Jon Lovitz Tweets Common Sense--Liberals Outraged!

I’m usually not a cynic. For all my angst about the election, and all my complaining about Obama and his disaster of a presidency, I pull from a small reservoir of hope, located behind my shrinking heart. But it’s days like today that dry up my reserve of hope and make me cry tears of blood. First, the good news!

Several days ago, comedian and actor, Jon Lovitz tweeted this: “I’m not against people having health care. It’s how it’s being paid for.”

A simple Tweet, nothing more, stating a relevant, informed opinion. The backlash was tremendous. Because Lovitz is a celebrity, he has many followers; and as an actor/comedian, the majority of his followers are Liberal. That’s just the nature of the beast. But it’s backlash like this that makes me weep for our electorate. Just take a gander at some of the angry Tweet-flood:

Plez Joyner@plezWorld 13 Nov 12

@realjonlovitz “maybe your friends who own businesses should READ about how they can save under #Obamacare (there are tax breaks, incentives)”

Jono@jononno 13 Nov 12

“@realjonlovitz: “Friends who own businesses say they’re figuring out how many they have to lay off.” -You should meet some better businessmen”

Those are just two of the best from a flood of Tweets. Not to fret, however, because Lovitz replied with aplomb.

@realjonlovitz: @plezWorld

“Yes. They don’t know what they’re talking about. They have no idea how much it costs to run their own business.”

@overitall77 “I am telling you what people who own businesses are saying. You don’t want to believe it? Ok.”

And finally, Lovitz wrote this: “If health care in Canada is so great, why do Canadiens come to the US for treatment & no Americans go to Canada for treatment? Suck on that.”

Following that Tweet, several Canadians–as well as Americans–Tweeted in agreement.

My point in all this is simply to vent my frustration with a large portion of the American people. This is our electorate! These are some of the people who voted for Obama! Anyone who has an Internet connection can research Canadian and European healthcare and see just how badly those systems are faltering, not only in cost but in quality of care. Anyone who has a library card or an Internet connection can read about basic economics. Obamacare defies basic economic logic, while mirroring the collapsing healthcare systems of several other countries.

The fact that so many people simply accept what the Obama administration and the media say as sacrosanct is mind-boggling! We are living in an age of unlimited informational resources with a people of unlimited gullibility.

In summary:

What can we do about this? What can we do about those in the country who have no willingness to reach beyond what they are told and search out the truth? We can educate them. How do we do that? First, like Jon Lovitz, we can be more vocal about what we know to be true. We need to be willing to intelligently and calmly discuss our views with those with whom we disagree. Second, we can let them learn from their failures. Obamacare will collapse; and when it does, maybe some will see the truth.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Gandhi: “Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear.”



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  • DebraJMSmith

    Jon Lovitz is right.

    • mlajeunesse53

      @DebraJMSmith Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    • PattiFarrowPoulson

       He is right and I give him every credit for having the guts to tell the truth to the elite Hollwood morons who all their heads up Obama’s _ _ _. None of this will effect them because they have so much money they can just pay privately for everything they need. What I cannot understand is that Obama says right to them – the rich need to pay a little more and their fair share. What they are missing is it will be Obama who decides what their fair share is….MORONS.  Only when the amount becomews so excessive and they feel the pinch will they get mad.

      • thethinman

        @PattiFarrowPoulson  @DebraJMSmith Those nice Hollywood folk have the money to have a private doctor – they be not worried about you – but I’m looking forward to the increase in their taxes.

        • Peaceful

          @thethinman  @PattiFarrowPoulson  @DebraJMSmith 
          In 2010 the forty-three states that offer film subsidies spent 1.5 billion of your tax dollars subsidizing film and TV productions. That could have paid salaries for 23,500 middle school teachers, 26,600 firefighters, and 22,800 police patrol officers.  I mean, come on people.. how is James Cameron supposed to scrape by on a measly 210 million?  He needs your money to survive, he says we are a  bunch of stingy conservative mongrels!  Right?

  • DebraJMSmith

    Also: Remember when Natasha Richardson died in Canada, because of their bad health care? Her own mother, Vanessa Redgrave, did not come out against socialized medicine, because she (her mother) is a huge liberal.

  • johnnyangel10

    Hopefully Lovitz stirred his fellow wags up! As seen by the nutsensical response, he will be banned from anymore health spas in San Fran.

  • bobseeks

    H. L. Menken once said: “No one in this world has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.” Change “the plain people” to “liberal scum” and you have the reality of today.

  • Markus Reborn

    He’s right on about Canadians coming to the states for health care. I live just across the lake (Ontario) from Canada and I’ve been hearing about Canadians coming here to New York for health care for as far back as I can remember. If socialized medicine is so great, why are Canadians coming here?

    • AttMore

      @Markus Reborn Amen!!!

    • PattiFarrowPoulson

      @Markus Reborn
       EXACTLY…. Why are Canadians coming here for health care if their is so great. because theirs STINK and you will die waiting for care.

  • Roy W Hutchinson

    It seens the “Liberals” have lost touch with reality. So it “seems” it is about time the rest of us quit being so concerned about them and “move on.”

    • KarlMWilliams

      @Roy W Hutchinson
       Except that Washington is paying them to breed like rats and overpopulate the country, thus guaranteeing that liberals/socialists get elected.

      • thethinman

        @KarlMWilliams  @Roy W Hutchinson No, Washington has planned parenthood, birth control and infanticide (abortion) for them.  the Liberals are counting on the Mexicans flooding into the country to keep them going – the Americans that voted them in and for their “free” gifts – they are about done with them.  Useful, but not forever

  • wedey

    It outrages me that when people no matter how they are make a statement that they believe in and make sense, they are demonized.  I feel the say way he does.  I never had a cadilac policy until I was in my 40 and I got by.

  • Don39

    Liberals are nothing if not outraged and outrageous! It is a big part of the liberal psychopathology. Mainly they are angry at being amoral and being judged for it , like kill the babies, save the killer syndrome and the so called Christians homosexuals that blaspheme the Bible by ignoring those passages that are uncomfortable because they scorn them as abominations before God..

