’s all coming down the pike……same sex marriage, plural marriage, group marriage, self-marriage, inter-species marriage, inter-generational marriage, multiple marriage, inter-kingdom marriage, inanimate object marriage, posthumous marriage, and inter galactic marriage. Once the bar has become mobile, there is no rational justification to immobilize it again, some group will always be able to claim discrimination against their insane justification for marriage. The ONLY rational solution to preserve marriage as a viable social institution is to leave the bar right where it has been for centuries in civilized nations….ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN, PERIOD!

  • Richard

    What. Do you expect from an Ebonics speaking, Alabama democrat?

  • Bob Williams

    When good ol’ Alvin talks about a “piece of ass”, he is really talking about a piece of ass.

    • 56Survivor


  • AG Dot Com!

    Yet another Black racist in Congress. Nice.

  • agbjr

    It is obvious Alvin’s ancestors practiced what he is preaching or they wouldn’t have produced such a jackass.

  • ste1021

    So if a man marries a mule, will the democrats then allow the mule to be eligible for food stamps? Just asking.

  • jim scofield

    You can only hope that this mans Mother has gone on to heaven
    because she would have to answer an awful lot of questions about
    if She had dropped him on his head repeatedly when he was a baby.

  • kap2002

    I think his mother did.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      No, obama’s mother married a flower pot and had a “Blooming Idiot!”

  • Bo_Kassa

    barrack married a chimp

  • chief1937

    Look at the jackass making the statement that explains it all in it’s self. Thought Alabama had thinking people in it.Slippery slope folks.

  • Down to Earth Prepper.comFaceb

    No doubt alvin is one of the smart guys , Hey ? I imagine he has some initials behind his name to prove it ? So it must be true and real ?
    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA , we live in massive illusions and control mechanisms !

  • EllenBernal

    I hope the Mule is a good cook and housekeeper.

  • billconner

    See how stupid it gets when you have people try to redefine Gods law.

  • mule man

    I always thought Democrats were more into chickens or goats – learn something new every day

  • fritzmerde

    I agree with Alvin one hunded & fity percents. Justice Clarence Thomas is a Uncle toms, marryin & speaken like whitey, bringing the black man out da field. Another college graduate that still can’t speak nor understand the English language. One only needs to hear him speak to realize that without an English to Ebonics dictionary you’ll be lost. After deciphering what he’s said you’ll realize that he’s totally lost

    • Snailmailtrucker

      You mean he talks with respect for others, and so people can understand what he is saying?

      Just askin’

      • fritzmerde

        He has no respect for anyone that doesn’t agree with him. He’s a walking contradiction. Listen to any of his speeches. He’ll say 1 thing & a few minutes later contradict himself. His left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Even in the little snippet above he’s confused. I’m for interracial marriage & yet calls Clarence Thomas an uncle Tom because his wife is white. That’s his M.O. & folks just shake their heads. A few years back he wasn’t the staunch same marriage advocate, but like many he has hopped onto the bandwagon. People like himself, Jackson, Sharpton & Holder preach hate. They thrive on separation, Thomas isn’t looking out for the black man. His job is to do what’s best for the American people as a whole, not to split races or favor 1 group over another.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    Sounds as if the pervert liberal/democrat has a mule in his closet !

  • steveafrikaner

    Low information voters, breed low information politicians. I have wondered how low Democrats could go, but this one took my breath away! The next step is to arrange a church wedding between a Dimocrat and a mule, and if the church refuses, get their good friend Holder to sue them for discrimination.

  • Leila Peterson

    That’s because his momma married a little mule.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    This old pervert liberal/democrat watched too many “Francis The Talking Mule” movies back in the day!

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      And with Starried eyes!!!!

  • mwood13

    more liberal filth

  • MiamiEddy

    What ever turns him on. I think David Webb there are law against you have sex with a mule. Have fun Dav.

  • Ken

    Just the looney left doing what they do best, talking stupid. I wonder how the IRS will feel about people being married to all those dogs and cats? I tried claiming my dog and they wouldn’t let me? What gives?

    • Vickie

      Well I guess, if you can claim your nieces and nephews from another nation on your taxes, why shouldn’t you?

  • Whatzrname

    Obamalamadingdong is married to a donkey. And yes, he’s a jacka$$. Maybe this is why the democratic symbol is the donkey.

  • jerimiah69

    Is the mule a male or a female?…I guess. if this mule is female, it could give her human husband a hell of a ride..If the human is a homosexual, and the mule is a male, this mule is hung like a, a,,,a mule and could really give the man a hell of a good I guess its okay for liberals to marry children would result so that’s a real plus…and its no big deal if it is inbreeding…

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Since there is no possibility of an offspring look at the big picture, Less Jackasses in the world!

  • Phil McMorrow

    What a Jackass. :)

  • The Rev.

