What Illegals Should Know About Amnesty

I’ve been an American citizen since my birth so I thought I would rant a little. I was taught about working hard and the value of trying to achieve the American dream by parents of legal immigrants who came through Ellis Island. My Grandparents were Democrats when Democrats were still worthy of a vote and they never earned enough to own their own home. There was no Community Re-Investment Act back in the day, just a Depression.

Today you have high hopes of becoming an American citizen. You believe you will be blessed with opportunity and freedoms that your homeland has failed to provide. I wish you luck and offer a gringo’s advice; advice born of generations that did the tough things when required and sacrificed everything to become first and foremost an American.

Welcome to the tax paying class. You see, you were sold a bill of goods (by dishonest Democrats) and just in case you haven’t been paying attention, they want you and your employers to start kicking into the magnificent federal tax and social security melting pot. That means that everybody who can legally employee you, now has to pay your income tax, health and workman’s compensation insurance. Unfortunately that means that your employment opportunities will be more competitive and your take home pay slightly reduced. Of course you will be given the token right to vote and the pleasure of having your legal disputes decided by an unprejudiced and productive American court system.

Contrary to what you may be told, Republicans will serve you no better as they are the party of no backbone. As soon as the Asians become a numerical influence in opinion polls, you will all be relegated to the same low paying jobs afforded to people who speak broken English, but I digress.

Congratulations! You will no longer have to live in the shadows. You can step right on up and share your portion of the sixteen trillion dollars in short term national debt the United States owes to the financial community here and abroad. Rest assured that the U.S. Government is also calculating your portion of 50 years of accumulated long term debt (somewhere in the 150 trillion dollar area) that you will have to pay (one way or another) if you wish to have a country that resembles the America you bravely encounter today.

Welcome to the world of identity theft, mandatory insurance premiums, and corporate bailouts. Hurray! You can finely get a driver’s license, be ticketed, and go to jail for not having automobile insurance.  By the way you now have a credit rating and this alone will determine your upward mobility in life, your insurance premiums, and your mortgage interest rate.

In case you haven’t heard we have a federal agency called the IRS. That stands for Internal Revenue Service. Some Americans say they make ICE and border patrol look like Obama on a good day at Telemundo. Nevertheless, it will probably be difficult for you to undercut your competition with these guys on your rear ends. That means you will have to start playing by a whole different set of rules they didn’t tell you about when you happily swore away your futures to the U.S. Government.

By the way, most Americans speak fluent English. I know that some Americans you have encountered sound like something out of a John Carpenter film, but it’s probably best for you and your families to begin to assimilate and learn our native tongue. Quite frankly, the rehabilitated welfare queens from the 90’s now working for Uncle Sam (at the food stamp office) won’t cut you anymore slack now than they did before you were traceable. Si Se puede!

Hey, I’ve got to tell you with decent paying jobs as scarce as they are and your soon to be new country as close to bankruptcy as it is; you may want to reconsider becoming a citizen.

From one American citizen to our new brethren in Democracy, I wish you all the luck in the world. Glad to have you. See you at the polls. Don’t forget to bring your papers.

Remember it’s just a wishful rant!



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  • tobeornot

    I enjoyed reading your post

  • remesquaddie

    They don’t need no stinking English.
    Just give them what rightfully belongs to them, everything that WE THE PEOPLE have worked hard for .

  • remesquaddie

    “” What Illegals Should Know About Amnesty””….You’re NOT getting it.  You are just the useful idiots.

  • http://yahoo.com/ NVD

    illegals are like obama not worth the time of day and a menace to society.

  • Amnesty4Americans2

    I want my commit one crime for free amnesty card too, or are Americans not allowed amnesty. Mexico should allow Americans a get out of jail free card too. I will even show them my ID.

  • Flipcard1

    Puerto Rico as the 51st state– more takers–they will vote democratic. Hillary will never get in the WH as BO will never leave. I will bet anyone that BO will bypass the 22nd Amendment and run for a 3rd term in 2016. If Hillary thinks she is going to be the 1st female POTUS, she is on drugs. In the first place she will be 74. In the 2nd place, I don’t see ovomit stepping aside now that he knows how to rig elections.