  • bobeis

    Yes and there is much ignorance in these negative responses. John is right. And who is the knicklehead that thinks small business doesn’t know how to run their own businesses. I suppose you do!? I’m guessing he is either not in business or has lost several or is about to.

    • KarlMWilliams

       Havn’t we all learned that Barry knows better?

      • PattiFarrowPoulson

        @KarlMWilliams  @bobeis
        Barry only knows one thing – That is how to ruin ths country…..And he is doing a great job at that.

        • thethinman

          @PattiFarrowPoulson  @KarlMWilliams  @bobeis Obama and his Senate are in good company, King George and his Parliament, Rehoboam and his young friends ( ).  King George was strangling the goose that would have laid him a huge golden egg, unfortunately for him – the goose turned on him and beat him.  Rehoboam wasn’t so lucky – he lost 10/12ths of his kingdom.  WHY – TAXES.
          And as Chief Justice Roberts said – ObamaCare is a TAX.  AND elections have consequences.

  • wedey

    Also if socialized medicine is so great why are Congress and the President exempted.  Also I have heard the same statement from our friends from Canada who said when it was passed, that you will be sorry.  It is fine when you are young and basically health, but wait until you get older and need things like new hips and other illnesses that the older population are afflicted with and have to wait months and even years to get treatment, then you won’t think it is so great.

    • tonyvetpatriotliberal

      @wedey You can always find a private doctor and pay for it yourself…or wait months  for your private insurance (which you can still purchase under Obamacare) company to accept OR REJECT your claim.

      • KarlMWilliams

        @tonyvetpatriotliberal  @wedeyTany, you should be more carfull.  Your ignorance is showing.

        • mlajeunesse53

          @KarlMWilliams  @tonyvetpatriotliberal  @wedey You spell carefull as CARFULL and you have the audacity to use the word ignorance?

        • american2american

          @mlajeunesse53  @KarlMWilliams  @tonyvetpatriotliberal  @wedey spelling correctly does not make something valid and spelling incorrectly does not make something invalid.  I know a lot of smart people who can’t spell.

        • autonomous 1

          @american2american  @mlajeunesse53  @KarlMWilliams  @tonyvetpatriotliberal  @wedey If your “smart” people do not know correct spelling, then they are not so intelligent or learned.

        • AttMore

          @american2american  @mlajeunesse53  @KarlMWilliams  @tonyvetpatriotliberal  @wedey You got that right!!….and AMEN

        • leefromok

          @american2american  @mlajeunesse53  @KarlMWilliams  @tonyvetpatriotliberal  @wedey Me too!
          I depend on spell check too much I suppose.
          Too bad it doesn’t work here.
          My dad only went to the 9th grade, but he could do math in his head faster than most people on paper.
          Spelling isn’t a good measure of intelligence.
          Nitpicking about things that don’t matter might  be because of a lack of intelligence. Or a lack of a good argument.

      • american2american

        @tonyvetpatriotliberal  @wedey There won’t be any private doctors Tony.  They will probably be in jail if discovered, a fema camp getting re educated.  Wake up.

      • PattiFarrowPoulson

        @tonyvetpatriotliberal  @wedey
         Comments like yours are the reason that Obama won the election. You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. If you think for a minute that your are NOT going to need denied for care you need under Obamacare – just wait – Obamacare is like having an HMO on steroids. Have you ever had to pay a doctor privately? You beter be quite wealthy or that isn’t going to happen/ either. I have private insurance and there is NO problem with getting care so I don’t know what you are talking about.

    • PattiFarrowPoulson

       I say Obamacare is fine IF all the politicians – including the president and their families have to have the same one too…. Tell them that one and see if they want it for the whole country. They think they are so high and mighty and are exempt from the rest of the American people. Also my daughter-in-law is from Canada and she said socialized medicine is equivilent to a death sentence. You wait forever to see a doctor and when you do, they take forever to treat you , order tests, and do surgery. By that time, you are a goner…. Good luck to all you boneheads that voted for this medical care. Wait until you get sick and you find out what Obama gave you. There is NO FREE LUNCH…. However more and more of Americans want there to be one.Not to mention how much voter fraud took place in this past presidential election. Its a fact. Technicians that worked on the electronic voting machines said alot of machines defaulted to Obama when people voted for Romney. Add that to no voter I.D. – There you have it. Obama the winner…..Romney did NOT lose. America did.

    • american2american

      @wedey I believe even Canada’s health care as it is will be looking good when this is fully established.  It will be a thousand times worse and we will be going to Canada if we can get there.

  • Laura Rambeau Lee

    Interestingly enough, a couple of years ago I related the story of a professor of philosophy I met on a plane, as we struck up a conversation on health care. He was from Canada and did not understand why the American people were so against it.

    • leefromok

      Good story!

  • Susan Daniels PI

    Loven an honest man. He gives me hope that common sense still exists in the country.

  • Incredulous1

    Great Ghandi quote!  Got to remember that one…

  • tonyvetpatriotliberal

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Romney promise to give tax cuts (to the people who spent Millions on his campaign) and promise fewer regulations to the energy industry (who donated millions to his campaign) and (quietly) promise Union busting legislation to corporations (who contributed millions to his campaign) and promise harsher immigration laws to lure voters in Texas and arizona…and on and on.

    • margar

      who were you listening to.  it is obama who is handing out all the free stuff… vote for me i’ll give you stuff,  food stamps, free phones, i’ll even pay your tuition to college if you are the right color.  my grand daughter isn’t getting this kind of help. the coal industry will be put out of business because of obama regulations he has placed on them.  so you will start whinning when your utility bill goes up.  actually we need to bring the military home and put them on the south border.  it will keep them quite busy……..

    • dane1947

      @tonyvetpatriotliberal Did Obama take millions from foreign Muslims, corrupt unions, who took the money from union employees and let four Americans get raped and killed and sell guns to the drug lords in Mexico, I could go on and on!

    • KarlMWilliams

       No, tony.  But didn’t Obama take a car company from the legal  creditors and give it to his union cronies to buy their votes?  And didn’t it work?

