Gay Hairdresser Refuses Service To Republican Governor, Liberals Silent

A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation.” – Adlai Stevenson

Oh, what a joy it is when a bad person makes a mistake that makes them into a hypocrite. Even better, it’s profoundly rewarding to see hypocrisy displayed on a national scale. And what’s even better that that? When it happens immediately following a triumph. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, and nothing is bigger at this moment than the liberal hatred of Arizona for what many liberals labeled the “anti-gay” law.

While I agree that the Arizona bill could have been written more precisely, and with a more adept legislative hand, the bill was clearly intended to protect the faithful from undue persecution. Any opinion to the contrary comes from the mouth of a moron, or an ideologue. Those ideologues and morons are the same people who stirred the pot, causing a national uproar over the religious protection bill which ultimately led to it being vetoed by Governor Jan Brewer.

The uproar over the bill came from the Left, and was predicated on the assumption that the bill would lead to gays being discriminated against in the state of Arizona. Though the possibility of something like that occurring was minuscule at best, the backlash was so outstanding that Jan Brewer was practically forced to veto—that is, unless she wanted to be publicly attacked by a horde of liberals, and beaten to death in the town square.

So it is with great joy that I mention a new development. According to multiple outlets, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez was denied a haircut because of her stance on gay marriage. Antonio Darden, her gay hair stylist, had this to say: “The governor’s aides called not too long ago, wanting another appointment to come in…Because of her stances and her views on this I told her aides no. They called the next day, asking if I’d changed my mind about taking the governor in and I said no again.”

This happened two years ago, and if I recall, there wasn’t a national outrage over it. If I recall, national newscasters weren’t covering it as if it were World War III. This story was brought up recently by Rush Limbaugh because of the Arizona law scuffle. I’m obsessed with politics, and even I hadn’t heard about this story until today.

Now, if the liberals who so adamantly fought against even the possibility of discrimination were intellectually honest, they would condemn this hair dresser for his act of discrimination. Or, if they were honest, they would agree that a business which requires participation, such as photography, shouldn’t be forced to participate in something the business owners find morally objectionable.

The Left cannot have their cake, and eat it too. Either they are against discrimination et all, or they accept that some businesses can opt out of certain aspects of the public accommodation rule in order to preserve their moral integrity.

I can guarantee two things: not a single mainstream media outlet will condemn what happened to Susana Martinez, and a national hysteria will not be incited. Oh, one more thing. I can also guarantee some more. Incidents like this will continue—like the florist, and the photographer (look them up)—and not a one will be hysterically covered like the Arizona “anti-gay” bill.

The media will not criticize anything, or anyone that agrees with them. And anyone who dares to do so will be shunned, and shut away somewhere by the toleratti. God bless America, where intellectual honesty has died, and those who call themselves “tolerant” are the monsters under our beds.



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121 comments on “Gay Hairdresser Refuses Service To Republican Governor, Liberals Silent
  1. woonsocket says:

    *LOL* *LOL* If a hair stylist refuses to cut someone’s hair, the manager can get someone else to do it and apologize to the customer.

    • buckman21 says:

      Oh really? You apparently missed the ENTIRE point. How do you know he wasn’t the owner? The fact remains, a business turned away someone based on their moral standings. But nooooooooo. Religious people can’t do that! Darn 1st amendment! Always getting in the way! And btw, The Civil Rights Act has nothing to do with gays, no matter how hard they have tried to attach themselves to it.

      • woonsocket says:

        “The Civil Rights Act has nothing to do with gays, no matter how hard they have tried to attach themselves to it.”
        Are you relieved that it isn’t? Do you hate gay people?

        Please read my comment again. If an organization or business has multiple staff members, they can help the person. If the person is the only employee, then that person can be sued.

        • buckman21 says:

          And read my comment, how do you know the hair stylist wasn’t the owner? The whole point is a person was turned away because of their moral beliefs. Yet we apparently aren’t allowed to do that. Do you not know what hypocrisy is? You love to spout off Republicans being hypocrites, when this is another example of Democratic hypocrisy. Either be honest, or shut it.

