Islamic Child Abuse gets you Probation in Arizona

Apparently torturing your offspring is no longer a violent offense in Phoenix, Arizona. Last week an Arizona Superior Court Judge awarded (and I mean awarded) probation to a Muslim family who admitted to kidnapping, beating and trying to kill their nineteen-year-old daughter. Islamists rejoice! “Honor violence” is now officially sanctioned as part of the American culture.

According to Maricopa County Prosecutors, in February 2012, Aiya Altameemi, a nineteen-year-old Muslim female was beaten, tied to her bed, burned with a hot spoon, stabbed in the neck and locked in her room by her family for her unwillingness to accept an arranged marriage to a 38-year-old Muslim man and speaking to a male classmate in public.

As is reported, Miss Altameemi injuries required medical attention and she was taken to a local hospital by her mother for treatment.  The hospital staff became suspicious of the injuries (especially the 1 ½ inch stab wound to Aiya’s neck) and began asking the nineteen-year-old questions about her wounds. During her questioning Aiya explained that her family became angry with her for talking to a boy at school. Apparently in Aiya’s family, it wasn’t appropriate for a young Muslim virgin to be seen talking with a High School boys. Later the victim identified her mother, father and sister (as her attackers) and police were notified and arrests were made.

Last week, during a sentencing hearing Aiya’s father admitted to attempting to kill his daughter by cutting her neck. Mohammed Altameemi, 46, received two years’ probation for disorderly conduct. Altameeni’s wife, Yursah Farhan, 51, was sentenced to two years’ probation for unlawful imprisonment of her daughter and the victim’s sister Tabarack Altameemi , 18, pled guilty to assault and received two years’ probation (she broke a glass over her sister head during the attack).

Some reports suggest that the victim has recanted her story. Heck, if I was Aiya, I might have a little victim’s remorse too if I knew that I had to eventually go home to a family that might slit my throat while I slept. Wouldn’t you? Advocates for the Altameemi Family are now blaming overzealous prosecutors and law enforcement for an innocent domestic situation being blown out of proportion.

Where are Family and Protective Services when you need them? Where are the loud and proud feminist voices of MSNBC? Why aren’t sexual rights advocates and the National Organization for Woman protesting outside this Arizona Courthouse?

I have written a number of articles suggesting that “Sharia law” is creeping into every area of our society. Last week’s ruling by a left wing Democrat, Judge Joseph Kreamer (a 2007 Janet Napolitano appointee) further emphasizes the growing threat of Islamic (Sharia) law and its influence in U.S. Courts. Readers may want to ask themselves how U.S. criminal courts (and liberal media) would have treated this crime if the victim were a homosexual son of a Christian family. Or better yet, what would the charges have been if the victim was the young boy Aiya was seen innocently talking too after school?

This is not Kabul or Tehran; this is the United States of America. First Amendment rights have never provided for the freedom to brutalize another citizen over perceived religious transgressions. Constitutional freedoms definitely don’t provide you with the religious freedom to attempt to murder someone who offends you. Or do they? Personally, I’m wondering if Aiya’s family may have been guilty of a federal hate crime or civil rights violation and walked away with probation. What say you Mr. Holder?

Perhaps we should consider using a new litmus test before we decide to appoint (or for that matter elect) our judiciary. Along with a respect for the unborn, it might be prudent to ask a prospective Judge their views on Islamic law and its relevance to Judeo Christian legal philosophy in American courts; after all we may see more than one Sharia sensitive judge appointed to our Supreme Court in the next four years.

Public education, banking, civil and criminal legal precedent, and U.S. governing agendas are being shaped by agents of Islam every day in America. If you think liberalism is destructive, wait until you find yourself in Aiya’s predicament. Last week in Arizona a frightening message was sent loud and clear by a liberal Superior Court Judge named Joseph Kreamer. Holding a knife to your child’s neck and beating her into submission is no longer attempted murder and felony assault if you follow the teachings of Mohammed and Islam. Heck it’s not even domestic violence.



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1,137 comments on “Islamic Child Abuse gets you Probation in Arizona
  1. Freedom Fighter says:

    What the hell is wrong with that judge? Those people should be shot for their actions. This is America not sand land. This kind of vile crap has got to be stop with force.

  2. mixplix says:

    We are a nation of laws. Isn’t this what the politicians preach?

  3. snakeman says:

    we all should take the judge out and beat his ass. this guy sucks.

  4. Susan Daniels PI says:

    Outrageous. Those people are animals.

  5. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says:

    There is no more law in the US.  Law is being legislated from the bench, not the legislatures, and the judges make it up as they go along and then tell you what their version of the law is.  It will only be a matter of time before we get a sharia judge on the US bench who will advocate cutting off hands for theft, or cutting off penises for rape.

    • Hangen says:

      @NoMoreMarxistsInDC It is all ready happening in michigan with the police be muslim and the judge also after some christian people were arrested buy Muslims and the christens were arrested.

    • NeverGiveUp says:

      @NoMoreMarxistsInDC  No, Sharia law allows the woman who was raped to be stoned in the streets for allowing herself to be raped.  Go check on Britian.

  6. remesquaddie says:

    Who is ”  Arizona Superior Court Judge “…name this cruel idiot.

  7. JoSchwarz says:

    This is outrageous. PC, Liberal judges an the likes of 0bama are destroying this country at breakneck speed!

  8. ladyceo says:

    They’ll see these parents in court again only next time it will be for murder!

  9. Sandiegosherlock says:

    Violence against women has always been the norm in male dominated societies. Why should it have to be feminists or NOW? What about you men out there in Arizona and the male judge? Why are these freaks even allowed in our country?

  10. danotexican says:

    And people wonder why we want to secede.

  11. DellaThorne says:

    BUT…..have a drink or smell like alcohol (regardless of being below limit) and have a child in your car and go to jail … lose your license, have to have a breathalyzer in your car at $1200/yr for 5 yrs…fines out the ass…THAT’S what AZ thinks is most important.  Be a registered sex offender, be a murderer…doesn’t matter.  The AZ superior courts have deemed that child needs (oh let me clarify…if you are male) that father in the child’s life and will and have ordered the children be taken to prisons to visit that father regularly and that convicted murderer can be granted rights of deciding for the child…even though the statutes say it’s not possible I have personal knowledge and experience here.  In the state of AZ you can have custody of your kids (or joint w/benefits) if you are a convicted and registered sex offender….Now tell me….why is AZ a red state?

    • sentinel1946 says:

      Actually, AZ is red only in the North (excluding the Reservations) and North Central portions of the State; the South is predominantly blue (Tucson and the Southern Reservation)

  12. undunder says:

    More of this is likely to keep happening under the rule of ayatollah obama.

  13. DrEvil says:

    Liberals and women’s rights. Just doesn’t add up.

  14. Joseph Calderone says:

    This Judge should be removed from office. To allow such barbaric practices to go unpunished. This is America not the middle east.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee says:

      @Joseph Calderone
       But see an American women give her kid a slap on the butt for misbehaving in public and the kid’s in the hands of CPS and the mother is in jail for endangerment! Yeah right!!!!!!!!

  15. snakeman says:

    if we dont start fighting back we will all be in chains. under the mexican or muslim flag.

  16. kxqmate says:

    A portent of things to come. Obama will get to nominate how many Supreme Court Justices?

    • Combat Veteran Seabee says:

       Only if they retire or die on the bench!! Stay healthy and vibrant your honors!!!!!

    • ladypatriot says:

      @kxqmate …and then those Supreme Court Justices will help obama find a way to be in the White House – in CONTROL – for a THIRD TERM…watch and see…..!!!!  OMGosh, no!  Don’t just sit by catching, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!  Prevent it!

  17. Josh Reynolds says:

    Only in a sand state. They must have thought they were at home.  Dumb Judge.  Where’s Gloria Allread? She shows up for the opening of an envelope!

  18. storm1915 says:

    name and mame this fricken judge,this crap is just like Europe,it’s coming here take them out before it’s to late

  19. snidely1 says:

    If you go to live in a foreign country, EVERY one I know of says that you must live within its laws, no exceptions. Now, in America, we let liberal judges tell us it is alright to bring their laws and their culture with them when they come here; they no longer have to check these barbaric practices at the door. The father admitted that he was going to kill his daughter – an “honor killing” – and what would have been the outcome had he succeeded? Probation? Community service? Jail them, deport them, whatever it takes to rid our society of their horrific cultural norms.

  20. James Maxwell says:

    I suspect that when this so called “Judge” is identyfyied it will be discovered that he also is a raghead who does
    not follow the US code of justice nor the states either.

  21. jd1958 says:

    You will only get intervention against white christian families.

  22. peggymeeks54 says:

    Get use to it folks. It’s called Sharia Law!!! That was Obummer’s agenda all along, to make our country a 3rd world country! Talk about WAR on WOMEN!!!

    • NeverGiveUp says:

      She’s correct.  Explained step by step in the movie 2016.  Obama has now won the election so you liberals should go check it out for the fun of it.  See how much of it the director gets right over the next four years.

  23. jd1958 says:

    This is exactly what all you democrats voted for.

  24. GeoPost says:

    I too wonder what happened to the Feminists of yesteryear.  Perhaps they don’t believe that this kind of treatment will ever come to them.  But Sharia is coming and is now in place in many towns in America.  And, the Muslims will never be charged with hate crimes against humanity, that charge is reserved for Christians who have reason to disavow homosexuality and the brutal mauling of young innocent Muslim girls & children.  And, don’t ask Holder, Obama hasn’t given him permission to speak!

    • Guest says:

      @GeoPost They are wobbling out.  Glorius SteinHam was interviewed recently on a Fox News channel.  Uggggly ol hag showing what she is.  Obbba supporter with a surge of her ol drying blood… much on her boney witch like hands.  Are you men going to let this witch clobber American women again?  She’s going after influencing the kids now.

  25. Joseph Calderone says:

    obummer was reelected thru fraud. He should be impeached.

  26. Tony Ruiz says:

    Can somebody PLEASE send this case information to Bill O’Reilly? He gets guys like this removed from the bench. I know somebody out there’s got the computer resources to get it in front of O’Reilly. COME ON, DO IT! I don’t have the health or computer skills. O’Reilly’s still good for a few things in spite of honoring obama’s ‘presidency’

  27. DrAnalog says:

    This is disgusting. Where the hell are the women’s rights advocates? I wonder what will happen when muslims torture gays, only a matter of time.

    • KLM says:

      @DrAnalog They did — the US Ambassador to Libya in Benghazi.  You don’t hear the gays screaming about that do you?

    • ladypatriot says:

      @DrAnalog They will go after only Republicans and Conservatives.  They forget or don’t even know that Republicans got women (and Black Americans)  the Right to Vote.  The Black Americans don’t know that the NAACP was founded by Republicans.  The democraps turned it into a racist organization.

  28. LSC says:

    This is truly only the beginning, these young women are scared of their family, brainwashed, they certainly
    need an intervention to be saved, too bad they don’t have the nerve to run away from this so called family, young
    girls in America do it all the time, they can find a place to save them, they just don’t know it yet, but they will

  29. cdarwincole says:

    Islam is an evil lie.
    Everyone say it together now.
    Islam is an evil lie.
    Now say it in public every chance you get.
    When the Muslims come to kill you and your family, defend yourself with lethal force.
    Go buy your guns now.

  30. Dulceb says:

    America is gone. Let’s shake the dust from our feet and move on. Maybe we can buy one of those islands from Greece, move our people and our Constitution and start over.
    There has to be a final frontier, even if it is in space.
    I am grieved that one of two people in this country expect everything for free. I hate the women’s rights advocates that shout for equality but still have the laws written that the victim in a crime is on trial, or cannot get help with a violent spouse, parent or partner.
    This is not the America my Grandparents saved in WWII.
    God help the remnant of the Americans with pride and self respect.

  31. Danmo43 says:

    Yet, just spank your own kid in public.

  32. James Maxwell says:

    The part that will suprise many is when Obummers muslim brother hood of Pigs starts with the youth that voted
    for him and his drug induced dreams of his father.

  33. Christian in Oklahoma says:

    The one true God has already prepared His righteous justice for these people and people who share their corrupt
    beliefs and carry out that kind of cruelty to other human beings… …and, by the way, His name IS NOT Allah!

  34. Gunner1 says:

    I live in Arizona and can say that the majority of the people here would be and are outraged by this. I do not hold the fact, that I am anti-muslim and do not think this as a religion, but rather a political view with the aim of dominance. If we don’t speak up, this will be the norm. Let your Government officials know you will not stand for this.

  35. Brian_R_Allen says:

    @FoxNews @SkyNewsAust #auspol #teaparty
    The totalitarian ideology most accurately termed Islamanazism is absolutely incompatible with and unassimilable into Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilization. 
    “Radical” islam is The Beast; 
    “Moderate” islam is its Trojan Horse. 
    Western “multiculturalists” are the Greeks. 
    Beware of Greeks pushing horses!

  36. Combat Veteran Seabee says:

    How about we take the judge and met out the treatment to him that the girl got at the hands of her family? Maybe a different point of view and compliance of our laws would be fast in coming!!!

    • dntmkmecomoverther says:

      @Combat Veteran Seabee I’ll help you!  It’s way past time for a trip to the ‘wood shed’ for these idiot judges who embark on stupid, insane ideologies which are so unconstitutional that my 8th graders can see it.

  37. bmike1 says:

    I hate to tell you this but non-muslims are not having enough children to maintain our societies. Non-muslims are having less than 2 children per couple (average) while muslims have 8 kids. Like it or not the world is going to become muslim in less than 50 years.

    • MichelleChadima says:

      @bmike1 That’s been their plan all along; they feel that is their mandate.  They’ve nearly succeeded in Europe, now they’re trying here. I will defend mine to the death if need be.

    • DavidWelden says:

       That is 100% correct. The population must grow if the economy is to grow. Without economic growth, our society will fail. The current administration is counting on latinos and muslims to save us.

  38. dotsdot says:

    What do they say, you get what you vote for? We got it folks and a lot more is coming. Obama’s 141st executive order for example expands homeland security. It can now reach into local law enforcement. “A civilian national security force taking the place of your state police? In other words a “Police State”. Remember Obummer saying that in his first campaign for the leader of what was once a free country. God Bless America and only pray we can get out of this mess but its not looking good.

  39. LSC says:

    I would pray you are wrong about that………God only knows…….the one and only God, hope we get help
    with all our prayers before that….Muslims taking over the world, destruction of an entire planet…

  40. kaydolores says:

    Last week’s ruling by a left wing Democrat, Judge Joseph Kreamer (a 2007 Janet Napolitano appointee) further emphasizes the growing threat of Islamic (Sharia) law and its influence in U.S. Courts. This is the judge as stated in the article!

  41. dragonfFIRE01 says:

    sharia law is running rampant hereand we must quit pandering to these people

  42. LSC says:

    These women are so brainwashed, but one would think living in the United States they would get it,
    they are treated like dirt under the man, can they not see American woman do not live this way.. and
    we never will………..

  43. Papabstr says:

    Its their kid, let em go at it.

    • gnafuasusual says:

       NOT IN THE USA! They need to go back to Iran or whatever country they came from if they want to practice brutality to children.

  44. gnafuasusual says:

    What the…!  To marry a young girl off to some weird old bas–d is disgraceful! To torture a young girl like this is not acceptable and should be reported to the correct agency. To uphold Muslim law in an American Court is disasterous! This is what I’ve been saying for four years> Muslims, GO HOME. If they want to live like animals, we don’t want them here on American soil. Where is Brigitte Gabriel when we need her?!

  45. BlkcatwmCaroline says:

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I live in Arizona. I am so disappointed in the Judges that I voted them all out. I can’t believe they can’t uphold simple laws and allow this abuse on a young woman. If it had been a stranger, would they have gotten probation!!?

  46. MaxBlack says:

    Everytimne you think you’ve heard everything and things couldn’t possible get any worse, it does..

  47. Bart Walsh says:

    The feds will never stand up for American citizens. State should pass laws (or change state constitutions) which make it a felony for any judge or attorney to reference Islamic law.  The immediate penalty is: Attorneys – disbarment and forfeiture of all assets. Judges – loss of judgeship, forfeiture of all assets and retirement benefits, disbarment.  Banned from the legal system for life.  No appeal!

    • kayhair says:

      We did that in Oklahoma, and a judge overturned it.  We were the first to vote that we could not be judged using Islamic law.  Was a referencum that overwhelmingly passed.  We were made fun of, saying that scenario would never exist in the USA>  Well, it exists.  Here it is.  But a iiberal judge overturned our vote (passed by about 80%).  We need to kick the judges to the curb!  I voted “NO” to retain any of our judges here.

  48. dntmkmecomoverther says:

    “Advocates for the Altameemi Family are now blaming overzealous prosecutors and law enforcement for an innocent domestic situation being blown out of proportion.
    Oh, yah…’blown out of proportion’…that’s gotta be it!  Doesn’t everyone beat the schit out of their adult child?  Doesn’t everyone try to murder those who oppose them or reject their beliefs?  Overzealous my arse.  Kick these camel kissing jerks to the curb and jettison their crap carcass into the sea…or back to the hellhole they came from.  Their ideology is totally incompatible with our Constitutional Republic!

  49. ConnieStanson says:

    Sure sounds like an Islamic Judge to me !

  50. DonKeiballs says:

    Put a Muslim in the White House. What do you expect.

  51. JoeyYoung says:

    Why is anyone surprised? Obama let the people know who he was with the books he wrote & the speeches he gave. The problem is no one was really reading his books or listening to his message. We only have Democrats & stupid non-democrats who let themselevs be used as pawns in Obama’s game against the real Americans. They heard about the entitlement programs & women’s reproductive rights. Add to that the he has dark skin and calls himself black so he got the majority of teh black vote. I do believe that blacks will lose all tehground tehy gained afte rteh civil rights movement. I personally have lost repsect for them & rather not deal with them given a choice.

  52. Wlfgng says:

    It is time to first put a moratorium on all immigration, secondly face the truth about Islam, it is not a legitimate religion. We need to systematically de islamify this and the European continent.

  53. VickiR says:

    There’s the real war on women

  54. paxcat says:

    She is an adult by law, and she would have to be the one alleging the assault, torture, etc.  CPS goes in for minor children not adult children.

  55. ConnieStanson says:

    Sharia Law is now being inforced in America now. I want to know we America is going to stand up for our Country before these Muslims start making us rule under them?

  56. pamsmap says:

    This is nothing short of criminal child abuse. Sharia Law, Allayh, and the false prophet Moohamad, have no place in the USA. This girl should have been put in child protective custody, and the parents and sister deported back to where such henious crimes are considered ok. After….forcing them to eat bacon! The judge? Send him as our new Ambassador to Benghazi. All, worthless pos!

  57. Al Pino says:

    YES—This is or was America The Beautiful??  All I can say is keep em locked & loaded and do what you have to do to protect what you have left in this country. The next 4 years could be very trying so GET READY!!!!!!!!!
    Al Pino
    Apache Junction, AZ

  58. agbjr says:

    The judge is just as sick a sonofabitch as the poor girl’s family. He should be charged with malpractice and disbarred then arrested for abetting attempted murderers!

  59. DennyB says:

    The judge should no longer sit on he bench. The youn girlshould of went to foster care and ot home.The parents should both of had at least five year jail sentences. And that is he minimum.

    • NavyJR says:

      @DennyB She’s listed as 19, an ADULT in her own right!

      • Pilars says:

        @NavyJR  @DennyB That makes it okay?????? Attempted murder is attempted murder…age makes no difference,  WAIT, maybe under this administration!

        • ConnieStanson says:

          @Pilars  @NavyJR  @DennyB And that’s because, this Administration is being run by an Islamic Muslim. Do you remember when  o.b  told all of us on National T.V ? He told us we Have to accept  Islam. Bull Shit. I don’t . I am a Full Blooded American !! He can kiss it where the sun don’t shine !!!

    • ConnieStanson says:

      @DennyB That won’t happen because, the Judge is a Muslim or taking orders of the Islamic Brotherhood.

  60. looneytoonsindville says:


  61. Wiccanwolf says:

    I agree that that Judge needs to be ran off of the bench. Hell it was an attempted murder of a citizen! What in the hell was he smoking or drinking to allow the scum of the earth to get off with Probation?

  62. enubus says:

    Here is what happens when you have leftist cowards suffereing from terminal PC!  Email Governor Brewer and tell her to bounce this yellow cur!

  63. Reject Sharia Law says:

    Liberal Activist Judges need to go. Last time I checked this was the United States of America. Had I done this to my daughter as a white man living in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts I would have probably been Drawn and Quartered. In Massachusett’s defense,  I have to admit that even probation would have been to light a sentence. That;s just over the top.
    Sharia law has no place in the USA. If these people want to mutilate their children send them back to the dark ages. They have no place here. Civilized people don’t burn and mutilate people. Never mind arrange marriges and force their religious beliefs on others.
    Maybe, if we had a stronger stance on immigration we wouldn’t be reading stories like this.

  64. dewooded says:

    The religion of peace

  65. CherylBralick says:

    While we are busy murdering millions of preborn babies a year and seeing nothing wrong with that, the Muslims are having their children. We are not having enough babies to sustain us our society. The Netherlands have already seen this happening. Muslims are moving into the Netherlands and outnumber native people there. Sharia law will take over here because they will be the majority. They dont believe in murdering their babies

    • Tony Ruiz says:

      @CherylBralick   Yes they do when they get older and realize what’s going on…that’s when they kill them

    • JanConroy says:

      @CherylBralick Actually, Muslims DO believe in abortion.  They simply are not killing their babies right now because they need the welfare payments and child tax credits coming in from Uncle Stupid.  Ditto, the Netherlands where welfare is still being given to all comers regardless of where they are coming from.  Once Islam takes over America, Muslims will be demanding free abortions, especially for indigenous Jewish and Christian Americans.

      • ConnieStanson says:

        @JanConroy  @CherylBralick When they take over America !!!  Bull shit !!!  We must  Stop them before that happens. No don’t even say that !!!  They cannot have America. It’s people like you who obviously are one that will cave in at the mere mention of Muslim Control. I will Never Stop that from Happening. No friggen way.

    • ConnieStanson says:

      @CherylBralick  No just there teenagers ! When are we going to stand up for our country and stop this. This is our country how dare them come to our country and tell us how to live and murder their children and get away with it !!!

  66. NavyJR says:

    THIS is DISGUSTING and a CLEAR violation of this young woman’s civil rights as an American adult!  This should be tried as a kidnapping and attempted MURDER which it clearly was!  WOMEN, wake up!  We are ALL in MORTAL PERIL, if this is allowed to stand!  THIS is precisely HOW Sharia creeps in and takes over a  “conquered” nation!

    • ConnieStanson says:

      @NavyJR Thank You Navy Jr.  I am trying to tell the People what we are headed for. I am so glad that you too are trying to tell them. GOD Bless You and Yours.

  67. Kathleen says:

    Whaddya expect with a radical muslim in the White House??

    • ConnieStanson says:

      When crap hit’s  the fan, and it will. I will have no pity on the ones that voted him back in office.

  68. DefendConstitution says:

    I could understand this from CA, MA or NY but not Arizona. I thought they were with the good guys. Don’t judges have to take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution? If not, we must change the laws so they must.

    • ConnieStanson says:

      @DefendConstitution  Just like us D.C. There are allot of good guys out there, But remember we have allot of Secular Judges out there,

  69. KeithAyers says:

    If she is 19 years old, then she should be considered an adult and she should get the heck out of that house and start a new life without those islamic idiots she has for family!  This is only the beginning people, get ready for dark times here in the United States of America. God has given us over to our passions and sins. (Romans 1:18-32) May God have Mercy on us !

    • ConnieStanson says:

      @KeithAyers  We are under the Judgement of GOD !!!  He is very angry and hurt at us. When these Progressives took Our GOD out from the Public EYE (and out of School) We did nothing. Our Schools turned to selling Drugs in school, Rapes in the restroom’s, (in 1979 I had to go get my Daughter out of junior High because of a gun fight.) 1979 !!!  now they are having Gun Wars, not just A  gun fight. but allot of guns going off. Shooting Teachers because of bad grades or because they have to stay after school. WE Took GOD from the Public Eye. We did Nothing to fight for HIM.  We, instead of walking with GOD, Ignored Him.  Yes we are under HIS Wrath. Yes it is only going to get worse. May GOD have mercy on our soul. Please repent. I know I must also and I am trying. GOD Bless All of You.

  70. DMJ says:

    The “girl” is nineteen.  She is not a child, therefore, child protective services has no jurisdiction.  This young lady should find a way to move out of her parents’ house.  How about an abused women’s shelter?

    • SandyK89 says:

      @DMJ  How about a noose for mommy and daddy?

    • ConnieStanson says:

      @DMJ And you really think DMJ ; they won’t find her ? come on. Pull your head out of the sand and look around you. Yes this is America but until we start acting like Americans and stand up for America and refuse these things to happen in Our country by telling these murdering sicko’s  to get out of America or live our way Under GOD, It’s only going to get worse.

    • charles lindsey says:

      @DMJ You are right,  I remember two girls in Dallas that left the house, then they were suckered into coming back by their brother and mother. when they got in the car, the brother and father shot them to death. If she leaves, she better hope she never talks to any one that is Muslim, because they will let her kill her for them know where she is, or do them a favor and kill her for them.

  71. LeonTheUnclean says:

    No, this is not the United States of America. That country no longer exists. To the left (hint: Obama and his soulless sycophants) this behaviour is acceptable and is evidence of our progress and diversity. We are very diverse now. Christians cannot pray in public, allow a cross to be seen or carry a Bible into a public building, by HEY, it’s totally okay for a muslim to slice his child’s neck open because he is “upset” with her.  How very very cool we are…

  72. Dogrules14 says:

    Americans of the past 250 yrs. are being outnumbered by secular amoral hedonists and non assimilating minorities.  Without radical intervention, traditional American values will be gone within a decade.

    • LeonTheUnclean says:

      @Dogrules14 Um, they are already gone. We’ve been asleep.

    • ConnieStanson says:

      @Dogrules14  Do You want to know why ? Well I think you know Dog, but all you other people who stick your heads in the sand, We are Americans and we will someday be treated the same way and by the Islamic Muslims. That’s because we set around and allow this. We need to stand up for our country or your daughters will have to succumb to the Muslim Brotherhood. Your daughters will be at the tender age of 3 and will learn the Muslim way in and out of bed. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  73. remartantiques says:

    And yet the lefties want to make if a crime if we try to spank our children for bad behaviors.

  74. LeonTheUnclean says:

    What I find interesting is how outraged everyone here sounds.  If you are so outraged, they why did most of you vote for Obama?  Why didn’t more good old American conservatives even turn out to vote?  Don’t cry about it now. This is what the “majority” wanted.

    • remartantiques says:

      @LeonTheUnclean And what makes you think we voted for Otrauma?

    • saddayforUSA says:

      @LeonTheUnclean  from what I’m reading online, the “good old American conservatives” got the vote stolen from us with rigged touchscreens issuing error reports on Republican votes but counting demonic-rat votes. Could that be some of the 3,000,000,000 voters of which you speak?We’re fools to have embraced programmable voting machines. Elections determined by whoever programs the machines.  Let’s see, now who might have the power to arrange rigged voting machines? I wonder……………     See link below:

    • Amvet says:

       The majority did not vote for Obama, the out of date Electoral College is what got him in office both times.

    • charles lindsey says:

      @LeonTheUnclean I don’t believe that the vote was fair,too many stories about cheating at the polls. they had 108% vote for him in Ohio, and 140%in one division in Florida, and in Chicago, it was on facebook yesterday, they told how the machines picked Obama by default. There is a petition  at We The People at the White House site to call for a new vote, or a recount and check of true ballots

    • Combat Veteran Seabee says:

       I didn’t vote for the sheet head!!!!

  75. Quashe Olatunji says:

    It is nothing short of astonishing that the same courts have been populated for at least the last 40 years with Liberal/Progressive prosecutors and judges who have been ready to instantly tear children away from their parents for “emotional neglect” “emotional abuse” and the most trivial instances of corporal punishment – SPANKING, for God’s Sake! Of course, what’s actually been going on is NOT from their concern and empathy for the child, but the imposition of the Government’s supremacy over the rights and duties of parents.
    But even in those terms – which Liberals have shouted as their sacred creed – the court is abandoning its proper functions, both enforcement of the law and the guarantee of justice and protection for the innocent, all with the willing approval of the Leftists.
    And where are the so-called “feminists” and “women’s rights advocates?”  Oh, right. They dropped that charade for Ted Kennedy after Chappaquiddick, and Bill Clinton after his serial abuse of a dozen women, and… Oh, never mind.
    My sad prediction is that there will be a sense that the honor of this nation demands the punishment of parents who would do such things to their children. Lawlessness by the government begets a lawless society.

    • Amvet says:

      @Quashe Olatunji
       You are on target, after all, we have an Attorney General that protects the Black Panthers, protects the illegals voting with dead peoples I D”s, supplies guns to cartels in order to try to ban guns here in the United States. What most people don’t understand about the Second Amendment is that it was put in place not just for personal defence but to prevent a rouge government from taking over the Our Country.

      • Combat Veteran Seabee says:

        @Amvet  @Quashe Olatunji
         It also should be noted that the 1st Amendment wasn’t included to be interpreted the way it is being employed. It was originally put in the Constitution to allow redress of the government, WITHOUT reprisal!

  76. concreteman says:

    creep, creep, creep.  That is the way it will happen.  So slowly you won;t know until it’s too late.  I pity my grandchildren coming up in this age.

  77. whatasadday says:

    I dont know what sickens me more.This story or some of the comments on the story.

  78. concreteman says:

    Leon the unclean.  I can most assuredly tell you that I did not vote for muslim oboma.  Watch who he appoints to the SCOUS.

  79. fwiw says:

    I thought you might be exaggerating a bit in your opening paragraph.  Sad to say, you weren’t.  I took a look at a couple of other articles, regional and national in nature.  Both said the parents admitted to 2 separate incidents of abuse and said they were ignorant of American law banning such practices.  Oh.  Okay.  That makes it all better.

  80. SandyK89 says:

    Those ‘things’, those Muslims, need to learn in a hurry, that we aren’t going to put up with their s – – t!   There really is a place for skin heads in this society.

  81. kayhair says:

    We actually voted overwhelmingly in Oklahoma that no law other than US Constitutional law could be used to determine law by judges.  We were made fun of with people saying that scenario would never exist.  Well it’s here.  It exists, and we would be protected in Oklahoma, except CAIR took us to court, and a liberal judge overturned our legally voted on law.

    • La2004lady says:

      It is appallingly apparent that the liberals have succeeded installing Judges who no longer honor the American Constitution.  Republicans and Independents have been sleeping along, ‘going along to get along’.  And, by the way, do you see any Republicans protesting?

    • Amvet says:

       Get rid of that judge. Either vote him out or impeach him.

      • WP says:

        @Amvet  @kayhair Yes if we knew the Judges name but all it says is Arizona Superior Court Judge now does any one know his name ?

  82. SandyK89 says:

    The stupid women who voted for Obama because of his war on women ought to take heed.  The fools voted with their sex parts not their brains.  They  deserve sharia law.  Idiots. Fools, all.

    • ronalford says:

      @SandyK89 You are absolutely right, they don’t even have a clue about what’s in store for them.

  83. roughman says:

    There’s a hard rain a-gonna fall…

  84. TroiOH says:

    We shall reap what we have sown.  Apathy, materialism, socialism, immorality and godlessness have finally caught up to us.  The country has been hijacked, people.  Now, what are we going to do about it?  We didn’t clean house in Washington, as we should, so here we are……… We have no one to blame but ourselves.

    • Amvet says:

      Obama is not my mistake and I will not take the blame for him being President. He does not represent the people that voted to get rid of him and the many of the people that did vote for him do not even know “what” they were voting into office. Do not believe what comes out of his mouth, watch what he actually does or doesn’t do. Many of the promises he made to the people that voted for him the first time were never even addressed and still they voted for the same lies again.

  85. HowardPettyjohn says:

    Well friends, I understand your feeling bad about this but we have a problem and a serious one.  The first Amendment says that we can make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the  free exercise thereof, etc etc.  As long as Muslims consider this practice or exercise one of the church then that is what it is.
    You can forget getting it changed with Obama, our Muslim president, at the helm.  And don’t forget his first mate the head wale dodo.

    • RaymondSmith says:

      @HowardPettyjohn So Howard, how do you justify this when the Arizona and Texas authorities took custody of fundamentalist mormon children, and prosecuted the leaders for sexual abuse for marrying minors? Looks like the goose and the gander are getting different treatment.

    • DonBahn1 says:

      @HowardPettyjohn  So if I beat my child with a willow switch as the Bible says to spare the rod spoil the child, it is now permissible under the 1st amendment?

    • Amvet says:

       Islam is not a religion, it is a cult way of life. It is a force upon or die cult.

    • Wrinkled Thought says:

      @HowardPettyjohn  So Howard, you are saying that if your neighbor’s religion condones murder of their family members you sanction that? I don’t recall anywhere in the Constitution or anywhere in the First Amendment reading about condoning murder in the name of religion because that’s what someone believes is their theology. IF that is YOUR take, then I guess you support ritualistic sacrifice at the alter of Baal………

  86. BarryLevy says:

    Now this is a real war on a real woman, and once again, NOW and other nag organizations are silent.  What else is new.
    Now imagine if this person was a conservative.

  87. 9l2always says:

    So, my question is how will they reconcile this when sharia bumps up against Gay, which becomes the hate crime?

  88. PEN333DO says:


  89. Tony Ruiz says:

    How evil our country has become. It’s’ time.

  90. Wrinkled Thought says:

    I guess this is the “camel’s nose in the tent”………………

  91. TroiOH says:

    You are right on “roughman.”  I’m going to start stocking up to defend what I have when the time comes, but, when civil war does come, (and it is coming,)  any common person will only be able to hold out for so long.  Lord, have mercy on us all.

  92. ChillaKilla says:

    islam is a plague that must be fought with every device available to rational humanity. Even dogs do not deserve to have this evil, dark ages cult imposed upon them!
    Where is the outrage of Americans in cases like this in our own soil? If we continue to allow this disgusting cult to encroach itself in this land… we will deserve the consequences these Neanderthals bring with them as they impose their cult upon us.
    One positive thing that might be gained by learning about the way musloids operate and the type of barbarians they are, is a clear rebuttal to those rabid anti-Catholics who have been taught that  the Crusades were somehow an attack on ‘poor unsuspecting muhammedans’.
    The fact is that these people have been the scourge of human kind since their pedophile ‘prophet’ invented the religion. The Crusades were called because of the harassment and killing of Christians who visited the Holy Land by the ‘moors’ who took over and desecrated Christian sites. This same behavior has been going on for some 1000 years, and still people have refused to learn that these brutes will not be changed until –like rats– they are exterminated!

  93. RonaldRWorthington says:

    please tell us where to find these people and this imcompent, foolish judge–good, up-to-date locations.  this must stop NOW

  94. RobertLatta says:

    We must say no to barbaric Islamic sharia law. I hope someone emails this story to Bill O’Reilly as he hates idiot judges.

    • Sam in NC says:

      @RobertLatta The Judge and her family belong in prison !

    • WP says:

      @RobertLatta I agree but notice there is no name of the Judge which makes me question the article sending this to Bill O’Reilly the first thing he will want to know is the Judges name so would any thinking person reading this article.

      • Dwain Holmes says:

        @RobertLatta How many of You people actually read the article???The judges name was mentioned 2 times and I only skimmed the article!!

  95. CQ says:

    The girl was 19, legally an adult, so it would seem that Child Protective Services would not have jurisdiction. Instead, it seems the appropriate charge would have been attempted murder by one adult on another. Why wasn’t the charge the father was tried under called ‘attempted murder’? According to this article the father even admitted to attempting murder.

  96. Samurai_Sam says:

    Guess it may be time for the sane people of the world to start dragging these cowardly ragheads off the street for a taste of their own medicine.

  97. NormanReefer says:

    Please, let’s all relax a little bit. You would think this is something really outrageous like putting your pet dog on top of the family car in an approved dog carrier and taking him along on the family vacation. Get used to this stuff happening, and just wait until you see the next wave of judges who get appointments. Our founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves.