    • fixitcr63

      @tonyvetpatriotliberal Well Tony, you are wrong and here’s why.  Romney promised lower tax rates to the general populace, including small businesses, which are being swamped with regulations, (68/day for over two months), and new taxes from Obamacare, just to mention a few things.  He also promised fewer regulations and ones that made more sense so the energy companies, who not only donated to his campaign, but also invest millions upon millions of dollars in infrastructure so they can bring you and the new companies that come on line, enough power to keep them up and running.. As for the unions, the wonderful unions, the ones that force a person to join, pay dues, take that money and use it to promote candidates not of your choosing, but their’s..  And if you are brave enough to say something about voting for the other guy that they’re not supporting. you could very well be looking at a midnight visit by some rather large fellows who’ve come to help you see the light and change your mind about how to vote.  As for tougher immigration laws, I believe he was more for enforcing the ones we have in place first, then if that didn’t help slow the influx of illegal folks, then probably more stringent laws would be necessary.   Next time try to get your story straight, you could save us the trouble of correcting you.

    • KarenWI

       Have you checked who donated millions to obama’s campaign???? Many of these same businesses including Wall Street and GE (who paid NO TAXES last year)…… what I’m saying is what’s your point???   Additionally, all of the ‘alternative energy’ startups and unions donated MILLIONS to obama.   And None of what bo has done has worked!!   Giving away billions to the unions and auto industry union people haven’t created jobs,  billions of our money lost to the failed alternative energy companies (who’s owners gave to obama).  All politicians need money to run (this is a fact that you should know if you are bright enough) and the point is what obama does has FAILED and put us Trillions more into debt.   Half the country voted for Romney to try the other ‘free enterprise’ way of improving our lives and economy.  It’s very disingenious to spout off on where Romney got his money and not admit that obama was the same way…………that’s politics, buddy, all i care about is what works for America!  And obama has potentially RUINED the financial future for generations of young people…

  • margar

    50% of the american people are not liberal.  the voting was pretty much right down the middle.  the electoral votes are unconstitutional.  it should be the popular vote that calls an election.  AT LEAST HALF OF US AREN’T STUPID.  YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID. they haven’t figured out they are actually going to be required to carry insurance. and pay penalties if they don’t.  they think because their children can stay on their policy til 25 years old it is wonderful, and haven’t thought what policy.  if self employed they’ll carry on themselves and their children.  whoa do you think the premiums won’t be higher.  the gov’t figures out everyday how to screw over the american people and this is just another instance…

    • CQ

      @margar Electoral voting IS in the Constitution, although the details of how it is applied are not spelled out.

    • WesTexan

      @margar I understand your sentiment and agree almost. The Electoral College was a streak of genius. Without it, the popular vote would place all the power in the states with the biggest cities, i.e., the largest populations. The votes of Americans in places like Oklahoma, Wyoming, Iowa, etc. would mean nothing. The entire electorate would be at the mercy of New York, Illinois, Ohio, Florida and California. All the other states would take a backseat to the largest, most liberal populations.  You should rethink what you have proposed. May God have mercy on us and the U.S.

      • marmo

        @WesTexan  @margar
         who  actually won this election for obama…it came down to ohio, florida and wisconsin so those states won it for him.  whoever has the most electoral votes wins. there were 50% of americans wanted romney for the presidency.. it is just another way for the gov’t to unfairly control the elections

  • skip gainer

    It just proves then 99%ters want to be lead around and cared for because they are to dam lazy to think or do for themselves!

  • pudbertsavannahga

    “Common Sense–Liberals” ? ? ?
    Please,, that’s like saying PATRIOT ODumbo…..

    • mrscas

      @pudbertsavannahga Liberals have NO sense common or otherwise.

  • mrscas

    Cobwebs of ignorance abound in this country.  They cast their die now will pay the price.  It is already beginning.  Good for Lovitz for telling the truth.

    • thethinman

      @mrscas It’s more like they chose their lot – not cast die.

  • olduglycarl

    If you look at history, you have no choice but to admit that progressivism since the days of woody wilson has bread new age progressive stupidity through disempowerments in education, health care, the cinima and the music industry.
    Just like Aristotle said; barbarians and slaves lack the mechinism for self rule . Modernday progressives are indeed inslaved by these ignorant barbaric ideals. You only have to observe the behavior of liberals and progressives to see that this is true. Niether has the ability to think or control themselves.
    Please read my first book, The Fight for Conscious Human Life©, coming very soon as a digital download for only 3.99. Published by Author House. Find out the root cause of what is really going on, from a very different perspective.

    • carrieanne

      @olduglycarl Excuse me but you misspelled “bred” as “bread”,  and “cinima” as cinima.
      Your remarks are absolutely truthful.  Rest assured that I will look for your first book, “The Fight for Conscious Life”.

      • olduglycarl

        Carrieanne, thanks for the edit, no excuses, just in a hurry. Author house tells me that the book will be on the internet in days now. Thank you for your interest.

  • thethinman

    We’ve been going to “educate” people about the danger of cigarettes – there are still millions that smoke, chew, dip snuff.  EDUCATE – it doesn’t work – you know why – people just look at the sponsor and say – OH – it’s just them.  It’s like the sign the kids made in the chain link fence around their school – say no to drugs – they get home – every second ad is about DRUGS – the stupid part is – they are even telling you the side effects are OFTEN worse than the benefit – and many of them can KILL you.
    BUT – like any good American – I’m willing to try and “educate” them – but as long as you keep handing out the “free” stuff – or the promise of “free” stuff – it won’t work.

  • Jim Staker

    When will people realize it isn’t about ignorance. There is a deliberateness to it, a stake in something. Ignorance doesn’t get angry when facts are brought up that can’t be denied.

    • thethinman

      @Jim Staker very generally true – although Ignorance hates to admit to ignorance.

