Valerie Jarrett Courting L.A. Screenwriters to Inject Obamacare Propaganda into Their Scripts

These days, the best way to sell a really bad idea is to saturate television shows and movies with it in the most positive light possible. Since people don’t really think anymore, they’ll see their favorite TV characters, Hollywood actors, or athletes on the television screen endorsing some overhyped political commodity and decide that it must be a good thing.

No one capable of rational thought really likes Obamacare, which is why one of Obama’s top senior advisors is getting screenwriters to embed pro-Obamacare propaganda in their scripts and getting actors to promote it on social media venues. Daniel Halper with the Weekly Standard reported:

A top of advisor to President Barack Obama is in Los Angeles to try to get Obamacare written into scripts of TV shows and movies. Valerie Jarrett explained in an appearance on Top That! on

“That’s the cool thing,” a host said to the presidential advisor. “You’ve been reaching out to people that are, you know, outside of the norm of what the president might work with. Who else are you working with? Like celebrities, personalities, things like that?”

“You name it,” said Jarrett. “That’s part of why I’m in L.A. I’m meeting with writers of various TV shows and movies to try to get it into the scripts.” When Jarrett says “it into the scripts,” she’s referring to getting references to Obamacare, the president’s signature legislation, into the scripts of TV shows and movies.

She continued: “We’re talking to celebrities. We’re talking to athletes, because obviously they get injured a lot and many of them are the same age as the market we’re going after. And what they can say is, ‘Look, you never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball. You’re walking down the street, you’re a little clumsy, you trip, you fall — where do you end up? Emergency room. A couple grand just to walk in the door.”

“Right,” said the host.

“Who can afford that?” asked Jarrett.

“Nobody,” said a host.”

Jarrett would explain that mothers are really good at nagging — which is why mothers have been promoting the health care bill. “What do moms do?” asked Jarrett. “We try to take care of our children. Even when they’re grown. And what we want to do here is like nag. We’re really good at nagging. I’m a mom so I know. I’m a really good nag. And I can come at the same issue like 20 different ways until my daughter goes, ‘Ok, I’m cool, I’ll just do it.'”

It may not convince those of us who have brains, but it’ll do wonders on those Obamatons and other State-worshippers who are driven mostly by appeals to emotion and strong desires for government to “take care of them” so that they can sit on their couches and watch TV.



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7 comments on “Valerie Jarrett Courting L.A. Screenwriters to Inject Obamacare Propaganda into Their Scripts
  1. woonsocket says:

    “Propaganda” it isn’t. Ask the millions of Americans who will no longer lose everything when someone has a catastrophic illness.

    • stonemike says:

      Goofball, you must deserve complete subjugation to “govt authoritarianism “, myself and freedom loving Americans dont !

  2. abinico says:

    No courting needed – Hollywood has decades of experience in producing medical fantasy films and series; guaranteed that scripts waiting for production already have plugs for obozocare.

  3. Canadianson says:

    So here we have the real president standing like a preacher, preaching to the choir to please support our propaganda.

  4. shamu9 says:

    If the Hospitals didn’t have to give the Wetbacks and Recipients free medical care, we wouldn’t have Obamacare. The Only Real Obamacare Beneficiaries are the Hospitals, Insurance Corps. and the Bums!! Previously the Medical Professionals and Hospitals had to ‘Write Off’ the Care given to Leech Recipients, as “Pro Bono”!

  5. stonemike says:

    Marxism and “all of its offshoots” should be criminalized in our country! Any person advocating the destruction of “capitalism and our Constitutional Republic should be tried , convicted and DEPORTED to the “socialist mecca of their choice ! Allowing socialist in our midst is SUICIDE, not TOLERANCE !

  6. Donnie Lowe says:

    Just what progressive democrats do lie, ,cheat, ,steal….. the end justifies the means to them !

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