  98. David Veselenak says:

    Doesn’t surprise me the least bit; afterall, you have a Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse” and the suicidal sheeple just voted him another term – lifetime, I might add – to finish off America! Really, what the hell is it that will wake you’s up to this obvious fact? Better get your prayer rugs ready as you’ll be needing them before long – that is for those of you who still manage to have your head! FOOLS!

  99. jake brake says:

    Another of Obombnics leftist-socialist judges. Most likely he has Muslim ties.

  100. Byrrni says:

    If you treated anyone else in this way you would be charged with criminal assault, at the very least. Why is it ok to treat your adult (nineteen year old) child in this manner when swatting a six year old, on the backside, can have you arrested in many communities? Parents don’t “own” children here.
    This is the USA, Shariah law isn’t supposed to come into our criminal justice system. And the last I heard in THIS country, a woman cannot be forced to marry against her will. She is not obligated to honor a marriage contract initiated by her father.
    Why did this family come to this country? Most come because of suppression of their human rights at home. Why come to this country and continue to propagate such oppression? If they want to live like 7th century Arabs, they should return to the culture they came from.

  101. ireAmerica says:

    Observing this murder-rape cult unequivocally shows that Islam is the anti-religion.  A parable;
    Imagine the followers of Charles Manson – engaging with him in misogyny, rape and child abuse and following him on sadistic murderous outings. And writing down Charles’ ramblings, acts, philosophy and core-concepts into a book, called the Corecon, blessed by Manson’s “god”.
    His followers, the Manslims, would then use cryptic extracts of the Corecon to induct and subjugate more Manslims. The “moderate Manslims” would merely proseletyze and induct more Manslims. The “good Manslims” would engage in the same behavior as their “divinely inspired” founder, Manson.
    All of the Manslims would promote themselves as belonging to a “religion” that was “peaceful” – usually while other members of the cult, er, “religion” were out and about killing and destroying in the name of their “god” and Manson.
    To conclude; Our government is trying to disallow our worship of God, why should we be silent in criticism of the devil?

  102. J Joy says:

    Does anyone think that Shariah law isn’t too far away from being the law of the land in America??  Why do the Muslims get away with breaking our laws when they live in our country?  If they want to follow their laws, they should go back to where they came from!!!

  103. ronalford says:

    That judge and all others like him need to realize that God is going to hold them responsible for any crime they allow to happen to those unfortunate Muslim kids while they are in this country.  ALL Muslims while in America need to understand they are going to have to live according to American laws or get the hell out of the U.S. and go back home where they can get away with their filthy deeds.

  104. LoveAmerica says:

    SO sick and tired of ALL of these people! They leave their countries to come to the USA for freedoms and such and they still want to live like they did in their own countries! How does this make ANY sense??? If you are going to move to the USA because you want what we have then they should respect the laws of the USA and should suffer the same consequence REGARDLESS of their ridiculous religion! We can’t pray in public but they can, we can’t spank our children, but they can I mean seriously???? WHOSE COUNTRY IS THIS????? No one is fighting for US but we fight for THEM????? And slowly but surely we are no longer the America we use to be so proud of ….now we are just like the rest of the world with no back bone! Those people fight and kill for their religion and country but we just sit here and take it because of our extreme tolerance and diversities.  We are still the United States of AMERICA the last time I checked! It shouldn’t matter how much diversity is in this country we should still respect the CONSTITUTION in which this country is based and founded upon!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!  If they want to keep letting all these people in then they should be put through some kind of program to rid them of the ways of the country they came from! Especially from Muslim countries….they want the USA to fall! That is their ONLY goal and yet we just sit back and just let the country succumb to their way of life! Half of this country voted for a Muslim president! They voted with the main goal being our SEXUALITIES as our biggest problem as a country!? Are they serious!? Because that is the reason our country is in turmoil….now that the gay’s can marry and abortion is accepted NOW the country is going to prosper!!! YEAH!!! Who knew it was that easy!!! Well I guess it won’t matter much here in about 30days.

    • Middle Class says:

      I don’t think that these people moved here for greater freedom.  They are colonists… When they have a large enough population, they will vote in Sharia law.

    • Lidka says:

      @LoveAmerica You call that religion? It is cult and all those muslims should sign agreement that they follow our law, if not they have to be deported back where they come from.

  105. GramE says:

    Of all the things I’ve read in the last week – this is the sickest, and the most proof that we really are going to be a third world  country sooner than expected.  I’ve had faith in the  morality of the courts.   I didn’t recall that Oklahoma’s law that Sharia law would not prevail was overturned.  Now Arizona?  Any chance that that Mayan prediction of Dec 21, 2012 could  really happen?  Sounds good to me.  Nobody can corrupt God’s land.

    • Tony Ruiz says:

      @GramE   The courts are run by mere men, and I haven’t had any undue faith in them since I was 15. What’s YOUR excuse? Grow up, wake up and smell the muslims; they’re here.

      • GramE says:

        @Tony Ruiz I’m quite grown up Tony.  I voted for Dewey!   I am wide awake – I said that I’ve HAD faith – sounds past tense to me.  I think your anger and passion for this country has you reading a little into what is said and not said.  You’ve had many good comments on this site.  Be a leader!

  106. netandyawho says:

    In Texas, people who would inflict those injuries on a dog would get prison time.  Send the parents, sister and judge to us and we will start by serving them a wild boar meal followed with a Korean dog desert..

  107. Viet Vet says:

    The Islam is a sick sadistic political ideology, nothing more nothing less.  Slavery is coming in the United States thanks to the Muslim loving Obama and his Democrat friends.

  108. Rory T says:

    It is all part of the legasy of Islam.  14 centuries and still violent war lord mentality.   Violence is only good when it is used to protect the innocent and is a last resort.

  109. StevenBFisher says:

    Muslims killing Muslims – No Problem…move along…Nothing to see here.

  110. benth166 says:

    I’d string that judge and whomever else help skirt American law, up by their collective family jewels.  Those GD Muslims tried to kill their daughter and admitted so, then were given only Probation.  Horse pucky !!!
      That idiot father needs to be put away, showing the rest of those Sharia morons that we in American do not abduct and try to kill our children without understanding that we’ll go to jail for a long time if we do.  Just what were the lawyers grounds for getting those Sharia idiots off with such a light sentence.
      That young girl can and come live with us if she wants, and I’ll protect her with my life.  The only stipulation will be that she must denounce Sharia, and become an American Christian.  Take off the scarf and any other of the trappings of Islam, and join the human race.
      In fact, I’ll come to Arizona and pick her up.  The legal age in most, if not all states to leave home without parental consent, is 18.  This young lady is 19, and has the right to do with her life as she pleases, whether her parents and family like or not.  This is the United States idiots, not the middle east.  You came here to get away from that crazy place, and then you want to bring all your stupid baggage along with you, which includes thinking you can beat and kill your children at will.  Sorry you Islamic morons, we do not do that here !!!

  111. Tony Ruiz says:

    One might be led to believe we were founded by hippies, freely accepting of all

  112. cdarwincole says:

    In my “Islam is an evil lie” post, I did not mean to suggest that anyone should go out hunting Muslims. Doing so would make you as bad as they are and quite unChristian. I encouraged only speaking truth and then being prepared to defend yourself and your family.
    I married a Muslim woman, and I dearly love my Muslim inlaws, who are wonderful people and, for the most part, good conservative Republicans. We are raising our daughter as a Christian. Yes, we would be killed for that in many Muslim countries. But not here. No yet, anyway….
    Are we not to love our enemies as ourselves?
    Defend yourselves from the enemy. Do not become the enemy.

    • benth166 says:

      @cdarwincole   What that little saying means is that you keep your enemies close to the vest, as in “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”, that way you know exactly what they are up to.  We are admonished to love everyone for the entities they are as brothers and sisters under the umbrella of God’s love.  We do not have to love their actions !!!

      • cdarwincole says:

         My interpretation of that passage is a bit different — a bit less cynical, if you will pardon me for saying so. While I agree that the strategy you espouse can be effective, I think that an interpretation more in the vein of the teachings of Jesus is that you try to understand your enemies as products of their past and their environment, that you forgive them for what they do not understand, and that you try to appeal to their better nature as you would members of your own family. Then, if they still try to kill you, well… then it is time for the more, shall we say, Darwinian approach….

        • AllahISSatan says:

          @cdarwincole  @benth166 
          There is no doubt that Musloms want to kill infidels- those that will actually do it AND all those who stay silent are ALL GUILTY.  As a rule, Muslims do not talk against other Muslims- and that is why there is NO OUTCRY about this ruling from other followers of Islam.
          Bottom line- Islam is not compatible with American values. A war is coming. All these foolish dhimmis will be slaughtered- that means all the homosexuals who think that Republicans are mean- they aint seen nothing yet!!! And all these idiot liberal judges- lets see your ruling when a Muslim rapes your wife and daughters. IDIOTS!!!

    • Tony Ruiz says:

      @cdarwincole    If they no longer follow islam, they are no longer muslim. it’s a so-called religion, not a race. Of course, it’s not a religion either…it’s an army! And they’re armed!

  113. rodger1942 says:

    The Courts are trying to treat this as a First Amendment issue (freedom of religion), but it is really a 14th Amendment issue (equal protection under the law).  No part of the US can be “under” Sharia Law and still have the 14th Amendment obeyed.  All people in the US must have the same set of laws.  It is in the Constitution (read it).

    • Tony Ruiz says:

      Why should I? Nobody else is.

      • Combat Veteran Seabee says:

        @Tony Ruiz
         That is no reason to shirk your reponsibility! To use a cliche, if everyboby is jumping off the bridge, are you going to also?

        • Tony Ruiz says:

          @Combat Veteran Seabee   Wake up Combat Vet. We are on the Titanic…are you sure we should be re-arranging the deck furniture? This is the time for action; look where following has gotten us; we sent all the wrong people to be followed

        • Combat Veteran Seabee says:

          @Tony Ruiz
           I’m on your side, I carry a copy of the Constitution with me in my pocket! I was just making a point, but it wasn’t directed at you. Yes, I’m onboard with this crap being eradicated in this once great country.
           A country is only as Great as it’s people, and we have idiots driving the bus! It starts in the public schools, they are not for education, rather “INDOCTRINATION!”
           Sometimes the blood of the just must flow to release ourselves from tyranny!!

  114. WP says:

    What is the Judges name he can be written to also can maybe get this on Bill o Reilly show he  will expose this stuff. I question why there is no Judges name just says Arizona Superior Court Judge.

    • GrizzMann says:

      WP, Last week’s ruling by a left wing Democrat, Judge Joseph Kreamer (a 2007 Janet Napolitano appointee) further emphasizes the growing threat of Islamic (Sharia) law

  115. RobertJones1 says:

    The judge needs to be disbared and removed from the bench. The girl is 19 years old and she needs to sue the courts and her parents. She can do this in this country.

  116. kaeuqs says:

    If these Muslims want to live in our country , they must abide by our laws…. If Americans are arrested { and rightly so } for abusing their children , are arrested & can serve prison time, so why is this so called Judge just giving probation ?? What is he waiting for, to murder their child ?? A lot to be desired for this Liberal judges !

  117. SurferDude says:

    Aloha friends! INTERESTING ARTICLE!! to say the Least! More to the POINT,Very very Interesting COMMENTS and OBSERVATIONS as Well!!! However,the Issue I must Bring Up>? How many of You Have Done anything about IT! besides PONTIFICATE!! Not being a Jerk nor Mean,look at the Comment that says Someone Should e/mail this article to so n so!  lol   FOLKS we are ALL that SOMEBODY!!! Each n every One of US!! DO SOMETHING,Call SOMEONE, Forward an Article  etc etc!!!!!!! Then Write a Comment!!

  118. Sleepr says:

    Not surprising at all. Islam is the only religion I know of that still beheads you if you do not convert to it! Let’s see where did read about those who were beheaded for their faith in Jesus Christ…. Oh that’s right its in the book of Revelations 20:4….ow ain’t that something!!!

  119. dondh says:

    This judge Kreamer needs to be disbarred and sent to Afghanistan or Pakistan for the rest of his life!  This is just dispicable!  judge, if that what you call yourself that, you are an idiot and disgrace to the judical profession!   Your butt is ok, but what about Aiya?  This is America you bozo!  Have some guts and abide by the law here in America, not those Islamic countries, but put those parents in jail and don’t give me that bit about what they did wasn’t even domestic violence!  If you knew the American law, you would know that it was attempted murder and for a felony as well!!  Now you anti-American, you have opened the door for more murder, felonies and domestic violence by this sadistic and satanistic religion!  If you had any guts, you’d stop this, but you are spineless!  I hope you are removed from the position you are in and never allowed to practice law again!!

  120. Barbaradiane says:

    If enough letters pour into the Governor (or President), can this judge be ousted?  Would seem to me he violated our laws.  Sharia law has no legality in our USA.

    • Tony Ruiz says:

      @Barbaradiane    think again. It’s happening all over and we’re losing unless we have Jesus in our hearts, in which case there is no way to lose.

    • WP says:

      @Barbaradiane What Judge what is his or her name you have to have a name before you can write letters!

    • ConnieStanson says:

      @Barbaradiane No Barbaradiane, because OB is a Secular Muslim.

  121. GrizzMann says:

    Democrats do nothing for black on black crime (Democrat war on blacks), Why should anyone expect Muslim on Muslim crime (Democrat war on Muslims?

  122. hippygirl says:

    i say round all of muslims and ship them to parts unknown. they make my skin crawl.

    • Tony Ruiz says:

      @hippygirl    No, kill them. Stamp them out; they’re vermin

      • Gatorbmr says:

        @Tony Ruiz @hippygirl You’re right, they are like cancer cells. If you don’t eradicate all of them, the ones that remain will grow again! They are very dangerous!

        • Combat Veteran Seabee says:

          @Tony  @hippygirl
           And how do you kill cancer cells? You block off the oxygen and blood supplies!

  123. samlam says:

    These are the judges it has nothing to do with the USA, the judges need to go quick

  124. dondh says:

    Get ready America for the worst!  The muslims are on there way full go!  In fact, they’ve already had a good start and this president isn’t going to do a thing about it and the presidents before were to blind to see what was happening!  America should take note of what the Prime Minister of Australia has said about muslims coming into their country!  See for yourself!!

    • NavyJR says:

      @dondh Of course he’s done something about it: he IMPORTED MORE of them, on OUR “dime”!  Since he IS a Muslim {ignore the protests; they’re taqqiya}, and supports their agenda I expect nothing different!

      • dondh says:

         Boy do you ever have that right NavyJR!  Just about a few weeks or so ago, he signed a bill to allow some 80,000 (I think that was the number, or there abouts) muslims free entry to America and who knows what else they will get, probably free housing and maybe food stamps, etc.!  As far as I’m concerned, this administration, specifically this president, should be IMPEACHED for the Benghasi incident which he has yet to do a thing about, four American dead!  Also, Iran’s aggression on our drone planes, plus a number of other anti-American things which he either has done something about or something that is not worth anything
        !  But unfortunately, this guy will put forth every lie he can come up with to weasel his way out of this serious problem, which is 10 times worse that Watergate with R. Nixon!    Thanks for your right on response to my first comment!!  GOD BLESS AMERICA!

        • Ray Downen says:

          @dondh  @NavyJR It was Obama who prevented aid being sent to the Benghazi four now dead. Obama is a Muslim. And a majority of our citizens re-elected him to have four more years to bring about our ruin. You wonder what Obama will do something about the Benghazi incident as if you didn’t know that it was he himself who is fully responsible for what happened. He alone is responsible! And he’s the one who will have opportunity to name prospective new judges to the Supreme Court as vacancies occur during the next four years.

        • Ray Downen says:

          @dondh  @NavyJR t was Obama who prevented aid being sent to the Benghazi four now dead. Obama is a Muslim. And a majority of our citizens re-elected him to have four more years to bring about our ruin. You wonder when Obama will do something about the Benghazi incident as if you didn’t know that it was he himself who is fully responsible for what happened. He alone is responsible! And he’s the one who will have opportunity to name prospective new judges to the Supreme Court as vacancies occur during the next four years.

    • sgtmoonwinx says:

       time to Lock ans Load.  but we had best hid every firearm we can get our hands on cause it the states can’t secede, we’re going to be needing them.

  125. nosyjme says:

    If this is what these people want to do, then they need to pack their shit up and go do it somewhere freaking else… NOT HERE–NOT OK!!!!  I don’t give a shit what “religion” they claim to be this is NOT OK!!!!!!

  126. Azzieman says:

    Here in Arizona, the ballot that we just had says only: Should this judge be kept in office? I skipped that whole part. Once, I voted no on all of them.There is no way to tell anything about a judge. In the good old days, a long time ago, judges had to run on a political platform, so, you knew what they thought, more or less. Then, the lawyers managed to get that changed, saying that politics did not matter. Oh, yes, it does. This piece of scorpion poison probably was OKed by the hoi polloi.
    They always achieve higher office, where the damage is even greater, as it then covers a much wider range of people, more districts, more states, all 57 of them, eventually.

  127. SuziqueWA says:

    And this is what the demoncrats call tolerance and inclusivity??? Dear God in heaven!

  128. WP says:

    Apparently torturing your offspring is no longer a violent offense in Phoenix, Arizona. Last week an Arizona Superior Court Judge awarded (and I mean awarded) probation to a Muslim family who admitted to kidnapping, beating and trying to kill their nineteen-year-old daughter. Islamists rejoice! “Honor violence” is now officially sanctioned as part of the American culture. YES AND WHAT IS THIS JUDGES NAME DOES ANYONE KNOW ?

  129. RobertJones1 says:

    His name is in the article.

  130. RobertLCraft says:

    you got to be kidding.why dont you Phoenix Arizona judge just bow down to theses people and kiss there back dont need to be a judge in this country .dont you realize those people want to kill you if you dont believe in there religion.

  131. WP says:

    Judge Joseph Kreamer  this is the only name in the article so if this is the guy we need to write complain about his ruling and get the info to Bill O’ Reilly or we can just talk crap back and fourth and nothing will happen.  any ideas out there ?

  132. the lighthouse says:

    and this judge is suppose to be educated. wow what t
    a moron in the law.
    he would rather up hold muslim law than  the US constitution. this is what is wrong with amercia
    judges that cant judge without a democratic agenda. wake up people if he can get away with it
    anyone else can. the thing is we do nothing we are as bad as the judge speak up people
    you do still have the freedom of speech until it is taken away from us

  133. Tubby says:

    Hardly a surprise, as you can go in to your nearest army barracks, kill off a dozen or so people, if you follow Islam, & just call it “workplace violence”

    • HowardPettyjohn says:

      That major who killed all those troops was because he was a Muslim.  He still hasn’t been tried because he has grown a beard according to the Muslim religion and the  United States has put him on hold because they don’t know what to do about it.  He can’t grow a beard being active duty Army but he can being a Muslim….they think…Maybe.     Chit !

      • oldgringo says:

        Let’s send him to some foreign country… it rendition…..There we can have him tortured and even murdered….If Obama is tired of all the Musliim accusations…..A good way out!

  134. enubus says:

    According to the article, his name is Joseph Kreamer appointed by Janet “the dog” Napolitano,

  135. DockyWocky says:

    This is a travesty of justice – allowing those primitive savages their way here in the US of A is a miscarriage of whatever justice used to exist in Arizona.
    This calls for vigilatism, as apparently, the authorities are powerless to act properly because of some secret deal.

    • WP says:

      @DockyWocky do not need vigilatism what ever that means ,we need to expose this Judge Joseph Kreamer to the media and public any ideas ?

  136. Dwain Holmes says:

    No wonder this country has so many uninformed people!! They can`t or don`t comprehend what they read!I see sveral comments wondering what the judges name is!!I just skimmed the article and saw His name twice!

  137. Joe lettieri says:

    .This is what you morons voted for in all your ignorance……..IM disgusted with the petty  greed and lack of patriotism of the apathetic US citizens and the complete lack of intelligence in our judicial system.What ever happened to our country?Where do these pathetic excuses for judges come from?……we may as well have muslim spies as our judges……..What part dont you idiots understand?……maybe when a few of you morons get you head cut off  you will get it……but after this last election I doubt it…………..IM ASHAMED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • WP says:

      @Joe lettieri turn that ashamed feeling into fuel for trying to do some thing about this Judge Joseph Kreamer any idea how we can expose this to Bill O’ Reilly show and get it aired

      • RivahMitch says:

        @Joe lettieri Sorry, Joe. O’Reilly refuses to discuss the 500 pound gorilla of election fraud. He’s totally wussed out.

        • Cowgirl says:

          @RivahMitch  @Joe lettieri
           I knew he would do that, I stopped watching him a long time ago, he seems to much on the lefts side.  I watch Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.  They are good.  Glenn really gets the truth out there.

    • Fiesty says:

      @Joe lettieri
       I AGREE.  bUT, HANG ON, OBAMA WILL CHOOSE TWO MORE SUPREME Court Judges, then we will be in some deep doo doo. The end of Justice as we have known it.,

    • WP says:

      @Joe lettieri OK I just e mailed O’Reilly & Rush at    and am still looking for other e mails.   If everyone e mails them with link to this article and ask nice if they can help expose this judge then maybe it will happen.

  138. Disgusted says:

    It is a disgrace and I am truly tired of this lost society. No hope for the useless idiot crowd. I wonder if they even contemplate what their fate may be by tolerating this kind of action.

  139. patriot girl says:

    This is outrageous – I agree with several of the other comments – we need to get this to Bill O’Reilly ASAP!

    • WP says:

      @patriot girl Do you know his e mail contact info I am trying to find it instead of just making comments lets expose this idiot Judge Joseph Kreamer.

    • Cowgirl says:

      @patriot girl
       Also to Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.  I’m sure they know and it will be in the news soon.  This is so disgusting.

      • WP says:

        @Cowgirl  @patriot girl do not be so sure we need their contact info and everyone contact them about this Judge Joseph Kreamer the more that contact them the sooner it will be exposed

        • ConnieStanson says:

          @Cowgirl  @patriot girl  Yes it will be exposed but nothing will be done about it. Sad isn’t it.

      • GreggThePilgrim says:

        @Cowgirl  @patriot girl Yeah, but isn’t that like preaching to the you know what!?  Let’s see if the drive by media will cover it as well!  I know, I’m dreaming, but a boy’s allowed to dream right?  Contact your local ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.!  See if we (the people) can’t make some sort of stink outa this mess!!

    • TerrenceDaniels says:

      @patriot girl This is the type of case where patriotic American citizens should hunt that judge down, at the mall, out eating lunch, etc. and just put a bullet in his head and be done with it.  
      As for the Muslim 19 year old girl, her life isn’t worth a hill of beans now…  she is 19 and she needs to run and don’t stop if she values her life.  There is no law in America that can force her to stay at that house if she chooses not to.

    • WP says:

      @patriot girl OK I just e mailed O’Reilly & Rush at    and am still looking for other e mails.   If everyone e mails them with link to this article and ask nice if they can help expose this judge then maybe it will happen.

    • WP says:

      @patriot girl  O’Reilly & Rush at       If everyone e mails them with link to this article and ask nice if they can help expose this judge then maybe it will happen.

  140. miko says:

    Islam is every jugheads dream and I suspect many a fool will convert willingly. Imagine. You can beat your wife(s). Polyamy is legal for sharia adherants.  You can rape young girls claiming it;s your wedding night, just like Mohammy.
    Oh , and you can beat your wife…….see evey hicks dream.   Except no bacon ((..

  141. RivahMitch says:

    This scum should not be allowed into our country. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it again: Unless and until every muslim in America is at least as ill-at-ease as the average Copt in Egypt, America is losing the battle for survival. DEPOPULATE Islam!!!

    • WP says:

      @RivahMitch not gonna happen look who is in the WH

    • Ray Downen says:

      @RivahMitch We will be sorry for allowing Muslims to live in a once-free nation. We will be judged for allowing a foolish person to serve as a judge in this nation. Are we not all guilty of his sin because we allowed such a person to be installed as a judge? Surely we need to DO something about this case!

    • Don39 says:

      @RivahMitch I said it before and I’ll say it again, you dumb asses are barking up the wrong tree. You castigate people for doing what people do and give the judges and facilitators, a bunch of leftist fools , a free ride.

      • RivahMitch says:

        @Don39 Should the judge be removed from the bench? Absolutely. I’ve posted before that I’d give any judge who allows a murderer who becomes a recidivist out the same penalty the murderer should have had the first time. However, by admitting that muslims and their culture “do what people do”, you’re making my argument. Whether it’s defined as Honor killings” or “workplace violence” (Fort Hood, in case you forget), or sharia, it’s simply NOT something I need in my country. I didn’t crawl through rice patties 45 years ago to see this country adopt or allow a third world culture.

        • Don39 says:

          @RivahMitch I was in those same rice patties and I stand by what I said . If you can not read it it is not my fault.

        • RivahMitch says:

          @Don39 Thanks for your service. I suspect I’m as literate as you are so I quite understand what you’re saying and agree with you about the judge. Never-the-less, I stand by my comment as well. Semper Fi!

  142. miko says:

    For the Territory of Utah to become a State, the Mormons were ordered to give up polygomy.
    Wither Mormans can revert back to polygamy or muslims should be barred from it. We cannot have polygamy for muslims just cuz they have a dark skin tone and liberals wring their hands in free of offending.

    • Don39 says:

      Dumb. Show me one case of Muslim polygamy. If you can, even though its off topic, I’ll appologise.

      • GreggThePilgrim says:

        @Don39 One case?  Read the Koran… a man may have up to 4 wives IF he can afford them.  Not only that, but by lying and claiming they are his sisters (BTW lying is also permissible in Islam if it furthers their agenda, it’s called Taqiyya, look it up), then all of them can claim benefits from the fed, including food stamps & welfare!!!

        • Don39 says:

          @GreggThePilgrim I have read the Quran. I have lectured on the Quran. We were talking about in the US as in the application of Sharia Law in this country.. Get the facts before you jump froggy!

  143. LarryGallo says:

    This same libtard would say NO to a Christmas tree in a town square.

    • ConnieStanson says:

      @LarryGallo Because the Muslims have told the president wannabe to stop all Christian Holidays. If they can take the Christ out of America, The easier it will be to Conquer us.

      • sgtmoonwinx says:

        @ConnieStanson  @LarryGallo
         Who ever let these disgusting people into America in the first place?

        • Don39 says:

          @sgtmoonwinx  @ConnieStanson  @LarryGallo You mean like Obama and the leftist judge sanctioned by Maricopa County and the State of Arizona, right!

        • ConnieStanson says:

          @Don39  @sgtmoonwinx  @LarryGallo I’m not sure what your getting at., But I can tell you this. I can’t stand Obee and the damn Leftist Judges. or the Sanctions imposed on Maricopa, County. I am against Secularism, Communism, and the Islamic Military Movement. I hope this answers your question, Don 39.

        • ConnieStanson says:

          @sgtmoonwinx  @LarryGallo  Your not going to like this, but we did. When we didn’t research our candidates; we voted in office. We just rode on the ones that were voting. We didn’t realize those candidates were Socialist, Communist, and Muslims. Now we have to pay the price. I hope we can turn America around. There are no Safe, and Free place’s to go to now. We really screwed up !

        • RivahMitch says:

          @ConnieStanson  @sgtmoonwinx  @LarryGallo  What do you mean “we”? Some of us saw through the Kenyan Marxist from day one and have opposed him. If America was “the greatest country on earth”, why did it need to be “fundamentally transformed”? how could anyone not have realized what Obeyme was about?
          This 2nd election was, IMHO, determined by cheating, voter fraud and manipulation (concerning which none of the media dares to comment). When there are more votes than registered voters (or even residents) in a precinct, when Republican observers (and I’m a conservative republican, but NOT a Republican) are barred from polling places, when voting machines reject votes for one candidate, when votes are counted overseas by a group owned by George Soros, when military votes are deliberately made impossible and when Bozo only wins states without any sort of voter ID requirements, anyone who cannot figure out for themselves what’s going on has gotten exactly what they deserve. Unfortunately, many of the rest of us have been dragged along for,the ride. We face Patrick Henry’s choice again.

  144. Humpfarnarkle says:

    That 19 year old girl should shoot that good for nothing father of hers right between the horns.  She should have any problem claiming self defense.

  145. Humpfarnarkle says:

    That 19 year old girl should shoot that good for nothing father of hers right between the horns.  She should NOT have any problem claiming self defense.

    • TerrenceDaniels says:

      @Humpfarnarkle I have a better idea… just shoot the fricking judge and save their county!

      • crowell001 says:

        @TerrenceDaniels  @Humpfarnarkle ; Terrance – I understand your frustration.  However, I would not recommend making even an idle threat against a federal judge – especially now that OButthead has stolen yet another election.

        • Don39 says:

          @crowell001  @TerrenceDaniels  @Humpfarnarkle Screw them!

        • Don39 says:

          @crowell001  @TerrenceDaniels  @Humpfarnarkle PS; He is not a federal judge, and this case may well be reversed in appeal if anyone has the guts to pursue it.

        • RivahMitch says:

          @crowell001  @TerrenceDaniels  @Humpfarnarkle Crowell001: It ain’t “frustration”. For most of us, it’s anger. Anyone not already on the Kenyan Marxist’s list is too complacent. I wear my “Official Presidential Enemies List” Tshirt several times a week and you’ll find my hostile postings on many conservative lists. Oh, and I was one of the first 100 to sign my states secession petition. Semper Fi!

      • WP says:

        @TerrenceDaniels  @Humpfarnarkle OK I just e mailed O’Reilly & Rush at    and am still looking for other e mails.   If everyone e mails them with link to this article and ask nice if they can help expose this judge then maybe it will happen.

    • Don39 says:

      @Humpfarnarkle She could also shoot the sorry ass judge and claim , righteously, self defense!

  146. pigboatpilot says:

    Isn’t Maricopa County Sheriff Joes’ county?

  147. djpj57 says:

    Why am I not surprised?

  148. DonRo says:

    Judge Kreamer is nothing but a black-robed, bench degenerate who should be taken out and hanged after a short hearing. Scum like that will result in innocent children being murdered by Muslim filth.

  149. caleb2 says:

    The answer to this problem lies in the problem itself.  The victim, a Muslim, is to be slain by her fellow Muslim parents.  If she is allowed to live she will breed more Muslim fanatics.  This appears to be a form of ‘self purification’ and if encouraged might solve the entire problem.
    None of them will become good citizens as their allegiance is to the Islam totally committed to the destruction of all that is not Islam.  They were just doing that which our country should be doing
    only on a much larger scale.

  150. Evermyrtle says:

    This is what our welfare is coming to and it won’t be long until they take over completely. That I I likely will not live to see it fulfilled but my children and my grandchildren will, and that scares me,COME LORD JESUS”

  151. usmc1063 says:

    We no longer have a judicial system that works. Jurist have fallen into the liberal pit of diversity where nothing is wrong unless it’s and issue that targets or concerns special groups and their lifestyles. I just read and article where a prominate American University condoned sexual expermentation amoung children citing they also deserved the pleasure it provides. Liberals have no morals nor do the no longer fear the justice system.

  152. sgtmoonwinx says:

    Who ever let these disgusting people into America??

  153. Tony Ruiz says:

    I love muslims to death

    • Don39 says:

      @Tony Ruiz Some one should love the ignorant leftist judge to death. You can not blame the ignorant Muslim for doing what ignorant Muslims do and will continue to do as long as idiots like this judge are allowed to run free and lord it over us!

  154. Don39 says:

    Why do we expect leftist judges to be any more sane or moral than the leftist who appoint them and  elect them or the amoral left in general. Be they voter, minor politico, judge, or dog catcher, if they are leftist of any brand they have one thing in common, basic amorality, part of the sickness of liberal psychopathology. THEY ARE SICK and should be removed from office and in many cases are a threat to society and should be restrained! But what the hell, if America is the institution, the inmates are in charge of the institution and the moral minority are now in the cells.

    • WP says:

      @Don39 OK I just e mailed O’Reilly & Rush at    and am still looking for other e mails.   If everyone e mails them with link to this article and ask nice if they can help expose this judge then maybe it will happen.

    • GreggThePilgrim says:

      @Don39 Believe me, as far as the moral majority (real Christian believers) being in cells… mark my words, it’ll only get worse before the Lord Christ returns!!!

  155. Bang says:

    That’s why citizens have guns. To protect us against the government and bad judges. It’s well past time we put an end to wacko judges.

  156. HG2 says:

    This sounds like a plea bargin, if so blame the prosecutor, not the judge. The father pleaded to discon so under sentencing guidelines (set up to keep judges from being too lenient)  there’s only so much the judge can do.  Aslo, if the guy took a conviction to discon, then he didn’t admit to trying to kill his daughter.  Sounds like, for whatever reason, the DA let all three plead out to low level misdemenors.

    • PA_visitor says:

      @HG2 Judges are always free to reject plea bargains if they think the sentence is too light.

    • AFMomXs2 says:

      @HG2I agree.  This sounds like a prosecutor trying to take the lazy way out or not open a huge can of worms before the Election.  So blame him/her fr not doing their job and getting the book thrown at the Rag Heads.   I say anyone who does this kind of crap should be deported on the spot and sent back to the rest of the Sand monkies.  I hope that the poor girl is staying with someone else and no where near her idiotic family.

  157. WilliamEdwinRauh says:

    someone needs to be shot !!

  158. caleb2 says:

    The family is helping the USA out.  The girl is a Muslim!  When she marries she will breed more.  We are threatened by the very existence of ANY Muslims in the US.  Don’t blame the Judge.  Encourage Him in these matters dealing with Islam.
    All of Islam has one overwhelming and consuming goal:  The destruction of all that is not Islam.  We in America should have the same goal for all that is Islam both in the United States and the World!
    They formally declared War on the USA September 11 2001.  We should have enthusiastically reciprocated then but it’s not too late to do so now.

  159. dhmill says:

    Whose fault is this? It’s the fault of the American voters. When the voters do not pay attention to who or what they vote for then they get what they get.

  160. ConnieStanson says:

    100%  Right

  161. WP says:

    OK I just e mailed O’Reilly & Rush at    and am still looking for other e mails.   If everyone e mails them with link to this article and ask nice if they can help expose this judge then maybe it will happen.

  162. Silverdollar1 says:

    Todays times are falling inline with the bible,,,won’t be much longer.

  163. OldAzPatriot says:

    I am a resident of Maricopa County, Arizona and I am very upset to see this sharia bias creeping into our legal system. I feel that his needs to be strongly and loudly brought to the attention of our Governor Jan Brewer. I would appreciate it if all Arizona residents would contact Gov. Brewer regarding this article. For those of you who are not Arizona residents but want to voice your opinion here are a few zip codes you can use (85375, 85260, 85013, 85015) when filling out the form. You can contact her on the following link;
    Thank You.

    • scot_belle says:

       Thank you for the zip codes, and yes, I will be adding my two cents in complaints to Gov. Brewer.

    • Tony Ruiz says:

      @OldAzPatriot    Do you really think she doesn’t know? I’m thinkin’ she does and is working on a plan for us…that’s who she is, and one of the reasons we left Californication a couple of months ago. We’re Arizonians now!

      • OldAzPatriot says:

        @Tony RuizGlad to have you on board Tony – Welcome to AZ. I am sure she probably knows. The problem is that quite often politicians fail to act unless we show them our displeasure with certain things. I hope you are right – I hope she is coming up with a plan right now.

  164. jodieblonde says:

    ?Has this Arizona judge lost his mind? He should have to be responsible for her future well being.If they {the family} kill her,What then?

  165. jodieblonde says:

    Has this judge lost his mind.This is insane.If any more harm comes to this young woman,the judge should be held responsible.

  166. WP says:      If everyone e mails them with link to this article and ask nice if they can help expose this judge then maybe it will happen.

  167. edc says:

    These womens groups mentioned as being absent are all too busy defending the rights of selfish “me generation” people murdering their pre-born children.