      • Jim Staker

        @thethinman The story of  “the Emperors new clothes” was told a long time ago to illustrate a common recurring pattern in human nature.  As the story goes, – and few realize this – there was really no deception or ignorance involved in the farce of the clothes no one could see. Everyone knew there were no clothes. But there was something else to be gained in pretending to see them. Superiority.
        Since it was claimed that “stupid” people could not see the clothes, those most anxious to be on the “smart” wagon, piled on and became the instant winners – and quickly the majority – since most people want to be on the side of public opinion where possible. The miracle of gaining public agreement, however, if it goes far enough, is that once the lie gains enough momentum, the weakest minds begin to question themselves. Even though they still don’t see the clothes, they wonder if they SHOULD see them, & begin to doubt their own truth, eyesight, sanity, and the facts. They become more willing to bet on the apparent consensus.
        This is why Ho chi mihn would always speak in terms of “the people want this, the people want that” as if he personally went to every household and asked their opinions on everything. Communist leaders always seek to create the impression that their views are shared by the overwhelming majority. You see obama & his allies doing this constantly. They know the power of instant superiority by way of popular opnion, and that it works as well, if not even better than freebies. Freebies & welfare have [I should say ‘had’] the potential to draw shame to the takers. But notice that even that has been addressed by……you guessed it, increased popularity.
        And have you noticed how emboldened liberals have become since obama took office? Any shame they may have had in lying before, is soothed by seeing the media get behind him, and lie along with him. They’re feeling encouraged by nothing other than strength in numbers. Ever seen a cowardly boy suddenly get real sassy when Daddy is standing there to protect him?

  • idleing

    I’m sure there are many out there if they would not be penalized in the pocket book would speak their true rational thinking. But alas, it seems that that the money usurps rational thought. Such is the nature of the thinking of many.
     SO SAD. They are having their reward in full now.

  • FrancesCampbell

    obama bought the election.  the fraud was rampaNT.  WHY WOULD ANYONE NOT ALLOW VOTER ID?  the only reason is to commit fraud and we are only beginning to hear the stories and the candidates who lost that were  fact the winners.  the communists now running the usa are indeed masters of deceit as j. edgar hoover titled one of his books.   obama surrounds himself with communists, and america haters as he himself is.  why have none of his school papers ever been released?  because he would never have been permitted to empty garbage at the whitehouse due to his admitted  illegal drug use and his communist friends  bill ayers and his wife–both terrorists and frank marshall davis who had a 600 page dossier with the fbi and was to have been arrested if there was a war with russia. obama would have failed security clearance.  he is a criminal who worked hand in hand with tony reszko and should be in jail with him today.  how do you think he got his 1.6 million dollar mansion in chicago?  who do you think wrote his dreams of my father/  IT WAS BILL AYERS THE ENGLISH  PROFESSOR.  the man is a sociopath to let the benghazi 4 die.  no one but the president can give orders for our military to cross into another’s territory and then obama went to bed so he would   not have to witness the deaths of these 4 american citizens as it was all on film  live–the murders–the sodomy… impeach him. he is the cause of what happened in libya.. he sent in the planes that killed off the libya police and military forces and pemitted terrorists to take over.  he is loving it–the middle east in flames and turmoil.

    • thethinman

      @FrancesCampbell It is so nice to be able to rant, weep and cry – enjoy it – because there will NOTHING be done about Benghazi – except on tired old General will be dragged through the dirt – then rewarded for the rest of his life.

    • usmadgirl

      You are exactly right on all issues.  I’m so angry, disgusted, sad & terrified!  I never dreamed I’d be living under “tyranny” in my own country…ever!  Guess I should’ve done more than just “memorize” history ONLY for good test scores!
      In TN, we HAD to have a photo ID to vote.  If it’s mandatory for TN, why isn’t it a Federal mandate?  We all KNOW why…that would’ve eliminated half of O’Dumbo’s voters…cartoon characters, the dead, the illegals & those who voted more than once.  If one political party is adamant against something as simple as having to have an ID (that they are required to have & use daily) in order to vote, then shouldn’t it have been demanded by the opposing party?  The judges that ruled against voter ID were probably appointed by the “left”.  I’d hate to think that the only way I could win an election was by fraud & any illegal means possible.  Oh but wait!  That’s because I”M not a drug-fried, illegal, radical, racist, anti-Christian, anti-Jew,  America & Israel-hating, Constitution-ignoring, Congress bypassing, Executive Order abusing, Chicago street-thug criminal, Muslim-sympathizing, revolutionary, Communist Dictator!  So what would I know?

      • marmo

        @usmadgirl  @FrancesCampbell
         you got all those descriptions absolutely right..YOU GET AN A+

  • IrishHeart

    I have worked in healthcare administration almost my entire working life, 40+ years. I am one of those unusual folks who actually read the entire law when it was passed, so I have my finger on Obamacare. 1. EVERY doc, regardless of specialty will be paid the same fee. 2. Civilian panels will decide what treatment is appropriate, and while it is not fully in place  3. doctors will NOT be allowed to give non approved treatment even for cash. Many of the doctors I know personally are putting together their exit plan. A tremendous increase in patients seeking care and many leaving the field will make care less accessible. 4. So, if you like and want to keep your current doctor; well good luck with that! 
    Those docs that stay will be lucky to ever pay off their student loans. I suggest that in a relatively short time you will NOT WANT the crappy care you can get or may be dead before the appointment finally rolls around.  If by some miracle I as a diabetic with complications am still alive in a few years to see it, I believe I will see Americans begging for the terrific care they are getting today just for walking into an ER with no insurance and no money.
    When 2013 taxes are paid a new mandatory form to file will be a part of the package and will include payment of any penalties related to meeting the mandatory insurance requirements. 5. When you sell your house, I am sure you will delighted to pay 3% of that transaction to the government. 6. It is possible that when that day comes you may not even be worried about that tax if you or your loved one has met the age Obama considers ‘shovel ready’ and the care you need has been denied because YOU are NOT worth the cost of the care. We already today are telling people who are only 70 that they can no longer receive what has been common treatment and instead they must have a doctor visit to plan for death.
    If all this is so terrific, please explain to me why the people shoving it down our throats are all completely EXEMPT from its requirements??????? And when you finish that … continue on … because I for one want to know why Muslims have been exempted because their RELIGION forbids gambling and they supposedly believe taking insurance is gambling while on the other hand the abortion related mandates are NOT exempted for Christians because their religion feels abortion is murder.
    I have touched on a very few gotchas buried in the healthcare/insurance law. I could add a great many more so that every one who reads this and thinks for just a minute will realize when this is fully enacted in about 2 years they will feel the pain of this horrendous mistake. We are already seeing job losses today that are a direct result of Obamacare cost burdens. The number of workers who will have their hours cut and no longer qualify fior the decent coverage they have today will eventually blossom into tremendous numbers.
    My final thought for this post is why let the government even talk about reform when it is the governmen driving up costs through restrictions and mandates???