        • Kenneth says:

          To be against a person or group of people’s LIFESTYLES does not automatically mean you hate them. Christians are against the lifestyle of homosexuality because GOD Himself calls it sin, along with lying, stealing, idolatry, murderers, fornicators(anyone who has sex outside of marriage). It has NOTHING TO DO WITH HATRED OF THE PERSON, AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH HATRED OF SIN. As 1st Corinthians 6:9-11 so very clearly states:

          9 “Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”

          As you can see, Paul the Apostle was addressing these issues directly and he pulled no punches. There were people in the early church who thought they could continue in their sinful lifestyles and still be OK with God. They were VERY DECEIVED. Just like people today who think the same way. God is a loving, gracious, compassionate God, but He will not tolerate an obstinate attitude when it comes to sin. Over and over again Jesus, and His disciples made it clear, in order for God to forgive you of your sins on behalf of Christ, you must REPENT, which means you do a 180 and cease in your pursuit of what God calls sin. Why, because this PROVES that you are a true believer and follower of Jesus Christ.

          That’s why Jesus said in John 14;15: “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.”

          Now can the believer force biblical morality on people who do not subscribe to God’s laws? Of course not. That’s not what God has called Christians to do. He has called us to love all people, and hate sin as He does. The scripture also commands Christians to obey the laws of the land. But when those laws find themselves in direct opposition to God’s laws in the scripture. And I’m speaking of God’s MORAL law. There is only one correct choice for the Christian to make if He wants to remain consistent with what God has commanded him/her to do. That person must be civilly disobedient. He must choose to obey God rather then men. If He should do the latter, obey men, and ignore God laws, that makes him/her a hypocrite and God’s enemy.

        • woonsocket says:

          I disagree but everyone is entitled to their beliefs. What I object to is the mixing of religion and state.

        • Kenneth says:

          What part of this article has to do with the government or Christianity? I have no issue with the homosexual hairdresser refusing to service the governor. That is the right of every business owner that they can refuse service to anyone, The whole point of this article is that the media was completely silent. Had this been a Christian hairdresser refusing to service someone because they were a practicing homosexual, the media would have had a field day. This proves that the media is biased and are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Like the article says, the media will not criticize you until you disagree with them. This is not “tolerance”, this is “You’re OK as long as you see things our way”. Or “Don’t you dare disagree with us, because if you do, you’re scum.”. If it is wrong for someone to refuse service because of beliefs, such as Christians, according to the liberal media, then why is it perfectly OK for the homosexual hairdresser to refuse service, also because of beliefs? This is hypocritical. We all have the same rights, regardless of what we believe.

  2. Nativerobin says:

    Good thing the Governor was needed a wedding cake made…

  3. Bob says:

    Two years ago? I suppose if you go go back in time far enough you can find an example of any point you’re trying to make. As for the bill that allowed religious people to discriminate, it allowed religious people to discriminate against anyone and AZ Republicans begged the governor to veto the bill (which she did)

    • buckman21 says:

      You obviously didnt read the bill. Go read the 1 1/2 page bill sb 1062, copy paste where it is discriminatory, and I will counter point.

      Oh and a heads up. The Civil Rights Act doesnt count for your defense. Homosexuality is not included in it, no matter how much the gay community tries to attach itself to it

      • Bob says:

        The bill was DOA! Even a wingnut like the AZ governor had the sense to veto this piece of trash. You people will just have to realize that you cannot use religion as a shield for your bigotry

        • buckman21 says:

          not going to answer my question again huh sounds typical.

        • Bob says:

          Why argue over a bill that even kooks like the AZ governor couldn’t get herself to sign?

        • buckman21 says:

          because I’m trying to point out to you that you are too blind by your rhetoric to see that the federal law signed in 1993 still allows us to do what you call as bigotry

        • Bob says:

          enjoy it while you can as the days that bigots can discriminate are rapidly coming to an end

        • buckman21 says:

          Let me know when the 1st amendment doesnt exist anymore, and then you can say I told you so. Until, continue with your religion-hate anger bias.

        • Howdy Doody Conservative says:

          Like I’ve told you guys a zillion times, you WASTE all this time and energy replying to the lonely little scumbag liberal homo TROLL, Blob, just for him to get the boot and all his useless comments DELETED!! Isn’t it more than just a coincidence that he is always so active on this subject??