  168. HowardPettyjohn says:

    Sharia law is part of the Muslim religion but is it a religion ?  The US has accepted it as a religion and the US can make no laws against a religion.  No religion according to the first amendment.
    AMVET- It isn’t me saying Muslim is a religion.  Ala is not our God either.
    DON BAHN1- Biblical law is no longer used for what is now corporate law.  Man sets his own laws and punishments but they do use the biblical as their guides.  To spare the rod is no longer a law but we still use it.
    The 10 commandments are no longer law either but we followed it when man wrote his own laws.
    RAYMOND SMITH-I can’t justify Ariz and Texas taking custody of mormon kids and seperating married wives from a husband.  If it is allowed in their religion then the US, 1st Amendment says to leave them alone.  I think it is allowed in one of the sects but not the other….???

    • OldAzPatriot says:

      @HowardPettyjohnReligious freedom is only possible when the religions involved respect the right of the other religions to exist. Civil laws are civil laws. We had a case here in Arizona a couple of years ago that involved a muslim girl attending Arizona State University. She apparently was developing a relationship with a non-muslim male student and becoming “Americanized” and apparently “disgracing” the family. Her father ran her over a couple of times with his car to make doubly sure she was dead. He was convicted of murder as he should have been. Any religion should be welcomed by our country as long as it complies with our laws and respects the other religions that are already present. Muslims come here for one reason and one reason only and that is to totally undermine our society as we have known it for the last couple of hundred years. When in Rome do as the Romans do. This is our country and our laws are our laws. This is America – child abuse is against the law for ANY religion including muslims. If they want to kill their kids then they need to go back to wherever they came from to do it.

      • HowardPettyjohn says:

        OldAzPatriot   I agree with you but I know what the first amendment says and I know that our federal government accepts Muslims as a church or religious group.  Muslims are quite proud of their Sheria laws and this is not the first time their law has been honored.
        If child abuse is part of the religion according to the law it cannot make laws against it.
        I have been yelled at many times by people trying to defend their darlin Muslim friends.
        Almost as bad as Catholics.  Personally I have no use for Muslims just like they have no use for me.  Anyhoo…nice talkin with ya.

        • OldAzPatriot says:

          Sorry, but your logic escapes me. I attend a Bible Church and if I committed that level of abuse on my child CPS would have custody of the child and I would be sitting in “Tent City” right now. But, if I am a muslim I can defy the child abuse laws of the state of Arizona and I can get a free pass. You are saying that on the one hand we have to stretch the meaning of the first amendment for one religion and let them do whatever they want but on the other hand all the other religions have to comply with our civil laws. Sorry, but I think your thinking is a bit convoluted.

        • Jdangiel says:

          @HowardPettyjohn Oh yes they can!  If somebody brought back worship of Baal and throwing live babies into a bonfire, it would stop in one hell of a hurry.

        • Jdangiel says:

          @HowardPettyjohn And what is with the uninformed, anti-Catholic bigotry?  You really are a bright one, aren’t ya?

    • DRLJR says:

      @HowardPettyjohn Islam is not a religion.  It is a political system with a religious component.  In order to get his god (moon god – the word Allah apparently simply means “the god”) worshiped and only his god Mohammed create a political structure to enforce it.  This is why people who reject Islam or its indoctrination are killed.  Thinking for one’s self is good for maintaining a cult like Islam.

      • HowardPettyjohn says:

        I did not intend to say that I thought Islam was a religion, no way.  I do know that our federal government claims them as a religion.  And yes, Allah is the moon god.

        • paflaglady says:

          @HowardPettyjohn You really shouldn’t make blanket statements about a word. There are Arab Christians that use “Allah” meaning “one God”. It is an Arabic word.

  169. WP says:  just sent . If everyone sends a link to this article  and ask  nice if he can help expose Judge Joseph Kreamer. then maybe it will happen.

  170. dotsdot says:

    Muslims along with all people who immigrate are no longer coming to free themselves, they are coming to change the USA and guess what it is working. Do you see the freebies we give them. It used to be when people came here they learned the language and customs now they want to continue to speak their native tongue and segragate themselves in their little corner of the country and change it into a mini cuba or mini Mexico etc. They don’t want to join our country they want to extend theirs. We help by handing out food stamps, health care, SS etc. We are dooming ourselves !

  171. juil says:

    There is a great Feed Website that shows what Muslims around the world are doing. Just Google there you will see this is just the tip of the ice.

  172. thistle says:

    So, if I spank a 5 year old, leaving no mark, except a pink spot with my hand, over his clothes, I can lose my child to foster care and be incarcerated.  But if I cry Sharia…I can slit their throat and otherwise torture and abuse and tie up?

    • Ray Downen says:

      @thistle Yes, you get the picture if the judge is stupid or not thinking straight that day. The very least the judge should have done was to remove the victim from that home and put her in a safe home where her parents couldn’t continue abusing her.

  173. WP says:

    I sent 3 e mails to 3 different media guys if every one does the same then maybe we will be able to expose this Judge Joseph Kreamer. and maybe get him removed. There is strength in numbers. Please take time and send an e mail.

  174. scot_belle says:

    Nineteen…is NOT a child.  This is a young adult woman.  HOWEVER, even with that being the reality, that Judge needs to be taken to the woodshed, because NO ONE should be allowed to do that sort of violence to anyone!!
    Sharia law, and honor crimes, are NOT what we do here in America!!  THIS IS CRIMINAL….both the crime, and then compounded by that liberal Judge!!

  175. CarolyneMas says:

    The bigger picture is that war and conflict are being provoked by the government in this country. The more hate they can stoke, the better. Americans are playing right into their hands, and they know that. If people could only channel some of that outrage towards the government who deliberately provokes cultural and racial division, because they are screwing all of us at the same time, then maybe we could do something about THEM! A fine example of racial tension is happening right now in Greece, because they know that the people’s energy can be diverted away from the real oppressors by creating these kinds of internal conflicts as a diversion.

    • WP says:

      @CarolyneMas The channel for outrage is voting & looks like to many people sat home and did not vote for some reason. So now we need to pray for this guy that he will do the right thing for the country.

      • steveni says:

        @CarolyneMas Or they did vote and their vote was not counted or changed.

        • Ray Downen says:

          @CarolyneMas Steveni comments correctly. But the total vote count indicates that many Republicans simply did not vote or else their votes were indeed somehow not counted.

      • Ray Downen says:

        @CarolyneMas From his record it’s obvious that Obama will not do anything good for this nation. We need to pray for the nation that God will raise up a savior to protect us from Obama.

        • mallen11 says:

          @Ray Downen  @CarolyneMas
           Ray, I believe We the People need to turn back to God before He will raise up anyone to help us as a nation. I know He does individually.

    • Ray Downen says:

      @CarolyneMas Silly me. I thought comments here should be about the news report and comments concerning the 19-year-old girl and her parents!

  176. Douglas says:

    This article is BS! I didn’t read once where “Mohamed made me do it” was said. It sounds like a disturbed parent. The eighth paragraph should have read “This is not Kabul,Tehran or TEL AVIV; this is the United States of America.” I know BS when I smell it, and I smell it here.

    • Uncle Johnson says:

      Check Yahoo news for Nov 6. Muslim family gets probation in Phoenix. They have video as well. Good luck.

      • Douglas says:

        @Uncle Johnson Yes Uncle John, I did. No where did it say “because we are muslim, just Iraqi culture”. Also did you read the last paragraph? Apparently not. Oh and by the way “Yahoo News”!?!?! Get real would you.

        • Ray Downen says:

          @Uncle Johnson The acts were strictly in accord with Shariah law, and absolutely illegal under the law of the United States of America. Why is that judge still in office?

        • Uncle Johnson says:

          @Ray Downen
           The Judge was re-elected with over 64% of the vote in his last election.

        • Uncle Johnson says:

          There are other reports that have identified all family members as Muslim. Believe what you will. My suggestion about Yahoo news was made because they had video. Hard to argue with video.
          You claim article is BS. Clearly you are angry about something, but that doesn’t make you right. Check Radical Islam.Org. Maybe this will help you.

    • wheagle says:

      TEL AVIV???? Antisemitism is clearly obstructing your thinking, Douglas

    • babcicathy says:

      You need to re-read the article…a disturbed parent?  How about 2 of them and a whacked sibling? Sounds like gang abuse to me…no matter what religion.

      • Douglas says:

        @babcicathy Still it doesn’t say “Islam made us do it” does it?

        • Ray Downen says:

          @babcicathy Are you, Douglas as ignorant as your question makes you appear? Anyone who knows even a little about Islam recognizes that the parents acted according to Shariah law, Islamic law. And the judge said it was O.K. for her father to try to cut off her head!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @Ray Downen  @babcicathy BUT they are in America and our laws are the law of the land, Shariah law should be annihilated

    • Ray Downen says:

      The Muslims acted like Muslims. That sort of conduct is not legal in this nation but the judge chose to not penalize the guilty at all and offered no security for the victim. Bad judge! No logic in his decision.

  177. DRLJR says:

    This is a judge who should be removed from the bench and a new sentencing held.  This is clearly, from what is reported, an attempted homicide.  Standard for Islam and for those who refuse to look at Islam honestly consider what is happening where Islam has control.  Look at Islam’s real history.  Remember, until Islam invaded North Africa, the Middle East and Arabia the areas were Christian, Jewish and Pagan – including the worship of Mohammed’s god (the Moon god).

  178. irma says:

    Now THIS sounds like a war against women!  The Judge should have ordered the girl’s father to be castrated!   — And the same goes for the rest of these creeps who want to enslave women and treat them like chattel.

    • Ray Downen says:

      The man should have been tried for attempted murder and jailed since he admitted he was guilty. The judge is no judge at all, at least in this case.

  179. Gidge says:

    They want to live under Sharia Law let them go back to the country they came from. Sharia Law does not belong in the US Courts. Why did these people come here if not to be westernized.

    • ProudUSAVet says:

      Gov. Christi of New Jersey has named two Muslim judges who believe  in Sharia Law – one to the Court of Appeals and one to the state Supreme Court.   This RINO helped defeat Romney with his statements of support for Obama because he visited NJ for three hours before flying to Las Vegas for a fundraiser.  Obama’s parting words:  “If you have any problems, check out the internet.”

      • ConnieStanson says:

        That #$#%%#@   They I mean all of our Government Officials, Cannot have America. Something has to be done Soon……

        • NavyJR says:

          @ConnieStanson Have you signed your state’s petition for peaceful secession?  If not, do so; there’s one going for EVERY state now, on the White House page.

        • ConnieStanson says:

          @NavyJR   Yes I have, but thank you for asking.

  180. Bruce 11 says:

    This judge should be impeached.  If our laws stop working then the people have the right to fire the idiots and if that doesn’t work than the tree of Liberty will be nourished by the blood of Patriots.

    • Ray Downen says:

      @Bruce 11 Indeed the “judge” needs to be removed from his position! The young lady was victim of an attempted murder and then sent back to the same home where she was a victim.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @Bruce 11 To allow them to come into our country and use their law or use their law ourselves is only part of our problem in America We have sold out to the enemy and washed “GOD AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST” down the drain, which was attempted and was the intention the law  in this case. Of course they have not a clue that GOD is still MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE THAT HE CREATES AND ALL OS WHAT IS IN IT.

  181. GUEST says:

    I live in Phoenix,AZ, the last I saw on our local news ( before this trial) the young woman involved had refused to make any charges against her family  and was back at home living with them.  I must have missed a lot, because this is the first I’ve heard about this case until now………..I do know that last year there was another case similar to this, in that case the father of the young woman ran her over and killed her.  She had refused to marry the man her family had chosen for her.  The father was tried and sent to prison.

  182. harleydavidson says:

    where are the liberals here?  i know they are all cowards when it comes to dealing with muslims.

  183. Mohammads picture says:

    Send them back to their god forsaken country. There are reasons god has forsaken these godless savages. Nuke them to hell. God bless America…

  184. ConnieStanson says:

    Islam is NOT a Religion, It is a form of Military. Out to Kill All Americans as possible and enforce their beliefs. Blaming religion. They are just a bunch of Killers. This is Evil walking the earth. Shear Evil.

  185. Sgt York says:

    Just where in hell are headed? O’Vomit and thugs are winning.We all must stand up to this type of crap here in America and stop it NOW

    • fubaglady says:

      @Sgt York
       Unfortunately, 51% of the voting public is fine with OVomit and his thugs.  We are past the tipping point now.  Secession is more likely than stopping anything they are doing now.

  186. steveni says:

    I blame Obama.

  187. Tony Ruiz says:

    NOTICE TO ALL ON THIS SITE: It may be monitored and any of our extremist statements here may win us a reservation at one of the many FEMA sites. Let’s back off and cool it down a tad; I know how you feel. I feel the same way. We have to find another way of communicating between loyal American

  188. Thunderbob says:

    The Judge needs to be impeached for not supporting the Constitution or Arizona law!

    • BobMarshall says:

      @Thunderbob Along with Obama since he has ignored the Constitution sixteen times so far this year. he has also called for a new”living progressive” constitution along with George Soros and Cass Sunstein.

    • fubaglady says:

       Yeah, right.  Just as soon as they impeach the President for violating the Constitution on a daily basis like’s he’s done for the last 4 yrs.  Face it…our Govt doesn’t care about the Constitution anymore…and neither do 51% of our population.

  189. Earl Lively says:

    Tut, tut. Her family couldn’t be guilty of a federal hate crime. In our New Age of Political Correctness, under its double standard, only white people can be guilty of a “hate crime.” When I read, in the first two lines of this story, that this was an Arizona state judge, I was ready to give 100-to-one odds that this creep was appointed to the bench by Janet Napolitano (an even more disgusting and evil creep), when she was governor of that state, before she went to D.C. to help Obama destroy the whole nation.

  190. Gosh and Golly says:

    Well, so long as her reproductive ‘rights’ weren’t infringed, I don’t think it’s a problem with the libs.

  191. enoughalready4 says:

    Yeah, the Democrats got 80-90% of the Muslim vote.  Muslims want Sharia Law.  I can’t think of anything more “ANTI-WOMAN” than Sharia–stoning, forced marriages, honor killings, prohibited from getting an education.  Yeah baby…we’re the DEMOCRATS!!!!  AND..the Gays should think about this…Muslims hang Homosexuals!!

    • ladypatriot says:

      @enoughalready4 I wish you could tell thousands of people this!  I wish a few of these posts would be seen by thousands.  They make good sense and that is what Americans need to hear now!

      • enoughalready4 says:

        @ladypatriot I have told this to a few people.  My question is, “why can’t the Republican strategists think if this when Romney is under fire?”  I mean I do not belong to organized religion but I believe in God, Jesus and heaven.  How can anyone belong to a party that “boos” God at their Convention. AND…at their Convention there were hoards of people sitting their with shirts that said ARAB league on them which is (I am sure) one of the reasons God was “boo’d because they worship “Allah”—   AND they were sitting next to homosexuals.  I found it laughable how stupid these people were that two “life forms” totally incompatible were “best buds” to take down Republicans!!  I have family members that are Gay and they are good people.  That is not an issue for me.  However, Sharia and radical Islam—they will end civilization.

  192. MYS77 says:

    Right is right and wrong is wrong…. If these people had done this to a stranger… they would all be in jail. Talk about women, being second class citizens. If these people had beat an animal there would be more outrage!!! Does this young woman have to die for her to get justice???? It is time to start empowering Muslim women to get out and fight back against this barbaric macho cult!!!!

  193. BrendaTorres says:

    Under Obama and after he gets the opportunity to appoint two or three more Supreme Court Judges….Thanx to ya’ll for re-electing him……But, you WILL be seeing the shariah law coming to our very own judicial system.

    • Jdangiel says:

      @BrendaTorres They have to approved by the senate.  The reps can stand tough if they want.

      • Einherr says:

        @Jdangiel  @BrendaTorres
         Haven’t you noticed? The dupes have elected a demoncrat Senate.

      • fubaglady says:

        @Jdangiel  @BrendaTorres
         The Senate will do whatever the tin pot messiah tells them to do.  Or haven’t you noticed. And the House is usually busy hiding.

        • OhGator says:

          @fubaglady  @Jdangiel  @BrendaTorres
           You are right on target fubaglady. For Obama, there is no church or synagogue, only mosque.

    • ladypatriot says:

      @BrendaTorres OH FECES!!!!!!!!

  194. Frands Halls says:

    Is this the legacy of the Obama administration?  Sorry America you have sold your soul to the devil!

  195. Thunderbob says:

    It’s amazing how the “supposed” feminist, code Pink and the rest of  two faced. hate America and Men, groups just set by and allow this to happen! In fact they encourage it at every turn. If you beat a animal you can go to jail for years. But if you are a muslim you can not only beat your daughter(same as a dog) or even kill her and it’s an honor killing. Then there are Judges that will say that the daughter was at fault so probation is ok! How much do you want to bet that the Judge  went to Harvard!

  196. jhngoodell says:

    Our President supports Sheria Law, what can possibly be wrong with it, is he not a Muslim and a God?

  197. Buster says:

    Hmm, proof of life threatening torture, family prison, violation of an adults rights, a history of honor killings associated with Islamic followers, forced marriage which will lead to sex slavery against her will and nothing but probation for the violators.  She is extremely lucky to be alive and will probably not live much longer with this family.  
    The 18 year old sister participated too, she was probably forced to and her life was equally threatened if she didn’t or she is so brainwashed she doesn’t know any better, it’s only a matter of time before she will meet the same fate, if she hasn’t already.   
    I guess the judge would rather see her killed by her family or forced to marry, mate and create more children to a 38 year old pervert that her family has demanded her to be with all in the name of Allah.  Wonder if she will force her children into marriage or torture/kill them for the same reasons.  
    Sounds like ONE of MANY REASONS America became AMERICA.  To flee religious persecution.  I don’t get it.  She probably doesn’t either.  
    At 19, she has many  choices available to her in America that would allow her to leave the family insanity and make it on her own but she is more than likely uneducated, unaware and prevented from gaining the knowledge necessary to fly the coop.  
    Hope she makes it but history tells me she won’t last another year.  
    All for BANNING ISLAM in America.  Stop the BRAIN WASHING, before it’s to late.

  198. roughman says:

    Are you kidding?

  199. ckb1342 says:

    Why aren’t the Catholics protecting this girl?  They formed safe houses for the illegals.  This is not the first incident that I have read about in Arizona.  Last year I remember a father murdering the daughter because she was becoming to Americanized.  The father ran over the daughter with his car.  When I we going to step up and ask our government to take these Muslim families and either deport them or interview them to see if they are true Muslim who believes in harming the children if they wonder into civilization or American culture.

  200. deaddog says:


  201. JohnMcBride1 says:

    If they had been Christians, CPS would have taken the children.  See any double standards here?

    • DavidLeoHeatherly says:

      @JohnMcBride1 a 19 year old isn’t a child and if she’s really worried she can leave. Not to mention but the sisters age isn’t given so you base that little nugget of nonsense on what exactly?

  202. BigGoofyGuy says:

    One would have to be blind not to see the double standards. IMO; there is no honor in killing ones daughter no matter how she ‘dishonored her family’.

  203. SteveBuckley says:

    Welcome to the “New” US of A. Especially in light of a nationwide filing for secession of all 50 states from the union. This ought to be real interesting to watch.

  204. sad in america says:

    i thought America was a society which wanted equal treatment and rights for both Sexes. the Judge needs to be ashamed of himself and resign. how would he behave if his niece or granddaughter was the victim of this morbid behavior

  205. Cowgirl says:

    Here are some numbers to call:  NBC – (212) 664-3720……ABC – (212) 456-7777…….CBS – (212) 975-4321……CNN – (404) 827-1500……call them and tell them to report this…..America deserves to know the truth.

    • Jim Bragg says:

       You can forget those phone numbers as they don’t care. Now you might try phoning FOX News as THEY will publish it!

    • fubaglady says:

       Surely you jest.  You think any of the MSM care about Sharia Law?  They don’t even care about 4 dead Americans in Benghazi…or 301 murdered in Fast & Furious scandal…or election rigging.  They aren’t going to care a whit about Sharia in America.

    • Whackajig says:

       Don’t waste your time calling the lame stream media.  They have the news but just fail to report it.

  206. sad in america says:

    it is a sad day when any female is not safe from Zealots of her own family. are we living inPeshawar or Lahore.
    judge should be ashamed and resign for his sad and pathetic ruling. if any harm comes to this young lady Judge should also be held responsible.

  207. Jim Bragg says:

    What in the hell is wrong with people? These people should be charged with multiple felonies and the girl granted a restraining order!

  208. MizGeek says:

    Everyone know Islam is the religion of peace, this was just a misunderstanding.  Nothing more to see here.

  209. mallen11 says:

    Unfortunately, We the People have allowed this to happen in our country. It is now our problem to take care of it. How? Put God first in our life, learn His ways, apply them to our life and our country will again be blessed by the God of the Bible. There is nothing man can do to change this country; only God.
    Isaiah 55:7-9 Let the wicked forsake his way And the unrighteous man his thoughts; And let him return to the Lord, And He will have compassion on him, And to our God, For He will abundantly pardon.  “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord.  “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts.

  210. NavyJR says:

    @Connie Stanson: Keep talking, some will hear most won’t until the “sky does fall” on their heads…

  211. dfingers says:

    If I so much as hear anyone, especially islamic pagans, hurting anyone in the name of their pagan moon god, I start cleaning house.

  212. daveme says:

    what stupid, mindless judge would allow such a travesty to take place?  the leaders of this country are worthless.

  213. NavyJR says:

    @Dondh: I remember Watergate; and the British media announcing they never believed we’d actually bombed those dykes anyway.  They were so confused between what Nixon’s re-election campaign committee did in the Watergate building, and the carpet bombings going on over N Vietnam at the time, which were said to have destroyed some dykes there.  It was a running joke in the DC area at the time.  However what happened in Watergate, criminal as that was, was NOTHING by comparison to what happened in Benghazi.  Stealing Dems’ election campaign plans/information scarcely compares to underhanded dealings that would smuggle weapons to the Syrians; via the Turks, and in the end got 4 Americans MURDERED, and cost at least 3 more their careers, thus far, that we know about, is even beyond the Iran-Contra affair under Reagan that got Oliver North in trouble too.

    • dhmill says:

       Stealing election campaign plans? What about flat out stealing votes!!! Here in Ohio we had 143,000 voting for Obamam in an area where they only had 75,000 registered voters!!  68,000 votes from people who didn’t even exist!    And what happens? The powers that be just shine it on.  I hate to say it in my own country but violence rules!

  214. LonMike says:

    I am very cautious when it comes to these decisions. On the one hand from the description here it would seem to be an obvious decision to make. On the other hand, there are those parent that I know of that have been prosecuted or had their children taken away by the courts because they disciplined their children by “spanking” them. One the one hand I do not want courts to stop the discipline of children, but on the other hand there needs to be prevention of assult and abuse, even attempted murder. That I believe crosses the line!

  215. R Young says:

    This court marches right along with the Supreme Court in its decision that sanctioned burning the Flag as freedom of Speech.  When the Supreme Court decided that one they sanctioned an action as Free Speech.  In doing so they gave us a right that few realize.  That right :  If you or I who believe that burning the flag is not “Free Speech” then as long as we are protesting against the person or persons burning the flag while we are kicking their ass, then we too are within our rights of Free Speech!

  216. TimEggert says:

    Another brain dead judge. Where do they all come from? Our law schools need to be investigated as to waht they are teaching

  217. Benjamin Wabich says:

    Hang in there Mr. obamagas, we obviously are learning how to act like you want us to be.  Not speaking for myself naturally.

  218. Medical Professionals have finally determined that “Liberalism” is a MENTAL DISORDER…
    This article serves to PROVE what many American Patriots know and detest….the EVIL of Liberalism…!!!
    May any of you who support the DemocRATS and their FILTH be cursed for ever for the misery you have brought upon America….!!!

  219. Mohammads picture says:

    This has become a nation of cowards and our fathers would and should be ashamed. They fought to keep oppression out of America but now it’s welcomed and celebrated. Activist judges allowed to make law and not upholding the laws already on the books. Teachers not teaching but indoctrinating our children. The church being demonized by the media. The war on religion and Christian beliefs. The very beliefs that our country was founded on. Basically outlawing Christmas. Our city this year has removed Santa Claus, Christmas trees and ant mention of Christmas in the holiday lights in the city park. They have included aliens dancing, horses and several other light displays that have nothing to do with Christmas. America asked for what it’s getting and it’s just getting started. Unless we stand by Israel and stop Iran its not going to matter. Our best bet if we keep on this path is to buy Rosetta Stone and learn Mandarin Chinese and Russian.

  220. SC resident says:

    Did you ever think that the judge’s life or that of his family may have been threatened had he ruled against them?  Why do so many people refuse to answer questions about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and other crimes?  Why did Hillary stay quiet about so quiet when she was running for president?  Why are the media turning their heads to all of these crimes?  What happened to Andrew Breitbart???????????  Who, when his or her family is threatened, would be brave enough to tell the truth?

  221. cdarwincole says:

    Tony, I understand and agree with the sentiment. But please bear in mind that there are as many sorts of Muslims as Christians. Some Americans are criminals. Does that mean all are? Of course not.
    I am not Catholic. I am not a Christian Fundamentalist. If anything, I sort of an agnostic Christian, whether you can accept the concept or not. Anyway, there are lots of Muslims who are no different in their essential world view and loyalty to the Constitution than you and me.
    The Jihadists and Islamists are the problem. Yes, they should be deported for advocating an overthrow of our Constitutional government. (So should Obama, for that matter.) They should be dealt with with lethal force whenever they threaten harm to our citizenry. But a great number of people who call themselves Muslims (and that is THEIR choice) are not that sort. They are good people.

    • dhmill says:

       And now we know why shira law is accepted.   There is a muslim mosque in Akron Ohio that also has a school for their kids. Even for the children of the “good muslim people”. That school  has a map of the Middle East that does not show Israel because Israel does not exist. The children of the “good muslim people” are being taught that.  It’s beyond time to do what is right.

    • Uncle Johnson says:

       I understand your point but you are wrong. Our problem is Islam. Americanized Muslims, if loyal to their faith will become as Islamist as new muslim immigrants or they will be treated like infidels. Odds are they will chose Ilsam over Americanization or moderation as time goes by. The “not all muslims are the same” speech is a very dangerous. You should see what non-jihadists are doing in our public education system. All about indoctrination of our youth. Just because they arent waving AK’s and slinging around RPG’s doesn;t mean they arent a threat.  No offense but what the heck is an agnostic christian exactly.  Is that like a log cabin conservative republican?

  222. RJKatz1 says:

    There is the Sharia compliant Judge in New Jersey who held that because a man beat his wife under the cultural norms of sharia that an assailant was not guilty (later reversed). Or how about Judge Mark Martin in Pennsylvania who ignored the testimony of a policeman who witnessed an assault by a Muslim on a person wearing a Mohammed Costume. Or then again a elected Judge in a growing Muslim community who ruled that four Muslim students were not guilt of battery of a Christian student during a football game citing that injuries were common in this sport.  
    We must send a message to the judiciary that preferential treatment of clearly guilty Muslims will result with their removal from the bench.  By the way. Judge Mark Martin was relocated to a different jurisdiction and his whereabouts are unknown.

  223. OhGator says:

    PROBATION? ? ? ? Should have hung him from his privates. We need judges, politicians, news reporters to stand on their two feet and tell muslims that this is America. We don’t treat women this way and you have committed a crime that is punishable with incarceration, for a long time. Muslims need to be deported, particularly for these types of acts.

  224. dmoneekqua63 says:

    If these people want to live here they need to Americanize or GO BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM! This should not be tolerated on Our Soil Ever!

  225. OhGator says:

    I suspiciion that our judges, politicians, etc are being threatened with harm to them or their families by muslims if they do not do what they are told. WE NEED AN  FBI INVESTIGATION into these matters. Any judge fearful of doing what they are being told to do need to step down in every such threats.

  226. Susan says:

    I thought that in this country a 19 year old was free to flee a family who treated her like that.  Someone should rescue her and tell her she doesn’t have to live with her family!

  227. teufel hunden says:

    We have a major malfunction in this country as none of these bozo judges, politicians, agency heads or bureaucrats in leadership positions have had a gun pointed to their empty heads and told what to do. The reason it is happening is because they think that nirvana will be achieved through the acceptance of the enemy. How wrong can they be….FOOLS!!!
     “All warfare is based on deception” – Sun Tzu

    • dhmill says:

      @teufel hunden
       That is exactly why they want us to be disarmed. Because they are afraid that they will have a gun pointed at their heads.

  228. lindar1 says:

    Bottom line here to all comments:  Sharia law HAS infiltrated our country in all areas. WHY? HOW?  Simply because too many millions don’t have a clue what we’re dealing with here.  Sharia law IS NOT compatible with U.S. Constitution at ANY level. How many here know that? Apparently this judge doesn’t get the connection. How to stop this? Get involved on local level with elected judges, state reps & senators. Get yourself informed on history of sharia law & the islamic plan according to their Koran to take over this country within by destroying Constitution. Educate/inform state reps…push them to pass a bill forbidding ANY foreign law to rule in your state & that ONLY state & U.S. law prevails.
    Contact: . & form your own local chapter…they have great tools (pamplets, etc) to send to your state legislators, sheriffs, city councils. Sound like too much work?  Then don’t complain when the day comes in the not to distant future that we become ruled by sharia law. It WILL happen; it  IS the plan.

    • dhmill says:

       I have a good tool also. I won’t say what it is but it’s quite accurate at long range.
      Of course at close range a .44 mag is also a good tool. Even if you are not a good shot, it will often remove whatever body part it comes in contact with. A leg removed from the knee down can be quite deadly.  It’s past time to fight back in a permanet way.

  229. REIDC says:

    That’s just great these Neanderthals get a slap on the wrist for this atrocity and here in Kansas an 18 you Boy Gets slammed for possession of a Can of beer and pipe with only residue believed to be Pot. The KS authorities act like they’ve captured Al Capone and the fate of Western Civilization rests on making this kid pay thousands in fines , fees and time in jail. Justice is indeed blind as well as crazy

    • NavyJR says:

      @REIDC I don’t mean this “racially” so to speak, but your boy up there must be a white kid; nobody else would get slammed like that… not under Holder’s watch anyway…

  230. keepyourpower says:

    Animals! She is 19..she does not HAVE to go back home. if she wants to come to SC I will take her in.

  231. Texasgals says:

    As the grandmother of five girls this scares me beyond words….I said it four years ago and it’s true today, you better start buying bolts and bolts of fabric because you’ll soon been forced to wear a berqua or be put to death…I’ll take the latter after I run out of ammo!

  232. Texasgals says:…was just blewn off a post…so go there and check it out…why? cause someone is afriad you will see the truth?

  233. piolenc says:

    I’m acutely aware of the split in Arizona – and probably throughout the Southwest – between the cowboy ethic and patriotism of the ordinary folk and the Bolshevik tendencies of the urban elite who dominate all phases of government employment. This is a particularly nasty example. Arizonans, take back your government, and especially its judiciary!

  234. mg67 says:

    Barbaric. The prez is a sympathizer of these murdering scum and claims to be Christian…LOL…  Hitlery Clinton was over in the middle east with her arms wide open to let the murderers come to our country. Arizona has it’s share of *ILLEGALS* entering and occupying the USA and not enough has been done about it. We have too many internal problems going on and with the re-election of the occupier in the White House plantation, we aren’t getting ahead and “O” says we’re moving forward…LOL… But in Demo-Lib-tard that equals getting ahead , go figure! Soon the murdering scum will have their way and they’ll start murdering whoever they want, even those that support them. The Muslim murderers have no discretion who they murder because they murder their own, sometimes for the joy. Sick!!!

  235. mg67 says:

    Barbaric. The prez is a sympathizer of these murdering scum and claims to be Christian…LOL…  Hitlery Clinton was over in the middle east with her arms wide open to let the murderers come to our country. Arizona has it’s share of *ILLEGALS* entering and occupying the USA and not enough has been done about it. We have too many internal problems going on and with the re-election of the occupier in the White House plantation, we aren’t getting ahead and “O” says we’re moving forward…LOL… But in Demo-Lib-tard that equals getting ahead, go figure! Soon the murdering scum will have their way and they’ll start murdering whoever they want, even those that support them. The Muslim murderers have no discretion who they murder because they murder their own, sometimes for the joy. Sick!!!

    • dhmill says:

       Dirty Harry had the answer, “Go ahead, make my day”

    • OhGator says:

       The prez is not only a sympathizer but is a muslim. How this sob got re-elected is beyond stupid. I just watched some woman, a news reporter gush over Obama, probably peeing down her leg, like so many women do and have done at the sound of his voice. She couldn’t deal with facts but only her love affair with a mirage, a disgusting muslim, an anti-America president, the divider in chief, the “Ill spend this country into oblivion and you are going to like it:. I’m going to give away all kinds of things at your expense to get your vote and you’re too stupid to see what I’m doing to you. I have the press eating out of my hand  and they will tell you what I want them to tell you. And that is exactly what the press has done. They are collectively as anti-American as the president.

      • Fiesty says:

        @OhGator  @mg67
         You got it!  I wish more could see the true obama as you and I have. Now we will all pay for their foolishness.

      • mg67 says:

        Thankfully there’s FOX news because the job as a reporter is to push for answers, they try and get dumped on. The lib-tard media has been groomed to follow the leader and bend over…LOL… I saw the same suck-hole and thought the same thing. “O” took the time to say what connection they have. I guess that’s an important issue to discuss with all the real problems. We know that the left media supports our country being rolled over by the Obama Machine crushing our country similiar to the Nazi Machine that crushed Europe. One day they’ll be sorry and that’s when it’s too late. “O” and the lib-tard press are a disgrace to this country. The so called news conference was a joke and his attitude is I don’t have to tell you anything I don’t want to which is very immature. The statement about don’t go after Rice go after me was great, did we see him get the meeting set up immediately to have that discussion? NO. He was the same guy that showed up at the debates and his attitude was this is a waste of time due to I’ve got it in the bag already. His viscous anger reminds me of an angry, self righteous lying Muslim.

  236. blessedbyhim says:

    I feel sick…. truly

  237. VLF says:

    OMGosh I will NEVER visit Az. ever this is crazy.  THIS IS AMERICA act like you have grit your a sad sad bunch of idiots if u that live there and turn your head to this.

  238. wantingtoknow says:

    OK NOW (National Organization of Women) Where are your outcries on this case?  Why aren’t you screaming at the top of your voices to protect young muslim girls?  Why aren’t ou demanding the ouster of this stupid Judge?

  239. No longer cares says:

    Simple.  I do not believe that anyone who is not a (fill in the religion of choice) should talk to anyone from (fill in your religion of choice) so I can repeat this domestic activity all I want.  No longer religious persectution, hate crime, assault.  We’ll just describe it as overzealous application of my personal religous beliefs.
    To ANYONE.  Hmm, what about people I knwo living in Washington D.C.?