    • Pat78

      @Flipcard1 Hilary will be 69, still not a middle aged spring chicken!  I don’t think Obama won’t step down.  There are plenty of Obama clones being groomed to take over like Deval Patrick-gov. of Mass, and Julian (mayor of San Antonio) and Joaquin Castro–newly elected U.S. House.

      • ladypatriot

        @Pat78  @Flipcard1 with the Executive Orders he is quietly passing, he may just serve a third term….!

    • toolate54

       I think you are wrong about Obummer running for a third term.  Why should he. All the 42% will just ask him to stay on for 30 more years. He, of course, wouldn’t want to let them down.  He will just saty right where he is.  Have your vote, but he ain’t going nowhere.  And the UN will back him up.  By then we won’t have enough military to stop anyone.

  • wedey

    I wonder what country we could just walk into and then demand right away that I get free medical care, free education and no discrimination whatsoever.  I can’t think of one, can you?  More votes for the democrats but they will always stay low on the totem pole.  Their communities will look like the slums of today.  When people aren’t willing to put forth the effort, they never get anywhere.  They will come here and be eternally enslaved by the government.  When it gets real bad, they will leave on their accord and I might even go with them.

  • Sandiegosherlock

    First of all, you know nothing about the average illegal crossing the border. Yes, I get what this really is but they would not be reading this. Most who come here cannot read or write because in Mexico, if you can’t pay then you don’t play. Many will not earn English – why should they? B of A, Allstate, etc. make it possible for them to get what they want whether they speak our language or not. Welcome to a revisitation of the industrial revolution where there are thousands competing for one job.

    • MilitaryPatriot

      @Sandiegosherlock I have one better. At the beginning of this week, Rush Lymbaugh received a phone call (on the air caller) and the caller was a Mexican, born in the U.S. by legal Mexican parents (been in the states for 30 years). He said that he was a republican and had worked all his life, as well as his parents. Did everything the right way.  He enlightened Rush about the mind set of the ones coming over the border. They are not here for amnesty, because they don’t care about anyone’s laws (any country, including theirs). They are here and no one is sending them back. They are here because they have the same mentality of our moochers and the left. Free perks, period. In Mexico where people work and pay their taxes, work hard, etc., they marginalize these moochers in their country because they don’t like them either. They know they have moochers too. The Mexican government allows them to cross over so they can get rid of their moochers. They don’t want them in their country either. Cast them off to some one else. Just like Castro did with his prison inmates. It’s not about amnesty, it’s about growing the moocher base in this country and votes for the left. More moocher votes, the bigger the communist party.

      • ladypatriot

        @MilitaryPatriot  @Sandiegosherlock  You are MilitaryPatriot and I am Lady Patriot   There is so much more we can say to inform others!  The trouble is, so many people don’t want to know the truth.  It makes them accountable…especially to themselves!

      • Hughsie

        @MilitaryPatriot  @Sandiegosherlock
         NEWS FLASH – the money will run out.

    • Evermyrtle

      @Sandiegosherlock  999 Americans competing one Mexican, who will get the job? Guess?

  • Myrtle

    Has ANYONE TOLD BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA  how he can obtain an AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP CARD?   We all know he doesn’t have one, OR IF he does,WHERE THE HE!! is it and why hasn’t it been seen by the PUBLIC???  Of course this will not be printed where all his SLAVES WILL READ IT If THEY COULD!!!!!!
    Flipcard1  I’ll bet you are right, and guess what?  All those people we send to Wash. to do as we asked will just sit up there , draw their money and do NOTHING to stop the BastU–.   I know how to spell it for others, not this one.  PLEASE SOMEONE WAKE UP BEFORE WE ARE HELD AS SLAVES TO THIS THING IN THE WH!