          Remember he is STUPID enough to actually support and believe everything his god and master obamao does and says!!! Also he has no outside life because he is so fat and grotesque that it takes special equipment and help for him to venture outside of his fantasy life.

          Remember to keep this image in mind if you feel tempted to engage the likes of BloBBie…..

    • buckman21 says:

      And just so you know, don’t forget about the Religious Freedom Act of 1993, a federal lawlaw signed by Clinton. This bill was merely building/enforcing ones religious freedom in Arizona. And didnt discriminate based on federal law.

    • paul says:

      Two year is consider current times. If it was 10, 15, 20 years you might have a point. You of course are missing the point of the article. It was this hairdresser discriminated against the Government for not favoring gay life style, and a big deal was not made of it… some 18 month later a baker says no to making a cake for a gay wedding, and of course you refuse to see the similarity and let both be treated the same way…. If a owner refuses service, then fine let them refuse service. However, liberals are the very definition of Hypocrite. For you have one opinion here, well two: Either both business were wrong or both businesses were correct in their action. To have either opinion is fine, your choice, but if you split the two then you are a hypocrite, plan and simple. So Bob, what do you feel both right or both wrong? Personal, I think both were correct in their action. It’s the businesses option to server or not to server.

      • Bob says:

        I believe that discrimination against ANY of us is discrimination against ALL of us! Still, if james brown refuses to play at a KKK rally are the KKK being discriminated against?

        • buckman21 says:

          By that logic, you should agree that a Christian owned business should not be forced or sought after legally to go against something based on their religious beliefs. You can’t have it both ways, cater to one group, but not the other the same way.

        • Bob says:

          NOT TRUE!!! You cannot hide bigotry behind the shield of religion. Just because some religious KOOKS don’t like blacks doesn’t mean they have the right to discriminate against them.

        • buckman21 says:

          Then which is it? Tolerate all, including religion, or tolerate none?

        • paul says:

          OK, another possible example of where this law is suppose to be used. Let say you enter a Muslim owned and run bakery. Then request a cake be made using pig grease not just any animal fat… Also on the top you want an image of Mohammad being spanked by a cheerleader.

          In the world without this law, and if we go with the same logic being pushed on this anti-gay baker, they would be required to make this cake. I do not know how much you know about the Muslim faith, but I know enough to understand they would kill something (you or themselves) before they’d make this cake. So, point is a business should be able to refuse business or service if the task requested is deemed offensive to the business and/or its people.

        • texasjo says:

          I agree, except you must change the words “deemed offensive,” to “against your religion.” This way the people who were black and not served in the olden days won’t get offended. I think creating anything for a wedding of same sex is adding to their sinful ways, and definitely shouldn’t have to do it if you believe it is wrong. It’s like making idols for pagans , and encouraging their ritual. I do not know why people can’t see that.

        • Howdy Doody Conservative says:

          Like I’ve told you guys a zillion times, you WASTE all this time and energy replying to the lonely little scumbag liberal homo TROLL, Blob, just for him to get the boot and all his useless comments DELETED!! All your replies were for NOTHING and you were casting “pearls before SWINE”. Isn’t it more than just a coincidence that he is always so active on this subject??

          Remember he is STUPID enough to actually support and believe everything his god and master obamao does and says!!! Also he has no outside life or human contact other than his (paid) caregivers because he is so fat and grotesque that it takes special equipment and help for him to venture outside of his fantasy world.

          Remember to keep this image in mind if you feel tempted to engage the likes of BloBBie…..