  240. TrueAmerican says:

    I say if it’s good for the child it’s good for the parents… it’s time for good citizens to begin defending themselves and their neighbors against the tyranny and hatred that is now Islam.  This is not peace, this is a murder in the making and our government clearly supports it… not a word from Obama’s White House… i think we all know why. 
    If these parents can justify under their religion and laws (which are not ours or applicable here) to beat ahd torture, simply because of religious beliefs, or dissatisfaction and anger, then all of us should be able to live by that.  I would love to meet up with that evil man and show him how much I disagree with him, but I agree he should get an equivalent treatment that he dishes out.
    What astonishes me is the absolute illness of people..We all need to be careful now, Muslim law is insanity. This is insane, it’s cruel, it’s evil, it’s sick, and if I ever see someone do that they will die shortly thereafter.  I will deal with the consequences to save that poor innocent girl from that insane and backwards religion that says there is “honor’ in such things.
    OK. then like I said.  Go get em’ boys, there is honor in taking out this pile of trash to the garbage where he belongs.  When innocent people are punished like this, what do you think they will do to someone that is NOT family.
    That is why Christianity is supreme in the view of most true Americans.  Unfortunately we are not allowed to have pride in our religion, only Muslims can act all superior, what with their holy this and that for everything. It’s a pathetic and dangerous religion and I reject anyone that attempts to push Islam on me.
    Christianity is.based on love and the law of the heart, upon personal choices and freedoms, not imposed.  The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the God of Christians, not “Ala”, a fabricate god made by man for man and is contrived of physical domination and oppresson… the kind that God freed Israel from.
    Is it any wonder that Christians are targets, yet so foolish that they trust everyone.  On the contrary, just look a Muslim in the eyes at the store, go ahead.  They will never trust you.
    Any religion or club, organization that allows such things should be banned from America, nothing less, and no political issues whatsoever.  This is about human decency and life.  If liberals insist on ushering in Islam, be prepared for what happens.  If we think we can allow this to continue, and we will be forced to, you’ll see that what you get is brutal, very very brutal and it will be directed at you, not the daughters that don’t comply, but infidels that don’t.
    The Christian God is courteous, He lets us decide.  Islam is forced at the point of a gun, a sword, or in this case, a superheated spoon and torture.  Good religion idiots.. you guys suck and we should all be announcing it.  I reject that religion outright and look forward to the battle with Muslims and Obama as their leader in this country soon.  Also, it’s not that I want it, it’s going to happen because that is their plan and nothing you do will stop it.
    There are too many inflitrators now.  No safety here in this country.  Many people know they are targets and will be leaving American immediately.  You may be one of them.. probably not.  At some point, the borders will be closed to those trying to flee, due to economic and national security reasons.  If you’re allowed to leave you will give up the bulk, if not all of your wealth to the U.S to pay off the debt owed to other countries that will not accept our worthless currency (also thank to Obama, it is worth even less, and with another QE coming… OMG.. is there anyone with a clue in the White house, or are they still in party mode?
    Why, because we need to take the battle back to them, as they have brought it to our doorstep, come inside, imposed their will on us, then spit on us and dance as our buildings and people are destroyed.  We are as blind as can be in this country to what is happening every day to erode our future and set us up.
    What kind of firewall does America have against such a hostile internal takeover?  Conservatives.  That’s it.  Nothing from the government but PC crap and the idea that religion doesn’t matter, only Islam is useful to democrats for money and vote support.  Again, our enemies are being given votes, money positions of power.  How stupid and blind can we be.  Apparently half of American is wearing blinders.  Soon, they will come off, and they will see the executioner and it won’t be the scary Conservatives, but their so-called friends, the Muslims that put them in power and will also take it away some day.
    The problem with Islam and specifically Sharia law, is that it’s NOT COMPATIBLE with our Constitution and State laws,it’s against everything this country stands for and fights for, and is set forth in our Constitution for that reason and vice versa. We are a reflection of our Constitution, they want to change that and thus change and control us by taking our basic rights away or ignoring them outright.
    IT’S TIME FOR A NEW LAW ABOUT MUSLIM’S AND OTHER DAAND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED IN OUR COUNTRY.  PERIOD.  If they continue to do this American will indeed begin to fight back and defend themselves from the government itself, since this is our government’s problem for allowing it and not enforcing our Constitutional laws, but rather, allowing every enemy of our State to have every legal, monetary, political advantage, in addition to much under deference as if they deserve any whatsoever.
    I’m not prejudging, I’m judging.  Muslims are not and will never be our friends.  They do intend to be our rulers
    and slay every one of us that do not comply.  Whether they achieve that or not is dependent upon what we as American do in the next month and year.  That will set the stage for our either standing up, or as the cowards most of our bought-and-paid-for “leaders” (that don’t lead) do, to bend over and take it… thus volunteering all of us to suffer the consequences of their cowardice and lack of commitment to this country.
    This government cannot now survive in it’s present state.  We had a chance to come off life support, but now the insane fairy tale.. fantasy Administration has all it needs to insure that American will fall into the hands of the awaiting, and increasingly more power Muslim organizations. 
    Now that Obama has taken away the “terrorist” label, given them billions of dollars, offered them statehood, spit in the face of Israel, empowered the pseudo dictator in Iraq (Maliki) who is moving billions in weaponry to Syria for our enemies while Obama turns a blind eye, and a seat at the table with America as if they are somehow equal, or worthy… it’s obvious the fix is in and the stage set.

  241. LBMillar says:

    America needs to wake up to whats going on.  Its a damn shame our news media doesn’t report this type of thing; they are as bad as our politicans and judges.  Thank goodness for the internet.   Our civil servant, the president, that we pay a salary with our taxes, doesn’t do a damn thing about it either.  The people are going to have to start taking things into their own hands as we can’t rely on those elected.  One thing good about blacks, something happens they don’t like, they riot and rise up in protest and are heard.  I guess the rest of us better start doing the same thing.
    The muslim men are mice and need to get out of the stoneage.  They are ignorant sheep with their sharia law and the women are just as bad for tolerating it.  And the nerve of them to bring it to the US and even more stupid is the judges and politicians tolerating.  As they say, politicians and religion are the root of all evil.  To that, add power and stupid, insecure, incompetent, macho and midevil muslim men who have are not smart enough to contribute anything to this world except their voilence and stupid religion.  We need to give guns to the muslim women to even the score.

    • dhmill says:

       Problem is that the women believe that bull sh*t too.

      • NavyJR says:

        @dhmill  Have you ever been a child in an abusive situation?  If not, you’ll never understand how that could be.  But when you’re raised in abuse, to you, THAT’S just “normal”, the way it is.  And all children naturally believe their parents wouldn’t lie to them or tell them false information., so if all you heard all your life was that this was the right way to live, THAT is what you would believe, and if you were functionally illiterate and not exposed much to other ideas, how would you learn anything different?

    • Ursula says:

      @LBMillar Give guns to the Muslim women? Didn’t you read the article…. the mother and sister assaulted the girl, too…. give them guns and they’ll shoot their daughters and sisters!
      There have been cases in the USA and Canada, where the MOTHER held the daughter down for the father to stab her to death….. where the mother would trick the daughter to go into the trap for the father to kill the daughter. The women are so brainwashed, that they’ll willingly participate in killing their own daughters.
      Those people don’t know how to love their daughters. The Muslim religion (actually, it is more than a religion, it is a whole way of life) teaches that women are worth less than dogs…… and that is the way they’re treated.

  242. JuneGagnon says:

    Judge Kreamer needs to be defrocked, kicked off the bench and straight OUT of the USA!

    • grams says:

      @JuneGagnon He should be tried as an accomplice for allowing this and returning that child to a possible death sentence.

  243. nax777 says:

    Both Parties have not only sat idle about illegal colonization of States they legalized colonization of the United States through decades long “comprehensive immigration reform policies.”
    “Comprehensive” is missing in the reality of the numbers of nationalities. The mass numbers of legal and illegal colonizers are un-sustainable! President Clinton has even said so, in some other nation. Current immigration (colonization) policies has the US population rate set to increase in one tenth of the time of the previous one hundred years.
    Relaxed immigration qualifications have led to thousands of US citizens of all stripes and visitors of all stripes to be murdered. 9/11 hijacker’s entered legally for example. Virtually unlimited numbers have led to colonization aka “a wave of secularism”!
    Nebraska now has two Republican Senators and like Governor Dave Heineman they support continuing the illegal and legal colonization of States and relaxed immigration security policies. Maybe the Senators agree with Governor Dave Heineman in that “it’s not that bad here”. When it does get that bad here it will be too late and they can fix it with more DHS check points.
    Removing underwear from suitcases and patting down children takes less manpower and money to secure our safety. I own the Brooklyn Bridge want to buy it? An unlimited number of unchecked immigrants will not affect these security measures though it is admittedly the reason for them.
    The great melting pot turned into the great boiling pot. Don’t look back or you might notice that some people’s idea of hope and change includes eliminating your hope for change. Too many voters realize not just how much power they have over “the man behind scene.” When enough people walk away from the Parties they will do more than just call you wasteful voters they will retaliate.

  244. daveme says:

    i am sure you have noticed that within in less than a week all 50 states have put in a request from washington to secede from the union.  what we have reaped we will sow.  and since obama has done nothing more than bring division to israel over the past four years, it is now happening to us. and he seems to be allowing these muslims to bring in their screwy ungodly laws, and letting them get away with whatever they want to do.  this is not right.

    • FullMetalGranni says:

      @daveme   We are absolutely reaping the birth pangs of full blown ungodliness in America.
      We had a chance to vote ob out, but now,  we have a clearer perspective as to what is living in the United States and what mind set is voting. 
      ! Chronicles 7:14 would have applied here, but where are the people that are called by His name?
      AHHHHH…….good question……..many of them voted for ob and their own purses.  Approx. 6,000,000 evangelicals voted with no faith in God.  Well, they have set up their idol but they have ignorantly forgotten the bible teaches Judgement begins in the church.  And the remnant?………we will pray and hold fast to Jesus Christ’s Word and Promises…….such as:  Though  ten thousand around me fall I shall stand.  &  “We will trust in the Lord with all our hearts and will not lean to our own understanding.  We will acknowledge Him in all our ways and He will bring it to pass.” Prov 3:5,6

      • grams says:

        @FullMetalGranni  @daveme Every state has it’s own republic.  Join and see what you can do to help.  Go to your google and type “republic of Arizona” or where ever you live and see what you can do to join.  Those who oppose this form of government (if they have the guts), can stand up and be a republic.  It is a matter of choice.

    • synthetic2 says:

      @daveme obama is a muslim, remember?  He even said when the chips are down he’d stand with the muslims.

      • grams says:

        @synthetic2  @daveme That is exactly what he said. But the gimmee crowd doesn’t care as long as they get their free cell phones.  Our schools don’t teach Government classes anymore so our kids don’t have a clue about anything.  I am thankful I don’t have any children going to these public so called schools that are paid for by tax dollars. People have sat back too long and let sh-t slide, so now, to correct it will probably take a civil war.

  245. freedomringsforall says:

    What a farcical double standard we live here in the USA.
    These commie, fascist, nazis are a joke.
    This country, and so many of this countries once respected institutions, are being run by commie fascist morons.
    Let’s please get these commie fascists out of power in the USA!
    Let’s please return this nation to the bright shining beacon of freedom on the hill for the rest of the world to aspire to.

  246. Think About It says:

    “What say you, Mr Holder?” :  “Right on.  We be getten there.”

  247. tedsbcfe says:

    Our government and the scumbags running it all SUCK! They should all be tarred, feathered and hung right out in the mall for all to see. They’re nothing but a bunch of maniacle, self serving, sexually dysfunctional perverted control freaks with a lust for power and money. OUR MONEY!
     Fema came knocking yesterday. A young snot without ID, trained by the filth described above, asked me if I had any damage from Hurricane Sandy. I sad no but thanks for stopping by and I began to close my door. Then he said wait “I have some more questions for you”. I said  “that’s too bad, I’m sorry to hear that” after which I closed to door in his face….

  248. Tired says:

    Vote to get him out of office, sign petitions. Let it be known what he has done and ask why.

  249. tedsbcfe says:

    Justice needs to be applied right on the spot like in the old days. If you got caught red handed and you were undeniably and positively guilty you got justice handed to you immediately by the next day, if the mob didn’t hang you that night. Instead we spent millions of this scum ridden family for no good reason.
     This filthy would be father should be chained to the back of a pick up truck and dragged for five miles accross Arizona’s southern boarder. That’ll serve two puposes. Rid us of one more degenerate scumbag and give the ones on the other side of the boarder something to think about….

  250. tedsbcfe says:

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The judge should be placed at the wheel of the pick up truck to do the driving. Who knows, maybe he’ll catch a stray bullit if we’re lucky….

  251. Tired says:

    You are my kind of man. Hell yes.

  252. Tired says:

    While we are at it , let ‘s restart the chain-gangs, instead of giving prisoners, free, bed,food, computers, gyms, and education. let’s get some work out of them, to help pay to have all this stuff they receive.

    • Tony Ruiz says:

      @Tired    Hey, you sound like our illustrious Sheriff Joe…and I’m not kidding; there should be a million of him all around the country…but instead, Los Angeles for example gets a muslim lover; one of the many reasons we just moved to AZ. Jan Brewer is another. Good luck to you New Jersey guys with fat obama lover turncoat Christie. I’m so sorry for you; what an idiot after all. Nothing at all behind that loud mouth.

  253. salleeann says:

    These (people?) must be dealt with as you would a rabid dog.  They are absolute ly worthless in our society.  Pile them up and nuke them all.

  254. FullMetalGranni says:

    An Underground _______  is necessary to help these tortured children.

    • grams says:

      @FullMetalGranni They need a safe house.  They have them for abused women and families, but evidently nothing available for this girl.  She should NOT have been released to that family! Now they will probably kill her and it will be the fault of the so called justice that released her parents….he should be tried for an accessory to murder if that happens.

      • Jim Bragg says:

        @grams  @FullMetalGranni
         That is exactly where they should have sent her if that was her desire. The ‘parents’ should have been arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder and this young lady should have been granted safety against her parents. How in the hell can a Judge order an adult to be returned to the custody of her attackers? Didn’t we get rid of servitude?

        • grams says:

          @Jim Bragg  @FullMetalGranni You would think so, even if she were a minor child she SHOULD  have been placed in protective custody! SHAME ON that hospital and those Drs and that judge should be tried as an accessory. Where is Sheriff Joe?  That is total garbage!

  255. synthetic2 says:

    And to think you can’t spank a child for bad behavior to get him/her on the right track.  If you do spank your going to loose your kids and go to jail.  Schools teach kids they have all the rights and now you are finding parents going to jail because some kid got a restriction and the kid lied to the authorities to get even.  Does this now mean parents can now spank?  Hmmmmmmm!

  256. gypsy314 says:

    I say eye for a eye . Americans had a chance to put Obama and democrats out but when it comes down to a few swing states deciding our leaders well hell is what we have until the electoral college scam system is removed and then the peoples vote can count. I’m willing to go out on the limb and say more of Americans will vote since they know there vote will count and not the few union swing states decide our leaders. Until then we must grow first chaos will happen then civil war will decide the future of America. The only way America can clean the scum from America is civil war. We can remove the Europeans and muslim ways then and put on notice the gays to get help or leave.

    • El_locoJp says:

      @gypsy314 Get a clue!  The electoral college is the only defense we have, right now, against the tyranny of a few inner cities that would perpetually determine our president.  What we need is to disenfranchise all those deadbeat non-taxpayers who vote out of self interest and greed.  An obamaphone is more important to them than liberty.  I say, “No representation without taxation.”

    • real native american says:

       yes as native american i could not agree more will you be the first european to leave my country?

    • GramE says:

      @gypsy314 Until we get voter id in all states – we wil continue down the hill.  No state that has voter id went for Obama.  The machines were programmed to count votes in Obama’s favor.  There are thousands of programmers in this country that could do it effectively – either software or hardware.  How else could an Ohio area with 98,000 registered voters have 106,000 votes?

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @GramE  @gypsy314 Our government is so screwed up that their behinds are  staring into their faces.

        • GramE says:

          @Evermyrtle  @gypsy314 Agree Myrtle.  You, along with a handful of other responders, always have good comments – one that I can say “Yeah”!  I can just see you shaking your head with sorrow – anger – despair – etc..

  257. El_locoJp says:

    AZ allows torture and attempted murder on teh basis of religion.  But let any parent attempt to lessen the influence of gov’t on their childen (say through home schooling) and the parents will be lucky to get off with the death penalty!

  258. grams says:

    Simple solution…if they are going to live in OUR country, they must follow our laws.  The muslim community should follow our laws and especially pertaining to children. The REAL problem here is being a muslim is a culture NOT a religion and should be treated as such.  Are we going to honor laws from Japan, China, Mexico, Brazil etc to sway our courts?  This judge should be thrown from the bench and impeached.  Kidnapping is a federal offense, attempted murder is attempted murder,  The law has dropped the ball and if something happens to this poor girl it is the total fault and responsibility of that judge. He should be too ashamed to show his face in public. I keep telling people, if you don’t like the way the muslim culture acts, show them love and love for our country and deliver pork chops, ham, pork roasts and the heart and blood of a pig to their mosques.  They could use it to help feed their poor. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY!

  259. grams says:

    One more thing, someone needs to go in and rescue that girl.  Take her (if she is willing), out of that home to a safe haven.  Go to that court and tell that judge to treat domestic violence and attempted murder according to OUR laws! As of right now…this is STILL the United States of America and attempted murder for any reason is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

  260. Diane says:

    This girl is 19 – and 18 is the age of consent in this country. She needs to get herself out of that house and get a life. This isn’t child abuse – it’s assault and attempted murder. By everyone in that house.  Apparently, this will be the new normal – under the muslim socialist dictatorship that we’re headed for. Someone voted this judge in – and alas, we all get what the majority has voted for.

  261. synthetic2 says:

    Proverbs 13.24 says the following— “those who spare the rod hate their children, but those who love them are diligent to discipline them.”  The rod is measure of discipline doled out accordingly.  This can mean a good talking to or restriction.  I don’t know why people get the wrong idea from this.  Discipline is very necessary in a child’s life.  They need to learn there are consequences for all actions be it good or bad.

    • jagr says:

      @synthetic2 Really? How do you consider this treatment in accordance with the verse you quoted?  Yes discipline is necessary and good, but this is not discipline, it is abuse.

      • synthetic2 says:

        @jagr This is how the extremists raise their kids.  They are not christian by any sense of the word.  Their koran teaches they can lie, cheat, and steal as long it is for the good of their allah.  They say they believe in God and Jesus but their koran teaches blasphemy against God and His teachings.  The Bible is a manual for a happy life.  You buy a new electronic toy or car, whatever, and you get a manual.  People don’t want to look at the manual since people think they know everything about everything, hence, they’re unhappy and miserable.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @synthetic2  @jagr Their God is a God of hate and their Jesus Christ is a copy cat of our JESUS CHRIST and completely fake.

        • jagr says:

          @Evermyrtle  @synthetic2  @jagr 
          I understand that.  I do not expect Muslims to believe or obey the Holy Bible.  My concern was that synthetic2 was using Prov 13:24 for a justification of the treatment of this girl.  I agree that this is a sad turn of events that under the UN CRC, purporting to support children’s rights, spanking is strictly forbidden, but here we have a clear case of abuse and cruel and unusual punishment and it is allowed.

        • synthetic2 says:

          @jagr  @Evermyrtle I did no such thing as using scripture to justify her abuse.  I simply stated that discipline of a child is done in love and to help nurture the spirit of the child in a good way.  The “rod” is a measuring stick.  I believe punishment should fit the crime.  Never murder or abuse is in any way condoned by the Bible!  Second of all she was an adult and in the USA should have been respected as such.  Sharia doesn’t see it this way.  Shame on the judge!!!!!  Hope his kids don’t get married into sharia.  If it was his grand child do you think he would stand for it?  NO!  Unless he’s muslim!

        • synthetic2 says:

          @Evermyrtle  @jagr The God of Creation is not a God of hate but of love.  Satin is the god of hate!!!!

        • jagr says:

          @synthetic2  @Evermyrtle Agreed!

    • RedRoan says:

       Your right, CHILDREN need to be disciplined. This person who was beaten was an adult. I think her solution would be to get out of that house. While there she is obligated to follow the rules. BUT she is not obligated to be beaten into submission, into marrying someone not of her choice or for talking to someone of the opposite sex. Of course what she really  needs is salvation. And what WE need to do is pray for her and her family.

    • Texasgals says:

      So forcing a young woman to marry , beating her, cutting her is just a “loving” form of discipline? What rock did you craw out from and in what year 1212? geesss you quote fron the Christian Bible but apply the quote to Isalam teachings what an useful idiot you are!

      • synthetic2 says:

        @Texasgals  @synthetic2 Texasgals read what I wrote above! jagr  Evermyrtle I did no such thing as using scripture to justify her abuse.  I simply stated that discipline of a child is done in love and to help nurture the spirit of the child in a good way.  The “rod” is a measuring stick.  I believe punishment should fit the crime.  Never murder or abuse is in any way condoned by the Bible!  Second of all she was an adult and in the USA should have been respected as such.  Sharia doesn’t see it this way.  Shame on the judge!!!!!  Hope his kids don’t get married into sharia.  If it was his grand child do you think he would stand for it?  NO!  Unless he’s muslim!                                                                                                                                                                                                             I can’t figure out why 2 people didn’t get it.  I wonder why?!

      • synthetic2 says:

        @Texasgals  @synthetic2 I would like to add to this comment you made.  Discipline does NOT mean beat.  Discipline is showing the right path to go especially by example.  Parents seem to forget this.  It is an important building block for children.  Remember, Jesus said, “suffer unto me the children”.  Jesus taught by example and admonished by word.  I don’t remember Jesus flogging anyone.  Again, discipline is NOT a beating!!!!!!!!!  Spanking on the butt in extreme bad behavior or when danger doesn’t sink in.  Example:  Years ago my girlfriend had a young boy aged 5.  He was playing on the second story balcony and my other girlfriend with me told her she should not let her son play on the railings.  Our friend said she didn’t believe in telling him “no”.  Next day he fell to his death.  The ground floor was concrete and the boys head smashed open.  The mother went insane needlessly.  Had she disciplined him with an understanding of the danger this would not have happened.

  262. Strength says:

    Last I heard 19 year olds were considered adults, not children, not that what happened is acceptable. We do have an adult protective program. Our country needs to get it together, we are falling apart. These days it seems that people in high places are non educated about morals and the American laws.  They dont want to offend anybody in FEAR of retaliation.  BULLIES rule this planet.  Something has got to change!  People are angry, hurtful, resentful,rude, blame others for their downfalls, no responsibility. ME ME ME! The media needs to start showing all of the good things that happen in life, not all of the negative.  I think the gaming industry needs to create more positive games, not those nasty violent games who promote nothing but negative outcomes.  The more negative games, movies, news, etc, the more acceptable violence becomes.  We are desensitized so violence means nothing these days.  Its sad to see all the changes in this world happening before our eyes and we have our hands tied to make the changes needed to become a better America we used to be. I believe there is more good out there, its just hidden in fear.

  263. Barf2libs says:

    Belief in islam is a mental disorder.  The father should be basted with pork fat and then deep fried for believing in this stupidity and that fraud pedofile, mohammet.

  264. synthetic2 says:

    These extremists chose to live in this country as well as others for the reason of taking over the world for allah and that everyone become muslim.   To be a christian in a muslim country will bring prison and or death.  Once converted to muslim you can never, ever leave or this will bring you death.  These people are taught this crap from day one and this is how they believe.  The problem comes when they were few in number the officials looked the other way when they went against “civilized law”.  Now that they have bred in numbers they now look at the weak laws to set their agenda in motion.  Here in this country they use our constitution and the lawyers twist the laws to suit their needs and whims.  These muslims have come to this country ( and others) to get educated on laws of the land for that country and use those laws against us.  Our fault came when christians sat on their asses and let them take control of our courts.  So who is to blame here?

  265. Jim Bragg says:

    That is exactly where they should have sent her if that was her desire. The ‘parents’ should have been arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder and this young lady should have been granted safety against her parents. How in the hell can a Judge order an adult to be returned to the custody of her attackers? Didn’t we get rid of servitude?

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @Jim Bragg You must consider the fact that 50% of our population, at least is liberal and 90% of the Federal Judges are bought by the liberals.That means they are anti-GOD, anti JESUS CHRIST an anti-American. What was their chance of getting fair treatment.  I hope that girl will be successful in getting out of that home and running away. Most any true American would help her. Of course there are  manywho would be afraid to even speak to her. Cowards are that way, willing to accept help but refusing to give help.

  266. I have to point out here that the woman in question is not a minor. At age 19 she’s fully and legally capable of making her own decisions in this manner and if she decides to go back with her family, that is a decision that should be respected. However, I do wonder how serious the “1-1/2 inch wound” on the neck was — is that measurement width or depth? A superficial soft tissue laceration isn’t that worrisome. A 1-1/2 inch deep penetrating injury to neck structures, depending on location, certainly is concerning. However, we just don’t have details and I think that might be what stops this from being a case where more stern punishment than probation is warranted. Again, the victim is free to leave and seek her own way at any time — she’s an adult. Stop acting as if she isn’t.

    • Jim Bragg says:

      She is also an abused person who while an adult, is still under the influence of her parents. It should be made very clear to her that she DOES have options and one of those is complete protection from her parents and a new life elsewhere.
      As for the 1 1/2″ wound, it certainly could be very dangerous if it on your neck and near the jugular vein.

    • grumpyoldconservative says:

      Ok Rev, Let’s look at this from a different prospective to see if you can understand it better with a different cast of characters. Let’s say that we have a strict/racist white family; let’s just make them Christian, so that liberals can hate them from the start. They have a 19 year old daughter. She starts seeing a young man of mixed race; let’s name him Jemahl. They, her parents and sister, want her to marry Johnny, a Marine, from down the street. Because she refuses to marry Johnny and instead wants to continue her relationship with Jemahl, they beat her, tie her to a bed, burn her with a hot spoon and cut her with a sharp object; not deep, but just to let her know who’s in charge. Now, do you think that these people would get off with just probation and that the main stream media would ignore the story or do you think that there would be mass news coverage, Jesse and Al screaming racism, calls for maximum Hate Crimes sentencing and inevitably 10 to 30 year sentences to each of these “Haters”? Just think about what you’re saying. We have obvious felonies in aggravated assault, false imprisonment and torture areas. The object used to stab in the neck dictates 1st degree attempted homicide. The fact that  she was forbidden to talk to other boys at school is definitely a racist thing; not a muslim, no way. Then insert a homosexual daughter and friend into the picture as an example. Get it a little better now?

  267. LMC says:

    Ok so I remember several years ago when there was a case in someplace in the north like Michigan of a mom slapping(open handed) her 16 or 17 year old daughter for calling her the B-word and it was like a huge deal that it was “child abuse”, ripped the family apart- the mom was villanized- and these people get a quiet slap on the wrist????

  268. Biggiewmn says:

    If I spanked my child in public, I could run the risk of not only jail time, but having my child taken from me. Where is the justice in this case? Sharia law is cruel and stuck in the past. Also, this girl is 19, not a juvenile.. Her family does not have the legal right to make her do anything. If she recanted her story it was probably because she was scared they would try to kill her the next time. An “honor killing” under Sharia law and perfectly acceptable. The people of Arizona need to get this so called judge out of office. And this young girl needs to be put under some kind
    of protective custody. If her family manages to kill her, will this judge give them another slap on the wrist?

  269. synthetic2 says:

    The judge is a hypocrite!  Is he muslim too?  What is the judges background?  He is in every way responsible for being a bad judge, period.  This sets a president that is extremely dangerous to every American!!!!!!

  270. shagstar says:

    being from Arizona,,this crap really embarrass’s me!  i left there because of the influx of libtard’s that swarmed in like locusts!

    • Tony Ruiz says:

      @shagstar   We escaped those locusts in CA to come here  a couple’ months ago and love it; you should come back and pitch in instead of just throwing in the towel. There’s lots to preserve and some to overcome but we’ve got the numbers; few other places to, and none of them where I’d want to live…

      • shagstar says:

        @Tony Ruiz nice metaphor there tony!  question back at ya,,how come you threw in the towel and left kalifornia?  shouldn’t you be back there helping to preserve it?

  271. Tony Ruiz says:

    My work is done here; I can’t take or respond to the hundreds upon hundreds of messages per hour. Just know that God loves you all and wants you in His Kingdom if you’re not here, where I am.  Former 40 year catholic until I got saved along with most of the rest of my family, and He wants you too. I will pray you all see the light now or soon, in time to help save our now lost nation. Understand this: all muslims are bad, evil. They don’t have to be a extremist to be a bad muslim, being a muslim is bad enough and they are infiltrating our country at breakneck speed because they have discovered our weaknesses and are quite possibly the weakest. Just look at us…we elected an evil, unqualified, illegal president who is muslim. I’m disgusted with our country and want to throw a rock at my TV when I see ‘it’ standing in front of the muslim gold drape with OUR flag there to appease. It’s gonna get worse, unbelievably bad, and I strongly recommend leaving if you can. It’s already bad and I think we’ve already lost God’s grace as a country. We pushed God out and threw it away. We foster evil, and about the only thing worse today than being an American is being muslim. And you can take that to the bank. Goodbye.

  272. Guest says:

    Maybe the women are smart to walk behind their men on case of a roadside bomb.

  273. jhngoodell says:

    We do not need this type of Sharia law in this country.

  274. synthetic2 says:

    The age of 19 makes her an adult.  The DPS or any other child protective service cannot get involved, period.  She chose to go back on her own.  My question is this, was she given options for help,  a place to hide for battered women?  Who knows.  This article is incomplete for investigative reporting.

  275. Judy Lutgring says:

    To the author of this article:  why didn’t you actually investigate and answer some of the questions you have posed? The Arizona Republic newspaper published an article in October about the plea bargain and a little about the family.  Apparently the victim is traumatized by the separation from her family.  They are here seeking asylum – one can only imagine what they went through in Iraq.  The victim was sobbing “I want my mom” during the hearing, and is living in an apartment away from them in a country very different from what she grew up with.  Her immigraiton status may even prevent her from being employed or from getting any kind of benefits — how is she going to survive?  Our system of criminal justice presumes the innocence of people accused of crimes.  It takes a unanimous jury to convict.  Think of the risk of a jury trial — the victim refuses to testify, or changes her story, for whatever reason.  All 3 of the accused walk free — no probation, no punishment, no protection for the victim at all (not even from herself).  That is one of the reasons we utilize plea agreements.  At least the defendants are now convicted.  The wrongdoers here are prohibited from having contact with the victim unless the probation officer permits it; they are subject to arrest and imprisonment if they violate any of the conditions of probation, which require, in this case, restitution and counseling, commit no other crimes, etc.  Additionally, they may get deported as a result of these convictions.  Judges sometimes accept plea bargains because they know that it is the only way to protect the victim and to punish the perpetrators.  The conclusions you have jumped to in this article are irresponsible and inflammatory.  How are you going to undo the damage?

    • shagstar says:

      @Judy Lutgring 
      the only damage done was to that 19yr old who had her throat cut and then,,beat down like a dog by her own loving family!!  gimme a friggin break judy!

      • Judy Lutgring says:

        @shagstar Your outrage over what the family did to her is totally justified.  I feel it too.  But the author slammed the judges reputation as if the judge had the option of sending these people to prison; he didn’t.  (And no, I don’t know the judge.)  Nobody wants their professional reputation attacked wrongly.  He also slammed the judge for being preferential or sensitive to Sharia law — no reason for the author to say that.  It had nothing to do with it.  Ever had your reputation smeared in an article that is read all over the country without a way to defend yourself?  And there is enough ignorance about the justice system — why perpetrate it?

        • shagstar says:

          @Judy Lutgring
           because i have seen good people get extended jail time for simple,verbal assult! these animals almost killed this young lady and get a slap on the wrist all because of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS gone amuck!

        • grams says:

          @shagstar  @Judy Lutgring This is not acceptable by any means and it is not justice. I don’t care why they came to this country,..IF they are going to live here, they need to abide by our laws. PERIOD. Any time you go to another country you are required to abide by that countries laws no exception. Remember the kids that got caught painting or “keying” a car when they were in Japan? The received a certain number of swats with a bamboo stick (good enough for them as far as I’m concerned).  The parents were horrified and tried to get it over turned but it didn’t work. The muslim so called religion is not a religion it’s a culture and way of life.  Murdering or torturing your children are NOT acceptable in this country and NO judge should EVER allow this.  That judge should be thrown off the bench and disbarred from the legal profession if they are going to accept laws from anywhere other than the United States.  The mexican people that come here are required by law NOT to sell cocain or other drugs, but these muslims are an exception….NO…THEY ARE NOT! They are a guest in this country and they MUST live according to our laws.

        • KentPerry says:

          @Judy Lutgring  @shagstar I used to talk like you Judy,, Then the OJ Simpson trial happened and it changed my views of our judicial system in so profound a way, I can no longer be part of any jury trial I am too jaded to cynical about the entire legal system.  I see TOO many sadistic cops, too many corrupt politicians and too many judges on the take.   I would say, that MOST of our Government has been so filthy with corruption, so oblivious to the truth and so far away from our Constitution, I don’t have much hope for it

      • synthetic2 says:

        @shagstar  @Judy Lutgring Not only damage was done to the girl but to the American people who were insulted and christians slapped in the face.

    • Uncle Johnson says:

      @Judy Lutgring
       What type of conclusion would we be jumping to if your so-called “asylum seeking” family had actually slit her throat and she was killed? There are several honor killing cases in the U.S. right now. Canada is also struggling with these issues. As far as deportation, according to President Obama, Iraq is no longer a dangerous place for Iraqi’ people so returning shouldn’t be much of a problem. Right?
      No other citizen would have been cut the deal this family was cut. None. So we want different justice because they didn’t understand? Won’t fly in America.
      I feel the judge and the prosecutors need to answer for this situation. Uneven distribution of Justice is irresponsible. Better that they go to trial and lose than setting convenient and potentially damaging precedent.
      This was a purely political decision. And a bad one a that. Let the Judge defend himself. After all if I was in his court I would have to defend myself (except I would only be allowed to speak when allowed.)

      • Judy Lutgring says:

        @Uncle Johnson Nobody said anything about them getting different justice because they didn’t understand.  It all boils down to how strong the physical evidence and witnesses are against the three defendants.  Had this young woman been killed, chances are that nobody would have been convicted, by jury trial or by plea bargain — no witnesses willing to testify.  If arrested, each could have blamed the other, with no way to prove who did it.  
             I think that many people would disagree that it would be better for society that these violent people go to trial and lose than to be under the scrutiny of the probation department, and under the power of the court with the possibility of future imprisonment for violating any condition of probation, when there were so many indications that a jury conviction would never happen.  And if you will investigate the matter, you will find many other cases where citizens and noncitizens, of every religious and cultural origin, are given plea bargains which are lenient in comparison to the violence of the crime, due to the fact that the physical evidence and witnesses simply do not add up to enough certainty of conviction.  
          It does not appear that the author of the article gave the judge a chance to defend himself before jumping to conclusions.  I think a lot of people in this discussion are so upset by the crime, and by the fact that the defendants are Muslim, that they are enjoying the wave of energy and self-righteousness that anger and intolerance for non-Christians seems to give.  That is too bad.  The true facts that were left out, which gives the story accurate context, would make it easier for everyone to look at this problem and try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  The fact is, many victims of domestic violence have insufficient support systems.  Do you think this Muslim victim felt like she had anyone to turn to?  Do you think our government will give her a free place to stay and the support she needs in the absence of her family?  As Americans, privileged to be here, to have education, the right to speak freely, and to exercise our own religions, we should be dedicating ourselves to clear critical thinking and constructive solutions based on truth rather than half-truth.

        • Uncle Johnson says:

          @Judy Lutgring
           I have read the original story from the Arizona Newspaper. The victim in question is an epileptic with a learning disability. Her parents did infact acknowledge their acts against her. Yes they are Iraqi citizens. They were arested and given a plea bargain to a lesser charge.
          As an American I am offended by not only the plea bargain but the Judge’s decision to accept it. In most courts of law the victim must agree to the terms of the plea bargain. Was this young woman (a victim of a violent crime albeit commited by her family) of sound mind to protect herself? Clearly this young woman of questionable emotional ability needed the protection of the courts and didn’t get it. What happens next time?
          So you beleive that cultural differences should be taken into account in U.S. Courts? Good luck with that.
          Your obfuscation won’t save your argument. Many victims are better off in the long term (and I would argue so is our legal system) when crimes actually get prosecuted. Win or lose it would have brought attention to what surely will be a growing problem in America in the future.This Judge should have to answer publicly for what he allowed to take place in his courtroom. He was selected to hear this case. He is not a victim. Perhaps he would care to explain his judicial wisdom to the taxpayer and voter?
          Also why not lock dad up and give mom probation? Why did all three get probabtion? The sister plead to the heaviest charge not the guy with the knife. Lots of single immigrant moms in the U.S. doing real well right now.This was a bad politically motivated descision. Period.
          It’s not anger and intolence that is the problem. Tolerance is the problem.  I personally am upset with the hijacking of our laws. You want to stab your daughter and arrange maraiges there are plenty of other Islamic nations that will allow it. Find one. Why the U.S.. Why not Turkey? It was only a car ride away.
          By the way if she was old enough to be promised in marraige to a man twice her age perhaps she is old enough to participate in the direction her life will take.
          Critical thinking? Give me a break. In your critical thinking sphere of thought how many sleepness nights will this young woman have in her parents home until her virginity is ripped away by a man she will be forsed to marry against her will? Is that your idea of a constructive solution?