  • jausten

    Obama is now targeting jobs of whites esp white males …today we met with a mgr  from a major IT corp (not Apple) and they admitted that their direction is to manage out the white males (45 and under) in mgt and replace them with blacks, latinos, women etc even if they are not as qualified.  
    My co in Mi is starting to do the same thing and  just read that Obama supports preferential treatment for minorities (even Asians who are world majority) in the US on every issue from mortgages, to loans, jobs etc.  
    Obama hates the US for white colonialism and slavery that none of us are responsible for but he is going to make us pay.  We as whites (ubless we are rich) cannot just move to China or Canada as they protect the jobs in their countries for their citizens.
    Look out and if you can id yourself as a minority even if you are making it up like Eliz warren start doing it 
    38% of US college grad students are Chinese…so their country is a powerhouse and they are the world largest population yet they are allowed to come to US and they are getting minority status as well as college scholarships and preferential treatment in hiring.  Insanity

  • BarbPatton

    i CAME TO THIS COUNTRY 13 YEARS AGO WITH STARS IN MY EYES LEAVING MY COMMUNIST COUNTRY THINKING THAT i WAS GOING TO LIVE IN THE LAND OF THE FREE.  After 13 years and married to a Texan for 12 and after spending over $5000 to the Dept of Immigration as well as eventually resorting to hire an attorney, the Immigration Dept lost my file TWICE.  i still only have a “green card”, am 72 years old and do not have long to live.  I digress, In San Antonio (when I lived in Texas) the assistants were all Mexicans and only spoke spanish and the other immigrants had to wait for hours whilst they pandered and visited with these immigrants..  Again I digress — I learned then from mexicans that they were hellbent and determined to take back Texas, New Mexicao, Arizona and California.  I was told by a mexican I worked with that there were far more mexicans  than people thought 10 years ago she mentioned the figure 10million illegals.  The mexicans also hate the whites – they prefer to marry and integrate with the blacks, thus the numbers are formidable.  My son was offered a green card for $100 ten years ago.  Corruption has been rife in this country for many years.  By the way I requested that an extra fee of $500 be waived to become a citizen last month — I was refused – I do not have $500 but still have 2 years left on my “green card”.  So, where do I go from here??????? n LORD are you listening.  let them have their amnesty – they do not care the riff raff of their country do indeed come over here and they always  get work – and food stamps – and free medications and free school and free food stamps.  because they do not mind doing  menial work that Americans, both black and white will not do, for example clean toilets and clean hotel rooms..

    • EPHY

      @BarbPatton You must have been talking to the wrong people lady!!!!!And the wrong Mexicans but you are right about one thing they are hard working people!!! And they all don’t hate whites!!!

      • Hughsie

        @BarbPatton& EPHY –
        Mexicans DO hate white people – yes they do. When those Mexicans are here in my country – they hate us. I can tell by the way they came here – they just broke in & DEMANDED that we MAKE them legal. They didn’t ask nicely. The DEMANDED that we give them what they want. When I’m on vacation in their country they ACT like they love us – but they don’t – they STILL hate us with a passion. The Mexicans want to take over the southwest & make it their own third world sh*thole they just escaped from. Then when that land is destroyed – just like the desert they destroyed getting here by leaving garbage & trash all over the place – they will move on & claim that Oregon & Washington state is theirs & destroy that land & move on to the next clean, fresh & bright land to destroy & claim as their own. The next thing you know – we will be Mexico, Central America, South America & Brazil. Hell – give them anything they want – I’ll be dead soon. I’ll never know. One more thing – I cannot believe that there were actually that many stupid people that voted for 0bama. This is what you get. I really hope to be dead BEFORE all this happens to the great & beautiful country I once knew.

        • edeloach

          @Hughsie  @BarbPatton
           Your comments sound familiar.  How is it any different than the so called beginning of this country.

    • peggymeeks54

      @BarbPatton I was born in this country and I have done “menial” work most of my life! I worked cleaning homes, & I also worked cleaning hotel rooms. I have worked construction & have worked in food industry. Now, I work as a teachers aide.  So, as you can tell, I have worked in many fields & am not afraid of “menial” jobs!!

      • BarbPatton

        @peggymeeks54  Friend, in my own country I was a librarian and a music teacher.  When I arrived in this country my credentials were not considered valid, so I got a GED so that I could go to College.  In the interim period I worked 2 jobs at 2 truck stops, put in 18 hours a day, and washed floors, and took out wads of gum out of the urinals in men’s toilets with my bare hands because there were no gloves.  Furthermore the black people at both places would not work, were always standing around and talking and collected the same pay as I did… It is indeed unfortunate that there is no longer a work ethic among the young in this country.  By the way I also eventually got to work in a school and after having to deal with blacks and mexicans that could not read or write or even speak English at the age of 14 and 15 I called it a day because my American husband told me I was throwing pearls after swine, so to speak…You Ms Peggy are an exception to the rule.