  • Emmess

    I’m a conservative. I’m a Canadian. I’m 73 years old with heart and kidney problems. I have no problem with the Canadian health care system. The only long time waits are for non-essential surgeries and yes, Americans do come to Canada for health care.

    • KarenWI

       Wow, this is good news, this means that everything will be just FINE under obamacare.  Thanks!! (tongue in cheek)

    • AttMore

      @Emmess You don’t have a problem with your Canadian health care,fine….But I still don’t care for this CRAP over here…evil “resident” is an…Obamanation..we did’nt want it then,and we don’t want it now… I’m talking about REAL AMERICANS..not ….traitors,commies,etc.- also if it’s so great,why is’nt  congress and the rest of the crowd on it?…I’ll answer that…because they know it’s “CRAP”

      • Emmess

        @AttMore I agree that Obamacare is an abomination and destructive to the American economy but don’t compare it with what we have in Canada. You don’t strengthen the truth by repeating a lie which is what you are doing when you bring the Canadian system into the equation. They’re as different as apples and watermelons even though both are fruit.

        • AttMore

          @Emmess I REPEAT….I said if you like your health care, fine(canadian)….I said i don’t like the “CRAP” over here …..apparently you have limited understanding….”YOU COMPARED THEM”….GOD BLESS…and have nice day!!!!

        • AttMore

          @Emmess correction-and have a nice day

  • Emmess

    Fortunately, the Canadian health care system is nothing like Obamacare. Bureaucrats do not get involved. The doctor’s orders rule supreme and contrary to the propaganda, we do choose our own doctors.

  • RonMartin

    Jon Lovitz  telling it like it is  !!     I  love it  ,  if  a  comedian  is going to get involved  in politics  .  He should know what he  is talking about  and  this man does  .  Its  just the norm  these days if your against   the  obamanation  ,  they  crucify  you    !!!

  • Randy131

    Mr. Camp, as you say, Obamacare will collapse, but when it finally does, the real problem is that it will bring down the USA with it.  How do you suppose Obamacare will collapse?  It will cause such high deficits, added to what Obama’s yearly average deficit has been, will create yearly deficits of $3 trillion, and in 3 years the natonal debt will reach $25 trillion, destroying the US Dollar and making everyone’s savings worthless, as well as all Social Security payments, welfare payments, food stamps, and unemployment insurance payments.  People in the USA will live by the gun, under Martial Law to protect the ones in power, but all others will have to live the best they can.  Obamacare was passed so the 50 million people without healthcare insurance could get it from the government, with the CBO saying the yearly cost, using Obama’s numbers to get the ‘Bill’ passed, would be $90 billion, being paid for by taking $71.6 billion from Medicare for 10 years, and the other $18.4 billion coming from the 18 new taxes writen into the ‘Bill’, but as Nancy Pelosi told us, they had to pass the ‘Bill’ to find out what was in it, when the CBO finally had the chance to read it, discovered another $180 billion in cost that they were not told about by Obama, for a total yearly cost of $290 billion, with $180 billion now unfunded.  Today there are 150 million people with employer provided healthcare insurance, that when Obamacare was passed, cost the employers about $3 to $4 thousand a year for a family of 4, and Obama claimed Obamacare would decrease that cost by $2,500, but in reality it has risen to date by $2,500, and is projected to rise another $2,500 when Obamacare kicks in in 2014, bringing the employer provided healthcare for a family of 4 to $8 to $9 thousand a year, or they can drop their coverage and pay a $2,000 a year penalty.  Which do you think the employers will choose to do?  There is a conservative projection that employers will choose to drop 100,00 million employees from their healthcare coverage and pay the fine instead, which goes to the government and not the employee, which the law says now has to go out and get their own $8 to $9 thousand a year healthcare insurance, or if the can’t afford to, must pay the government a penalty ‘TAX’, which goes to the government, but then the government has to cover their healthcare insurance.  Now instead of Obamacare costing the government $290 billion to cover just 50 million people, it will now have to add 100 million more people for another cost of $580 billion unfunded, and adding the $180 billion unfunded from the first 50 Billion people, will now cost the government $760 billion unfunded, added to Obama’s yearly average deficit over his first 4 years of $1.4 trillion a year, will then bring the yearly deficit to $2.16 trillion, and these are conservative estimates from a CBO that has never estimated or projected any cost correctly, never ever.  Add to this the cost of all the jobs that we will, and are losing because of Obamacare, as well as all the jobs that are disappearing because of Obama’s and the Democrats’ insistence on raising taxes on everyone making $200,000 a year, or a couple making $250,000 a year, and the lost tax revenue from all these job losses will bring those yealy average deficits up to, and probably over $3 trillion a year, and goodbye USA.  People don’t understand that since Obama has become President in the last 4 years, the US Treasury has not been able to sell enough US Treasury Bonds to cover Obama’s huge deficits, so the Federal Reserve Board has been buying them with fiat money to cover the deficits, making the Federal Reserve Board 4 times the creditor of all other countries added together, owning at least $13 trillion of our national debt, which will cause hyper inflation very soon.  The Federal Reserve Board has not only been buying 75% of Obama’s new debt, but also all the old debt which has matured from other countries, and all with fiat money.  The direction Obama’s policies are taking us, we won’t make it through his next term before the big crash comes, and there will have to be a new USA, one that people will not recognize, nor want to live in.  Who knew it would take all this for Obamacare to collapse, as you say Mr. Camp?  And it definatey will, for we can’t afford to go on like we’re going, let alone add another costly entitlement program.