    The Democrats are making Sodom and Gomorrah look good. They are turning this Nation into a Godless Hell hole. God will not bless Nations who live in Evil. Repent because the Lord lives. Jesus is alive as many will find out too late.. A while back when someone commented that next were animals. Next is animals, family members, babies, and be able to have 100 wife’s, or husbands.
    With Blood suns, Moons, earthquakes around the World. This is a Wake-up call.The Revelations of Gods prophecy are here. This Generation will see Jesus come. as this is the End time.

  • thaidude so don’t say it will not come to pass. Question is can they now file a joint return and what about declaring dependents for a tax deduction? All kinds of interesting possibilities. Divorce would be an interesting legal matter as well.

  • wattsupstupid

    They have already okayed bestiality in the Military! This is just the next step. I don’t know what God is waiting for it’s time to clean house.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Actually, the military, after having to change for the fags, has closed the gap that that action opened in the U.C.M.J..

  • Mr. W. H. Braden

    What would you call the offspring of a Democrat that marries a mule and which one is the mule?

  • ECwashr

    I constantly ask myself, WHO VOTES FOR THESE MORONS???

  • MrsCleaver

    Get a rope !!!

  • Paula

    Wonder what his wife looks like?

    • me1952

      Well she married a mule so that gives you some idea.

    • Beedogs

      She has 4 legs apparently.

      • Paula

        I have a horrifying mental image of her braying during sex!

        • Combat Veteran Seabee


        • Paula


  • jojo

    America is sick! Liberals are INSANE!!!!

  • Paula

    What’s next with these twisted progressive liberals, incest?

  • GeorgiaJim

    If this intellectual giant married a mule, we all know which half would be smarter.

  • jgeorgia2000

    He opened it up……..How does he know this? By experience or via relatives? Just asking! hehe

  • sc

    well of course it’s ok to marry a mule, isn’t that how we get demorats?

  • Charlie

    Term limits need to happen at all levels on all of our political government servants. This means local servants , state servants and federal servants need to be in our servitude for a limited time . Easier said than done (term limits ).

    • Vickie

      Then know your candidates, and vote accordingly!

  • yaki534

    Why not? His wife married a jackass.

  • TLady62

    If this knucklehead is up for reelection, his GOP opponent should use this in an attack ad.

  • bobbym

    How can a public office representative get away with saying all that this Alvin “the racist ” Holmes was saying . This is the kind of people America can’t stand anymore .

    • Vickie

      Sheila Jackson Lee isn’t far behind, then again, what about the obsurd languages of most dems…..omg!

  • FreedomFray

    Term limits, term limits, term limits…

    That’s what I keep saying. But, now I’m beginning to wonder if it shouldn’t be; voter tests, voter tests, voter tests. Do we stand any chance at all if we can’t somehow keep the stupid fools that vote these morons into office from going to the polls?

    All kidding aside; if we Patriots can’t muster enough response at the polls to overcome these idiots – then perhaps we need to accept the fact that the labels we apply to them – truly belong with us, We the People.

    • Mac Boy


      • FreedomFray

        Yes, absolutely. Unfortunately, however, voter ID’s does not cure “stupid”. But, then again, it could help the cause by eliminating those that are too stupid to figure out how to obtain an ID.

        I’ll still stick to my assertion that if we can’t produce a big enough turn-out at the polls to defeat these idiots – then it is “us” that are the true fools.

  • Paladin

    What a sick fvck.

  • ABBAsFernando

    Actually Democrats are MULES.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Democrats are unreconstructed perverts.

  • aurora9

    With politicians like this, no wonder our nation is in trouble!

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      This idiot couldn’t pour piss out of a boot even if we turned it upside down for him!

  • RevG

    Watch it Barry this guy is after your first tranny.

  • Mac Boy

    Just what we need –
    Another old, toothless Nigro, Racist member of Congress….
    MAY 16th can’t get here fast enough !!!!

  • RevG

    I have more liberal women come to me for marriage advice than conservative. The liberal women keep sleeping with the conservative Men.

  • Mort Leith

    Wow,, scary the people that voted for this genius….

  • 2shinyshoes

    Good GD……they’ve all turned into talking “rappers”….the more shock value to their comments, the more attention they get. Wonder what it feels like to live a Godless life with no Morals or Values. Sickos..where have these kooks been hiding all these years. Seems obama brings out the “best” in his Cronies.

  • Sarah_1

    Well, I’ve seen some of those democrat women…. A mule is both better looking and more intelligent, and is the obvious choice.

  • Mr.Mike

    Of course he has no problem with it. His wife married a jackass, didn’t she.

  • stephanie wilson

    coming from the moron who calls clarence thomas an uncle tom, despite that thomas is blacker than he is, is ate it again. lmao! now that’s rich! lolol

  • old_salty_dawg99

    This FOOL is a typical Democrat he thinks he knows better than GOD what should be and is Right. A judge out west has already ruled Bestiality is legal. Democrats are only for things so long as it will help them get power then they do not care about it or the harm that type of thing causes.

