Cost of Obamacare: Walmart Employees Healthcare Costs Skyrocket

Every day since the election, it seems as though there is a new story about the effects of Obama’s policies on Americans. Today, yet another new story came out detailing the destructive consequences of Obamacare and Obama’s socialist policies.

First, it was Applebee’s and Papa John’s, then it was small business layoffs, now it’s food stamps and Walmart employee healthcare costs. According to

“Wal-Mart Stores’ U.S. employees will pay between 8 percent and 36 percent more in premiums for its medical coverage in 2013, prompting some of the 1.4 million workers at the nation’s largest private employer to say they will forego coverage altogether.”

 In addition to this, part-time employees will have to work 30 hours a week instead of the previous 24 hours in order to qualify for coverage. Walmart is taking these measures–as well as others–in order to adjust for the costs of Obamacare.

According to,

“Colby Harris, a 22-year-old…was set to see his cost per paycheck rise to $29.60 from $25.40. He says he has decided not to sign up for coverage. Given his low income, as Harris foregoes coverage any major medical bills could potentially fall to taxpayers through the government’s Medicaid program.”

 What is happening here is exactly what I expected would happen. Obamacare has already begun to drive up the costs of healthcare. The money for healthcare has to come from somewhere. Whether it is being funded through our taxes or through fees on businesses, the cost is still passed on to the consumer.

In the end, what does that accomplish? Proponents of socialized healthcare argue that it is for the good of everyone; that this way, everyone can have “quality coverage.” What we see in reality is higher taxes, fees on businesses, and in the end, bankruptcy and diminished quality of care. This is obvious to anyone who has researched Canadian or European style healthcare, but flies over the heads of many Americans.

There are many ways by which the cost of healthcare can be reduced: cross-state insurance sales, Tort reform, means testing, etc. So what is the true interest in socialized healthcare? It’s a power grab. It is a way for the government to have more control. The Left believes that the government is the solution, when in reality, it damages and ultimately kills everything it gets its hands on. Obviously, government is necessary, but it must be reigned in.

We may have crossed a threshold with this election. If Obamacare grows roots, it will challenge and ultimately drain the life from our economy. We chose the wrong path, and it’s going to take a while to find our way back. But it’s never to late. The next two to four years may seem like an eternity to wait, but Conservatives must persist, and never lose enthusiasm

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes by F. Scott Fitzgerald: “Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.”



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54 comments on “Cost of Obamacare: Walmart Employees Healthcare Costs Skyrocket
  1. remesquaddie says:

    Walmart is Obama friendly…so I do not shop there , and I do not care what happens to those that work for it.

    • Sara says:

      @remesquaddie Don’t be too quick to dismiss Walmart.  Walmart was a 90% supporter of the “smaller Govt” candidates in their campaign giving….as was Target, Kmart.  Buy Amway which gave 100% to candidates fighting for small govt and supporting small business.  We should all support these businesses.
      Stay away from Costco.  I have cut up my card…the CEO had several Obama fundraisers and gave hundreds of thousands to support causes for those who want free stuff instead of freedom.

  2. Mike Bull says:

    Need to spell check – “reined in” and “too late.”

  3. ladyceo says:

    And when the mandate kicks in, these people will be put into the exchanges with the help of  government subsidies, thus leading to a single-payer system which is what Obama has wanted all along! I hear that the government is already setting up its own insurance company to compete with private insurance. So, what do you think will happen to private insurance when the government doesn’t have to turn a profit but the private companies do??? Ta da……another way to institute single payer!!! We are doomed!!!!

    • remesquaddie says:

      @ladyceo Isn’t that GEICO?

      • ff_emt says:

        @remesquaddie  @ladyceo  AT this time GEICO is just auto insurance coverage.  Not saying they won’t expand to “healthcare” if it suits their purpose, though…

    • MarshallShannon says:

      @ladyceo then government will waste far more money than profit of others.
      a government run anything could never survive the real world, they could not make a profit if they tried, the most ineffecent tool is our corrupt government run systems
      It takes 14 stupid people to to the job of one educated private employee from a private exployer.
      I mean just look at the efficiency of the IRS, they spend $.53 of every dollar they get in collections.
      So the IRS could double our federal revenue by actuallynhaving trained folks, and streamline it for efficiency instead of waste.