        • Colorado_Patriot60 says:

          No, I did not look at the photo.;-}

        • Howdy Doody Conservative says:

          Not nasty just sad……

          This is BloBBie when he was still able to get outside without help (other than a wheelbarrow)

        • paul says:

          By my count only about 52,865 times, but I guess you rounded up… :) Bob was brain washed by New York Liberal school system and now CA liberal loons. I still feel there’s a chance to saved and for him to help save his family and friends…maybe. I mean come on Luke saved Darth Vader from the evil liberal minded Emperor. Though Yoda’s words always haunt me, “So this is how a Republic dies…. To the cheers of thousands.” Seems like current conditions

        • Hey Howdy – long time no see. :)

        • Howdy Doody Conservative says:

          Hi…likewise, Blobbie I could handle and had him pretty well profiled (morbidly obese) but the neo-nazi’s wearied me as it seems there may have been a computer or smartphone smuggled into a prison somewhere as it was so acrid. It seems in these last days there is a very rapid shift that way both anti Israel and anti Christian. The playground is wide and I can still pick up my toys and go play somewhere else if I choose. 😉

          PS: I looks like the Blobster got the boot or got a gig for his Elvis impersonation??

        • Yeah, the constant irrational posting gets a wee bit tiring, but then Christ said to show patience toward everyone – especially those who oppose themselves. And yes unfortunately (or fortunately?) I believe you’re right about the ‘shift’ you see happening. Unfortunate that so many will be lost, but fortunate because as the darkness gets more pronounced the true light will shine brighter and brighter. The end result? No one will have an excuse when they stand before the Lord.
          Please check out my new website and join in the conversation;

          Hope to see you there bro!

        • Howdy Doody Conservative says:

          Question TG….Are you a KJV ONLY person?

        • I believe that when it was first translated the KJV was the epitome of English versions. Manuscript evidence and the Textus Receptus were the cornerstones, and they did their job well. Unfortunately times have changed and the language with it. However, I still use the KJV to ‘double check’ other translations when it comes to looking at passages.
          When it comes to in-depth study, I actually use interlinear Greek/English text, Strong’s concordance, Nave’s topical and other great helps. The neat thing is that God’s Word never changes, so if you seek wisdom then you will find it (James 1:5). While not directly speaking about studying Scripture, I believe the principle still applies.
          Please check out my website, as I am already putting together a post about studying the Word.


        • Loyal says:

          If Gods word never changes, why do you need to change it? If God wasn’t smart enough to put it in the KJV, then maybe we need to get another god! Greek, to latin, to hebrew, to confusion!

        • Howdy Doody Conservative says:

          Yayy!!!…..Great answer and thank you. I have a Biola and Talbot background so the basic version there is the ESV. I am not too keen on the NKJV (but it’s fine) but love the KJV and use that for memorization and reference. You might be interested in checking out the scholarship and cross reference power of this site .
          I choose to ignore the comment below from (Loyal) as it is steeped in ignorance and It wouldn’t surprise me if he said “if it’s good enough for Paul it’s good enough for me” LOL. KJV only folk are extremely annoying and sometimes you can’t even get them off that nonsense to look up the correct meaning of a word in the Greek interlinear, Strongs and Nave’s which are the best resources.
          Some versions are very good and some are NOT very good but they all point to WHO Jesus is. These blogs are nonsense and I don’t take them seriously but only as a form of entertainment. Checked your site out….NICE!!!

        • Thanks for checking out the site, sir! Please feel free to register (so I know it’s you just use HDC) and comment at will. My goal is to keep the thing centered on God’s Word, and I would appreciate brothers like you helping in that regard!
          Someone asked why I chose TG as my username. I chose that name because;
          1. The Thessalonian church was known for standing up (in love) under great persecution.
          2. They did what needed to be done to advance the Kingdom.
          3. They accepted godly instruction and correction, and
          4. In those books Paul specifically addresses the ‘End Times and the Second Coming,’ of which I believe we are involved in right now.
          Thanks again bro. Be Blessed!

        • Howdy Doody Conservative says:

          I’ll do that and thanks. I sense a pre-trib dispensationalist as detailed in THES 5 of which I lean but will save that discussion for your site…. See Ya and thanks again..

        • paul says:

          So you would say both the hairstylist and baker are wrong. Which is fine to feel that way of course, I just believe to be tolerant you would have to respect both business and customer. So, a business can refuse. However, if they do not refuse and do a horrible job or fail to do the job for the customer – then I would look into a possible discrimination issue. If someone says, Hey I’m not going to server you because my beliefs disagree with your lifestyle, well you may not like it, but its honest. However, if they do something to purposely do harm, ruin your day, event…. then that is bad on all levels.