  • del

    This old boy could only be elected by a ghetto voting….same as old maxine waters and lee

  • Andrew Dinnerman

    Exo 22:19 (22:18) “Whoever has sexual relations with an animal must be put to death. . well if the christian says were under grace you can’t say this law of God is still true today.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    If brains were gunpowder, this idiot couldn’t blow his nose!

  • Carol Skelton

    Well, the donkey (mule, whatever) is the democrat mascot. Figures

  • el_loco_jp

    Another racist, stupid, naive, libtard demoncrap.

  • Charles Doughtie

    Homo boobiens.

  • bdcorvette

    This guy looks like his momma married a mule.

  • Lou

    I guess what he’s saying is that since he’s a jackass he’s entitled to marry a human?

  • bugchaser56

    If someone marries a democrat, isn’t that the same thing as marrying a “little mule”? Thomas Nash had it right when he chose the Ass as a representive of the democrats. Very appopro.

  • 9400budlang8406

    Are there any men or women in Washington who have any concept of morality? With leaders like Mr. Holmes in office we are doomed to a steady decay in morality and it will bring this nation down. Some say this is not historically a problem but they need to take a look at the Roman empire for one of many examples. The debauchery of the Caesars was key ingredient in their fall. The question is, how far down will America sink before our enemies take advantage of our moral and spiritual weakness and move in for the kill? If you think it can’t happen you are extremely foolish.

  • Liberty1941

    He was referring the creation of more young Democrats! This is why the Mule is their party symbol.

  • mike slaney

    This is the leadership running the country, wonder why we have problems?

  • Joe FireTruck

    Michelle O is an “ape jawed” fugly female , but she produced two daughters with the “foreign boy’, so I guess she must be female.

    • Skitz00

      Of course, we only have their word for it that O is the girl’s father. And O’s “word” has a rather sketchy history.

  • Hop

    Well, at least there’s one jackass that’s not afraid anymore…

  • Skitz00

    We can survive the relatively small minority of citizens who are loony morons such as Alvin Holmes, but we are unlikely to survice the majority of idiots who are willing to vote such morons into public office.

  • Nathan51

    WOW! How rich is this; a dump”O”crap seeing nothing wrong with marrying a jackass! I guess we now know why their party mascot IS a jackass!!!!!!!! You just couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

  • rchguns

    While listening to this guy I think his mama must of been a mule because all he can do is bury like one in fact he sort of looks like one. Of course as an insult to a mule. Just goes to show you how wrong people were back in the 1920s and 1930s. They try to say they were descended from apes but now I know the truth they were mules.

  • RDB

    Holmes is a disgrace to our state of Alabama! He is not the norm. Alvin has always been an eccentric buffoon and always will be. The constitutents from his district will, as they have, keep him in office. He should try for an acting career!

    • electron6L6GT

      Why doesn’t someone tell this idiot Holmes that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican? I suppose once he finds that out he will hate Dr. King and call him some ugly name as well!! Democrats are always saying how hateful all of us who love Jesus, our Bible and all that God stands for just because we His Truth and stand on His Word, but they refuse to take a good look in the mirror to see the hate the resides in them. They tell us we have no tolerance and they talk about it as if they own that word, but when it comes to tolerating our beliefs it turns into a one-way street, it’s their way or no way!…that isn’t tolerance, that is just another form of hate and bigotry. Oh, but they WILL be held accountable, God’s HD camcorder misses NOTHING and they will all pay for their ignorance and for trashing God’s Holy Laws.

  • Harold

    If this guy is married, his wife did marry a mule!

  • LWC

    As for scientific literature, there is not one case where a human was born with a sexual attraction to animals. Orientation, on the other hand, is as based in genetics as the color of your eyes, the complexion of your skin, or the height of your shoulders. You could no more change orientation than you could change the color of your eyes. Acting ‘straight’ does not make you ‘straight,’ no more than instilling blue contacts makes brown eyes blue. Further, your religious beliefs must yield to constitutional protections in EVERY instance.

  • DMJo

    When the Roe v. Wade case was going on, pro-life people were warning that if we allow abortion, eventually infanticide would be allowed. That is exactly what partial birth abortion is, and it is allowed in many states in the U.S.

  • LABobE

    What’s the difference between Virginia and West Virginia? In Virginia, Moosehead is a beer. In West Virginia it’s a misdemeanor.

  • jorgaone

    To those who said it would never come to this–I told you so!

  • lookinoutforu

    Set the bar low, and this is what you get.

  • Steve Kellmeyer

    Well, if you are not a homophobe, you MUST be a racist.

  • Mary Garrison

    Obama married a cow

  • txjman

    Mules have been marrying mules for a long time now. Thats why we have so many democrats

  • NotRightNotLeft

    This is such a stupid argument. Marriage is an agreement between two, or more entities. Agreements, like contracts, must be entered into consensually. Since there is no way to ascertain the wishes of a mule, no contract can be made with it. Only an idiot would be moved by this line of thinking. Even if a person thinks that homosexuality is an abomination, an honest person has to admit that only humans are capable of entering into contracts with one another.