        • Uncle Johnson says:

          @Judy Lutgring
           Oh and what true facts were left out? Perhaps you would care to enlighten the less informed of your inside knowledge.

        • Judy Lutgring says:

          @Uncle Johnson The article said that the parents are not permitted to have contact with the victim unless the probation department permits it. Poor girl is in a situation where no solution is going to give her much peace, at least not for a long time, and not without a lot of support and therapy.  My idea of a constructive solution is to give better support to victims of domestic violence, and not to judge the judge without including facts like the consequences of a trial without a victim who is capable of and willling to testify against her parents.  I also believe it would be constructive to publicly discuss these issues in a tone that is more respectful of the Muslims who do not believe in Sharia law, the Muslim parents who are willing to raise children in a way that is more like ours rather than Iraq’s, in a way that will not immediately turn off those moderate Muslims by the willingness to pretend that they are all like the parents in this particular case.  And I don’t see tolerance in this situation for the culture of violence of Muslim parents against their daughters — I see a system that wants to help the victim, that acknowledges the possibility of emotional harm to her in testifying against her parents, that wants to hold the parents accountable in some way, rather than risk letting them off the hook completely.  To conclude that a person with epilepsy and a learning disability is incompetent to make decisions is an insult to people with epilepsy and learning disabilities.  In Arizona courts, the victim need not agree with the plea; the victim simply must be permitted to weigh in.  The crimes did get prosecuted:  they were resolved by plea, conviction, and sentence.  And perhaps the judge did explain the rationale for the decision, or would have, had the reporter checked the record, or asked for a statement.  But it is just as logical to conclude that it unfolded the way it did due to problems in prosecuting via jury trial as it is to conclude that the judge suddenly decided to adopt Sharia law — I daresay, more logical!

        • Combat Veteran Seabee says:

          @Judy Lutgring  @Uncle Johnson
           Why do you claim that you don’t know the judge, but haven’t stopped defending his ridiculous ruling? You have become suspect, go away liberal!!!

      • KentPerry says:

        @Uncle Johnson  @Judy Lutgring Are you sure they were seeking asylum and not refugees ?

    • dondh says:

      @Judy Lutgring
       Answer me this, how many muslims living in America have stood up against any of those terrorist, like that muslim soldier who shot all those in that army base in Texas, the recent incident in Benghasi, that Pakistani Dr. who is in prison for information leading  the American Seals getting to and killing Ben Laden, yet her he is in prison and most likely will be executed, those Hamas terrorist who are raining missiles on Israel and several more things in the past.  The fact is they either are sympathetic to the muslim terrorists or are afraid to do anything about it.  Whether you know this or not, but it is their, the radical, terrorist muslim who are in the process of infiltrating every country on Earth by jihad in order to force Islam and Sharia Law on all persons of every nationality.  The only thing we can do is pray that these radicals will be stopped just like the Crusades did way back in the 500’s when Muhammed started a jihad across Europe, killing all who would not submit to Islam!  So you see, radical Muslims are following the instructions of their religion to make a conquest of the world!  I want to say that my wife and I lived in Turkey from 1969 to 1975 as a teacher and basketball coach for Turkish students and my wife was a part time secretary knowing that it was a muslim country.  The difference is that they modernized back in 1925 and has since remained civilized forming a Republic.  Modern Turkish women do not wear burques, nor cover their heads, but dress as you and I would.  They even allow Christian services in public, private buildings, but not allowed to build a building for Church services.  My wife and I have made several Turkish friends and have returned there one time and want to go back there.  By the way, if you want to see some wonderful ancient history, go visit Turkey!  I would not hesitate to live there permanetly except for the fact that they are too close to Iran, Syria and a few other more radical muslim countries!  What this administration, and others should have done is not allow these muslims into our country without learning our language, which most have, abide by our constitution, many DO NOT, and not be allowed to be a member of any political position!  But those who did harm to their daughter should be jailed or sent out of the country, back to where their roots are!

  276. synthetic2 says:

    As an adult I saw no where where she filed charges against her parents.  She made a choice under her muslim upbringing.  I am not sure how long she has been in this country but it seems to be she didn’t know a lot of options she had.  Again, was she told these options.  Being the judge was an a–hole was a horrific strike against here.  That judge gave sharia law an ok for those parents of an adult woman.  America, you had better sit up straight and take notice!  These are the most dangerous warning signs!  Google how many parents have done similar things under sharia in this country.  Did you see recently the girl that was shot in the head and sent to England for surgery and recovered.  This is sharia, America.  We must not tolerate it or look the other way.

  277. synthetic2 says:

    Sharia in Phoenix?  Big news about 1 1/2 yrs ago reported a young girl raped by several muslim boys.  The girl was muslim too.  The girl was kicked out of the household because sharia says it was the girls fault no matter what.  She was put in protective custody because she was 12.  Nothing happened to the boys not even a slap on the wrist.  Seems to me there is never any follow up of reported, published articles like these.  Why not?  Are they too liberal a new agency?  Yup!  They print what they are told and screened by the liberal press before it goes to print.  People get to passive about believing the new media when both sides should be heard or read.

  278. cdarwincole says:

    dhmill, we need to be a bit more discriminating. One of my Muslim brother’s in law is a well respected pediatrician, the other a Supreme Court judge enforcing AMERICAN LAW, not Sharia law. Both are conservative Republicans.

  279. John says:

    Double standard of spare the rod a spoil the child. If we as Americans have the need to just spank our child as a manor of corrective action we run the risk of being placed in prison. Now if your Muslim in the U.S. and attempting to kill your child you get probation and the child gets sent home with the perpetrators, is that correct?

    • Evermyrtle says:

      In America today such irrationality is what  we can expect, we have totally lost all reason in the last four years.I was  bad before but the bad has more than tripled in these years. Don’t be surprised for anything that happens

  280. GeorgeCarney says:

    There is no place for this in American Society. If law enforcement officials are afraid of the Muslums going off and rioting and attacking and killing people for not agreeing with them, and that because of our Judeo-Christian objections which is the New Testiment of the Bible then we need to remove them for here……period!  The more uncomfortable they feel here in this country or any country for that matter the more they will go home!!!! Hopefully peacefully. They who preach this physoliphy are not welcome here. I have Daughters and I will defend their rights to till death takes me, and look out for anyone who dares threaten them, so help me GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                                 AMERICA PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!!

  281. GeorgeCarney says:

    There is no place for this in American Society. If law enforcement officials are afraid of the Muslums going off and rioting and attacking and killing people for not agreeing with them, and that because of our Judeo-Christian objections which is the New Testiment of the Bible then we need to remove them for here……period!  The more uncomfortable they feel here in this country or any country for that matter the more they will go home!!!! Hopefully peacefully. They who preach this physoliphy are not welcome here. I have Daughters and I will defend their rights to till death takes me, and look out for anyone who dares threaten them, so help me GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                                 AMERICA PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!!

    • Daniel from TN says:

      The president or prime minister of Australia, whichever they have, made a simple response to Muslims wanting to abide by Shariah law instead of the law of the land.
      “Australia is a Christian nation founded on Christian principles. However, we have no objections to  other religions worshiping as they see fit. There is already a set of laws that govern this country and exceptions that are contrary to those laws will not be allowed,  even for religious groups. If you cannot accept these conditions for living in Australia then there is one more right you may exercise: You have the right to leave.” It is time those words were spoken to some Muslims in the USA.

      • ladypatriot says:

        RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
        Let us push our Congress for the same statement.  It will not be difficult to find out who in our Congress are “for” or “against” the true American values as set forth by our Founding Fathers and the Constitution.  Test them!  Find out!  Push them and push for it!!!!

  282. Changa 77 says:

    If you think that is all just wait for the next 4b years to be gone. Our own mothers and fathers my be doing the same thing to their daughters.Look who is in the Whitehouse.

  283. kutepi4791 says:

    The family should be kicked out of this country, every single family that does this to their children should not be allowed to stay here. They don’t belong to this country if they do not abide by American rules. Go back to your own country. And the judge that did this and let them go, he needs to step down, he did not do his duty as a judge. You are a disgrace to have allowed this, shame on you.

  284. cdarwincole says:

    Uncle Johnson, no, I am right and you are wrong. There, that’s all settled now. 😉 If you knew my in-laws personally, you would understand and not make such sweeping, bigoted statements about Muslims. But you don’t.
    An “agnostic Christian” is a phrase I coined to describe my own “religious” views. I believe that a valid interpretation of any religion will be entirely compatible with the methodology and established facts of science. I try not to let religious prejudices color my understanding of the universe and its operation as are evident to the senses. Obviously, there is much more to it, but that will suffice. I am not proselytizing here.

    • Uncle Johnson says:

       Sounds like a fancy way of saying you like Christ’s teachings but you don’t attend church? I did not make a bigoted statement. Ask you relatives about Sharia. Chances are they have been Americanized. Good luck with it.

      • ladypatriot says:

        @Uncle Johnson  @cdarwincole He can also ask them WHY they chose to leave their native land and come to a free America…..Why do people want a better life, come here, and then bring America down to what they left behind?  What will all the immigrants do when America loses her freedoms, and wealth (except for the few elite as is being planned and implemented)…?  There will always be a minority that doesn’t fit the profile of the majority you are speaking of.  People were warned about Sodom and Gomorrah, the great Flood, and other events in the Bible.  Those who chose to believe and did something about it, were saved.  I am not willing to put on rose-colored glasses and refuse to see things as they truly are.

        • cdarwincole says:

          @ladypatriot  @Uncle Johnson
           First of all, I have read many books on Islam. I am an ardent critic of the “religion” and have been for decades. But I do not discuss it with my inlaws. That would be rude. We accept each other and don’t talk religion.
          I am simply telling you a fact. These people call themselves Muslim and they are wonderful people — more Christian in their actions and attitudes than most “Christians” I know.
          The history of Albania is complex. The Albanians are the ancient Illyrians. They were among the first Christians in Europe. Flash forward a couple of centuries: Constantine’s father was Illyrian (his mother British.) Flash forward a few more centuries: the Slavic Serbs began to invade the Balkans about the same time that the Skandinavian tribes began to invade what we now know as France, Russia, and England. The Albanians lost much of their land and wealth, including the rich mining areas in Kosova (“Kosovo” if you are a Serb). The Serbs treated them very poorly, even though the Albanians eventually converted the Serbs to Christianity. But when the Ottoman Turks invaded the Balkans in the second great Islamic expansion, the Albanians fought against the Turks alongside the Serbs. The Ottomans won, howver. The Ottomans offered better tax rates and social position to those who converted to Islam. Many Albanians seized the opportunity so as to get some of thea chance to regain some of their lost power and lands. But many did not convert. Those that did maintained their strong family and community ties to those who did not. So in Albania, even today, Christians and Muslims get along perfectly well and intermarry. We celebrate our holidays together.
          You might say that these Muslims are not true Muslims and that the Christians (like me, though I am English) are not true Christians. I frankly don’t care. You are not God and are in no position to make such judgements.

        • Ray Downen says:

          @cdarwincole  @ladypatriot  @Uncle Johnson God has spoken. When we read what He caused to be written and we believe and tell about it, we are not making judgments. God is the judge. But it’s unfortunate that you think you are a Christian if in fact you are not. Many do think that they are Christian who are fooling themselves. Islam is more a political party than a religion. The religion is just the face they put on their lust for political power. But the murders committed in the name of Mohammed should persuade any observer to know that he does not head a religion. Jesus offers salvation to all. Mohammed offers death and misery like that of the 19-year old daughter of a Muslim whose father tried to kill her, so far without success. Why? Because she knew better than to marry the man she was told by her father that she MUST marry. Islam is terrible. Christianity offer life, peace, and joy. The two cannot co-exist. The Muslims won’t allow it. The Christians are unable to live at peace with ones whose aim is to destroy them.

        • ladypatriot says:

          @Ray Downen  @cdarwincole  @Uncle Johnson You make sense in this post.  I don’t understand, though, why you said about us only thinking we are Christian.  How do you relate me with this posting in the way you  spoke. in the first few sentences?  I basically agree with you, but am a bit confused at the way you began it and addressed it to include me.  Am I missing something?  I just spoke up for the Veteran ‘s right to say what he said and the way he said it.  I also recognized the desperation and warning in his posting.

    • Daniel from TN says:

      What the Sam Hill did you just say?

    • Ray Downen says:

      @cdarwincole I hope we are not making “sweeping, bigoted statements about Muslims.”  We are telling truths about Islam and the Koran which indeed is rambling and anti-godly. What is not clear is how much each Muslim believes such foolishness. As are those who seek to be Christian, many are unfamiliar with the instruction book, so many Muslims may be fine people. But those who follow the Koran are not in any way fine people. They hate and seek to destroy anyone who sees the real Mohammed in truth. This nation would be better off with NO Muslims as citizens. Our citizens should pledge allegiance to the U.S.A. We should all speak English. We should all seek the good of the nation and never its destruction. If he had those qualifications, Obama would be totally different than he obviously is.

    • Ray Downen says:

      @cdarwincole Let it be known that there cannot be a Christian who is agnostic. The two ways of thought are antagonistic rather than in any way alike. Cole may describe himself (herself) in that way, but it’s impossible for the two to be combined.

    • KentPerry says:

      @cdarwincole You preach all that materialist crap then say “I am not proselytizing here.”umm,, YES, you ARE.   It’s about time somebody told you.

  285. remesquaddie says:

    It’s truly time for our government to ” NOT”  recognize ISLAM as a religion. That is STEP ONE.

    • JuneGagnon says:

      @remesquaddie It would be beneficial if most people would take the time to either study islam, OR read Dr. Robert Spencer’s book – “Did Muhammed Exist?”.  They would discover islam  is NOT a religion – -it IS a fascist ideology!  Do you know of any “religion” on earth that demands you practice violence, rape, murder and mayhem?  Their quran is NOT a holy book; it is a book of lies, supposed written by an “illiterate” heathen pedophile.  Islams was introduced, in the mid-east, in the latter part of the 7th century, by a tribe of Saracens, or some invading army, as a  means of “crowd control”.  And it worked like a charm – -the muslims bought  the lie  “hook, line and sinker”!  They’ve been lied to for centuries and still believe the lie and practice it every day and continue to try and “force” it on the rest of the world!

      • ladypatriot says:

        @JuneGagnon  @remesquaddie You forgot to mention how they repeat their god is “merciful” as they blow up buildings, cars, people, and commit their crimes and atrocities.

      • paxcat says:

        @JuneGagnon  @remesquaddie Totally correct!

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @JuneGagnon  @remesquaddie It is a book straight from hell. if one half of what I have heard about is true.

        • piolenc says:

          @Evermyrtle  @JuneGagnon  @remesquaddie You don’t have to rely on what you hear – good English translations of the Koran and the Haditha are available on-line free of charge – and yes, they are chilling. Ironically, Muslims are discouraged from reading the Koran in any language other than the original classical Arabic – a language few but devoted scholars can read fluently. Thus non-Muslims studying Islam are often more knowledgeable of Mohammad’s ravings than devout Muslims are.

        • ladypatriot says:

          @Evermyrtle  @JuneGagnon  @remesquaddie Our Bible quotes JESUS.  Their book quotes the adversary……………….

      • enubus says:

        @JuneGagnon  @remesquaddie
         Finally, the light of reason and truth!

      • DRLJR says:

        @JuneGagnon  @remesquaddie From what I have seen documented Mohammed was actually a fairly education man and politician.  He was a dedicated follower of the moon god and wanted only his god followed.  So he created a system to impose and indoctrinate his desires.  He was a politician who made his living stealing and murdering trading caravan as well as lying. When he was finally rejected by the greater good of the people the murdering apparently started in earnest.  If one wants to understand Islam all has to do is to look at National Socialism (NAZI) and how it got a hold of Germany.
        He was a successful Charles Manson who got people to follow him with his stolen goods.  The word “Allah” apparently means “the god” and the people of Arabia, the Middle East and North Africa knew exactly who was being referred to.  In addition, people forget that Arabia, the Middle East and North Africa was a mixture of Christian, Jews and Pagan (who also worshiped the moon god).  To use the words “Islam was introduced” is to convey an inaccurate description of events.  Islam was imposed on the non-Islamic by force in Arabia, the Middle East and North Africa.  It has never been peaceful. 
        Just some items I have found with cross references and external documentation.

        • ladypatriot says:

          @DRLJR  @JuneGagnon  @remesquaddie Also, their book okays beating the wife.  It also says they took Israel from the Jews because they (Moslem) judged the Jews unworthy. Tthey also want to annihilate the Jews into the sea.

  286. Bill Randal says:

    This young woman is 19 years old!  Under the laws of our Country, she is an ADULT.  Were I she, I would remounce the ‘family’ and charge them with agravated assault and battery.  That might get them enough time so she could get away from them.  Shareah ‘law’ and radical Islam have no place here, even if the ‘president’ says so.

    • KentPerry says:

      @Bill Randal If I were her, I would DEMAND they be put in jail.  I would get a restraining order against them and sue them in civil court also.   She is 19 years old, she is not under any parental authority at that age much less the butt stupid primitive and draconian oppression of a camel raping muzzy and that retrograde religion of retards they insist on following and WE are DUMB enough to let in this country and allow its practice.  ANYONE who reads this,, if you are a Muslim and you believe the garbage that is in that book, I don’t care what our dipshit impostor in the white house says because I got no respect for that a-hole either, but if you are here BE ADVISED: Many of us have had it with you morons and the liberal judges that capitulate to the extremist.  We have been holding back our rage against you and you are not welcome here nor will THIS American Veteran treat you with anything but disdain at your repugnant presence here.  Yeah I am a BIGOT where you are concerned and you may EXPECT me to hate your guts with extreme prejudice.. I put up with watching you idiots beating the crap out woman while in the Middle East, but HERE in the States, if I see one of you rag heads so much as lay a finger on any girl I don’t care if it’s your wife or your daughter,  Ill take YOUR head off and then Ill CRAP down your stinkin NECK! Got It !

      • Ray Downen says:

        @KentPerry  @Bill Randal This note is scandalous and ridiculous and should be removed immediately. Surely the blog is intended for sensible citizens. It’s obvious that Perry Kent is neither sensible nor entirely sane since the writer assumes his rant would be edifying to readers.

        • gunny says:

          Hey Ray, I’m sure you can get a job, doing editorial work for the “Irani News”
          Kent Perry may bit a bit far out, but I think he pretty much sums up the general
          attitude of a free man.

        • Ray Downen says:

          @gunny Some people rant and rave but most educated gentlefolk don’t agree with the rantings. Some of us appreciate sharing ideas. None with whom I converse talk with such thinking or language as that of Perry Kent. And gunny likes cursing and gutter language!

        • ladypatriot says:

          @Ray Downen  @gunny I don’t use that language myself, but, I understand where Kent Perry is coming from.  He is angry and fed up.  He has been in the Middle East and saw what many of us have only heard of.  The women are treated badly and with little to no respect.  I resent them coming to my free (thus far…) America and bringing their bad ways with them and demanding we allow or sanction it.  Kent is obviously a Veteran (and so am I) and has even more right to “sound off”.
          He isn’t just “sharing ideas” as you said.  This goes beyond ideas.  It’s too late for that. This is a definite and solid threat to our country in too many ways.  Maybe if more people were to stand up and speak up, Mr. Perry wouldn’t have to feel the desperation to warn us citizenry and to put the potential and real threats to our America on notice.

        • kalamawashington says:

          @ladypatriot  @Ray Downen  @gunny Ladypatriot:  Thank you.

        • grams says:

          @ladypatriot  @Ray Downen  @gunny I agree ladypatriot. I understand why Mr. Perry feels that way.  I am fed up with all the political correct garbage that goes along with it.  If it offends someone we may not do it, but it’s ok for them to shred our Constitution, our courts, laws etc. I am sick to death of all the “don’t offend them routine” when regularly offend us, our country and our laws.  They are guests in this country and as such they need to abide by our laws. If their culture (religion and I say that loosely), demands they follow certain ideals that breaks the laws here, then they should not stay here and go back to the country that accepts and lives by those laws.  I do not believe the muslim religion (as they call it), is a religion…it is a culture…a way of life for them.  That being said,  it is their choice to live under those laws and therefore should live in a country that too abides by their laws.  Any religion (so to speak) that preaches murder of your family (mainly girls or woman), is NOT a peaceful or just.  So yes…even though I found his article perhaps in poor taste, I found it amusing and certainly justified. So to him I say Bravo for the guts to speak up and out!

        • grams says:

          @gunny I agree!  Enough is enough.  We the people are tired of it and Bravo to that man that had the courage not to rap it in frills and say it like it is.

        • gunny says:

          Ray, when one sits in the ivory tower, being judgemental becomes the norm,
          your superior attitude overshadows your interlect, I did not condone cursing and gutter language, in retrospect I now feel that,  on occasion, the English language simply cannot adaquately describe the atrocities presently being ascribed to the adherents of Islam. Again, as a Psg and platoon leader i discouraged the use of profanity and gutter language within my platoon  Successfully, I might add !

        • KentPerry says:

          @gunny My Hats off to you gunny.   I happen to think calling a Muslim that would do this, the expletive of your choice,  IS politically correct speech, in addition to being appropriate speech.

  287. BobMarshall says:

    Those Muslims that believe this kind of behavior is acceptable in America should be deported along with all illegals.

  288. txlady706 says:

    Nineteen?  Isn’t she an adult?  What makes her a child?

    • Uncle Johnson says:

       She has a learning disability and suffers from epilepsy. She is still in High School. She is as they say “special needs”.

    • moskiPo says:

      @txlady706 Liberals are saying you are a child till 26 in Obamacare.  Unless you need an abortion then you are an adult at 14 and do not need to inform the parents.  LIBERAL LOGIC.

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @moskiPo  @txlady706 Christians are willing to care for people who cannot care for themselves. We do not believe in taking care of adults who can take care for themselves as long as they are trying, that is the difference between a Christian and a liberal. Liberals take care of their friends with other peoples money, not their own.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Evermyrtle  @moskiPo  @txlady706 now we’re separating political from religious? I know several Catholic Liberals..yes! lets furher divide humankind!

      • DonaldLaFace says:

        @moskiPo  @txlady706 that reads is that a youth up to 26 can remain under their parents family Health ins for a young women../actually child ,,I fully believe she must tell her parents or legal guardian if they are pregnant…having a child is biological but being responsible and thinking is mental!!..and btw,,some form of sex education should be mandatory in ‘all’ schools!!..Abstinense is a mental thing!! comes under thinking!…and we all know 14 year olds aren’t known for their thinking!

  289. Guest says:

    So, since I’m an old person, does that mean I can pound the sh_t out of a Muslim and because it’s ok in Islam for elders to treat younger people like cr_p, I’d only get a talking to?

  290. trinket says:

    I’d like to know the name of the judge so that I can write him a scathing letter along with a ticket to Arabia where they can do the same thing to him.  Poetic justice.

  291. jhngoodell says:

    Not if you are an Infidel, the only ones under Obama who get a by are Muslims.

  292. cdarwincole says:

    Uncle Johnson, I have been raising the alarm about radical Islam for decades.
    I know all about Sharia law and have for decades. My inlaws laugh at it and think the Muslims of the Near East are crazy people.
    I attend church and have been a deacon in the past.
    You have no right to tell me what constitutes a valid interpretation of Christianity, nor are you qualified to cast aspersions on all Muslims. You don’t know what you are talking about. You assume way too much.
    End of discussion.

  293. NavyJR says:

    @dhmill: It was the former that got Nixon impeached over “Watergate”,   I agree the latter is far worse, and I KNOW no one will be prosecuted or even charged over it.  Look at who’s running the {in-}Justice department!  Too many serious crimes have been blown off, buried, or lied into oblivion in this nation, even within my memory span, for us to ever regain our Constitutional Republic, so far as I can see, WITHOUT splitting away from the corporation of DC!

  294. DelAbbey says:


    • 52pickup says:

      @DelAbbey Very good and may all muslims be happy with their 72 or so wives, and may they be impotent and have to work all day and night to support them forever after! I could not imagine a worse hell.

      • JuneGagnon says:

        @52pickup  @DelAbbey You’re referring to their anticipated “72 virgins” – -what they’ve not discovered, yet, is their 72 virgins ARE 36 lesbians and 36 very angry nuns!  Boy, are they in for a surprise!

        • 52pickup says:

          Better yet if insteade of nuns the 36 ars transgender queers @JuneGagnon  @52pickup  @DelAbbey

        • DonBahn1 says:

          @JuneGagnon  @52pickup  @DelAbbey I thought they misspelled Virginian militia

        • Bill Randal says:

          Worse yet!  Sure, they get the 72 virgins.  (Where did THAT number come from?)  BUT…  Supposedly after death you rremain as a SPIRIT, leaving the BODY to the Earth.  A spirit has no bodily organs.  The virgins will remain so.  Can you imagine the frustration?  HAHA!

      • ladypatriot says:

        @52pickup  @DelAbbey Their 72  “virgins” will be the daughters of perdition who never got a body because they were part of the 1/3 rebellious beings that were thrown out of God’s presence with the adversary.  They are and will forever be “virgins”, only not the kind the terrorist murderers hoped for.  DelAbbery, that would be a worse hell…actually being there, with untouchable “virgins” throughout eternity!

  295. Bob Koomans says:

    Shariah law is a further degradation of what our Old Testament laws were (made by men, not God, but intended for the rough conditions of those days). Jesus mentioned more than once, that the laws (OT rules intended to define God’s Laws) and their punishments, were far too harsh and made life unbearable for humans. Jesus even went as far as to show HOW God’s original Laws were to be applied… after all Jesus said that it was HE who was the “I AM” that was contacting Moses and handed over the Laws to him. Jesus spoke out against the laws of men, and was cunningly arranged to be assassinated / executed for it very publicly! (fulfilling prophecy). Yes, as a supposedly “Christian” country, USA should never tolerate Shariah Law! USA should set a proper Christian application also, of it’s OWN Laws, by refusing to allow murder of it’s own citizens, whether before birth, or after birth, or as adults. It is a fact that many INNOCENT people ended up being executed for crimes they never committed. Even in Australia !!! – No, Shariah law (if it exists in that form really) should be banned and vocally so. I Muslims don’t want to obey, send them BACK to places they came from, as they benignly admit by their actions, that they were happier back “home”.

    • grumpyoldconservative says:

      @Bob Koomans Bob, 1. The Old Testiment Law was not made by men, but instead given to men directly by God; see the Exodus and the story of Moses. 2. Jesus NEVER said that the Law was too harsh and NEVER contradicted it with His teachings. Instead, He taught that the Law condemns us(sinners one and all), but that we could be saved through the grace provided by the sacrifice/death of the one without sin(Jesus that is, who is God; three in one) according to the Law. Only by grace are we saved; there is NO other way. Have faith in that.

      • dondh says:

        @grumpyoldconservative  @Bob Koomans
         You are so right, Bob!  Jesus is the only way, the only truth, and the only life!  But first, one must ask Jesus to come into his or her life and then by His grace anybody who does so will be saved!!  Furthermore, Jesus is the same yesterday as he is today and is forever, never changing.

        • RonSmith1 says:

          @dondh  @grumpyoldconservative  @Bob Koomans I agree with your sentiment but to claim that YOUR religion is the “ONLY WAY ONLY TRUTH: etc blah is in fact inherently infallibly false just as a matter and test of logic would easily faithfully prove.  Each must find truth and enlightenment and God in their own way.  What is the only way for one (you) is not the only way for all.  If some misguided Muslim or Budhist or Hindu wants to worship God by some other name and seeks to interpret their religion in a peaceful loving beneficial way and be a good person that is certainly within God’s domain to allow for that possibility.  These people did evil things and did not find their way to God’s grace most certainly.  One should in seeking God’s grace choose NOT to believe all Christians to be good because they claim to have found Jesus and not believe all others to have failed in their quest for grace, peace, salvation and goodness.

      • KentPerry says:

        @grumpyoldconservative  @Bob Koomans I believe what God intended with the Ten Commandments Bob was to show man that he needed a savior.  The laws most certainly WERE requested as strict and as harsh as the so called chosen ones ASKED for.   These were not part of God’s Ideal plan just like slavery was not part of Gods ideal for us.  They were laws man made and God did not endorse many of them..  You probably think the story about Jesus and the prostitute where he says “He without sin, cast the fist stone has something to do with tempering justice with mercy but it had nothing to do with that message of being forgiving but many insist that was the message behind it..

  296. bigindianjim says:

    nothing surprises me anymore in this country. We elect a possibly non-citizen to be president, we allow cheating in the voting booths, dead people can vote, non citizens vote and a certain race of people are allowed to vote as many times as they want to in as many precincts as they want. Why not allow a foreign law to rule in our courts. Anything to appease the muslims, we don.t want to make them live under the same laws as everyone else, GOD forbid we upset them or offend them with the truth. Lets all start voicing our concerns to the right people and start playing the same games that his followers play. We have the same rights they have, lets start demanding them. No more special treatment for a certain type of person, no more support for the second and third generation of welfare  users, no more special preference for jobs, especially government jobs. It is time for people to be responsible for themselves, Stop feeding at the government trough.

  297. KarenWI says:

    Our country is Now being run by criminals and traitors who do NOT uphold Laws and our constitution.

  298. HildaDavis says:


  299. FullMetalGranni says:

    “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.”
                                             —Theodore Roosevelt

  300. BarbPatton says:

    Sharia Law has been well and healthy in America for a long time and everybody in the Justice Department has closed their eyes to the inevitable.  Now that the ayatollah barack hussein (I wish I could use my middle name(muslim) is in power this will make all the muslims in our country very very bold and you will see the terrible punishments that they exact on their women.  GOD HELP AMERICA.

  301. gunny says:

    It would seem, with the present administration, and subsequent federal judge appointments, this type of legal judgement will most likely be the rule rather than the exception, I can foresee vigilante justice rising in the future.
    I’m sure most Americans that read this account  will experience a sense of revultion and wonder in fact if our “Bill of Rights” is any longer revelent as perceived by liberal “One World” judges, seemingly  preferred by liberal democrats . If the next four years doesn’t drive people to prayer, nothing will !!

  302. ssilv48 says:

    We the People might need to replace judges.

  303. dragonfFIRE01 says:

    got that right Barb

  304. Evermyrtle says:

    What is going on in this country would be horribly, unbelievable but GOD’S WORD tell us about it and says when we see these things going on the end days
    Matthew 24: 19-24
    19. And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck, in those days
    20. But pray you that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:
    21. For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
    22. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened
    23. Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is CHRIST,or there; believe it not.
    24. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that ,if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect
    !! Timothy 3:1-7
    1. This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
    2. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
    3. Without natural affection, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
    4. Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures,more than lovers of GOD,
    5. Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away..
    6. For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts.
    7. Ever learning, and never able to come to knowledge of the truth.

  305. NavyJR says:

    @Ursula: You’re right about the women, and how they’re brainwashhed and treated.  Keep in mind that Muslims HATE dogs and won’t even touch them.

  306. iaman says:

    What this family has done is horrible. There is no human that would agree with what the parents did to their daughter. Let’s not be completely emotional and judge islam and muslims as brutal and insane. The family did what they did because they are insane, they don’t represent islam or any other group of people. They represent themselves only. You can find tons of stories online about people from a particular “religion”  who did unspeakable things to their siblings, but does that mean each story represent the whole religion? Of course not.

    • Ray Downen says:

      Humans who are taught from infancy to believe as the Koran teaches would agree with what the family did to the daughter who wouldn’t do what her father demanded she must do. So there are some humans who would agree. You say there are not.

    • bigindianjim says:

      How many other religions in the world arrange marriages for there children and then try to kill them if they don’t obey.  If you tried to cut someones throat and you family was helping you do it, do you think the court would give you probation? Don’t think so.

  307. ConnieStanson says:

    Not there is no honor is killing, Period, GOD says Woe to those who hurt my children. GOD will pay him back.

  308. ConnieStanson says:

    Hi Steve Buckley, Yes this is going to be very hair raising indeed. I think we better L& L and be ready for anything. I read somewhere today, LOL sorry can’t remember where, I’ve been reading allot. but anyway. on a more serious note. Hamas told Israel; “They opened up the Gates of Hell, and have been bombing them all day. Is this a prophecy coming true ?  Stay Alert , Lock and Load, and Stay Safe, by all means.

  309. Randy Odegaard says:

    Not only does islam want to push the Jews into the sea, they want to kill and dispose of all Jews everywhere mainly because of the blessing bestowed on one son who later became the father of the Jewish nation and the other the father of the arab world.  Also, islamic thugs also kill people like us who they consider ‘infidels’ because we don’t follow the islamic faith and mohammed.  There’s going to be a race war soon and it won’t be whites and blacks, it’ll be between the rest of the world, Christians especially, against muslims and there are over a billion practising muslims in the world.  Better arm yourselves and prepare for the coming battle the more islam muscles and bullies it’s ways onto the American people.  It’s time to stand up for our country and what this country stands for and represents.

    • ladypatriot says:

      @Randy Odegaard Remember the story about the Nazis….”When they came for the Jews,, I wasn’t Jewish…..When they came for the Catholics, I wasn’t Catholic…….and when they came for me, there was no one left to help me…….”  How does it go?  they want to annihilate the Jews, yes; but, then they will be coming for the “infidels” who won’t give up the one true God and His Son Jesus to become one of them Muslims and their god that justifies killing, mayhem, terrorism, abuse of women and girls, and no freedom of speech……………………… Israel is such a tiny country surrounded by so many muslims. 
      As Christians we are to be on Israel’s side.  Pray for Israel and her safety.  Pray for America, for we are also on their hit list.

      • Randy Odegaard says:

        @ladypatriot Oh I most definitely pray for Israel and for us, I also pray for the muslims to have our Lord change their ways but I doubt that they will.  Sooner or later they will realize they are fighting a losing battle against so-called Zion.  The Israely people have been around since the beginning of time, longer than any other nation on earth, unless you count the Indians but who knows.  This war boils down between two half brothers, Isaac on whom the Lord said,”I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his seed after him.”  As for Ishmael, who was born of Hagar, who was handmaiden to Sarai, Abrahams wife who hadn’t as yet conceived a son so she gave Hagar to Abraham to bare him a son.  Afterwards, Sarai bore a son and his name was Isaac.  Onto, Ishmael the Lord had said he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren. If you need a ref. this is in Genesis chapter 16-chapter 17. So as you see this war between the arabs and the Jews is basically a war between brothers, both nations came from one man, Abraham, the arabs mother was Hagar and the Israelites mother was Sarah.  This war will not ever be over until one destroys the other and I’m afraid the arabs will be on the losing side in this one.  Whew!!!

    • KentPerry says:

      @Randy Odegaard  The “Jewish Nation”?  Gee isn’t that all inclusive and such.   First, the Jews are NOT the chosen ones and the idea they are is ridiculous.  These are NOT the Judahites and Jesus was NOT a JEW. The Quran is a mish mash of stolen material from the Bible and the Talmud. some from the torah.  These Jews today are of Ismael, NOT Isaac

  310. RonSmith1 says:

    Wow!  An article on Last Resistance that is not complete right wing tripe.  I am actually shocked!  Good reporting – love to see more like it!