  • Peaceful

    In 2010 the forty-three states that offer film subsidies spent 1.5 billion of your tax dollars subsidizing film and TV productions. That could have paid salaries for 23,500 middle school teachers, 26,600 firefighters, and 22,800 police patrol officers.  I mean, come on people.. how is James Cameron supposed to scrape by on a measly 210 million?  He needs your money to survive, he says we are a  bunch of stingy conservative mongrels!  Right?

    • fixitcr63

      @Peaceful I’ve never personally heard of film subsidies being paid by communities, towns, cities, whatever municipalities you’re referring to, but it really doesn’t surprise me.  The film companies should be paying rent on the properties that they use in their films, and at top dollar, considering what it costs to go see a movie nowadays.

  • Public_Citizen

    The majority of the tweeters are of the generation that was raised on a constant litany of self esteem and never having to face the consequences of poor decision making [including not getting a basic education or studying something that will actually contribute to society when/if they got to college].
    These people are emotionally crippled children walking around in adult bodies.  The only thing that is going to cull this deadweight is the classical Malthusian Correctives [look it up].
    The storm is coming.  The Weimar Republic 2.0 is on the horizon with all the consequences and fallout.

  • Public_Citizen

    John Lovitz is going through the slow [and made painful by angry liberals] awakening from the liberal cocoon into the reality of the future that only the thoughtful and educated are capable of understanding.
    Welcome to reality Mr. Lovitz!  You have enough visibility and public presence that your words may actually fall on receptive ears and begin the process in a few others who are being led by the Pied Pipers of Liberalism to their eventual downfall and destruction.

    • KarenWI

       We need MORE celebrities like Jon to SPEAK UP because so much of the public doesn’t think and just listens to and believes celebrities and the main street propaganda machine without any logical thought or critical thinking of how things really work and consequences.  There is HOPE if enough celebrities start to SPEAK UP and the more ignorant of the public starts to hear the ‘other’ side.  THANKS JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I for one will go to ANY movie you are in from now on….lol

  • remesquaddie

    We are either going to have REAL business with ways of producing a profit margin for the owners, or we are NOT going to have businesses that employ ANYONE at all.
    If none, where is the government going to get the taxes for their own salaries, healthcare, pensions? They are like the unions they support…..brainless.

    • dmttbt

       They will continue to just print money until it is not worth the paper it is printed on. We are not far from that point now.@

  • realist34

    “Second, we can let them learn from their failures.  Obamacare WILL collapse; and when it does, maybe some will see the truth.”
    No, John.  They will just blame Bush.

    • Mario

      We will never get completely away from donkey holes; but eventualy blaming  Bush will be out of fashion.

  • mperkins

    Obamacare is doing exactly what it was designed to do, Destroy the American economy and bring about the downfall of our great country. It is a shame that so many are so entranced by this man ( and that’s all he is, not a god as some must think) that they can’t seem the truth stareing them in the face. This is the same kind of influnce Hitler had over his people as he was destroying their country. The reason so many are so blind is because they schools have not taught and warned our children and grandchildren of the dangers of this type societal takeover.

    • Mario

      It is great to read commentary such as yours.  You are correct about Hitler and Mussolini and Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. Our education system has been destroyed by the liberal elite to achieve their objective and the rest of the population has allowed it to happen.  We need to get back our educational principles, ethics and Freedom of Religion!  Go back to our Founding Fathers and learn from their ideas!

  • cantonst

    None of the drivers of health care cost were addressed by Obamacare.  Legal liability of individual and corporate health care providers immediately comes to mind.  Record keeping methods comes in a close second.  Medical education costs, hospital and physician billing, and treatment requirements should also be addressed. How much of the health care dollar goes to public and private health care administration? NP and PA programs should be maximized.  I could go on forever but you get the idea.  Eliminate waste and maximize efficiency…the federal government is good at neither.

  • cantonst

    PS: Chip embedded national photo ID would go a long way to help curb health care costs!

    • scolafr

      @cantonst Good idea. If only we could apply this to a national voter ID. Both would go a long way in preventing fraud of which is prevalent in both.

      • nighthunter

        @scolafr  @cantonst You’re forgetting about electronic vote counters.  Computers can be programed to output anything the programmer desires.  And when the news media “projects” that a candidate won with less than 3% of the vote even tallied, I begin to really wonder about who is lying.

  • razzy1492

    We need more celebrities to speak up. Many are afraid of the back lash, unfortunately.

  • JosephRCarreiroSr

    If you speak out in Holluwood,you end up in the bread line.No jobs to be had.Keeping quiet is the safest way to live these days.

  • JimPeel

    As P.J. O’Rourke said back in the days of HillaryCare: “If you think healthcare is expensive now, wait ’til it’s free.”

  • Thomas B123

    I blame it all on public education

  • StanParrish

    Liberals are outraged? So what else is new?
    Common sense, facts, and logic always outrages liberals.

  • boxerbuddy4

    I’ve tried to explain this to my lib friends, but they tell me I’m lying! I can’t fathom why they think I would actually lie to them, but that’s what they’ve said. After picking my jaw up off the floor twice when they called me a liar, now I just shake my head and walk away. These people won’t get it until get it until it slaps them in the face when they can’t get the treatment they think they should. How sad is this……

    • KarenWI

       Calling you a LIAR or a RACIST is what the left now does when they can’t respond.  This is a way of life now….John McCain was just called a racist because of questioning how Ms. Rick was told to say Libya attacks were caused by a video.  John McCain a racist, give me a flippin’ break.  But LOOK for more and more of this……………..because the left is desparate to keep hiding the truth of what they are doing from people…

    • KarenWI

       Also, sorry boxerbuddy4, but I’ve learned the ‘libs’ are no longer my friends……after putting up with them last year around the capitol in Madison and seeing their horrible behaviors and now this election……….they are no longer my friends, I only act civil when I have to in the workplace and such, but in my private life they are NOT my friends…….they are the enemy of America.

  • PghVince

    liberal don’t know the meaning of common sense; if they did, they wouldn’t be liberals!!