  4. Ort says:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t believe that 22 year old cant come up with $16 a month for coverage. My coverage went from $79 every two weeks, to $179.00 every two weeks over a period of 5 years or so. Just sayin’.
    Apart from that, Walmart are a bunch of horrid bastardos, greedy and thieving to boot. They can well afford to pay, but they want those that have next to nothing to absorb the cost. Disgusting.

    • JamesAsbill says:

      @Ort They why do you work there ?? They are in business to make a PROFIT . not make you rich ..

      • Ort says:

        @JamesAsbill @Ort : my POINT was to say that if I can afford to have my premiums double, than this guy is a fool to drop his health insurance over $16 a month!
        For crying out loud, stop being so obtuse.

        • Ort says:

          And I don’t work at Walmart. Been a surgical tech at a hospital, in the O.R.,for 25 years.

        • JamesAsbill says:

          @Ort Then why all the vile towards Walmart .??? And sorry .. but for some with everything else jumping in price .. 16 dollars is a lot …

    • Sailboat165 says:

      Unions like to poo poo walmart, and tells their members not to shop at walmart because they don’t treat their employees fairly.( then I see those same union bullies shopping there ) I’ve asked an employee here and there how they like working at walmart and they’ve always replied positively. Maybe they are putting something in the staff drinking fountains.

    • JJM123 says:

      @Ort Refusing to absorb the $16 would be cheap for me. I paid all my med expenses for a few years then purchased a high deductible policy in 2010. In 2011 the premiums increased 15%, in 2012 they increased another 15%, in 2013 they will increase 9%. Thats a 44% increase in 3 years, many times greater than any national pay increase. Affordable Health Care Plan??? For who??? For those who might get it as an entitlement???

  5. Foxtrap says:

    Obamacare is the true Frankenstien. Actually, it’s Dracula feeding on our nations economy. Put a stake through it’s heart, which is funding.  How to do that? Loudly petition your congress critters to get them to refuse to increase the debt. Obamacare can’t survive without increasing the debt. 16 trillion is obscene enough.  Obama wants to raise the limit to 20 trillion. I don’t care what party you belong to, you HAVE to be smart enough to realize this is a life or death situation for our country.

  6. Spellchecker says:

    Actually reigned was spelled correctly.

    • JC1929 says:

      NOT ! It is spelled correctly but for someone who sat on a throne and rules,  “reined” is the correct spelling in this case you used. Think of what reins do….they steer a horse!

  7. kaare says:

    The posts are telling and from socialists at heart.  The point 60 million citizens stated on election day was that we don’t want the government telling us what to do.  Just wait the death panel votes against a medical service your or your elder family needs.  THEN you’ll make some noise.   Fools rush in.

  8. cajunliberty7 says:

    ObamaTax should not be called ObamaCare.  Obama does not care for the U.S. Constitution.  Obama does not care for unborn babies and those  born despite botched murder attempts.  Obama does not care for traditional family values.  Obama does not care about border security.  Obama does not care about Israel.  Obama does not care about obeying the Bible which he no longer reads.  Obama does not care, but he does care to Tax!  ObamaTax.

  9. LeonTheUnclean says:

    Proponents of socialized healthcare argue that it is for the good of everyone; that this way, everyone can have “quality coverage.” Interesting statement. The word “quality” needs a “qualifier”, since by itself it says nothing. Everything has quality – some is good quality, some is poor quality. All coverage is quality coverage. The word quality is like the word temperature.  Here are some temperature hot dogs. They could be frozen – low temperature, or they could be blazing – high temperature.  Everything has temperature… just a pet peeve here.

  10. demas72667 says:

    America has reached de Tocqueville’s tipping point: “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.” In short: The takers now outnumber (and so can outvote) the makers. And so, America’s decline has begun in earnest. Now begins the rejoicing of those around the world who have so long envied and resented our freedom and success….