  311. Casmige says:

    America is done, gone, & irrecoverable: bienvenidos a Somali-Amerika
    Where if you a SPANISH Minority, people will coddle & palliate your language even though you don;t care enough to speak a single word of the Country’s MAIN Language that all other Minorities have to learn & speak.
    Where the “Pro Choice” Means taking an innocent life rather than making that pro-choice when the legs fly open for indiscriminate irresponsible sexual coitus.
    Where “Affordable Health Care Act” forces everyone to purchase insurance or get fined or go to jail but one is racist & fear mongering for asserting that such a Gov’t intrusion is no different than a Mao Se Dung revolution…
    Where Black on White Flash Mob Crime is termed a “Knock-Out Game” & nothing is done about the violence but a home invasion where the perp’s are shot dead by the HOME-OWNER is referred over to a Grand-Jury for review.
    Where a White/Black Assertively “Christian” president who never attends any Christian church except that of Black Pantheresque Black Liberation Theological Fascism can publicly say one thing & absolutely do the exact opposite all without any opposition or redress. 
    It’s over….no hope to ever arise again.
    Bye, bye Miss American Pie
    Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
    Them good ole boys were drinking whiskey in Rye
    Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die
    This’ll be the day that I die……

  312. Casmige says:

    America is done, gone, & irrecoverable:
    bienvenidos a Somali-Amerika
    Where if you a SPANISH Minority, people will coddle & palliate your language even though you don;t care enough to speak a single word of the Country’s MAIN Language that all other Minorities have to learn & speak.
    Where the “Pro Choice” Means taking an innocent life rather than making that pro-choice when the legs fly open for indiscriminate irresponsible sexual coitus.
    Where “Affordable Health Care Act” forces everyone to purchase insurance or get fined or go to jail but one is racist & fear mongering for asserting that such a Gov’t intrusion is no different than a Mao Se Dung revolution…
    Where Black on White Flash Mob Crime is termed a “Knock-Out Game” & nothing is done about the violence but a home invasion where the perp’s are shot dead by the HOME-OWNER is referred over to a Grand-Jury for review.
    Where a White/Black Assertively “Christian” president who never attends any Christian church except that of Black Pantheresque Black Liberation Theological Fascism can publicly say one thing & absolutely do the exact opposite all without any opposition or redress. 
    It’s over….no hope to ever arise again.
    Bye, bye Miss American Pie
    Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
    Them good ole boys were drinking whiskey in Rye
    Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die
    This’ll be the day that I die……

  313. admoneymatters says:

    @ Casmige:- from Independence to 2008 America grew and prospered. Note something? – The country was led by generally fairly decent white guys. Note something ELSE? – No African (Black) country has survived for long under local (black) rule. It took a black Muslim non-legit president, claimed to be a fraud citizen, to destroy what white men built up since Independence. Even if he leaves office, it may take another 100 years to rebuild the damage done. Now Obama is allowing Courts to introduce Shariah laws as well???

  314. admoneymatters says:

    Is it TRUE what I read, that in the USA, 50 States are petitioning for SECESSION from the Commonwealth? That would be interesting, only Washington State becomes the America part of the DIS-Union! – What if Obama sends out the troops to stop secession? How many troops are left in Washington that then would come under the new Nation of  Washington?

    • NavyJR says:

      @admoneymatters It is true that all 50 states, which includes Washington state on the northwest corner of the continental US, have petitions in  to secede; and that would leave the District of Columbia, which is, in fact a corporation, by itself.  Now, understand, this is “We the People” not all the citizens or the governments of the states who are petitioning; but our GOVERNMENT was FORMED by “We the People” and you may find proof of that in the opening words of our Constitution.

      • DRLJR says:

        @NavyJR  @admoneymatters Actually Washington D.C. is part of Maryland on loan to the national govenment.  It is important for people to remember that little fact.  Arlington VA used to be part of D.C. as well but it was given back (1847 I believe due to the slave auctions locations I believe).  Reference Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 17 of the US Constitution.  In fact, D.C. is part of Prince Georges county Maryland.  I don’t believe any of it borders Montgomery county.

        • NavyJR says:

          @DRLJR  DC itself is situated on land that was at one time {before 1800} part of VA and part of MD, but designated as separate from both before the construction of the city even began, for the very reason that in that way NO one of the or more of the states could lay any more claim to it than any of the others.  And in the early 1870s that city changed from Washington City, as it was still known through the Civil War, to Washington, District of Columbia when it incorporated and our true Constitutional republican government was replaced by that corporation!  The Constitution itself was amended at that time to be the Constitution of the United States of America, from the Constitution of the united States for America {caps and prepositions are IMPORTANT in this instance}, the original 13th Amendment was simply discarded and replaced by what’s seen there now, and the 14 th and 15th were added and “ratified” at “gunpoint” so to speak, since the southern states were still occupied by northern forces, and those were running the show.

        • DRLJR says:

          @NavyJR The land, like all property under the control of the national government, is still part of the State in which it is located.  Washington DC is still part of Maryland and is just on loan to the national government.  If the boundary are changed by Congress all of the land removed from the Washington DC reverts back to Maryland’s control.  That is one reason every time people start talking about making Washington DC into a State Maryland puts a stop to it.  Refer to Article 4, Section 3 of the US Constitution.  And please read what Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 17 states.  Washington DC is on loan to the national government just as all federal installation are.  In New Jersey Fort Monmouth is being returned to New Jersey’s control.
          Remember, any law or treaty in conflict with the US Constitution are null and void.

  315. admoneymatters says:

    @ Randy Odegaard:- The Muslims won’t last long in a war according to Prophecy in the Bible. They didn’t in the 6-day WAR with Israel. (Israel defeated combine forces of Syria, Jordan and Egypt. who had massive armies intent on killing all Jews, regardless of Prophetic protection that God will give His People, despite their sins against His Son, who saved the ancestors of the Jews in 70AD, and allowed them to scatter to the “4 corners” of this world.)

  316. paulendes says:

    you were warned, it is written about in the Word of God (the Christian bible), that everyone shall serve the beast, lest your names be written in the lambs book of life. Accept Christ now as the savior and son of God ( God sent to earth walking as you and I in the flesh). He first talked the talk (prophesy) and then He walked the walk (Jesus Christ). The facts have proven it over and over, now it’s time to believe, you take it on faith. A simply heart felt prayer of “my Lord, God and Savior, I believe in you, your son Jesus Christ who died on the cross for all mankind, believers and non- believers. I want to be a part of your kingdom and your way of life. I ask you to give that life to me, I want to follow you. I pray this in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen!” God will save you from that great days/ days of disaster, it’s His promise, He never breaks a promise, and that I promise! Any questions? My email: Paul Endes, I live in Texas.

  317. paulendes says:

    you were warned, it is written about in the Word of God (the Christian bible), that everyone shall serve the beast, lest your names be written in the lambs book of life. Accept Christ now as the savior and son of God ( God sent to earth walking as you and I in the flesh). He first talked the talk (prophesy) and then He walked the walk (Jesus Christ). The facts have proven it over and over, now it’s time to believe, you take it on faith. A simply heart felt prayer of “my Lord, God and Savior, I believe in you, your son Jesus Christ who died on the cross for all mankind, believers and non- believers. I want to be a part of your kingdom and your way of life. I ask you to give that life to me, I want to follow you. I pray this in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen!” God will save you from that great days/ days of disaster, it’s His promise, He never breaks a promise, and that I promise! Any questions? My email: Paul Endes, I live in Texas.

  318. TPM says:

    How long before abusive men (spouses, etc) begin “converting” to Islam … so that they can have “carte blanche” in their relationships with their women? If you’re a muslim and your “ho” disrespects you …
    First, shout “Allahu Akbar” …
    Then, throw her a beating. Hey, it’s a part of my (new) culture
    Is this what our country is coming to? Where is NOW and the other women’s rights groups? They are strangely silent on this issue.

  319. cdarwincole says:

    Don’t impose your limited Neanderthal comprehension on me, Ray Dowen. The first words of Jesus are that “It becomes us to fulfill all righteousness.” There is GREAT righteousness in the methods and findings of science, and they get as far as they do by not simply resorting to saying, “God did it.”
    Many of you here sem to be as insane as the Islamic Fundamentalists. I am getting out after I reply to others. Don’t bother replying.

    • KentPerry says:

      @cdarwincole You know I googled the phrase “God did it”  Turns out, that phrase is said by more atheists than any one at all in any science.  It seems atheist or as they like to think themselves “The Philosopher Kings of Science! ”  they seem to think they have this club called the Science Community.  Well if I were to use your type of scientific logic, I would have to associate things that are evil with things Science has brought us.   Gee I betcha I can do a LOT with that kind of argument Lets start with the Atomic Bomb shall we Darwin?

      • cdarwincole says:

        You ought to take a few courses in logic and rhetoric (I have) so you might understand how fallacious your arguments and world view are and how truly ignorant you sound to genuinely intelligent and clear-thinking people like me. 😉
        The same nuclear physics that produced “The Bomb” has also given us the magnificent understanding of the workings of the Universe that we have today.The same processes that make the bomb work also operate inside stars, transforming the elements of Big Bang Nucleosynthesis into the heavier elements, especially heavier when they explode in supernovas (in some cases so overpacking the nuclei of the atoms that they become radioactive). We are made of the very stuff thus forged in stars. it is a wonderful, beautiful revelation, is it not?  This same physics also has given us the fabulous technologies we have, including many of the medical techniques that we use to save peoples lives. And guess what? Much of the important work was done by JEWS, who also number among my friends and relatives. Oooo, that must just burn you up (in your own private Hell)…or maybe not. Maybe you are not THAT far gone.
        It is closed-minded, bigoted poeple like you living in Japan and Germany who made development and deployment of the bomb necessary.
        I happen to have been a friend of a professor (now deceased) who helped Truman write his memoirs. I can tell you that the bomb undoubtedly saved many, many, many more lives than it took.

        • gunny says:

          You make some very excellent points, I wonder how many  critics of Trumans decision to use the atomic bomb would be alive and whining today had the US invaded Japan as planned, I surmise the seeds that produced many of todays zealots would have expired on the beaches of Japan with their dead hosts. As for Kentperry, I haven’t decided whether he is an intellectual moron or the village idiot.

        • cdarwincole says:

          @cdarwincole  @KentPerry
           Thanks, Gunny. I am a bit angry with myself for my impatience with him. Like Muslims and Buddhists and cannibals and others on our little planet, he is the product of his heritage and personal past. He knows not what he does. I forgive him, though I somehow doubt he will extend the same love to me.

        • KentPerry says:

          @cdarwincole  You MISSED the entire point, Hoss but while you were spouting off your staggering intellect is so superior to mine and your idiotic suggestion my post is not logical while you offer NO reason as to how or why, I suppose it is illogical because YOU SAY SO?  By the way, my argument is not to point out the evils of atomic energy but was merely used in a comparison using YOUR logic about religion., I also agree with Truman’s decision

  320. richars holmes says:

    Throw al this islam trash back to the cesspool country it came from

  321. cdarwincole says:

    I was responding to someone with a statement in my defense, not proselytizing, KentPerry. Were I proselytizing, I would have a great deal more to say. But I won’t waste my time trying to reason with the sort of single-celled organisms that dwell in skulls like yours.
    You don’t need to go out of your way like this to find fault, especially when there is none to find but what you fabricate with your Neanderthal sensibilities.
    Many of you here sem to be as insane as the Islamic Fundamentalists. I am getting out. Don’t bother replying.

    • KentPerry says:

      @cdarwincole I thought you were leaving??   Well hurry up and take your dumb ass ad-hom insults and your ignorant  naivete regarding the Islamic world including  their agenda for global domination, with you.  Oh and hope the door hits you where the good lord split you.    You passive aggressive bloggers are all the same.

      • cdarwincole says:

         I am trying to leave. I don’t know why I keep getting messages in my email. I have written the administrator.
        First, you started the insults, moron.
        It’s funny to hear someone like you call me “ignorant” and naive. I have been raising the alarm about radical Islam for decades, well before 9-11. You are obviously too stupid to understand my posts. That one brain cell of yours has only one default setting and doesn’t understand much beyond it piddling little set of prejudices. You are like a clam that cannot imagine there is a world of forests and mountains and land-dewlling creatures beyond its water-covered patch of mud, never mind the galactic superclusters beyond that.

        • KentPerry says:

          @cdarwincole umm did the bag say, “PAINT CHIPS”?

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @cdarwincole  @KentPerry  Do not worry about people with such hate in their hearts, you are wasting your time. You cannot possibly out nasty  these people. I can’t even imagine such hate  and from a Christian?? or am I mistaken about that? Obviously!!!

        • KentPerry says:

          @Evermyrtle Spare me the goody goody Christian reputation to live up to.  Jesus Christ would be calling him a part of that brood of vipers, a snake a heathen of his Father the devil.   You want to be sugary sweet and give sugar coated messages go right ahead.  I am not here to give people, YOUR brand of syrupy sweet Christianity. It gives us a spiritual diabetes. I am here to be the Salt not the Sweet.  I don’t seek YOUR APPROVAL I SEEK HIS WILL  not yours

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @cdarwincole  @KentPerry cdar I’m having that same problem..and especially with this chucklehead kent….though I try not to lower myself to his standards..good luck..there are better places to be!…good comment though!…don

  322. cdarwincole says:

    RayDownen, I pretty much agree with what you say, now that I see you don’t paint all Muslims with the same brush.

  323. cdarwincole says:

    RayDownen, you are not God, nor are you qualified to speak for God.
    I have no doubt that Jesus would agree with me and my view 100%. You don’t have to agree, and I cannot insist that you do. True Christians don’t do that.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @cdarwincole  Christians are the only ones who GOD has to speak for HIM and we can speak for HIM as long as we follow the scriptures and tell the truth not wrongly deciphering the meaning. We must speak the truth, but we do have that right. Thank you Ray, all that I have read was right on line but I have not read all of your posts. Be careful, what you write and keep up the good work.

  324. cdarwincole says:

    LadyPatriot, I don’t recall the exchange, and I don’t think intentionally addressed a reponse to you. It may be that your name was automatically added to a reponse because your post was in a chain of reponses. I apologize if I seemed to to refer to you in a way inappropriate to your statements. I was not responding to you.
    I have to say that I am a bit alarmed by the narrow views and superstitious mind-sets that I am encountering here. It is kind of distressing to think that I, as a conservative of Christian upbringing, could be believed to be associated with kooks this sort. But I don’t want to make sweeping statements. I am sure there are many rational and enlightened people here, too. My comments just seem to attract the other sort, for the most part. Anyway, I think I should just get out. I do not feel that I am among like-minded people here. Few seem able to moderate and discriminate.

  325. servant says:

    So, under our NEW, Islaminisation. . . .we can now once again really beat our children?
    But what happens, MR and MRS and MS LIBERAL, when they grow up and become stronger and bigger than the parents and THEY return the favor?
    Typical WIBBERAL THINKING, never think father that one’s nose is long, ‘we”l face tomorrow when it comes, right?

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @servant  This only applies when Muslims are taken into consideration, their law is what matters, be careful about having a law suite against a Islamist, be very careful. GOD alone can save us, so don’t forget to pray without ceasing, all Christian Americans!!!

  326. Jim Bragg says:

    Evermyrtle, I disagree! 50% of the population here IS NOT liberial. Approximately 70-80% of people are conservative but just don’t know it or understand that they are. If you were to give them a test and not mention it is to determine if they are liberial or conservative the answers they give would indicate they are conservative to very conservative! Black Americans vote Democrat for the most part and in the last election they claim that over 95% of Blacks voted for the liberial party like Obama. The funny thing is that Black Americans are actually very conservative!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @Jim Bragg You are likely correct. 20 % can overpower 80% easily because they will do anything, nothing is tabbo, no matter how dirty, to get what they want. Conservative have a great deal of self respect and will not win if they have to use dirt to do ti. That is what is happening in the USA. Thanks for reminding me of this fact.

  327. BobMcCormick says:

    Let me get this straight; A non muslim mother, caught on surveillance cameras in a WalMart parking lot, giving her child an open handed swat on the backside can be immediately set upon and arrested by a protective services swat team, rappelling into the “scene of the crime” from black helicopters, while the children are placed in the custody of the state. But if you are some rag head Islamic nut case, it is perfectly acceptable to tie up your teen age daughter, torture and attempt to kill her, for the offense of talking to a boy.
    I try to keep an open mind, however the more I learn about Islam, I am becoming convinced that it is a religion of evil and violence.
    Sharia law has no place in our country and any judge basing his decisions on this abomination should be removed.

    • 52pickup says:

      @BobMcCormick And the perpetrator of this torture should be expulsed and sent back to the islamic country of origin. The daughter stays here.

      • 52pickup says:

        @52pickup  @BobMcCormick Also just imagine what these evil people would do to any of us if they had the chance. Between walking female “mummies” and terrorist male zealots, all capable of torturing their own daughter- This judge must be muslim also, and should also be removed.

  328. gunny says:

    You and I probably agree 100 %, I’m somewahtn at a loss, I don’t remember what I wrote, I certainly don’t recall anything profane, having worn a uniform for 24 years, I don’t care for “barracks” converstaion, and when confronted with it , I automatically place the individual in contempt, and give his arguments little or no heed. I do realize the inherrent evil of the Muslim doctrine, on the other hand  consider the results of the late election, and  the apparent acceptance of this administration of the Muslim as “good intentioned, just  folks like you and I”, unfortunately my description of these people is diametrically opposite, I think they have been mired in the dark ages, not having made any significant progress socially or in mind set , about as trustworthy as a pet viper in as much as their loyalty is to Allah, not to any lay entity , I apoligize for the rhetoric, but I get carried away, forgive me ! We are on the same side !

  329. BobMcCormick says:

    Muslims come here supposedly for an opportunity for a better life, then they want to turn our country in to the same backward oppressive s—hole they came from.
    Respect our laws and the freedom to practice your religion in compliance with same or get out.

    • DonaldLaFace says:

      @BobMcCormick That’s one intelligent way of looking at it..another would to put more intelligent people on the bench!

  330. Changa 77 says:

    You are right. This the land of the free and the brave. Why should we let this happen to us. wake up America. Up until 4 years ago we could get by. Today wed are about to lose it all.

  331. SurferDude says:

    Aloha BOB! I am not trying to “Diss” on your Comments,they do however reflect a certain “COMMONESS” of replies I have Read over and over again. I am not trying to take sides nor supply excuses lol However,has anyone Thought that the Open-ness  and FREEDOMS Here can CULTURALLY “confuse” many New comers to our Fair shores>? because of the Nature of our “Free Country” and the ATTITUDES it produces,in relation to the “NATURE” of the Country they had just Left>???? Please understand I am aware of the fact,that the Girl SUFFERED amazingly sever treatment and I am far from trying to make any EXCUSE for That! What I am trying to say is that People are told we are a FREE Country,and Perhaps they FEEL,they are FREE to ACT in any manner they FEEL is Right!!,since they have not yet Blended into,nor UNDERSTAND or have be EDUCATED into the GREAT American Melting Pot of IDEAS!  food for thought friends.

    • shagstar says:

      yo dude,,,you already made an excuse in your 2nd paragraph!
      wait a minute,,,upon further review,,your entire statement is a friggin excuse to allow scumbags into our country and act like 3rd world animals with impunity!  how bout you go wax your board and take your med’s?  better yet,,enlist and wear a uniform before you speak?  mahalo,,dude!

    • kamaut longbabilon says:

      @SurferDude I see what you are getting at… even in Australia, some immigrants THINK that they can allow themselves to carry out laws…. amazingly laws that they tried to ESCAPE from!?

    • gunny says:

      I think you are overlooking the word “conscious”. I don’t think anyone living in the US can be confused regarding right and wrong,, by their own admission the parents and sibling knew exactly what the were doing. Consider this, practicing  Muslims have little or no interest to assimilate and enter into the American mainstream, their first and foremost allegiance is to Islam, this is fact ! To
      think devout Muslims would ever become truly Americanized is pure and unadulterated folly. To verify this go to the local library and get an unabridged copy on the Koran and read it.

      • NavyJR says:

        @gunny Gunny, I respect Marines very much, and I happen to know their “Docs” are pretty nearly “s,acred” to them.  I also happen to know of a Navy “Doc” who is also a practicing and self-proclaimed devout, Muslim, but who is FIGHTING for the SAME Constitution YOU took an oath to as well; the same oath HE took to that Constitution.  I will grant you there are NOT many, but DON’T rule them all out; take them as individuals, about this as you would take any other person about any particular issue.

  332. paxcat says:

    surferdude:  Muslims have no intention of “blending” into any country, free or otherwise.  Their job is to swallow that country into their way of life, so that you will no longer be “free” to do anything without either becoming Muslim yourself or living within their rigid social system and pay a tax as an “infidel.”  Study history to see how many countries infiltrated with Islam have simply remained their original country – Islam does not allow that.

  333. BobMcCormick says:

    surferdude: Seems like you are making excuses to me.
    As I said these people are free to practice their religion in compliance with US law. If they believe it is proper to raise their daughters to not interact with boys, or walk around in public with a blanket over their heads, that is their prerogative that is what the American melting pot is about. But physical abuse of the kind described in this article is not considered good parenting in our society, or hopefully by civilized people anywhere and there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that we will not tolerate it in our country.
    Just one more taught. The judge in this case is the one who is confused. It is not within his purview to consider laws that are not part of our legal code, does he not understand that a young girl was seriously injured, that her father intended to kill her. If these parents were punished in accordance with US law, there would be no confusion as to where their religion ends and state and federal law begins.

  334. WhitkeaneMusicman says:

    I expected the Muslim family to be in Michigan since they are growing very fast there, was really surprised that it was Ar. That said, that poor young women must be having a heck of a time  getting any sleep since basically the Court put her RIGHT BACK in the “GRASP”  of her  attempted MURDERERS!!   With barely a swish of a feather for punnishment !!!  But then, the person “Playing the PART” of the so called JUDGE IS a Janet Napolitano appointee!!  DISGUSTING!!!!!   At this point, God & ONLY GOD can Save Us From Ourselves!!!!

  335. As far are I am concerned Islam is the Religion from Hell. I have a friend who is a former Muslim, who is now a Christian. He tell me “Don’t Believe any of them”. They will lie to you, cheat you and a lot of time would kill you if they thought they could get away with it.

    • paxcat says:

      @Roy Patterson And, your friend would be right!

    • DonaldLaFace says:

      @Roy Patterson All religions are from hell,,if such a place exists ..but its just a word..Christians were no damn better,,check your history!!The jews in Israel practice and get away w/ apartheid and have become those who persecuted them..Man has been killing man in the names of their gods forever,,when the f**kj are we going to grow up!!???…then maybe there will be some peace on earth!……don

      • Jane18 says:

        @DonaldLaFace  @Roy Patterson
         Hey Donald, get hold of yourself! The way you sound makes you no better than the ones we are discussing. Anyway, you are wrong about GOD, The GOD of our people-Christians. i understand a little of where you are coming from, but Donald, you are saying things you need to repent for, you know, be sorry for!

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Jane18  @Roy Patterson Ok Jane I have hold of my left arm..You understand a little of where I’m comming from..from your writings I think to whom do I repent.?.your Christian god or the Islamic god..tell me what makes these gods better than ‘RE’ or Zeus?..or any of the myriad of other gods man has had since its beginning?

        • Ray Downen says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Jane18  @Roy Patterson There is one and only one Creator God. All other gods are created by men but Jehovah God created man.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Ray Downen  @Jane18  @Roy Patterson Are you by chance a Jehova’s Witless?

      • dntmkmecomoverther says:

        @DonaldLaFace  @Roy Patterson Don, one day you will face the Judgement; that will be the day you truly know of truth…albeit, too late.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @dntmkmecomoverther  @Roy Patterson Hi Roy this isn’t to you..Someday I’ll face judgement..well I don’t believe in any of that and I highly doubt you know anyone who has and came back to tell you,,so praytell ‘dntm-‘er’,,,how do you know this will happen?..I’ll be dead, what’s left will be in a urn, until someone deposits my ashes in the wind…out in the middle of nowhere!

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @dntmkmecomoverther  @Roy Patterson …O’tay!

      • Ray Downen says:

        @DonaldLaFace  @Roy Patterson I’m amazed that someone who can’t spell could claim to have been a professor anywhere. God is. God made everything that now exists or ever will exist. God lives and cares for us. And only those who learn of the true God and who love and serve Him will enjoy eternity. God’s people will not have to put up with put downs by atheists after we die.
        As for Ishmael and Isaac, let it be known that it’s Arabs who are descended from Ishmael while all Jews are descended from one or another of the sons of Isaac’s son. The Jews now occupying Israel are by no means all religious. Yet they have a right to the land and are doing amazingly well in making that land productive despite all the opposition from Ishmael’s descendants and their friends.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Ray Downen  @Roy Patterson Don’t know to many Prof’s do ya Ray!..look around everywhere you’ll find more spelling and diction mistakes since the advent of the computer..after I die I won’t have to put up w/ the likes of your kind either!…Gods people are the Jews and they’re doing a bang up job of showing everyone they’re right up there!

  336. Born american says:

    I say as long as what they did is ok then take the mother father and sister and just spray them with pigs blood and be sure to get it in their mouths so the swallow it  would be fun to see the reaction that woud get

  337. gunny says:

    Where are the bleeding heart Liberal womens groups, the SPCC, the outraged citizens that report children being spanked in public, I surmise being a Christan in todays world is akin to martyrdom.

  338. DonaldLaFace says:

    oH GOOD i’LL become a Muslim then Attack a cop and tell the court that it’s part of my religious belief…either throw the Judge into Arpaeo’s jail or send that family packing! There are religions who smoke pot as part of their’s illegal they go jail there are all sorts of cruel things done to people in the name of Religions,,Religion should be outlawed but that’ll never happen….btw gunny I got spanked as a kid..not beaten, stabbed etc..

  339. SurferDude says:

    Aloha Gunny! I think you misunderstood my Comment lol It was more a Broad Statement about the incoming foreign population taken as a Whole. I understand how you feel,though Painting everyone with the Same Brush is far from Fair,and also overlooks the POWER “the American Way” has had over the Years on a multitude of Foreign People,no matter what their religious focus might have been. I agree there are a lot of Bad Muslims out there,However they have no Lock Hold on Bogus,Ugly and Unspeakable Things done in this Country in the Name of God or Allah,or the god some people hear in their Heads!! food for thought friend,aloha

  340. ladypatriot says:

    Very well said.  I wish the arabs could know  that in the end, they will lose.  God has promised Israel will survive and anyone who curses her will themselves be cursed.

    • DonaldLaFace says:

      @ladypatriot You fit the religious criteria to a ‘T’ against the other in the name of your one true god!!.. this case It’s that moron judge who made the screw-up!,,Religion can’t be fixed but that judge should be

      • Buckaroo says:

        @DonaldLaFace  @ladypatriot
         Donald I agree with you about the judge in Arizona, and religion if you mean man’s attempt to reach God. The implication also seems to include God’s attempt to reach out to man through Jesus Christ, upon this I would take issue. God is not looking for religion but relationship and faith in the people of his creation, that is recognition that we or the cosmos  did not create ourselves but that He did, and is God.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Buckaroo  @ladypatriot (Buckaroo) you state’s about as close as I could get in believing that an ‘entity’ created all this, ie ..the cosmos…I do from time to time question something appearing from nothing as well ..this is probably why I don’t persecute those who believe in god, the rest I’ve no time for…’in gods image’ etc!

        • Buckaroo says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @ladypatriot
           As I stated previously propehcy, history written in advance, gives us cause to believe in the scrptures, when we see they have been fullfilled as prophesied. If one chooses to ignore this evidence, in my estimation they are being willfully ignorant. I do not argue about their right to do so.
          I personally am not making a judgment call on you but merely conveying what God’s word says to tjhose who do or will not believe in the face of all the evidence to the contrary.
          The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.
          Psalms 14:1 (KJV)
          If this fits-take heed-if you ignore it and gamble that their is no God, creator, desgner and giver of life, I believe you will perish in your sins.
          God hopes  that you will reconsider as do I.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Buckaroo  @ladypatriot I believe I said I questioned these prophesies…you believe as you will I as I will!

      • paxcat says:

        @DonaldLaFace  @ladypatriot The Judge is obligated to practice United States law in the United States and not blend in a little Sharia law.  Also, this “child” is actually not a “child” under U.S. law, she is an adult and as such can bring charges of assault, etc., but our legal system does not force her to do so.  And, if she was unwilling to bring charges, then that is always the “victim’s choice.”

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @paxcat  @ladypatriot Sharia Law is against the laws of more countries than not and certainly against almost all religions..First the family should not have tried to practice it ..but mostly this American judge should have thrown the book at the parents….Attempted murder is a crime!

    • Jane18 says:

       Yes lady, the arabs will be the losers. You need to know that Israel* means The House of Israel, all 12 tribes that make up that House(family). There are but two houses in the country of Israel, that is Judah and Benjamin, and they are at this time The House of Judah. The 10 Tribes(families) that are supposedly “lost”, they are called The House of Israel, because of the large number. You need to know where those 10 Tribes went when they were released by the Assyrian. Just to make a long story short, soooooooo many of thos families eventually came to this wonderful country, U.S.of A.. Remember this, All jewish people are israelites(the entire family), but allo israelites are Not Jewish! You haven’t forgotten that Israel was the name GOD gave Jacob, have you? The different tribes(families) were Jacob’s sons.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @ladypatriot  Y0u are exactly right, Israel is GOD’S people
      Hosea 3:4-5
      4.”For the children of Israel shall abide many days without a king, and without a prince, and without a sacrifice, and without an image, and without an ephod, and with teraphim.:
      5. Afterward shall the children of Israel return, and seek the LORD THEIR GOD, and David their iing; and shall fear the LORD and HIS goodness
      Joel 2 27. And you shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am the LORD YOUR GOD, and none else: and my people shall never be ashamed.
      28. And it shall come to-pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your son and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions
      29. And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will pour out my spirit.
      30. And I will show wonders in the heavens and the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke
      31. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before  the great and terrible of the LORD come.
      32. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance,as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call

    • DonaldLaFace says:

      @ladypatriot lets not talk about arabs losing but about bad people being punished,,all are not bad appear to be condemming a culture!

  341. drbhelthi says:

    The judges´s decision is a disgrace to jurisprudence, and the failure of Arizona to prosecute the guilty parents and sister in accordance with applicable law, is a disgrace to the United States of America.  That the Americans in Arizona do not file suit and demand a higher court review of the decision is a valid question.

  342. ladypatriot says:

    I agree with you.  Many (30+) years ago I did go to the library and got a copy of the koran.  I read and saw parts about it being okay to beat the wife; that Israel did indeed belong to the Jews first, but the arabs judged Israel unworthy to be there; and that they could destroy other religions’ buildings (synagogues, churches…) ; that they want to annihilate Israel , driving her into the sea.  My wording may not be exact, but  I did read about those things.  I wonder how many muslims have read it and know about those things.

    • DonaldLaFace says:

      @ladypatriot Try the Tora and both bibles too you’ll get the education about religions you truly need!!…

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @DonaldLaFace  @ladypatriot I
        I believe that you need some education in the real things in life before you try to give advice. Your advice stinks.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Evermyrtle  @ladypatriot I say something wrong (Evermyrtle)…is it a sin to read the books of another god?…I liked it better when u quoted scripture!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Evermyrtle  @ladypatriot I do not think it would be a wise thing to do, but you can be forgiven of your sins, if you are really sorry for what you  have done and ask HIS forgiveness. He is a merciful,, loving GOD. We all are sinners and if we say we are not HIS WORD says we lie and the truth is not in us. I do know there are some that think they are not sinners but they are only fooling themselves. I will pray for HIM to hear you and that HE will bless you with understanding of HIS WORD.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Evermyrtle  @ladypatriot Dear Myrtle I know you mean well ..and are a good person..but I am who I am and believe as I do!!..I don’t believe in god or any religions!..I also try not to make it a big issue either unless pushed into it!

    • NavyJR says:

      @ladypatriot Those things and more are in the Quran; and much of it was adopted from the Torah, what Christians call the old testament of their bible.  But, and I may be wrong, I believe this all goes back to the longest running and most devastating domestic dispute in history; Abraham had 2 sons, and he pretty much screwed over the first on his wife’s say-so, to favor HER son; the first being by her handmaid, who also got screwed over in the deal and the hatred has been spewing over on the world ever since.

  343. ladypatriot says:

    What is the name of the judge and in what city dd this occur?

  344. Raymond 1 says:

    This comes as no surprise.

  345. DonaldLaFace says:

    The intelligent method?  grow up people!! religions are the evil that draws man to wars to follow their one true creator,,it replaced what exactly ?Paganism?!……and that prayer at the opening..what a waste of time and mind!..Mature already!..

    • dntmkmecomoverther says:

      @DonaldLaFace So how do you rationalize the killing of 80 million who were ruled by atheist communist leaders?

      • DonaldLaFace says:

        @dntmkmecomoverther Communisism does not exist today or yesterday except in small enclaves,,I’m Socialist myself and don’t at all fit what Americans think we are….The Soviet Union ,Red China and several others used the term as the basis of their way of life..when in  reality they were and are Dictatorships,,How to control people ‘101’.(I was in Vietnam for 49 months and saw it up close and personnel)..working here as well..soon you’re going to see a big change..besides the Evangelist overtaking other religions in this country..we will soon witness the holy war to beat all holy wars ”when the Sunni go to war with the Shite’

    • Evermyrtle says:

      Psalms 53: 1 The fool hath said in his heart, “There is not GOD. They are corrupt, they have done abominable iniquity; the is none that doeth good.’
      Psalms 74:18 “Remember this, that the enemy hath reproached, O LORD, and that he foolish people have blasphemed thy name.
      Proverbs 26:4-5
      4. Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.
      5. Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.

      • DonaldLaFace says:

        @Evermyrtle Typical..have no answer resort to scriptures…!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Evermyrtle  I believe every word that I write, I promise that if I didn’t I would not write it.  It is nothing to me, if you believe it or not. My duty was to tell you and I did my duty.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Evermyrtle Great!!,,you did your duty!..we over now?…I say we bury that judge up to there neck in the AZ, sun and let ’em bake a bit then sent papa mislim out for the same but add some maple syrup!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Evermyrtle I agree . He is as bad as the parents that abused their child. He is a criminal, too.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Evermyrtle Absolutely!!

  346. paxcat says:

    DonaldLaFace:  No, it isn’t religion, it’s man’s nature!  Humility would go a long way in assisting you to view history without a biased lens.  What religion was Hitler, Stalin,  or any other dictator?  I seem to recall that they also loathed religion in all its forms.

    • DonaldLaFace says:

      @paxcat Episcapalion..christian.!.. Stalin a dictator,..Mankinds ways are well known but when you add one of it’s tools Religion….I taught college world history and for years and  this subject was touched on..often!…,my  biased lens took numerous years to create..i’ M 68 and for 50 years have been Atheist!/…I don’t loathe religion or people who practice it but this world would be a better place w/o it!

      • dntmkmecomoverther says:

        @DonaldLaFace  @paxcat So your position is that the world would be a ‘better place’ without the USA…that’s incredible ‘professor’ but so typical of ‘professors’ whom I deal with.  The USA was posited by those who held to the faith of the Christian religion; by men who believed that our ‘rights come from God the Creator’.  If you don’t want to live under this, then you would enlist the faith of atheists who have ruled, like Mao, like Stalin who hated ‘religion’ and killed 80 million of his own.  Tell ya what ‘professor’, you choose the irreligious nation of your choice and I will personally pay your one way ticket there.  You will have to pay your own way back…if you so desire…and if you live long enough to carry out that desire.
        Beliefs (even atheists have them) have consequences…as does gross ignorance of reality.  The consequence of a belief in a Creator spawned the greatest nation on earth…I challenge you as an atheist to do better.

        • paxcat says:

          @dntmkmecomoverther  @DonaldLaFace Right on, don’t make me…!  And, Donald, in case you in your worldly history don’t know this, as an atheist, you actually do “believe” or else you’d have nothing to “believe” against!  Your freedom to utter your opinions have been preserved in our Constitution which our founders believed emanated from God.  You actually advocate for a “silence” of religious belief which is not “freedom!”  That is what dictatorships are all about and apparently, even though all the best dictators have been atheists, the modern atheists like yourself would continue the practice!
          Just because you were a “professor” does not make you smart!  One would think that at least you’d have learned that by now!

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther Somewhere in this escalating mess I wrote that I’m Atheist but don’t loathe religion nor those who should perhaps chat w/ your Professors ..but then the world does present us w/ different thinking people..If you have Professors than I trust you are still young..I didn’t become as I am because it’s the thing to do..I was born into a Catholic family only thankfully our parents were very intelligent and open dissuaded me from being religious ,,I had too many questions that just could not be answered..and a good well educated albeit young mind of my own..,,Btw /I must have missed this alternate USA thing..because our founding fathers based this nation on religion says they made a poor choice..I fought in Vietnam for the rights of this country..joined!..not saying war is the answer to anything..either….you continue as you will,..By the way in writing our constitution  ‘and all man are created equal’ in the background the Whitehouse was being built by slaves!!…one of my all time favorites,,then there were the Mayans,Aztec,Incas!!…while being a Professors doesn’t necessarilly make me so smart As I’ve a pantyload of stupid moments,but I’m smarter and more wordly than you!!