  • AdrianVance

    Never tell a liberal the truth.   They get cranky and won’t eat their bananas.
    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative ( where you will learn to speak so well ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • giljones

    Jon, just keep repeating your truth, eventually their confusion will blow.  Gandi’s statement is correct.  You are merely stating a 1st truth, that resides in them still, while they are trying to reconcile it with a 2nd indoctrinated ‘truth’ (lie) and resulting confusion.  Their ‘tweets’ are an attempt to fight the confusion, i.e. pretty hard work when one is fighting his own intellectual integrity/honesty of 1st truth which is just plain old common sense. 
    For a closer look at Integrity and Honesty follow this link to the intro video and free online course…Semper Fi  P.S. the site developers could use the “Success Through Communications” course, i.e. no way to cut/paste, bummer.

  • Mario

    People have the government they deserve! We have the majority voting for a dictatorial regime without bothering to research what they are doing. Further, they do not need to go too far to see the effects of what they are voting for.  Go to Cuba, Venezuela and a little extra effort will take them to Europe; Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, etc. But dumb people will continue to be dumb and act in such fashion. Perhaps after the collapse, some will see the truth but will no  longer be able to come out of the hole!, There is no way to educate those dumb people who do not want to be educated!

  • dmttbt

    I am sure, like myself many of you have had the opportunity to vote on line in a survey. The results are posted as soon as you have voted. I have found that on every question there is a similar following. Usually 60-40 or 70- 30 % it really doesn’t falter much from those numbers. I also notice that on things like this post the overwhelming majority are for the conservative side. How in the h ll did the election turn out to be that in reverse??
      I just saw obama in Tailand I believe giving a speech explaining that in this country every vote counts and that is what makes this a great country. Iguess if they count two or three times it makes it a really great country.@

  • KarenWI

    The problem is that with most liberals and people who voted for obama, you can no longer HAVE a civil conversation about ideas and facts and beliefs.  This stemmed directly from the Clintons who started the method of just ATTACKING and destroying anyone who disagreed with them instead of having civil discussions about disagreements.  This morphed into everyone blaming BUSH for everything where it’s now a joke that BUSH is to blame for everything from low home prices (totally responsible – bush), to global warming, to anything that comes up even 4 years after he left office.   The people I CAN speak to around Madison are either just spewing hate comments, calling me racists and blaming the Koch brothers or evil rich people.  These people can’t have a serious discussion about economics, businesses and job creations.  I’ve found that whenever I ask someone who voted for bo to tell me who he has created jobs in the private sector, they cannot answer!  OR they are dumbfounded when I mention even the most plain facts that every state will now have a  health insurance exchange created to administer obamacare…….AND that they may lose their health insurance if their company decides to pay a tax instead of insuring them………they just stare at me blankly and cannot respond.

  • Tony Ruiz

    obamacrap is just that, and the mindless drones posting here are just that…mindless drones. Keep it to yourselves, you idiots with double digit IQs. You don’t even belong here, let alone have the right to vote…you’re the Stupid Majority and have no idea what you’re talking about IN ANY CASE, ON ANY SUBJECT. Go back to waiting for your obama cell phones. YUK!

    • AttMore

      Tony Ruiz…..I’m still laughing about….the “vomit phones”…..good line..HAHAHAHAHA-LOL

      • AttMore

        @leefromok Thanks partner….from OK

  • J Joy

    We need to be looking for truth thru the cobwebs and as we try to clean away the cobwebs the Democrats and other liberals continue making more dense cobwebs to deny our vision.  When socialism has raped America of all money and future Democrats will be right there with us, blaming the Republicans for the results of their insanity to the bitter end.  History, though, will show the truth, unless Obama is allowed to rewrite history in his favor.

    • AttMore

      @J Joy Oh what a tangled web we weave,when we first practice to deceive….evil “resident” and regime will get theirs….God knows how to pick “good” and “evil” out the bunch…

      • nighthunter

        @AttMore  @J Joy Thats what the Catholics said when Elizabeth I banned the saying of mass. That’s what the protestants said when Catholic France was killing the Huguenots. That’s what the Germans said when killing the Jews. While I willing to accept help from the deity if and when he provides it, you had best plan on being on your own- ie- “God helps those that help themselves.”

        • AttMore

          @nighthunter  @J Joy The saying….”God helps those who help themselves is not in the Bible:…But if you can print…book-chapter-verse…I will gladly read it….also if we could help ourselves we would not need “JESUS” to save us “Sinners”-God also gives us common sense,we can only do what’s humanly possible,But even in this we need God…who do you think gets us up in the mornings,put breath in us,etc…In other words we need God 24/7…But i can’t talk for you….you have to seek the LORD while HE can be found,yourself….God Bless…

  • Viet Nam Vet

    Since the Voter Fraud that was thrown on America this Election we have no Country and no Health Care especially for the very sick young and Old just ask Canadians who have or are dieing under the Socialist Death Care System.  I knew two Canadian Families who moved here because their Death Care system murdered their Parents by making them wait for their Operations or Treatments over two years and they died waiting just as expected.  We now have the Abomination Death Care bill here and it will do the same thing at the expense of Medicare and Medicaid to pay for this Socialized Death Bill which has gone up from $500 Billion to over $2 Trillion and climbing and is only 60% up and running !!!!!!  Expect this Fiasco to top $5 Trillion as all Government programs do run Badly and Murder the young and Old.  America is dead and Marxism is alive and well in the New UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF RUSSIA.     Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      @Viet Nam Vet
       Invest in precious metal, buy lead!!! by the way, lead does move faster than gold or silver!!!!

      • BillWelch

        @Combat Veteran Seabee  @Viet Nam Vet
         I like silver though…it makes really pretty bullets…Ha! It kills blood-suckers too according to legnd doesn’t it? Silver and lead, a great combo!

        • Combat Veteran Seabee

          @BillWelch  @Viet Nam Vet
           Thanks for the chuckle as I oil my weapon! A civilian would have said GUN!
           Big difference when it boils down to what it needs be!!