          I think I would like to see James Brown refuse the KKK and then see the KKK protest it. As bad of a thing as it would be, I think I’d laugh my butt off at a bunch of guy in sheet complaining that James was being a racist by not playing either event. Sorry, I can have a twisted sense of humor sometimes.

          OK, another example in your world would be: Sarah McLachlan (singer – does those abused animal commercials – assuming you know but if case you did not) could not refuse to play at a NRA or some major hunt club dinner event. Of course she could not raise her rates for them either as that would be another form of discrimination.

          So, by your statement of James Brown refusing, I’m assuming you would agree there is a point where either side can refuse… That is the purpose of this law. Like Buckman21 is pointing out as well.

        • Bob says:

          I suppose you cannot force a performer to preform but what if some KKK members showed up at a james brown concert in downtown Detroit dressed in white sheets & they were not let in? Or some Nazi’s (wearing swastikas) want to enter a Jewish Temple on Yom Kippur & they are blocked?

        • paul says:

          that would be a refusal of business/serves, which is the point of the law. We would assume James Brown would be offended and not wish to preform to openly dressed members of the KKK. Equally so for a Jewish Temple to request people wearing Nazi swastikas to leave the building. They are offended but the ideas of what these people are presenting to them. The Baker probably has no problem serving a gay person a bakery good… its when they are having him special request a cake for a gay wedding be made that an issue comes up. Because you are asking him to make something to celebrate an event that his beliefs and religion say is offensive and wrong. So, by not respecting his views not to make such a cake we are being intolerant of his beliefs. If gay couple just ask for cake to be made and then added their own topping without bring up the subject of a gay marriage, the cake would have probably been make. I understand they couple went out of their way to order from this baker because they knew he would not make a wedding cake for a gay couple. Therefore they probably made a big deal about it in his store. In short if this happened, then they are the ones that should be punished not the baker.

  4. Daniel says:

    Given the efforts in many states to permit individuals to deny service to others based on their sexual orientation, why would we have a problem with someone denying service based on political beliefs?

    • buckman21 says:

      Because that issue isn’t an issue. This currently is, apparently on both sides, regardless of how well the media is paying attention.

      • Daniel says:

        It is an issue to deny someone service because of their politics? When did the being a conservative or liberal become a protected status?

        • buckman21 says:

          I think you mis read. The exact opposite is what I said. No one through business discriminates based on political parties. Unless you’re the irs

  5. Montana Rick says:

    When a bill is passed that ends up on the governor’s desk stating that gay businesses can discriminate against Christians by not serving them – then an equal comparison will exist. This is about a single individual. If you are trying to make the point that liberals support legal discrimination too, choose an apples to apples comparison.

    • I think you are missing the point/comparison, which I believe was made pretty clearly.

    • Loyal says:

      Pay attention!

    • Jeff Ford says:

      I think everyone with a brain is just trying to point out, in some rather improper language at times, that there is a very real double-standard being applied as law to the people wherein left-wing and homosexual individuals are being given a pass for activity that right-wing conservative people are being prosecuted for. And honestly until the shooting has to start those left-wing folks are going to continue to win the war because they planned ahead. Conservatives, for ever, have reclined and thought, “Who would EVER want to mess up what we have and our way of life?” And they were content and complacent in that thought. Meanwhile the liberal, self-centered deviants positioned their pieces in the courts, in the education system, and in the legislature such that they could strike very quickly and effectively and destroy everything that the founding fathers of this great nation put in place. This agenda has substantially weakened our military, dumbed down our populace, infected our children with notions that immorality is good and fine and that the United States is a horrible country for the things it has done in its past, and they’ve destroyed our economy and beaten the will to succeed out of the people. We’ve allowed all of this to happen without much opposition. But at some point, just like the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor, the conservative, moral, constitution loving, real Americans that remain are going to awaken with a vengeance and World War II showed us all what Americans can do when properly motivated and pointed at a common enemy. Make no mistake, Montana Rick, that will be a time when 911 or going out on your back porch and firing a couple of shots in the air just won’t do it for you. Bad as it will be I pray that day is tomorrow…

      • Montana Rick says:

        I would tend to agree with you that when it comes to organizing around these issues, with the possible exception of abortion, liberals have done a better job.