    • BobMarshall says:

      @demas72667 One of the best post i have read in quite a while. Everything our founders warned would happen has happened. One of my favorites is by Dwight David Eisenhower ” Every step we take towards making the state our caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the state our master.”.

    • pmack1 says:


  11. Badshot46 says:

    Oil up your guns boys your going to need them.
    I guess Obama figured he needed to arm FEMA, (his blue shirts), in case the people they were going to help
    got mad.,
    Write your representativess, tell them to let the Bush Tax Cut expire. We’ll then see if the highest tax hike in history creates jobs and improves the economy.

  12. fwiw says:

    These are not surprising actions since they’ve been talking about them for as long as they have talked about Obamacare.  Some people will believe WalMart should be forced to pay regardless the consequences, financial or Constitutional.

    • renkentom says:

      @fwiw For your information, the customers will end up paying for commie obamacare by way of higher prices for all you purchase at not just Walmart but most all retailers.  They will have to pass on the higher costs to the consumers.  This will result in runaway inflation.  Thanks for voting this in our future.

      • fwiw says:

        @renkentom  @fwiw
         Which part of “Some people…regardless the consequences, financial or Constitutional” would lead you to believe I voted for this horse’s ass?  Jesus man, take a breath and analyze what you’ve read before making a wrong-headed response.

  13. Lois says:

    welcome to Canadian style health care, where we wait up to two years for a hip or knee replacement, where cancer patients wait several weeks for chemo after diagnosis, where my husband almost died waiting months for a heart by-pass.  Make sure you “know somebody” in the health care field who can get you in earlier.  The hospitals and care are excellent if you can just get admitted.  Enjoy!  You voted for it.   L. Halls, Canada

    • JJM123 says:

      If the 80% + physicians do decide to stop practicing – national health costs will crash because not much care will be provided. Need surgery – better hope the nurse knows how. Need a prescription – hope the receptionist writes the right one. Better hope you have a friendly retired neighbor who is willing to treat you or you’ll be setting ur own broken bones.

      • pmack1 says:


        • leesjokers says:

          @pmack1  @JJM123 

        • peggymeeks54 says:

          @leesjokers  @pmack1  @JJM123 Yes, GREAT movie!! We should all watch it again & refresh our memories & then REVOLT!!!!

        • JJM123 says:

          Love the movie and the determination of the youth. Waiting to see what the new (urban based?) movie ‘Red Dawn’ will be like

    • peggymeeks54 says:

      . That’s one reason she came to this country, to get AWAY from all the BULL over there! Now she’s right back in the same crap she was in before!!

  14. MarieJ27 says:

    The Democrats are very clever with their class warfare and give away programs.  We are at the mercy of the welfare state and the granddaddy of them all, Obamacare.

    • leesjokers says:


      • peggymeeks54 says:

        @leesjokers  @MarieJ27 Agreed! I don’t understand how ANYONE could have voted that FRAUD back in the W.H!! The whole WORLD is laughing at us & calling us FOOLS!!! We need to do something about it. We need to get OBUMMER & his minions OUT of the WHITE HOUSE!!!

  15. pmack1 says:


    • ZorktheHun says:

       and if you believe that, I have a bridge for sale.
      Insurance companies have been turned into executors of the federal regulations. The source of the success of Walmart is innovation which they would not be allowed to do in an industry as heavily regulated as Insurance is.

  16. alcan44m says:

    Every thing you has been mentioned for the last 3 years. More profusely as we got nearer the election. One problem is the half o fthe American electorate are not smart enough to think for themselves and figure out that there is no ‘free stuff’. There is no such thing as an ‘Obama’ dollar. We only have ‘American’ dollars, which need to be exracted from other Americans with higher taxes, borrowed from China, or printed. The second problem is that most people have yet to figure out that Obama’s agenda is to DESTROY the US, not make us a stronger and richer nation. That fact will be very evident at the end of his second term, as we sit with 15%+ unemployment, a $25T+ debt, massive increases in energy costs, a much higher poverty rate, and a large number of our industry moving offshore because of increased regulations and energy costs. Then we’ll see how attractive the ‘free stuff’ really is.