  • Bucky1a

    Unfortunately, many of the electorate want to bring our health care down to the level of other nations. They feel guilty that America is so blessed and think it is “unfair” that we have prospered through our capitalist system. Also, no one wants to admit that God has blessed America due to our Founding Father’s reliance on God’s guidance and our unwavering support of Israel. Now we will see what happens when all this is turned around and we follow socialism and we turn our back on Israel, and Obama will turn away from Israel.

  • LeSellers

    Education, in the very long run, is one answer. 
    Indeed, it’s the ONLY answer. But anyone who believes it will ever happen in the government-run, tax-funded welfare schools is naïve beyond belief.
    Horace Mann imported them from Prussia in 1852 precisely to divorce children from their parents’ religious values and mores — from the parents themselves. John Dewey, in the early XX, bragged that “There is nothing they can do in their one-hour Sunday School class when we have the children for six hours a day, every day.”  
    Nothing has improved.
    If you want your child to be “educated” (as opposed to indoctrinated into the religion of Prytaneolatry — the worship of the state), you  must remove your child from the maw of government and take control of his education. Do Family-Centered education (misleadingly called “home schooling” by many people), co-op school with your neighbors and friends from church, hire a tutor for some subjects if you must, get grandma’n’grandpa to help you, and Uncle Mort can teach math and science if you ask him.The “Crazy Lady” down the street who’s been teaching her own children for six years will be glad to help (you might have to apologize to her first, though), and NON-governmental classes online can round out your curricula. Enroll them in a “Mom School” or just get together with five or six other families and run your own school. It’s all legal and doable.  
    The cost might be high. That’s not important because the price of not doing it is far greater: that price is your child. you choose which is more important to you.
    There is no “reforming” of the grtf-welfare schools. You might as well ask a grasshopper to reform itself into a battleship. They are not broken, they are not failing. They are doing just what their owners want them to be doing: corrupting your child’s mind, and making him a docile citizen of the future.
    Mr. O’bama, will there ever BE any Jobs?

  • Nedd

    Liberalism is a mental illness of many(the ones that get angry when you mention facts)….For others,it proves their ignorance,low intelligence,and the belief that other people who EARN what they have owes them because they have it….I can’t remember the last time I heard a politician attempt to INSPIRE people to EARN it…..The takers are never happy,want more than last year,have no self respect whatsoever……Even if I were disabled,I’d be embarrassed to have my neighbors support me…..If all I could do is lift one arm,I’d get a JOB answering someone’s phone…The answer is at the local levels of government,get involved…The school system,where liberals(socialists) brainwashed two generations of children to hate their parents and have contempt for those who support them,is a good place to start…In the short term,we need to get aggressive with the pathetic excuses we have in the house of representatives,there’s no time left for tact or diplomacy,it’s time to FIGHT….If you DON’T WANT DEATH PANELS,get busy…Obamo has some dirt on Boehner,he can’t be trusted,contact your representative and tell them you think so and you won’t be silenced…..

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

       Liberalism; moochers electing looters to steal from producers!!!

  • agbjr

    Jon Lovitz is an old-fashioned “common-sense” liberal, a true Constitution-abiding citizen of the United States These are the people who USED to be Democrats. The party of Grover Cleveland, Harry Truman and Jack Kennedy was long-ago infiltrated by Marxist fifth columnists. If these presidents were alive today they would be excoriated by Obama’s socialist Democrats.

    • leefromok

      @agbjr  They were more conservative than most rinos today.

      • AttMore

        @leefromok  @agbjr Thanks,leefromok….

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

       If you remember J.F.K. you will remember his statement, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country!”  That whole philosphy has been lost to the demoratic party of new!!! They are proving themselves more commie than ever ,!!!

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    A perfect example of the Canadian situation was the fact that their Prime minister came to the United States for his heart surgery! Hmmmmm? So now where the eff are we to go?

  • Nedd

    Where to go? Go FIGHT…  Insist those spineless ones in the house do what they were sent to do,NOT REACH ACROSS THE AISLE,BUT DEFEAT THE SOCIALISTS….DEEEEFFFEEEEEAAAAATTTT them…They have the power to DEFUND what we don’t approve of…Make them do it,no details,no second guessing,just DO IT…Expose Boehner….We are running out of time..

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

       That is blatantly obvious, as is the fact that you missed the sarcasm in my post!  But yes, get boehner the great compromiser out of there, and get a Speaker of the House with big cajones to slap the demorats aroung a bit, and not lost on oblowhole either!!! The time has come for America to become America once again!!! GREAT and EXCEPTIONAL!!

      • Nedd

        My point is,let’s get busy fighting,instead of repeating the facts….No more compromises,no more reaching across the aisle,simply defeat them,because we can….

  • Kentex

    Get Allen West in there!!!!!!!!!    Ken

  • nighthunter

    Buckle your seat belts and hang on for the ride for the next 2 years. THEN in 2014 vote ALL the Dems out of the Senate and House. Then repeal what needs to be repealed and override the veto when it occurs. But to get the Dems out of office, candidates need to quit alienating the voters. Get government completely out of the relationship between a doctor and his patient. Get religion out of the government – regardless of whether the candidates are Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Lutheran,Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or something else, as soon as they spout whatever their belief may be as regards future laws, they alienate a significant portion of the electorate. Lastly- I’m interested it what YOUR qualifications are as a candidate, what your plans are, and whether you are knowledgeable about economics, energy sources, military strategy and tactics, education, healthcare, immigration, etc and whether you can gain expert information on those subjects if you are not knowledgeable. I’m NOT interested in what you say the other guy’s position is or what you think he  thinks or is going to do.  If the other candidates are lying, that will soon be known. If YOU are lying, that will be known too. The fastest way to loose your voters is to quit addressing the issues and attack the other guy.

  • AttMore

    @BillWelch Thanks a lot, for liking my post….God Bless

  • DebLytleV

    I am and have been totally fed up with Hollywood for some time… you could say since the Clinton years.  They are so disconnected because their bank accounts shield them from the affects of liberalism so it’s always refreshing to hear a voice of reason coming out of there!  Thank you Mr. Lovitz!

  • dmttbt

    For those of you who say God will take care of everything, go to church sit down and shut up!
     This is not a matter about your mortal sole, it is about your imoral money.@