        P.S. If you lead an uprising don’t come to my house, me and my family are well armed. But I tend to think it is the moderate middle class trying to put food on the table who are the most fed up and most likely to revolt, not right wingers (or left wingers for that matter).

        • Jeff Ford says:

          Yes, you’re right. It’s not going to be the folks at either end of the spectrum who have enough of everything that will be doing the revolting or leading the masses. I wish there was some other way to “right” the course the country is on besides that method though. The level of frustration is just growing to the point of boiling over in a huge number of people. We saw how well all of the “corrections” administered in France as revolutions have served them… In my arrogance I’d like to think maybe we’re smarter?

        • Loyal says:

          When you work all day for a cup of beans, some will bow down to the masters (satan), and some want!

  6. Mark Tallman says:


  7. abinico says:

    Well at least now he won’t get infected with gay couties.

  8. Doc says:

    MSM is silent

  9. ste1021 says:

    Someone won’t bake you a cake – lots of people will, very graciously, and will appreciate your business. Someone won’t style your hair – lots of people will, very graciously, and will appreciate your business. And so it goes . . .

  10. Lou Di Leonardo says:

    Sue the hairdresser’s panties off!!! ACLU where are you??

    • Loyal says:

      Please! If I laugh anymore, I want be able to get up!

      • JGCitygin says:

        I see the humor in it. But it’s dead serious. We need to get each and every case like this one, and FORCE them to serve US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. hibp says:

    I have said for years that the progressive/Statist/Marxists in Madison WI are very tolerant – AS LONG AS You AGREE W ITH THEM! Additionally, when I went to college here in the 1970’s many of my professors were teaching me that ‘making money was evil/wrong”. As a destitute young lady I wondered how I was ever going to get out of poverty if I didn’t make money. THEN I learned how and where my professors lived – fancy cars and nice houses in an expensive area. Ever since I have known and seen most communist progressives for exactly the liars and evil hypocrites they are.

    • rich says:

      Do not forget they also had Tenure so they can not get fired. Madison is a very liberal area, in the 60s and 70s they were only second to Berkley.

    • kjenkinsaf says:

      In the end the Commie bastards taught you something after all. 😉

      Do as I do, not as I teach.

    • Loyal says:

      Yea! Praise the Lord, and pass the ammo, now I wish others would see also.

  12. Dorothy Ann says:

    You NEVER want to use a hairdresser who doesn’t like you. Find another one.

    • Washington22 says:

      As a former hairdresser, I agree, but that is beside the point………….

    • texasjo says:

      Or a dentist! I had one that was supposed to be wonderful, turned out to be a disaster. He would redo something if wrong he said. It came out worse, and more expensive. All the other teeth he did wrong, I had redone by a different dentist. No way would I go back when the front one cracked in half and he said I could just wait till the weekend was over! I’ve paid enough getting bad dental work done right to pay for my house!

    • paul says:

      Nor do you want to use a baker that does not like you….. Liberals will not get that in their tiny skull. The Governor of course did, I’m sure had several other haircuts in the last two years.

    • JlyLarkspur says:

      Of course not. But the point is, you shouldn’t force a business owner to bake you a cake or take your pictures, either.

  13. URKiddinMee says:

    But you will be FORCED to bake a lesbo cake by the Guv’mint. Liberals all have one trait in common . . . hypocrisy.

    • elizabeth greeley says:

      Yup, but forgot intolerance. Liberals are so very hypocritical!

      • elizabeth greeley says:

        and of course, supported by the MEDIA !!

        • sunshinegirl says:

          We The People should be able to sue the Media for not telling it like it REALLY is. They stand with Obama and I feel we should be able to do something in this behalf. Do they not realize when America goes down they will go down with the rest of us. They need to wake up because Obutthead won’t be doing them any favors after he gets what he wants from them. Do you all agree?