        • Buckaroo says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther
           The fool has said in his heart their is no God.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther Which fool exactly?there are millions of us who’ve reached that age of soon as god has a word with let me know won’t you Buckaroo!!

        • Buckaroo says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther
           Let no man deceive himself. If any man thinketh that he is wise among you in this world, let him become a fool, that he may become wise. 19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He that taketh the wise in their craftiness: 20 and again, The Lord knoweth the reasonings of the wise that they are vain.
          1 Cor 3:18-20 (ASV)

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther Any person and every person who will deny our GOD AND LORD JESUS CHRIST, AS LORD AND MASTER AND HIS SON are fools, and one day they all admit the truth but by that time it may be too late.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther created by man,..written by man to control man…one of these days you’ll get it..I’ve a lot of years playing this game…you hope to change my belief?? good luck!..the cosmos created me

        • dntmkmecomoverther says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @paxcat You’re more wordly…and smarter than me…and yet you don’t know me; have never met me and have no idea of my age, background nor current occupation.  That makes my point of your delusion quite clear; you are not as smart as you claim; in fact by your deductions here so far, you have revealed quite an intellectual deficiency.  I need prove nothing more…you did that for me.  Thanks!
          BTW, you never accounted for the ‘reasonality’ of an atheist dictator killing 80 million of his own people…still waiting for that one.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @dntmkmecomoverther  @paxcat Think I was referring to paxcat or buckaroo.not used to this set up here where they keep adding names..sorry old hat if I offended you!..don

        • Buckaroo says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther
           The cosmos?  That is one world view, but Donald tell me what is the mechanism which turned none life into life?  All obsevable evidence shows that only life begets life. You can watch a rock or the cosmos forever (If it were possible) but all you would ever see  or have is none life. So tell me what is so rational and reasonable about believing a rock that has no life is your creator.
          And if you created yourself (the fool) well then you are better and smarter than me, Albeit  just like an ox I know who provides my needs. I know who created life as did our founding fathers as a whole, it was not the cosmos but our creator Almighty God!

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @dntmkmecomoverther  @paxcat to dntm-verther..I did’t get into your last request as it was a subject changer,,ok as memory serves this shrinking mind,MAO was probably the worst,Joseph Stalin killed millions who didn’t think like him..Saddam Hussein did his share and he was religious,Muselini a good practicing catholic had a shitload of Italians killed for not thinking his way.Chinese Cultural Revolution caused many deaths! getting your info from a particular book?..I was firstly and mainly a Prof. of the Fine Arts ..Teacher of the Fine Arts,and to fill the gap taught world History and loved it all ,,my info comes mostly these days from what I remember..and as my collegues have told me is pretty good for ..hope that helped!

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther Well’re now taking us well off the track of the could sit and delve into the big bang theory until our skin falls off our bones,,there is no evidence one way or other where the cosmos or universe stemmed from..other than I can believe that something can come from nothing as I already believe that when I die ..I’ll return or be nothing where as you a believer is somewhat affraid of death being the final hoorah ‘so to therefore something must have been to create this !!…Their are a myriad of scholars both of religion and science banging their heads against the wall trying to figure it out……should humankind live so long to figure it all out!

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Evermyrtle  @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther To Myrtle so tell me .how was that kool-aid you must have drank in gallons!!

        • Buckaroo says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther
           Thanks Donald I didn’t think you ccould give a rational answer to your prior post.
          The Bible is full of prophecies that have been told 100’s sometimes thoursand of years in advance. Statisticall these prophecies (history written in advance) would have been impossible to predict unless someone knew they would happen in advance, amazingly someone did, and they have  been fullfilled 100%. That is why God in the Bible says “I have told you these things before they come to pass so that when they do come to pass you will know I am God”.  So if you really have read the Bible you must have missed many many passages or you are just being willfully ignorant. As long as you have breath (which is a gift of God) there is hope for you. As God says:” repent why will you perrish”. One thing for certain after your last breath you will know and will be saved or damned.

        • DRLJR says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Evermyrtle  @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther Actually it takes more faith to be an atheist than to be believe in a creator (supernatural or otherwise).  Much of the current “modern” science operates with circular logic – a implies b implies c implies a, as well as lot of blind faith that this or that is true and factual – even though no one has observed it. Or been able to prove it.  For instance – one species becoming another has never been observed or evidence found to imply it occurs.  That is why the tree of life is a bunch of unconnected blobs now.  When I was in elementary school it was an actual tree.
          At the root of geology and evolution is the idea that every thing operates at the same rate and always has.  And then fossils at the top of mountains are dated based upon the perceived time t took the mountains to form.  Then the mountains are, in the end, dated based upon the age of the fossils.  The book by Dr Walt Brown “In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood” is an interest read and covers in detail current scientific theories, their weaknesses and strengths – including his own hydroplate theory.  The book covers these issues in extreme detail and is well documented and cross-referenced.  I took around a month to fully read it and consider what it said.  Some chapters are available on line for review.

        • paxcat says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @dntmkmecomoverther And, you have no idea to whom you are speaking/typing, actually!

        • paxcat says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @dntmkmecomoverther  And, somewhere, you have confused being a Christian with being “perfect.”  None of us are that, I can assure you.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther Actually ( somebody new! DLRJR) I did read quite a bit of both the old and new testaments ..the difference between you and I is that you tend to believe unquestioning in what is written where I had more questions,,no -one that I’ve heard of has shown me that any of these forethought prophesies have come true,..this is why we differ so much.9 to buckaroo).I’d appreciate it if you would retract the word fool describing me as I did not use such on you trying and succeeding in keeping this a level headed discussion..generally these days when I discuss w/ the much younger mind they revert to obseneties ,,,here most revert to scripture!…well seems more comments have come into view!

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther …You’re correct!.This is my first time on this site and it’s very different from CD or Alternet etc..but I’m learning!

        • paxcat says:

          @DRLJR  @DonaldLaFace  @Evermyrtle  @Buckaroo  @dntmkmecomoverther Yes, it does.  And, I’ve often had some of those thoughts as well.  Man is nothing if not a creative brain trying to make sense of where he lives, and he can and does come up with what appear to “logical” hypotheses.  I’ve always wondered how we know the names of the elements on the Atomic Chart is “correct?”  Or, is it just a labeling mechanism?  Do we really “know” anything at all?

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther  (PAXCAT) Oh I don’t confuse being religious w/ perfection nor atheism or even being human w/ perfection…

        • paxcat says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Buckaroo  @dntmkmecomoverther Check out Isaiah 9:10 by Jonathan Cahn and read his book The Harginer.  Both available on Amazon.  Isaiah 9:10 is a video. You might be stunned.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @DRLJR  @Evermyrtle  @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther ( DRLJR )Science wise what you say may be true but in becoming a non-believer has little to do w/ science except for those of the sciences..I began my questioning as a catholic child w/ a very inquisitive mind,,and over the years gave up on the idea of a place designated for worship until growing older finely and w/ much questioning and talking became a non-believer,,then went into the service for 6 years spending 49 months in war learning about life and death..etc..Science didn’t enter into any spiritual beliefs I didn’t have until my college years,,and later..

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @paxcat  @DRLJR  @Evermyrtle  @Buckaroo  @dntmkmecomoverther Well Paxcat since most of my colleagues are of the Mathmatics and Sciences I’d venture to say we humans know somethings..dealing w/ physics..but then physics changes constantly….look at the Higgs Boson for instance..nothing of has been proven in its use for 34 years although work is constantly being done w/ it!..the String theory ..we’re more disproving it then proving it….The names on the atomic chart are as ficticious as the names we give our planets.( yes labeling method).they serve to identify….we know their properties!…we sure as hell know about Global Climate Change)..and who the biggest contributers are but once again we’re going way off topic here!

        • DRLJR says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Evermyrtle  @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther Except what you are missing is that it is used to deny even the possible existence of a creator.  If every thing happened by chance then nothing can be wrong or right.  Killing is okay, raping is okay, stealing is okay, lying is okay.  The “everything is relative” idea has permeated the education system since the utopian society “National Education Association” infiltrated the schools back in the 1900s.
          There is no moral foundation – everything is relative and therefore there are no absolutes.  This is why Socialism and its outgrowths are so dangerous.  It is why the Nazis (a left wing philosophy) could justify their actions as well as the Progressives in this country who used Blacks in medical experiments without their victims knowledge. It is why schools are being used as indoctrination centers instead of educating. It is why Stalin and Mao could kill so many of their people without a twinge of guilt. 
          But contrary to your implied claims you are person with a lot of faith.  After all it takes a lot of faith to believe everything happened by chance.  Especially considering the laws of entropy and chance.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther
          The end is coming and the time is coming when you shall confess to GOD that HE is GOD and that you are a lost sinner.
          Isiah 45: I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out o my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, “That unto me every knee shall bow , every tongue shall swear
          Romans 14:11 For it is written, as I live, saith the LORD, every knee shal bow t me, and every tongue will confess to GOD

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther i’m sorry to say you got ahold of the poison kool-ade  and GOD will tell you about. HE says that every knee shall bow to HIM and every knee will bow to HIM but if you do not make up your mind about who is before that time you will be playing around in hell with Satan. He has a place mad and reserved for HIS people You can find that scripture in Matthew 25:31-46. I dare you to read it!!!

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Evermyrtle  @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther O’tay Evermyrtle

        • paxcat says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @DRLJR  @Evermyrtle  @Buckaroo  @dntmkmecomoverther Global Climate Change?  Really?????  There are as many if not more scientists who disprove than prove.  But, if you own stock or an interest in trading of carbon credits, then I guess you’d be a believer or at least a beneficiary!

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Evermyrtle  @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther Myrtle quite frankly I never touch kool-aid prefer the green tea I make..,,by the way ahold is not a word!!…since we seem to be into correcting mispellings!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Evermyrtle  @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther Who is in correcting of spelling.Ain’t me? I don’t care how you spell your words. If I can figure what you are talking about the is good enough for me.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @paxcat  @DonaldLaFace  @DRLJR  @Evermyrtle  @Buckaroo  @dntmkmecomoverther Frankly I am not interested in what any scientist may say. I feel able to decide what I believe or not believe.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Evermyrtle  @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther The one who did isn’t in this group of names ..I just tossed it in because from 15 years of blogging once it starts it’s a dominoe effect

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Evermyrtle  @paxcat  @DRLJR  @Buckaroo  @dntmkmecomoverther That’s cool!

        • DRLJR says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Evermyrtle  @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther Folks, the nature of blogs is that words get misspelled and or words inadvertently dropped or added.  That is why it always important to try and proof read what it written.   And to be as succinct as possible when writing. And even professional proof readers miss things so people posting in blogs are going to do the same thing.  People need to understand it and make allowances.  Not doing so just makes the person replying look foolish – not matter how smart they are. 
          As for man-made global warming I was given permission to distribute this paper

          provided I met certain requirements.  It was written for the author’s cousin and never intended for general distribution.  Both were in their 70s at the time.  The author did not want people harassing him so I had to X out his name.  It is interesting reading.
          The other thing Christian need to remember, and often forget, is that their life, and that includes their words, are supposed to be a reflection of the surrender of their life to Christ.  Their life is supposed to be the “light on the hill” revealing God to others.  But Christians like all people are not perfect even though many non-Christians and Christians expect them to be. And thus many people judge the person instead of doing what they are supposed to do – judging the behavior people engage in.  That is the basis of all legal systems – judging behavior not the person.  God is the only one who can judge the person.
          The Calvinist believe in the concepts of the visible and invisible Church.  The visible Church is all those people who profess they are saved by Christ and the invisible Church who are those who are saved by Christ.  The two groups are not the same. 
          Just some notes based upon the many comments being made.

        • dntmkmecomoverther says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Buckaroo  @paxcat Don, if I were you I would work a little on the dissertation of ‘How the Cosmos Created Me’ so that you have that down pat when you stand up in front of the One who actually DID create you…and He asks you for an accounting.

        • dntmkmecomoverther says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @paxcat Actually Stalin was the worst; and the best at covering the actual number of deaths.  We can account for over 20 million directly, and to date in the Soviet Bloc, over 80 Million dead.  I didn’t intend for this to be a subject changer; It was in the context of your point that religion was the cause of the problems in life.  My point is that with or without religion, we are a mess.  But, it is through faith in Christ that we can find hope and a will to live because He provides it.

        • dhmill says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther
           There are no atheists in a foxhole!

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @dntmkmecomoverther  @paxcat We went more into why people were killed and the type of false ideas were orchestrated to get people to believe..look at Hitler for how he lied to his people so well and they fell for it;;the mood was right….Mao I believe had close to your number killed over attain his goals,,and religion had little to do w/ this however religion is a tool used by those who’ll control and many many millions more across centuries were killed in the name of their god….the Aztec Nation,..what was left of the already dwindling Mayan Civilization..the Incas..look what the crusades did..look what the Persian Empire did before that!!  I’ve years of talking on this subject,,amongst get together’s of friends and colleagues,in classrooms..I’ve talked w/ priests and a few theologians in my years on this…you believe as you will for as long as you will I’ll believe as I do!!..good talking to you…

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @dntmkmecomoverther  @Buckaroo  @paxcat I have no idea how I was created by the cosmos actually when I said me I was stating life in general..was created by whatever the cosmos is made of!!..but let us look at your take..when I stand..I take it in spirit form yes?in front of the one who did create me..which removes the cosmos and drops it down to ‘it and me’…and ‘HE”? asks for an accounting well if its god and all knowing it already knows and why ‘HE’? how about ‘HER’? or ‘IT’…..and if this diety created all from something what created it?…there’s that knudrum again!…I trust we’re leaving ‘Creationism’ out of this that’s just plain sillyness!

        • DRLJR says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @dntmkmecomoverther  @paxcat The crusades were a political response to the invasion of Islam into Europe.  People keep making it into a religious only event but in fact it was a political response to try and free formally Christian/Jewish/Pagan areas from the Islamic invaders.  This includes the Middle East and North Africa.  People forget that Islam invade Europe the first time through Spain.  And in the 1500s or so finally managed to destroy Byzantine Empire (now called Turkey).

        • JuneGagnon says:

          @dntmkmecomoverther  @DonaldLaFace  @paxcat These “progressive/liberal/atheist/commies” never cease to amaze me – -they hate the USA, our Founders and all we stand for, so why do they even stay here, except to try to “brainwash” our children and convert them to their own “evil”.  I will join you and furnish another one-way ticket for any “progressive/liberal/atheist/commie” who want to go with  him!  And “good riddance” to their poisonous presence!

        • Jane18 says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther
           Donald, what is “wordly”? Did you mean “worLdly”? If you did, oh yeah, you are indeed more worldly than the most of us!!

        • Jane18 says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther
           “Which fool exactly?” THE fool that says it!!!!

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther Well Dah!  guess you were listening that moment in class..Religion gives people a strong but false hope its a glue that keeps people together ,,it works well as a control to some and not so to others therefore we have our non-religious leader controllers who need to break that cohesion in order to gain control…life isn’t simple there’s so much to it and I’m no fool who feels Atheists are all goody two-shoes,,but Atheism isn’t brainwashing where where religion is..I’ve 2 younger sisters one an Atheist even before I became the other as my wife also believe in a creator of all life,,an entity..they call themselves Spiritulists!..scriptures, bibles, mans doing!

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther //Man you conservatives sure are religious zealots aren’t you..plying my way through looking for a voice of reason..have found but few!!..This article was what drew me in sent over to me by my wife..soon turned into..a religious blog..I went over to several other choices only to find the same thing,,..I’ve read more of hate and death on this site than anywhere else Truly!..and for this peace loving god> most of you argue about how things really were!..can’t even get that straight..but then nothings carved in stone except those 10 commandments!

        • paxcat says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Buckaroo  @dntmkmecomoverther If “cosmos created you,” how did the cosmos do that exactly?

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @DRLJR  @Evermyrtle  @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther I’ll agree it takes more knowledge of religion to be an Atheist than not..I’ve studied it over years quite a bit looking for answers to my questions and they’re basic questions..”you have to have faith” was the pat reply…no! ‘I gotta have an answer”

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Jane18  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther yes!

        • DRLJR says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Evermyrtle  @Buckaroo  @paxcat  @dntmkmecomoverther Or, like many Liberals/Leftist, having gotten an answer that does not agree with your perception or desires, so you reject the answer. 
          Liberals do this all the time.  A program continually fails in its stated purpose and Liberals refuse to accept the failure and throw more money and resources at the program and get the same response. Or when the evidence is staring them in the face they refuse to see it and reject it because it requires them to change their position and approach to life.  As some
          Yet when a Conservative changes one mind when facing the same circumstances or facts they are accused by Liberals of flip-flopping.  So they question is “Have you really searched and honestly looked for answers or have you rejected the answers because they require you to change your life and views?”

  347. DonaldLaFace says:

    Yep! no surprise! we’re getting dummer and dummer!..especially those who lead us..into oblivion!…and the legal system!!>>??? what a joke..some people aren’t cut out to be judges…I’m sure god will fix it,,,hmmmm but who’s god their are so many one true gods out there!

  348. gfca says:

    Who was the judge?

  349. ladypatriot says:

    When I speak of “Israel” I speak of the name of the Nation of which she is known. Israel is Judah, Simeon and Benjamin.  I appreciate, though, that you explained it for those who are unaware.  Imagine the world if everyone knew their lineage and history.

    • Jane18 says:

       Simeon is Not included in the two families of Judah and Benjamin. And yes wouldn’t it be something if people really knew who their ancestors were………………………………

  350. DonaldLaFace says:

    Think I stumbled across the first blog site where everyone is a devout believer in god the creator…I’m perplexed though..which god would that be ? the one christians pray to, or the Islamist god who they pray to….quite a knudron…isn’t there supposed to be only one true god??…hmmmmm! …..ciao!

    • dntmkmecomoverther says:

      @DonaldLaFace If you are truly looking for our statement of faith here it is:
      We believe in the One True God who has revealed Himself in the Trinity: Father who is the Creator, Jesus Christ the Son who is the Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit who brings us to this faith and sustains us unto death and even then, through death to eternal life in Heaven.
      Unlike any other faith, Christianity has God who comes TO US, not US climbing or attaining to Him;
      Christianity confesses our sinful nature from the beginning in the Garden, a sinfulness that all humans inherit at birth.  Christianity also confesses the cure for that sinfulness in the redemption offered freely by Jesus’ death on the cross at Calvary.  After 3 days, Jesus rose from the dead, just as he said He would (this was witnessed by over 500 people; even today, such a number of eyewitnesses to an event are rare).
      We also believe that we are saved by grace, through faith; not by any works we do; although by faith, we do good works which pleases God and helps our neighbor; and in doing so we attempt to provide the example that Jesus gives in Matthew 22:38: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your strength; and love your neighbor as yourself.
      With this said, we also fully realize that we fall short of this calling daily; and we come to God in repentance and sorrow.  Forgiveness is promised to the penitent who by faith call on Jesus.
      The prayed for goal in Christianity is to hold onto this faith unto death; and even in the face of certain death brought by our enemies…so that our faith endures to eternal life.
      Keep in mind, we believe this by faith, not sight…it if were optical, it would not be faith would it?  Faith comes in the hearing of God’s Word (Romans 10:15-17).  Those who believe and are baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. (Mark 16:16)
      That said, we are still human and subject to the whims and desires of this world by which can lead us astray/deceive us.  God help us.
      Islam is a different ideology which has manifest problems; too many to even begin to enlist here.

      • Randy Odegaard says:

        @dntmkmecomoverther  @DonaldLaFace Very nice, very good statements from you Donald, I really liked what you said as what you said is my beliefs also. I pray for these people, even though what they’ve done and the so-called punishment they received had me angry and wanting to say bad things and to do bad things.  I may have said some things that would possibly be contrary to my beliefs but I do repent of my words because the words come from a human mouth and mind and can be redeemed if done with faith and belief in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  In the end, the punishment these people probably deserve is not up to us but to the Lord Almighty on Judgement day.  I pray these people come to realize that what they’ve done and their beliefs need to change so they can be saved along with the rest of believers.  Keep spreading the Good News brother as I will in my own insignificant way and hope there are people out there who will listen and begin to think about their ways of life and doing things.  Thank you.

      • DonaldLaFace says:

        @dntmkmecomoverther Think you misunderstand me completely everthing I talk about to the various who speak w/ me…You are looking for your statements of! all those devout believers ..I the Atheist am not I’m quite content w/ my beliefs on the subject!!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @DonaldLaFace Are you serious or are you only using this as an excuse to ridicule  those who are different from you?. Christians and I am referring to real Christian do not ridicule. If we want to know we just ask the question We do not feel it is necessary to use ridicule. By the way our GOD is the Creator and He promises that Every person will meet HIM face to face sooner or later
      and that means you, too.
      ! Cor 13:12 For now we see through a glass, darkly, but hen face to face: now I know in part: but then shall I knwo even as I am known

    • Ray Downen says:

      @DonaldLaFace The moon god Allah is a figment of imagination. The Creator God has revealed Himself through particular individuals about whom we read in the Bible. He is the only living God. Many have created gods in their imaginations, but this God both created humans and has revealed Himself through humans, by signs that could not be done except by the living God. Mohammed was a wise leader of armies, but the god he said he served has no power at all and does not inspire anyone to give life or happiness to others. Mohammed’s ideal was 72 virgins at his beck and call, so he said Allah would offer that to anyone who would do despicable deeds for him like murdering non-believers. God showed His power through many miracles performed by His unique Son Jesus and then through returning Jesus to life after he was seen to have been killed very publicly and very thoroughly. Continuing miracles enabled His apostles to begin the church that continues to this day serving and loving Jesus and all who are loved by Him. Did you imagine the world just happened to happen? No creator? It just one day was here and the sun was out there and a moon and stars. Just happened to come about with no cause, no creator? Strange thinking, I’d say.

  351. virginiagal says:

    White parents can’t even spank their children without fear of CPS taking them away.

  352. unclebarry says:

    I am OUTRAGED! This is crazy.  Forget about the local police or child protective services—where is the Arizona Attorney General?  He’s right when he says what if this were someone’s gay or lesbian son or daughter.  We would hear about this from coast to coast. Definitely top national news.  So what happened here?  Governor Brewer should look into this. Seriously.

  353. PEN333DO says:


    • DonaldLaFace says:

      @PEN333DO More Gop Tea party BS from the conservative camp? you’re too stupid to talk so don’t!…Why don’t we try to live as one country of people instead of being divided..your comment disgusts me almost as must as the article read on what happened in AZ..hmmmm!..A predominantly conservative state no less!!…W/ a Govenor who should step in and do something but so far….?

      • paxcat says:

        @DonaldLaFace  @PEN333DO Gov ‘s have NO legal authority to step in and change a Judge’s opinion, good or bad.  Our legal system has a way to appeal a Judge’s decision.  The fact that Brewer is conservative has NOTHING to do with the legal opinions given by various judges as some are elected, some appointed, some federal, some state and some local.  Also, since you wouldn’t know this, the GOP and the Tea Party are not one and the same!  Why do atheists tend to be big gov’t control types like Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Iran’s dictator or many of the African dictator’s?

        • DRLJR says:

          @paxcat  @DonaldLaFace  @PEN333DO It is because they want control and glory.  Much of what we see today can be traced back to the philosophy that came out of the French Revolution.  The idea of “Supremacy of the State” and fiat rule of those in control of the State seems to have in large part originated there.  Which was contrary to the concept of the supremacy of the people espoused in the American revolution.  This is unlike Monarchies in which the rules still answered to privy counsels and Lords – even when the Monarchy was absolute.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @paxcat  @PEN333DO I’ve seen a rutkus raised sending messages to change the situation! reply to the rest of the questions..not all Atheists groups are created alike..a given dictatorship using Communism as the new way cannot be what holds people together..I personally don’t like too big and inefficient goverments though I do believe they’re much better at doing their job than the non-caring Corporation!..I do know that the GOP and Tea Party are not one in the same..but do you?..Idi Amin Dada was religious believe he was Catholic of sorts..Hussein was Muslim.,Hitler was Episcopalean..MAO AND Stalin were meglomaniacs….you’ve a lot to learn paxcat!!..Atheists don’t tend to be any of these!..the Crusades was a Gov, thing supposedly non-religious yet it dealt w/ religions ..therefore it took on the personna of being a religious war..and they did answer to the Cardinals!..It’s how things are viewed through the looking glass”so to speak’!

        • paxcat says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @PEN333DO “non-caring Corporations?”  You do mean the ones who began as small businesses and grew and provided lots of jobs and products/services that helped a nation succeed?  When an individual has a personal stake in the game, then it matters a whole lot more what the outcome will be.  Have you visited a post office in the past 20 years?  Ever notice that the employees take breaks like clock work regardless of the number of customers in line?  Is that how gov’t shows its “care” for all the money paid by those same customers both in purchases and taxes? 
          And, as far as the religions of various dictators, they can say anything or have come from a family who said they were this or that religion, but that doesn’t make any difference at all to their religion of self, so I guess, religion can’t really “rule over people” after all, can it?  That must mean there is more to it than you give it credit for.
          And, yes, Donald, I do know the difference between the Tea Party and the GOP, but since you painted them together, you must be the one who does not.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @paxcat  @DonaldLaFace  @PEN333DO Never in my life have I had to wait at any post office while workers took a break. I have always found PO workers very courteous!!!

        • paxcat says:

          @Evermyrtle  @DonaldLaFace  @PEN333DO Really?  When I started and built up my private packing and shipping business, I went to the PO about every other day and most often, one of them was putting his/her sign up that the window was closed.  I even had just bought stamps there, and the worker asked me to stand there a minute longer so he could put up the sign and disappear behind the wall because the line was very long as it was pre-Christmas shipping time.  It still happens when I go to my local post office which isn’t huge!

        • paxcat says:

          @Evermyrtle  @DonaldLaFace  @PEN333DO Oh, and don’t forget they just lost over $150 billion dollars but saw fit to give the executive staff raises!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @paxcat  @DonaldLaFace  @PEN333DO Maybe because I have only had to use very small Post offices where the crowd were not large and few in lline.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Evermyrtle  @paxcat  @PEN333DO Post office isn’t gov run anymore!!…I use the USPS all the time in our Online business and ebay store!!

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @paxcat  @Evermyrtle  @PEN333DO We’re in business as well best to locate an independent shipper ..they give you a much better choice of shipping plus you’re helping a local business..cheaper too..and human!…you’re a person!

        • paxcat says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Evermyrtle  @PEN333DO Well, you’d be wrong about that.  They are partially privatized but not enough to be that “unfeeling corporation” who actually can pay its own expenses without tax payer money and still make a profit!  Online usps hardly puts you into a physical line does it, so what’s your point?

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @paxcat  @Evermyrtle  @PEN333DO Then try the other route I suggested..I’m trying to be remain be it!

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @paxcat  @Evermyrtle  @PEN333DO I believe you fully missed what I was saying ..i use numerous methods to ship our art and products,,we use an independent mailing service..they call you by name!

        • paxcat says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @Evermyrtle  @PEN333DO Donald, what you actually typed was, “I use usps for our…”  USPS stands for United States Postal Service which is what we were talking about.  UPS is United Parcel Service – a private shipping company along with Fed Ex and a few others.  Since I built a private packaging and shipping business from 0 to close to a million dollars with only 5% margins, I do know something about shipping whether government run or otherwise.  I doubt you use an independent “mailing” service as 99.9% of all “mail” is carried by the United States Postal Service (usps, for short).  Minimum UPS charge couldn’t compete for sending a letter to the other side of the U.S.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @paxcat  @Evermyrtle  @PEN333DO I stand corrected then you already own and operate where we would go and send out our parcels to buyers..We used to do everyhing from our previous residence w.USPS flat rate but found we were overspending…..we’re supplementing our retirement..due to losses ,concrats on your business! and to you!….we use USPS. UPS ground ,and Fed-X …through our shipper..anything overseas goes USPS..

        • Ray Downen says:

          @Evermyrtle  I worked for six years as a postal clerk (railway mail) but I have noticed that when break time comes desk clerks need to step away from their work until the break time is concluded. That’s regardless of how many are waiting to be served. Union rules, you know. Indeed, I’ve never run across a postal clerk who was not courteous, just as you say. But when the clock says they must quit, they MUST quit.

        • Ray Downen says:

          @Evermyrtle  You may have explained it indeed! Many of us live in larger cities and I seldom go now for service without having to wait several minutes while others ahead of me are helped.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @paxcat  @Evermyrtle  @PEN333DO Send a package to New Zealand from NJ..It gets there faster through USPS and wayyyyy cheaper than any other!…I’d stick w/ trying to keep it matter what it takes!

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @DonaldLaFace  @PEN333DO Very insecure people are always calling others “stupid, Ignorant” and other ugly things to help them feel superior

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Evermyrtle  @PEN333DO plus they attack another’s spelling and diction while their own is in question…

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Evermyrtle  @PEN333DO Actually you have no idea what you’re talking about..Hitler made a lot of stupid moves in his attempted conquest of the world …does this make me an insecure or knowlegeable person?!

  354. dhmill says:

    Well, that didn’t work. I’ll try direct comment.
    Many atheists are well educated and are able to write well So I’ll simply say this, when push comes to shove, there are no atheists in a foxhole when the shells are coming down all around you.

    • DonaldLaFace says:

      @dhmill AH!  i spent 6 years in the service in the 1960’s after HS,,of that 6 year stint I spent 49 wonderfull months in Vietnam living in or on any friggin thing I could find,,I became a fully fledged Atheist at 18 before graduating HS..I met other Non-believers such as myself whilst in the service,,if you’ve never been in the service in a war  than you know shit about it..yes yes! it’s a popular saying..have fun w/ it!!

      • Ray Downen says:

        @DonaldLaFace  It appears that people who don’t love God have dirty thoughts which lead them to use vocabulary in polite society which is not appropriate for polite society. If you insist on joining our conversation, please clean up your act. Leave the dirty language for your friends.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Ray Downen I used no foul language at all in regards to you, anyone else or your beliefs,,you are as I know your type to be you fit the stereotype exactly!!…now to continue on as resently promised..gods and religions are a superstition to scare people ..they cause more bad then good!!!  perhaps you should all agree to change this sites name from LAST RESISTANCE TO GODS PLACE! then those seeking good discourse w/ others will know to simply steer clear of this ugly place..’Most’ not all’ of you here are just flat out nuts!!

    • NavyJR says:

      @dhmill The REAL truth is that. although many CLAIM to be atheists, there  is no such critter; I don’t know what Mr LaFace’s deity IS, but we humans are “hardwired” to have SOME person, thing, ideal or whatever in that place; it may be self, as in Obama’s case, wealth, power, youth, science, the State, I don’t know, the possibilities are as endless as there are human beings, and very often the ones who call themselves “atheists” wouldn’t acknowledge what that thing is even if they were aware, but that’s how we humans are “hardwired”, so you can bet money there IS something that fills that place in his life.!

      • DonaldLaFace says:

        @NavyJR  @dhmill I have no diety NAVY JR..and am a human and served in wartime and became a Professor of the FIne arts and World History and enjoyed it.and have been an anti-war activist plus for decades and survived cancer and am retired and still damn happy to still be what you don’t believe exists..I’ve heard a lot,,but that take is new!!..when I was in Vietnam I worked mostly alone….not hardwired for something to be there..if anything humans are hardwired to be is true we’re pack animals but many do quite well life partner fills a art fills another gap..I have friends….next time don’t go 3rd person ..its rude!…what fills your gap is what exactly? really don’t know but depend on faith that it is there,,are you affraid of death?and that being it!..That’s the difference.,.I don’t pretend to have the answers you do!…good luck w/ that

        • NavyJR says:

          @DonaldLaFace  As I said, wouldn’t acknowledge it if you did know; and I don’t know what yours IS, I happen to be a Deist, and mu Creator is that for me.  Since I studied nursing and then also psychology, I have a better grasp on that than you appear to believe, which is your prerogative.  But you are “hardwired” genetically as are all humans, to have that place in you that must be filled by something, whether you know yourself what it is or not..

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @NavyJR Well having received a PhD. and 2 masters,,Psycology reared its ugly head in my life me I know of what you’re saying but does this mean that out of the blue ,whilst facing death my Catholic beginnin g will pop back into my life..? humans are ‘hardwired’ for numerous things we also have the ability to think for ourselves!..hardwired does not mean it can’t be altered..that we ourselves who know what we are cannot make a concious change,..I won’t insult you w./any suggestions I’ll let you figure it out!

        • NavyJR says:

          @DonaldLaFace Not at all; I didn’t say it was Catholic, or any “God” most organized religions would recognize as a deity.  In fact, it’s likely to be something far from that, but whatever it is; you have it.  You’re mixing soft wired with hard wired; and what’s soft wired we can change.  Hard wired is what your GENES determine.  And THAT you CAN’T change.  I begin to suspect in your case it might be intellect, but that’s far from a certainty at this point.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @NavyJR Then you really don’t know! do you know what you are hardwired to be or do?..How did you come by this knowledge?  do you believe it to be true or surmized?…I’ve often wandered why doing all the not so nice things I did in my time at war,,that I didn’t come out w/ problems..I don’t have bad dreams about it..I was never really for it..but did as ordered!..We both know and understand the hard and soft wiring of our being we know of the human gnome but do we all or both believe in it?///I don’t in all cases!

        • NavyJR says:

          @DonaldLaFace I know the hard wiring is what it IS in the human genome.  And it’s not surmised.   Some people are better able to handle violence and outrages than others; that’s most likely how you got through without having problems, or others compartmentalize and are able to “shut away” parts of their past lives, so that those don’t trouble them, men are particularly good at this defense mechanism.  Without KNOWING you specifically there are many things I can only conjecture; but there are some things COMMON to ALL humans; that are hard wired into us; such as the provision of a heart to pump our blood; and without that we don’t live.  So too, is the need for some thing whether it IS a deity, or something else that fills that place in our lives.  You’re free to continue denying all you like; but that is the hard wiring you were born with, unless you’re of some other, non-human species, in which case I’d LOVE to write it up for some journals…

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @NavyJR Nope unfortunately i’m just your basic human being!..lets say my hardwiring was to question? to think!..I was an excellent student in my young years had well educated parents and certainly no shortage of added education.good IQ..spoke fluent French.traveled a lot ,,very outgoing..learned to speak a needed language quickly during my 26-30 week training schedule after boot camp..then off to the big ugly…..still interesting talking w/ you..

        • NavyJR says:

          @DonaldLaFace It’s not a “bad” thing; simply a fact of how we’re ALL constructed.  Nice chatting with you also.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @NavyJR Wasn’t saying it was a bad thing ,,other than the ‘big ugly’ you’d have had to be in it to know..its the hardwiring..or type of..

        • NavyJR says:

          @DonaldLaFace Sir, please don’t project YOUR need to be right on me.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @NavyJR Are you bi-polar or someting?…didn’t know I was!

        • NavyJR says:

          @DonaldLaFace Your need to be right and projection thereof has nothing to do with either being “bipolar or something”.  For someone so allegedly educated, you surely don’t come across that way.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @NavyJR I’m very laid back .down to earth opposed to the usual pompuss ass Prof..type you might be used to….your comment threw me..I’m finding a lot of troubled minds on this sight..and that is upsetting…

        • NavyJR says:

          @DonaldLaFace Actually, none of my professors came across that way, although a few of my teachers in HS did.  I did have problems relating to a dysfunctional childhood and got the appropriate therapy DECADES ago for that.  But I gained a fascination for comprehending how people tick and studied the subject, on my own.