    • Evermyrtle

      @BarbPatton There are three problems that ware bring America down,1.  Mexicans who claim to be Christian but will cut your throat, 2. liberal anti-GOD Arabs who will do the same, 3. Obama.

      • MilitaryPatriot

        @Evermyrtle  @BarbPatton Well said. You hit the target – bulls eye.

  • raccoonden

    Obama wants us divided and eventually fight among ourselves .  This is all be design -hey it’s change you can believe in!

    • SheffieldSwearingen

      @raccoonden They are coming for our guns soon

    • edeloach

       Who told you it was a design.  Did you come up with that all by yourself.

      • raccoonden

        @edeloach It’s commonsense, the old fashioned divide and conquer.  If the O truly wants to transform the country into (let’s say) a socialist country he will need to fracture and segment people into groups in order to either win them over or take them over.  We are in trouble.

  • cintiateglia

    This is such a disgraceful message. I came as an immigrant to this country and yeah I speak English with an accent but that did not stop me from going to graduate school and earning my degree as a dentist, take care of my two kids together with my Italian descendent American husband at the same time I was attending school. So, yes Latinos speak with a broken English and accents etc. you name it but that doesn’t mean that we are mentally handicap to earn a higher education or cripple to earn a salary with our very hard working hands. I’m a register republican and have been voting republican for the last four presidential elections and people around me has been telling me how republican dislike inmjgrants and I have never wanted to believe that,, now I’m seriously doubting that, after reading this statement. Thank you very much!

    • freedomringsforall

       Oh come on just because your a Republican doesn’t mean you can’t have a little sense of humor.

    • Hughsie

       I don’t think this article was aimed particularly at YOU. I think this was more for the illegal alien type of non-citizen. Yeah, just because we’re Republicans here doesn’t mean you can’t have a little sense of humor.
      Geez – talk about getting your panties in a bunch……….relax. It’s not about you.

      • raccoonden

        @Hughsie  @cintiateglia Just think……..OBAMA AND THE DEMONCATS CAN DO FOR THE LATINO POPULATION ——WHAT THEY HAVE DONE FOR THE BLACK POPULATION!!!!!!!!! Geeeezzz, their in such great shape aren’t they?????  Latinos can have gay marriage shoved upon them, poverty, broken families, low graduation rates, and their dignity taken.  In return, they will receive food stamps, welfare, and an Obama phone if you vote the right way.

        • BarbPatton

          @raccoonden  @Hughsie  @cintiateglia who knows perhaps that is exactly what the Latinos want!!! and also to have their gangs rule all the jails in America.. Freedom, hope and glory….. enough said



    • Evermyrtle

      @PRAYER  That is because Satan is leading the country now, there is worse to come, Christians had better buckle up and be prepared for anything that can come down Satan;s path, because it is coming. I cannot truthfully say tht our people elected him. In some devious way he has blinded those responsible and he he with their help have stolen the presidency.  I won’t to tell  you something “hE IS NOT “MY” president!.!

    • edeloach

       Wonder what the indians think about your comments being on those reservation and all.  I think what I hear is the survival of the fittest.  And if you anit fit you get your ass kickied.

  • J Joy

    Well done!!  It’s very unfortunate that there are so many Mexican immigrants who are illegal.  They do tend to either not learn English or pretend not to know English – either way, they are saying that they do not want to integrate into the society that they have chosen to move into.  I do think that they may have a few surprises in store for them when they become citizens especially by amnesty.  The welcome they receive by all Americans may not be a wonderful as the Democrats are making it sound like it will be and that will not be personal, it will be anger at the systems of the current administration but it will be taken out on the amnesty receivers.

    • edeloach

      @J Joy
       I don’t hear anyone speaking any native indian languages.

  • El_locoJp

    Which part of “illegal aliens” does this country NOT understand?

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