        • elizabeth greeley says:

          The media is so far to the left and apparently think that the Democrats will rule forever. They’re not listening to the voices of the people TODAY, but everything is cyclical and eventually the pendulum will swing to the right.
          Newspapers such as NY Times, LA Times may become a thing of the past!! Oh and hopefully, The HPost will be Kaput…

  14. Charles Almon says:

    You dolts carry on as if he’s working on passing a law or something.
    He’s free to do what ever he wants And only represents himself.
    Let her sue him’
    You grasp at straws for what is essentially ‘false equivilancy”
    HE is not trying to pass a law effectioning hundreds of thousands of people.
    Being dumb just come with with being a conservative.
    There’s no story here.

    • Really? So according to your statement then the person who didn’t want to take the photos of the homosexual ‘marriage’ should also be allowed to refuse service, right? And again, according to your statement the bakery owner should not be penalized for refusing to bake a cake honoring what they believe is an offensive act, right?

      • Charles Almon says:

        I said no such thing.
        You righties just love to make things up.
        LIne 3 “Let her sue him.”
        By all means She should take actions.

        • bahndon says:

          you queers can not have it that anyone not providing service to you is illegal and queers not servicing someone is legal.

        • Charles Almon says:

          COCOA PUFFS aisle 5!

        • My apologies, as you clearly suffer from significant STML (Short Term Memory Loss). Could you not even read what you just posted? Perhaps English is not your primary language and you missed something in the translation? Re-read your post and try to pay attention to WHAT YOU POSTED.

        • Eagle2758 says:

          Wouldn’t wanna be you when the SHTF.

        • Loyal says:

          Your not paying attention, the baker and photographer were forced, has nothing to do with sue him. law’dy you liberal perverts are all the same!

    • Eagle2758 says:

      Hmmmmmm. You sound like a racist union thug who is an advocate for BHO’s race/civil war. Better watch what you ask for.

    • Loyal says:

      Duh! Haven’t you been paying attention at all? “Being dumb” You’re way past being dumb!

    • JGCitygin says:

      Being refused business is hardly a straw.
      Those who refused to bake a cake for a “gay” “wedding” and were forced out of business: a straw???????????

  15. PIERRE77L says:

    Another one of those COMMIE PINKO F@GS AT WORK. SUE THAT SHE-HE SUB-HUMAN MONGREL. Have that person out of business.

  16. smogdew says:

    Came back to bite you in the butt, didn’t it? LOL big time.

  17. J J says:

    So much for the “all men are created equal” thing!!! We are being shown daily that there are groups of people who can stomp on the rights of others and get away with it and then there are those groups who get smashed (especially by the liberal media) every time they try to assert their beliefs!!

  18. bahndon says:

    It is a crime for a Christian to refuse service to homosexuals, but homosexuals think it is legal to refuse to service any one that opposes their agenda.

    • Surely you saw the article which just shared that very scenario?

    • Charles Almon says:

      How did youse morons decide ONE person speaks for the entire gay community?
      What jerks. But you do it all the time – like FOX
      An epic example of ‘false equivalency.’

      • Colorado_Patriot60 says:

        And you say that with such “faults intelligence”.

      • bahndon says:

        if a righteous man does not speak out against evil, that righteous man is doing that same evil !

      • Know Really says:

        Tks for speaking up and showing us a perfect example of the left’s “intelligentia.” Of course, you can’t be held accountable, you only think you keep up with the news, but it’s only the propaganda put out by CNN NBC ABC CBS NPR. You’re commenting on an article of blatant discrimination and act like it’s no big deal. And we’re the jerks? LOL, humorous.

      • JGCitygin says:

        Well, actually, with all due respect, it isn’t one person. It’s an angry fomenting mob sea.

  19. Charles Almon says:

    You know, most of you sound like the PERFECT customers
    for Glenn Beck’s $1,400 survival food kits.
    If only I knew what it was I’m supposed to be surviving.

  20. drbhelthi says:

    The thought of a queer´s hands handling my hair for several minutes is not a pleasant thought. Regardless of the gender of the hair-dresser.

  21. jobird says:

    This is more of” Do as I say,Not as I do.” Only homosexual get to cry discimination.
    Tho I doubt they understand the meaning of being a hypocrite.