        • Ray Downen says:

          @DonaldLaFace  There is a God. This solar system couldn’t exist without having been created on purpose by a powerful and super-intelligent force. We think it is the God of the Bible who has revealed Himself to some through the years. Of necessity we’re sorry for anyone who imagines that the world just happened to happen with no Creator. God offers eternal life to humans who choose to serve Him. Others will wish they had never been born, but that’s their choice. No compulsion. Free. Either to live or to die. The way to life is taught by Jesus of Nazareth. His story is found in the New Testament writings in the Bible. The offer of life is told about in the history of the early church in the Bible book of Acts, with later books speaking to how Jesus wants His believers to live while on earth. It’s not luck that will save anyone. It’s by choice.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Ray Downen There is no god and the”Universe” came about without one just fine..the fact that you use ‘solar system’ tells me for some reason you have created a limitation or simply don’t know….god offers no eternal life as god doesn’t exist!! me better this way?Others will wish they’d never been born ,but that’s their choice..nope! it ain’t we had no choice !!  Jesus was a prophet that’s it !!    Quite frankly Ray you make me laugh..!You’re just too much!…you a creationist as well?…I equate you with an Islamic fundamentalist..each nuts in their own way..and they always have to be right!

    • James Maxwell says:

       Some individuals I served with in Viet Nam claimed to be atheist or agnostics.  It was quited intestine
      though that when the rockets started falling or we came under attack how you could head a change
      in thier voice and who they called upon to protect and save them.   GOD suddenly became their
      most favorite person.

      • DonaldLaFace says:

        @James Maxwell  @dhmill Then they weren’t real..but fakes..I went in an atheist and years later came out one Am 68 now survived Cancer as an atheist..suffering chronic asthma as one,,

        • James Maxwell says:

          @DonaldLaFace  @dhmill
           Two years in Nam, Asthma, diabitis  and a lot of nightmares even now that
          I am 70   I am a Christian and try to follow the tenants of my belifs.  If you
          chose to do other wise that is your personal choice and I will not try to
          force your are any other to conform.  During my career I have known people
          of various faiths.  They have their beliefs and I have mine.  Many times we
          have sat down and discussed out various belifs.   For the most part we remained civil and friendly.  Bottom line we agreeded to disagree and still
          be friend who could count on each other when the pool hit the fan.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @James Maxwell  @dhmill …Good Comment JAMES!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @James Maxwell  @DonaldLaFace  @dhmill 
          the reason we have so many different denominations, is because we want to twist the Scriptures which list the does and the do nots to suit ourselves. This will not work! When he said, ” Thou shall not murder” that is what HE meant. When HE said “Though shall not commit adultery, that is what HE meant.  Another, “Thou shall not take the name of the LORD your GOD in vain. How about “Remember the Sabbath t keep it holy
          Hebrews 4: 4-11
            4. For HE spake in a certain place of the seventh day on this wise,”And GOD  did rest the seventh day fro all HIS works.”
           5. And in this place again, If they shall enter into my rest.
           6. Seeing therefore it remains that some must enter therein, and they to whom it was first preached entered not in because of unbelief:
           7. Again, HE limited a certain day, saying in David, “Today, after so long a time: as it is said, harden not your hearts.
           8. For if JESUS had spoken them rest, then would HE not afterward have spoken to another day.
           9. There remains therefore a rest to the people of GOD
          10. For he that  is entered into his rest, he also has ceased from his own works, as GOD from HIS
          11. Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the
          same example of unbelief
          36. Master which is the great commandment in the law?
          37. JESUS said unto him, Thou shall love the LORE THY GOD with  all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
          38. This is the first and great commandment.
          39. And the second is like unto it, Thous shall love thy neighbor as yourself.
          40. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

  355. Randy Odegaard says:

    To KentPerry:  I believe you need to read Genesis chapters25-29, then chapters 29-34 if that’s what you believe.  The Jewish nation arose from one of Isaac sons, Jacob and Esau.  Esau sold his birthright to Jacob because Esau despised his birthright.  I don’t know what Bible you have been reading but you are seriously messed up in your thinking about where the Jewish nation came from and that Jesus was not a Jew, He most certainly was a Jew but in all fact and actuality He was God taking on human form to receive the punishment for the worlds sin so that whosoever believes on Him shall have everlasting life and forgiveness of their sins.

    • NavyJR says:

      @Randy Odegaard Nope, Esau “sold ” his birthright to Jacob, because Jacob TRICKED him, with Rebekah’s help.  And they tricked Isaac as well.    That whole clan was one major DYSFUNCTION!   Do you know what Jacob means; the name, I mean?  It means “SUPPLANTER” and that isn’t a kindly meaning..

      • Jane18 says:

        @NavyJR  @Randy Odegaard
         No, that is not correct NavyJR. Esau came in “starving ” to death, and because he did not care about GOD and his own  heritage, he “sold” his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of sou/mush! Yes, Rebekah came up with the idea of fooling isaac, but, she had been told by God who would lead who of her sons! You know that’s what is wrong with people today, they do not know how to read with understanding. Plus, there are not very good pastors today that know The Word as they should. Do you know that when these wannabe pastors aretold in school, they are told to not teach over a 4th grade level? That goes to show you that church members are not thought too much of.

        • James Maxwell says:

          @Jane18  @NavyJR  @Randy Odegaard
           Also in the Military when you write tech orders or orders you have to also watch the grade level you write them at.   But they are generally written at the 9th
          grade level.   Many people have a tendency to write above the comprehension
          level of the people they are trying to reach.   But the word of GOD should not
          be change, you might have to explain it at a lower grade level depending upon
          your audience.

        • NavyJR says:

          @Jane18  Honey, WHEN you’re hungry, REALLY hungry; as Esau is shown to have been, NOTHING else matters at that moment BUT food; it’s a basic survival instinct, and both Jacob and Rebekah PLAYED on that, as is also HUMAN nature!  Don’t try to make anything “pure and noble ” about what they did, or anything “evil” about how Esau acted.  It’s not there!

        • Jane18 says:

           Now think about this Navy, how many times have we came in and said “I’m starving to death”? And you know we were not starving, just a little hungry. Maybe it wasn’t a “pure and noble” thing that Rebekah and Jacob did in our eyes, but, Rebehah knew what GOD had told her, and she was only doing as she was lead to do. I believe in the military that is called a covert action! Go back and read about Esau, he only cared for himself and his Daddy, he didn’t even ask GOD for help, only his Daddy. Do you know that the land Esau went to is today the land we call Russia? Just look at how much they look like us as Caucasians, that’s one clue. You know that Russia has always been jealous of us, America. I’d even go farther and say that they hate us, they are still #2 as far as being a strong country, behind us………………………..

        • NavyJR says:

          @Jane18 I see an immensely DYSFUNCTIONAL family the overflow of which we’re STILL suffering from, globally; and what Rebekah did as a mother, was choose one child over another; whether Esau was actually “starving” or not; and what his relationship with his Creator was matters LITTLE in truth; that family beginning with Abraham is the source of SO much trouble  in our world; and Rebekah only served to exacerbate it!  She doesn’t get a pass in my book!

        • Ray Downen says:

          @NavyJR  God blessed Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and their descendants. The world is far better because of the Jews who were descended from this family. I’m glad you’re not eligible to judge the Jewish race or anyone.

        • Ray Downen says:

          @NavyJR  You weren’t there but you know all about it, you say. I wasn’t there either but I believe what the Bible says and it doesn’t say that any pressure was put on Esau to make the choice he made. He was hungry. He thought little about the blessing. So he ate.

        • Ray Downen says:

          @NavyJR  You say there was nothing wrong with what Esau did? But he thought more about his hunger than about his heritage. And you say we mustn’t think badly about him. It was all Jacob’s fault. Poor Esau. A victim. Innocent. No fault at all. You haven’t understood the history at all, it seems.

      • Ray Downen says:

        @NavyJR  Randy, Esau chose food rather than his birthright. He was not tricked in any way prior to making the choice. The trickery came later when their father was told he was giving Esau a blessing but it was Jacob receiving it. And Jacob was indeed blessed as his father passed on the blessing. Esau was in no way tricked. He was offered a choice and he took it.

  356. DonaldLaFace says:

    I sent an email to CNN….MSNBC AND Faux er Fox NEWS and went over this article which I’m sure they know of and because so many still get their news from these oulets I made it a point to let each know they’re not doing enough to get something done about this mess!!Sharia Law in America”?..If I could write Obama I would ..tried that once got a nice form letter back!..I’m from Jersey not AZ, so writing their no goodnick Gov,won’t be worth sqat!

    • oldgringo says:

      @DonaldLaFace Nothing will come of it….We now have muslim activist judges who will insure Sharia Law will be recognized throughout the land…..Obama will sign it into law….And freedom from injury or death by islamic law will be tossed out the window!…..”When will They ever Learn”?….Peter, Paul and Mary.

      • DonaldLaFace says:

        @oldgringo Oh please don’t say that!!..I really don’t disliking those who migrate here for a better chance at life just leave the tabboos where they came from..!

        • Ray Downen says:

          @DonaldLaFace  We welcome immigrants who come here “for a better chance at life.” These of course learn the laws of this land and agree to submit to those laws. They learn English and speak it. They wait to come until they can come legally, and our laws should be far more welcoming than they now are.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Ray Downen I’m for legal immigration as our country is of all immigrants I do not like illegal immigration..I can sympathize w/ their needs but can’t condone..there have to be certain rules in a society..or it runs amok!

  357. char51 says:

    well this what you get. and its coming to your naborhood . then it will be all around, you voted for it now you women will live with it.

  358. Jane18 says:

    This is to Donald—-No, I am Not a Jehovah’s Witness!! I am a CHRISTian, and that is it! Religions and religious denominations are divisions, I do not go by any manmade religion, I Try to be as close to CHRIST as I can, which is hard to do.  HE was perfect, and I-we, are a long way from perfect.

    • DennyB says:

       I also am a Christain. I also shy away from all te major denominations, which are man made. I attend a none-denominational church. I ask the Holy spirit to guide me when I read the bible, to teach me. I have read the NewTesyament five times, and learned something different each time. I have been striving to put on the total armour of the Lord, as decribed in Ephesians Chapter 6, verses 11-17. That takes a lifetime and then some. But I have been sriving for this over 30 years now. I is never to late to start. I would sugest you read he Lords words yourself. Ask the holy Spirit to guide and teach you.

      • Ray Downen says:

        @DennyB  You say a person should “ask the Holy Spirit to guide and teach.” You have read the New Testament books five times. Please point us to any passage in any of those books where anyone every prayed to the Holy Spirit or was told to do so. When Jesus was asked by his apostles that He teach them to pray, Jesus said they should pray to “our Father who is in Heaven.” Later Jesus spoke of praying and said that if his hearers asked anything in HIS name, it would be granted. I’m aware of those teachings, but don’t know of any mention in apostolic writings of any prayer to the Holy Spirit at any time for anything the person might need. What passage did you have in mind?

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @Ray Downen  @DennyB You are correct. I do not believe  there is any mention of praying to the Holy Spirit. I have read the New Testament many times. I am just about to finish it up once  again.

        • dntmkmecomoverther says:

          @Evermyrtle  @Ray Downen  @DennyB  Well, this might depend on how you say ‘who God is’.  If you hold to a Trinitarian confession, then Father Son and Holy Spirit or ‘of the same substance’ (homoisios).  In that context, praying to the Father is as praying to the Son as is praying to the Holy Spirit. 
          Consider these passages:
          Matthew 26:41 Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”
          Romans 8:26 Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.
          In the context of the roles of the Godhead, the Father is Creator, the Son is Redeemer and the Holy Spirit is the sanctifier (theological term which means ‘allows us to believe by faith;  to live that faith in Christ).  So, in essence we would not pray to the Holy Spirit; since it is the Holy Spirit which lives within us which allows us to trust in our prayer being heard by God.
          For a little fun, try to locate the Holy Spirit in the OT…He’s there too.

        • DennyB says:

          @Ray Downen
           Who do you think the Holy Spirit is? he way I ray is in his name like he isructed us to do. I ask him to send the Holy Spirit to guide and teach me.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @dntmkmecomoverther  @Ray Downen  Actually the THREE  are ONE and ONES IS THREE In one respect, when we talk to one it is the same as talking to them all. BUT that is not what is being said here, what is being said, is “There is no Scripture which says that anyone prayed directly to the HOLY SPIRIT.
          In a vague way but similar, at the same time, my husband and I were one but if someone spoke and said Reed let me ask you something………….I thought they meant the question for him not me. We are only saying there is no place in the WORD OF GOD THAT STATES THAT SOMEONE WAS SPEAKING INDIVIDUALLY AND DIRECTLY TO THE HOLY SPIRIT I only try to make what I write to help people to see more clearly  and with the truth. I do not aim to confuse and what you are saying can very well be confusing to someone that does not know  know HIS WORD..

        • Ray Downen says:

          @Evermyrtle  Your intention is commendable. Good for you. John makes clear in John 1:1,2,14 that Jesus on earth is God’s Word in Heaven. Jesus taught that prayer should be addressed to the Father rather than Himself or the Spirit. He further suggested that whatever we asked “in His name” would be granted. He didn’t say we should pray to Him but instead we should pray THROUGH Him. And there’s no implication in any Bible book that anyone should ever pray to the Spirit of God. Yes they are three in one, but they are also individuals. If anyone misunderstands what I’ve written, I think that’s not my fault. I write clearly. Yes?

        • dntmkmecomoverther says:

          @Ray Downen  @Evermyrtle “If anyone misunderstands what I’ve written, I think that’s not my fault. I write clearly. Yes?”  Well, Ray, a much better theologian than you and I has written that,  “No one can so clearly autograph his thoughts and doctrines, so that they could not be misunderstood”.  Phillip Melanchton. 
          Have a wonderful Thanksgiving; you too Evermyrtle

        • DRLJR says:

          @dntmkmecomoverther  @Ray Downen  @Evermyrtle Actually, the best way I find to describe the Trinity is to describe a married man or woman with children.  The one person is a husband/wife, father/mother, and a son/daughter.  Three different people or roles in one person.  God is like that.  While a human can not operate the roles independently God is capable of having the individual roles operate separately.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @DRLJR  @dntmkmecomoverther  @Ray Downen  @Evermyrtle 
          That is an excellent comparison!!!

        • Ray Downen says:

          @DRLJR  God is not human. If we try to make God into a being humans can understand the same way humans understand one another, we are belittling Him. But it’s very clear that the Father is NOT the Son and that the Spirit is their Spirit, obedient to the Father and Son, going where He is told to go and doing and saying what He is told to say by the Father and the Son. We pray to the Father and ask for particular blessings which if the Father wills, the Son fulfills through their Spirit. God is three IN one. In Heaven I suspect we will finally see the Father, and the Son will be the light which shines continually giving light to all inhabitants. Will they share a throne as John saw in Revelation they now do? We’re not told it will be that way. We’ll find out when we get there, and that should be soon enough.

        • DRLJR says:

          @Ray Downen Do not read more into the description than is intended.

    • ladypatriot says:

      @Jane18 It is terrible that with the many Christian denominations, they have to put down others.  Atheists feed off of Christian against other religions who believe in and FOLLOW Christ yet call them “cults” or  non-Christian.  I am not a J.W. nor do I believe as they do.  I am replying to Jane18’s post.  Why do you think there are so MANY different Protestant denominations? Is it, perhaps,  because they don’t all agree on everything!  What do the Baptists (Southern and American–even different Baptists) believe that they are not called Presbyterian?  or Methodist?  or Pentecostal? or Lutheran?…get my point?  How many people in ANY religion professing to be Christian lie, cheat, steal, do porno, commit adultery, fornicate, use the Lord’s name in vain, or bear false witness?  He died for our sins, but, that doesn’t give us license to keep on doing them.  Do your best to be the best example to others of what a Christian is instead of chopping down others.  People do watch Christians and their set examples.  I am not writing this to start a whole new tirade of religious postings.  I am just saying Judge not, lest ye be judged.

      • Ray Downen says:

        @ladypatriot  There are differing denominations because of differing beliefs. Baptists, for example, are taught that the way to become a Christian is to pray and then the way to become a Baptist Christian is to be baptized. Many other Protestant churches also teach wrongly how sinners become obedient followers of Jesus Christ. There are several examples of conversions given in the Bible book of Acts (and in no other apostolic writings). So we do well to see how conversion happened in the apostolic age. 
        What the Bible teaches is that the way to become a Christian (non-denominational, “just a Christian”) is after hearing and believing the gospel to obey the gospel by repenting (of sin and toward Jesus as LORD) and being baptized. So those who know the Bible well choose to obey the gospel rather than joining Baptist churches. And every group obviously has differing views on particular subjects. But we ALL love Jesus and seek to please and obey Him as Lord. Of course we have no right to judge others. But we are told to inspect the fruit of what others believe and practice, and that we will be judged by what WE believe and practice.

        • RGH says:

          @Ray Downen  @ladypatriot To be saved we must be “born again” by believing in and accepting our Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior.
          He is the ONLY one that paid for our sins on the cross and then resurrected from the death and went back to our God the Father (seen by over 500 people) so we also can be with Him for eternity some day. 
          Religions can not save anyone, they can only teach about salvation. 
          To be a member of a church does not make you a christian just like standing in a garage does not make you a car. Our life here on earth is only for a short time. Our real life is eternal with Him. Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven.  All others, so called, gods died and never came back to life.

        • dntmkmecomoverther says:

          @Ray Downen  @ladypatriot But how did ‘conversions’ (people coming to faith) occur before Christ?  I think you will find the correlation of the Holy Spirit at work in the Word of God which, when heard, one receives faith.  (Rom. 10:15-17) Conversion experiences are often not much more than an emotional event; sometimes more staged and played out (not always though; some folks do confess to have had conversion experiences and I don’t want to condemn that at all)
          The miracle of Baptism is that it bestows on the baptized the Holy Spirit.  It is by the Holy Spirit that one believes and is saved. (Mark 16:16)
          Now all this said, think of Peter for a moment.  All of the disciples were likely baptized although we don’t hear of their baptismal experience.  But it’s pretty clear that as John the Baptist was baptizing in the Jordan (Matt. 3, Mark 1, Luke 3) that as Jesus was baptized, so followed His disciples.  Now, consider Peter on Maundy Thursday denying Jesus 3x, and then after the resurrection being reinstated (Jn 21:15ff) 
          My point is that conversion or baptism doesn’t guarantee that we obey; it guarantees that as we repent and are sorrowful of our sins, there is forgiveness.
          Oh, and Ray, we are to judge…just not the unbelieving heart which claims no faith.  But as for those of us who are of the faith, read  Matthew 7:15ff,  18:15-35; Mark 6:10-11.  Mark 9:42ff warns those who would cause others to sin.  There are plenty of verses that call the believer to call out sinful behavior.  Like this one: Luke 17:3 Pay attention to yourselves! If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him,
          To a young pastor, St. Paul said this: 1 Timothy 5:20 As for those who persist in sin, rebuke them in the presence of all, so that the rest may stand in fear.
          And this: 2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,
          St Paul in Corinthians was faced with a wicked congregation which gave him fits.  The church at Galatia was not too different: Galatians 6:1 Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted.
          And finally: 1 Peter 3:15 but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.
          Becoming a believer is easier than living as one eh?  But the Holy Spirit sustains us always even unto the return of our Lord.

        • Ray Downen says:

          @RGH  It should be obvious to every Bible student that it takes more than changing your mind about Jesus in order to obey the gospel and become a Christian. Accepting Jesus as Savior is done by repenting and being baptized. We are buried in baptism and then raised into NEW LIFE. A person could pray all day and still not be obedient to the gospel which calls for sinners to repent and be baptized. Or the praying could last for a lifetime. It is not correct to speak of being “born again” (of water and spirit, Jesus said) by believing in and accepting Jesus as Savior. Only those who obey the gospel will be saved by Jesus. And this means living for Him after we are born again!

        • Ray Downen says:

          @dntmkmecomoverther  It doesn’t make any difference at all how “conversions” occurred prior to the day Jesus rose from the dead and then 50 days later offered salvation on new terms. Believers can live a long life and die having no hope of salvation by the blood of Jesus. Only those who OBEY the gospel are born again of water and spirit (Acts 2:38).

        • dntmkmecomoverther says:

          @Ray Downen So you are then implying that Moses and all the prophets are not saved, not in heaven?  Think on that  and you will see there is a huge vacuum there.  The Holy Spirit which brings faith was active at creation and continues to be active today…Also, it is not to ‘obey’ that saves us as none of us can obey all the time; we are sinful by nature.  it is in believing in that promise of God which brings salvation.

        • dntmkmecomoverther says:

          @Ray Downen  @RGH Be very careful here Ray.  Obedience is good, don’t get me wrong.  However, ‘complete’ obedience by our sinful nature just is not going to occur.  That’s why we are to repent not just once, but daily of our sins.  We sin against God in the things we have done, and in the things we have left undone; we have not loved Him with all our heart, mind and strength, we have not loved our neighbors as ourselves. 
          Only through the Holy Spirit living within us can we know of salvation, know of our weakness which is still with us after Baptism, and know that their is a continuing need of forgiveness up to the day we breath our last.  I wish baptism did end our sinful ways…but it does not.  What it DOES do, is lead us through our sins by our repentance, sorrow for our sins (both those we know and those we do not know) and forgiveness for those sins; that we might do better tomorrow.

        • Ray Downen says:

          @dntmkmecomoverther No, YOU are supposing that what I wrote about truth means that, but it surely does not do so. But the Holy Spirit didn’t die for us. It’s not the blood of the bloodless Holy Spirit which washes away sin. It’s not the Holy Spirit who adds names to the Lamb’s Book of Life. It’s JESUS who saves. Jesus through Peter promises to give the Spirit to each new convert who obeys the gospel of JESUS. The gift is separate from the saving which is done by JESUS. The Spirit does NOT “bring faith” to a sinner as careful reading of apostolic writings would make clear to each such reader. It is to be hoped that careful Bible students will not disagree with Paul who wrote to Christians in Thessalonica to inform them (and any reader) that only those who OBEY THE GOSPEL will be saved (2 Thessalonians 1:5-10). And Peter on the first day the gospel was preached explained how sinners who have heard and believed the gospel can “obey the gospel.” (Acts 2:38). He was urging them to save themselves by that obedience.

        • Ray Downen says:

          @dntmkmecomoverther  What a pity it is that some suppose Jesus is NOT our Savior, assigning that work instead to the Holy Spirit. But what do such folks think the apostolic writings are for if not to let us know of salvation and know how we are to save ourselves by adding to the faith which comes from hearing about Jesus. This person may not have access to a Bible which describes these things which he/she imagines have to be done separately for each believer. In fact, they were done during the apostolic age for all believers. It’s in the BIBLE that we can learn how Christians should live and from the BIBLE that we learn about the Savior whose blood can cleanse our sins.

        • dntmkmecomoverther says:

          @Ray Downen  Ray D. said: “The Spirit does NOT “bring faith” to a sinner as careful reading of apostolic writings would make clear to each such reader.”
          Why then, after Jesus’ resurrection did He tell the disciples ‘do not leave Jersusalem, wait, for the figt my Father promiesed, which you have heard me speak about.’?
          Why if Jesus brings faith, did not one of His disciples truly believe until Pentecost?  The Gospels are chuck full of accounts of how ‘dull’ the disciples were aside from being blessed with the Holy Spirit.
          In Luke 24 two disciples are walking toward Emmaus; downtrodden and sad.  Why?  They believed Jesus was dead and the ministry as well.  Not until Jesus comes along side (unknown to them at that point) in His Spirit (because the Man Jesus has died remember) “and beginning with Moses and the Prophets, explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning Himself. (Luke 22:27)  Then, as Jesus took the bread, gave thanks and broke it, gave it to them, they recognized who it was.  It was through the Spirit which accompanied these men that faith was given.
          Peter who habitually fits his foot into the mouth, after Pentecost, becomes the disciple Jesus had intended…but not until then.
          Romans 15:16 “…to be a minister of Christ Jesus to the Gentiles in the priestly service of the gospel of God, so that the offering of the Gentiles may be acceptable, sanctified by the Holy Spirit.”  That word ‘sanctified’ means to be ‘made holy’.  By what means?  According to St. Paul, his understanding is by the Holy Spirit.
          Paul says much the same again: Ephesians 3:5 which was not made known to the sons of men in other generations as it has now been revealed to his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit.
          One of Paul’s most powerful statement concerning the Holy Spirit: Titus 3:5 he saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit, (Note: the Greek sentence here combines ‘washing of regeneration (baptism) and renewal (of mind, ie: repentance) as acts of the Holy Spirit.
          I could pile on much more evidences which God has provided in which the role of the Holy Spirit is revealed, but I will end with this one:
          Hebrews 10:15 And the Holy Spirit also bears witness to us; for after saying, 16 “This is the covenant that I will make with them  after those days, declares the Lord: I will put my laws on their hearts, and write them on their minds,”  This is the work of the Holy Spirit; to imprint upon our minds and our hearts the faith of and in Christ and the Father in Heaven.
          Notice that obeying God is never mentioned?  That’s because aside from possessing the Holy Spirit, we can do no ‘good work’ for God.  It is only after we receive the Spirit that anything ‘good’ comes of or from us.
          This may seem like a nit pick, but the doctrine of the Holy Spirit is critical to knowing how God intends to work within us.  If one believes that they can ‘obey God’ aside from having the Holy Spirit, then who needs the Holy Spirit in order to do ‘good’?  Our culture will define evil as good and good as evil; who gets to say which is which and more important, how does each individual ‘know’ good from evil?  Only by the Holy Spirit which sanctifies us; makes us ‘set apart’ (holy) for the works which Christ intended for us to do (Eph 2:8-10)
          God Bless and hope you had/have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

        • Ray Downen says:

          @RGH  Jesus doesn’t quite agree with you, RGH. He says that to be born again we must be reborn of water and spirit. He does not mention that belief is being born again. It’s agreed that many do suppose that faith alone saves sinners. But what the Bible clearly teaches is that faith ALONE is dead. And being born again brings us into new LIFE. Peter says the way to be born again of water and spirit is by repenting and being baptized. I believe Peter was led by God’s Spirit to tell us the truth about conversion. And anyone who has a different answer is not being led by the Holy Spirit!

        • Ray Downen says:

          @RGH You write, Why then, after Jesus’ resurrection did He tell the disciples ‘do not leave Jerusalem, wait, for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about.’? 
          And the answer is simple. Jesus told His apostles THEY would receive baptism in the Holy Spirit. They were to wait until that baptism in the Spirit came and THEN they were to tell everyone who would listen about the risen Lord. The apostles did exactly what they were told to do. AFTER the apostles were baptized with the Spirit, the invitation was given to all who would listen that they could save themselves by repenting and being baptized in water. On that marvelous day 3,000 did just that. They heard about the risen Jesus and believed and obeyed the gospel by being baptized, turning away from sin and making HIM their Lord.

        • Ray Downen says:

          @dntmkmecomoverther If salvation is through the Holy Spirit, why did Jesus need to come to earth at all? He could just have sent the Spirit if your theory about salvation through the Spirit is correct. As for the Spirit giving faith to the apostles, are you thinking they didn’t KNOW fully that their friend and teacher had risen from the dead prior to their receiving the Spirit? And Jesus instructed those apostles that they should go everywhere telling others about Him, then baptizing those who believed in Him. He did NOT instruct them to tell about the Holy Spirit who would save them. Their message was the gospel (good news) about JESUS of Nazareth who had risen from the dead. That also should be OUR message. Jesus saves! By His death and endless life JESUS saves. The Spirit is His gift to those who obey the gospel and receive remission of sins from the Son of God.

      • servant says:

        @ladypatriot  Reason 4 so many “Denominations”?   Easy the very word means to Divide, and who has for eons been dividing men from God? SATAN!.
        It form his mind that he deceives all who wander from the original truth, that Christ Who is THE WORD {John1:1-3,14.}, perhaps this is why the Song “I did it MY WAY” has been recorded by many over the years, but under the age of Ecumenism all but a few are running back to the center of human traditions, which in their words are equal to the Holy Bible!
        That’s blasphemy!
        “Let no man deceive by any means” [3x in Matt.24. But study and learn the Word for yourself as NONE but you shall stand in Judgement, no church, no teacher just YOU and your deeds!

        • DRLJR says:

          @servant  @ladypatriot Actually a better explanation even referenced in your post is that as groups of people came to understand what was lost in the Word over the years they split into other groups to practice what God revealed to them.  Especially, since others in the original group would generally not accept what the others found in the Word.

    • DonaldLaFace says:

      @Jane18 I believe I asked someone else that ..not you.but I could be wrong..religions to me are all the same something else to depend on..IO note that conservatives always say they should depend on themselves and not a government..well isn’t religion what you’ve put in its place?

  359. MikeYoung says:

    And this Judge and Prosecutor haven’t been Impeached, Recalled, and Replaced with Judges or Prosecutors with common sense and or respect for human life and or dignity yet. WHY NOT.

    • Benjamin Wabich says:

       Most likely they are getting their orders from Wash, D.C.

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @Benjamin Wabich  @MikeYoung  From DC oar the UN!!!! f time last, we will be ruled by the UN because it will become the One World Government

      • DonaldLaFace says:

        @Benjamin Wabich  @MikeYoung You’re kidding right?…last I looked AZ. is a very heavy GOP state!…and Maricopa county of all places!..those people don’t answer to Washington D.C. or anywhere else except perhaps to their stupid ass conservative Govna!….there Benjamin!…that Judge made his own stupid mistake and I won’t even blame it on conservative!!

    • Ray Downen says:

      @MikeYoung  I pressed what I supposed was the LIKE button and then read it as UNLIKE. I agree any judge in the U.S. who accepts shariah law should be immediately removed from the bench. As soon as it is known. No wasted time. Disbarred. There is no reason why an ungodly law system should ever be used in a court where justice is dispensed. We have laws. Everyone who lives in this nation should live by our laws. Any of our judges who is willing to judge according to another nation’s laws should be removed from office with haste.

  360. servant says:

    An open Letter to Donald La Face and all who thinks as he:
    “Religions all are bad”? Well are YOU all sure, or is only that men, who pervert it for their personal gains? Remember it was the Roman church who called for the Crusades, it was their thinking theirs was the way that killed all who refuse to believe as they do, to the tune of at least 50 million souls.
    But then there’s Stalin, Hitler Mao, Pol=Pot and the like all of whom where atheists, yet they caused 100 million deaths!
    So who is evil man or religion in the Service of the Creation God? “AS HE DICTATED IT WITHIN HIS WORD”?

    • DonaldLaFace says:

      as I started out Catholic,,

      • DonaldLaFace says:

        I was replying happily to your post Servant..when all of a sudden Whamo! it was gone..I’ve had enough of this forumwayyy to much best of luck to you all I unsubsribed!!…too much of this god stuff..,Bye Tag,NavyJR,,AND a corad in arms vietnam..all the best for you!at 74….don

        • LITom says:

           I too will follow soon. Good to know You!

        • Ray Downen says:

          @DonaldLaFace It’s good that Donald has taken his face away from this site where God is respected. He speaks loudly on other sites where no Christian should be seen or heard.

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Ray Downen You interpret  as it pleases you..the actual truth of a matter is not of importance and you wish the country to run to your belief’s!..what makes you any better than the Islamist Fundamentalist you so abhore!?I as the peaceful Ahtheist now takes on a different personna thanks to the likes of you and your kind..Religions and your many gods should end to allow the peoples to live in peace,.,,I’m going to make it a point here to be your fly in the ointment..and enjoy myself doing it..and bring in more ..even stauncher Atheists,,as this forum will be our playground!!

        • DonaldLaFace says:

          @Ray Downen Free country! freedom of religion!

    • LITom says:

       Good Points

    • Ray Downen says:

      @servant Obviously you don’t know that the crusades were the only thing that saved European civilization. Islam was on the march. The crusades thrust them back to their home lands. And Europe was able to live free from Islam attacks for many years. It’s about time for more crusades if we want to continue to live free.

      • servant says:

        @Ray Downen Thanks, but just as OBVIOUSLY   H I S story or rather YOUR story, is not Historical, nor  accurate! But “White” Europe has an overall average birth rate of 1.3 per family, and 2.3 persons is the required birth rate to sustain populations at present levels! The member of Islam have a 8.3 birth rate thus in 30 years or less they shall be the dominant force in Europe and nearly so in America and Canada! We can only learn form the past , but can’t change it!

        • Ray Downen says:

          @servant Yes, Islam seeks to conquer through population, and godly people are unwilling to let God decide how many children they should have so they plan parenthood leaving God out of the picture.

      • DRLJR says:

        @Ray Downen  @servant And the Crusades failed to free North Africa and the Middle East from the Islam’s death grip.  Unfortunately, the Crusades’ purpose has been distorted over the years since the Islam managed to destroy Byzantine empire and impose Islam in Turkey.  But that is the difference from a cult that indoctrinates and does not allow people to think for themselves.  Even today the real history is hardly known.

        • servant says:

          @DRLJR  @Ray Downen Sad but, HIS-story is oft replacing history! Just as the secularists teach about the non-religion of and for our founding Fathers!
          All who reject Christ, are in Satan’s camp, knowingly or not, there is no neutral!
          But NEVER forget, The French King & his army of 50,000+ marched to the German Prince’s castle where Martin Luther was held for safety, BUT he had to turn south towards Austria’ s capital, as the Ottoman  army was at it’s gates! So God used them to save him. Johann Huss [means Goose]  was told via the Holy Spirit, this goose will die, but I’ll soon raise another goose who none shall keep quiet.! This Huss wrote this fact, in his book, before the Romists burned him alive at the stake.

        • DRLJR says:

          @servant  @Ray Downen Which is why it is so important to teach real history – the good and the bad.  And it is also important to not fall into the trap of calling the political actions of people Christianity.  Christianity exists independently of the politics of the people.  This is why the Calvinist concept of the visible and invisible Church is so important for people to understand. 
          And why people must understand that Islam is not a religion but a political system with a religious component.  The political and social components of the system are intended to insure that Islamics always worship the Moon God who history shows was the god of Mohammed.  Which is one reason why people who reject Islam or deviant from its indoctrination are supposed to be killed.  It may cause others to think for themselves.

        • Ray Downen says:

          @DRLJR  It is important, just as you say, for everyone to realize that Islam is not simply a religion, which is why we do not do well to think it’s all right for Muslims to live in the U.S.A. Even wonderful neighbors who are Muslims are a danger to our civilization. They should never be granted citizenship since their “religion” calls for the murder of all non-believers.

  361. servant says:

    TO ALL::
    Satan must he unhappy with this site, he has sicked all his allies to it!, but happily in the end even Satan shall bow his his knees, as shall all who will then perish , in the Lake of Fire’s one and only use, before Christ, and freely admit that God’s ways are the only ways to true peace  and joy!
    Accept or reject, this, does not, nor will it, change that which God caused to be written in the Holy Bible! For only Christ is earth’s ONLY Risen Savior, all other human gods, are still in the earth!

  362. Sad Mama says:

    Who was this judge? Where is the Governor of Arizona all this? My goodness, the girl is surely to be killed now….. Religion is a bad name to connect to a Christian. Religion covers to many kinds of worship.. We Christians worship God.. The Trinity is our sole belief.. So we aren’t religeous, we’re Christians…….. As we all can see by what has happened in Arizona, Satan is having a field day. I for the life of me can not understand how these people can be so ungodly…….. I suppose it has been thrust into them in the womb before birth. Jesus is coming soon, so hold on and pray………..

  363. ladypatriot says:

    I was a postal employee for a number of years.  The USPS  has the rights to the mail.  They are not a government agency, though, they are overseen by the board of governors (not state governors).  When people used to come in and say “my tax dollars pay your salary!” to window clerks, the clerks would stand there and not say a word.  Tax dollars were not paying the salaries.

  364. ladypatriot says:


  365. paxcat says:

    It’s in the article.

  366. hippygirl says:

    to lady patriot- the judges name is Joseph Kreamer.  i went back to early conversations and found his name.

    • ladypatriot says:

      @hippygirl Thank you for taking the time to find and give me the name of the judge.  It is Joseph Kreamer for anyone who wants to do something about this.  If we don’t do anything, it will keep happening until it is accepted and given a second thought.  Evidently, this isn’t the first time shariah law happened in the USA.  It should be stopped !!!

  367. paxcat says:

    I guess I just don’t understand how these conversations work.  I thought people were supposed to have read the article before making a co