    • Sailboat165 says:


    • Sailboat165 says:


      • Sailboat165 says:

        We welcome all your companies to Canada that want to now leave the Solviet socialist states. We are trying to work our way back to more conservative policies and you all are heading the other direction. ( you do realize that those policies that make you all equal don’t make you equally wealthy don’t you? )

        • ff_emt says:

          @Sailboat165  Ah, but do you welcome individuals?  My mum was born in Vancouver and my daughter married a Canuck; they live in Sooke, BC, and keep trying to convince me to move up.  At age 64 (and in excellent health) I’m not so certain I would be welcome –  as a “no-longer-productive” citizen, (currently employed here, not wise to up & quit).  I have more integrity than the southern illegals who flood the US borders  just to get free benefits.   Before the 2008 election, s.i.l. Gabe wanted to emigrate to the US, not so much now.  My heart is breaking for my country. Best wishes to you on your journey back to sanity.

        • ff_emt says:

          @Sailboat165Ah, but do you welcome individuals?  My mum was born in Vancouver and my daughter married a Canuck; they live in Sooke, BC, and keep trying to convince me to move up.  At age 64 (and in excellent health) I’m not so certain I would be welcome –  as a “no-longer-productive” citizen (currently employed here, not wise to up & quit).  I have more integrity than the southern illegals who flood the US borders  just to get free benefits.   Before the 2008 election, s.i.l. Gabe wanted to emigrate to the US, not so much now.  My heart is breaking for my country. Best wishes to you on your journey back to sanity.

        • Sailboat165 says:

          Ff met . We have quite a few Americans living here. I live 40 miles from Van, and 2 miles from our mutual border. I think, with what’s happening there, we will be getting a lot more. My heart breaks for what’s happening in your country as well. I know there are many millions of good people in your country that don’t agree with where things are going. I once wanted to move to the USA, but I couldn’t convince my wife. That was 20 years ago or more. Now I don’t want to. The world will not be the same with your country heading to the left. When disasters occur people cry for help from the US. That is soon going to change. Your country is going broke and the government will soon quite providing aid. This is not going to be for anyone. Well, maybe a few will benefit, but not nearly as many as voted for this administration.

        • ff_emt says:

          @Sailboat165  “not nearly as many as voted for this administration.” There was fraud, BIG time; not as many voted for it as was recorded. And – the stupid republican party made a deal with the devil 30-odd years ago NEVER to investigate/prosecute the democrats for any fraud or wrongdoing. We’re totally screwed; they gave the Ds carte blanche to do whatever they want, with impunity.
          “[…] your country heading to the left.” ?? Huh.  Already there, but for  a few conservative holdouts. We need a lot of prayer, but I dunno that God is too pleased with us right now.  Kinda like sodom & gomorrah  of old. Will He save us for 10? For 1?

  17. jausten says:

    ZeroCare was simply set up to fail into single payer j=healthcare which is also does not work.
    I will pay for my tax increases off the backs of Dems…I will cut out anything that hurts the Dems the most like cable, lib media, pets…may have to euthanize poor old pets, use mass transit or buy foreign cars because it saves gas and hurts UAW, etc

  18. john2016 says:

    enterprise car rentals has cut all part time employees to TWO days a week so that  it would be impossible for employees to get 30 hours and have to deal with healthcare.  that means a drop of 1/3 in hours.  Yes, they hired more people but now everyone earns less and has no hope for coverage as such  another unintended result of Obamacare!

  19. leesjokers says:


  20. SamRiddle says:

    Please go to: http://righttoworkcommittee.or…and sign Senator Rand Pauls’ National Right to Work Petition and lets shut down these Scumbag George Soros Unions that are destroying our country… Thanks, God Bless, and Pass it on…

  21. smdares44 says:

    As of 1 December, I’ll have been on Medicare (A; ;B; D, and F Supplement) for 3 years.
    Current monthly premiums are $317.05.
    When Obamamama care is fully implemented on 1 January 2014, I’m cancelling my Medicare B; D, and Supplement and buying International (except US) health insurance coverage.
    ret expat (since 2003) MD

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