  22. Starr says:

    So apparently it’s okay to not serve someone because you disagree with their political stance . So the next time someone comes in you don’t want to serve, tell them you can’t do it because of their political views. I can’t bake your wedding cake because I disagree with your political opinion on such and such. Sorry, I can’t do your flower arrangements because I find your political views offensive.

  23. Laurie Vines says:

    Paaleeezzze send this to CNN !!! and yes I can spell please.

  24. richado says:

    In Toronto I have read that Muslim
    barbers at Terminal Barbershop won their human rights case against a lesbian/feminist customer who wanted a haircut and was refused. The Muslim barbers said they don’t do women- against their religion . So I wonder if
    this cheerful hairdresser would cut a Muslim man’s hair, considering that
    Muslim Sharia courts, for example, in Nigeria are convicting and dispatching homosexuals in northern Nigeria.

    Asymmetrical equality and tolerance at work here with the Republican. But this is the known trait of lefty liberals – you are free to believe anything you want, so long as it agrees with what liberals believe. Or else.

  25. GJ says:

    A gay male hairdresser recently gave my Wife a Hair Cut.
    When she got home, I asked her, WHO FUCKED UP YOUR HAIR! Held the mirror so she could see. Than begged to get back in the house for the night.

  26. DaCoachK says:

    Looks like Tinkerbell got its feelings hurt. Tough. Now it is time to call in the federal government to shut down this shop because this little queen is threatening discrimination, which we all have been told is the worst crime in the world to engage in. Normal people, however, are not the narcissists that homos are, so there will be no hand wringing, lawsuits or protests. The good governor will likely just get the hair done elsewhere. Homos behave the opposite–businesses must cater to our every whim or shut down. What a self-centered group of (sort of) people.

  27. Karen Rose says:

    They all may think that they have gotten away with something, But they are not. This fits in with those that think nothing is going to happen to them…

    James 5

    New King James Version (NKJV)

    Rich Oppressors Will Be Judged

    5 Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are coming upon you! 2 Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten. 3 Your gold and silver are corroded, and their corrosion will be a witness against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have heaped up treasure in the last days. 4 Indeed the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, cry out; and the cries of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. 5 You have lived on the earth in pleasure and luxury; you have fattened your hearts as in a day of slaughter. 6 You have condemned, you have murdered the just; he does not resist you.

    Be Patient and Persevering

    7 Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain. 8 You also be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.
    Just keep it up, for their day is fast approaching. I pray for their souls.

  28. Nee43 says:

    I am tired of hearing that it is only the Christians who do not support the homosexual agenda — and, therefore, are intolerant. How come we never hear that Muslims also do not support and are very intolerant of homosexuals. I haven’t seen us give the death sentence to someone for being a homosexual. But if you were to listen to the GLAAD group, you would think this is occurring in the US. Now, the progressives highly support any of our minority groups in this country wanting their voite. So, which group will the progressives side with when a Muslim business person refuses to do businees with a homosexual on their religious beliefs. Why do I think, they will side with the Muslim person. Couldn’t be they might fear for their safety to take on the Muslims. No, they bully the Christians because they stand their and take their abuse. Only time will tell, because this will happen — and once you support group based on their religious beliefs, you will have to do the same for other groups. It will come to pass there will be a Muslim baker, barber, restaurant owner, photographer, etc. who will refuse to serve a homosexual. Somehow, it probably has already happened — and the GLAAD people have just let it pass.

  29. Kimo says:

    Hopefully the civil rights files charges against the hairdresser for denial of service because of illegal heterophobia and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

  30. justinwachin says:

    People have denied service to others for years. That is their right. If this event happened two years ago it sounds like Gov. Martinez managed to find another stylist. It sounds like the stylist is petty, but that’s his problem.

    If one person is unwilling to take a person’s money there is usually several more willing to do so.

  31. Jim McCormack says:

    Liberals are the most intolerant and cowardly liars on the Earth. Most all the Professors came out of the draft dodging group during the Viet Nam War. To prove they are right about not serving, they hate the Military ( like the Clintons and Obama) and are cutting it to pieces. Denying protective fire and cowardly ROE are getting our guys killed.

  32. lken says:

    How is his decision any different than the proposed legislation to allow people who claim religious exemption for providing service to gays?

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